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  • Mediterranean Sea - 747 Words
    The Mediterranean Sea (35 degrees north, 18 degrees east) is a sea of the Atlantic Ocean almost completely enclosed by land: on the north by Europe, on the south by Africa, and on the east by Asia. It covers an approximate area of 2.5 million km² (965,000 mi²), but its connection to the Atlantic (the Strait of Gibraltar) is only 14 km (9 mi) wide. In oceanography, it is sometimes called the Eurafrican Mediterranean Sea of the European Mediterranean Sea, to distinguish it from Mediterranean seas...
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  • Adeherance to a Mediterranean Diet - 884 Words
    Adherence to a Mediterranean Diet and survival in a Greek Population Hypothesis: The purpose of this study was to find out if Adhering to a "Mediterranian" diet will improve longevity. In recent years there have been several epidemiologic studies that have tried to link dietary patterns with increased longevity. This particular study focuses on the Mediterranian diet and its effects on longevity. The Traditional Mediterranean diet is characterized by a high intake of vegetables, legumes,...
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  • Ancient Mediterranean Religion - 131527 Words
    ancient religions Editorial Board tzvi abusch Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies Brandeis University jan assmann Egyptology Institute University of Heidelberg harold w. attridge Divinity School Yale University mary beard Faculty of Classics and Newnham College University of Cambridge john j. collins Divinity School Yale University fritz graf Department of Greek and Latin The Ohio State University bruce lincoln Divinity School University of Chicago...
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  • Trade route systems, Mediterranean and Indian Ocean
    There was much diversity between Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean trade. For example, in the Mediterranean, sailors used square sails and long banks oars to maneuver among the sea's many islands. But the traders of the Indian Ocean built sails the shape of triangles and did not use oars. Another example would be that the Indian Ocean ship builders would make the ships by piercing and tying planks of wood and then caulking them together with bitumen. The shipbuilders of the Mediterranean,...
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  • The Security Dilemmas over Aegean Sea Between Turkey and Greece: “Do Fights”
    The Security Dilemmas over Aegean Sea between Turkey and Greece: “Dog Fights” Turkey and Greece have various security problems related with Aegean Sea caused by territorial sovereignty claims. Main problems are: Width of territorial waters: Both countries now possess 6 miles. But Greece insists unilateral expansion by 12 miles by claiming that was given it to by International Law of Sea. But 12 miles were seen as a war reason by Turkey. So Turkey doesn’t let Greece for 12 miles. Continental...
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  • Ap European Summer Assignment
    BASIC EUROPEAN GEOGRAPHY You are responsible for being able to locate on a map of Europe each of the following items: 1. one map to locate and label all countries, 2. one map to locate and label all cities, and 3. one map to locate and label all physical geography items (rivers and other bodies of water, mountains, islands and peninsulas. On your own Links: -Find info and use the blank Europe map on this website to label all...
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  • Sumerian and Greek Societies - 548 Words
    The Sumerian and Greek concepts of society are more similar than they are different. The Sumerian's led a city life of temples, residential districts, intensive agriculture, stock breeding and cultivation which formed the four mainstays of the economy. In the prologue of Gilgamesh it states the magnificence of the city walls, "…the outer wall, where the cornice runs, it shines with brilliance of copper; and the inner wall, it has no equal" The Sumerian civilization was also full of times where...
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  • Trade in Ashkelon - 1815 Words
    Ashkelon and the Missed Opportunity to Bless the Nations Why Ashkelon? In Genesis 12, God promises to make Abraham a great nation and to give the land of Canaan to his descendants. He also promises that in Abraham, the families of the earth would be blessed. By the book of Joshua, God has made good on his promises to make Abraham into a great nation. He has delivered Abraham’s descendants from slavery in Egypt. However, God will not send Israel to the far reaches of the world (yet) in order...
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  • Ap World History Ccot
    From 300 CE to 1450 CE, changes occurred in trade networks between Africa and Eurasia through Silk Road revitalization and the items that were traded, while trade across the Mediterranean Sea remained constant. The revitalization of the Silk Road occurred due to political stability, while the trade items changed because people’s needs changed over time. Mediterranean Sea trade remained constant because the trading cities had stable economies as well as complex societies. One change in the...
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  • Contribution to the study of coastal floristry biodiversity in Oran
    J. Bio. & Env. Sci. 2015 Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences (JBES) ISSN: 2220-6663 (Print), 2222-3045 (Online) Vol. 6, No. 4, p. 75-79, 2015 RESEARCH PAPER OPEN ACCESS Contribution to the study of coastal floristry biodiversity in Oran Haddad Fatma Zohra1, Frih Faiza1, Noureddine Benaissa1, Zitouni Boutiba1, Ionela Dobrin2 1 Department of Biology, University of Oran, Laboratory Network for Environmental Monitoring (LRSE), Oran, Algeria 2 Department of...
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  • Persian Empire - 958 Words
    Chapter Four Persian Empire Persians first to achieve a complex political organization during the end of the second millennium. Medes played a major role in the destruction of the Assyrians Empire Persians now call themselves Achaemenids because they were ancestors of Achamenes. Cyrus(Kurush) son of a Persian chieftain and median princess, united Persian tribes and over threw the median monarch around. Cyrus Redrew the map of the west 550 b.c.e Like most Indo-European people the early...
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  • Chapter 3 Sections 1-4: Study Guide
    Chapter 3- Sections 1-4 I. The Indo – Europeans A. Indo-Europeans Migrate 1. The Indo-Europeans were a group of nomadic people who came from the steppes – dry grasslands that stretched north of the Caucasus 2. They herded sheep, cattle and goats and tamed horses 3. The modern languages of Europe, Southwest Asia, South Asia; English Spanish, Persian and Hindi all trace their origins back to different forms of the original Indo-European language 4. The Indo-Europeans began to migrate...
