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  • Nokia - 1036 Words
    Nokia Corporation[3] (Finnish: Nokia Oyj, Swedish: Nokia Abp; Finnish pronunciation: [ˈnokiɑ], English /ˈnɒkiə/) (OMX: NOK1V, NYSE: NOK) is aFinnish multinational communications and information technology corporation headquartered in Keilaniemi, Espoo, Finland.[4] Its principal products are mobile telephones and portable IT devices. It also offers Internet services including applications, games, music, media and messaging, and free-of-charge digital map information and navigation services...
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    Introducing new market offerings NOKIA Nokia, originally a Finnish forestry products company formed is 1865, is now the world's top seller of mobile phones. Over the years, Nokia has made everything from toilet paper to television sets and tires. But in 1992, incoming CEO Jorma Ollila focused all of the company's resources on telecommunications. Nokia's first digital phones appeared on the market in 1993. At the time, Nokia expected to sell only about 400,000 units. Instead, it sold...
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  • Nokia - 6070 Words
    A BRAND AUDIT PROJECT REPORT ON NOKIA Group: 9 2012 Submitted To: Dr. Tejash Pujara & Dr. BhaveshVanpariya 12/9/2012 INDEX | OBJECTIVE | | SCOPE | | APPROACH | | | | | | | | | | Objectives The objective of the brand audit is to conduct an in-depth examination of a major brand and suggest ways to improve and leverage that brand equity by providing recommendations to the brand concerning how the brand should be managed over the...
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  • Nokia - 1141 Words
    1. Does Nokia have a truly global strategy, rather than just a series of regional strategies? Explain. Yes, it does have a global strategy. The global strategy of Nokia is the foundation of all the regional strategies and that is based on overall consumer needs. They found out the main consumer needs is focused on selling products (phones) as lowest price all over the world with its simple, easy and basic models. Also beside that Nokia has series of regional strategies that use most advanced...
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  • Nokia - 826 Words
    Brief discription Nokia is a Finnish multinational communications and information technology corporation with headquarters in Keilaniermi, Espoo, Finland. Its principal products are mobile telephones and portable IT devices. It also offers internet services including applications, games, music, media, and messaging, and free-of-charge digital map information and navigation services. Nokia has a joint venture with Siemens, Nokia Siemens Networks, which provide telecommunications network...
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  • nokia - 2254 Words
    A PRESENTATION ON Submitted To: CONSUMERBy: PREFERENCES Prepared Prof. Bhavika Bhatt Saptarshi Chakraborty ON NOKIA MOBILE MBA-II, SEM-III (DR.J.K.PATEL INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT) M.B.A PROGRAMME Affiliated to: Gujarat Technological University 1 Presentation Flow  General Information  Nokia’s India Operations  Interesting Facts about Nokia  Nokia Mobile Phone Categories  Objectives Of The Study  Research Methodology  Data Analysis And Interpretation  Findings Of The Survey ...
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  • Nokia - 3443 Words
    Innovate Or Die Ask a European about Nokia and a faraway look will come into their eye, a wistful tone creep into their voice. During the late 1990s and early 2000s the 147-year-old Finnish company became a global technology star: the world’s No. 1 mobile maker and the first brand of phone everyone owned. In some emerging markets, so the story goes, the word ‘Nokia’ became a generic term for ‘mobile phone.’ But becoming synonymous with phones is where it all went wrong. There can be little...
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  • Nokia - 825 Words
     Nokia can trace its roots back to 1865 and a pulp mill in south-west Finland. A century and a half later, Nokia's handset business is being bought by Microsoft for €5.44bn after a troubled few years for the mobile phone giant. Here we track Nokia's rise, and subsequent fall. 1865: Mining engineer Fredrik Idestam sets up a wood pulp mill at the Tammerkoski Rapids in south-western Finland. 1871: The Nokia name is born, inspired by the Nokianvirta river on the banks of which Idestam opens a...
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  • Nokia - 3742 Words
    Nokia Finnish pronunciation: [ˈnɔkiɑ]) (OMX: NOK1V, NYSE: NOK, FWB: NOA3) is a Finnish multinational communications corporation that is headquartered in Keilaniemi, Espoo, a city neighbouring Finland's capital Helsinki. Nokia is engaged in the manufacturing of mobile devices and in converging Internet and communications industries, with over 132,000 employees in 120 countries, sales in more than 150 countries and global annual revenue of over €42 billion and operating profit of €2 billion...
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  • Nokia - 2841 Words
    [pic] INTRODUCTION Nokia Corporation is a multinational communications corporation, focused on delivering products and services in the wired, wireless telecommunications, and information technology industries. Headquartered in Keilaniemi, Espoo, Finland, Nokia is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Presently, they have more than 120,000 employees across the world with annual revenue of €50 billion as of 2008. Nokia currently produces a wide variety of mobile phones and...
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  • Nokia - 4567 Words
    Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 A.Acknowledgement 2 B.Project Outline 3 C.Executive Summary 5 D.Introduction 6 E.PESTEL Analysis 7 F.Porter’s Five Forces Industry Analysis 10 G.Key Success Factors 12 H.Appraisal of Nokia’s Resources 13 I.Assessment of Nokia’s Financial Resources 15 J.Review of Options and Recommendations for Future Strategic Direction 16 K.Recommendations for Successful Implementation of Strategies 18 L.Conclusion 19 M.List of References 20...
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  • Nokia - 24438 Words
    Nokia’s Reputation and the SOMO Report Annemarie de Weijer Supervisor Ms Kahar May 14th 2008 “The Hague School of European Studies” Haagse Hogeschool, The Hague, May 2008 Executive Summary In November 2006, SOMO published a report that criticised labour conditions in Nokia’s factories in Asia. This report revealed conditions where workers work up to 72 hours a week with compulsory overtime, have insecure employment contracts and work in unsafe factories, where no or inadequate...
