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  • Primary Color - 269 Words
    Essay Monique Braman 10/26/12 There are many colors in the world. Ever wonder what the most popular colors are? The top three popular colors are blue, purple an white. These colors are popular worldwide. They are all seen and known differently. Blue is the first and most common color. Around the world it is popular in seventeen different countries. Blue is a very calming color. It is seen as a very trustworthy and loyal color too many people. This color has an equal appeal...
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  • Colors - 2388 Words
    Light reveals a world of colors by painting everything it touches. Our plain and soulless furniture gains meaning. Our brown bookshelf, gray study table, green mug carpets, rugs, curtains the yellow wheat fields in the harvest picture, the blue china vase, our favorite brown sweater the striking green of a tree surrounded by concrete buildings, the blue sky, and the carousel of life that becomes worth living by being embellished with colors. Let's travel through the wonderful world of colors....
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  • The Effect of Primary and Secondary Colors on Our Perception Time - the Stroop Effect
    TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Introduction Background Research 3 Rationale 4 Aim 4 Hypothesis 4 Methodology Method and design 6 Variables 6 Participants 6 Apparatus 7 Procedure 7 Controls 8 Results Summary table 9 Commentary on summary table 9 Additional Graphical description of Results 10 Descriptive Statistics Comments 11 Relationship to the Hypothesis 11 Discussion Validity 12 Improving validity 13 Reliability 13 Improving reliability 14 Implications of the...
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  • Significance of color in "The Color Purple"
    In Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, many emotions are evoked within the story. Many themes and character qualities are suggested through the use of symbolism. One of the most prominent symbols utilized within this story is the allegory of color. Walker uses different colors to illustrate various moods and the personality themes of certain characters. One may find it interesting to discover that these colors are sentiments about the way people in the novel are represented. In the story,...
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  • Psychology of Color - 2639 Words
    Psychology Research Paper 1/23/11 The Psychology of Color The brain receives signals from three different color channels: red, blue, and green. When the brain receives a mix of these signals, we perceive colors that are mixtures of these three primary colors through a process called color addition (Think Quest “Color Psychology”). All colored visible light can be expressed as either mixtures or consistencies of red, blue, or green, which by perception between the eyes and...
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  • Color Matters - 776 Words
    Color Matters Karmeilla McGee Belhaven University Color Matters In the marketing arena, color plays a significant role in a company’s advertisement and packaging. According to research, the right color is worth a thousand words as well as it can increase sales and a company’s profit (Morton, 2010). Most importantly, a company’s color is closely related to the type of judgment and decisions consumers make regarding a specific product....
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  • The Color Red - 351 Words
    Jennifer Stevens SPH 106 MW 12:30-2:30 Mrs. Rhodes July 22, 2013 Introduction: Do you have a favorite color? Do you have more than one? Do you know what colors represent you? (AG) Well, I have two favorite colors, and they represent me very well. (RT) Today I’m going to talk about two colors that represents me and why. (TH) My first color (TR) is Red. (MP 1) The reason I chose red is because red is my favorite color. Why I like red has always been a mystery, until age 13. At...
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  • Color and Autumn - 378 Words
    Self-study task 3 Option 2 These are my variant of analyze I hope I revealed the main idea of these poems, enjoy. 1. A. Pushkin. Autumn. Autumn for Pushkin is the time to rebirth while everything around is dying(природы пышной увяданье) and saying its goodbyes. The main associations are the golden-red leafs on the trees falling to the earth. Also in this verse Pushkin is comparing autumn with the others times of year and here I consider one another advantage for of autumn for Pushkin....
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  • Colors Effect - 2450 Words
    Outlines 1.Introduction 2.Colors and its Therapeutic and daily uses 2.1Red 2.2 Blue 2.3 Yellow 2.4 Green 2.5 Orange 2.6 Purple 2.7 White 2.8 Black 3.Conclusion 4.References 1.Introduction Do you think that color does not influence on people? Do you know what does each color mean? It is not too complicated; it just requires your concentration in order to understand well as well. Color is able to affect our sentiments, feelings, performances,...
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  • Color and Probability - 434 Words
    Name _____________________ Date _________________________ Multiplication Rule of Probability - Independent Practice Worksheet Complete all the problems. 1. Holly is going to draw two cards from a standard deck without replacement. What is the probability that the first card is a king and the second card is an ace? 2. Thomas has a box with 4 black color bottles and 8 gray color bottles. Two bottles are drawn without replacement from the box. What is the probability that both of the...
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  • Color Theory - 680 Words
    For the design research I have decided to choose color theory. As defined, color theory is a body of practical guidance to color mixing and the visual impacts of specific color combinations. Color theory is based on more subtractive color which is usually the color that we see around on a day to day life, or sometimes used in painting and printing. Color has played an important role in communication, psychology, and even physical health giving color power. Whether it is in interior design,...
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  • COlor Wheel - 819 Words
    THE COLOR WHEEL G.TAMIZH Color has played an important role in communication, psychology, and even physical health giving color power. Whether it is in interior design, graphic design, or fine art, it can affect the mood in different ways. Let’s take a look at the color wheel which is important and sometimes can be intimidating for designers and artists. The color wheel is made up of twelve basic hues: three primaries, three...
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  • Color Theory - 3734 Words
    Abstract Color is everywhere, everyday. It can be interesting and helpful to research the ways that color can affect a person’s everyday lives, not just for artists and photographers. Different colors can convey feelings and affect a person’s mood and behavior in many ways. The basic research question for this paper is: In what ways do colors affect one’s mood and how can they be used to people’s advantage? These answers can be found by reviewing journals, books, and articles that feature...
