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  • Transformation Of Luke Skywalker And Darth Vader
    In the Star Wars Trilogy, Luke Skywalker and his father Darth Vader go through many changes and come out with a total transformation in Episode IV. These changes are mostly for the better. In a way, they do not really change or transform, they only become who they really are. In Episode III, A New Hope, Luke Skywalker is introduced as a whinny laborer for his aunt and uncle. He never wants to do what he is told to do. He doesn't want to stay and help his uncle, but when Obi-Wan Kenobi asks him...
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  • Why is Luke Skywalker from Star Wars an archetypal hero?
    The Same Story? The story of an archetypal hero has been told and written various times throughout history by unique and unrelated cultures. We have all heard the story about "Superman," "Indiana Jones," and other stories of an archetypal hero. What makes these stories alike? Joseph Campbell defines an archetypal hero in his book "The Hero With A Thousand Faces." The archetypal hero starts out having a normal life. Suddenly his/her normal lifestyle is disrupted by a tragedy in which he/she must...
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  • Anakin Skywalker and Stoic Ideals
    When it comes to philosophy and stoicism, we can find many connections deeply woven through the Star Wars saga. In this theme one can see the large role the Jedi play in the transformation of Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader by forcing upon him stoic ideas and making him go against his human nature. Before we can get to the root of Anakin’s transformation, one must have a good understanding of what Stoicism is. There are many elements that tie into the stoic idea. Living in agreement with...
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  • Luke Skywalker's Heroic Journey
    Luke Skywalker’s Heroic Journey In classic mythology, the hero goes through a heroic journey; in modern mythology, the journey is no different. Luke Skywalker is the hero in “Star Wars: A New Hope” and goes through the three necessary phases in order to earn that title. Each plays an important role in the story, and is very similar to the ancient Greek heroes. Luke’s departure was similar to another hero of ancient Greece: Theseus. Theseus was raised by his mother who told him stories of his...
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  • Luke Skywalker's Journey - 930 Words
    The jedi were the most feared warriors in the universe, but have been hunted down and destroyed by the New Empire. This is Joseph Campbell come in explaining his journey in an unknown world, “---signifies that destiny has summoned the hero and transferred his spiritual center of gravity from within the pale of his society to a zone unknown” (Campbell, p.58). “All he can do is create new problems for himself and await the gradual approach of his disintegration” (Campbell, pg. 59). Joseph can...
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  • Luke, I Am Your Volkswagen
    Luke, I am your Volkswagen DeVry University Luke, I’m your Volkswagen Who doesn’t want to be Darth Vader? In May of 1977, I was just like every other seven year old in America wanting to be just like Darth Vader and use the force to control all my toys. During the 2011 Super Bowl, Volkswagen made a commercial that made my dream of 35 years come true. In this commercial, a young boy pretending to be Darth Vader, storms down the hall, attempting to use “the force” to move a treadmill...
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  • Brasil 2014 World Cup
    ucas ipsum dolor sit amet fett binks moff darth dooku dooku maul lando padmé sidious. Leia yoda jango vader obi-wan boba darth solo. Antilles darth antilles wedge fett darth yoda naboo jabba. Yoda mandalore jabba yoda ewok skywalker. Sidious wicket secura boba mothma darth c-3po jade. Solo twi'lek skywalker antilles darth. Dooku twi'lek luke coruscant ben windu ackbar mothma. Padmé darth lobot kit skywalker darth. Calrissian sebulba baba gonk wicket windu darth fett. Moff lobot cade skywalker....
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  • A Comparison of Macbeth and Star Wars
    A comparison of Macbeth and Star Wars Shakespeare wrote the play, Macbeth, which features the character, Macbeth who turns evil. Lucas made the Star Wars movies which feature the hero, Anakin Skywalker, who succumbs to the dark side. Both men have conflicting issues that lead to their downfall. Anakin Skywalker and Macbeth were both once heroes. Anakin Skywalker had done many heroic acts. He saved many lives. Anakin had always wanted to help everyone he could and this is what made...
