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  • Customizing login in wordpress - 411 Words
    Customizing the Login Form The Login Form is your gateway to using and configuring the WordPress publishing platform. It controls access to to theAdministration Screens, allowing only registered users to login. Contents [hide] 1 How to Login 2 The Login Form 3 Customizing the WordPress Login 3.1 Change the Login Logo 3.2 Styling Your Login 3.3 Login Hooks 3.4 Make a Custom Login Page 4 Resources 5 Related How to Login If you installed WordPress in your website's root directory,...
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  • Visual Studio 2010 - Working with User Logins
    This tutorial will focus on creating login functionality to allow for only authenticated users to access our web application as well as provide users with the ability to register to the application. Working with User Logins Open a New Project Create a New ASP.NET Web Application When your project opens, you would need to make adjustments to your Web.config file. This is an XML file that controls most of the project settings. You will need to insert or modify the authentication...
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  • Php Login Script with Remember Me Feature
    PHP Login Script with Remember Me Feature Posted on January 25, 2004 in Code by JP (jpmaster77) Rated 4.5 (Ratings: 32) (Add your rating) Log in to add a comment (750 comments so far) Want more? • More articles in Code • More articles by jpmaster77 [pic] JP Member info | Full bio [pic] User since: January 10, 2004 Last login: September 12, 2008 Articles written: 2 Introduction I just started programming with PHP and MySQL this week and the first script I...
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  • net access - 480 Words
    6-2 NETWORK ACCESS REQUIREMENTS The steps required to gain access to the FCKY Network are as follows: If you have had an account with another post, talk to the automations specialists before completing any of these steps. Register at https://atc.us.army.mil. Register with your AKO email. Once registered, log back in IOT associate CAC with username. Ensure you answer the three questions that follow. If you fail to do this, you will be unable to apply for an account. Go to...
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  • Development of Online Customized Fashion Line
    DEVELOPMENT OF ONLINE CUSTOMIZED FASHION LINE Project Description Online fashion websites had greatly influenced the fashion industry. Customers could save time and effort in the ordering and reservation of designs. New fashion creations could be easily displayed to keep the customers updated of the latest fashions. Nowadays, websites adopted the feature of design customization. Customers could change color, design, logo and prints of deigns according to their desires. The Development of...
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  • Technology for Modern life - 625 Words
    ophcrack / Wiki / ophcrack Howto 1 of 2 http://sourceforge.net/p/ophcrack/wiki/ophcrack Howto/ Browse (/directory/) Enterprise (/directory/enterprise) Help (/support) Jobs (/jobs?source=header) (/) Blog (/blog/) Log In (/account/login.php (/p/ophcrack/) Wiki Home (/p/ophcrack/wiki/) Authors: (/u/tissieres/) Browse Pages (/p/ophcrack /wiki/browse_pages/) Browse Labels (/p/ophcrack /wiki/browse_tags/) This howto assumes you have already installed...
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  • Dfd of Attendance System - 346 Words
    Exiting System of ASK (MIS) By Nasiruddin Juel Existing System of ASK (MIS) Fixed Asset Management System Context Level: User Fixed Asset Management System Report Generate 1st Level: User Login Process Asset Setup Asset Disposal Asset DB Asset Purchase Asset Inventory Report Generate Exiting System of ASK (MIS) By Nasiruddin Juel Description of following process: Login process: This login process is required for access to the SQL Server....
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  • Student Guidance System - 450 Words
    Thesis Title: Student Guidance System in PLMUN Group: . BSCS 4G Title Description: In this system you can record complaints and problems of the student in guidance office and eliminate paper works, retrieve report easily and create a report of a student and to recognize the student who have a violation and keep track of student records such as name, student number, grade and other information. Once the information is inputted into the database it will provide you with the ability to quickly...
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  • My Simple Life - 415 Words
    2.2 FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS 2.2.1. ADMINISTRATOR – has the over-all rights and privileges to create, edit and delete functions of the system. LOGIN - Administrator will login with his username and password. Username is fixed, only the password can be changed. LOGOUT – After every transaction made the administrator can logout from the system VIEW PRODUCT – Administrator can view products to check for availability....
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  • Software Design & Development - 1217 Words
    ITP-­‐702 Unit 2: Software Design & Development Homework# 4 ( Mar 28, 2013) Course Instructor : Prof Ho-Jin Choi Introduction This document describes the model functionalities of a simple CD/ATM machine using UML. The user accounts are assumed to exist already and the system will include only three transactions: Withdraw, Deposit & Check Balance.To get the service a customer will be required to insert an ATM...
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  • Getting Started - 798 Words
    Technology Assignment Due: Sunday, August 31 by midnight The purpose of this assignment is to get your year started off on the right foot with the technology you will use in class. This assignment will help you create accounts (all are free!), get organized, and show your competence with the devices, platforms, and accounts. PLEASE NOTE: You may not be asked to provide proof of all tasks, but they are highly recommended to complete! Please provide proof of completion and submit as directions...
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  • Enrollment Documentation System Specification
    CHAPTER 1 SYSTEM SPECIFICATION Name of the System: Cabuloan National High School Computerized Enrolment System. Description of the System: In able to reduce the manual and slow process and to lessen the workload in the existing system of enrolment, the researchers come up with this study to create a system that is a practice towards accelerated, effective and professional handling of student’s information and grades. The researchers propose a system which is the Computerized...