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  • Why Color Theory Is Important
    Importance of Color in Design Antoni Commodore Research Paper Art 420 27 March 2013 Color can be used in many different ways in design. In branding and marketing color offers a immediate method for conveying meaning and message without words. In interior design the color of a room or office can affect moods, feelings and emotions. Color choices inside a residence or workplace can even save money on energy costs. Color can also be subjective. What evokes an emotion in one person may not evoke...
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  • Love and Color Wheel - 603 Words
    [pic] The Colors of Love Theory Corresponds to the Color Wheel If you're familiar with the color wheel you'll know that there are three primary colors - red, blue, and yellow, and these colors mix to create the three secondary colors - purple, orange, and green. In 1973 John Lee used the color wheel to describe his theory of love, in his book, The Colors of Love. Primary Love Styles are Eros, Ludos and Storge Though they don't correspond to specific colors, Lee's primary styles of...
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  • Colour: Pleasurably Perceived Color
    Colour provides us with the ability to differentiate many things. The value of colour is so extensive. It ranges from the use of language to artists and designing. There are a variety of examples that require the existence of colour and without it, these things will just be boring. Television has moved from black and white to coloured. Without us realizing, black and white are also colours. They are just duller version of colours and are often not considered as colours. In my essay, I will be...
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  • Great Gatsby Color Symbolism
    During the 1920’s, many people would disguise themselves through the identities of someone else. In the novel, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the main characters can be seen “hiding” behind the symbolism of different colors. Color affects the mood, emphasizes the importance of events in a novel, and can also interact with the personalities of the characters. The concept of color symbolism is prominent in the novel. White, yellow, blue, green, and even the color black affect the...
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  • Color Symbolism in the Great Gatsby
    Briana Moore Mrs. Black Period: 9 4 March 2012 Color Symbolism in The Great Gatsby Authors often use color symbolism in their writing to show a deeper meaning. Often, these colors associate with a particular feeling of object. Fitzgerald is no different in his work, The Great Gatsby. It is discernible that Fitzgerald uses a multitude of color references in his writing. The ones most easily recognizable are the use of yellow, white and green. There are however, such colors as silver, blue...
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  • Light Color Solutions Intro
     Light, Color and Solutions Effects of Concentration and Cell Path Length on a Solutions Absorbance To examine the relationship between color of a solution and the light it absorbs. When it comes down to it our eyes do a accurate job of depicting and distinguishing colors. The purpose of this experiment is to take that a little farther, become more precise. With the use of a spectrophotometer one can determine the wavelength and intensity of the light absorbed. By adding a light source to...
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  • Literature Color Symbolism - 2269 Words
    The Color of Literature Color symbolism can be used to set the tone of a story and aspects within that story. Colors can invoke an emotional response as well as paint a picture of a character or scene within the story. In exploring the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Damrosch, Pike 1200-59) along with Christopher Columbus’ letter The Green and Beautiful Land (Columbus 1-7) there are three main colors that stand out. The first color, as shown in both titles, is green. Green plays a...
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  • Colour: Color and Emotion - 2225 Words
    Does Selective colour in a photographic image influence the perception of the viewing audience in the sense of manipulating the emotions seen in the imagery observed? With that said, do photographs loose that exact emotion when seen in black and white? Color is defined as “the quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by the object, usually determined visually by measurement of hue, saturation, and brightness of the reflected light; saturation or chroma; hue” (quoted...
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  • The Scarlet Letter (Colors) - 369 Words
    Essay: The Scarlet Letter-Colors Throughout the novel, “The Scarlet Letter,” Nathaniel Hawthorne illustrates the themes with various dramatic colors. Of the array are the colors green and gold, where green symbolizes different aspects of nature such as tranquility, security, and gloominess, whereas gold represents all that pertains to luxuriance, serenity and goodness. In certain chapters, it seems as if one color is codependent with the other. The implication of the color...
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  • The Psychology of Color Advertisment - 309 Words
    The Psychology of Color Advertisement Ever since television was invented, color has become a major part of advertisement. Businesses have discovered the effects that certain colors have on people. Companies use the colors to stimulate the body into feeling a certain way to persuade them to buy their product. Red has been used to represent strength, energy, courage and other attributes along those lines. Red has also been used to represent defiance aggression or strain (Color, 2013)....
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  • The Effects of Color Contrast and Aesthetics
    000949501 COLOR Harmony Definition of terms: Chroma refers to amount of intensity that a color has Red is very bright with a high intensity Grey is very “dull” and has a low intensity Value refers to the lightness or darkness of a color Pink is light and has a high value Maroon is dark and has a low value Background Works: Betty...
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  • Color Analysis of Great Gatsby
    Quote(with Page reference) Commentary or color analysis Chpt 1 Pg 22 “Inside the crimson room bloomed with light….the lamp-light,bright on his boots and dull on the autumn-leaf yellow of her hair, glinted along….”(22) As Nick enters the room to his cousin living room he is shown a sense of a dark red almost meaning of a content of what is in the room almost like he is used to the high class living of small parties. He mentions the yellow of miss baker hair as if he can see that she...
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  • Color Symbolism in Great Gatsby
    Color-Symbolism in the Great Gatsby White: related to Jordon and Daisy, usually represents purity, ironically it represents the false purity and corruption of Daisy and Jordon. White is also related to dreams and fantasy, which ties into Gatsby and Nick because to them the girls were like fairies that seemed to float around. Daisy can be related to a white flower with a golden center because as you see in the novel she appears pure on the outside, but is corrupted by the golden money on the...
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  • How the Color of the Rainbow Came to Be
    Alexis Fredericks Hour 2 A.P. prep English Rough Draft #5 How the colors of the rainbow came to be…. There once was a village way up in the sky filled with grownups and children who knew how to fly.They were happy and magical and just full of glee and lucky for us they made the rainbow come to be. RED One day Sally was eating a red popsicle and the sun was so hot the drops would not stop. They lingered in the sky and fell down just so, that they formed an arch we know as the very first...
