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  • Optimization - 908 Words
    Unit 1 Lesson 1: Optimization with Parameters In this lesson we will review optimization in 2-space and the calculus concepts associated with it. Learning Objective: After completing this lesson, you will be able to model problems described in context and use calculus concepts to find associated maxima and minima using those models. You will be able to justify your results using calculus and interpret your results in real-world contexts. We will begin our review with a problem in which most...
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  • Optimization in Excel - 1061 Words
    5. INTRODUCTION TO LINEAR PROGRAMMING (LP) Learning Objectives 1. Obtain an overview of the kinds of problems linear programming has been used to solve. 2. Learn how to develop linear programming models for simple problems. 3. Be able to identify the special features of a model that make it a linear programming model. 4. Learn how to solve two variable linear programming models by the graphical solution procedure. 5. Understand the importance of extreme points...
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  • Simulation Optimization - 6084 Words
    SIMULATION OPTIMIZATION: APPLICATIONS IN RISK MANAGEMENT[1] MARCO BETTER AND FRED GLOVER OptTek Systems, Inc., 2241 17th Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302, USA {better, glover}@opttek.com GARY KOCHENBERGER University of Colorado Denver 1250 14th Street, Suite 215 Denver, Colorado 80202, USA Gary.kochenberger@cudenver.edu HAIBO WANG Texas A&M International University Laredo, TX 78041, USA hwang@tamiu.edu Simulation Optimization is providing solutions to...
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  • Optimization and Brand - 846 Words
    Answers are hi-lighted yellow. Company A's nationally advertised brand is Brand X. Contribution to profit with Brand X is $40 per case. Company A's re-proportioned formula is sold under a private label Brand Y. Contribution to profit with Brand Y is $30 per case. Company A's objective is to maximize the total contribution to profit. Three constraints limit the number of cases of Brand X and Brand Y that can be produced. Constraint 1: The available units of nutrient C (n) is 30. Constraint...
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  • Scilab Optimization - 1166 Words
    Scilab Datasheet Optimization in Scilab Scilab provides a high-level matrix language and allows to define complex mathematical models and to easily connect to existing libraries. That is why optimization is an important and practical topic in Scilab, which provides tools to solve linear and nonlinear optimization problems by a large collection of tools. Overview of the industrial-grade solvers available in Scilab and the type of optimization problems which can be solved by Scilab....
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  • Linear Optimization - 1790 Words
    Introduction Linear optimization is a mathematical method for determining a way to achieve the best outcome such as maximum profit or lowest cost in a given mathematical model for some list of requirements represented as linear relationships. Linear programming is a specific case of mathematical programming The Primary Purpose of the present investigation is to develop an interactive spreadsheet tool to aid in determining a maximum return function in 401K plan. In this paper, we discuss how...
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  • Forecasting: Optimization and Objective Function
    FORECASTING Managers are always trying to reduce uncertainty and make better estimates of what will happen in the future; this is the main purpose of forecasting. Some firms use subjective methods, seat-of-the pants methods, intuition, and experience. There are also several quantitative techniques, moving averages, exponential smoothing, trend projections, and least squares regression analysis. Eight steps to forecasting: * Determine the use of the forecast—what objective are we trying...
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  • One Dimensional Optimization - 10163 Words
    Chapter 4 ONE-DIMENSIONAL OPTIMIZATION 4.1 Introduction Three general classes of nonlinear optimization problems can be identified, as follows: 1. One-dimensional unconstrained problems 2. Multidimensional unconstrained problems 3. Multidimensional constrained problems Problems of the first class are the easiest to solve whereas those of the third class are the most difficult. In practice, multidimensional constrained problems are usually reduced to multidimensional unconstrained problems...
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  • Optimization Exam Paper - 1236 Words
    MATH-2640 MATH-264001 This question paper consists of 3 printed pages, each of which is identified by the reference MATH-2640 Only approved basic scientific calculators may be used. c UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS Examination for the Module MATH-2640 (January 2003) Introduction to Optimisation Time allowed: 2 hours Attempt four questions. All questions carry equal marks. In all questions, you may assume that all functions f (x1 , . . . , xn ) under consideration are sufficiently ∂2f ∂2f continuous to...
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  • Optimization and Objective Function - 75357 Words
    Introduction to Optimization Course Notes for CO 250/CM 340 Fall 2012 c Department of Combinatorics and Optimization University of Waterloo August 27, 2012 2 Contents 1 Introduction 1.1 An example . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.1.1 1.1.2 1.2 1.3 1.2.1 1.3.1 1.3.2 1.4 1.4.1 1.4.2 1.5 1.5.1 1.5.2 1.6 1.6.1 1.6.2 1.6.3 1.7 1.8 2 The formulation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Correctness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....
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  • Joint optimization of mean and standard
    Standard Deviation in the Business World Joint optimization of mean and standard deviation using response surface methods The importance of statistical information cannot be stressed enough in the business world, but even with our advanced computing systems, information can be entered wrong, or the deviation to large or small. The purpose of this article is to investigate the potential, and problems, with the dual response system (DRS), response surface methodology (RSM), and robust parameter...
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  • Optimization and Linear Programming - 1510 Words
    DQ 17 A common form of the product-mix linear programming seeks to find the quantities of items in the product mix that maximizes profit in the presence of limited resources. -True Linear programming helps operations managers make decisions necessary to allocate resources. -True In linear programming, the unit profit or unit contribution associated with one decision variable can be affected by the quantity made of that variable or of any other variable in the problem. -False What...
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  • Optimization and Technician Time - 796 Words
    Management of High Tech Services (HTS) would like to develop a model that will help allocate its technician's time between service calls to regular contract customers and new customers. A maximum of 80 hours of technician time is available over the two-week period. To satisfy cash flow requirements, at least $800 in revenue must be generated through technician time during the two-week period. Technician time for regular customers generates $25 per hour. However, technician time for new customers...
