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  • Mohsin Hamid - 2227 Words
    | MOHSIN HAMID AS AN APPROPRIATE TITLE OF NOVEL Mohsin Hamid is the author of three novels: Moth Smoke (published in 2000), a finalist for the PEN/Hemingway Award; The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2007), a million-copy international bestseller that was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, made into a feature film, and named one of the books that defined the decade by the Guardian; and, most recently, How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia (2013). His fiction has appeared in the New Yorker,...
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  • Why Is Changez Unable to Become an American?
    In the monologue, ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’, written by Mohsin Hamid, the protagonist is Changez, a Pakistani moves to America to pursue his Princeton degree, traces his journey of his adaption to American society, including his college life, his job at Underwood Samson, and his connection to an American girl. The assertion that “I was, in four and a half years, never an American; I was immediately a New Yorker” is not a valid point because he begins with defining himself as an American at...
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  • The Reluctant Fundamentalist - 673 Words
    How does Hamid employ symbolism throughout the novel? Is his use of symbolism effective? What is lost and gained through the use of symbolism? The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a novel in which an American immigrant Changez is living a dream with a great job, money, and the “regal” Erica by his side. However after the 9/11 attacks Changez’s perception on America shifted, he was forced to question where his allegence lies and this developed into contempt for America. If you read The...
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  • Irony: How Poverty Motivates Teens in the Reluctant Fundamentalist, the Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, and “the Balek Scales”
    In the early 1900’s poverty was at the highest point in the world. Poverty is still a problem in a lot of places all around the world but can also help some people. Most people think that poverty makes people have a terrible life and fail, but poverty actually helps people to strive for more. In The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie Arnold goes to Reardon because he wanted to be better, in The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid Changez goes to Princeton to get a...
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  • Intro Reluctant Fundamentalst - 579 Words
    The Reluctant Fundamentalist Sample Introductions: 1.The Reluctant Fundamentalist shows us that people are connected just as much by fear and anger as they are by love. To what extent is this true? In the novel, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Mohsin Hamid, suggests that a world where fear and suspicion dominate the landscape is an unhealthy one. The main characters have mutual doubts and a lack of trust despite the warmth that exists between them. This disconnection is partly fuellled by fear...
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  • The Reluctant Fundamentalist - 746 Words
    Post 9/11 Biases in The Reluctant Fundamentalist Mohsin Hamid’s, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, follows the story of a high status Muslim American named Changez as he lives through the hardship of prejudices held on Muslims in the early 21st century. This passage comes in the wake 9/11 and illustrates the biases that most Americans held on Muslims post 9/11. The words that Mohsin Hamid uses in the first sentence set the tone for the passage and setup the story he later tells in the passage:...
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  • Nostalgia and the Reluctent Fundamentalist - 988 Words
    Hamid suggests that in difficult times people and nations retreat into nostalgia. How is this explored in the novel? Mohsin Hamid's one man monologue narrative 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' provide us with an interesting insight of the difficult times faced, in the past and present of the novel's protagonist Changez. It is considered that 'nostalgia' has a audacious effect on the main characters of the novel, and most unrecognisably, the United States of America. Throughout the novel it is...
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  • The Reluctant Fundamentalist Review Paper
     Movie Review The Reluctant Fundamentalist It is not easy to do justice to a book just quite as dynamic as Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist, yet Mira Nair has done a spectacular job of bringing to film what Hamid did to literature. The movie features extra ordinary talent from the East and the West. The esteemed Om Puri who plays a virtuoso poet along with Shabana Azmi grace the screen with their presence playing parents to a spoilt Changez Khan (Riz...
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  • The Reluctant Fundamentalist- Is Changez Reluctant?
    Is Changez ‘reluctant’ as the title suggests? In Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist, the Pakistani protagonist, Changez, is not reluctant like the title suggests. Hamid illustrates through Changez’ persistence in being unhesitant how it, consequently, negatively impacts the people around him. In his determination to be with Erica Changez forces her to think of him as her deceased boyfriend, Chris, emphasizing his eagerness to be with her. Hamid uses first person monologue, and...