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  • Khan Doc - 1560 Words
    [pic] Virtual University of Pakistan SRS of Multi Agent Based Time Table Management System Submitted by: Name: Shahida Khan Student ID: MC080407626 Project Information Supervisor Information: Name: Tanveer Arshad Virtual University of Pakistan. Student Information: Name: Shahida Khan Student ID: MC080407626 Group ID: S10204029 Class: MIT Session: 2008-2010 Project Title: Multi Agent Based...
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  • Software Engineering - 2508 Words
    1. Introduction The following document describes a web application in which a user gets informed about video games that he may like. It will be easy to use and very lightweight. 1.1. Aims and objectives This web application’s goal is to suggest to the user a list of games in which he is interested in playing. The application takes into account the user’s preference on games and previous played games which the user enjoyed. Finally the user also takes into account other user’s feedback on...
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  • Computerized Enrollment System - 627 Words
    INTRODUCTION As the generation change past, technology innovation is also past changing mostly the computers. Computer benefits such as the way of using certain application for office or project works, for record keeping purpose or even communication. Moreover, computer performs various tasks accurately, quickly and efficiently. This is very user friendly that caters all the banking transportation and even in a smallest business for record keeping intention. This is the essence of...
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  • Cyber Cafe Management - 1462 Words
    Republic of the Philippines Pangasinan State University College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology Urdaneta Campus Urdaneta City, Pangasinan SY:2012-2013 CYBER CAFÉ MANAGEMENT SYSTEM I. Purpose and Scope of the Study The purpose of the project is to automate cyber cafes. The software must include provisions to keep user details and login history. It should help the café owners to retrieve user details when needed and internet usage in the system. It should be...
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  • wwer - 317 Words
    Elsevier-Pageburst/Evolve eBooks Introduction Pageburst/Evolve eBooks is an electronic library of selected Nursing textbooks – It allows complete access to all content and images with extensive searching, highlighting, note taking and printing to empower a customized studying experience. Pages of eBooks may also be printed for portability or to use as study guides for courses. All required GCU RN-to-BSN eBooks are accessible anywhere-anytime, via online access through Evolve...
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  • Qubee - 703 Words
    Getting Started with QUBEE Device You need to prepare your device to get connected to your QUBEE prepay package. Please follow the below instructions to get your device ready: For Gigaset:    Please open the box Connect adapter to the power source. Connect the LAN cable to your Laptop/Desktop and follow the below instructions. Step: 1 Open a browser and type in the address bar. Press ENTER to proceed. Step: 2 Press OK to continue for the next step. Step: 3...
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  • Ecampus Website User Manual
    eCampus Website User Manual 2013 Greg Hayes ENG/221 Table of Contents Introduction 3 Login Page 3 Username and Password 3 Forgot? 4 New Student 5 IRN 6 What’s New 6 Top Navigation 6 Welcome 6 Inbox 6 My Profile 6 What’s New 7 Help 7 Logout 8 Main Tabs 9 Home 9 Classroom 9 Library 9 Program 9 Account 9 Phoenix Connect 9 Class Tabs 9 Current Classes 9 Previous Classes 9 Future Classes 9 Phoenix Connect 9 Learning Communities 9...
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  • Computerized Enrollment System - 2578 Words
    Capstone Project Title Computerized Enrollment System for Sto. Niño Academy Broad and Specific Areas or Type of Investigation The proposed system (A Computerized Enrollment System for Sto. Niño Academy) is a Computer Based System under the category of Enrollment System (ES). Currently, Sto. Niño Academy is utilizing manual system in processing students’ transactions during enrollment. The study aims to provide solutions to these problems that the school is experiencing every...
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  • College Algbra Syllabus - 3175 Words
    MATH 1203C College Algebra Official Course Syllabus – Spring 2013 IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO READ THIS SYLLABUS. COURSE NAME: College Algebra (Math 1203C) COURSE COORDINATOR: Ms. Elizabeth Dickerson, SCEN 312, ebdicker@uark.edu TEXTBOOK AND SOFTWARE: Much of the homework, some quizzes, and all tests will be completed using the MyLabsPlus (MLP) Student Access Kit to Essentials of College Algebra with Modeling and Visualization, 4th edition by Rockswold. The MLP software is...
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  • Tele - 3214 Words
    TELE PAY USA Thank you for your interest in becoming an independent contractor with TELE PAY USA. We are in the process of issuing an EXTENSION NUMBER to your account. The next step is to read the e-mails we will be sending. The e-mail contains the system specifications for the lines. The second e-mail will be the instruction sheet on how to successfully do your personal recordings for your callers to hear. Once you have received your extension number via e-mail or by calling the dispatch...
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  • Focus 2 Instructions - 307 Words
    GETTING STARTED WITH FOCUS 2 How much time does it take to use FOCUS 2? Typically the total time spent by students the first time they use FOCUS 2 ranges from 1 to 2 hours. Of course, you can spend as much time as you need. The Career Readiness & Self Assessments modules of FOCUS 2 can usually be completed in approximately 45 minutes. You can log back in at any time to spend additional time researching over 1,000 different occupational choices and viewing career videos. A good strategy is to...
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  • Strengthsquest User Guide - 2065 Words
    StrengthsQuest Registration Copyright Standards This document contains proprietary research, copyrighted materials, and literary property of Gallup, Inc. It is for the guidance of your company only and is not to be copied, quoted, published, or divulged to others outside of your organization. Gallup®, StrengthsQuest™, Clifton StrengthsFinder®, and the 34 Clifton StrengthsFinder theme names are trademarks of Gallup, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners....
