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  • Drunk Driver - 481 Words
    A huge problem in the world today is people drinking and driving. When someone is under the influence of alcohol they really don’t know the right choices from the wrong ones. More times then not those people make the wrong choice to get behind the wheel of a car. Just because someone is drunk doesn’t mean its an automatic thing that they will crash but it does increase the chances by quite a bit. No matter what age you are, a new licensed driver being 16 to an elderly man being 80, this is...
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  • Alcohol and Driving While Intoxicated
    Alcohol and Driving While Intoxicated Alcohol is a drug, a very popular drug. Alcohol has been around for a long time, and people have always enjoyed it's effects. Many people have passions for alcohol, some people have refrigerators filled with beer, many others are wine connoisseurs. Alcohol always seems to liven up the party. But no madder what your preference is, alcohol can be very dangerous when combined with the operation of an automobile. If you can remember only a few...
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  • Driving While Intoxicated - 1795 Words
    Driving While Intoxicated Paper Claudia Ortiz Ms. Turner – GOVT 2302 Driving While Intoxicated Paper As we all know driving while intoxicated (DWI) can be very dangerous for both the sober driver and the intoxicated driver. Some of us, if not all of us have seen, known, and even experienced someone driving while intoxicated. There have been stories about drunk drivers on the news and other types of media that shock society. . Many times, the outcome of driving while...
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  • drivers ed teen driver project example
    Teen Driving Issues Project Drunk Driving Part 1 identifying the issue Why Is Drunk Driving A Problem, Especially for teen drivers? This is a major problem for teens because drunken teenagers are more likely to get in a car crash then an adult drunk driver and drunk driving should not even be done. Many teens are also pressured into drunk driving which again has a high chance in getting into a crash. Statistics from research regarding teen crash rates About 70% of all teens...
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  • Persuasive: Time Drunk Drivers
    Carrie Brown Persuasive Public Speaking Outline I. Attention A. Attention Getter: During the summer of 2012 a woman name Jessica Cowan has been charged with the drunken driving murder of a 5 year old girl. The little girl was crossing the street hand in hand with her mother and sister when the woman ran the red light and hit her at a crosswalk in Santa Ana, California. Jessica Cowan is accused of trying to flee the scene but a witness prevented her from leaving. She is now facing 15 years...
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  • Bad Habits Driver - 788 Words
    Many of today's drivers have dangerous habits. While we are driving, we can observe these hazardous habits on highways, residential streets, and in parking lots, on a regular basis. They can range from texting while driving, to applying makeup, to failing to use turn signals, and even just driving while they are overly tired. In addition to these, is driving while intoxicated, which is arguably the worst thing a person can do while driving. These can all cause detrimental or even fatal...
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  • Effects of Being the Designated Driver
    Effects of Being the Designated Driver Drinking and driving has been a problem in the United States for what seems like forever. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, driving while intoxicated is “the crime most frequently committed by a non-criminal,” ( It seems at least once a week there is a story in the news about someone leaving the bar drunk and never making it home. What if those people made a different choice? What if they chose, or chose to be a designated...
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  • P Plate Drivers - 898 Words
    “P” plate drivers and fatal traffic accidents, continues to be a serious public health concern with the main age group being between 17-25 (Transport for NSW 2013a). P plate drivers are 33% more likely to have a crash than L plate drivers (Monash University 200). This is due to a number of factors such as: Inexperience Poor decision making Willingness to take risks whilst driving The influence of peer pressure Alcohol and drug use Stress and fatigue. Young drivers are constantly...
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  • Drivers On Cell Phones Are As Bad As Drunks
    Katie Diener Cathy Kappius English 111 4 April, 2011 “Drivers on Cell Phones are as bad as Drunks” Some people think in this world that it’s okay to drive under the influence. When truly it isn’t even okay at all, it’s wrong. You are not only endangering your life but you are endangering other drivers. So many people drive under the influence and I wish they would understand that getting behind the wheel they are making the dumbest decision of their life. People don’t also realize that when...
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  • FLVS Drivers ED Module 6
    ***** ************* *** * ****** Driver’s ED 13 July 2014 Teen Driving Issues Project Topic: Drinking and Driving Part 1 - Identify the Issue There are several factors that might influence teenagers to drink. It could be because of parental influence, or a common sight within their neighborhoods. However, more often than not, it has to do with peer pressure. Underage drinking is problematic, needless to say. It affects the driver’s vision and reaction times which often leads to crashes...
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  • ch 6 project drivers ed
    Name:Graham Sokol Teen Driving Issues Project Topic:Drunk Driving Part 1 - Identify the Issue Be sure to include at least 4 complete sentences for each. Section HeadingInformationWhy is this a problem, especially for teen drivers? (4 sentences at least) Drunk driving always dangerous but even more so with teens who are new to driving and inexperienced with drinking. Drinking and driving can lead to accidents or deaths. Its not just dangerous to the drunk driver but dangerous to everyone else...
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  • flvs drivers ed final prodject
    Driver Why is this a problem, especially for teen drivers? | From 16-18 the accident rate is fairly steady, but the rate of fatal accidents increase -- more confidence, higher speeds, deadlier crashes.19-20 -- accident rate and fatal accident rates decline.21 -- accident rate still declines, but fatal accident rate takes a spike -- alcohol involvement. Drunk driving in general is a problem. Teens learn by observing. They observe their elders drink and driving. They read news articles of...
