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  • New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council Case Summary
    Summary for NSW Aboriginal Land Council Case Justice of Appeal MEAGER Counsel for the defendant suggested that the decision in Ballina Shire Council v Ringland (1994) 33 NSWLR 680 applied to this case and meant that the NSW Aboriginal Land Council could not sue for defamation. The decision was made by Chief Justice Gleeson and President Kirby that a council elected under the Local Government Act 1919 does not have sufficient powers or rights to make a claim for defamation. The plaintiff...
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  • The Reason Why the British Established a Settlement in New South Wales in 1788
    The British established a settlement in New South Wales in 1788 because they needed to send some of the prisoners out of the country because of the overcrowded prisons in Britain, which led to more crime and therefore convicts, for a growth of empire, security and trade and they needed a climate suitable for growing crops such as flax and trees for their wood due to their supply being under threat from war. Such a colony would solve the problem of Britain's overcrowded prisons (a problem...
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  • An Analysis of the Cadastral Systems of New Zealand and South Australia
    Assignment 2: Research Essay A Comparison of the Cadastral Systems in New Zealand and South Australia By Leighton Joyes 574038 Due 17/05/2012   New Zealand and South Australia both stem from British heritage and they have both inherited the common law system and developed cadastral systems from this (Toms, Williiamson, & Grant, 1988). A cadastre can be defined as “a public register usually recording the area (and spatial location) of land...
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  • Secret Sydney's New Website
    PressReleasePing Secret Sydney Launches New Website Secret Sydney has launched a new ?mobile friendly? website to showcase the directory of Sydney nightclubs they feature. Sydney, NSW, Australia, September 25, 2015 /PressReleasePing/ - Secret Sydney has just launched a new website to showcase the array of night clubs on offer in Sydney Australia. The owners have seen the need to keep at the leading edge of technology to keep in touch with users of the directory and assist...
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  • Why the British Colonized New Holland in 1788
    What were the most compelling reasons why the British decided to establish a colony on the east coast of New Holland in 1788? It Was All About Location In 1788, the British colonized the continent of New Holland, which is present day Australia. The colony was first started as a penal colony on the east coast, but soon expanded throughout the country. There are many reasons why this colony was first created and why Botany Bay specifically was chosen, but many of these reasons came about due...
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  • Threadbo Landslide 1997 - 2002 Words
    Thredbo landslide 1997 Introduction The Thredbo landslide shook the small community of Thredbo, both physically in the shaking of the ground during the landslide, and emotionally in the death of 18 skiers. This analysis will give outline of the event that occurred followed by the potential for injury or further disaster. The actual rescue efforts will then be discussed followed by potential for change and an analysis of how it was carried out. Proceeding this the efforts by various...
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  • The Changing Image of Australian Nursing"(Bloomfield, J)
    The Changing Image of Australian Nursing"(Bloomfield,J) 1. What period of Nursing is often referred to as "the Dark Age of Nursing"? Briefly explain your answer. (3 marks) 2. What was Osburn's most significant achievement? (2 marks) 3. Why was "Living in" considered to be an essential component of nurse training? (2 marks) 4. How many hours did a trainee work in the 1950/1960's ? (2 marks) 5. What happened in 1985 which altered conditions for nurses? (2 marks) 6. When...
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  • The Federation of Australia - 921 Words
    The Federation Of Australia There are many reasons for and against the federation of Australia. These reasons will be conveyed in this essay. Before the federation Australia consisted of six colonies of Britain. Before 1872 the British colonies had nothing to do with each other, although a telegraph linked the colonies and the idea of being “Australian”. By the 1890’s songs and poems were being written to celebrated a nation and the idea of becoming a federation was becoming much more...
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  • History Speech - a Workingman's Paradise
    During the early 1900s, life was harsh, but for those who worked successfully, they became prosperous. Australia, advertised as a workingman’s paradise at the time, was in some ways a workingman’s paradise, but also completely the opposite in many other ways. Employers were not very nice, and exploited the fact that there were shortages in jobs. Many people were ready and willing to swoop in on a job if an employee quit, like vultures. The land was a place of equal opportunities, they said....
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  • Female Convicts - 295 Words
    The year 1788 was marked as a very important year in the entire History of Australia. It was the year the first fleet of convicts arrived in australia at Botonay Bay from the terrible and putrid conditions in London. The ships had both men and women onboard but the majority of them were males. The females of the colonies were often regarded as less than human hence them being treated in such a manor. They were seen as the breeders of the colonies and their punishments were aimed for...
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  • Why Did Britain Establish a Colony in Nsw
    Why did the British Establish a Settlement in NSW in 1788? Shaveen Kariyawasam 9V Britain’s growing crime rate was a great cause of concern for British authorities in the late 18th Century. As there was nowhere else to export convicts, a new penal settlement had to be established, and in 1787, after learning about the potential trade value and natural resources of the ‘great southern land’, the government sent the First Fleet over to New South Wales with over 1400 people. First of all, as...
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  • Driving Through Sawmill Towns poem analysis
    Driving Through Sawmill Towns by Les Murray In the high cool country, having come from the clouds, down a tilting road Into a distant valley, You drive without haste. Your windscreen parts the forest, Swaying and glancing,...
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  • Trap Door Spider - 296 Words
    The name Trapdoor spider is a general term use when talking about a spider in the one of the following families: Idiopidae, Actinopodidae, Ctenizidae, Migidae, or Cyrtaucheniidae. The largest family by far is the Idiopidae family which includes the brown trapdoor spider and the spotted trapdoor spider. The trapdoor spider is found mostly in the dry areas of Australia. The brown trapdoor spider (scientific name: Misgolas) is found in New South Wales and along Australia's eastern coast. This...