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  • Starwars vs. Beowulf - 407 Words
    8th Century versus 20th Century in combat who would win? Beowulf and Starwars have many similarities even though Beowulf was written in the Anglo Saxon period and Starwars in the 1980's. However they also have many differences. A great example of the similarities these two epics share deal with relationships. In the epic saga of Starwars Obi-wan Kenobi previously knew Darth Vadar from training him to be a jedi. These two old friends end up believing differently about each other, and their...
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  • Monomyth the step not taken
     Monomyth: “The Step Not Taken” By: Cherrisse Porter “The Step Not Taken” by Paul D’Angelo is a short story that demonstrates the archetype of a monomyth, a hero’s journey. The three stages of a monomyth are separation, struggle or initiation and return and reintegration. This essay discusses how these three stages are demonstrated in “The Step Not Taken”, by examining the narrative and other stories featuring a...
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  • Essay on Star Wars - 2372 Words
    Essay on Star Wars “Aren’t you a little short for a storm trooper?” (Lucas New Hope 40). Rings a bell, doesn't it? This is one of the many quotes and a memorable one from Princess Leia in George Lucas’s saga Star Wars. Lucas had created an all American myth and was the first to do it. His movie saga used every archetype known to man and was inspired by the book The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. Campbell’s book also had every archetype known to man in it. It affected an...
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  • The One Minute Manager - 497 Words
    The One Minute Manager written by Dr. Kenneth Blanchard and Dr. Spencer Johnson is a handbook, a management guide that revels in its simplicity. The One Minute Manager is not only the title of the book but also the character whose management style is put under close scrutiny. The One Minute Manager is more of a Zen-master than an office manager, dishing out seemingly cryptic management maxim after another. The One Minute Manager is a proverbial wiseman cut in the mold of Mahatma Gandhi,...
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  • Darth Vader's Psychological Profile
    Alex K. Ms. Fitzgibbons Adv. Psychology-C October 31, 2011 A Psychological Analysis of the Character of Darth Vader The Star Wars franchise has enlightened us about visions of the possible future; from flying cities to powerful weapons that can destroy entire planets. The mystical Jedi, the guardians of the Galactic Republic and users of the light side, fighting the Sith, evil warriors of cunning and treachery who use the dark side, both of whom wield the Force, an interconnecting of...
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  • Monomyth Cycle in Star Wars
    The once there was a galaxy far far away where one man had to learn about becoming a hero and finding himself through his journey. You may know of this story because there was a clue in the first sentence. Yes, this is the story of Luke Skywalker and his journey to become a Jedi knight. However, you may not realize that during the filming of Star Wars IV, the director worked very closely with Joseph Campbell. What is a mythologist doing on the set of one of the greatest science fiction of all...
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  • the downfall of darth vader - 676 Words
    The ultimate downfall of Darth Vader and Governor Tarkin is due to their arrogance and over confidence. Discuss. Luke Skywalker, princess Leia and Darth Vader are main protagonists that star in the film “Star Wars: A new hope,” a timeless antagonistic battle between good and evil. Like the Buddhist moral values, Luke and Princess Leia use the same values of kindness, compassion and empathy. The reprehensible Lord Vader and Governor Tarkin perilously want the power and control of the force,...
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  • Star Wars and the Matrix - a Comparison
    Star Wars and The Matrix There holds in heaven, if there is a heaven, a cabinet so sublime, so extravagantly constructed as to hold the two classics: Star Wars and The Matrix. Star Wars was the original space-western journey of the seventies – The Matrix is the Star Wars of the noughties. Luke Skywalker was the well-built, blonde haired, blue eyed stereotypical American farmer of the time of Star Wars’ production. Today, western civilisation considers Neo an idol for modern boys. Neo is...
