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  • Lois Lowry - 360 Words
    Lois Lowry Key Autobiographical Details Lois Lowry was born March 20, 1937 in Hawaii to Robert and Katharine Hammersberg. Her father was an Army dentist and the family lived all over the world. She attended Brown University, but left after her sophomore year to get married and raise a family of four children. They settled in Maine, where she returned to college and received her degree from the University of Southern Maine. Lois Lowry fulfilled a childhood dream when she began writing in the...
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  • The Giver by Lois Lowry - 654 Words
    Mary Angelique A. Auman English 10 Mr. Swenson August 11, 2014 The Giver by Lois Lowry Set in a community which was controlled by the Elders sometime in the future. Jonas was an eleven year old protagonist who was mature and really responsible. He became the Receiver of Memory for their community when he turned twelve. The Giver was an old man who transferred his old job of receiving the community’s memories to Jonas. He trained Jonas how to be a receiver and told him everything about...
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  • The Giver by Lois Lowry Essay
    The Giver by Lois Lowry is about a young boy named Jonas and about the perfect community he lives in. Their life-style is a lot difference from ours because they don't get to choose what they want, they are just told to do it. They also do things differently, an example would be the way they celebrate there birthday. Every children from 12 and under celebrate there birthday on December as a community. Another difference is the way they create their family unit. They are only allowed to have a...
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  • The Giver by Lois Lowry - 865 Words
    The Giver is a highly influential book written bu Lois Lowry. It is science fiction, with a theme of the past and connection. In a world where there are no feelings, no choice and no pain, the main character Jonas who is twelve struggles to find his place in the small community. He was "assigned" the job as Receiver of Memory. (yes, jobs were chosen) Unaware of what dark secrets lie beneath his perfect utopia of a world, he is suddenly plunged into the past, exposed to all the memories, back and...
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  • The Giver (Lois Lowry) - 1112 Words
    The Giver (Lois Lowry) How does the community look and sound like? landscape, architecture, traffic and technology »The Giver« by Lois Lowry is a novel taking place in the future. Jonas, the main character, lives in a community with other people. This community is very special and maybe it’ll be reality in a few years. The community is like an independent city or village. You can compare it with a tribe. There are dwellings where family units live in (p.9). A family unit is like a...
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  • Annotated Bibliography of the Giver by Lois Lowry
    Jay Cupp Mrs. Martin Brown Advanced Composition 12 04-04-13 Annotated Bibliography: The Giver “The Giver." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 05 Feb. 2013. Web. 03 May 2013. This Article from Wikipedia is an overall summary of the book, The Giver by Lois Lowry. This source from Wikipedia includes detailed information about the book; including a summary of the plot, character analysis, information about the author and why the book was written, and more. The source is a credible one...
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  • The Giver by Lois Lowry. A sociological view of the book The Giver.
    The Giver Society refers to people who interact in a defined territory and share culture. In Lois Lowry's The Giver "1993," Jonas grows up only knowing the existence of his society. The society in which The Giver takes place is known as sameness. Everything is done the same, and nobody knows different. It is considered rude to ask a question that makes another citizen look different. In the book Jonas has lighter eyes compared to everyone else. It would be wrong to bring his eye shade up in...
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  • Character Analysis Essay for Jonas in the Giver by Lois Lowry
    Jonas the New Receiver Can you imagine a world where everything is under control, there is no war, pain, or fear but nobody has a right to choose yet it is perfect? Well, Lois Lowry did. She created a world where everyone were supposed to be happy in her futuristic novel, the Giver. Jonas, the protagonist of the story, was selected to be the new Receiver of Memory. It turns out Jonas was singled out with all the differences he had since he started to feel unlike his friends. Not many people...
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  • Number the Stars by Lois Lowry: Book Review
    The Holocaust The title of my book is Number the Stars by Lois Lowry and it is a historical fiction. My book was about a jewish girl named Ellen that stays with her best friend's family the Johansens to avoid being caught by the nazis and relocated along with her family. I selected this book because it was by Lois Lowry and I read other books by her so I thought that this book would be good. I also chose this book because it was a Newberry award winner. Annemarie Johansen is the main...
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  • The Giver By Lois Lowry Is An Utopian Young Adult Fiction 2
    The Giver by Lois Lowery A book review by The Giver ​ by Lois Lowry is a utopian young adult fiction. Lois Lowry has written a whole plethora of books including two companion books and one direct sequel. She is an award-winning author, receiving the John Newberry Medal for​ The Giver​ . The story is about eleven-year-old boy Jonas who lives in a “perfect” society that has completely abolished hatred, hurt, warfare, and fear. In this society everyone is given a job based on their talent at the...
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  • The Giver and Gathering Blue - Lois Lowry Comparative Essay by Aannievu
    Lois Lowry is known for her dystopian novels for young adults. One out of many novels is her work ‘The Giver’. The Giver exposes the story of Jonas, a boy who questions his society’s standard of living. Jonas’ people tend to have false perceptions of their world being supposedly ‘perfect’. On the other hand, ‘Gathering Blue’ – a companion novel to The Giver – reveals the story of orphaned and handicapped Kira who also questions her society and is led to provide evidence to the Council of...
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  • An Analysis of Lois Lowry's the Giver
    John Michael A. Espino Asst. Prof. Nerisa Del Carmen Guevara LIT 201 - Young Adult Literature 17 August 2012 Cutting The Strings Set in a world where everything is plain and pre-determined, the Giver puts its readers in a series of unlikely events that we don’t encounter in our everyday lives. A society that is perfect, yet disturbing where everything follows its own cycle so as to the lives of every individual. Everything is monitored; everything has its respective rules and must be...
