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  • Sleeping Beauty - 740 Words
    Passed down through the generations, from grandparents to children, the bedtime stories of our childhood are filled with the wisdom and divinity that rivals some of the most successful spiritual texts of the present age. Even today, these universal tales continue to mystify children, taking them to a magical world every night, while subtly delivering important life lessons. These are tales which when looked closely, are full of the most richest and profound symbolism. Especially in modern times,...
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  • Sleeping Beauty Full Script
    (The book opens and shows the story told here.) Narrator: In a far away land, long ago, lived a king and his fair queen. Many years had they longed for a child and finally their wish was granted. A daughter was born, and they called her Aurora. Yes, they named her after the dawn for she filled their lives with sunshine. Then a great holiday was proclaimed throughout the kingdom, so that all of high or low estate might pay homage to the infant princess. And our story begins on that most...
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  • Sleeping Beauty Research Paper
    Cate Nowlan Mr. Dils Research Paper 1/24/15 Sleeping Beauty The fairytale “Sleeping Beauty” is one of many popular fairy tales that have been altered for centuries. Generally, fairy tales are written for children although they will never understand the messages, morals and stereotypes within. The three most popular versions of “Sleeping Beauty,” are The Grimm Brothers, Charles Perrault and Walt Disney. Each tale takes you on an enchanting journey of a young princess. The morals in this fairy...
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  • The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood - 863 Words
    Many classic tales have origins and details so diverse and varied that one story tells but a fraction of what other stories might reveal. The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood, published by Charles Perrault in 1697, is no exception, but it does relay some common themes and familiar morals with an entertaining plot. This plot, however, is full of ambiguities and notes that are assumed to be taken for granted. For example, why did a king marry an ogress and how did they have a son? Why did this son not...
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  • Sleeping Beauty Analysis - 598 Words
    The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood, by Charles Perrault, has a clear Christian theme. This is because it was written in France during the late seventeenth century for the enjoyment of royalty. The readers would undoubtedly be Catholic, the religion of the royalty, so Charles Perrault wrote for that audience. The fairy tale begins with the princess being granted gifts from several fairies shortly after her birth. This is similar to the sacrament of baptism. Also, the prince and princess marry...
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  • Analysis of the Poem Sleeping Beauty
    Ciela Aunica C. Lelis III-9 AB/BSE Literature An Analysis of the Poem Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) Using Feminism Anne Sexton’s Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) is a poem which does not only challenges the conventions of the original and traditional fairy tale but also serves as an exposure of a problem which causes a lot of women’s lifelong sufferings. Briar Rose’s courageous revelation of her father’s sexual abuses on her ironically shows reality using a fairy tale, opening the...
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  • Briar Rose Compaired to Sleeping Beauty in the Woods
    A fairy tale needs a handsome, courageous prince which the readers love and becomes the hero of the story. In The Sleeping Beauty... the prince is destined by love and honor to conquer the thick woods and go find the princess and bring her back to life. In the Briar Rose, Josef is known to be a handsome man, He is shown as an accidental hero, who joins the partisans when he finds and joins some prisoners planning an escape. His adventures with the partisans enable him to become a hero. He is the...
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  • Sleeping Beauty: Enchanted Sleep or Repressed Sexual Prison
    Once upon a time, a charming and super naturally beautiful princess, graced with all the virtues that any noble woman should possess, fell into an enchanted 100 year long sleep. While all versions of the classic Sleeping Beauty tale depict a sleeping princess, and involve some sort of suspended animation, little (or no) information is given on the sleep itself. Throughout this essay, we will explore the symbolism behind the cursed princess’s enchanted slumber. Through comparisons, both...
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  • Sleeping Beauty - Differences between two stories
    Fairy tales have been around for many generations. They have been read to children all over the world because of how they can relate to children no matter what culture they come from. One of the more well known fairy tales is ‘Sleeping Beauty’. The most commonly known version today is the Disney movie, created in 1959. This movie was based on the Grimm’s version of Sleeping Beauty called ‘Little Brier-Rose’ which was written in 1812 in Germany. Another less known version of Sleeping Beauty is...
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  • beauty and beast - 994 Words
    Beauty and the Beast is a traditional fairy tale and its first version of this fairy tale was written by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve who was a French author. She wrote the first version of Beauty and the Beast and her title of this book was La Belle et la Bete. This version was published by La jeune ameriquaine, et les contes marins, and it was over one hundred pages long containing many subplots and involving a Beast. The main elements of Villeneuve’s version were almost...
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  • Beauty and the Beast: Story Analysis
    Beauty and the Beauty in the Beast Once upon a time… The classic opener for any fairy tale, which is no different in the case of Beauty and the Beast. Fairy tales were meant to teach our children life lessons that society, at the time, deems important to learn. They teach us the difference between right and wrong, black and white, good and bad, light and dark, and beauty and ugly. There are many different variations and names to Beauty and the Beast. This famous fable has been passed...
