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  • A Professional Solider - 599 Words
    A Professional Solider What does it mean to be a professional solider? To be a professional is to be disciplined and and skilled in your profession. It is to always maintain a personal and professional appearance at all times. Meaning no horseplay no profanity and most importantly respect for yourself others and those ranked above you. To be a professional you must obey all rules and live your life by the army values. Loyalty duty respect selfless service honor integrity and personal courage....
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  • professional davalopment - 322 Words
    Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice. As a professional, I have a responsibility to engage in continuous professional development. This means taking action to keep my skills and knowledge up to date and seeking to improve my capabilities across the range of tasks I carry out daily. Continually improving my knowledge is essential to my role and ensures that I have the skills and knowledge needed to create the best for the organisation that I work for. I need...
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  • Multi Professional - 522 Words
    Multi- Professional and Multi- agency working “Multi-agency working brings together practitioners from different sectors and professions to provide an integrated way of working to support children, young people and families.” (DfES, 2001) In this essay my aim is to demonstrate an understanding of the collaborative skills required for effective multi professional practice. I will include feedback following a group presentation that I took part in and give my personal reflections of the...
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  • Professional Conduct - 2322 Words
     Universiti Malaysia Perlis SCHOOL OF MECHATRONICS EUT 440 ENGINEERS IN SOCIETY INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT Question 4 NG CHAUR YANG 111061121 Lecturer: Dr. Kenneth Question 4 Discuss the statement in detail within the context of the Malaysian environment. Professionalism cannot be taught by regurgitating the IEM Regulations on Professional Conduct nor by memorizing a set of rules. Do you agree with the statement and why? The IEM, which known as Institute of Engineer Malaysia, was established...
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  • Professional Practices - 309 Words
    Subject: Professional Ethics and Responsibilities Session 1-4 ------------------------------------------------- Content: Introduction to Profession, Professional, Professionalism, Ethics, Theories of Ethics, Code of Ethics for Designer Define Profession, Professionals, and Professionalism. Explain three fundamental elements of profession. Explain six characteristics of professional styles. What are the responsibilities of designer to his / her client? Profession: A profession is an...
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  • Professional Codes - 4609 Words
    Professional Codes: Why, How, and with What Impact? Mark S. Frankel ABSTRACT. A tension between the professions' pursuit of autonomy and the public's demand for accountability has led to the development of codes of ethics as both a foundation and guide for professional conduct in the face of morally ambiguous situations. The profession as an institution serves as a normative reference group for individual practitioners and through a code of ethics clarifies, for both its members and...
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  • Professional Presence - 451 Words
    ​All nurses need to strive for maintaining a professional appearance at all times. People will always judge nurses by their appearance. When it comes to nursing, a nurse’s appearance can either instill confidence in the patient or total mistrust. Part 1: Watch and Analysis ​Was this individual professional? I think the individual in the image is a professional nurse. The nurse is dressed appropriately in a clean blue scrub. Her is hair short, neatly styled and out of her face. ​What...
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  • Professional and Maximum Allowed - 405 Words
    Name * First Last Email * Please select the date and term you start class: * City * State * Please select your program: * When and how do you prefer to be contacted by Kaplan University? * Essay: For some students, juggling college, work, and family obligations can be overwhelming. In approximately 500 characters, please describe how you plan to balance these responsibilities and what measures you can take to make your education a priority.* Please note: your responses are for...
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  • professional association membership - 868 Words
    A professional association (also called a professional body, professional organization, or professional society) is usually a nonprofit organization seeking to further a particular profession, the interests of individuals engaged in that profession, and the public interest. The roles of these professional associations have been variously defined: "A group of people in a learned occupation who are entrusted with maintaining control or oversight of the legitimate practice of the occupation;”...
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  • Significance of Professionalism for IT Professionals
    Professionalism - Why does acting in a professional manner towards your colleagues and business associates matter? Professionalism is defined as “the level of excellence or competence that is expected of a professional.” Professionalism is important to me because it is an essential element for ensuring quality and value for the public and for anyone working in or interconnected with IT. Two reason for IT professionalism I consider IT professionalism an important goal for any serious IT...
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  • Personal and Professional Goals - 280 Words
    It’s funny I was asked to write a paper about personal and professional goals. I often recite in my head what needs to be done. First, in determining my career goals I believe goals are essential to maintain professional success. I want to also give my children a healthy environment so later in life they can accomplish their goals and be successful in their goals and be successful in their careers. It takes perseverance and diligence in order to maintain a successful life. Professionally I would...
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  • Personal and Professional Ethic - 294 Words
    1. List 2 examples of legal issues affecting healthcare and describe how you determined your choices to be legal issues. 2. Give 2 examples of ethical issues affecting healthcare and describe how you determined your choices to be ethical issues. 3. Give 2 examples of moral issues affecting healthcare and describe how you determined your choices to be moral issues. 4. Describe the impact your own personal ethics may have on your practice as a healthcare professional....
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  • Lifelong Learning and Professional Boundaries
    1.1 Summarise key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice relating to own role and responsibilities. Examples of legislation and codes of practice are; Children Act (2004): Every Child Matters provided the legal underpinning for the Every Child Matters: Change for Children programme. “Well-being” is the term used in the act to define outcomes, which are being healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being....
