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  • Manzana: Service of Process - 3772 Words
     P510 Service Operations Management1 Fall, 2013 Professor Barbara B. Flynn Richard M. and Myra Louise Professor of Manufacturing Management This course focuses on management of high contact and low contact service processes. High contact service processes are challenging to manage because of their simultaneous production and consumption and presence of customers within the service production system. While low contact service processes are more similar to...
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  • Service-Process Matrix - 1917 Words
    Service-process Matrix The Service Process Matrix is a classification matrix of service industry firms based on the characteristics of the individual firm's service processes. The matrix was derived by Roger Schmenner and first appeared in 1986. Although considerably different, the Service Process Matrix can be seen somewhat as a service industry version of Wheelwright and Hayes' Product-Process Matrix. The Service Process Matrix can be useful when investigating the strategic changes in...
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  • The Nature of Service - 716 Words
    The Nature Of Services Service Bundle: Offering several services in a same package. Element | Core Goods | Core Services | Business | Custom clother | Business hotel | Core | Business suits | Room for the night | Periphal goods | Garment bag | Bathrobe/ amenities | Peripheral service | Deferred payment plans | In-house restaurant | Variant | Coffee lounge | Airport shuttle | CORE BUSINESS: is the sector(s) of business activity that is the reason or purpose for being....
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  • Customer Service - 1260 Words
    Assessment #1: Part B Prepare a staff manual a. Providing customer service Since our restaurant can exists only because of customers, and in particular repeat customers who voluntarily choose to return here and spend their money and time to our food, beverage and service. Without our customer we don’t have a restaurant, they are the only reason we are here. As a result, taking care of our customers is our highest priority, in fact a privilege, never an interruption. At our restaurant the...
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  • Classification of Services - 1759 Words
    CLASSIFICATION OF SERVICES. (FRAMWORKS FOR ANALYSIS OF SERVICES). Problem: narrow exposure of managers to the variety of service industries; managers perceive their service as unique; management personnel is usually inbred; as a result, marketing thought in the field of services is underdeveloped. E.g., hoteliers often spend their whole life in the industry or even one company, most airline managers have grown up in the commercial aviation industry, bankers and hospital administrators...
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  • Service Marketing - 405 Words
    Textbook Pg. 348-361 Dimensions for Satisfaction * Customer-centric - Qualitative (Subjective) - Focus Group / Open-ended Questions - Interviews / In-depth Questions - C-I-T / What happened? - Laddering Technique / Systematic Importance Approach - Quantitative (Measurable) - Survey / Questionnaire (Descriptive Research) Research Framework Find independent variables that affect the dependent variable. Or have a mediating variable between both. Or...
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  • service marketing - 730 Words
     Case 2 “Four Customers in Search of Solutions” of your textbook (p.468) and answer the three questions described on p.469. 1- Based strictly on the information in this case, how many possibilities do you see to segment the telecommunications market? In this case customers have already passed the post-purchase stage as they found their solution to their needs at the Bell Telecommunication Company. They have evaluated the experience attributes and faced some issues; therefore they have...
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  • Process Flowchart - 694 Words
    Process Flowchart, Driving to Work Understanding processes and the various decision points provide a structured framework to measure efficiency. Processes include many factors, from direct decision points to external influences that affect the outcome. Additional, processes often have a service component, which influences the decision points. Process – Driving to Work Each workday, I must drive to work. During that commute, most days I must also make sure my daughter gets to school. On...
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  • service quality - 1597 Words
    MKTG1255 – SERVICE QUALITY PRACTICE MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS THE QUESTIONS ARE FOR PRACTICE ONLY. THERE IS NO INDICATION THAT YOU WILL BE ASKED THE SAME QUESTION(S) IN THE FINAL EXAM. 1. ____________ represent a special type of order taking that entitles customers to a specific unit of service. a. Suggestions b. Reservations c. Trackers d. Repossessions e. Contracts 2. Which of the following is NOT considered an example of a hospitality element? a. Greeting b. Toilets and...
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  • Community Service - 418 Words
    The concept of requiring community service of college students as a requirement for graduation is based on the idea that communities and individuals can be helped in their development through volunteer service. Community service provides the opportunity for students to share their knowledge, skills, and abilities with someone who might not have benefited from such actions otherwise. Community service should be a requirement for college graduation because it helps to alleviate problems of...
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  • Community Service - 613 Words
    People complain everyday about the problems in this world, and I am one of them. One of my complaints is about people who complain!. I have a high respect for those who take actions to try to solve these problems instead of complaining. Being a part of this community, we all share the responsibility of helping and supporting each other. We have to do our best to give the helping hand and draw smiles. This is exactly what the term “community service” means. Many people think that volunteering is...
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  • Service Management - 3427 Words
    Student ID: 0560943 / Service Management: Transforming Service Organisations This is to certify that the work I am submitting is my own. All external references and sources are clearly acknowledged and identified within the contents. I am aware of the University of Warwick regulation concerning plagiarism and collusion. No substantial part(s) of the work submitted here has also been submitted by me in other assessments for accredited courses of study, and I acknowledge that if this has been...
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  • Hospitality Service - 2537 Words
    Hospitality Service Excellence The academic circles have not formed a standard definition for service failure, but scholars have put forward their own understanding from different angles: Hays and Hill defined service failure ascontact situation that make customers unsatisfied(Julie Hays& Arthur, 2001). Keaveneypointed out that if the customers feel unsatisfied about the service system, then service failure occur (Crittendenet al. 1995).Keaveney has divided service failure into two types:...