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  • Why Should Drunk Drivers Be Severely Punished
    There are many rule violation occur everyday in town, especially when it comes to vehicle. Some may break the rule of driving before 17-year-old. Others may drive when they are drunk. It is not quite sure which one is more dangerous, however, this essay shall explore some reasons why drunk drivers should be severely punished. Firstly, drunk drivers are absolutely forbidden since it can cause a wreak havoc in the street. Furthermore, the condition can also claim many innocent lives. People who...
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  • Drunk Drivers Should Be Imprisoned on the First Offense
    Drunk Drivers Should Be Imprisoned On The First Offense Drunk Drivers accounted for 32% of all traffic fatalities last year, which amounts to someone being killed every 45 minutes by a drunk driver. The penalties for most states is just temporary suspension of driver’s licenses for up to 1 year, and to only pay associated fines accessed by the court. Usually, drunken driving offenders are back on the road driving within a year, and with the assistance of a good attorney with weeks....
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  • When Should Drunk Drivers lose their licenses?
    The punishment for alcohol related offenses during 1970's and the early 1980's was limited to no more than a fine or a night in jail. With so many victims of such a preventable offense, many Canadians were left wondering whether a drunk driver should have the right to still get behind the wheel. The answer can be found by analyzing Canada's judicial system in its entirety, as well as the negative effects to the offender and society, that would result in the immediate loss of a driver's license...
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  • Drunk Drivers Should Be Jailed on First Offence
    Olakunle Olundegun Professor Swoope ENG 112 Tues. Sept. 10, 2013 Persuasive essay Drunk drivers should be jailed on first offence Drunk Drivers accounted for 29% of all traffic fatalities years’ back in the United state, which amounts to someone being killed every forty five minutes by a drunk driver. It can partly be categorized with someone with a gun pointing at the other fellow human being in an attempt to kill. I am maniacally bewildered that, someone driving under the influence get...
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  • Drunk Drivers Should Be Charged on the First Offense
    Shacoya Williams Mr. Peyton English 4 Argumentative Essay Drunk Drivers Should be charged on the First Offense In most states the penalty for a traffic fatality committed by a drunk driver are temporary suspension of their driver’s license as long as one year, and to only pay associated fines accessed by the court. In 2010 alcohol related deaths made up 31% of the overall traffic fatalities. In the state of Pennsylvania alone 459 people died in alcohol related crashes. There are more...
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  • drunk driving laws - 938 Words
    Michael Pillowcase Rachel Wallows English 102 October 29, 2011 Stricter DUI Laws and the Effect They Could Have At some point in our lives we have heard a news report that involved a drunk driver and an innocent victim. Usually these incidents are accidents where a person driving under the influence runs a red light or jumps a curb, hitting, and more often than not, killing an innocent person. These injuries and deaths are all easily preventable. In the United States, over 20% of...
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  • Drunk Driving Persuasive Speech
    Kendra Lopez Comms 101 7/22/2012 Prof. Perkins Persuasive Speech I. Attention 1. You tube video clip, “Dedicated to Loved Ones Lost” 2. Every day in America, another 28 people die as a result of drunk driving crashes. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2011.) II. Central Thesis Drunk driving is an epidemic that continues to have severe and life threatening consequences for those involved, if we simply take a few steps against drunk driving we can help...
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  • Drunk Driving as a Social Issue
    How much longer will we be forced to endure the pain and atrocities due to the carelessness of drunk driving? Drunk driving has been a problem in the United States since the introduction of automobiles; however, it did not become an important social issue until the 1980's. At that time the political atmosphere defined crime in terms of personal choice and individual responsibility. Drunk driving was defined as a problem located within individuals. Drunk driving is illegal in every state. It is...
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  • Dwi - 828 Words
    Drinking and Driving Drinking and driving can cause a lifetime of pain. When you get under the wheel while you are intoxicated not only are you putting yourself at risk, but also the lives of other innocent people are in danger. Everyone should have the right to drink but if you act irresponsibly, your right should be taken away. Each person is liable to suffer the consequences from endangering others. One who drives drunk not only should have their license taken away, they should have the...
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  • Distracted Driving - 1507 Words
    Kyle Koepp Professor Heck Eng 101-I020 4/11/13 Distracted Driving With one false move behind the wheel of a vehicle, someone’s life can change drastically. Many families are constantly reminded of what a distracted driver has done to make their life change in a matter of seconds. Driving is no easy task and it is especially difficult when a driver is distracted. Drunk driving continues to be a common theme for casualties behind the wheel. It is a continuous struggle to stop these acts of...
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  • Annotated Bibliography: Drunk Driving
    Annotated Bibliography: Drunk Driving Burke, Sheila. "TN Supreme Court to Hear Field Sobriety Case." The Tennessean. N.p., 23 Mar. 2013. Web. 28 Mar. 2013. This is a very interesting newspaper article out of the Tennessean. There is a huge case going on about drunk driving and field sobriety tests. This case consists of a 2009 DUI charge in Sevier County that was dismissed because car driver, David Bell, passed six field sobriety tests. The Tennessee Supreme Court has approved to take this...
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  • Drunk Driving - 270 Words
    Should Drunk Drivers be Imprisoned on Their First Offense? There are many accidents that occur because of drunk drivers. Many people lose their lives because people aren’t responsible when they drink. They think that they are “just fine” and can drive, but in reality once they’ve had a drink they shouldn’t be behind a wheel. It is a fact that on average one person is killed by a drunk driver every forty minutes. While being intoxicated signals on the road can be missed or read wrong. Drunk...