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  • Disney Ideal Beauty - 1429 Words
    Disney and Ideal Beauty What is “ideal beauty” to you? To me, it is how our society perceives the perfect man or woman to look like, and how all humans should strive to make their appearance similar to. In today’s world, the media tries to push their opinions of “ideal beauty” on to the younger generation; through mass media and marketing. Disney, one of the largest and most prominent companies that appeal to children around the world, uses products such as animated features and merchandise to...
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  • an analysis of women beauty in Macmillan's and Perrault's Cinderalla
     February, 5,2014 An analysis of women beauty in Macmillan’s and Perrault’s Cinderella Virtually everyone has heard many kinds of fairy tales at some points especially in their childhood. Fairy tales are not only for entertaining, but also for passing down information. Tales and stories have been used as a valuable tool to explain natural phenomena, explored relationships, and teach morals. Tales can mirror and influence society. Different cultures have their unique version of tales to...
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  • Sun Moon and Talia - 1873 Words
    Sun, Moon and Talia: The Story of Sleeping Beauty A princess doomed to sleep forever until true loves first kiss... that is how the story goes right? That assumption would be wrong. The classic story of Sleeping Beauty has been around for hundreds of years. The general idea of the story has remained unchanged but the "how" of the story has evolved over the last 300 years. From the original works of Giamattista Basile, The Brothers Grimm to Walt Disney, authors have slowly changed the tale for...
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  • little girl or little princess
     Nelly Neal Sociology 101-002 Spring 2014 Professor: Dr. Darlene Haff Paper # 1: Media Little Girl Or Little Woman: The Disney Princess Effect If someone were to ask me of my favorite TV channel, I would be reluctant to say that I love Disney channel. Majority of people who watch...
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  • Disney Princesses - 1020 Words
    Claire Crumback CMCL-334 7 November 2012 Response Paper 2 Over the course of the past 80 years we have seen major growth in the company of Disney and the way it presents itself to the rest of the world. One of the many ways Disney presents itself is by the animated films they produce, more specifically, the princess films, that we all know and love. In this paper, I will explore the role and functions of the Disney princesses over the past 80 years and discuss their differences. In...
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  • Briar Rose Chapter Notes
    Briar Rose-Jane Yolen This module is called close study of text. It is module B of paper 2 worth 20%. This is a novel, a work of fiction. The author or composer is Jane Yolen. Context In order to understand this novel we have to know about the NAZI, holocaust, which aimed to exterminate the Jewish people from Europe In total nearly 6 million Jews were systematically killed in NAZI occupied Europe. A Briar is a thorn or prickly plant. A Briar Rose is a beautiful flower that grows from a...
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  • The Little Mermaid: Disneyfication - 1238 Words
    Disney’s Portrayal of Women and Simplification of Morals For most people, the first image that comes to mind when the subject of Walt Disney’s animated movies comes up is the studio’s popular princesses. Ever since Snow White made her debut in 1937, Disney has cornered the market on princesses. One primary topic that critics have discussed in Disney’s films is the way princesses are portrayed. The roles of the female characters are especially drawing the interest of academic critics. Jack...
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  • Metamorphosis Coursework - 1883 Words
    Molly-Anne Noakes 1299 ‘Metamorphosis’ – Steven Berkoff Coursework Social, Political, Cultural & Historical Non-Verbal communication Practitioner Language Character Analysis Vocal awareness Visual, Spatial, Oral Interpretation ‘My Mother Said I Never Should’ – Charlotte Keatley Social, Political, Cultural & Historical Non-Verbal Communication Language Vocal Awareness Character Analysis Theatre Review Word Count : 2672 Non-Verbal Communication & Practitioner Disconnecting...
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  • Princess Archetype - 794 Words
    Remember back when you were three, and you would dress up in gown and place a crown on your head. You would run around and try to accomplish the princess wave like the one you saw Cinderella do at Disneyland. Being a princess is not exactly as you pictured it when you were three. They are still the same but as you grow older you start to understand a princess for what they really are. The princess archetype is a vulnerable woman who needs to be rescued by the hero. She often beautiful and...
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  • The Little Mermaid - 938 Words
    The Little Mermaid Most children grow up watching movies and listening to songs that send out an important message. Walt Disney movies are noticed best for doing this. Their Disney Princesses almost always send a life long lesson to young children or any age. Another thing Walt Disney movies are known for is their movies are mostly musicals. Using music and catchy lyrics also helped them send out their message or theme of the story to children in an easier way for them to understand. Growing up...
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  • How Women Are Represented In Disney Films
    How Women are represented in Disney Films This literature review is on how women are represented in Disney Princess films. Disney Princess films are watched all over the world by different age ranges and genders. Henry Giroux (1999) has showed that Disney has become a new “teaching mechanism” that is slowly replacing old teaching ways. Disney is a huge part of Children’s lives. But what are Disney Princesses teaching our children? How are they stereotyping women? And more importantly, are they...
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  • Grimm Brothers "The Master-Thief", analysis.
    The Grimm Brother's Tale of Thievery A long lost son, a deadly bet, robbery, attempted murder, and much deception all contribute to the allure of the Grimm Brother's folktale, "The Master-Thief". While the folktale appeals to the human romanticism of crime, specifically of excellent criminals, the basic story carries morals and a hidden cognizance of human perception that not always does good outdo evil. "The Master-Thief" boils down to a story of tests. A peasant farmer meets a well-off...
