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  • Regions: Midwestern United States and Industrial Revolution
    Regions Chart Essay:Explain how the Second Industrial Revolution affected the North, South, West, and Midwest. Which region would you have preferred to live in during this period? Why The second Industrial Revolution affected the North South and West, and Midwest in many ways. The growth in the regions attracted many immigrants needing jobs. These regions were improving the transportation system, mainly railroads. Railroads were important to provide goods from manufacturers to the...
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  • Unemployment Rates in the United States
    Unemployment Rates in the United States According to the most recent report put out by the United States Department of Labor, in the month of February, 49 states saw a decrease in nonfarm employment while Louisiana was the only one where they had seen an increase in nonfarm employment. California had a decrease in jobs since January by 116,000 with Florida in second with 49,500 jobs lost. While Alaska seen the smallest decease in unemployment by just 100. And again Louisiana is the only state...
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  • work - 560 Words
     Regions ChartCategory North South West Midwest Political Wealthy entrepreneurs wanted to increase profits. Workers wanted better wages and working conditions. Labor unions formed first in the Northeast. Miners and steelworkers were some of the first workers to use the strike as a bargaining tool against business owners. Laws that allowed segregation and discrimination made it hard for southern African Americans to enjoy the improved transportation of the Second...
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  • Stuff - 751 Words
    Category | North | South | West | Midwest | Political | Political views often clashed. Wealthy entrepreneurs wanted to increase profits. Workers wanted better wages and working condition. | Racism was still a huge political problem that was still alive mostly in the south. This influenced many political movements and laws. | In rural areas, farmers were also politically active. It was a region in which social and political campaigns took root | Chinese people caused...
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  • Debra Marquart - 375 Words
    The Horizontal World, Debra Marquart In her essay, Marquart characterizes the upper Midwest. She uses both positive and negative strategies to do so. She describes the landscape itself as a negative place while its people as good, positive people – she switches back and forward between the two. She starts out her essay by describing a road in the Midwest, a road that according to her is “lonely, treeless, and devoid of rises.” She then says that the road “curves in places that it...
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  • History 02 01 RebeccaStPierre
    2.01 Industrialization Changes America Assignment By: Rebecca St.Pierre Category North South West Midwest Political Political views often clashed because the growth of the industry also highlighted the gap between rich and poor in this region. The government turned away from the south. Therefore the south had to do the rebuilding and reconstruction by themselves. Faced problems, including riots and discriminatory laws when the Immigrants were willing to work for lower wages than the white...
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  • Morgan Moe's Drugstore Analysis
    Morgan Moe Drugstores Management Style Analysis TABLE OF CONTENTS Morgan Moe Drugstores 1 Analysis Team 4 Introduction 5 The Problem 5 “Mans Search for Meaning” 5 The 5 programs 5 The Study 6 Table 1: Study Results 6 Analysis Team Annie Malpartida Brad Ingram Daniel Ojst Fernando Lamelas Jeremy Spund Introduction The Problem Manufacturing across the Midwest has seen sharp declines in the May 08 to May 09 Year. The automotive industry saw a reduction...
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  • 2_01 flvs us history assignment
    02.01 Regions Chart and Written Response Part 1 Regions Chart Category North South West Midwest Political Labor Unions were formed to have representitives of workers because rich people wanted to make more money but the workers wanted to be paid more with better places to work at. most of the south was destroyed during the war so they had to restart from the bottom, both politically and ecomonically They had a very little population, consisting mostly of chinese...
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  • You're Ugly too - 1380 Words
    Marielle Meaney February 24, 2014 English 205 Professor Belletto You’re Ugly, Too Lorrie Moore’s “You’re Ugly, Too”, examines the inner thoughts and day-to-day life of a single history professor, Zoë Hendricks. Zoë is characterized as being eccentric and wildly different from those around her, and in turn, socially inept. Through her train of thought, we are able to see that Zoë is preoccupied with her own shortcomings, both in her appearance and in her social relationships. Moore’s...
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  • The Regions of America - 486 Words
    Living in America means that we have the freedom to express ourselves, no matter what region we live in. In America, there are 3 million square miles from one end to another. The geography of the state’s beginning and end is determined by river lines, political lines, and mountain ranges. There are four main regions in the United States like: Northeast, Midwest, South, and the West. Each region has different jobs, foods, religions, and style of clothing, customs, music, sports, and much...
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  • 2010 Ap English Free Response Question (Form B) Question 2
    Aaron Patron 10/9/10 rewrite 2010 AP English Free Response Question (Form B) Question 2 In this passage from The Horizontal World, Debra Marquart shows her love for the upper Midwest despite the common negative opinions that most would first think about the region. While others would say that the region is dull and monotonous, Marquart finds her hometown as a place of great significance to her life. By her use of similes and allusions, she attempts to overcome the common negative...