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  • Describe And Analyze The Economic And Political Impact Islam Had On Europe Overtime Between 1000
    Describe and analyze the economic and political impact Islam had on Europe overtime between 1000-1750 C.E. Islam impacted Europe economically and politically greatly from 1000-1750 C.E from switching from agriculture based economy to a specialized labor based economy in order to trade with their neighboring regions, Europe also expanded their boundaries in order to become more powerful in the Mediterranean region, and became more involved in trade between regions when it opened and settled near...
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  • Intro to Greek Mythology Influence
    Introduction: In order to understand the impact of Greek mythology on Western culture one must understand what Greek mythology itself is. Greek Mythology is the belief, tales, and stories of ancient gods who ruled the ancient world as well as heroes who challenged the gods or some who fought for them. Many of these tales include moral stories and shaped humanistic values of what and what not to do. The ancient Greece Empire was located around the Mediterranean Sea and touched parts of what was...
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  • World War Two Africa
    ILE An Analysis of Operation Torch In the study of any operational planning there are many aspects to consider . For the sake of clarity and focus , Operation Torch will be studied with an eye towards assessing its objectives , the enemy ‘s center of gravity , the battle ‘s decisive points , and finally its culmination aspect . The following pages will described the above-cited facets of operational planning in detail .MAJ . Jennifer Marrast Host Objectives The major goals of Operation Torch was...
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  • CHAPTER 6 Rizal - 780 Words
    CHAPTER 6 IN SUNNY SPAIN (1882- 1885) • Rizal’s Secret Mission This mission which Rizal conceived with the approval of his older brother Paciano was to observe keenly the life and culture, languages and customs, industries and commerce, and governments and laws of the European nations in order to prepare himself in the mighty task of liberating his opressed people from Spanish tyranny. This was evidenced in his farewell letter which was delivered to his parents shortly after his...
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  • Magical Moments Childhoods - 398 Words
    I don't have to many magical childhood moments that are worth writing about but there are three that really stand out for me and when I think back to them still manage to bring a smile to my face. When I was 9 or 10 my whole family took a holiday to Italy. We stayed in a little village an hour away from the island of Capri. We stayed in a villa that had the most amazing views and the whole family would gather every evening to eat and watch the sun go down together. My cousins and I had so much...
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  • Research Proposal on leadership - 1498 Words
    Working Title How do bars survive in St. Julian’s, Malta? Aim of the Study This paper aims to investigate the current situation of the bars in St. Julian’s, and come up with a series of solutions to help those bars make improvements. Research Objectives To critically review the literature related to operation of bars, and the situation of region St. Julian’s. The situation of St. Julian’s mainly contains macro environment like government, place, climate, and culture, etc. For operation, the...
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  • maltese - 260 Words
    The Maltese is a small breed of dog in the Toy Group. It descends from dogs originating in the Central Mediterranean Area. The breed name and origins are generally understood to derive from the Mediterranean island nation of Malta; however, the name is sometimes described with reference to the distinct Adriatic island of Mljet, or a defunct Sicilian town called Melita. This ancient breed has been known by a variety of names throughout the centuries. Originally called the "Canis Melitaeus" in...
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  • Transportation Management - 388 Words
    Water Incidents Case Local Case, Philippines: MV Doña Paz- December 20, 1987 off the coast of Dumali Point, Mindoro, in the Philippines. That night, the 2,215-ton passenger ferry sailed into infamy with a loss of over 4,000 lives – many of them burnt alive in an inferno at sea. MV Princess of the Orient- September 18, 1998 the ship capsized at 12:55 p.m. near Fortune Island in Batangas and sank, and out of the 388 passengers onboard, 150 were killed. Passengers were floating at sea for more...
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  • AP World History - Unit 2 review
    Ch 7 The Empires of Persia This chapter describes the series of empires that arose in Persia (modern-day Iran) and controlled much of the territory between the Mediterranean Sea and India for over one thousand years, from about 550 B.C.E. through 650 C.E. The first empire, founded by Cyrus the Achaemenid, expanded under him and his successors until it became the largest empire the world had ever seen. The four Persian dynasties of this era (Achaemenid, Seleucid, Parthian, and Sassanid) were...
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  • Libya Offshore Stratigraphy - 8594 Words
    Marine and Petroleum Geology 26 (2009) 1513–1527 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Marine and Petroleum Geology journal homepage: Evaporites, petroleum exploration, and the Cenozoic evolution of the Libyan shelf margin, central North Africa Joseph Carl Fiduk* CGGVeritas, 10300 Town Park Drive, Houston, TX 77072, United States a r t i c l e i n f o Article history: Received 29 April 2008 Received in revised form 4 December 2008 Accepted 20...
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  • Neotectonics of the Offshore Sirte Basin
    This study utilizes thirty-four intersecting, multi-channel regional 2D seismic lines from the Offshore Sirte Basin, Libya, to assess the structure and stratigraphy from the Miocene to the Quaternary. The structural regime has been reviewed in relation to regional tectonic events in the Western Mediterranean. The structural style of the study area is characterized by normal faults with a variation in throw direction and fault-related folds. The major structural trend is NW-SE trending, with...
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  • Warrant Tompot Blenny - 451 Words
    27.04.2013 Name: Tompot blenny Scientific name: Parablennius gattorugine Other names: French–Baveuse, Cabot Spanish–Cabruza, Rabosa Synonyms: Blennius gattorugine, Blennius rubber, Blennius varus, Parablennius gattorougine [pic] Fig. 1.[i] Systematic position[ii] Eucaryota (Opisthokonta) Animalia Chordata Vertebrata Gnathostomata Osteichthyes Perciformes Gobioidei Blenniidae Parablennius Parablennius gattorugine Subdivision[iii]...