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  • From Mouse to Mermaid - 649 Words
     In this section of From Mouse to Mermaid, the author addresses the depiction of Disney princesses, villains, and grandmothers. The differences between these three character types in Disney are very evident. The princesses resemble dancers, the villains resemble antagonists from silent and classic Hollywood films, and the grandmothers resemble a mother type figure. The author shows the development of the Disney princess from movie to movie while maintaining a build of a dancer. Snow White is...
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  • Social Injustice Essay - 558 Words
    I have chosen two cartoons to cover social justice Cinderella and Little Mermaid. Bothe movies cover young women looking for a better life for themselves and true love. They show that through hard work, determination, and the will to keep going, anything is possible. Little Mermaid was dissatisfied with her life under the sea word and she dreamt about becoming a human. Her father controlled every move and every decision she made. Even in the wide underwater world, she felt restrained. Ariel...
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  • Godfather Death - 873 Words
    Essay #1: Godfather Death What would you ask for your newborn child if you could ask for anything? What would you sacrifice to get it? In the realm of fairy tales, subjects such as these are common catalysts for conveying life choices and the ensuing consequences. Each tale may relate to certain scenarios or social status of a specific gender, but one such tale—Godfather Death—can be related to by every walk of life. The subject that is contemplated by the Brothers Grimm is death and the...
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  • Fairytales Influence on Gender Roles
    Gender can be defined as the differences between the way that men and women in particular societies are expected to behave. Gender can affect our identity in many ways. This essay will look at how influential, firstly, children’s fairytales are in providing gender stereotypes and secondly, how the children’s fairytales have evolved over a period of time Gender stereotypes are simplistic generalizations about the gender attributes, differences, and roles of individuals and/or groups....
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  • Article Summary of to Spin a Yarn
    “We can begin to explore the lineage of women as tale-tellers in a history that stretches from Philomela and Scheherazade to the raconteurs of French veillees and salons, to English peasants, governesses, and novelists, and to the German Spinnerinnen and the Brother’s Grimm.” (53-54) In the chapter “To Spin a Yarn: The Female Voice in Folklore and Fairy Tale” from Fairy Tales and Society: Illusion and Paradigm, Karen E. Rowe explores the depth and history of voicelessness of women and how the...
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  • Difference Between Tangled and Classic Princess Movies
    Jaimie Kim English 1: Language Dynamics First Draft of Analytical Essay November 6, 2012 “Well, I’m really not supposed to speak to strangers, but we’ve met before ...once upon a dream.” This quote from Sleeping Beauty portrays Walt Disney Productions’ grand tradition of Disney princess movies of how most of the female protagonists are waiting for her love. . In 2010, however, Disney created a movie, named Tangled, which was based on the Grimm Brothers’ tale of Rapunzel. Although Disney...
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  • Appearance Can Be Deceiving
    The outer appearance of people is the first thing that can be seen in the beginning. However, when you meet someone you shouldn’t judge him only by the way he looks like, because most of the times it can be deceiving. The beauty of some people can be only a good mask for covering their real faces, their real characters. And the first question that we always ask ourselves when we see people like that is exactly – do they posses nobility, pure soul and intelligence? In some cases, they just...
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  • Just a Little Princess - 581 Words
    The articles “Just a Little Princess” by Peggy Orenstein and “Return of the Brainless Hussies” by Rebecca Traister are about as “bra-burning” as they get. Both women are feminist and aren’t afraid to show it. While Orenstein discusses the “princess” fad that is consuming the younger girls of America and why the fad an abomination, Traister explains the phenomena of stupidity that has swept America’s Pop Icons such as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Jessica Simpson. “Brainless Hussies” is more...
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  • Is It Happily Ever After
    Briana Laszlo Professor Tayyar English 114 23 April 2015 Is It Really Happily Ever After? Fairytales are one of the common understandings throughout the childhood of children in the United States. The Grimm’s Fairytales serve as a foundation to many of the stories that we grew up with. In the fairytales written by The Brothers Grimm, the role of women play the biggest part in each story; thus may be because that German women were the ones that were telling the stories or because the depiction...
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  • My favourites - 608 Words
    Daniela Rodriguez 09/04/14 Well when I go off to wonder I always like to think about my favorite things. For instance my favorite color is green. I think what it would be like to have everything that color must get boring to after a while of always seeing that color right well my sister’s room is all pink and she still buys a lot of other oink stuff. My favorite kind of shoe is the high heel. I know what you might think at seeing me I am soooo tall I should not want to be taller but I like...
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  • Grimm Tales - 538 Words
    In the 21st century, where societies are striving towards gender equality, any form of expression that goes against this agenda would be frowned upon. Therefore, in the article, “The Anti-Grimm” (The Economist, 2012) the author, A.C., has explicitly shown her distaste for the incessantly misogynistic fairy tales written by the Grimm brothers and raised objections against its exposure to children today. In contrast to her disapproval of Grimms’ tales, the author compliments a collection of...