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  • nokia - 3055 Words
    1. What Nokia should do next In the end, I decommissioned my £10 Nokia 1100 out of vanity three years ago. It had survived countless mishaps, including one memorable death-defying dive into a cup of hot tea. Unlike my iPhone, its battery could trundle along for at least a week and no app could be more useful than its built-in...
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  • Nokia - 535 Words
    Problems at Nokia Nokia, considered to be the pioneer in smartphones and a global leader in the mobile phones market, started to face severe challenges to its dominance in the smartphone market in 2007. The problems came mainly in the form of competition from the new mobile operating systems that entered the market like iOS and Android. Nokia had started the smartphone business and had been the leader since the release of its smartphone OS Symbian in 1997. But the release of Apple's...
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  • nokia - 649 Words
    In 2007, Nokia combined its telecoms infrastructure operations with those of Siemens to form a joint venture named Nokia Siemens Networks. NSN has become a leading global provider of telecommunications infrastructure, with a focus on offering innovative mobile broadband technology and services. In 2011, Nokia joined forces with Microsoft to strengthen its position in the highly competitive smartphone market. Nokia adopted the Windows Phone operating system for smart devices and through their...
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  • Nokia Study - 7061 Words
    Table of contents 1. Introduction 2. Company Background 3. Strategic Analysis 4. Nokia Target Market Strategy 5. Marketing Mix Strategy 6. Key Strategy Issues Face Nokia 7. Environment Analysis: S.O.W.T Analysis 8. Competitive Analysis: Porter’s Five Forces Model 9. Financial Ratio Analysis 10. Other Issues to be considered in pursuit of a Potential Investor 11. Five year Stock Chart for Nokia Corporation-US(NOK) As on 22-04-2011 12. Industry Analysis- Year to date (As on 22-04-2011)...
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  • Nokia Segmentation - 453 Words
    Small Business » Advertising & Marketing » Marketing » How Nokia Segments Its Markets How Nokia Segments Its Markets by David Sarokin, Demand Media inShare Share RSS Email Nokia is one of the world's leading providers of cell phones. Related Articles What Are the Characteristics of Market Segments & Target Markets? What Is the Role of Market Segments in Marketing Strategies? How Can a Company's Website Reflect Its Market Segments & Target Markets? List of Market Segments for...
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  • Nokia Swot - 314 Words
    Nokia Swot Analysis Nokia SWOT Analysis Nokia group is the world’s largest mobile phone manufactures. Strengths Strong brand image, Nokia’s core asset is its strong brand image.A strong and highly visible brand enables the company to command a premium for its products and distinguish from the competitors.Nokia’s brand is the fifth most valued brand in the word according to the top 100 best brands list compiled by interbrand in 2009. Significant market position, Nokia has been a hignly...
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  • the problem of Nokia - 666 Words
    Prepared by Elshan Imanli The Problem Of Nokia Company Introduction Nokia has a long history of successful change and innovation, adapting to shifts in markets and technologies. From its humble beginning with one paper mill, the company has participated in many sectors over time: cables, paper products, tires, rubber boots, consumer and industrial electronics, plastics, chemicals, telecommunications infrastructure and more. Most recently, Nokia has been best known for its...
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  • History Of Nokia - 564 Words
    History of Nokia Nokia has a long history of successful change and innovation. In 1865, Nokia was originally founded by Fredrik Idestam, a mining engineer. Fredrik Idestam opened his first wood pulp mill in South-Western Finland, Tammerkoski Rapids. In 1867, Fredrik Idestam’s wood pulp invention was awarded a Bronze Medal in the Paris World Exposition (Kolvuniemi 1998, p.17). Three years later, Fredrik Idestam constructed a second mill by the Nokiavirta river, which inspired him to name his...
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  • swot of Nokia - 1072 Words
    Introduction Nokia was founded in 1865, is headquartered in Finland, mainly engaged in the production of mobile communication products multinational, is the world's third largest mobile phone manufacturer. February 2011, Nokia and Microsoft entered into a strategic alliance and the depth of cooperation. Over the past few years, Nokia shares have gradually from London, Frankfurt, Paris and Stockholm stock market delisting. February 9, 2012, due to poor management, Nokia announced layoffs in...
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  • Nokia in trinidad - 5186 Words
    Contents 1. Executive Summary 2. Introduction 3. Internal Analysis of Nokia 3.1 PESTLE Analysis 3.2 Porters Five Forces 4. Analysis of Current Strategies 5. Recommendations 5.1 Ansoff’s Matrix 5.2 Marketing Strategy 5.3 Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Strategies (STP) 5.4 Objectives 5.5 Analysis of Marketing Mix (7Ps) 5.6 References 6. Appendices 6.1 Appendix A 6.2 Appendix B 6.3 Appendix C EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This report analyses the current situation Nokia is facing within the...
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  • Emerging Nokia - 10111 Words
    For the exclusive use of J. Luo, 2015. 9-710-429 REV: MAY 2, 2011 JUAN ALCÁCER TARUN KHANNA MARY FUREY RAKEEN MABUD Emerging Nokia? It was December of 2009 and D. Shivakumar, the Managing Director of Nokia India was catching up over coffee with Colin Giles, his counterpart in the China office, and Chris Braam, who was in charge of operations in the Middle East and Africa. The gathering was somewhat celebratory in nature: Giles had recently been promoted to global head of sales. Before Giles...
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  • Microsoft And Nokia - 452 Words
    Denitsa Anastasova BUS 353 CASE STUDY ANALYSIS MICROSOFT'S STRATEGIC ALLIANCE WITH NOKIA Microsoft and Nokia has joined forces in 2011 to put the Symbian Operation systems in Windows smartphones. Earlier this year Microsoft and Nokia had entered into a strategic alliances. This was good for both of the companies, as both had great experience in different fields and could combine strenghts. What they wanted to build was a new mobile-eco system. Microsoft is world wide famous company created...