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  • Reluctant Fund - 1238 Words home about novels essays stories interviews connect The Reluctant Fundamentalist Published in 2007 in these languages. Became an international bestseller with over a million copies in print. Was adapted for the cinema. Awards Won the Ambassador Book Award, Anisfield-Wolf Book Award, Asian American Literary Award, Premio Speciale Dal Testo Allo Schermo, and South Bank Show Award for Literature. Was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, International IMPAC...
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  • reluctant fundamentalist - 845 Words
    Changez finds his identity throughout his journey. Discuss. Contention: Did he have identity to start with?
 Did he lose his identity throughout his journey? Changez does find his identity throughout his journey, however, at time he loses himself and is confused about where he belongs. Ideas:
 Finding his identity: Realisations, moves back to Lahore Losing his identity: Pretending to be Chris, starts acting like an American (in Philippines) Confused about his identity: Beard, 9/11 attacks,...
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  • The Reluctant Fundamentalist - 1399 Words
    The Reluctant Fundamentalist Alexandra Murphy Choose a novel in which one of the main characters struggles with identity or the culture of the environment they live in. Describe the character’s situation and go on to discuss how it adds to your understanding of the character and the central concerns of the text. In Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist’, the main character, Changez, struggles to feel comfortable with his true identity throughout the novel. Through Hamid’s use of...
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  • I Was Never an American
    “I was never an American. I was immediately a New Yorker.” How is Changez’s sense of identity altered over the course of the novel? Identity is as much about public perception as it is self-perception. In Mohsin Hamid’s novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist the reader is confronted with this fact in a bid to understand what it means to be American and Pakistani. The narrator Changez is unsure of who he is, and whilst certain personality traits remain, his sense of identity is changed...
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    TO WHAT EXTENT IS THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST ABOUT NOSTALGIA? PLAN: INTRODUCTION: Yes, the novel “ The Reluctant Fundamentalist” revolves around the theme of Nostalgia What is nostalgia? How is it shown in the novel Body Paragraph 1: Changez Changez often shows signs of nostalgia when remembering his journey. The audience can see that toward the end Changez is spiralling into the dangers of Nostalgia. When Changez thinks about his countries past he feels jealous, not at...
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  • The Reluctant Fundamentalist, There Are Many Parallels to America in the Novel
    ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ by Mohsin Hamid opens in a tea house which locates in Lahore, Pakistan. Changez, who is the protagonist recounts his life in America and the changes he had gone through in his American Journey. The use of an extended monologue makes readers view events through Changez’s perspective. Readers can also see that Hamid used a lot of parallel to present America, and Changez’s relationship with America also shown by these parallels. Initially, the company Changez works...
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  • Why Does Changez Feel Out of Place in Both America and Pakistan?
    “Why does Changez feel out of place in both America and Pakistan?” Mohsin Hamid’s first-person novel “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” details the fictional story of a young Pakistani man is chasing corporate success on Wall Street, and suddenly finds himself embroiled in a conflict between his American dream and the unrelenting tug of his ties to his homeland. After being inducted into the corporate world of America when beginning work at Underwood Sampson, the novels protagonist, Changez...
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  • “I Am Confident of the Truth of My Words.” ‘the Reader Finds It Difficult to Accept Changez’s Version of the Truth.’ Discuss.
    The disturbing reality, revealed through Changez’s words, of a young Pakistani who was completely and utterly betrayed by the country (America) which encompassed his new life is made difficult to accept on many levels. The dramatic monologue form adopted by The Reluctant Fundamentalist raises doubts to the reader as Changez, the narrator, poses biased and unchallenged views on his ‘inflective journey’. The manner, in which Changez carries about his ‘history’, with such confidence and thorough...
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  • Chapter 6 12 Questions
    Mohsin Hamid: The Reluctant Fundamentalist 1. America is mourning the September 11 attacks, this give way to America retaliating towards various insurgent groups located in the Middle East. 2. Changez views Chris as a rival, due to Erica’s ongoing attachment to him. 3. Popcorn shrimp refers to the American delicacy which acts as a reminder of something so common in New York. He compares the delicacy to the flowers found in Lahore so indicate he is loyal to his country. 4. His Princeton...
