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  • Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership Organization
    Introduction This is a report that shows a comparison between both Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership organization and to advise Mr. Tan on the business organization that is more likely to fit his needs for setting up a new consulting business. For this particular project, our group assumed that Mr. Tan used to be an accountant working for a big accounting firm and is now looking to set up a small accounting consultancy business. 1 Process Required to Setup Business...
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  • Limited Liability Company and Partnership
    Limited Liability Company and Partnership Jasamine L. Stephens Finance for Decision Making FIN/419 October 10, 2011 Maria Johnson  Limited Liability Company and Partnership Every business venture begins with a dream and a basic idea. Beginning a business is a decision that must be made by first deciding what type of entity to establish. There are several factors that need to be decided such as will the new business have one or multiple owners. The most common forms of a...
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  • Limited Liability Partnership - 5729 Words
    Limited Liability Partnership Limited Liability Partnership entities, the world wide recognized form of business organization has been introduced in India by way of Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. A There are no sources in the current document.Limited Liability Partnership, popularly known as LLP combines the advantages of both the Company and Partnership into a single form of organization. In an LLP one partner is not responsible or liable for another partner's misconduct or...
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  • Limited Liability Partnership - 686 Words
    Introduction There are many different forms of business entities available, a recent one being limited liability partnerships (LLP), created by the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2000 (LLPA). This act came into force on the 6th of April 2001. As, LLP’s have qualities similar to partnerships, they are seen as a hybrid between a partnership and a company. An LLP is a ‘corporate body’ with ‘separate legal personality’, distinct from its members. Members enjoy limited liability and are not...
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  • Limited Liability Corporation and Partnership Paper
    Running Head: Limited Liability Corporation and Partnership Paper Limited Liability Corporation and Partnership Paper University of Phoenix Michael Charley FIN/419 - FINANCE FOR DECISION MAKING Finance 05/17/2011 - 06/20/2011 Instructor: TONY MOSES In today’s economy there are many decisions business owners have to make in order for their business to sustain and grow. With that being said, business owners are now looking at the operations and structure of their business more...
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  • Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008
    A to Z of Limited Liability Partnership A. INTRODUCTION The concept of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in India is viewed as an alternative corporate business vehicle that provides the benefits of limited liability and also allows its members the flexibility of organizing their internal structure as a partnership based on a mutually arrived agreement. The revised Bill received the assent of the President of India on 7, January 2009. LLP is a body corporate formed and incorporated...
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  • Limited Liability Partnership as a Hybrid Business Organization
    The limited liability partnership; A hybrid of two different forms of business organizations – the partnership and the company. The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) was introduced as a new business entity in Singapore in 2005. Its definition under S14 of the Limited Liability Partnership Act (LLPA) shares a resemblance to S1 of the Partnership Act (PA): it comprises of two or more persons carrying on a lawful business in view of profit upon registration with the Accounting and Corporate...
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  • Limited Liability Partenership - 716 Words
    Executive Summary |Anglo-American was the first to establish a system of Limited Liability Partnership. Its purpose was to solve the conflict | |between the continually expanding professional service organizations and unlimited joint liability. In 2006, newly revised the | |"Law of the People’s Republic of China on Enterprise Partnership" referenced this system, referred to as "special general | |partnership". This new organization blocked the unlimited joint liability among...
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  • The Limited Liability Company - 459 Words
    THE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY A popular form of business, especially with small businesses, is the hybrid form of business, the limited liability company (LLC) or a limited liability partnership (LLP), which combine the best features of a partnership and a corporation. In 1988, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ruled that the LLC may be treated as a partnership for tax purposes, while retaining its limited liability for its owners. Since this ruling, every state has passed legislation...
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  • Fin 419 Limited Liability Corporation
    Limited Liability Corporation and Partnership FIN419 - Finance for Decision Making Date Instructor’s name Limited Liability Corporation and Partnership Paper Limited Liability Corporation and limited liability partnership are two of several types of structures that individuals can give thought to forming when starting a business. To form a corporation each member has limited liability, but the corporation has full liability. Forming a partnership requires at least two people, which...
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  • Partnership - 3848 Words
    Chapter # 03 Partnership Q-1 Define Partnership and explain the features of Partnership? Ans. A partnership is the relationship existing between two or more persons who join to carry on a trade or business. Each person contributes money, property, labor or skill, and expects to share in the profits and losses of the business. A partnership must file an annual information return to report the income, deductions, gains, losses, etc., from its operations, but it does not pay income tax....
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  • Corporation and Partnership - 2171 Words
    Chapter 10 Quizzes Salta Company installs a manufacturing machine in its factory at the beginning of the year at a cost of $87,000. The machine’s useful life is estimated to be 5 years, or 400,000 units of product, with a $7,000 salvage value. During its second year, the machine produces 84,500 units of product. Determine the machines’ second year depreciation under the units of production method: Answer: $16,900 Cost-Salvage Value/Total units of production (87,000 – 7,000)/400,000 = .2...
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  • Partnership and Llp - 5791 Words
    Institute of law Nirma University A Research Project On: “Comparative analysis of “limited liability partnership act 2008” with respect to “partnership act 1932” Submitted to: sub mitted by: Prof. Nizam Khan Abhijeet Dubey Asst. Prof. of Law ILNU 11BBL022 Acknowledgement I would like to thank my...
