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  • Orchestra - 260 Words
    An orchestra is a large instrumental ensemble that contains sections of string, brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. The term orchestra derives from the Greek ορχήστρα, the name for the area in front of an ancient Greek stage reserved for the Greek chorus.[1] The orchestra grew by accretion throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, but changed very little in composition during the course of the 20th century. A smaller-sized orchestra for this time period (of about fifty musicians or fewer)...
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  • Orchestra Concert - 996 Words
    I was unable to attend either of the two symphony orchestra concerts this semester due to my busy schedule as a rugby player, however, I had attended a symphony orchestra concert last Fall semester with my girlfriend for her St. Josephs College music class at the Stony Brook University Staller Center. I was hesitant to use this experience as it was slightly over a year ago and I fear that I may have forgotten certain important details. I can still remember certain key elements from the concert...
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  • Evolution of the Orchestra - 819 Words
    From as early as the 17th century, all the way up until the 21st century, there have been revolutionary changes all over the globe. Countless advances in technology, philosophy, and art have changed the way people live forever. In a world where technology has gone from telegrams to handheld computers, the fact that the musical world has also seen dramatic changes often goes completely unnoted. More specifically, the orchestra sector of the musical realm has undertaken a quite noticeable...
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  • Symphony Orchestra - 945 Words
    Lauren Love 15 April 2013 Professor Dewey Music 1306 Concert Critique #1 I have never been personally a fan of the romantic orchestra music but going to listen to a concert live is breathtaking. I attended the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra, Masterpieces concert with music director Fouad Fakhouri performing Igor Stravinsky’s Symphony of Psalms and Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No.1 in D major. There was a full stage of musicians and a complete choir to back it up. The first half of the...
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  • Orpheus Orchestra - 428 Words
    Organizational Behavior Case 15.1 Rotating Leaders: Orpheus Orchestra The Orpheus Orchestra is a unique full function, Grammy winning, twenty eight (28) member, Orchestra. Orpheus is considered unique because it is comprised of world class musicians who perform and practice without a conductor. Because of this fact Orpheus has been described as being leaderless, but this is not the case as each member is a leader and is given the opportunity to contribute to the innovation and creativity of...
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  • Orchestra Essay - 1776 Words
    Even though the times have changed, many characteristics from the past still impact the world of art today. Characteristics from the Baroque period, Classical period, and Romantic period have had their share of impact on today’s society. In order to fully develop an overall understanding of how defining each of these eras are, one must expose themselves to the vastly varying eras’ music, and other art forms including paintings. First in chronological order of these three eras, is the Baroque...
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  • The development of the Orchestra - 1123 Words
    The orchestra as we know it now did not exist before the 17th century. At the start of this century the orchestra was just beginning and developing on from the renaissance era where orchestras had only just began to be used rarely and only in tiny groups, with a small range of instruments. The main factors influencing this development include: instrumental technology, different classes of the public, playing techniques, economics, the role of music directors and changes in musical tastes. The...
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  • Bartok Concerto for Orchestra - 374 Words
    HISTORICAL CONTEXT Bartok, suffering ill health and almost in poverty, whilst living and working in the USA, receives a commission to write a new work, one which gives him the necessary stimulus & drive to break his six year silence. The year is 19 OVERVIEW The concerto has several notable aspects, which the composer himself declared. He called it ‘symphony-like’ and indeed it is a genuinely symphonic composition in its large scale and unity. Bartok admits that the use of the title...
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  • Orchestra Concert Essay - 965 Words
    The music played throughout all of the concerts adhered to be diverse. The instruments, the individuals performing, and the conductor all proved to be outstanding. The concerts proved to be interesting as I witnessed them, first hand. The first concert I attended was performed by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra had performed Shostakovich’s “Symphony NO. 7, Leningrad” from the Romantic era. The orchestra was a large ensemble (1) containing various instruments that contributed to...
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  • Orchestra Concert Review - 789 Words
    Concert Review The first song I heard is Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture, composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. It is written at 1880, a romantic period music. It is a sonata allegro form, which consist an exposition, a development, and a recapitulation. However, it is hard for me to find connection between three parts when I was at the concert. Moreover, I did not realize there is three parts until I did the research after the concert. I was really into music and picturing the Romeo and...
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  • Band vs. Orchestra - 578 Words
    Band vs. Orchestra When you hear the word “orchestra,” you typically think of the “Trans-Siberian Orchestra,” or the “New York Philharmonic,” but when you hear “concert band,” what comes to mind? Maybe, you think of a marching band you once saw at halftime on your Sunday game or the high school band that played the boring, dragging tune at your graduation ceremony. Although the two ensembles are closely related, the main difference in the two orchestras is instrumentation. A concert band,...
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  • City Symphony Orchestra - 886 Words
    Case: City Symphony Orchestra The City Symphony Orchestra is a branch of the Center for Performing Arts. It performs regular concerts throughout the year and has been reasonably profitable in the past. However, in recent years, concert attendance has been declining and the Orchestra is looking for ways to boost attendance. The traditional customers of the Orchestra have been the older and more affluent segment of the population that live in the suburbs. The recent boom in the high-tech...
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  • The Orchestra of the Romantic Era - 1067 Words
    The Orchestra of the Romantic Era The Romantic Era was a time of many changes and innovations. While the Classical era was a time of restrictions and laws, the Romantic period saw the opposite. It was a time of experimentation – artistic freedom and creativity. There was a change in the way that composers wrote. They began utilising various emotions in their writing, as if to tell stories through their music. They began experimenting with new musical ideas. They began to move away from...