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  • drunk driving - 728 Words
    Driving intoxicated impacts thousands of peoples lifes every year. Driving drunk costs the United States 132 billion dollars a year. It costs on average per United States citizen 500 dollars a year. Drinking and driving can be preventable. Almost every 90 seconds a person is injured by a drunk driving accident. You can even prevent it today. High Schoolers today that use alcohol or other substances are 5 times more likely to drop out of highschool. Children who start drinking...
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  • Drunk Driving/Cause and Effect
    Drunk Driving Despite many efforts to reduce drunk driving, it continues to be a problem in the United States. About 10,000 people die in the United States each year due to drunk driving. In the article Drunk Driving: Why Is MADD Among Critics of Lower Alcohol Limit?, NTSB chair Deborah Hersman said in a statement "Most Americans think that we've solved the problem of impaired driving, but in fact, it's still a national epidemic," The drinking age has been raised to 21, and the legal limit...
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  • B Vgb Bvnnm - 337 Words
    Back in my sophomore year of high school, my baseball team was on the path of a successful season. Our team was very close; we treated each other like family, until one day, tragedy struck. One afternoon, before practice, the entire team walked into the locker room as our coach told us the news. The older brother of one of the senior players had been drinking and driving and killed the cousin of another player who was in my grade. The driver, his brother, was so drunk, he didn’t even know he hit...
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  • Drunk Driving - 693 Words
    Do you feel safe while driving on the road with other people whom you don’t even know? Many people think it is not safe to drink and drive, but many people still drink and drive. No matter if the person is the greatest person on Earth but I am sure that one day he or she will drive drunk. When you are drunk you obviously have no sense about what you are doing. Well if that is the case then you should have planned ahead. Not many have thought this, problem drunk driving is really getting...
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  • Variables for Road Accidents in Research
    Variables for road accidents in Faisalabad Thousands of road accidents occur every day resulting in death or serious injury to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. There are numerous reasons for road accidents. Here is a list of the major causes; 1. Bad roads – Have you ever driven on a paved road that felt like a dirt roads. Pot holes and uneven pavement can and do lead to serious road accidents by throwing you off course and out of control of your vehicle. Bad roads are not unusual in...
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  • Specific Purpose Statement: to Inform My Classmates About the Affects of Drinking and Driving.
    Public Speaking Sample Informative Outline #2 General Purpose: To inform. Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my classmates about the affects of drinking and driving. I. INTRODUCTION A. Attention getter: Imagine you are sleeping; your phone rings and the person in the other end of the line tells you “I am sorry to inform you that your love one has been in a DUI accident.” i. A DUI accident? ii. But they don’t drink or even get in a car with a drunk...
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  • Drunk Driving - 335 Words
    Persuasion essay People that get in trouble for driving under the influence should have their licenses revoked forever. They put innocent people’s lives in danger for their own enjoyment. They also put their own lives in danger. Hundred and thousands of people die every year due to drunk driving incidents. Sometimes the people causing these tragedies, get the privilege to drive on our streets again. Does this sound right? Should we really risk other people’s lives just so this person is...
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  • This is a reaction to Douglas N. Husak's argument that drunk driving is not a serious offense.
    The Severity of Drunk Driving Drunk Driving has become a major focal point across America. Anti-drunk driving organizations are forming and laws are stiffening in efforts to put an end to it. Some people, however, believe that it is not as serious a crime as America is making it out to be. They also believe that harsher punishments are not the solution. Douglas Husak puts forth an argument that stresses why he believes drunk driving is not a serious offense and should not warrant jail time for...
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  • A Paper Essay - 1724 Words
    A Paper Brian Nguyen Austin Community College December 4, 2012 ENGL.1301 English Composition 1 Should people who are caught driving drunk lose their licenses for a year? I highly agree anyone who drives drunk and fails a sobriety test should lose their licenses for how much alcohol or illegal drugs the driver consumes. (Ballantyne) This should happen because 40% of accidents are caused by drunk drivers. (Ballantyne) This will make the roads safer and would teach the driver a lesson....
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  • Six Causes of Impaired Driving
    Six Basic Causes of Impaired Driving Advanced Age, Alcohol, Drugs, Emotions, Fatigue, Inexperience Why is impaired driving an issue and why should you care? You are only as safe as the other drivers on the road. If there was an impaired driver on the road that was distracted and, for example, ran a red light, and you were the car who was just following the rules and going through a green light, and they hit you, you are now hurt and have to deal with this issue. Impaired driving does not...
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  • Mandatory Jail Sentence - 3611 Words
    Sign In | Sign Up ------------------------------------------------- Top of Form Bottom of Form Home > Opinions > Politics > Would a mandatory jail sentence help decrease the instances of drunk driving? DEBATES OPINIONS FORUMS Report Topic Create New Topic Would a mandatory jail sentence help decrease the instances of drunk driving? Related Topics: Services, Blood alcohol content, Driving under the influence, Sentence (law), Law 59% Say Yes 41% Say No * Drunk...
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  • Suport Madd - 781 Words
    A. MADD uses all this funds for many important purposes. 1. MADD helps serve drunken driving victims in many states. MADD helps eligible crime victims or survivors with certain expenses related to a crime such as funeral expenses, lost wages, counseling services, child care and crime scene cleanup 2. Last year, MADD provided victim services that are emotional support and assistance with medical and legal struggles that follow a drunken driving crash, to over 63,000...
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  • Drunk Driving - 260 Words
    Drinking and Driving Drunk driving is considered a serious crime in every state. It is wrong, irresponsible and wastes many lives. People who abuse alcohol hurt everyone around them, endanger public safety, and create chaos on the nation's highways. There is nothing positive that can come out of drunk driving, so why do people do it? It is society's job to punish these people and try to take control of this “out of control” issue. America doesn't want to watch quietly as hundreds of people are...