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  • Phase1 3 - 522 Words
    C++ Programming Assignment ATM Machine Phase 1 In this assignment you will create a program that allows a user to do the following: 1) Create a bank account by supplying a user id and password. 2) Login using their id and password. 3) Quit the program. Now if login was successful the user will be able to do the following: 1) Withdraw money. 2) Deposit money. 3) Request balance. 4) Quit the program. If login was not successful (for example the id or password did not match) then the user...
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  • Understanding Human Computer Interaction
    Temasek Polytechnic School of Informatics & IT Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction CID1C08 / CID1X03 PROJECT PROPOSAL AY2011/2012 October Semester Tutor Team Details Chrys Teo S/No Full Name Class PE02 Adm. No. Diploma Members 1 Nurdiyana Fatin Binte Sidik 1100471J IFM Topic/Interface Chosen Indicate URL or Name of Product TP Library http://library.tp.edu.sg/ Student Acknowledgement of Originality Name of Student Admin No Subject...
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  • Richman Investments "Internal Use Only" Data Classification Standard
    Richman Investments "Internal Use Only" Data Classification Standard The "Internal Use Only" data classification standard at Richman Investments will include the most basic IT infrastructure domains to include the User Domain, Workstation Domain, and the LAN Domain. This will encompass all users and their workstations, as well their access to the internet and company server databases and any information in between. The User Domain will enforce an acceptable use policy (AUP) to define what each...
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  • Scope and limitation of a hotel reservation system
    Scope and Limitation for Online Reservation System Scope and Limitation Femar Garden Resort and Hotel still uses a manual procedure in keeping records of their clients and past, current and upcoming reservation of event and rooms. In making a reservation the client must fill-up some forms such as waiver/ gatepass and the reservation form before proceeding to the cashier for payment. This type of process best applies to walk-in customers only since they have the privilege of...
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  • paper - 10796 Words
    Software Requirements Specification Amazing Lunch Indicator Sarah Geagea 881024-4940 Sheng Zhang 850820-4735 Niclas Sahlin 880314-5658 Faegheh Hasibi 870625-5166 Farhan Hameed 851007-9695 Elmira Rafiyan 840724-5383 Magnus Ekberg 851022-1933 Table of Contents 1. Introduction ............................................................................................................................................... 1 1.1...
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  • Computerized Employee Time Monitoring System
    CHAPTER I Introduction Project Context As technology grows fast, certain advancement are being developed for the better which will make every task easier, faster and reliable. This changes can be applied in any field, companies or organization whether private or government sectors. Some of these companies are now currently implementing computerized system for the benefit of both employer and employees. Major companies are trying to adapt to the new technologies to improve their management and...
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  • Study Easy - 1387 Words
    Employee’s State Insurance Corporation PANCHDEEP BHAWAN, C.I.G. MARG, NEW DELHI-110002 www.esic.nic.in Recruitment of Social Security Officers (SSOs) in ESI Corporation HOW TO FILL THE ONLINE APPLICATION FORM 1) 2) GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Candidates are required to apply online through ESI’s website www.esic.nic.in or https://jobapply.in/esi2013 Entries in the application form shall be required to be filled only in English. STEP BY STEP PROCESS TO FILL ONLINE APPLICATION FORM STEP...
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  • Whatsapp - 678 Words
    WhatsApp Inc. was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum (also the current CEO), both veterans of Yahoo!, and is based in Santa Clara, California.[5] WhatsApp uses a customized version of the open standard Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).[12] Upon installation, it creates a user account using one's phone number as username (Jabber ID: [phone number]@s.whatsapp.net). WhatsApp software automatically compares all the phone numbers from the device's address book with its...
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  • Health and social care guidance for learners
    BKSB Guidance For Candidates Having now completed your Initial Assessment you will have been asked by your Regional Trainer to complete a Diagnostic Programme to prepare for your Functional Skills Assessment. This will be for: English Maths ICT (if applicable) This will do 2 major things: 1. Demonstrate your readiness to take your Functional Skill assessment 2. Highlight areas that you may need further support in order to prepare for your assessment This MUST be completed in Full as...
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  • Running Rsa as Service - 323 Words
    Installing RSA as a service. After configuring the RSA polling settings. Please perform the followinf steps for running RSA as a service on the local server. 1. Locate the Remote Synchronization Agent (RSA) executable acirsa.exe present in the installation path of Kofax bin folder. 2. Execute the following command on command prompt. "" - install e.g “C:\Program Files\Kofax\Capture\Bin\fp.exe” -install Note that the quotation marks around the path and executable name are required,...
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  • Aras - 33104 Words
    Just Ask Innovator Copyright © 2006 Aras Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Aras Corporation Heritage Place 439 South Union Street Lawrence, MA 01843 Phone: 978-691-8900 Fax: 978-794-9826 E-mail: Support@aras.com Website: http://www.aras.com Notice of Rights ARAS CORPORATION Copyright © 2006 by Aras Corporation. This material may be distributed only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Open Publication License, V1.0 or later (the latest version is presently available at...
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  • whatever - 666 Words
    Bloomberg Free Trial Installation Instructions Activating your terminal From your browser, go to: http://www.bloombergsoftware.com Under „Bloomberg Professional Service‟, download the „New Installation‟ software and save it to the desktop of your PC. Upon the software download completion, locate the file on your desktop and launch it to start its installation. To complete the installation, please enter your Access Key (provided to you via email). If your free trial terminal was...
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  • Medical Usage of Marijuana - 1916 Words
    AT&T Shell Life Cycle Management Managed Network Services AOTS-CM UID Provisioning and Account Setup Procedure AT&T Service Transition Version 1.9 08 February 2012 Version control Responsibilities Document owner MNS LCM Change Coordination Document author Paul Van Velsen Version history Version Number | Date of Revision | Contributor’s Name | Description of Revision | 1.0 | 02/11/2010 | Paul Van Velsen, Nikolas Panagiotidis | First approved...
