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  • Driving License - 703 Words
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  • End User License Agreement
    END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT IMPORTANT -- READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS SOFTWARE: This License Agreement for certain TVersity Software (“License Agreement”) is a legal agreement between you (hereinafter “You”) and TVersity Inc. and its suppliers and licensors (collectively “Company”) relating to Your installation and use of the TVersity Media Server software (the “Software”). BY CHECKING ON THE “I Accept” BUTTON, INSTALLING, COPYING OR OTHERWISE USING THE SOFTWARE, YOU AGREE...
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  • The Environment to Business Regulatory Licenses
    The Environment to Business Regulatory Licenses Zachary M. Rollins Mr. Denham In an article in South Jersey Local News, March 30, 2012, Kevin Lickfield, 50, from Marlton, New Jersey was indicted by a grand jury in the month of March for practicing medicine without a license. Doing a specific job without a license is known as a regulatory license, in a lack of better terms. March 21, 2012 is the original date of indictment. Mr. Lickfield is indicted on several counts of practicing medicine...
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  • Software License Agreement - 3405 Words
    CeCILL-B FREE SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT Notice This Agreement is a Free Software license agreement that is the result of discussions between its authors in order to ensure compliance with the two main principles guiding its drafting: • firstly, compliance with the principles governing the distribution of Free Software: access to source code, broad rights granted to users, • secondly, the election of a governing law, French law, with which it is conformant, both as regards the...
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  • Should We Need a License to Be a Oarent
    Should We Need a License to Be a Parent? Parenting has always been said to be one of the most basic instincts of the human race. This particular stage in a person’s life imposes great responsibilities and requires the learning of new skills to ensure that the child grows up in a stable, loving environment and gets on the right track in life. Unfortunately, in this day and age, there are many young people who are having children that are not emotionally, mentally or financially stable enough...
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  • Parents Should Have a License to Have Children
    Question of Policy: 13. Parents should have a license for having children. I think so. It's pretty ridiculous that anyone can procreate and keep the kids, but you have go to through red tape, often for years!, to adopt. Everyone should be required to take parenting classes through an unbiased (aka non-religious) source, like a hospital. I say non-religious because the discussions will undoubtedly change to moral rearing, when the biggest problems are with physical and logical raising. I...
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  • licensing in fashion industry - 4450 Words
    ESSAY The Licensing in Fashion Industries. 1.1 What is the meaning of licensing agreement? The verb to license is synonymous of give permission. A licensing agreement is an authorization to use licensed material granted by a party named: Licensor to another party called: Licensee. This is a contract between this two parties. The purpose of a licensing agreement is the authorized use of the licensor's trademark, by the licensee, specified in the terms of the contract. We know two...
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  • Acc1006 Mis Tutorial 1
    ACC1006 MIS tutorial 1 1. No. The fraud triangle consists of three factors that contribute to or are associated with management and employee fraud. These are 1) situational pressure, which includes personal or job-related stresses that could coerce an individual to act dishonestly; 2) opportunity, which involves direct access to assets and/or access to information that controls assets, and 3)ethics, which pertains to one’s character and degree of moral opposition to acts of dishonesty....
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  • Cameron Auto Parts - 2381 Words
    Cameron Auto Parts Executive Summary Cameron Auto Parts was founded in 1965 in Canada by the Cameron family to seize opportunities created by the Auto Pact (APTA) of 1965 between the United States and Canada. The APTA allowed for tariff-free trade between the Big Three American automakers and parts suppliers and factories in both countries. The one caveat in the APTA to qualify for the zero-tariff trade was that companies must maintain assembly facilities on both sides of the border. Cameron...
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  • key aspect in IPR - 14690 Words
    Chapter 13 KEY ASPECTS OF IP LICENSE AGREEMENTS © 2007 Donald M. Cameron Ogilvy Renault LLP The author thanks Rowena Borenstein for her assistance in writing an earlier version of this paper. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Defining Intellectual Property Rights ............................................................................................... 1 (a)...
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  • International Business - 3811 Words
    Executive Summary This report addresses and analyses the benefits of Sun-Believable as a potential new product in the Californian sustainable energy market. The current economic environment in the United States (U.S.), particularly in the State of California, provides an excellent opportunity for the consumption of Sun-Believable. This is due to the high levels of disposable income and State Government incentives to switch to sustainable energy products. Licensing to a Californian...
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  • The 2g Scam: an Example of Corruption at the Highest Levels
    The 2G scam: An example of corruption at the highest levels India, the next big thing in world economy today has proved itself as the world’s largest democracy, but not without some discomforting byproducts. The most destructive of them is “Corruption”. The latest example to bring shame to the country is the 2G scam. What is the 2G Scam? Although the current telecom minister, Kapil Sibal has been disagreeing to the scam, it is alleged that 2G licenses were issued by the former...
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  • DYESOL - 294 Words
    INNOVATION MANAGEMENT GROUP PRESENTATION HUSAIN – M00423154 BURHANUDDIN – M00423155 LILADHAR – M00422165 STACEY – M00428976 Dyesol: Partnering to harness the power of the sun     Dye-sensitized solar cells Cells manufactured into tough, flexible sheets. Joint venture with Tata steel to make “solar steel” in 2011. Dyesol’s managers felt that rather than investing in large joint venture projects, Dyesol should just liberally license the technology to numerous manufacturers. ADVANTAGES OF...