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  • Service Encounter - 1838 Words
    Term Paper: Service Encounter Subject: Services Marketing Submitted To:Kashir Asghar Submitted By: SAAD ULLAH KHAN LODHI OSAMA NASIR Contents Bad Service Encounter: 2 Blue Printing 2 Servuction: 3 Dramaturgical Approaches: 3 Service Scape: 3 Location 3 Ambiance: 3 Disneyization: 4 Theme: 4 Hybrid Consumption: 4 Merchandizing: 4 Emotional Labor: 4 Good service encounter: 5 Conceptual Framework for analyzing the service encounter: 5 Blue printing 5...
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  • Service Delivery - 7752 Words
    International Journal of Service Industry Management Emerald Article: A comparison of service delivery processes of different complexity Peter J. Danaher, Jan Mattsson Article information: To cite this document: Peter J. Danaher, Jan Mattsson, (1998),"A comparison of service delivery processes of different complexity", International Journal of Service Industry Management, Vol. 9 Iss: 1 pp. 48 - 63 Permanent link to this document: Downloaded on:...
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  • ChapterService Recovery The Impact of Service
    Chapter Service Recovery • The Impact of Service Failure and Recovery • How Customers Respond to Service Failures • Customers’ Recovery Expectations • Service Recovery Strategies • Service Guarantees 8 Chapter 8 - Service Recovery Service recovery: actions taken in response to a ___________________ What do you do when you receive poor service? Unhappy Customers’ Repurchase Intentions (Figure 8.1) Unhappy Customers Who Don’t Complain 9% Unhappy Customers Who Do Complain Complaints Not...
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  • Service Blueprint for Spaghetti House
    I have chosen Spaghetti House to blueprint. It is because this organization has a well service and system to support it. I would like to share this operating system to my classmates for demonstrate how good restaurant should be operated. There are three key elements of physical evidence we should be care as they will influence the customer’s experience. Firstly, the reservation book is the key element of physical evidence. The purpose of that book is to confirm the booking of guests and...
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  • Jit in Service Industry - 3576 Words
    Acknowledgement It is with overwhelming gratitude that I thank my lecturer, Mr. Harish, for giving me the opportunity to write a report on a challenging subject like ‘Just-in-time in service industry’. I would also like to thank my parents for supporting me in the noble pursuit of knowledge. Special thanks to my beloved life partner who helped me in getting a lot of research material. I also express my thanks to the authors of the books which has helped me get a better outlook of the...
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  • Service quality in the betting industry
    1.0 INTRODUCTION Betting in Mauritius is mostly focused on Horse Racing and Football Matches. Betting is considered to be a monetary activity where people bet for money to gain more if they win or lose the entire amount they bet if they lose. Though betting existed since 1812 in the form of horse racing, it is just recently that the industry started to reach its maturity. The betting industry started to develop with the introduction of various kind of betting such as the National Lottery and...
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  • Customer Expectations of Service - 10169 Words
    CHAPTER 03 Customer expectations of service L EARNING O BJECTIVES This chapter’s objectives are to: 1 Recognize that customers hold different types of expectations for service performance. 2 Discuss the sources of customer expectations of service, including those that are controllable and uncontrollable by marketers. 3 Acknowledge that the types and sources of expectations are similar for end consumers and business customers, for pure service and product-related service, for experienced...
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  • Service Blueprint for Hospital - 516 Words
    Service Blueprint Service blueprinting is defined as a tool for simultaneously depicting the service process, the points of customer contact, and the evidence of the service from the customer’s point of view. The proposed blueprint allows for a quantitative description of critical service elements, such as time, logical sequences of actions and processes, also specifying both actions/events that happen in the time and place of the interaction (front office) and actions/events that are out of...
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  • BM3505 Service Encounter Journal
    Encounter # 1 Satisfying Service Encounter Date: 17/09/2014 Time: 8:35am Details: At the clinic, the nurse greeted me and attended to my registeration promptly. She informed me of the estimated waiting time and suggested to me that I could go for my breakfast nearby while waiting for my turn. Since I had my breakfast already, I chose to wait. I was warmly greeted by the doctor when I entered the consultation room. His room is simple and neat, there is also a large...
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    COMPLAINT HANDLING AND SERVICE RECOVERY RELIABILITY IS CRITICAL IN SERVICE BUT… In all service contexts, service failure is inevitable. Service failure occurs when service performance falls below a customer’s expectations in such a way that leads to customer dissatisfaction. Service recovery refers to the actions taken by a firm in response to service failure. KEY QUESTIONS FOR MANAGERS TO ASK ABOUT CUSTOMER COMPLAINING BEHAVIOR Why do customers complain? What proportion of...
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  • AMB340 Service Marketing - 4205 Words
     AMB340 Service Marketing Service Encounter Report Word count: 1978 I. Introduction Nowadays, services dominate economy and generate most new jobs. This service encounter report aims to compare and contrast my own real-world service experiences using services marketing theories. Firstly, it will compare my two satisfactory encounters journals in East Coast Car Rentals and Ambient Hotel Colina to get the most satisfactory one. Secondly, two dissatisfactory encounters in Ray White Alderley and...
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  • Service System and Assembly Line
    Questions 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, and 12 on page 84.Q1. Classify the following types of processes as continuous, assembly line, batch, job shop, or project: Doctor’s office. Automatic car wash College curriculum. Studying for an exam. Registration for classes. Electric utility. Doctor’s office – job shop or project. All patients do not require the same procedures, namely the service offered are custom in nature. Automatic car wash – assembly line flow. There is a linear sequence of...