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  • Sociology and Young Professionals - 458 Words
    Ontela PicDeck Case Memo Jamie Chen I. Background and Target Segment Recommendation Ontela’s PicDeck provides seamless transition of pictures from camera phones to other network devices and this service has been well received by the media. PicDeck offers value to their subscribers by providing a more convenient imaging experience. Based on the segment personas and the customer survey, this memo recommends that for the young professional represented by Steve, PicDeck is the best choice of...
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  • Assessment Of Professional Competence P
     Assessment of Professional Competence By: Catherine Snowden Facilitator: Dr. James Siebold, PhD LMFT BSHS-335 Ethic and Values for Human Service Professionals In the helping profession, it is essential to prove and uphold one's competency in a number of ways. Professional must be able to maintain accurate and complete client records. It is the responsibility of the professional to stay current in their area of expertise and receiving continuing education. These...
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  • Report On The CIPD Professional Map
    1.0 This report reviews the CIPD HR Professional Map. In this section, it explains how the CIPD HR Professional Map (HRPM) areas and bands define the HR profession. It will also look at why the HRPM behaviours are essential to being an effective HR professional. The CIPD HR Professional Map was introduced in 2009. It is a members-only resource designed to help professionals understand the relevant skills needed to fulfil an HR role. Detailed research within the HR profession was undertaken...
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  • Professional and Soldiers Creed - 422 Words
    Pv2 Tuck, Alex Professionalism Professionalism A soldier is measured by his ability to do his job successfully, tactfully, and professionally. Being a professional at everything you do will help you succeed in every aspect of your life. The definition of professionalism as by Merriam-Webster is the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or professional person. Being in the army as soldiers we consider ourselves professionals. How we hold ourselves to the...
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  • Unit 1 Professional Presence
    CS204: Professional Presence Unit 1 Overview Understanding Professionalism Success in your chosen career is defined by many factors. As you will see in this course, professionalism is one of the key factors in every career. What is professional presence and how do you maintain and develop this presence both in your career and lifestyle? Professionals come in all shapes and sizes and are not recognized just by their attire, where they work, or the job title they have. It is their attitude...
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  • Developing Professional Practice - 2539 Words
    1. Briefly explain how the CIPD HR Profession Map defines the HR profession, including the professional areas, the bands and the behaviours. The HR profession Map captures what successful and effective HR people do and deliver across every aspect and specialism of the profession, and sets out the required activities, behaviour and knowledge. It covers 10 professional areas and 8 behaviours, set out in 4 bands of competence. The Map covers every level of the HR profession: Band 1 being...
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  • Developing Professional Practice - 1974 Words
    STUDENT DETAILS ACAP Student ID: 170913 Name: KYLIE LAMB Course: BASSIX ASSESSMENT DETAILS Unit/Module: DEVELOPING PROESSIONAL PRACTICE Educator: Assessment Name: Assessment Number: Term & Year: Word Count: DECLARATION I declare that this assessment is my own work, based on my own personal research/study. I also declare that this assessment, nor parts of it, has not been previously submitted for any other unit/module or course, and...
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  • Professional and Common Objectives - 1021 Words
    2.1 explain own role and responsibilities in working with colleagues ⭐️supervise what everyone does within the setting ⭐️set tasks for members of staff ⭐️talk to parents ⭐️collect money ⭐️mark children in ⭐️at all times I maintain a professional approach towards my colleagues ⭐️raise concerns with colleagues to help improve our standards within our setting 2.2 develop and agree common objectives when working with colleagues When working with my colleagues the common...
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  • Professional Knowledge, Abilities and Career Success
    Professional Knowledge, Abilities, and Career Success Developing abilities and increasing professional knowledge is important to both personal and professional success. Professional success is the result of taking action on the most important career goals. When people consistently focus their energy and efforts upon what matters most, people will become successful. Individuals who achieved advanced levels of education have a drive and commitment to reach their professional goals. By...
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  • The Ethics, the Do's and Don'ts of Being a Professional
    Professionalism is the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person. While the definition of professionalism defines the word, it does little to help you to understand which qualities and characteristics are important, or how you can become a recognized professional in your chosen career. There is much more to being a professional than simply acquiring the best training and skills. Becoming an expert in your field is only one part of earning the...
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  • Study: Professional and Ethics Case Studies
    ACS Code of Ethics Case Studies & Related Clauses to the Code of Conduct Australian Computer Society July 2012 Title ACS Code of Ethics Case Studies & Related Clauses to the Code of Conduct Authors Committee on Computer Ethics Mike Bowern Version History Date Document Version Revision History (reason for change) Author /Reviser July 2012 2.0 ACS Branding Sarah Li Approvals Date approved Version Approved By Date in force Date of Next Review To be confirmed 17 July...
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  • Amateur Sports vs. Professional Sports
    In the Twentieth-Century, there were many differences from that of professional sports and amateur sports. In various sports there were different scandals that would later spark investigation and many concerns throughout the public. Such examples are the numerous colleges and universities that paid their best athlete in order to keep them happy. There have also been instances where these places of higher learning gave certain athletes special treatment such as giving them extended deadlines or...