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  • The Reluctant Fundamentalist - 1120 Words
     English Essay: The Reluctant Fundamentalist Task: Compare novel and movie. Describe similarities and differences. Try to find reasons for the changes. The film “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” based on Mohsin Hamid's book written in 2007, is quite similar to the novel. However, there are some aspects that were slightly modified, completely removed from the storyline or added to the movie. In both novel and movie, the main character Changez is a prodigious student from...
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  • The Reluctant Fundamentalist - 880 Words
    Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist follows the journey of a young Pakistani man and his journey after moving to America in search of the American dream. Changez is in a minority group when moving to America and is a clear outsider however he is accepted into American meritocracy and given the opportunity to become ‘a successful American’. Though he tries to fit into what he believes a successful American should be, through changing his identity according to the standards of society, he...
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  • Reluctant Fundamentalist - 1344 Words
    Inquiry Essay The Reluctant Fundamentalist, by Mohsin Hamid, is the sad story of a young man going through an identity crisis. The novel revolves around a Pakistani man, Changez, who just graduated from Princeton University. In the beginning Changez receives a high paying job at a firm that values other companies, and also falls in love with a girl, Erica. His life seems to be going well until the sudden attack on the twin towers causes the whole country to go against his culture and race....
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  • How and why does Changez change?
    Mohsin Hamid’s “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” focuses on the consequences of the “9/11” attack in America on individuals and society as a whole. The main character, Changez, changes significantly as the story unfolds. At the beginning, he is depicted as a ‘lover’ of America and is determined to become wealthy, even though he is not entirely at ease. After the destruction of the World Trade Centre and the subsequent racist assaults, his attitude changes dramatically and he becomes embittered and...
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  • Reluctant Fundamentalist - 543 Words
    In The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Mohsin Hamid uses a variety of literary devices to create the tone of confusion and agitation. By doing so, Mohsin Hamid also develops a theme of change. All these literary features combine to make an enthralling page-turner. One literary device used by the author to create restlessness in the reader is diction. The author intentionally uses words to create discomfort in the reader. “The twin towers of New York’s World Trade center collapsed. And then I smiled....
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  • the reluctant fundamentlist - 318 Words
    Carson Gemmill ENG 4UI Ms. Coe October 16, 2013 Symbolic Minor Characters The importance of the minor characters in the novel is to create a complex and multilayered tale using characters as symbols adding a deeper meaning throughout the novel. In the novel the reluctant fundamentalist, by Mohsin Hamid, the author uses characters symbolically to create depth within the story. Erica, who is loved b the main character, is used in many aspects to symbolize America. Erica who the main...
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  • The Fundamental - 5554 Words
     The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid English Exam Revision 2013 Table of Contents INTRODUCTION Key statements about the text The reluctant fundamentalist deals with themes relevant on a global scale and chronicles the rise and fall of Changez’s brief and torrid love affair with the American empire, and explores the notion of the self destructive nature of Empires. The novel additionally traces the dynamic relationship between two unlikely...
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  • The Rulctant Fundamentalist - 984 Words
    In the Reluctant Fundamentalist, Mohsin Hamid, suggests that the personal and the political cannot easily be separated. His main character, Changez, does embark on a personal journey but it is one that is closely connected to his gradual understanding of his cultural identity as a Pakistani. In the course of this journey, he also discovers that there is considerable space between the way things appear and reality. This is recognized in his personal relationships as well as in his response to his...
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  • reluctant fundsamentalist review - 518 Words
    The reluctant fundamentalist- Comparitive study “It seems an obvious thing to say, but you should not imagine that we Pakistanis are all potential terrorists, just as we should not imagine that you Americans are all undercover assassins.” The book is about a Pakistani man named Changez who goes to the US to study in Princeton, gets a job with a valuation firm, feels empowered by the American ideals of opportunity and equality – but finds himself becoming more defensive about his cultural...