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  • “Once Upon a Time.” by Nadine Gordimer
    "Once Upon a Time" was first published in 1989. Nadine Gordimer was born in 1923 near Johannesburg, South Africa. She graduated from the University of Witwatersrand. A prolific writer, Gordimer has published more than twenty books of fiction. When Nadine Gordimer was asked to write a children's story she replied with a short story called "Once Upon a Time". Although Gordimer's title is typical of a fairy tale, the story she weaves is anything but typical. Instead of dealing with characteristics...
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  • Adverse Influence of Disney Movies on the Younger Generation
    Disney Movies Having a Bad Influence On the Younger Generation “Our heritage and ideals, our codes and standards - the things we live by and teach our children - are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings”. (Disney) This quote by Walt Disney himself just shows how he felt his values were in good thought. But the problem is his movies didn’t always portray these values. Many of the Disney Classics that our generation has grown to know and love have exposed...
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  • Briar Rose Symbols - 461 Words
    The Spinning Wheel A spinning wheel often symbolizes the unstoppable revolutions of the years, and in the film it encourages the contemplation of time and how it changes things. Spinning wheels also refer to creation, since they're used to weave yarn or string into cloth. Most simplistically, the spinning wheel is a literal manifestation of the old phrase "spinning a spell," which means to curse someone. Aurora, under Maleficent's power, is made to touch the spindle—the wheel appears precisely...
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  • The Value of a Fairy Tale - 1033 Words
    Fairy tales are usually stories, which tell us about values of life or lessons about life. They can occur as stories in a book, or movies. Most of movies about fairy tales come from Walt Disney, one of the famous movie companies. Children are the favorite viewers of this kind of movies, and they also learn a lot from these stories. It’s said that fairy tales help create our sense of ourselves and the world as well as telling us about gender roles. Movies such as “Aladdin”, “Sleeping Beauty”, and...
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  • Analysis of Disney Princesses - 2186 Words
    PAPER IX Throughout history, Disney princesses have had a lasting influence on women everywhere. Fairytales are a way for literature to uphold the patriarchal conventions of society. These harmless stories presented to children at a young age; establish the normalcy of the dominance of men in their minds. Social conventions and gender roles are all subtle learning’s that are picked up from everyday fairytale. This paper will focus on the contrast of character personality and social norms...
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  • Fairy Tale Analysis - 1349 Words
    The story “The Seven Ravens” was a fairy tale written by the Grimm brothers, Which tells about a young sister/maiden who goes on a adventure in hopes of finding her long lost brothers. This story is a very interesting story with an unexpected twist that is not like most fairy tales and that is why I have chosen the fairy tale “The Seven Ravens” to use for my fairy tale analysis. “The Seven Ravens” opens up with a father who has seven sons who wishes for a daughter. The parents wishes are...
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  • bkbk - 405 Words
    The purpose of Stephanie Hanes’s “Little Girls or Little Women? The Disney Princess Effect” is to bring awareness to the problem of increasing sexualization of little girls. While this trend is widely noted in the media and consumer market, it is a growing concern for parents and early childhood specialists, as it is taking a toll on the girls’ mental and emotional development. It starts when girls are young and goes unnoticed, but this trajectory eventually becomes evident. Stephanie Hanes is...
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  • Disney - 1168 Words
     Disney Princesses: The Perfect Role Model Since 1937, Walt Disney Animation Studios has been creating fairytale movies that total fifty feature films. Many of these films, perhaps the most classic, are based off of ancient stories featuring villains, princes and princesses. As society has changed in the seventy-three years Disney has been making movies, so have the animated films themselves. While many...
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  • favorite movie - 671 Words
     It's always hard for me to answer the question "what is my favorite movie?". I find it's very hard to pick a single favorite movies, because there are so many good ones.Movies have become a fundamental part of our lives and culture. And as a teen, i'm obsessed with Disney. My latest film experience was Frozen. Frozen is a new release animal film by Disney. It is the 53rd animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. The movie tells the story of a fearless princess who sets off...
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  • Briar Rose - 592 Words
    Briar Rose is centered around one woman's Holocaust experience and intermixed with the classic fairy-tale, Sleeping Beauty. Yolen's uses of classic fairy-tale elements such as a prince and the curse of a long sleep are used to connect us to the horrors of the death camp Chelmno. The result is a story that is fresh and shocking as it tears away any of the numbness one may feel for another account of a Holocaust survivor. Suddenly the fairy-tale ideas of rescue and evil are invested with modern...
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  • Exploration of Social Issues in Once Upon a Time
    Once Upon a Social Issue Fairy tales have always been told to us as children; whether to comfort or entertain us, they always seem to be a part of most everyone's childhood. When Nadine Gordimer was asked to write a children's story, she replied with a short story titled "Once Upon A Time". Although the title is characteristic of a fairy tale, she leads the tale to an ending that is anything other than "…happily ever after." Gordimer distorts the fairy tale by dealing with certain issues...
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  • What's so Good About Merida from Brave?