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  • Drunk Driving - 1556 Words
    You Booze, You Lose Don’t you want to make sure your life is as safe as possible without the convicted reckless driving criminals on the road? People convicted of drunk driving should be imprisoned on the first offense to ensure this safety of others. These people are a danger to our society, and drunk drivers need to be stopped. Imprisoning the intoxicated driver on the first offense would lower the deaths and injuries of the innocent people who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong...
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  • drunk driving - 741 Words
    Kendrick Owens May 20, 2013 Topic: Drunk Driving Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to inform audience of the dangers of drunk driving Central Idea: Drunk driving is a reflection of poor judgment that impairs thought processes and moral behavior and could result in fatalities. How many of you have ever heard of the acronym DUI? If you haven't, DUI stands for driving under the influence. It means that an individual has gotten behind the wheel of the car while...
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  • Texting and Drunk Driving - 817 Words
    Texting and Drinking While Driving While being behind the wheel in a vehicle, he or she should always be alert and aware of what they’re doing. A good amount of recent car accidents have been from feeble-minded people driving while intoxicated, or texting when they should be focusing on the road. In my opinion not one is more dangerous than the other because they’re both life threatening. There are many similarities and differences between texting while driving and driving while...
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  • Texting and Driving - 2245 Words
    In Citra, Florida, 13 year old, Margay Schee was hit by a semi-truck traveling at 60 miles per hour1 .The truck driver claimed to have not seen Mrs. Schee. In Rudolph, Wisconsin, 58 year old, Julie Davis was killed instantly when she was hit while walking alongside a road with a friend1. Mrs. Davis was hit by a 19 year old going 70 miles per hour with no attempt at hitting the brakes1. Ashley Johnson of Asheville, North Carolina was 16 years old when she died from distracted driving1. She was...
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  • Drunk Driving - 373 Words
    “I Can’t Believe I Made it Home” “Should she be driving right now?” I heard come from the back seat of my car, as me and some friends were on our way home from a concert. I only had a few drinks, I was fine, I remember thinking. I didn’t know my life was about to change in a way I never would have expected. When I arrived home and walked into my house that night, I heard my little sister yell from the couch “did you get the call?” She told me that my grandpa was hit by a drunk driver and...
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  • Safe Driving Essay - 1767 Words
    Part One- Article Report-Safe Driving Supplied Article Report 1. The Sydney Morning Herald and the author (Glenda Kwek) of the article have released this particular article in the hope that drivers and young drivers especially, will see the dangers of speeding and the caution that is required when driving or learning to drive. The message that is obviously portrayed in the article is that young drivers must exercise caution while driving and that speeding is deadly. The article expresses...
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  • Public Speaking Outline - 729 Words
     The Dangers of Drunk Driving Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the dangers that come with drunk driving. I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: Imagine driving your car to pick up a friend from a party late one night. The streets are desolate as you pull out of your neighborhood. You are closing in on the first intersection. You do not accelerate because the light is red but you are not hitting your breaks because you can feel that it is about to turn green. Just before you...
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  • Distracted Driving - 985 Words
    Aizay Tariq 8C October 16th, 2012 You’re driving, you get a text from your best friend, and you just look at the screen of your cell phone when suddenly BAM you’re in a car accident! In just ten seconds your whole life turned upside down by what, a car accident, because you were just distracted for about ten seconds. Funny isn’t it, how in a second, your life can shatter like that? What if you didn’t get distracted? Those what ifs are the only thing you are left with once you survive...
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  • The Inspiring Story of Jacqueline Saburido
    Kayla Geistman Geistman 1 Professor C Randall English 1020-3rd period 11 February 2015 The inspiring story of Jacqueline Saburido Advertisements posted on the website share multiple stories of people who were unexpectedly struck by drunk drivers. There was one story in particular that stood out to me more than the others and that was Jacqueline Saburido’s. This advertisement makes a powerful statement about how drunk driving can not only kill someone, but can...
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  • Driving Drunk or Drugged - 1161 Words
    Word Count: 1145 Driving while intoxicated or drugged is one of the most hazardous and terrifying part of being any victim behind the steering wheel. I chose the topic of drinking or drugged driving because of the impact it has on so many innocent lives. Just one wrong move can change the lives of you and the others around you even if they're strangers. I feel as if every human being has the right to live and for a innocent life to be taken away by a careless driver who should not be on the...
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  • Compare and Contrast Essay - 745 Words
    Which one would you consider worse; drunk driving, or texting while driving? Most people would say drunk driving, including me. However; after doing some research, my opinion is a little different now. As much as people would like to think that drunk driving is worse; statistics have proven texting while driving to be far worse than drunk driving. Although they are both horrible habits to adopt, more than half of the world is guilty of doing at least one of these. In many articles that I have...
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  • Don't Drink or Drive - 2584 Words
    THE POWER OF CHOICE DISCUSSION GUIDE For Use With Program 7 DRINKING AND DRIVING Discussion Questions Group Activities Writing Assignments Program Background Licensing Agreement including Public Performance Rights The number one cause of death for people in their late teens and early twenties is drunk driving. Yet, close to 44 percent of high school sophomores admit that within the past month they knowingly rode with a driver who was using drugs or alcohol. In this program,...
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  • Drinking and Driving Intro - 373 Words
    Introduction: 1. What possesses a person to get behind the driver’s seat of a car and drive intoxicated. This question is always asked whenever a drunk driver is involved in a drinking and driving incident. Many people drink and drive without thinking about the consequences. The majority of fatal car crashes are caused be alcohol related incidents. 2. My name is Jacquelyn Wells. I never thought I’d be involved with a drinking and driving incident. But just like I thought it wouldn’t...