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  • You Track - 574 Words
    www.jetbrains.com Integrating YouTrack with TestLink Compatibility Integration between YouTrack and TestLink is supported for TestLink 1.8 and higher, and YouTrack 2.0 and higher. Configuring Integration Between TestLink and YouTrack To integrate YouTrack with TestLink: 1. Download YouTrack-TestLink_Integration_1.0.zip, which contains two PHP-scripts: • youtrack.cfg.php — configuration file for YouTrack custom parameters • int_youtrack.php — main file implementing integration between YouTrack...
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  • Eng Uop User Manual
    Student Web Site Technical Manual ENG/221 - Technical Writing Fundamentals September 27, 2012 Zachary Koppelmann Student Website User Manual Table of Contents 1. Login Page 1. Login 2. Forgot Username/Password Link 3. Sign Up Link 2. Class Pages 3. Quick links 1. Schedule and Grades 2. Program Credits 3. Student Workshops 4. Life Resource Center 5. Phoenix...
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  • Week2 lab 1 - 494 Words
    Lab Assessment Questions & Answers 1. What is the significance of creating Groups and adding Users to Groups? Explain. It is important to put user in groups because it is easier manager there permissions. Instead of assigning permissions to a new user every time someone is hired, you would just add them to the groups they need. 2. Given a scenario where there are five (5) database administrators that may periodically need access to a given system. Discuss a concept to better manage these...
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  • Csr- Workstation Registration and Procedure
    Title: Workstation Registration Procedure |Background: |To make better use of our computer resources, we have installed a new Workstation registration and reservation | | |system known as Pharos Signup. | | | | | |Pharos Sign...
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  • Alumni Information System Features for Future University
      Alumni Information System for Future University WEB APPLICATION System Features: Listed below is a brief overview of the system functionality initially. It provides a simple and quick explanation of the requirements that can be further expanded. Summary of Requirements: Module 1 Directory Search 1. Search by Faculty, Department, Programme, Year of Graduation 2. Search by Name (Last Name , First Name at the time of Graduation) Module 2 Alumni Registration 1. Graduates can to...
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  • Strategic Management Accounting - 400 Words
    Help with accessing readings in ProQuest To access the readings, please click: Strategic management accounting readings (member login required) If you are experiencing issues please keep in mind the following Please note: Do not use your CPA Australia login and password on any other site apart from sites containing the CPA Australia website address (cpaaustralia.com.au). Internet security · Check your Internet security settings · Latest editions of internet security software should...
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  • Lab 2 - 514 Words
     Frantzy Senat Lab 2.2 Question 1 Which administrative user accounts can create a site? Contos/DomAdmin, contoso\EntAdmin, emea\EntAdmin, d. In the child domain, attempt to create a unique user account. Record the names of the accounts that can be used to create new users. Contoso\EntAdmins, emea\domadmin, & emea\entadmin d. Log off and log on as the EntAdmin user. Repeat steps 4b through 4c to determine whether the EntAdmin user has the ability to view and/or modify the schema....
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  • Lab 18 - 425 Words
    Lab 18 Troubleshooting Windows 7 Exercise 18.1 Troubleshooting Network ConnectivityOverview Rob calls the help desk to report that he cannot access any websites on the Internet. While he is still on the phone, you have him try to access a file on his departmental server. In both cases, his attempts fail. Troubleshoot Rob’s computer and determine why he is unable to access the network. The troubleshooting process will be completed when you are able to access the network using Rob’s...
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  • Process Entity Relationship V 1
    Introduction: The purpose of this matrix is to display the relationship between the business process and data used by it. It enables users to check which entities are used by which processes and how they are being used. Some processes are responsible for the creation of data and others may read, update or delete them. The application design transformer uses the process/entity usages to create the table usages. Convention C - Create, R -Read, U - Update, D - Delete List of Process/function in...
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  • Computer Science I.A. - 1887 Words
    Computer Science Unit 1: Fundamentals of Computer Science Computer Science Unit 1: Fundamentals of Computer Science Name: Alrick Isaacs Subject: Computer Science School: St. George’s College Teacher: Ms. Davis Registration#: 100107____ Territory: Jamaica, W.I. Introduction This Internal Assessment is a based on problem solving where the researcher has chosen a problem where the implementation of algorithms is used to find the solution....
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  • Authomated Clearance System - 3064 Words
    Chapter two 1. Introduction 1.1 Background Wollega University is one of the public higher educational institutions established at Nekemte in 2007. It is located 331 km West of Addis Ababa at the outskirt of Nekemte town on the 150 hectares of land surrounded by evergreen forest and natural scenery of landscape, and spectacular view of mount Komto. At present, the University runs 47 undergraduate and 5 graduate programs in three different campuses at Nekemte, Gimbi and Shambu...
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  • documentation - 1132 Words
    I. Introduction We all know that a market consists of buyers and sellers of some commodity. In this thesis, we assume the role of market operator. Our goal is to ensure that the market has certain desirable properties, which may include fairness, revenue maximization, and so on. We achieve these properties by designing rules for how buyers and sellers can perform transactions. We explore a range of new problems that have arisen from more modern markets. As a partial requirement...
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  • Does privacy actually exist online?
    This month, on November 11, 2013, Google is set to make a major change to their Terms of Service that will allow the company to use the user name and profile pictures of its Google Plus account members in reviews, advertising, and “other commercial contexts.” This, coupled with Facebook’s recent announcement that they are removing a setting that previously allowed users to be undiscoverable through their Graph Search, raises the question…does privacy actually exist online? In the case of...