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  • Concert Orchestra experience - 977 Words
    The University Of North Texas College Of Music presents: UNT Concert Orchestra I went to the UNT Concert Orchestra on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012. It was held in Winspear Hall at the Murchison Performing Arts Center at 8:00 pm. The Concert was led by Conductor Clay Couturiaux and featured soloist Christopher Deane, who played the Marimba. The first piece was Variations on a Theme of Tchaikovsky, Op. 35a (1894) by Anton Arensky (1861-1906). The piece was written in 1894, in tribute to...
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  • sydney symphony orchestra - 821 Words
    The Sydney Symphony Orchestra Established in 1932, The Sydney Symphony Ochestra (SSO) is a full ninety-member Orchestra based in Sydney. The SSO have enjoyed good profitability in recent years through both strong government support and high concert attendance. However, the music industry they operate in has a constantly changing external environment making future profitability a frequently asked question. This essay seeks to predict the future profitability of SSO within this competitive...
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  • SBU Symphony Orchestra Fall 2012
    The Stony Brook Symphony Orchestra and Fady Deeb Saturday, October 6, 2012 Lontano by György Ligeti This piece has an eerie and dissonant aura throughout the piece, without having much musical resolve in its sounds. The entire orchestra was included in this piece, except for the percussion section. These polyphonic sounds of this piece were played extensively, reflecting no noticeable tempo or rhythm, therefore creating ambiguous sounds. However, the dynamic range was wide enough to create...
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  • IntroductionThe Orchestra Concert That I Had
    Introduction The orchestra concert that I had watched and enjoyed was the school concert, which has performed at 25th October 2014, 12:30 pm. The concert was conducted at PERTRONAS Twin Tower (KLCC), MPO hall, which also known as Malaysian Phiharmonic Orchestra. The school concert has conducted for nearly 1 hour, which ends around 1:30 pm. The title for this concert was “The Mysterious Maestro”. There were total of twelve pieces that have performed by the orchestra. The first piece was named...
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  • Brittan’s “the Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra”
    Brittan’s “The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra” Kamien gives the reader his observations on The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, by introducing the reader to Brittan’s guide as an introduction to the instruments of an orchestra. Kamien explains in his writing how the theme composed by Henry Purcell is used as the base melody for Britten’s composition. Kamien also explains how the theme is presented by the entire orchestra and then highlighted by woodwinds, brasses, strings, and...
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  • So You Want to Lead an Orchestra?
    So You Want to Lead an Orchestra? 1. Describe the orchestra’s pay structure in terms of levels, differentials and job- or person-based approach. I believe the orchestra has a highly hierarchical pay structure, with many pay levels and large pay differentials between pay levels. It also seems to be more person-based than job-based structure (considering lowest paid Violin II receives less than half of the pay of the highest paid Violin II). 2. Discuss what factors may explain the structure....
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  • Concert Report- Presidential Symphony Orchestra of Turkey
    Concert Report On Friday, December 24, 2004 at 20:00 the Presidential Symphony Orchestra performed very impressive "New Year Concert" with fourteen pieces from a range of composers as Johann Strauss, Giacomo Puccini, Leonard Bernstein, Johann Sebastian Bach, Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky, P. Necherporenko, Niccolo Paganini and George Gershwin. The program included different kinds of tastes from classic music. Shardad Rohani conducted, Murat Tamer as concertmaster, Khori Dastoor, Janna Kozvik and...
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  • Case 15.1: Rotating Leaders: Orpheus Orchestra
     Case 15.1: Rotating Leaders: Orpheus Orchestra How are the concepts of substitutes for leadership and leadership neutralizers relevant to this case? Our OB book states that it has been proposed that there are substitutes for leadership that can diminish or replace the influence of leaders. Leadership neutralizer is defined as something that makes it impossible for leadership to make a difference. There are two instances which leaders will be less influential. The first is when...
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  • Overture to “William Tell” by Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868), Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra in E Minor by Edward Elgar (1857-1934).
    Concert Report 1 (Symphony Orchestra) Name: Laura Cooper Date: 2-3-13 Class/Section: MUS1140-104 Instructions: Attend a symphony orchestra concert. Get a program of the concert and staple it to the back of this form. Sign your name on the program. NOTE: DO NOT take this form to the concert. Look up the piece(s) to be Performed and listen to them on YouTube beforehand. Turn in form no more than 10 days after event. CONCERT INFORMATION: 1. Date: 2-3-13 2. Place: Pope Joy...
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  • Cover Letter - 301 Words
    Lucas Gomez Rb #06 Ivan Rodriguez Rb #18 Abir Shoukat Rb #21 P.4 English 10/18/10 ____________________________________________________________ ____________ October 20, 2010 5931 W. 18th Street Los Angeles, CA 90035 (323) 549-5900 joshuabell@lausd.net Ms. Ellie Nishi, Auditions Coordinator Los Angeles Philharmonic 151 S. Grand Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90012 Dear Ms. Ellie Nishi: As I was passing by your building I couldn’t help but notice you had a...
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  • Concert Report - 388 Words
     Maureen Forrester Recital Hall at WLU Sunday In The Hall With Jane October 30, 2011 On Sunday, October 30, 2011, I attended an orchestral music concert presented by WLU at Maureen Forrester Recital Hall. This concert features the WLU Symphony Orchestra, Paul Pulford as the conductor, Samantha Lee as the guest pianist, and a special guest, soprano Jane...
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  • concert review - 296 Words
    Symphony of Winds and Percussion This was my first time attending classical musical concert like the postcards, it wasn’t bad at all and I really enjoyed it. The performance was amazing and it was more than what I expected. I thought that it was going to be boring and I will be sitting there falling asleep, but I actually was emotionally involved with the music. The musicians and the conductor did a great job; they were amazing and they all sounded professionals to me. I was able to know all...
