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  • Jesus and Mary - 10395 Words
    ECUMENICAL ISSUES AND INTER-RELIGIOUS DIALOGUE REGARDING MARY During the last forty years, there has been an increased desire between Catholics and other Christians to discuss the theological positions that have separated us. The Catholic Church’s teachings on Mary have been a crucial element in the discussions that have taken place. There are many hopeful signs of mutual understanding, including a new appreciation for the Scriptural and Patristic presentations of Mary, as well as the...
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  • The Virgin Mary - 272 Words
    The Virgin Mary The Virgin Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ, who over a billion people as God's son, explaining why she is considered one of the most important people ever. It is not clear when she was born, but going by the Bible we can guess about 30 – 20 BC. She probably died around 40 AD, maybe later though. There is not a great deal of writings on her in the bible, making it hard to verify when she was alive. She was an important figure as she was "the Mother of God" as the Bible...
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  • Virgin Mary - 419 Words
    Roman Catholic Belief in the Perpetual Virginity Mary Throughout history Catholics believe that the doctrine of the perpetual virginity of Mary was a virgin before, during and after giving birth for all her life. This history goes back to the 1st century of the Perpetual Virginity of Mary and the whole marriage of Catholic devotion. Early Christians focused their devoutness at first more upon the sacrifices around them. Following that, they saw in Mary a passage between the old and the...
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  • Mary, the Mother of Jesus
    Mary, The Mother of Jesus By Angelus Djugash Virgin Mary Jesus is God. Jesus was born to Mary. Mary is the mother of God. St.Luke introduces Mary when the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a virgin betrothed to a man Joseph (Lk: 1:26-27). The virgin’s name was Mary. Virgin means that one does not know human love, but only the love of God. It means that one has no other thought but for the Lord. It means to remain children in the flesh and angels in the heart. It means that...
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  • The Holy Virgin Mother Mary
    The Holy Virgin Mother Mary "The Holy Virgin Mother Mary,"by Chris Ofili, is one of the many controversial pieces of artwork to rise to fame in the late nineties. Taken as highly offense to the religious community due to the portraits exposed breast, hints of pornographic material,elephant dung and seemingly downgrading use of the sacred image of "Mother Mary".Due to Ofili's "inappropriate" interpretation of real art, he received countless criticisms about his work including threats and...
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  • Mary Mother of God - 1800 Words
    MARY Mother of God Activity Ø Create a scrapbook using iMovie of Mary and her life. You should include pictures, a family tree, time line, maps and reports or aspects of her life. Ø For the opening iMovie frame include a map which shows location of Bethlehem. Ø For the last iMovie frame include a quiz question about Mary There are three important places where we can learn about Mary. • The first of these is in the four Gospels which are found in the New Testament. Each Gospel tells us...
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  • The Holy Virgin Mary - 2259 Words
    What a sensation was made about the Sensation exhibition in the Brooklyn Museum of Art. The focus of Mayor Giuliani's outcry was the piece "The Holy Virgin Mary" by Chris Ofili. Funny, he didn't give attention to some of the other outrageous works including the pubescent female mannequins studded with erect penises, vaginas, and anuses, fused together in various postures of sexual coupling, or the portrait of a child molester and murder made from what appears like child hand prints or bisected...
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  • Mary Mackillop Final - 1133 Words
     Saint Mary of the Cross Mackillop - Good Christian Award Due to her life and doings of Christian Service, Saint Mary of the cross Mackillop is a perfect nominee for the Good Christian awards. Mackillop was born from a Scottish background on the 15th of January, 1842 in what is now the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, Victoria. Mackillop was the founder of the sisters of St Joseph of the sacred heart. On the 17th of October 2010, Mary Mackillop was said to be Australia’s first saint, and is now an...
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  • Mary Mother Of God Term Paper
    Mary, Mother of God When did Christianity truly begin? The answer to this question is often thought to be the day that Jesus Christ was born. The fact of the matter is that Christianity essentially began the day the Blessed Virgin Mary was born. This young woman was the first human being to be born without original sin. She was chosen to be the vessel that linked the two Covenants. Without Mary, a messiah would not have been born. It would be impossible to imagine a sacred history without her....
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  • Relevance and Popularity of Mary in the 21st Century
    Relevance and Popularity of Mary in the 21st Century Mary, Mother of Jesus remains a popular and worshiped figure among Catholics in the 21st century. Though there are many adaptations of the name including the Virgin Mary, Mary of Nazareth, Blessed Mother, Queen of Heaven and so on, the belief that she was visited by an angel sent from God and subsequently gave birth to the long promised Messiah is the element that remains constant among all Christians. Mary’s significance in Catholic...
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  • The Role Of The Virgin Mary In The Plan Of God Dariusz
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  • virgin mary (feast days, names,prayers)
    Black Madonna of Częstochowa Life-giving Spring Our Lady of Akita Our Lady of Aparecida Our Lady of Antipolo Our Lady of Arabia Our Lady of Assumption Our Lady of Banneux Our Lady of Beaterio Our Lady of Beauraing Our Lady of Bethlehem Our Lady of China Our Lady of Combermere Our Lady of Confidence Our Lady of Covadonga Our Lady of Fatima Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn Our Lady of Good Counsel Our Lady of Grace Our Lady of Guadalupe Our Lady of Good Help Our Lady of Good...
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  • An Evaluation on the effects of League of Legends on Academic performance of selected Grade 8 students of St Mary
    Project In English Researcher: Franz Millan P De Vera Section: 8-modesty Teacher: Mr. Gavino Garcia An Evaluation on the effects of League of Legends (Lol) and Defence of the ancients 2 (Dota) on Academic performance of selected Grade 8 students of St Mary’s Academy of Sto Nino (SMASN).Towards Academic Development for S.Y 2015-2016 Chapter 1: The Problem and Its Background Introduction Computer is a product of technology that world is using. Today computer is a big help for...