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  • Venturing Into Cloud Computing
    Once again the implementation of new billing system & New Product Launch has reached another set of obstacle. The below paragraph summarizes the ongoing discussions. The success of the implementation of our new system for billing and customer management, has been once again has been hit by another hiccup. This time in the form of hidden cost. This set of new cost were unknown to us till recently. I want to bring to your attention the importance that the new software has to me personally as...
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  • international market entery - 1512 Words
    ! ! International Market Entry Modes ! ! ! Why and how firms go abroad is a very important issue in international marketing and extremely important for success. A particular market can attract foreign companies and have an ideal mode of intermediate entry. How a market will best best served by a foreign company depends on the company’s objectives and the characteristics of that specific market. They may enter for profit, local resources or lower operation costs, factors...
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  • Coffee Shop - 11566 Words
    [pic] REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Title: SURREY CITY CENTRE LIBRARY COFFEE SHOP Reference No.: 1220-30-22-10 FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 1.1 Purpose 3 1.2 Definitions 3 Instructions To Proponents 3 1.3 Closing Time and Address for Proposal Delivery 3 1.4 Information Meeting 4 1.5 Number of Copies 4 1.6 Late Proposals 4 1.7 Amendments to Proposals 4 1.8 Inquiries 4 1.9 Addenda 5 1.10...
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  • Cameron Auto Parts Case Study
     Cameron Auto Parts was founded in 1965 after the signing of the U.S. and Canada Auto Pact. The main consumers were the Big Three automotive manufacturers and the company prospered in this new business environment. In 2000, problems started to occur in the company. First, a consequent drop of the sales of more than 50% happened. Second, the Japanese were great competitors and took advantage of the market opportunities in Canada. Alex took the control in 2001 in order to implement a process...
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  • YSL Vs. Louboutin - 697 Words
    Leanna Kostalos FM 324 - 75B YSL vs. Louboutin In August 2011, designer Christian Louboutin filed a lawsuit against Yves Saint Laurent, demanding $1 million, for manufacturing shoes with red soles. Louboutin was granted the “red bottoms” trademark back in 2008. YSL debuted a red suede pump featuring a red sole, in their Spring 2011 collection. In Louboutin’s complaint he states, “Defendants’ use of a red sole on their infringing footwear threatens to mislead the public, and has impaired...
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  • Export, Licensing & Fdi - 663 Words
    EXPORT, LICENSING & FDI a) Export: Exporting involves producing goods at home and then shipping them to the receiving country for sale. Pros: 1) It is a relatively low-cost activity to get involved in international business and expand profit. 2) A firm can further create economies of scale which should lead to lower cost and hence expansion of profit Cons: 1) In relation to location economies, a firm may not always be located in the best region for that specific area and is therefore...
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  • Apple-Advangtages and Disadvantages of Licensing
    Since Apple’s refusal to license its PC technology which drove the company from being two times bigger than Microsoft to the fringes of the market, now the licensing returns to haunt Apple. In 2001 Apple introduced their iPod which entirely changed the portable music players industry. The iPod became one of the most successful product launches ever, it returns back Apple in the FT500 ranking of global companies. Its shares have risen five-fold in the past two years, valuing the company at $34bn....
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  • Ethics - 314 Words
    After reading Case 4.1, “Licensing and Laissez Faire,” discuss the following: What are the pros and cons of occupational licensure in general? The pros of occupational licensing are that it protects the public from incompetent providers. Licenses prove to the public that the provider has had the education and/or training. This does not always mean the provider is going to perform a good job. It also promotes higher income for the licensee. The cons of occupational licensing are that it...
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  • Ict: Capabilities of a Software - 1591 Words
    II. Capabilities of Software A. Object Linking and Embedding OLE Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) is a technology developed by Microsoft that allows embedding and linking to documents and other objects. OLE allows an editing application to export part of a document to another editing application and then import it with additional content. For example, a spreadsheet created in Excel can be imported into Word. if the spreadsheet then needs to be amended, it can be edited in Excel and the...
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  • natural resources - 5462 Words
    EPIFANIO LALICAN, petitioner, vs. HON. FILOMENO A. VERGARA, Presiding Judge, RTC Branch 52, Puerto Princesa City and PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, respondents. Facts: The petitioners were apprehended on the Sitio Cadiz, Barangay Bacungan Puerto Princesa for violating Section 68 of PD No. 705 or known as The Forestry Reform Code of the Philippines. There were 1, 800 board feet of lumber loaded in two (2) passenger jeeps in different sizes and dimension that were confiscated. On August...
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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Licensing as a Mode of Entry Into Foreign Markets
    “Assess the merits and demerits of international licensing as a mode of entry into new markets” Disney does not have to produce t-shirts, USB sticks and even waffles with Mickey Mouse’s happy face on it. Instead, it can license the right to use its famous character to different companies around the globe and enjoy the hefty royalties, which in 2010 totaled 28.6 billion dollars (Rorie, 2011). Does it then mean that licensing as a mode of entry into foreign markets is the best option available?...
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  • Dell Mission and Strategies - 969 Words
    Mission and Strategies Mission: Dell is a company leader in delivering the latest technology in computer systems to customers, and a broad range of products that enhance the service. The main concept is to sell directly to customers without intermediaries to better understand their needs and provide personalize assistance to take customers to the next level of service. (1) Strategy: Dell combines direct customer model which is our initial goal, with relevant technologies and...
