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  • Limited Liability Company - 1444 Words
    Brief Overview of Limited Liability Companies Introduction Limited Liability Company (LLC) is often considered as the hybrids of general partnership and corporation. It often referred as a general partnership where the partners have no personal liability and a limited partnership where there is no general partner or a partnership surrounded by a corporate shell (Seipel, Tunnell & Zimmermann, 1995). The LLC is first adopted in Wyoming in 1977 and then in Florida in 1982. However,...
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  • A Limited Liability Company - 1797 Words
    iA Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a business structure allowed by state statute. LLCs are popular because, similar to a corporation, owners have limited personal liability for the debts and actions of the LLC. Other features of LLCs are more like a partnership, providing management flexibility and the benefit of pass-through taxation. Owners of an LLC are called members. Since most states do not restrict ownership, members may include individuals, corporations, other LLCs and foreign...
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  • Limited Liability Company and Partnership
    Limited Liability Company and Partnership Jasamine L. Stephens Finance for Decision Making FIN/419 October 10, 2011 Maria Johnson  Limited Liability Company and Partnership Every business venture begins with a dream and a basic idea. Beginning a business is a decision that must be made by first deciding what type of entity to establish. There are several factors that need to be decided such as will the new business have one or multiple owners. The most common forms of a...
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  • The Limited Liability Company - 459 Words
    THE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY A popular form of business, especially with small businesses, is the hybrid form of business, the limited liability company (LLC) or a limited liability partnership (LLP), which combine the best features of a partnership and a corporation. In 1988, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ruled that the LLC may be treated as a partnership for tax purposes, while retaining its limited liability for its owners. Since this ruling, every state has passed legislation...
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  • Limited Liability Corporation and Partnership
    Limited Liability Corporation and Partnership In the United States, limited liability companies increased rapidly throughout the past 10 years. These structures permit businesses to decrease federal tax liabilities by federal pass-through provisions (Bean & Bilyeu, 1997). Limited liability can apply to any non-corporate business, in any state, and provides characteristics of a corporation and a partnership. Individual states regulate the operations of the LLCs. However, companies with...
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  • Public Limited Companies - 2187 Words
    PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANIES A public limited company (legally abbreviated to plc) is a limited liability company that may sell shares to the public in United Kingdom company law, in the Republic of Ireland and other Commonwealth jurisdictions. It can be either an unlisted or listed company on the stock exchanges. In the United Kingdom, a public limited company usually it abbreviates "plc" at the end and as part of its legal company name. However, certain public limited companies (mostly...
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  • Limited Liability Corporation and Partnership Paper
    Running Head: Limited Liability Corporation and Partnership Paper Limited Liability Corporation and Partnership Paper University of Phoenix Michael Charley FIN/419 - FINANCE FOR DECISION MAKING Finance 05/17/2011 - 06/20/2011 Instructor: TONY MOSES In today’s economy there are many decisions business owners have to make in order for their business to sustain and grow. With that being said, business owners are now looking at the operations and structure of their business more...
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  • Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership Organization
    Introduction This is a report that shows a comparison between both Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership organization and to advise Mr. Tan on the business organization that is more likely to fit his needs for setting up a new consulting business. For this particular project, our group assumed that Mr. Tan used to be an accountant working for a big accounting firm and is now looking to set up a small accounting consultancy business. 1 Process Required to Setup Business...
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  • Fin 419 Limited Liability Corporation
    Limited Liability Corporation and Partnership FIN419 - Finance for Decision Making Date Instructor’s name Limited Liability Corporation and Partnership Paper Limited Liability Corporation and limited liability partnership are two of several types of structures that individuals can give thought to forming when starting a business. To form a corporation each member has limited liability, but the corporation has full liability. Forming a partnership requires at least two people, which...
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  • Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008
    A to Z of Limited Liability Partnership A. INTRODUCTION The concept of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in India is viewed as an alternative corporate business vehicle that provides the benefits of limited liability and also allows its members the flexibility of organizing their internal structure as a partnership based on a mutually arrived agreement. The revised Bill received the assent of the President of India on 7, January 2009. LLP is a body corporate formed and incorporated...
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  • Roles of Limited Liability Corporations and Partnershipsroles of Limited Liability Corporations and Partnerships
    Roles of Limited Liability Corporations and Partnerships Martin M. Komertz FIN 419 3/21/2011 John Wetherington Roles of Limited Liability Corporations and Partnerships In the following paper, I will look to identify the roles and differences between Limited Liability Corporations and Partnerships. Each has different advantages and disadvantages than the other. I will look to break down each and then identify which method of ownership would be the preferred method from an...
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  • Whether Facebook Can Benefit from the Changing Between Private Limited Company to Public Limited Company
    Facebook is a social net working service, which is started in the United States by Mark Zuckerberg with his friends in 2004. The website's membership was initially limited by the founders to Harvard students, but was expanded to other colleges, and gradually globalization. In 2012, the fonder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg decide to convert the structure of Facebook from private limited company to public limited company. Facebook values shares at £24 each, and that its shares would began trading...
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  • Company Law - 2246 Words
    Company Law – An Introduction Unit Code: DE5H 35 Outcome 1 Melissa Mackenna-500006315 Context Within this report you will find: 1.1. Introduction 1.2. Terms of Reference 1.3. Sole Traders 1.4. Partnerships 1.5. Corporate Bodies 1.5.1. Private Limited Companies 1.5.2. Public Limited Companies 1.6. Conclusion 1.7. Recommendations 1.8. Appendix 1.1. Introduction The aim of this report is to: Describe the differences in legal personalities and responsibilities...