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  • The Giver by Louis Lowry - 1125 Words
    The Giver by Louis Lowry Chapter 1-2 1. What did the word "frightened" mean, according to Jonas? The word "frightened" meaning according to Jonas was a "deep, sickening feeling of something terrible about to happen." 2. About what were Jonas and the other children taught to be careful? Jonas and the other children were taught to be careful about language. 3. How did Jonas decide he felt? What was causing this feeling? Jonas felt apprehensive. The Ceremony of Twelve was...
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  • The Giver: By Lois Lowry Chapter 24- In my chapter, Jonas comes back to rescue his "perfect Utopian" society from the pain and sorrow the community experiences from the bad memories released.
    The Giver By Lois Lowry Chapter 24 It has been a year since Jonas left his community with Gabriel in search of "elsewhere." Jonas reached this place of "elsewhere" only one week after leaving his community. Luckily, nothing had happened to Gabriel. But Jonas wasn't as fortunate. His entire right arm had gotten frostbite, and he needed it to be amputated. Fortunately, with the technology this city of "elsewhere" had, this was possible. They were even able to make a moving mechanical hand that...
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  • How Lowry Develops the Theme of Emotion in "The Giver"
    How Lowry Develops the Theme of Emotion (888 words) Emotions are an integral part of human life. Positive emotions can reward our existence and negative emotions can warn us against things we dislike. By understanding both pleasure and pain, we can contrast them to one another, allowing us to experience both in full. In Lois Lowry’s book The Giver, the characters live in a community where emotions are almost numbed to non-existence in an attempt to achieve the perfect societal structure of a...
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  • THE GIVER Review And Summary For 9th Grade
    THE GIVER BOOK SUMMARY In the somewhat controversial novel, The Giver, author Lois Lowry brings to life a Utopian Society. Utopian principles are based on the idea that life can be perfect, with no war, no hate, and no fear, but one that is also void of love, color, and choice. Lowry creates a community of, what could be described as, sameness, without the ability or knowledge of emotions or individuality. It is a story of a young boy, named Jonas, struggling with his special assignment as...
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  • The Giver: Utopia and Dystopia - 1295 Words
    Trang Le Antarctica – March 10, 2010 The Giver Essay Lois Lowry’s The Giver is set in a futuristic, dichotomous society, one that is both utopian and dystopian. In response to the overwhelming destruction and chaos in the world, the Elders have attempted to create and maintain a peaceful and orderly utopia, but this security comes at a price. The citizens of the community have sacrificed their individuality and freedom. Although most adult members have some knowledge of the hypocrisies...
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  • The Giver: a Critique - 672 Words
    The Giver: A Critique The purpose of this book was to show us a possible version of a "Utopia". It was a fantasy oriented book, that was suppose to make you think about the possibilities for the future. The setting is a supposedly perfect society where everyone is taken care of and no one is different. The author Lois Lowry does a fine job portraying this supposedly "ideal" society. This book began with a description of sameness and release the two general principles the society...
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  • Brave New World and the Giver: Similar Yet Different
    When one examines the similarities between Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, and The Giver by Lois Lowry, they may be baffled. They may think that Lowry just did a run off of Huxley's highly successful masterpiece. The similarities are extraordinary, but so are their differences. Many aspects of these novels are almost identical while others are completely foreign to each other. Both of these novels feature structure societies, but the societies are not the same. In Brave New World, there are no...
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  • Gathering Blue - 363 Words
    Darcy Foster 11/11/08 English-4 Imagine being a 15 year old orphan with a permanently injured leg living in a society where only the strong, capable people survive and everyone else must fight for their lives. The book “Gathering Blue,” by Lois Lowry, takes place in a world like this one. Kira was raised by her mother in a small village where everyone has their job that they do every day and no one strays from the routine. Since she was born, Kira’s mother has fought for her daughter’s...
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  • Number the Stars - 734 Words
    Close reading and response to literature Number The Stars -Lois Lowry 1. What are the major themes of this book ? Difficulty of growing up The author Lois Lowry uses the context of World War II as a way of making the difficulties stand out more clearly. The novel focuses on Annemarie Johansen's personal experiences with growing up, but her experiences are common to most young people. Growing up is presented as a struggle for identity. Does Annemarie belong to the world of adults or...
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  • Giver - 910 Words
    Title: The Giver Author: Lois Lowry Science-fiction # Pages : 179 By: Annika Keewatin Monday June 17, 2013 Meet Jonas, a twelve year old boy who lives in a rigidly controlled society sometime in the future. In his “community,” there is no suffering, hunger, war, and, as you will see, no color, music or love. In short…this world is a lame place to hang out. The Giver, by Lois Lowry is a classic which has 179 pages. I think it’s an emotional dystopia, with a genre of science fiction....
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  • Essay on the Giver - 388 Words
    | The Giver | By: Lois Lowry | | Justice Otterstrom | 2/20/2013 | I thought that being the Receiver was a punishment. He had to know everything from before his time, and he had to live with feelings while no one else had any. Being the Receiver was more like a burden than an honor, even though it was considered an honor to the elders. It was a huge punishment to all of the previous receiver’s and the previous givers. Some Evidence to prove that it is a burden... "He found that...
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  • Giver Essay - 318 Words
    Giver Essay Characters in books make choices which set the plot. The Giver by Lois Lowry has the main character, Jonas, making many significant choices in his Utopia community, that excludes war fear, pain, and emotions that affects him and the plot dramatically. Two significant choices he made is throwing his pill that takes his emotions, and giving memories to his brother, Gabe. The first significant choice Jonas made is throwing the pill away. In this scene, Jonas receives the memory of...
