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  • Relational Model - 393 Words
    Relational Model: Data Structure The relational database model consists of three parts: data structure (this section), data integrity, and data manipulation. The data structure model defines how to represent data. Most basic to the data structure model is the relation which is illustrated below: A relation, which is the most basic part of the data structure model, has two parts: relation heading and relation body: * Relation Heading A relation heading is a set of (attribute, domain)...
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  • Database: Relational Model and Code
    ------------------------------------------------- GeRard ryan relational database assignment ------------------------------------------------- GeRard ryan relational database assignment T T N N E E R R U U Contents Introduction - 2 - Description of Assignment - 2 - Problems & Solutions - 4 - Normalisation - 5 - Data dictionary - 0 - Relationships between each Table - 5 - Database Tables - 6 - Introduction Description of Assignment The company I have...
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  • Relational Database Model - 964 Words
    Comparing and Contrasting the Relational Database Model and OO Model The relational database model is based upon tables or relations. In this model, the physical implementation of the database is abstracted away from the user. Users query the database using a high-level query language, such as SQL. The relations are made up of columns, which have headings indicating the attribute represented by that column. Tables have key fields, which can be used to identify unique records. Keys relate...
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  • Entity-Relationship Diagrams and the Relational Model
    Review Entity-Relationship Diagrams and the Relational Model CS 186, Fall 2007, Lecture 2 R & G, Chaps. 2&3 A relationship, I think, is like a shark, you know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies. And I think what we got on our hands is a dead shark. Woody Allen (from Annie Hall, 1979) • Why use a DBMS? OS provides RAM and disk Review • Why use a DBMS? OS provides RAM and disk – Concurrency – Recovery – Abstraction, Data Independence – Query Languages – Efficiency (for most...
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  • Chapter 3 - Relational Database Model
    Topic#6: Relational Database Operators 6.1 Significance of Relational Operators • Relational database supports basic database operations in order to provide useful means for retrieving or manipulating data in tables. • Because the relational model has its mathematical basis upon the relational theory (by thinking tables as sets or relations), the supported database operators conform to existing operators in relational algebra. • In fact, a relational database software...
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  • Database: Relational Model and Entity Course Field
    Review Questions 6. What is an entity? Something about which we want to store data. 7. What is business logic? The set of rules that govern an organizations processes. 8. What is a relational database? A data base that organizes data into overlapping tables. They follow a set of very specific rules that ensure data contained in the database will be consistent. 9. How do the following terms relate to one another: record, table, field, primary key? Rows are called...
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  • Relational Databases - 4830 Words
    CHAPTER 4 RELATIONAL DATABASES SUGGESTED ANSWERS TO DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 4.1 Contrast the logical and the physical view of data and discuss why separate views are necessary in database applications. Describe which perspective is most useful for each of the following employees: a programmer, a manager, and an internal auditor. How will understanding logical data structures assist you when designing and using database...
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  • Relational Algebra - 3731 Words
    RELATIONAL ALGEBRA Query Language It is a Language in which a user request information from the database. These languages are typically of a level higher than that of the standard programming language. It is divided into either procedural or non-procedural language. In the procedural Language, the user instructs the system to perform the sequence of operation on the database to compute a desired result. In a non-procedural Language, the user describes the information desired...
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  • Relational Calculus - 1192 Words
    Tuple Relational Calculus ( TRC ) Introduction Procedural Query language query specification involves giving a step by step process of obtaining the query result e.g., relational algebra usage calls for detailed knowledge of the operators involved difficult for the use of non-experts Declarative Query language query specification involves giving the logical conditions the results are required to satisfy easy for the use of non-experts Prof P Sreenivasa Kumar, Department of CS&E, IITM. 1...
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  • Relational Databases - 750 Words
    Relational Databases Lee Rudd Abstract Data for our programs are stored in various formats. The most commonly used format is in the form of a database since databases are not dependent on a single program or hardware platform. These databases are stored in five structures of hierarchical, network, relational, multidimensional, and object-oriented. Hierarchical structure organizes data in a one to many relationship. The network goes of the hierarchical structure by organizing data...
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  • Relational Database Management System
    Relational Database Management System Oracle provides a flexible RDBMS called Oracle7. Using its features, you can store and manage data with all the advantages of a relational structure plus PL/SQL, an engine that provides you with the ability to store and execute program units. The server offers the options of retrieving data based on optimization techniques. It includes security features that control how a database is accessed and used. Other features include consistency and protection of...
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  • Files and Relational Databases - 813 Words
    Files and Relational Databases What is a file? • contains groups of records used to provide information for operations, planning, management and decision making. • can be used for storing data for an indefinite period of time, or they can be used to store data temporarily for a specific purpose. FILE TYPES • Master Files -- contain records for a group of entities. The attributes may be updated often, but the records themselves are relatively permanent. These...
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  • Fundamentals of a Relational Database - 7444 Words
    Fundamentals of Relational Database Design By Paul Litwin This paper was part of a presentation at a Microsoft TechEd conference in the mid-1990s. It was adapted from Microsoft Access 2 Developer's Handbook, Sybex 1994, by Ken Getz, Paul Litwin and Greg Reddick. Reprinted with permission of the publisher. While the paper uses Microsoft Access (version 2) for the examples, the vast majority of the discussion applies to any database and holds up pretty well over 11 years after it was written....