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  • 2.01 Regions chart - 877 Words
    Category Northeast South West Midwest Political As a result of the growth of industry and social change, political views often clashed. Labor unions formed first in the Northeast. Miners and steelworkers were some of the first workers to use the strike as a bargaining tool against business owners. Laws that allowed segregation and discrimination made it hard for southern African Americans to enjoy the improved transportation of the Second Industrial Revolution. Discriminatory laws and...
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  • Blizzard - 436 Words
    The blizzard of 1999 struck a majority of the Midwest along with parts of Canada. The biggest areas affected were Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ontario, Quebec, Wisconsin, and Ohio. There was as much as 2 feet of snow in many areas. The blizzard began on January 2, 1999 through January 4, 1999. Chicago was one of the biggest cities impacted by the storm measuring up to 22 inches of snow and rated the 2nd worst blizzard in Chicago by the National Weather Channel. Record temperatures hit a low...
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  • World History 201 chart
    Category North South West Midwest Political Industry growth distinguished the disparity between rich and poor. Political views clashed the majority of the time. African Americans left the South to work in the North and Midwest because there they would have a better chance of earning decent wages and improving their economic and social standings. The West faces problems, due to the friction between the Chinese and the white immigrants, the included riots and discriminatory laws. ...
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  • Were the Risks of the American West Worth It?
    Were the Risks of the American West Worth it? I believe that the risks the American West posed to those who were brave enough to venture out to the American West were worth it. I also believe that I would have moved to the West despite the dangers and corruption happening at the time for two reasons. Number one and most important reason were the economic opportunities. Many immigrants chose the West because of the hope for economic prosperity. Chinese immigrants for example, having heard of...
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  • Field Experience - 625 Words
    Field Experience: Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History | Elena GrifforAugust 16, 2013 | | | Field Experience Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History For my field experience, I chose to attend the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, located in Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Charles Wright was an obstetrician and gynecologist that believed in creating and developing an institution to preserve Black history. He envisioned this after visiting and...
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  • Neighbour Rosicky, a Story of Man and the Land
    Tiffany Chang, B95102035 Proffer Bennett Fu Contemporary American Literature 5 January 2010 Neighbour Rosicky, one of Willa Cather’s stories of Nebraska, is about Mr. Rosicky’s life in the prairie of Midwestern America. He is a Czech immigrant who spends his early life in London and New York and then move to Nebraska for farming life. As a reader, because my home is in the countryside and my grandparents are farmers, I am so touched by Old Rosicky’s great affection for nature, land, and...
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  • Sociology3 - 708 Words
    Iyauna Griffin General Sociology Assignment 3 December 2nd, 2014 Interpreting a Graph The graph deals with the social phenomenon of wives who earn more than their husbands in the U.S. This graph show the date in years from 1988 to 2012, skipping the odd years while numbering. In 1998, the graph shows that approximately 22.7 percent of women made more than their husbands. In 2010, the graph show that approximately twenty-eight percent of wives made more than their husbands. When asked, what...
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  • Lie Down for America: How the Republican Party Sows Ruin on the Great Plains.
    This article tries to grapple with the voting phenomenon, as Mr. Frank sees it, of those in America's heartland voting for the Republican Party when it is not in their best interests to do so. He gives a variety of examples all dealing with the lack of correlation between the working class majority that is in the Midwest and the legislative and governmental effects of the Republican Party. He states that through the cultural backlash movement, the Republican Party has managed to garner strong...
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  • Helping Minorities Achieve the American Dream
    The American Dream Turning a Dream into Reality for Minorities Executive Summary Homeownership for minorities is a dream, not a reality. Large gap in homeownership between Whites and African Americans and Hispanics population Average 26.7% behind White homeownership Major misconceptions about lending process and unfair lending practices contribute to minority homeownership rate gaps Identify and correct the issues – increase market share, revenue and homeownership rates. Keep the...
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  • History - 700 Words
    Matthew Mazzotta 6/11/14 HIST-136 In John Milton Cooper Jr’s “Why Wisconsin? The Badger State in the Progressive Era” he talks about why Wisconsin was the leading state in the progressive movement and if it was just by a freak accident or not. Wisconsin became known as the laboratory of democracy around this time period by leading the reform movements that became known as progressivism. Many people like to accredit this to its people’s naturally bright, creative, forward looking attitudes....
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  • Travels with Charley - 476 Words
    Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck John Steinbeck is a writer. He dreamed about travelling in the big world since he was young. At the age of 58, he prepared to travel around the United States after 25 years because he felt that he was writing of something he didn’t know about and he felt that as a writer, it’s a criminal. He traveled with his dog, Charley, and a truck named Rocinante. It’s very comfortable truck with a lot of tools for camping for Steinbeck such as double bed, heater,...