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  • Nature of Partnerships - 933 Words
     Nature of Partnerships Nature of Partnerships When starting a business, it can be with a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or as a company. A partnership is the most popular and the easiest to form. Partnerships combine individual talents and skills together for a hopefully successful business enterprise venture. Man has realized that it is easier to do something with the help of others than singly. Partners, also, provide a greater chance of obtaining equity capital...
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  • Business Partnership Disadvantages. - 2028 Words
    Business Partnership Disadvantages • Business partners are jointly and individually liable for the actions of the other partners. • Profits must be shared with others. You have to decide on how you value each other’s time and skills. What happens if one partner can put in less time due to personal circumstances? • Since decisions are shared, disagreements can occur. A partnership is for the long term, and expectations and situations can change, which can lead to dramatic and traumatic split...
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     Chapter 10 Partnerships: Formation, Operation, and Basis Lecture Notes SUMMARY OF CHANGES IN THE CHAPTER The following are notable changes in the chapter (and these Lecture Notes) from the 2013 Edition. For major changes, see the Preface to the Instructor’s Edition of the text. News Boxes Updated Tax in the News titled Trends in Partnership Usage. Updated Tax in the News titled LLC Members Not Automatically Treated as Passive. The Big Picture – Why use a...
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  • what are sole traders and partnerships
    What are Sole Traders and Partnerships All About? Choosing the correct legal structure for your business is very important as it can affect your liability levels and how much taxation you have to pay. Let’s have a look at two of the more common structures: Sole traders and Partnerships. Every since losing his battle between good and evil, Darth had been looking for a new career move. He finally decided to set up his own small business. SOLE TRADER A Sole...
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  • partnerships and sole traders - 667 Words
    A partnership is formed where a business is started and owned by more than one person. In each case, a legal document called a Partnership Agreement sets out how the partnership is run, covering areas such as: • How profits are to be shared • What the partners have to invest into the business • How decisions are taken • What happens if a partner wants to leave or dies The partners between them own all the business assets and owe all business liabilities. Partners, therefore, also...
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  • articles of co-partnership - 1397 Words
    Articles Of Co-Partnership Articles of agreement made and concluded this 1st day January, 2013, by and between Jerryl Therese Ang, Kristine Rose Fusingan, Marionne Edrienne Olaso and Jennilyn Poquiz: Article I. - That the parties hereto have agreed to and do by these presents become partners under the firm name and style of The Omnibooze Company with the principal office and place of business located in Quezon City. Article II. - The purpose and business of said partnership shall be the...
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  • Features of Partnership Firms - 483 Words
    Economics – Features of Partnership Firms There are different forms of business organizations and a partnership firm is one among such organizations. Partnership is the relationship between two or more persons who have agreed to share the profits of the business carried on by all or any one or more of them acting for all. The following are the characteristics or features of any partnership firm: 1. Contract: It is formed on voluntary basis by means of an agreement agreed between two or...
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  • Case Study Partnership - 360 Words
    QUESTION 1 In term of legal form, they have a general partnership which created when two or more persons or corporations decide to associate for the purpose of carrying on business under one business name. Liability for debts and responsibilities of the Partnership can be apportioned evenly between all partners (a 'general' partnership) or unevenly between a main partner and a number of limited or junior partners (a 'limited' partnership). There is no requirement for a written or formal...
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  • Indian Partnership Act 1932
    Indian Partnership Act 1932  Presenter Pankaj Rao B.Com ( Honours ) II Semester Content         Definition of Partnership Essentials element of partnership. Kinds of partners Types of partnership Rights of partner Partnership Deed Difference Between Partnership firm and Company Definition of partnership ( Acc. to Partnership Act 1932 )  “ Partnership is the relation between persons who have agreed to share the profits of a business carried on by all or any one of them acting...
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  • Private Limited companies - 536 Words
     By – Kajol Vaswani Business Project Private Limited Companies A private limited company is a voluntary association of not less than two and not more than fifty members, whose liability is limited, the transfer of whose shares is limited to its members and who is not allowed to invite the general public to subscribe to its shares or debentures. Ownership Control Ownership of a company rests with the shareholders. One share equals one vote, which implies an equal share in...
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  • PARTNERSHIP DEED Car Diagnostics Clinic
     PARTNERSHIP DEED FOR VEHICLE DIAGNOSTICS CLINIC VEHICLE DIAGNOSTICS CLINIC DEED OF PARTNERSHIP _____________________________________________________________________________ DEED OF PARTNERSHIP Deed of Partnership entered into by and between:- Evans Murevi (born 14 June 1978) Of 19 Melrose,Marlbrough Harare Zimbabwe. Stanley Shamido (born ………) of No. …………….. Harare, Zimbabwe WHERE AS the Parties here wish to enter into business in partnership as Motor...
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  • Financial Report for Sole Traders and Partnerships
    MUHAMMAD ALI Sole traders: According to Peterson and Plowman : “ As sole proprietorship is a business unit whose ownership and management are vested in one person. This individual assumes all risk of loss and failure of the enterprise and receives all profits from its successful operation”. A sole trader describes any business that is owned and controlled by one person, although they may employ workers, e.g. a newsagent's shop. Individuals who provide a specialist service like hairdressers,...
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  • Personal Management Case: A Business Partnership Gone Bad
    Winter 2011 Personal Management Case: A Business Partnership Gone Bad By DeEsta L . Crenshaw Writing Assignment: Personal Management Case March 07, 2011 La Verne University Personal Management...