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  • P1 for company - 424 Words
    Smart Architectural Aluminium Smart Systems Range – National Locally based in Yatton, North Somerset, in an impressive 30,000sq/m purpose built building housing their offices, extrusion press, powder coating paint line and distribution facilities. With national distribution service Smart Systems are one of the UK’s leading aluminium systems and suppliers of bespoke extrusion with a reputation for product innovation, design expertise, technical competence and quality. Business sector...
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  • Business Entities and Liabilities Repaired
     BUS 670 Legal Environment of Business Business Entities & Liabilities Instructor Leah Westerman May 19, 2014 Businesses Entities and Liabilities “A business entity is an organization established as a separate existence for the purposes of taxes (, n.d.).” Some of the most common known business entities are; sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies. Each business entity has its advantages and...
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  • Company as a Separate Legal Entity
    COMPANY AS A SEPARATE LEGAL ENTITY Definition: A legal entity, typically a business, that is defined as detached from another business or individual with respect to accountability. A separate legal entity may be set up in the case of a corporation or a limited liability company, to separate the actions of the entity from those of the individual or other company. Meaning: If a business is a separate legal entity, it means it has some of the same rights in law as a person. It is, for...
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  • The McGee Cake Company - 1051 Words
    The McGee Cake Company In early 2001, Doc and Lyn McGee formed the McGee Cake Company. The company produced a full line of cakes, and its specialties included chess cake, lemon pound cake, and double-iced, double-chocolate cake. The couple formed the company as an outside interest, and both continued to work at their current jobs. Doc did all the baking, and Lyn handled the marketing and distribution. With good product quality and a sound marketing plan, the company grew rapidly. In early 2006,...
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  • company a separate legal entity
     Contents Case Analysis Salomon v. Salomon & Co. 1897 Human Beings are generally legal person but humanity is a state of nature and legal personality is an artificial construct, which may or may not be conferred. The origin of corporation lies in a logical extension of this separation of humanity from legal personality as the group of humans who are engaged in a common activity could attempt to simplify their joint activity by gaining legal personality from the...
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  • Mcgee Cake Company - 1401 Words
    Running Header: CASE STUDY 1 The McGee Cake Company: A Case Study Submitter Instructor BUS Course 2012 CASE STUDY 2 Introduction The McGee Cake Company, owned by...
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  • Torts and Contract Liabilities and Ways to Avoid Them
    Running Head: TORTS AND CONTRACT LIABILITIES AND WAYS TO AVOID THEM Potential Torts and Contract Liabilities And Different Ways to Avoid Them Abstract People who do business as a sole proprietor or in a partnership are liable for the torts committed by them and for torts committed by the business and its agents. The best way to avoid tort liability is to set establish their business as a corporation or a limited liability company. A corporation or limited...
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  • A History of Company Law in Colonial Australia (
    A HISTORY OF COMPANY LAW IN COLONIAL AUSTRALIA: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND LEGAL EVOLUTION PHILLIP LIPTON∗ [The history of Australian company law has attracted remarkably little attention in academic literature, perhaps because it has mainly been seen as a copy of English law with few, if any, noteworthy features. This article points out several interesting and significant aspects of the evolution of Australian company law and considers this evolution in the context of the economic development...
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  • Appointment and Liabilities of the “Shareholders’ Representative” Under Turkish Legal System
    APPOINTMENT AND LIABILITIES OF THE “SHAREHOLDERS’ REPRESENTATIVE” UNDER TURKISH LEGAL SYSTEM | Many foreign companies are participated in Turkish companies through joint ventures, new company establishments or mergers and acquistions. Since the said foreign companies are located in abroad, they appoint one representative to deal with transactions of the company which they own shares. In order to appoint a person as a representative of a foreign company firstly, a Shareholders’...
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  • Business Law Scenario Commercial Property
    To develop what you believe is a terrific idea for a video game, you lease 50,000 square feet in an office building from Commercial Property, LLC, under a written five-year lease. Your goal is to put the game on the market within two years. Several months into the term, a competitor unexpectedly releases a new game title featuring play that would make your game appear to be a poorly crafted imitation. Can you assign the lease to another party? Explain. You would need the landlord here to...
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  • Accounting, Warren, Reeve, Duchac CH 12 - solutions
    CHAPTER 12 ACCOUNTING FOR PARTNERSHIPS AND LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. a. Proprietorship: Ease of formation and nontaxable entity. b. Partnership: Expanded owner expertise and capital, nontaxable entity, and moderate complexity of formation. c. Limited liability company: Limited liability to owners, expanded access to capital, nontaxable entity, and moderate complexity of formation. 2. The disadvantages of a partnership are that its life is...
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  • Str 581 Week 3
    STR 581 Salt Consulting LLC’s Environmental Scan According to Business Dictionary, “environmental scanning is the careful monitoring of a firm’s internal and external environments for detecting early signs of opportunities and threats that may influence its current and future plans.” A major objective of Salt Consulting LLC is to predict accurately the influences of these internal and external factors. The long-term goal is to create a profitable organization that recognizes...
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  • business plan - 4869 Words
    Elements of a Business Plan 1. Cover sheet 2. Executive summary (statement of the business purpose) 3. Table of contents 4. Body of the document A. Business 1. Description of business 2. Marketing 3. Competition 4. Operating procedures 5. Personnel 6. Business insurance B. Financial data 1. Loan applications 2. Capital equipment and supply list 3. Balance sheet 4. Breakeven analysis 5. Profit and loss statements 6. Three-year summary 7. Detail by month, first year 8. Detail...
