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  • Terminology of Poison - 348 Words
    In the context of biology, poisons are substances that cause disturbances to organisms, [1] usually by chemical reaction or other activity on the molecular scale, when a sufficient quantity is absorbed by an organism. The fields of medicine (particularly veterinary) and zoology often distinguish a poison from a toxin, and from a venom. Toxins are poisons produced by some biological function in nature, and venoms are usually defined as toxins that are injected by a bite or sting to cause their...
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  • Poison Oak - 258 Words
    Poison Oak When I was younger, my siblings and I always played outside and loved playing in the creek down the road. One evening, my brother had this bright idea to go hiking through the woods where the creek was. Our adventure was quite interesting. My brother was the leader. We would follow every footstep he made thinking he knew what he was doing. We went through a secluded part and he pulled back a limb from a tree that had “ivy” leaves on it (that’s what we called it) and when my sister...
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  • How to Poison the Earth: An Analysis
    "How to Poison the Earth": An Analysis The two main purposes Linnea Saukko has in "How to Poison the Earth" are persuasive and referential aims. She uses examples classification and descriptions to help the reader better understand the future of the planet if humans keep on the same path of destruction. The main modes she uses in the first paragraph are cause and effect, and later classification of pollution into ground water and air methods is used Saukko starts the essay off by saying,...
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  • “How to Poison the Earth” Analysis Essay
    “How to poison the earth” Saukko essay In How to Poison the Earth, the author Saukko uses sarcasm, satire, and ironic text in order to capture the readers attention and make them understand her purpose in the essay, which is to show people the future of out planet. From the very start, her thesis is very straight forward and grabs your attention right away. “Poisoning the earth can be difficult because the earth is always trying to cleanse and renew itself.” A sense of sarcasm is noticed in...
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  • How to Poison the Earth and Chronicles of Ice
    How to Poison the Earth and Chronicles of Ice Saukko focuses in this essay explaining a process of “How to Poison the Earth.” and “Chronicles of Ice.” by Ehrlish. Both authors make excellent point about how to save and conserve the planet of Earth. Both go about making these point in two completely different ways although...
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  • Preschool Teaching Activity: Poison Safety
    Two student nurses were given an assignment to visit American Lutheran Preschool and teach the preschoolers the safety of poisons. While planning this project they researched how a preschooler learns affectively “Children learn best by actively participating in learning,” and “Learning occurs best if rewards, not penalties, are offered” (Pilliterri, 2007). They began their teaching plan based on these learning effective teaching measures and incorporated them into their poison presentation....
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  • Ba Noteses - 16227 Words
    Short Stories Critical Notes for B.A. English Bilcans SHORT STORIES & ONE ACT PLAYS Critical Notes For Bachelor of Arts (According to Punjab University English Syllabus) Prepared at: Bab-ul-Ilm Institute of Languages, Computer & Natural Sciences (BILCANS) SOHAWA, MANDI BAHAUDDIN Now at Bab-ul-Ilm Public School Campus (An Educational Wing of Bab-ul-Ilm Research Foundation®) Contact us: Cell: 0322-778-7338, 0321-774-6647 Email: Birf.Pakistan@hotmail.com To Download...
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  • A Family supper - 370 Words
     The Structural Design Analysis In A Family Supper, there is not too many words. It can be identified a fiction story with a touch of supernatural, Some ghost things are mentioned in here. No slangs or other languages are utilized by the narrator who just uses simple words to describe the story, that makes readers to understand it easily . The fantastic detail description and the vivid character are featured of the story. I think the outline of the story is a kind of messy, when...
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  • Module 11 text questions
    FORENSIC SCIENCE II - UNIT THREE: TEXT QUESTIONS REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. What is toxicology? Toxicology is the study of substances that cause adverse effects in humans or other organisms. 2. Who was Mathieu Orfila? Mathieu Orfila was a Spanish-born Chemist; he published one of the first written works dedicated to the topic of poisons and medications. He was known as the “Father of Toxicology” for his work in the area. 3. What is strychnine? What symptoms does it cause? Strychnine is a...
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  • Performance Enhancing Drugs and Other Forms of Cheating in Sports - Can They Ever Be Justified?
    POISONING A poison is any solid, liquid, or gaseous substance that tends to impair health or cause death when introduced into the body or onto the skin surface. A. Ways in Which Poisoning May Occur: • • • • Ingestion Inhalation Injection Absorption B. Some Preventive Measures Against Poisoning: • • • • • • • Be cautious in taking any medication. Keep all drugs and harmful chemicals locked up, away from the reach of children. Promptly dispose of incomplete prescription drugs and expired...
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  • Chemical Poisoning - 3715 Words
    Chemical Poisoning Definition Chemical poisoning is a major public health concern. Approximately 95% of all accidental or intentional poisonings are due to chemicals. Nearly 90% of these cases occur at home. The smallest children, infants and toddlers, are at the highest risk for accidental (acute) poisoning. In 2000, poison control centers received well over a million calls about poison exposures to children younger than age 6. Chronic exposure is chemical poisoning that occurs slowly and...
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  • Health Law and Regulations Paper
    Health Law and Regulations Paper Diane Wilson University of Phoenix Rhonda Dempsey Health Law and Regulations Paper "Federal regulatory agencies have been created over the life of the United States to deal with specific issues that affect citizens of all states or industries that engage in business across state boundaries. Federal regulatory agencies generate and enforce rules" (eHow Money). The law dictates their work. Regulatory agencies enforce federal laws and generate rules....
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  • E-Waste Recyling Essay
    An estimation of 130,000 computers are thrown out every day in the US. The US discards 30 million computers each year and 100 million phones are disposed of in Europe annually. The use of throwing away or donating old electronic devices is known as e-waste recycling. E-waste recycling is the recycling of electronic waste such as phones, computers, or any form of electronic hardware. E-waste can contain many valuable materials such as aluminum, copper, gold, silver, plastic, or other important...