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  • Whether Facebook Can Benefit from the Changing Between Private Limited Company to Public Limited Company
    Facebook is a social net working service, which is started in the United States by Mark Zuckerberg with his friends in 2004. The website's membership was initially limited by the founders to Harvard students, but was expanded to other colleges, and gradually globalization. In 2012, the fonder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg decide to convert the structure of Facebook from private limited company to public limited company. Facebook values shares at £24 each, and that its shares would began trading...
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  • BLAW 308 Ch 37 PowerPoint 1
    8 0 3 W BLA 7 3 r e t p a Ch erg b d l o G r o s s e f o Pr Partnerships have existed for thousands of DETAILS: years. partnership can be created with no formalities, its partners are managers, partners are fiduciaries, partners have unlimited liability, and partners share profits and losses Example Two students agree to buy basketball tickets, to resell them (scalping), and to share the profits. They may not intend to create a partnership, but they have. If one of the students has a bad...
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  • KPMG Majestic Hotels Appendix A Work Paper Template
    Case Study: Majestic Hotels, Inc. Using Analytical Procedures as Substantive Tests By Frank A. Buckless and D. Scott Showalter, NC State University Appendix A -- Sleeping Room Revenue Work Paper Template Brickman & Joyner, CPAs Room Revenue Analytical Client Period-end Majestic Hotels, Inc. December 31, 2011 Prepared by Date W/P reference R-10 Purpose To obtain sufficient appropriate audit evidence that sleeping room revenues exist, are complete, and are accurate. Procedures To test...
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  • Unit 2 the bussiness of travel and tourism
    Date: Friday 26th September 2014 Submission Date: Tuesday 30th September 2014 Unit 2: The Business of Travel and Tourism 2.1: The travel and tourism business environment The Public Sector The public sector consists of regulatory bodies, conservation groups and public sector organisation which are funded by local, regional and central government, . A good example of a localy funded organisation would be Dover's local tourist information centre, controlled and funded by Dover...
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  • ACC565 Week 6 Discussion 1 and 2 1
     ACC565 Week 6 Discussion 1 and 2 Name Course University 5/14/2014 Discussion 1 "Partnership Tax Year" Please respond to the following: The IRC restricts the choices for a partnership‘s tax year to prevent the deferral of tax. This causes most partnerships to adopt a calendar year for tax reporting. From the e-Activity, create a scenario using a fiscal tax year which allows a partnership to defer taxes that meet the requirements of Sections 706 and 444 of the IRC. Suggest at least...
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  • Tourism within public/private sector
    1.2 Advantages and Disadvantages of private/public sector partnership. Introduction The effective management of tourism at destination level can only truly be achieved through partnership, due to the number and complexity of stakeholders. For a long time, national and local governments have talked about partnership as a means to increase joined-up thinking and public/private sector involvement. The tourism sector, because of the nature of the work in engaging the private sector and working...
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  • Accounting, Warren, Reeve, Duchac CH 12 - solutions
    CHAPTER 12 ACCOUNTING FOR PARTNERSHIPS AND LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. a. Proprietorship: Ease of formation and nontaxable entity. b. Partnership: Expanded owner expertise and capital, nontaxable entity, and moderate complexity of formation. c. Limited liability company: Limited liability to owners, expanded access to capital, nontaxable entity, and moderate complexity of formation. 2. The disadvantages of a partnership are that its life is...
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  • Corporation and Large Minimum Investments
    Q1-1 If you bought a share of stock, what would you expect to receive, when would you expect to receive it, and would you be certain that your expectations would be met? If managers make good decisions, its stock price will increase; however, if its managers make bad decisions, the stock price will decrease. Management's goal should be to make decisions designed to maximize the stock's price. Shareholder Wealth Maximization: The primary goal for managers of publicly owned companies implies...
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  • Corporation and Equity Participation - 1818 Words
    (a) “Nemawashi” is an agricultural metaphor. The idea is that before a farmer plants a seed, he should prepare the roots and the soil, so that the seed has the best chance of survival. It is a political process by which an unofficial understanding is reached before a final decision is made on a particular matter. “Nemawashi” is Bottom-up style decision making (middle management has the greatest influence on decision making). The Japanese are primarily concerned with harmoniously working out...
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  • Mad Food Sdn Bhd
     Mad Food Sdn Bhd (MF) has 50 members and has a market capitalization of RM5 million. The board of directors is desirous of converting MF into a limited liability partnership (LLP). The reasons are that MF is not very profitable, it is getting very costly to operate as a body corporate with a small capital and MF is restricted by its objects clause to pursue other business opportunities. iii. MF was advised that a partnership must not have more than 20 partners all of which must be...
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  • ENTRY MODE - 1013 Words
    b) The Use of Entry Mode- Joint Venture Joint venture is two or more firms join together to create a new business entity that combine their technology, experience, resources, financial, skills and others. Create a statement and proposal to form a joint venture A foreign company should know the reasons to form a joint venture into India. The foreign company should set up a clearly vision, mission and goals for enter another country market. You will know the particular of finding a partner...
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  • main competitor - 360 Words
     There are 3 main competitors for Jawbone Up device. But there are 12 competitors in total. Fitbit - 36 patent DirectLife - 24 patent BodyMedia - 23 patent DigiFit - 1 patent Life Microscope - Adidas MiCoach Pacer - Nike+ - 49634 patent Valencell - 7 patents Basis Band - Shine - 20472 patents Larklife - 1 patent Motorola MotoActv - Legal regulations. i) What are we going to be if we colabarate with Jawbone:- Limited liability partnership Why? Because we are building...