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  • B LAW FINAL - 1426 Words
    To: Bookstore From: Navneet Karra Date: 12/14/14 Subject: Greg vs. LLC 1) What parties Greg sued? Greg could’ve sued many parties in this situation. First, Greg could go after the Limited Liability Corporation members for when Mike yelled at Greg after he criticized the Hunter Thompson Novels, a form of assault. In LLCs, the profits and losses are “passed through” the business to each member of the LLC. Secondly, Greg could go after Strip Mall 4 for damages resulting from the assault from...
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  • BSHS 355 Week 4 Team Assignment (Social Security Act) 1
    This archive file comprises BSHS 355 Week 4 Team Assignment (Social Security Act) 1 Deadline: ( ), General Questions - General General Questions Question 1 1. Which of the following best describes how a corporation, which has not made any special tax elections, and its shareholders, are taxed? The corporation is not taxed, but the shareholders are taxed on their dividends. The corporation is taxed, but the...
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  • Memorandum - 277 Words
    Memorandum To: Karl Malone From: Brittany Walker Re: Recommendation for Business Organizations Date: November 3, 2014 Thank you for providing me the details of your business as well as your plans for its future. After reviewing all of this information, I have determined that the best business organization for your business would be a Limited Liability Company. The Limited Liability offer limited liability with the tax benefits of a partnership/sole proprietorship. What this means is that as an...
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  • Lit1 - 493 Words
    Memorandum To: Owner From: RE: Business Type Date: October 8th, 2012 Changing the type of business structure is not a small consideration. You have operated for years as a Sole Proprietorship, but it appears that you have outgrown that particular business type and may benefit from changing to a different type of business. Based upon our previous conversation, I will summarize my interpretation of your business concerns in the bullets below: • Liability. You are...
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  • Landscape Management - 1652 Words
    Abstract Joe operates a successful commercial landscaping and tree trimming business, and client's keeps his operation extremely busy. Although Joe employees at least 50 workers, with landscaping being seasonal, he experiences a high turnover. In addition to landscaping and tree trimming, equipment rental is also available to the clients, which adds an additional division to the business. With $250,000 of capital, and past year's revenues of $500,000, Joe is looking for guidance to take...
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  • Entrepreneurship 1 - 1087 Words
     Section 8 Study Questions (15.0 points) Answer each question fully. Complete sentences are not necessary. Lesson 1 (3.0 points) 1. What is liability, and what does it mean to have personal liability for a company? (0.5 points) Liability is the authorized word for being alleged responsible as well as compelled to complete a commitment. If you attain a personal liability for a company, this means that you can be held personally responsible for your company; including financial obligation...
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  • Tax Memo - 962 Words
    ------------------------------------------------- Tax Research Memo: Entity Selection Issue FROM: Mark J. Sobanski, CPA TO: Penelope, Mark and John. DATE: April 15th, 2013. SUBJECT: Entity Selection for the new business. Issue/ Considerations: It is desired to study the issue of how should the new business to be started by Penelope, Mark and John be structured? The related tax and non-tax considerations are as follows – I. The different forms of organization available to Penelope,...
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  • Build or Buy - 1993 Words
    Assignment#1: To Build or to Buy by Professor; Business 402-Small Business Management 01/29/2013 Assignment # 1: To Build or Buy Craft a brief strategy for a business concept that would directly compete with the small business you selected. Explain the rationale for the strategy in detail. The Business strategy which I would use would be to purchase an existing Bagel and Tea shop located in the heart of...
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  • Fe'nix del Sur LLC case analysis
    Fe’nix del Sur, LLC Case Analysis Jamil Caldwell Overview: Fe’nix del Sur is a limited liability company that sources and sells a wide variety of South American and African Artifacts. They originated as a trading post operation in the early 1990’s. They are also a major source of southwestern Indian authentic jewelry and pottery. Fe’nix del Sur, LLC has a full line of replicas of authentic artifacts they sell to gift buyers. Recently, the company was presented a contract that could...
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  • Case Study: Fe''Nix Del Sur, Llc
    Case Study: Fe’nix del Sur, LLC I. Problem Statement If Fe’nix del Sur, LLC accepts the contract they might make a potential profit of $4 million in additional sales and above the annual growth and be able to broaden the firms current position, but it might not be worth it due to the fact of possible loss of current dealers and customers, and the companies authentic-ness. II. Industry Analysis Fe’nix del Sur, LLC competes in the authentic artifact business. They collect...
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  • Business Law 2 - 803 Words
    June 16, 2014 Re: Ice Cream Parlor Formation Dear Betty and Betsy, I am aware that you are wanting to go into business because of your love of natural ice cream. I would like to discuss with you the various types of business entities that exist and the pros and cons of each. Specifically, I will discuss: Limited Liability Company and C Corporations. I have not included the general partnerships, limited partnerships, or S corporations as one of your choices for various reasons. With the...
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  • Star And Extended Star Topologies The Star Topology Is The Most Commonly Used Physical Technology In Ethernets LANS
     Star and extended star topologies The star topology is the most commonly used physical technology in Ethernets LANS, when installed , the star topology resembles spokes I n a bicycle wheel. The star topology is made up of a central connection point that is a device such as a hub, switch, or router, where all the cabling segments meet. Each host in the network is connected to the central devices (switches) with its own cables (we are using Fiber Optic Cable) although a physical star...