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  • Achievements of Venice - 914 Words
    Chapter 3: The Achievements of Venice (written by BS) Venice had many achievements by the 15th Century, mainly, building a maritime empire, social transformation and also economic prosperity. The most significant achievement, would be building a maritime empire, followed by social transformation and economic prosperity. Firstly, the most significant achievement would be building a maritime empire. As a maritime empire, Venice possessed territories along important trade routes, especially...
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  • Effect of Fishing - 19247 Words
    Ecosystem effects of fishing in the Mediterranean: An analysis of the major threats of fishing gear and practices to biodiversity and marine habitats by Sergi Tudela, Ph. D. for FAO Fisheries Department (EP/INT/759/GEF) Vialle delle Terme di Caracalla 00100 - Rome, Italy November 2000 CONTENTS Contents Foreword 1. The impact of fishing on vulnerable groups and habitats 1.1. The impact of fishing on chondrichthyans 1.2. The impact of fishing on seabirds 1.3. The impact of...
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  • Letter to Pedro - 646 Words
    Letter To Pedro, u.s. Citizen, Also Called Pete By Rene Estella Amper Letter To Pedro, U.S. Citizen, Also Called Pete by Rene Estella Amper Pete, old friend; there isn't really much change in our hometown since you left... Premium Letter To Pedro, u.s. Citizen, Also Called Pete problems in his hometown. 2. Who is the persona speaking to? The writer of the letter is speaking to Pedro/ Pete, his old friend whom he had shared plenty of... Premium Literature Of Region 7 Ferdinand Magellan,...
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  • Alchemist Essay - 928 Words
    "Even if you cleaned my crystal for an entire year… even if you earned a good commission selling every piece, you would still have to borrow money to get to Egypt. There are thousands of kilometers of desert between here and there.” The crystal merchant refers to the Sahara desert on page 47 when Santiago asks him for money to get to Egypt the next morning. The crystal merchant laughs in response to Santiago’s request. Santiago pleads for money from the merchant but he doesn’t budge....
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  • Tutorial 3F EMMA MAERSK
    FEATURES & CHARACTERISTICS OF EMMA MAERSK FEATURES Name Emma Maersk IMO Type Owner Shipyard Delivered Tonnage Length Breadth Service Speed 9321483 Container Vessel A.P. Moller-Maersk Group Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd 2006 11,000 TEU 396 m 56 m 25.20 knots CHARACTERISTICS • Recycling the exhaust, mixed with fresh air, back into the engine for reuse • High-efficiency waste heat recovery system • Electronically controlled engine. • The vessel hull is painted with a biocide-free, silicone-based...
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  • The Reasons Why Portugal Rose to the Forefront During the Early Period of European Exploration
    As a small nation, Portugal may have seemed to be an unlikely leader in exploration and navigational science. The location of Portugal, really helped to develop it in its rise to the forefront. Surrounded to the east and north by Spain and having no outlets on the Mediterranean, Portugal was forced to use the Atlantic Ocean as its main source of travel. The Portuguese were aware that the Arab caravans were crossing the Sahara to bring gold, slaves, and ivory from Africa to Europe. There was...
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  • Advanced Logistics - 442 Words
    Tempo Ltd Ashley M. Powers BUS 632 – Advanced Logistics 08/27/2012 Doctor Erick Aguilar Tempo Ltd Tempo Ltd. is a company in Antalya, Turkey established by eutrepreuer, Faith Terim, in 1989. “The focus of his business was to buy goods from nearby foreign sources and then find buyers for those products in the domestic Turkish market.” (Woods & Murphy, 2010, p 109). Currently, the company has connections in most European countries and Terim works very hard to keep theses...
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  • Tourism in Lebanon - 1984 Words
    Tourism in Lebanon By: Walaa Al-Omari ENG201: 2009/2010 Outline: I- Introduction: Lebanon is one of the most amazing countries all over the world. What are the potentials for the tourism in Lebanon, the obstacles that facing tourism and the solutions that can support and improve this sector? II- Body: A- Potentials of tourism in Lebanon 1- Geographical location 2- Climate 3- History and Culture a- Ancient Civilizations b-...
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  • Trade Network Essay Eurasian And African
    In the trade networks between Africa and Eurasia from circa 300 C.E. to 1450 C.E., there were key continuities and changes. Although there was some continuity in Eurasian and African trade, it was mainly the key changes that led to advancements in technology, trade networks and involvement of other societies in trade. In 300 C.E., there was limited trade between Africa and Eurasia. The dominant civilizations involved in trade were China Rome, and India. Shortly after the classical civilizations...
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  • The Effect of Geography on Greek History
    How did geography affect Greek history? In what ways was Greek civilization molded by the land, the sea, and the weather of the Mediterranean area? To answer this question I looked at a relief map of Ancient Greece. I saw how easily the land could be divided into city-states. Thinking about the geography of Greece; there is hardly a place where you cannot see the sea, and hardly a place where you can grow anything very easily. This, plus the prevailing winds in the Aegean and Adriatic...
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  • John Smith - 478 Words
    John Smith was born on January 9, 1580 in Willoughby, England. He was an English adventurer and soldier, and one of the founders of Jamestown, Virginia and was the author of the first book written in America in English. At the age of sixteen after his father passed away, he ran away from home to volunteer in France who were fighting the Dutch independence from Spain. Two years later he headed toward the Mediterranean Sea where he began working on a merchant ship. At the age of twenty he joined...
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  • Spain Research Paper - 348 Words
    Spain Research Paper From rugged mountain ranges to soft-sand beaches, dazzling white cities to Gothic cathedrals and mosques, colorful religious festivals to dramatic bullfights, Spain beguiles the senses. Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world. Why wouldn’t it be? Spain is a gorgeous place to visit, so full of rich culture and amazing food. That’s not all of it though; Spain is one of those places you have to experience yourself. Located in South Western Europe; Spain...
