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  • Final Review - 1001 Words
    Math 242 Additional study problems for the Final Exam – (LL) 1. For the following determine if the integral converges. If the integral converges, compute its value. a. 2. It is estimated that b. c. d. years from now, a certain investment will be generating income at the rate of per year, dispensed continuously. If the income is generated in perpetuity and the prevailing annual interest rate remains fixed at 5% compounded continuously, what is the present value of the investment? 3. Use a)...
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  • MAT1300 FInal - 1456 Words
    MAT1300D Solution to Final Examination Fall 2007 Solution to Final Examination MAT1300D, Fall 2007 Part I. Multiple-Choice Questions (30 marks) 1. D 2. 3. E A 4. 5. B C 6. A 7. 8. C E 9. D 10. C 1. Find the equation of the tangent line to the graph of y = 3 x − 1 when x = 4. (A) y = 1 1 3 3 3 x + 1 ; (B) y = x + 3 ; (C) y = x + 7 ; (D) y = x + 2 ; (E) y = x − 1 . 2 2 4 4 4 Solution. y' = 3 . When x =...
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  • Dan Apple - 954 Words
    Nguyễn Hà Dân – SB0768 MSSV:SB60543Ho Hoa Binh la sieu di ngua, Ban gai cu cua Hoang Anh chim lonhahahahahaha Find the two lines that are tangent to y = x2- 2x+1 and pass through the point (5,7). Call (d) is the equation of the tangent to y = x2- 2x+1, pass through the point (5,7) and have slope k y – y0 = k(x – x0) y – 7 = k(x – 5) y = kx – k5 + 7 we slove system of equations The two lines that are tangent is: y=8x – 47 y=2x – 17 Find limx→1x-1x2+3-2 3. The...
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  • Maths C1 - 3132 Words
    Paper Reference(s) 6663/01 Edexcel GCE Core Mathematics C1 Bronze Level B1 Time: 1 hour 30 minutes Materials required for examination Items included with question papers Mathematical Formulae (Green) Nil Candidates may use any calculator allowed by the regulations of the Joint Council for Qualifications. Calculators must not have the facility for symbolic algebra manipulation, differentiation and integration, or have...
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  • Lightlab - 470 Words
    Data Table: ln(k) Uncertainty of ln(k) 1/T Uncertainty of 1/T 0.26136 6% 0.003309 0.0034% -0.10536 6% 0.003301 0.0033% 0.139762 4% 0.003288 0.0032% 0.34359 4% 0.003279 0.0031% 0.625938 3% 0.003266 0.0029% 1.011601 2% 0.003259 0.0029% 1.105257 2% 0.003256 0.0029% 1.348073 1% 0.00325 0.0028% 1.824549 0.81% 0.003213 0.0026% 1) Calculating the uncertainty i) Uncertainty for ln(k) Eg: ln(k)= 0.26136 Uncertainty= ((0.05)/ (0.26136))100...
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  • precalc - 347 Words
    Linear Programing Word on your own graph paper: 1) The liquid portion of a diet is to provide at least 300 calories, 36 units of vitamin A and 90 units of vitamin C daily. A cup of of dietary drink X costs $0.12 and provides 60 calories, 12 units of vitamin A, and 10 units of vitamin C. A cup of dietary drink Y costs $0.15 and provides 60 calories, 6 units of vitamin A, and 30 units of vitamin C. How many cups of each drink should be consumed each day to minimize the cost and still meet the...
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  • Differentiation Questions - 4157 Words
    1. Show that the points (0, 0) and on the curve e(x + y) = cos (xy) have a common tangent. (Total 7 marks) 2. The curve C has equation y = . (a) Find the coordinates of the points on C at which = 0. (4) (b) The tangent to C at the point P(1, 2) cuts the x-axis at the point T. Determine the coordinates of T. (4) (c) The normal to C at the point P cuts the y-axis at the point N. Find the area of triangle PTN. (7) (Total 15 marks) 3. The function f is defined by f(x) =...
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  • role of ministry of defence - 320 Words
    Worksheet 21: The Mean Value Theorem Russell Buehler 1. Verify that f (x) = x3 − x2 − 6x + 2 satisfies the hypotheses of Rolle’s theorem for the interval [0, 3], then find all c that satisfy the conclusion. 2. Let f (x) = tan(x). Show that f (0) = f (π), but there is no number c in (0, π) such that f (c) = 0. Is this a counterexample to Rolle’s theorem? Why or why not? 3. Verify that f (x) = x3 − 3x + 2 satisfies the hypotheses of the mean value theorem...
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  • Pasavento Instructions For Zup Pattern
    ZUP - a zigzag universal with patterns Pesavento. A part 1 Introduction Everyone who seriously concerns to work in the financial markets, sooner or later create the individual trading systems. Result of search of the trading system the author of given clause had indicator ZUP - a zigzag universal with patterns Pesavento . From company MetaQuotes Software the offer has acted to write clause about this indicator. I shall try to make it. In...
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  • Optimization - 908 Words
    Unit 1 Lesson 1: Optimization with Parameters In this lesson we will review optimization in 2-space and the calculus concepts associated with it. Learning Objective: After completing this lesson, you will be able to model problems described in context and use calculus concepts to find associated maxima and minima using those models. You will be able to justify your results using calculus and interpret your results in real-world contexts. We will begin our review with a problem in which most...
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  • Calculus Exam - 1347 Words
    | | (0, ∞)Question 8 Find the largest open interval(s) where the function is Increasing y = x4 - 18x2 + 81Answer | | (-∞, 0) | | | (-3, 0) | | | (-3, 3) | | | (3, ∞) | Question 9 S(x) = -x3 + 6x2 + 288x + 4000, 4 ≤ x ≤ 20 is an approximation to the number of salmon swimming upstream to spawn, where x represents the water temperature in degrees Celsius. Find the temperature that produces the maximum number of salmon.Answer | | 8°C | | | 20°C | | | 4°C | | | 12°C |...
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  • That Crey - 541 Words
    Optimization Note Examples 1. Farmer McDonald has 800 m of fencing and wishes to enclose a rectangular field. One side of the field is against a river and does not need fencing. Find the dimensions of the field if the fenced area is to be a maximum. A county fair has a holding area for prize sheep that are entered in a contest. The holding area is made up of 12 identical pens arranged in a two by six grid. If 100 m of fencing is available, what dimensions of each pen would maximize the total...