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  • Optimization and Objective Function - 1452 Words
    CHAPTER 2 An Introduction to Linear Programming 21 KEY CONCEPTS ILLUSTRATED ANSWERED CONCEPT PROBLEMS PROBLEMS Formulation 7,8 15,16 Minimization 2,5 9,10,15 Standard Form...
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  • Optimization and Allowable Value - 950 Words
    Solution to Chapter 4 2. See file: Prb4_2.xlsm Microsoft Excel Sensitivity Report Adjustable Cells Final Reduced Objective Allowable Allowable Cell Name Value Cost Coefficient Increase Decrease $C$4 Value: X1 12 0 2 1E+30 0 $D$4 Value: X2 0 0 4 0 1E+30 Constraints Cell Name $E$10 Used: $E$8 Used: $E$9 Used: a. b. c. d. e. 4. a. Final Shadow Constraint Allowable Allowable Value Price R.H. Side Increase Decrease 12 0 2 10 1E+30 -12 0 8...
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  • Multi-Objective Optimization - 9728 Words
    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Competitiveness in today’s marketplace depends heavily on the ability of a company to handle the several important challenges like reducing total supply chain operating cost and reducing lead-times, increasing customer service levels, and improving product quality. In Figure a typical non integral supply chain is shown, in which the goods flow starts as raw materials at natural resources and ends with products at final customers. Raw material winners...
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  • Optimization and Objective Function - 427 Words
    An Example of the Use of the Lagrangian Multiplier Method to Solve a Constrained Maximization Problem Let Q=output, L=labor input and K=capital input where Q = L2/3K1/3. The cost of resources used is C=wL+rK, where w is the wage rate and r is the rental rate for capital. Problem: Find the combination of L and K that maximizes output subject to the constraint that the cost of resources used is C; i.e., maximize Q with respect to L and K subject to the constraint that vL+rK=C. Note that...
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  • Optimization modeling for spreadsheetsPortland - 6468 Words
    Optimization Modeling for Inventory Logistics Engineering & Technology Management ETM 540 – Operations Research in Engineering and Technology Management Fall 2013 Portland State University Dr. Tim Anderson Team: Logistics Noppadon Vannaprapa Philip Bottjen Rodney Danskin Srujana Penmetsa Joseph Lethlean Optimization Modeling for Inventory Logistics Contents Abstract...
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  • A Survey of Optimization Models for Train
    A Survey of Optimization Models for Train Routing and Scheduling1 JEAN-FRANCOIS CORDEAU ¸ ´ GERAD and Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, 3000, chemin de la Cote-Sainte-Catherine, Montreal H3T 2A7, Canada ´ ˆ ´ PAOLO TOTH and DANIELE VIGO DEIS, Universita di Bologna, Viale Risorgimento, 2, 40136 Bologna, Italia ` The aim of this paper is to present a survey of recent optimization models for the most commonly studied rail transportation problems. For each group of problems, we propose a...
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  • Operations Research and Operations Management: from Selective Optimization to System Optimization
    ORIGINS OF OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT AND OPERATIONS RESEARCH comparison of the origins of operations management and operations research reveals that both are an innovation of the 20th century. The origin of operations research was in England, circa 1937, and has its roots in scientific management, with its first significant applications to military operations in both World War I and World War II. Operations management had its origins in the early factory system, and was more associated with...
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  • A Theoretical Approach to Supply Chain Optimization
    A theoretical approach to supply chain optimization through solution of an LP-problem 1. Key Questions • What are the number of mfg nodes, distr. nodes, cust. nodes and inventory nodes? [M, D, I] = N, locations [x] Where is demand located per manufacturing type / platform? [c] What are the reliability / infrastructure factors associated between each node? [r] What are the cost factors associated with each possible country & distribution node? [cc, dc] What is the overall flexibility from the...
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  • Production Planning Optimization Using Goal Programming Method
    Project Report #1 (Advanced Operation Research) Title : Production Planning Optimization Using Goal Programming Method I. Introduction Today many companies that produce herbs because in the future opportunities for the herbal industry is still wide open and the public mind back to nature and go green, so consumer more like the various products especially natural herbal medicine. Therefore, in order to survive in existing market competition, PT. NM are required...
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  • Bee Colony Optimization in LRT/MRT Routing System
    BEE COLONY OPTIMIZATION (BCO) IN LRT/MRT ROUTING SYSTEM TABLE OF CONTENT CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction 1 1.2 Research Background 1 1.3 Problem Statement 3 1.4 Research Aim 4 1.5 Research Objectives 5 1.6 Scope of Research 5 1.7 Significance of Research 6 1.8 Research Methodology 6 1.8.1 6 1.8.2 Interview Survey 7 1.8.3 Model of Development 7 1.8.4 1.9 Literature Review...
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  • Particle Swarm Optimization of Antenna Arrays with Efficiency Constraints
    Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 17, 237–251, 2011 PARTICLE SWARM OPTIMIZATION OF ANTENNA ARRAYS WITH EFFICIENCY CONSTRAINTS K. A. Papadopoulos, C. A. Papagianni, P. K. Gkonis I. S. Venieris and D. I. Kaklamani School of Electrical and Computer Engineering National Technical University of Athens 9, Iroon Polytechneioy Str., 15773, Zografou, Athens, Greece Abstract—Phased array antennas are a viable solution to a number of problems related to radio communications applications. In...
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  • Us Dairy Industry Leader Supply Chain Strategy and Network Optimization
    IBM Case Study US Dairy Industry Leader Supply Chain Strategy and Network Optimization Overview With annual sales of more than U.S.$44 billion, this Dairy Industry Leader is one of the largest processors and distributors of milk and other dairy products in the United States. The company sells milk and a full range of other dairy products under more than 50 wellknown local and regional brands and a wide array of private labels.  Business need: The company looked at its supply chain and saw...
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  • Marketing Strategy Optimization: Using linear programming to establish an optimal marketing mixture.