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  • A short bliography on Mary, Mother of Jesus. Florence Nightingale, and Irena Sendler (Jewish Holocaust hero) and their displays of holiness. Alos includes a compare and contrast of the three women
    Virgin Mary Mary is an important figure in catholic faith, Mother of Jesus Christ in physical body, she is also the spiritual Mother of the Church, the Bishops of the Second Vatican Council gave this title to her. We know little biographical information about Mary, our greatest source would be the books of Matthew, Mark, John and Luke. From these spiritual accounts - and knowledge of the everyday circumstances she would have faced - comes a picture of the Mary the shepherds would have found in...
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  • Life of Pi - 315 Words
    Thesis: Each animal served as essential companions on Pi’s journey through their company, the lessons they taught, and the faith they gave for Pi to keep living, that ultimately, through their natures alone, allowed pi to triumph in the face of defeat. (-Hyena - the vicious, cannibalistic cook from the ship, kills both the "zebra" and the "orangutang", plainly represents the ruthless evil in the world --Zebra - a young Chinese sailor whose leg is broken, represents the vulnerable things in...
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  • Secret Life of Bees Research Paper
    Jackie Yets 3/21/11 Per. 6, English H2/SP Secret Life of Bees Research Paper While one reads the Sue Monk Kidd novel, The Secret Life of Bees, an enigma acquainted with the book is why the Black Madonna of Breznichar in Bohemia is used as opposed to a white Virgin Mary. With the story...
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  • Essay for May Crowning - 671 Words
    April 1,2012 #___ May Crowning Every year a court is picked to crown Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and this year is no different. It is an honor to crown Mary because she is the one who leads us to Jesus and she let God work through her. We are always asked to pick a person to crown Mary and I believe that I deserve to be the one crowning Mary. I deserve to crown Mary because I am a very academic student, I like to help out, and I am very involved in school. As a student, I strive to do my...
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  • Secret Life of Bees - 1284 Words
    Finding Her Queen "New beekeepers are told that the way to find the elusive queen is by first locating her circle of attendants." (57) This quote is at the beginning of chapter three and not only foreshadows many things to come, but within the quote, two of the novel’s main metaphors are mentioned, bees and the queen, which is referring to society and a mother figure. Although this quote is largely interpreted as a metaphor for Lily looking for a new queen or mother figure, and perhaps...
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  • Virgin and Child with St Anne
    Leonardo da Vinci, Virgin and Child with St. Anne, 1510, oil on panel This piece, painted in about 1510, was rumoured to have been commissioned by Louis XII to celebrate his daughter’s birth in 1499 but by the time da Vinci had finished the piece and was satisfied with it, it was too late. Two women and a small infant child dominate the frame and are all seated in a very idealistic outdoor, natural setting. St Anne is seated centrally, her body covered by the Virgin Mary who sits on...
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  • Analysis of Virgin and Child with Lilies by Luca Della Robbia
    Yun Zhang Renaissance Art in Context Dec.13th. 2012 FA231 Professor Stephanie Leone Virgin and child with lilies Italian (Florence)
about 1460–70 Luca della Robbia 
 Overall: 48 x 38cm (18 7/8 x 14 15/16in.) Glazed terracotta 
 Classification: Sculpture
 Type: Relief
 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Virgin and child with lilies Italian (Florence)
about 1460–70 Luca della Robbia 
 Overall: 48 x 38cm (18 7/8 x 14 15/16in.) Glazed terracotta 
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  • HUMANITIES 101 - 562 Words
    VISUAL ARTS: Painting, Sculpture & Architecture -PAINTING- MADONNA AND CHILD PAINTING IN MINOR BASILICA OF THE BLACK NAZARENE, CITY OF MANILA I: Introduction Nature Painting is the art of creating meaningful effects on a flat surface by the use of pigments. Significance II: Subject What is it about? Madonna and Child painting is about the Blessed Virgin Mary with her son Jesus Christ painted in a more eloquent style using a new color that is far from other Blessed Virgin Mary icon....
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  • Vladimir Virgin - 397 Words
    The Vladimir Virgin is an icon painting that was created sometime within the late 11th century and early 12th century. It is painted with tempera and originally on a wood panel approximately 30.5"x21". It was probably painted by a Constantinople artist. Although, the faces of this painting are its original materials, the consequences of being held as an icon took its toll on this painting causing the need for it to be repainted quite often by different artists. You can see the love and...
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  • Fra Carnevale’s Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple
    2/26/04 Art History Fra Carnevale’s Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston contains some of the greatest treasures of the Italian Renaissance, and not least among these is Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple, painted in 1467 by Bartolomeo d. Giovanni Corradini, better known as Fra Carnevale. This Urbinian painter and architect produced some of the greatest architectural paintings of the early Renaissance, and his techniques expressed an interest in...
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  • Junto Al Pasig - 3676 Words
    Along the Pasig A Play in One Act by José Rizal CHARACTERS: Leonido Candido Pascual Satan Angel Children’s Chorus Devil’s Chorus The action takes place along the Pasig River, in the town of the same name. The backdrop should show the river and the bank opposite to that on which are the actors. The church, houses, cane-fields, and a profusion of banners and other decorations common in the towns of this archipelago should be pictured. It is the hour of dawn, and...
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  • St. Basil's Cathedral - 1384 Words
    Knudsen 1 St. Basil’s Cathedral As legend has it, the builders of St. Basil’s Cathedral were blinded by the command of Ivan the Terrible, so they could never create a building greater. There is still the question if St. Basil’s is actually the most beautiful cathedral made in its time. Comparing it to the beautiful Pisa Cathedral and Assumption Cathedral, which were made around the same time, one could find it hard to decide which is the most artistic. Looking at the materials, art, and...