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  • B. Sc. Management Math Notes
    MT105a Study Notes – J.Fenech Chapter 1/2 – Basics 1. Basic notations 1.1. Sum of: ∑ 1.2. Product of: ∏ 2. Sets       A = {1,2,3} describes the set A containing members 1, 2, and 3. A={n | n is a whole number and 1≤n≤3} x  A denotes that x is a member of set A S  T denotes that S is a subset of T A  B is the set whose members belong to either set A, set B or both i.e. A  B = {x | x  A or x  B} A  B is the intersection of 2 sets where A  B = {x | x  A and x  B}  denotes an...
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  • Mcv4ua Practice Test - 1111 Words
    Calculus and Vectors MCV4U-A Practice Test Time: 2 hours Total Marks: 101 Final Test Score _____ ÷ 101 × 100 = _____% Instructions • There is a label attached to this page. Compare the course code on the label with the course code printed on the Final Test to make sure that they are the same. Inform the Final Test supervisor immediately if they are not the same. • The Final Test pages are numbered 1 to 13. Check to see that all thirteen pages are attached. Inform the Final Test supervisor...
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  • Fins2624 Sample Q - 253 Words
    77. List two types of exotic options and describe their characteristics. Answer: There are five exotic options mentioned in the textbook: • Asian Options have payoffs that depend on the average price of the underlying asset during at least some portion of the life of the option. • Barrier Options have payoffs that depend both on the asset's price at expiration and on whether the underlying asset's price has crossed through some barrier. If the asset's price crosses the barrier the option...
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  • Add Maths Sba - 1071 Words
    Ruel Wallace Add Maths S.B.A Mr. Teesdale 5-8 Table of Contents Cover page……………………………………………………………………………………………1 Table of contents…………………………………………………………………………………..2 Title……………………………………………………………………………………………………...3 Problem Statement………………………………………………………………………………..4 Mathematical Formulation…………………………………………………………………….5 Problem Solution…………………………………………………………………………………..7 Application of...
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  • nthng - 374 Words
    1. Application inreal life 2. Application of calculus in real life by ?Samiul Ehsan (131-15-2200)“Nothing takes place in the world whose meaning is not that of some maximum or minimum.” --Leonhard Euler 3. What is calculus?? Calculus originally meant “mathematics”.? Derived from the Latin “calx” (counter) – ancient Babylonians would use pebbles to represent units, tens, hundreds, etc, on a primitive abacus.? Later, defined as measuring varying rates of change. 4. Calculus is everywhereThe...
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  • Optical Character Recognition for Cursive Handwriting
    Optical Character Recognition for Cursive Handwriting Nafiz Arica, Student Member, IEEE, and Fatos T. Yarman-Vural, Senior Member, IEEE AbstractÐIn this paper, a new analytic scheme, which uses a sequence of segmentation and recognition algorithms, is proposed for offline cursive handwriting recognition problem. First, some global parameters, such as slant angle, baselines, and stroke width and height are estimated. Second, a segmentation method finds character segmentation paths by combining...
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  • Compilation of Solved Problems in Differential Calculus
    Maxima and Minima First Derivative Test 1) We are given the function First, we find the derivative: We set the derivative equal to 0 and solve: Since the domain of f is the same as the domain of f', 4 is the only critical number of f. Testing: x < 4 | f'(0) = -8 | f is decreasing | x > 4 | f'(5) = 2 | f is increasing | By the First Derivative Test, x = 4 is a local minimum. 2) We are given the function First, we find the derivative: We set the...
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  • Drug Dosage - 1997 Words
    Name: ______________________________________ Date: ________________________ Student Exploration: Drug Dosage Vocabulary: controlled release, dosage, drug, overdose, target organ Prior Knowledge Question (Do this BEFORE using the Gizmo.) Suppose you take aspirin for a headache. What happens after you swallow the pill? The aspirin starts begins to dissolve by the enzymes and are soaked in while traveling down to the stomach. They then are distributed to the areas that need...
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  • 101 2015 3 B
    MAT1581/101/3/2015 Tutorial letter 101/3/2015 Mathematics I (Engineering) MAT1581 Semesters 1 & 2 Department of Mathematical Sciences IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This tutorial letter contains important information about your module. CONTENTS Page 1 INTRODUCTION ............................................................................................................................ 4 1.1 Study Material...
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  • Math 104 184 Midterm 2 2012W Practice Q
    Math 104/184 Midterm 2 Review Worksheet 2012W FINAL EXAM: DEC 2011 (Select questions related to Midterm 2 Material) Note: All questions are worth 3 marks unless otherwise stated. 1. Find the x-­‐coordinate of the absolute maximum of f(x) = x 2 − 𝑥 ! on its domain. 2. Find the interval(s) on which f(x) = 𝑥 ! − ln (𝑥)...
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  • Pre Calc Checkup 3
    Name: Date: Graded Assignment Checkup: Graphing Polynomial Functions Answer the following questions using what you've learned from this unit. Write your responses in the space provided, and turn the assignment in to your instructor. For problems 1 – 5, state the x- and y-intercepts for each function. 1. x-intercept: (0, 0), (-4, 0), (0, 0) y-intercept: (0, 0) 2. x-intercept: (1, 0) (0, 0) (-4, 0) y-intercept: (0, 4) 3. x-intercept: (-1, 0) (0, 0) (0, 0) y-intercept: (0, 0)...
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  • LarCalc10 Ch03 Sec7 - 544 Words
    14-Oct-14 Applications of Differentiation Optimization Problems Copyright © Cengage Learning. All rights reserved. Copyright © Cengage Learning. All rights reserved. Objective  Solve applied minimum and maximum problems. Applied Minimum and Maximum Problems 3 4 1 14-Oct-14 Applied Minimum and Maximum Problems Example 1 – Finding Maximum Volume One of the most common applications of calculus involves the determination of minimum and maximum values. A manufacturer wants to design...