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  • American History 1820-1870
     Do to the fact that Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin the South was then able to increase its cotton supply sending raw cotton north to be made into fabric. Francis C. Lowell increased the efficiency in the making of fabric by bringing spinning and weaving tools together into one factory. In 1846, Elias Howe created the sewing machine which revolutionized the manufacture of clothing. All of a sudden, clothing began to be made in factories as opposed to at home. Rising industries and...
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  • Son in Law movie report
    “Son in Law” Movie Report A Chinese saying goes, "入乡随俗" which means "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". Environment changes people because everyone wants to fit in. In the movie “Son in Law”, Rebecca’s story is a great example of this social phenomenon. She left her South Dakota home for college in California as a traditional girl. She was shocked by a totally different culture in the city when she arrived. Her dorm residential advisor Crawl befriended with Rebecca when home-sickness...
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  • u.s regions essay - 855 Words
     In the U.S.A, there are four major regions. The northeast, the midwest, the south, and the west. They each have an abundance of natural and mineral resources, and each have key components that have helped us become the strong and leading nation we are today. The northeast is known as our manufacturing and trade center and contains some of the world’s most famous megalopolis’ such as New York City, and Washington D.C. The northeast has relatively few natural resources and it’s only...
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  • Bibliographic Research Paper - 1047 Words
    Emily Baas COMS 1100 Bibliographical Research Paper To understand intercultural communication, one must take a broad view of certain cultural groups. All such studies that focus on intercultural communication must generalize these groups, and, given that no group is entirely homogeneous, so it must also be true that no one individual can be truly represented. But this does not mean an understanding of the broader outlook cannot be ascertained. Indeed, with regard to family issues...
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  • What Role Did the Railroad Play in Westward Expansion
    Natasha Black Assignment 1 Settlement West There are many reasons the settlers were motivated to face dangers and hardships to move west. They believed they would have better opportunities in the west that they did in the east. The west was completely open and a place for new beginnings. Farmland was available and no one owned anything so everything was available for them to take, many settlers made a living working on farms, so this brought on many job opportunities for them. The...
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  • White Privilege - 1376 Words
    Data Analysis Investigation Introduction Research Question: Do individuals in the Midwest experience the affects of white privilege? During this investigation I seek to explore the differences in privilege that males and females, of different race and ethnic backgrounds, experiences in their daily lives. My fellow Sociology of Race and Ethics classmates and I will conduct Peggy McIntosh’s White Privilege survey, in hopes to find any differences in privilege felt by individuals of varying...
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  • Car and the 1950 - 285 Words
    Cars and 1950's: They Go Hand in Hand Cars, during the 1950's this new invention was amazing, it was thought of as a thing of the future. Cars and new fangled inventions were all the rage. However people didnt quite see the bad side of the car industry.No technology has had a greater impact on American everyday life than the automobile. Where we live, how we work, how we travel, what our landscape looks like, our environment have all been profoundly shaped by the car. Detroit was...
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  • How Many People Were Here Before Columbus?
    April Jones 6/24/09 Oral Report How Many People Were Here Before Columbus? By Lewis Lord George Catlin, the 19th-century artist, revered the Americans Indians-”a numerous and noble race of HUMAN BEINGS,” he called them, “fast passing to extinction.” In the 1830s, he traveled among four dozens tribes to paint nearly 600 portraits and scenes of Indian life, most now hang in the Smithsonian. During his visits, his hosts extolled the blissful age before the settlers came, a time when...
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  • Re: Unemployment - 331 Words
    Research the Internet for Indiana's unemployment rate and your city unemployment rate. Compare the two. Is your city higher or lower than the state unemployment rate? By how much? What discrepancies between ethnic groups are there with regard to unemployment, if any? Month / Year Elkhart% Indiana% National% 3/2013 8.4% 8.1% 7.6% The website http://www.stats.indiana.edu/maptools/maps/thematic/laus/laus_05_2013.png shows that Elkhart County is at...
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  • Community Engagement - 456 Words
    Student’s Last Name 1 Community Engagement Essay By: Chris Colón October 25, 2010 One of the reasons I enjoy working for the Community of Northeast Ohio is because I believe I can have a powerful effect on people’s lives. America is currently facing hardship times and we should all, for the most part, enter into collaborate agreements to support community engagement. I believe we should identify the relevant issues and make decisions about how to address them, evaluate and share the...
