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  • Liberal Arts - 1052 Words
    Shayan AzizBaeigi Eng 100 A letter came in the mail reading, 'congratulations on being accepted into the Engineering program of your choice!' A close friend of mine asked me a question that got me thinking, why did I choose to major in Engineering? While growing up I always talked about becoming a successful engineer someday and here I was now, following my dream. Since being a kid I remember my parents always telling me to follow my dream and never let anything get in the way of...
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  • Liberal Arts - 1415 Words
    Are Liberal-Arts Colleges Worth It? In the article, “Are Too Many People Going to College”, Murray argues through various points that liberal-arts colleges are not a practical way to succeed along with the concept of college changing due to social norms. He begins by claiming, “…people should be getting the basics of a liberal education…the places to provide those basics are elementary school and middle school.” He believes that knowledge about history, science, works of music, art and...
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  • Liberal Arts - 624 Words
    Ashley Potts FYS F 11AM The Value of Liberal Arts Liberal Arts can be defined as the study of general knowledge, humanities, fine arts, natural science and social science, instead of technical studies. These subjects are considered necessary for people in society. A Liberal Arts education is valuable because it is intellectual, it teaches you how to think, and heightens creativity. Studying Liberal Arts will enhance my skills and will develop me into a well-rounded person with a Nursing...
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  • Liberal Arts - 1364 Words
    Liberal Arts Colleges Despite popular belief, Harvard College was first founded, as an institution of higher learning in America is 1636; over one hundred years before the New England colonies officially became states (Masci). This is an example of how important education has been, and still is to this country today. Harvard, a liberal arts college, was also founded over one hundred years before the first state university, making liberal arts colleges far more experienced in the education of...
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  • liberal arts - 569 Words
    Does the type of degree we pick matter? Choosing your future career is a very important step, and while you are picking your job, you have to look which profession will provide you with a good financial status. On the other hand, employment rates for new college graduates have fallen sharply in the last two years, which means to be a college graduate with a specialized degree does not mean you will have better financial status in the future. According to Workforce Development at Rutgers...
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  • Benefits of a Liberal Arts Degree
    The student who decides to pursue a liberal arts education in University often faces a discouraging reaction from family and friends. Everyone seems to know a B.A. in Philosophy who is flipping burgers at Wendy’s, or an M.A. in English who is clerking at Wal-Mart. Students who choose liberal arts hear the same remarks over and over: “What good is a degree in Medieval History, or Chinese literature, or Classics? Study something practical and get a real job!” In fact, however, no degree...
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  • A Liberal Arts Education - 1448 Words
    A Liberal Arts Education A liberal arts education provides students with a broad spectrum of information enabling them to expand knowledge and to advance society in a positive direction. This universal education provides a strong foundation of knowledge in many subjects. The students can observe the strengths and capabilities, as well as the limitations of each field of study. This allows the students to find connections between diverse fields of study, to explore them, and to discover...
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  • The New Liberal Arts - 1635 Words
    Anh Pham English 101 “The New Liberal Arts” is an article written by Sanford J. Ungar, who is a president of Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland. In the beginning of his article, Ungar wrote, “Hard economic times inevitably bring scrutiny of all accepted ideals and institutions, and this time around the liberal arts education has been especially hard hit.” In other words, Ungar means that recent economic recessions have made a huge impact on what people think of going for a liberal arts...
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  • Christian Liberal Arts Education
     Christian Liberal Arts Education Noah Spielman BITH 111 - Dr. Lauber March 5, 2015 CPO 2895 The education system in America has slowly become narrow and less based upon the liberal arts. Rarely does a person enrolled in a school that will challenge them academically and spiritually. Universities are often only concerned in the employment percentage of their graduating class, and not their students’ mental well-being or whether or not they were personally changed during their...
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  • Liberal Arts and Students - 50279 Words
    INSTRUCTOR’S NOTES “THEY SAY / I SAY” The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing WITH READINGS Second Edition LISA AMPLEMAN University of Cincinnati W. W. Norton & Company NEW YORK LONDON CONTENTS Preface 5 PART 1 - "THEY SAY" 7 1 "THEY SAY": Starting with What Others Are Saying 7 2 "HER POINT IS": The Art of Summarizing 8 3 "AS HE HIMSELF PUTS IT": The Art of Quoting 9 PART 2 - "I SAY" 11 4 "YES / NO / OKAY, BUT": Three Ways to Respond 11 5 "AND YET": Distinguishing What You...
