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  • Hypotheses of the Effects of Wolf Predation
    Hypotheses of the Effects of Wolf Predation John Feldersnatch December 1st, 1995 Abstract: This paper discusses four hypotheses to explain the effects of wolf predation on prey populations of large ungulates. The four proposed hypotheses examined are the predation limiting hypothesis, the predation regulating hypothesis, the predator pit hypothesis, and the stable limit cycle hypothesis. There is much research literature that discusses how these hypotheses can be used to interpret various...
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  • Predation Habits of Jaguars - 1202 Words
    KB Ecology & Population Predation Habits of Jaguars The jaguar is the only Panthera species found in the Americas, and is the third largest feline after the tiger and the lion. Although the jaguar is the third largest feline in the world, it is the largest feline in the Western Hemisphere. They stand at about 3 feet from the shoulder down, with a nose-to-tail span of 7 ½ feet on average. Jaguars are very muscular and lean animals and they usually weigh between 120-250 pounds. During...
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  • Producers, Consumers, Predation/Parasitism
    Producers Autotrophic- make their own food Convert energy from the sun through photosynthesis Phytoplankton- Small plant organisms that drift water currents and use carbon dioxide, release oxygen and convert minerals through a form animals can use most abundant and widespread producers in the marine environment Consumers Heterotrophic- cannot make their own food, consume other organisms or absorb dissolved material herbivores or carnivores Decomposers Bacteria that break down...
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  • The Effects of Cryptic Versus Non-Cryptic Eggs on Predation Rate of Ground-Nesting Birds
    The Effects of Cryptic versus Non-cryptic Eggs on Predation Rate of Ground-nesting Birds BSC2011L Title Determining the effect of cryptic, brown eggs versus non-cryptic, white eggs on the predation rate of ground-nesting bird species. Abstract Various interactions occur between organisms. Predation is a crucial interaction in which one species benefits by consuming another. I conducted this experiment to determine if crypsis affected the predation rate of eggs in ground-nesting birds. I...
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  • Essay Hawk Roosting - 459 Words
    The personification of a hawk compared to a human in the poem “Hawk Roosting” gives a chance to reflect upon the shared qualities of the two species. Both depicted as predators with destructive, self obsessed mind­sets, both do as they please with little consideration of anything else. Which is why man’s power and ambition has and will continue to lead to destruction. Portrayed by the perspective of a hawk, Ted Hughes uses this bird of prey to depict ...
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  • Prey Predator Dynamics - 483 Words
    NISHANT PRAVEEN ASSIGNMENT 3 1111035 EFFECT OF PREY PREDATOR RELATIONSHIP OVER POPULATION DENSITY Study of species interaction has always interested ecologist. These studies help to develop the food web or chain where we see very simplified picture of interaction of species specifically about Prey and predation relationship .Prey predator relationship has been widely studied in...
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  • Compare and Contrast Essay with Cats and Dogs
    English Comp 1 Compare and Contrast Essay Cats and Dogs From my childhood until now, I have always been an animal lover. Over the years, I have owned lots of pets such as cats, dogs, fish, and hamsters. Currently I have one cat. Cats and dogs rank at the top of the most popular pets of today. Both of them have a vast number of similarities; however the differences between canine and feline are just as enormous. I am going to compare and contrast the similarities and differences...
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  • The Balance of Nature - 661 Words
    ------------------------------------------------- Balance of Nature The balance of nature is a theory that says that ecological systems are usually in a stable equilibrium (homeostasis), which is to say that a small change in some particular parameter (the size of a particular population, for example) will be corrected by some negative feedback that will bring the parameter back to its original "point of balance" with the rest of the system. It may apply where populations depend on each other,...
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  • Eng4U Unit 5 Key Questions
    ------------------------------------------------- SBI4UB ------------------------------------------------- Key Questions – Unit 5 Ahmad Moussaoui 57. a) The Canadian population is still growing despite its low birth rate because of a few factors. Canada is a developed country, with advances in public sanitation, medicine, and public health. All of which give Canada a low mortality rate. Immigration also plays a big part in Canada’s population growth, as Canada is considered by many to...
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  • Cat vs Dog - 622 Words
    Fang Kertim 2/7/13 Period B Cat VS Dog (Hook) “Have you ever thought to have a pet?” Pet is a good friend. Which people often telling each other’s that which are better cat or dog? (GDT) Some people say that cats are cute more than a dog. Some they said dogs are more intelligent because they can be trained by their owner or by themself. (Thesis) Cats, however they have more kind of funny move than a dog they just need their caretaker to play with them. (TS) To begin with, Cat...
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  • Cloud Atlas - 580 Words
    Cloud Atlas Concept of “predacity” as related to class topics: The concept of “predacity”, in my opinion, is related to so many of the topics discussed in class. The most formidable connection would be that of human on human. In regards to race, class and gender, “predcaity” fits the system in which the American culture has been designed around. Rich white men have been the predators of poor minorities and women since the creation of the United States. Minorities and women have...
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  • Predator/Prey - 1050 Words
     Predator Maniacs Background Being able to explain what is meant by natural selection -Natural Selection is where organisms adapt to their environment and tend to survive and produce more offspring. The theory of its action was founded by Charles Darwin and is now believed to be the main process that brings about evolution. Being able to explain why changing environments change population characteristics. -It is because each environment has a different type of species living in it and...