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  • service marketing management - 1358 Words
    Service Marketing Management Introduction For this assignment I will be choosing a service organisation, with reference evaluating the service processes, service people and resource utilisation and how these approaches can possibly lead Starbucks to success. My evaluation of service processes, service people and resource utilisation will be appraised with references to purpose and limitation with regard to how the effective management of these areas will lead the organisation to success....
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  • Legal Process Paper - 727 Words
    Legal Process Paper Tianna Galang MGT/434 June 3, 2013 Dina C. Gledhill Legal Process Paper Discrimination is the unequal treatment of an individual built on the basis of identifiable characteristics such as race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, and disability. It is unlawful to victimize an employee or applicant during any step of the employment process. That is why Jerry, who is an employee in a private sector organization, is certain he wants to file a discrimination...
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  • Service Outside Jurisdiction - 3453 Words
    1. Principles that govern Service Outside Jurisdiction Service of a claim is the procedure used to give legal notice to a defendant of a court's exercise of its jurisdiction over the defendant, enabling them to respond to the proceedings before the court. Service outside the jurisdiction is sometimes allowed under specific circumstances where there are certain connections between the case or the defendant and the forum. The rules for service outside jurisdiction differ to some extent from...
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  • Complaint and Service Users - 763 Words
    CU236P Principles for implementing duty of care in health, social care or children's and young people's setting. 1.1 Duty of care in my own work role means that i am resposible for the welfare of myself and the service users i care for, to prevent accidents from happening and being responsible for other people's well being. As senior on duty i have a duty of care to keep the service users i care for safe and comfortable whilst taking into consideration their rights. I carry out risk...
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  • Customer Service and Holiday Retreat
    Procedure Read the case study. Your assessor will request that you analyse the data and material presented to make recommendations for changing the customer service processes and culture. Specifically, you are required to: • identify Brad’s major customers • prepare a customer service policy for Brad’s business • prepare a standard for handling complaints • prepare a work instruction for handling a complaint • give an example of how you would change an element of the customer service...
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  • Service Operation Management - 3000 Words
    Service Operation Management ------------------------------------ Report Writing: Satay King Restaurant (沙嗲王) ------------------------------------ Table of Content | Page | |1.0 Introduction 3 | |2.0 Service Concept 4...
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  • Implementation of Customer Service Activities
    SECTION 2: SUPPORT IMPLEMENTATION OF CUSTOMER SERVICE STRATEGIES Activity 4 19/05/2015 04:44PM 1 What level of customer service do you think you should receive from your internal suppliers? Explain why you think this and how high levels of internal customer service will impact on the service provided to external customers. From my internal suppliers I should recieve the same customer service that I should give to customers. I think that it should be like this because they should give me the...
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  • Sample Affidavit of Service - 361 Words
    NORTH CAROLINAIN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE MECKLENBURG COUNTYSUPERIOR COURT DIVISION STELLA KING) NO. 14 CVS )) Plaintiff)DEFENDANT’S ANSWER V.)TO PLAINTIFF’S )COMPLAINT DENNIS WOODS) ) Defendant ) _________________________________________ ) I, Mariam Qasim, being first duly sworn, deposes and says: That I am an attorney duly licensed to practice law within the State of North Carolina and I am counsel for the Plaintiff named in the above-entitled action pending before the...
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  • Total Service Management: Case Study
    Introduction: Improving the service quality was the main target of any service organization from the early stage and since now this improving work is going on. TSM is totally a new and successful system in the service sector for improving service quality. TSM is completely the mathematical based analysis system with several numbers of improving tools. The transparency of this system is high because of conversion every physical property to mathematics. TSM is a complete work of measuring service...
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  • Descriptions of Taxable Services and Accounting Codes for Payment of Service Tax
    ANNEXURE TO CBEC CIRCULAR No.165/16/2012-ST DESCRIPTIONS OF TAXABLE SERVICES AND ACCOUNTING CODES FOR PAYMENT OF SERVICE TAX No. Finance Act,1994 erstwhile Section 65(105) Descriptions of Taxable Services 1 * (a) (b) * (c) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (i) (j) (k) * (ka) Stockbroker service Telegraph authority-telephone connection [(b) was omitted w.e.f.01.06.2007 and clubbed under (zzzx)] Telegraph authority-pager[(c ) was...
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  • Report: Customer Service and Hurrah Airlines
    Hurrah Airlines Customer Service improvement report Summary Customer Service Department has received complaints regarding services, systems and conditions of Hurrah Airlines. The aim of this report is to summarize weak spots in Hurrah Airlines’ customer service and to make recommendations to its improvement with minimum costs. Introduction This report will include: a short summary of the most frequent complaints regarding Hurrah Airlines’ services; recommendations for an improvement of...
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  • Discrimination Complaint and Civil Litigation Process.
    This paper will outline a complaint process and illustrate the civil litigation that could follow if the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, through mediation and arbitration cannot resolve a charge. The complaint is based on a scenario of an employee, named John. John works for a private sector business and he wishes to lodge a complaint of discrimination against the company he works for. This paper will explain the steps that are taken, from the beginning with the (EEOC), Equal Employment...
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  • Grievance and Complaint Handling in Service Industry
    SERVICES AND CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT GRIEVANCE AND COMPLAINT HANDLING IN SERVICE INDUSTRY Group Members: Gowtham Nannapaneni (10018) Thammiah Ayappa (10042) Amit Kumar Jha (10064) Kundal Mahanta (10085) Sowmya.B (10108) Group Members: Gowtham Nannapaneni (10018) Thammiah Ayappa (10042) Amit Kumar Jha (10064) Kundal Mahanta (10085) Sowmya.B (10108) Group Members: Gowtham Nannapaneni (10018) Thammiah Ayappa (10042) Amit Kumar Jha (10064) Kundal Mahanta (10085) Sowmya.B (10108)...