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  • Diphenhydramin (Benadryl) Overdose - 1383 Words
    Running head: BSRN - 340 - PHARMACOLOGY – DIPHENHYDRAMINE - OD Diphenhydramine Overdose in a 26-year-old Woman BSRN – 340 – Pharmacology for Nurses April 24th, 2009 Diphenhydramine Overdose in a 26-year-old Woman Paramedics were dispatch to the apartment of a 26-year-old woman who reportedly ingested two full bottles of diphenhydramine 45 minutes prior to the arrival of emergency medical services. According to the paramedics’ report, they found the patient unconscious with a...
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  • Obligation to Endure - 853 Words
    College Writing 2/21/2011 The Dangers and Power of Pesticides Rachel Carson writes of how pesticides and human interferences with nature have changed the course of the human races future. Carson describes the drastic changes and mutations in nature that pesticides have introduced by the pesticides. She then goes on to describe the effects of the pesticides on people and the animals. Also Carson talks about the long term effects and how they will affect our descendants. Carson’s essay tells...
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  • Pesticide Bill - 741 Words
    Bill Ever since anyone can remember, there have always been labels on food. There is an ingredients label, allergy warnings, calorie labels, protein amounts, amount of fat, amounts per serving, etc. This all to make the consumer aware of what he or she is buying. But no one that I know of has ever seen a label indicating what pesticides and chemicals were used to grow these foods. Foods such as lettuce, peaches, apples, and so on, do not state what pesticides are used in growing them....
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  • preschool injuries - 572 Words
     Preschool-kids love to tackle new challenges, as they test their physical, behavioral, and emotional limits. Preventable injuries are the leading cause of death in preschool age children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The preventable injuries commonly seen in preschoolers include: drowning, falls, and accidental poisonings. Accidents may cause a lifelong disability in a preschooler if the incident hinders the development of their body or brain. Health care...
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  • Ciggerettes - 360 Words
    Cigarettes should be made illegal 443,000 deaths a year, the causalities of a war? The death total of a pandemic? No, this is the number of people who knowingly poison and kill themselves with cigarettes. Cigarettes are responsible for more deaths then HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle injuries, suicides, and murders combined in the United States. Smoking harms nearly every organ in a person’s body yet it still remains legal. Smoking increases risk of several deadly diseases and...
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  • Bacterial Food Posioning - 1511 Words
    Advanced Food hygiene Assigment question 6 Non Bacterial Food Posioning Food poisoning can be caused by the consumption of food contaminated by substances other than bacteria. This can occur by contamination of the food by chemicals, the ingestion of poisonous plants and by eating fish or shellfish that have been feeding on poisonous plankton or living in contaminated waters. Several foods contain naturally occurring poisons. This is more common in plants; there are hardly any animals that...
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  • injury and illness - 3112 Words
    Assessment task-MMII 002 managing paediatric illness and injury Described how to manage an infant with foreign bodies in their eyes, ears and nose If you get a foreign body stuck in your ears or nose you should go to the nearest NHS walk in centre or minor injuries unit, because when you attempt to remove it yourself it sometimes may occur to get even more stuck. If you get any foreign bodies in your eyes such as dust, paint or sand it can be removed easily by doing this: Put on some...
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  • Rappiccini's Daughter - 947 Words
    In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story, “Rappaccini’s Daughter,” the central female character, Beatrice Rappaccini, is controlled by three male figures in the story. The male characters, Giovanni, Baglioni, and her father all exploit Beatrice for individual reasons. Ironically, each male character claims to have her best interest at heart, but ultimately they all play a vital role in her demise. While Beatrice may have been superficially poisonous, the true poisoners in the story are the male...
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  • Childproof or not? - 278 Words
    Chapter 1: The Problem and Its Settings. A.Introduction or Background of the Study Up until now we encounter some containers that seems hard to open. Most manufacturers of medicines and household items created these containers so that children would avoid ingesting these substances without adult nor pediatricians’advice or supervision. These are Childproof containers. Some children mistake some medicines into candy which results into poisoning. I want to conduct this study to lower the...
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  • Unit 3 Text questions
    1. What is toxicology? Toxicology is the study of substances that cause adverse effects in humans or other organisms. 2. Who was Mathieu Orfila? Mathieu Orfila was a Spanish born chemist. He published one of the first written works dedicated to the topic of poisons and medications. 3. What is strychnine? What symptoms does it cause? Strychnine is a poison that comes from the Strychnine tree. The poisoning can come from consumption, inhalation or absorption by mucous membranes. The...
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  • Safety Lab - 444 Words
    9 September 2013 Safety in the Laboratory 2. a) The fire extinguisher should be used when, and only when there is a fire. In order to use a fire extinguisher one must pull the pin, aim at the fire, squeeze the trigger, and sweep. b) Whenever chemicals make contact with your eye, it is imperative that you go to the eyewash station. This is where you will be able to clean and flush out any chemicals in your eyes in order to prevent any damage. In order to use the eyewash, you must push the...
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  • Short summary of Silent Spring
    Silent Spring by Rachel Carson Year Written: 1962 The beginning of the Environmentalist Movement Short Summary; The pesticides used in an attempt to control insects that were major threats to national and international agriculture and the deadly and lasting results. Rachel Carson elaborates with careful research the harmful effects of pesticides on insects, marine life, land mammals, plant life, soil and humans, which can store the toxins and result in convulsions, bone aches, cancer and...