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  • Wanting More - 2963 Words
    Wanting Mor by Rukhsana Khan and The Giver by Lois Lowry have two main characters. Jameela from Wanting Mor and Jonas from The Giver. These two novels are an adaption of emotional and physical oppression impacting these two young kids. They are oppressed by society, by their community, and by their own family. Jonas is part of a community with no climate, no emotion, no choices, and no memories. Imagine a world with no fear, pain, warfare, poverty, hunger, or terror. It almost sounds perfect....
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  • The Giver - 323 Words
    The Giver, by Lois Lowry, Jonas was making a new beginning by making an end. Jonas was making an end by leaving the community. He left with Gabriel because he wanted to experience things outside his community. He was very hurt by the community because he couldn't openly share his feelings. He wanted to share and experience his feelings with other people. He felt the community did plenty of things wrong. Jonas did not seem to like what happened to people when they were released. He wanted to...
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  • Symbolism on the Giver - 1232 Words
    In the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry, there are many different symbols and come to together to help form the theme. Symbolism and themes are difficult to infer in a text, but understanding these literary elements makes the book more interesting and entertaining for the reader. Symbolism is defined using a concrete word, object, color, picture, name and so forth to strand for a name, abstract idea, image, or event. For example a heart could stand for love and an American flag as freedom or...
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  • Why the Giver Should Not Be Banned
    Giving The Giver Back to CMS Library According to the American Library Association (ALA), young adult novels are challenged with the best intentions. In most cases a parent will read a book that their child might be reading in class to find out if the book is hazardous to their child’s well-being. If the novel seems problematic, the parent then challenges the book. Even though the purpose of challenging a novel is to keep children from reading about issues that may not be seen as...
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  • The Giver Theme Essay - 628 Words
     The Giver – Theme Essay Imagine never feeling anything at all. No happiness, no excitement, no nervousness nor anxiousness. You feel absolutely nothing. That's what your life would be like without having feelings. Emotions give people's life depth and meaning. The Giver teaches us that having emotions is important to not just living, but to feeling alive. Being able to feel love and joy adds more value to one's life. The people who lived in Jonas’s community were unable to express...
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  • "The Giver": Is it better for all people to be alike or for people to be different?
    What's better? Being eminent, or being undistinguished? In the world today people make their own decisions, clean their own houses, drive their own cars, and live their own lives. Or they think they do. In Lois Lowry's novel "The Giver", a young boy named Jonas lives in a uniformed community; he thought he lived a normal life until someone showed him the truth. Where Jonas lives, everyone is the same, life is safe, orderly, and predictable. Rules are strictly adhered to; every aspect of a...
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  • the giver notes - 327 Words
    “There's much more. There's all that goes beyond – all ... that is Elsewhere – and all that goes back, and back, and back. I received all of those, when I was selected. And here in this room, all alone, I re-experience them again and again. It is how wisdom comes. And how we shape our future.” ― Lois Lowry, The Giver “He hunched his shoulders and tried to make himself smaller in the seat. He wanted to disappear, to fade away, not to exist.” ― Lois Lowry, The Giver I believe that...
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  • The Importance of Good Talking in The Giver
    The Importance of Good Talking The precision of language is one of the most influential themes contributing to the irony of the utopian lifestyle depicted in Lois Lowry’s brilliant dystopian novel, The Giver. From the very first line to the last powerful moments of the book, it is made apparent how seriously speech is taken in Jonas’s community. Jonas, before meeting the Giver, endlessly toils over what specific words could be used to describe his emotions by comparing their meanings, such as...
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  • Deception Essay on Three Stories
    Period 3 November 19, 2011 Literary Essay Assignment “Charles”, “A Mother in Mannville”, and The Giver Essay Most often in literature, common themes are an aspect that different works tend to share. As a matter of fact, the short stories “Charles” by Shirley Jackson, “A Mother in Mannville” by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, and the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry, all discuss the message of deception. In each story, the protagonist dealt...
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  • The Giver - Essay - 669 Words
    Paula Barragan Period 2 Ms. Bui 11.01.12 Euthanasia becomes a very important topic and conflict in ‘The Giver’ as Jonas realizes what ‘releasing’ really means. What impacts him the most is the fact that his own father is the responsible of many newchildren, or newborn children, being ‘released’. Which leads him, Jonas, to take a really important choice to make the Community realize of what really happens and not just what they know. In our society, euthanasia is a very relevant concept,...
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  • Everything you live though helps make the person who you are now
    Nancy Chen 8.9.11 Everything You Live Through Helps Make the Person You Are Now “I've never tried to block out the memories of the past, even though some are painful. I don't understand people who hide from their past. Everything you live helps to make the person you are now.” by Sophia Loren. Everyone has memories of pain and ecstasy of the past, but we should keep them so...
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  • The Giver - 399 Words
    The Giver You: “Mom, Dad; do you love me?” Mom and Dad: “Are you kidding me!?” In the novel “The Giver” by Lois Lowry, the main character, Jonas changes and reveals a very important theme. Jonas in the beginning of the story was a very clueless character, and throughout the story he changes little by little and reveals a theme. Jonas in the beginning of the story was a absolutely oblivious to the real world happening around him. “I felt the wanting...” This shows that Jonas doesn't...
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  • Giver Literary Essay - 1012 Words
    Julia Jones Literary Analysis Essay Language Arts 1.14.12 Feelings noun [fēliNGs]- 1. An emotional state or reaction; love compassion grief. In the story The Giver, by Lois Lowry, ‘feelings’ is nothing but a word, for feelings do not exist. They were removed long ago, along with all other forms of diversity, leaving everyone numb, unable to experience love, depth, risks, and the unknown. Everyone, that is, except Jonas, who learns the importance of feelings and discovers the many...