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  • The Cpa Profession - 748 Words
    Auditing Lecture Notes- Chapter Two The CPA Profession 14e Vignette Discussion- CPA Firms – 4 Types (Table 2-1…… 26) 1. Big Four 2. National 3. Regional 4. Large Local Major Activities of these firms * accounting and bookkeeping * taxes * consulting Six Organizational Structures p. 29 1. Proprietorship 2. General Partnership 3. General Corporation 4. Professional Corporation 5. Limited Liability Company 6. Limited Liability Partnership...
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  • Cross 9e TBB Ch18
    Chapter 18 Limited Liability Business Forms N.B.: TYPE indicates that a question is new, modified, or unchanged, as follows. N A question new to this edition of the Test Bank. + A question modified from the previous edition of the Test Bank. = A question included in the previous edition of the Test Bank. true/false questions 1. A limited liability company is a citizen of every state of which their members are citizens. ANSWER: T PAGES: Section 1 TYPE: + BUSPROG: Analytic AICPA:...
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  • Outline the various available forms of business structure and outline their respective advantages and disadvantages
    Outline the various available forms of business structure and outline their respective advantages and disadvantages. There are a number of possible business structures and which is the most appropriate will depend on the individual circumstances of the business concerned. A sole trader is the most straightforward model as there are few formalities in setting up. An individual trades independently under his/her own name. This individual makes all the important decisions, is responsible for...
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  • Case Study 6 JKL
    PUTRA BUSINESS SCHOOL GSM 5131 – Business Law & Ethics Lecturer: Dr Tengku Naufal Tengku Mansor Case Study 6 JKL Wedding Bridal Gallery Jack, Kenny and Lenny were partners in JKL Wedding Bridal Gallery (JKL) since three (3) years ago, having their business in Serdang Raya. To expand their business, Kenny, the managing partner ordered a brand new of 30 pair of bridal clothes and accessories worth RM80,000-00 from Jai Pong Brides Couture. Kenny had been financially assisted from Bank Berniaga...
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  • Calder vs Jones: a Case of Jurisdiction
    Abstract The following paper touches on two separate business scenarios, the start up of a professional practice, and the opening and expanding of an extermination business. Throughout the paper readers will learn what type of business is most beneficial for the different companies, what laws and regulations play a part during set up and operation, and how risks should be analyzed. Readers will also see and understand how complex hiring decisions should be evaluated and what types...
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  • Nerd - 3227 Words
    Partnership Advantages and Disadvantages There are distinct partnership advantages and disadvantages. Before going into partnership advantages and disadvantages and especially before starting a partnership, let's first define "partnerships" and make sure we know how they operate. The particular rules about partnerships lead to the partnership advantages and disadvantages. Partnerships Defined and Explained A partnership is an agreement between two or more people to finance and operate a...
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  • Acc 407 Advanced Accounting
    Accounting for Partnerships In the business world, there are different types of businesses can be classified into various forms of ownership. Some of those forms are a corporation, sole proprietorship, and a partnership. The form I will be discussing in this paper is called a partnership. A partnership is when two or more people own and operate in a business which also takes part of the responsibility. Our text says that “Partnerships are a popular form of business because they are easy to form...
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  • Kpmg Case Study - 962 Words
    Using Analytical Procedures as Substantive Tests By Frank A. Buckless and D. Scott Showalter, NC State University Case Study: Majestic Hotels, Inc. Case Study: Majestic Hotels, Inc. Using Analytical Procedures as Substantive Tests By Frank A. Buckless and D. Scott Showalter, NC State University BACKGROUND Majestic Hotels, Inc., a privately-held company, has four hotels located in Charleston, South Carolina; Asheville, North Carolina; Savannah, Georgia; and West Palm Beach, Florida...
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  • Dissolution and Winding Up - 1181 Words
    DISSOLUTION AND WINDING UP DISSOLUTION - change in the relation of the partners caused by any partner ceasing to be associated in the carrying on of the business; partnership is not terminated but continues until the winding up of partnership affairs is completed WINDING UP - process of settling the business or partnership affairs after dissolution CAUSES OF DISSOLUTION: 1. Without violation of the agreement between the partners a. By termination of the definite term/ particular...
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  • Credit Control Policy - 8281 Words
    Credit Control Contents Why should you have an effective credit control policy? What should your credit policy contain? How can you assess what a customer is worth? Why should your customer’s identity be important? Limited liability partnerships. Confusion over trading names Business Names Act 1985 How do you assess your customer’s credit risk? Why should data protection be important? Who is protected by the Data Protection Act? How does the Act apply? How should you get consent? Grey areas How...
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  • Identify the Three Main Types of Business Organisations Recognised in Scots Law.
    1 Identify the three main types of business organisations recognised in Scots law. A. Sole trader The most popular style of small business enterprise, it’s simple to set up and does not require any formalities. Sole trader often is a one person who manages and owns the company. They take all the profits, but must also include all losses. Indeed, if the only operator becomes insolvent personal assets may be used to satisfy creditors, such as a house, car, etc. They are personally...
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  • Business Structure Characteristics. Whitbread Structure Analysis
    The following report consists of two parts; PART A identifies Whitbread’s main business information users (or, stakeholders), based on the information provided on their website. In contrast, PART B analyses different types of business structures and determines the pros and cons of Whitbread being a PLC. Tables and bulleting are used throughout the text to convey a vast volume of information in the given scope. -PART A- 1. MAIN BUSINESS INFORMATION USERS AND THEIR NEEDS – KEY WHITBREAD’S...