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  • Reaction Paper on: Professional Ethics in Engineering
    Bagunu, Joshua Joemer D. 09/18/12 Reaction paper on: Professional Ethics in Engineering The movie clippings I’ve watched was made by Michael C. Loui a professor of Electrical and computer engineering in the university Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He explains the basic ideas that an engineer must have in order to be good and responsible professionals to the...
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  • Professionalism: Professional and Greater Job Satisfaction
    To improve professionalism, focus on improving in each of these areas. A professional has high ethical standards and displays integrity and excellence in work and helps advance the industry in which he is employed. Becoming more professional at work begins with having a positive attitude toward your job. Aim to demonstrate hard work, dedication and leadership. Find ways to network with others in the field and keep informed on new developments affecting your job. As you take steps to become more...
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  • professional presence in the workplace. body piercings and tattoos
    Janelle Glanville CS204-15: Professional Presence Unit 2 Assignment Part 1: Watch and Analysis The closest slide based on my profession and career goal was slide #2: The Informational Technology Professional. The slide shows a woman at a computer dressed business casual. From the picture she seemed to be professional. She was at her desk. She looked very alert and helpful. The description said she should be knowledgeable, have good communication skills, and be able be able to complete tasks in...
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  • Week 2 Boundaries and Working with other professionals
     1.1 How teachers work within professional boundaries and how to work with other professionals who support learners (Part 2) It is important to maintain professional boundaries by knowing where your role as a teacher or trainer stops. Knowing your limits, which may be set out by school/college policies, as well as government legislation will assist you within your role as a teacher/trainer. Boundaries can usually be defined into Teacher-Learner and as well as working with other...
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  • Professional Wedding Make-up, Pros and Cons
    Your wedding day is fast approaching, and you want to look your best. You’re trying to decide whether or not to have your make-up professionally done. You could do it yourself, but what if it comes out looking flat in your pictures? However, what if you have the make-up done, and you don’t look like you? Here are some pros and cons to help you with your decision. Pros if your make-up is done professionally You would have one less thing on your mind to worry about. You can then take those...
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  • Analysis of Career Progression for Records and Information Professionals
    CHAPTER 1 Background to the study The Public Service Commission in 2002 authorized a job evaluation exercise to be carried out in the civil service which was aimed at professionalization of the whole civil service. This exercise was done to enable the government workers to be graded and remunerated according to their qualifications and not experience as was previously done. In 2003, according to a letter addressed to all ministries signed by the then Secretary for Public Service Commission...
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  • Professional Counselors: Defining a Unique Identity within the Profession as it Relates to the Role of Effective Professionals
    Since the inception of the counseling profession, scholars, practicing counselors, and counseling students often wrestle with the difficulties of creating a professional identity among the human service occupation. There is a direct conflict between the roles of a professional counselor as it overlaps with that of other clinicians and the apparent lack of research that directly defines and identifies the unique position of a counselor. It is important both to the profession as a whole and to...
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  • Has the Meaning of "Professional Behaviour" Been Changed by Information Technology?
    Has the meaning of ”professional behaviour” been changed by Information Technology? Samirah Amadu January 6, 2013 Professional behaviour is a very vague term. If somebody mentions it they could mean your appearance at work or even common ethics. A part of professional behaviour is defined in the code of conduct of your profession. Another is seen as common sense and not written down anywhere. Even though the term has not been defined explicitly it is still necessary to be aware of it to be...
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  • Explain the Boundaries Between the Teaching Role and Other Professional Roles
    Explain the boundaries between the teaching role and other professional roles Professionalism requires us to maintain appropriate standards and fulfil our responsibilities to learners, institutions and colleagues (Francis and Gould, 2009:10). This is achieved by setting professional and personal boundaries which will enable us to be clear about what our limits are and what our professional role involves. Professional boundaries Professional boundaries could include: lack of resources...
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  • 1.1 Describe How to Establish Respectful, Professional Relationships with Children and Young People
    1.1 Describe how to establish respectful, professional relationships with children and young people. Listening is a very important way in which to establish a respectful and professional relationship with a child. By listening, without interruption, to what the child has to say shows them that you are interested in their views and opions and encourages them to interact with you. It is very important when talking or listening to a child that you maintain eye contact, concentrate on what they...
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  • TDA 2.3 communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults.
    2.1 When working with adults, whether it’s in or out of a school environment, you must be able to respect one another and it is always important to maintain professionalism. You should be able to support other adults such as, Members of staff, professionals who come in to support pupils and Parents in a practical and sensitive manner. There are several levels of support known as ‘PIPE’. This acronym helps us to remember the levels of support we need to provide to other adults....
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  • Compare How Schools and Colleges in the Usa Help Prepare Young People for Participation in Professional Sport to Those in the Uk
    Compare how schools and colleges in the USA help prepare young people for participation in professional sport to those in the UK. Evaluate the effectiveness of both systems. In the USA the main aim in sport, even from a young age, is winning and they heavily adopt the ‘Lombardian’ ethic, meaning in general they strive much more greatly for excellence rather than mass participation. This is dissimilar to the UK, who is in general much more concentrated on mass participation than they are on...