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  • Mother Essay - 287 Words
    n most countries, Mother's Day is a recent observance derived from the holiday as it has evolved in America. When it was adopted by other countries and cultures, it was given different meanings, associated to different events (religious, historical or legendary), and celebrated in a different date or dates. Some countries already had existing celebrations honoring motherhood, and their celebrations have adopted several external characteristics from the US holiday, like giving carnations and...
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  • Performance Critique - 565 Words
    Sounds of the Season Before I went to the performance I actually attended the Holiday Light Parade and fireworks in the Village of Brockport on Sunday at 5 in the afternoon. Afterwards, I headed to the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, on 152 Main Street. At the church the Brockport College- Community Chorus presented their Sounds of the Season concert. These events took place on Sunday, December 2, at 7:30 pm. The ticket cost 5 dollars, but it was a 5 dollars worth...
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  • Three Strikes - 529 Words
    Cody Schwarzburg Mr. Sulentic Section 04 20 January 2013 Three Strikes to Do Her Will In the Inferno, Virgil talks to Beatrice, whom is sent down from Heaven to convince him to believe in her and in God's Will and to guide and protect Dante. Beatrice utilizes three different methods of trying to convince Virgil to aid in Dante's salvation. Beatrice’s argument is very convincing because it not only makes Virgil feel sorry...
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  • Altar Is a Sign of Religious People
    Filipino Home Altars Filipinos have forever been said to be religious people – in fact, too religious, if one might say. It is one characteristic of Filipinos that describes their identity. Try entering houses of Filipinos you know, you would notice there would always be a special place for their altars. They always reserve a certain part in their houses not always necessarily as a “place of worship” but sometimes just for the traditional way of being religious. Altars are first...
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  • The Storm - Kate Chopin - 1227 Words
    KATE CHOPIN (1850-1904) She was an American author of short stories and novels. She is now considered by some to have been a forerunner of feminist authors of the 20th century. Chopin was born Katherine O'Flaherty in St. Louis, Missouri. Her father, Thomas O'Flaherty, was a successful businessman who had emigrated from Galway, Ireland. Her mother, Eliza Faris, was a well-connected member of the French community in St. Louis. KatherineShe was the third of five children, but her sisters...
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  • How to Worship the Female Form
    Lorna Ivey Humanities 1101 18 February 2013 How to Worship the Female Form Throughout time people have worshiped and praised the female form. Whether it was for the sheer beauty of reproduction and fertility, or beauty in its most vain form the female form has been celebrated. However, we haven’t always depicted famous women the same way throughout history. Sometimes we see the Virgin Mary dignified in beautiful clothing and sometimes we see Venus in all of her naked glory, but we admire...
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  • Catholicism vs Greek Orthodox
    Catholicism and Greek Orthodoxy are often defined by their slight differences, although they worship the same god. The differences between Catholicism and Greek Orthodoxy are definitely shown through the practice of Saturday/ Sunday worship and the devotion to Mary. Saturday/ Sunday worship or the Sabbath, was first described in the biblical account of Genesis (Gen. 2:2-3) as the seventh day of creation. " By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day...
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  • Peasant Fires: The Drummer of Niklashausen, by Richard Wunderli
    Jordan LaRue 02/02/05 HIST-3443 Dr. Dykema Peasant Fires In the book Peasant Fires, the author gives an account of the story of Hans Behem, a peasant shepherd who claimed to have seen a vision of the Holy Mother Mary. Han's then gave passionate sermons and speeches about equality for all peasants, for which, peasants came from all over Europe to witness. Wunderli also uses other sources that relate to Hans to further explain this time period. Wunderli uses various models and examples to...
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  • The Secret Lives of Bees - 1208 Words
     The Missing Piece of the Puzzle Delois Ellies Kettering College Medical School of Arts The Missing Piece of the Puzzle The most obvious symbol of the Black Madonna in the writings of Sue Monk Kidd represented a character of strength, endurance, stability, and a loving Mother. Many people ask themselves this question, “What is my true purpose in life?” Or “Who am I meant to be?” Most of the time they get an answer based on a religion,...
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  • Religion - 808 Words
    Project in religion Titles of Mary John Paolo H. Lacusong Gr. 4 – St. Alypius Title of Mary | Description | Our Lady of Peace | In the early part of the 17th century, the Dukes of Joyeuse held in veneration a modest-sized statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary entitled Our Lady of Peace. The family agreed that the person among them showing the most sincere devotion to Our Lady should hold custody of the statue. When a member of the family joined the Order of Friars Minor, Capuchin...
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  • The Secret Life of Bees - 3403 Words
    full title · The Secret Life of Bees author · Sue Monk Kidd type of work · Novel genre · Bildungsroman (coming-of-age novel) language · English time and place written · 1997–2001, near Charleston, South Carolina date of first publication · 2002 publisher · Viking Penguin narrator · Fourteen-year-old Lily narrates the novel in retrospect, from the house where she now lives with the Boatwright sisters. point of view · Lily narrates the novel in the first-person, describing the events she...
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  • Definition of Beauty - 603 Words
    A beautiful woman is charming. A beautiful woman is charismatic. Charisma leads to acceptance. Acceptance leads to feeling loved. Feeling loved is all we could ever hope for. Two thousand years ago, a beautiful woman represented purity, while a century ago, a beautiful woman was aware of her cultural identity. Recently, a woman’s physical characteristics seem to determine her beauty. Society has not always had the same definition for what is considered “beautiful”. We have progressed as...
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  • Madonna and Child by - 610 Words
    The subject of the work I observed was a Madonna enthroned painting, a pictorial representations of Mary, the mother of Jesus, with her child. The event depicted shows baby Jesus sitting on his mother's lap. As for symbolism and representation, “The significantly larger size of the Madonna and child group indicates that they are more important. Her traditionally red gown signifies the passion of Christ and her blue mantle that she is queen of Heaven. Her ornate throne, which repeats aspects of...