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  • Music Concert Review - 414 Words
    Music Concert Review I watched a concert named ‘Swire Symphony Under the Stars’ which is performed by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. I have never watched a concert not holding in concert hall before, this concert was held at outdoor in the Happy Valley Racecourse Recreation Ground. People just sat wherever they wanted, enjoying the performance while eating sandwiches happily. There were large screens projecting the stage for the audience at the back,...
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  • Personal Experience - 527 Words
    David J. Roberts Personal Experience Essay Personal Experience Essay This past summer I participated in a group known as the Mississippi Baptist AllState Youth Choir and Orchestra. It consisted of an over 150-member choir and a full orchestra made up entirely of ninth through twelfth grade church going students from all over the state of Mississippi. It is meant to strengthen these students musically, as well as spiritually. Not only did I meet many new people and make many new friends, I had...
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  • Symphony No. 9 by Antonin Dvorak
    Symphony No. 9 by Antonin Dvorak Review Paper Symphony No. 9 starts out very quiet and gradually gets louder at the begining. As the piece progresses you can hear horns, violas, and cello and a very long crescendo occurs. Midway through the piece we receive our first surprise and can hear drumbeats, flutes and oboes as well as some clarinets. As the piece moves into a G major scale we see a long crescendo as we transition into the secondary theme of the piece. Later through the piece we can...
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  • Flute Instrument - 788 Words
    History and/or Manufacturers: http://www.fluteinfo.com/Doc/Origin.html http://www.flutekids.eu/en/historyflute_en.htm Well I choose Flute as my favorite instrument. But unfortunately it is nowhere mentioned that who actually discover Flute, but we have lot more information about the history of flute. Thousands of years ago it was found in the cave in Northern France with unknown number of holes. It was carved with bones. Those flutes were used during the hunting and magic rituals. As...
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  • Adolphe Sax - 1066 Words
    Adolphe Sax Saint Leo University Markus Golden Abstract Behind every song is an artist or composer, and behind every pitch there is an instrument or tool that’s used to reach these heights. There is a historic and a great profound interest for the in these instruments, such as the Saxophone. Not only is beautiful for its tone, but elegant in its looks. It would intrigue anyone who has musical background or just loves the sound these musical tools playing in...
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  • Concert Report Mozart - 1022 Words
    Tannya Trudeau 4135080 Professor Grant Musi200 D004 Fall10 15 January 2011 Concert Report: Mozart Symphony No. 40 The western classical concert that I have chosen to review is A Tale of Two Symphonies. This concert is performed in the Avery Fisher hall within the Lincoln Center in New York City. It was performed on July 29, 2008. The orchestra that is performing is the 42nd Mostly Mozart Orchestra. The conductor is Louis Langrée. The two pieces being performed in this concert is...
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  • Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet Overture
    Peter Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet Overture is a symphonic poem that accurately follows one of Shakespeare's most well-known plays. The piece was written in six weeks and premiered in 1870. It contains three themes and generally follows a traditional sonata-allegro form. The first theme is church-like with its homophonic nature and represents Friar Lawrence in the play. The second theme, Theme A, is very rhythmic with a melody that at times is dissonant to its harmony and represents the...
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  • Chinese New Year Concern
    I am very exciting to tell you about the Chinese New Year Concert that held on Feb 2, 2013 in San Francisco Symphony Hall. This is a program concert that conducted by Mei-Ann Chen. I picked this concert because the program contains traditional Chinese Lion Dance, Spring Festival melody with children’s dance, Geoge Gao’s erhu solo, The Butterfly Lovers. Tyzen Hsiao’s The Angel from Formosa and my favorite music piece with singing Ali Mountain Evergreen. Geoge Gao’s erhu solo, The Butterfly...
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  • Comparing Style, Technique and Compositional Approach Between Works of Xenakis
    ‘Compare style, technique and compositional approach between an early and a late work by Xenakis.’ Xenakis was a forward thinking composer of the 20th century who progressively developed his own ideas of composition. This essay compares the style, technique and compositional approach between two pieces written by Xenakis: Metastasis (1953) and Tracees (1987). With both pieces being orchestral, comparing the pieces will show Xenakis’s true development. During his studies with Messiaen at the...
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  • Music Report - 549 Words
    Music Report Course : MUS105 Venue : Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO), Kuala Lumpur Program :CARMINA BURANA The MPO concert opened with choir singing with the whole orchestra playing their instruments. In the prelude, there are two movements. Both of these movements are exciting and dramatic in moods. At first, the violinists are playing with the skill of pizzicato .The woodwind part also plays a important part in creating the atmosphere. The musician hit the bass drum and...
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  • William Grant Still's Mother and Child
    Helen M. Music 101 Professor Coppola 11 May 2010 William Grant Still's Mother and Child Composed in 1943 by William Grant Still is Mother and Child, a beautiful classical piece that consists primarily of string instruments with brass undertones. While listening to this piece, one can almost imagine themself on a picnic with their mother, as the song unfolds a story that most depicts the loving bond between a mother and her child as each measure of the piece progresses. This makes the...
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  • The Music in Me - 1180 Words
    Judy Amsel 1,140 words 613/9 Nerot Shabbat St. Ramot, Jerusalem 97279 Tel: 0544267352 JudyAmsel@gmail.com The Music in Me by Judy Amsel “Make sure you’re all on stage at 5:45 pm. Dress rehearsal will go till 8:10. Then you’ll have 20 minutes to relax, grab a bite, go to the bathroom, and change. Our concert begins at 8:30 pm sharp!” Those are the words I heard from my conductor, Anita Kamien, on the morning before our last concert. That...
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  • The Six Broad Categories of Instruments
    Music is the universal language of culture. The emotion evoked from a piece of music inspires people all over the world. Music is constantly changing with society's views of popularity and need for betterment. For generations, music was a concept of solely vocal chants, melodies, organums, and little or no notations. Then instruments such as the rebec, pipe, and psaltery were among the first used. Instrumental music, also known as estampie, was invaluable and mainly for entertainment and dance....