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  • Comparison of Hierarchical and Relational Databases
    Hierarchical and relational databases are two different manners in which to store and organize data that also allow management and utilization of that data. There are essential aspects that any database should be able to provide, those of creating, reading, updating and deleting data. Upon becoming familiar with how each database is set up, it is important to look at the advantages and disadvantages of each model in determining which type of database one would want to utilize. The hierarchical...
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  • relational database summary - 485 Words
    Accounting Information System Summary of Relational Database 1. Relational databases underlie most modern integrated AISs. a. They are the most popular type of database used for transaction processing. b. In this chapter, we’ll define the concept of a database. 2. Database systems were developed to address the problems associated with the proliferation of master files. a. For years, each time a new information need arose, companies created new files and programs. b. The result: a...
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  • Watermarking Relational Databases - 3087 Words
    International Journal of Computer Science, Engineering and Applications (IJCSEA) Vol.3, No.1, February 2013 WATERMARKING RELATIONAL DATABASES Mayuree K.Rathva¹,Prof.G.J.Sahani² Dept.of Computer Engineering, SVIT,Vasad, Anand,Gujarat, INDIA ¹ and ² ABSTRACT Uptil now most of the work is done on image, video, audio.but today the Database watermarking becomes the research topic because of the increasing the use of relational database...
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  • History of Relational Database - 751 Words
    History of Relational Database Hao-Wei He Wilmington University October 9, 2010 Abstract Database system have been inseparable with our daily life, since IBM developed the hierarchical database management system in 1969, database system has been innovated many times, such as hierarchical database, network database, relational database, and object-oriented database. Nowadays, relational database still is the most popular model used by different industries; this article is going to...
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  • Three Benefits of a Relational Database
    Three Benefits of a Relational Database Benefits of a relational database: Advantages of using a relational database: Relational Database Systems: Three main benefits of a relational database are report generation, data storage, and data integrity. When putting information in a relational...
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  • History of Relational Databases - 339 Words
     The history began between Relational Databases and SQL. In 1970, Edgar F. Codd wrote the now-famous paper on relational data modeling: "A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks." The original relational database language, developed by IBM, was called SEQUEL (Structured English Query Language) to support its prototype RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) called System/R. The name later was changed from SEQUEL to Structured Query Language. In the beginning Codd started...
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  • Relational Database System – Sql Tutorial
    U05A1 RELATIONAL DATABASE SYSTEM – SQL TUTORIAL IT2230 Introductions to Databases u05a1 Relational Database System – SQL Tutorial Assignment Overview of Lesson Assignments Table of Contents Overview of Lesson Assignments 2 LESSON 3 3 Exercise 1 3 Exercise 3 3 Exercise 5 4 Summary of Lesson 3 4 LESSON 4 5 Create Table Exercise 5 Summary of Lesson 4 5 LESSON 5 6...
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  • A Model Theory for Generic Schema Management Models
    ATLANTIC INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY A Model Theory for Generic Schema Management Models Kinan M Al Haffar UM4699SIT10550D 07/08/2007 Abstract The core of a model theory for generic schema management is developed. This theory has two distinctive features: it applies to a variety of categories of schemas, and it applies to transformations of both the schema structure and its integrity constraints. A subtle problem of schema integration is considered in its general form, not bound to any...
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  • Database Models and Legacy Systems
    Database Models and Legacy Systems The evolution of the information age demanded robust management systems for storing large volume of data, efficiency in retrieval, and enhanced data security and sharing; hence, the development of databases from flat file systems. Despite this advancement in technology, many organizations such as Colorado Financial Reporting System (COFRS) continue to use legacy database systems. Colorado Financial Reporting System (COFRS) The Colorado Financial...
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  • Evolution of Data Models - 1131 Words
    The Evolution of Data Models The quest for better data management has led to different models that attempt to resolve the file system’s critical shortcomings. Because each data model evolved from its predecessors, it is essential to examine the major data models in roughly chronological order. 1.1 The Hierarchical Model A Hierarchical Database Model is a data model in which the data is organized into a tree-like structure. The structure allows representing information using parent/child...
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  • Relational Schema Car Rental Key 544 F1
    MGMT 54400 Fall 2013 Relational Schema 1. CUSTOMER (C_Name, C_Phone, Dr_Lic_No, C_Street, C_City, C_State, C_Zip) 2. CAR (Vehicle_ID, Lic_Plate_No, Make, Model, Price, Mileage, Car_Type, D_Name) FK D_Name  DEALER 3. COMPACT_CAR (C_Vehicle_ID, No_of_Doors) FK C_Vehicle_ID  CAR 4. LUXURY_CAR (L_Vehicle_ID, Headroom, Legroom, Premium) FK L_Vehicle_ID  CAR 5. DEALER (D_Name, D_Phone, D_Street, D_City, D_State, D_Zip) 6. SERVICE_CO (Co_Name, Co_Phone, Co_Street, Co_City, Co_State,...
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  • Databases: Relational Database and Single Phone Number
    GAC011 “Access Glossary” Student Name: Montserrat Priego Student ID: ESN26788 Teacher Name: Yamile Chagaray Date: August 27, 14 Word Count: 304 words 1. Table: Similar to spreadsheet used to store data. 2. Queries: Method of extracting specific data 3. Forms: Element to modify and insert records into you databases 4. Reports: It contains raw data and allows the organization of information in an easy way. 5. Databases: collection of associated...