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  • Feasibility Study: Carwash and Autodetailing Services
    University of Southeastern Philippines College Of Governance and Business Economics Obrero Campus, Bo. Obrero Davao City A Project Feasibility Study on Carwash and Auto-Detailing Service In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements on the Study Preparation of Project Feasibility Study Submitted to: Prof. Danilo B. Pacoy Submitted by: Florisa Mae R. Deniega Edgar B. Lepiten Charlo Briz O. Quiño Princess Ella M. Namata March 2014 TABLE OF CONTENTS...
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  • Service Quality and Critically Review How Service Quality Can Be Related to Increase the Customer Service in the Sri Lankan Banking Industry
    Introduction Defining service quality and its components in a form that is actionable in the workplace is an important endeavour that an organisation should not take lightly. Without a clear and unambiguous definition, employees will be left with vague instructions on improving service quality within the workplace. The result will be that each employee will be left to form and act upon his or her own definition of quality which, more often than not, may be incomplete or inaccurate. Fortunately,...
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  • The Complaint Handling Process from a Hispanic Point of View
    The Complaint Handling Process from a Hispanic Point of View Jackelin Lemus Miami Dade College Abstract This document discusses different types of customers and their customer service complaints, focusing on the Hispanic point of view. Hispanics are the fastest growing minority and ethnic group in the U.S., and amass great purchase power. The Hispanic customers are discerning, demanding, and loyal to their favorite brand. Upon disappointing this large and powerful market segment,...
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  • Case Sullivan Ford Auto World - Marketing Services
    Case Background/Summary A. The Company 1. Started by Walter Sullivan in 1983. The current site of operations is located at a busy urban highway intersection. Extensive renovation of the 30 yr. old building was done. 2. Walter Sullivan is well known in the community. 3. The company has both front-end (sales department) and back-end (service department) operations. 4. Sales department is composed of: a sales manager, seven salespeople, an office manager, and a secretary. 5. Service...
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  • Customer Service at the Roccoco New York Hotel
    Introduction This case involves a dissatisfied customer of The Roccoco New York Hotel who received the service failure when she stayed in the hotel. The case demonstrates that there were four main areas where the hotel failed to meet the expectations and satisfaction of the customer and that includes internal managerial quality and the failure to manage the service failure after complaints were received. Overall The Roccoco New York Hotel failed in following fields: Failure of Internal...
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  • Summary: Delivering Customer Value Based on Service Proces: the Example of Tesco.Com
    Delivering Customer Values Summary for “Delivering Customer Value Based on Service Process: The Example of” * Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 The Ten Key Points in the Study 4 2.1 Customer Switching 4 2.2 Efficient Service Process Leads to Customer Loyalty 4 2.3 Importance of Service Process 5 2.4’s Service Process 5 2.5’s Customer Value Delivery 5 2.6 The Four Ps: Product 6 2.7 The Four Ps: Price 6 2.8 The Four Ps:...
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  • Request for Service System for Employees of Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology
    Request for Service System for Employees of Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology Presented to the Faculty of School of Computer Studies Mindanao State University Iligan Institute of Technology In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and CRUZ, Gian Ralph B. DUMORAN, Gel Dante E. March 2013 CHAPTER 1 RESEARCH DESCRIPTION 1.0 Introduction In every corporation, industry, business,...
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  • When People Need to Complain About a Product or Poor Service, Some Prefere to Complain in Writing Other Prefer to Complain in Person.Which Way Do You Prefer?Use Specific Reasons and Examples to Support Your Answer.
    When people need to complain about a product or poor service, some prefere to complain in writing other prefer to complain in person.Which way do you prefer?Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. When it comes to complaining about products that don't sadisfy my expectations, I prefer to complain in person. Altough a lot of people may prefer to complain in writing, I think that complaining in person is more efficient. Writing a letter or an email can hepl you to structure...
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  • GAP Analysis - 346 Words
    Gap analysis of Indigo airline: On time every time. Indigo promotes three major things as a part of its advertisisng- on time performance, affordable fares and hassle free passenger experience. There are many factors that affect passengers such as, flight delays, misbehaviour by staff, etc. and they result in a complaining behaviour. Whereas, there are so many situations wherein situations can‟t be controlled such as, weather problems, technical fault, etc. Although these situations are not...
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  • We should encourage our customers to complain!
    Project 2 We should encourage our customers to complain! Explain what this statement means, how it should be applied, why it should be applied and why a policy of encouraging customer complaints would benefit your organisation, or indeed, any other organisation. It means the organisations puts a high important on satisfying their current and potential customers. Their main goal or objective is to ensure their customers are 100% satisfied with the service package provided to them The first...
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  • Reducing Abuse - 791 Words
    Reducing Abuse (LO 4.1, 4.2) Work in a person centred way Everyone is different, we all have preferences about our daily routines including what time we get up, what clothes we wear, the food we eat and how we choose to spend our time. Our ability to exercise choice in this way is essential for our wellbeing. Where routine develop in care services, there is a risk that these choices will be taken away from the service users and everyone will be treated the same. The less a person is treated...