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  • Credit Control Policy - 8281 Words
    Credit Control Contents Why should you have an effective credit control policy? What should your credit policy contain? How can you assess what a customer is worth? Why should your customer’s identity be important? Limited liability partnerships. Confusion over trading names Business Names Act 1985 How do you assess your customer’s credit risk? Why should data protection be important? Who is protected by the Data Protection Act? How does the Act apply? How should you get consent? Grey areas How...
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  • Term Paper - 1709 Words
    CUNY – Queens College ACCT 757 – Taxation of Business Entities Professor: Steven J. Mandelkorn Student: Wang Fang Lei Sole Proprietorships? Partnerships? LLC? S or C Corporations? Which One is the Best Solution? A few years ago, my husband sets up his own computer company, focus on providing computer services to customer. Before he starts doing the business, we went to a CPA firm to get a license to legally set up the new company. After collecting some basic information of our business,...
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  • Introduction to Financial Management - 2303 Words
    MGT201 (Financial Management) MGT201 Lecture No. 01 Introduction to Financial Management Learning objectives: The purpose of this lecture is to provide you with an overview of financial management. After finishing this lecture, you would be able to have a better understanding of the following. Definition of financial management Significance of financial management for non-finance students and professionals Important concepts and areas in financial management The position of financial...
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  • Various Forms of Organizations - 1491 Words
    YOU DECIDE PAPER 2 Part I: Discuss the various forms of organization that are available to Penelope, Mark and John The various forms of organization available to Penelope, Mark and John are: GENERAL PARTNERSHIPS: A general partnership is a business organization formed when 2 or more individuals or entities form a business for profit. All partners share in the management and in the profits and decide on matters of ordinary business operations by majority of the partners or by percentage...
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  • Zephyr Pharmatec Ltd - 1518 Words
    DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT This Agreement is signed between: 1. ZEPHYR PHARMATEC (PVT) LTD., a limited liability company, having its registered office at A-39, S.I.T.E II SUPPERHIGHWAY, Karachi, Pakistan, and duly represented by Mr. Niaz Ahmed in their capacity of Directors & Mr. Noman Ahmed as Export Consultant (hereinafter referred as “the Company”). 2. THE POWER OF GOD INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISES, a ______________, having its registered office at B7L2 Cabatuhan Road, Thomas Villa.7...
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  • BUSN 115 Final Exam Solutions 100 Corr
    BUSN 115 Final Exam Solutions 100% Correct Answers To Buy this Class Copy & paste below link in your Brower Or Visit Our Website Visit : Email Us : BUSN 115 Final Exam Solutions 100% Correct Answers (TCO 7) Some of the characteristics of lean systems include which of the following? (TCO 7) Mass customization means (TCO 1) The foundation of the U.S....
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  • The Trader - 6849 Words
    The Trader Definition of a Trader Section 4 of the Commercial Code – The term "trader" means any person who, by profession, exercises acts of trade in his own name, and includes any commercial partnership. The fact that a person is considered to be trader has certain consequences and brings about certain rights and obligations. The requirements for becoming a trader: 1. No formality such as registration. But A commercial partnership requires registration. Break down...
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  • Week 6 You Decide
    To: Penelope, Mark, and John From: [] Date: [] Subject: Entity Selection Facts: After 20+ years of working for other firms, Penelope (enrolled agent, age 41), Mark (CPA, age 43), and John (CVA, age 65) want to leave the firms they are currently employed by and become their own bosses. Penelope specializes in taxes, Mark is the auditor, and John is a business valuation expert. There are so many options available as to how they can structure the new business. The appropriate business entity...
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  • Luat Doanh Nghiep Vietnam
    |THE PRESIDENT OF THE SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM | |SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIET NAM | |No: 60/2005/QH11 | |Independence - Freedom - Happiness | | | |Ha Noi, day 29 month 11 year 2005 | |...
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  • Business Structures - 677 Words
     University of Phoenix FIN 571 Aljenette Brown Professor Elliott November 9, 2014 Business Structure A business is the fruit of a seed that a sole person or a group of people bears. The decision of what type of business to open will greatly affect the company in the long run. Many options exist for the person(s) such as opening a sole proprietorship, corporation, Limited Liability Corporations, partnerships, etc. Limited Liability Corporations and partnerships are very similar...
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  • ACC 455 Week 2 Individual Assignment Problem Set
    This paperwork ACC 455 Week 2 Individual Assignment Problem Set includes solution of these exercises: C: 2-6 C: 2-40 C: 2-45 Business - Accounting Complete the problems found in Ch. 2 of Prentice Hall’s Federal Taxation 2010: Corporations . C:2-3 Black LLC C:2-54 Bear Corporation C:2-55 Wildcat Corporation C:2-56 Tax Strategy for Wildcat Corporation Read the scenario and respond to the questions. Support your answers with calculations,...
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  • Import/Export Business for Hand-Made Craft
    Import/Export Business Plan CaNav IMPORT/EXPORT Lisboa Este No. 10 – Parana Country Club Hernandarias, Paraguay CaNav Import/Export will start as a wholesale distribution company. This import/export company will be run by owner Carlos Navarro as a Limited Liability Company. CaNav focuses on Paraguayan quality products and also provides the best customer service. CaNav will offer these products, directly from Paraguay, to big cities in the United States. • EXECUTIVE SUMMARY •...