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  • Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back
    SETTINGS OF STAR WARS “THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK” Along time ago in a galaxy far,far away a mysterious thing fell down from the sky towards the very Cold Place .The STAR WARS “THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK” was happened in the year three after destroying the Death Star . PLOT The film begins with an opening crawl explaining that three years after destroying the Death Star, the Rebel Alliance has suffered setbacks in their struggle against the Galactic Empire. Princess Leia now leads a contingent...
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  • More Than 9 Page Of Words
    Secura boba mace sith mace droid. Skywalker chewbacca jinn mandalorians ben jar. C-3po mon leia boba. Darth darth tusken raider han. Amidala qui-gonn wedge r2-d2 yavin hutt. Ewok wicket luke organa dantooine moff kessel. Mandalorians hutt qui-gon fett windu ahsoka hutt. Ventress jawa calrissian jawa mon. Moff skywalker lando mace sith leia r2-d2 chewbacca skywalker. Hoth moff hutt kamino yoda dantooine owen watto. Darth coruscant organa yavin anakin darth organa organa. Yoda skywalker leia...
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  • Empire Strikes Back - 1625 Words
    The Empire Strikes Back is the Best of the Star Wars Saga The Star Wars saga is one of the most successful film franchises of all time. Star Wars is loved and cherished by people all over the world, and has become a pop-culture phenomenon. Since 1977, George Lucas has released a total of six films in his epic space opera that deals with the age old battle of good versus evil. There is much debate about which film is the best of the saga, or which trilogy is better. If you peruse the old...
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  • contemporary heros quest - 679 Words
    The contemporary character of Luke Skywalker in the film Star Wars undertakes the classic hero’s journey which include the processes of separation, initiation, transformation and return. This paper has therefore been written to examine the plight of Luke Skywalker and to analyze the journey that the character takes throughout the plot of the film. In addition to this, an investigation of the mythological and cultural origins of the story will be conducted while the relevance of the story to the...
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  • To What Extent Did the Book Hero with a Thousand Faces Influence the Sci-Fi Fantasy Film Genre, Specifically George Lucas’s Star Wars Trilogy?
    Introduction A hero goes forth from his familiar life into a world of the supernatural; difficulties are encountered which the hero conquers; and he returns home to celebrate with his friends. You may think you know what sci-fi/fantasy movie I’m talking about. But what I was actually describing is the book Hero With a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. Because when it comes down to it, almost all sci-fi and fantasy movies follow the same basic pattern, the “Monomyth” described in Campbell’s...
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  • Freud and Star Wars - 1799 Words
    Psychoanalytic Criticism on Featured Film, Star Wars A Myth-Freudian Criticism Star Wars is a classic movie written and directed by George Lucas that encompasses a vast array of archetypes and phallic/yonic symbols that yield fascinating "between the lines" interpretations. An analysis of such archetypes reveals a great deal of what the main characters are thinking. The synopsis of the movie is as such: The story commences with Princess Leia escort ship being boarded by Empire in hope to...
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  • Daoism - 576 Words
    Daoism Daoism or Taoism is a western religion. This religion states that every thing living and not living has a power flowing through it. The word dao means the way or the path; it is indefinable and Daoists say you have to experience it. One of the basic beliefs of Daoism is that there cannot be light without dark, no good without evil and no male without female. Daoism started as just psychology and a philosophy but in 440 A.D. it evolved into a state religion in China. In time it would...
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  • Star Wars and the Hero's Journey
    Todd Hansen Ms. Nicholson English 263 Block 4-5B September 30, 2009 Star Wars and the Hero’s Journey In “Star Wars: A New Hope” created by George Lucas, the elements of the movie are very similar to those of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With A Thousand Faces or “The hero’s journey”. This paper will describe how Lucas’s picture meets the elements departure, initiation, and return. Campbell describes all these elements in his book…the motivation for many of the themes and characters in...