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  • Short Answer Questions - 277 Words
    Introduction to duty of care in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings Ci (a) Identify Legal requirements for dealing with complaints. The complaints procured must be on show for everyone to see, as it is part of the Care Standards Act 2000. Complaints must be acted upon and put right as soon as possible. (b) Identify organisational requirements for dealing with complaints. Again the complaints procured must be on show as it is part of the Care Standards Act 2000....
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  • Pack - 93426 Words
    CIVIL LITIGATION AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION (Corporate) RESOURCE PACK Objectives: You should regard this pack as a tool to help you understand the CPR in context and to start drafting the legal documents covered by it. You are encouraged to add your own precedents as you collect these and to file your case papers for the 2 case studies in the sections provided. This pack contains details of both the CPR and some of the documents that are drafted by solicitors during the different stages of Civil...
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  • lizzy nvq 3 - 1515 Words
     1 Unit SHC 34: Principles for implementing duty of care in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings Understand how duty of care contributes to safe practice Explain what it means to have a duty of care in own work role SHC 34 1.1 Having a “duty of care” means it is my responsibility to provide care and support to individuals within the policies and procedures and agreed ways of working as set out by my employer and within the law. It is about avoiding injury and...
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  • Outline: Civil Procedure - 28374 Words
    Civil Procedure Spaulding, fall 2009 |5th Amendment | |No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in | |cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be | |subject for...
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  • Case Study State University Experience
    HOLY ANGEL UNIVERSITY The State University Experience Case Study # 6 Prepared by: Emily B. Garcia Abigail P. Guiao Mariedi Luisa L. Medel Jecker R. Nepomuceno Kimberly Ann O. Reyes MK-331 Submitted to: Mrs. Maria Cristina Naguit SUMMARY OF THE CASE There is a State University video and it seems cool. It offers a lot of majors and the school is nearby the house. One time he visited the school and has a tour with his parents. There is one tour guide that...
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  • alamo presentation - 1176 Words
    Service process service shop Service processes that is positioned between professional services and mass services, usually with medium levels of volume and customisation. SERVICE MATRIX On the Customer wants and needs in the service package Starbucks uses Standard with options; using moderately repeatable sequence. Customer has some decision making power. This is evident as though customers have the ability to customize their coffee specifically for them, the choices they have are...
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  • ERR Task D - 451 Words
     Task D In this report I want to discuss the concern raised publicly on a recent documentary on BBC’s Panorama, which focused on a local care home. Panorama went undercover into various care homes around the south east of England with the suspicion of abuse towards the service users within the care homes. After Panorama disclosed their findings to the nation, the public were appalled and had their own concerns about using the service provided by the care sector. The next day it became...
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  • News About Complaint of Café de Coral
    Introduction Café de Coral is one of the popular restaurants in Hong Kong. However, it also has some customer complaints. In this report, it will talk about one of the case of it. The contents include the background of Café de Coral, the causes of the customer complaint, which elements of procedural and personal sides of customer service were not fulfilled by the concerned service provider. Last one is what would we do to turn the dissatisfied customers to become satisfied ones, or motivate...
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  • Essay on how to turn the complaining guest into a happy guest
    “How to make sure that the annoying, complaining guest leaves satisfied and happy” Complaining guests: not really the most exciting part about working in the hospitality industry. But handling those complaints is one of the most important aspects of your job. If you ever made a complaint yourself, you know the big influence the handling of that complaint has on your decision whether to visit that restaurant or bar again, or not. And the chance you will tell your friends about the great...
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  • Introduction to Duty of Care L2
    |WORKBOOK | |SHC24 | |Introduction to duty of care in a health and social care or children’s and young people’s settings | |...
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  • Case Brief People's Trust V. Kozuck
    IRAC Writing Assignment, Chapter 3 1. Case Name, Citation, and Court Peoples Trust Company of Bergen County v. Kozuck 98 N.J. Super. 235, 236 A.2d 630, N.J. Super. Lexis 389 (1967) Superior court of New Jersey, Law Division 2. Key Facts A. Peoples Trust Company of Bergen County is a bank located in New Jersey. B. Saul and Elaine Kozuck, husband and wife, signed a promissory note with Peoples Trust Company. The Kozucks contend the due date was improperly filled in by the...
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  • SM PhaseI Beauty Salons
     NUST Business School - MKT-323 – Services Marketing Phase – I – Service Analysis Submitted to; Ms. Maria Qadri Submitted by; Aqsa Qamar Safa Iftikhar Waleed Basit Hamid Ishfaq Fariha Waheed Fatima Haadia Athar Muhammad Hayat Solangi Syeda Farvah Sameen Bukhari BBA 2k12 A Date: October 27th, 2014 The grooming industry is filled with varieties and options. From catering to one’s pets to one’s garden to one’s own self, the options are endless. The segment in the...
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  • Case 3 McBurger Inc
    Robbie Fitzgerald BUS3950 Case 3: McBurger Inc. 4/01/14 McBurger Inc. Quality Analysis INTRODUCTION/PURPOSE: Mr. McBurger, My name is Robbie Fitzgerald, I was hired as your operations consultant. My job is to improve the overall quality service of McBurger Inc. Based on what I received last week, I was told that you are experiencing an increase in customer complaints. Your biggest complaint is wait time. This is not good, this means customers have to wait for their food when your mission is...
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  • Polemic Profit Sharing : XL Axiata complaining attitude Cuek OTT
    Polemic Profit Sharing: XL Axiata complaining attitude Cuek OTT Jakarta, Selular.ID - profit sharing scheme which heralded by ITRB (Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Agency) between service providers Over The Top (OTT) and the operator is expected to be a bright speck initial step continuity synergy. Currently, the relationship between OTT with still a push-pull operators. On the one hand, operators need OTT as a reason to use for customers to use data access, which is currently the...