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  • FIN/571 Business Structure Advice
     Business Structure Advice FIN/571 December 12, 2013 Business Structure Advice From: Beverly Mahone Sent: December 2, 2012 To: John Owner CC: Subject: Advice in starting your business John, when starting a business one has several options in the type of business structure to use. The different types of business structures are the sole proprietorship structure, the partnership structure, the corporation structure, the S corporation structure, and the limited...
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  • ACC 455 Week 5 Discussion Question 2
    The file ACC 455 Week 5 Discussion Question 2 includes solutions to the following task: "What is an inadvertent termination of an S election? How does an S corporation and its shareholders rectify an inadvertent termination? What could happen if a company fails to rectify the termination?" Business - Accounting ACC 455 Week 5 ACC 455 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Week Five Problem Set Complete the problems found in Ch. 9, 10, 11 of Federal Taxation 2010:...
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  • The Corporation - Book Review - 1657 Words
    The Corporation: A Book Review Joel Bakan’s book, The Corporation: the Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, is a decisive look into the mind of the corporation, or big business. It outlines the importance of profit in business and how ruthless corporations are willing to be in order to bring in substantial revenue. The book uses a historical timeframe to portray the ruthlessness of business ever since the idea of the corporation arose in the 17th century. It provides an insight into a...
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  • Busn311 B002 Sum 13
    Question 1 of 20 5.0 Points In pre-trial discovery, if a business does not produce incriminating e-mails the court can instruct the jury that it can make negative inferences from the lost documents. A. True B. False Reset Selection Question 2 of 20 5.0 Points In litigation, indirect non-legal costs are roughly the same amount as direct legal costs. A. True B. False Reset Selection Question 3 of 20 5.0 Points All of the following are ways to lower...
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  • Ratio Analysis Memo - 1026 Words
    Corporate Characteristics Proposal Katherine Collinge, Moses Gatson, Tanya Mueller, and Terri Sturgeon University of Phoenix ACC/363 Financial Accounting II Bob Wells April 27, 2009 Corporate Characteristics Proposal Introduction here Various Forms of Business Organizations Before starting a new business, several decisions such as its legal structure must be made first. Five basic entity types exist in which to structure a business. These types consist of...
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  • Assault and Domestic Violence Attorney
    In the above-mentioned case, the client is suing the counseling agency because he was physically assaulted by one of its employees. Wilbur, the plaintiff is suing XYZ counseling Agency (the defendant) because an employee called Chuck physically assaulted him during an anger management session; he holds the company responsible for the employee’s action. As stated in the case, Chuck assaulted Wilbur during a counseling session, such an act is described as “intentional tort of battery” in our...
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  • Coop Financial Report - 1269 Words
    Co-op Training in Mahmoud Alawi Ali Reda & Brothers Co. Supervisor: Dr. Nizzam Prepared by: Abdulbari Redwan Student No: 08126 Table of Content No | Content | Page | 1 | Chapter 1: Introduction | 4 | | Objectives of co-op training | 4 | | Overview the job training | 4 | | Company overview | 4 | 2 | Chapter 2 : Background of the company | 5 | | Introduction to the industry | 5 | | Company background | 5-6 | | Department functions and duties | 5-6 |...
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  • Btec Level 3 in Business, Unit 1 the Business Environment
    Task 1 Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of 2 contrasting types of businesses. Sole Trader A sole trader is a business owned by 1 person. It does not have limited liability meaning that if it fails and creates debts the owner is personally responsible for this. Sole trader’s usually have to work long hours and learn about all the aspects of business as many start up businesses cannot afford to hire people to take on other tasks. The owner is responsible for everything...
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  • Domino's Pizza Analysis - 313 Words
    Domino’s Pizza Introduction: This report is going to be based upon Domino’s Pizza, a franchised organisation derived in Michigan, USA. This report will firstly give a brief overview of the history of Domino’s; it will then establish and explain the micro and macro factors that affect Domino’s and their effects on the business. It will also contain a strategy which would allow Domino’s to adapt and thrive in its ever changing environment; the report will give details explaining which...
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  • BUS 311 Final Paper
     Acme Fireworks Laura Miranda BUS 311 Business Law I George Holbrook November 9, 2014 Introduction As the owner of Acme Fireworks you have asked me, you manager, to review and explain some ideas to you. In the following pages I have explained the potential personal liability for injuries to consumers and what must be on our labels for safety. Analyzed the newly formed contracts with the retailers and the employment and expansion that are needed for Acme to go along with the new...
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  • Business Entity Assignment - 299 Words
    Caesars Entertainment Corporation dba Horseshoe Casino in Bossier City, Louisiana The Horseshoe Casino is a huge corporation and the owners benefit from not being held personally liable if the corporation should fail. Secondly, their stock is desirable because it can be bought by anyone as it is traded publically. This gives Caesars Entertainment the opportunity to receive more money from selling more stock. Lastly, it benefits the Horseshoe to have a structured management. The size of the...
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  • Business Proposal Outline - 511 Words
    Business Proposal Business Description Business Description This is a summary that can answer the question: what kind or type of business am I in? You must be able to answer this with a one sentence answer that summarizes everything you'll do. You'll use this as a tag line when meeting business people as you market your business or as an introductorily statement presented to a lender. Structure Define your business as a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, C Corporation, S Corporation or...