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  • Principles of Conditioning - 801 Words
    PoC Needs and Drives Needs and drives, what exactly are they and what do they have to do with dogs/dog training? A need or drive is a type of motivation that describes the behaviors dogs show during training. Needs can be something as obvious as water or food, all the way to behaviors that serve no clear physical need at all (ex play behavior). Dog training is all about arranging matters so the dog’s yearnings are met when they perform the desired action. Before any of this can take place...
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  • Dogs - 351 Words
    Many people think that a cat is more exotic and fancy but I am here to inform you that you shouldn’t believe a word those crazy cat lovers say because dogs make the world go round here are 10 reasons why dogs are better then cats. 1. You can train a dog better than a cat. Have you ever seen a cat sit on command? Roll over on command? Stay? Neither have I. 2. Dogs are smarter. Have you ever seen a dog fall into a fish tank? I haven’t either. 3. A dog can protect your home much better than a...
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  • Dogs are better than cats
    There is always the question, are dogs better pets than cats or are cats better pets than dogs? Which animal is more loving, more loyal, and independent? Well, people who have cats instead of dogs must surely agree that cats make better pets; likewise, dog owners prefer to have dogs. Some people are “cat people” and some are “dog people” and some like both. I am a dog person and I think dogs are a lot better pets than cats....
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  • Why Do Fireflies Glow?
    Why do Fireflies Glow? Matthew Lee Perlmutter Fireflies have evolved the ability to send from their abdomen as a means of communication with each other. The most important reason for the flashing is for sexual communication. Flash signals have been classified into two systems. One is where a continuously glowing female attracts a non-glowing male. The second is when a female, flashes a species-specific response to a flying male, who is broadcasting a pulsating signal. There are other...
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  • Predator Prey Lab Report
    PREDATOR-PREY RELATIONS LAB Background Research: Predators and prey are organisms that interrelate, and they can influence on another’s success in reproduction. Predators are organisms that consume other organisms-their prey. These two organisms evolve together. They live in an environment where they must develop certain adaptations to survive. When an adaptation is developed, it gives an organism certain physical characteristics that create an advantage for survival and can come to...
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  • Mos Burger - 366 Words
    In ecology, predation describes a biological interactions[->0] where a predator (an organism that is hunting) feeds on its prey (the organism that is attacked). Predators may or may not kill their prey prior to feeding[->1] on them, but the act of predation always results in the death of its prey and the eventual absorption of the prey's tissue through consumption.[2] Other categories of consumption[->2] are herbivory[->3] (eating parts of plants) and detritivory[->4], the consumption of dead...
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  • Motifs in Movie Psycho - 272 Words
     Motifs in Psycho In the film Psycho there are many reoccurring motifs such as birds, mirrors, and voyeurism, which are implemented by Hitchcock and often may be unnoticed by the viewer. Mirrors frequently appear throughout the movie, for example when the bathroom mirror reflects on the money Marion has taken. Probably the most noticed use of mirror is when Marion’s sister sees her reflection in two mirrors and is startled because she thinks someone is behind her. Voyeurism is also a...
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  • NRC 261 Exam 2 Study Guide
    Reading review questions for NRC 261 Exam 2 Spring 2014 From Krausman and Cain (2013) Chapter 7 –Wildlife Population Dynamics What does BIDE stand for? Know definitions of these terms, as well as for age structure and sex ratio. -BIDE = Births, Immigration, Deaths, and Emigration -Age Structure: refers to the proportion of individuals of each age in a population -Sex Ratio: proportion of the population that is males versus females What is lambda and how do you...
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  • Background Research Paper - 1063 Words
    A Eurosta solidaginis, also known as the Golden Rod Gall Fly, is an insect that lives in a Solidago atlissma/ canadis. The female Gall Fly has an ovipositor which implants eggs in the Golden Rod plant. Eggs are implanted by the mother onto the apical meristem. At the apical meristem the larva releases a chemical that stimulates the host goldenrod which in return forms the gall (Abrahamson, Kenneth, McCrea, Whitwell, and Vernieri 1991). The gall acts as a protective barrier for the Eurosta...
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  • The Differences and Similarites of Dogs and Cats
    The Differences and Similarities of a Dog and Cat Two domestic animals that share many common and different elements are dog and cat. Despite being different species they exhibit many surprising similarities. By examining these characteristics of each animal can become helpful when selecting a pet. Domestic dogs and cats share many common elements. They both make great companions as pets and are very loyal to their handlers and family members. Dogs and cats also have over two hundred...
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  • Biological Interaction - 554 Words
    \Biological Intercations Biological interactions are the effects organisms in a community have on one another. In the natural world no organism exists in absolute isolation, and thus every organism must interact with the environment and other organisms. An organism's interactions with its environment are fundamental to the survival of that organism and the functioning of the ecosystem as a whole. In ecology, biological interactions can involve individuals of the same species (intraspecific...
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  • How Does Interactions Between Biological Systems Create Complexity?
    The interaction between biological systems creates complexity because of the vast interactions in species. There are predator prey relationships that rely on a balance between the two. If there is too many of one and not enough of another there is an imbalance that throws off the food chain. The imbalance of the food chain affects all the organisms in that community. There are many communities where humans are the cause in the imbalance and the food chain flips. Primary consumers over power...
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  • "The Edible Woman" by Margaret Atwood
    The main theme in the novel entitled The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood is consumerism. To consume, as defined by The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language is "To take in as food; eat or drink up. To expend; use up. To purchase (goods or services) for direct use or ownership. To waste; squander. To destroy totally; ravage. To absorb; engross." Consumerism is demonstrated throughout the novel in a variety of ways, some more subtle than others. One of the more subtle, yet most...