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  • Im jesssss - 687 Words
    QUESTION 2 “Limited Liability Partnership is an alternative vehicle to carry out business which combines the characteristics of a private company and a conventional partnership.” From the above statement, discuss the concept of conventional partnership and Limited Liability Partnership. Distinguish LLP with conventional partnership and company. Partnership is a business owned by two or more persons but not more than 20 persons. Identity card name cannot be used as business name. It is...
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  • Business Types - 414 Words
    For this given situation, the organization I would have to recommend is a LLC or Limited Liability Company. You have many concerns when it comes to your company and adding investors so this should be a good fit for you. Some of the things you were concerned about were being held completely liable for the actions of the employees or the company and longevity of the company. You were also concerned about your personal assets, keeping control of your company, expanding, taxes, and switching to an...
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  • Company Law - 2246 Words
    Company Law – An Introduction Unit Code: DE5H 35 Outcome 1 Melissa Mackenna-500006315 Context Within this report you will find: 1.1. Introduction 1.2. Terms of Reference 1.3. Sole Traders 1.4. Partnerships 1.5. Corporate Bodies 1.5.1. Private Limited Companies 1.5.2. Public Limited Companies 1.6. Conclusion 1.7. Recommendations 1.8. Appendix 1.1. Introduction The aim of this report is to: Describe the differences in legal personalities and responsibilities...
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  • Important of equal opportunity - 3633 Words
    Task 1 T1.1 Businesses can be mainly identified in two different forms, by taking an example differentiate the limitations of those two forms of businesses The 2 different business forms are Public Private What is public organization ? A public organization is where the government of the country controls it, in favor for their fellow country mate. The payment for the employees are often made by the tax collected from public. Example of private sectors are : State Prison,...
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  • BUS670 Week 1 Assignment
     Legal Underpinnings BUS670: Legal Environment Name: Instructor Name: Legal Underpinnings In case of breach of contract liability shall be limited or unlimited depending on the type of activity. There are five types of business organizations in the United States. These forms are sole proprietorship, a partnership, limited liability company, partnership, and limited liability company. Each of these formations business has advantages and disadvantages for the...
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  • Duty of Loyalty - 338 Words
    With the limited information given the most relevant quote is “Sue and Tom are business partners”. This would mean that Tom and Sue are fifty-fifty principals within there partnership. I believe that Sue had the requirement to inform Tom of the decision to buy the property and also to increase Tom’s response time when it was apparent he was on vacation and unable to give her his decision. Tom’s response to Sue of “I think the partnership should buy the property”, without knowing that Sue had...
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  • legal studies - 1169 Words
    A. Liability Under Partnership Joe Roberts and Dr. Donald Jones have a general partnership over Tyler's Sports Bar & Grill. This is, "an association of two or more entities to carry on a business a co-owners " (Hodge, 400). Roberts and Jones did not create a partnership agreement when opening the business. Off of the record they agreed that Jones would supply all of the start up money for the business and remain a silent partner while Roberts ran and managed the Bar and Grill. Dan Davidson...
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  • Medical Doc - 6784 Words
    Assignment Different forms of business organization MBA 509: Microeconomics Submitted to Moniruzzaman Ad joint faculty Department of Business Administration Submitted by Obaidul Khan Fahim ID no. 2013-1-95-072 Md. Farhadul Islam ID no. 2012-3-95-115 Shafiul Bari Imran ID no. 2013-1-95-107 Md. Nure Alam Siddiquee ID no. 2013-1-95-063 Afroja Sharmin...
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  • Types of Private Sectors - 697 Words
    Types of Private Sectors | Advantages | Disadvantages | Features | Sole Traders | * It is easier to set-up a business. * You can make all the decisions * You keep all profits the profits. * Accounts and records can be kept private. * They can provide specialist services. * They can also respond to customer’s needs and queries faster. | * They have unlimited liability. * Money can become very difficult to obtain. * Costs and prices are usually higher than the...
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  • Lit1 Task 1 Help
    ------------------------------------------------- SAMPLE FORMAT FOR TASK 1 PART A ------------------------------------------------- *Course Mentor Note on the interpretation/application of the Taskstream Instructions: According to the instructions in Taskstream, you may conclude the task is asking you to include 3 components for Part A of Task 1 which are: 1. ------------------------------------------------- Six of seven characteristics 2....
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  • New Enterprise Creation - 9437 Words
    BA International Hospitality and Tourism Management B3133 New Enterprise Creation Group Members No. 1 2 3 Name Muhammad Abdillah Shah Bin Hussain Liang Chen Chaanru Krishna Moorthy Lecturer: Matriculation ID: 13011890 13011917 13011889 Mr Willard Tan Page | 1 SPAcialist BUSINESS PLAN Page | 2 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.1 About Us Singaporeans lead a very stressful lifestyle having to juggle their careers and personal time. Most of them often...
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  • Soletrader - 691 Words
    What a Sole Trader? A sole trader describes any business that is owned and controlled by one person, although they may employ workers, e.g. a newsagent's shop. Individuals who provide a specialist service like hairdressers, plumbers or photographers, are also sole traders. The Advantages of Sole Traders 1. The firms are usually small, and easy to set up. 2. Generally, only a small amount of capital needs to be invested, which reduces the initial start-up cost. 3. The wage bill will usually...