    What’s so good about Merida? Merida – the red-headed princess of Scotland who is most of the time irritated of her demanding mother Elinor insisting her to become the perfect princess of their own country. From the movie Brave, you’d be surprised that she is not just a typical princess we all expect. She is not like Sleeping Beauty who forever waits for her prince charming’s kiss, or even Cinderella who also waits for her own prince charming to come rescue her from her dreadful...
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  • Disneys Animation Evolution - 2205 Words
    Ever since Disney started animating full length feature films there has been a common trend in their choice of lead characters. These characters have been young women or girls, and are often royalty. These characters have served as role models for many generations of young women, and have been continuously evolving over the years. This paper will examine the evolution of Disney’s heroines by examining past and present heroines, as well as speculate on what type of heroines Disney’s future...
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  • The Problem With Princesses - 737 Words
    Shelby Tittle Taylor 2B 10/27/2013 The Problem with Princesses DPS, better known as Disney Princess Syndrome, is plaguing young women to believe they should focus on being beautiful and finding a man in order to be happy. Young girls strive to live up to Disney’s standard of beauty. All the Disney princesses have small waists, flawless skin, and wear only the best dresses. Going along with this trend, since Disney introduced the first princess in 1937 as Snow White, it has been known...
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  • Cinderella comparative paragraph - 446 Words
    Cinderella Comparative paragraph Although both the 1989 movie adaptation of the fairy tale, Cinderella, and the Grimm Brothers’ text of Cinderella, tell a similar story, I prefer the excitement of the film because the pace of the movie is faster, the sense of humour adds obvious benefits, and the colours are very symbolic and vibrant. Firstly, the movie goes at a very fast pace. For instance, in the movie, Cinderella goes twice to the King’s three-day festival. However, in the text she...
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  • Fairy Tale Analysis - 940 Words
    Fairy Tale Analysis The Fairy Tale of Sleeping Beauty shows that women are very disobedient and curious when it comes to finding their sexuality and inner women hood by exploring a dark hidden room on top of the tower. A lot of fairy tales have numerous symbols that represent sex or sexuality and Sleeping Beauty is one great example. The curse that the thirteenth fairy gave her could represent menstruation when turning 15 years of age. The dark room on top of the tower could represent the...
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  • Payton's Trip to Disney World
    Payton’s First Trip to Disney World My daughter’s first trip to Disney World was the most magical, fairy-tale like experience of my entire life. Payton was only six-months-old when my mother decided she wanted Payton to meet the Disney Princesses. It’s a trip I will never forget a single moment of. When we packed out belongings into the car to leave, there was five people’s luggage we had to fit inside my grandmother’s car. My luggage, Payton’s four bags and car seat, my mother’s...
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  • The Three Little Pigs”: Dealing with a Bully
    Riyahd Richardson February 10th, 2010 English 102-01 Rough Draft MWF Dr. Malkovich “The Three Little Pigs”: Dealing with a Bully Growing up I’m sure many kids believed in all fairy tales, giving them the reason to think everything in life had to be perfect, for example having the perfect boy/girlfriend and living happily ever after with him/her, or having to be rich and live in this big castle, and getting anything and everything they may want. As we all know in all fairy...
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  • Pocahontas Essay - 263 Words
     Madison Ellison Pocahontas has seen a vision of a spinning arrow; a vision she believes is telling her change is coming. Everyone knows Disney’s movies are the fairytale endings that anyone would love to have during their life. From a kiss to wake up a sleeping princess to love at first sight, anything is imaginable throughout the films. Even Pocahontas fell in love with Caption John Smith while he came to explore the New World. Or did they? In the Disney...
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  • Gender and the Early Years - 1475 Words
    Gaby Blasko April 22, 2013 WGS 212/Kane Option 1 MLA Citation System From the minute babies are pushed out of a mother’s womb, or even an embryo in the third trimester, gender is a predominate factor in the way they are treated. Whether it’s with gifts (pink for a baby girl and blue for a baby boy,) or hypothesis about what this baby will grow up to be, oh this little one will be a nurse (referring to the delicate, nurturing three-day old female,) emphasis is greatly placed on the gender...
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  • The Bible References in Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales
    When talking about Grimm Brothers fairy tales it is a valid statement to say that those stories are fulfilled with some religious aspects and backgrounds. Although none of them is more explicit about it as far as ‘THE TWELVE BROTHERS’ tale is. The very first reference to a religious aspect is that they are twelve as the apostles of the Bible, and one of them, the youngest had the name of one bible character – Benjamin- who was too the 12st son of Jacob also, who had a daughter too. The next...
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  • Will Holmes Fairy Tales Essay
    Will Holmes Mrs. Willocks English II Honors 1 April 2015 Appropriate Content for Kids in “Iron Hans” Once upon a time there came a literary genre known as fairy tales. They were mystical and magical with varies of twist and turns but always brought joy to my early childhood. Fairy tales where originally an oral tradition but became a written one in the late 1600’s. The origins that we know today are found in sources varied as mythology and The Bible and was inherited by the Grimm brothers,...