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  • Teen Driving Project - 375 Words
    Teen Driving Project. By Milanie Fernandez. The Issue: Drunk driving.  Drunk driving is the crime of driving a vehicle with an excess of alcohol in the blood. What the problem is?  The problem is that teenagers do not know the dangers of drinking and driving. If you drink and drive you are not only a danger to yourself but also to your passenger, other road users and pedestrians. When drunk your reaction times are lowered and there is a higher chance of them getting into accidents....
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  • Cause and Effect Essay on Drunk Driving
    Cause and Affect Essay: Drunk Driving Drinking and driving is a very bad combination. Mixing the two would be very deadly for many people on the streets. Drinking reduces your concentration and your reactions to sudden hazards which can lead to fatal accidents or severe injury. “MADD estimated that there are between 1,350 and 1,600 impaired crash fatalities in Canada each year.” This meaning that there are an approximate of 1,450 lives stolen to drunk driving that can be saved if one person...
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  • Drinking and Driving - 374 Words
    Drunk drivers cause more deaths, injuries, and destruction than all murderers, muggers, rapists, and robbers combined. Every six hours, someone is killed by an impaired driver. Every twenty minutes, someone somewhere in Canada becomes a victim to an impaired driver. Every year, more than 45% of all traffic fatalities involve alcohol. More than 1.700 Canadians die each year as the consequence of intoxicated drivers. Tens of millions of dollars are spent annually in court costs, rehabilitation,...
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  • Friend - 472 Words
    Kelly Drinking and Driving Drinking and driving is one of the most dangerous problems, which causes to the injury and the death. Although drinking and driving is prevented, the percentage of crashes has been still high in recent years. Almost the deaths happen to young people because they usually get drunk and lose their control after they enjoy drinking alcohol from time to time. Drinking and driving is considered a serious crime because it endangers...
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  • driving under influence - 1060 Words
     Being arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Independent Research Project Driving under the influence is the act of driving a vehicle with blood levels of alcohol in excess of a legal limit. Legal limits may vary or change. As of August 1st 2010 Ontario enforced a new law which states that all drivers aged 21 and under must have a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of zero. For drivers aged 22 and higher, there is a “warn range” of blood alcohol concentration which is from...
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  • reckless driving - 542 Words
    Today's Drivers At some point in our lives we will cross paths with a reckless driver and when doing so we also become infuriated and lash out. At that point are we considered a reckless driver too or just a victim? In this era the amount of road accidents has significantly increased. Reckless driving is seen everyday and is ultimately the cause of road accidents. These drivers not only put their lives in danger they also put lives of every other innocent body in danger. So how can we...
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  • Drinking and Driving Essay - 326 Words
    I am not yet 16 and do not have my license so I do not drive. I am not 21 which means drinking is illegal. I have witnessed events that have happened because of drinking and driving. The penalty for drinking and driving should be more severe. Being intoxicated while behind the wheel is extremely dangerous for oneself and everyone else on the road. The deaths per year because of drinking and driving are one of the top causes of deaths in teenagers and young adult drivers. The number of...
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  • Dram Shop Liability Law
    Go out to your local bar and drink as much as you want, when you are finished get in your car and head home. If you happen to wreck your car and harm yourself or someone else do not worry it is not your fault; it is actually the fault of the bar since they served you the drinks you ordered. Therefore you are not to blame because the bar did not baby-sit you like they should have. The above statement sounds ridiculous right? Well it actually happens to be a law in 43 different states, and that...
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  • Drinking and Driving - 863 Words
    To stay sober or to find a designated driver, that should be the question Persuasive Essay ENG4U Due: March 9th 2010 For: Ms. Leroux-Simurda From Michelle Skippen One glass, two glasses, three glasses, before you know it you are drunk and you need to get home. You figure everything will be fine, considering you are a great driver, right? Wrong, drinking and driving is a deadly...
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  • Every 15 Minutes - 381 Words
    The cracked shards crunched beneath my feet, the blood dripped from my hair onto my awestruck face. This is all seemed so real, so completely real. I walked around the cars, examining the wreckage, my sight vibrating from the pure adrenaline rush. Here it was, Every 15 Minutes, and I was the drunk driver. Beer cans scattered around the pavement; every step I took felt like an eternity, a lurch through some kind of dark matter. I kept thinking “this didn’t actually happen, this didn’t actually...
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  • Illustration paper - 862 Words
    Illustration Paper English 111 October 1, 2012 ( ( ( According to nearly 62 out of 10,000 people in Hamilton County are arrested for DUIs each year. This poses the question: What possesses someone to get behind the wheel after having even just one drink? In 2010, Indiana alone had 17,405 arrests for driving under the influence. 121 of those people arrested...
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  • car accidents - 264 Words
    33Luis Joel Perez Echevarria Prof. Jesus Ramirez Ingl. 3102 LDO The Young Persons in the Steering Wheel Car accidents can happen to drivers anytime, anywhere. ”According to the National Safety council, which stated that more that 2.5 million collisions. The most common type of car accidents it is also know that the accident rear end as incident of injury. Among the car accidents, the teenage group is the only age group who is number of deaths is increasing instead of decreasing. Also,...
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  • CRJ 311 week 2 Field Sobriety Testing
     Field Sobriety Testing Ashley Cusson CRJ311: Forensics Professor: R.D. Robertson October 6, 2014 Field sobiety testing is done when the driver is drinking and driving. The thing that people do not realize is that there are many crashes each year that a life is lost in yes not all of them are alcohol related but a good portion of them are. according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 32,885 people died in traffic crashes in 2010 in the United States,...