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  • cat and dog - 464 Words
     Cat and dog Pets are very popular in many households. But out of those pets cats and dogs are the most popular. I am going to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between dogs and cats. First, I will describe the similarities that these two creatures share.Both of this animals have hair. In addition to their similies these animals is that they are domesticated animals kept as...
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  • The Mouse Does Not Know Life Until It Has Been Into the Mouth of a Cat.
    The Mouse does not know life until it has been into the mouth of a cat. The Vietnamese people are an ethnic group originating from present day Northern Vietnam and Southern China. Although geographically and linguistically labeled as Southern Asians, long periods of Chinese domination and influence have placed the Vietnamese culturally closer to East Asians. The Vietnamese people culturally believe in myths and the supernatural. According to the Thai and Vietnamese Proverbs and common...
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  • Predator-Prey Interaction - 3361 Words
    Abstract Predators are animals that kill for their food; they must do this in order to survive. There has been controversy about predation in some areas including the re-introduction of wolves into the Yellowstone National park area and other areas. Predator-prey relationships are both beneficial and detrimental to some species. The weakest and unhealthiest become dinner for those predators and also become a positive thing for the species that only the strongest of the herd will...
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  • Descriptive Essay - 667 Words
    Descriptive Essay Rough Draft How can people be so comfortable with dogs that are known to be aggressive or even kill in some cases? They treat them as if they were cuddly teddy bears even though they can cause so much harm so quickly. But I never thought to ask these questions when I was a young, naïve child. I knew as much about dogs as a child who watches cartoons all day should: that they were “man’s best friend.” But one day my innocence was stripped away from me, and I developed and...
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  • ecology lab 2 - 691 Words
    Question 1. A. A species of vole was found to have a type II functional response. At very low food densities what do you expect to limit feeding rate the most? (3pts) a. Time it takes to find a new prey item b. Time it takes to handle a prey item c. They equally contribute to feeding rate B. At very high food densities what do you expect to limit feeding rate? (3pts) a. Time it takes to find a new prey item b. Time it takes to handle a prey item c. They equally contribute to...
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  • Penpals - 549 Words
    Draft 3 January-08-13 Dear Emma, I finally got to know you better,at first you were a strangerto me,now I know you alot about you.Just letting you know my best friend Raisa has your identical twin sister "Sophie".I got to know your sister too. Raisa said on her letter that she likes the hunger games but she doesntlike the hunger games but i...
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  • Evolab Guppies - 1177 Words
    Exercise 1: Assessing Color Variation Among Males in Guppy Populations Upper West Stream Male # | Spot Brightness | 1 | 19 | 2 | 13 | 3 | 13 | 4 | 13 | 5 | 16 | 6 | 14 | 7 | 17 | 8 | 16 | 9 | 14 | 10 | 16 | 11 | 17 | 12 | 18 | 13 | 13 | 14 | 14 | 15 | 17 | Notes: * Rivulus species also found in stream * Female guppies have no spots * Small amount of Rivulus compared to guppies * Adequate amount of food for the guppies Histogram: Hired...
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  • Zoomorphism - 489 Words
    Zoomorphism by definition is, Attribution of animal characteristics or qualities to a god. This means that sometimes a kind of god takes the form of an animal and has a higher power than all the other animals. If this is the case that means that the other animals recognize that this animal is special and does not want to bother it, and in a way looks up to it even if it is smaller. Pi gives an example of zoomorphism when he talks about a little brown Methuselah. "While other mice dropped in the...
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  • Compare and Contrast - 606 Words
    5 Paragraph Essay Compare and Contrast { November 3, 2010 @ 12:43 pm } · { Uncategorized } There are several similarities that cats and dogs share, but at the same time they are very different. These two animals are two of the most popular pets today. Some people prefer the company of a cat, while others are considered dog lovers. Through the various aspects of each animal, we will look at the similarities and differences each one holds, and we can get a good insight as to why these...
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  • Compare and Contrast the Similarities and the Differences Between Dogs and Cats.
    Topic: Compare and contrast the similarities and the differences between dogs and cats. Outlining: INTRODUCTION: Thesis statement: After living with them, I have noticed that although there are innumerable similarities between the dog and the cat, there are also some important differences. BODY: Paragraph 1: Cats and dogs have several similarities. + Both of them are domesticated animals kept as pets. + They eat meat, mice and never eat vegetable + They require love and affection and...
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  • Chapter 54 - 950 Words
    Chapter 54 - Community Ecology Homework 1. Explain the differences between competition, predation, parasitism, mutualism, and commensalism and give an example of each. Competition- (–/– interaction) occurs when species compete for a resource in short supply example when an invasive species moves in it cause competition. Large insects defend feeding sites on cottonwood leaves by kicking and shoving smaller aphids from better sites. Predation- (+/– interaction) refers to an interaction in...
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  • Chapter 53 Studyguide - 4595 Words
    Biology, 7e (Campbell) Chapter 53: Community Ecology Chapter Questions 1) Communities can be linked by which of the following? I. predation II. systematics III. competition A) I only B) III only C) I and II only D) I and III only E) I, II, and III Answer: D Topic: Concept 53.1 Skill: Knowledge 2) Which of the following statements is consistent with the competitive exclusion principle? A) Bird species generally do not compete for nesting sites. B) The density of one competing...