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  • introduction nokia - 397 Words
    Introduction The company that we choose from the list is Nokia. Over the past 150 years, Nokia has evolved from a riverside paper mill in southwestern Finland to a global telecommunications leader connecting over 1.3 billion people. During that time, they’ve made rubber boots and car tires. They’ve generated electricity. They’ve even manufactured TVs. Nokia Corporation is a Finnish multinational communications and information technology corporation that is headquartered in Espoo,...
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  • Marketing of Nokia - 7546 Words
    Nokia Introduction Nokia Corporation (OMX: NOK1V, NYSE: NOK, FWB: NOA3) is an international communications company, focused on the key growth areas of wire line and wireless telecommunications. Nokia is currently the world's largest manufacturer of mobile telephones, with a global device market share of approximately 38% in Q2 of 2007. Nokia produces mobile phones for every major market segment and protocol, including GSM, CDMA, and W-CDMA (UMTS). The corporation also produces...
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  • Nokia in 2010 - 4865 Words
    Table of Contents Question 1. Describe Nokia’s vision and mission for its organization and how was it implemented? What suggestions can you provide (if any) that would or would have strategically positioned them in a competitive market? 2 Question 2. Using the competitive forces model, what alarms should Nokia have identified in their strategic pursuits? 3 Question 3. In Nokia current situation what strategy and techniques do you suggest to better position them for future growth? 6...
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  • Nokia Company - 2221 Words
    SYNOPOSIS Nowadays, with the fast technological development of the phones, consumer’s attitudes towards mobile phones have changed. People no longer carry the same phone year in year out, but they change their phone every year, some even twice a year. Nokia is still the largest mobile phone company in the world, but its long-term dominance is now challenged more than ever. Observers have begun asking whether the cutting edge that has turned Nokia into the number 1 vendor still exists. This...
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  • Nokia Analysis - 6417 Words
    Introduction: "Nokia - Connecting People": this slogan is known all over the world. In 2006 Nokia employs 68,041 people in 120 countries. Currently every third mobile phone sold in the world is from Nokia. The Nokia Company is today one of the world's leading high tech companies. Its rapidly growth in the 1990s coincided with a basal structural change of the Finnish economy and industry. In this restructuring process Nokia played an important role. Despite the fact that Nokia is a leading...
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  • Nokia India - 2021 Words
    Marketing Economics- Nokia India Case Table of Content Place the mobile- and smartphones on the PLC curve for the Indian market and assess the attractivity of the market. (10 %) The Indian mobile and smartphone industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the world.1 The market for mobile handsets, which include feature-phones and smartphones, are expected to grow at a CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) of 15.8% over the years from 2010-14. The...
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  • Nokia Corporation - 4186 Words
    The history of Nokia History of Nokia - one of the most incredible sagas of business 90-x of the last century. As written magazine BusinessWeek, in the early 90's Finnish conglomerate bothered far removed from cellular problem: then began to decline sharply sales standing at the threshold of collapse of the Soviet Union ... toilet paper. And by the end of the millennium the same Finns shifted toward cell phones, surpassed by new market and Ericsson and Motorola. Nokia quickly enough became one...
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  • Nokia Case - 523 Words
    NOKIA CASE STUDY - Irfan Mohammed -@02775411 There was a huge demand for Nokia phones in the year 1996, due to these the company could not handled their supply chain due to the rapid growth as they had lot of back orders piling up. During these period to tackle the problems, Nokia started a supply chain transformation process in which they created an integrated supply chain which linked suppliers, manufacturing plants, contract manufacturers, sales, logistics service providers, and the...
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  • Nokia Cultures - 1697 Words
    Nokia Cultural Changes Brenda Boakye Westwood College May 13, 2013 Nokia began 150 years ago in Finland. Before they for were known as a telecommunications company, they were known for a lot more. Nokia was founded by Fredrick Idestam and began as a paper mill. Nokianvirtra River was the location of the second paper mill plant which opened in 1871 and later the name of the company. Nokia has made everything from galoshes to tires. In 1898 Eduardo Polon...
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  • Research on Nokia - 2142 Words
    EAstern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management Project Report on “Why Nokia Handsets are preferred over other Handsets?” Prepared by: Kaizer KAIZER Team Members: NAME ROLL NO. | 1. Abhijit Sarkar 1 | 2. Arindam Chakrobourty...
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  • Nokia Strategy - 1130 Words
    Nokia Smartphone Strategy Nokia is a world renowned telecommunications corporation that connects over 1.3 billion people. Nokia’s mission is simple: Connecting People. Their goal is to build great mobile products that enable billions of people worldwide to enjoy more of what life has to offer. The company started out producing wood pulp and paper, the most influential communication technology in history, in Finland in 1865. By the 1960’s Nokia is a booming business with large production of...
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  • change of NOKIA - 1932 Words
     1.1 Defining change management Organizational change management is to manage the impact of the work of the new business processes, changes in organizational structure or changes in the company's culture. In short, it is to handle the people side of the change management. (Margaret Rouse,2009) Organizational change is a structured approach of an organization to make sure that the changes seamless and successfully implemented to reach a prolonged benefits. With the business environment...
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  • Nokia Swot - 778 Words
    Nokia SWOT analysis Strengths Weaknesses * Sold about more than 1 million smartphones last quarter than average analysts expected * Leader in Supply Chain Managment * Strong finances * World leader in R&D * Nokia has built one of the wireless industry’s strongest and broadest IPR portfolios with over 10,000 patents * Sold about more than 1 million smartphones last quarter than average analysts expected * Leader in Supply Chain Managment * Strong finances...