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  • Fairtale Essay - 3522 Words
    One of the most well known, well loved and influential genre of literature is the fairy tale. A fairy tale is defined by the Oxford dictionary as “A children’s story of magical and imaginary beings and lands”. Overtime the concept of fairy tales has changed. Fairy tales are being re-written and re-illustrated constantly, which makes fairy tales appealing to every generation. Fairy tales broaden the imagination of children. They allow us gain an insight into a world of magic and adventure- a...
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  • Disney Princess Analyzation - 919 Words
    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Disney Princesses Will Be Our Downfall The Truth behind the “magical” world of Disney. By Madison Smith- Property of DMHS Wolf'sprint Although numerous celebrities have tried to compete, there is no denying that the only women that have remained every girl’s role model since the days of light-up sneakers are the Disney princesses. They have shiny, quaffed hair, elegant ball gowns, and unnaturally perfect smiles without awkward middle school head-gear (it...
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  • Nadine Gordimer Essay on Irony
    Burhan Malik Miss Gera ENG 1DA-01 26 November 2012 Once Upon An Unimaginable Fairy Tale: Irony in Nadine Gordimer’s “Once upon a time” Once Upon a Social Issue Fairy tales have always been told to us as children; whether to comfort or entertain us, they always seem to be a part of everyone’s childhood. “Once Upon A Time”, the title is a characteristic of a fairy tale, but she leads the story to an ending that is anything other than “happily ever after” (Gordimer 12). Although Nadine...
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  • Princess rescues the Prince? - 1278 Words
    Princess recues the Prince? “Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood.” Walt Disney knew he alone, individually impacted the ideals of millions of American children. Every movie his company represented and produced was met with criticism and success. After classic Disney movies such as Snow White and Cinderella were met with infuriated parents criticizing the company for displaying...
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  • Maleficent A Hero V - 1069 Words
     Maleficent a Hero, Villain, or Both Brittany Kaelin ENG/220 January 17, 2015 Sherri Craig Maleficent a Hero, Villain, or Both Over the years, Disney has portrayed many villains in their movies. Many of these villains are portrayed as evil, wicked, rotten, and just plain scary. However, they never explain what made these villains the evil, malicious person they have come to be viewed as. Is it possible that they are just misunderstood? Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent may be one of the...
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  • Six Brothers Essay - 385 Words
    Kane Abrasaldo Period 2 4/8/13 Six Brothers Essay The story is called Six Brothers by Sandra Cisneros. The metaphor is “I’m earthbound/always in my admiration./My six brothers, graceful, strong./Except for you, little winged one”. The metaphor is extended throughout the entire poem. She has compared her and her family to a fairy tale. The fairy tale is called The Six Swans. In the story the things that the family has literaly has in common with the...
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  • Disney Pixar Brave - 898 Words
    We’ve all seen the first act of Brave, the new animated adventure from Disney's Pixar, before: Merida (voiced by Kelly MacDonald), while more interested in archery and horseback riding, has been raised to be a proper princess; now, she is now being offered up to three suitors from smaller fiefdoms for a traditional wedding. OUR EDITOR RECOMMENDS Brave: Film Review Inside the 'Brave' Premiere: Director Talks Politics of Pixar's First Female Heroine Complete Coverage: Disney/Pixar's Brave...
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  • Structure Briar Rose - Jane Yolen
    Jane Yolen's use of structure in the novel Briar Rose is very clever. Her use of allegory and the technique of parallel narrative is very effective in conveying her story which she delivers in a superb fashion. Elements of the story are reveled at specific times to tie in with the theme of growth and development both personal and historical. The use of allegory drives the story along. It is a constant reminder of The Holocaust to ensure the reader is not too captivated by the fairy tale...
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  • Greek Mythology in Sun, Moon, and Talia
    Sun, Moon and Talia is an Italian fairy tale written by Giambattista Basile in his 1634 book, Pentamerone. It is one of the earliest and more sophisticated versions of Sleeping Beauty, following adult themes of rape, sexuality, infidelity and murder – far different from the later and softer versions of the tale (Hallett & Karasek, 2009). In Sun, Moon, and Talia, Basile uses various references to figures in Greek mythology. These references offer sophisticated portrayals of his characters’...
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  • Lady and the Tramp - 1052 Words
    Lady and The Tramp Lady in the tramp is a captivating movie about a purebred springer spaniel and her owners Jim Dear and his wife, and Tramp a rough around the edges stray. The movie begins when Lady the main character the movie circles around was gifted to Jim Dears wife as a Christmas present and she was their one and only pride and joy. However as the movie progresses Jim Dear and his wife start to act different in Ladies point of view she is beside herself with confusion and it only...
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  • Princess Culture - 895 Words
     The downfall of Fairytales What would our childhoods have been like without Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters, or the seven dwarfs that accompanied snow white? These, amongst many other fairytales have been around and passed along for decades. The traditional Disney princess culture keeps being praised and applauded for the entertainment they bring to little girls. It is so widely accepted nowadays that most parents can’t even imagine not incorporating the Disney stories into their daughters’...