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  • How Important Is the Fdca Project
     How important is the FDCA project for the U.S. Census Bureau? How does it impact decision making and operational activities? FDCA stands for the Field Data Collection Automation which workers from the U.S. Census Bureau use to collect information from citizen of the United States while going from door to door. The FDCA is important for decision making because the U.S. Census Bureau needs the information it collects from residence of the United States every ten years in order for them to get...
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  • The Great Gatsby: East versus West
    The Differences from the Midwest in The Great Gatsby In the novel, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Midwest is indeed vastly different from the East. While the Midwest has more American down to Earth lifestyles with more traditional values, the East seems to be more like a European aristocracy. Secondly, the lifestyle of the Midwest is different the lifestyle Nick came to see in the East. Lastly, Nick had to adjust from environment of the spacious prairie of Louisville...
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  • Heartland & Company - 762 Words
    Heartland & Company Introduction: On April 19, 2008, Walter A. Walsh, Supply Management Manager for Heartland & Company, met with one of his buyers, Olivia Newcomb, in his office. They discussed her Heartland & Company cost reduction goals for bearing #B02326620. After the meeting Mr. Walsh began wondering if changes should be made to the way suppliers were being evaluated and how business should be allocated among suppliers performing at different levels. These were issues needing further...
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  • Moon Chem Case - 440 Words
    MoonChem Case The vice-president of Moon Chem, a manufacturer of speciality chemicals would like to conduct a study on the policy of providing consignment inventory to its customers in the Midwest region. The aim of this study is to analyze different options for distribution available in the Peoria region and to conclude with the optimal distribution policy. Successful results following this study would allow the company to introduce the consignment inventory strategy nationwide. A careful...
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  • Review on Mrs Trollope's Domestic Manners of Americans
    Mrs. Trollope depicts her seemingly pleasurable exploration in America with caricature which grounded on the constantly comparison between the American domestic life with her own experience in Europe with pretension. I have to say that to some extent, this is good travel narrative full of exaggerated anecdotes rather than real description of Domestic manners of the Americans as the reader expected. Mrs. Trollope amused herself largely by sneering at the system of new nation America and its...
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  • Reflection on the Five Themes of Geography
    RIUNNING HEAD: REFLECTION ON THE FIVE THEMES OF GEOGRAPHY Reflection on the Five Themes of Geography Julia Lampert GEOG 200- B06 January 18, 2014 Reflection on the Five Themes of Geography The five themes of Geography are key to understanding this amazing subject. Location, place, movement, human environment interaction, and region are the five themes that will be discussed in this paper. The area that we will examine using the five themes of...
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  • Checkpoint It 205 - 276 Words
    CheckPoint: Don't Count on it IT 205 Joel Balkum The FDCA project is an evolution into the technology age for the U.S. Census Bureau. Implementing handheld electronic devices improves the effectiveness of the collection process because it cuts down the use of paper for recording data, it replaces hardcopy maps that collectors would carry to find their way around, saves time and money, and makes staying organized easier to do which improves data quality and credibility. The problems that...
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  • Organic vs Non-Organic
    Colton Kuhlers Chemistry Paper Organic vs. Non-Organic What should I eat, organic or non-organic? This has been is hot topic a lot now that the United States is trying to go healthy. For years people have been researching which is healthier, more economical, and the most available than the other. It is hard to know what to buy when one researcher says organics better and another researcher says non-organics better. Let me take this topic into more depth to explain myself. First, let’s me...
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  • Sweden Immigrants - 485 Words
    The group of Swedish people came to America mainly for job opportunities. They started to travel here in the 1840s when a group o pioneers started a migration tradition between certain areas in the United States. This caused what they call, colonies, to form in settlements including: western Illinois, Iowa, central Texas, southern Minnesota, and western Wisconsin. The population overgrowth in Sweden was a major reason for the people of Sweden to leave their home country. Religion beliefs and...
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  • [Film Studies] Fargo, and the Role of Setting
    Film Analysis Paper HU-489-001 5/4/2011 Fargo, and the role of Setting Fargo, a dark and somewhat humorous crime movie by the Coen Brothers delves into themes of isolation, morality, and greed. And throughout the film, a very prominent role is played by the setting. The Coen brothers make sure that no one misses where the story takes place – small town upper Midwest in the middle of a frigid winter. The film makes extensive use of the frozen landscape, the characterization of rural...
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  • Hca/201 Agency Overview
    Agency Overview HCA/210 June 20, 2013 I chose to review the State Board of Nursing for the state of Ohio at, www.nursingohio.gov. The mission of the Ohio Board of Nursing is to actively safeguard the health of the public through effective regulation of nursing care ( www.nursing.oho.gov; June 2013) The agency offers nurses the ability to renew licenses and certifications online, enroll into refresher courses, sign up for state conferences and review laws and rules of the State Board. The...
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