    Executive Summary: Marketing Strategy Optimization: Using linear programming to establish an optimal marketing mixture. Drew M. Stapleton, Joe B. Hanna and Dan Markussen, American Business Review 2(21)-pg 54-62 June 2003 In recent times marketing strategy is playing a vital role in a firm success. It optimizes the marketing resources and can improve the revenue generation and market share. Since the global market place is increasing, companies find optimizing the marketing effort even...
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  • 3G capex optimization techniques- capacity planning & delivery process
    'Capex Optimization Strategies: Operator Best Practices for Making the Most of 3G Network Capex,' a Telecom Insider Report by Researcher, presents a selection of 17 techniques for managing 3G networks in a capex-efficient way. These techniques have resulted from the application of the MASI, PYR's proprietary framework for analyzing and optimizing capex, to the capex profiles of a wide variety of operators. In this report, we explain each of these capex-effective techniques for managing...
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  • Efficiency of Improved Harmony Search Algorithm for Solving Engineering Optimization Problems
    EFFICIENCY OF IMPROVED HARMONY SEARCH ALGORITHM FOR SOLVING ENGINEERING OPTIMIZATION PROBLEMS Serdar Carbas1,* and Mehmet Polat Saka 2 1 Department of Engineering Sciences, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey * Corresponding Author. Tel: +90 312 210 2396; Fax: +90 312 210 4462; E-mail address: carbas@metu.edu.tr 2 Civil Engineering Department, University of Bahrain, Isa Town, Bahrain ABSTRACT Many optimization techniques have been proposed since the inception of...
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  • Modified Invasive Weed Optimization with Dual Mutation Technique for Dynamic Economic Dispatch
    Modified Invasive Weed Optimization with Dual Mutation Technique for Dynamic Economic Dispatch * R. Sharma, Member, IEEE , Niranjan Nayak, Member, IEEE ,Krishnanand K. R. and P. K. Rout, Member, IEEE Abstract-- Dynamic economic dispatch (DED) is one of the main functions of power system operation and control. It determines the optimal operation of units with predicted load demands over a certain period of time with an objective to minimize total production cost while the system is...
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  • Optimization of Roll Forming Process Using the Integration Between Genetic Algorithm and Hill Climbing with Neural Network
    | | |Optimization of Roll Forming Process Using The Integration Between Genetic Algorithm and Hill Climbing With Neural Network | | | |Hong-Seok Park and Ta Ngoc Thien...
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  • Paper on Operation Research Transportation Model
    Assignment on Operations Research Transportation Model INTRODUCTION Many practical problems in operations research can be broadly formulated as linear programming problems, for which the simplex this is a general method and cannot be used for specific types of problems like, (i)transportation models, (ii)transshipment models and (iii) the assignment models. The above models are also basically allocation...
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  • Operational Research Questions - 457 Words
    Question Bank 1) Explain the term Operations Research. 2) Give the characteristics of OR. 3) Explain the phases of OR. 4) Write a note on methodology of OR. 5) Explain applications & scope of OR. 6) What is linear programming problem? Discuss the scope & role of linear programming in solving management problems. 7) Describe the limitations of linear programming in decision-making. 8) What do you understand by a linear programming problem? What are its major...
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  • Linear Programming - 4424 Words
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  • Lindo- an Introduction - 2069 Words
    1 What Is Optimization? 1.1 Introduction Optimization, or constrained optimization, or mathematical programming, is a mathematical procedure for determining optimal allocation of scarce resources. Optimization, and its most popular special form, Linear Programming (LP), has found practical application in almost all facets of business, from advertising to production planning. Transportation and aggregate production planning problems are the most typical objects of LP analysis. The petroleum...
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  • Cheat sheet OMIS 355
    In a decision-making problem, anchoring effects occur when
a seemingly trivial factor serves as a starting point for estimations In the following expression, which is (are) the dependent variable(s)? PROFIT = REVENUE – EXPENSES. Profit The categories of modeling techniques presented in this book include all of the following except: preventive models. Which of the following categories of modeling techniques includes optimization techniques? Prescriptive models What is the goal in...
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  • Water Marking Paper - 11459 Words
    IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON KNOWLEDGE AND DATA ENGINEERING, VOL. XX, NO. XX, MONTH YEAR 1 Watermarking Relational Databases using Optimization Based Techniques Mohamed Shehab, Member, IEEE, Elisa Bertino, Fellow, IEEE, and Arif Ghafoor, Fellow, IEEE Abstract— Proving ownership rights on outsourced relational databases is a crucial issue in today internet-based application environments and in many content distribution applications. In this paper, we present a mechanism for proof of ownership...
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  • Capacity Planning Model - 11415 Words
    A General Strategic Capacity Planning Model under Demand Uncertainty Woonghee Tim Huh,1 Robin O. Roundy,2 Metin Çakanyildirim3 1 Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Columbia University, New York, New York 10027 2 School of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York 14853 3 School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, Texas 75083 Received 29 October 2003; revised 24 August 2005; accepted 30...
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  • Using Execel Solver - 2737 Words
    Using Excel=s Solver Tool in Portfolio Theory Excel contains a tool called the Asolver@ that lets you maximize or minimize functions subject to general constraints. We will use this tool to compute the global minimum variance portfolio and the tangency portfolio for the three-firm example (see the spreadsheet 3firm.xls). The spreadsheet for this tutorial is called solverex.xls. The data for this example are given in the following table Stock 1 2 3 E[R] 0.229 0.138 0.052 VAR(R) 0.924 0.862...
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  • A multi-product newsboy problem with an inventory space constraint
    1 A multi-product newsboy problem with an inventory space constraint Hon-Shiang Lau, Amy Hing-Ling Lau Layek L. Abdel-Malek, Roberto Montanari Contents 1. Introduction ......................................................................................................................... 2 2. Approach ............................................................................................................................. 2 2.1. 2.2. 3. Mathematical formulation...