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  • Why Liberal Arts? - 1316 Words
    Most students question why we have to go to school and take liberal arts courses that do not necessarily prepare us for our field. When we ask our professors or teachers, they tell us it is because we should learn to be “well rounded” students. This is not enough to convince many. Students do not have a real understanding of why liberal arts education is helpful so they do not see the need to learn it. Many students only memorize the facts to pass the tests they have to take and then forget it...
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  • Defending Liberal Arts - 989 Words
     Sanford J. Ungar: Defender of the Liberal Arts William Butler Yeats is accredited with once saying “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” It seems this idiom no longer rings true; today’s preferred education encompasses the regurgitation of technical jargon in the hopes of finding a job. People now deem Liberal Arts degree worthless; it’s too expensive and impractical in today’s job market. The sciences and career colleges are where the jobs lie. In the...
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  • Liberal Arts Education - 975 Words
    S00007100 Sandy Stein IENG 031. 01 Spring 2009 Liberal Arts Education Robert Harris’ article, “On the Purpose of a Liberal Arts Education” on page 1-6 of the website VirtualSalt (March 14, 1991), is written in enumeration mode. The purpose of the article is persuading the reader to think about the advantages of liberal arts education. The article has a positive tone because it is optimistic, and respectful. Harris lists several rewards of liberal arts education. First, liberal...
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  • Why Liberal Arts - 323 Words
    WHY LIBERAL ARTS? A majority of students from around the world tend to train themselves during their college years under one subject. But what if there is a chance for you to learn more, by paying the same amount for just one single course. A liberal arts education gives a broad knowledge base by increasing your frame of reference. It also helps you exercise your mind, problem-solve and generate new ideas. This type of education can prepare you for many fields in today’s workplace. A liberal...
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  • Liberal Arts and Business - 399 Words
    Effective Leadership and Job Satisfaction Miriam Hamid Liberty University BUSI 610-D04 December 16, 2011 Abstract This paper will be reviewing various scholarly sources in order to be able to attempt to answer the question of whether or not students would make better business people with a liberal arts education rather than an emphasis on a skill-related education. In order to be able to have an opinion, researching various articles is...
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  • The Value of Liberal Art Degrees
    Tiffany Smith March 20, 2014 GSW Recently, there has been a significant decrease in both employment rates and salaries among new college graduates. Rising college prices, increasing levels of student debt, and a still weak job market all contribute to the skepticism that many face when trying to determine which college degrees are valuable in today’s society, specifically if Liberal Art Degrees are “worth it”. People who earn Liberal Arts Degrees have less job opportunity and security than...
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  • The Purpose of a Liberal Arts Education
    The Purpose of a Liberal Arts Education A liberal arts education can open many doors for you. However, it may not be for everyone. A four year liberal arts degree is meant to make you a well-rounded person, but many people don’t feel the need to take classes that don’t directly apply to their career. Liberal arts exercises your mid; it makes it stronger. It helps develop an ordered mind and good thinking habits. You may never use the things you learn in a computer programming class, but...
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  • Value of Liberal Arts - 793 Words
    Xxxxx xxxx FYS 30 November 2012 The Value of Liberal Arts Education The great physicist Albert Einstein once said, “The value of education in a liberal arts college is not the learning of many facts, but the training of the mind to think something that cannot be learned from textbooks.” Einstein further conveys that liberal studying helps develop critical thinking and analytical skills with a touch of creativity. Liberal arts education helps set a common base for worldly knowledge; it...
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  • The Importance of a Liberal Arts Degree
    English 1010 September 24, 2010 The Importance of a Degree In the article “In Defense of the Liberal Arts”, Lane Wallace gives an example of what someone could do if they drop out of college. It also explains why staying in college and earning a degree is important. I agree with the article and believe that staying in school will benefit the student in the long run, even if they don’t think it is important. Students should look at the positive aspects of being in college...
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  • The Role Of Liberal Arts In A College Education
    The Role of Liberal Arts in a College Education Henry Rosovsky’s article entitled The Purposes of Liberal Education is a brief, but extremely accurate and clearly-written explanation of what he feels a liberal arts education entails. The author has had extensive experience in the field of education and has been able to shape and impact many students while being the Dean at Harvard College. For this reason, consideration of his ideas on the liberal arts is merited. His standard of liberal...