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  • Botany of Dieffenbachia Seguine - 1648 Words
    Dieffenbachia Native to Central and South America and a relative of our skunk cabbage, Symplocarpus foetidus, Dieffenbachia is a broad-leaved foliage plant with thick succulent stems. A popular house plant because of its ease of culture, it is available in a variety of leaf patterns. [pic] Dieffenbachia’s common name, Dumbcane, comes from the fact that all plant parts contain raphides; crystalline, needle-like structures which are ejected when cell walls are damaged. Raphides are believed...
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  • Synthetic Marijuana - 604 Words
    Summary Synthetic marijuana is a big trend in our community because there are no drug tests for this yet and you can buy the product at a head shop, and a tobacco store over the counter. This has been an ethical problem in our world today because a lot of people are dying from it, where I am at they had a person die from the synthetic marijuana a brand called "Black Widow." They had a protest in my town to ban the Black Widow because it caused someone to die from the chemicals that was in it. I...
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  • Deviant Behavior - 367 Words
    Olakunle Balogun Crmj 355 03/31/13 School crime in the news For this week’s class I found an article on a case of school crime, the article was published by the inquisitor. The crime in question however is unusual in comparison to the regular school environment crime, in today’s world we mostly hear of school shootings, teacher and student’s sexual relationship, theft and more. This case stems from two teens who were arrested for spiking...
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  • bedford notes - 1060 Words
    Ryan Jabola Mr.Montalbano 2nd Period AP Lang. and Comp. 3 November 2014 How to Poison the Earth Questions Questions on Meaning: 1.) The main purpose of this essay is to inform the readers about the threats we are causing to the future of our planet because he explains how humans are poisoning the earth. Humans are poisoning the earth from their use of pesticides, ruining water supplies, forming radioactive ...
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  • Lab Safety - 1037 Words
    Safety Symbols These symbols warn of possible dangers in the laboratory and remind you to work carefully. Safety Goggles Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes in any activity involving chemicals, flames or heating, or glassware. Lab Apron Wear a laboratory apron to protect your skin and clothing from damage. Breakage Handle breakable materials, such as glassware, with care. Do not touch broken glassware. Fumes Work in a ventilated area when harmful vapors may be involved. Avoid inhaling...
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  • Hobbyist: Short Story and Druggist
    Summary The short story, “The Hobbyist written by Frederic Brown is about a man named Sangstrom. Sangstrom was at a prescription pharmacy secretly talking to the Druggist about buying an undetectable poison to kill his wife. The Druggist asks to follow him into the back room and puts some coffee into the boiler. The Druggist informs Sangstrom that he feels that he deserves the poison for free but must pay for the antidote. This is when Sangstrom realizes that the Druggist had poisoned his...
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  • Television and Modern Flats Welfare
    HOLIDAYS HOMEWORK-ENGLISH-CLASS-XII 1. Paste 5 Articles and develop Notes on them using proper format and abbreviations .Supply suitable Heading too. 2. You are Secretary of Modern Flats Welfare Association ,Meerut. Write a notice to be circulated to the members of Association, requesting them to attend a meeting to discuss the parking of vehicles of the residents. 3. Design a Poster for promoting cleanliness in the surrounding of your colony. 4. Write a formal reply to...
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  • My Ambition in Life - 291 Words
    10. GCPP-142-FD-50Pads. X100 Sheets(C6)-30-10-2001 DECLARATION FORM (To be filled and retured to the Assistant Commissioner, Food and Drugs Administration, Pondicherry) N.B. No Column should be left blank or with a dash. If you have not particulars to be furnished for any column, NIL/Does not arise should be entered. 1. Name and Complete address of the firm : LAKSHMI MEDICAL Old No. 84, New No. 87, Villianur Road, Sithananda Nagar, Puducherry 605 005....
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  • political science article vaping
    State to launch campaign against “vaping” Vaping has been a common issue in California for many reasons lately. They are having issues with younger kids trying to use these vape pens. The argue is that the vaping companies are making E-cigarette flavors that are attracting the eyes of these young kids. It says that sweet flavors such as “gummy bear’ and “bubble gum” make it seem like it tastes really good so they want to try it. Kids under the age of 6 were half of these victims...
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  • Rappaccini's Daughter: Poisonous Beatrice
    Rappaccini’s Daughter Essay Professor Baglioni gave Giovanni the anti-poison for Beatrice, being a scientist he must know the effect that it would have on a person that is pure poison. Professor Baglioni is guilty of murder, due to the fact that as a scientist he must know that an anti-poison neutralizes the effect of the poison, and Beatrice having been raised along with the poisonous plant became a poisonous being as well. Professor Baglioni had motive, which is the main essence of a...
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  • Malathion - 727 Words
    Malathion Risk Assessment Genericville’s city counsel is facing a very vital decision when it comes to the plan of action against the West Nile Virus. The use of the pesticide Malathion is the issue at hand. There are alternatives to using pesticides and all angles must be carefully weighed to determine the overall advantage of all available methods. Malathion has risks as well as benefits. I have evaluated all of the hazards as well as the benefits associated with using Malathion and the...
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  • The disadvantages and advantages of pesticides. - 521 Words
    PESTICIDES IN OUR ECONOMY INTRODUCTION A pesticide is a material used to kill or reject a pest. Pesticides have disadvantages and advantages. They are able to restrain pests, but it can also kill other organisms as well. Not only do they affect animals but they can effect us, as humans. A pesticide is a biological, physical, or chemical agent used to kill plants or animals that are harmful to people. The name pesticide is generally applied only to chemical agents. Examples of different...
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  • Why Not to Smoke - 594 Words
    Period 2 Dylan Fitzpatrick 2-6-13 Persuasive Essay Do you know how many people die annually due to smoking cigarettes? Approximately 6 million and counting. Every 6½ seconds a current or former smoker dies. Do you want to join them? Smoking kills, and I encourage you to never try it. Remember, it only takes one cigarette to get addicted. 1 cigarette can ruin your life. Smoking can ruin your life. It has to be one of the least healthiest things you can do. Smoking causes many different...