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  • Ikea Benchmarking - 1027 Words
    Linear Programming       Model Formulation Graphical Solution Method Linear Programming Model Simplex method Solution Solving Linear Programming Problems with Excel Dr A Lung  Student exercises Kingston University London 1 Linear Programming (LP) • A model consisting of linear relationships representing a firm’s objective and resource constraints • LP is a mathematical modeling technique used to determine a level of operational activity in order to achieve an objective, subject to...
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  • Mod B And Ch 4 Solutions 1
    3101 MSOM 3rd in-class Group Assignment (Mod B and Ch 4) Q1) 39) A linear programming problem that aims to minimize cost, has two constraints 2X + 4Y ≥ 100 and 1X + 8Y ≤ 100. Which of the following statements about its feasible region is true? (2-points) A) There are four corner points including (50, 0) and (0, 12.5). B) The two corner points are (0, 0) and (50, 12.5). C) The feasible region is triangular in shape, bounded by (50, 0), (33-1/3, 8-1/3), and (100, 0). D) The graphical origin (0,...
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  • Application of Integer Linear Programing
    Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Dhaka, Bangladesh, January 9 – 10, 2010 Application of Integer Linear Programming Model for Vendor Selection in a Two Stage Supply Chain A. John Rajan Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering Sathyabama University, Chennai, India K. Ganesh Senior consultant, Global Business Services, IBM India Private Limited, Mumbai, India K.V. Narayanan Controller of Examinations,...
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  • operations - 483 Words
    Grading 2 points each 1- The feasible solution space only contains points that satisfy all constraints. 2- Graphical solution to linear programming problems can handle problems that involve any number of decision variables. 3- The value of an objective function decreases as its iso-objective line is moved away from the origin. 4- If a single optimal solution exists to a graphical LP problem, it will exist at a corner point. 5- Using the enumeration approach, optimality is obtained...
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  • Maximal Covering Location Problem with Different Levels of interdiction
    European Journal of Operational Research 217 (2012) 519–530 Contents lists available at SciVerse ScienceDirect European Journal of Operational Research journal homepage: www.elsevier.com/locate/ejor Production, Manufacturing and Logistics Optimizing system resilience: A facility protection model with recovery time Chaya Losada, M. Paola Scaparra ⇑, Jesse R. O’Hanley Kent Business School, University of Kent, CT2 7PE Canterbury, UK a r t i c l e i n f o Article history:...
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  • Capacity Building for a Supply Chain in Process Industry
    An industrial company is considering the enlargement of its production capacity due to increases in demand in the last decade. To assist the company make the right decision about increasing its capacity, a mathematical decision model must be developed first. An Integer Programming Model is chosen for this case. Map.1. in the appendix shows the shipment routes for the supply chain. The following VARIABLES represent the quantities that can be changed to produce the optimal value of the...
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  • Pareto - 9492 Words
    LAPPEENRANTA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Laboratory of Information Processing Jouni Lampinen Multiobjective Nonlinear Pareto-Optimization A Pre-Investigation Report LAPPEENRANTA 2000 1(30) Contents 1 Introduction 2 Major Information Sources 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 Literature surveys, reviews Bibliographies Thesis works Books Some significant articles 13 15 17 18 23 25 27 2 9 3. Basic Problem Statements 4. Classification for Multiobjective Optimization Approaches 5. Usage of...
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  • Analysis for Decision Making - 318 Words
    Department of Management, UTSC MGTC74C Analysis for Decision Making – L30 Assignment #1 – Fall 2012 • Due Monday Oct. 1, 2012 in class. Late assignments will not be accepted. Please clearly put your section number on your assignment. Problem 1 The Whitt Window Company is a company with only 3 employees which makes 2 different kinds of hand-crafted windows: a wood-framed and an aluminum-framed window. They earn $60 profit for each wood-framed and $30 profit for each aluminum-framed...
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  • deterministic models - 979 Words
    AMS 341 Operations Research I: Deterministic Models, Fall 2014 Estie Arkin, Math Tower P134B, 632-8363, esther.arkin@stonybrook.edu; Instructor: Office hours: Tentative: Tuesday 12-1, Wednesday 10-12 and by appointment. Teaching Assistants: Caleb Andrade Sernas caleberubiel.andradesernas@stonybrook.edu office hours Monday 10-12, Qing Yin Qing.Yin@stonybrook.edu office hours Tuesday, Thursday 9-10, Meicen Liu meicen.liu@stonybrook.edu office hours Tuesday 2:30-3:30 and Thursday...
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  • The Navy Linear Programming Application
    Linear Programming Application Transportation Problem The Navy has 9,000 pounds of material in Albany, Georgia that it wishes to ship to three installations: San Diego, Norfolk, and Pensacola. They require 4,000, 2,500, and 2,500 pounds, respectively. Government regulations require equal distribution of shipping among the three carriers. The shipping costs per pound for truck, railroad, and airplane transit are shown below. Formulate and solve a linear program to determine the...
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  • Transportation Model - 2843 Words
    Mathematical Theory and Modeling ISSN 2224-5804 (Paper) ISSN 2225-0522 (Online) Vol.4, No.1, 2014 www.iiste.org A comparative study of initial basic feasible solution methods for transportation problems Abdul Sattar Soomro1 Gurudeo Anand Tularam2 Ghulam Murtaa Bhayo3 dr_sattarsoomro@yahoo.co.in, a.tularam@griffith.edu.au, gmsindhi@yahoo.com 1 Professor of Mathematics, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan 2 Senior Lecturer, Mathematics...
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  • Mba0045 - 6773 Words
    Operations Research Unit 4 Unit 4 Simplex Method Structure: 4.1 Introduction Objectives 4.2 Standard Form of LPP Fundamental theorem of LPP 4.3 Solution of LPP – Simplex Method Initial basic feasible solution of an LPP To solve an LPP in canonical form by simplex method 4.4 The Simplex Algorithm Steps 4.5 Penalty Cost Method or Big M-method 4.6 Two Phase Method 4.7 Solved Problems on Minimisation 4.8 Summary 4.9 Glossary 4.10 Terminal Questions 4.11 Answers 4.12 Case Study 4.1...