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  • Liberal Arts and the Advantages of Being Useless
    Liberal Arts, and the Advantages of Being Useless| 1 Nicholaos Jones Department of Philosophy University of Alabama in Huntsville nick[DOT]jones[AT]uah[DOT]edu 1 Introductory Remarks The trees of the mountain bring their own destruction. The oil in the lamp burns itself. The cinnamon tree is edible, so it is cut down. The varnish tree is useful so it is cut apart. All know the advantage of being useful, but no one knows the advantage of being useless. - 莊子 [Zhuangzi] (364-290 BCE), Zhuangzi,...
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  • Liberal Arts Improves Us for Society
    Liberal Arts Improves Us for Society Rarely are we fortunate to get a glimpse into a brilliant mind as it grows closer to its inevitable super nova burnout and self-destruction. Before David Foster Wallace took his life in 2008, he gave us an insight into his personal hell with the “Kenyon Commencement Speech” in 2005. During this commencement speech he discusses the use of a broad base knowledge curriculum that transforms people into understanding and productive citizens. I agree that a...
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  • A Philosophy of the Idea of Christian Liberal Arts Education
    1 W. Lamar Stockton Dallas Baptist University Friday Symposium September 24, 2004 A Philosophy of the Idea of Christian Liberal Arts Education Why is it important? I think rather that the Christian college has not sufficiently articulated its educational philosophy, and has not sold the evangelical public or perhaps even its own students and teachers on what it is trying to do…Christian education should not blindfold the student’s eyes to all the world has to offer, but it should open them...
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  • Benefits of a Liberal Arts Degree in Appellate Court Judges
    Benefits of a Liberal Arts Education in Appellate Court Judges Appellate Court judges are the final stop for most of the federal cases in the United States. They hear cases which come from large areas or regions, often encompassing a large number of cultural variances. Rather than hold trials, appellate court judges review decisions of trial courts for errors of law. Court of appeals decisions, unlike those of the lower federal courts, establish binding precedents. Other federal...
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  • Insight Into Liberal Arts Education in Business Schools: a Literature Review
    Insight Into Liberal Arts Education in Business Schools: A Literature Review BUSI 610 December 17, 2011 Abstract This literature review directly addresses the growing debate as to the integration of liberal arts studies into a business degree program. This paper will look at the historical context that the debate has followed as well as outline major factors of the debate and how they relate to each other. Finally, based on these literary finding, suggestions will be made as to...
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  • Liberal education - 1419 Words
    The Bright Side of a Liberal Arts Education Now that I am in college, I have pondered upon whether a liberal arts education is better than a vocational education; a topic that did not cross my mind in high school. A liberal arts curriculum includes the studies intended to primarily provide general knowledge such as language, philosophy, literature, and abstract science and to develop general intellectual capacities, such as reason and judgment, as opposed to professional or vocational skills...
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  • Liberal Studies Versus Concentrated Degree
    Madalyn Kafara Professor Perry March 7, 2012 Literature Review Thesis Statement: Liberal Arts graduates who possess a wide array of skills have a less difficult time finding long-term employment compared to more applied streams of education. (May Change- I am still hesitant about my topic) A List: Philip Giles, Torben Drewes, and Jon Cowans Abstract: The liberal studies education provides a graduate student with numerous skills and endless employment opportunities. In our continuously...
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  • What The Hell Should I Do with my Life?
    What The Hell Should I Do with my Life? Obviously getting an education after high school is important to a lot of people now a days. People want to get well-paying jobs so they can support their families and live a good life. There are many different ways people can achieve these things, by choosing to learn something that will form a career, vocational training, or liberal arts. Liberal arts is a tricky slope, and two authors have split ideas to say about them. Now a days I...
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  • Education For Life - 918 Words
    Education For LifeThe basic purpose of a liberal arts education is to liberate the human being to exercise his or her potential to the fullest. Liberal arts plays an important role in developing individuals and the world. When students attend liberal art colleges, they will understand the essence of humanity and will learn to shape and develop personal values. For a person to develop, he needs to understand the essence of humanity. When you attend college, your view on the meaning of life...
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  • The Goodlife - 708 Words
    The Good Life I have only been in existence on this earth for a mere 18 years, so the concept of ‘the good life’ seems a bit bewildering and unclear at this stage because I have not experienced life enough yet. My perception of the ‘good life’ will be completely different from that of an elder person, this stemming from the fact that they have more wisdom and knowledge through their experiences in life to know what the ‘good life’ truly is. At this stage, for me the good life consists of the...