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  • The Strathmore Experience: a Musical Awakening
    Holding truth today and in the past, attending classical concerts is hailed as a sign of both sophistication and style. Very reminiscent of 18th Century attendances at places like the Music Center at Strathmore, my noteworthy experience broadened my musical horizon. As a newcomer to classical concert-going, I was enthralled by the aural masterpieces and the alluring atmosphere. In partaking in the National Philharmonic's opening concert of the year at the Music Center at Strathmore, one...
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  • Rondalla - 716 Words
    The instruments of the standard Filipino rondalla have similarities in structure and are played with a plectrum made out of turtle shell. Except for the guitar and bass guitar(double bass), all are 14-stringed consisting of six(6) sets of strings tuned in the intervals of fourths, each set consisting of 1, 2 or 3 string/s. The purpose of the doubling or tripling of strings is to produce better sound and increase tone volume. The main parts of the stringed instruments of the rondalla are...
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  • A Brief Biography of Gareth Farr's Life
    Gareth Farr 1. Brief Biography of His Life: a. Gareth Farr was born on the 29th of February 1968 in Wellington. As a child he was extremely responsive to pitched noises (indicating his musicality). He used to spend hours at a time sitting in front of the washing machine listening to the noises it made. The “agitator” in particular fascinated him because of the whirring noise it produced with a variance in pitch. From a very young age he used to walk over to people’s houses and say “can...
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  • Task 2 - 2610 Words
    Cristina Nielson 6/18/2011 RJFT Task 2 Action Plan When this merger was decided it was called into action because of the weakness within the Utah Symphony Orchestra and the Opera. Both are great companies but both could use the strengths of the others to improve. This paper will explore the leadership and financial strengths of both companies as well as a complete overhaul of the balanced scorecard of the businesses. Below I have listed the strengths and weaknesses of the leaders and...
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  • Music Report - 984 Words
    Music I 04/12/2012 Music Report 1. Describe the type event. © 2000-2012, Copyright Saint-Petersburg Philharmonia® On Thursday, 22nd of November, 2012, I went with a few college classmates, at “Megaron”, the Athens Concert Hall. We attended the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, the oldest symphony orchestra in Russia (founded in 1882), conducted by Yuri Temirkanov (winner of the Abbiati Prize in 2003 and 2007). The soloist was Nelson Freire (piano). 2. Describe the events on...
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  • Haydn's symphony - 324 Words
    What features of the Haydn Symphony Lamentatione show that it was written in the classical period (10 marks) Firstly, Haydn has written this piece using Sturm Und Drang (in English, Storm and Stress). Features of this which are evident in the piece include: Beginning in a minor key, the tense harmony in some of the minor-key writing (arising principally from diminished seventh chords and the suspensions), and the rhythmic tension of the opening, in which violins, doubled by oboes, are...
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  • El Salon Mexico Copland Analysis
    El Salón México by Aaron Copland: A Study and Comparison of the Orchestral Score and Two Transcriptions for Band D.M.A. Document Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Musical Arts in the Graduate School of The Ohio State University By Erika Kirsten Svanoe, M.M. Graduate Program in Music The Ohio State University 2009 DMA Document Committee: Russel Mikkelson, Advisor Hilary Apfelstadt Richard Blatti Daryl Kinney Copyright by Erika Kirsten...
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  • My Inspiration - 297 Words
    What does someone inspire you? To me, inspiration is the process of instilling faith in someone to motivate him or her to do something. Many people do things simply out of the kindness in their heart, and do not realize they are inspiring others around them. To me, my sister Elaine inspires me the most. She is a loving and caring person. She gives me the strength in my heart to do whatever I put my mind to. She inspires me to do things by example. He inspires me the most when I see how her...
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  • My School - 859 Words
    Presentation: school LESSONS/CLASSES The lessons in my school start at 8.15 and end/finish at 1.15) Oppure: I/we have 5 classes in the morning,( from 8.15 to 1.15) and 3 in the afternoon twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday, from 2.15 to 5.15 ( so these are the hardest days. I can’t stand afternoon classes because I get tired and I can’t concentrate.) In my school besides the normal subjects we can also study a musical instrument: the guitar, the piano ,the clarinet, the trumpet or the...
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  • Music resume example - 625 Words
    GARRETT THOMAS MUSICAL BACKGROUND TEACHERS - Robert Souza (2011-Present) – Webster University faculty / STL Symphony sub. - Tommy Perry (Jazz) (2010-Present) – Student at MSU, Springfield - Ben Middleton (2006-Present) – Director of bands at Seckman High School REPERTOIRE LIST Notable Orchestral Repertoire Performed – - Dvorak - Symphony No. 8 - Britten - Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra - Buxtehude/Chavez - Chaconne - Sibelius - Symphony No. 2 - Bernstein - Suite from On...
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  • Concert Report - 385 Words
    Rob Wettle Enjoyment of Music November 17, 2011 The Northwest Symphony orchestra Fall Concert November 13, 2012 Concert Report I attended the fall concert for the Northwest’s Symphony Orchestra on the night of November 13, 2012 at HMLA. They played a number of pieces including a piece with a soloist from a tremendous flute player. Personally, sitting through this concert though was torture from a musical standpoint. Their first piece started right away not together in the brass section...
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  • Utah Symphony and Utah Opera: a Merger Proposal
    Utah Symphony and Utah Opera: A Merger Proposal The Utah Symphony (USO) and the Utah Opera (UOC) Merger was a union that was brought forth by the leadership committee at the USO in Salt Lake City. The proposal was an opportunity to strengthen a struggling symphony with a financially sound opera company. Although mergers between opera and symphony companies in the United States had been successfully in the past, the merging of a two major companies had yet to materialize (Delong & Ager, 2005,...