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  • Ib Coca Cola - 2931 Words
    You are the international manager of a U.S business that has just developed a revolutionary new personal computer than can perform the same functions as existing PC’s but costs only half as much to manufacture. Several patents protect the unique design of this computer. Your CEO has asked you to formulate a recommendation for how to expand into Western Europe. Your options are a) To export from the United States; b) To license a European firm to manufacture and market the computer in...
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  • Hsm Installation Manual - 13002 Words
    HOST SECURITY MODULE 8000 INSTALLATION MANUAL 1270A338 Issue 6.1 List of Chapters HSM 8000 Installation Manual HOST SECURITY MODULE 8000 INSTALLATION MANUAL List of Chapters Chapter 1 - Introduction .............................................................................................................................. 10 Chapter 2 - Installation.....................................................................................................................................
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  • Retail Statutory Records Sop
    Statutory Record Maintenance Our business has a high degree of visibility to Law unlike other industries. Compliance of licensing, NOCs and other statutory requirements are signs of good Corporate Governance, the absence of which would lead to adverse and negative publicity, which affects our business very badly. Compliance to Statutory & Legal requirements need to be carried out with zero tolerance, as in case of any breach, there is a huge exposure to monetary liability...
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  • Cemex Fdi - 691 Words
    Please read the ‘Critical Thinking and Discussion Questions’ on page 269 and answer the questions No.2 and 3. No2. Compare and contrast these explanations of FDI: internalization theory, Vernon’s product life-cycle theory, and Knickerbocker’s theory of FDI. Which theory do you think offers the best explanations of the historical pattern of FDI? Why? Although Knickerbocker’s theory and its extensions can help to explain imitative FDI behavior by firms in oligopolistic industries, it does...
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  • Robert Frost - 951 Words
    AGREEMENT FOR LEAVE AND LICENSE THIS AGREEMENT FOR LEAVE AND LICENSE is made on this 4th (fourth) day of June ,2013(Two thousand and thirteen). BETWEEN PARTHA PRATIM ROYCHOWDHURY son of Late. A.Roychowdhury, by occupation-SERVICE, residing at 26A/3, D.P.P. RD., P.O.: Naktala, Alokananda Apt., Flat-F1, Kolkata-700047. P.S.:Patuli, Contact No.9038776082, hereinafter called ‘LICENSOR’ (referred to the context mean and include his heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives and...
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  • Merck & Co - 1066 Words
    Executive Summary 1. How has Merck been able to achieve substantial returns to capital given the large costs and lengthy time to develop a new drug? Merck had a 14% increase in sales between 1997 and 1998 and 22% increase in sales from 1998 – 1999, and a 13% annual increase in earnings over the same period. Merck’s business strategy consists of two parts: (1) developing and marketing new drugs through internal research, and (2) developing partnerships with smaller biotechnology companies....
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  • Licensing A Licensing Agreement Is An A
     Licensing A licensing agreement is an arrangement whereby a licensor grants the rights to intangible property to another entity (the licensee) for a specified period, and in return, the licensor receives a royalty fee from the licensee. 15 Intangible properties includes patents, inventions, formulas, processes, designs, copyrights, and trademarks Advantages Disadvantages the firm does not have to bear the development costs and risks associated with opening a foreign market. Licensing is...
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  • Mak Brake Lining – Case Analysis
    | Mak Brake Lining – Case Analysis | | | | | | Table of Contents Problem Statement 3 Situation Analysis 3 Financial 3 Product 3 Marketing 3 Organizational 3 Industry Analysis 4 External Environment 4 PESTLE Analysis 4 Political 4 Economic 4 Social 4 Technological 4 Legal 4 Environmental 5 SWOT analysis 5 Recommendations 5 Problem Statement Mak Brake Lining Company had a licensing agreement from T&N’s subsidiary Ferodo that was due...
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  • Multinational Corporations - 1684 Words
    Text 1. WHY DO MULTINATIONAL ENTERPRISES EXIST? Why do multinational enterprises (MNEs) exist? This seems to be a silly question. The answer seems to be simple – because they are profitable! But the issue is more complicated than it sounds. There is some agreement that five different pieces together provide a good explanation of why multinational firms exist (and why they are as large as they are. The combination of these five pieces into a framework for understanding multinationals is often...
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  • pdf, jpeg - 9411 Words
    Campus and School Agreement Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. Definitions. ........................................................................................................................................ 1 How the Campus and School program works. ..................................................................... 3 Subscription price....
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  • Mr. Lachlan Baines - 2113 Words
    Local government, NSW state government and federal government requirements. Local Council ( Castle Hill ) : • Food business registration from • Main street outdoor dining application • Outdoor activity policy • Smoke free policy • Outdoor dining licenses • Liquor licensing • Premises Registration • Food Safety Supervisor • Licenced venue trading hours • BYO approvals State Government ( N.S.W) : • Business name registration • Trademark registration • Australian...
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  • Odysseus: A Medium-Sized Firm
    Background Odysseus is a medium sized firm, relatively new to international business in terms of how to operate outside of its local market where it has been successful by being able to build a niche with its coupling and clutch products. Key Facts: Product • 8 products with 600 sizes and types – small batches of orders (not mass production) • Patents across the globe Sales • Odysseus Flexible coupling product - 33% of sales revenue, total from $64M to $169M in 2007 • Largest...
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  • Kpop Addict - 327 Words
    Philippines: Government to test million-dollar online exam system on seafarers No more lining up for hours under a hot sun to register for the professional exam. No more waiting in agony for the release of results. By this month, seafarers wanting to take examinations for marine deck officer licenses can register online, take the walk-in computerized exam, and get the results soon after the test. The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced recently in a forum the readiness of the...