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  • The History of Nokia - 2446 Words
    | History 1865 to 1967 | | | Fredrik Idestam, co-founder of Nokia. | | Statesman Leo Mechelin, co-founder of Nokia. | The predecessors of the modern Nokia were the Nokia Company (Nokia Aktiebolag), Finnish Rubber Works Ltd (Suomen Gummitehdas Oy) and Finnish Cable Works Ltd (Suomen Kaapelitehdas Oy).[13] Nokia's history started in 1865 when mining engineer Fredrik Idestam established a groundwood pulp mill on the banks of the Tammerkoski rapids in the town of Tampere, in southwestern...
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  • Nokia analysis - 1063 Words
    Nokia I have been given the opportunity to work with Nokia and perform a SWOT analysis according to the information given and information collected by myself. If we start off by making an internal marketing audit of Nokia, we could start by looking at the 4 P’s. The 4 P’s is the four most important components of the product strategy. This is where the company can differentiate and gain ground on their product in comparison to their competitors. Product Nokia’s has a lot of different...
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  • Nokia Imc - 6406 Words
    Integrated Marketing Communications Plan E71 1 Executive Summary Within the following document you will find information outlining a strategic marketing plan to launch the Nokia E71, increase top-of-mind awareness of the product and overall revenue for Nokia through purchase of the Nokia E71. The following data was extracted to ensure maximum effectiveness through a marketing communications plan crafted exclusively for the Nokia E71. With the contents of this marketing...
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    COUNTRY REPRESENT •Finnish Company •Nokianvirta river Nokia, Finland YEAR OF BIRTH  Company started in 1865 as wood pulp mill.  After 1963 Nokia started producing radio telephone COMPANY PRODUCT   Early products: Wood pulp Rubber Cables and Television Main Product: Mobile Phone, Smart Phone, Mobile Computers, etc. FOUNDER OF THE COMPANY •The company was initially founded by Fredrik Idestam in 1865 •But it was later converted into a share...
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  • Nokia Customers - 1696 Words
    4.1 AGE Satisfaction of each customer changes according to the age . Age is the very important factor .Table 4.1 shows the age wise classification of respondents. TABLE 4.1 (Age wise classification) | AGE INTERVAL | NO.OF RESPONDENT | PERCENTAGE | | Below 25 |...
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  • Finland and Nokia - 609 Words
    Michael Porter in his article “The-competitive-advantage-of-nations-(1990)” discusses how a firm or a region can build competitive advantage and strategy. Porter argues that Competitive advantage is often not an outcome of favorable factor and macro-economic conditions as classical economists insists. A nation’s competitiveness depends on the ability of its industries to innovate. Porter introduces the concept of “the diamond of national advantage” - a system that some nations establish for its...
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  • Nokia 12 - 3262 Words
     CASE: “How Philips exploits its technology edge” Declaration “I hereby declare that this assignment is entirely my own work, and that it has not previously been submitted to any other Higher Education Institution. I also declare that all published and unpublished sources have been fully acknowledged and properly referenced. This includes figures, tables and exhibits. Where modified by me, this has also been indicated.” Signed...................................... Declaration...
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  • acquisition of Nokia - 1929 Words
    1. Motives why Microsoft acquires Nokia. Economic motive Window Phone is gaining a growth in market share. Microsoft is the Window Phone operating system provider in the market which licenses it to Window Phone hardware maker like Samsung, HTC and Huawei. By acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft, vertical integration between software and hardware companies will take place to assure of dependable source of supply of each other. Microsoft which owns Window Phone operating system would need a...
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  • Nokia Case - 1449 Words
    First case: The Nokia case Strategic Management class Group H2 Team 7 Team members (5): (Family name ) (First name ) BALITEAU NATHAN LAHLOU ZAKARIA THOMAS HUESCA CHRISTELLE VANNIER LÉO ZHONG YANNI Q1 : The story of the Nokia company starts at the end of the 18th century near the town of Nokia, Finland when mining engineer Fredrik Idestam set his first wood pulp mill and since then the company has change participating in many sectors over...
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  • Nokia Strategy - 465 Words
    How does Nokia segment the market for cell phones. Nokia’s vision is a world where everyone can be connected. The company applies differentiated market segmentation. Nokia distinguishes the market according to the different variables. The first selection is based on the demands of individuals and business firms . That explains the development of mobile devices applications which fulfill the needs of individual clients and those that provides business application and software. Second...
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  • Samsung Nokia - 4239 Words
    MKT 340 Marketing Research Project SAMSUNG & NOKIA TEAM FRESH Executive Summary This report was done to analyze and compare Samsung and Nokia with regard to their marketing strategies. This report draws attention to the fact that Nokia was once the market leader for cell phone industry however, the company have been constantly losing its market share year after year. Samsung on the other hand have been gaining market share and is considered to be the top player in this cell...
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  • Nokia Case - 10267 Words
    BM3399 Strategic Management Strategic Plan: Nokia | Group F4 | 905690745162235792279447892599 | | | | Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Internal Analysis 3 2.1. Resource Analysis 3 2.1.1. Hierarchy of resources 4 2.1.2. Resource Portfolio 4 2.1.3. Core Competencies 5 2.1.4. Summary of Resource Analysis 5 2.2. Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Analysis 5 2.2.1. Identification of SBUs 6 2.2.2. Summary of SBU Analysis 6 2.3. Value Chain Analysis 7...
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  • Nokia Analysis - 921 Words
    Unit 3 Case Study Nokia Analysis Kaplan University School of Business MT460 management Policy and Strategy Professor Bagley February 19, 2013 Nokia Analysis Introduction Nokia is one of the largest telecommunication manufacturer companies in the world. They are recognized globally for their reliable and high quality products. Though they are a pioneer in manufacturing mobile phones and the GSM technology, Nokia’s profitability has been on the decline in recent...