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  • The Giver - 386 Words
    As we finish Lois Lowry’s novel The Giver, you will be writing an essay which analyzes her style and message. When authors tell a story, their goal is not only to tell a good story, but to tell it well, and to tell it in a way that communicates a deeper message. Writers use the elements of storytelling to convey this message in a very subtle way. They use such things as: Point of view: so we see the story through the eyes of a particular character Character development/characterization- so we...
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  • Dystopia and Utopia in the Giver - 280 Words
    The Idea of Utopia and Dystopia in The Giver The word “utopia” has come to define our ideal of a perfect society in terms of law, government, and social and living conditions. The idea behind a utopian society is that everyone works together for common good of the society and the laws and government are meant to protect the people within the community from the evils of the human race. In many ways, these societies take on a communist belief that order is the way to achieve this perfect...
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  • The Giver Essay - 570 Words
    Alexis Locke Mrs. Bennett Communications for College 12 April 2012 No Freedom of Choice How would you like to wake up every day and not have any choice in what you wear? That is what it is like for the members of Jonas’s community in The Giver by Lois Lowry. The community’s main goal is for everyone and everything to be exactly the same. The community in The Giver eliminates freedom of choice and promotes sameness by choosing jobs for the Twelves, choosing spouses for the community...
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  • The Giver Chapter Notes. - 2151 Words
    The Giver Chapter Review Tasks – Part 2 Chapter 14 1. Why is everyone else in the community except Jonas allowed to have ‘relief-of-pain’ medication? Why is Jonas expected to feel pain? Why is Jonas expected to feel pain? Everyone else but Jonas is allowed to have relief-of-pain medication because Jonas is the Receiver of Memory and is expected to experience pain. This is because to gain wisdom, the Receiver of Memory must experience many memories of pain, so if Jonas does take...
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  • Gathering Blue - 525 Words
    Averey Simmons Ms. Seastrum 6/6/13 English Lit 9 Gathering Blue Reader Response Kira was born into a world ruled by the Council of Guardians, which spared her life when she was but an infant and her mother and her mother's father - who was the chief guardian - pleaded with them to spare her life instead . Now that her mother has died, her father eaten by beasts before she was born, and her possessions taken to an aggressive woman named Vandara, Kira wonders about her future. Kira fears...
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  • The Giver - 296 Words
    The Giver The Giver is a novel written by Lois Lowry. She is an American writer who has won numerous awards in her years, notably a Newbery award for the giver in 1993. The novel explores different themes of life. Freedom. Everything is supervised and controlled by what Lowry describes as ‘Elders’. The thought of having any freedom is non-existent in the community as the ‘elders’ will decide who your spouse will be, the job you will be doing for the community & generally the lives of people...
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  • Construction of Knowledge - 1619 Words
    Throughout this course, we have been exposed to various fields of literature that revolve around a specific theme portraying the argument and point being made. It is possible, however, that two very opposite articles with unrelated topics can and may revolve around a similar theme. Beginning on page 239 of Katherine Ann Ackley’s Perspectives on Contemporary Issues, author Jean Kilbourne describes the impact that advertising has had on our society in her write Advertising’s Influence on Media...
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  • Choice In The Giver - 829 Words
    Yuval Agranat LAE 8 B Block 17 March 2015 Choice In “The Giver” What Is choice? Choice is the act of picking or deciding between two or more possibilities. Choice seems pretty simple. The community which Jonas (the main character) lives a community which decided to change into a sameness society. The community also decided to eliminate choice in that change. The memories Jonas received from the current receiver of memory during his training ...
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  • The Giver Book Review - 1327 Words
    Book Title: The Giver Author: Lois Lowry Date of Publication: 2002 Publisher: Laurel Leaf (reprint edition) ANALYSIS I. Setting: In an isolated Arcadian community at an unknown time in the future II. Characters and Commentary: A. Jonas – The eleven year old protagonist (turns twelve at a point) who has “bizarre powers” and is chosen as the Receiver of Memory. He has a wide variety of interests. For a pre-adolescent, he is extremely wise, curious, thoughtful, and has a much deeper...
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  • The Giver - Essay - 676 Words
    The Giver - Essay The novel ‘The Giver’ was written by Lois Lowry. It’s about a boy, Jonas, who lives in a highly controlled world. The Elders of the community try to make the community a utopia but in fact they take away human privacy and freedom of choice. They kill people without the individual knowing what is happening to them. The Elders take away life and what it means to be human. The Elders spy on the community constantly. Surveillance is on every corner and in every home. Part of...
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  • "The Giver " Jonas Goes Through Emotional Change
    Jonas is the main character of “ The Giver “ by Lois Lowry throughout the book Jonas goes trough a emotional change.During the beginning of the book Jonas is living a happy life and is a good kid. Jonas has no problems with the community he thinks its good. As Jonas gets elected to be the new receiver he starts to find things out that makes him question if whether the community is really as good as it seems. In the book “ The Giver” the character Jonas goes through a emotional...
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  • The Giver - 47454 Words
    The Giver Page 1 of 182 The Giver Lois Lowry NOTICE This accessible media has been made available to people with bona fide disabilities that affect reading. This notice tells you about restrictions on the use of this accessible media, which could be a book, a periodical, or other content. Copyright Notice Title: The Giver Author: Lois Lowry Copyright 1993 by Lois Lowry This notice is not part of the copyrighted work, which begins below after the phrase "Begin Content". Bookshare...