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  • Odysseus Case Study from Global Marketing Management by Keegen
    Odysseus is a medium sized firm, relatively new to international business in terms of how to operate outside of its local market where it has been successful by being able to build a niche with its coupling and clutch products. Key Facts: Product • 8 products with 600 sizes and types – small batches of orders (not mass production) • Patents across the globe Sales • Odysseus Flexible coupling product - 33% of sales revenue, total from $83.8 M in 1990 • Largest customer only less than 4%...
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  • Mr. Leon - 252 Words
    BarTender License Deactivation Application I, the undersigned, am a legally authorized representative of Company X (company details below). As a legally authorized representative, I hereby confirm that BarTender label software, license XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (license number below), is not currently in use. Upon deactivation of this license by Seagull Scientific, this license will then be in use on only one computer for Professional, Basic or any Print Only licenses, or only one network...
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  • Suzy's Zoo Case Analysis
    Sebastian Capatina (997706745) - Suzy’s Zoo Memo Background Suzy's Zoo, created by Suzy Spafford, consists of three different character sets: Duckport, Little Suzy's Zoo, and Wags and Whiskers. These characters appear on classroom supplies, fabric, plush animals, disposable diapers, wallpaper, infant and toddler apparel, and other items. The companies main business relied on producing and selling greeting cards. However, because the market for greeting cards is mature and highly...
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  • Cameron Autoparts Harvard Case
    BRIEF: Assume that you are a consultant to Alex Cameron and give a critical assessment of his situation with respect to his licensing and joint venture arrangements. Use this assessment to advise him on the steps he can take to manage his current and future international operations more effectively. A good advice will either follow a clear plan from internationalization or would show evidence for it. Problem statement - focus the attention of team on the same variables • what is the...
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  • Daya - 1624 Words
    Chapter 12 Strategies for Analyzing and Entering Foreign Markets Copyright â 2013 Pearson Education Chapter 12 - 1 Learning Objectives ῆ Learn how firms analyze foreign markets ῆ Explore how firms choose a mode for entering a foreign market ῆ Investigate exporting and types of intermediaries that help export goods ῆ Identify international licensing issues and Education Copyright â 2013 Pearsonpros and cons of Chapter 12 - 2 Learning Objectives ῆ Identify basic international...
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  • Engineering & Marketing - 324 Words
    Run QuickBooksPro2011.exe To Install Intuit QuickBooks Pro Plus 2011 follow The Onscreen Instructions By The Installer Accept License Agreement And Click Next, Select Your Installation Type And Click Next When Ask To Enter Your License And Product Numbers, Registration Info (A.C.) --------------------- License #: 1063-0575-1585-222 Product #: 019-147 Use The One Provided Below And Type Where Stated And Click Next> Then [ Install ], When Finishing Installing...
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  • Residential Leave and Licence Agreement
    RESIDENTIAL LEAVE AND LICENCE AGREEMENT This leave and licence agreement is made at on 30jan 2011 by and between hereinafter referred to as “LICENSOR”) which expression shall unless it is repugnant to the context be deemed to include its successors and assigns of THE ONE PART. AND Mr. aged ,having permanent address WHEREAS THE LICENSOR is the sole and absolute owner of the residential premises at...
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  • Case Study Cameron Auto Parts (a)
    1. Cameron was right to have licensed to McTaggart. Expansion strategies, as discussed in class, have different barriers and costs. For example, for Cameron to have entered a joint venture with the company would have cost both sides a lot of money and time. For Cameron to have expanded into the UK - what Andy had argued - would have been the most expensive and time consuming of the four options. The company definitely has money, however the extra cash needed to finance such large operations...
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  • Cameron Auto Parts - 1592 Words
    Alex Cameron took over the reins of his family business after his graduation, and when he did, Cameron Auto Parts was immediately faced with a big financial crisis. When he took over the company in 1991, sales in 1990 dropped to $48 million and for the first six months of 1991 to $18 million. Cameron Auto Parts also lost $2.5 million in 1990 and the same amount in the first 6 months of 1991. Market forces, such as the Japanese taking an increasing share of the market, were driving the North...
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  • Housing Development Act 1966 in Malaysia
    HOUSING DEVELOPMENT (CONTROL & LICENCING) ACT, 1966 This act is mainly to control, giving license for the business of housing development in Peninsular Malaysia, protection of the interest of purchasers and for matters connected herewith. This act was enacted on 1966 and has been revised for the first time on 16 August 1973. There are 7 parts in the act. 1. Part 1 : Preliminary 2. Part 2 : Licensing of Housing Developers 3. Part 3 : Duties of a Licensed Housing Developers...
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  • Metro Internal - 1205 Words
    Metro-Internal Overview of the Current Scenario Week1: Average Team Strength – 12; Average Productivity – 6.5 Week2: Average Team Strength – 10; Average Productivity – 7.2 Learning & Observations: 1) The market as a whole is quite receptive to the Cash & Carry concept saving a lot of effort in terms of making customer calls. 2) There is a major chunk of our prospective customers in the outskirts of the city; but many of them don’t have a valid business licence or don’t have...
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  • Dunkin Donuts to India - 629 Words
    Dunkin Donuts to India India’s economy is growing rapidly and with the country’s interests coming together with U.S. interests the opportunity for companies to enter into this market is also growing. While many fast food businesses have recently opened in India, there may be no uniform way to enter into the country. For Dunkin Donuts to become a powerful food chain in India we must look at different entry strategies such as exporting, importing, joint venture, and foreign direct investment....