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  • Ibiza - 366 Words
    Imagine Las Vegas as a beautiful beachfront island, with no rules, perfect weather, crystal blue water, and an even more outrageous nightlife. Imagine landing in your destination, and everyone on the plane begins cheering, laughing, and drinking. Well this place is Ibiza. Now I had no idea what Ibiza was till me and three of my best friends backpacked throughout Spain this past May. Everyone we talked to that has studied abroad over there made it very clear to us though that we had to stop in...
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  • Childhood Memories - 299 Words
    Childhood memories Childhood memories are moments, when we are young, that we don't forget. My nicest memories are very clear, but there are some other memories, that I only can remember in bits and pieces. My clearest memory is when I was three years old. My mother would sing wonderful songs to me. My favorite song was "Dumbo the flying elephant". Sometimes I would fall asleep, listening to her comforting voice. As I spent most of my summer holidays in Switzerland, I have...
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  • My Shipboard Training - 297 Words
    My Shipboard Training My Shipboard training started July 5, 2011. I joined the ship named CE-NIRIIS, which was a crude oil tanker. I spent 12 months and 14 days on board that vessel. Our vessel sails around Mediterranean Sea. All of the crew on our vessel is a Filipino except for the Electrician and Fitter. I was a day man onboard ship. Every 0800H we start to work and finish working at 1700H. As a Cadet, I am the runner of our buson. If he forgot something, he usually calling me and...
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  • Braudel Reading - 533 Words
    After reading the excerpts of Braudel available on the web-site, what could you say in general about the geography of the Mediterranean and adjacent lands? In addition, discuss in detail two of these issues: 2) the relationship between mountain and plain 4) compare the geography of north Africa to that of southern Europe 2) Mediterranean has two faces first is a series of rigid mountains that overlap with each other. These mountainous peninsaula have flatlands in between them in places...
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  • Abyssinian Crisis - Research Table
     Research table 2 Why did the invasion take place? Stage 2: The League of Nations What could the League of Nations do to prevent the invasion? Decide on 3 actions that the League could have taken to help stop Mussolini in Abyssinia. Explain why you think each chosen action would have worked and why they didn’t do it. You can choose from this list or you can think of your own actions: • Act very quickly to calm the situation after the first fight at Wal-Wal • Impose oil sanctions...
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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet 5
    The Day After Tomorrow (2004) Plot Summary The movie "The Day After Tomorrow" provides a dramatic picture of climate change and sea level rise. Whilst the reality may not be as dramatic, climate change is nevertheless devastating for small island developing states like Tuvalu. The adverse effects of climate change and sea level rise can be slow and insidious. For instance, sea water intrusion into our islands is causing our crops to die and our freshwater to be contaminated....
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  • Human Migration Out of Africa
    Running head: OUT OF AFRICA Out of Africa It has been proposed that all modern humans share a common ancestor. This ancestor has been referred to as Mitochondrial Eve. She is said to have lived close to 200,000 bce (CBS News, 2010). It is believed that her descendants migrated out of Africa and populated the rest of the continents. This was said to have occurred around 100,000 bce (Oppenheimer, 2003). The first human migration out of Africa was said to have occurred around 125,000 bce....
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  • Tourism in Spain - 370 Words
    Spain Tourism is very popular because of its geographical and cultural diversity. The geographical diversity extends from hills to deserts.Spain Tourism is a trip where people can keep themselves busy in exploring the vast natural landscape or can indulge into exploring the historical buildings or the architectural monuments. Spain Tourism is so popular among people that Spain has been ranked third in terms of touring in the whole world and more and more people are searching for Tourism...
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  • Is Global Warming Affecting Spain?
     IS GLOBAL WARMING AFFECTING SPAIN? During the last 30 years, Global Warming has become in a significant problem that affects all parts of the world either greater or lesser extent. Therefore, Spain is also affected negatively by this phenomenon and both humans and animals and plants are the main victims of this situation. The aim of this essay is to prove that this fact is a real problem for Spain by means of an analysis of temperature factor that is closely related to Global Warming....
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  • Traces of the Othman Empire - 453 Words
    The boat hurtles down the Mediterranean Sea, water shimmers up as we race round soggy bends, and I feel like I am travelling through a forgotten land. We proceed magical villages, where children are playing on the street and men are socializing. Fishermen in dugout vessels sail past; orange sunlight swoops down to the river surface. My destination is Bodrum, Turkey, which a growing number of visitors are "discovering", and falling in love with. It takes a bumpy six hours in a commuter bus, from...
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  • Estrella Damm Paper - 644 Words
    Carmen Rosselló Elvira Eric Advertising fundamnetals Paper 2 Every year at this time, Estrella Damm releases a seasonal television commercial designed to embody the fantasy of a Mediterranean summer. One of the highlights of all beer brand is to connect with consumers in an emotional stage, beyond the product or service, If we can find a Brand in the last eight years that has create his own identity , that's Estrella Damm. Estrella Damm was founded in 1876 in Barcelona by Joseph Damm, and...
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  • Comparison Between Egypt and Turkey
    Egypt and Turkey Both Egypt and Turkey are known as having a long history with ancient cultural practise and architectural achievements such as pyramid which works of ancient Egyptian. However, there are similarities and differences in many sites such as climate, geographical and food. First of all, both Egypt and Turkey have a hot temperate and dry summer. While Egypt has moderate winters, Turkey has wet winters and the harsher in interior. For example, Ankara, which is capital of Turkey, has...
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    HONOUR AND SHAME IN THE MED. By the end of the 1950s a group of anthropologists, led by J. G. Peristiany, started a discussion about the existence of the Mediterranean as a territory characterized by some common features that assured its cultural homogeneity. One of the main publications that contributed to found the anthropology of the Mediterranean was the anthology Honour and Shame: The Values of Mediterranean Society edited by Peristiany (1966). Even if Peristiany and Pitt-Rivers have...