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  • How and Why Did Federation Occur in Australia?
    Federation for Australia was when six independant Brisitsh colonies were no longer divided. It was the year “1901” when Federation happened for Australia. Federation took place because of the need to be more organised, to improve the defence of Australia, better transportation, stronger communication, to unify the economy and to strengthen the pride of being Australian. The idea of six colonies uniting as one had an apeal to people which lead to motivating the spirit of Australia and being as...
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  • Convict in Australia - 863 Words
    During the 18th to 19th century, It had a large group of convicts were transported to Australia. Convicts are the people who found guilty of crime. All the convicts were transported Australia by ship and fleets. After the first fleet arrived to Australia, there were a lot of fleets arrived to Australia as well. Consequently, The Australia’s government were kept for each convict and up till the mid-1800s they recorded names, date and place of trial and sentence. The convicts were transported to...
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  • essay on curious incident - 107667 Words
    directoryundergraduate 20.14 bonus points reference bonus points for HSC subjects with 2013 entry scores Oxley College 2. introduction finding a way to deal with the complexities and mass of detail associated with bonus points. To the Students of Year 12, 2013. Please use this guide and other resources available to you, to fully investigate all the options that are available to you. You can never to be too informed, organised or start too early when investigating...
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  • My Trip - 538 Words
    If I have a lot of money, I will spend it by travelling around the world in 10 days with my friends.The country that I plan visit is Australia,Japan,Canada, Singapore.The purpose of this trip is to enjoy and relax our mind. The first day,I wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning and meet my friend at the KLIA at 8 o’clock. Our flight will be depart at 11 o’clock.We took the plane for 9 hour and finally arrive at the Melbourne Airport, Australia at midnight. After that we search for the hotel that...
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  • Weather - 761 Words
    New South Wales braces for river peaks as Queensland counts flood cost Four deaths confirmed from torrential rains that have drenched Australia's east coast, recalling 2010-2011 disaster * , Tuesday 29 January 2013 03.13 EST * Jump to comments (197) Rescuers check a flooded area of Rosalie in Brisbane, the Queensland capital. Photograph: Dave Hunt/EPA A fourth person has died in flood-affected areas on Australia's east coast as communities across the states of New South Wales and...
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  • Backpackers - 381 Words
    The three activity constructs and items are the result of an exploratory factor analysis conducted by Paris (2008 The Cultural Attraction Con The Social Activities constructstruct The Active/Participatory activity construct Authors:Paris, Cody Morris Source:Annals of Leisure Research; 2010, Vol. 13 Issue 1/2, p239-258, 20p, 2 Diagrams, 2 Charts Document Type:Article Publisher Information: | Australian & New Zealand Association for Leisure Studies Journal C/O School of Leisure,...
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  • Jhygftrd - 483 Words
    Miss Janice Nixon P&R Residence 34 Captain Bush Lane, Charoenkrung 30, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand mobile: 086 025 7651 email: 2008 Bangkok Thailand It is my aim to teach English to advanced students. 2007 Centre of Learning Manly Vale, Sydney N.S.W. Australia Teaching class of ten Intellectually gifted children. 2006 Teaching English on a daily basis to foreign students living in my home. 2005 Study Tour - France Spain Portugal Morocco...
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  • Why did the British settle in Australia?
    Between 1788 and 1850 the English sent over 162,000 convicts to Australia in 806 ships. The first eleven of these ships are today known as the First Fleet and it carried convicts, marines, crewman, officials and children. Captain James Cook discovered the east coast of New Holland (Australia) in 1770 and named it New South Wales. As more people were moving to the city, Britain got more crowded. More people were unemployed and went broke. So they started to commit more crimes, which overcrowded...
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  • Life of Robert Gray - 396 Words
    Robert Gray Robert Gray was born on the 23rd of February 1945 in Port Macquarie on the North Coast of New South Wales. In primary school, his teacher read to him The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham. This was his first literary experience that he remembered clearly, although it wasn’t until 15 that he began to enjoy and write poetry. His teacher, Hugh McRae, who was himself a poet, and the well-known poets D. H. Lawrence, T. S. Elliot, Patrick White, Les Murray and Kenneth Slessor were...
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  • Business Forecasting Group Project
    ECON2209, Business Forecasting, 2014 S1 Course Project (14% + 3% in Total) 1. This project has a value of 14% of the total assessment. In addition, there is a teamwork component worth 3%. The teamwork mark will be based on the online self and peer assessment (see Teamwork Assessment section at the end of this document). 2. This project must be completed in a group of 3 or 4 students. The members of a group come from the same tutorial class. Groups have been alphabetically assigned. Each...
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  • The Benefits of Australian Landforms - 319 Words
    The benefits of Australian landforms Australia has many significant and beautiful landforms that are valuable and unique. These landforms provide many benefits that have important outcomes for the economy, and the survival of life and vegetation in Australia. Australia’s most precious landforms are its water bodies each of which has a very important role for the survival of life and vegetation in Australia. The two largest and most important water bodies in Australia are its large...
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  • Australian History; Acts of Ww1
    The conciliation and arbitration act 1904 - Maternity allowance act 1912 - Invalid and old pensions act 1908 - The conciliation and arbitration act 1904 - In 1904 the Australian parliament established the commonwealth court of conciliation and arbitration to conciliate and if, that failed arbitrate between unionists and employers in dispute. after the bitter strikes of the 1890s industrial harmony was high on the agenda of the new government. it was a part of the vision of creating a...