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  • Net Present Value and Merck Case Merck
    Read full version paper MERCK Case MERCK Case Join Category: Business Autor: vietxdrifter 09 April 2012 Words: 368 | Pages: 2 MERCK Merck was a large research-driven pharmaceutical company and earned billions of dollars in annual revenue. Smaller companies such as LAB were forced to license their drugs to larger companies such as Merck due to lack of inefficient funds. Merck’s competitive advantage lies within their ability to develop and issue newly patented drugs...
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  • Volcom Swot - 728 Words
    Liene Vitamante Fundamentals of Marketing SWOT and competition analysis Jul 26 2014 Volcom SWOT Analysis S Largest boardsport brand third-party manufacturing liquidity, leverage and profitability authentic design global reputation W Market competition Industry market share Increase in operating expenses Interest rate risk Athlete sponsorships- amount paid is variable and can be higher than expected O Domestic- retail and brand acquisition International- product...
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  • Modes of Entry in International Business
    Chapter 6 Modes of Entry Non-exporting modes of entry h Three main non-exporting modes of entry non- • Licensing (including franchising) • Strategic Alliances • Wholly owned manufacturing subsidiaries Three modes of entry Host Country Home country LICENSING Blueprint : “how to do it” Ho st WHOLLY-OWNED SUBSIDIARY A replica of home Host County Co un try STRATEGIC ALLIANCE (J.V.) A “joint effort” 1 The Impact of Entry Barriers h The non-exporting modes...
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  • Starbucks Foreign Direct Investment
    1. The reason Starbucks became disenchanted with its previous strategy of licensing its format strategy to foreign operators because the pure licensing agreement would not give Starbucks the full control that they wanted, so Starbucks did joint ventures with japan and every other country. With the joint venture, this gave local retailers just as much stake in the operation as the actual company. But also giving them the control they wanted. After the joint venture was established then the...
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  • Example Software Justification - 404 Words
    The Justification KLTC have very strong links with software vendors and the software we are able to offer Sallow is at a reduced market price, we have 10 years experience in the installation sage products to small to medium size enterprises such as Sallow. We are more than able to offer discounted service and maintenance contracts which follow on from projects such as this. This Justification will discuss and reinforce why KLTC would be the best choice for Sallow printing. Timescale To...
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  • Cameron Auto Parts Case Study
    MGMT 4850 Cameron Auto Parts 1. Should Cameron have licensed McTaggart or continued to export? Cameron Auto Parts has many factors to consider when addressing the future of their company. While Cameron has had their eye on expanding internationally, they must also consider how using licensing, as opposed to say FDI, for international expansion will affect Cameron’s control of the business. Cameron is said to have close relationships with whom they do business with, and the lose of control and...
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  • Global Marketing - 5361 Words
    CTL in Association with University of Wales 2nd Term MBA 0510-L Global Marketing Aim of the Assignment To critically analyse the advantages and disadvantages of using licensing as a market entry tool giving two detailed examples of companies from different countries that use licensing as a global marketing strategy Supervised By - Lipi Begum. Author - Rajkiran Sonavane Student ID - 28002383 Email -...
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  • EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Information Technology And Business
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY “Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.” -Bill Gates Nowadays, the internet has become an integral and essential part of daily living that majority of people have become attached to it and while some had taken it for granted. The many uses of the internet, running the gamut from personal communication to business services, have guaranteed that this...
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  • Zen Plastics Company - 653 Words
    Introduction This report aims to examine partnership arrangements and clearly identify advantages and disadvantages in terms of entering the export market. Besides, it is necessary to have a competent understanding of how Zen Plastics would successfully go into the export market and what they do to achieve this. Critically look at Zen Plastics’ s structure to see if the exporting is a suitable strategy for the firm concerned. The partnerships that Zen Plastics could enter into In some...
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  • Trademark, Copyright - 631 Words
    *Q1.What is a trade *mark ? A Trade Mark is a visual symbol in the form of a word , a device ,or a label applied to articles of commerce with a view to indicate to the purchasing public that is a good manufactured or otherwise dealt in by a particular person as distinguished from similar goods dealt or manufacture by other persons. Object of Trade Mark IS to deal with the precise nature of the rights which a person can a cquire in respect of a TM-The mode of acquisition of such rights...
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  • Case Study Martin Textile & Starbuck
    Q1. What constitutes operation for your organization of which you are a member, or your place of business? Q2. Why is globalization seen as a panacea to world problems by some and an instigator of problems by others? What responsibilities should corporations have toward the country in which they operate? To their country of origin? CASE STUDY 1 MARTIN TEXTILES Question 1 Economic cost The production cost that is labour cost if Martin Textile shift its production to Mexico will be...
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  • invitation letter - 251 Words
    LETTER OF INVITATION - GUEST SPEAKER [City / Country Town Name] Liquor Forum [Street Address] [City/Town] VIC [Postcode] [Date] [Mr/Ms/Dr./Prof.] [First Name] [Second Name] [Title] [Organisation] [Street Address] [City/Town] [State] [Postcode] Dear [Mr/Ms/Dr./Prof.] [Second Name] INVITATION TO SPEAK AT THE [CITY / COUNTRY TOWN NAME] LIQUOR FORUM I would like to invite you to speak at the [City / Country Town Name] Liquor Forum on [date] at [time] at [venue]. The [City /...