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  • Bullard Houses - 299 Words
    PLANNING DOCUMENT FORM Negotiation: Role: Seller What issues are most important to you? (list in order of importance) 1. Keep houses intact 2. Commercial uses only if tasteful as Grouse´s proposal 3. Avoid bad press 4. Generate good press 5. Maximize sale price What is your BATNA? Reservation Price? Target? BATNA: $ 13 million for 100% of Downtown´s shares or proportional with a minimum of 70% of its shares while commercial uses tasteful as Grouse´s proposal...
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  • Introduction to Operations Research - 1688 Words
    DEPARTMENT OF APPLIED MATHEMATICS BSc Honours in Operations Research and Applied Statistics SMO 1101 Introduction to Operations Research TUTORIAL QUESTIONS 1. List and discuss the six major steps in the quantitative modeling process. 2. What is the difference between a i. descriptive and a normative model? ii. discrete and a continuous variable? 3. Show that the set ℜ n is a convex set. 4. Is the linearity assumption, in LP models, realistic in applications? 5. Print-Rite assembles printers for...
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  • Chapter 8 - 491 Words
    Chapter 8 • Question 1 0 out of 3 points A ____ layout is an arrangement based on self-contained groups of equipment needed to produce a particular set of goods or services. Answer Selected Answer: Product Correct Answer: Cellular • Question 2 3 out of 3 points The determination of specific job tasks and responsibilities is called ____. Answer Selected Answer: Job design Correct Answer: Job design • Question 3 3 out of 3...
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  • Multivariable calculus - 4626 Words
    VIETNAM NATIONAL UNIVERSITY-HO CHI MINH CITY INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY Chapter 2. Multivariable calculus Calculus 2B for Business Administration Lecturer: Nguyen Minh Quan, PhD Dr. Nguyen Minh Quan (HCMIU-VNU) Chapter 2. Multivariable calculus Summer 2013 1 / 80 Contents 1 Functions of several variables 2 Partial derivatives 3 Maxima and minima. Optimization 4 Constrained Optimization 5 Total differentials and approximations 6 Double...
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  • Unit 2 Equivalent Expressions And Quadratic Functions 2013
    MCR3U0: Unit 2 – Equivalent Expressions and Quadratic Functions Radical Expressions 1) Express as a mixed radical in simplest form. a) c) b) e) d) f) 2) Simplify. a) b) d) e) c) f) 3) Simplify. a) b) c) d) e) f) 4) Simplify. a) d) b) e) f) c) For questions 5 to 9, calculate the exact values and express your answers in simplest radical form. 5) Calculate the length of the diagonal of a square with side length 4 cm. 6) A square has an area of 450 cm2. Calculate the side length. 7)...
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  • M2 BK1 Ans - 8798 Words
    7 New Progress in Senior Mathematics Module 2 Book 1 (Extended Part) Solution Guide 7 dy 1 = dx x 7.2 Applications of Differentiation dy dx p.219 =1 x =1 Slope of the normal = −1 The equation of the normal is y − 4 = (−1)( x − 1) x+ y −5 = 0 pp.233 – 239 p.233 (a) Even function (b) Odd function (c) Odd function (d) Neither even nor odd (e) Even function (f) Odd function 7.3 xy + x 2 = −9 y= p.220 −9− x x 2...
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  • Management Operations - 278 Words
    Teori Related Process-oriented Layout A process-oriented layout can simultaneously handle a wide variety of products or services. It is most efficient when making products with different requirements or when handling customers , patients, or clients with different needs. A process-oriented layout is a layout that deals with low-volume, high-variety production in which like machines and equipment are grouped together. A big advantage of process-oriented layout is its flexibility in equipment...
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  • Assigning Regions to Sales Representatives at Pfizer Turkey
    25/12/2012 IE 251 Assigning Regions to Sales Representatives at Pfizer Turkey Group Members: TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 3 2. WORK CONDUCTED IN CASE STUDY 3 3. Mathematical Model 5 4. SENSITIVITY ANALYSİS 6 5. CONCLUSİON...
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  • Simulation with Arena Exercise Chapter 7
    0:35:22 Category Overview เเเเเเ 22, 2013 Homework 7 Replications: 1 Time Units: Minutes Key Performance Indicators System Number Out Average 996 Model Filename: D:\NOOK\Simulation Class\Homework\HW3_07_04\HW3_07_04 Page 1 of 6 0:35:22 Category Overview เเเเเเ 22, 2013 Homework 7 Replications: 1 Time Units: Minutes Entity Time VA Time Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 NVA Time Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Wait Time Part 1 Part 2 Part...
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  • BDM midterm - 719 Words
    SOLUTIONS 1) Ralph Edmund loves steak and potatoes. Therefore, he has decided to go on a steady diet of only these two foods for all his meals. Ralph realizes that this is not the healthiest diet, so he wants to make sure that he eats the right quantities of the two foods to satisfy some key nutritional requirements. He has obtained the following nutritional and costs data: Grams of Ingredient Per Serving. Ingredient Steak Potato Daily Requirement (g) Carbs 5 15 >=50...
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  • ESW ICT Candidate Statement Activity 1 Hellip
    ESSENTIAL SKILLS WALES – ICT LEVEL 2 ICT 2.1 Use ICT Systems – Candidate Statement Element Candidate Statement Assessor Comments ICT2.1.1 Describe how you will approach an activity that involves the use of ICT. Use bullet points if you wish. The purpose of my task is to create a spread sheet with two different universities. I will be looking at the cost of accommodation away from home. Secondly, I will be looking at The types of accommodation available and the different...
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  • Csc238 - 875 Words
    OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING CSC238 Lecture 3 – Common Algorithms Lecture 3 Objectives Common Algorithms Total T l Average Counting Minimum value and maximum value Ranged value Unlimited l U li i d value 1 Mohd Hanapi Abdul Latif Total / Sum group of values The algorithm in this application may be used to solve sol e problem such as s ch To calculate the total of payment for N employees; To sum the amount that a customer has to pay; To calculate the total of salary that...
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  • Extrema - 991 Words
    [Type the company name] 10 extrema Types, formula usage, and applications fzfairy Extrema Definition of an Extrema The extrema of a function f are the values where f is either a maximum or a minimum. More rigorously, we have Let f be a function defined on the interval (a,b) containing the point c. Then * f has minimum at c if f(c) < f(x) for all x in (a,b). * f has maximum at c if f(c) > f(x) for all x in (a,b). The following definition gives the types of...