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  • Music and Movement Experiences - 1272 Words
    RESULT SLIP 51 Wentworth Road Strathfield NSW 2135 This Result Slip must be attached to the assignment or assessment event being forwarded. Ensure that you complete all the fields of this result slip. THIS PART TO BE COMPLETED BY STUDENT Please complete the following information: Course no. CHCFC507A Subject No: CHCFC507A Subject Name: Use music to enhance children's experie LA No: *LA012100* LA012100 LA012100 LA Name: Use music to enhance children's e...
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  • Australian Icons - 749 Words
    Australian icons Flag of Australia Adopted • 3 September 1901 • The flag includes the Southern Cross, Union Flag (The Union Jack) and Commonwealth Star. The Commonwealth Star (also known as the Federation Star, the Seven Point Star, or the Star of Federation) is a seven-pointed star symbolising the Federation of Australia which came into force on 1 January 1901. Coat of arms of Australia Adopted • 19 September 1912 • Granted by King George V; an earlier design was granted by King Edward VII...
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  • Impact of australian dollar from GFC
    IMPACT OF GFC ON AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR As United States of America and other European countries faced recession there were few developing Asian countries such as China and India which were least affected. China and India recorded 9.7 and 10% GDP growth respectively from 2006. Australia has abundant natural resources such as Iron ore, coal, Uranium etc. As these two hugely populated large economies which also consume huge resources was the main factor which...
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  • Jlk; M - 876 Words
    Crown Lands Act- The Crown Lands Acts 1861 (NSW) were introduced by the New South Wales Premier, John Robertson, in 1861 to reform land holdings and in particular to break the squatters' domination of land tenure. Under his reforms unsurveyed land in an area which had been declared an agricultural reserve in designated unsettled areas could be selected and bought freehold in 40-to-320-acre (16–130 ha) lots of Crown land, wherever situated at £1 per acre (£2 9s 5d/ha), on a deposit of five...
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  • Critial Review Extract ‘Convicts, Jailers and Colonists’ 1779-1821 from the Book , Sources of Australian History(1971)
    Colonial Experiment 1788 – 1918 Assignment 1 - Review In the extract ‘Convicts, jailers and colonists’ 1779-1821 from the book , Sources of Australian History(1971), the Author Manning Clark uses the primary resource from Lord Sydney to the lords and commissioners of the treasury in 1786 to support the text which discusses the problem of overcrowded jails in England and the proposal for a convict colony in Australia in 1784 – 1786. The primary resource is a dispatch that was spoken by...
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  • The Impact of the Industrial Revolution in Australia
    The Industrial Revolution had a great impact on not only Great Britain, but Australia as well. Wool, wheat and mining where just a few of the things that Australia provided during the 1800s. Australia provided Great Britain with many raw materials in the nineteenth century such as wool, to meet the demands of the new textile industry, wheat to feed the population and increase what was growing on British farms, metals such as gold, copper, lead, zinc, silver and tin, and other materials such...
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  • MUELC Reading List PG
    Research Essay MEB (PG) Reading List Accounting Atrill, P. (2012). Accounting : an introduction (5th ed.). French’s Forest, N.S.W.: Pearson Australia Carey, P., Weygandt, J.J., Birt, J., Hogget, J., & Collier P. (2010). Principles of accounting and finance (2nd ed.). Milton, Qld.: John Wiley & Sons Australia Clarke, E.A. (2012). Accounting: an introduction to principles and practice (7th ed.). South Melbourne, Vic.: Cengage Learning Australia. Baxt, R. (1987). Auditor’s and accountants : their...
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  • Prison and Fleet Convict Database
    First Fleet Convict Database Answer the following questions! 1. Check to see if any convicts with your surname were transported on the first fleet. A - None of my family was. 2. What did Joshua Taylor steal that saw him sentenced to transportation? A - for stealing a handkerchief. 3. How old was Elizabeth Beckford when she was transported? A – 70 4. What was unusual about John McIntire? A – That he was allowed to carry a gun. 5. What was Martha Kennedy do for a living before being...
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  • Statement Of Purpose - 292 Words
    1) Why study in Australia? Ans) 1.Multicultural classroom, friendly environment 2. The NSW Government will do all in its power to maintain the highest standards of international education in NSW. The educational system in Sydney encourages free thinking and allows the students keep their opinion on the table. Working in a group, the students learn to respect others’ thoughts and views while believing in their own ideas. Studying in Sydney helps students cultivate a habit of applying...
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  • Tafe Assmt 3 - 828 Words
    CHCCS400C – Work within a relevant legal and ethical framework: Assignment What you have to do Students need to complete all four (4) tasks: Task A Complete 12 short answer questions based on the learning material. Task B Complete five (5) short answer questions based on the learning material and the case study Task C Complete three (3) short answer questions based on the learning material and the case study Task D Complete two (2) short answer questions based on the learning material...
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  • Australia Port analysis - 547 Words
    Description and container tonnages of each port Port of Melbourne The Port of Melbourne is the largest container and general cargo port in Australia and one of the top four container ports in the southern hemisphere. The port now has around 3,400 commercial ship calls per year and handles more than 2.5 million twenty foot equivalent units annually and around 1,000 motor vehicles and 7,000 containers per day on average. In the 2011 to 2012 financial year, the total trade of Melbourne Port...
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  • Captain Arthur Phillip - 1326 Words
    Evaluate the career of Captain Arthur Phillip in his role as the first Governor. Captain Arthur Phillip’s role as first Governor of the colony of New South Wales proved to be efficient and successful despite the difficulties. Difficulties included, limited supplies and the soils around Sydney were of poor quality making cultivation difficult. Tools were scarce and the Marines were unsupportive and not at all interested in instilling the discipline the convicts required. Along with these...