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  • Phoenician Trade - 329 Words
    The Phoenicians were among the greatest traders of their time and owed much of their prosperity to trade. At first, they traded mainly with the Greeks, trading wood, salves, glass and powdered Tyrian purple. Tyrian Purple was a violet-purple dye used by the Greek elite to color garments. In fact, the wordPhoenician derives from the Ancient Greek wordphoinios meaning "purple". As trading and colonizing spread over the Mediterranean, Phoenicians and Greeks seemed to have unconsciously split that...
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  • tariq bin ziayd - 306 Words
    Tariq bin Ziyad: the Great Muslim Commander At the time of victory over Spain, Moosa bin Nusair, who was the commander of the Muslim arm in Africa, determined to capture Europe. He sent Tariq bin Ziyad with a small group of people to Spain for spying. When Tariq reached Spain and observed the enemy from every angle he understood that they were bent upon attacking the Muslims. Tariq thought that if he sends a report to his chief and awaits his response the enemy might become alert. So he...
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  • tourism in tunisia - 727 Words
    Tunisia could be an alternative for your vacation spot. There you will find lots of an attractive tourist attractions. Tunisia is rich in historical and archaeological heritage. In this country, there are now more than 20,000 historic monuments and relics of Carthage (Carthaginian Empire), Roman Empire (Roman Empire), Period of Islam and the modern era. Tunisia have contributed to a traditional culture that is dynamic, so that in 1997 UNESCO has made Tunisia become a "Cultural Capital Region"....
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  • Trip to Paris, The Most Memorable Part of My Life
    One of the most momerable moments in my life is my trip to Paris. In 1989, I was twenty one years old. My mother decided to visit Paris for some reasons. Since she was illiterate, she decided to take me with her. I was a student at that time. I was studying English at the Univesity of Constantine, a city situated in the north east of Algeria.It was my first trip outside Algeria and it is still engraved in my memory because of the story my mother told me while we were in the sky over the...
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  • RIZAL S TIMELINE - 604 Words
    DETAILS OF RIZAL’S TRAVEL ABROAD FIRST TRAVEL ABROAD (1882-1887) -After four years in medicine Rizal left the country to continue his study in Europe May 3, 1882 -Boarded SS Salvador to Singapore May 9, 1882 -Arrived after 5 days and stayed for 2 days in Singapore May 14, 1882 -On his way to Marseilles, Rizal had a terrible dream. He dreamed he was traveling with Neneng (Saturnina) and their path was blocked by snakes. May17,1882 -Rizal arrived at Punta de Gales. May 18, 1882 -At 7:30 a.m., he...
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  • Change and Continutie - 642 Words
    Between 500 CE and 1500CE changes and continuities in interregional commerce in the Eurasian World occurred. The Silk Road connected South Asia, Western Asia, and South Asia with Europe. The “road” was used for trading good such as silk, porcelain, and other luxuries. Not only was it used for trading material goods, but it was also used for trading religions, skills, and knowledge. It also passed along diseases. Some changes that occurred were that classical empires collapsing and new empires...
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  • Friends and Monsters Latin Translation
    Aeneas is pleasing Elissa with his story: "We have sailed from the island of the Harpies to the Adriatic Sea, from which we have been called to Eporus by miraculous rumor. They are the captive Trojans and Helenus, had been named to be rulers. We were delighted because the welcome report was true. Andromache called our people kindly to the palace where she gave many great gifts to Ascanius and Ancises. Helenus was the husband Andromache and a noted prophet.He strengthened our spirits with his...
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  • The right place at the right time
    The Right Place At The Right Time I was sitting on the edge of a rock, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, listening to the jubilant sounds of the cars and people, and smelling the fresh air that brought back many memories. It was a sign that I was in the right place at that right time; my hometown Beirut, Lebanon. One word that would define Lebanon for me is optimistic. It’s a characteristic that is shared amongst every Lebanese and when asked what made them become so hopeful, each...
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  • Deepest Wreck - 1393 Words
    A deep-sea salvage company claims to have discovered the deepest ancient shipwreck ever found- a 2,300-year-old Greek trading vessel found nearly two miles under the surface of the Mediterranean. The discovery of the shipwreck between the classical trading centers of Rhodes and Alexandria adds to the collection of evidence that is challenging the long-held theory that ancient sailors lacked the navigational knowledge and skill to sail large distances across open water. It is believed that they...
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  • Geography of Greece - 301 Words
    There were many factors that affected the development of Greece. One of them was geography. Geography affected the development of Greece in positive and negative ways. The geography that had the most affect on Greece included the climate, the sea, and the mountains. First of all, the climate in Greece was very temperate. It was comfortable to be outside almost all year round. This made it easy for the Greeks to have an outdoor life. The Greeks met for gatherings, shows, meetings, and athletic...
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  • A Magical Moment - 832 Words
    It was during the last summer break, my husband and I went to hike across the Alps on an ‘inn_ to_inn’ treak starting in the Alpi maritime nature reserve in Italy and finishing at the Mediterranean sea near the stunning town of Menton on the French Riviera. On our way from the mountains to the seaside, which is known as, ‘Route ‘de sel’ we explored classic, high alpine landscapes, bronze age, petroglyphs, and the historical villages and hamlets of the royal valley which boasts exquisite painted...
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  • What Made Rome Great?
    What Made Rome Great? Rome is an empire that stretched from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea, and with an abundance of reasons as to what made it great, Cicero believed that the perfect location chosen by Romulus, that truly made Rome great. When building the Capital of an empire there are several factors to take in. Defence, distance from the sea, and more defence. The Rutuli people, were of concern to the Romans as they had comparable wealth and power. Building the city just north...