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  • marketing - 3133 Words
    8 Nonlinear Optimization Models MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which of the following is incorrect? a. A global optimum is a local optimum in a nonlinear optimization problem. b. A local maximum is a global maximum in a concave nonlinear optimization problem. c. A global minimum is a local minimum in a convex nonlinear optimization problem. d. A local optimum is a global optimum in a nonlinear optimization problem. ANSWER: d TOPIC: Local and global optima 2. The measure of risk...
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  • Linear Programming - 372 Words
    Linear Programming History of linear programming goes back as far as 1940s. Main motivation for the need of linear programming goes back to the war time when they needed ways to solve many complex planning problems. The simplex method which is used to solve linear programming was developed by George B. Dantzig, in 1947. Dantzig, was one in who did a lot of work on linear programming, he was reconzied by several honours. Dantzig's discovery was through his personal contribution, during WWII when...
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  • Assignments Subject Code: Mb 0048 Operations Research
    MBA SEMESTER II MB0048 –Operation Research- 4 Credits (Book ID: B1137) Assignment Set- 1 (60 Marks) Note: Each question carries 10 Marks. Answer all the questions 1. a. Explain how and why Operation Research methods have been valuable in aiding executive decisions. [5 Marks] b. Discuss the usefulness of Operation Research in decision making process and the role of computers in this field. [5 Marks] 2. Explain how the linear programming technique can be helpful in decision-making in the...
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  • Simplex-Big M Method
    Big-M method The Big-M method of handling instances with artificial variables is the “common sense approach”. Essentially, the notion is to make the artificial variables, through their coefficients in the objective function, so costly or unprofitable that any feasible solution to the real problem would be preferred....unless the original instance possessed no feasible solutions at all. But this means that we need to assign, in the objective function, coefficients to the artificial variables...
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  • Quadratic Assignment Problem - 2678 Words
    Tabu Search Algorithm for the Quadratic Assignment Problem Department of Industrial Engineering Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey gkirlik@ku.edu.tr Gokhan Kirlik April 16, 2010 Abstract Quadratic assignment problem is one of the most known and challenging combinatorial optimization problems. In this study, a new tabu search algorithm is proposed to solve the quadratic assignment problem. Proposed algorithm is tested with different tabu search elements such as neighborhood size, size of the...
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  • MANAGERIAL REPORT Bangalore textile c
    MANAGERIAL REPORT - Assignment 1: - Bangalore Textile Company : Bangalore textile company has in it’s a possession a plant capable of producing 6 types of suit materials . this production is currently realized by using a total of 40 machines divided in two categories , which are regular machines and super machines . the regular machines can only afford the manufacturing of materials types 1 ; 2 and 3 while the super machine are more flexible because they generate all 6 material types ....
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  • Linear Programming - 1396 Words
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  • Smu Question - 331 Words
    Master of Business Administration-MBA Semester 2 MB0048 –Operation Research - 4 Credits Assignment Set- 1 (60 Marks) Note: Each question carries 10 Marks. Answer all the questions. 1. a .Define O.R and discuss its characteristics. [ 5 marks] b. Explain the nature of Operations Research and its limitations.[ 5 marks] 2. a. What are the essential characteristics of a linear programming model?[ 5 marks] b. Explain the graphical method of solving a LPP involving two variables.[ 5 marks]...
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  • Cuckoo Search Algorithm - 1087 Words
    CUCKOO SEARCH ALGORITHM | Definition and Impementation | | | | | 2/24/2013 | | CUCKOO SEARCH ALGORITHM Cuckoo is an optimization algorithm developed by Xin she Yang and Sushan Deb in 2009. This optimization algorithm is inspired by the life of a bird family, called Cuckoo. Special lifestyle of these birds and their characteristics in egg laying and breeding has been the basic motivation for development of this new evolutionary optimization...
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  • operations management homework 1
    Homework Assignment 2 Solution Question 1: (True / False) (20 Points) Answer this question in a table with the question number and the selected answer (True or False) in separate columns as shown below. Question Number Answer 1 2 … 10 Grading 2 points each 1- The feasible solution space only contains points that satisfy all constraints. 2- Graphical solution to linear programming problems can handle problems that involve any number of decision variables. 3-...
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  • Red Brand Canners - 2064 Words
    Case Study: RED BRAND CANNERS Vice President of Operations Mr. Michell Gorden Controller Mr. William Copper Sale Manager Mr. Charles Myers Production Manager Mr. Dan Tucker Purpose: Decide the amount of tomato products to pack at this season. Tomato Products Whole Tomato Tomato Juice Tomato Paste Information: 1. Amount of Tomato: 3,000,000 pounds to be delivered. Tomato quality: 20% (grade A) × 3,000,000 = 600,000 pounds 80% (grade B) × 3,000,000 = 2,400,000 pounds (provided by production...
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  • A Modified Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm for Nonconvex Economic Dispatch Problem
    1 A Modified Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm for Nonconvex Economic Dispatch Problem Eiman Sayedi, Malihe M. Farsangi, Mohammad Barati, and Kwang Y. Lee, Fellow, IEEE al. in [3]. To improve the performance of the SFL algorithm, a chaos search is combined with SFL by Li, et al. in [4]. In [5], a new frog leaping rule is introduced and the direction and the length of each frog’s jump are extended by emulating frog’s perception and action uncertainties. Zhen, et al. in [6], introduced a new...
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  • Qdm Assignment - 1382 Words
    Quantitative Decision Making Models Assignment # 2 QUESTION ONE Decision Variables Let, * X1 = number of full-time tellers * Y1 = number of part-time tellers starting at 9 a.m. (leaving at 1 p.m.) * Y2 = number of part-time tellers starting at 10 a.m. (leaving at 2 p.m.) * Y3 = numbers of part-time tellers starting at 11 a.m. (leaving at 3 p.m.) * Y4 = number of part-time tellers starting at noon ( leaving at 4 p.m.) * Y5 = number of part-time tellers starting at...