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  • Value Management - 637 Words
    Q.1 Using your emerging knowledge of Value Management (VM), critically appraise the report and make suggestions as to how the VM study might have been run differently / more effectively. A Value Management report is the basis to a well-constructed project in the sense that all parties involved or potentially affected will be content with the final outcome. It is vital to understand and elaborate on the key aspects that determine a value management study in order to gain an agreeable...
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  • Cà Rem - 313 Words
    Maroubra and Kogarah are two suburbs of Sydney in Australia. Maroubra, which is far from city about 10 km, is a beach side sunburb in the East of the state of New South Wales. However, Kogarah is a suburb of southern in the state of Kogarah that is located 14 km from the South of central business district.Both of them have some similarities, but they are also different from each other.This report will compare and contrast the people,housing and services. Firstly, population in Maroubra 26,500...
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  • Experiences of the Stolen Generation - 883 Words
    Worksheet 2 Experiences of the stolen generation Edited from the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Bringing them Home - The Report The overwhelming majority of the children forcibly removed under assimilationist legislation and policies were separated from their Indigenous family, community and culture. 1) They were not permitted to use their languages. Y'know, I can remember we used to just talk lingo. [In the Home] they used to tell us not to talk that language, that...
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  • Society and Environment Resources - 4490 Words
    Society and Environment Resources GEOGRAPHY UNIT: BIG IDEA – How we live. (ACARA, 2012: Draft F-12 Australian Curriculum: Geography – Year 4). ACARA, 2012: Draft F-12 Australian Curriculum: Geography – Year 4. ACARA, 2012: Draft F-12 Australian Curriculum: Geography – Year 4. RATIONALE: Geography is a structured way of exploring, analysing and explaining the characteristics of the places that make up our world, through perspectives based on the concepts of place, space and...
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  • Transportation in the British Empire - 1839 Words
    Transportation was a viable avenue for England to rid itself of criminals. Many individuals and complete families where transported, first, to the American colonies and then to Australia and its surrounding islands of Van Diemen’s Land. Through this type of punishment the United Kingdom hoped to rid itself of variants and to begin colonization of a new colony in a distant land in hopes of further expanding the empire. By expanding the empire through transportation these convicts brought with...
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  • We're all Australians Now
    The poem that I have chosen is ‘We’re all Australians Now’ by Andrew Barton ‘Banjo’ Paterson in 1915. Paterson was a famous Australian born poet, solicitor, journalist, war correspondent and soldier that was born in Orange, New South Wales during 1864. His work mainly consisted of poems about rural and outback Australian life and what it was like. We’re all Australians Now is a piece of poetry about the brave men in the ANZAC forces that were fighting in the first world war. It has a very...
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  • LAS432 - 287 Words
    Microchip Implants in humans DeVry University A History of Microchip implants Beginnings 1 Early Technology/Prototypes 2 Candidates B Milestones in Microchip Technology 1 Through the centuries C Today 1 Advancements 2 New Tech I Political Cause/Effects ( A Government policy 1 Laws Concerning tracking humans 2 Inability to keep up with changing technology 3 Freedom of peace,(confidentiality) II Impact on Economy/Business’s ( A Increased profits...
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  • Food Safety Legislation and Regulations Hospitality Notes
    FOOD SAFETY LEGISLATION & REGULATIONS: Food Act 2003 (NSW) - The Food Act is the main legislation relating to the safe handling of food for sale. - Its main aim is to protect the public health by preventing the sale of contaminated food. Key Points of Food Act 2003 (NSW) - It is an offence to sell contaminated food or food that has been falsely described. - The food premises and food handler must also conform to certain minimum standards of hygiene or risk prosecution,...
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  • Breach of the Duty of Care - 758 Words
    Week 7 Breach of the Duty of Care Negligence Duty of care Established or novel duty? Is it a non-delegable duty? What is the scope of the duty? Breach of duty What is the relevant standard of care? Has the standard been breached? Damage Is it recognized by law? Was the breach a necessary condition of the harm? Is the harm within the scope of the defendant’s liability? Breach of Duty The fault part of the negligence action An act or omission of the defendant A failure to act as a reasonable...
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  • Distinctive Voice of Mlks Speech
    Speeding. No one thinks big of you esearch is showing that the anti-speeding message in the ‘Speeding: No one thinks big of you’ campaign has hit home and is having an effect on driver attitudes. The campaign, launched in June 2007, shows people wiggling their pinkies at young men who are speeding. The campaign has got the community and young people talking and thinking about speeding – that’s the first crucial step in getting young drivers to slow down. A wiggling pinkie now has another...
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  • Work effectively in the community sector
    CHCCS411C - Work effectively in the community sector: Assignment 2 What you have to do Choose a Community Services organisation and research the current issues influencing service delivery by answering the questions below based on your research. The organisation should belong to one of the following sectors:    Home and community care Disability services, or Aged care Tip: Refer to the Assessment Tips document on the OLS under Assessment Information (you will locate this...
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  • Change - 625 Words
    Away is a play written by the Australian playwright Michael Gow, published by Currency Press in 1986. First performed by the Griffin Theatre Company in 1986, it tells the story of three internally conflicted families holidaying on the coast for Christmas, 1968. It has become one of the most widely produced Australian plays of all time and is part of the Higher School Certificate syllabi or general High School Curriculum in many states, including Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and...
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  • The Legislation - 457 Words
    The legislation Is the school leaving age changing? A law was passed by the New South Wales Parliament in May 2009 to increase the school leaving age from 15 years of age in 2009 to 17 years of age. This law operates from 1 January 2010. Leaving age aims Why has the government increased the minimum school leaving age? The minimum school leaving age is being raised to ensure that school-leavers have the opportunity to maximise their preparation for further education or training or...