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  • Analyse the Boundaries That You Would Need to Maintain as a Teacher and Evaluate These Responsibilities with Other Professionals.
    Analyse the boundaries that you would need to maintain as a teacher and evaluate these responsibilities with other professionals. I will be teaching Pre-Entry to Entry level 3 learners with mixed learning abilities, backgrounds, ethnic origins and gender. The age range will be 18 years to 65 years old. The class can consist of native and non-native speakers. As a teacher it is extremely important to have a boundary as this keeps professionalism. A teacher needs to maintain a strong...
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  • Challenges Facing Estate Surveying and Valuation Professional Practice in Nigeria. by- Isaac Okoronkwo .C.
    The challenges facing Estate Surveying and Valuation professional practice in Nigeria Experts in the building industry have listed some factors bedeviling Estate Surveying and Valuation Profession in the country. They include; [1] poor remuneration, [2] quackery, [3] stringent legislation, [4] lack of training and [5] falling standards of valuation practice. According to Solanke (2010), stated that poor quality service, outdated scale of fees and unhealthy competitions are some of the...
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  • Compare and Contrast the Codes of Ethics* Applicable in Your Professional Practice to That of the Code of Ethics for Health Educators. What Are the Similarities? What Are Possible Differences?
    The purpose of the code of ethics is very important it defines standardizes expectations of what is believed to be professionalism in different occupation, companies, and organizations Establishing core values and ethical standards is equally important because individuals with a clear understanding of professional goals tend to make excellent choices and collective achievements. Core values are established by a professional code of conduct such as, 1) In education the code of conduct is...
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  • Discuss How the Skills and Practises Used by a Professional Counsellor Differ from Those Used in Other Helping Relationships. in Addition We Would Like You to Evaluate Your Own Qualities and Skills and Identify What
    Discuss how the skills and practises used by a professional counsellor differ from those used in other helping relationships. In addition we would like you to evaluate your own qualities and skills and identify what you think it is necessary to do to progress in the profession.” Part 1 Counselling can be defined as a form of helping people that is primarily focused on helping someone, however there are many definitions of counselling, each with a different role, process and theory....
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  • Paper - 581 Words
    In the Webster Dictionary professionalism is defined as “the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or professional person.” In any areas of the work field professionalism is important. It should always be every employee’s top priority to show nothing less than a professional mannerism. When it comes to professionalism in the medical field I feel that the charge nurse sets a prime example because of all the qualities they have. Professionalism defines the true...
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  • Hr Profession Map - 470 Words
    CIPD HR Profession Map The HR Profession Map (HRPM) is a map that was created by HR Professionals for HR Professionals. Anyone who works in the HR profession is able to use the map to reflect on their current role and help them develop themselves and their career in HR. The HRPM will outline what is expected of the HR professional whether they work as a general practitioner or a specialist practitioner. It is an extremely effective tool to use in order to keep track of career objectives and...
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  • argumentative essay - 615 Words
    Professionalism as defined: characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession or exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace. The Army hands down is a profession, and displays those characteristics. The Army has been held to specific and technical standards for around 237 years. For the past decade the professional title has been attached and attributed with the Army. For example: the Army values and Soldier creed...
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  • Propmore Corporation Case - 366 Words
    11/30/2012 “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”-- Andrew Carnegie Healthcare team and professionalism Teamwork is a small group of people, who are contribute their complementary skills, interests, and opinions to the unity and efficiency of the group, in order to achieve common goals and mutual...
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  • Infopaper Profession Of Arms - 311 Words
    11 Feb 2012 Information paper on the “Army White Paper - The Profession of Arms” 1. This paper presents the important subjects from the Army White Paper “Profession of Arms published on 8 December 2010. The White Paper is a starting point for an Army-wide dialogue about the Profession of Arms. It defines the the differences between Profession of Arms and a Professioal Soldier, it describes the Army culture and ethical education and how important these topics are for a professional Army. 2....
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  • professionalism - 559 Words
    Professionalism What is professionalism? Webster's Dictionary defines it as, "the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person." While that definition of professionalism defines the word, it does little to help you to understand which qualities and characteristics are important, or how you can become a recognized professional in your life. There is much more to being a professional than simply acquiring the best training and skills. Becoming...
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  • Essay 1 Perri Klass
     Jargon- A Profession’s Language “Two eggs-wreck ‘em,” the waitress yells, “with an order of pigs, and shingles.” Most people wouldn’t have any idea that the person had ordered two scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast, but that is the beauty of jargon. Jargon is everywhere. Perri Klass describes her experiences with jargon in the medical field with her essay, “She’s Your Basic LOL in NAD.” In this essay she describes her feelings, both negative and positive, towards jargon and how it had become...
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  • Professionalism - 1061 Words
     Professionalism What does Professionalism mean to me? Professionalism in my term means it is someone who is very dedicated to their profession. It is an important and great decision to follow by the rules and ethics of professionalism. If we did not have anyone that cared about their profession it would cause a lot of problems in our society today. It could cause a lot of disruption in your workplace. In order to abide by professionalism you must take pride in your job, percieve...