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  • Musical Review - 359 Words
    Semra Travac Music 1 Section 2 Dr. Susan E. Deaver Online Concert Review #1 Julia Fischer Julia Fischer performed the Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E Minor in Dresden. This performance was made on May 29, 2010 in Paris. Along with Fischer is the Chamber Orchestra of Europe (COE). Fischer is accompanied by the orchestra that served as her background in performing the music. The orchestra gave further depth on the emotions and power of the music played by Fischer. This proved that...
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  • fanfare for the common man - 420 Words
    Fanfare for the Common Man The piece was written in 1942 for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra under conductor Eugene Goossens. It was inspired in part by a famous speech made earlier in the same ear where vice president Henry A. I couldn’t relate to this piece, it didn’t resonate with me. Berlioz “ Symphonie fantastique IV ( March to the scaffold) This piece reminds me of marching band at high school pep rally. The sound of the timpani also remindsof heavy footsteps of an army. The song...
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  • Lark Ascending Analysis - 764 Words
    Compare and Contrast Lark Ascending by Vaughn Williams and The First Cuckoo In Spring by Delius Florence Bird The Lark Ascending was written in 1914 however the score was thoroughly revised between the years 1919-1920 with the first performance being on December 15th 1920. The performance lasts for approximately 13 minutes and the orchestra consists of two flutes, an oboe, two clarinets, two bassoons, two horns, a triangle, and strings. The piece was inspired by traditional English folk song...
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  • Analyzing A Piece - The Rite of Spring
    Analyzing A Piece – The Rite of Spring Melody – The composition is very complex, it uses many different instruments at many different pitches, large leaps, most likely very difficult to play like a lot of Stravinsky’s work. The music has small repetitive parts but continuously moves on to new parts which are all different from the last. The music starts off in a very peaceful melody than develops into an angry sounding melody than drops back down to peaceful and then changes into angry...
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  • Mahler - 1258 Words
    A Brilliant Piece by Mahler For our second Assignment of Renegade Thought, I chose to attend the Symphony No. 1 in D, "Titan," written by Gustav Mahler. The concert was held in the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Center downtown on September 24, 2009. The conductor of this performance was named Jaap van Zweden, and the first part of the show featured a cello soloist named Nina Kotova. Although this was my first experience going to a symphony performance, overall I found the concert to be...
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  • Francesca Da Rimini: Symphonic Fantasia After Dante, Op. 32
    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky composed this symphonic poem in a mere 3 weeks. Under the suggestion of the music critic, Henry Laroche, Tchaikovsky created this symphonic work on the most famous incident in Dante’s Divine Comedy – the tragedy of Francesca and Paolo. Tchaikovsky dubbed this piece as a “symphonic fantasy.” On a letter to his brother, he wrote, “I have worked on it con amore, and I believe my love has been successful.” It was indeed an instant sensation. The symphonic fantasy premiered...
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  • Timbral Analysis of Beethoven's 5th Symphony in C Minor
    Tyler Martin Advanced Orchestration Symphony no. 5 in C minor Beethoven’s intent behind this piece is creating diversity out of unity. The unifying idea of the work is a series of three short notes followed by one long note. The diversity of the simple unifying idea therein is generated by the use of timbral development techniques and expansion of the orchestra; however, there are several performance practices and technical issues that impact the work’s total realization. The score...
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  • Medium of Music - 761 Words
    Medium of Music Tone is the medium of music and refers to the sound that travels through air and reaches the audience. It is produced by an instrument or by the voice and has 4 qualities: * Timbre * Pitch * Duration * Intensity Timbre (also called tone color or tone quality) is the distinctive quality of a tone. Pitch refers to the highness and lowness of a tone. The vibrations and sound-producing material determine the pitch of a tone : the slower the vibration, the...
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  • Karl Amadeus Hartmann - 1648 Words
    Karl Amadeus Hartmann was a 20th Century German composer who was born in 1903. During his lifetime he experienced many life changing world events, including World War I, World War II, and the Great Depression. It was after the defeat of the Nazis that Hartmann started revising many of his works. Symphony No. 1 was one of them. The first symphony, “The Search for a Requiem,” gives evidence to the importance of Mahler. [ (Morgan, 1994) ] Symphony No. 1, “Essay for a requiem” was first written...
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  • Fine Art Critique Paper
    Germaine Armstrong Professor Hale MU2313 Critique Paper When I went home last weekend I attempted to go to the Arlington Museum of Art. Unfortunately the museum was closed due to the fact that they where changing exhibits and would not reopen until the following week. I returned back to San Marcos and decided I would go to The Wittliff Collections here on campus. To my surprise it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. Being on just one floor of a building I thought it would be...
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  • Case Study : Rotating Leaders
    Rotating Leaders 1. What would business organizations such as Kraft Foods gain from observing Orpheus in action? Kraft Foods is a traditional company with the usual board of directors, chief executive officer, and a host of other executives. Each of these officers has his own predetermined role in the company. In Orpheus, each musician is given the chance to participate in decision-making by occasionally becoming a member of the core group. Similarly, each member could also hone his...
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  • 20th and 19th Century Music Comparison
    Comparative analysis of twentieth and nineteenth century orchestral work Musicology – Subtopic 1 I have decided to comparatively analyse the pieces; Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor by Friedrich Kalkbrenner and Symphony no. 1 in G major by Felix Draeseke. Fridrich Kalkbrenner’s composition, ‘Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor’ is a nineteenth century work, and Felix Draeseke’s composition, ‘Symphony no. 1 in G major’ is a twentieth century work. As the aim of the task is to compare the two...