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  • Relational Database System Sql Analysis Paper
    Relational Database System SQL Analysis Paper In this section I learned that SQL can input a lot of information into Access for you. I have taken some SQL courses before and still have not learned all of these commands. I can see why people take full degrees on just programming. Another thing I saw was SQL could do a lot of damage to Access. All you would have to do is write a script that could change a lot of information. During this assignment I learned “SQL (pronounced "ess-que-el")...
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  • Relational Database vs Object Oriented Database
    Institute of graduate studies &research Information technology department Database systems Report on: (Comparison between Relational database & object oriented database) By: Mohammed Hussein Mahmoud Mustafa khedr To: Dr. Saad Darwish Introduction A database is a means of storing information in such a way that information can be retrieved from it. Thus a database is typically a repository for heterogeneous but interrelated pieces of information. Often a database contains more than...
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  • Relational Database Concepts and Applications: Research Paper
     Research Paper University of Maryland University College CMIS 320 6381 Relational Database Concepts and Applications Professor Kevin W….. By Bob Bobson March 7, 2014 Introduction In order to successfully transition from our current paper and email based equipment request method to a completely paperless online system, we must build and implement a relational database. A relational database will allow us to store, filter, make changes to, and...
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  • Does Glass Law Implement Waterfall Model
    Team Team Id Team NameGrading Player Name | CLUB Club nameClub Address Club Phone Club Email | TEAMCLUBTeam Id Club Name | MATCH RESULTWinning teamResultOver’s played Player matchCOACHCoach Id Coach NameCoach AddressCoach PhoneCoach Email | PLAYER Player IdPlayer NamePlayer AddressClub...
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  • Fleet Truck Maintainenace Database Paper
    Fleet Truck Maintainenace Database Paper Its mind numbing to reflect the amount of technical change that has taken place in only a short period of time. In this current age, innovation has opened doors to a wide capacity for data collection and management. An example is the amount of business use with Microsoft Access. Businesses have gained from Access’s technical capabilities by using it to offer a wide range of ways to add value and efficient to any facility. Today we use Access databases...
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  • Basic Computer Application Exam Paper
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  • Pt2520 Final Answers 1/3
    reduancy refers to what database condition? The same data is recorded in more than one place in the same database. which best defines the function of a primary key uniquely identify the record what best describes the function of a foreign key. the primary key repeated in another table to show relation a database entity can be best described as: something that the something the database is concerned for, and can be added into the database which best defines the term database requirement?...
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  • MGT 245 Entire Course
    In this archive file of MGT 245 Entire Course you will find the next documents: MGT-245-Assignment-Effective-Teams.doc MGT-245-Assignment-Final-Research-Paper.doc MGT-245-Assignment-Organizational-Culture.doc MGT-245-Assignment-Perception-and-Decision-Making.doc MGT-245-Assignment-Power-and-Politics-PART-1-OF-2.doc MGT-245-Assignment-Power-and-Politics-PART-2-OF-2.doc MGT-245-Capstone-Discussion-Question.doc MGT-245-CheckPoint-1-Organizational-Structure.doc...
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  • Learning Design Database - 2332 Words
    Rosina Surovi Khan et al. / (IJCSE) International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering Vol. 02, No. 08, 2010, 2616-2621 Design of a Hospital-Based Database System (A Case Study of BIRDEM) Rosina Surovi Khan Department of Computer Science and Engineering Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST) Dhaka, Bangladesh Email: Abstract— As technology advances, information in different organizations of Bangladesh can no more be maintained manually. There is a...
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  • Project Report - 7285 Words
     Creating, Editing, and Managing Report Models for Reporting Services SQL Server Technical Article Published: January 2006 Applies To: Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 Reporting Services Summary: This paper provides information about managing and editing report models with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Introduction Microsoft® SQL Server™ Reporting Services (SSRS), a component of Microsoft SQL Server, is a comprehensive, server-based platform...
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  • data management on wilmington university
     DATA MANAGEMENT PROJECT STUDENT DATA MANAGEMENT ALONG WITH ALERT MESSAGE TO PHONE ALAVALA MANOHAR REDDY IST 7000 WILMINGTION UNIVERSITY Database management is used all over the companies, educational institutions, government and private sectors around the...
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  • RDBMS - 3156 Words
    INTRO TO RDBMS-OODBMS-ORDBMS Seema Sirpal Delhi University Computer Centre Databases Data - raw facts/details DATABASE- A shared collection of logically related data (and a description of this data), designed to meet the organization needs of an organization The Database Management System (DBMS) - software that enables users to define, create and maintain the database and provides controlled access to the database Why We Need DBMS There is an information explosion in...
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  • Database Design - 149940 Words
    Database Design Ryan K. Stephens Ronald R. Plew 800 East 96th St., Indianapolis, Indiana, 46240 USA Database Design ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Copyright  2001 by Sams Publishing EXECUTIVE EDITOR Bradley L. Jones All rights reserved. No part of this book shall be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the publisher. No patent liability is assumed with...
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  • Databasse - 1163 Words
    FACULTY OF MEDIA, INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY DATABASE SYSTEMS 201 Due Date: Chapters Covered: 06 MAY 2013 Database System Data Analysis Entity Relationship Modeling Enhanced E-R Models Normalization Structured Query Language Joins and Views Sub queries and Schema 100 DIP –DBS 201 Maximum Marks: Unique Assignment Number: Background This assignment is based on the content to be covered in the first semester. Naturally all material provided or prescribed will be used. Purpose: The...