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  • Unit1 P1 - 644 Words
    1Different types of business ownerships PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY (ltd) A Company owned by shareholders. A limited number of shares are issued, these are owned by family and friends of the business. The business has limited liability PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY (plc) A Company owned by shareholders. It must have £50,000 of capital when founded, and may allow its share to be bought by the general public (though it does not have to). The business has limited liability UNLIMITED LIABILTY A legal...
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  • Different Types of Business Ownership; +'s and -'s
    There are many different advantages and disadvantages of different types of business ownership, such as being a sole trader, in a partnership, franchises and limited companies. Sole Trader The advantages of being a sole trader are as follows;  They are easy to set up – There are very few complicated forms to fill in and sole traders can set up and run a business almost immediately.  They are easy to run – The owner can do what they want, when they want, without consulting with...
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  • ACC 410 - Zimmerman - UNLV - Exam #4 Notes
    Chapter 11: Partnerships & Limited Liability Entities - 11/15/12 Lecture Partnership Income / Transfer of Property Partnership Income & Losses through to the Partners so there is NO Entity Level Taxation. You can transfer Property into a Partnership at any time with NO tax consequences. There is no 80% Rule!! Only exception to this would be: Partner A contributes Property Partner B contributes Property FMV $200,000 FMV $200,000 Adj. Basis $ 80,000 Adj. Basis $120,000 Then...
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  • Luat Doanh Nghiep Vietnam
    |THE PRESIDENT OF THE SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM | |SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIET NAM | |No: 60/2005/QH11 | |Independence - Freedom - Happiness | | | |Ha Noi, day 29 month 11 year 2005 | |...
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  • Managerial Accounting: Assignment - 843 Words
    Effat University Assignment 1 Fall 2014 DEPARTMENT: FINANCE INSTRUCTOR: DR. FALEEL JAMALDEEN COURSE: ACT 240 MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING STUDENT NAME: STUDENT I.D.: Part Total Marks Part 1 20 Part 2 40 Part 3 40 TOTAL 100 Marks Obtained Instructions 1. All the answers need to be submitted hand written as hard copy. 2. The last date for submission of the assignment is 15th October 2014 3. If the assignment was found plagiarized or copied from another sources you will lose 10 marks) Total...
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  • Busness - 1554 Words
    Legal, social, and economics of Business BUSN105-1302B-266 Unit 1. Individual project Terry McBride JUNE 16,2013 The scenario in question gives us the portfolio of a person that likes to do things around the home and has come up with an idea that might benefit his/her home and perhaps other homes globally. Another version of this idea already exists on the market but the person believes his invention might further simplify and make the “appliance” more user friendly and safer....
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  • Legal Forms of Business - 1091 Words
    Legal Forms of Business: Week 2 Legal Forms of Business In business, the first decision that is made is usually the most difficult. When making business decisions, the owner must decide what types of business organization is the best for the company. There are seven forms of business that will be discussed as well as scenarios in which each of these forms of business would be the preferred form. This paper will also justify why the corresponding business form is preferred. The...
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  • Law531 R9 Business Forms Worksheet Wee
    University of Phoenix Material Business Forms Worksheet There are seven forms of business: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, limited liability company (including the single member LLC), S Corporation, Franchise, and Corporation. 1. Research and provide three advantages and three disadvantages for each business form. 2. Provide a 100- to 200-word summary in which you provide an example business that you would start for each form. What is legally necessary to...
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  • Essay - 982 Words
    rtment of Business Administration Daffodil International University Submitted by Group name: light of moon Section: B Name ID. Roni Kumar Ghosh 112-11-2085 Md .Mashiur Rahman 112-11-2086 Badhon Sarker 112-11-2104 Md.Arshadul Haque 112-11-2110 Date of Submission: 04/07/13 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Garment industry of Bangladesh has emerged as a competent garment producer in global garment business in recent times. This industry has successfully transformed Bangladesh into an export-oriented...
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  • You Decide - 465 Words
    Part I: Discuss the various forms of organization that are available to Penelope, Mark and John. There are 4 forms of organization that are available for any individuals or partners that want to start a business of their own. The 4 forms of organization are Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, Corporations and Limited Liability Company. Each of these organizations operate differently with advantages and disadvantages to it. Sole Proprietorship: A sole proprietorship is a small business that is...
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  • Memorandum of Association - 1563 Words
    Types of Business Organisations When we start to define a company it can be defined as generally a form of business organisation. In the legal field, a company is specifically ‘a corporation, or less commonly, an association, partnership or union that carries on a commercial or industrial enterprise. Generally a company may be a corporation, partnership, association, joint – stock company, trust, fund or organised group of persons, whether incorporated or not and (in an official capacity) any...
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  • ao1 the enterprising business - 2521 Words
    An enterprising business is a business that uses the factors of production effectively, this is essential for any kind of business. The business may not survive if the factors of production, land, labour, capital and enterprise, aren’t used properly. Every business must have a clear vision of where it wants to be and clear, organised aims. A business must be market orientated, which means that there is a high demand for a product or service and it will sell right away. Land Energy,...
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  • Types of Organisation - 268 Words
    SECTION 1 *Identification of the purpose of different types of organisation We have two main types of business organisations. Which are Profit-making organisations and Not-for-profit organisations. In the profit making organisation, we have the Sole traders, Partnerships and LLPs, Companies and The Franchises. While on the Not-for-profit organisation we have the Quangos, Voluntary, public sector bodies and the charities. *SOLE TRADER- This is a simple business that is easy to set up, and...