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  • Merck Case - 587 Words
    1. How has Merck been able to achieve substantial returns to capital given the large costs and lengthy time to develop drugs? Merck had a 14% increase in sales between 1997 and 1998 and 22% increase in sales from 1998 – 1999, and a 13% annual increase in earnings over the same period. Merck’s business strategy consists of two parts: (1) developing and marketing new drugs through internal research, and (2) developing partnerships with smaller biotechnology companies. Since 1995, Merck had...
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  • Licensing Parents - 711 Words
    Licensing Parents Hugh Lafollette Lafollette’s thesis and argument is that we should require all parents or potential parents to procure a license prior to having children. Just as we have licensing programs for anything potentially very harmful today, we should also have one for being a parent. We license drivers, doctors, gun owners, and many other types of potentially harmful practices. So why shouldn’t we also license parents? Hugh’s argument is structured as this: P1: Any practice...
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  • Global Market Entry Strategies
    Chapter 9: Global Market Entry Strategies The need for a solid market entry decision is an integral part of a global market entry strategy. Entry decisions will heavily influence the firm’s other marketing-mix decisions. Global marketers have to make a multitude of decisions regarding the entry mode, which may include: (1) The target product/market (2) The goals of the target markets (3) The mode of entry (4) The time of entry (5) A marketing-mix plan (6) A control system to check the...
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  • Ck vs Warnaco - 744 Words
    Alexa Tondi Professor Trachtenberg FM324 Section 75A 17 November 2011 Case Study Assignment: Calvin Klein vs. Warnaco Group Inc. On May 30, 2000 The Calvin Klein family filed a lawsuit against Warnaco Group Inc for eighteen counts of trademark infringement, trademark dilution and intentional misrepresentation. Nearly a month later Warnaco answered with a counter suit, denying the major allegations and justifying the dilution to falling within the scope of the two parities licensing...
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  • Sam Implementation Steps - 379 Words
    What is SAM? Software Asset Management (SAM) protects organization’s software and helps to recognize what the company has got, where it’s running, and any licensing overlap. Benefit of SAM Properly implementing SAM limits company legal and financial exposure should problems with company software licenses arise. Getting compliant and staying that way also helps eliminate the potential damage to company’s reputation that could arise from a lawsuit. Step1: Perform Software Inventory There...
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  • My Ambition in Life - 291 Words
    10. GCPP-142-FD-50Pads. X100 Sheets(C6)-30-10-2001 DECLARATION FORM (To be filled and retured to the Assistant Commissioner, Food and Drugs Administration, Pondicherry) N.B. No Column should be left blank or with a dash. If you have not particulars to be furnished for any column, NIL/Does not arise should be entered. 1. Name and Complete address of the firm : LAKSHMI MEDICAL Old No. 84, New No. 87, Villianur Road, Sithananda Nagar, Puducherry 605 005....
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  • Bid Application Paper - 811 Words
    Salvage Dealer Buyer Identification Card Any person licensed as an Ohio salvage motor vehicle dealer, andor up to two designated employees, who wish to purchase salvage motor vehicles from Ohio salvage motor vehicle auctions or pools. Persons licensed in another state as a salvage motor vehicle dealer, whose state's requirements are equivalent to those in Ohio, andor up to two designated employees may apply for Ohio salvage dealer buyer's identification card(s). General Information &...
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  • Unit 1 Lab 1
    Step 1: Read the Grandfield College scenario on p. 18 of the textbook. (COMPLETED) Step 2: Identify the major topics for this database. Track the software that faculty and staff use on their computers. Find out what software does the school own. Find out what versions of software does the school own. Find out what is the license agreement for the software versions that Grandfield College owns. Make sure that out of the several different licensing schemas that Grandfield College uses the least...
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  • Merck and Company: Evaluating a Drug Licensing Opportunity
    Should Merck license the compound? Merck would be responsible for 1) the approval of Davanrik 2) the manufacture of Danavrik 3) marketing of Danavrik Merck would pay LAB for 1) initial fee 2) royalty on all sales 3) make additional pymts as Danavrik completed each stage of approval process (3 Phases) Additional facts: approval process should take 7 years patent will cover 17 years (7 of approval process nad 10 yr period of exclusivity beginning in yr 7) 1 Assumptions: All Cash...
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  • Time Warner vs Orc
    Time Warner vs ORC Optical Recording Corporation (ORC) was established in 1984 with the main purpose of capitalizing on the technological innovation of James T. Russell. Russell’s new technology was based on his recent invention that revolutionized recorded music storage devices. Although Russell was not the first to come up with the concept of the Compact Disk (CD), he was among the first people to patent this technology. By 1985, Russell held over 25 patents in 7 countries across the world...
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  • Unit 2 Labs - 571 Words
    Lab 2.1 – Identify Business Rules, Attributes, and Candidate Keys Step2 Are your patient records in a computer system already? How is patient info followed and updated? How do you process your reports? How do you separate the dropped patients from the ones still in the program? Do you classify patients by their health status? Step 3 Business Rules: The doctor must login to database and select patient’s records that he/she is seeing for that day. Front Office workers are able to view medical...
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  • Www.Iedu.Com - 711 Words
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  • Nintendo - 909 Words
    Describe and evaluate Nintendo’s strategy towards game developers Nintendo serves as a good example of a firm that has managed to capture a great deal of value created by other players in the market, among others by leveraging the value created in the compliments market. The company mainly signed licensing agreements with outside programmers for development of games compatible with their hardware system. But by still keeping a small share of the game software development in-house (10% in the...