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  • Cis510 Chapter 13 Rmo
    Rethinking Rocky Mountain Outfitters Chapter 13 Questions Update the RMO relational database design in Figure 13-9 based on the changes that you made to the ERD. Be sure that all your database tables are in 3NF. Write ODL schema specifications for all new classes and relationships that you added to the class diagram. Verify that the new classes and relationships are accurately represented in the updated relational database design that you developed for question 1. Answers Professor, I...
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  • Huffman Trucking: Database Design and Development
    Running head: HUFFMAN TRUCKING Huffman Trucking: Database Design and Development Huffman Trucking started out as a single owner, single truck and trailer, operating in the Cleveland Ohio area back in 1936 doing local contract hauls. Today, Huffman Trucking is a National carrier with 1,400 employees, 800 tractors, 2,100 trailers, and 260 roll-on/roll-off units, operating from 3 logistical hubs located in Los Angeles, California, St. Louis, Missouri, and Bayonne, New...
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  • Logical Design - 1162 Words
    Logical Design Domonic Lastoria Professor Irene Hoskins Strayer University CIS 111 1/19/2013 1. List the advantages of a relational model specific to ACME Global Consulting. The relational database model specified for the ACME Global Consulting organizes given data in table series. Each of the table has fields specified with specifications regarding the data type stored (Easytoteach, 2011). The advantages of the relational model includes...
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  • Introduction to Query Optimization - 5828 Words
    13 INTRODUCTION TO QUERY OPTIMIZATION This very remarkable man Commends a most practical plan: You can do what you want If you don’t think you can’t, So don’t think you can’t if you can. —Charles Inge Consider a simple selection query asking for all reservations made by sailor Joe. As we saw in the previous chapter, there are many ways to evaluate even this simple query, each of which is superior in certain situations, and the DBMS must consider these alternatives and choose the one...
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  • Business Process Reengenering - 560 Words
    1. Business process reengineering (BPR) is the fundamental analysis and redesign of workflow within and between enterprises. 2. Reengineering is the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical contemporary measures of performance such as cost, quality, service and speed. 3. BPR reached its heyday in the early 1990's when Michael Hammer and James Campy published their best-selling book, "Reengineering the Corporation"....
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  • Mca Syllabus - 18370 Words
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  • Pantaloon - 2237 Words
    RAILWAY ENQUIRY AND RESERVATION SYSTEM Y6470 – SIDDHARTH SHANKER Y6377 – RASHISH TANDON Y6136 – BANDA GIRISH KUMAR CS - 315 Project Guided By: Prof. Arnab Bhattacharya Presented: 2008 – 09 Semester - II INDEX 1. Introduction a. Motivation b. Scope / Feasibility c. Functionality 2. Implementation a. Referential - Diagram b. Schemas and Data Dictionary c. Data Flow d. Session - Management 3. Performance Analysis 4. External Interface Requirements 5. Notes and suggested future work 6....
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  • Answer Case 342 - 403 Words
    342 Case Questions 1. In the questions associated with the BEC case at the end of chapter 9. you were asked to modify the entity-relationship diagram drawn by the Stillwater student team to incluse any other entities and the attributes you identified from the BEC cases review your answers to these questions and modify the relations in BEC figure 10-2 to include your changes. 2. Study your answer to question 1. Verify that the relations you say represent the My roadway database are...
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  • DBM 380 Week 1 Individual Database Design Paper
    This archive file comprises DBM 380 Week 1 Individual Assignment Database Design Paper Write a 350- to 700-word paper in which you do the following: • Explain what database systems arc and how they are used at your workplace. • Define database architecture. For the database systems in your workplace, identify which architecture they fall under. • Define relational database architecture. Consider Microsoft® Access*', Microsoft SQL Server®', Oracle®, IBM DB2®, and so...
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  • CSC424 Exam 1 - 856 Words
    CSC 424 Introduction to Database March 27, 2012 Prof Emile C. Chi 1st Exam NAME______ 1) (30 points) Let R (A, B, C, D, E) be a relations with attributes A, B, C, D, E. Let F be the set of functional dependencies: A -> B,C C,D -> E B -> D E -> A a) Compute the closure F+ of F. Give a reason for each dependency in F+ Closure for F+: A+= (A,B,C,D,E) BC+ = (A,B,C,D,E) CD+ = (A,B,C,D,E) E+ = (A,B,C,D,E) b) Draw an E-R diagram for R. c) Is R in BCNF? Give...
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  • Mister - 1807 Words
    ITRW 311 Mr R Botes Building 6-105 (Office hours will still be given) DATABASES I 1 Chapter 4 The Relational Database Model Textbook p116-121 Study Unit: 4 2 In this chapter, you will learn: • What is meant by relational algebra? • How to manipulate database tables using relational set operators • How the DBMS supports the key relational operators: select, project and join. • The different types of joins. • How to write queries using relational algebra...
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  • Normalization Questions - 418 Words
    NORMALIZATION TUTORIAL (EXTRA) 1. Given the dependency diagram, answer items a-c: [pic] a. Identify and discuss each of the indicated dependencies. C1 ( C2 represents a partial dependency, because C2 depends only on C1, rather than on the entire primary key composed of C1 and C3. C4 ( C5 represents a transitive dependency, because C5 depends on an attribute (C4) that is not part of a primary key. C1, C3 ( C2, C4, C5 represents a set of proper functional...