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  • Going to a Movie: Archetypes in the "Star Wars" Movie
    As the fluorescent lights dim, a tense hush swallows the audience. Yet as the room itself darkens, the vast movie screen brightens in contrast, and the peal of a single trumpet heralds a familiar tune. "It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory," the screen announces. Fans' eyes dart to read this opening of Star Wars: A New Hope, now a pinnacle in the domain of science fiction. Millions applaud its classical texture: the slight taste...
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  • Hero S Journey - 703 Words
    Nick Elsasser 12/2/14 Konz Per 7 Star Wars Hero’s Journey Star Wars Episode IV strongly correlates with Joseph Campbell's Hero’s Journey in every aspect of it. The Hero’s Journey starts out with the departure stage. In this stage there are several smaller stages starting with the call to adventure. In the movie The call to adventure starts out with Luke Skywalker. Luke has recently purchased two drone named C3PO and R2D2. While doing maintenance on R2D2 a secret ...
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  • Analysis of a Volkswagen Advertisement - 1005 Words
    Volkswagen The first Star Wars movie was released in 1977, along with many television episodes and films after that, making it well known. When a company or puts a Star Wars character or makes a reference to Star Wars in an advertisement, most young adults and adults know to what they are referring; and the 2012 The Force: Volkswagen commercial does just that. From the start the ad shows what it is all about, using the force. One of the first things that you notice and that grabs your...
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  • Star Wars Essay - 359 Words
    William Nguyen English, Period 2 January 21, 2013 Movie Review “May the force be with you” is a quote that people of all ages know. Even people that grew up years after Star Wars was shown know what a light saber is. Star Wars was the first movie of its kind, using technology never used before to rise above the other movies and set a high standard so other movies can follow. Admittedly, the setting for star wars is very vague and unspecific having been said that the movie takes...
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  • Star Wars vs Star Treck
    1300 Star Wars VS. Star Trek It has long been debated by nerds worldwide: Star Wars or Star Trek, which one is superior. In this paper we take a look at the two universes so you can decide which is the greatest in history of the world. The three points discussed: 1) Geopolitical a combination of political, historical, racial; 2) Military tactics found in the two universes; and 3) religion and philosophy of each. In the Star Trek Universe the Federation was founded by the following four...
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  • Heros and Mentors - 575 Words
    Success always leaves a positive trail. For one to fulfill your purpose, you might identify someone who you think is successful in your field, someone who is willing to teach you his ways and coach you, and ultimately lead you to success. In the Star Wars trilogy created by George Lucas Yoda, a powerful Jedi Master trains Luke Skywalker to fight against the evil Galactic Empire. He also serves as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order and has trained two of the greatest, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Luke....
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  • Star wars rotj book paper
    Bradley Davis 1/17/2013 Star Wars: ROTJ The book Star Wars: Return of the Jedi was the novelization of the movie series Star Wars. It was written by James Kahn and offered little difference but a bit more insight. There were more vivid explanations of some of the events and a tiny bit more of character portrayal. The book was written around the same time as the movies release but the story concept had some parallels with the Cold War as it was written in that era. The...
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  • Heros Journey - 726 Words
    A hero finds a way of experiencing something beyond normal. The classic Hero’s Journey usually includes three stages. Departure is the leaving of the realm of life and moving towards the threshold of the unknown. Death and rebirth of a hero and accomplishing a task is considered their Transformation of Consciousness. The return is the physical, or spiritual arrival home, to lead people to a better normal. Harry Potter is an example of a character in literature that has experienced the hero’s...
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  • Beowulf v. Star Wars Compare & Contrast
    The idea of the monomyth can be mentioned in classic literature as well as in mono motion pictures. The definition Joseph Campbell gives of a hero deals with eight stages. These eight stages can be found in Beowulf in addition to Star Wars. Beowulf, the strongest of the people known as Geats, proclaimed that he would help get rid of the monster that was terrorizing the Danes. Star Wars', Luke Skywalker was a simple farm boy and became the greatest hero the galaxy had ever known. Luke was born...