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  • Art: Light and Color - 347 Words
    Without color or light, art would be nothing; we wouldn’t be able to see or distinguish anything. Light allows us to see the space about something; when it casts a shadow on something we know the size of something. Without color we wouldn’t be able to differentiate between anything. It allows us to see the edges of something which in turn allows us to form the relationships in size and space. Colors can also be used to accomplish a diverse sense of feelings. For example, artists can use colors...
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  • Additive Color on Memory - 2983 Words
     A Comparative Study of Blue and Red Additive Colours Effect on Visual Short Term Memory in a Dark Setting William Angkasa Maranatha Christian University Author Note William Angkasa, Department of Psychology, Maranatha Christian University. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to William Angkasa, Department of Psychology, Maranatha Christian Univeristy, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia Abstract This study examined whether additive...
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  • colors and your mood - 739 Words
    Like death and taxes, there is no escaping color. It is ubiquitous. Yet what does it all mean? Why are people more relaxed in green rooms? Why do weightlifters do their best in blue gyms? Colors often have different meanings in various cultures. And even in Western societies, the meanings of various colors have changed over the years. But today in the U.S., researchers have generally found the following to be accurate. Black Black is the color of authority and power. It is popular in...
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  • Resistor Color Code Guide
    RESISTOR COLOR CODE GUIDE 4- Band Code 1.0 KΩ +5% 1st 2nd Color Black Brown Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet Gray White Gold Silver None 1st Band 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2nd Band 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 3rd Band 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 3rd Decimal Multiplier Tolerance 1 1 + 1% 10 10 + 2% 100 100 1,000 1K 10K 10,000 100K 100,000 1,000,000 1M 10,000,000 10M 100,000,000 1,000,000,000 + 5% 0.1 0.01 + 10 % + 20 % 4th 5th 4th 1st 2nd 3rd 254 Ω +1 % 5- Band Code Calculation Resistor Lead Left...
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  • Color Symbolism in the Great Gatsby
    Color Symbolism in The Great Gatsby Colors can often affect the mood and can emphasize the importance of certain events in The Great Gatsby. White, yellow, blue, and green affect the atmosphere of scenes through association with a specific mood. By simply stating a color you can set a whole mood to a scene instead of trying to explain the feeling of the situation which can prove to be very difficult in odd situations. When analyzed, the use of the specific color and its relevance can be...
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  • Color Theory Application Paper
     The first picture I selected for my color theory application paper, was produced by Raphael. The title of the photo is “The Madonna of the Meadows”. The artist used “triadic harmonies” to direct the viewer’s eye to Madonna, along with John the Baptist and the young Jesus. He used a bright hues of red and blue for Madonna’s robes. Her hair is of a yellow tint. The red, blue and yellow colors are the primary colors in the picture and complement one another very nicely. John the Baptist...
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  • Color in Web Design - 995 Words
    Chapter 2 – Color Psychology of Color * Color psychology – Field of study that’s devoted to analyzing the emotional and behavioral effects produced by colors and color combinations. * Color Associations * Red - Has the reputation for stimulating adrenaline and blood pressure. Known to increase human metabolism: its an exciting, dramatic, and rich color. * Orange - Very active and energetic color. Promotes happiness, and represents sunshine, enthusiasm, and...
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  • Color in the Great Gatsby - 378 Words
    White * Across the courtesy bay the white palaces of fashionable East Egg glittered along the water. – pg8 * A cheerful red and white Georgian Colonial mansion overlooking the bay. -pg9 * The windows were ajar and gleaming white against the fresh grass outside that seemed to grow a little way into the house. –pg10 Red * A cheerful red and white Georgian Colonial mansion overlooking the bay. –pg9 * We walked through a high hallway into a bright rosy colored space. –pg10...
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  • Great Gatsby Color Symbolism
    The Great Gatsby: Final Essay F. Scott Fitzgerald used lots of symbolism with color in his novel, The Great Gatsby. It might seem as if he is just describing the setting or object when he uses colors but if the reader knows and understands the circumstances of the situations then they would be able to recognize the symbolism. Throughout the novel Fitzgerald uses colors to symbolize emotions, such as the color green, gold and white. These colors may have many possible interpretations, and they...
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  • Birds Attraction to Colors - 556 Words
    ⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪⨪use would be the one that birds eat seed from the most. I became interested in this idea because I like birds. Birds Attraction to Colors Jeremiah Irby December 9, 2010 Magnet Biology 9th Grade Table of Contents Abstract……………………………………………………. Introduction……………………………………………….. Experimental Design……………………………………… Materials/ Method…………………………………………....
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  • Maxwell House Colors - 359 Words
    Maxwell House Café Collection I chose to work with the print ad for Maxwell House Café Collection. I found the ad in People magazine. Their main colors were deep, rich browns, creams, and fades to black. They picked this color in my opinion because they want to strike a cord with consumers and give them the feeling that they want to the product Maxwell house is trying to promote. People associate those colors with warmth, relaxation, and a nice, freshly brewed cup of delicious quality...
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  • The Effect of Colors on Mood - 936 Words
    THE EFFECT OF COLORS ON MOOD Introduction Got the blues. Green-eyed monster. Seeing Red. These are all phrases that we hear often. Do different colors really affect our moods? Many studies have shown that some colors make us feel calm, some make us feel anxious, and others may make us feel more cheerful. Let's take a look at some colors, their affect on us, their meanings, and some different views in other cultures. The Effect of Colors on Mood Colors and moods: A powerful mood-altering tool...