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  • Nokia Analysis - 5580 Words
    Nokia will empower everyone to share and make the most of their life by offering irresistible personal experiences. March 2010 The convergence of the mobile, internet and PC are a reality. Consumers want complete solutions not just devices, and technology to be invisible. Consumer relationships are the new unit of value in this converged industry as consumers "consume" services as they are created. Our vision of the future "Connecting people" is now connecting people to what matters -...
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  • Nokia and Finland - 999 Words
    Case study: Finland and Nokia 1. How was Finland able to move from a sleepy economy to one of the most competitive nations in the world by the end of the 1990’s? Finland was considered a sleepy country even after their independence from Sweden, depending its economy mainly on the Soviet Union by exporting its natural resources. Finland however slowly but constantly developed its economy up to the OECD average, following the models of its Nordic neighbors to invest highly in social welfare...
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  • emerging nokia - 1419 Words
     1. What strategy would you recommend for Nokia going forward? Please develop a complete strategy that addresses the following issues: Choice of scope: does it make sense for Nokia to be in both emerging and developed markets, or should they choose not to play in certain markets? How integrated should it be into manufacturing, services (apps), software development, sales, etc? Answer1: Choice of scope: With dwindling sales in developed countries like USA, UK, Germany, Russia and...
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  • samsung and nokia - 730 Words
    Microsoft and Nokia. This ‘transformation’, turning Microsoft into a ‘devices and services’ company, is key to the company's continuing survival, and would be impossible without Nokia. Here are four reasons why the acquisition had to happen: Microsoft need to keep its momentum Recent industry figures have shown Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 posting its highest ever market share allowing the mobile OS to leapfrog BlackBerry and become the third-most popular globally. This means that Windows...
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  • Marketing Strategy of Nokia - 9136 Words
     PROJECT REPORT ON MARKETING STRATEGY OF NOKIA SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT FOR THE AWARD OF THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 2011-14 INTRODUCTION The company I have chosen to analyze in my project is the Finnish mobile phone giant NOKIA. This project tells us briefly what Nokia actually is, it’s company structure and overall view on the size and sales of the...
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  • Nokia vs Sony - 1874 Words
    Table of Contents Executive Summary: ................................................................................................................................ 2 Introduction: ........................................................................................................................................... 2 Objective of the Study: ............................................................................................................................ 4 Scope of the...
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  • Nokia Mobile Phones - 819 Words
    NOKIA MOBILE PHONES STREAMLINGING LOGISTICAL TO CREATE VALUES Nokia was founded in 1865 in Nokia Finland as a timber and paper company. One could say Nokia from the beginning was a communication company. On the turn of the century the company started producing rubber. It was not until the 1960s when Nokia started the electronic venture. It was only in 1987 that with their major acquisition they brought the venture into reality and entered the electronic competition. With a rapid growth...
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  • Nokia Brand Audit - 2847 Words
    Brand Audit: Nokia... What’s Next? Introduction Click on the Nokia Philippines website and you will get the image above. This pretty much sums up Nokia at the end of 2014. A long history of dominance in mobile communication has succumbed to the pressures of innovation (and lack thereof). Nokia will go down in history as a case of “What not to do!”. Beset with declining sales, Nokia merged with Microsoft and licensed its Lumia and Asha line to the software giant. By the end of 2014, Microsoft...
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  • Nokia and Microsoft Cooperation - 1657 Words
    Definition of innovation. The term "innovation" comes from the Latin «novatio» -"renewal" or "change", and «in» - "in line, into". If translated literally, «Innovatio» means «in the direction of change". The concept of innovation has a lot of classical definitions. One of them is – innovation is a process of intentional change made to create value by meeting opportunity and seeking advantage (Dr. Bruton A. (2012). Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Retrieved October 7, 2012 from...
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  • Nokia Market Survey - 324 Words
    After years of strong growth and overwhelming domination of the mobile handset market, Nokia Corp. is entering unknown territory as its core product segment matures, leaving it to reorganize and transform operations in the midst of a sweeping recession. Although the company remains a strong competitor in all of its business segments—including the wireless infrastructure market, where it has a joint venture with Siemens AG—the reorganization plans announced in recent months indicate Nokia is...
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  • Nokia Rollercoaster Experience - 11205 Words
    The Dynamics of Strategic Agility: NOKIA’S ROLLERCOASTER EXPERIENCE Yves Doz Mikko Kosonen o CEOs, strategic agility is a conundrum. Being strategic evokes peering far into the future, making strong choices and holding firm commitments, unwaveringly deploying resources to implement them, and having every senior executive single-mindedly and individually dedicated to achieving them. In contrast, being agile evokes staying nimble and flexible, open to new evidence, always ready to reassess...
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  • Mission Statement Of Nokia - 629 Words
     Nazeer Hussain University Operations Management Assignment No: 1 Topic: Mission Statement Faculty: BBA Semester: 3rd Submitted To: Ms. Qanita Submitted By: Rabia Siddiqui Date: 23rd Mar 2015 Mission Statement of Nokia: Nokia Corporation defines its mission to connect people through mobile phone technology and quotes its mission statement as follows; “Our strategic intent is to build great mobile products our job is to enable billions of people...
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  • Microsoft Acquires Nokia - 948 Words
    INTRODUCTION Microsoft is to acquire Nokia's mobile phone arm in a swansong deal for the software giant's long-serving chief executive, Steve Ballmer, delivering Europe's last big handset maker into American ownership. For €5.44bn (£4.6bn), Nokia is casting off the business that once represented Finland's most important export, in a deal that will result in 32,000 staff transferring to Microsoft. Overtaken in the smartphone arena by Apple and Samsung, Nokia's board agreed to end the company's...