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  • An essay on Australia's patterns of natural resources
    Natural resources are the wealth supplied bynature that is available for human use. Naturalresources include water, soil, forests, fish, energyand mineral deposits, and wildlife and naturalscenery. Australia has a greater value of naturalresources per head of population than any othercountry in the world. The main reason is that wehave a small population in a very large country. The United States and China, for example, are farbetter endowed with natural resources than Australia,but they have...
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  • An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Criminal Justice System - Illicit Drugs and Young Offenders
    2.0 Executive Summary In this report, the contemporary legal issue of illicit drugs and young offenders has been discussed and an evaluation of the effectiveness of the criminal justice system when dealing with this issue has been conducted. The issue of illicit drugs and why the consumption of these drugs is dangerous to Australian youth is explored and the Australian law that deals with psychoactive drugs and young offenders is also stated. The evaluation of the effectiveness of the criminal...
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  • Hollis V Vabu - 413 Words
    Hollis v Vabu Pty Ltd [2001] HCA 44 (9 August 2001) This decision deals with the distinction between employees and independent contractors (see Creighton and Stewart, Chapter 7.3). While not affecting the basic legal principles to be applied in this connection, it perhaps shifts the line between the two categories in favour of finding an employment relationship. In 1996, bicycle and motor vehicle couriers working for Vabu (trading as Crisis Couriers) were found by the New South Wales Court...
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  • Explain Why Overseas Study at Australian Universities Popular
    Explain why overseas study at Australian universities popular. Since the 1980s, Australia has become a major player in the international student market, offering globally recognised courses and qualifications. Australian universities is popular as the third most popular international student destination in the world despite having a population of only 23 million. For this essay purpose, overseas study is defined as the tertiary level of education in a foreign country by the undergraduates or...
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  • Directors Must Unequivocally Act in the Best Interests of the Company (an Australian Perspective)
    Directors are wills and minds of a company. Furthermore, Directors are defined as a person who is responsible and in charge for managing the company’s trade activities and affairs (Hanrahan, Ramsay and Stapledon 2010). Directors are appointed by members (Shareholders) after chosen the right person by another director of the company. In company’s view directors are the responsible bodies that are generate more profits to the company. Harris, Hargovan and Adams (2011) defined the term of best...
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  • Day of Mourning - 585 Words
    1. Describe the main features and/ or developments of the day of mourning. As many Australians know Australia day is celebrated on the 26th of January. Australia day celebrates the British flag at the head of Sydney cove by Governor Arthur Philip in 1788, This day was also known as the day of mourning by the 21st century. During the year 1938 , Aboriginal people in Sydney were becoming more prepared in their political activities. Bill Ferguson organised the first meeting of the...
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  • Timberlake Wertenbaker : Our Country's Good - The redemptive power of theatre : How does the experience of putting on a play affect the characters in Our Country's Good.
    When Wertenbaker began writing "Our Country's Good" (in 1988) convicts and prisoners were looked upon with more shame and distaste than they are today. She set the play in the 19th Century, and back then people were executed for stealing a biscuit! She was trying to point out the terrible flaws that occurred back then and she definitely succeeded. This, however, was not the full aim of the play. I think that the play's aim was to show convicts in a different light. In "Our Country's Good", many...
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  • Imants Tillers - 2081 Words
    Art Critical Analysis Mount Analogue is a post-modern artwork by Imants Tillers painted in 1985. This work can be said to be a post-modern piece as Tiller has utilised several techniques common to this style. Bricolage is the creation of a work from a diverse range of things that happen to be available. In this case, Tiller, out of necessity, created his canvas board system. This particular artwork is an appropriation of the rather majestic painting ‘North- East view from the northern top...
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  • Death Adder - 420 Words
    Death Adder Physical Traits/Characteristics The Death adder would hide under loose leaf litters or debris and wait for its prey (it even takes some days) while wiggling its grub-like tail to lure its prey. When an animal approaches its grub looking tail, the Death adder quickly strikes, injecting its venom and slowly leaves it to die before eating it. The venom it ejects comes from its teeth, which is probably around 6.2 millimetres long. Habitat/Locality Death Adders prefer to hide...
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  • Linfox - 697 Words
    Major customer: Campbell Arnott’s (Biscuits and Snack Foods) Arnott’s has developed in the recent 144 years, and it has been recognised as a piece of Australian history and a national icon. Today, Arnott’s has been one of the leading food companies in Asia Pacific region with a variety of produce covering sweet, snacks, soup and juices. Strengthening the market share of chocolate industrial is their next step to go. Arnott’s provide more than 4,500 job opportunities for Australians, and...
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  • H&M In Australia Analysis Report
     H&M In Australia Analysis Report Course Leader: Cai Huan BU1401- Business Environment Class: IB 3 Date: 14th June 2013 Group members: Joe Johnny Jacky Jesse Scott Executive summary This report main analysis feasibility of H&M enter Australia. The first section review the H&M company and products by their design style....
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    Definition of charity[edit] The definition of charity in Australia is derived through English common law, originally from the Charitable Uses Act 1601, and then through several centuries of case law based upon it. In 2002 the federal government established an inquiry into the definition of a charity. That inquiry proposed that the government should legislate a definition of a charity, based on the principles developed through case law. This resulted in the Charities Bill 2003. The Bill...
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  • Demographics of Australia - 699 Words
    Demographics of Australia Demographics are the quantifiable figures of a given population. Demographics are also used to recognize the study of quantifiable subsets contained by a specified population which illustrate that population at a particular point in time. Australia’s estimated population in year 2013 is projected to be 22,917,910. In June 2012, the estimated resident population of Australia was 22, 683,600 people. This reflects an increase of 359,600 people since June 2011 and 87,100...