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  • The Giver Essay Jenna - 917 Words
    Jenna 1 Jenna Mrs. Piro Humanities October 2010 A Closer Look at the Sameness " 'It wasn't a practical thing, so it became obsolete when we went to the Sameness.' " (84) The Giver, by Lois Lowry, is told from the perspective of a twelve­year­old boy named Jonas growing up in a Utopian society. At the Ceremony of Twelve,where every Twelve receives their life­long occupation. Jonas finds out he has been selected to be the Receiver of Memory, the ...
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  • Themes in The Giver - 1362 Words
    Themes of The Giver Broadly, the book The Giver, written by Lois Lowry, is about how a boy name Jonas, born in the perfect utopia where there are no freedom and colour, people there promotes sameness. Until Jonas founds out that there are more then this community when he got his unique job assigned at the age of 12. Being a receiver of memory let him know that the real world is beautiful and colourful; there are rights for every human being. Jonas felt unfair and hope to escape from this...
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  • The Giver - 983 Words
    Reflective Essay: The Giver by Lois Lowry The Giver by Lois Lowry is a directive novel about how structured lifestyle could lead to absence of being a true human. In a lifestyle of freedom, people are not mainly subjected to how they should feel and also what to have feelings for. For instance, in a country like United States, as a citizen you have the right to freedom which is stated in its Constitution. In such, there is little to no infringement as to what you choose to believe in or have...
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  • Pros and Cons of the Sameness from "The Giver"
    Our unusualness is one of the elements of what makes us unique. We get along with people through the similarities; keep a distance through the differences. Not all of us can feel safe around those who are different from us. Maybe it is human nature or just prejudice but not knowing how to handle differences have caused problems in societies. In the book “The Giver”, the author Lois Lowry is showing us a community, where no one is different from the others, described “The life where nothing was...
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  • The Silent Boy Book Review
    I read “The Silent Boy”. This book was published in 2003. It is classified as a “Young adult literature” and “Historical fiction” book. This great book was written by Lois Lowry. The writer of the book, Lois Lowry, uses a very easy language to understand. "The Silent Boy" is written in a diary format, and has tiny pictures of its' characters. This story was told by Katy Thatcher, an old woman which lived in 1987. In the book she tells the reader about the critical period in her life. Katy's...
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  • Platos Allegory of the Cave - 347 Words
    Plato’s Outlook on the Power of Light and Darkness (Allegory of the Cave) Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” is a metaphor and representation of perception. Prisoners are chained and forced to look up at the front wall inside of the cave while a fire burns behind them. Shadows are cast on the wall and the prisoners inside the cave believe that the shadows are the reality they live in because they have been in that cave their whole life. One prisoner has been taken outside and experiences the...
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  • The Giver - 718 Words
    The Giver “No, God knows well that the moment you eat of it [the apple] your eyes will be opened and you be like gods who know what is good and what is bad.” Genesis 3:5 “When he expelled the man, he settled him [released him] east of the Garden of Eden [Elsewhere]; and he stationed the cherubim and the fiery revolving sword, to guard the way to the three of life.” Genesis 3:24 A punishment is a penalty for doing something wrong. In Lois Lowry’s book, The Giver even though the main...
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  • The Giver Essay - 797 Words
    The Giver, written by Lois Lowry (1993) is a fictional novel about a boy called Jonas and how he responds to his community’s lack of choice and individuality. The novel explores Jonas’ encounter with memories of the past, and how he feels towards the lack of freedom within his highly controlled society. As the novel develops Jonas starts to question the ways in which his community work and disagrees with the strict laws of his society. People in the community in The Giver are unable to make...
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  • Progress Is Not Possible Without Sacrifice.
    Progress is not possible without sacrifice. In the book, “The Giver” by Lois Lowry, Jonah, the protagonist, and all the members of the community lives a “perfect” live with total security. Everyone is assured a job and all insecurities and choices were eliminated such as music, color and even family members. Nevertheless, Jonah was willing to sacrifice this perfect, black and white world for a life of freedom and choice after discovering so much after given the job of the giver. In the end,...
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  • the giver - 1319 Words
    The Giver is a 1993 American children's novel by Lois Lowry. It is set in a society which is at first presented as a utopian society and gradually appears more and more dystopian. The novel follows a boy named Jonas through the twelfth year of his life. The society has eliminated pain and strife by converting to "Sameness," a plan that has also eradicated emotional depth from their lives. Jonas is selected to inherit the position of Receiver of Memory, the person who stores all the past memories...
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  • The Giver - 1815 Words
    Study Questions 1. The ending of the giver has been interpreted in a few different ways. Choose one possible interpretation of the ending and argue its validity, using clues from the text to explain your conclusions. Answer for Study Question 1 >> The two major interpretations of The Giver’s ending are that (1) Jonas and Gabriel have truly escaped the physical boundaries of their society and discovered a real village in Elsewhere, and (2) Jonas’s vision of the village is only a...
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  • The Giver Analysis - 896 Words
    The main theme shown in The Giver is the idea that good cannot exist without evil, and evil cannot exist without good, thus making reaching a perfect society impossible. It does not matter how amazing an experience is, unless you have something bad to compare it with you can never taste the true meaning of that moment. The members of Jonas’s community cannot appreciate the joys in their lives because they have never felt sadness. Correspondingly, they also do not feel grief because they have...