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  • Gintong putik - 1913 Words
    OurLady's Juggler In the days of King Louis there lived a poor juggler by the name of Barnabas, a native of Compiegne, who wandered from city to city performing tricks of skill and prowess. On fair days he would lay down in the public square a worn and aged carpet, and after having attracted a group of children and idlers by certain amusing remarks which he had learned from an old juggler, and which he invariably repeated in the same fashion without altering a word, he would assume the...
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  • Take a Peek in Cebu City
    “Little Miracles of ‘Virgin of the Rule’ in Opon” A long time ago, the great St. Augustine had carved a wonderful statue of the Virgin Mary in North Africa and then named it as ‘Virgin of the Rule’ because he made orders or rules in honor and dedication to the queen (Cuyos, 2005). This statue is wearing a handmade stitched satin gown which covers her whole body but these dresses changes from time to time because devotees would always donate gowns for the holy queen. “It has a long, dark,...
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  • La Pieta - 689 Words
    La Pietà It's amazing that a person of only twenty three years old could almost reach perfection from just a block of marble. At the time people were incredulous that such a young artist did such beautiful work. Although it was not the style at the time, La Pietà is the only sculpture signed by Michelangelo. The artist recorded his name with a chisel on the ribbon carried by the Virgin’s dress. The composition of the sculpture is in a triangular form, from the head of the Virgin to the wider...
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  • Annunciation - 2433 Words
    The Annunciation is a particularly good showpiece for van Eyck's obsession with the texture of fabrics: both the Virgin Mary and Gabriel are swathed in lavish robes that fold and hang with surreal, wholly gratuitous complexity. Van Eyck painted clothes, a critic once observed, the way other artists paint mountain ranges. The problem is, once you get past the first wash of amazement the painting becomes reticent and impersonal. The Annunciation is one of the most frequently painted subjects in...
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  • A Look at a Long Day's Journey Into Night
    LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT BY EUGENE ONEILL Act I, S 1 Summary: 8:30 AM in the living room of the Tyrone family's summer home, August, 1912. The room is adjacent to the kitchen and dining room, and there are stairs leading up to the upstairs bedrooms. The living room is handsome and full of books; the collection is impressive, and all the more so because the books have the look of having been read. The Tyrone family has just finished having breakfast, and Mary and James Tyrone Tyrone...
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  • Immigrant Chronicle - 435 Words
    Write a paragraph about ‘St Patrick’s College’ and belonging say what it says about belonging and the language feature used The poem ‘St Patrick’s College’ by Peter Skrzynecki describes his school years at the Catholic college in Edgar Street Strathfield. This is an important part of Peter Skrzynecki’s life, a time when he was trying to fit in, to assimilate, to belong. Double use of the possessive in the first line ‘impressed by the uniforms of her employer’s sons mother enrolled me at St...
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  • Evaluation of the Sculpture Virgin and Child
    Virgin and Child Scuplture After several visits to the information desk and walking through about two dozen different galleries, I finally found the sculpture of Virgin and Child. She stands on a pedestal totaling approximately 6 feet tall, but the sculpture alone is only about half the height. There is a placard on the pedestal citing historical information. The sculpture is French Gothic and is made from marble. She was sculpted somewhere between the years 1325 and 1350. It is also...
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  • The Culture of Immigrants - 426 Words
    The Madonna of 115th Street Faith and Community in Italian Harlem, 1880-1950 Book Review The Madonna of 115th Street by Rabert A. Orsi reveals a perspective on how religion effects the every day lives of the Italian immigrants living in italian Harlem from 1880-1950. Orsi teaches teaches readers all about the immigrants religious beliefs, and how they effect families and everyday lives of these immigrants. He talks about the annual festa of the Maddonna del Carmine, or Virgin Mary....
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  • The Knife - Positive Representations & Different Settings
    Positive Representations Plinio's hometown setting clearly has a more positive portrayal within the short story than Melbourne and leaves the reader showing favour to the hometown more than the city. His hometown is often described with tranquil words, evident through the line 'Many memories - sad, gay, tender - danced through Plinio's mind', which create a sense of peace within the readers mind when thinking of that setting. Along with the description of the setting, the values and views of...
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  • The Boatwright Sisters in the Secret Lives of Bees
    Katherine Liu! Professor Wolterbeek! English 1B! 05/12/2014 Page 1 of 5 KIDD DAY #2 (67-135) 
 1. In chapter four and five the reader is introduced to the Boatwright sisters and their home. Find passages that provide a physical description of the sisters, the family dwelling and the honey house. What do these passages reveal about the Boatwright family culture? The first time Lily sees August, she is described as a “tall, dressed in white, wearing a pith helmet with veils that floated across...
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  • Art Jan Verneer Enguerrand Quorton
    , Tim Seitzer 11/1/10 Art Jan Verneer “Woman Holding a Balance” Light is used to draw your attention towards the woman holding the scale. The painting itself is asymmetrically balanced, drawing the viewers eye toward the “large” visually weighted bright object on the right distracting them from the darkness in the left. It seems that when one draws an oblique line from the top left corner to the bottom right corner, the light and darkness are almost evenly divided even though this...
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  • Juno and the Paycock - 1297 Words
    uno and the Paycock “O’Casey’s women in Juno and the Paycock are strong and admirable characters”. Juno and Mary Boyle’s lives aren’t very pleasant in this 1920’s play which is separated into three acts which contain a mixture of both tragic and humorous elements. Juno, the wife of Captain Boyle, is the mother of two children who are in constant need of attention from her. Furthermore, as the play continues this need of attention grows with the facts of financial...
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  • IOC - 1209 Words
    The extract presented to me today is from the novel Fifth Business by Robertson Davies, published in the year 1970. It is a fiction in which the story is told in the first person’s point of view. To be brief, the story is written by Dunstan Ramezay as a letter on his retirement from teaching at Colborne College, addressed to the school Headmaster. This extract features Padre Blazon discussing miracles in which he uses repetition to emphasize it’s strong meaning and effect, his childhood in which...