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  • Cw Comp1302 - 935 Words
    FPT University – University of Greenwich Topup Program – Ho Chi Minh City Centre 590 Cach Mang Thang Tam, District 3, HCMC DATABASE DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION COURSEWORK REPORT Student Name: Bui Minh Quang Class: GT60027 Lecturor: Huynh Anh Vu Date of Submission: November 8th 2010 Database Design and Implementation – Coursework Report Class: GT60027 – Student Name: Bui Minh Quang Table of Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Business Rules ………………………………………………………………………3 Entity...
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  • Avr Reservation System - 1684 Words
    Passenger Reservation System Problem Description Rutgers Transit is a passenger transportation company. They are located in Cleveland and provide several bus lines that go to a number of destinations. The company currently has about 1,000 buses spread over 60 routes. Of these, 700 are regular, 200 are semi-luxury, and the remaining are super deluxe buses. The seating capacities are 48, 42, and 36, respectively. Receiving reservations in advance facilitates the planning...
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  • How to Win - 1803 Words
    Pages: 14 Student ID Number: ____________________ Questions: 45 UNIVERSITY OF TASMANIA SAMPLE EXAMINATIONS FOR DEGREES AND DIPLOMAS May 2012 KXO131 Data Management AIEN-SOU Shanghai, China Examiners: Matthew Springer Toby Peng Time Allowed: THREE (3) hours Instructions: This examination paper consists of THREE (3) sections with a total of 180 marks available. * Attempt ALL questions in section A. * The answers to Section A should be written on the...
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  • Dbm/380 Database Concepts
    /380 Database Design Paper DBM/380 October , 2012 University of Phoenix Database Design Paper A database is a set of programs and applications used to store data, this allows the data to be used by different individuals in different areas and access information from it quickly. A database stores the information so it can be used at a later time so additional information can be added, taken away, or used as needed. Once in the database the data is compressed so it takes up less...
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  • water - 520 Words
    Kheng Horng Gan Edwin IS-240.009, Disc6 2/23/14 Questions 2 – Evaluate the advantages of the relational database model A relational database model has many advantages such as increase flexibility, increase information security, increase scalability and performance, increase information integrity (quality), and reduce information redundancy. Firstly, most of the companies use database because it can handle changes easily and quickly. There are two views used to understand the flexible...
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  • Database Notes - 333 Words
    Intro to Database assignment The purpose of this assignment is to : • Give evidence of your research skills o Use as many resources as you need o Attribute sources o Do not “copy and paste”! o Read and re-write in your own words • Allow critical analysis of your current report/essay writing skills • Identify areas where improvement may be advisable • Give you a better grasp of databases as a an area of study • Allow you to research /work collaboratively but still submit a unique...
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  • Hospital Management System - 772 Words
    Hospital Management System DATABASE DESIGN 1. Description A database is a collection of information and is systematically stored in tables in the form of rows and columns. The table in the database has unique name that identifies its contents. The database in turn is further described in detail giving all the fields used with the data types, constraints available, primary key and foreign key. Database design is used to manage large bodies of information. In this...
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  • Teachers Monitoring System - 3267 Words
    ACADEMIC SYSTEM TEACHERS MONITORING SYSTEM TEAM 4 ROMMEL CUNETA CARL MICHAEL LAGATUZ JOSHUA BISENIO SAMIRRAH FAYE MARTILLAN RUBY JANE BORELA JOY NICOL ROSENDO JUBILLIA ©StarApple Apps 2015 EXCLUSIVE SUMMARY Phase 1: Database Model 1.1 Database Name 1.2 Entity-Relationship Diagram Phase 2: Database Design 2.1 Database Normalization Process 2.2 Database Schema 2.3 MySQL Code Phase 3: Database Population 3.1 Database Structure 3.2 Populated Tables 3.3 Queries & Resulting Tables Phase 4: Final...
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  • Database - 330 Words
    Database management Homework 1 Chapter 1. Getting started A. Create a simple list of owners and properties. B. Describe modification problems. There are three problems. First is deletion problem, second is update problem, third is insertion problem. Deletion problem is when you want to delete data, you may lost too much data. Update problem is when you want to update data, the sheet may have inconsistent data. Last insertion problem is when you want to insert some data, you...
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  • Intro to Database Systems Chapter 1
    Chapter 1 1 A. Data = raw fact (pg. 5) B. Field = a character or group of characters that defines a characteristic of a person, place, or thing. (pg. 660) C. Record = a collection of related fields (pg. 666) D. File = a named collection of related record (pg. 660) 2. Data redundancy is when the same data are stored unnecessarily at different places. Spreadsheets /islands of information lead up to the date redundancy. (pg. 16) 3. Data independence is when it is possible to make...
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  • IS 300 Study Guide
    IS 300 sections 3 and 5 Fall 2013 Exam 2 Review Guide – Chapters 5 - 8 Use this is a review guide – any content covered in class is up for grabs on the exam. Just because it is not mentioned here does not mean it won’t come up in a multiple choice question. Sections of the text that were not covered in class will not be on the exam. Don’t forget that there will be one true/false question for every article that was presented in class. Chapter 5: Parts of infrastructure Importance of...
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  • Optimizing Database Design Questions
    "Optimizing Database Design" Please respond to the following: Many legacy systems require normalization. Identify at least two factors that should be considered in order to produce an optimal normalized set of tables when performing normalization. Include in your discussion a detailed example on how each factor would eliminate data redundancy. Optimal database design recognizes proper organization of table structures and relationships. Suggest at least two methods that can be used to...