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  • DUI Or DWI Offenders Should Not Be Imprisoned On Their 1st Offence
     DUI or DWI offenders should not be imprisoned on their 1st offence depending on the circumstance. Drunk driving is an offense that should be taken seriously. A lot of people drink and it is possible for them to make a mistake once and sometimes they make poor judgments. If it’s not their first DUI then they should be punish for their carelessness. The law states that when you’re caught driving under the influence, you will serve time in jail for about 6 months. This law is making...
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  • Breathalizers in Cars - 1468 Words
    A Safer World October 31st, 2013 in Bloomington, Illinois. It is around three o’clock in the morning. A man decides that, after having numerous alcoholic drinks, he is still in the right mindset to drive himself home. He thinks he is driving just fine – making it down the highway safely. Before he knows it, though, he plows right into a police car, T boning it, and immediately killing the officer and his service dog that were inside of the car. This man is now facing not one, but two...
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  • Drunk Driving Amongst Teenagers in Canada
    Driving is fun, but drinking and driving is not! Hundreds of people are killed and thousands are injured every year in an accident with a drunk driver. This issue doesn’t only affect the victim itself, but the families, loved ones and communities as well. Drunk driving amongst teens is a serious issue, and is growing by the minute. Drunk driving is somebody’s choice or somebody’s authorization to get behind the wheel when they are clearly impaired. The scars from a drunk driving accident take an...
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  • How to Prevent Drunk Driving in BC
    Chen Zhu Student Number: 58111139 ENGL 112 15M What is the Best Solution to Preventing Drunk Driving in BC? It is true that automobiles make it convenient for people to get around. Drunk driving is a serious crime - in terms of its prevalence and its consequence. A statistic from British Columbia Ministry of Justice shows, from 2008-2012, 472 people were killed in road crashes that involves at least one driver with a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) over 0.08 in BC, and these...
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    STRICTER DUI LAWS IN WISCONSIN??? There are times when people drive home under the influence of alcohol. Many times, people get home without getting pulled over by the local police department, sheriff’s department or the state patrol. Drivers who do get pulled over for drunk driving will be arrested and need to hire an attorney. Lawyers represent men and women in the courtroom, and negotiate lighter sentences with judge and district attorney’s office, there are even times when the...
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  • Giovanni Vaccarello - 760 Words
    Giovanni Vaccarello, a retired machinist form Brooklyn, New York, never took the safety of his family for granted. He often drove Maria, 18, and Concetta, 17, to their part time jobs. John, his fourteen year old son, was to wear a beeper at all times so that he would never be out of reach. Giovanni routinely walked Cathy, his wife of twenty five years, one block to her job at the beauty salon. But with all the precautions Giovanni took, nothing could stop him from Abraham Meyers, a...
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  • Hi People.. - 1189 Words
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “In 2008, about 3,500 teens in the United States aged 15-19 were killed as a result of motor-vehicle crashes, and 25% of those killed in these accidents had a BAC of 0.08 g/dl or higher.” (“Teen Drivers: Fact Sheet” 1). Believe it or not, teenage drunk driving is still the number one cause of teen death. It has become the deadliest epidemic to plague our society today. With the widespread “Alcohol Awareness” programs, like D.A.R.E. and...
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  • Drinking and Driving - 695 Words
    Driving Drunk There is a need for stricter drunk driving rules in order to reduce drunken driving fatalities. Solving the problems caused by drinking and driving will require action by friends, family and law enforcment. Drinking and driving not only endangers your live, but also the lives of others. Driving while drinking is putting yourself and others in danger. You will have less control of you reactions to traffic situations and you will also lose your ability to judge. Your body will...
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  • Drunk Driving - 334 Words
    Drunk Driving Cristina Charles Why is this problem? From 16-18 the accident rate is steady, but the rate of fatal accidents increase to more confidence, higher speeds, and deadlier crashes. From 19-20 accident rate and fatal accident rates decrease. At age 21 accident rate still decreases, but the accident rate takes a spike -- alcohol. Drunk driving in general is a problem. Teens learn by observing. They observe their parents drink and drive. They read news articles or watch the news of...
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  • Drunk Driving Crackdown Saves 732 Lives Per Year
    Al Amodeo Interdisciplinary analysis September 8, 2012 Introduction: The title of my article is “Underage Drinking Laws Save 732 Lives per Year” by Ada Demb and Corbin Campbell. This article explains how law enforcement has cracked down significantly on under 21 possession purchase and consumption laws. It also explains the problems of drinking at the college level. The topic is a problem because way too many underage people are getting behind the wheel after becoming intoxicated and it...
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  • Essay on drink driving - 2482 Words
    Marketing in Practise Drinking and driving affects all road users. “Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive.” [online] Available at :< >.When a person drinks several of the bodily functions that we as humans rely on whilst driving can be affected. A driver who is intoxicated has a poorer judgement of speed and distance, which makes drunk drivers unable to control the vehicle correctly and safely. A poor judgement of both speed and distance means your...
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  • Texting and Driving vs. Drinking and Driving
    Did you know that 27 people in America die each day due to drunk driving fatalities and another 15 due to fatalities linked to distracted driving? According to Johnston and Wiggins, 2012 Every year there are thousands of fatal car crashes due to distracted drivers. Distracted driving is not only caused from texting & drinking, but from other distractions as well. These distractions include eating, music, children or other passengers in the car, & even putting on makeup or fixing their hair....