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  • Utah Symphony and Utah Opera: a Merger Proposal
    A1. Bill Bailey-The candidate appropriately illustrates, with sufficient support, how Bill Bailey, chairman of the board of the Utah Opera Organization, might use 1 theory of motivation to oppose or support the merger. Bill Bailey will support the merger by using the Equity Theory. Bill will be dealing with two different entities who value what they represent. The two entities are both considered forms of art but are distinct. In order for the two entities to come together they will each...
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  • American Romantics Concert Analysis
     American Romantics Concert Analysis Professor Marasco Music History II 9 May 2014 On April 30, 2014, the Wyoming Seminary Civic Symphony Orchestra and Madrigal Singers held a spring concert at the Sette LaVerghetta Center Auditorium at Marywood University. Led by Conductor, Rick Hoffenberg the symphony orchestra collectively performed three pieces during the concert: “Overture to ‘The School for Scandal,’...
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  • Itay Talgam Lead Like Great Conductors
    Itay Talgam: Lead like the great conductors You have all seen different conductors. Each of them with a different style of conducting. You may not realize that each one puts their own flair in their leading, but they really do. The biggest point that Itay Talgam is trying to come across is that the greatest conductors actually don’t conduct, they just keep time and allow the orchestra to play. Talgam played eight different clips of conductors and their techniques. The first conductor was...
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  • Concert Report - 495 Words
    Concert Report 1 On 4th December, 2010, a concert named Philharmonic Orchestra is being held in DVC Performing Arts Center. The program of this performance is remarkable and filled with uniqueness and superb quality of music and sound which make me feel wonderful and worthy to participate as their audience. The program is divided into 3 sections, each section not only consist of different pieces of orchestral music, but it also has its own unique settings of amount and type...
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  • Piano Concert Review - 291 Words
    On April 23rd, 2011, I went to Simon Sun’s concert at Presbyterian Church, Williamsburg. Simon Sun is a senior at the College of William and Mary majoring in Neuroscience and music. He has played piano for almost seventeen years and was a finalist in the Young Artists International Piano Competition. I was so impressed by his performance on that day, because I have started to learn piano at an early age also, but I could never be as good as he is. Simon is a skillful, dynamic, and energetic...
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  • Schoenberg Analysis 2 - 1200 Words
    Schoenberg: Peripetie from ‘Five Orchestral Pieces’ Opus 16 (1909) Analysis section by section Score reading task  Find 4 examples of hexachords on your scores (you should have notes on this).  Annotate them to tell me whether they use verticalisatoin or melodic treatment  You only have 3 minutes to do this Expressionism so far  How did WW1 impact the way artists, composers, poets etc created their work?  Composers started to use lots of chromatics in their pieces. What are...
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  • Where I Live and What I Live For
    Kris Crozier Reichenbach Ap11/English 101 12 January 2014 Where I Live and What I Live For There are many places that I could say that I live: a house, Twin Falls, or even America. None of those places are where I put my life and devotion to every single day. I live in the band room, not physically but in the way were my head is always overflowing with new ideas of how to make the previous piece I just played even better, full of how to conduct the piece I am listening on the radio or on...
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  • Planet of the Apes - 989 Words
    There are certain films that are just meant to become classics, to be seen as masterpieces, even if not during their heyday but after a few decades. Such an example of a film like this is Planet of the Apes, which the eccentricity of its origins gives it a boost when it came to the awesomeness of the film. However, this essay is not meant to explain the storyline, rather to give a description of the musical score of it. The story began aboard a spaceship that was on its way to an unknown place...
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  • Bartok Violin Concerto - 1535 Words
    BARTOK VIOLIN CONCERTO Béla Bartók: Violin Concerto No. 2 In B Minor, SZ 112, BB117. (1937-1938) 1. Allegro Non-Troppo 2. Andante Tranquillo 3. Allegro Molto Béla Bartók (1881 – 1945) was a Hungarian composer and pianist, and was one of the most profound musicians of the twentieth century. A smallpox inoculation gave the infant Bartók a rash that remained with him until he was five years old. As a result he spent his early years detached from other children and people...
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  • Concert Critique - 1264 Words
    Lee Music 3300 Wheeler May 1, 2011 Concert Critique: Il Postino On Saturday April 9, 2011, there was an opera concert Il Postino by Daniel Catan at the Moores Opera Center. In each opera concerts, they have certain dramatic story lines that they try to convey and give the audiences message. The title of this concert, Il Postino is in Italian and means The Postman in English. The story line of this opera was about the famous Chilean poet and communist, Pablo Neruda, who was exile to a small...
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  • Bluebells of Scotland - 603 Words
    Bluebells of Scotland “Bluebells of Scotland” is a piece written and composed in the late romantic era around 1899 by Arthur Pryor. The piece was composed from a traditional Scottish folk song for the trombone and orchestral accompaniment. In the late 1800s the trombone was not viewed as an instrument that could perform particularly difficult pieces. Compelled by society’s negative opinion of the trombone, Pryor composed “Bluebells of Scotland” in order to display the capabilities of the...
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  • Power and Influence - 1209 Words
    Interview: Marin Alsop, music director of the Bournemouth Symphony, discusses the power in music and the power in the position of conductor October 7, 2003 BOB EDWARDS, host: Voters in California today decide who will be governor of the most populous state in the nation. There may be a shift in power from a Democrat to a Republican; maybe not. This month, NPR special correspondent Susan Stamberg explores the idea of power--what it is, how it's used and what happens when it's gone. Today,...
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  • Sample Concert - 671 Words
    INTRODUCTION TO WESTERN MUSIC TOM SMIALEK SAMPLE CONCERT REPORT Return to MUSIC 5 ________________________________________ On October 15 I attended a concert by the NDR Symphony Orchestra of Hamburg at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. The performance consisted of only two pieces, yet both were met with enthusiastic applause and praise. The first piece performed was the Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 35, by Piotr Il’yich Tchaikovsky, with the famous violinist Midori as...