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  • Mobile Phone and Nokia - 2875 Words
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  • Declining Sales of Nokia - 2096 Words
     Preface In this era, where the technology is growing in a very faster speed and every positive change is bringing new and enhanced features with them, the cellular phones are at the very hot issue in this growing technology. The technologies in these cellular/mobile phones are enhancing and developing day by day, including new features of entertainment, and multiple options like imaging facilities, movie/animation features, sound technologies...
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  • Nokia Strategic Audit - 31425 Words
    EMBA 228 Strategic Analysis for Executives Lindle Hatton Nokia Strategic Audit Presented by Adrian Bogdan Raminder Bola Bill Greydanus Ron Kampling Jason Ross Table of Contents Introduction 6 Current Situation 6 Current Performance 6 Strategic Posture 6 Mission 6 Objectives 7 Strategies 7 Policies 8 Corporate Governance 10 Board of Directors 10 Top Management 14 External...
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  • Supply Chain Analysis Nokia
    Abstract This assignment investigated knowledge of supply chain management in 3 main areas, which include quality management, innovation development and sustainability. The supply chains of mobile phone industry were studied in this assignment. It represents how to apply theories in class to real world business. The result of this assignment will be shown in the process map for proving that supply chains are not only concerned in one organization, but it was also liked to external...
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  • Nokia Marketing Case Study
    The Nokia Corporation I. Summary of Facts Nokia is currently the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones, with a global device market share of approximately 40% in 2008, and global annual revenue of 51.1 billion euros and operating profit of 8.0 billion as of 2007. Early in 1994, to help Nokia get down the learning curve faster and free up resources needed to build related capabilities, CEO Jorma Ollila initiated a strategy of exiting Nokia's old businesses to focus on...
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  • Nokia Case Analysis - 1217 Words
    Nokia - The SWOT Analysis Strengths: Nokia is known to have the "largest network of distribution and selling” compared to the other mobile phone brands in the market. It is possible to say that this enlarges Nokia’s market share, makes Nokia products “easily available for the target costumers” and creates high brand awareness. Nokia’s attributes such as having a “user-friendly” system, and its accustomed usage are shown as to be the main reasons for the consumers to prefer Nokia. In...
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  • Nokia Marketing Plan - 2960 Words
    Nokia Corporation The Nokia Story Nokia was set up in 1865 by a mining engineer named Fredrik Idestam at the Tammerkoski Rapids in South-Western Finland. The company started as a wood pulp mill, and in 1960, the company started a mobile phone manufacturing business. In 1998, Nokia produced 100 million mobile phones and became the world’s largest phone makers. Now, Nokia is a leading multinational company engaged in producing mobile communication products, and is...
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  • Microsoft Nokia Acquisition Details
    M&A (Refresher) Microsoft - Nokia Deal SML -829 ; Mergers & Acquistion Course DMS , IIT Delhi Group no-1 Pawandeep Singh Maniktala | Mayank Lau Nokia CEO Stephen Elop (left) and Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer shake hands at the announcement of Microsoft’s Acquisition of Nokia for $7.2 billion M&A - Microsoft - Nokia Deal Industry View : ● Nokia was one of many cell phone manufacturers that struggled ● Apple‘s iOS and Google ‘s Android gained dominance of the smartphone market and displaced...
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  • File System and Nokia N8
    We have recently tried XEON Belle Refresh CFW on our Nokia N8 upon user recommendations and its really good and stable. Xeon’s CFW has only English and Italian languages. (Italian as default, you can change it into English later on). Detailed change-logs are available after the break. Before you start following this tutorial, we recommend you to have a look at Cfficial Nokia Belle Refresh Change-logs. THIS CUSTOM FIRMWARE IS ONLY FOR NOKIA N8, DO NOT TRY IT ON ANY OTHER DEVICE OR YOU’LL BRICK...
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  • Nokia to Sustain Market Leadership
    Nanyang Technological University School of MAE Academic Year 2010/2011 Semester II MA6535 MANAGEMENT OF GLOBAL MANUFACTURING STRATEGIC INITIATIVE BY NOKIA CORPORATION TO SUSTAIN MARKET LEADERSHIP Team Members: BALAGURUNATHAN BALACHANDER KALAICHELVAN REDDIAR VIGNESH KUMARAVEL MUTHU SELVENDERAN PALANISAMY KAVIYARASU RAMANATHAN SARAVANAN NOKIA 1. Introduction: In the later part of 20th century, the world switched into new Technology called Mobile Communication....
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  • Nokia Nature of Business - 2680 Words
    INTRODUCTION Nokia's history spans more than a hundred years and contains many stories, events and milestones brought about by the many twists and turns of the world history and industrialization. After the 1966-67 mergers, Nokia defined its main businesses to be rubber, cable, forestry industry, electricity generation and electronics. 20 years on, the company had added chemicals, floor coverings and TV sets to the aforementioned businesses. The electronics business started in the 60s when...
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  • Nokia Strategy Analysis - 11064 Words
    Nokia Strategy Analysis Catarina Barata | Guillermo Simoes | Inês Sousa | Iris Neto | José Aleixo Maria Osório | Pedro Castro STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT SMARTPHONES Professor Francesco Castellaneta FIND INSIDE Table of Contents I. INTRODUCTION 2 o II. Mission, Vision, Core Values 2 INDUSTRY ANALYSIS 3 o o o o Pest analysis 3 Porter’s Five Forces of Competition Framework 4 Market Segmentation 5 Key success factors 8 III. COMPETITVE ADVANTAGE ANALYSIS 9 o o o Emergence of Competitive Advantage 9...
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  • Strategy Formation and Planning of Nokia
    Table content I. Introduction II. Context of Nokia business strategy and the significance of stakeholder 1. Vision 2. Mission 3. Objectives 4. Stakeholders a. Internal (Employees) b. Connected (Customers and suppliers) c. External (Government) III. External environment and organizational audit 1. PESTEL (located in Finland) 2. Five force 3. Organizational audit IV. SWOT analysis of company and strategic positioning techniques to the analysis of Nokia 1. Value chain...