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  • Introduction Id Monitoring System
    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND The introduction gives the background of the project and the rationale for conducting the study. A good introduction should: a. tell the background and b. show the rationale and justification of choosing the subject. 1.1 Introduction University of Caloocan City formerly Caloocan City Polytechnic College is a local university located in Gen. San Miguel St. Sangandaan Caloocan City. It was founded in 1971. It offers various courses that can...
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  • Amc Doc - 953 Words
    AMC Proposal System HCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD. All Rights Reserved. 1 User Manual Initial draft AMC Proposal System DOCUMENT NO: 1.1 VERSION: 1.1 CONTACT: HCL INFOSYSTEMS PLTD EMAIL: sdmishelp@hcl.com DATE: 03/01/12 AMC Proposal System HCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD. All Rights Reserved. 2 Accessing Link to Application: Screen No: 1 Click on AMC PROPOSAL link to go to AMC PROPOSAL Login Page. AMC Proposal System HCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD. All Rights Reserved. 3 Login...
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  • Feasibility Study for Airline Reservation
    Problem Definition The definition of our problem lies in a fully automated and a technical system which is updated with the tools of latest trend like the internet as compared to a manual system which is more prone to errors and sometimes where the approach to various problems is unstructured. Our main objectives: • • • • • • • Faster System Accuracy Reliability User-friendliness Informative Reservations and cancellations from any where to any place Best deals with...
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  • Web Design Developments - 329 Words
    Web Applications Development Task 1 Evidence of planning through storyboarding as part of the pre-design work (P2.1) Homepage For the colour theme of my site I have decided on the use of ‘baby blue’ and ‘white’. On my homepage (above) I will be keeping text short and sweet with images displaying some of my products and clever witty introductions to attract users to my site. I have went for the ‘less is more’ approach in the...
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  • Select Friends - 1218 Words
    Select Friends by Device Documentation › Select Friends by Device The Facebook SDK for iOS includes an FBFriendPickerViewController control object that makes it simple to add a friend selector to your app. The friend selector can filter the friends you display. You may want to restrict the friends that display to show only those with specific devices. As an example, you may want to target friends that use platforms you support for a subsequent invite to use your app. This article guides you...
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  • CEC Course Student Instructions
    Welcome to the Rasmussen College Experience Course (CEC)! Your next step in becoming a student at Rasmussen College is to complete the Rasmussen College Experience Course (CEC). You must complete the CEC within the five-day timeframe you selected and registered for upon applying to Rasmussen College, and you must score 80% in the CEC to enroll in your degree program courses. Your CEC will begin on 09/27/11 and end on 10/01/2011 You should plan to devote at least one hour per day to complete...
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  • The Importance of Network Security - 899 Words
    The importance of Network Security Networks are very vulnerable to many types of attacks. These can be mitigated but not prevented and it’s different for every single company. Network Security must have a specific goal for the enterprise that must be achieved. If your database contains thousands of credit card numbers, then authenticating and authorizing access to protected servers and protecting the whole network from all intrusion attempts is necessary. This is where security comes in....
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  • Srs of Student Academic Progress Management
    Object Oriented Analysis & DesignSoftware Requirement SpecificationStudent Academic Progress Module Project Team | Ahsan Ibrahim Virani 08-0023Saman Siddiqui 10-2002 | | | Table of Contents 1 Purpose 3 1.1 Introduction 3 1.2 Scope 3 1.3 Acronyms and Abbreviations 3 1.4 Intended Audiences 4 1.5 Stakeholders 4 2 Overall Description 5 2.1 Operating Environment 5 2.2 System Context Diagram 5 2.3 Functional Requirement/ Product...
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  • Bdodesk - 3454 Words
    Letter of Transmittal Nov 10, 2012. To Dr. Md. Quamruzzaman Chairman Department of ETE & EEE Southeast University, Bangladesh. Banani, Dhaka. Subject: Submission of Internship Report. Sir, I am pleased to submit here with the Internship report titled “Design Development and Implementation Of Inventory Management System ” It was a great pleasure to work as an intern with such an exciting department of a renowned IT Firm. The internship report has been accomplished as per the requirement of the...
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  • IBA rules and regs - 869 Words
    Dear Saad In order to apply for the alumni card, you need to login at the new IBA alumni website: www.alumni.iba.edu.pk Please update your profile, providing the required information, which will allow us to update the alumni records as well as allow the processing of the alumni card. User name: iz_saad@yahoo.com Password: 27XCO5692 Upon updation of your profile, the information will be automatically downloaded by the system. The following information is mandatory for receiving the...
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  • Inventory management system - 3997 Words
    Chapter I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING Introduction Technology is simultaneously advancing together with what internet offers. Many system made by programmers and companies are innovating people look and need them via internet. One click, thousands results, probably millions or ever billions of different system. One button press brings people to new discoveries and massive enjoyment. A sales and inventory system is a system that can handle a company data. With this system, company will not...
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  • NetflixPart5v3 - 5535 Words
     Table of Contents Introduction 4 Netflix 4 Analysis 4 Industry Segment 4 Products & Services 4 Market 5 Penetration of DVD Players 5 Digitization of Content 6 Organizational Structure 6 Five Forces Analysis 7 Value Chain 8 Balanced Scorecard 10 Software portfolio 10 Internal application for accurately predicting DVD demand 10 DVD Recognition System 11 Netflix Mobile – Redesigning the Netflix Mobile Site 11 Mobile Streaming 11 Portfolio Rationale 11 Software Engineering Process 11...