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  • I Dont Want My Child Watching That
    I Don’t Want my Child Watching That! “Disney princess fulfills every little girl’s dream of becoming a princess!”(Espia 2012). As this magazine tries to get more subscribers, it’s frightening that fairy tales dominate the imagination of young children. Fairy tales are stories that teach readers a message and are part of our daily lives. Fairy tales such as Disney princess movies teach children the negative stereotypes of girls, reinforce racism, and expose children to sexism. “More than 200...
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  • Cinderella Poem - 420 Words
    Cinderella poem version by Anne Sexton Cinderella although is based on the fairy tale written by Grimm brothers present a totally different version and point of view about traditions and roles presented in the second one. Cinderella originally is one of the most famous fairy tales, and Grimm’s version is one of the well-known of this story. Those German Brothers: Jacob And Wilhmen Grimm presents stories adapted from traditional oral story, which has origin in the Ancients cultures like Greece...
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  • Exploitation in Children's Movies - 1617 Words
    Exploitation in Children’s Movies Movies are meant to be help children learn life lessons visually and explore different areas of their imagination that they would have never seen otherwise. Children’s movies should meant to have a positive message and subconsciously be educational to watch but for some Disney movies and fairytale stories this is not the case. The Little Mermaid by Jean Hersholt, “Puce Fairy Book” by Alice Major, “Forget Prince Charming” by June Callwood and the movie Brave...
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  • Princess mindset - 596 Words
     Princess Mindset For many years, little girls have grown up watching Disney princess movies. All of which the princess’s get treated in a particular manner, dress a certain way, and physically look a typical way. As kids watch this, they believe that they need to act, dress, and get treated the way these princess’s do. It gives them false hope into adulthood, thinking there “prince charming” will actually come on a horse. They grow up believing they need to look a certain way for a guy to...
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  • Puss in Boots - 976 Words
    Puss in Boots 1. Plot summary The fairy tale Puss in Boots is about … Once there was a poor miller, who only had a mill a donkey and a cat to give his sons when he died. The youngest son was left with only the cat to live on. He asked for a pair of boots and a bag. When he received them, he went and caught a rabbit. He brought the rabbit to the king, and said that it was from the Marquis of Carabas. He did this for about two months, until he heard that the king was planning to make a trip in...
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  • how carter subverts snow child
    How does Angela Carter subvert the traditional form of a fairy-tale in her short story ‘The Snow Child’? Why does she do this? Carter as a feminist was interested in fairy-tales because of hoe gender roles are presented in them. For example, women. Women are normally the lead characters of a fairy-tale. However, there are several different types of women that exist in fairy-tales and the reader is often able to figure out a characters role in a fairy-tale based on their physical appearance....
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  • Walt Disney True Stories
    WALT DISNEY TRUE STORIES People believed for many years, that Walt Disney became famous because of the stories that his company had created, but actually many of the stories are adaptations from books from the 19th century. Snow White, The Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella and Pinocchio are among the stories that Disney immortalized in movies, and he was very lucky because children decided to believe in their renovated stories rather than wonder about the origins. The irony is...
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  • Rapunzel - 1993 Words
    Scolire, Tara RLL 520 Traditional Tales Analysis Rapunzel As a Multicultural Tale The traditional tale of Rapunzel is most often traced back to the original version that was recorded by The Brothers Grimm, although the Grimm’s version itself is altered from others that are believed to have come before it, and again altered into many new versions, many of which span across cultures. The original tale tells of a young girl who is locked away by a witch “of great power” in exchange for...
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  • Informative speech - 1255 Words
    [TEMPLATE FOR AN INFORMATIVE SPEECH PREPARATION OUTLINE] The Effects of Disney Films Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the different stereotypes Disney portrayed in their movies. Central Idea/Thesis Statement: Different types of stereotypes in Disney movies effect children’s view on gender roles. INTRODUCTION I. When you wish upon a star; makes no difference who you are…. Or does it? If you recognized this classic Disney song, that means you grew up watching Disney...
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  • Fairy Tale Gone Wrong - Snow White
    J Smith ENG 112- period 6 12 March 2011 Fairy Tales Gone Wrong Most parents have, or will, tell their child a bedtime story that they may have heard when they were younger. These stories, otherwise known as fairy tales, are thought to be nothing but a mere story to entertain, but what if these fairy tales had an underlying meaning of their own? Fairy tales have been around for more than thousands of years and are passed on frequently from one person to another. Today, most are seen as...
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  • Little Girls or Little Women
    Keyiona Cobb Freshman Comp 200-320 February 16, 2015 Disney Princesses “Little Girls or Little Women? The Disney Princess Effect” is an article by Stephanie Hanes which touches on the princess phenomenon many young girls are obsessed with. Stephanie Hanes concludes that the Disney Princess craze is linked to self-objectification and the growing sexualization of young girls. Although she provided numerous facts the argument was unsuccessful because it was weak and confusing. Her own personal...
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  • Disney - 1003 Words
    Respond paper to “ Construction of the Female Self: Feminist Readings of the Disney Heroine” Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast, and Pocahontas are five Disney stories in which the female self is embedded. The feminist standpoint theory discus the idea of the “perfect girl” and its consequences on the female’s power, relationships, selfhood, and voice. The paper we have in hand discusses the dilemma that the females face between the “perfect girl” ideology...