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  • BUBUBU - 1010 Words
    Memorandum of associatation of Golden Flowers Service Center A Limited Liability Company This Memorandum is entered onto the 20-09-2009, and agreed between: 1- Mr. Khalid Abdul Rahman, A UAE national holder of UAEU ID No: 200816874 ( Hereinafter referred to as “ First party”) 2- Mr.Musthfa boobcker , a India National holder if UAEU ID no: 200734872 (Hereafter to as “ second party”) 3- Mr.Mahrouf Abdul Kareem, A Nigeria National holder of UAEU ID no: 200734872 Whereas: A group shall...
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  • Week Five Assignment - 2640 Words
     ACME Fireworks Recommendation Robert Morgan BUS 311 Michael Huang October 06, 2014 ACME Fireworks Recommendation As a company grows it may become necessary to change the businesses’ entity and the way in which it conducts business. ACME Fireworks has received inquiries from several large retailers that will enable the business to expand. In order to accommodate this expansion, ACME must consider hiring more employees. The owner is concerned about his personal liability should the company...
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  • Week 1 Business Law Assignment
    Difference between S corporation and Partnership The difference between a partnership and an S corporation concerns the issue of liability protection. Other differences between a partnership and an S corporation include formation requirements as well as ongoing formalities. A partnership may end or dissolve upon death or withdrawal of a partner. S corporations may continue to operate forever, long after the original owners of the company have withdrawn or past away. Name...
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  • Week 6 - You Decide
    To: Penelope, Mark, and John From: Date: December 8, 2013 Subject: Entity Selection Facts: After 20+ years of working for other firms, Penelope (enrolled agent, age 41), Mark (CPA, age 43), and John (CVA, age 65) want to leave the firms they are currently employed by and become their own bosses. Penelope specializes in taxes, Mark is the auditor, and John is a business valuation expert. There are so many options available as to how they can structure the new business. The appropriate...
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  • Law531 R9 Business Forms Worksheet Wee
    University of Phoenix Material Business Forms Worksheet There are seven forms of business: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, limited liability company (including the single member LLC), S Corporation, Franchise, and Corporation. 1. Research and provide three advantages and three disadvantages for each business form. 2. Provide a 100- to 200-word summary in which you provide an example business that you would start for each form. What is legally necessary to...
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  • Legislation - 955 Words
    >>>>>> LEGISLATION BUSINESS LEGISLATION Foreign trade and customs As of January 1, 2007, Bulgaria is an EU member state. Since that date, the customs bodies have started applying directly the Community legislation that regulates common procedures, tariff and non-tariff measures with regard to the import and export of goods from and to third countries, as well as common customs control tools. The Customs Act is based on the Community Customs Code. It has adopted the existing procedures and...
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  • Small Business Idea Paper
    Ryan Feemster University Of Phoenix Ms. Kessel Acct 561 Small Business Idea Paper Week 2 12/24/2012 Small Business Idea Paper A business can create large sums of income for an entrepreneur or entrepreneurs. Most future business owners have an idea of what type of service or product to offer. Deciding the type of business organization to become can be a tough decision. Whether the it be a sole proprietorship, partnership, C- Corporation, S- Corporation, or a Limited Liability...
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  • Contrast the ownership and purposes of two different business organisations
    Introduction M1 Unit 1: Business Purposes Red Group 10A/Eb1 Asid Ashraf 10L Assignment 6 (M1) Scenario: The Editor has asked me to identify and research two different businesses in the area to help promote them to the local community. Requirements of M1: Contrast the ownership and purposes of two different business organisations. Task 6(a): Select two businesses to contrast (your choices must be checked and approved by your teacher). The two businesses are Tesco and Oxfam. Task 6(b): Use the...
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  • To Form an Llc or Not - 599 Words
    To Form an LLC or Not A limited liability company (LLC) is one of many ways to formally structure a business. The best way to describe an LLC would be as a cross between a sole proprietorship/general partnership and a corporation. “The "LLC" has only been in existence for roughly 26 years and there are some definite pros and cons” (Chapo, 2007). Advantages of LLCs There are many benefits to forming an LLC. They are easier and less expensive to start than other forms of business, but not...
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  • Odel Srilanka - 630 Words
    ODEL Introduction of ODEL One of the successful business organization in Sri Lanka. It started on 31st October 1990 as private limited liability company and foundered by 48 years old Ms Otara Del Gunawardane.20 years later, they registered their company as public limited company on 24th February 2010. They always try to give quality products to customers. By today they became pioneer of the fashion industry because their profits are increasing day by day. History of ODEL Very first...
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  • Accounting Final Exam Question Paper: Strayer University
    ACC 565 WK 11 Final Exam 1) To be an affiliated group, the parent corporation must directly own at least 80% of another group member. 2) A Canadian subsidiary cannot file as part of the consolidated group with its U.S. parent. 3) Brother-sister controlled groups can elect to file a consolidated tax return. 4) An advantage of filing a consolidated return is that losses of one affiliated group member may be offset against the taxable...
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  • Corporation and Equity Participation - 1818 Words
    (a) “Nemawashi” is an agricultural metaphor. The idea is that before a farmer plants a seed, he should prepare the roots and the soil, so that the seed has the best chance of survival. It is a political process by which an unofficial understanding is reached before a final decision is made on a particular matter. “Nemawashi” is Bottom-up style decision making (middle management has the greatest influence on decision making). The Japanese are primarily concerned with harmoniously working out...