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  • student - 469 Words
    XLSTAT&2014.4.08&-&Histograms&-&on&2014-09-18&at&5:27:23&PM Data:&Workbook&=&Math&1p98&final.xlsx&/&Sheet&=&Sheet1&/&Range&=&Sheet1!$A:$A&/&40&rows&and&1&column Intervals:&&Number&=&10 Summary&statistics: Variable Data Observations Obs.&with&missing&data Obs.&without&missing&data Minimum Maximum 40 0 40 4.100 13.500 Histogram)(Data)) 12& 10& Frequency) 8& 6& 4& 2& 0& 2& 4& 6& 8& Data) 10& 12& 14& &...
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  • Bahan Makanan - 414 Words
    SQQM1023 Managerial Mathematics Semester 2 Session 2012/2013 GROUP ASSIGNMENT 1 ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS IN PART A AND B. Part A 1. Given the function Find i) ii) iii) iv) Domain . 2. Determine the domain for the following functions: 3. Mega Company plans to market a new product for RM18.50 per unit. The variable cost is RM14 per unit and the fixed cost is RM2200. Assuming is the quantity of the product: i) ii) iii) 4. Find the total cost function, ....
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  • Math Test Review - 366 Words
    All answers should be left in simplified, reduced from unless you are told to round to a specific number of decimal places. Knowledge (Answers should be in exact values only) 1. Simplify the following rational expressions. 3 √27 + 5√28 -- 4√63 -- √12 (3√7 – 3)2 2. Determine the maximum or minimum value for y = -3(x + 1)( x – 4) and state the value of x for which this occurs. Use your own convenient way. 3. Determine the number of zeros for...
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  • Case Study - 645 Words
    1. How do frog’s activities affect its ability to (a) maximize the fit with customer needs, (b) minimize development cycle time, and (c) control development costs? a) As many products fail to produce an economic return because they do not fulfill customer requirements, involving customers in development process affect its ability to maximize the fit with customer needs. It can help a firm ensure that its new products match customer expectations. The customer is often the one most able to...
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  • Managerial Accounting - 331 Words
    Assignment 3 Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 a) It would be beneficial for the company as a whole if logs were transferred to the Sawing Division at the suggested price of $61.50 per log. CM from selling externally = $75 - $40.50 - $9.50 = $25/unit $25 x 10,000 units = $250,000 CM from selling to Sawing division = $122-Trasnfer costs from Harvesting-Production costs = $122-40.50-9.50-35-4.5-2.5 = $30/unit $30 x 10,000 units = $300,000 $300,000 - $250,000 = $50,000 The CM is...
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  • Intro to Sift - 1504 Words
    Yu Liu 4.17.2012 Why? What? How? USCT, Dept. EEIS, Yu Liu 3  1. Image Matching in a common and important problem in computer vision. 2. Application in: ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Object or scene recognition 3D reconstruction Stereo correspondence Motion tracking Image Searching  USCT, Dept. EEIS, Yu Liu 4  3. Traditional method: simple corner detectors is not stable when you have images of different scales and rotations. 4. We need a method can solve: ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Different...
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  • Math 133 Unit 2 Individual Project 2 Assignment
    MTH133 Unit 2 Individual Project Name: 1) Solve the following by factoring: a) [pic] Answer: x = 5, x = -2 (x+5)(x+2) = 0 x = -5 x = -2 b) [pic] Answer: x = 0, x = 2 3x(x-2) = 0 x = 0 x = 2 2) If [pic], find: a) f(2) Answer: f(2) = -3 [pic] b) f(-3) Answer: f(-3) = 42 [pic] 3) Solve [pic] using the quadratic formula. Answer: x = -1/2, x = 2 [pic] 4) Use the graph of [pic] to answer the following: [pic] a) Without solving the equation, or...
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  • Real world Radical Formulas
    Running head: QUADRATIC FUNCTIONS 1 Real World Quadratic Functions Gail Frazier MAT 222 Week 4 Assignment Instructor: Simone Danielson March 6, 2014 Real World Quadratic Functions [no notes on this page] -1- QUADRATIC FUNCTIONS 2 Quadratic functions are perhaps the best example of how math concepts can be combined into a single problem. To solve these, rules for order of operations, solving equations, exponents, and radicals must be used. Because multiple variables...
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  • Tutorial of College Algebra - 1304 Words
    Tutorial 1: Review of Basic Concepts 1. Let[pic]. List the elements of A that belong to the given set. i. Nature numbers ii. Integers iii. Rational numbers 2. Let set M =[pic]. List the elements of M that belong to the given set. i. Whole numbers ii. Integers iii. Rational numbers 3. Multiply out the brackets: a) 7(x + 2y) – 2(3y – 5x) (b) 2x2 + y – z2 – 2(3x2 + 2y – z) (c) (2x – 5)(5 + 2x) (d) (9y - 8)(3y - 3) 4. Evaluate the following...
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  • Math 133 Unit 2 Ip
    Student Answer form Unit 2 1. a. x-4x=-6 A) 1 B) -10 C) -6 X^2-10x-24=0 (X-4) (x+6) X-4=0 x=4 X+6=0 x+-6 b. x=7+4=5.5 x=7-4=1.5 x=-b±b2-4ac2a x= (-7) ± (-7)2-4(3) (20)2a x=7±64-802a x=7±-16 x=7+4/2=5.5 x=7-4/2=1.5 c. 10x^2+x-3=0 x=-b±b2-4ac2a x=-1± (1)2-4(10) (-3)2(10) x=1±1-12020 x=1±10 x=1+320 = 5 x=1-320= 10 2. a. (-2.3, 0), (0, 6.3) b. This is a maximum function....
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  • Math 133 Unit2 - 423 Words
    Math 133 Unit 2 IP2 1. X^2-10x-24 a) X=4 x= -6 Show my work: X^2-10x-24=0 A) 1 B) -10 C) -24 X^2-10x-24=0 (X-4) (x+6) X-4=0 x=4 x+6=0 x= -6 B) 3x^2+7x-20=0 Answer: x=7+4=5.5 x= 7-4=1.5 Show my work: X= -b±b2-4ac2a X= (-7) ±(-7)2-4(3)(20)2a X= 7±64-802a X=7 ±-16 X=7+4/2=5.5 X=7-4/2=1.5 c.10x^2+x-3=0 x=-b±b2-4ac2a x=-1±(1)2-4(10)(-3)2(10) x=1±1-12020 x=1±10 x=1+320 = 5 x=1-320= 10 There are two types of solutions to this problem which...