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  • Angels of Death - 462 Words
    Angels of Death The Female Nurses The time was 1914, there were no men around due to the war and it all started in a farming village called Nagyrev located along the Tisza River in Hungry; only about 60 miles from Budapest. There was a community of killers in these two places known as the “Wise Women”. These women were really just midwives with a killer’s tenancy. Well it all started during WW1 when they didn’t have hospitals and were in desperate need of midwives. People had...
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  • Pollution: Global Warming and Personal Hygiene Products
    POLLUTION Pollution happens absolutely everywhere, every single second of the day, everywhere on earth. It happens in many city, many town, or many state. You can find pollution in cars, home electronics, personal hygiene products, natural disasters, and even your own home. Pollution is poison for anything that lives and breathes; it poisons water, air, land, humans, and animals, so it cannot to be taken lightly. As a law people should take more care of their surroundings and try harder to...
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  • Midterm Study Guide - 2661 Words
    Name: HLT 3306: Midterm Study Guide Chapters 1-6 Complete and study thoroughly. I do not give the answers for these questions so it is your responsibility to read the textbook and do the work so that you do well. You will not have enough time to search for all of the answers so I suggest you complete the guide and master its material. Note: It’s a whole lot easier to complete this guide if you read one chapter at a time and then complete a portion of the questions. You’ll remember the...
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  • Chemical Warfare - 1183 Words
    Luke Corrigan Per. 2 Chemical warfare What is Chemical Warfare: To understand chemical warfare you must first understand what a chemical agent is. A United Nations report from 1969 defines chemical warfare agents as " ... chemical substances, whether gaseous, liquid or solid, which might be employed because of their direct toxic effects on man, animals and plants ... ". This means basically that any chemical that is used to directly effect and harm a person, plant, or animal would be an...
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  • pokemon type match-up chart
    Type Matchup Chart Types are assigned both to moves and to the Pokémon themselves. These types can greatly affect the amount of damage dealt or received in battle, so if you learn how they line up against one another, you’ll give yourself an edge in battle. Defending Pokémon’s Type Attacking Pokémon’s Move Type ◉ ▲ ▲ Grass ▲ ◉ ▲ ◉ ▲ ▲ ◉ Electric Ice ▲ Fighting ▲ ◉ ◉ Flying ▲ Rock ◉ ▲ ◉ ▲ ◉ ▲ ▲ ▲ ◉ ╳...
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  • A Rose for Emily: Themes - 401 Words
    A Rose For Emily In many stories characters isolate themselves for society, due to events of their past. Extreme isolation can cause can cause loneliness in one's life. In ''A Rose For Emily'', the author seems to portray that such isolation can cause someone to do an unspeakable act. Isolation and loneliness in any case will cause some behavioral issues. The main character, Emily Grierson lives her life under her father. Her father thinks that no man is good enough for his daughter....
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  • Don't Text and Drive - 476 Words
    I. Introduction Paragraph A. Thesis Statement B. General Statements about the topic (what 3 topics you will include in your paper) 1. toxic substance scholastics 2. control of the toxic substance 3. impact of the substance on people and the environment C. A statement that will grab the reader’s attention II. 3 Body Paragraphs A. 3 paragraphs (indented), one for each subtopic B. Each Paragraph 1. Begins with a topic sentence 2. Has details that...
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  • Love Birds - 1260 Words
    Lovebirds Care There are a lot of things you must consider in Lovebirds care. The cages where they will spend most of their time, their food, and the possible health problems you might encounter if you can’t provide things they need for constant activity. In your Lovebirds cage, you should provide perches where they can comfortably stand, and work as their exercise. You must provide them a lot of toys to prevent them from boredom and stress. They love cage mirrors, bird swings and cage...
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  • Rappaccinis Daughter - 2072 Words
    Rappaccinis Daughter Story Summary The story rappaccinis daughter takes place in Padua in northern Italy at the University of Padua. A medical student there named Giovanna Guasctonti moves into a small apartment in an old mansion that once belonged to a family of nobles. One of the former family members was thought to be the lost soul Dante a character in the define comedy Dantes Inferno. Giovanni’s apartment has a balcony view over this extravagant large garden tended by the Great physician...
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  • The Effects of Acid Rain on Lakes and Trees
    The Effects of Acid Rain on Lakes and Trees Acid rain has long been argued by society's most formidable minds. It indirectly destroys ecosystems that surround forests and lakes (Taylor, 26). People need to make decisions dealing with the destruction of nature and the role acid rain plays in it. Acid rain destroys millions of forests and lakes (Taylor, 26 ). Studies show that acid rain is one of the largest contributing factors in the death of forests and lakes....
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  • Rappaccinis Daughter - 1105 Words
    Sam Sandoval Ellen Wall English 93, 8am 25 February 2011 Evil in Mankind The story “ Rappaccini’s Daughter” shows that there is corruption in the world, Beatrice is the only innocent person portrayed in the story. Almost all the characters in the story are corrupt. From Giovanni showing his love, but in reality being infatuated with Beatrice, to Rappaccini committing the biggest sin, which is pride. Everyone is guilty of corruption in the story except for Beatrice. Giovanni lives in an...
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  • How Leeds Was Like Durning the Victorian Times
    Life in Leeds was ghastly; many sources tell me this from pictures, to rhymes, reports and drawings Leeds was a well polluted and unhygienic place, Leeds also did not have any proper sewage system causing diseases to spread killing innocent civilians. First pictures of Leeds Steel works which was taken in 1864 show me that factories created poisonous gases that normal everyday public inhaled. My first source also shows that from a distant view the air itself was murky and unclear. Source 1:...