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  • Compare And Contrast Essay - 672 Words
    Xinyu Zhang Compare and contrast essay Ms. Finley English 111 3 March 2015 Dogs vs Cats Hundreds of years ago, dogs and cats were domesticated by human beings, and became the closest furry friends to us. As the most popular pets in the world, dogs and cats share innumerable similarities. They both belong to the mammal. That means that they both have hair and give birth to their young. They also drink milk when they are babies. And they have the similar life expectancy, around 10 to 20 years....
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  • Which Is Better; Cats or Dogs
    Which Is Better; Cats or Dogs? Cats and dogs both are good pets. Before deciding which one is better, there a few things to consider. Since they both are very different, they require owners with two very different life styles. Dogs require more time and attention as to where cats are more free willed. Dogs are very needy animals. Having a dog is almost like having a human. They have to be let out to go to the bathroom every so often. You should take them for walks so they can get...
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  • Sharks - 2781 Words
     Why is it important to save the sharks? The shark is an apex predator of the marine ecosystem. In the marine ecosystem these predators are placed at the top of the food chain. Apex predators have a vital role in maintaining the health and balance of the ecosystems they dwell in. In addition to the previous statement if these top of the food chain predators were to be removed from their ecosystems, the health and balance of these ecosystems would become shattered and disturbed, with...
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  • biology lab - 2713 Words
    Assignments For your ease in completing the following assignments, the background text relevant to the experiment that you will perform is in orange text, instructions for each assignment are indicated by plain text, and questions or activities that you will be asked to provide answers for are indicated by bold text. Assignment 1: Getting to Know PopEcoLab:Single Species Population Growth This assignment is designed to help you become familiar with the operation of PopEcoLab by studying...
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  • Notes - 2400 Words
    Chapter 5 Biodiversity, Species Interactions, and Population Control Summary 1. Two major factors affect the number of species in a community: the latitude in terrestrial communities and salinity/nutrients in aquatic systems. 2. Species play different roles in a community. Native species sustain the ecosystem in which they are a part. Some nonnative species will crowd out native species. Indicator species alert us to harmful changes in the community. Keystone species play...
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  • Cats vs Dogs - 831 Words
    Cats vs. Dogs Many people own both a cat and a dog and love them both. Then you have people who would only have a dog or a cat, not both. If you had to choose between one or the other, which one would it be? Cats are very cuddling and have a soft purr that tends to put people to sleep. Dogs on the other hand, lick during the night. Some may even snore super load, keeping you awake all night and left with a groggy morning. Cats are sweet, cute, furry and cuddly. They are the most...
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  • Biology Predator And Prey Google Docs
    The table shows that the populations of the snowshoe hare and canadian lynx have cyclical fluctuations in their numbers. There are links between the two creatures and the numbers of the population of each species cycle as over the five year periods they either increase or decrease in numbers and you can spot a pattern between the two sets of figures for each year. They show these fluctuations because different events occur that result in there being a sharp increase or decrease in population...
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  • Cats vs Dogs - 565 Words
    Cats vs. Dogs The most popular pets in today’s homes are cats and dogs. Today’s cats and dogs are descendants of the wilds that were started on the road to pampered pets thousands of years ago. Some people are “cat people” and some are “dog people” but I think most people like both. Let us first look at cats; a lot of people say that cats are aloof or sneaky. Sometimes maybe they are but it goes back to their heritage when they had to sneak up on their prey to survive. As far as being aloof I...
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  • Disgrace Essay - 1189 Words
    In Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee we are introduced to David Lurie, the protagonist and narrator of this novel. David Lurie is a 52 year old divorced man, who lives in Cape Town, South Africa, as a respected romantic poetry professor at a university. His life is full of sexual, non-committed relationships. After being accused of inappropriate behavior with a student, Lurie loses his job at the university and must move in with his daughter, Lucy, in the country. Throughout the novel we see many...
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  • Sejarah - 301 Words
    -explain the advantages and disadvantages of biological control in agriculture ADVANTAGES The most important advantage to the use of biological control is that it typically offers longer term management than the more traditional technology areas. longer term control is achieved because biocontrol agents act as if a host specific control method is continualy present and impacting the target plant. For example, once an agent is released and well established, insect population levels...
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  • Compare and Contrast Cats and Dogs
    Michael Mucci Compare and Contrast Essay Cats vs. Dogs 06/02/13 There are several similarities that cats and dogs share, but at the same time they are very different. These two animals are two of the most popular pets today. Some people prefer the company of a cat, while others are considered to be called dog lovers. Through all of the aspects of each animal, we look at the similarities and differences each one holds, now lets get a good insight as to why these animals are so loved....
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  • Animal Defenses - 32592 Words
    nimal Defenses Animal AnimAl BehAvior t Animal Communication Animal Courtship Animal Defenses Animal Hunting and Feeding Animal Life in Groups Animal Migration Defenses ChristinA WilsDon Animal Animal Behavior: Animal Defenses Copyright  2009 by Infobase Publishing All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage or retrieval systems,...
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  • cat/dog - 458 Words
    Dogs versus Cats There comes a time in most everyone’s life when he or she decides to get a pet. There are many choices to choose from, like a snake, a bird, or even a rodent. Most people, however, decide on the more common four- legged creature like a dog or a cat. Understanding the differences can help in the process of choosing between them. Important factors in choosing the right pet depends on the following: how much affection you want from a pet, and how much responsibility you...
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  • The Pearl - 548 Words
    The Pearl The story “The Pearl” when taken at face value is about a man who strikes “gold” but on a deeper level explores man’s innate dominance complex through animal imagery. The characters Steinbeck uses animal imagery to describe are Kino, Juana, and the Trackers . In the Pearl, Kino’s dominant nature is revealed through animal imagery. One example of his dominant nature is his dominance over those who threaten his family. When Kino kills the scorpion, his “teeth were bared” and fury...