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  • The Storm Kate Chopin English Essay
     In Kate Chopin's "The Storm", the protagonist Calixta and her ex-boyfriend Alcée find themselves alone in a house during a storm. During this time, their desires surface and they commit adultery. Chopin uses symbolism in order to show their feelings throughout the story. These symbols include the town Assumption and the color white. However, the central symbol is the storm that takes place through the entirety of the story. The storm best shows Calixta's and Alcée's passion that Kate Chopin...
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  • Raphael's "Madonna of the Meadows" - 1093 Words
    I chose to do my analysis on Raphaels "Madonna of the Meadows". In this painting my eye is first drawn to the Madonna, or the Virgin Mary. From Mary my eyes go to the baby that is sitting on the ground and then to the one standing with Marys help. I believe that this is done because Mary is the largest so my eyes go to her first. My eyes go next to the baby sitting because that is the way that Mary is looking. Next I am drawn to the second baby because the first is looking at him; finally my eye...
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  • Lily Owens Changes Dramatically
    Lily Owens changes dramatically, when she starts spiritually growing. This is when Lily finally accepts that sometimes you don’t need a physical or biological mother, and that the Mother of Chains would always be there in her heart. Lily realizes this one night in the Boatwright’s house when she went to visit the colored Virgin May statue, and placed her hand on the red heart on the statue chest and side “’you are my mother…You are the mother of thousands”’ (269).That quotation from Lily shows...
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  • Comparing/contrasting 2 pieces of art from different periods
    Period Comparison The two paintings I chose to compare are The Virgin and Child by Rogier van der Weyden (1406, Netherlandish; gallery room 207) and The Crucifixion by Francisco de Zurbaran (1627, Spanish; gallery room 215). These two paintings focus on Jesus Christ, his humanity and his divinity. I chose them because they represent Jesus' fragile humanity through his infancy and death. These paintings struck me as different from the other religious art I had seen because it stresses humanity...
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  • zxcvbnm - 267 Words
    Pardoners granted papal indulgences—reprieves from penance in exchange for charitable donations to the Church. Many pardoners, including this one, collected profits for themselves. In fact, Chaucer’s Pardoner excels in fraud, carrying a bag full of fake relics—for example, he claims to have the veil of the Virgin Mary. The Pardoner has long, greasy, yellow hair and is beardless. These characteristics were associated with shiftiness and gender ambiguity in Chaucer’s time. The Pardoner also has a...
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  • The Secret Life of Bees - 299 Words
    "The Secret Life of Bees uses the Black Madonna as an important symbol of women leadership. As August tells Lily, "Our Lady is not some magical being out there somewhere, like a fairy godmother. She's not in the statue in the parlor. She's something inside you" (Kidd, 288). This statement is the most important words of wisdom Lily receives throughout the entire novel. The statue in the parlor of the Boatwright home is just that: a statue. Lily learns that it isn't the statue that she needs to...
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  • my paper - 1340 Words
     Formal Analysis of the Virgin and Child in Majesty Maria Teresa Chong HA112 sec.313 Professor David J. Drogin February 26, 2014 This sculpture is thirty-one inches tall that has an octagonal shaped base. The Virgin is seated on a stool. It has five columns and bases with very short pedestals. There are shafts with eight corners, which have four congruent longer sides and shorter sides. The bases of the columns are like the Ionian, but the capital is very...
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  • Comparison of Death of a Virgin Paintings
    The two works that are to be analyzed are Caravaggio’s Death of the Virgin, which was painted in 1606 and depicts the Virgin Mary passing away surrounded by the eleven apostles. Andrea Mantegna’s, Death of the Virgin which was painted in 1462 also depicts the moment of Virgin Mary’s passing away while eleven apostles surround her. Even though they depict the same scene from the Bible the two paintings couldn’t be more different in terms of style and technique. The way the two artists went about...
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  • The censored body - 1013 Words
    Mosiniyemang Othusitse OTHMOS001 FIN1005W RED BOOK NO. 43 THE CENSORED BODY Ofili’s The Holy Virgin Mary, which became the central focus of the controversy over Brooklyn Museum’s Sensation Show, was condemned as obscene and sacrilegious by Mayor Rudolph Giulani of the New York, who attempted to cut off the Brooklyn Museum’s city funding. This painting caused a bit of row in 1999 when it was first exhibited (Mitchell, 2001:124)....
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  • History of Peñafrancia - 2679 Words
    THE HISTORY OF PEÑAFRANCIA by Rev. Dr. FLORENCIO C. YLLANA WHENCE Contrary to what its name seems to indicate and the claim of some writers, the Peñafrancia devotion is not of French origin. History tells that the primitive image of the Virgin of Peñafrancia as now venerated in Bicolandia was found on the slopes of Sierra de Francia, a mountain range situated between Spain's two famous Provinces; Salamanca and Caceres. It is a noteworthy coincidence that while the primitive image was found...
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  • Rizal as Atenista - 288 Words
    |RIZAL AS ATENISTA |RIZAL AS THOMASIANS | |- Fr. Magin Ferrando refused to admit Rizal for being late, sickly and undersized. |- Take Philosophy and Letter’s (1877-78) | |- Boarded in Donya Titay’s house. |-He...
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  • Windows Bernice Morgan - 465 Words
    In 1882, Dr Gayral diagnosed that Thérèse "reacts to an emotional frustration with a neurotic attack."[16] An alarmed, but cloistered, Pauline began to write letters to Thérèse and attempted various strategies to intervene. Eventually Thérèse recovered after she had turned to gaze at the statue of the Virgin Mary placed in Marie's room, where Thérèse had been moved.[17] She reported on May 13, 1883 that she had seen the Virgin smile at her.[18][19] She wrote: "Our Blessed Lady has come to me,...