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  • Gender Roles in Disney Movies
    GENDER ROLES IN DISNEY MOVIES Gender Roles in Disney Movies Steffani Riley Gender Roles in Disney Movies It is undeniable that the company that is leading to many generations in their child age is Disney. Who does not remember Mickey and Minnie Mouse?, Who has not thrown a tear when Snow White was poisoned by the evil witch?, Who did not want to ever be in the place of handsome John Smith or Pocahontas herself to revive their love story?, that tender these films, is not it, for example...
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  • Grimm vs Disney - 656 Words
    Chelsea Cruz Professor Blevins April 12, 2012 English 101 Grimm vs. Disney Most people cannot imagine coveted childhood fairytale with pure sadistic characters, blood, death and neglect. Disney motion pictures have depicted their classic fairytales by painting picture of princess with a loving parent, a dead parent, and a wonderful outlook on life with just the hope of dreams coming true. Many people cannot fathom the idea of a beloved fairytale containing the dark acts of rape, torture, and...
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  • The Power of Storytelling - 1233 Words
    The Power of Storytelling People have been telling stories, writing poems, and drawing and painting pictures for others since the beginning of man. Since then many things have changed, and I will focus on three of these differences today. To start, I will discuss the differences between the views people had on hierarchy in the time of the Brothers Grimm, compared to the views the author of “Sir Patrick Spens” had. The next topic is the difference of middle class attitudes towards women...
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  • Misunderstood: Brothers Grimm and Cinderella
    Cold, heartless, evil witch, despicable old hag. These are only a few of the multitude of terms that have been used through the last several centuries to describe the second wife of Cinderella’s father, more commonly known as the “wicked” stepmother. However, the following questions must be asked: Was she truly cold? Was she truly heartless? Was she truly an evil witch or despicable old hag? Or were all of these characteristics just part of the classic fairy tale written centuries ago, from...
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  • Breaking the Disney Spell - 2026 Words
    Jack Zipes, in his essay "Breaking the Disney Spell", directly addresses the issue of what happens when a story is taken from its original oral form and written down. Zipes discusses in depth what Walt Disney has done to fairy tales and the consequences of Disney's actions. Zipes addresses many issues, including those of context, society, and alteration of plot. He accuses Walt Disney of attacking "the literary tradition of the fairy tale" (344). While many scholars disagree with Zipes'...
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  • The Enchanted Castle - 1192 Words
    SUMMARY-THE ENCHANTED CASTLE Gerald, Jimmy and Kathleen were at school in a little town in the west of England-the boys at one school and the girl at another. They used to see each other on Saturdays and Sundays at the house of a kind maiden lady named Miss Hervey. As the holidays were fast approaching, they decided to go home instead of being at the house of Miss Hervey. After a lot of letters and telegrams, it was arranged that the boys would go and stay at their sister Kathleen’s school...
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  • Briar Rose Speech - 797 Words
    Jane Yolen uses many forms and techniques to convey distinctive ideas about the Holocaust, humanity and the power of storytelling. This novel is one that needs to be clearly understood to grasp the true meaning of the story. Yolen uses what could be called a radical structure to get the reader involved with the quest to find out the real history of Briar Rose. Jane Yolen has structured the novel in such a way that it combines the innocence of a fairy tale with the harsh reality of the...
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  • Grimm Brothers Analysis - 1296 Words
    Grimm Brothers’ Tales Assignment The Grimm Brothers’ fairytales: Love as the engine of the story Grimm Brothers’ Fairytales are one of the most famous and popular fairytales all around the world. These tales deal with an enormous range of, not only characters, such kings, queens, peasants, animals, or servants for instances, but also themes, like gender, love, or family among others. In this work we are going to focus our discussion on the different use of love the Grimm Brothers made...
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  • Grimm Fairy Tales - 4080 Words
    Anonymous Disneyfied Fairy Tales Everybody knows how Cinderella found her glass slipper after dancing at the ball. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty were awoken by true loves kiss and lived happily ever after. The Little Mermaid longed to live on shore to be with that one special person. The thing that people don’t know is that the tales are wrong. Grimm Fairy tales are the original fairy tales dating back to early Germany. Disney took the fairy tales and put their own spin on them to be more...
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  • Annotated Bibliography: Fairy Tales
    Robert Baum, The author of "After The Ball Is Over: Bringing Cinderella Home", is a professor at The University of Waikato in New Zealand. He wrote the article for Culteral Analysis. He wanted to inform the common people who may be interested in the Grimm's Fairy Tales how they wrote their folktales, and how they incorporated beliefs of their own such as their religion. The mainy used Christian Folktales, because that was their religion. By making the alterations to use their religion it...
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  • genderanddisney - 981 Words
    Reaction paper on Gender Studies Gender and happily ever after Ever since I was little, I have been observing cartoon and fairytale, as it is soothing and full of joy. Mother would read me a bedtime story about Everland, the giant, the witches, and the princess. I have grown along all this beautiful dream within me, yet, being reminded regularly when I watched movies emphasizing how important love is to the existence of human beings. The worse thing is, I do not let this stay as...
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