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  • dogs make better companion then cats
    Dogs make better companion than cats. I always got stuck into arguments related to “dogs make better companion than cats” and have heard heaps of opinions on this particular subject. Which is the better pet a dog or a cat? The argument is going around for centuries, and has even brought about some brilliant point of views. Well as my personal experience I believe that dogs are 100 times indeed better than cats, there are few points which prove that my statement is correct. 1) Dogs are known...
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  • Cats vs Dogs - 363 Words
    Cats vs. Dogs Juanita Grice ENG121 Melissa Holmberg 04/04/2011 The most common pets are cats and dogs. They both make excellent additions to any family, but the choice of which one depends on the time you have to devote to a pet. A busy family may opt for a cat, because it’s more self sufficient, to where a family with more time on its hands may choose a dog. One of the biggest differences between cats and dogs is the care and management. Dogs require more supervision and there...
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  • Madame Defarge - 402 Words
    Madame Defarge was a symbol of destruction: her archetype was destruction. Although she could have been an avenger, her methods and sympathy for others proves her to be a destroyer, as she destroys the innocent, her own humanity, and she does destroy herself. She does what she can to destroy the ancestors of her own cause. As the Evrémonde family destroyed her mentally, she tries to annihilate them physically. Many have given her sympathy, including the wife of the cheating aristocrat, stating...
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  • Food Chain - 776 Words
    * A food chain shows how each living thing gets food, and how nutrients and energy are passed from creature to creature. Food chains begin with a plant-life, and ends with an animal-life Parts of the Food Chain * Producers These include all green plants. Plants are called producers. This is because they produce their own food! They do this by using light energy from the Sun, carbon dioxide from the air and water from the soil to produce food - in the form of glucose/sugar. These are...
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  • Week 7 Checkpoint: Physiology Assignment
    Week 7 Checkpoint: Physiology Assignment I chose to look up a diagram on a sea dwelling organism known as a Jellyfish. Jellyfish have many different forms and are often characterized in different groups. One jellyfish that stood out to me was the Aurelia or also known as the Moon Jellyfish, which is like the basic jellyfish that I’ve always seen in pictures and books growing up. Jellyfish are said to be very effective predators, as one point in the time they were considered to be...
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  • Ecology Exam 3 - 1503 Words
    ECOLOGY 303 Exam 3 Name______________________ Section_____________________ 7 Multiple Choice (2.5pts. each) NOTE START AT 51 on scantron! 51.) A species-species interaction where both species benefit from the interaction is called: a.) Predation b.) Amensalism c.) Mutualism d.) Competition 52.) Which of the following is required for two species to be competing? a.) Niches of two species overlap b.) Two species occur in the same place c.) A...
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  • Sharks Hug with Their Mouths
    Sharks Hug with Their Mouths When you hear the word “shark” what comes to mind? Razor sharp teeth, soulless eyes, and crushing jaws create a horrifying image. Hollywood movies and over exaggerated media stories have created a sense of fear towards sharks and led people to believe that sharks could hunt humans or attack you if stepped foot into the ocean. In these movies, the sharks are portrayed as man-eaters and monsters but, in reality it’s a totally different story....
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  • Compare and Contrast Essay on Pet Dog or Cat
    Jack English 101 9 September 2013 Pet Dog or Pet Cat All over the world, people adopt or purchase animals to serve as pets. People own pets for a variety of reasons, and there are many different animals that can serve as pets. However, two of the most commonly found pets are dogs and cats. Both animals can serve as excellent pets, but depending on the customer, a dog might make a better pet than a cat, or a cat might make a better pet than a dog. In order for a future pet owner to make a...
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  • Cats vs Dogs - 1271 Words
    Colleen Chatcavage English 121 Dr. Kika Dorsey 3/18/12 Cats vs. Dogs There comes a time in most people’s lives when they decide upon choosing a pet for their household. Whether it should be a fish, bird, rodent or reptile, many push those ideas aside and choose the most common household pet; a cat or a dog. Dogs and cats share many interesting characteristics, but inside they are completely opposite animals. Each has its own attitude, needs and habits. Once you understand these...
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  • Dangers of Online Predators - 1367 Words
    The Dangers of Online Predators and What Can be done to Protect Our Youth Marcos Williams CM 107: College Composition 1 Unit 9: Final Abstract This paper is to educate parents and children about the dangers of online predators. Predators are going to great links to prey on children and they are going to great links to hide their identity. Predators are hiding in cyberspace and they are lying in wait for children to go online so...
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  • Is it ethical to feed live food to reptiles?
    Is it ethical to feed live food to exotic pets?   Abstract Live food items are often fed to exotic pet species whether they be birds, amphibians, reptiles or mammals. This raises issues of welfare, both of the animals fed live prey items and the prey itself. Concerns over live food welfare are particularly marked in the feeding of vertebrate prey items and evidence presented here shows the prolonged time taken for rodents to die, this fuelling these concerns. And yet the welfare of all...
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  • Biology Lab 2 - 432 Words
    Name: Chase Golden-Froelich Lab #2 Lab Partner: Bailey Martinez Tuesdays, Margee Will, 11:30 Hypothesis If a predator is restricted in forging range and has a limited food supply then the predator that is not limited will have a higher survivorship than that of the predator that is restricted. a. H0: If a predator is restricted in forging range and has limited food supply, there will be no difference in survivorship as a predator who is not restricted. HA1: If a predator is...