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  • reluctant Fundementalist - 1176 Words
    Josuph Beshir Kayleigh Sevi English 72 9 December 2013 9/11 the True Story America for the last 13 years have not felt the same way of Middle Eastern americans the way they should after the attack on the twin towers. In the novel The Reluctant Fundementalist by Mohsin Hamid the story talks about Changez. A man that is struggling to find his identity when living in a country that cannot love him back. While in the some of the sources such as “Did September 11 change everything by Marshall...
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  • The relutant - 420 Words
    The reluctant fundamentalist not only focuses on fundamentalism but focuses on values that change identity The reluctant fundamentalist is written by Mohsin Hamid and was published in 2007 exploring the resulting of Americans attitude towards Muslims after the September 11 attacks (9/11). The novel is presented as a monologue, Hamid made the novel shift between the past and the present. Changez, the protagonist, is an articulate and highly intelligent Pakistani who struggles with his...
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  • How Does Changez Change in the Reluctant Fundamentalist?
    “I had changed; I was looking about me with the eyes of a foreigner.” How does Changez change throughout the novel? The Reluctant Fundamentalist uncovers two failed love affairs, one with a person and the other with a nation. Changez - the brilliant boy from Lahore, who was brought up in a utopian background with a loving family yet who faced financial difficulty, manages to get into Princeton with a generous scholarship, and bags one of the most coveted jobs in the...
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  • 1st Person Narrative - 1036 Words
    at‘Despite the use of the first person narrative in The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Changez remains a stranger to us in the novel.’ Do you agree? In the novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Mohsin Hamid has used the first person narrative to let Changez tells the reader a story. We are shown the way that first person narrative only tells one side of the story, in this case, it is only Changez telling the story and speaking for the American and this creates the reader with no other perspectives...
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  • The Reluctant Fundamentalist - 541 Words
    The Reluctant Fundamentalist, by Mohsin Hamid, follows the journey of its protagonist, Changez, who tells the story of his time in America from being a student to chasing his American dream to watching the demise of the nation he loved post 9/11. Initially Changez was compelled to adopt the identity of a New Yorker and threw himself into the culture that so readily accepted him. The events of September 11 shook the nation that Changez so strongly felt apart of and he began to watch the great...
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  • Reluctant Fundamentalist - 1840 Words
    THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST “It’s like I’m an oyster. I’ve had this sharp speck inside me for a long time, and I’ve been trying to make it more comfortable, so slowly I’ve turned it into a pearl.” 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' a ‘brief and charming story; a ‘seething commentary on the events of post 9/11 and the resentment it has created in the minds of non-western world for the way America has conducted itself after the attacks. A monologue narrated by a young bearded Pakistani man...
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  • reluctant fundamentalist - 728 Words
    Relations between east and west, and the experience of the subcontinent diaspora in Britain and North America, have been the predominant concern of Mira Nair. Her perceptive, generous, inquiring films have pursued issues that the older, more reserved, less politically engaged Merchant-Ivory-Jhabvala team held back from. Based on a well-regarded novel by Mohsin Hamid, this schematic film interweaves two narratives in 2011 Lahore. In the present a Jewish-American journalist, Robert Lincoln...
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  • Rf Notes Erica + America
    In many ways, in Mohsin Hamid’s novel The Reluctant fundamentalist, the relationship between Changez and Erica mirrors that the failed love affair between Changez and the United States. Throughout the novel these two idea’s run parallel to each other, for example when Changez and Erica make love she can only accept him if he pretends to be Chris, Not unlike how Changez can only be accepted into America society if he possesses an American degree an American job and supresses his Pakistani...
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  • Crossing Dangerous Borders - Mira Noir's Comments on 'the Reluctant Fundamentalist'
    Crossing Dangerous Borders Mira Nair on ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ Mira Nair’s ‘Reluctant Fundamentalist’: The director Mira Nair discusses her latest film, “The Reluctant Fundamentalist.” By FRED KAPLAN Published: April 19, 2013 It seems far-fetched that “The Reluctant Fundamentalist,” Mohsin Hamid’s 2007 best-selling novel, would be turned into a movie. First, there’s its narrative structure. A young man greets an American tourist in a cafe in the Pakistani city of Lahore and...
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