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  • The Childrens Crusade - 356 Words
    The Crusades were serious vicious Holy wars between the Christian states or Europe and Saracens , who are present day Muslims. There were a total of nine crusades , the first four being the most notable and the Children’s Crusade being the decline of the conflict. The crusades started in 109A.D around the sacred city of Jerusalem which held significant religious value to both the Christians and Muslims. The Children’s Crusade as initiated because of young peasants in France ,Germany that were to...
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  • Persian Empire - 365 Words
    I am here today to talk to you about the Persian Empire. One of the reasons I chose this topic is that I am Persian myself. Another reason for me choosing this topic is that there is a large Persian community in Lower Mainland. Moving along, Persian Empire was founded around 548 BC. It was the first largest empire stretching from Atlantic Ocean, Morocco, to Indus River, India. The Persian Empire is most famous for its tolerance over other religions and races and the first people to write the...
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  • Materis Paints: Company Overview
    POM------------------------------------------------- MATERIS PAINTS No. 3 in the European Paints market, Materis Paints offers its trade and Do It Yourself customers a variety of brands specifically dedicated to their needs : Tollens, Zolpan and Pladox, in France, Viero, Cepro, Settef, Max Meyer, Duco, Baldini and Mistercolor in Italy, Revetón, Alp and Duraval in Spain, Robbialac and VIP in Portugal, Claessens in France and Switzerland and Colorín in Argentina all have a high or very high...
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  • asd dsa - 654 Words
    fgdgdfgfggggmdf cknb kdfbkfd b bmfklbmfgklbmgfb fdbfdb The Spain Summer Study Abroad program provides an opportunity for both Berklee and non-Berklee students from around the world to earn undergraduate college credit at Berklee. The campus is located in Valencia, Spain in the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, one of Valencia’s most recognized architectural marvels. Students can choose to immerse themselves in one of three areas: Music Technology and Production, Music and Entertainment...
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  • bans on pitbulls - 476 Words
    Europe: western and central Thursday, March 27, 2014 8:38 AM Sometimes called the "peninsula of peninsulas" Very diverse depending on location. Mountains on the north (Scandinavia) and southern Europe. Rivers have always been a dominant influence in Europe, rivers such as the Rhone in France. Venice Italy: canals Warmer temp nit in the mountains Along the coast- Mediterranean climate Northern temp decrease- moving away from the equator Much of Europe has changed to human...
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  • Mediterian Society - 1866 Words
    Chapter 10: Mediterranean Society: The Greek Phase * Homer a man who never existed: composed 2 great epics: Iliad and the Odyssey. Bards recited it. Believe scribes committed them to writing. Others believe that a man named Homer helped to write it with other people. Iliad offered Greek perspective on campaign waged by Greek Warriors against city of Troy in Anatolia. Odyssey: Experience of Greek Hero Odysseus as he sailed home after the Trojan War. Works described difficulties faced by...
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  • Alexander the Great Summary 26
    Alexander the great essay Alexander the Great is one of the very few generals in history who never lost. His unbroken success is all the more amazing because the circumstances he faced varied widely and he often exposed himself recklessly in battle. Alexander won his first victory when he was just 16 against hill tribes on the borders of Macedonia. When he ascended the throne of Macedonia, located just north of Greece, the hill tribes and the Greek city of Thebes rebelled...
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  • Marpol - 1056 Words
    Prevention of Pollution by Garbage from Ships Regulations for the Prevention of pollution by garbage from ships are contained in Annex V of MARPOL. Overview of Annex VGarbage from ships can be just as deadly to marine life as oil or chemicals.The greatest danger comes from plastic, which can float for years. Fish and marine mammals can in some cases mistake plastics for food and they can also become trapped in plastic ropes, nets, bags and other items - even such innocuous items as the...
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  • The Geography Of The Middle East - 1158 Words
    The Geography of the Middle East Essay The Middle East is a large and diverse geographical area located in southwest Asia and northeast Africa. It extends over 2,000 miles from the Black Sea in the north to the Arabian Sea in the south, and about 1,000 miles from the Mediterranean Sea in the west to the mountains of Iran. The term “Middle East” came into common use in the early twentieth century, but remains loosely defined. One term sometimes applied to part of this area is “Fertile Crescent,”...
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  • The Extinction of the Grey Whale - 440 Words
    Diana Arrowood BIOL-100 October 23, 2011 Nathan Varano The Extinction of the Grey Whale The overexploitation of a species is a factor that mankind is now growing a great concern. With advancing technology the fishing industry has catapulted its pace at capturing the treasures from our seas. With the high demand of the public consumers wanting shrimp and fresh seafood the supply of these species is diminishing. There are also fishing expeditions of fresh and saltwater that are being...
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  • Rome and Greece Essay - 297 Words
    Chapter 10 & 11: Ancient Greece and Rome Essay Thesis Statement: How did geography and economy affect the development of Greece and Rome in different and similar ways? Essay: Greece and Rome are both located in Europe. They geography is similar and in different in several ways. Greece and Rome are both a close to the water access which would help for sea trade. Rome is a mountainous and has different ways for easier trade. Greece is a city-state. This makes a high and low re-occurring...
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  • The Anatolian Peninsula - 253 Words
    The Anatolian peninsula, also called Asia Minor, is bounded by the Black Sea to the north, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, the Aegean Sea to the west, and the Sea of Marmara to the northwest, which separates Anatolia from Thrace in Europe. Traditionally, Anatolia is considered to extend in the east to an indefinite line running from the Gulf of İskenderun to the Black Sea, coterminous with the Anatolian Plateau. This traditional geographical definition is used, for example, in the latest...