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  • Safety Measures in the Chemistry Laboratory
    Safety measures in the chemistry laboratory The mentors are responsible for instructing the competitors as to the risks to which they are subjected when working in a chemistry laboratory, as well as to the basic safety measures, and first aid. Specific behavioral and safety measures must be obeyed to prevent accidents. Rules in the lab: * Use protective clothing all the time (e.g. lab coat and safety glasses) * Use a hair band to keep your hair away from your face. *...
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  • Hum 111 Week 7
    Together We Stand (Community Out- Reach) It has been writing that many of our community member are suffering from some unknown type symptoms I Have discovered some very important information, that I believe can help shine some light on this epidemic. I believe that this has something to do with the way our environment is being effected by this gas company. I have done extensive research on the back ground of this company and come to...
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  • Scope of Commerce - 2706 Words
    Part: I Bio- Demographic Information Table no 1.1 Distribution of respondents according to bio- demographic information n=60 Characteristics | Frequency | Percent | age group of respondents | less than 20 yrs | 13 | 21.7 | 20-25 yrs | 46 | 76.7 | 25-30 yrs | 1 | 1.7 | current ward | | | ICU | 17 | 38.6 | Emergency | 13 | 29.5 | general ward | 14 | 31.8 | Cabin | 4 | 6.7 | POWWork experienceLess than 1 year 1-2 yrs2-3 yrsMore than 4 yrs |...
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  • The Effects of Gold Mining - 556 Words
    Gold mining is a serious problem due to air, water pollution it produces an it threatens the human health. It is a term used to define the series of processes to extract gold from underground. It is impossible to know the exact date that humans first began to mine gold, but some of the oldest known gold artifacts were found in the Varna Necropolis in Bulgaria. The graves of the necropolis were built between 4700 and 4200 BCE, indicating that gold mining could be at least 7000 years old...
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  • Forensic Toxicology - 962 Words
    Forensic Toxicology Forensic toxicology plays an exceptionally vital role in linking victim deaths to drug use, poisonings, and the detection of foreign chemicals and toxins in the human body. The utilization of analytical chemistry and a few chemical tests can tell investigators if the victim was under the influence of any drugs or even poisoned, by studying samples of blood, urine, hair and even bodily fluids. Forensic toxicologists detect and identify the foreign chemicals in the body,...
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  • silent spring - 648 Words
    AP language and composition free response question 1 In the passage from “Silent Spring”, by Rachel Carson, she portrays her strong emotions about American’s attitude towards the environment and the mindset obtained that it is justifiable to kill species because of an inconvenience they might cause. Carson is able to render that through rhetorical strategies such as exemplification, repetition, and cause and effect. Carson uses exemplification to help the reader understand her point on the...
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  • Toxicology - 2020 Words
    Introduction Chemical substances found at a crime scene or within a victim or suspect can be very helpful in many ways. For starters, finding a chemical substance at a crime scene may be able to help narrow the list of suspects by finding out what the substance is and linking it to a certain person. Also, finding the chemical makeup of the substance can help to show how educated the suspect may be. If it is a difficult combination, it could mean that the suspect may be educated in chemistry or...
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  • Teens Drinking Hand Sanitizer
    Getting down and Dirty Did you know you could be carrying a killer product around with you in your purse? How serious is the problem of underage drinking? Teenagers getting their little sticky fingers on alcohol by any means necessary are a major society issue. Hand sanitizer is the latest trend going around that is used to induce intoxication. Did you know 1 squirt of hand sanitizer is equivalent to drinking 10 shots of hard liquor? Hand sanitizer should be taken off the shelves. A Taste...
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  • Speech Outline - 485 Words
    Ayrnan Hernandez Speech Outline COM 110, Section 25 Chad Woolard Speech Outline Introduction: Do you find yourself not having as much energy during the week as you use to during high school? Are you easily more irritated than normal? Are you feeling down more often than before? All these functions are based off of chemicals and I am here to talk to you about chemical warfare. Preview Statement: What is Chemical warfare, how chemical warfare works, and the ...
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  • Auto Tech Automotive Safety
    Kerrian Brown Automotive Mr. Feilke 6 May 2010 Automotive Safety Automotive safety is the most important concepts in the automotive industry. In an auto shop, you should always be wearing safety glasses to prevent eye injury. You also should have durable boots or proper footwear to prevent physical injury. Most chemicals in an auto shop require the use of gloves. Also when dealing with polluted air wear a respirator to prevent asphyxiation. Some accidents that may occur in an auto...
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  • Environmental Hazards for Toddlers - 543 Words
    Toddlers are at high risk for accidents secondary to their lack of coordination, increased mobility, and curiosity and these accidents are the cause of more deaths than all childhood diseases (Edelman & Mandle, 2010). The most common accidental injuries are structural hazards, drowning, burns, poisoning, and motor vehicle accidents (Edelman & Mandle). • Structural hazards include staircases, tabletops, chairs, and playground equipment, which toddlers can fall from. Safety gaits should be used...
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    Pesticides are used to kill insects, weeds, and other unwanted living things. The effects of pesticides are not limited to the plants to which they are applied. They also affect human, animals, and the environment. The scientific research that describes the impact of pesticides indicates that pesticides affect reproduction, growth, neurological development, and the function of the immune and endocrine systems. The wildlife toxicity data has shown that the young tend to exhibit greater...
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  • Clinical Toxicology Case 3
    CLINICAL TOXICOLOGY LABORATORY CONSON, JULIHRENE MICAR M. November 28, 2013 BS PHARMACY 4 CASE NO. 3. Jeh, a 21 year old female was brought to the ER in generalized seizures. On query, she was found sprawled on the floor, unresponsive despite her dorm mate’s efforts to wake her by shaking her and slapping her cheeks. Vomitus and unknown white tablets (INH) were littered around her. It took 15 minutes to reach the ER. During transport, aides claimed she went into active seizures twice...