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  • Detroit Symphony Concert Review
    On February 10th I watched the Detroit Symphony Orchestra perform Beethoven’s Fourth and Fifth symphonies at Orchestra Hall in Detroit. Even though the musicians were in Michigan, I had the full experience right inside my dorm room. The webcast was a really interesting experience that I enjoyed. I think I may have even appreciated it more than the real thing. Although you cannot replace getting dressed up and going to a concert, I liked this webcast because the different camera angles...
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  • Concert Review - 257 Words
    Concert Review 3 The concert review I am writing about is An American In Paris. An American In Paris was composed by George Gershwin in 1928. This specific performance that we watched in class was performed by Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Gustavo Dudamel. This performance was very long and had many different parts to it. Amazingly this performance only have 1 movement, but a lot of sections. There were also many different textures. This song had it all. This is a...
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  • Jft2 Task 2 - 3487 Words
    Subject: Organizational Management, Task2 A. Develop an action plan: 1. Analyze the financial and leadership strengths and weaknesses of the Utah Symphony before the merger. Utah Symphony had a great deal of financial talent, but has been unable to find a strong source for future success. The potential merger builds on these strengths and weaknesses by creating a better future for both companies. Strength points: Symphony became one of the first orchestras from the western...
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  • Concert Essay - 970 Words
    Music Appreciation Concert Report St. Louis Symphony Orchestra I would like to start off by saying that having the opportunity to attend the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra was an experience all in itself. The building as a whole was breath taking, and the music that was played was fascinating. The first piece played was by the composer George Frideric Handle. Handle was born on February 23, 1685 in Germany. He settled in England in 1712 and became something of a music establishment....
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  • Sample Concert Report - 545 Words
    The Concertgoer’s Guide: A Sample Report Name: Peggy Skipitaris Course: Introduction to Music Date: December 9, 1991 Concert: New York Philharmonic (December 3, 1991) Type of concert: Symphony orchestra General reaction: I was impressed with the construction of the concert hall – Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center – and with its wonderful acoustics. The visual grandeur of the orchestra and the attentiveness of the audience heightened my sense of excitement. Composition I liked...
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  • Concert Report - 1459 Words
    MUS 111 Concert Report 5/5/11 I attended Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons concert on Sunday April 17, 2011 at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church performed by the SCC chamber orchestra. Vivaldi was a baroque composer and the Four Seasons is considered to be a great masterwork in all Western Art. The Four Seasons is a series of four concertos; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each season contains 3 movements and was composed in 1725, in a set of 12 concertos entitled “Il cimento...
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  • Music Appreciation Elements of Music
    1. The four main properties of musical sounds are; Tone Color (Timbre), Pitch, Dynamics and Duration. Tone Color also known as timbre pertains to the distinguishing attributes of one voice or instrument from another. A good example is the tone difference between a saxophone and a guitar, or even between a nylon and steel string guitars. Pitch mainly has to do with the relative highness or the lowness of a sound. It is determined by the frequency of the vibration of sound. Smaller objects...
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  • Musical Analysis; Comparing 'Tonight' with 'Maria'; West Side Story.
    Comparing Tonight with Maria (Both from ‘West side story’) (Tonight also known as balcony scene – Tony and Maria sing together. Maria – sang by Tony.) The piece ‘Tonight’ begins in B maj; it opens with Tony stating “the most beautiful sound I ever heard” this is sang in a very recitative style; mainly monotone (D) – rubato. This makes his words seem the prominent element – stressing the drama. The gentile bassoon plays a descending line – while the horn plays a simplified version ~ this...
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  • 0500 S10 Qp 21
    w w ap eP m e tr .X w om .c s er UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS International General Certificate of Secondary Education 0500/21 FIRST LANGUAGE ENGLISH Paper 2 Reading Passages (Extended) May/June 2010 2 hours Additional Materials: Answer Booklet/Paper *2417882240* READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST If you have been given an Answer Booklet, follow the instructions on the front cover of the Booklet. Write your Centre number, candidate number and name on all the work...
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  • Elizabeth Green - 400 Words
    Elizabeth Green (1906-1995) Elizabeth Green is highly looked up to in the music world as a violinist, teacher, conductor, composer, writer, etc. At the age of nine she stated that she “would never teach,” yet somehow became a teacher we still look up-to today. She wrote extensively on violin instruction and on conducting, which is used in classrooms at major universities even today. History: • 1906 – Born in Mobile, Alabama. • At the age of 5 she had her first public performance on...
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  • My Study Guide - 1253 Words
     Art Education-1 The Medium of Music Week #3 Tuesday & Friday 1:00-2:30 PM Leader: Bagro,Maria Nherilyn V. Members: Ogot,Marlene V. Magbanua,Raven Kaye Submitted to: Dr. Adelaida M. Pallones Professor MEDIUM OF MUSIC Tone is the medium of music and refers to the sound that travels through air and reaches the audience. It is produced by an instrument or by the voice and has 4 qualities: Timbre Pitch Duration Intensity Timbre (also called tone color or tone...
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  • Music Western Civilization - 1307 Words
    For our class project I decided to attend a concert at Bargemusic, a floating concert hall in Brooklyn,I chose is because I thought it would be cool to be on a boat for a concert. This concert will be on Friday November 30th at 8 pm. I will focus on the two masterwork series they will be performing. The first one is Takemitsu Quatrain II, Between Tides and the second one is Messiaen Quartet for the End of Time. There will be a trio with a cello, violin, piano, and clarinet. This seems very...