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  • Engineering the Impossible - 1111 Words
    Cities Inside a City Engineering the Impossible focused on three incredible, yet physically possible, engineering projects: the 170-story Millennium Tower, the nine mile (14 km)-long Gibraltar Bridge, and the 4000+-foot-long Freedom Ship. Millenium Tower Imagine a skyscraper almost twice the size of the Empire State Building. This colossus would be a city within a city, hosting its own hospitals, schools, and a range of entertainment and retail options large enough to attract and keep the...
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  • Satisfaction Word Prompt - 719 Words
    The Algerian desert was a harsh and desolate place; remnants of the bridge that once spanned across the mighty river Abdul were still visible. The land was almost unrecognizable, but memories of its beauty brought Stromae here. He could still picture where the Infinity tower once was, but after having no one tend to it for years it had chunks of it missing, probably scavenged by militia or wanderers, metal was worth its weight in water nowadays. Water itself was a luxury many could not afford...
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  • Migration in the 19th Century - 5601 Words
    Index 1. Introduction 2. North Africa 3.1. Algeria 3.2. Tunisia 3.3. Egypt 3.4. Tripolitania – Libya 3. Eastern Mediterranean 4. The other countries 5. Conclusion 6. Bibliography 1. Introduction Emigration was directly linked to the situation in the country of origin. Especially from 1820 onwards Malta had formidable problems with redundant population. Peace in the country developed occupancies, which led to unemployment throughout...
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  • Humanities - 299 Words
    Intro to Humanities Unit 1 Terrence Girran Shavers Sr. American Intercontinental University Abstract Compare and contrast distinguishing elements of features of Greek and Roman cultures including illustrative of significant examples of various features. Intro to Humanities Unit 1 Early Rome | Commonalities | Early Greek | | ArtRoman Art: Roman art is to be considered realistic portraits; the Romans created are that was an actual display of true human being or artifact.Greek Art:...
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  • A History Of The World In Six Glasses
    A History of the World in Six Glasses Written by: The beautiful Jack Liu 1. Describe the origins of wine and evidence of this. The earliest physical evidence of wine was in 5400 BCE, with residue found in a pottery jar from Hajji Tepe. Hajji Tepe is a Neolithic village located in the Zagros Mountains. 2. Describe how the Greeks distinguished themselves from the “non-civilized.” The Greeks distinguished themselves from the non-civilized in many ways. For example, the uncivilized would drink...
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  • Marine Ecosystems - 4144 Words
    Rocky Shore Ecosystems- Point Cartwright Nicolas Cuny 11B Mr. Nisbett Due Date: 03/09/2010 Introduction: On the 23rd of August, the three biology classes or grade 11 at Redlands College visited the rocky shore ecosystems at Point Cartwright in Queensland. Two different types of rocky shore ecosystem were examined, the rock pool area, and the boulder area. We first examined areas within the rock pool area. The rock pool area has several specific...
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  • Essay for Michelle Obama - 302 Words
    Yousef Hafez P.S. 70 4-409 11-21-09 Marco Polo was born in Venice, Italy on September 15, 1254. Marco Polo was an Italian voyager and merchant who was one of the first Europeans to travel across Asia to China. Marco was a teenager at the time when he started traveling, he traveled with his father Nicolo Polo, and his uncle Maffeo Polo, they spent about 24 years traveling. Marco Polo’s voyage began with a sailing from Zaitun to the kingdom of Champa in south...
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  • Pdpr - 1986 Words
    Korean Dietary : With rapidly changing dietary environment, dietary guidelines for Koreans were revised and relevant action guides were developed. First, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee was established with experts and government officials from the fields of nutrition, preventive medicine, health promotion, agriculture, education and environment. The Committee set dietary goals for Koreans aiming for a better nutrition state of all after a thorough review and analysis of recent...
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  • Rizals Travel - 1029 Words
    Bagas, Camille Anne A. BSIT-3A *Singapore - (May 3, 1882) During the voyage he carefully observed the people and things on board the steamer. - There were sixteen passengers. He was the only Filipino and the rest were Spaniards, British, and Indian negroes. - The captain of the ship, Donato Lecha befriended Rizal. - To kill boredom of the voyage, Rizal played chess with his fellow passengers. He then defeated them many times, for he was a good chess player. - On May 9, the Salvadora...
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  • Internationalisation Strategy - 283 Words
    Internationalisation strategy When starting up a new store, in this case Starbucks, there are different factors that have to be looked at. The country of the place is where you have to start off. We have decided that the best 3 countries are Finland, Monaco and Austria. We analysed factors such as Geographic’s of these countries and also Demographics, Economic, Socio cultural and Political/Legal sides of it. The first country that we chose to analyse is Monaco. It...
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  • Contributions of the Greeks and Romans - 518 Words
    Question 4 Ancient Greece and Rome were two of the most influential societies that contributed to the development of common Mediterranean culture. Through their advances in religion, politics, and education, they created the foundation for cultural practices in many of today’s societies. Their practices are not only still used in the Mediterranean area, but also around the world in places like the United States. Religion is a key cultural factor that ties the community together, and for...
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  • Animals In Danger: Lynx In Europe
    [pic] ANIMALS IN DANGER According to the European branch of WWF, the brown bear is in danger in all the world. Its population is about 100-150 persons. We find her in Central and Northern Pindos and also in Western Rodopi....
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  • Ancient Greece Location - 2108 Words
    Ancient Greece Location: Ancient Greece is a civilization belonging to a period of Greek history that lasted from the Archaic period of the 8th to 6th centuries BC to the end of antiquity (ca. 600 AD). Immediately following this period was the beginning of the Early Middle Ages and the Byzantine era. Included in Ancient Greece is the period of Classical Greece, which flourished during the 5th to 4th centuries BC. Classical Greece began with the repelling of a Persian invasion by Athenian...