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  • Pipeline for Math Calculus 1
    | | 11/14/2012 In this guide you will find a well thought out plan to construct a pipeline which will run through a wetland. The concept of the derivative will be used to regulate the minimum cost for this construction plan. Figure 1 displays the ideal construction of the pipeline, if...
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  • Speadsheet Modeling & Decision Analysis 5e: Chapter 3 Solutions
    Chapter 3 Modeling & Solving LP Problems In A Spreadsheet 1. In general, it does not matter what is placed in a variable (changing) cell. Ultimately, Solver will determine the optimal values for these cells. If the model builder places formulas in changing cells, Solver will replace the formulas with numeric constants representing the optimal values of the decision variables. An exception to this general principle is found in Chapter 8 where, when solving nonlinear programming problems,...
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  • IGCSE Computer Studies Paper 1 May/June 2004 MS
    UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS International General Certificate of Secondary Education MARK SCHEME for the June 2004 question papers 0420 COMPUTER STUDIES 0420/01 Paper 1, maximum raw mark 100 These mark schemes are published as an aid to teachers and students, to indicate the requirements of the examination. They show the basis on which Examiners were initially instructed to award marks. They do not indicate the details of the discussions that took place at...
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  • 1 There Is No Minimum Or
    1. There is no minimum or maximum number of pages. Use all the pages necessary to provide complete and well synthesized responses to each question. 2. This is your opportunity to demonstrate that you have learned and can apply all we have studied in this course to date. 3. Use APA guidelines. 4. Use at least 4 peer reviewed sources from the online library to support your answers. EBSCO Host typically has the richest database for peer reviewed articles. 5. Respond to each of questions 1 - 8. ...
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  • Linear Programming - 5408 Words
    PROBLEM NUMBER 1 A farmer can plant up to 8 acres of land with wheat and barley. He can earn $5,000 for every acre he plants with wheat and $3,000 for every acre he plants with barley. His use of a necessary pesticide is limited by federal regulations to 10 gallons for his entire 8 acres. Wheat requires 2 gallons of pesticide for every acre planted and barley requires just 1 gallon per acre. What is the maximum profit he can make? SOLUTION TO PROBLEM NUMBER 1 let x = the number of acres of...
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  • Sudy Guide to Food and Beverage
    DOCTOR TECHNOLOGIAE: FOOD AND BEVERAGE MANAGEMENT Qualification code: DTFB01 Campus where offered: Pretoria Campus REMARKS a. Admission requirement(s): A Magister Technologiae: Food and Beverage Management or a qualification at nqf Level 8 (old) or nqf Level 9 (new) in the food and beverage field. Selection criteria: Selection is based on a personal interview with the departmental selection panel. Registration prior to the approval of a protocol is provisional and will be made official only if...
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  • HOW TO TAKE READING NOTES Handwritten On 1
    HOW TO TAKE READING NOTES You will be asked to take notes from a textbook assignment. Reading notes MUST be done in the correct format, if not, the assignment will be returned to you to be reformatted. The format is as follows: You MUST include the Chapter and Section numbers and the Section Title for me to grade your work. Put a box around this information. Philip II 1st-level subheadings (red in your textbook) should be written exactly as they are stated in the textbook: underline...
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  • Wavelength and Double Slit Diffraction
    Experiment No 2 (Part 2) Single and Double Slit Diffraction Name: Prachi Chaudhary Enrollment number: Btech 2nd year #33 Date: 27th Aug 2012 Observations Wavelength of He-Ne laser is λ = 632.8 nm. Part I: Single Slit Diffraction Distance between single slit and detector is D = .739 m ( 73.9 cm ). |S.No. |Position of detector (cm) |Detector’s reading | |1. |0.021...
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  • Math Sl Past Paper
     IB DIPLOMA PROGRAMME PROGRAMME DU DIPLÔME DU BI PROGRAMA DEL DIPLOMA DEL BI M07/5/MATME/SP2/ENG/TZ1/XX 22077304 mathematics staNDaRD level PaPeR 2 Tuesday 8 May 2007 (morning) 1 hour 30 minutes INSTRUcTIONS TO cANDIDATES  not open this examination paper until instructed to do so. Do  Answer all the questions.  Unless otherwise stated in the question, all numerical answers must be given exactly or correct to three significant figures. 2207-7304 8 pages © IBO 2007...
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  • Geometry and Sin - 331 Words
    1 (a) Show that = tan θ. (b) Hence find the value of cot in the form a + , where a, b . 2 If x satisfies the equation , show that 11 tan x = a + b, where a, b +. 3 The graph below shows y = a cos (bx) + c. Find the value of a, the value of b and the value of c. 4 The diagram below shows two concentric circles with centre O and radii 2 cm and...
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  • The Pharmacy Technician's Inventory and Financial Management
    Using inventory procedures to aid in financial management of a pharmacy is a common and necessary practice. Many times a Pharmacy Technician will be the person to maintain inventory by receiving and stocking orders on shelves, rotating stock, returning outdated stock to the manufacturer for a credit, and setting order points for consistent stock of items needed in the pharmacy. Orders must be received and checked for accuracy promptly, for a couple of reasons: first, the order must be...
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  • Earth Quake Disaster - 512 Words
    a. General. Earthquake ground motions for the design and evaluation of Corps CHS are the Operating Basis Earthquake (OBE) and the Maximum Design Earthquake (MDE) ground motions. Seismic forces associated with the OBE are considered unusual loads. Those associated with the MDE are considered extreme loads. Earthquake loads are to be combined with other loads that are expected to be present during routine operations. b. Operating Basis Earthquake. The OBE is a level of ground motion that is...
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  • State Automobile License Renewals Case Study
    MSC 516 Operations Management Fall 2012 – Problem Set 5 Name: _________________________________ Instructions: This Problem Set is open-book and open-notes. All work must be done entirely by yourself. You may not receive help from any other person nor may you give help to any other person. This Problem Set has been posted on Blackboard on November 5th and will be due on November 11th. Leave each of the questions just as they are when you are submitting your answers to the questions....