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  • Madd - Mothers Against Drunk Driving
    MOTHERS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING Listening Plan When I think about attending a MADD meeting might be like, I’m not really sure what to expect. l know the time of the meeting; Wednesday at 5:30pm October 13, 2010. I’ll make sure to eat before going. I don't want to be hungry and I don't like vending machine food. l know me well enough that if I don't eat before going to this meeting I won't be a good listener. I have been this way since grammar school. I always had to have a good breakfast. The...
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  • Texting While Driving - 1099 Words
    Texting While Driving Over the years technology has helped to move society forward, making things faster and easier. Being able to drive allows people to reach a destination a lot sooner than they would by walking. Also the ability to now text using a cell phone speeds up the communication process. Owners of cell phones try to combine texting and driving to make business or personal communications even faster. Texting while driving (TWD) is a highly controversial issue, and the people involved...
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  • Penalties: Alcoholic Beverage and D. J. Hanson.
    Penalties for drunk driving should be dramatically increased. I strongly believe that penalties for drunk driving should be dramatically increased. When a person decides to drink alcohol there should be thoughts going through their head. A person who drinks alcohol and doesn’t have a designated driver should already know their putting people in danger and going to receive a drastic penalty. On the other hand, for driver’s safety the law should increase the penalties for drunk driving...
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  • Spanish 1 - 1214 Words
     Speeding causes about one out of three fatal crashes . Speeding is also the number one violation in fatal vehicle crashes. Even though people say speeding is a threat to their safety when other drivers around them are speeding, most of them say they also speed while driving. There are many reasons why a person may speed, such as they are in a hurry, they are not paying attenection to driving, they don't take the traffic laws sesiuly or they don't think the laws of driving apply to them, they...
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  • texting while driving - 727 Words
    Compare/Contrast Edited Rough Draft 2/20/13 Dangers of Texting and Drunk Driving Have you ever sent a text while driving? Texting while driving has been raising issues in today’s society as 46 percent of teens, and more than one in five drivers have admitted to texting while driving (source). This hazardous habit has lead to many studies to expose the dangers of texting while driving, and how it compares to drunk driving to all drivers. Texting while driving and drunk driving cause an...
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  • Mothers against Drunk Driving: History of the Organization
    This assignment will focus on the organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and the role it plays in social policy. I will go over why MADD was created, what problems lead to creating MADD and how the problem was identified as a social policy. In addition, I will also discuss policies created as a result of MADDs influence, what problems were experienced while implementing the polices, and what effects these social policies have on human services delivery. MADD was created in 1980...
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  • Drunk Driving Presentation Speech
    Drunk Driving Hearing the siren of an Ambulance is scary; it notifies that a drunk driver has just crashed. Drunk driving, everybody likes to hang out with their friends and have a good time. Drinking is definitely one way to have a good time. However drinking and driving is illegal. Alcohol can reduce a person’s depth perception; it is very essential when driving because with out it we clearly understand why drinking and driving result on awful circumstances. 17% of accidents are caused by...
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  • Drunk Driving - 436 Words
    Persuasive Presentation Outline Example Driving While Intoxicated Topic: Local San Marcos Problem Organization: Problem/Solution Specific Purpose: I would like my audience to believe that an alcohol education class should be taken before one can receive his/her license Introduction I. Attention Getter: In the past decade, four times as many Americans have died in drunk driving accidents as killed in the Vietnam War (NHTSA, 2006). II. Relevance: How close have you come to losing...
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  • Texting and Driving - 1747 Words
    Texting and Driving Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that texting and driving is becoming a huge national problem, and propose a policy change to rectify the situation Thesis: Texting and driving is one of the nations leading causes of car crashes. While there are some laws in effect, people whom text and drive need to be held more accountable. While there is no simple solution, there are further steps that need to be done in order to ultimately resolve this issue. Pattern of...
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  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Traffic Safety Administration
    Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is the nation’s largest nonprofit working to protect families from drunk driving and underage drinking. MADD also supports drunk and drugged driving victims (Mothers Against Drunk Driving [MADD], 2000). The MADD organization is the result of the tragic death of Cari Lightner and was highly influenced by the suffering of young Laura Lamb which lead to her death as well. Throughout the years, Mothers Against Drunk Driving has expanded to every state in the...
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  • Rhetorical Analysis: Drunk Driving
    Corey Friedman’s Lawmakers Target Drunk Drivers, appeared in North Carolina’s “Wilsons Daily Times” on February 18, 2013. In his essay, Friedman, explains new bills and laws that are trying to get passed by North Carolina’s congress. They will target and prevent drunk driving across the state by developing harsher laws and consequences for those found guilty of these offenses. Friedman uses many different perspectives on the issue by restating various North Carolina state representatives, and...
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  • Blood Alcohol Content - 754 Words
    The thought of alcohol being involved in fatal crashes brings about an emotional response. Recently, there has been a movement based on emotion rather than logic to change a certain drinking and driving law. This involves lowering the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) from 0.10% to 0.08% nationwide. However, this attention is misdirected. By looking at my personal experiences, statistics, and current laws, it is clear that there is no need for lowering the BAC. First off, I do not drink. Yet, I’ve had...
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  • The Effects of Drinking and Driving - 1275 Words
    Drinking and Driving Running Head: The Effects of Drinking and Driving The Effects of Drinking and Driving Agnes M. Ester Letourneau University Drinking and Driving Abstract For Many years the effects of consuming alcoholic beverages has raised eyebrows. However, this behavior wasn’t so openly discussed as a social problem until the late seventies early eighties. As we look back to our ancestor’s generations, this behavior wasn’t considered a social issue or even a problem for...