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  • Fox Broadcasting Company and Big Gator
    Name _________________________ Homework for Chapter 3 (adapted from end-of-chapter questions) 3. Matilda Bottlers bottles and distributes wines and spirits in Australia. Big Gator is a conglomerate that manufactures, among other things, a popular lager beer. By virtue of a life time contract, Matilda has exclusive rights to bottle and distribute Big Gator beer in New South Wales, the largest state in Australia. Matilda uses its monopsony power to pay a lower price for Big Gator beer than...
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  • Warramunga - 890 Words
     Warramunga I'm a Warramunga lady from a small town Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory. When I was young I went to a primary school that was out of Tennant Creek located at an abandon mining town called Warrego. When I turned 13 my teacher Colin Baker and Sandra Baker got me into a boarding school at Armidale NSW "New England Girls' School" (NEGS). Last year in December my daughter Zenaida and I got the chance to come and visit my friends in Hobart, Tasmania and I instantly fell in...
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  • Leisure Trends in the Youth Backpackers Segment in Australia
    Executive Resume Introduction The Segment Leisure Serious Leisure Casual Leisure Project-based Tourism Conclusion References Tables Table 1: International Young travellers’ online behaviour while travelling. Table 2: Summary of social networking usage Executive Resume This paper explains and explores the International young travellers segment in Australia, understanding the principal trends and need that affect the leisure activities that this particular group has. It also...
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  • Compulsory School Leaving Age of 17 Years
    I have chosen to talk to you about the compulsory school leaving age of 17 years. I chose this topic because I thought it was interesting and also because we need to know information about this topic, since it will affect all of us in a few years. From 1943 until 2009 it has been compulsory for students in NSW to attend school until the age of 15, but in May 2009 the New South Wales Parliament increased the school leaving age of 15 to 17 years. The law started operating from the 1st of...
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  • qwertyuiop - 334 Words
     The geological processes the formed Wilsons Prom During the most recent ice age, the Prom formed part of a mainland bridge to Tasmania, which allowed Aboriginal people to reach what is now an Island state. About 10,000 years ago, the climate warmed, the ice melted and Bass Strait again become submerged. At this time, the Prom was an Island until the winds and tides deposited the sands which became the isthmus. The fierce weather of Bass Strait has eroded the granite into the...
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  • Fort Denison - 957 Words
    Fort Denison, the Heart of sydney Harbour What is the social, cultural and historical significance of your site? Fort Denison has been a the heart of Sydney Harbour for over 150 years and in that time has had a significant varied social, cultural and historical past. It has been used as a fishing spot, defence structure, navigational guide, tide gage station, weather station, time marker and now a restaurant, events space and historic museum. Fort Denison was once a small, rocky...
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  • Catholic Church in Australia - 486 Words
    1. Caroline ‘Jones’ Chisholm 2. Caroline Chisholm was born in May 30th 1808 in the English Country of Northampton shire and was born as Caroline Jones. Caroline Chisholm died in long illness on the 25th March 1877 in London. 3. Caroline Chisholm was known as ‘the Immigrants friend’ People described her as a Christian humanist. Caroline was inspired by the quote in the bible “Love Thy Neighbour”. She contributed to the church because she has followed one of many scriptures, “The alien who...
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  • Fred Hollows - 359 Words
    Frederick “Fred” Cossom Hollows was a humanitarian and an ophthalmologist. He was born on 9 April 1929, in Dunedin, in New Zealand. In 1965, when he worked in Australia at The Prince of Wales Hospital he did the first successful cataract operation in the world. After this operation he became famous. From 1965-1992, Fred was Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. In 1981, he won the Advance Australia award of Aboriginal eye care. In 1985, he was a...
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  • Capitalization Rules - 678 Words
    Capitalization Rules Capitalizing the first letter of a word indicates the word is being used in a special way. The rules of using capital letters are quite simple: 1. A capital letter is used to mark the beginning of a sentence. Example: This girl is my friend. 2. Capital letters are also used for the first letter in proper nouns. Types of proper nouns are: • People’s name: Tommy Johnson, Barack Obama. • Titles, terms of address: Mrs. Brown; Sir...
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  • Harvard University and Pearson Education Australia
    N. Gregory Mankiw, (2012) Principles of Economics, International Edition, 6th Edition, South- Western College Pub. Kotler, Burton, Deans, Brown and Armstrong (2013), Marketing (9th ed.), Pearson Education Australia, Frenchs Forest Robbins, S., Bergman, R., Stagg, I. & Coulter, M. (2012). Management (6th ed.), Frenchs Forest, NSW: Pearson Education Australia. With my management access code ISBN: 9314994246124. (Available from University bookstore). N. Gregory Mankiw, (2012) Principles of...
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  • Myall Creek Mascarre - 396 Words
    Myall Creek Massacre on June 10, 1838 What is Myall Creek Massacre? Myall Creek massacre (1838) an incident in which, in retaliation for an alleged “outrage”, White station hands killed 28 Aborigines at Myall Creek in New South Wales, Australia. As a result, 11 White men were tried for murder. They were acquitted, but seven of them were retried, found guilty, and hanged. There was much public protest. Although prosecution of White people for such an incident was unusual, the incident itself...
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  • Does Technology Make a Difference
    Corwin Williams Archaeology Critical Analyses 1 Does Technology Make a Difference? In Port Jackson, the first British colony of New South Wales arrived. When the colony arrived in January 1788, they came across Aboriginal people who were known to fish around Port Jackson. As of today, there is said to be over 580 species that live in the waters around Port Jackson. The Aboriginal people had been fishing in these areas long enough to make fish a part of their diet. When the British brought...