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  • Describe how to respond to complaints.
    Describe how to respond to complaints. Always follow the settings procedure policy when dealing with complaints. Complaints may be telephoned in, emailed or in person and there will be a different protocol and timescale to follow. When dealing with a complaint face to face keep calm and listen. The person complaining may be angry and I need to stay calm ensure they can see I’m listening and never raise my voice and avoid it escalating. If the discussion is infront of others try to move...
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  • company law assignment - 1319 Words
    UNITED INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE COMPANY LAW 2014 WEEKLY ASSIGNMENT 5 ANSWER Introduction The instant case concerns meetings and resolutions. The central issues are: 1. Was the board meeting of December 31, 2013 validly held? 2. Was the resolution passed at that meeting a valid one? 3. What should Bud do to convene an extraordinary general meeting? Board Meeting of December 31, 2013 At the outset, it must be emphasized that the validity of a meeting hinges on a number of factors: 1....
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  • Introduction To A Duty Of Care In Healt
    Unit 5­ Introduction to a duty of care in health and social care and children’s and young people’s settings. 1.1:­ Understand the meaning of ‘duty of care’. ‘Duty of care’ refers to the relationship between myself and a service user, within this professional relationship there is an obligation to take responsible care to avoid injury or harm to whom it can be reasonably foreseen. A duty of care exists to protect the individual from harm, to set guidelines, and promote ...
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  • General and commercial law - 6770 Words
    December 2012 GCL Solved Paper 1. (a) Freedom of trade and profession is provided under Article 19 (1) (g) of the Constitution of India. This gives the citizens the right to pursue any trade, profession, business or occupation in any place within India. This right is, however, not absolute. It can be restricted by the State in the following cases – - When the State feels it is essential to do so in the public interest. - When it is felt that there should be some basic qualifications for...
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  • letter - 340 Words
    Dear Sir, I am writing to complain about the service of your newly opened fast food restaurant. I appreciate your efforts to provide us with reasonable prices. There are, however, some deficiencies which I feel could be improved to increase the standards of your business. Firstly, though the staff are willing to help with any requests, there are not enough employees at peak time to do this adequately. In addition, some of your workers are rather inattentive and slow, not only in bringing...
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  • Call Centre Case Solution
    COPYRIGHT MATERIAL M-Tel Call Centre data: What does it tell us? In May 2009, Esther Ching is three months into her role as manager of the complaints section of a call centre, located in India. The call centre is owned and run by M-Tel, a Malaysian telco company. Her section handles all billing complaints and service difficulties. The main products are landlines, mobile telephones and internet access. She is required to present a report about the performance of her section, as part of the...
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  • Civil Essay - 356 Words
    ASSESSMENT 1 Overview You are to create your own scenario that relates to a civil matter in which you would issue a claim in the Magistrates Court. In this simulation imagine that you currently work at GarLing Lawyers at Mt Gravatt. (we used this fictitious firm to do your practical tasks in class). You therefore need to consider the following: * taking initial instructions from the plaintiff client; * confirming monetary jurisdiction of the court; * confirming the geographical...
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  • Assignment 304 - 1256 Words
    Assignment 304 Task A - Supervision Notes A1. A duty of care effectively means that as a carer it is our job to always act in the best interests of those individuals that we provide care for. This not only includes treating them how they like to be treated but also protecting them from harm, even if that's from themselves. As long as you are competent in the roles that you are being asked to perform it is the carers obligation to protect service users and remove them from harmful situations....
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  • Array Proposal - 413 Words
    Programming Solution Proposal Paper Lanny Ross University of Phoenix PRG/211 Mr Richard Guirguis December 4, 2012 Programming Solution Proposal Paper This paper will describe the process for an idea that my company is attempting to incorporate into our daily operations. The Maryland Public Service Commission is an agency that regulates utility companies to make sure that they are following the guidelines listed under COMAR, which is an acronym for the “Code of Maryland Regulations”...
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  • Unit 519 (01)Complaints
    Optional Unit Questions Unit 519 (01) Develop procedures and practice to respond to concerns and complaints Assessment Questions 1. Learning Outcomes 1.1 and 1.2 a) Identify the regulatory requirements, codes of practice and relevant guidance for managing concerns and complaints in your area of work. b) Analyse how each one affects service provision. The Local Authority. Social Services and National Service Complaints (England) amendment Regulations 2009. came into effect in...
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  • Presto Cleaner - 479 Words
    Introduction of the case Presto Cleaner is a company who offer a cleaning service. The president of the company, Mr. Sewickley, has had a brilliant idea to improve service by installing a new computer system designed to cut the customers waiting time and simplify the drop-off and pick up process. This system worked fine until one of the costumers send a complain letter at Mr. Hoffner, that is the responsible of the Complaining Office, whose job is to be close to the customers expectation....
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  • Nvq 2 Assignment - 313 Words
    Assignment 205 Introduction to duty of care in health & social care Task A Letter Write a letter to a friend who is thinking of working in the care profession. In the letter, you must describe: Ai what is meant by the term “duty of care”; Aii how the duty of care affects the work that you do as a social care worker. Task B Case Study Read the following case studies and answer the related questions. Case Study One You are a support worker for Mrs Ahmed who is 89,...