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  • Memos - 335 Words
    Directive & Informative Memos Review Worksheet This is a review of directive & informative memos that you learned about in Module 3. Activity 1 1. What are the 5 parts of the header of an informative memo? __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 2. The ‘Subject:’ line should be...
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  • Commercial Essay - 681 Words
    3 Different PSA’s or Commercials The commercial “The force” that was made by Volkswagen is a creative funny commercial that was played on the Super bowl. During the commercial, a young little boy wearing a Darth Vader costume, without the gloves, walks around his suburban home attempting to use the Force on various household items, including a washing machine, exercise bicycle, dog, baby doll and sandwich. He opens his hands and tries to move the items, but has no success and grows...
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  • Monomyth of the Step Not Taken
    “The Step Not Taken” by Paul D’Angelo is a short story that demonstrates the archetype of monomyth, or hero’s journey. The three stages of a monomyth are separation, struggle or initiation and return and reintegration. This essay will examine how these three stages are prevalent in “The Step not Taken,” by examining the narrative and other popular stories featuring a monomyth archetype. To begin, the narrator is our protagonist and hero. The protagonist is called to an adventure in the first...
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  • Chap 1-8 Summary: How to Read Lit Like a Professor
    Chapter 7: Why do writers allude to the Bible? I believe that author writers choose to allude to the Bible for easy reference that anyone could recognize. Many people use examples of character of stories to define a point like “he overcame like David over Goliath” or “That was as miraculous as Jesus walking on water” so others pickup on that recognize when used in books. By using that they found a way to sum up an idea of being miraculous, overcoming, or time of greatness by using famous...
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  • Beowulf and Star Wars Comparison
    Deep space and Ancient Warriors A literary symbol is something often an object that stands for a significant concept or series of ideas often a symbol is emblematic of the values of the characters. In the narrative Beowulf and the movie Star Wars, many aspects of symbolism are paralleled. In the movie Star Wars the most important examples are the Death Star, light sabers and the force. In Beowulf, some of the most important examples of symbolism are Grendel's arm and head, the dragon's...
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  • windu - 738 Words
    Windu hutt anakin kamino vader wookiee calrissian dagobah moff. Darth sith darth jango. Gamorrean solo biggs anakin zabrak endor darth. Lando mara secura kessel coruscant antilles fett. Utapau bespin mace mara secura darth ackbar. Antilles chewbacca sith anakin hutt calrissian organa. Vader calrissian dooku vader moff yoda. Mon vader luuke mara leia binks. Qui-gon palpatine mace amidala tusken raider coruscant mandalore. Skywalker yoda kit dantooine kashyyyk jabba. Leia padm fett dagobah...
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  • Star Wars: May the Force Be With You
    Not many movies throughout time have had such an effect on people that they have become a major part of our culture. Certain classics like The Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, and The Godfather have managed to achieve such a status, but perhaps no other movie has had such an impact as the original Star Wars. The movie was released in 1977 and was an immediate success, receiving rave reviews from critics and fans alike, and soon becoming one of the highest grossing movies of all time. The movie...
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  • English Showbag - 623 Words
    Good morning Panel of marketing managers of the royal Easter show. My name is Daniel Koh and I am a representative of POT productions . Today i will be talking about how you the panel should endorse our Starwars A new Hope showbag in the 2009 Royal Easter Show The showbag our company has created contains 5 various yet original items from the Movie Star wars a new hope which will entice the young consumer preferably aged 6-10 to buy our showbag. The first item in our showbag represents the...
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  • Star Wars: a New Hope
    Critique Star Wars: A new hope "A long.long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…." These short, simple words have influenced generations. Novices and Star Wars fans alike have enjoyed and thrived on these inventive movies. The writer and director, George Lucas, came up with the idea during his years at the University of California. He came up with a six part series, yet, the first movie to be produced was part four entitled Star Wars: A new hope. It was produced in...