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  • Decision Science - 998 Words
    Optimization Methods: Linear Programming- Graphical Method Module – 3 Lecture Notes – 2 Graphical Method 1 Graphical method to solve Linear Programming problem (LPP) helps to visualize the procedure explicitly. It also helps to understand the different terminologies associated with the solution of LPP. In this class, these aspects will be discussed with the help of an example. However, this visualization is possible for a maximum of two decision variables. Thus, a LPP with two decision...
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  • Swarm Intelligence: Concepts, Models, and Applications
    Swarm Intelligence: Concepts, Models and Applications Technical Report 2012-585 Hazem Ahmed Janice Glasgow School of Computing Queen's University Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L3N6 {hazem, janice}@cs.queensu.ca February 2012 Report Index 1. 2. Introduction ........................................................................................................................ 2 Swarm Intelligence (SI) Models...
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  • Chapter 2 Assignment questions and answers
    Chapter 2 Assignment questions and answers 1. A jewelry store makes necklaces and bracelets from gold and platinum. The store has 20 ounces of gold, 24 ounces of platinum. Each necklace requires 6 ounces of gold 3 ounces of platinum, whereas each bracelet requires 2 ounces of gold and 5 ounces of platinum. The store has to use a minimum of two ounces of gold. The demand for bracelet is no less than three. A necklace earns $375 in profit and a bracelet, $225. Formulate a linear programming...
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  • Busn312 Hw3A - 727 Words
    Homework 3A Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. __B__ 1. What are the three common elements of an optimization problem? a.|objectives, resources, goals.| b.|decisions, constraints, an objective.| c.|decision variables, profit levels, costs.| d.|decisions, resource requirements, a profit function.| ___A_ 2. What is the goal in optimization? a.|Find the best decision variable values that satisfy all constraints.| b.|Find the values of...
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  • Presentatiom - 361 Words
    BUS 306 Fall 2012 H. Saber Names: Assignment #2 (Due October 7, 2012) A. 1. Review chapter3 from the textbook and do all the cases in the chapter independently. 2. Go through all the Solved Problems on chapters 2 and 3 in the textbook CD independently. B. C. 1. Provide complete solutions to problems 3.21, 3.25, 3.30, 3.34 from the textbook on pages 104 – 107 Submit the solution to the following questions. 1. Consider the following LP: Maximize Z = 3X1 + 2X2 Subject to: 2X1 + 4 X2...
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  • Linear Programming - 5408 Words
    PROBLEM NUMBER 1 A farmer can plant up to 8 acres of land with wheat and barley. He can earn $5,000 for every acre he plants with wheat and $3,000 for every acre he plants with barley. His use of a necessary pesticide is limited by federal regulations to 10 gallons for his entire 8 acres. Wheat requires 2 gallons of pesticide for every acre planted and barley requires just 1 gallon per acre. What is the maximum profit he can make? SOLUTION TO PROBLEM NUMBER 1 let x = the number of acres of...
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  • Quantative Methods for Management Sciences Paper on Linear Programming, Transportation Problem.
    63 TRANSPORTATION PROBLEMS 63.1 INTRODUCTION A scooter production company produces scooters at the units situated at various places (called origins) and supplies them to the places where the depot (called destination) are situated. Here the availability as well as requirements of the various depots are finite and constitute the limited resources. This type of problem is known as distribution or transportation problem in which the key idea is to minimize the cost or the time of...
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  • Operational Research Method - 1341 Words
    Table of Conten 1. INTRODUCTION1 2. Formulate the Problem1 2.1 CHOOSE DECISION VARIABLES1 2.2 FORMULATE THE OBJECTIVE FUNCTION1 2.3 FORMULATE CONSTRAINTS2 3. SOFTWARE2 3.1 MICROSOFT OFFICE EXCEL2 3.1.1 EXCEL DATA INPUT AND SOLVE THE PROBLEM2 3.1.2 ANSWER ANALYSIS3 3.1.3 SENSITIVITY ANALYSIS4 3.2 XPRESS-IVE ANALYSIS6 4. CONCLUSION6 APPENDIX Operational Research Methods Report 1. Introduction Linear programming (LP) model is a significant and popular used model of...
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  • Investment Strategy Linear Programming
    INVESTMENT STRATEGY REPORT Submitted to J. D. Williams, Inc. By Mizar Gonzalez Industrial Engineering Department Southern Polytechnic State university 404-519-2792 February 20, 2008 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report is our recommendation for an optimal investment strategy that would allow J. D. Williams, Inc. to maximize the annual yield of an investment of $800,000 in a diversified portfolio of funds. To find the investment that would result in the greatest annual...
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  • Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering: Operations Research
    NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Operations Research Prof. Gupta OR 6205 Fall 2014 Class Handout No. 1 Problem No. 1. A manufacturing firm has discontinued the production of a certain unprofitable product line. This act created considerable excess production capacity. Management is considering devoting this excess capacity to one or more of three products; call them products 1, 2, and 3. The available capacity on the machines that might limit output is...
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  • Graphical and Simplex Methods of Linear Programming
    Graphical and Simplex Methods of Linear Programming The graphical method is the more popular method to use because they are easy to use and understand. Working with only a few variables at a time they allow operations managers to compare projected demand to existing capacity. The graphical method is a trial and error approach that can be easily done by a manager or even a clerical staff. Since it is trial and error though, it does not necessarily generate the optimal plan. One downside of this...
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  • Hw Solutions - 1320 Words
    TUTORIAL 2 Linear Programming - Minimisation Special cases Simplex maximisation 1. Innis Investments manages funds for a number of companies and wealthy clients. The investment strategy is tailored to each client’s needs. For a new client, Innis has been authorised to invest up to $1.2 million in two investment funds: a stock fund and a money market fund. Each unit of the stock fund costs $50 and provides an annual rate of return of 10%; each unit of the money market fund...