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  • "The Great Gatsby" Color Analysis
    Character Color Analysis"The Great Gatsby", written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is discusses social classes, and focuses on the theme of a fading social order. This theme is shown in the relationships between the characters and undoubtedly in the characters themselves. Throughout the novel, Fitzgerald not only uses color symbolism to set the scenes and events, but he also uses it to present, describe, and shape every single character. Gatsby is one of these characters; his choices, decisions, ideas,...
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  • Bias: Motor Control and Favorite Color
    Abstract What is your favorite color and why? Do you think that simple tasks might be biased by your preferences? Find out in this science project if your color preferences will bias your fine motor skills when doing quick, repetitive tasks. Objective In this science project you will test whether color preference will affect repetitive tasks that require fine motor coordination, like picking up small objects very quickly. Do Preferences Bias Our Choices? Introduction What does it...
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  • Informative Speech...What Color Symbolizes?
    Informative speech Colors of the rainbow! Colors of the ocean! Colors of gems! Colors of the Nations! What does it means? In today’s society colors symbolizes many different forms of meaning. . It represents feelings, people, countries, cultures, and color symbolism Red symbolizes action, confidence, courage, vitality. It is the warmest of all colors. On the negative side red mean temper or anger. In china, red is the color of prosperity and joy. In South Africa, however red...
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  • Color Analysis in Raised the Red Lantern
    Color Emphasis in Raise the Red Lantern Chen Ning (Jenny) Yen 58935107 ASIA 355 Professor Rui Wang 23/11/2012 Scholars and film critiques have often regarded the fifth-generation film Director, Zhang Yi Mou’s films as a visually sensual feast (Zhu 26). The predominant use of the color Red in his highly stylized films: Red Sorghum (1988), Ju Dou and Raise the Red Lantern (1991) are evidence of his trademark visual style thus leading scholars to...
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  • Red - My Secret Favorite Color
    Red - my secret favorite color Red is my favourite colour - secret favourite colour. Why I like red has always been a mystery, and well, even I cared less to sit and think why red? Everyone has their own favourite colour (although I never understood how we decide our favourite colour. I think there must be a gene in our very complicated human body for that too) and so do I, but mine is secret! I don’t tell anyone about my choice of colour, the mere reason being – it is not supposed to be a...
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  • Advertisement: Color and Frozen Chicken Look
    Advertisement The ad is selling Marmaluzi’s baby food. It is trying to make mothers scared of giving their babies any food that is made out of frozen meat by portraying frozen meat like a monster. The ad makes the frozen chicken look like a giant monster who will stomp all over you. On the other hand, the fresh chicken is smaller. In many horror movies, the killer animal is usually very tall and large in size. There is a green colored laser beam going from the chicken’s eye to a...
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  • Fashion: Color and Type Your Response
     Components of Fashion The Lesson Activity will help you meet these educational goals: Content Knowledge— You will define the key components of fashion: the elements of design and the principles of design. Inquiry— You will conduct online research, in which you will collect information and communicate your results in written form. 21st Century Skills— You will apply creativity and innovation. Directions You will evaluate these activities yourself. Please save this document...
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  • Women’s Preference of Cocktail Affected by the Color
     Women’s Preference of Cocktail Affected by the Color Marketing Research Univ.-Doz Dr. Claus Ebster Semester III Lauder Business School Daniel Yablonski Kalina Dobreva Paola Furman Odelia Elyaguyev Alex Savits Isaac Groisman David Gottreich January 21, 2014 Table of Contents Table of Figures 1. Executive Summary The authors’ main purpose of the research is based on introducing colored liquor drinks to see if women’s drinking...
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  • Does Gender Affect Color Preference?
     Does Gender Affect Color Preference? Abstract The objective of this experiment was to determine if gender plays a role in color preference. In other words, do males actually prefer blue and green, while females favor pink or purple? This experiment was conducted by surveying ninety-six people, 48 males and 48 females, to complete a short survey. The survey asked them if they were color blind and whether they were male or female. They were then given five color...
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  • Chromatography: Color and Salt Solution Red
    Background Information and Research Paper chromatography uses selective adsorption on a strip of paper. It is used for separating and identifying mixtures that are or can be colored, especially pigments. This can also be used in secondary or primary colors in ink experiments. Is it used for Contaminants in rainwater, Analysis of narcotics, and Detection of substances in urine. Purpose • The purpose of this lab is to see the separation of dye on the candy. Data and Observations Marker...
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  • The Color Red in Native Son by Richard Wright
    The Color Red in Native Son Introduction * In Native Son, Richard Wright uses the motif of the color red to represent violence, anger, fear, desire, and Communism, thus conveying Bigger’s fear and hatred of whites. * “He watched her through the rear mirror as he drove; she was kind of pretty, but very little. She looked like a doll in a show window: black eyes, white face, red lips.” (62) The red in this passage represents Bigger’s desire and how captivating it is. The last sentence...
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  • Moonrise Kingdom Review Outline Color Analysis
    Moonrise Kingdom Review Outline Name: Per: Directions Following the outline below, write a grade-appropriate, grammatically correct film review focusing on Moonrise Kingdom. Introduction (One paragraph) Give the reader something to think about Compare it to another film Discuss a connection to current events Discuss the director’s career or an actor’s career and how this does or does not fit into that mold Set the tone for your review If the movie is going to receive a...
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  • How do you feel about color?
    While I like many colors my favorite color is yellow. It makes me feel cheerful and energized! I love the bright sunny color and the way it makes me feel. It is never sad. It reminds me of summer and the sun. It is warm like the summer and if you can't tell already, my favorite season is summer. A few of my favorite flowers are yellow, for example, tall yellow sunflowers and the yellow daisies. I also like yellow roses. However, while I like most things that are yellow, I would never wear the...