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  • Princess Leia in a New Hope
    Princess Leia is the most interesting character in the Star Wars saga. She was first introduced to audiences everywhere in the epic tale with the release of a movie called Star Wars IV: A New Hope in 1977. It was written and directed by George Lucas. It starts out with the princess recording a message to a droid, named R2D2, requesting help from a man called Obi-Wan Kenobi to fight for the Rebel Alliance against the empire. She also puts into the droid the layout of Death Star, which is a giant...
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  • A New Hope for Artificial Intelligence
    A “New Hope” for Artificial Intelligence Automation ethics and robotics rights are becoming issues in the artificial intelligence arena with the preponderance of research being essentially hypothetical. Regrettably the professed abundance of research in cognitive technology safety is misleading and offers a foretaste that is capitalized by the entertainment industry. Hollywood hotshots provide a distraction from our monotonous life with fantasy diversion with the likes of Back to the Future...
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  • Star Wars - 281 Words
    Star Wars: A New Hope Though Star Wars has always been around for me to watch, I never took the initiative to watch it until now. It was fairly easy for me to realize that it was et "a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away," where we learn of the adventures of Luke Skywalker, a lowly who finds himself stranded in the middle of an intergalactic civil war after encountering R2D2 and C3P0, which were two droids that had the secret and covert plans to help develop an engine of destruction known...
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  • Hum 105 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Contemporary Heros Quest Presentation
    Contemporary Hero’s Quest STAR WARS Oatis D. Henry HUM/105 April 28, 2015 Dr. SIGRID KOEPKE-FRUEND Heroes Struggle Luke Must learn the ways of the Jedi Fight and defeat Lord Vader and his master Leia Bring freedom to the republic and the rest of the galaxy. Han and Chewy Break away from fighting for themselves. Villains Darth Vader Strong, Cruel, Relentless Physically tries to stop the Heroes. Darth Sideus Manipulative, controlling, scheming, powerful Attempts to stop/corrupt the Heroes...
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  • Star Wars - 748 Words
    Star_Wars_4:_A_New_Hope vs. The_Odyssey The Odyssey and Star Wars are two great examples of epics. Both the stories fulfill the epic hero cycle to the fullest. In The Odyssey, Odysseus is the hero, he goes to Troy to fight a war and gets lost at sea for 20 years. In Star Wars Luke is the hero, he gets introduced to the rebel force that is trying to ensure the safety of their universe. The Odyssey and Star Wars follow the same basic cycle. Both adventures show hard challenging...
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  • Grief and Headhunter's Rage - 1045 Words
    A Personal Response To Rosaldo’s Essay Entitled Grief and a Headhunter’s Rage In the beginning of his essay Rosaldo describes the essay as his attempt to discuss the appropriate way to talk about the cultural force of emotions. On the first page he states that: The emotional force of a death, for example, derives less from an abstract brute fact than from a particular intimate relation’s permanent rupture. It refers to the kinds of feelings one experiences on learning, for example, that the...
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  • Indonesian Confrontation - 388 Words
    Introduction The movie I am doing is ‘Star Wars a New Hope IV’. George Lucas wrote and directed this movie he is also responsible for the other Star Wars movies and won 6 Academy awards. The plot of star wars is a group of freedom fighters known as the rebels fighting an evil side known as the Empire which is good vs evil. The main themes/ideas of the movie are: · Good (Rebels) VS evil (Empire) · War/Battles Cinematography - is the technique of movie photography including both the...
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  • Rghj - 830 Words
    Archetypes in Star Wars Fill in the blanks with the correct information. Color Archetypes |Character Name |Color(s) |Meaning | |Luke Skywalker |White |Youth, innocence, untouched by world | | |Gold/yellow/brown...
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  • Journey's Speech - 998 Words
    English Speech As Obi Wan Kenobi once said “the force will be with you, always”. Good morning… Whether it is inner, physical, imaginative or a combination of these, we all must partake in journeys. Exploring through these passages is an ideal way to find inner peace and connect with our surroundings....