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  • Book Report - 471 Words
    Student’s Name: Khamille Ann A. Linsag Yr and Section: IV-Hope Book Report No.: 1 Date: September 11, 2012 Title of the Book: Three Men in a Boat Name of Author: Jerome K. Jerome Setting: Kingston to Oxford Main Characters: 1. George 2. Harris 3. J. 4. Montmorency Best-liked Character and Why: In the story, I like Tom the best. He is a...
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  • Dogs Are Better Than Cats
    Dogs are the best companions “A dog is a man’s best friend” this is one of many quotes that explains the importance of having a dog rather than a cat. There are a numerous reasons why a dog is considered more valuable to have than a cat. A dog will keep the owner unharmed and fit. Canines are also intelligent and are more willing to learn. In addition, dogs are selfless and more delighted to be with you than a cat will ever be. In my opinion I also feel that dogs are physically more...
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  • Compare and Contrast - 1264 Words
    Dogs and Cats Compare and Contrast Essay Marielena Mendoza ENG 121 English Compositions I Instructor: Michael Gavino November 7, 2011 I. Introduction II. Dog A. Traits B. Independence C. Complexity III. Cat A. Traits B. Independence C. Complexity V. Conclusion Dogs and Cats A study done by The American Animal Hospital Association say; that if people were stranded on a desert island, they would prefer the company of their pet. Dogs and cats play a huge role in our lives,...
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  • Op-Editorial Response Letter
    Dear Editor: In an article on September 1st of the Los Angeles Times, Jeremy Rifkin claims animals have the same understanding and concept of emotions we humans have, and that we should treat them as our equals. This idea of his is absurd, and if you really look at it you can see, he is just another animal rights activist trying to get his voice heard. Rifkin has claimed that animals feel the same emotions we do, either good or bad. He said “they feel pain, suffer, and experience stress,...
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  • Cats vs Dogs - 900 Words
    Cats vs. Dogs If you go out on the street and ask people if cats and dogs like each other, the odds are that they will say that they don’t like one another. Why is this? Most of us would say that they just don’t get along at all because they hate each other. If you were to ask a dog owner why they think that they don’t get along, they would answer “Cats are evil and mean”, the same is true for cat owners, and they would claim that “Dogs are evil and mean”. These stereotypes have been exploited...
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  • Biology Bird Nest Report
    Investigation on the effect of location on bird’s nest predation Abstract: Nest predation impacts the success of avian species. To test if the location of the nest impacted upon the amount and time the nest was predated upon, artificial nests with plastiscine eggs were placed in exposed and protected environments for two weeks in the greater Sydney region. It was hypothesized that those nests in exposed environments will be preyed upon more and in a shorter period of time then nests in a...
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  • cyber predator - 329 Words
    Wising up to threat of cyber predators As much as the internet has made a positive impact in most people’s lives, it has also made it easier for cyber predators to prey on children without parents knowing. Social media like Facebook is also struggling with ways to better protect children from such threats. So what is a cyber predator? A cyber predator uses the internet to cultivate relationship with victims and look for the right time to take advantage of them in anyway. An example would be...
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  • Lab 1 BIO 1110 NET01
    Exercise 7 REPORT FORM NAME: Aaron Olson Table 1. Record of the population sizes of all species in a community after 200 weeks according to type of simulation. Species All predators present All predators absent Without Whelk Without Chiton Without Starfish Only Whelk Only Chiton Only Starfish Algae 1 (Nori) 100 2 62 95 6 6 1 75 Algae 2 (Black pine) 152 2 98 139 7 12 0 119 Algae 3 (Coralweed) 211 1 161 275 16 29 1 212 Mussel 185 1482 83 254 1182 1129 1365 67 Barnacle 1 (Acorn) 160 9...
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  • Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats
    Dogs are better than cats because they are active and love all the attention. They are easier to train and you can teach them tricks. Dogs Protect. Dogs will alert you by barking if there is a fire, robber or something creeping around the house, where as cats will carry on sleeping or escape from a fire and forget you. Dogs are Happy. Dogs love to see you and their family, when you come home from school or work they will be excited or happy to see you, even if you are a bit grumpy, where as...
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  • Wild Life Overpopulation on Suburbia
    What are the Effects of Wildlife Overpopulation on Suburbia Have You ever wondered why you rarely see any wild animals when you go to the mountains and then when you are driving back home, you almost hit a deer? Or how we see coyotes walk down our streets and turkeys standing in the middle of the road. This is the result of the overpopulation of wild animals living in the suburbs. Wildlife living in suburbia has become an arising problem and many people do not know how it started and why they...
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  • Blab blab blab, you can't tell me what to do
    The Chesapeake Bay is important to the environment and a part of our economy. Many fish migrate to the bay to feed and mate. Fishermen use the fish as bait and catch them to sell for food. Also the rivers that flow through the surrounding states are used to dump unwanted waste that quickly leads in the watershed. Over the last 50 years we have been trying to use more of the renewable resources like water by building dams in the rivers leading to the Chesapeake Bay. We have also been using solar...
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  • LIMITING FACTORS - 232 Words
    F3.3 – LIMITING FACTORS • a factor that causes popn growth to decrease • two basic types: 1. density-independent factors 2. density-dependent factors 1. Density-independent factors • an abiotic event that affects all popn’s in the same way, regardless of popn density • e.g. fires, earthquakes, storms, temperature extremes… 2. Density-dependent Factors • a biotic interaction that varies in its effect on popn size, depending on the density of the popn involved • have greater impact on denser...