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  • Unit 18 Database Design Assignment Brief 2015
     Learner’s Comments ( What went well, What could you improve) Assessor’s name: Assessor’s signature: Date: Learner’s Declaration: I declare that this assignment is my individual work. I have not worked collaboratively nor have I copied from any other student’s work or from any other source except where due acknowledgment is made explicitly in the text, nor has any part been written for me by another person. Signed:...
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  • Dbms - 1630 Words
    DBMS CONCEPTS 1. Database A database is a logically coherent collection of data with some inherent meaning, representing some aspect of real world and which is designed, built and populated with data for a specific purpose 2. DBMS It is a collection of programs that enables user to create and maintain a database. In other words it is general-purpose software that provides the users with the processes of defining, constructing and manipulating the database for various applications. 3....
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  • Computer Forurm - 10092 Words
    Chapter 5 Normalization of Database Tables Discussion Focus Why are some table structures considered to be bad and others good and how do you recognize the difference between good and bad structures? From an information management point of view, possibly the most vexing and destructive problems are created through uncontrolled data redundancies. Such redundancies produce update and delete anomalies that create data integrity problems. The loss of data integrity can destroy the...
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  • Dbms - 254 Words
    CMP 206: Principles of Database Management System Description UNIT1: Introduction: Data base system concepts and architecture, Data models schema and instances, Data independence and data base language and interface, Data definition languages, DML. Overall data base structure. Various Data models: Hierarchical, Network, ER and their comparisons UNIT2: Relational Database Language and interfaces: Relational data model concepts, integrity constraints ,Keys domain constraints,...
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  • Database Design Paper - 628 Words
    Database Design Paper “A database is a structured collection of records or data that is stored in a computer system. In order for a database to be truly functional, it must not only store large amounts of records well, but be accessed easily. In addition, new information and changes should also be fairly easy to input.” (; to ensure usefulness over the long-term, databases should be built with high data integrity and the ability to recover data if the hardware fails. Information...
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  • Database Ralationship - 7781 Words
    Linking Named Entities to Any Database Avirup Sil∗ Temple University Philadelphia, PA Yinfei Yang St. Joseph’s University Philadelphia, PA Abstract Existing techniques for disambiguating named entities in text mostly focus on Wikipedia as a target catalog of entities. Yet for many types of entities, such as restaurants and cult movies, relational databases exist that contain far more extensive information than Wikipedia. This paper introduces a new task,...
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  • MS Access - Part 1
    Microsoft® Access 2010 Test Computer Application I Chapters 1–3 (Part #1) I agree to work independent and without help or assisting my fellow students. If I am caught cheating, I will accept the punishment deemed appropriate by Professor Sims and guidelines set forth by the Business Technology Department which includes but not limited to, a zero on the test for both parties. _________________________________ ______________________________________ Print Name Sign Name 1. Raw...
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  • Question Bank - 556 Words
    Subject Code: 2620003 Subject: Database Management System MCA Question List Mid-Semester - I Examination UNIT - 1 1. Explain advantages of database over file system 2. Describe Three Level Architecture. 3. Explain Data Independence with its Types and Examples. 4. Definition : 1) Assertion 2) Authorization 5. Explain Object-Oriented Data Model 6. Explain Semi-Structured Data Model. 7. Explain Database System Architecture. 8. Explain Duties of Database Administrator. UNIT - 2 9. What are...
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  • Korth Solutions - 41579 Words
    INSTRUCTOR’S MANUAL TO ACCOMPANY Database System Concepts Fourth Edition Abraham Silberschatz Yale University Henry F. Korth Lehigh University S. Sudarshan Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay Copyright c 2001 A. Silberschatz, H. Korth, and S. Sudarshan Contents Preface 1 Chapter 1 Exercises Chapter 2 Exercises Chapter 3 Exercises Chapter 4 Exercises Chapter 5 Exercises Chapter 6 Exercises Introduction 4 Entity Relationship Model 9...
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  • Physical Database Design - 971 Words
    PHYSICAL DATABASE DESIGN EXAMPLES Example 1 – Consider the following relational database for the Super Baseball League. It keeps track of teams in the league, coaches and players on the teams, work experience of the coaches, bats belonging to each team, and which players have played on which teams. Note the following facts about this environment: The database keeps track of the history of all of the teams that each player has played on and all of the players who have played on each team....
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  • Iog, Mjk,.,.,... - 1267 Words
    | School of Computing & Media Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma Information Technology | | STUDENT NAME: | | Campus: Bangor/Downpatrick/Lisburn | | Class: | | Issue Date: | w/b 01/10/12 | | | | Submission Date: | w/b 22/10/12 | | | | Submission Format | Electronic / Written / Practical / Presentation | | | | Late Submission | | | | | Resubmission Date: | | | Unit No: | 18 (J/601/6617) | Assignment No: | 1 | | Unit Title: | Database...
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  • Brief Introduction to Database Concepts
    Brief Introduction to Database Concepts Andrea Rodr´ ıguez Summer School - Castell´n 2004 o Department of Computer Science University of Concepci´n, Chile o∼andrea 1 Introduction Information and data are different. Information is understood by a person. Data are values stored on a passive medium like a computer disk. The purpose of a database management system (DBMS) is to bridge the gap between information and data - the data stored in memory or on disk...