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  • How to Explain Color Red to a Blind Person?
    Can blind people see in their minds? How do they dream like? Do they know what colors are? How in general do they percept world with their eyes never opened since they were born? Those are some of many questions that we may possibly ask a blind person. Can we explain them what color red is? We’ve all seen what it is like. To explain it we have to “turn on a different mode” in our heads. We do not only see colors. Like this red dress, black cat, hazel eyes. When we close eyes and think about...
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  • Colors and Our Personalities. My first formal essay for English 111. Type: Expemplification. Explains how the colors we choose to wear reflect our personalities.
    Color and Our Personalities The colors of clothing we choose to wear, the colors we use to decorate our homes, and even the colors of food that we choose to eat are all examples of how colors reflect who we are. The color of clothes people choose to wear seem to give a slight personality profile of them. For instance, a person wearing a red T-shirt would probably be more likely to take risks and be adventurous, wereas a person wearing a white T-shirt would be more reserved and wouldn't want to...
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  • The True Meaning Behind Google's Logo
    Julio Beltran Dr. Skinner Introduction to psychology October 9, 2013 Google’s Logo and its Color Interpretation Many of us have seen the google logo and its colors, but how many of us can recall the colors of the logo in its exact order? The theory behind this notion is that we as individuals do not remember things depending on the sequence in which we see them. Remembering a commodity, weather its short term or long term, is often more durable when it holds a significant value or...
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  • Analysis of Paul Klee's Possibilities at Sea
    Design Analysis of Paul Klee's Possibilities at Sea Artist: Paul Klee Title: Possibilities At Sea Size: 24” by 24” Year: 1932 Line: There is heavy use of contour line and line as symbol. The entire concept and composition are defined primarily through the heavy use of line and linear elements. The boat is constructed from thin red and white lines – the white lines defining the shape of the boat and the red lines providing a supporting structure vertically and horizontally. There’s also...
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  • Hydrophonics - 562 Words
    O B S E R V A T I O N S DATE Complete -N -P -K -Ca -Mg -S -Fe Feb. 18 No changes yet No change 1&2 spot young leaf margin No changes 1 one spot young leaf 2 no change 1 violet color on lower part of stem 2 No changes 1&2 small spots in young leaf 1&2 white spots in young leaf Feb. 19 Naputol yung isang dahon Pale color na color ng leaves 1 Pale color ng leaf 1&2 spot young leaf margin (same as above) Nothing change 1 one...
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  • Marie Antoinette - 985 Words
    Karen Kilimnik (American, born 1955). Marie Antoinette out for a walk At Her Petite Hermitage, France, 1750, 2005. Oil on canvas, 20 x 15 in. (50.8 x 38.1 cm). Often, it is difficult to tell exactly what is going on in Karen Kilimnik’s paintings. Being that the title of her paintings never really match the face in the painting, she kind of play around with it. In this painting “Marie Antoinette out for a Walk at her Petite Hermitage, France, 1750, was painted in 2005 is a portrait of Paris...
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  • People Watching Paper - 963 Words
    Observation Assignment Location: Fashion Square Mall, Orlando Begin time: 3:16pm End time: 3:37pm Date: Wednesday May 30, 2012 I am sitting just before the escalator to go upstairs to the food court and movie theater. I am sitting on a wooden bench with my girlfriend to my left. There are many shops surrounding me such as Champs, Pacsun, Traffic, Lids, Home Elements and Dollar Tree. The area that I will be observing is about 50 feet by 100 feet. There are 4 potted trees around me, one to...
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  • Descriptive Paragraph - 366 Words
    Descriptive Paragraph 28, January, 2012 Nia Nia is my wife and I’s female Pitt Bull dog. She weighs about forty eight pounds, and stands approximately two feet high, and is twelve years old. Nia, has a unique fur coat, she is brindle and white. Nia’s, brindle fur coat is a black and brownish gold pattern. The right side of her face is solid white and the left side is a beautiful brindle. The two colors are evenly and perfectly split down the middle of her face, which makes her look like...
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  • The Abandoned House - 377 Words
    An Abandoned House The mansion stood isolated from civilisation but seemed to be inhabited by somebody. But who? nobody really knew but I wanted to find out. Standing in front of the furtive gates and rusted black iron gates, I could feel the cold gaze of people walking past, they could probably smell my fear. Gently pushing the gates open ,they let out an ear piercing screech. Walking up the long and cracked windy driveway, I could see strange shaped hedges and unusual lawn ornaments...
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  • Descriptive Paragraph - 293 Words
    As you enter through the large brown wooden door into the bedroom, the first thing you notice is a messy wooden single bed, with red covers. On top of the red bed covers there is a rotten green apple, a broken purple video game, a putrid white pair of underwear, a black baseball cap hanging from the left side of the bed and a green backpack hanging from the right side of the bed. On the back wall of the bed is a small blue wooden bookcase with a purple and two other red books. Under the bed...
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  • maggi - 490 Words
    It is packaged in bright yellow color given that this color is quite attractive to younger people. This color makes Maggi both easily distinguishable and also lively.It has a strong distribution and its availability is present in both traditional retail (kirana stores) and up-market posh supermarkets. It sells mostly in single size serving however it has innovatively changed the packaging allowing multiple serving inside the same packet. Through this it wants to increase brand loyalty. Typically...
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  • Types of Chinese Masks - 276 Words
    The origins of Chinese masks are rooted in ancient religious shamanism. Over the centuries and many generations, artists refined the use of colors on Chinese masks. Today, color continues to be used to indicate emotions or give clues about the identity of a character. Types of Chinese Masks There are several types of Chinese masks: dancer's masks, masks for festive occasions, masks for newborns, masks designed to keep homes safe and theatrical masks. When used on the stage, masks help viewers...