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  • Essay About the Giver 'Sameness'
    “SAMENESS” IN THE GIVER What would it feel like living in a world which everyone is same and the life is monotone?In “The Giver”,written by Lois Lowry,there’s a community based on perfection and the citizens who have strict and ethic rules to prevent their community from becoming unethical and unequal.Lowry conveyed her ideas both with in advantages and disadvantages,and the diversity which citizens in the community have lost. To begin with,the main advantage which citizens have is the...
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  • The Giver Analysis - 517 Words
    No Pain No Gain One cannot comprehend joy before seeing unrelenting sorrow. In the book The Giver by Lois Lowry, the community is unable to feel genuine emotions. Having never experienced real pain, the community does not understand what actual pleasure is. Overjoyed about living his life on an entirely new spectrum, Jonas discovers that he is now more satisfied than ever before. Experiencing his first painful memory, Jonas says, “‘It hurt a lot;…And now I understand better, what it meant, that...
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  • The Giver and Sexuality Feelings - 740 Words
    Stacey Garcia Ms. Smith Humanities 07 March 2013 The Giver The Giver, by Lois Lowry. A novel established in 1993. Jonas the main character who lives in the future; in a ruled community. The children in the community get assigned jobs when they become Twelve’s. Jonas was selected to become the receiver of memory. A most respectful role that anyone can have. The concept of the families in the Giver is different from the one in our society in many ways, for example controlled lives,...
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  • Comparison Jonas, Margot - 263 Words
    In the short story ‘’All summer in one day’’ by Ray Bradbury, and in the novel, The Giver, by Lois Lowry, The main characters Margot and Jonas experience what it is like to be different from the community as a result of some kind of knowledge. In this following essay there will be a comparison between these characters. First of all, Jonas and Margo are different from others, for example Jonas has knowledge that other people in their community do not have and he has got the ability to see...
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  • The Giver Theme Essay - 917 Words
    It takes the average human brain roughly 115,197 Ft./sec. to send nerve signals through the brain to make a complicated decision. However, in Jonas’s community, the number is reduced to 0 because, they do not think of any complex choices. I shared this with you because one of the themes in Lois Lowry’s science fiction novel The Giver is “Choices cannot be made without wisdom and knowledge of the past”. This is displayed in many times in the book. Three examples are; the elders asking the Giver...
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  • Comparison Between the Brave New World and the Giver
     Comparison Between Huxley’s Brave New world and The Giver While many fictional books have been created over the centuries, none has been known to tackle the issue of a repressive system, or come remotely close to presenting it the way Aldous Huxley did in his book Brave New World (1932), as well as Lois Lowry in The Giver (1993). The latter is often viewed as a copycat; however this has been dismissed by many scholars who note that despite the perplexing similarities, there...
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  • The Giver - 560 Words
    The Giver by Lois Lowry “The Giver” was a fabulous read about a seemingly utopian society where the people in the society are spared from any discomfort, such as hunger, war, even pain from a scraped knee. This was an excellent book, but also very hard to read and very disturbing. The first half is like a science fiction novel about a utopian society. But the second half really gets into the emotional consequences of that society. “The Giver” reminds me, in a way, of the movie “Pleasantville,”...
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  • The Giver Essay - 491 Words
    Tornike Obolashvili English F Block Manana Mgeladze 26/02/2014 Essay It is an uninteresting book teacher! It was phrase which I told, when I started reading of The Giver, but after a few chapters I understood, that it was good and ideally book with deep thought. The Author of this book is Lois Lowry. The main character is Jonas 12 years old boy, who lives in community in where everything is calculated and there are no feelings. People move with bicycle and every year they celebrate their...
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  • The Giver - Book Review - 999 Words
    In her book ‘The Giver’, Lois Lowry has created a futuristic utopian community where there are no feelings, no choices and Sameness prevails. Sameness, as the name suggests, is the idea that all aspects of life are almost invariably the same for all community members and life itself has no choices; everything is dictated, from what to wear and who to marry, to how one is required to act and the number of offspring. There exist no colours; the community sees in black and white and hues of grey....
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  • Tkam - 642 Words
    Courage to Continue In most works of literature, a character faces a difficult feat. Atticus, Jonas, and Malala, are all courageous. The bravery and courage in them all is outstanding. Why did they not quit as so many others had? They were scared, but faced their fears. You do not have to be strong, educated or rich to stand up for what they believe in. “True courage means doing the right thing, even in the face of seemingly impossible challenges or obstacles” In the book “To Kill a...
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  • The Giver - 305 Words
    Jessica Schwartz LIT 203 Meg Martin 11/28/06 Literary Elements in ‘The Giver' By Lois Lowry The literary element that I chose for this piece of work is symbolism, as it seems to run heavily throughout the book. The first recognizable symbol is baby Gabriel who is a working metaphor for the future, as babies often are. He symbolizes a new future not only for Jonas, but also for the community as things are to change with his disappearance. He also represents hope. He...
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  • the giver - 798 Words
    The Giver by Lois Lowry is about a boy, named Jonas, who lives in small town, but this town is different. They do not have memories, so that there is sameness in the community. By having sameness, they can control everything to a point where there is no pain. They govern sameness by having no color, no memories of the past, you do not choose your job, and you do not know who your real family is. Choosing your own book to read for the summer has many challenges involved. You will have a hard...
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  • The Giver - Main Character - 801 Words
    Jonas, the main character in The Giver by Lois Lowry, is a very strong person, which allows him to go farther in life then the people that surround him. Throughout Jonas's life he has known nothing but "sameness". He lives in a Utopian community where there are no choices and everyone in his world has their lives laid out for them. But, Jonas is given the job of "Receiver of Memory". He alone knows the truths of the world, a world with colors, pain, and choices. What he does with these...