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  • The First Three Governors of Australia
    Since over one hundred thousand years ago aboriginals have been on this land by themselves. Then in the last six hundred years people from Papua New Guinea began civilizing with the a boriginals, however they were not interested in claiming the land. Other countries such as Holland and England knew there must be a southland and they knew they wanted to claim it. The first official discovery of Australia was in 1606 by Dutch navigator Williem Janszoon. Since then there have been many more...
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  • The Effects of Italian Immigrants on Australia
    Italian Immigration Speech Good Morning/afternoon class, for this assignment I have chosen the country and culture of Italy. In this presentation I will be explaining my information and findings of globalisation, and the influences of Italian immigrants on Australia’s cultural identity. Italy is located in Western Europe, north of Mediterranean Sea, and bordered by France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. An Italian immigrant is someone who has come to the country to add to society...
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  • Banjo Patterson - 656 Words
    Andrew Barton “Banjo” Paterson was an Australian bush poet, Journalist and Author. He focused most of his poem’s on Australian life, in the particular area of rural and outback areas, mainly places like Binalong and New South Wales where he grew up as a child. He was mostly famous from poems including Waltzing Matilda, The Man from Snowy River and Clancy of the Overflow. Banjo was born on the 17th February 1864 in "Narrambla", near Orange, New South Whales. Banjo’s level of education as a...
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  • Christine Taylor Succeed - 389 Words
    How did Christine Taylor succeed in evolving the local dog-washing service she developed as a teenager into an international franchise business? Christine Taylor grew up as a child in a physical environment that allowed her to succeed. She worked in a bait and tackle business that was owned by her parents in which the only thing acceptable was hard work. This environment allowed her to study hard in school and create a drive within her to succeed. Through her studies and research, you...
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  • Sydney Opera House and Australia
    Lucy woodland 17/11/13 Reasons why I would like to go to Australia I would like to go and live in Australia because I have been when I was little and loved it. Australia has so many interesting places. The views look great. And the main place I would go would be Melbourne. They have so many animals and great nature. This is a great opportunity for me to tell you how I would like to go and travel to the other side of the world and live there. I would also get to see my family members again....
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  • Writing and College Application Essay
    Describe the world you come from — for example, your family, community or school — and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations. Read this closely. Note that it asks you to describe one thing and then tell about another–so there are two points you need to address in your essay. When you describe the world you come from, think of this in a figurative sense. Do not just write about your hometown. Instead of the word “world,” try substituting it for the word...
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  • Dorothea Mackellar - 369 Words
    Isobel Marion Dorothea Mackellar better know as Dorothea Mackellar was a famous Australian poet and fiction writer and was born on the 1st of July 1885 to father- physician and parliamentarian Sir Mackellar and mother- Marion Mackellar at Dunra, on Point Piper in Sydney. She grew up with two older brothers (Keith and Eric) and one brother (Malcolm) that was younger than her. Dorothea died at the age of sixty two after suffering an extended period of sickness. Dorothea’s poetry is regarded as...
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  • Lamington National Park Map
    Binna Burra section map Lamington National Park o ad Illinbah To Canungra and Nerang Bu rra Walking track Distance Walking time d C Piccabeen Creek Ri ve r *Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk— do not proceed unless you have a topographic map. Egg R Bin na n gi Bellbird ra rra lookout Ku Cre Be l ird lb Lo we r B ir d Caves circuit Gwongoorool (pool) Kweebani Cave Ck Yangahla lookout Charraboomba Rock Ships Ste Tracks do...
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  • Letter Writing First Fleet
 Sydney Cove September, 1804
Dearest Laura,
 I N T R O D U C T I O N I N T R O D U C T I O N We arrived in the colony of New South Wales several days ago, but have not docked yet. Our ship still rides to anchor in Port Jackson, off a place called Sydney Cove. At Least that’s where I’m told we are. With no portholes to look out there’s no telling. We...
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  • early settlers in australia - 706 Words
    Life was hard for many people who settled in the early years of colonial Australia, but some people came out to be successful. Australia is now a vibrant continent but it wouldn't have been this way if it wasn't for the people who established it and the migrants who arrived. These people who were included were, convicts who were sent to Australia from different countries by transportation, free settlers who wanted to start a new life in a new land, and the migrants who were pouring in...
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  • Deabarcle - 294 Words
    Anthony Hill is currently a multi-award-winning, bestselling author and his books are based around both kids and adults which results in them being popular. Soldier Boy, being Anthony’s first award-winning book as well as Captain Cook’s Apprentice, was based around the life of the youngest ANZAC soldier, Jim Martin, fighting in World War 1. Anthony Hill pieced together a moving portrait of Jim’s short and tragic life based on the recollections of his family and letters he wrote home for the war,...
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  • BSBMGT402A ASSESSMENT 2 - 2090 Words
    Crown Institute of Business and Technology Pty Ltd ABN 86 116 018 412 National Provider No: 91371 CRICOS Provider Code: 02870D North Sydney Campus: 116 Pacific Highway North Sydney NSW 2060 P 02 9955 0488 F 02 9955 3888 Sydney CBD Campus: Level 5, 303 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 P 02 8959 6340 F 02 9955 3888 Assessment Task 2 BSBMGT402 Implement operational plan Section A Task 1 1. What is planning and why do organizations do it? (100 – 150 words) 2. Explain why it is important to have resources...
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  • Wiki Botany Bay - 1925 Words
    Botany Bay, an open oceanic embayment,[2] is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 13 km (8 mi) south of the Sydney central business district. Botany Bay has its source in the confluence of the Georges River at Taren Point and the Cooks River at Kyeemagh and flows 10 km (6 mi) to the east before meeting its mouth, the Tasman Sea, midpoint between La Perouse and Kurnell. The total catchment area of the bay is approximately 55 km2 (21 sq mi) and the area surrounding the bay is...