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  • Art, It's for You - 1930 Words
    It’s For You & Untitled Triptych What is art? Art is a physical expression of the ideals formed by the mind. Art gives us a way to be creative and use our imagination to express ourselves. Artists, in particular, create art for some human purpose, create extraordinary versions of ordinary objects, give images that help us to remember certain events, places, or thoughts, give tangible form to the unknown, give tangible forms to feelings and ideas, and refresh our vision and help us to see the...
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  • The Psychology of Red - 1709 Words
    Caroline Carrier Argument Draft English 101 November 17, 2011 This paper concentrates on the effects of grading techniques specifically dealing with red ink in result to student’s grades and alternative solutions to the problem. While some scholars have addressed the basic color psychology of red (Valdez), others in particular assess red ink’s effect on student’s grades (Rutchick, “Seeing Red”). Selective scholars have evaluated alternative grading methods without red ink (Brooks, DuVal)....
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  • Young Mother Sewing (Reaction About Painting)
    “ Young Mother Sewing “ By Mary Cassatt Mother is not just a woman who gives birth to a child. It is a guardian angel of the whole family. She is the most important person in our life. Every mother should be loved and respected. Every mother is supposed to educate a child with good values, make a family circle and take care of all members of the family. Thus mother plays essential role in our life. There is nothing tender as the love of a mother for her child. It is a natural instinct to...
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  • My Favorite Place - 444 Words
    Everyone has their own one special place, a place where you can be you, where you can find peace and harmony. A place where you feel happy and comfortable being there. For some it’s a quiet place, for others it might be a hustling, bustling, full of people and movement place. But all of these places have one thing in common, they are places where you’d run into times of both joy and misery. This place for me is my bedroom. It’s a clam and cool place were I could do anything. When you walk...
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  • mountains - 453 Words
    Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content. What do you do or experience there, and why is it meaningful to you? A bright pink, palelight orange and glowing yellow sun begins its journeyto come over a dark green pine tree speckled hillside bathing me in warmth. ; I am leaning against an ivory aspen tree with my camouflaged Father sitting an arm’s length away from me. to the left I admire slight purple and yellow flowers in a valley of shinybright white aspens with...
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  • PT1420 Assign1 UNit6 - 540 Words
    Edward Martin PT1420 Practice Activity 2:Assignment 1: Homework Algorithm Workbench Review Questions 6-10, Starting on page 159 6. Rewrite the following If- Then- Else If statement as a Select Case statement. If selection == 1 Then Display " You selected A." Else If selection == 2 Then Display " You selected 2." Else If selection == 3 Then Display " You selected 3." Else If selection == 4 Then Display " You selected 4." Else Display " Not good with numbers, eh?" End If Dim Selection as Integer...
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  • Formal Art Analysis - 673 Words
    Pooja Shrestha ART 201: Art and Life 03/16/2012 Formal Analysis: Forest Monarch- Reynold Weidenaar Forest Monarch, a watercolor painting by Reynold Weidenaar is one of the pieces of art hanging on the walls of the Art and Music Library in the second floor of Funderburg library. The painting consists of a massive tree as a backdrop and has a man facing the tree, turning his back towards the audience. The tree in the painting may be an oak tree. Generally, an oak tree is considered to be the...
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  • M&M Lab Report
    Mini Lab Report M&M Lab Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was to find, record, and compare the amount of each color of M&M’s in a bag. Hypothesis: I predict that the M&M color that will have the largest amount will be the yellow M&M’s. After yellow I predicted the next highest color would be brown. Then following brown would be blue, green, red, and orange. Materials: * Plate/Paper Towel * Bag of M&M’s * Calculator * Pencil and Table to...
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  • Mydream - 379 Words
    Have a look at this picture. The subject of the picture is a study room. A study is a room in a house which is used for paperwork, computer work, or reading. In my opinion, it’s a source of knowledge, art and inspiration. This room furnished with expensive exquisite furniture and equipped with necessary equipment. Its designed in Renaissance style. You can see that the room has nonstandard form and that shows originality of it’s planning. First of all you notice is two large oil paintings on...
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  • Physical and Chemical Properties - 671 Words
    Name: Tom Flannigan Title: Physical and Chemical Properties Purpose: To investigate the chemical properties of pure chemical substances. To investigate the physical properties of pure chemical substances. Procedure: For this lab we used four test tubes and poured equal amounts of a substance in each test tube. We then observed the color and odor. We then heated the substance and recorded the observation. The next tube we added cold water and observed the effects, then we heated...
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  • The Magicians Nephew – Temptation – Reflection Statement
    The Magicians Nephew – Temptation – Reflection Statement My visual representation is of the temptation genre. It is a scene out of the book ‘The Magicians Nephew’ showing the decision that the character Digory has to make, regarding whether to eat the apple and be youthful forever or take it to Aslan and save his mother’s live. To illustrate to the reader the choice Digory has to make I have used multiple visual techniques. I have used symbolism mainly on, the character in question,...
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  • What Do the Interior Designers Do?
    Interior designers do more than just make residential and commercial spaces look good. They design functional spaces that fit the architecture and their clients' work and lifestyles. They must also work with a client's budget, preferences and any existing furnishings they want to keep. To make the proper recommendations, interior designers need more than creativity and good taste. They need the tools of their profession. Drawing/CAD Tools Drawing tools for sketching room designs and plans...