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  • Professionalism - 447 Words
    PGLC Freshman Business Connections 5 October 2010 Professionalism Professionalism in the workplace is a very important part of corporate etiquette. So, what does this term really mean? How do we ensure that it is maintained? Professionalism is basically, the knowledge that an individual carries about a certain field. At work, professionalism refers to a person doing his job with sincerity, and maintaining professional etiquette and professional ethics in the workplace. It leads to logical...
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  • Drakes Essay on Professionalism - 589 Words
    Professionalism PVT. IVERSON What is professionalism to me and what does it mean? Professionalism is being an expert and specializing in knowledge of ones professionally of their practice. Its about being highly motivated and doing what is asked of someone and fallowing through with whatever is asked. Also showing up early or being on time, in the right uniform or looking like your ready for whatever you would be doing. Looking up to the army values. I think be professional is being in...
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  • Hr Profession - 438 Words
    Activity 1: HRP Map – write something brief. 3 components Each components write something Write about key professional areas ( summary). Part 2 of the activity is to choose one of the professional areas and comment on the activities, knowledge and behaviours. ( band 1 or 2 ) CIPD reveals HR profession map to replace old standards By Louisa Peacock on 21 Apr 2009 in Careers in HR, CIPD, HR qualifications, Latest News, The HR profession The CIPD has unveiled an ‘HR Profession Map’ which...
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  • Write a Critical Evaluation of What It Means to Be a Teacher/ Trainer in Your Context Within the Lifelong Learning Sector
    4. Write a critical evaluation of what it means to be a teacher/ trainer in your context within the Lifelong Learning Sector LO,1. Demonstrate a systematic and critical understanding of the concept of professionalism; the range of roles and responsibilities, both across the sector and in relation to own subject teaching and the impact of each. LO .2. Demonstrate a critical awareness and understanding of theories and principles of reflective practice and models of continuing professional...
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  • Standards Discipline Lesson Plan Slides
    **Ensure you have conducted the Army Profession Overview Lesson prior to presenting** Before Beginning, Print and Review Lesson Plan View Video CaseEXs; Print and Review selected Facilitator’s Note Cards. Learning Outcomes Recognize and be able to discuss: Army Professionals: • Can clearly communicate and meet standards that are describable, measurable, meaningful, and achievable. • Uphold standards and develop discipline through face-to-face coaching, counseling, and mentoring. •...
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  • HIM industry - 708 Words
    As technology grows so dose the HIM profession. With new innovating software being created, the HIM professional has more options then they did when the profession was first created. In my paper I will be discussing the History and mission of the AHIMA and its impact on newly HIM professional. I will discuss how the AHIMA vision will impact my life, and were I see my career as a HIM professional heading. I will touch on the AHIMA code of ethics and how they may effect me as a...
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  • 4 Dep - 897 Words
    4DEP Activity One Use this table as the structure for your report. Use the headings provided to structure your report. Before you hand in your report, make sure that you remove the guidance points that have been included. These are in blue in the table below. | |The HR Profession Map: An overview | | |...
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  • Professionalism - 618 Words
    Professionalism: in my point of view In a basketball, the x-factor is that player who gives you that extra edge on the court. That player who can make that game winning shot, with no time left on the clock, that player who always pulls your team out on top during close games. In football, the x-factor may be that defensive player who can make that game-winning sack, or game winning interception. Well, in the business world, professionalism is your x-factor. How you carry yourself...
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  • Presentation Outline Sample - 307 Words
    PRESENTATION OUTLINE ( Sample) Title: Advertising – Concept and Importance General purpose: is to make the readers more clear about advertising Introduction Specific purpose / proposition: to show basic concept of advertising and why its is so important for all business and to present in brief about some popular mediums of advertising being used today and professional scope. Body (main points) Concept of advertising: Support points: • basic purpose of...
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  • Hr Profession Map - 405 Words
    The CIPD HR Profession Map is a widespread view on how within an organisation the HR department functions and adds value. It also shows what the role of a HR member from all levels based on the individual’s qualification and experience forms of. The map has been designed to support HR professionals at every stage of their career and sets out the global standards for HR. The clear and flexible framework has been developed for career progression in recognition to the fact that HR roles and career...
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  • Common Barriers to Integrated Working
    In your role as early years practitioner you will know that teamwork can sometimes be challenging. Multi-agency practice takes place where children spend most of their time and feel familiar – this could be a children’s centre, school, village hall, health centre etc. But it is important to understand what some of the barriers to effective working might be: • Lack of understanding of roles and responsibilities - Where people have been clearly trained for a role they may find it odd to be...
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  • Wk10Assgn NunezN - 657 Words
     Supervision and the Discrimination Model COUN6100 Walden University Nichole Nunez Clinical supervision is defined, as Supervision is an intervention that is provided by a senior member of a profession to a junior member or members of that same profession. This relationship is evaluative, ex- tends over time, and has the simulta- neous purposes of enhancing the professional functioning of the jun- ior member(s), monitoring the qual- ity of professional services offered...
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  • Professionalism: Education in Scotland and Patients
    Professionalism As for me, professionalism consists of three main elements. Firstly, we have to master a body of medical knowledge and skills that required by the profession. Secondly, we must uphold the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior in carrying out our profession. Lastly, I am looking into building quality relationship with patients. I think that the practice of medicine involves a compact trusts between patients and us, a social contract termed a fiduciary...