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  • Mrs Rb - 1313 Words
    1 DEFINITION OF LINEAR PROGRAMMING (LP) Linear programming (LP) is a mathematical technique used in finding the best possible allocation of resources to achieve the best outcome, which is maximising profit or minimising cost. However, it is only applicable where there is a linear relationship between the variables. For example, the linear relationships between hours of labour and output in a textiles factory means an increase or decrease in labour force has a direct impact on production,...
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  • Linear Solution - 6098 Words
    CHAPTER 8 Linear Programming Applications Teaching Suggestions Teaching Suggestion 8.1: Importance of Formulating Large LP Problems. Since computers are used to solve virtually all business LP problems, the most important thing a student can do is to get experience in formulating a wide variety of problems. This chapter provides such a variety. Teaching Suggestion 8.2: Note on Production Scheduling Problems. The Greenberg Motor example in this chapter is largest large...
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  • Quantitative Analysis for Management - 10463 Words
    Chapter 9 Learning Objectives After completing this chapter, students will be able to: 1. Convert LP constraints to equalities with slack, surplus, and artificial variables 2. Set up and solve LP problems with simplex tableaus 3. Interpret the meaning of every number in a simplex tableau 4. Recognize special cases such as infeasibility, unboundedness, and degeneracy 5. Use the simplex tables to conduct sensitivity analysis 6. Construct the dual problem from the primal problem © 2009...
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  • Solutions Ch12 - 7825 Words
    CHAPTER 12: NONLINEAR PROGRAMMING 12.1-1. In 1995, a number of factors including increased competition, the lack of quantitative tools to support financial advices and the introduction of new regulations compelled Bank Hapoalim to review its investment advisory process. Consequently, the OptiMoney system was developed as a tool to offer systematic financial advice. The underlying mathematical model is a constrained nonlinear program with continuous or discontinuous derivatives depending on the...
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  • Tora Software - 1258 Words
    TORA Temporary-Ordered Routing Algorithm (TORA) – An Operations Research Software TORA is an algorithm i.e. a mathematical set of instructions or programs (mathematical-software). It is an optimization system in the area of operations research which is very easy to use. Further, TORA is menu-driven and Windows-based which makes it very user friendly. The software can be executed in automated or tutorial mode. The automated mode reports the final solution of the problem, usually in the...
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  • Quantitative Analysis - 509 Words
    CASE ONE Two advertising media are being considered for promotion of a product. Radio ads cost $400 each, while newspaper ads cost $600 each. The total budget is $7,200 per week. The total number of ads should be at least 15, with at least 2 of each type, and there should be no more than 19 ads in total. The company does not want the number of newspaper ads to exceed the number of radio ads by more than 25 percent. Each newspaper ad reaches 6,000 people, 50 percent of whom will respond; while...
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  • A Three-Level Supply Chain Network Design Model with Risk-Pooling and Lead Times
    Transportation Research Part E 46 (2010) 563–581 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Transportation Research Part E journal homepage: www.elsevier.com/locate/tre A three-level supply chain network design model with risk-pooling and lead times Sukun Park, Tae-Eog Lee *, Chang Sup Sung Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, KAIST, 373-1, Guseong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t This paper considers a...
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  • Bangladesh Transport Problem - 3142 Words
    Available online at www.banglajol.info Bangladesh J. Sci. Ind. Res. 46(2), 247-254, 2011 BANGLADESH JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH E-mail: bjsir07@gmail.com BCSIR The Transportation Problem Under Probability and Fuzzy Uncertainties U. Deva, A. Sultanab and N. K. Mitrad aDepartment of Mathematics, Jagannath University, bDepartment of Mathematics, Jahangirnagar University, Savar and. cDepartment of Mathematics, Bangladesh University of Business and Technology, Dhaka....
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  • Merton Truck - 1860 Words
    | MERTON TRUCK | Memorandum To: President From: Date: ------------------------------------------------- Re: Merton Truck Company Introduction In response to your report and request regarding Merton’s financial performance and product mix, I have met with your controller, sales manager and production manager, and have provided a solution that will improve the company in these two areas. Using a systematic approach, I was able to analyze the current machine hours, standard costs, and...
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  • Linear Programming - 887 Words
    TOPIC – LINEAR PROGRAMMING Linear Programming is a mathematical procedure for determining optimal allocation of scarce resources. Requirements of Linear Programming • all problems seek to maximize or minimize some quantity • The presence of restrictions or constraints • There must be alternative courses of action • The objective and constraints in linear programming must be expressed in terms of linear equations or inequalities ...
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  • Linear Programming - 11494 Words
    LP (2003) 1 OPERATIONS RESEARCH: 343 1. LINEAR PROGRAMMING 2. INTEGER PROGRAMMING 3. GAMES Books: Ð3Ñ IntroÞ to OR ÐF.Hillier & J. LiebermanÑ; Ð33Ñ OR ÐH. TahaÑ; Ð333Ñ IntroÞ to Mathematical Prog ÐF.Hillier & J. LiebermanÑ; Ð3@Ñ IntroÞ to OR ÐJ.Eckert & M. KupferschmidÑÞ LP (2003) 2 LINEAR PROGRAMMING (LP) LP is an optimal decision making tool in which the objective is a linear function and the constraints on the decision problem are linear equalities and inequalities. It is a...
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  • Case Problem 3 - 936 Words
    Case Problem 3: Hart Venture Capital 1. Let S = fraction of the Security Systems project funded by HVC M = fraction of the Market Analysis project funded by HVC Max 1,800,000S + 1,600,000M s.t. 600,000S + 500,000M ≤ 800,000 Year 1 600,000S + 350,000M ≤ 700,000 Year 2 250,000S + 400,000M ≤ 500,000 Year 3 S...