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  • Ohe in Indian Railways N Dmrc
    Chapter-14 Comparative salient feature of OHE of DMRC & Indian Railway 15.1 IMPORTANT DMRC OHE PARAMETERS (Rail Corridor) S.N. | Parameters | Specification as per DMRC | Specification as per Indian Railway | 1 | Normal height of contact wire at support point for regulated OHE | 5.00 mtr (Presag -1000th part of span length) | 5.50 mtr | 2 | Normal height of contact wire at support point for unregulated OHE | 5.15 mtr | 5.70 mtr | 3 | Minimum height of contact wire at loco...
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  • Rate of Sunway Lagoon - 494 Words
    Entrance Fees Adult Normal Rate Child / Senior Citizen Adult 25% off with MyKad Child / Senior Citizen All Parks Best Value Water Park, Amusement Park, Wildlife Park, Extreme Park & Scream Park 3 Parks Water Park, Amusement Park & Wildlife Park RM100 RM80 RM75 RM60 RM80 RM65 RM60 RM48 MyKad (Malaysian Identity Card) holders enjoy 25% discount off full-published rates (not valid with other discounts or promotions). One MyKad is entitled for one purchase and...
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  • States and Territories of India and Scrap Book
    RYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL VASANT KUNJ SUMMER HOLIDAY HOMEWORK CLASS III SST HOLIDAY HOMEWORK 1. Take a trip down to any river near your town or city . You will notice a number of activities taking place on the banks of the river .How many of those activities causes water pollution ? list...
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  • Maths Question Paper Cbse
    1. If a line y = x + 1 is a tangent to the curve y2= 4x ,find the point the of contact ? 2. Find the point on the curve y = 2x2– 6x – 4 at which the tangent is parallel to the x – axis 3. Find the slope of tangent for y = tan x + sec x at x = π/4 4. Show that the function f(x) == x3– 6x2 +12x -99 is increasing for all x. 5. Find the maximum and minimum values, if any of 6. For the curve y = 3x² + 4x, find the slope of the tangent to the curve at the point x = -2. 7....
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  • Common Admission Test (CAT)-Venn Diagram
    Venn diagram –Max-min 1. According to a survey, at least 70% of people like apples, at least 75% like bananas and at least 80% like cherries. What is the minimum percentage of people who like all three? Answer: Let's first calculate the surplus: percentage of people who like apples + percentage of people who like bananas + percentage of people who like cherries = 70% + 75% + 80% = 225% = a surplus of 125%. Now this surplus can be accommodated by adding elements to either intersection of...
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  • Program Lovecs.Java - 422 Words
    import java.util.Scanner; public class LoveCS { public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner scan=new Scanner(; System.out.println("Enter how many times you wish the message to be printed."); int limit = 0; limit=scan.nextInt(); int sum=0; int count=1; while (count <=limit) { System.out.println(count+" I love Computer Science!!"); sum+=count; count++; } System.out.println("Printed this message " +...
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  • Reflection on Study - 1480 Words
    Reflection On Study Your life goals: What are your overall goals (your hopes, dreams, and aspirations) for the next five years? Minimum 50 words (No maximum) |Student write answer here: | | | |I’m dreaming of completing a post-graduate degree after my...
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  • 5 E's of Econ - 570 Words
    Economics is known as the study of scarcity. Scarcity is the fundamental economic problem of having seemingly unlimited human needs and wants, in a world of limited resources. To minimize scarcity we need to make choices, this is where the five e’s of efficiency come in to play. Economic growth is the increase in the ability to produce new resources. This is caused by having more resources, better resources, and having better technology. To achieve maximum satisfaction we need to use our...
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  • Part Time Recruitment Guidelines by Ugc
    University Grants Commission Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg New Delhi 110002 SPEED POST No. F. 10-1/2009 (PS) The Registrar. All Central/Deemed/State Universities, All State Education Secretaries, All Regional Offices of the U GC. Sub.:Revised Guidelines for the Scheme of Appointment / Honorarium of Guest/Part-Time Teachers. Sir/Madam, I am directed to say that the UGC has accepted the recommendation of VI Pay Review Committee regarding revised guidelines for the Scheme of Appointment / Honorarium of...
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  • How to Describe and Use Climatic Graphs
    How to describe and use climatic graphs All three areas have the maximum temperature in July; England’s maximum temperature is 20 degrees. Norway’s is 16 degrees and Siberia is 24 degrees. The difference between highest and lowest is only 8 degrees. All three areas also have the minimum temperature in January. England’s is 0 degrees, Norway’s is -6 and Siberia’s is -51. The difference from highest to lowest for minimum temperature is 51 degrees. Both England and Norway have a difference of...
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  • Case Solution Problem 3
    As per the information given, profits per acre on various crops are as follows: Profit per acre on wheat = 50 x 2 = $100 Profit per acre on Alfalfa = 1.5 x 40 = $60 Profit per acre on Barley = 2.2 x 40 = $88. Suppose Young’s production plan for the next year is as follows: Parcel Cultivation Area (Acre) Land Available Wheat Alfalfa Barley Southeast 2000 North 2300 Northwest 600 West 1100 Southwest 500 Total 6500 Total profit as per the production plan: The objective...
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  • Sample Lab results - 271 Words
     Absorption of isolated chloroplasts To test absorption of isolated chloroplasts from spinach absorption readings were taken at a series of different wavelengths. Absorption Maxima of the isolated chloroplasts were observed at wavelengths of 440 and 680 with corresponding absorbance values of 0.792 and 0.589 were noted (Fig 1.). Absorption minima of the isolated chloroplasts was noted at a wavelength of 580 at an absorption of 0.291 (Fig 1.). This indicated that green light is reflected...
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  • Timw - 304 Words
    1. Why is TEP unable to deliver all its products reliably within the target of one week, and what effects might that have on the distributors? Ans: Reasons for TEP’s inability to deliver all its products reliably within the target of one week are: * There are 24 machines which are working on a standard (non-overtime) week of 105 hours. Thus, there are 2520(24 X 105) machine hours available per week. * There are 500 + stock keeping units (SKUs), each requiring about 3 hours to...