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    TYPES OF ORGANISATION QUIZ 1) Which form of business organization do you think is most suitable for each of the following businesses? Explain your answer fully: a) A young student is planning to offer his services to neighbors as a gardener. He will purchase only cheap tools to start with. (3) The sole trader form is most suitable for this business, because sole trader is most common form- operated just by one person, and this business is running only by a young student, which is only one...
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  • Preliminary Assessment Task- Nature of Business
    Preliminary Assessment Task- Nature of Business Report to: Fantastic Entertainment- sole trader Report created by: Easy Accounting a) The Advantages for Fantastic Entertainment to Expand • Present position of Maturity on the business life cycle The advantages to Fantastic Entertainment expanding their business will increase their ability to increase sales/ revenue. By staying in the maturity stage of BLC business they will decline due to competition. Other businesses that...
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  • UniFuture - Business and Management - 1063 Words
    UniFuture 1 – Define the term ”tertiary sector”: o Business activity firms that provide services to consumers and other businesses, such as retailing, transport, insurance, banking, hotels, tourism and telecommunications. 2 – Define the term “partnership”: o A business formed by two or more people to carry on a business together, with shared capital investment and, usually, shared responsibilities. 3 – Examine two arguments in favor of setting up the proposed UniFuture business: o Suyin...
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  • Tutorial2 2013 - 1724 Words
    Tutorial 2 1. Nor Luc is a Malaysian and has a sole proprietorship in Singapore in the form of a retail shop. The shop is rented. He has a car registered in his name and he uses it for both business and private purposes. He also owns an expensive Rolex watch. He lives in a rented HDB house. He also has $1000 in his local bank account, which is in his name. Of late his business has not been doing well and he has run into huge debts. The total debts of the business amount to $170000. (a)...
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  • Michelle Dellatorre Financial Case
    Examination One Assume that you recently graduated with a degree in finance and have just reported to work as an investment advisor at the brokerage firm of Balik and Kiefer Inc. One of the firm’s clients is Michelle Dellatorre, a professional tennis player who has just come to the United States from Chile. Dellatorre is a highly ranked tennis player who would like to start a company to produce and market apparel that she designs. She also expects to invest substantial amounts of money...
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  • Sonic Is Booming - 382 Words
    Do you think that Sonic would have grown as large as it did today if it had remained a sole proprietorship? No they wouldn’t have lasted if they stayed as a Sole Proprietorship why or why not? The way Sonic has expanded it would have too much for a single owner to open up 3000 sonic stores to date. What were the advantages and disadvantages to Sonic of each form of business ownership? The advantage of the owner of Sonic been a Sole Proprietor would have been, being your own boss, having the...
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  • Types of Legal Entities/Companies
    COMPANIES Starting a business in India requires one to choose a type of business entity. In India one can choose from five different types of legal entities to conduct business. These include Sole Proprietorship, Partnership Firm, Limited Liability Partnership, Private Limited Company and Public Limited Company. The choice of the business entity is dependent on various factors such as taxation, owner liability, compliance burden, investment and funding and exit strategy. Lets look at each of...
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  • Law & Ethics - 1154 Words
    Dracca vs. BB Ashlyn B. Smith South University Online August 8, 2012 BB General Partnership Dracca is able to seek recover from Silva Gray individually on the judgment for BB partnership because the partnership has not been incorporated. In a general partnership each individual can be sued for the full amount of the business debt. The partners cannot have personal interest within the partnership (Bagley & Savage, 2009 p. 729). If one partner incurs all of the debt, they can then sue...
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  • If I only knew then what I know now
    . If I only knew then what I know now Often times in life we come to a point where negotiations must take place in order to resolve issues that have come between contracted parties. In 2001 I formed a partnership with a local group of entrepreneur’s to open a new restaurant. They owned the property, financed the building and were responsible for most of the startup costs. We made the usual contract arrangements for profit share, building and equipment costs, and operational controls. I set up...
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  • Principles of accounts - 504 Words
    CXC CSEC Principles of Accounts Exam Guide Section 1: Introduction to Principles of Accounts SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES The students should be able to: CONTENT 1. Explain the concept of accounting; concept of “Accounting” and “Principles of Accounting” 2. State the purpose of accounting; Accounting as a business practice – the purpose of Accounting. 3. Identify the users of accounting information; Internal and external users Accounting information and their needs 4....
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  • Super Glue Using Orange Peelings
    Chapter I. The Organization Plan 1.1 Summary Description of the Business Tattoo is a form of body modification made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. There are two kinds of tattoo, permanent and non-permanent. Non-permanent tattoos are called temporary tattoos. In permanent tattoos the length of time it takes for the tattoo to be finish depends on the intricacy and size of the design. Self Inkspression, categorized as a general...
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  • Corporations: Finance, Forms, Ethics
    a. Why is corporate finance important to all managers? Answer: Corporate finance provides the skills managers need to: (1) identify and select the corporate strategies and individual projects that add value to their firm; and (2) forecast the funding requirements of their company, and devise strategies for acquiring those funds. b. Describe the organizational forms a company might have as it evolves from a start-up to a major corporation. List the advantages and disadvantages of each...