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  • criminal justice - 449 Words
     Discuss the exclusionary rule and the following three related concepts: fruit of the poisoned tree, inevitable discovery exception, and the good faith exception. The exclusionary rule has three elements. First, there must be an illegal action by a police officer, or by someone acting as an agent of the police. Second, there must be evidence secured. The third element states that there must be a casual connection between the illegal action and the evidence secured. “Fruit of the poisoned...
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  • Lord Randall - 992 Words
    Witness’ Version I am here to prove that my Lord’s mother is innocent and she did not do what is accused to her. I am the family’s servant. I work there all day. They are like my family already. Everyone treats me good. That family is great. Lord Randall and his mother have a good relationship. I can say that Lord Randall grown up well because of his mother. Lord Randall loves hunting. Sometimes, he lets us servants to go with him. It was fun indeed. Hunting may be tiring but Lord Randall...
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  • Blima - 345 Words
    Taken to factory to work 3. Says she can work to avoid gas chamber 4. Gizella secretly helps Blima with machine E. Gizella Taken to factory to work 3. Says she can work to avoid gas chamber 4. Gizella secretly helps Blima with machine E. Gizella 1. Helps her by giving her foodTaken to factory to work 3. Says she can work to avoid gas chamber 4. Gizella secretly helps Blima with machine E. Gizella 1. Helps her by giving her foodTaken to factory to work 3. Says...
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  • Pharmaceutical Society Of Great Britain
    Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain v Boots [1953] 1 QB 401 Court of Appeal Boots introduced the then new self service system into their shops whereby customers would pick up goods from the shelf put them in their basket and then take them to the cash till to pay. The Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain brought an action to determine the legality of the system with regard to the sale of pharmaceutical products which were required by law to be sold in the presence of a pharmacist. The...
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  • Canadian Sisters' Death in Thailand and Use of Pesticides
    INEXPLICABLE DEATH OF TWO CANADIAN SISTERS FOUND IN THAILAND One would believe that the remote Phi Phi Islands of Thailand, which looks like a tropical getaway, would be the best trip for a summer vacation, but for two young and unfortunate Canadian sisters –Audrey and Noémi Bélanger-, who travelled there in 2012 looking for a break from their university studies, fell into an unfathomable twisted turn of events. Days after they had arrived, both Audrey and Noemi were discovered dead in their...
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  • Eleventh Plague - 318 Words
    Epidemiologist Marr and freelancer Baldwin (Ice Pick, 1982) team up to write a gripping (if styleless) suspenser about a mad scientist bringing down upon mankind the ten Biblical plagues of Exodus, plus one more for good measure. The dramatized plagues include bread-moldderived ergot from the rye fungus, which causes massive itching, cramps, spasms, and gangrene--as well as later centuries' smallpox, leprosy, Black Plague, syphilis, dysentery, TB, typhus, cholera, and AIDS, not to mention Ebola,...
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  • forensic science - 318 Words
    Review Questions What is toxicology? the study of substances that cause adverse effects in humans or other organisms Who was Mathieu Orfila? a Spanish-born chemist who published one of the first written works dedicated to the topic of poisons and medications What is strychnine? What symptoms does it cause? It comes from the seeds of the strychnine tree, and strychnine poisoning can occur through consumption, inhalation, or absorption by mucous membranes. Symptoms are painful cramps and...
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  • Indian Culture - 616 Words
    As we walked back to the longhouse, Chabok, who was in front of me, suddenly stopped on the track and raised his blowpipe, quickly inserting a dart into the mouthpiece and packing the end with a small twist of raw cotton. To one side and above him, about twelve meters away, a squirrel was scampering on a branch. I wanted to see Chabok bring it down with a dart but at the same time I had an almost uncontrollable urge to cry out and frighten the animal away. It seemed such a small squirrel. Chabok...
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  • Illness chart - 1141 Words
    Task B (007.2.1 Complete a grid to identify the common signs and symptoms of childhood illnesses/allergies, accidents and injuries and how these should be responded to within your early years setting. Illness/Allergy Signs and Symptoms Procedural Response Allergy (examples) 1. 2. 3. 007.2.2 Chicken Pox High temperature (fever), aches and headache often start a day or so before a rash appears. Spots (rash). Spots appear in crops. They develop into small blisters and are...
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  • Toxins at Home - 2549 Words
    Toxins at Home Boyd Composition II Gray April 25, 2013 Boyd Research Essay Gray April 25, 2013 Toxins at Home Imagine every item you come in contact with daily: from food, clothing, shampoo and conditioner, or even your computer. These items are part of everyone’s everyday life. Yet, everyday people ingest, absorb, or inhale chemicals or toxins found in these items. Many precautions and groups have been formed to protect the environment and human health such as the FDA, NCI,...
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  • Silent Spring - 643 Words
    Ab Uno Disce Omnes – From One, Learn All Kevin Bian 9/21/11 Pd. 7 Ferguson Nature has been both the bane and the influence of countless generations of humans. In the decades following WWII, pesticides were widely used and were hailed as the solution against pests of all types. However, the shocking effects of pesticides were mostly unknown amongst the general public until the publication of Silent Spring, which is widely believed to have launched the environmental movement. In the...
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  • Bath Salts - 1576 Words
    When you think of the word "drug" what comes to mind? Probably marijuana, cocaine, lsd, prescriptions but what about bath salts? When I first heard stories about people on bath salts my reaction was you have to be kidding right, but no first popping onto the radar of the DEA and poison control in 2010, this product is causing quite a stir in the United States. Mark Ryan from the LA poison control says in an interview on the Dr. Oz television show "that he has never seen a drug that has caused...