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  • sieve analysis - 2059 Words
    CE121: Construction Materials Laboratory Report No. 3 Moisture-Density Relations Christian R. Orozco 2005-33594, BS Civil Engineering Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering University of the Philippines Diliman, Diliman Quezon City 1101 Submitted to: Dr. Nathaniel B. Diola ABSTRACT In construction, foundation soils like embankments, road bases and earth dam among others are often compacted to increase their density and improve their strength characteristics....
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  • 62259348 8 Line Balancing Problems
    Q. 2. Dr. Wu, Operations Manager at NESA Electronics, prides herself on excellent assembly line balancing. She has been told that the firm needs to produce 1400 electric relays per work day. Due to breaks and lunch, there are only 420 working minutes each day. The following table lists the tasks, precedence relationships, and average task time required to produce a relay. Tasks Time Must Follow Tasks (Sec) A 13 B 4 A C 10 B D 10 E 6 D F 12 E G 5 E H 6 F, G I 7 H J 5 H K 4 I, J L 15 C, K (a)...
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  • CTC case study - 2492 Words
    CTC CASE STUDY Executive Summary CTC’s problem is within its traditional pricing system, with both its inefficiency and lack of flexibility. The worksheets were formatted to show both the “ideal”( unconstrained and realistic ( constrained) circumstances, to analyze them and come for the best possible solution within the boundaries. One big concept that was present in determining which quantities were “optimal” was demand elasticity. Trends were found,...
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  • Asymmetrical Bending Report Updated
    MM2MS3 Asymmetrical Bending Laboratory Report Date of Laboratory: Name of Student: Student ID: Summary Asymmetrical bending is bending couples acting in a plane of symmetric. If loads do not act in plane of symmetry, this leads to deflection in a plane perpendicular to the loading plane as well as in the loading plane. This coupling does not occur if the loading is in principal plane. The experiment was conducted to investigate the deflections of the tip of a cantilever when loaded...
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  • Statistical Process Control - 459 Words
    Standard Operating Procedure for inline Q.A, using Statistical Process Control charts OBJECTIVE To remove or minimize, cost of poor quality. SCOPE This procedure is applicable for all kind of critical points for which variable charts are being made to know about the process stability. RESPONSIBILITY 1) Q.A. Manager Q.A. Manager is responsible for allotting the critical points in a particular product to in line Q.A.’s. 2) A.Q.M. A.Q.M. is responsible for carrying...
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  • Quadratics Essay 3 - 873 Words
    Jaquavia Jacques Ms. Cordell 1st period December 9, 2014 Quadratics is used to help to determine what is on a graph. There are many formulas that are used to put points on a graph to create parabolas. Parabolas are “U” shaped figures on a graph. Parabolas are examples of quadratics on a graph. Parabolas can be positioned up or down, which means if the arrows are going up it has a minimum point, and if the arrows are going down that means it has a maximum point. When graphing using the vertex...
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  • Regions and Lines - 3398 Words
    Aim To investigate the relationships that exists when lines are drawn on a plane. Strategies To develop some conjectures, rules and patterns by investigating the relationships that form between the number of lines, intersections points, and bounded and unbounded regions. I plan to use rules to further define the relationship. The following relationships will be investigated: # Lines# Lines# Lines# Lines # Lines# Intersects# Lines# Lines# Lines# Lines- # unbounded regions min #...
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  • Mathlab - 456 Words
    %Question a)Equation 1 %T in unit celcius T=[ 77 77 63.5 53.3 53.3 77.6 77.6 77.6 52.9 52.9 77.6 62.7 53.7 53.7 79.5 79.5 64.0 64.0 54.5 39.2 38.3 49.4 40.2 40.2 40.2 40.2 39.7 40.2 40.2 40.2 39.9 39.9 39.8]; %rate constant k in unite mol/m^3 kE5=[ 2.70 2.87 1.48 0.71 0.66 2.44 1.26 2.40 0.72 0.70 2.40 1.42 0.69 0.68 3.03 3.06 1.31 1.37 0.70 0.146 0.159 0.260 0.284 0.323...
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  • A Dissimilarity Index of Multidimensional Inequality of Opportunity
    Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative (OPHI) Oxford Department of International Development Queen Elizabeth House (QEH), University of Oxford OPHI WORKING PAPER NO. 39 A Dissimilarity Index of Multidimensional Inequality of Opportunity Gaston Yalonetzky * November 2010 Abstract A recent literature on inequality of opportunity offers quantitative tools for comparisons and measurement based on stochastic dominance criteria and traditional inequality indices. In this paper I...
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  • Hw1 Solution - 890 Words
    Homework #1 Solutions 3.1 a. Let X1 =the number of hours of process 1 used X2 =the number of hours of process 2 used The objective is to minimize the cost of producing the three products A, B and C. The constraints are on the demand of each product. Min 4X1 + X2 subject to 3X1 + X2 ≥ 10 (A’s demand) X1 + X2 ≥ 5 (B’s demand) X1 ≥ 3 (C’s demand) X1 , X2 ≥ 0 (nonnegativity) b. From the graph we can see that the isocost line just leaves the feasible region where the demand for C and B intersect. The...
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  • How to Draw a Pay Policy Li
    How to draw a Pay Policy line? 1. Cluster Approach The simplest approach is to make a scatter diagram of the organization's jobs, as is done in establishing the pay-policy line. When this is done it can often be observed that the jobs tend to cluster rather than scattering evenly. This effect can be taken advantage of by encasing the clusters horizontally and vertically, as illustrated in figure 1. This provides all three dimensions, but none of them is arrived at consistently, nor are they...
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  • Corporate Finance - 978 Words
    Review Problems and Solutions for Chapter 6: Process Selection and Facility Layout For the following three problems (1, 2, 7), we assume that parallel workstations are not allowed. 1. An assembly line with 17 tasks is to be balanced. The longest task is 2.4 minutes, and the total time for all tasks is 18 minutes. The line will operate for 450 minutes per day. a. What are the minimum and maximum cycle times? b. What range of output is theoretically possible for the line? c. What is the...