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  • Schone Madonna - 586 Words
    Schone Madonna is a German term meaning "Beautiful Madonna". This image possibly originated as a response to new ways to practice religion, and in particular, worship of the Virgin in a more personal manner. Three examples of this representation include the Roudnice Madonna, the Madonna of Krumau, and the Jihlava Pieta. The Roudnice Madonna, a 35 1/2" x 26 1/4" panel constructed in approximately 1400, effectively shows the focus on amore soft and attractive Mary than seen in previous...
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  • The Glass Castle Chapter Notes
    The Glass Castle – Chapter Notes 144/228 Chapter I – A Woman on the Street (3) Jeannette is on her way to a party when she notices her mother rummaging through garbage. They’re in New York City. They haven’t seen each other in months. Jeannette has a secret of some kind. Jeannette is married. (4) She lives on Park Avenue living a high style life while her parents are looking for warmth on the city streets. “I’d tried to make a home for myself here, tried to turn the apartment into...
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  • Refugee Mother and Child - 383 Words
    Refugee Mother and Child The poem “ Refugee Mother and child” deals with death and sadness. The author conveys these images by creating a tragic atmosphere through the introduction of disturbing images and strong words. At the beginning of the first stanza the author strikes us by telling us that the child will soon die: “ for a son she soon will have to forget ”. Using the word “ a son she soon” reinforces the idea of death. Images of the mother “combing the rust-colored hair left on...
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  • Values - 7801 Words
    present: the spiritual joy which they experience is tangible. Moreover, that very joy is waiting to be shared. Undoubtedly, the close connection which these pious religious have to the Immaculate Heart of Mary continually inspires them to be consecrated religious striving to imitate the abundant joy found deep in the words and actions of Mary. (4) Spiritual Vessel (Vas spirituale) The noun “vessel” imperfectly expresses the intended meaning of this advocation. The Latin “vas” (vessel) is...
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  • Art Is Every Where
    2013 Basic Formal Analysis Art Appreciation > week 2 > Assignment > Writing Assignment Charlene Collier 2013 Basic Formal Analysis Art Appreciation > week 2 > Assignment > Writing Assignment Charlene Collier Michelangelo's Pieta This is probably the world's most famous sculpture of a religious subject. Michelangelo carved it when he was 24 years old, and it is the only one he ever signed. The beauty of its lines and expression leaves a lasting impression on...
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  • The Secret Life of Bees - 342 Words
    The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd, is a story about the power of women and their ability to overcome, growing up and love. The protagonist, Lily Owens, lives in South Carolina with her widowed father T. Ray. When Lily was four, her mother died somehow, T. Ray blames her death on Lily. All Lily wants is her mother and to be away from her abusive dad. She is raised by an African – American nanny named Rosaleen. The day the Civil Rights Act is passed, Rosaleen decided to go exercise her...
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  • Madonna on the Rocks - 741 Words
    Madonna on the Rocks Madonna on the Rocks by Leonardo da Vinci or also known as Virgin on the Rocks caused quite a commotion between Da Vinci and the commissioners due to his unorthodox methods. Madonna on Rocks was one of the only paintings left unfinished by Da Vinci. Da Vinci was commissioned to paint a alter piece for...
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  • Cult of the Virgin in the Gothic Era:
    Cult of the Virgin in the Gothic Era: Was there another side to the Virgin’s image? In the Gothic era, when it was popular for artist to create images and symbols of the Virgin Mary, began the Cult of the Virgin. Many artists focused on the Virgin Mary with Christ as the main topic in their art work. Did all the creations made of the Virgin portray her as good? Could some of the artists want to give a negative interpretation of the Virgin that could have only been seen through the...
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  • The Religios of Jesus Christ - 1091 Words
    Giovanni Bellini’s Madonna and Child and Carlo Crivelli’s Pieta are religious in nature and pertain to the life and death of Jesus Christ. Both works explore different themes on the same subject. Crivelli’s Madonna and Child represents a more human representation as the setting takes place in a room with familiar scenery and objects. The only hint of divine beings is the ever so light haloes around mother and child. Bellini’s Pieta, on the other hand, is encased in other worldly gold cameo of...
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  • History of Women in America - 1731 Words
    Virginity In The Roman and Christian Worlds Throughout history, women in Europe have always been seen as less and looked down upon by men and other important figures in society. Women were given no rights and frequently told that they would never amount to anything. Their main functions were to strictly bear children, provide for their husbands, and take care of their homes. Understandably so, women became overwhelming tried of the predicament placed upon them, that they began a quest for...
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  • Rizals Life - 390 Words
    1. To the Child Jesus Why have you come to earth, Child-God, in a poor manger? Does Fortune find you a stranger from the moment of your birth? Alas, of heavenly stock now turned an earthly resident! Do you not wish to be president but the shepherd of your flock? 2. To the Virgin Mary If vice pursues me madly on the morrow, If death harasses me with agony: Come to my aid and dissipate my sorrow! 3. Sa Aking mga Kabata Kapagka ang baya'y sadyáng umiibig Sa kanyáng...
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  • Tim Obrien Rhetorical Strategies in the Things They Carried
    Everyone experiences something that's effects their life in some way; In the novel The Things They Carried Tim O'Brien uses flashbacks as well as imagery to help the readers understand what he went through and the impact it had on his life. While in The Secret Life of Bees Sue Monk Kidd uses symbolism and some imagery to let the reader know how the experiences the main character had experienced impacted her life. In The Things They Carried Tim O'Brien flashes back to his experiences in the war...
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  • study guide - 1295 Words
    Question 10 What structure inspired the design of most mosques? Answer The Kaaba in Mecca Muhammad's house in Medina Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem The Hagia Sophia in Constantinople 2 points Question 11 Why in 1066 did William of Normandy invade England? Answer To reclaim the Norman treasure the Bayeux Tapestry that Edward had stolen To make good Edward's promise that William would be England's next king To take advantage of the good timing...