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  • Unit 1 Problem set 1
    Sure enough, we have all heard before how stress can actually drive people out of procrastination and inertia, and into achieving results. But, did you know that this claim only works if the pressure remains at a moderate amount? During the exams, it is easy for stress levels in children to escalate and spiral out of control as they might not know how to burn it off, except during play which they are going to get less of. Soon enough, you will find your kids suffering from weakened immune...
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  • Systems Analysis and Design - 558 Words
    The Nerd Shop Online Purchasing System IT6259 Assignment Table of Contents 1. Use Case Diagram 3 2. Brief Use Case Description 4 3. Full Use Case Description 5 4. Activity Diagram 7 5. System Sequence Diagram 9 1. Use Case Diagram 2. Brief Use Case Description Use Case Name | Create Account | Brief Description | Customer wants to access the Nerd Shop online shopping system which requires a log on. Customer opens web page, clicks create new account, fills in...
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  • Use Case Descriptions - 723 Words
    Use-Case Title: Log In Primary Actor: Customer Level: Kite (summary) Stakeholders: Customer, Recipient Precondition: Customer has application installed and internet connection Minimal Guarantee: Customer will be able to open application Success Guarantee: Customer will be able to log into account Trigger: Customer is able to access application Main Success Scenario: 1. Customer able to open application on device 2. Customer puts in credentials to log into application 3. Customer’s...
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  • Understand the Use of Electronic Message Systems
    Unit 207 “Understand the use of electronic message systems” 1.3 Explain the purpose of keeping an electronic message system up to date. The purpose of keeping an electronic message system up to date is that we know which messages we dealt with also to avoid miscommunication. It also allows you to have more clear view at other messages. For example every day when I’m coming to work I’m checking my emails and as soon as I reply or finish reading and it’s not important I will remove it...
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  • Enrollment System Documentation - 1814 Words
    STUDENT ENROLLMENT SYSTEM FOR HOLY FAMILY HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTED TO ENGR. RUDOLFO DOROMAL JR. PRESENTED BY SIMPLE, TRICIA MARIE VERDE, DINNEV VILLANUEVA, RUTH YBANEZ, MA. ALTHEA MARCH 2011 Acknowledgement The researchers would like to acknowledge the participation of the faculty, registrar and principal of Holy Family High School. The researchers would also like to extend their gratitude to the respondents during the data gathering. The researchers would like to...
    1,814 Words | 7 Pages
  • britanica - 473 Words
     Britannica School Online How to use Britannica Britannica School Online - Student http://school.eb.co.uk/storeschoolcard?id=stonyhurstcoll This can be accessed from school or home. The link for this website can be found on the Channels area in the middle of the library catalogue front page. Enter ID number The ID number is the school initials followed by your school number: For example: sc1111 You can then choose to search in...
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  • Is3340 Unit 1 Adding Active Directory
    Ronnie Roland IS3340 Unit 1 Assignment 1 IS3340 Windows Security Unit 1 Assignment 1: Adding Active Directory 1. Currently, system administrators create Ken 7 users in each computer where users need access. In the Active Directory, where will system administrators create Ken 7 users? Open Active Directory Users and Computers. In the console tree, right-click the folder in which you want to add a user account. Point to New, and then click User. In First name, type the user's first name. In...
    301 Words | 2 Pages
    Systems Analysis and Design Details Overview of the Proposed System Writing report cards for students is an overwhelming experience for novice and experienced teachers. Reports cards are usually done three times a year in elementary schools and 3-4 times for high school students. Teachers must evaluate and record student’s marks and then decide on honest comments in regards to the student’s weaknesses and strengths. Teachers are often given limited space for commences and their comments...
    860 Words | 5 Pages
  • result and conclusion - 1109 Words
    CHAPTER 4 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION The content of this chapter presents, analyzes and interprets the findings of the study. The proponents have provided a series of questionnaires for correspondents to answer regarding the researchers’ system the evaluation sheet serves as a guideline on how the system is functioning. The researchers’ provided a brief description of the system in which preliminary functions was discuss, as well as the project overview that consist of the parts of the...
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  • Museum Information System Assignment
    Abu Dhabi University | Museum Information system Assignment | | 12/26/2011 | Noun Extraction: * Concise Problem Definition The system that provide two interfaces: one that interact with visitor with less privileges and the other one that interact with staff (admin) with more privileges. * Informal Strategy The main interface that provides two options either click on GIUDE or START. If visitor clicks on GIUDE option, help tools (PDF, pictures and videos) will...
    312 Words | 2 Pages
    Program Analysis and Project Planning Of Student Mark Analyzing System Ajanta of contents 1. 2. 3. 4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PROJECT SCOPE,OBJECTIVE ,DELIVERABLES COST AND BUDGET MANAGEMENT SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT ( MILESTONES AND WORKCONTROL) 5. RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN 6. PROJECT CONTROLS AND REPORTING PLAN 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of this report is to describe about the logical and systematical functions of Student Mark Analyzing System. This system will have two breed of users...
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  • Airasia - 2401 Words
    Part I: Introduction 1.1 Web Stationery In our business we provided an online stationery business to consist selling and buying services. In our website user can found our product such as bag, paper accessories, office stationery, files and other product. In ours websaite, we has many button at navigation side such as home page button, categories page button, contact us page button, about us page button, sign in and logout button for user login, register and logout. At...