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    Business key terms Business: an active that requires the organisation of resources to achieve a reward, whilst running a risk. Entrepreneur: an individual with an idea for a business. Franchise: the legal right to use the name and logo of an existing firm and sell the same products/services. Franchiser- the person selling it, for example, Macdonald’s. Franchisee- the person buying it, for example asda’s. Social enterprise: an activity that achieves a reward for a society. Aim: A...
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  • Understanding the organisational purposes of a business
    Unit 1 Assignment: Business Environment Understanding the organisational purposes of businesses. A number of business organisations exist in society today ranging from small, sole traders to large multinational organisations and although they share the common goal of generating profit, their purposes and objectives differ. Organisations take on a number of different and can be placed in to three main categories – private sector, public sector, and voluntary sector. Private sector...
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  • Creating, Financing, and Marketing a Business
    Creating, Financing, and Marketing a Business There are three types of partnerships - a general partnership, limited partnership, and limited liability partnership. General partnerships consist of two or more partners who are both responsible for the business. They share the assets and profits, as well as the liabilities and management responsibilities for running the business. A business owner may opt for either a limited partnership or a limited liability partnership. In a limited...
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  • Describe the Recruitment and Selection Documentation Used in a Selected Organisation (P1)
    Unit 1 Business Purposes BTEC Level 2 First Business Assessment Resource Pack Sample learner work and assessor comments Commentary for tutors Sample learner work and assessor comments follow for the assignment A1 Local businesses and industry sectors (P1, P2, P3, M1, M2). This unit of work introduces learners to the world of business. All of the target assessment and grading criteria for this assignment have been met (P1, P2, P3, M1, M2). This assignment is one of three assignments. The...
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  • Factors of Production - 1720 Words
    What is "Small" Business? In addition to how a business is organized legally, size is also a way to classifying businesses. A small business is generally defined as any independently owned business with fewer than 500 employees that is not dominant in its industry. The Small Business Administration (SBA) is responsible for issuing the specific criteria that render a business a small business. These criteria vary widely by industry. As recently as 2010, in an effort to make more businesses...
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  • Regulation in Financial Accounting - 7137 Words
    CHAPTER 2: REGULATION IN FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING Chapter 2 regulation in Financial accounting LEARNING OUTCOMES Upon completion of this chapter you should be able to understand: • The difference between management and financial accounting. • Why accounting regulations are important and required. • The need for and the structure of professional regulation, company law, stock exchange legislation and EU Directives. • How the different aspects of regulation work...
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  • Business Structures - 677 Words
     University of Phoenix FIN 571 Aljenette Brown Professor Elliott November 9, 2014 Business Structure A business is the fruit of a seed that a sole person or a group of people bears. The decision of what type of business to open will greatly affect the company in the long run. Many options exist for the person(s) such as opening a sole proprietorship, corporation, Limited Liability Corporations, partnerships, etc. Limited Liability Corporations and partnerships are very similar...
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  • Sustainable Business Report - 2272 Words
    Introduction Companies influenced by social sustainability have thrived due to the reoccurring needs of people, specifically their health. It has been made aware that a large percentage of the United Arab Emirates smoke Shisha, and although many believe it to be harmless because of their sweet flavours, it is a great deal worse for you than smoking cigarettes. In an attempt to lower the amount of Shisha- related illnesses and decrease the amount of carbon monoxide being released into the...
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  • Economic law - 1265 Words
    Business activity definition Gainful manufacturing, construction, trade, service (and extraction of minerals) activity Organized Constantly And also professional activity Entrepreneurs: Natural person Entity without corporate status (an unincorporated entity with legal capacity) Legal entity Cooperative Running business in their own name Sole trader Natural person Takes all responsibility for liabilities Is liable with all his assets (no limits) Sole trader...
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  • Characteristics of Job Design - 3114 Words
    JOAQUIM PIRES BUSINESS ORGANISATION AND PROCESSES ASSESSMENT 1 2006 Question 1. Section (A) In a Limited liability company, there must be at least two shareholders with no maximum upper limit who own the company. All limited companies must be registered with the Registrar of Companies to whom the companies must send their annual financial statements. A limited company is separated in law from its owners. Because it has its own legal entity, any disputes concerning the company,...
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  • BTEC level 3 Unit 1
    P1 McDonald’s & Royal Mail McDonald Background Information McDonalds is a fast food restaurant that serves customers with food and refreshments. McDonald’s also has a drive-thru where you stop at a window whilst in a vehicle and order their food, they are known for this because it gives a fast service. They are world-wide with over 3000 branches and franchises making over 4.9 billion dollars after expenses such as revenue. They serve 69million customers on average everyday according to the MC...
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  • An essay on how to set up your own business
    Setting up a new Business Ownership The type of ownership for the business will be a partnership. This is the most obvious choice as there are two people involved, my business partner and me. A partnership can involve between two and twenty partners allowing for further expansion and more financial backing if needed. The partnership would be owned in a ratio of 60:40, me owning 60%. This means we would share the cash input and profits and losses in this ratio, which is bad in the short-term...
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  • BSP1004 Tutorial Answer - 20975 Words
    Tutorial 1- Introduction to Legal Environment of Business 1a) This is a civil matter as it is a private dispute between S and T which is not harmful to society. The dispute should be resolved through mediation. This is because it is cheaper, faster, more informal, and also private. Most importantly, it creates a win-win situation which will allow S and T to preserve their business relationship and compromise to settle the dispute amicably. b) This is a criminal and civil matter. It is...
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