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  • Swot - 5941 Words
    LICENCE TO USE THE MULTIMEDIA PRODUCT (USA) Please read this Licence carefully before installing the game (“Multimedia Product”). This Licence is an agreement between you, the “User”, and Ubisoft Entertainment and/or its licensors and/or its beneficiaries (“Ubisoft”), which grants the User the non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the Multimedia Product. This Licence is valid in the United States of America. By installing the Multimedia Product, the User undertakes to respect...
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  • finance - 534 Words
    An Open Educational Resource Provided by Victoria University “Marketing: Meeting or Creating Needs?” Developed by Dr Maxwell Winchester Senior Lecturer, Victoria University, Melbourne Australia Introduction Marketing has often been defined by marketing academics and practitioners in terms of satisfying customers’ needs and wants (e.g., Kotler, Burton, Deans,...
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  • Entyry Modes for Mnc in International Market
    Entyry Modes for MNC in International Market Foreign market entry modes differ in degree of risk they present, the control and commitment of resources they require and the return on investment they promise. There are two major types of entry modes: ❖ Equity and Non-equity modes. The non-equity modes category includes export and contractual agreements. The equity modes category includes: joint venture and wholly owned subsidiaries. Exporting Exporting is the process of selling of...
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  • Starbucks International Operations - 1571 Words
    Starbucks International Operations Starbucks started to decide on expansion by about the mid 1990's, when the market became saturated. Market saturation is when a company or firm has covered an area so thoroughly with its presence, that it can no longer experience growth. Because of the market saturation, there were declining sales throughout stores. The company's original marketing strategy was to blanket a region with new stores. The idea behind this was to reduce a customer's wait in...
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  • M23 Law for Licenced Premises
    M23 Law for Licensed Premises | Task 1: Manager’s Guide to Licensing Legislation | Due Date: 25/03/13 Aleesha Wright I.D: 26474 Tutor: Pavel Pleskot Term 2 | Contents * Different Types of Licences * Off-Licence * On-Licence * Club * Special Locations * Events * Differences between Personal licence and Premises Licence UK/NZ * DPS – (Designated Premises Supervisor) *...
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  • The Strategy of Foreign Investors and Licensees: a Philippine Perspective
    6 – THE STRATEGY OF FOREIGN INVESTORS AND LICENSEES: A PHILIPPINE PERSPECTIVE “To a certain extent, the firms in the developing countries should think in terms of exploiting countries” Cooperation with a foreign company can provide a shortcut; it can permit the attainment of certain goals which the local company could possibly achieve with each own resources but at a lower cost and in much less time. POTENTIAL BENEFITS THAT CAN BE DERIVED FROM COOPERATION WITH A FOREIGN FIRM 1....
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  • Monsters - 417 Words
    Note: Follow these instructions carefully: There could be modifications that could limit your use of the Ghost software. Note: It is suggested that you only upgrade Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 from Ghost Solution Suite 2.0.x. If you have an older version, please upgrade to Ghost Solution Suite 2.0 first then upgrade to 2.5. If you choose to upgrade from a previous version, there is a possibility of loosing your console database. Here are instructions for backing up previous versions:...
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  • Plant vs Zombies - 1588 Words
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  • Intermediate Accounting - 307 Words
     ACCT 551 – Intermediate Accounting - II Week – 1 Assignment Chapter 12 E 12-4 Presented below is selected information for Palmiero Company. 1.Palmiero purchased a patent from Vania Co. for $1,500,000 on January 1, 2010. The patent is being amortized over its remaining legal life of 10 years, expiring on January 1, 2020. During 2012, Palmiero determined that the economic benefits of the patent would not last longer than 6 years from the...
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  • finance questions - 288 Words
     Professional Application Questions 1.2 Australia’s corporate, markets and financial services regulator an independent Commonwealth Government body. set up under and administer the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act (ASIC Act), and it carries out most of its work under the Corporations Act 1.3 (a) Because of the length of time before they can access their money, for a 30 year old it is between 25 and 35 years before they have access. The payments of the regular...
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  • Education and Experience Requirements to Become a CPA
    Education and Experience Requirements to Become a CPA This article goes over the requirements to become a CPA. There are many different opinions on what the experience and education requirements should be, so the authors researched the opinions of many accounting professionals to see what the overall consensus is. In the United States, many of the licensing jurisdictions require students to complete 150 semester credit hours before being able to sit for the CPA Exam, as well as to become...
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  • Hca Week 3 - 302 Words
    Agency Overview: WWW.RN.CA.GOV In the state of California the website for the Board of Nursing is This website has many uses and functions with a main purpose of the agency is to implementation and enforcement of the Nursing Practice Act which are the laws related to nursing education, licensure, practice, and discipline. The Board of Nursing protects consumers by setting RN educational standards, approving California nursing programs, evaluating licensure applications,...
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  • LEGO - 332 Words
    Group 2 LEGO 1. Case Issue The question that LEGO faces is how to make products that interest all age groups. Development of a lifetime product is now becoming more of a challenge as generations increasingly flock to social media and digital entertainment, giving up many forms of traditional physical entertainment. 2. Swot Strengths Weaknesses Strong brand image cross the world. Strong product portfolio. Strong mind brand recall. Have a lot of licensing agreement. Product has...