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  • Thesis - 1033 Words
    Chapter 1: The Problem (Rationale and It’s Background) I. INTRODUCTION II. BACKGROUND OF THE STORY a. Narrative b. Process Flow i. The flow of the Tipness Gym which is in registering the customers who work out in their facility. They are using logbook for registration which is no proper security for their records, the customers just logging in writing their names and logged in time. The proposed system is having a biometric scanner which can be easily identify a...
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  • Step Action Win UFO
     Win-UFO (Ultimate Forensics Outflow)! It is better to be Proactive, then Reactive! Win-UFO is designed in two folds. One it has a detailed reporting built in. This is designed for Law Enforcement and the details they have to keep up with while conducting an investigation. Two it has a built in choice to skip the reporting as parents do not need to care about detail reporting. They only care what their children are doing online. So parents can easily skip this feature and get to...
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  • nt1330 unit 7 assinment1
    TO: Business Manager FROM: IT Consultant I can understand how you concerned with your company’s security after all information on competitors can be invaluable or very harmful to a company and this is why it must be protected from prying eyes. This does not have to mean that you have to lose production over trying to secure your networks information. An easy measure like user names and passwords can be used to protect less sensitive information but how strong you make those usernames and...
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  • NT1230 Chapter 9 10 And 11
    Michael Henry NT1230 Chapter 9,10,11 Chapter 9, 10, and 11. Chapter 9 Authentication: The process of verifying that the identity of the person operating the computer matches that of the user account the person is using to gain access. Authorization; The process of granting an authorized user a specific degree of access. Active Directory: Permissions are user based. Users Rights: are specific O.S. Tasks, such as shut down or allow log in through terminal services. Local and domain users:...
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  • From Idea to App Store
    703 Words | 14 Pages
  • alumni portal - 343 Words The EVENT Entity Figure 5.2 EVENT Entity The EVENT entity contains all the information that forms an event. The attributes of the EVENT entity are: index, which is also the primary key, type, description, title, and a compound attribute time. The time has four attributes: Hour, Minutes, Month and Day. The EVENT entity does not have a relation to any other entity of the database. Preconditions The user needs to be logged in to the system. Postconditions A list of names matching...
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  • Bir Etin Job Aides
    Bureau of Internal Revenue Enhanced eTIN External Users Job Aid (Employer Authorized Users) Version 3.0 Table of Contents DOCUMENT EDITING CONTROL .................................................................................................................................................................................................. 3 ACKNOWLEDGMENT...
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  • 333sdfds - 254 Words
    9/14/2014 Hong Leong Bank Connect Malaysia OVERVIEW Home Pay & Transact Welcome LIM SOO CHIN Last login on 14 September 2014, 11:31 AM PAY & TRANSACT MESSAGE MY STATEMENT 18 LOGOUT OTHER SERVICES View History Transaction Type Interbank GIRO (IBG) Reference Number 298666 Payment Reference Number IBGRIBPBB2014091450085 Transaction Status Accepted for Processing Transaction Date, Time 14-Sep-2014 11:40:37 From 153-50-60589-9...
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  • P2P Cycle - 542 Words
    542 Words | 5 Pages
  • System Design Specification - 11530 Words
    CHAPTER 4 SYSTEM DESIGN SPECIFICATION System Overview Nowadays, the very basic requirement of a school is to upgrade its technology where almost every school has made to support their abilities to make the best out of those resources. In this manner, the teacher needs to corporate it through keeping the records from which the school builds up on their record section. However, managing and securing the student records during enrollment is quite difficult task considering the ratio...
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  • 30 Things British People Say Vs What We
    30 Things British People Say Vs What We Actually Mean. #9 Is Perfect. Iamasdaman http://www.tickld.com/funny/t/936330 4 months ago Trending now on Tickld Next Time Someone Says Women Aren't Victims Of Harassment, Show Them This. ME SIGN IN FAVS ALL FUNNY PIC ASK GIF ART MEME SCIENCE FEELS CUTE GAMING BOOKS SMSG SPOOKY LGBT SIGN UP TICKR https://twitter.com/SoVeryBritish The Very British Problems book is out now on Amazon and at Waterstones. Share this with your friends...
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  • hello - 505 Words
    Quick Start Using Windows XP to Upload Your Site Using Windows XP to Upload Your Site Using Windows XP Network Places as Your FTP Client This article briefly describes what an FTP client is and how to use Windows XP Network Places to upload your Web site to your hosting account. Windows XP comes with a network manager that you can use as an FTP client. You use an FTP client to transfer your Web site from your local computer to your hosting account. This transfer is often referred to...
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  • Steps - 1343 Words
    Set up Users (Owner, controller and Administrator) with appropriate Virsa roles – Atlas Security The following users need to be set up with default virsa roles. User Name | Default Virsa Roles | Administrator | VIRSA/Z_VFAT_ADMINISTRATOR | Owner | /VIRSA/Z_VFAT_ID_OWNER | Controller | /VIRSA/Z_VFAT_ID_CONTROLLER | Fire Fighter | /VIRSA/Z_VFAT_FIREFIGHTER- | Role-based or ID-based firefighting?????????????? 1. Firefighter id list. Firefighter ID users as type Service a....
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  • Srs for Attendance Management - 1429 Words
    Attendance Management System Project Report On “Attendance Management System” International School of Informatics and Management Sector-12,Mahaveer Marg, Mansarover, Jaipur Submitted By:|Guided By| 1.|Saurabh Kumar Jain|Mr. Vijay Gupta| 2.|Uma Joshi|Assistant Professor,| 3. Bhupesh Kumar Sharma|IIIM, Jaipur.| Team Number:-15|| ||1| Attendance Management System CERTIFICATE...