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  • What to Do with a Ba in History
    The Value of a Liberal Arts Education When you see the word “college”, what comes to mind? For most of you, you probably immediately think of partying, drinking, and meeting new people. Those who choose to go to college will have the opportunity to experience the social life, but what you choose to study can control your future. In “How to Get a Real Education at College” by Scott Adams and “What Do You Do with a B.A. in History” by Ken Saxon, they agree that college is worth going to but they...
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  • Seneca Summary - 269 Words
    Guided Summary: “Seneca on Liberal and Vocational Studies” In the essay on “Liberal and Vocational Studies,” Seneca gives us the notion that while getting a liberal arts education will not make you a morally right person, it will give you the knowledge that you need to become so in the future. The essay then goes on to explain the difference between Liberal Studies and Vocational Studies. Seneca states that the only liberal study truly worth your time was the pursuit of wisdom, the others...
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  • Bnmb - 633 Words
    Anthony Gayton 2/20/2013 English 101.100 Professor Johnson Critical Evaluation Obtaining a Liberal Arts degree The Liberal Arts is an essay written by Sanford J. Unger describing the many misapprehensions of pursuing a liberal arts degree. Obtaining liberal arts is never a bad idea; as a matter of fact getting that type of degree can open up many opportunities for you and should be proud of it. Sanford attempts to draw all students to go to get an education for liberal arts. Unger feels...
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  • An Excellent Education - 1459 Words
    An Excellent Education In today’s economy and job marketplace, it has been argued that a vocational or professional focus in education is more beneficial than an education which has study of the liberal arts at it’s core. At the basis of this notion, lies the mindset that the lone goal of a college education is to provide one with a means for financial success. This oft-held belief posits that college is just a ticket to the corporate world, and a high paying job. If one believes...
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  • Final Synthesis Paper - 3146 Words
    Hey Brandon, I am also going to give you this website: General APA Guidelines Your essay should be typed, double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5" x 11") with 1" margins on all sides. You should use a clear font that is highly readable. APA recommends using 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Include a page header (also known as the "running head") at the top of every page. To create a page header/running head, insert page numbers flush right....
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  • Compare and Contrast - 1294 Words
    Compare and Contrast Essay These two authors speak and give their opinion about liberal arts, and discuss liberal arts education. The article, In His Own Words, by David Foster Wallace appears to about the liberal arts educating humans in values instead of just money-oriented rewards and how that kind of education not only fills students with knowledge but teaches them how to think. The second article “The New Liberal Arts”, by Sanford J. Ungar to talks about seven misinterpretations since...
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  • Leadership - 397 Words
    Kwawu Anthony Kafui Leadership February 14 2013 Men may be created equal, free, rich, poor, intelligent or otherwise. From these many traits that we share, we draw strength, hope or ambition. But in all these desirable traits, there are always elements of weakness. Weaknesses which may cost us a great deal or spare us from life’s many machinations and snares. Being in a liberal arts college like ashesi, I spend most of my time coming to terms with my strengths and weakneses: usually unknowingly...
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  • Marks of an Educated Person - 419 Words
    Integrating concepts of faith and learning in a liberal arts education. Integrating concepts of faith and learning in a liberal arts education. Teresa Berrong VU2100 Faith and Learning May 26, 2013 Integrating concepts of faith and learning in a liberal arts education. Holmes describes a liberal arts education as providing “an opportunity to steward life more effectively by becoming more fully a human person in the image of God.” (The Idea of a Christian College, Pg. 36.)...
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  • David Foster Wallace, This Is Water
    Dalrymple 1 Kevin Dalrymple Matt Martinson English 101.9 1 November 2012 A Summary of David Foster Wallace, “In His Own Words” According to the article by David Foster Wallace, “In His Own Words” the “most obvious important realities are often the ones that are hardest to see and talk about.” Wallace argues that a liberal arts education gives you human value instead of just materialistic reward; therefore it not only fills you up with knowledge but “teaches you how to think”. Not the...
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  • General Education - 1463 Words
    The requirement of general education improves a student’s common knowledge and enforces doing more than the bare minimum to obtain one’s dream career. Despite many surveys proving the importance of the core courses, many people do not believe education should be broad based in liberal arts. Not only will the liberal arts courses positively affect someone in the workplace, but also make him or her a more educated person to impact society. These courses expand the range of opportunities a person...
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  • Creative Brief - Example - 824 Words
    Creative Brief Project: UD Marketing Video for Prospective Business Students Prepared by: Claire Holman, Josephine McGrath, Megan O’Brien, and Candice Vermeulen Background/ Overview: The Business School of the University of Dallas is a Catholic institution, which provides a well-rounded education in humanities and business, with the goal of developing the student’s intellectual and moral virtues, as well as their skills both in the classroom and business world. Known mostly for...