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  • Village Volvo Case Study
    Village Volvo Questions: Describe Village Volvo’s service package. Village Volvo offers to provide quality repair service on out-of-warranty Volvo’s at reasonable cost. The owners encourage their clients to schedule appointments for the diagnosis and repair of specific problems, a mechanic will make a preliminary diagnosis and the service manager will give the vehicle owner an estimate of the cost and the approximate time when the repair will be completed. The Village Volvo provide a waiting...
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  • CU235P - 1045 Words
    Define the term ‘duty of care’ Health and social care organisations have what is called a duty of care towards the people they look after. That means that they must do everything they can to keep the people in their care safe from harm. It is not only the care establishment that needs to prioritise the safety, welfare and interests of the people using its services, but also the care workers of the establishment. My employer also has a duty of care for staff members, to ensure that working...
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  • Case Brief No 1
    Citation: Harvestons Securities, Inc. v. Narnia Investments, Ltd., 218 S.W.3d 126 (2007) Plaintiff and Defendant: The plaintiff/appellant is Harvestons Securities, Inc. The defendant/appellee is Narnia Investments, Ltd. Facts: In year 2000, Narnia Investments, Ltd. sued Harvestons Securities, Inc. and several defendants in trial court of Texas. The trial court then granted a default judgment against Harvestons and in favor of Narnia that Harvestons has to pay $365,000, plus attorney’s fees,...
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  • Agency - 491 Words
     Welcome to Heaventown - an independent estate agent Heaventown is a leading residential property company in the UK, working across local, national and international markets, delivering unrivalled customer service through the commitment and inspiration of its staff. . Our agency provides a full range of professional property services including: Sale and Purchase of all types of property, Villas, Town and Village houses, flats and plots etc. Drafting of all types of contract pertinent to...
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  • responding to complaints - 2543 Words
     Develop Procedures and Practice to Respond to Concerns and Complaints. In the care profession there are regulatory requirements and codes of practice that must be adhered to. There is guidance for all aspects of the profession including how to manage complaints and concerns. In my area of work as a nurse and Manager at Carson House it is imperative that the staff and I adhere to the complaints policy. The Care Quality commission is the regulator of Health and Adult Social Care in...
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  • Student - 287 Words
    | PROFESSIONAL WRITING ASSIGNMENT 1 | PT GROUP | | NDAHAFA KANYEMBA | 200964690 | | 9/5/2012 | | ETUHOLE ENTERPRISES LIMITED MEMORANDUM TO : All Department Heads FROM : Ndahafa Kanyemba, Senior Management DATE : 05 September 2012 SUBJECT: Removal of tea breaks in the company It has been noted that many employees have been taking their tea break for more than an hour. The tea break is only supposed to be for thirty minutes, from 10h00-10h30. The...
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  • Your Friends Already Use Topface, Contact Them
    Table-1. Profession of the respondents profession | number | percentage | Student | 2 | 8 | Service holder | 8 | 32 | Business | 9 | 36 | other | 6 | 24 | I interviewed a total of 25 account holders of the Bank and checked their profession. From the above table ( tabe-1) , it shows that majority of the respondents belong to business group and this is 36%. The next group close to business group is service holder and their percentage is 32% which also seems significant. Only 8% of...
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  • Case Summary Four Seasons Goes To Paris Grp7
    Case Summary: Four Seasons Goes to Paris Steps from the Champs-Elysées, with private terraces that command views of all Paris and vibrant facilities accented by 17th-century tapestries and floral mastery, Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris has come to define fine service in the City of Light and around the world. A Paris landmark since 1928, this historic building has been lovingly restored to reflect the very highest Four Seasons standards of comfort and convenience. Of the Hotel’s 244...
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  • Global Operations and Supply Chain Management Assignment
    Name: Lo Ka Fai Student No: 11607165 Question: Describe the operation/supply chain problems in your workplace. Analyze the operation/supply chain management problem which you think adequate for solving the problems and propose solutions to solve the problems. I am working as a foreman in Food and Environmental Hygiene Department. Our Department’s main job is to ensure that food is fit for human consumption and to maintain a clean and hygienic living environment for the people of Hong...
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  • Tip Top - 303 Words
    Memo RE: Tip Top Markets In efforts to reduce customer complaints at Tip Top Market, we must analyze the given data. The following data was collected over a period of eight weeks. A large number of complaints had been made particularly on Tuesdays; therefore we will evaluate the last eight Tuesdays. On July 15th, changes were implemented to help reduce some of the complaints that dealt with out of stock issues, pricing, long check out lines, and maintenance. 1. Out of stock and pricing...
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  • Complain - 408 Words
    We all complain about things in our lives, whether it's our job, people in our lives, little inconveniences, the state of the world...we all like to complain when things are not like we want them to be. It is how we express our unhappiness and dissatisfaction. But shall we complain so much? In my opinion, sometimes we can complain but not often, because complain is not a good way to solve problem. First, a skimpy complaint is of little value. Just take the instances given in the text as an...
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  • Poka Yoke Journal - 7531 Words
    Service Poka Yoke Abstract In this paper, Poka yoke as one of the effective quality design techniques experienced in manufacturing has been suggested and developed for service fail safing. For this purpose, the subjects of service failure and service recovery have been introduced. Then, service Poka yoke has been demonstrated and its solutions have been classified. This paper also has proposed a framework, by which the common and uncommon elements of service Poka yoke and Service recovery...
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  • CASE LAW - 437 Words
    Gutka pouch in bottle: Pepsi asked to compensate consumer Saeed Khan,TNN | Oct 1, 2013, 02.25 PM IST AHMEDABAD: A consumer court in Gujarat has asked Pepsico India Holdings Pvt Ltd to pay Rs 20,000 to a consumer, who found a gutka pouch floating inside the packed soft drink bottle he had purchased. Rajesh Rajan purchased a bottle of Pepsi from a local store in Ahmedabad in August 2008, but he found a gutka pouch inside the bottle. He dashed off a legal notice to the company accusing it of...