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  • BSBMGT402A ASSESSMENT 1 - 2713 Words
    Crown Institute of Business and Technology Pty Ltd ABN 86 116 018 412 National Provider No: 91371 CRICOS Provider Code: 02870D North Sydney Campus: 116 Pacific Highway North Sydney NSW 2060 P 02 9955 0488 F 02 9955 3888 Sydney CBD Campus: Level 5, 303 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 P 02 8959 6340 F 02 9955 3888 Assessment Task 1 BSBMGT402 Implement operational plan Section A Task 1 The tasks in following table shows the steps required to prepare a planning day for your team to focus on future...
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  • Gold Rush - 1684 Words
    INTRODUCTION: The Australian gold rush affected Australian society in many ways. One example can be the Eureka Stockade, Australia’s only armed protest by gold miners POPULATION: The gold rushes in the second half of the 19th century would completely change the face of Australia. Before 1851, Australia’s combined white population was approximately 77,000. Most of those had been convicts sent by ship over the previous seventy years. The gold rush completely changed that however. In the...
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  • Practice Discovery - 1161 Words
    As individuals we all have different experiences throughout life. Depending on what our experiences embrace will determine our perceptions of discoveries. Once discovery is created, previous perceptions of the world and our interactions with others may be reassessed. Conversely, having preconceived ideas and expectations may limit the individual’s experiences of discovery. Absence of preconceived ideas and expectations of the world and others could allow for more meaningful experiences. These...
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  • Australia Notes - 262 Words
    1. outback – dry, harsh conditions, cant grow nutritious food, not much water, to hard to survive in these conditions great Dividing range – more people live on the edge Artesian Basin : lowest point of elevation; settlement patterns – more water more people likely to live there Proximity to the equator – further from equator its cooler BigDessert with green edges – lush vegetation on the outside 2. further from equator, away from harsh conditions, platiful rainfall, Aartesian...
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  • Australia - the Unknown Southern Land
    "The Unknown Southern Land" Even in medieval times there were stories about a large continent in the Southerh Hemisphere. But Europeans had never seen it. They wondered what it was like and whether it inhabited. They called this land terra australis incognita 1 or «the unknown souther land» – Australia. Nowdays when people speak of Australia they can mean three things: 1) Australia as a continent; 2) Australia as an island and 3) Australia as an indenendent country....
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  • Past Year Paper for Fnsacc601A Marking Guide
    FNSACC601A Prepare complex tax returns Test A – Marking Guide Important advice about this Marking guide This document provides detailed guidance for assessors or teachers only. It is to be used as a reference document for marking. It is not for use as a recording document. It is not appropriate under any circumstances to issue this document to students. About this guide This document contains advice for assessors and teachers, to allocate marks or results for all the learning...
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  • My Favorite City - 599 Words
    My favorite city Good morning/(afternoon) everyone. My topic today is my favorite city , my favorite city. Sydney is my favorite city. It is a big city located in Australia. Some people maybe thinks that the city seems ordinary and simple. However, if we compare it with other famous cities in the world, for example, the fashionable Paris , prosperous New York , historic London and so on, I am deeply convinced that Sydney is worth a visit. When it comes to Sydney, most people's...
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  • Master - 953 Words
    The great shark debate: to cull or not to cull? The great shark debate continues in Australia as summer approaches. Shark bites on bathers and surfers are a particularly sensitive reality. These are personal and community-wide tragedies that implore us to find adequate solutions. The goal of everyone is to improve shark bite prevention and risk reduction while finding solutions that reflect the values of the public. Shark culling and shark hunts, as an acceptable government response to beach...
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  • Are Migrants Unfairly Targeted for Sweatshops in Australia?
    Sweatshops in Australia are not commonly acknowledged, although they do exist. It is believed that they are most frequently found in such states around the country as New South Wales and Victoria. There are various explanations as to why sweatshops unfairly target migrants to work for them. A sweatshop is a business facility where hard workers are victimised by long hours, low wages and poor working facilities. Sweatshops are most commonly found in countries where labour laws have not been...
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  • Robbed in Broad Daylight - 1067 Words
    1 ARTICLE 1 ROBBED OUTSIDE SUBANG HOUSE SUBANG JAYA: An octogenarian fractured his spine after being robbed in broad daylight by two motorcyclists in front of his house in USJ 2 here last week. A.Vadivelu, 82, who now cringes every time he hears the sound of motorcycles, said the drama unfolded at 5.45pm on Feb 13, the fourth day of Chinese New Year, when he decided to take his regular walk. Vadivelu, who is the deputy chairman of USJ 2 and USJ 6 Rukun Tetangga, said he had just...
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  • Sydney Tourism - 1647 Words
    Introduction In this paper, we mainly focus on the relationship between tourism destination and tourism industry. We take Sydney as an actual case to analyze the management, marketing and interrelationship between industry and destination. The tourism industry brings an array of benefits and in part the 6.8 million people of New South Wales depend on it. Tourism provides jobs and generates tax revenues that fund government programs and services, contributing to the State’s quality of life. It...
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  • Away - 430 Words
    Away is a play written by the Australian playwright Michael Gow, published by Currency Press in 1986.[1] First performed by the Griffin Theatre Company in 1986, it tells the story of three internally conflicted families holidaying on the coast for Christmas, 1968. It has become one of the most widely produced Australian plays of all time and is part of the Higher School Certificate syllabi or general High School Curriculum in many states, including Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland...
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