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  • Dogs and Cat - 375 Words
    Dogs Makes Better Pets than Cat I. Introduction Dogs Makes Better Pets Than Cat? * The unconditional love a pet is capable of showing a loyal companion, is as necessary in these difficult times of hardship as food, clothing and shelter. * People enjoy the company of their pets as they are lovely and accompany us in the times we need them. Thesis statement: The War between Dog and Cat Needs to Stop. Dogs and cats are both cute and both make good image macros. And before...
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  • Animal Behavior: Mimicry Lab Report
    Taste Aversion Learning by Birds in Colchester, Vermont on the Saint Michael’s College campus: A Study of Batesian Mimicry Dana Dipinto April 11,2012 Animal Behavior Mimicry Lab Report Taste Aversion Learning by Birds in Colchester, Vermont on the Saint Michael’s College Campus: A Study of Batesian Mimicry Abstract This study’s purpose was to learn and investigate the...
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  • Cats and Dogs - 1198 Words
    Final Essay Charles DiPerri University of Phoenix Pets are an important part of most households and most consider them part of their families. There are many different kinds of pets; some you can cuddle, like cats and dogs, and others just cool to have, like tarantulas, fish and snakes. Almost every household has either a cat or a dog, but most people do not realize the similarities and the differences between the two. Our pets are like humans, they all need to eat, drink, sleep and...
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  • Animal Communication - Paper - 2000 Words
    Animal Communication People communicating with animals has been portrayed in movies and in real life. In the movie Dr. Doolittle a man can actually here what animals are saying and carry on conversations with these animals, but in real life some people who communicate with animals use a technique called telepathy. Debbie McGillivray is a woman who works as an animal communicator said this, "Communicating with an animal is a two way process, there is a sender and a receiver. Through...
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  • Essay Notes on Optimal Foraging Theory
    Optimal Foraging Introduction Hunting and escape strategies of predators and prey are probably the result of a coevolutionary arms race (Dawkins 1999). There is an economic approach that the scientific community can use to look at what kinds of prey preds choose to eat. Elner and Hughes (1978) found that when given a choice of different sized mussels, shore crabs Carcinus maenus selected the prey that gives them the highest rate of return. Very small mussels were easy to open but held less...
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  • Animal Behaviors - 967 Words
    Edmund Balogun Bio 105 Assignment- Amniotes The Reptiles Chameleon: An Innate behavior can be said to be an inborn behavior. One of the innate behaviors shown in the clip is the chameleon’s ability to reach for cover and adapt with the environment and to feed. The predatory behavior of the chameleon can be seen in its feeding, it brings out its tongue to pick a prey in a fast way. It is important because it enables it catch their prey so that they don’t escape. The eyes of the chameleon...
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  • Dogs are better than cats essay
    Dylan Funk Funk1 Mrs. Wilkerson AVID Pd. 0 11-17-14 Dogs are better than cats Do you prefer a dog over a cat or a cat over a dog? I prefer a dog. Why do I prefer a dog you might ask? I prefer a dog due to the fact that they are very obedient than cats, dogs are better companions than cats, dogs promote an active lifestyle, dogs can be trained, and that dogs protect you from danger. Have you ever seen a dog be obedient to its owner? I have and in fact I have experienced it as well....
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  • Keystone Species - 634 Words
    A keystone species is a species that has a disproportionate effect on its environment relative to its abundance. Such an organism plays a role in its ecosystem that is analogous to the role of a keystone in an arch. While the keystone feels the least pressure of any of the stones in an arch, the arch still collapses without it. Similarly, an ecosystem may experience a dramatic shift if a keystone species is removed, even though that species was a small part of the ecosystem by measures of...
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  • Zoos - 698 Words
    In our present society, Zoo Authorities and Owners are being aggressive to gain a lot of money. These days to maintain the health of each animal, but most of the time people are into malls and not into zoos, that’s why in Manila Zoo. Moreover, animals are having a lot of diseases or infections in their health nowadays like the Elephant in Manila Zoo and many people are against the captivation of these kinds of animal, mostly to the animals that are endangered .nowadays, however Authorities and...
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  • Killing of Dolphins - 473 Words
    Here is the topic: Many people in Japan strongly believe that hunting dolphins has been a part of the culture, and non-Japanese cannot criticize their practice. Their opinion is that many Westerners eat meat, so they are being hypocrits for criticizing Japanese for eating another kind of meat. Do you agree with Japanese, or do you disagree? What are your reasons for your opinion? I strongly disagree. * Dolphins have very high mercury levels * Mercury is a known cause of birth effects...
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  • Foraging Techniques - 369 Words
    Various foraging relationships were determined through conduction of this experiment. Three different experiments were carried out in order to effectively meet the terms of the objective. A wooden foraging board was used to stimulate a foraging patch. This consisted of a rectangular wooden board, approximately 1’ x 1.5’, with approximately 75-80 shallow holes randomly drilled into one flat face. The randomly situated holes impeded the predator’s ability to forage in a systematic and planned...
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  • Predator-Prey Relationships: Coevolution Versus Escalation
    Predator-Prey Relationships: Coevolution versus Escalation Species on Earth interact in many different ways (Abrams, 2000). These interactions have evolved over millions of years to become an incredibly complex web of inter-species relationships and understanding these relationships enables science to model future species interactions (Abrams, 2000). From symbiosis to parasitism, Earth seems to have every type of relationship imaginable (Dietl and Kelley, 2002). One of the most intriguing...