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  • Professionalism in Nursing - 623 Words
    Professionalism: How to be Professional in the Nursing Environment Professionalism is the act of being respectful and courteous to others. This should be a personal desire and not something that needs to be reinforced legally. How you carry yourself and interact with others is the presentation of yourself that affects others attitudes toward you. Being professional can elevate the respect you receive and improve your relationships with clients and other professionals. “Professionals are...
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  • Professionalism to me personally is being properly dressed looking and acting the part being on time and how you present yourself for example
    Professionalism to me personally is being properly dressed looking and acting the part being on time and how you present yourself for example, In a medical setting, healthcare professionals must set the standard for the interaction with patients and visitors. They are constantly in contact with people who will assist them based on the way they communicate, body language, and appearance. Professionalism for medical field being kindness goes a long way in gaining a patient’s confidence. A visit...
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  • hr map - 897 Words
    The hr map can be found on the cipd website. It consists of 10 professional areas, 8 behaviourOur HR Profession Map sets out what HR practitioners need to know, do and deliver at all stages in their career, be they specialists or generalists, working in the UK or internationally. It sets the benchmark for HR excellence - both for the individual and the HR function.The Map is firmly rooted in the real world having been created with HR practitioners drawn from every size of organisation and across...
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  • mu 2.9 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4
    1.1 Explain why working in partnership with others is important for children and young people. 1.2 Identify who relevant partners would be in own setting. 1.3 Define the charactistics of effective partnership working. 1.4 Identify barriers to partnership working. 1.1 - Working in partnership is designed to bring together professionals who have a range of skills and who can help children and young people and their families. Working in partnership with others is important for children and...
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  • Future Trends in Crisis Intervention
    Future Trends in Crisis Intervention Abstract Mental Health Paraprofessionals (MHPP) will work with the client and family on behavioral issues that occur in the home, school, and community. The MHPP serves on the treatment team and assists professional staff with the execution of the treatment plan. They also assist with securing community services that might be available to the client and the client's family. The purpose of intensive Mental Health Paraprofessional Intervention is to enable...
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  • CCS BSIT OJT Evaluaation Form Revised 042014
     ON-JOB-TRAINING EVALUATION FORM PART 1: KEY OFFICE WORK FACTORS Kindly check the corresponding scales on the bank spaces after the specific key job factors. (5 Is the highest and 1 is the lowest.) A. JOB ATTITUDE (30%) 5 4 3 2 1 1. Initiative: the extent the student displays his capability to initiate and work voluntarily. 2. Cooperation: the extent the student shows his/her ability to work harmoniously & professionally with his superiors and co-employees. 3. Industriousness:...
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  • Practitioner-Scholar Paper - 479 Words
    Practitioner-Scholar Paper The Scholar-Practitioner Model serves as an inspirational guide for professionals in the field of psychology. The model involves scholarship, practice, and leadership. Currently, I would consider myself a scholar. A scholar is one who is acquiring knowledge and gaining essential skills in their particular field. Being a part-time student with Capella University makes me a scholar. A practitioner is one who has acquired knowledge and gained essential skills...
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  • What Is Counselling? - 1174 Words
    Answer the question ‘What is counselling?’ by outlining what you understand to be the key elements that constitute the practice of counselling. This discussion will begin by considering two definitions of counselling, moving on to identify key elements of practice and what makes counselling different from other professions where counselling skills may be used. Finally the discussion will consider the role of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) which regulates...
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  • Naadac Code of Ethics - 530 Words
    Introduction to Chemical Dependency 22 November 2011 NAADAC Code of Ethics After reading the NAADAC Code of Ethics I have come to realize how any violation of them could impact either a client or the Human Services Profession as a whole. Any profession, such as the Human Services, that has the capacity to do so much good for an individual also has the same capacity to do them harm. In order to prevent such harm a code of ethics must be created and followed by everyone in that profession....
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  • Qcf 5 511 - 697 Words
    UNIT 511 DEVELOP PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION PRACTICE IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE 1.1 ANALYSE THE PRINCIPLES , SCOPE AND PURPOSE OF PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION The end purpose of supervision is to improve quality of work so that staff can meet the outcomes that people who use the services want to achieve. Personalisation of social care services means that staff will need support to respond to new ways of working, develop new skills and adapt to different procedures. Supervision is a relationship...
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  • Money Is Successful? - 361 Words
    In our contemporary world money is very often considered to be the symbol of success. It occurs because of that many of our achievements can have monetary effects. Take for example accomplishments at work that are often followed by the rise in salary. But I believe that money cannot always be the adequate determinant of a person's success. First of all, I think that money can determine success only in a professional sphere, but not success of the whole life. For instance, a person can do some...
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    CSI COMPETENCY STATEMENT VI To maintain a commitment to professionalism As a teacher of young children I am aware of my disposition at all times. Being professional is very important in a child care setting. One of my roles is to serve as a positive role model to the children in my child care. I dress appropriately to work effectively with young children. My co-worker and I wear scrub tops, except in summer when hot out. The scrub tops we wear have Disney characters on them, and the kids love...