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  • Marketing Research on Nokia - 12916 Words
    Contents Declaration Preface 1. Introduction 1 . 1 R e v i e w o f L i t e r a t ur e 1.2 Objective of the study 1.3 Methodology 1.4 Limitations of Study 2. Introduction 2.1 Nokia 2.1.1Nokia Vision/Mission Statement 2.1.2 About the Company 2.1.3History of Nokia 2.1.4Company Profile 2.1.5SWOT Analysis 2.2Introduction to Marketing 2.3Market Segmentation 2.3.1Considerations for Market Segmentation 2.3.2Segmentation Basis 2.3.3Effective Segmentation 2.4Market Segmentation for Nokia...
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  • The rise and fall of nokia - 5934 Words
     A CASE ON RISE & FALL OF NOKIA (INSIGHT TO THEIR STRETEGIES) Submitted by: RAJIV KUMR ROHILA – S065 JAGDEEP SINGH - S029 TOSHIT KUMAR - N065 Case Overview NOKIA was the most successful European company of the 1990s. The Finnish mobile-phone manufacturer captured the emerging market for mobile phones and built the industry's most powerful brand. Its handsets virtually defined...
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  • Nokia Case Study - 547 Words
    Case Study Of NOKIA NOKIA one of the leading brand in Mobile phone industry. From Rubber Boots to mobile phones. NOKIA made tremendous growth in its early stages. Nokia became the world's largest cell phone maker in 1998 when it overtook Motorola - at a time when Samsung had just entered the industry - and it controlled around 40 per cent of the market for years before Apple Inc's iPhone was unveiled in 2007. In 2003-04 NOKIA was capturing 55.1% of total market share and the net revenue...
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  • Marketing Project on Nokia - 917 Words
    Introduction: Nokia is a world leader in mobile phone industry, but its market share has recently been diminished by tough competition in the smart phone market. It targeted rural markets with mobile phones that are affordable and, the mobile phones were not only for the communication but also for varied purposes like torch light, radio etc. Farmers use it during nights as a torch light. Nokia was able to fully penetrate and conquer the still untapped rural mobile phone market. Nokia plans to...
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  • Mobile Phone and Nokia - 3052 Words
    The Nokia Phones Company Statement of the Vision, Mission and Objectives of The Company I . Mission: ♦ A sustainable energy supply for everyone II. Vision: ♦ A world where everyone can be connected. ♦ In 2015, 5 billion people always connected, and 100 fold more network traffic. ♦ It’s a world of experiences, shared experiences. Objectives of our Company Customers Responsibility ♦ Grow the number of people using Nokia devices....
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  • Pest Analysis for Nokia - 942 Words
    Political The Political factors relates to the factors which the government also affects such as government instability or rules and regulations which the business must follow. Nokia have recently moved one of its manufacturing facilities to India, and because of this it is important that Nokia follow the rules and regulations that are set in India, so that they can operate as efficiently as possible. The types of things they will have to be aware of is the minimum wage, the maximum hours a...
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  • Contemporary Marketing NOKIA - 2515 Words
    Contemporary Marketing: NOKIA Nikolas Stavridis - 77094447 Shivam Parashar - 77154872 Hareshwer Saravanan - 77155974 Puneet Hooda - 77154871 Shivani Subramanian - 77152702 Masters of Business Administration Faculty of Business & Law Table of Contents Executive Summary 1. Introduction 2. Nokia’s Marketing Strategy 2.1. Why Nokia’s Marketing Strategy Failed? 2.1.1. Nokia’s Value Proposition (or lack of it) 2.1.2....
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  • Nokia Marketing Mix - 5598 Words
    Marketing Mix of Nokia 7210: Why it Reaches the Young Demographic The product, which I have chosen for this assignment, is the mobile phone Nokia 7210. The Nokia 7210 phone has a new keypad layout and a versatile four-way scroll that makes it easy to navigate the high-resolution colour display. (Http1) Polyphonic sounds played through a speaker give improved sound quality for ringing tones and message alerts. The Nokia 7210 tri-band phone operates in three networks - EGSM 900 and GSM...
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  • Nokia Strategic Plan - 1506 Words
    Introduction Figure [ 1 ] Nokia’s current Logo, with its “Connecting People” slogan, Courtesy: Wikipedia Figure [ 1 ] Nokia’s current Logo, with its “Connecting People” slogan, Courtesy: Wikipedia Nokia Corporation is a Finnish multinational communications and information technology corporation. It is comprised of three operating segments: Devices & Services; NAVTEQ, and Nokia Siemens Networks. Devices & Services is responsible for managing the company’s portfolio of mobile...
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  • Pestel Analysis Nokia - 856 Words
    Pest Analysis On Nokia - December 2nd, 2010 ________________________________________ Nokia Corporation (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈnɔkiɑ]) (OMX: NOK1V, NYSE: NOK, FWB: NOA3) is a Finnish multinational communications corporation that is headquartered in Keilaniemi, Espoo, a city neighbouring Finland's capital Helsinki.[3] Nokia is engaged in the manufacturing of mobile devices and in converging Internet and communications industries, with over 123,000 employees in 120 countries, sales in more...
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  • Nokia case study - 590 Words
     Strategy: 1. Globalization 2. Restructuring 3. Adaptation 4. New Management II. Analysis Swot Analysis Strengths; 1. 2nd spot on market share for Q1 2013 2. 2nd spot on shipment 3. User friendly 4. Weakness: 1. Higher Price than China phones. 2. Limited service center especially in India 3. Less promotion 4. Poor sales Service Opportunities: 1. Developing countries like China, Bangladesh, India and...