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  • Gathering Blue and Giver similarity paper
    I am writing a paper on the similarities of the setting between two books, The Giver and Gathering Blue both by the same author Lois Lowry. To start off, in both of the books they have annual gatherings each year that start in the morning, are multiple hours long, have lunch and resting breaks and continue into the afternoon. During these gatherings or celebrations the celebrate their past and their maturity and age. Another likeness is that they both have a committee of elders or the people...
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  • The Giver Rhetorical Analysis Essay
    Becky Wright 9­30­14 English P3rd Author, Lois Lowry, in her novel The Giver she describes a community that has convert to “sameness” and that has also eliminated pain. Lowry’s purpose was to indicate the value of the relationship between pain and pleasure; also how important memories are. She creates a rebellious tone in order to recommend to her readers of the idea of, “If you feel something is terribly wrong, go beyond to fix it.” ...
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  • The Giver - 1050 Words
    A Closer Look at the Sameness Can you imagine a world without pain, warfare, poverty, hunger, or terror? Sounds pretty good so far, right? Now, take away feelings, love, diversity, choices, and even the ability to see colours. It doesn't sound so great anymore, does it? Some people may consider such a place a utopia, shielding its inhabitants from all evil; others would say it is a dystopia, in which no one has the right to speak out, have choices, or to love one another. In the novel, The...
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  • Review of the Giver - 476 Words
    Receiver and the Giver The Giver by Lois Lawry is about a boy named Jonas. There is no war, fear, pain, or feeling in Jonas’ world. Nothing is special in Jonas’ life. However, after a ceremony everything changes. Jonas is selected as a Receiver and meets the Giver every day for his Receiver training. Jonas’ Receiver training from the Giver changes the way Jonas looks at his community. Jonas’ world is perfect, but at a ceremony, everything changes for Jonas. There is a ceremony every December....
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  • The Giver Essay - 917 Words
    The Community that Lois Lowry creates in The Giver appears to be a utopia, but is in fact a dystopia. To get rid of the extremes, such as pain and hunger, you have to get rid of things like true friendship and happiness. Jonas is constructed to convey ideas about society by his speech, thoughts, actions, appearance, interaction with others and his name. We first see this when his sister, Lily says to him, “He has funny eyes just like you Jonas!” Most people in the community have dark eyes...
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  • The Giver - 1614 Words
    The Giver INTRODUCTION The book was great! This book and its story are unique. The Giver is a deftly crafted work, both stunningly beautiful and deeply disturbing. Finding myself being imperceptibly lulled by the peace, order, safety and serenity of Jonas's world; being awakened by the sickening thud of reality's steel-toed boot in the gut, leaving both him and me breathless and disoriented in the aftermath. This story is haunting and powerful. It's a raw portrayal of the presumed moral...
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  • The Lottery by Shirley Jackson: Reading Comprehension Notes
    The Lottery - Reading Comprehension By Karen N - 9C · The townspeople are holding the lottery because it is their tradition that they have followed for many, many years. · The people didn’t stop the lottery because it was considered [kind of] absurd to do so. It is a ritual that they did, and it was part of who they were. · I don’t think the writing style of this story would be considered horror. The way the author describe the story throughout and at the end did not send me any...
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  • The Giver vs. Brave New World
    The Giver by Lois Lowry and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley have many similarities. They both take place in futuristic utopias where happiness is the overall goal. Jonas and Bernard, the major characters in the novels, are both restless individuals who want change. Despite the close similarities, there are many contrasts in the two novels. The childhood, family, and professions arrangements are differently portrayed in the similar novels The Giver and Brave New World.

    The similarities...
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  • The Giver: Contemporary Essay - 1255 Words
    Mother and Father Pleasantville March 19,2013 Your Daughter The Real World Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Dearest Mother and Father, I know you are probably very concerned upon learning I have left the community. However, I have written to you to explain why I did so. As you both know, I have been training along the Giver to become the new Receiver of Memory. Over time, I have received many memories, and experienced pain like no other, you are unable to grasp the concept of...
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  • The Giver - 1037 Words
    The utopian society described in Lois Lowry's The Giver is very similar to the form of government described in the Republic by Plato, especially The Allegory of the Cave. Both are descriptions of totalitarian dystopic governments included the separation of people by professional class, assignment of profession and purpose by the state, and the absence of traditional family units, replaced by state-organized breeding. If Jonas, the leader, is the man released from the cave, then his obligations...
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  • The GIver Compared And Contrast - 598 Words
    Victoria Hernandez Curtis Fukuchi ENGL 1301 The Giver I have recently read the novel The Giver, by Lois Lowry, and watched the movie Pleasantville. These works focus on making perfect societies. The Giver is about a boy named Jonas who lives in a community with many rules. He is assigned the job...
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  • An Example Essay on the Giver - 856 Words
    Example Literary Essay: The Giver by Lois Lowry Example Introduction Paragraph: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” This quote by Marcel Proust speaks of discovering what‟s right in front of you by seeing it differently, with “new eyes.” The main character, Jonas, in Lois Lowry‟s The Giver goes through a similar experience when he discovers his “Capacity to See Beyond.” Jonas begins to see his Community differently, with an awareness or...
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  • Choice - 847 Words
    According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word choice is defined as: “variety offered for selection”. Although bad choices could lead to awful things, bad choices are still needed. In the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry, characters suffer from being held back from lack of choice. Choice is a needed and important concept. If one is knowledgeable enough to choose a good choice, he should choose it. Also people learn from the mistakes and experiences of bad choices. Another thing is that...