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     Global Report: The Uncomfortable Truth About Bangladesh Asia is known to produce most of the world’s textile goods. China is the biggest manufacturing country in a lot of products. When it comes to textile, there are few countries that are powerful in Asia. A fast growing country in textile is Bangladesh. They are the world’s leading enable of killer price points. Shirts In Bangladesh can be half the price when comparing shirts in China. Bangladesh has several incidents which...
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  • Professionalism in Nursing - 293 Words
    Professional Article Summary NC-6-Professionalism Kima Brisbin Instructor, Mrs. Lori Todd Professionalism in nursing practice Through the concept analysis using a clinical example Tai Tokerau Wanaga, explains how the necessity of clinical competence and excellence by believing that part of medicine's contract with society demands setting and maintaining standards of competency and an appropriate level of sensitivity, communication, and actions. Tai's experience with Mr. T could...
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  • The Army Profession of Arms Summary
    The Profession of Arms Summary CPT Monica Rivera 07 June 2013 The Army White Paper addresses issues which centralized on the professionalism the Army has gone through the past decade of persistent conflict. It is not the final word on professionalism it is rather the beginning of understanding the management of transition and change within the Profession of Arms. It addresses issues related to professionalism from the perspectives of ethic and trust. It places the responsibilities to...
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  • 4DEP Developing yourself - 617 Words
    4DEP Activity 1 Title: The HR Profession Map and how it is used Introduction - An explanation on how the HR professional can develop skills and behaviours to be an effective professional in their role, or achieve higher through self assessment. 1.1 HR Profession Map (HRMP) The CIPD HR profession map is a tool to assist HR practitioners to asses what level they are working at. The four bands of professional competence define the contribution that professionals make at every stage...
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  • Workplace Etiquette - 461 Words
    Workplace etiquette is the anticipated behaviour and actions of a person in a workplace and the society. It includes being respectful to others and keeping a well-mannered behaviour at all times creating a comfortable environment for everyone. Workplace etiquette is a guide for actions in different situations and how to deal with those situations while being courteous to the employer and co-workers. It can vary from one workplace to the other. Name 5 types of workplace etiquette techniques...
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  • Reflective Critique - 790 Words
    “As important as methods may be, the most practical thing we can achieve in any kind of work is insight into what is happening inside us as we do it. The more familiar we are with our inner terrain, the more sure footed our [work] – and living- becomes.” P. J. Palmer (cited in Skovholt, T. M., 2001). The pursuit for self-awareness or self-understanding is a chief factor of valuable reflective practice. Counsellors need not only to be conscious of their abilities, facts and presentation as...
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  • Librarianship as a profession - 1026 Words
    Q.3 Define profession? Justify librarianship as a profession? 6+14 Ans. A profession refers to an occupation that requires specialized education, knowledge, training and ethics and the purpose of which is generally to provide skilled services and guidance in lieu of a definite fee or remuneration. Although professionals make their living in what they do, this paid work is often more than just a job or occupation alone. Whether the occupation is law, medicine, engineering, plumbing, writing or...
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  • Reflections on Iron Oaks - 320 Words
    Spencer, Jocelyn March 23, 2013 IRON OAKS Reflections We were at IRON OAKS this past Saturday to engage in team-building exercises. We were put in groups with a guide, given instructions for each exercise and reminded that the goal wasn’t completing or solving the exercises,...
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  • Ryden Trucking Q3 - 261 Words
    3. There are several standards to comply with when considering the supervisory responsibilities of senior auditing professionals. According to GAAS, the first general standard of ten auditing standards is that the auditing practitioner should have adequate technical training and proficiency as an auditor. Therefore, in this case Marshall had the legal responsibility to provide essential trainings, including technical and ethical issues, to Rojas, regardless whether Rojas would violate the law...
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  • Professionalism in Clinical Nursing - 978 Words
    Professionalism in a Clinical Nursing Setting Professionalism in a Clinical Nursing Setting Customer Inserts His/her Name University Name Introduction: Professionalism holds within its ambit several factors that combine to give it a collective meaning. It is marked by achieving an alignment between one’s attitude and the expectations of his profession. Professionalism is the part and parcel of all major professions of the world and clinical nursing is no exception in this regard. Moreover,...
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  • What Is Professionalism? - 343 Words
    PROFESSIONALISM What does Professionalism mean to me? Professionalism in my term means it is someone who is very dedicated to their profession. I feel that if we did not have any people that cared about their profession our society would be horrible. In order to be a professional you must get an education and be very dedicated meaning all you do or all you care about is your profession. I also think that those kinds of people have no kind of life they have no interests outside of the jobs...
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  • Mnnn - 359 Words
    Successful sports professionals can earn a great deal more money than people in other important professions. Some people think this is fully justified while others think it is unfair.Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. Nowadays, sports has become popular than ever before .Consequently there have been more young people decide to have their carrier in sports with desire to become successful and famous professional in sports. Some people think it is unfair that sports professional...
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  • Developingyourself as an Effective HR Practitioner
    Developing Yourself as an Effective HR Practitioner 4 DEP CHRP B13 Activity 1 The CIPD Profession Map This was developed in collaboration with HR and L&D professionals, globally. The map covers 10 professional areas and 8 behaviours set out in 4 bands of competence that span the start of your HR career (Band 1) through to most senior leaders (Band 4). The 10 Professional areas are made up of the following; Organisation design, Organisation development,...