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  • Odyssey & Star Wars - 548 Words
    The Odyssey & Star Wars The Odyssey has been called one of the greatest epic ever written. This epic was made by a man named Homer, a famous Greek poem writer. For years this had been considered the best epic ever written by man until Star Wars came along. Star Wars is kind of a future based version of the Odyssey, It was famous because of the technology and the characters incorporated in them. This hit movie was written by George Lucas and released in May 25, 1977. In both of the epics...
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  • Flawed Prophesies: Macbeth and Star Wars
    Robert Allbritain Dr. Jess McCall Intro to Literature 04/09/13 Flawed Prophesies: Paper #3 A long time ago, in a land far away, Macbeth, the evil tyrant, once ruled. The story of Macbeth, which was written by the infamous William Shakespeare, is a great tragedy. Although very well beyond the time of modern readers; Macbeth’s classical themes of betrayal, guilt, and revenge are still shown in most modern tragedies. The play of Macbeth seems to very similar to the modern sci-fi films Star...
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  • The Return of the Jedi - 1485 Words
    The Return of the Jedi Cale Scheinbaum Jim Monsonis Society and Religion 19 November 1996 So far this semester, we have studied several different sociological theories of religion. These theories are built on both the known history of religions in the world and the cultures in which they originated, as well as, appropriately enough, theoretical suggestions of how those religions, and indeed any religion at all, will survive in the future. The theory I find the most true is Stark and...
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  • Star Wars - 1690 Words
    Similarities between Dune and Star Wars Page 1 Tim Weber, English advanced course 2002-2004 Similarities between Dune and Star Wars by Tim Weber “I know nothing comparable to it except Lord of the Rings.” – Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, about Dune This quotation may be correct concerning the complexity of the world created by the author, but not regarding the story line. Actually there are several sources of inspiration for Frank Herbert, for example Greek and...
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  • Anthony and Cleopatra Powerplay - 1264 Words
    Powerplay Essay ‘Powerplay involves a conflict of interests'. How do the text you have studied and other related texts of your choosing establishes the nature of the interests that are brought into conflict? Powerplay involves a conflict of interests, which brings the wielder of power has control and influence, yet places them in a vulnerable position from people desiring it thus resulting in a conflict to obtain power. This can be seen in the following texts: the play ‘Antony and...
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  • Tom Comics - 3530 Words
    DC: Batman: Resurrection of Ras Al Ghul:$20.00 Total:$65.00 Batman: Night of the Owls (The New 52) :$30.00 Batman: vol. 2 The City of Owls:$25.00 Green Lantern: Vol. 2 Revenge of Black Hand:$25.00 Green Lantern: Emerald Twilight & A New Dawn:$20.00 Total:$110.00 Dark Horse: Hellboy: Vol.1 Seed of Destruction:$18.00 Hellboy: Vol. 2Wake the Devil:$18.00 Hellboy: Vol. 3 The Chained Coffin and Others:$20.00 Total:$56.00 Hellboy: Vol. 4 The Right Hand of Doom:$18.00 Hellboy: Vol....
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  • George Lucas' Star Wars: A New Hope
    merican epic space opera film[5] written and directed by George Lucas. It is the first film released in the Star Wars saga and is the fourth in terms of the series' internal chronology. Groundbreaking in its use of special effects and science fiction/fantasy storytelling, the original Star Wars is one of the most successful and influential films of all time. Set "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away", the film follows a group of freedom fighters known as the Rebel Alliance as they plot to...
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  • Tom Angleberger's The Strange Case of Origami Yoda: A Review
    Brandon Kirkwood Mrs. Stratakos 1/2 The Strange Case of Origami Yoda For this book report I read the Strange Case Of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger. This book is about a group 6th graders who believe in a origami Yoda that tells the future and give advice about various topics. There are multiple characters that have problems that are resolved by origami Yoda. There are three main characters. One, Dwight has a big imagination, but sometimes he can do some...
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