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  • Do Not Drive After Drinking
    Do not Drive after Drinking The number of traffic accident which is caused by drunk drinking has increased in recent years. These accidents have broken up many happy families. The problem of drink-driving becomes more serious than ever before especially among young people. Please do not drive after drinking anymore because it is a very dangerous thing for both individual safety and public safety. It is obvious that drink-driving is very dangerous for individual safety...
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  • Dui Laws Need to Be Enforced
    DWI Laws Need to Be Enforced In 2011 in Michigan, there were 889 alcohol related fatalities ("2011 Motor Vehicle Crashes: Overview” 5). You can’t argue about the number of people killed or injured by drunk drivers. Homes and families are destroyed forever, as well as lives. This country’s DWI laws need to be enforced to reduce the number of car accidents and the number of those with fatalities, to make it safe not only for drivers, but passengers and pedestrians, and because repeat offenders...
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  • Breathalyzers should be installed in every car
    10-20-2013 Ms. Cox English Composition/Collaborative Essay Betsy Bowman, Tiana Lavender, Alissa Cameron, Luke Zak A Breathalyzer for Every Car Driving is a mundane most U.S. citizens perform every day without fully being aware of it. As a result we often daydream and visualize ourselves in some other scenario. We forget that a vehicle is in fact a multi-ton battering ram on wheels. That it can injure, maim, kill or destroy entire families in a split second. It takes only one...
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  • The moment of truth - 951 Words
    Texting While Driving vs Drinking While Driving For decades, drunk driving has been at the forefront of debate. Stricter laws have been passed across the nation leading to a decrease in drunk driving accidents. However, a new driving threat is quickly taking its place. That threat is texting while driving and many say that it is actually more dangerous than drunk driving. Texting while driving a vehicle has now replaced drinking while driving as the leading cause of accidents and deaths of...
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  • Unit 6 Drunk Drinking
    Sherylyn Taylor Composition Two Drunk Driving October 02, 2012 We as American can save more lives by not driving while under the influences. Setting a good example for our children in today’s world we need to be a good role model. Driving and drinking are not a good fit. DUI could possibly screw up your life and others. Now is losing your driver license and going to jail really worth it. Drunk driving has been a major problem among American people. Every...
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  • Drink-Driving - 730 Words
    Academic Writing Task Assignment 1 Q2 “drink-driving” Student number: 12016039 Group: A7 Name: Wang Xiaoyu (Tony) At the moment, more and more people are killed in the UK each year as a result of drink-driving. So people think the law about drink-driving in UK can’t enough to control people. According to the new about drink-driving that a princess consort who named Diana was killed in accident. This is because of her driver who is named Paul fast driving after drinking. The purpose of...
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  • Driving Under the Influence - 4388 Words
    Running head: Driving While Intoxicated Driving While Intoxicated SIM American University-Online Instructor Paul Jake Table of Contents Abstract 3 Driving While Intoxicated 4 DWI Offenders 5 Statistics 5 Type of Crime 7 Identifying 8 Facts and Myths 9 Sanctions and Counter Measures 10 Current Sentencing 11 Cost 12 Court 14 Current Preventions 15 Proposed Solutions 15...
    4,388 Words | 12 Pages
  • The Affects of Prepared Driving - 896 Words
    Driving is a very demanding activity that requires a serious responsibility, attitudes with physical and mental abilities for safety. Alcohol and drugs can interfere with even the most skilled and experiened drivers' safely. In order to drive safely, you must be alert, aware of your environment and able to make decisions. Your hands, feet and eyes are required to control the vehicle, and consumption or use of alcohol or drugs alter the function of your brain, which controls all of these. This...
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  • License Suspension and Drunk Driving
    License Suspension and Drunk Driving Drunk driving causes numerous deaths each year, and the fight against drunk driving seems to have no end. When a drunken person gets behind the wheel, they are endangering not only themselves, but everyone else on the road as well. The consumption of alcohol slows reaction time, causes a decline in visual functions, and decreases self-control and memory. Whoever gets behind the wheel drunk, should definitely get their license suspended, as well as pay a...
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  • jjnjnn - 863 Words
    Teen Driving Project Topic: Drunk Driving Why is this a problem, especially for teens? Drunk driving is a problem especially for teens, because of peer pressure and some people feel that it is a funny scenario when they let a drunk driver take control of a vehicle, but they don't realize the danger they are getting into. Many teenagers drink because they think it makes them cooler and not all are aware of the affects of drunk driving. Some teenagers also think they have the ability of being...
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  • Essay about impaired driving
     Impaired Driving and the Effects On Canadian Society Professor – Rosa Evelia Sanchez Done by – Murun Enkhee & David Dingba Fall 2013 Proposal for SOC105 World Issues ICM 1) Project Topic Impaired driving is the acts of driving under influence of alcohol or drugs. Almost all people not only Canadians but also all the people in the world simply know the definition of impaired driving, but how many of them have deep understanding of what exactly it is and how...
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  • Driiving Safety - 401 Words
    Driving Can Be Dangerous Driving can be a dangerous endeavor. If you add speeding, drinking and driving or talking on the cell phone, it can become deadly. Speeding is one of the most common causes of traffic accidents. Alcohol is also a leading cause of deadly accidents. And one of the most controversial distractions right now is the use of cell phones while driving. Even without distractions, you are operating a 2000 lb machine at speeds of 40 to 70 Should The Legal Driving Age Be 18? Every...
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