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  • Database Notes - 652 Words
    Database: specialized structures that allow computer-based systems to store, manage, and retrieve data very quickly. Data are raw facts. Information is the result of processing raw data to reveal its meaning. To reveal meaning, information requires context. Raw data must be properly formatted for storage Data constitute the building blocks of information. Information is produced by processing data. Information is used to reveal the meaning of data. Accurate, relevant, and timely...
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  • Database Design Research Paper
    “A database is a tool for collecting and organizing information ("Database Basics", 2012).” This is the simplest definition of a database. A database can take many different forms, it can be an address book, a box of recipes, even a collection of business cards. For the purposes of this paper I will be referring to a database as the electronic version found on a computer, such as Microsoft Access. A database is made up of a collection of tables. These tables can be linked together to allow a...
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  • PT2520 Week 3 Forum
     Does the diagram meet all three levels of normalization? Explain your answer. Normalization is a process for evaluating and correcting table structures to minimize data redundancies and by helping to eliminate data anomalies. It helps evaluate table structures and produce good tables. Normalization is a very important database design that you should not assume that the highest level of normalization is always the most desirable. The higher the normal form is the more joins are required to...
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  • Database Notes - 1252 Words
    ACSG 552 – 01. Processor Florence Appel Advanced Database Class- Spring 2009. Assignment #01. Friday, January 23, 2009 Due in class on Thursday, Jan. 22. o Chapter 2 ▪ Review Questions, pp. 54-55: 2, 5, 6, 9, 18, 19 ▪ Problems, pp. 55-59: 1, 2; 12-15; 19-21; 22; 25abcde Chapter 02: Review Questions: pp. 54-55. #02) What is a business rule, and what is its purpose in data modeling? The business rule is a brief, precise and...
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  • Case Study - 422 Words
    1. In this questions associated with the BEC case at the end of Chapter 9, you were asked to modify the entity-relationships diagram drawn by the Stillwater student team to include any other entities and entities and attributes you identified form the BEC cases. Review your answers to these questions and modify the relations in BEC figure 10-2. To include your changes? 2. Study your answer to Question 1. Verify that the relations you say represent the MyBroadway database are in third normal...
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  • Why Good Database Design Is Important in Performing Data Operation?
    Why good database design is important in performing data operation? A good design is significant in performing data operation. Without the good design, it is difficult to make relationship with other database and it will not run competently and also securely (Knight, 2011). This report will discuss the important of good database design, which are crucial for the business in performing operation and making a decision. Firstly, with the good design, data will be stored in consistent form....
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  • os research paper 2013
    Journal of Computing and Information Technology - CIT 10, 2002, 2, 69–84 69 A Procedure of Conversion of Relational into Multidimensional Database Schema Mladen Varga Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb, Croatia It is universally recognized that operational information systems lean on the relational model and data warehouses on the multidimensional model. The phrase On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) means summarizing, consolidating, viewing, and synthesizing data...
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  • Working with Database Design
    Phase Three Discussion Board Three Working with Existing Data Management Systems COPYWRITE (2013) BY Robert Ortega MIS405 – 1302A -01: Database Design Instructor: Anita Arceneaux, PhD Wednesday, May 8, 2013; Sunday May 12, 2013 Colorado Technical University Virtual Campus Three other Requirements for Database Various other aspects and needed requirements are to be introduced and implemented into Jim and Tim’s new ACCESS™2010® Relational Database Management Systems from...
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  • Studies Matters - 609 Words
    _________ relational type is the “relational ideal.” | 1:1 | M:1 | 1:M | M:N | Any attribute that is part of a key is known as a __________. | Key attribute | Key determiner | Logical attribute | Selector | The attribute B is _________ the attribute A if each value in column A determines one and only one value in column B. | Logically dependent on | Determined by | Owned by | Functionally dependent on | All primary key entries are unique, and no part of a primary key may be...
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  • Database Management - 715 Words
    Coursework Header Sheet 172806-18 Course Coursework Tutor COMP1302: DB Design & Implementation DBDI - COLOMBO - DEC 10 - AC A Al-Zobaidie Course School/Level Assessment Weight Submission Deadline CM/UG 50.00% 09/11/2010 Coursework is receipted on the understanding that it is the student's own work and that it has not, in whole or part, been presented elsewhere for assessment. Where material has been used from other sources it has been properly acknowledged in accordance with the...
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  • Database Design Process - 944 Words
    Abstract Database Systems has a practical, hands-on approach that makes it uniquely suited to providing a strong foundation in good database design practice. Database design is more art than science. While it's true that a properly designed database should follow the normal forms and the relational model, you still have to come up with a design that reflects the business you are trying to model. This paper shows describes design process of database project. The importance of Completing the...
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  • System Design - 3025 Words
    IS3331 Data Management Group Project (Part 1 & 2) Final Report Tutorial Group L03 Group members Lee Sze Yin, Timothy (51435230) Hui Nga Wai, Kitty (51447436) Cheng Ka Shing, Gary (51471880) Leung Sin Hang (51442649) Chui Kai Wing, Tom (51216738) Section 1: External Schema We selected “Airline Operation” as our project topic. The routine operation of the database system for airline operation involved three major individuals: Customer, Staff and Human Resources Manager. Here are...