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  • Case Analysis- Fe’nix Del Sur, Llc
    Subject: Case Analysis- Fe’nix del Sur, LLC I. Problem Statement The company is evaluating whether to sign a contract to supply large amount of replicas to mass merchandiser in order to gain profits of $4 million in addition; also have the opportunity to expand company’s position by carrying wider lines of products. II. Industry Analysis Fe’nix del Sur is mainly competing in the industry offering authentic artifacts and replicas. The two main types of end-users are artifact...
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  • Business Organization - 310 Words
     In a joint stock company, each member has shares in the business depending on the amount of capital contributed. For example a company with $100, 000 can be formed by 5 members who has contributed equally to the capital. Every member will get 20% of the shares. The company has a separate identity and files its own tax return and each shareholder files their individual personal tax return If the company has a tax liability of say $10000 then the individual shareholders cannot be made liable...
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  • starting your own business
     Phase 4 Individual Project Business Plan Proposal MFMT235-1501A-02 By: Stefanie Habermehl Date: 02/01/2015 Barrels of Plenty Proposal Plan The business I am proposing is named Barrels of Plenty. The prime purpose of this business is to create unique furniture pieces out of repurposed and reclaimed authentic Kentucky bourbon Barrels. Each barrel is made from white oak and charred to perfect taste of the bourbon. The barrels are only used once in compliance with the law....
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  • Business Structure Gap Analysis
    GAP Analysis Business Structure Every organization needs a structure to operate and develop. It is the configuration of authority positions and relationships within the business. The Business Structure is vital for a company’s performance and efficiency. It must be correctly designed and adjusted to the environment of the business. In order for the company to achieve its purposes and respond to the constant changes in trends and demands, a more flexible structure is more suitable. *...
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  • Infographic - 1032 Words
    SMLLC: Infographic Businesses are created frequently throughout the United States. These businesses are created by one person or multiple people and are labeled in different ways. The recent most popular form of business entity is a Limited Liability Company. The following papertwo different types of LLC and how they are formed. It will also touch base on several forms of business entities and the advantage and disadvantages of them. There are several types of Limited Liability Companies...
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  • Business Structures - 405 Words
    Your Business Structure Video Sole-proprietorships are formed by entrepreneurs as a way to easily break into a small business and get up and running quickly. Advantages of this form of business come in the form of ease of startup because there are fewer legal preparations involved. The owner also has full control over all business decisions so decisions are made quicker and easier than with partnerships. However, with a sole-proprietorship, the owner is fully reliable for all capital debt....
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  • Doing Business in Belgium - 935 Words
    knowledge partner of private companies Belgium > Bulgaria > Czech Republic > Germany > Hungary > Luxembourg > Poland > Slovak Republic > Belgium Essentials of Doing Business in Belgium accountancy > audit > tax > legal > corporate finance > family office > environment > accountancy > audit > tax > legal VGD is a member of - 1 - VGD, knowledge partner of private companies TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface VGD as your knowledge partner for doing business in Belgium VGD as a member of...
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  • ENG 201 - 1214 Words
     EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Introduction Southern Indiana Aviation is being formed as a private company offering services to student pilots. Southern Indiana Aviation will offer well-maintained aircraft for individual rental and for flight training. Southern Indiana Aviation will also provide primary and advanced flight instruction through the use of independent flight instructors possessing corporate backgrounds. The Company Southern Indiana Aviation, LLC has been created and legally...
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  • LAW/521 - 1556 Words
    University of Phoenix Material Business Forms Worksheet There are seven forms of business: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, limited liability company (including the single member LLC), S Corporation, Franchise, and Corporation. 1. Research and provide three advantages and three disadvantages for each business form. 2. Provide a 100- to 200-word summary in which you provide an example business that you would start for each form. What is legally...
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  • Fin 571 Business Structures
    Business Structures Krista Harvell FINANCE 571 July 01, 2013 Mario Ducret Business Structures There are four main forms of business structures. The structures of business differentiate based on liability, tax implications, and what type of business is being evaluated when determining what structure to use. This paper will cover the advantages and disadvantages within the four types of business structures; Limited Liability Corporations, Corporations, Partnerships, and Sole...
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  • Faculty of Business Studies - 1293 Words
    Faculty of Business Studies BE-210 TMA-1 DUE DATE 26th December Part A: Essay Questions (25) 1. Define accounting. Accounting is the information system that measures business activity, progress the data into reports and communicates the results to decision makers. And accounting is the language of business. The better you understand the language of business the better you can manage your own business. For example, how will you decide whether or not to borrow money?...
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  • Business Types - 414 Words
    For this given situation, the organization I would have to recommend is a LLC or Limited Liability Company. You have many concerns when it comes to your company and adding investors so this should be a good fit for you. Some of the things you were concerned about were being held completely liable for the actions of the employees or the company and longevity of the company. You were also concerned about your personal assets, keeping control of your company, expanding, taxes, and switching to an...
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  • Principles of accounts - 504 Words
    CXC CSEC Principles of Accounts Exam Guide Section 1: Introduction to Principles of Accounts SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES The students should be able to: CONTENT 1. Explain the concept of accounting; concept of “Accounting” and “Principles of Accounting” 2. State the purpose of accounting; Accounting as a business practice – the purpose of Accounting. 3. Identify the users of accounting information; Internal and external users Accounting information and their needs 4....
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  • Govans Catering - 730 Words
    FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT GOVAN’S CATERING SUPPLIES 1. Financial performance When looking at financial performance, the following observations can be made. Sales: sales volume is based on successful price competition by control of operating expenses (no sales staff employed) and quantity purchases of materials at substantial discounts. One might expect that this would be correlated to a strategy of quick sales with a focus on quantity rather than quality....