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  • Deflections of Beams and Cantilevers - 1440 Words
    The Report of Deflections of Beams and Cantilevers Summary: There are four parts in this big experiment, including deflection of a cantilever, deflection of a simply supported beam, the shape of a deflected beam, and circular bending. In these four parts, a same set of laboratory instrument and apparatus is used, concluding a bracket, a moveable digital dial test indicator, U-section channel, moveable knife-edge, and three material beams: brass, aluminum, and steel. The experiment methods,...
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  • Philosophy of Relay Protection - 334 Words
    The philosophy of protective relaying is to provide protection or isolation to an area of the electric system that has a disturbance as quickly as possible to prevent damage to the power system. Along with this, you want to leave as much of the power grid in tact to continue service to the customers. Protective relaying helps protect equipment from damage due to abnormal operating conditions. Protective relaying does not prevent abnormal operating conditions but limits the amount of time these...
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  • Examples of LPP - 709 Words
    Example 1: The manager of an oil refinery must decide on the optimal mix of two possible blending processes of which the inputs and outputs per production run are as follows: The maximum amounts available of crudes A & B are 225 units and 200 units respectively. Market demand shows that at least 150 units of gasoline X and 120 units of gasoline Y must be produced. The profits per production run from process 1 and process 2 are Rs. 200 and Rs. 300 respectively. Formulate the problem as a...
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  • Littlefield 2 - 749 Words
    Littlefield Simulation II Based on our success in the last Littlefield Simulation, we tried to utilize the same strategy as last time. Our goals were to minimize lead time by reducing the amount of jobs in queue and ensuring that we had enough machines at each station to handle the capacity. We wanted to keep the lead time between .5 and 1 day in order to get the maximum amount of revenue per job. We utilized data from the first 50 days and put it in an Excel chart to forecast the demand for...
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  • Controlling in Management Mmu Career Fair
    Controlling Controlling is verifying whether everything occurs according to plans adopted, instruction issued and priciples established. Controlling is to ensure there is effective and efficient utilization of organizational resources to achieve the planned goals. Controlling measures the deviation of actual performance from the standard performance, discover the causes of such...
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  • Delectation Delicatessen - 1216 Words
    Homework Problem Set #1 Delectation Delicatessen Problem a) Answer: Delectation wants to determine the number of Fish-n-Fowl and Surf-n-Turf sandwiches it should make each day to maximize the deli’s revenues in USD$. The decision variables are how many units of Fish-n-Fowl and Surf-n-Turf sandwiches Delectation should make each day. F= units of Fish-n-Fowl sandwiches Delectation should make each day. S= units of Surf-n-Turf sandwiches...
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  • SMBD Solutions - 522 Words
     Smbd – Assignment 4 Submitted to Prof. Ishwar Murthy 1 Introduction Mr. Debashish Chatterjee, owner of hotel Aria, is working on room booking policy to maximize the revenues. And specifically, he is working on the weekend operations in which the number of bookings are maximum. There are two types of bookings, Class I – One day bookings which start from SAT noon to SUN noon or SUN noon to MON noon and Class II – Two day bookings which start from SAT noon to SUN noon. The tariff of Class...
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  • Steps in Preparation of Culture Media
    Lay, Janine Group #5 December 4, 2012 Experiment 1: Preparation of Culture Media Materials: Erlenmeyer Flasks (2 pcs.) Petri dishes (11 pcs.) Cotton stopper Aluminum foil Masking tape NA powder PDA powder Pentel pen Stirring rod Casserole Electric stove Pressure cooker/ autoclave Steps in Preparation of Culture Media: 1. Calculate the total amount of media needed for the experiment (15ml for plates, 5-7 mL for tubes). 2. Weigh the required amount of powder needed...
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  • BSOP429 MIDTERM - 317 Words
    1. (TCO 12) Formal systems for shop floor control under JIT are _____. (Points : 5) very necessary complex largely unnecessary essential Question 2. 2. (TCO 2) The problem with a schedule board is _____. (Points : 5) not a good technique to use with a manual system difficulty in updating data. it is easy to use in a complex system requiring constant updating it is not used to schedule the work for each work or machine center...
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  • Monde Nissin Corporation Monde Nissin Corporation
    I. INTRODUCTION Monde Nissin Corporation has been giving the Filipino consumers high quality products and excellent service for almost 23 years now. Incorporated in 1979, the first Nissin biscuit rolled out of the Laguna Plant in June of 1980. Since then, Nissin Biscuits has been a consistent top biscuit player in the market. Among the first fast selling biscuits were Nissin Butter Coconut and Nissin Wafer With the company’s drive for excellence and continuous innovation, from the...
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  • Ramji Bhai Vasava - 305 Words
    BHAVNATH TEMPLE INTRODUCTION SUBMITTED BY: Kanika Vig ROLL NO: 13047 (DIV ‘B’) (Batch 2013 - 2015) G.H.Patel Post Graduate Institute of Business Management, Vallabh Vidhyanagar, Anand In the undivided Bombay province was worked out to build earthen dams and problems faced while building a dam across the rivers Lokmata and Sadmata in northern Gujarat and further issues encountered while a proposal is made to raise the control levels of it. The objective of the case is to maximize the...
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  • Electronics Coursework Frame - 558 Words
    Relaxation Oscillator Circuit Diagram I was given the circuit below to test and analyse. This circuit is a circuit of a Relaxation Oscillator. | Relaxation Oscillator | |[pic] | |...
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  • Trail Frames Chassis: Insourcing/Outsourcing Decision
    Trail Frames Chassis known as TFC are located in Elkhart, Indiana. They are a well-known and innovative manufacturer of motor homes that have great demand due to the way in which they are styled and built. They have recently been struggling to keep up with the demand due to their increasing lead time. They have been approached by a company called computer-image who will be taking over the designing process of the motor homes which is the current bottle neck time and if it is reduced then meeting...
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  • Seven Deadly Sins - 267 Words
    Resource: Ch. 11 in Financial Management. • Complete Exercises 11.1 & 11.2 on pp. 158–159. • Determine the most important issues for a human service agency to address in fee setting. • Determine the issues that are least important. • Justify your answers. • Post your answers as a Microsoft® Word attachment. Exercise 11.1 The child and family government benefits seminar was such a success that Advocates for Children will conduct a second seminar...
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