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  • Freaudian Analysis - 3380 Words
    BSTA 450 - Review Sheet - Test 2 1. Consider the following linear programming problem: Maximize Z = 400 x + 100y Subject to 8 x + 10y ≤ 80 2 x + 6y ≤ 36 x≤ 6 x, y ≥ 0 BSTA 450 Find the optimal solution using the graphical method (use graph paper). Identify the feasible region and the optimal solution on the graph. How much is the maximum profit? Consider the following linear programming problem: Minimize Z = 3 x + 5 y (cost, $) subject to 10 x + 2 y ≥ 20 6 x + 6 y ≥ 36 y ≥ 2 x, y ≥ 0 Find...
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  • Or - How to Approach Quiz - 483 Words
    Subject: Operations Research Quiz: Model Question Paper Note: Tick ( √ ) the right answers & Fill-up the blanks wherever blanks are given Roll Number: Name of the Student: 1. For analyzing a problem, decision-makers should normally study (a) its qualitative aspects (b) its quantitative aspects (c) both (a) and (b) (d) neither (a) nor (b) 2. A model is (a) an essence of reality (b) an approximation (c) an idealization (d) all of the above 3. A physical model is example of (a) an iconic...
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  • OM300 Study Guide 22
    The objective of a process control system is to provide a statistical signal when assignable causes of variation are present “ if you can’t describe and measure it the you can’t control or improve it.” SPC a process used to monitor standards by taking measurements and corrective action as a product or service is being produced. Control chart a graphical presentation of process data over time. A process is said to be orperating in SC when only source of variation is common(natural) causes. The...
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  • Transportation Model - 1300 Words
    Operations Research Modeling Toolset Network Problems Linear programming has a wide variety of applications Network problems Special types of linear programs Particular structure involving networks Ultimately, a network problem can be represented as a linear programming model However the resulting A matrix is very sparse, and involves only zeroes and ones This structure of the A matrix led to the development of specialized algorithms to solve network problems Types of Network...
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  • linear programming - 354 Words
    Spreadsheet Modeling and Excel Solver A mathematical model implemented in a spreadsheet is called a spreadsheet model. Major spreadsheet packages come with a built-in optimization tool called Solver. Now we demonstrate how to use Excel spreadsheet modeling and Solver to find the optimal solution of optimization problems. If the model has two variables, the graphical method can be used to solve the model. Very few real world problems involve only two variables. For problems with more than two...
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  • Recent Developments in Metaheuristic Algorithms a Review Saka 2012
    RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN METAHEURISTIC ALGORITHMS: A Review M. P. Saka* * E. Doğan‡ Corresponding author, Prof. Dr., University of Bahrain, Department of Civil Engineering, Isa Town, Bahrain ‡ Assistant Professor, Celal Bayar University, Civil Engineering Department, Manisa, Turkey Stream: ECT2012RL Reference: ECT2012RL/2011/00005 1 Abstract Recent developments in optimization techniques that deals in finding the solution of combinatorial optimization problems has provided...
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  • Julias Food Booth - 288 Words
    a) P=PIZZA H=HOTDOGS S=BARBEQUE SANDWHICHES The L.P. for this case is, Maximize: P= 0.75P +1.05H +1.35S Subject to: 24.5p +16h +25s ≤ 55296 0.75p + 0.45h+0.90s ≤ 1500 P – h – s ≥ 0 H - 2s ≥ 0 P , h , s ≥ 0 The optimal solution occurs when P=1250 h-1250 s=0 Profit =$2250 Since the booth costs $1000 to lease per game, and the oven is $100 per game, then Julia's overall profit is, P = 2250 - 1100 = $1150 Hence it is worth leasing the booth. b) The shadow price...
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  • Linear programming - 4424 Words
    Chapter 8 Linear Programming Applications To accompany Quantitative Analysis for Management, Eleventh Edition, Global Edition by Render, Stair, and Hanna Power Point slides created by Brian Peterson Copyright © 2012 Pearson Education 8-1 Learning Objectives After completing this chapter, students will be able to: 1. Model a wide variety of medium to large LP problems. 2. Understand major application areas, including marketing, production, labor scheduling, fuel blending, transportation,...
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  • General - 4929 Words
    An Introduction to Model Building 1.1 An Introduction to Modeling Operations research (often referred to as management science) is simply a scientific approach to decision making that seeks to best design and operate a system, usually under conditions requiring the allocation of scarce resources. By a system, we mean an organization of interdependent components that work together to accomplish the goal of the system. For example, Ford Motor Company is a system whose goal consists of...
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  • ExcelSolverTutorial - 1416 Words
    Tutorial: Using Excel for Linear Optimization Problems Part 1: Organize Your Information There are three categories of information needed for solving an optimization problem in Excel: an Objective Function, Decision Variables, and Constraints. It is simplest to organize these on paper before you start working with the spreadsheet. For tutorial purposes we will follow an example, “The Cargo Problem”, from start to finish: A shipping company has the capacity to move 100 tons of cargo per day by...
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  • Linear Programming Chapter - 17962 Words
    sal11586_ch08.qxd 10/10/03 10:12 AM Page 336 Chapter 8 Linear Programming CHAPTER OUTLINE KEY TERMS Linear programming Production process Feasible region Optimal solution Objective function Inequality constraints Nonnegativity constraints Decision variables Binding constraints Slack variable Simplex method Primal problem Dual problem Shadow price Duality theorem Logistic management 8-1 Meaning, Assumptions, and Applications of Linear Programming • The Meaning and Assumptions of Linear...
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  • Mat540 Assignment 3 - 418 Words
    A. Formulate a linear programming model for Julia that will help you to advise her if she should lease the booth. Formulate the model for the first home game. Explain how you derived the profit function and constraints and show any calculations that allow you to arrive at those equations. Let, X1 =No of pizza slices, X2 =No of hot dogs, X3 = No of barbeque sandwiches * Objective function co-efficient: The objective is to maximize total profit. Profit is calculated for each variable...
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