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  • Hospital: User and Well-organized Patient Billing
    CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Billing System is a combination of a software application and a database designed to take customer information regarding charges made to that customer. Billing system will process and calculate into the invoice which one can receive either by post. The proposed system was created to perform such functions. The system will provide a well-organized patient billing system that will greatly affect the hospital such as billing policies and price rates. Computerization is a...
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  • Srs of Library Management - 5489 Words
    | |Software Requirements Specification | For A-Flex Automated Library Management System Version 1.2 Prepared by A-FLEX Group |Jude Marlon B. Alegro |111694 |judemarlonalegroport@yahoo.com | |Arnel G. Abagua |082198 |arnelgabaneabagua@yahoo.com...
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  • Spmp - 770 Words
    ​PROJECT PROPOSAL ​ Company Name: Harward International College Company Description: Harward International College strives to offer affordable and high quality education in a friendly environment. We believe in Power of Knowledge and Individual can get Supreme Power through his acquired knowledge. Simply in few words "Knowledge is Power Supreme". Address: Level 9, 14 queens Rd, St.kilda, victoria 3004 Website: www.harward.vic.edu.au Direct Contact: Muhammed Asim Khan Contact...
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  • Project List - 866 Words
    List of Project Topics for CEN4010 – Software Engineering I 1. Help Desk Computer Support This is a help desk for servicing computer parts (CD-Rom, Hard-drive, Floppy, etc.). This system will provide a way for customers to request the repair of computer parts and allow them to view the status of all items being serviced. There are 3 types of users that are allowed to logon to the system. The first type of users is a regular customer, who is allowed to view the status of all computer parts that...
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  • Software Requirements Specification - 6086 Words
     On-line Video Rental System Requirements Specification 1. Project Overview Computer usage and Internet access has become a common figure of many people’s daily lives, and more people are connecting themselves to Internet from home or other places. Because of this, shopping on-line has become easier than ever. Customers will not need to wait until the store open to buy a book, rent a car, or even get their grocery. Based on this idea, we propose to develop an...
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  • Water Supply and Project Team
    INTRODUCTION Modern Technology is one of the main reasons why most of business transactions today are easier. Thru the use of computer system, we can make exact and consistent reports, billing, monitoring, and many more. One of the best examples is a billing and payment system for a billing and payment transaction. It will help a lot to focus on customer bills, monitoring on customer info, paying of bills and producing an adequate weekly or monthly billing and payment report. Using a...
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  • CIS 470 Requirements TeamB 1
    CIS 470 Project Requirements Specification Team: B Team Members: R. Decker, M.Dent, M.Gonzalez, J.Romanelli Date: May 11, 2007 Project Title Williams Specialty Company(WSC) eCommerce Web Site 1. System Overview To create an E-commerce site providing outreach services, displaying the companies catalog, and taking customer orders through a web portal. A customer can only order one item per form however they can make as many orders as they like. 2. Methodology Description For this project our...
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  • Database - 1425 Words
    Auto parts System A Project Proposal Presented to the Department of Computer Science University of San Carlos Cebu City, Philippines __________________________ This is the Fulfillment Of the Requirements of the Subject ICT 136 Database System 2 ___________________________ By Amores, Ren Mark Cenia, Resti Angelo Damole, Michael Ferrer, Jodie Magale, Junel Tegio, Eda 1.0 Project Description 1.1 Project Name: Rene Marketing and Auto Parts System 1.2 Project Team:...
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  • Notice031 - 311 Words
    Beauvoir Regis 21229 HILLSIDE AVE QUEENS VLG, NY 11427-1803 December 1, 2013 Account ID: AC0000372177 Dear Beauvoir Regis, Welcome to the New York Marketplace. This letter confirms that you have chosen to receive all information from the New York Marketplace electronically. This means that all important notifications will be sent to your Marketplace account. We will notify you of any new information via text message, email, or other electronic communication. We will not include any confidential...
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  • Ssc Paper - 873 Words
    PRE-ADMISSION FORM Acknowledgement K.J.SOMAIYA JUNIOR COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND COMMERCE 2013-2014 Congratulations! Your Pre-Admission form is successfully submitted. Submission Date : 09/07/2013 19:31 Online Application No. | : 202244 | Course | : HSC | Class | : XI SCIENCE | Category | : OPEN | | Board | : MAHARASHTRA S.S.C BOARD | | Previous Stream | : SSC / CLASS 10TH | | Year of Passing | : 2013 | | | Previous marks Seat No. | : 240994...
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  • Accessing The Online Unix Server
    Accessing The Online UNIX Server Student Accounts Student accounts for ground and online classes are created by the IT Helpdesk to grant access to the UNIX server and Oracle application, allowing students to complete lab assignments. The IT Helpdesk endeavors to send a copy of the accounts to the Campus Dean, Academic Assistant, LRC Manager, and the professor (if known) 7 days prior to the start of the quarter. In the event an instructor is not known or changes, the Campus Dean, Academic...
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  • Random Shi - 592 Words
    Lab 18 Troubleshooting Windows 7 This lab contains the following exercises and activities: Exercise 18.1 Troubleshooting Network Connectivity Exercise 18.2 Troubleshooting Disk Access Exercise 18.3 Troubleshooting Shared Folders Exercise 18.4 Troubleshooting Logon Problems NOTE: THIS LAB IS DESIGNED TO BE USED IN A CLASSROOM SETTING WITH AN INSTRUCTOr PRESENT TO PROVIDE THE VARIOUS SCENARIOS TO THE STUDENTS. tHE VIRTUAL MACHINES PROVIDED ARE NOT CURRENTLY CONFIGURED FOR THESE...
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