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  • supply chain management at wal mart case study ivey professor P.Fraser
    Data Definition, Constraints, and Schema Changes CREATE TABLE -Specifies a new base relation by giving it a name, and specifying each of its attributes and their data types (INTEGER, FLOAT, DECIMAL(i,j), CHAR(n), VARCHAR(n)) - A constraint NOT NULL may be specified on an attribute CREATE TABLE DEPARTMENT ( DNAME VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL, DNUMBER INTEGER NOT NULL, MGRSSN CHAR(9), MGRSTARTDATE CHAR(9) ); - In SQL2, can use the CREATE TABLE command for specifying the primary key...
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  • Chapter 9—Database Management Systems
    Chapter 9—Database Management Systems TRUE/FALSE 1. The database approach to data management is sometimes called the flat file approach. ANS: F PTS: 1 2. The database management system provides a controlled environment for accessing the database. ANS: T PTS: 1 3. To the user, data processing procedures for routine transactions, such as entering sales orders, appear to be identical in the database environment and in the traditional environment. ANS: T PTS: 1 4. An...
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  • Database Term Paper - 455 Words
    Stratford University Database Security (SOF620) Professor: Godson Chukwuma Term Paper Assignment Submitted by Rafik Abdelhamid Osmane Top ten threats in Database security: 1. Excessive Privilege Abuse 2. Legitimate Privilege Abuse 3. Privilege Elevation 4. Database Platform Vulnerabilities 5. SQL Injection 6. Weak Audit Trail 7. Denial of Service 8. Database Communication Protocol Vulnerabilities 9. Weak Authentication 10. Backup Data Exposure The common...
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  • Hotel Reservation and Billing System
    Major System Features and Functions The system will automate many of the manual procedures that are being used by management, front desk, and room services at the Hotel Computer Science. After preliminary analysis of the requirement specifications a system with the following functions will best satisfy the needs of the hotel management and staff. Hotel Management System Overview The following level one data flow diagram characterizes the types of inputs and outputs and the interactions that...
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  • Database Synchronization with the Microsoft Sync Framework
    Despite the availability of wireless and cellular networks, many applications must support data presentation and collection services while offline or in remote offices. The Microsoft Sync Framework is a highly flexible framework for synchronizing files and data between a client and a master data store. With great flexibility often comes complexity and confusion, however. Last spring, I lead the Allen Park Neighborhood Center (APNC) team at the annual Lansing Michigan Give Camp during a very...
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  • It2640 Week 5 Appendix B
    Axia College Material Appendix B IT/260 Database Design Document Gift Shop Inventory Date Modified: 7-28-2010 Week:5 Part 1: Introduction (due Week Two) a) Application Summary I selected the Gift Shop Inventory application. b) Database Software I will use SQL 2008 Express Edition. This software closely resembles the software I use at work. I am familiar with the flexibility of this software. I am very comfortable in using SQL 2008. SQL is...
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  • Card 405 Career Research
    Career Research Development Devry University. Example paper of job research techniques utilizing hidden research on internet. Career Research Assignment Scenario: You just found out that your spouse received a promotion at his/her job. The only problem is that this promotion will force you to move to another state. Fortunately, you have just graduated from DeVry University and are ready to obtain a position with your new degree. Before you go, you want to do some research....
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  • Database Design & Implementation - 1809 Words
    1 Database Design and Implementation Candidate Name: Course Name: Date of Submission: Authorization: MAY MYAT SWE Database Design and Implementation 7, April 2012 University of Greenwich June 2012 KMD Yangon Center MAY MYAT SWE 2 Database Design and Implementation Table of Contents No Description Page Assumption ........................................................................................ 3 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Conceptual Data Model...
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  • Ipt Hsc Summary - 14598 Words
    HSC Information Processes & Technology Summary Sheets |Concept: Information Process - Collecting |Concept: Information Process - Organising |Concept: Information Process - Analysing | | | |...
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  • Assignment 1 Quantitative Analsis
    1. Explain the steps in the following statement. Statement | Jill Roger borrowed $16,000 to buy a new boat. Assuming an interest charge of $2,900 what will be her monthly payment if she takes 30 months to repay the loan (+interest). Assume the loan is repaid in equal payments. Jill has a monthly salary of $900. | | What will be (calculate) her monthly payment if she takes 30 months to repay the loan (+interest). | | Determine a total debt ( loan + interest) and (divided by total months...
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  • The ADO.NET Entity Framework - 2319 Words
    ADO.NET Entity Framework: Raising the Level of Abstraction in Data Programming Pablo Castro Microsoft Corporation One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA, 98052, USA Sergey Melnik Microsoft Research One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA, 98052, USA Atul Adya Microsoft Corporation One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA, 98052, USA ABSTRACT The ADO.NET Entity Framework provides a persistence layer for .NET applications that allows...
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  • Enrollment System Chapter 3
    Chapter 3 3.1 Statement of Asssumptions The following assumptions were considered while conducting the research: 1. That the school will have an automated enrollment system 2. That the system will be secured and fast. 3. The system will have be reliable in storing and organizing data. 4. The system will have accurate result/queries. 3.2 Operational Definition 3.2.1 Definition of terms System - s a set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated...
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  • Database Principles Assignment - 1441 Words
    1. Let us design a database for an bank, including information about customers and their accounts. Information about a customer includes their name, address, phone, and Social Security number. Accounts have numbers, types(e.g., savings, checking) and balances. We also need to record the customer(s) who own an account. Draw the E/R diagram for this database. Be sure to include arrows where appropriate, to indicate the multiplicity of a relationship. Solution: [pic] 2. For your E/R diagram of...
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