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  • The Giver Essay - 523 Words
    Persuasive Essay: The Giver Imagine living in a world full of lies, a world where there are many secrets, a world where what you see is not always what it is. Jonas has lived all his life in a world like this. Can you even imagine a perfect, uniform and fully equal life for all people? It would be a boring life, right? At the end of the book, Jonas gets tired of all the lies of the community in which he lives and decides to escape. Many people like his father, his foster brother,...
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  • The Giver Essay Finallllllllllllllllll - 1306 Words
    English 93 9MWF May 15th 2013 Sameness does not mean perfectness The Giver, by Lois Lowry, is told from the perspective of a twelve-year-old boy named Jonas growing up in a Utopian society. Jonas lives in a seemingly perfect community in which there is little pain and little crime. People are polite. Everyone belongs to a supportive family. But this harmony comes at a price. There is also no choice, and real emotions are nonexistent. Life is dictated by strict rules. This story is set in a...
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  • The Giver - 20996 Words
    The Giver: Study Notes Context: She was inspired to write The Giver—which won the 1994 Newbery medal—after visiting her elderly father in a nursing home. He had lost most of his long-term memory, and it occurred to Lowry that without memory there is no longer any pain. She imagined a society where the past was deliberately forgotten, which would allow the inhabitants to live in a kind of peaceful ignorance. The flaws inherent in such a society, she realized, would show the value of individual...
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  • Banned Books - 693 Words
    follow me @mssomerhalder19 on twitter and instagram 9/17/12 English DON’T READ THIS! In America we live in a democratic government, where we choose our leader, where we run our government, where all our amendments are enforced, so why is it that our...
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  • Theme in "The Giver" - 394 Words
    {Title Here} Imagine the most vibrant, colorful scene you can think of, with colors as far as the eye can see. Now imagine the same scene, colorless and dead, which one is better? The colorful one, right? The science fiction novel The Giver by Lois Lowry is about the protagonist, Jonas, who experiences the peaks and valleys life through the memories he receives from the Giver. He finds that even though life has its ups and downs, it is far more interesting than a life of black and white....
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  • Reaction Paper (the Giver)
    The giver What is a utopia? Is it a place where pain war and hunger does not exist? How do you describe a dystopia? In Jonas’ community, in the ‘Giver’ written by Lois Lowry , he is living in the community where everything is the same, organised and pain free, basically he is living in a ‘Utopia’. For him everything is perfect the way it is but when he was chosen as the receiver of memory for the community he discovered dark secrets that lie ahead. In the giver book by Lois Lowry, Jonas is...
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  • The Giver - 1073 Words
    Book Report - The Giver The Giver by Louis Lowry was published in 1993. I did not choose this book it was recommended to me I classify this book as an inner adventure. As in Jonas goes through an emotional metamorphosis (if you will) Jonas lives in a community where pain, rudeness, and war are non-existent. All children undergoes a ceremony in December every year until they reach twelve years of age, at which point they receive their Assignments, the jobs they will perform as adults. A...
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  • Analysis of Number the Stars - 1150 Words
    Bradley Hays UTEID: bh9497 Association for Library Service to Children Newbery Paper The John Newbery Medal is a literary award given by the Association for Library Service to Children to the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children each year. Upon reading “Number the Stars” by Lois Lowry, the Newbery Medal winner in 1990, one can easily understand why this great novel won the coveted John Newbery Medal. There are many reasons as to why “Number the...
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  • The Giver Newbery Medal Winner
    The Giver by Lois Lowry-1994 Newbery Medal Winner I chose The Giver by Lois Lowry because according to the American Library Association, it is one of the most challenged books in the nation. The Giver was written by Lois Lowry, published in 1993, and awarded a Newbery Medal for that year. It is a controversial book because of its violent and sexual passages that some adults have deemed inappropriate for children, as well as for its mature themes of euthanasia, infanticide, and suicide....
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  • Gathering Blue Essay - 547 Words
    Zachary Robert Luedders Summer Reading Summery (Gathering Blue) July 24, 2013 Plot: Kira is a girl with a twisted leg who lives in a more primitive society where people who cannot work, die. She has been kept alive by her mother, and when her mother dies, Kira is brought before the Council of Guardians. Kira's life is spared when she proves she can weave very well, and she is assigned to the task of fixing up the robe worn by the singer whose only job is to sing the story of human...
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  • The Giver - 1095 Words
    The Giver - Summary The Giver This book is about a boy names Jonas. Jonas lives in a futuristic society where there is no pain, fear, war, and hatred. There is also no prejudice, since everyone looks and acts basically the same, there is very little competition. They have also eliminated choice. You have to apply for a spouse. You cannot just chose who you want and marry them, the community does it for you. His dad works as a Nurturer of new children, and his mom works at the Department of...
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  • Speech on 'the Giver' - 932 Words
    Aayush Shah 8-C The Giver(Speech) FREEDOM OF THOUGHT… FREEDOM OF SPEECH… FREEDOM OF ACTION… All these necessities for the mental freedom of a human being were manipulated in the society in the book ‘the Giver’. Lowry narrates The Giver in third person using a limited omniscient viewpoint in which only Jonas' thoughts and feelings are revealed. Through Jonas' eyes, his community appears to be a utopia — a perfect place — that is self-contained and isolated from Elsewhere, every other...
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  • Utopia or dystopia - 982 Words
    Different world’s essay Utopia or dystopia “The Giver” by Lois Lowry is like any other novel and to every novel there are two ideas and concepts that you may apply to the novel; the one each person thinks of is determined by the different clarification and interpretation the book. In analysis of the building of Jonas’s community, some may debate that the community is a utopia or a dystopia. Some may claim of it being a utopia based on the way that they want their world to be and that is...
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