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  • An Open Letter to Ninth Graders
    3/6/10 Journal 8 “An Open Letter to Ninth Graders”,by Patrick Sullivan is not just a “letter” to “ninth graders”. It as an article to the general public and those of which are interested in higher education offered at colleges. Some of the key points he talks about in this letter that tell you how to succeed are, reading, writing, thinking, listening and “grit”. Patrick Sullivan in detail describes to you that reading is essential to being successful in a liberal arts education. In addition...
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  • Christian College Thought Paper
    Thoughts on a Christian College Thoughts on a Christian College In today’s extremely competitive, job-scarce economy, having a college degree is now a steadfast requirement when applying to even entry-level professional jobs. Choosing a college has always been a challenging task for high school seniors, but it is now fraught with stress and anxiety for nearly every adult who seeks to further their education. Questions abound: what school offers the exact program I desire? What school is...
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  • Why I Want to Attend Towson University
    dWhy do you want to attend Towson University? After visiting Towson for a tour, I realized this higher learning institution has three key ingredients to nurture me in my academic pursuits as well as my personal growth. The first ingredient is Towson’s diversity in campus life. I am impressed with the plethora of campus clubs including special interests and spirituality. The second ingredient is the marriage of research-based learning with hands-on application. I was thrilled to learn from the...
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  • Annotation - 1248 Words
    Hoda Mokarian Rebecca Yamano English 101 November 16th, 2011 Critical Annotated Webliography Research Questions: What kinds of school reform strategies have been suggested historically? ANNOTATION #1 Source Information: Goodman, Paul. Compulsory Miseducation. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1971. Paul Goodman suggests that in order to counter the strict, lockstep tendencies of American educational institutions, that universities as well as secondary schools devise strategies to...
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  • FYE Essay 1 - 757 Words
    Djenane Charles First Year Experience Dr. Andrea Lewis September 26, 2012 Dr. Johnnella E. Butler’s speech on liberal arts education and becoming a global citizen opened my mind to all the responsibilities I obtained after choosing to attend Spelman College. I have set a few goals for myself that I intend on completing and improving throughout my four years. These goals consist of time management, striving for all A’s, staying on top of my assignments and becoming a freethinking women....
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  • english paper - 806 Words
     When many of us coame to College, we imagined that we would be in for the “time -of -our-lives.,” where pretty much everything we would ever want to do would be at our fingertips. It is reckoned that Colleges’s campus is meant for just that. It is a place for students to expand their horizons, explore themselves, and, most of all, get a liberal arts degree. Essentially this is all true. We are all privileged to be here, but if we are going to expand, and explore and graduate...
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  • life after high school
     Life after High School In recent discussions of "are too many people going to college" A controversial issue has been whether or not students decide to go to college on their own or are they programmed to do so. "More people should be going to college, not fewer"(and I agree).“Universities are not intended to teach the knowledge require to fit man for some special mode of gaining their livelihood,”. According to John Stuart Mill universities do not teach children to make money, instead...
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  • Swot Analysis College - 1045 Words
    SWOT Analysis Lauren Fischer October 29, 2012. SWOT Analysis Strengths: Location Low student to teacher ratio Weaknesses: Crime College Mission/Vision Lack of Diversity Threats: Economy Peer Insitutions Opportunities: Economy External fundraising efforts Strengths: Location Low student to teacher ratio Weaknesses: Crime College Mission/Vision Lack of Diversity Threats: Economy Peer Insitutions Opportunities: Economy External fundraising efforts Strengths: Location The...
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  • Attitude - 2108 Words
    Attitude by Margaret Atwood Byliner Jun 1983 9 mins. A 1983 commencement address given at the University of Toronto. I am of course overjoyed to be here today in the role of ceremonial object. There is more than the usual amount of satisfaction in receiving an honorary degree from the university that helped to form one’s erstwhile callow and ignorant mind into the thing of dubious splendor that it is today; whose professors put up with so many overdue term papers, and struggled to...
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  • Cuse Supplement - 330 Words
    1. Who or what influenced you to apply to Syracuse University? Apart from being a renowned institution that can further my higher education, I am strongly fond of Syracuse University. I heard about the school through a friend that currently attends Syracuse University and caught my attention greatly. After doing some further research, I learned that the school not only has a strong business program but also offers a comprehensive liberal arts education. 2. Who is the person you...