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  • Nokia Business Analysis - 259 Words
    The beginning of Nokia goes back to the year 1865 with the establishment of a forestry industry enterprise in South-Western Finland by mining engineer Fredrick Idestam. While in the year 1898, the Finnish Rubber Works Ltd was found, and in 1912, Finnish Cable Works began operations. Gradually, the ownership of this two companies and Nokia began to shift into hands of just a few owners. Finally, these three companies were merged to form Nokia Corporation in 1967. Nokia Corporation engages in the...
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  • Nokia 2007 Strategy - 3120 Words
    August 13, 2007 Nokia’s New Chipset Strategy Let the chips fall where they may ♦ Nokia announced a new chipset strategy including the use of standard 2G chipsets and the licensing of its protocol stack for merchant market chipset suppliers. ♦ Broadcom, STMicroelectronics and Infineon are the clear winners (in that order). ♦ To varying degrees all other chipset suppliers are losers while Texas Instruments faces a “two birds in the bush” situation. Signals Flash provides timely information...
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  • Nokia Operation in China - 6447 Words
    Question1, In the late 1990s, Nokia emerged as the leader of the global mobile phone industry. However, by 2003, the company faced several problems. Discuss Nokia's rise to the top and its eventual downfall. Analysis of Nokia Business in China This case discussed the operations of Finland-based telecom major, Nokia in China. Nokia entered China in 1985, and initially supplied network equipment to Chinese manufacturers. Nokia entered into joint ventures with local companies, which helped...
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  • The Future of Nokia Case Discussion
    The Future of Nokia – Case Discussion This case discusses the challenges faced by Nokia in the global handset market as it looks to regain significant market share it has been losing since the new millennium. Once the worldwide leader in the global handset industry, Nokia now must find new ways to reinvent itself and its products. Between 1995 and 1999, sales for Nokia tripled while profits nearly did the same. In 1998 they sold over 40 million phones, making Nokia the number one mobile...
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  • Strategic Analysis Nokia - 994 Words
     Course: Name Strategic Analysis on Nokia Yours Name Professor’s Name [optional] University Overview With the future of Smartphone in the mobile market, Nokia, an eminent leader in mobile phones, lost its market value. The company was not able to adjust well to the market changes that occurred due to the new era of mobile phones which started after the release of Iphone. Nokia tried to make a market for its own Smartphone that used Symbian as the operating system. But the...
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  • Marketing Strategy for Nokia - 935 Words
    Marketing Strategy for Nokia (a) Target customers and Products: The product I want to discuss this week is the phone of Nokia. Nokia is a mobile communication products multinational company, headquartered in Finland. Nokia occupied the world first of share of cell phone sales position by several years. There are 12 different series of phones are designed and produced by Nokia. Each series are for different targeted customers. For example, 3-series phone is more suited for young people....
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  • nokia competitor analysis - 4519 Words
    IN just five years Nokia fell from dominating the mobile phone industry to abandoning the handset business, a swift fall from grace with lessons for market leaders. The story of Nokia, now at the toughest stage of the restructuring cycle, is a particularly salutary business case about the fast-moving, high-risk, high-reward, tech sector for hip consumer goods. Nokia historically is a company capable of great transformation. It started as a wood pulp mill, then bought a rubber business making...
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  • Case Study NOKIA - 925 Words
    Nokia under Kairamo 1977-1988: Era of Growth Transformation from a paper and rubber concern to a major global electronics and telecom concern – RESTRUCTURING THE COMPANYS ORGANIZATION 1989 Nokia was influential in establishing the second generation network (2G) – allowed phones to work throughout Europe – INNOVATION / DIFFERENTIATION Nokias mergers and acquisitions activities – boosted revenues + adding valuable patents , investments in R+D DIFFERENTIATION Nokia under Vuorilehto: Challenging...
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    NOKIA CASE STUDY Presented by: Rica Beloy Co-Presentors: Karla Psalms Magno Dalsa Maamon Leo Masucol Brief History of Nokia       In 1871 Frederick Idestam opened his second mill on Nokianvirta river which gave the name Nokia Ab in 1871. Nokia began with making paper-incidentally one of the first communication technologies. In 1898, Eduard Polon founds the Finnish Rubber Works, which later becomes Nokia rubber business , making everyrhing from galoshes to tires. In 1912, Arvid...
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  • Nokia Organization Change - 6633 Words
    DWO Project Report: Nokia 2012 Contents Executive Summary................................................................................................................................... 2 List of figures ............................................................................................................................................. 3 1. Introduction...
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  • Nokia Swot Analysis - 713 Words
    Nokia SWOT Analysis Strengths Strong brand image is Nokia's core asset. The company continues to strengthen its brand equity through various marketing campaigns. Nokia's brand was the fifth most valued brand in the world according to the top 100 best brands list compiled by InterBrand in 2009, and was the only mobile phone manufacturer in the top 10 best brands list. A strong and highly visible brand enables the company to command a premium for its products and differentiate itself from...
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  • Nokia International Business - 768 Words
    Nokia – The Success Enablers From the standpoint of innovation policy and supporting institutions the success of Nokia could be related to the Nordic decision to create the common standard Nordic Mobile Telephony (NMT). This provided Nokia with a common Nordic market of 20 million techno savvy customers before anywhere else in the world. And it provided a perfect platform for ‘infant industry development’ . When Nokia had grown sufficiently large on the back of this market it was blessed by...
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  • Nokia Case Study - 788 Words
    Nokia Case Evaluation Envision is a verb that means to picture or conceive the possibility of the future (Farlex, 2011). Nokia’s driving force is sustaining mobile devices that have finite abilities of enhancing social networks through reliable connection. Nokia globally manufactures mobile devices and network communications within 150 countries. The company’s primary focus is connecting people everywhere. Nokia is a world leader that provides mobile communication, driving internet...
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