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  • American Beauty - 1659 Words
    The Color Red "The beauty that addresses itself to the eyes is only the spell of the moment; the eye of the body is not always that of the soul." George Sand hit the nail right on the head when he said this in 1872. Appearance versus reality has been a central theme in many American creative works including the film American Beauty. American Beauty is a film that delves into your typical, middle-class suburban American home and slowly uncovers all of the abnormalities that lie within. The...
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  • The Rules of Attraction - 540 Words
    * 1. Chapter Three: Using Color Effectively * 2. Objectives Learn how color can help establish mood. Explore harmonious color combinations. Understand how color can support hierarchy in a layout. See how color works as a unifying element. Understand how color is applied in the digital realm and print. Learn about color systems and their application in print production. * 3. Cross-Cultural Color • Cross-cultural color is color that evokes the same emotional reaction in all humans. Blue,...
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  • The Great Gatsby Thinkpiece - 402 Words
    English 12 The Great Gastby. Color and character think piece. Like many authors, Fitzgerald uses a lot of color in his book, to communicate more about the story. And color has a lot of influence in our life, the way we dress and even our moods and sometimes feelings. Fitzgerald uses the meaning of the colors in the great Gastby to give other meaning to the objects and the characters. He uses green. We know Gatsby for being a rich man, he has a huge house for himself, has lots...
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  • Interior Design - 968 Words
    COLORS When the eye sees a color it is immediately excited and it is its nature, spontaneously and of necessity, at once to produce another, which with the original color, comprehends the whole chromatic scale. Goethe, Theory of Colors COLOR PRINCIPLES Hue, Intensity & Value HUE  Hue is the base color for example, pure red or blue. INTENSITY   Intensity (also called saturation) is the amount of color. The lower the saturation, the more gray the color is. VALUE ...
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  • Coffee From Ampalaya Seeds
    Coffee from Ampalaya Seeds The main purpose of this study was to make a coffee from Amplaya seeds using different concentrations: pure Ampalaya seeds coffee (Sample A) , a mixture of Ampalaya seed coffee and commercial coffee (Sample B) , and pure commercial coffee (Sample C). Statement of the Problem The main problem of the study is to make coffee from ampalaya seeds. It also answers the following problems: 1. What are the characteristics of the different ampalaya coffee samples in...
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  • Abc Classic Pen Company
    Individual Project #2 Classic Pen Company Professor Vanover Management 30B 03/12/2013 Assignment #1: Assignment #2: The Production Preparation, Records Maintenance, Computer System Operation, and Records Keeping in Computer were the four new activities Dempsey likely have identified, which Dempsey interviewed the department head in charge of indirect labor and the manager of the Data Center and the Management Information System departments for information. Assignment #3:...
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  • Mat 201 Module 1
    TUI THOMAS J. COBB MAT 201 Module 1 – Case Assignment Dr. Alfred Basta Mat 201 Module 1-Case Assignment Thomas J. Cobb 1. Suppose you have 4 nickels, 6 dimes, and 4 quarters in your pocket. If you draw a coin randomly from your pocket, what is the probability that: a. You will draw a nickel? The probability of someone drawing a dime would be 4/11 or 36%. b. You will draw a dime? The probability of some drawing a nickel would be 6/11 or 54%...
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  • Notes - 308 Words
    ATCFAI: 4 sectors – Textile – fabrication, fibre production, spins. Clothing - made to measure, headwear leather goods. Footwear – mass manufacturing, repair, custom manufacturing. Allied industries – canvas and sail, dry cleaning, laundry, hide skin and leather processing. Career Opportunities – Textile – interior designer, machinist, machine repairer, machine operator. Clothing – fashion designer, retail shop, costumer designer, fashion model. Footwear – retail shop, shoe...
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  • Consumer Behavior essay - 468 Words
     Robinsons Place Bacolod uses the color red as its color. Red is one of the top 2 favorite colors of all people. Red is also a color for good luck. The psychological response of the consumer towards the color red is that it gives them energy, desire, power, attention, motivation, etc. The physiological response that consumer get from red is that it stimulates and energizes the physical body, including the nerves and the circulation of blood, raising blood pressure and heart rate....
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  • C'est la vie - 853 Words
    BRAND POSITIONING C’est La Vie Francaise is to be a fine place offering premium French alimentary products with French wine, cheese, pastry and spices for cooking as its main products, and at the same time a place delivering a joyful, relaxed and respectable living philosophy to relight people’s passion for a better life. Positioning Statement: C’est La Vie Francaise was created to be a place of joy and quality where people could savour the authentic premium French products and at...
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  • red lipstick - 364 Words
    It is bold, dramatic, sexy, mysterious, sophistication or immortal? The color red can be interpreted in many ways. You see a lot of women with these vivid red lips; What message do you think they are sending? Red lipstick as we know is just a fashion trend and is commonly seen among women today. Red lipstick was not commonly worn by the everyday women years ago, but has transition the meanings. Red lipstick has a history from centuries ago to today; Is red lips a good or bad image for women?...
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  • Disillusionment of Ten O Clock
    Kerr Craige Disillusionment of Ten O’clock The houses are haunted By white night-gowns. None are green, Or purple with green rings, Or green with yellow rings, Or yellow with blue rings. None of them are strange, With socks of lace And beaded ceintures. People are not going To dream of baboons and periwinkles. Only, here and there, an old sailor, Drunk and asleep in his boots, Catches tigers In red weather. This poem was written by a man named Stevens Wallace. Stevens...
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  • Synthesis of Aspirin Data - 338 Words
    I. DATA AND OBSERVATIONS Table 1. Description of reagents. Reagents Description Salicylic acid Fine powdery white solid crystals 95% ethanol Clear colorless liquid Acetyl chloride Clear colorless liquid with gas escaping from container FeCl3 Clear colorless liquid Commercial aspirin Fine powdery white solid crystals I2/KI Deep black liquid KMnO4 Brownish liquid Phosphoric acid Clear colorless liquid Table 2. Preparation of Aspirin. Description Salicylic acid +...