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  • Rosary Journal Research Paper
    JOHN PAUL THE GREAT CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY THE ROSARY JOURNAL SUBMITTED TO MICHAEL BARBER, PH.D. IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THEO 100-INTRODUCTION TO SCRIPTURE I BY DEVANIE COOPER DECEMBER 7, 2011 Table of Contents Introduction ………………………………………………………………………………... The Joyful Mysteries ………………………………………………………………………. The Annunciation of Our Lord ……………………………………………………………. The Visitation ……………………………………………………………………………… The Nativity of Jesus ………………………………………………………………………. The...
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  • On Pale Green Walls - 848 Words
    Essay about: On Pale Green Walls - Mikkel Vinther ”On Pale Green Walls” is a short story written by Clare Wigfall in 1997. The main theme of the short story is the relationship between children and their parents about upbringing and education. The author wants to show how children’s curiosity and wondering can be misunderstood by the adults and leads to frustration but also, how children, in this case Violet, have a desperate need for attention, understanding and love. Another theme is...
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  • Hoe Ypyi - 544 Words
    St. Mary’s College of Catbalogan Catbalogan Samar S.Y. 2011 – 2013 SCICOMATH CLUB FINANCIAL REPORT SCICOMATH Club fund: P 450. 00 June 29. 2012 Purpose: Bulletin board structuring for the month of July. Total cost of materials: P 50.00 Remaining amount: P400.00 July 28, 2012 Purpose: Bulletin board structuring for the month of August. Total cost of materials: P 80. 00 Remaining amount: P 320.00 August 30, 2012 Purpose: Bulletin board structuring for the month of September...
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  • Cool Hand Jesus - 800 Words
    What and who is cool hand Luke? Cool Hand Luke is a 1967 American prison drama film, and cool hand Luke is a name that was given to one of the prisoners. No inmate got a nickname unless Dragline gave him one. Dragline gave Luke the name of "Cool Hand Luke" because of a winning poker hand that Luke had. King, 10,9,4,3. Dragline said that he won the hand with nothing. Luke replied, "Yeah, well sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand." His real name was Lucas Jackson, the main character of the...
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  • Secret Life of Bees Study paper
    Chapter 1: -summer of 1964, lily is turning 14 -doesn’t call T-Ray daddy b/c it “doesn’t fit him” aka he mistreats her so she isnt able to see him as a father figure -rosaleen was a stand-in mother -lily calls t-ray into her room saying there’s a swarm of bees -t-ray comes in and there isn’t any bees and he’s like “the fuck nigga y u b playin” - does lily have schizophrenia??????? or just a very imaginitive mind -only memory of her mom lily has is the day that she died, December 3rd,...
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  • Po Trait of an Artist as a Young Man
    Spring K | St. John | AP LIT A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Q&A Part I 1. Simon Dedalus and John Casey argue with Dante Riordan, a devout supporter of the priests who disowned Charles Parnell over his adultery with Kitty O’Shea. Dedalus and Casey feel that the church and the state should be separated, that religion should not be an influence in the subject of politics. Dante, on the other hand, sees the priests as God’s representatives, saying that it was right...
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  • Canterbury Tales Analysis - 1256 Words
    The Canterbury tales analysis “all his pilgrims are severely distinguished from each other. The matter and manner of their tales and of their telling are so suited to their different education, humor and callings, that each of them would be improper in any other mouth” John Dryden It is said by Dryden that all of the tales are made for their narrators, but not only for them but also for the author, each of those tales show somehow the author’s life and his problems or thoughts towards...
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  • Shakespearean Terms - 517 Words
    ELIZABETHAN LANGUAGE TERMS CONTEMPORARY Æ ELIZABETHAN Listed below are some common Elizabethan terms you will come across while reading Shakespeare. Use them to help you become familiar with the language, as a reference while reading, and as a resource for writing in your journal. Contemporary Advice Away Beg Boy (used to address a male of inferior rank) By the Virgin Mary (a mild expletive meaning “indeed”) Chase (romance, as in boy chases girl) Come here Curse Days Depressed Desire Does...
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  • Is God Black? - 491 Words
    Do We Know? Everyone in this world has their own opinion and I have mine. Do we really know if God is white, black, Hispanic, Jewish, Muslim, female, or male? In entertainment industry movie producers are playing games and changing things from the traditional God being white to God being black. In Bruce Almighty God is black. In previous years in movies God was always a white male. Through time it seems that people open up their minds to new ideas. I don't believe that God is black...
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  • How Each Artist Uses Signs and Symbols to Make Representations of Their World
    Explain how each artist uses signs and symbols to make representations of their world. Discuss at least one example for each artist. (Structural Frame) 30 marks ( 10 for each example) Raphael uses many symbols in his artworks, which make many representations of his world that he lived in. Raphael consistently made biblical allusions in his artworks and had many philosophical references. In his artwork, “The School of Athens”, these themes and symbols are shown throughout. In the centre of...
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  • Mother Ignacia Del Espiritu Santo
    Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo M. Ignacia del Espiritu Santo was born, lived and died during the Spanish colonial era in the Philippines . The precise date of her birth is not known. Her baptismal record mentions only the date of her baptism, March 4, 1663 . This confirms the statement of Pedro Murillo Velarde that Ignacia was 21 years old in 1684. Ignacia was the eldest and the sole surviving child of Maria Jeronima, an yndia, and Jusepe Iuco, a pure Chinese immigrant from Amoy , China ,...
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  • Owen vs Henderson - 1656 Words
    Wilfred Owen's protest poem Strange Meeting contrasts harshly with Mary Henderson's An Incident. While Owen argues the futility of war, "a nation's trek from progress", Henderson likens the soldier's death on the battlefield to the crucifixion of Christ, advocating it as a honourable, almost divine sacrifice for the motherland. Henderson recounts an incident where she tends to a wounded soldier, displaying a motherly characteristic consistent with other female war poets. The soldier is...