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  • symposium cas 100 example
    as the moderator I will state the question introduce you guys and your solutions keep the time and guide the discussion in the free- interaction as well as state and explain the solution during the formal period so I will collect all The question in hand would be ”what can be done to reduce the rate of harmful foods consumption by the public?" The names of the panelists and the topics they will be presenting in the order of first to last will be Rashid Raymond Kramer as the moderator I...
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  • Toxicologist Career Journal - 434 Words
    Toxicologist Definition of Toxicologist: * A toxicologist is one who studies the nature and effects of poisons and their treatment. Required Education/Training: * To become a toxicologist, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in toxicology or a related field. * Most toxicologists have either a master’s or doctoral degree in the field. * To toxicologist in a certain field, you must have had to experience in that field. For example if you want to become a veterinarian...
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  • pulp - 387 Words
    Some people punish themselves when they are under time pressure. They delete all the games on their PC, they stop going for walks, and they don’t spend time with their friends. They then have less pleasure in life and less balance ― and their work performance actually declines. Break out of this pattern by paying more attention to relaxation and getting more involved in living when you are under pressure. Define clear time periods for this: half an hour for a walk, ten minutes to play a...
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  • Sarin gas - 357 Words
    Research paper: Sarin Gas Sarin is a man-made chemical warfare agent classified as a nerve agent. Nerve agents are the most toxic and rapidly acting of the known chemical warfare agents. Physical and chemical properties: Sarin Gas is colorless as well as odorless; it can be evaporated into a gas and is classified as a nerve agent which is extremely toxic. Molecular formula: (CH3-P(=O)(-F)(-OCH(CH3)2)) Molecular name: isopropyl methylphosphonofluoridate Molecular weight: 140.1 g/mol...
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  • Forensic Toxicology - 629 Words
    Forensic Toxicology Anthony Mack Research Paper Period: 8th What’s a Forensic Toxicologist? A forensic toxicologist is first a scientist. But when he/she applies scientific knowledge to assist juries, attorneys, and judges in understanding the poisons in science. Then he/ she are forensic Toxicologists. A forensic toxicologist is a scientist that works with law enforcement agencies to determine if any poisons or drugs are found in biological fluids or human tissues are...
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  • Msds - 2414 Words
    4 3 Material Safety Data Sheet Acetaldehyde MSDS Section 1: Chemical Product and Company Identification Product Name: Acetaldehyde Catalog Codes: SLA1309 CAS#: 75-07-0 RTECS: AB1925000 TSCA: TSCA 8(b) inventory: Acetaldehyde CI#: Not applicable. Synonym: Ethyl Aldehyde; Ethanal; Acetic Aldehyde Chemical Name: Acetaldehyde Chemical Formula: CH3CHO Contact Information: Sciencelab.com, Inc. 14025 Smith Rd. Houston, Texas 77396 US Sales: 1-800-901-7247 International Sales: 1-281-441-4400 Order...
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  • Interconnectiveness - 405 Words
    It’s All Connected! Human drops six-pack plastic soda ring ring gets stuck around birds neck bird dies insects (caterpillars, earthworms, worms, etc.) begin to over populate Litter can cause a lot of problems for the community. If a whole community were covered with litter, people would think differently of the community, because it would look like a huge dump. When the wind blows, a lot of the litter can travel to other places like the beach. That can be very dangerous for alot of the...
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  • Sam Spady - 577 Words
    Sam Spady Death by Alcohol The Sam Spady story was presented to Briar Cliff as a mandatory event for all incoming freshmen, focusing upon the dangers of drinking. The seminar began with Sam's history; her likes and dislikes, hobbies, like her enchanting drawings, and of course her tragic story. I admire her mother for having the ability to carry on and use her hardships to in hopes of one day eliminating someone else's. I feel this was a great thing for all students to view, and I am more...
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  • Rat and Toad - 321 Words
    Cane Toads are large amphibians, similar to a frog, except heavily-built with dry wart-like skin. The colour of their skin can vary between a deep grey to a reddish-brown and they can grow between lengths of 10-15cm long. Toads can be found in urban areas, as well as grasslands and woodland. Their diet varies quite a bit, and they eat almost anything they can swallow, including household scraps and pet food, but most of their diet consists of living insects. Rats are medium-sized rodents...
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  • 5.03 Regionalism: Faulkner “a Rose for Emily”
    Kathryn Kerr 04062013 5.03 Regionalism: Faulkner “A Rose for Emily” Part 1- Character Identification: 1: Emily Grierson – Emily is a mysterious character who changes from a bright and hopeful young girl to a isolated and secretive old woman. Devastated and alone after her father’s death, she is the main source of pity for the townspeople. After a life of having potential suitors rejected by her father, she spends time after his death with a newcomer, Homer Barron, although the chances of his...
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  • Bibliographic essay - 266 Words
    English 3 AP, Period 6 Jones, Wanda. “ Scopolamine Poisoning and the death of Dimmesdale”. Nathaniel Hawthorne Review. 32.1 (2006): 52-62. Literary Reference Center. EBSCO Web. 22 Sept. 2013. In Wanda Jones’ critical examination of The Scarlet Letter, “ Scopolamine Poisoning and the death of Dimmesdale”, Jones claims that Chillingworth poisoned Dimmesdale with scopolamine in order to figure out if he cheated with Hester, and to eventually torture Dimmesdale. Jones uses and...
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  • Forensic Science module 11 review.
    Review Questions 1. What is toxicology? Toxicology is the study of substances that cause adverse effects in humans or other organisms. 2. Who was Mathieu Orfila? Mathieu Orfila was a Spanish born-chemist who published one of the first written works dedicated to the topic of poisons and medications. 3. What is strychnine? What symptoms does it cause? Strychnine is a seed that comes from the strychnine trees. The poison can cause painful cramps and muscle contractions, and can resemble...