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  • Concert Report - 506 Words
    The New City Sinfonia concert was held in front of the UCLA Medical Center at the first church and conducted by Daniel Ratelle, Music Director's. The audiorium included a mid-sized performance stage that included modern technology that that reflected the sound towards the audience while at the same time, blending the tones of each individual instrument. The ensemble was seated in a U-shaped,...
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  • Kinds of Musical Instruments - 1276 Words
    Musical instruments according to their Family Trumpet A soprano brass wind instrument consisting of a long metal tube looped once and ending in a flared bell, the modern type being equipped with three valves for producing variations in pitch. Trombone A brass instrument consisting of a long cylindrical tube bent upon itself twice, ending in a bell-shaped mouth, and having a movable U-shaped slide for producing different pitches. French Horn A valved brass wind instrument that produces...
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  • Symphony No. 5 in Cm
    There are many similarities between Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in C Minor and Mozart’s Symphony no. 40 in G Minor. For example, both works have extremely recognizable motives. These works have been played on commercials, in advertising, and in places most people can’t even pinpoint. One of the main reasons is that these works carry strong motives that reoccur both rhythmically and melodically throughout the pieces. The opening four notes to Beethoven’s work may possibly be the most...
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  • Dona Nobis Pacem: Vaughan Williams
    Vaughan Williams: Dona Nobis Pacem When Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958) was asked by the Huddersfield Choral Society to write a piece in celebration of their centennial in 1937, he produced a powerful plea for peace in Dona Nobis Pacem. The outlook of renewed war in Europe was all too real with the rise of Nazism and Fascism, with civil war in Spain and the Italian invasion of Ethiopia, and was of huge concern to those like Vaughan Williams himself who had personally experienced the...
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  • George Frideric Handel's Music: The Glory of the Lord
    'And the glory of the lord is a piece of music written by George Friedrich ‘Handel’. This piece has been performed in many orchestras and is known worldwide. The century in which 'and the glory of the lord' was written in, was the 17th century. This piece of music is a chorus number from the Messiah. The music for the Messiah was completed in 24 days. The vocal work in the Messiah is ‘oratorio’. An oratorio is a large musical composition for orchestras and choirs. Operas is in a musical...
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  • Edward Elgar - 10427 Words
    Edward Elgar Sir Edward William Elgar, 1st Baronet, OM, GCVO (2 June 1857 – 23 February 1934) was an English composer, many of whose works have entered the British and international classical concert repertoire. Among his best-known compositions are orchestral works including the Enigma Variations, the Pomp and Circumstance Marches, concertos for violin andcello, and two symphonies. He also composed choral works, including The Dream of Gerontius, chamber music and songs. He was...
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  • Task 3 - 3583 Words
    Intro: The necessity to combine the Utah Symphony and the Opera is based on the ever changing environment that supports the arts community. There have been seismic changes in the economic landscape throughout the entire country over the past few years. These changes have created shortfalls and limitations on external funds donated to help fund the arts in and around the Salt Lake Community. Exec. Summary: You people represent the newly merged boards of the Utah Symphony and Utah Opera....
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  • “Symphony No. 40 (1st Movement)-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart”
    The reason I chose Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 (1st movement) is because it really stood out to me out of all the pieces we heard in class and that are on the Moodle Website. I enjoy listening to this piece because it gives off a fun and warm vibe at times sounding playful and fast but then it takes on a warmer and somewhat soothing ambiance at other times. Honestly, when I listen to this song I have to turn the volume down because the pitch of the violins is so powerful and high. I believe this is...
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  • The Mendelssohn Concerto in E Minor
    The Mendelssohn Concerto in E Minor: A Staple of the Violin Repertoire “I would like to compose a violin concerto for next winter. One in E minor keeps running through my head, and the opening gives me no peace,” German composer Felix Mendelssohn wrote to his friend, violinist Ferdinand David, in 1838. Mendelssohn would seek to collaborate on his last orchestral work with David, revising it painstakingly until its premiere in Leipzig in 1845. The first movement of Mendelssohn’s Violin...
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  • Tchaikovsky S Symphony No
    Yiyi (Ricci) Wang Dr. Ester Sheinberg MUNM 276G Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra Concert Report Friday night, Oct 3, at Lied Center, a fantastic concert featured by Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra performed here. It was the best concert I have ever listened to before because of its special performing style. I discovered that performers who played the strings, adjusted the tones of their instruments carefully before the concert began. After short opening words by the host, two speakers, and the...
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  • Jazz Concert Review - 637 Words
    The formal jazz concert was held at New England Conservatory- Jordan Hall Thursday, November 29, 2012. The New England Conservatory is well known for its contemporary improvisation program. The program was founded in 1972 by musical visionaries Gunther Schuller and Ran Blake, trains musicians to develop their composing, performing, and improvising skills. Several concerts have been held at N.E.C(New England Conservatory), but the main theme of this specific one is "Rebirth of the Third Stream"....
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  • My unforgettable experience - 559 Words
    My Unforgettable Experience Heart beating in my chest so fast it was as if my heart was going to jump out and make a run for it. Nerves, nerves had me trembling, sweating, and scared out of my mind. All because of the two words I heard my music teacher say “Azariah Booker”. Sitting in my chair thinking how am I going to do this or if I can even do this, but I did it and it turned out way better than expected. This was one of the unforgettable and heart-racing experience was my audition....
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  • Concert Paper - 290 Words
    Assignment 5 Concert Attendance Report For this project you need to plan ahead. You will need to attend a symphony orchestra concert, or chamber music concert in order to complete it. As long as it is a symphony orchestra concert, opera, or a chamber music concert, any event is OK. If you go to a chamber music concert, if possible, try to find a "professional" rather than "community" production. In any case, you must find a way to be able to see the orchestra at some point in the performance....
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