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  • Ielts Writing , Task 2
    WRITING WRITING TASK 2 You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic: Successful sports professionals can earn a great deal more money than people in other important professions. Some people think this is fully justified while others think it is unfair. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Write at least 250 words. ...
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  • Facebook problems - 558 Words
    Facebook Activity Facebook Mistake #1 = The first Facebook mistake is inappropriate pictures. This means that people post pictures that are not appropriate for the work environment. For a professional, they should not take any pictures that interfere with your career. I would only take pictures that are normal and not inappropriate. Facebook Mistake #2 = The second Facebook mistake for a professional is posting comments and statuses about your job and complaining about it. If I were...
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  • BSHS 335 Week 3 Boundary Issues
     Boundary Issues Boundary Issues Human service professionals are taught to understand their client’s as well as the role they play in their life professionally. The most important part of that is understanding that it is a professional relationship and should be nothing more than that. Boundaries are put in place in many different parts of a person’s life to help them understand what they are to do and where they are to avoid. This is also something that is implemented with human service...
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  • Intake Process for Mental Health Clients
    Jan Williams needs for mental health services became more apparent, she could no longer overlook the need for services. She looked through the yellow pages of the phone book at the various providers and found a company by the name of St. Mary’s Home Care Agency, Inc. that provided an array of services, one to include Outpatient Mental Health services. She called the number and requested help for her special needs, because she was hearing voices and her mood swings were horrible. To start the...
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  • What Is Professionalism - 952 Words
    Professionalism can be defined in many different ways and from different perspectives. As defined by today’s dialect, it can be an awareness of behavior, goals and qualities defining a specified profession, knowledge of professional codes of ethics, and understanding of ethical schools of thought, patient professional interaction models, and patient rights. Professionalism means being the very best you can be. This mindset or set of values is sent to everyone around you and your workplace, both...
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  • Professionalism in the Army - 435 Words
    Professionalism A soldier is measured by his ability to do his job successfully, tactfully, and professionally. Being a professional at everything you do will help you succeed in every aspect of your life. The definition of professionalism as by Merriam-Webster is the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or professional person. Being in the Ranger Regiment we are considered professionals. How we train, perform, and even hold ourselves to the Army Values and...
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  • Skills & Characteristics - 1154 Words
     Skills & Characteristics of Mental Health Human Services Workers BSHS/471 December 24, 2013 Skills & Characteristics of Mental Health Human Services Workers Personal characteristics of a human services professional can be both essential and detrimental for success. Essential characteristics of a professional do not make the job easier. However, they create a higher tendency for the professional to work successfully with clients. An open-minded professional recognizes...
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  • Stress & Practicing Law - 674 Words
    Stress and Practicing Law OL125-Human Relations in Administration March 24, 2013 Stress and Practicing Law Work related stress is seemingly inevitable for most people at one time or another. One profession appears to fall prey to stress more often than not. According to Maute (1992), “lawyers experience high levels of stress which may undercut their effectiveness, shorten their legal careers or their lives” (p. 797). The stress attorneys encounter is born from a variety of sources, can...
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  • The Role of Engineer in Nation Building
    The Role of Engineers in Nation Building The Perspective of Professionalism and Work Ethics Engineers are one of the important assets of a nation. Back in industrial revolution, the introduction of technologies, transportation and manufacturing had a deep impact on the social, economic and cultural conditions of times. Inventors defined the wealth of a nation while engineers played a role in building and upholding a nation, and together both, pushing the world forward. The rising of the...
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  • Professionalism: Education and College Student
    Emily W Spch 1010 Professor C 7/17/2012 Promoting Professionalism 1. Professionalism, to me, means taking the workplace seriously, treating everyone in a respectful and professional manner, dressing appropriately, working hard, and positively contributing to the work environment. Good professionalism is my idea of what employers are looking for in an ideal candidate for the job. It is something that helps to create the business-like environment that so many companies have. Professionalism,...
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  • human qualities - 1020 Words
    How does an understanding and appreciation of human qualities help us understand the behavior of the characters in this trial, as well as the outcome of the trial? Human Governance Based on the trial between Betty Backer & Bobby Baker versus Family Choc Inc, juries have decided that Betty & Bobby won the trial with RM 1 compensation. Professionalism Professionalism is defined as "the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a...
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  • Unit 029 - 2083 Words
    029.1] Understand integrated and multi-agency working. 1.1 Explain the importance of multi-agency working and integrated working. Multi-agency working allows practitioners from different sectors and professions to work together to support children, young people and families. It makes sure that the child has the best support it can have. It has amazing benefits for the child and early identification and intervention allows that child to have tailor made support, thus allowing the child to reach...
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  • business etiquette - 539 Words
     Business Etiquette: Significance, Impressions and Consequences. Adrianna Sperkacz Miami Dade College 06 June 2014 Etiquette is a set of unwritten rules that govern the way people interact with one another in social situations and professional workplaces and relationships. Within the business environment, good business etiquette means to act professionally and exercise proper manners when engaging with others in both within and outside of your profession. The...
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