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  • Leah Minton Critital Thinking 2
    Leah Minton July 15, 2014 Professor Barbara Stetson Critical Thinking New studies and tests are showing that when it comes to music and colors our brains think more like each other then we ever knew before. When the music is high tempo and a faster pace most people relate this to a brighter yellow color, but when the music is a little darker and slower they relate to a grayish-bluish hue. “So Mozart's jaunty Flute Concerto No. 1 in G major tends to be associated with bright yellow and...
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  • Pt1420 Unit 6 Programming
    John Bareswilt Pt1420 Unit 6 Page 1 5.def mix colors ( primary1 , primary2 ) : i f primary1 == primary2 : return primary1 e l i f primary1 == ”red” and primary2 == ”blue” or primary1 == ”blue” and primary2 == ”red ”: return ”purple” e l i f primary1 == ”red” and primary2 == ”yellow” or primary1 == ”yellow” and primary2 == ”red ”: return ”orange” e l i f primary1 == ”yellow” and primary2 == ”blue” or primary1 == ”blue” and primary2 == ”yellow ”: return ”green” global primary1 = input (” Please...
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  • Kaymito - 537 Words
    Chrysophyllum cainito is a tropical tree of the family Sapotaceae. It is native to the Greater Antilles and the West Indies. It has spread to the lowlands of Central America and is now is grown throughout the tropics, including Southeast Asia.[1] It grows rapidly and reaches 20 m in height.It has numerous common names including cainito, caimito, star apple, golden leaf tree, abiaba, pomme du lait, estrella, milk fruit and aguay. It is also known by the synonym Achras cainito. InVietnam, it is...
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  • Life and it's colours - 1172 Words
    ➔Have you ever imagined life without color? We are so used to seeing colors that they have become something we take for granted. We can judge the significance of colors with the fact that most are associated with our emotions and different activities in life. White symbolizes peace, red symbolizes both love & anger, yellow is for friendship, green implies jealousy. All colors have their own place. But what if our life had no colors? How would things look, and most importantly, how would our...
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  • Mercutio Rationale - 452 Words
    Heart Project Rationale Mercutio: Colors of the Heart In the drama, Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio is foil character for Romeo. In the play, each character faces many different obstacles on the course to finding true love. Some of them cannot be overcome, but must be dealt with. The five different obstacles Mercutio must face are condescension, sarcasm, disrespectfulness, foolishness, and compulsiveness. Condescension is the worst characteristic in Mercutio’s personality. It is represented by...
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  • Modern Art 1900-40
    Comparison Paper Modern European Art 1900-50 By the end of World War I in 1918, artist had a remarkable change in their styles of art. Two very pronounced artists, Fernand Leger and Max Beckman, served in the war and impacted their art profusely. World War I was an era of industrialization in culture and in the economy, and as the world changed, so did European Art. Leger fascination with the past and his vital experience in the war had a profound impact on his work. While the war...
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  • Red Badge of Courage Naturalism
    Naturalism in the Red Badge of Courage Naturalism is the belief that nature and fate is a far larger force than man. Another words, no one can control their fate because there are far larger forces than man. There were many examples of naturalism in R B O C. One example was on page 796 in chapter one where the union soldiers were waiting around in camp with absolutely no control over when they were going into battle. The reason this was considered naturalism is because the larger force was...
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  • Chemistry Lab - 746 Words
     Name: Marisa Malazzo Date: 7/17/14 Exp 1: Observations of Chemical Changes Lab Section: 76426 Data Tables: Part 1: Chemicals Well No. Observations of the Reaction A. NaHCO3 + HCl no color change, some small bubbles formed B. HCl + BTB changed a yellowish orange color, no bubbles or precipitation C. NH3 + BTB changed a blue color D. HCl + blue dye changed a green color E. Blue dye + NaOCl no chemical change, only blue color appeared with the 1...
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  • Purple Hibiscus - 1004 Words
    Symbols within Purple Hibiscus Ben Redman The novel Purple Hibiscus, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, is a story of a girl learning to find her own voice and speak out against her violent oppressive father. The novel is set in post-colonial Nigeria, in a time in which the government was run by a military dictatorship. There are a number of symbols used to help develop ideas of the novel; the three most predominant ones being purple and red hibiscuses and Mama’s figurines. The red hibiscuses...
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  • Art Criticism Essay - 391 Words
    Art Criticism Essay Childe Hassam colorfully painted “Allies Day, May 1917”. Hassam used mainly red, white, and blue oil paints on canvas to create this piece of art. This painting is of an abstract cityscape. Many tiny-looking people appear to be walking along the narrow city street under the array of bright flags. Childe Hassam strategically used color and shape to organize this work. The artist used unity, contrast, and balance to bring together the elements of art. The red, white, and...
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  • Red and North Olympus Quezon
    Quantity | Unit | Articles | Price | Amount | 3 Tin | Bs | Flat Latex | 2,100 | 6,300 | 3 Tin | Bs | Glos Latex | 2,300 | 6,900 | 10 Kilo | | Potching CompounBoral | 200 | 200 | 1 Bug | ` | Boral | 600 | 600 | 1 Gal | | Acrylic Emulsion | 500 | 500 | 3 Meter | | Sand paper | 100 | 300 | 2 Gal | | Q.D.E White | 550 | 1,100 | 1 Gal | | Paint Thinner | 300 | 300 | 3 Pcs | | Roller | 300 | 300 | 1 Gal | | Lacquer Primer | 500 | 500 | 1 Gal | | Lacquer Thinner | 300 |...
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