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  • Corporate Tax in the United States
    • Question 1 1 out of 1 points Schedule M-2 is used to reconcile unappropriated retained earnings at the beginning of the year with unappropriated retained earnings at the end of the year. Answer Selected Answer: True Correct Answer: True • Question 2 1 out of 1 points For a corporation in 2012, the domestic production activities deduction is equal to 9% of the higher of (1) qualified production activities income or (2) taxable income. However, the deduction...
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  • Financial Management Chpt 1
    Chapter 1 An Overview of Financial Management Learning Objectives After reading this chapter, students should be able to: ◆ Explain the role of finance, and the different types of jobs in finance. ◆ Identify the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of business organization. ◆ Explain the links between stock price, intrinsic value, and executive compensation. ◆ Discuss the importance of business ethics and the consequences of unethical behavior. ◆...
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  • Characteristics of Job Design - 3114 Words
    JOAQUIM PIRES BUSINESS ORGANISATION AND PROCESSES ASSESSMENT 1 2006 Question 1. Section (A) In a Limited liability company, there must be at least two shareholders with no maximum upper limit who own the company. All limited companies must be registered with the Registrar of Companies to whom the companies must send their annual financial statements. A limited company is separated in law from its owners. Because it has its own legal entity, any disputes concerning the company,...
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  • Advantages of Sole Proprietorship - 1290 Words
    Advantages of Sole Proprietor Form the advantages of forming a sole proprietorship include: Control As the sole owner of the business, you have complete control over all the operations, and you get to make all the decisions. You don't have a board of directors, shareholders, or other owners to answer to. Tax Preparation and Filing Sole proprietorship income taxes are easy to file, using Schedule C and adding the income/loss from the business to your other income on your personal tax...
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  • IntroToBusinessQuestions - 2141 Words
    Chapter 6 1) Describe the basic features that distinguish the four basic forms of business ownership sole proprietorships, general partnerships, C corporations, and limited liability companies. =Sole proprietorships- owned by one person plus earnings and debts are the owner’s income and debt. =Partnerships- Two or more owners that take a voluntary agreement. =Corporations- a business entity created by filling a form. 2) Why do many entrepreneurs initially set up their businesses as sole...
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  • Explaining Basic Accounting Concepts and Business Structures
    Explaining Basic Accounting Concepts and Business Structures Laurie D. Melvin ACC/537 – Financial Accounting May 9, 2011 James Neuner, MBA One of the most important decisions to make when one chooses to start a business is knowing the type of legal organizations to select because the decision affects many aspects of the business. What can be affected are the amount and type of paperwork required, tax payments, possible personal...
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  • Fdi- Five Guys - 1199 Words
    FDI. FIVE GUYS. WHICH NATION IS THE HOME COUNTRY? USA HOST COUNTRY? KUWAIT FRANCHISEE. FIVE GUYS (CORP STRUCTURE OF FIVE GUYS) LAWS IN US. THAT APPLY IN US. Five Guys Holdings, LLC is a privately-held company which does business as Five Guys Burgers and Fries chain of fast-casual restaurants. Founded in 1986 by Janie and Jerry Murrell and their five sons, Five Guys Holdings is headquartered in Lorton, Virginia. The Five Guys Burgers and Fries chain offers burgers, fries, and hot dogs as...
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  • Corporation and Tax Identification Number
    Introduction: For many Business students their main goal is to one day own and run their own businesses. During this assignment I would like to break down the initial steps needed to start a business. Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions and completing a series of legal activities. Below are the steps that could help you plan, prepare and manage your business. Items needed You will need to have: • Business plan • Location or place of purchase...
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  • Case Study - 875 Words
     Chapter 1 Case The McGee Cake Company Q1: What are the advantages and disadvantages of changing the company organization from a sole proprietorship to an LLC? Since the company’s inception, the McGee’s have operated The McGee Cake Company as a sole proprietorship which has provided them with several key advantages. The first among these advantages is the relative ease with which the McGee’s likely experienced in starting their business where essentially they were only...
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  • Memorandum - 604 Words
    Memorandum To: John Smith From: J.K Rowling Re: Change in business organization Date: December 12, 2000 ------------------------------------------------- It is my understanding that you wish to expand your company and are curious about what business organization would best fit your needs. I have attached a brief description of the most popular forms of business organization and hope that they will help you understand the perks and drawbacks associated with each. Below I...
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  • Week 6 You Decide
    To: Penelope, Mark, and John From: Redacted. Date: 4/12/14 Subject: Entity Selection Facts: After 20+ years of working for other firms, Penelope (enrolled agent, age 41), Mark (CPA, age 43), and John (CVA, age 65) want to leave the firms they are currently employed by and become their own bosses. Penelope specializes in taxes, Mark is the auditor, and John is a business valuation expert. There are so many options available as to how they can structure the new business. The...
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  • Business Structure Characteristics. Whitbread Structure Analysis
    The following report consists of two parts; PART A identifies Whitbread’s main business information users (or, stakeholders), based on the information provided on their website. In contrast, PART B analyses different types of business structures and determines the pros and cons of Whitbread being a PLC. Tables and bulleting are used throughout the text to convey a vast volume of information in the given scope. -PART A- 1. MAIN BUSINESS INFORMATION USERS AND THEIR NEEDS – KEY WHITBREAD’S...
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