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  • Wolf Essay - 1756 Words
    Camille Eastburn Professor Small Humanity and Nature in Literature 1 October 2014 Canis Lupus A Persuasive Essay It’s the dead of winter. The clouds have quilted the ground and trees in fresh, glistening powder. You press your snowshoe into a mound of soft snow and breathe a lung full of brisk air. In the distance you hear the quick crunching of the ground. Raising your head, you catch a glimpse of a grey tail with underlying white. You slowly swivel your head back and forth,...
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  • Predator - Prey Relationships - 4405 Words
    Predator - Prey Relationships The relationship between predators and their prey is an intricate and complicated relationship; covering a great area of scientific knowledge. This paper will examine the different relationships between predator and prey; focusing on the symbiotic relations between organisms, the wide range of defense mechanisms that are utilized by various examples of prey, and the influence between predators and prey concerning evolution and population structure. Symbiosis is...
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  • Mth221 Food Webs Case Study
    Case Study Application Paper Food Webs Case Study The food webs case study introduces mathematical techniques used for many years, including simple and sophisticated graphing, and how it relates to modern world computing and technology. Today, these mathematical techniques form the basis for programming and algorithms used in computing and research and better known as discrete mathematics. The basis of each theory discusses relationships of elements involving two or more sets and any...
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  • Cookie Cutter Shark Facts
    Cookie cutter shark ------------------------------------------------- Features: The Cookiecutter Shark combines many specialized features that enable it to carve out a living in the deep-sea. Like many mesopelagic sharks, it has an elongated body cavity filled with an enormous liver comprising as much as 35% of its total weight. The Cookiecutter’s liver is perfused with low-density oils which render the shark nearly neutrally buoyant over a wide range of depths and thereby saves energy by...
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  • Informative essay - 544 Words
    Alpha Dog Have you ever been driving down the road in your town and you noticed a Police cruiser with a K9 sticker on it? Well that obviously means that the Police Officer is riding around with a Canine partner, a 75 lbs., black and tan, gorgeous German Shepard. He is equipped with a nose that can track a man for miles and 42 razor sharp teeth ready to tear up anything that gets in his way. If you have ever wondered what type of training that K9 has been through, to be able to be part...
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  • What Is A Keystone Species
    What is a keystone species? Keystone species play the same role in many ecological communities by maintaining the structure and integrity of the community. keystone species have effects on communities that far exceed their abundance keystone species influence the presence and abundance of other organisms through their feeding relationships. The sea star P. ochraceus is considered a keystone predator,6 a single species whose impact on the whole community structure is disproportionately large...
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  • Millipedes and Their Defense Mechanisms
    Millipedes and Their Defense Mechanisms Abstract The class the millipedes are in, Diplopoda, is intriguing because it is thought to be one of the first animals to make the transition from water to land. Our lab group sought to find out under what circumstances and how millipedes use defense mechanisms. Do the millipedes curl up into a ball to evade predators? Do they bite predators and prey to inject a venom? Do they have a camouflage coating? These questions were answered by our lab...
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  • Animal Imagery in Hamlet - 984 Words
    In Shakespeare's play, Hamlet, animalistic imagery is seen throughout the play and intertwines many characters. There are two main types of animalistic behaviors seen in the play. First there are the common predator-prey relationships that are visible in all animalistic societies. In the animal kingdom there is a food chain where some smarter or more cunning animal hunts or tracks down the weaker animal, thus a predator-prey relationship. Second is the idea that the people in the play are...
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  • Annotated Bibliography-Deforestation - 733 Words
    World Wildlife Fund. Retrieved from The World Wildlife Fund is a nature conservation organization that began in 1961. Their mission is “to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature”. Their website provides a host of information ranging from habitats to endangered species and the threats that occur. Under the about us section, there are 40 of their employed experts listed. Each individual has a link that provides information about them including their...
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  • Predator-Induced Morphological Changes in an Amphibian:
    Journal Review By Alexander Eisenberg Identification This article, Predator-induced morphological changes in an amphibian: predation by dragonflies affects tadpole shape and color, was authored by S.A. McCollum and J.D. Leimberger. The article was published in 1997 in the journal Oecologia. Summary The article begins by explaining the energy costs of different defensive mechanisms. Permanent defensive morphologies are thought to be expensive to create and sustain. As a result, these...
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  • Predator Prey Relationships - 302 Words
    Predator Prey Relationships Sustainability means being able to keep up with the replacement of resources in balance with the demand. It is important to the ecosystem's sustainability that its resources are not depleted too quickly. Predator-prey relationships illustrate this concept. Prey species such as deer will continue to forage as long as food is available. Left unchecked, populations increase to the point where some members starve. Predators will take...
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  • Problem Solving Beh 225
    How did you interpret the problem? The first step is to interpret the problem. At first glance you might think this problem is a difficult one, and that was my initial reaction as well. Realizing the setup of the question was the first step. Knowing you could not leave the cat and dog together, and you could not leave the cat and mouse together, the next step is to figure out what it is your strategy is going to be. What strategy did you use and how did you evaluate your progress? For my...
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  • Phoenix Starfish - 420 Words
    Sci/230 week 7 physiology Assignment Deborah Waters January 5, 2013 University of Phoenix Starfish Starfish are very unique creatures. Starfish are sometimes called sea stars. They are classified as invertebrate Echinoderm. Starfish are commonly found in rocky tide pools and are sometimes found washed up onto shore of all the world oceans. They live in tropical waters and on the seafloors of colder climate. Starfish does not have blood. They have a water vascular system where the...
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