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  • Pieta by Michelangelo - 596 Words
    Pieta by Michelangelo Buonarroti The Pieta is arguably one of the most famous and best Renaissance sculptures that renowned artist Michelangelo Buonarroti has ever created. Maybe Michelangelo would agree since this is the only piece he has signed. This elegant sculpture depicts the lifeless body of Jesus lying on his mother Mary’s lap after his crucifixion. Carving out stone is not an easy task. Michelangelo obviously paid close attention to detail on the Pieta, leaving many to wonder about...
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  • Imagery in James Joyce "Araby"
    In "Araby" by James Joyce, the narrator uses vivid imagery in order to express feelings and situations. The story evolves around a boy's adoration of a girl he refers to as "Mangan's sister" and his promise to her that he shall buy her a present if he goes to the Araby bazaar. Joyce uses visual images of darkness and light as well as the exotic in order to suggest how the boy narrator attempts to achieve the inaccessible. Accordingly, Joyce is expressing the theme of the boys exaggerated desire...
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  • St. Luke Drawing the Virgin and Other Early Renaissance Flemish and Italian Paintings / Eitan Kenner
    St. Luke Drawing the Virgin and other early Renaissance Flemish and Italian paintings / Eitan Kenner The piece St. Luke Drawing the Virgin, c. 1435-40 by Flemish painter Rogier van der Weyden is an oil and tempera painting presented at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Its narrative is a popular theme in art, showing St. Luke painting the Virgin Mary with the infant Jesus. Such paintings were often painted for chapels of Saint Luke (saint patron of artists) in...
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  • A Person I Admire Conor Duffy 11
    ‘A Person I Admire’ Conor Duffy 11 (4) The person I admire is Saint Maximilian Kolbe. He was born on 8th January 1894 and died on 14th August 1941.He was a Polish Conventual Franciscan friar who volunteered to die in place of a stranger in the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz in Poland. He was canonized on 10 October 1982 by Pope John Paul II, and declared a martyr of charity. He is the patron saint of drug addicts; political prisoners; families; journalists; prisoners; amateur radio; and...
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  • Mother Ignacia - 857 Words
    The Life and Works of Mother Ignacia by Mona Lisa H Quizon She is one of the few Filipinas who made a mark in our history. As a religious leader she practiced her duty by spreading love and concern to people in need. Her presence is a lamp that illumines the path of those people during trying time. There was very few information about Mother Ignacia’s birth but according to some documents she was baptized on 4 March 1663 by Fray Alberto Collares, O.P. at the Iglesia de los Santos Reyes....
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  • BLAW320 Employment Questions - 1000 Words
    Lorenzo Gomez 4/29/14 Tuesday 7:00 p.m. BLAW 320 EMPLOYMENT QUESTIONS – WEEK 15 1. Workers’ Compensation. Angus, as a condition of his employment, lived in a mobile home owned by his employer, Deff Industries. The mobile home was lo­cated on the grounds of Deff’s plant and was purchased by Deff to house the Angus family because it wanted Angus to “maintain a constant presence on the premises.” Although Angus ordinarily worked out of an office located in a different building, the mobile...
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  • Novena to st. Jude - 412 Words
     Novena to St. Jude May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised, glorified, honored, and loved throughout the world now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us. St. Theresa, Little Flower of Jesus, pray for us. St. Jude, helper of the helpless, pray for us. St. Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us. Pray this novena nine (9) times per day for nine (9) consecutive days. On the 8th day, your prayers will be answered. On the 9th...
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  • Pedro Calungsod - 397 Words
    The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of the most popular feasts in the Catholic Church worldwide. In many Catholic countries in Europe, this feast is a holy day of obligation. The feast is based on a belief of the early Church that since Mary was sinless, she was rewarded by the Lord with assumption to heaven body and soul. This belief was formalized into a doctrine on November 1, 1950, by Pope Pius XII who, in a decree, declared: “We pronounce, declare, and define it to be a...
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  • Michelangelo Pieta - 601 Words
    Evan O'Meara September 18, 2012 Humanities Seminar WF 11:30 Prof. Lomanno The Beauty of Pietá Michelangelo Buonarroti is one of the most critically acclaimed artists in human history. His artwork was created during the time of the Renaissance (15th century-17th century Europe). The Renaissance was a period of prosperity for literature, philosophy, art, music, politics, science, religion, as well as other aspects of intellectual inquiry. Michelangelo’s works have stood the test of time...
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  • Las Tres Marias - 343 Words
    The significance of Las 3 Maria's syndrome is that it represents our culture's/society's essentialist views about women and because our society is primarily a patriarchy, society's views are centered on a "macho" way of thinking. In Borderlands, Anzaldua tells us that "Culture forms our beliefs" and because culture is run by those in power, it's the men that make the rules. She also goes on to explain how our society condemns selfishness, the needs of the family/community and therefore La Raza,...
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  • Room Description Essay - 429 Words
    This room used to exist. It used to be so full of color, joy, and life. This room used to drown in happiness and laughter. It used to shine through its’ childhood days and always received love and new things. Now it struggles to stay noticeable and alive through all the changes life has. Never allowing reality to break its’ heart. (steal its’ breath) This room is still standing because it protects itself by being relaxed, , and spiritual (faith). The mood(atmosphere) of the room is always...
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  • Hsstudent - 351 Words
    Symbolism in Araby Araby, by James Joyce, is a short story filled with symb`````olism. Symbolism portrays many meanings. Symbolism in Araby represents how religion strictly follows a dark, blind way of living. Though the protagonist does not realize this until he fulfills his epiphany. The short story starts off with religion as a symbol of blindness or darkness. “North Richmond Street, being blind, was a quiet street except at the hour when the Christian...
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