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  • Hugh Lafollette's Argument for Parental Licensing
    Paragraph answer 2. Summarize Hugh LaFollette's argument for parental licensing, then explain one of the objections raised by one of the two critics. Is the objection successful? In most modern, industrialized nations governments seek to protect their citizens by controlling potentially dangerous activities through licensing. Licenses are required before one can legally drive, practice medicine, become a lawyer, or even fish. In the article "Licensing Parents," Hugh LaFollette...
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  • Speech - 394 Words
    The LPO Group invites Licensees to the first formal meeting on the 23rd March 2013 in Sydney St Peter Chanel Church Hall, 60 Kingsland Road, Berala NSW A range of products and suppliers will be displayed. All Class Insurance Brokers will introduce the LPO Group Insurance package.​ Displays open for inspection from 10am ​Licensee meeting will start at 1.30 pm. Agenda Items LPO Ready A new association is being formed to fight for a fairer deal for LPOs. Priority includes seeking a halt to...
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  • Report on 2g Spectrum - 1232 Words
    This is the biggest scam till now in India.The Supreme Court said that this 2G Scam is the mother of all the Scams. The 2G spectrum scam involved officials in the government of India illegally undercharging mobile telephony companies for frequency allocation licenses, which they would use to create 2G subscriptions for cell phones. The shortfall between the money collected and the money which the law mandated to be collected is 1,76,379crore rupees or USD 39 billion....
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  • Intellectual Property - 1253 Words
    1. Why is the market for intellectual property (IP) so illiquid and inefficient today? IP is becoming increasingly important in the world economy. This can be seen in the increase of patent application and granting. Contrary to the growing IP assets, the market for IP was still con-sidered small and illiquid. Obstacles hindering the uptake of the IP market are: • High search and transaction costs for both sides, seller and buyer: There is no transparent mar-ket providing fair value estimates...
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  • Taming the Dragons - Cummins in China
    Cummins: Licensing to Joint Venture Risks in Licensing To enter and explore the Chinese market, Cummins Inc. adopted a licensing strategic alliance in the early 1980s. It signed two license agreements initially; firstly with CQAEP and the other with DFM. There were various risks involved in using licensing, as control over the technology is weakened. There was also a problem in adequately protecting the licensed technology from unauthorised use by other parties. This led to rise in...
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  • A Short Seller Crashes The Party
    To: Henry Guillart, CEO of Terranola From: Xuefeng Li, MBA student at A.B. Freeman School of Business Subject: Strategy to Eliminate Negative Influence of Jeremiah Hughes Terranola, a company providing granola bar machines and other side products, is facing its biggest challenge since the company started. Jeremiah Hughes, the well-known hedge fund manager and short-seller, identifies three problems facing Terranola, which includes unsold products, patent expiration, and flawed growth...
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  • Quite American - 502 Words
    MICROSOFT LIMITED PUBLIC LICENSE version 1.1 ---------------------- This license governs use of code marked as “sample” or “example” available on this web site without a license agreement, as provided under the section above titled “NOTICE SPECIFIC TO SOFTWARE AVAILABLE ON THIS WEB SITE.” If you use such code (the “software”), you accept this license. If you do not accept the license, do not use the software. 1. Definitions The terms “reproduce,” “reproduction,” “derivative works,”...
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  • Case Study - 542 Words
    Yilin Sun Management of Technology 25 February 2015 1 What are the ways in which innovators can capture the value they create? First, the innovators should avoid publishing the innovations in an environment where new technology is difficult to protect. Second, the more fundamental the innovation, a broader patent will be granted, which will provide better protection. Third, design the innovation to have a good chance of benefiting innovators rather than their competitors. Forth, try to...
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  • globalmarket strategy - 592 Words
    CHAPTER 9 Global Market Entry Strategies: Licensing, Investment, and Strategic Alliances Introduction Trade barriers are falling around the world Companies need to have a strategy to enter world markets Licensing is a contractual arrangement whereby one company makes a legally protected asset available to another company in exchange for royalties, license fees, or some form of compensation. Advantages to Licensing 1. Licensee is typically a local business that will produce and market...
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  • Licensing Notes - 565 Words
    Licensing * Permission Granted * Legal Considerations involved in developing a sport/event licensing program * Procedures for developing a sport/event licensing program * Why learn how to develop a sport/event licensing program * 1. Every licensed product= a detailed license agreement * 2. Important to develop and maintain licensing systems carefully * 3. Essential for anyone interested in the field to learn the basics of developing a licensing system...
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  • entry mode - 645 Words
    SELECCIONAR Y ADMINISTRAR MODOS DE INGRESO ADMINISTRACIÓN INTERNACIONAL Entry Modes •  Ins%tu%onal arrangement by which a firm gets its products, technologies, human skill, or other resources into a market. •  Even big MNE’s don’t use a single entry mode. These companies adapt their ...
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  • Measuring Local Content In Manufacturing Case Study Of Paint Manufacture In Nigeria
    Measuring local content in manufacturing: A case study of paint manufacture in Nigeria Dr. Michael Warner – Local Content Solutions Eng. S.I.C. Okoli – Protective Coatings Manufacturers Nigeria (PCMN) Part 1 :A case study of paint manufacture in Nigeria Eng. S.I.C. Okoli – Protective Coatings Manufacturers Nigeria (PCMN) Part 2 : Measuring local content in manufacturing Dr. Michael Warner – Local Content Solutions Measuring local content in manufacturing: A case study of paint manufacture...
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