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  • Principles for implementing Duty of care CU236P 3
    Principles for Implementing Duty of Care in Health, Social Care or Children's and Young People's Settings 1.1 Explain what it means to have a duty of care in own work role Duty of Care means that practitioners take on legal responsibilities to safeguard the welfare and well being of the children in their care. This includes appropriate attention, watching out for potential hazards, preventing mistakes or accidents, and making wise choices about steps undertaken in a role. Every child should...
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  • Consumer Protection Act - 595 Words
    THE CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT, 1986 Though consumer is the purpose and most powerful motivating force of production, yet at the same time consumer is equally vulnerable segment of the whole marketing system. Attempts have been made to guard the interest of the consumer in a sporadic way till 1986, when Government of India enacted a comprehensive legislation-Consumer Protection Act, to safe guard the interest of the consumer than ever before. The Consumer Protection Act, 1986, applies...
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  • Principles For Implementing Duty Of Car
    Principles for implementing duty of care in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings 1.1 Explain what it means to have a duty of care in own work role Duty of care means to always act in the best interest of the service users and others. Making sure to carry out work in the most safest way. You have to make sure that all traings and reviews (risk assessments) are all up to date. 1.2 Explain how duty of care contributes to the safeguarding or protection of individuals...
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  • Civil Procedure Reviewer - 35176 Words
    CIVIL PROCEDURE 3. Rule 1 – General Provisions Civil Action - One by which a party sues another for the enforcement or protection of a right, or the prevention or redress of a wrong. It may either be ordinary or special. (§3(a)) Criminal Action - One by which the State prosecutes a person for an act or omission punishable by law (§3(b)) Special Proceeding - A remedy by which a party seeks to establish a status, a right, or a particular fact (§3(c)) Instances where the Rules of...
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  • Diploma Level 3 Health and Social Care, Assignment 304 Task C
    Julia B 304 Task C Organisational requirements for dealing with complaints Company should have Concerns and Complaints Policy in place. The main aim of it is to ensure that complaints procedure is properly and effectively implemented and that service users feel confident that their complaints and worries are listened to and acted upon promptly and fairly. When dealing with complaints company are to ensure that: service users and their representatives, carers and visitors are aware of...
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  • Ops 571 Week 1 Quiz
    Week 1 OPS 571 Quiz 1 Permeable systems are characterized by being penetrable by customers via what two forms of contact? Internet and mail contact Face-to-face and internet contact Internet and phone contact Phone and face-to-face contact Check Answer Correct Permeable systems are penetrable by phone and face-to-face contact, but they are not necessarily reactive to such contact. 2 Some may argue that the production-line approach may not treat the process as a service process, but as what...
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  • Introduction for Hotel Accomodation - 386 Words
    everyone longs for the best hotel accommodation. But how do you define best hotel accommodations? Nice facilities with complete amenities? delicious foods? good housekeeping? or excellent services? However, despite our top-notch accommodation, many of us have had at least one holiday ruined by a bad accommodation experience. these are some of the most common complaints people have about booking and staying in accommodation. these are as follows: Hotel Staff that Ignore Patron Complaint;Many...
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  • Slack - 1051 Words
    Chapter 4: Process Design The definition of ’design’: ” The process by which some functional requirement of people is satisfied through the shaping or configuration of the resources and/or activities that comprise a product, or service, or the transformation process that produces them” What is process design? A design decision affects the physical shape and nature of the process (ex. purchase or rearrange the position of a piece of equipment, or when they change the way of working within...
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  • Mrs. Walters - 382 Words
    Rita Peterson 123 Fourth Street Road Town, Tortola, BVI July 21, 2014 Paul Puarez Guest Services Manager Radisson Ambassador 199 Ashford Avenue San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00785 Dear Mr. Puarez: I am a frequent traveler but this is the first time I have stayed in your San Juan hotel. I chose your hotel based on your reputation for value and excellent service. Yet an experience at your hotel has made me think that your reputation has been inaccurately inflated. I stayed in your San...
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  • Unit 4222 304 - 850 Words
    Unit 4222-304 Principles for implementing duty of care (SHC 34) Outcome 1 Understand how duty of care contributes to safe practice 1. Employers and employees and I have a “Duty of care” when carrying services to the persons in our care also responsibilities to safeguard the welfare and wellbeing of the service user in their care. This includes correct attention, watching out for hazards, trying to prevent mistakes or accidents, and making wise choices about steps undertaken in the role. The...
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  • Health & Social Care Level 3 Unit
    Assignment 304 – Principles for implementing duty of care in health, social care or children’s and young people settings. Task C Ci) Organisational requirements for dealing with complaints The setting should have Concerns and Complaints Policy in place. The main aim of it is to ensure that complaints procedure is properly and effectively implemented and that service users feel confident that their complaints and worries are listened to and acted upon promptly and fairly. When dealing...
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  • letter to a client - 258 Words
    Ms. Ima Smart Smart & Lee PPC 1212 Third Ave, Suite 300 Bellevue, Florida 25515 June 17, 2014 VIA CERTIFIED MAIL: Jim Knott Easy Construction 305 Hanford Ave Richland, Florida 25518 Dear Mr. Knott: I am writing this letter to assist you in the understanding of an initial process of your lawsuit up to the filing of a complaint with the courts. Your lawsuit will be...
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