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  • Guns Germs And Steel - 414 Words
    Sydney Fiddes Mr.Plouffe Social 10­1 3/25/15 Guns, Germs and Steel Theory of Geographic Luck “Why is it that you white people developed so much cargo, but we black people had little cargo of our own?” A man asked Jared Diamond this question, thinking it would be a simple reply, Mr. Diamond began to think of an answer. Not realizing it would take a lot more thought and discovery ...
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  • Bubonic Plague - 434 Words
    Imagine every third person you know suffering and finally dying from a horrific disease. Approximately one-third of the population of Europe died of a deadly disease known as the bubonic plague. Europe was not alone in this catastrophe; portions of Northern Africa and Asia were also affected. The extent of the devastation caused by the bubonic plague can be explained by examining the culture of the 1300s. The population was unaware of how the disease was spread and therefore no preventable...
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  • Compare and Contrast of Ancient Greece and Ancient China
    Ancient Greece and Ancient China have many similarities and differences. A similarity between the two ancient civilizations is how they socially treated their women, while a difference is how their economy was handled due to the different trade systems. Another difference between the two societies was the way they ran their political systems. The ancient Greeks and ancient Chinese were similar due to the lack of respect they had for their women. The Greeks and Chinese both gave little or no...
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  • About the Bottlenose Dolphin Essay
    [pic] Grace Palmer Periods 5and 6 Mrs. Shingleton’s class Bottlenose Dolphin By Grace Palmer Do YOU need information about Bottlenose Dolphins? Well, if you do, you can find it all here in this article. It is an article specifically about the Bottlenose Dolphin. Appearance! (What they look like) Bottlenose Dolphins are a very beautiful dolphin and according to the underwater animal kingdom scientists, one of the most beautiful in the sea. It is still beautiful even though...
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  • the tunnel of samos - 521 Words
    One of the greatest engineering achievements of ancient times is a water tunnel, 1,036 meters (4,000 feet) long, excavated through a mountain on the Greek island of Samos in the sixth century B.C. It was dug through solid limestone by two separate teams advancing in a straight line from both ends, using only picks, hammers, and chisels. This was a prodigious feat of manual labor. The intellectual feat of determining the direction of tunneling was equally impressive. How did they do...
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  • islam buddism christianity - 526 Words
    What we today call the Middle East was in the Sixth Century B.C.E dominated by Mesopotamian kingdoms, and Egyptians. However, the Persian Empire was beginning to form with little notice from the dominant societies(Bentley, 132). Originating in the land that is now Iran, the Persian Empire was able to absorb territories and peoples through military strength, tolerance, and evolutionary socioeconomics. A series of great leaders would eventually expand the empire as far as the Indus River, Caucasus...
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  • Napoleon Bonaparte - 746 Words
    Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon Bonaparte was a military and political leader of France who made significant mistakes leading him to his downfall. Napoleon was a man obsessed with power and wealth. He was well known for his genius abilities of leading a full army, and winning impossible battles. Napoleon felt confident and believed he was more powerful than ever. But every single one of his accomplishments led him to wanting more, which is when everything began to go wrong. He made choices that...
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  • Greek and Persian Cultures - 409 Words
    Persia All Persian men to the age of 50 years were obligated to serve in the armies of the Persian Empire Zoroastrianism, monotheism, good/evil, heaven/hell Greece turned boats into fighting platforms Similarities for both (if this works for ya) MILITARY IS A BIG ONE Agreed upon slavery & enforced it advanced civilization & technology- produced scholars that innovated much of our society’s sciences and philosophy works Persia- Rumi, Avicenna Greece- Socrates,...
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  • Model comparison essays - 1276 Words
    Exercise (A): Which of these sentences are correct? Write or  1. In this essay I am going to compare Malta with Cyprus. 2. In this essay I am going to compare between Malta and Cyprus....
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  • An age of exploration and Expansion - 423 Words
    An age of exploration and Expansion How did Muslim merchants expand the world trade network at the end of the fifteenth century? The only way of expanding the world during the contemporaries was by sea on vessels and this was well utilized by the Muslims, who were either Arab or Indian converts. Because of the convenient location around the Mediterranean area the Muslim merchants expanded their world from the land of the five seas, Caspian Sea, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and the...
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  • Spain - A country i would like to visit
    A country I like to visit – Spain Geography Qoutes about spain “Barcelona are my favorite team in Spain, let's put it that way.” – Frank Lampard “In the last 1,000 years, the Arabs have translated as many books as Spain translates in just one year.” – Larry Elder “It's like a dream to come to Spain and stay for a couple of years and get somebody to teach me Spanish music.” - Lenny Kravitz Table of contents Introduction ___ 3 Country Geography -...
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  • Education Specialist - 2784 Words
    CIHEAM - Options Mediterraneennes The Role of Farmers and Farmers' Organizations Rashid Pertev Mediterranean Committee of the International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP), Paris (France) Abstract. The effective functioning of an agricultural research and extension system requires not a linear, but a triangular arrangement between research institutions, extension and training agencies and farmers' organizations. The presence of strong and representative farmer's organizations...
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  • My World of Adventure Essay
    I’ve always thought myself to have strong sense of adventure. Being a born and raised farm girl from a small town, you would think it strange for me to know that there was so much more out there for me, even more so for me to actually get this far. It all started when I asked my current boss for a sabbatical. I then booked the first flight out of there and so my adventure began. I decided to start my journey with Lisbon. A girl I met at the international airport had the same idea and we...
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  • Ancient Africa –Analyze How Geography Affected and Controlled the African Empires of Aksum and Ghana.
    Ancient Africa –Analyze how geography affected and controlled the African empires of Aksum and Ghana. How humans interacted with the diverse African environment would eventually control how cultures and societies developed. Each group adapted to the land and its resources around hospitable versus inhospitable areas natural resources, and areas that facilitated transportation and trade. Both Aksum and Ghana developed in regions hospitable to humans in terms of producing food;...
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