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  • This essay describes in depth first-aid and the branches of it. If sources are needed email me.
    First Aid, emergency care for a victim of sudden illness or injury until more skillful medical treatment is available. First aid may save a life or improve certain vital signs including pulse, temperature, a patent (unobstructed) airway, and breathing. In minor emergencies, first aid may prevent a victim's condition from worsening and provide relief from pain. First aid must be administered as quickly as possible. In the case of the critically injured, a few minutes can make the difference...
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  • Scarlet Letter Essay - 1326 Words
    Lydia Crouse Honors English 10 Mrs. Rollings 26 September 2011 Mysterious Death of Dimmesdale One could say that Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale is poisoned, or that he merely died of guilty conscience. In the Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Reverend Dimmesdale commits adultery with Hester Prynne, and so she bears a child. Dimmesdale does not admit his sin to the people in the community. Keeping the sin a secret for as long as he does creates guilt and suffering which manifests in him...
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  • last day - 1839 Words
    I would spend my last day with my family and friends. I would buy a whole bunch of things I have always wanted and use them. I would go driving, even though I don’t have a license. I would be scared and unhappy that I was probably going to die, but I would still try to act happy and have a good last day alive. I would say everything I have always wanted to everyone. I would make sure that I have made friends with everyone I’ve always wanted too. I would own up to everything I have done to...
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  • Crippen Case - 377 Words
    1. Why was the Crippen case important? It was a landmark case, and the first trial by the media, it was known for being the crime of the century, and the first to be dominated by forensic science. 2. What was Crippen accused of? Why was he accused of this crime? He was accused for poisoning and dismembering his own wife. 3. Why do you think people were so interested in Crippen's case? It was a rare case where the victim was poisoned and then cut up. 4. Why was forensic science...
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  • Should Animals be used for experiments?
    One of the most debated topics of our times is whether we should use animals for ex-periments or not. The interesting point that always comes up is what else is there instead of our dear friends. Without our lab creatures; our medicines, cosmetics and food would not be tested and might not be safe for our use and consumption. The process of using animals to test safety of food and medicines was practiced for many centuries. People watched domestic animals and studied their eating habits to...
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  • Silent Spring Essay - 887 Words
    AP Environmental Science 30 September 2013 APES Book Report In the 20th century, man’s advancement in industrial and chemical technology began to significantly alter nature in world. In 1962, when “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson was published, the author believed that the assault upon the environment through the contamination of the air, the earth, its rivers, and seas, were contaminated with dangerous and lethal materials created by man and his ignorance towards life itself. As agriculture...
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  • Plastic Pollution - 792 Words
    Plastic bags are one of the worst and most unnecessary plastic polluters of the ocean and the easiest to replace. Carry and shop with reusable sustainable bags. A single reusable bag can eliminate hundreds to thousands of disposable bags over its lifetime. Look for reusable bags that are made out of strong sustainable material (not plastic), if the seller doesn’t know what the material is, go somewhere else, thrift stores, local health food stores, farmers markets and craft fairs are a good...
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  • Cucumber - 325 Words
    Active Ingredients Iodine 7% Potassium Iodide 5% alcohl 85% Purpose Antiseptic Uses To prevent infection in mior cuts, scrapes, and burns. Warnings For external use only Ask a doctor if you have: deep or puncture wounds animal bites serious burns. Stop use and consult a doctor if: The condition persists or gets worse, or if using for longer than once a week. When using this product: Do not use in the eyes. If contact occurs, flush with large...
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  • Dulce Et Decorum Est
    Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen was written to convince his readers that war was not a playing field of honour and glory but a place of blood, death and nothing more. The poem immediately begins ridiculing the idea of war through the application of irony by stating that war is sweet and glorious then presenting a poem that suggests the very obvious, causing the readers to consider their previous thoughts on the idea of the glory of war. The first stanza begins by establishing an...
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  • essay pesticide - 392 Words
    The use of pesticides in food People don’t know how they endanger them by consuming food that is not organic and is not pesticide free. The Food that is crop with a lot of chemical pesticides have the remains of the chemicals even when they are sold in stores. These can cause a lot of problems for the health and the environment. In 1962 it was published a book about the problem that was using carbonated pesticides especially DDT. In this book, was known that when people cropped the food with...
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  • The Feasibility of Tuba-Tuba and Crown-of-Thorns as Alternative Cockroach Repellants
    THE FEASIBILITY OF TUBA-TUBA (Jatropha Curcas) and CROWN-OF-THORNS (Euphorbia milii) AS ALTERNATIVE COCKROACH REPELLANT In partial fulfillment of the requirement Research I Submitted to Mrs. Linda C. Mahomoc Submitted by Roselle Babe B. Zambo September 2013 Table of Contents Introduction Background of the study People hate seeing pests especially in their homes, and in order to deal with this problem, they use chemical...
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  • Individual Work 1 - 492 Words
    Individual Work 1 What was Francis Henry Galton's major contribution to forensic science? Francis Henry Galton’s major contribution to forensic science was conducting the first official study of fingerprints and to this day we still use his taxonomy of prints! He published a book in 1892 that had the first statistical proof that supported his message of personal identification. He also invented the scientific meteorology. Who is known as "the father of forensic toxicology" and why? A...
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  • Managing paediatric illness and injury
    Describe how to recognise and treat the effects of extreme cold for an infant and a child There are different symptoms of an extreme cold for a baby and a young child. Signs and symptoms in a baby are Baby may be unusually quiet and refusing to feed. Baby may not necessarily change colour. Signs and symptoms in a child are Shivering Cold, pale, dry skin Listlessness or confusion Weakening pulse Failing consciousness Slow, shallow breathing. This means that the way you treat the...
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