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  • Universities in Middle Ages - 4200 Words
    1. UNIVERSITY IN MIDDLE AGES 1.1 Origin of the University The main reason for the establishment of the universities in Europe was a spontaneous and enthusiastic desire for knowledge. Centres of learning had grown up from the monastic and cathedral schools - formed what might be called the secondary school system of the early Middle Ages - and were mostly concerned with the study of the liturgy and prayer. Towards the end of the twelfth century a few of the greatest old cathedral, monastic or...
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    ESSAY ON BECOMING A TEACHER One of my favorite memories as an elementary school-age child is the summer that I created a treasure hunt for “little kids” in my neighborhood. I was so excited to see the smiles of happiness as the children embarked on their hunts, and to see them succeed in finding clues and obtaining the treasure. I want to be a teacher for many reasons, but I think that the feeling of reward I experience in bringing happiness to, and encouraging growth in others, is my primary...
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  • higher education - 628 Words
    A different look on higher education People often view things with smaller value because of their perceived flaws. In “Blue-Collar Brilliance”, the author Mike Rose discusses the amount of academic success a person achieves doesn’t always correlate to how intelligent a person is. Also in the essay “The New Liberal arts", the author Sanford Ungar talks about seven different misconceptions people have on liberal arts education. Even though Mike Rose and Sanford Ungar both address how...
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  • Student Development - 473 Words
    Journal Assignment # 2: Student Development Theory. Let me start by talking about why I traveled across half the globe to come study in a small liberal arts college in the US. I could have stayed back in Pakistan, live with my parents, study in a decent local university but I chose not to. Instead I came to Ohio Wesleyan. I knew that if I had stayed back, I would have been in one way or another dependent on my family. It is not as bad as it sounds to be dependent on your family but I have...
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  • Edmundson - 742 Words
    Francesca Tines Professor Karim English 120 Mark Edmundson “On the uses of a Liberal Education” Mark Edmundson’s “On the uses of a Liberal Education” provides interesting points on why the liberal arts education is becoming part of consumer goods and how education is being advertised. Edmundson states different causes for this effect and comes up with consumer culture in society. He believes that the liberal art education is unsuccessful because Americans are attracted to consumption...
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  • Factors That Lead Success
    Study Habits University courses -- particularly liberal arts courses -- tend to have very little contact time. This does not mean they do not require very much work; rather, they require independent study. To ensure that you don't fall behind, you should set a clear time and place where you study a little bit from each course every day. There's always reading to do for class, or essays to study for, or information from previous lectures to go over, and you should devote at least an hour a...
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  • Miguel Monjardino - 382 Words
    Miguel Monjardino A Liberal Education Questions 1. What does Monjardino mean by “a liberal education”? 2. Why, according to Monjardino, have the liberal arts have been put on the defensive? 3. Explain in your own words what Monjardino is describing when he refers to the “paradox of the discussion about American liberal arts colleges.” What exactly is the paradox? 4. Why does Monjardino quote Jeff Bezos? 5. Why does Monjardino find the James Matthews memorial plaque to be telling? 6. How does...
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  • humanities are not useless
    Chuting Cao Instructor: Sarah Lynn Kleeb Exploring the Key Questions in Humanities 11 September 2013 The Value of Studying Humanities Humanities are the subjects such as history, philosophy, and literature which are concerned with human ideas and behaviors. This is only a general idea. The deeper meaning of studying humanities is that it is an academic approach to understanding people better, a way to enable us to develop better not only through four years university life but also in...
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  • Sample Personal Statement for Consideration of Law School Admission
    My decision to acquire a Juris Doctor, albeit a decision made later in life, was one I came to quite easily. Although I’ve always had an interest in law since the latter years of undergraduate school, the impetus to seek the degree was brought on by a tragic event much later, which forced me to look deep within myself and see life through a different lens. On June 2, 2011, I received a telephone call from my mother. I learned that my only sibling, a brother two years my junior, had...
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  • Why a Great Books Education is Not So Practical
    Why a Great Books Education is Not So Practical! In today’s society a specific education is required for the majority of careers. Medical doctors must complete years of school not only dealing with general medicine but also handing specific parts of the body, situations and even age groups. Most high risk and high paying jobs require years of job specific training to further in the field and it’s for a good reason. In Crabtree’s “Why a Great Books Education is Most Practical!” he argues...
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  • What Does Mvc Mean to Me
    What Missouri Valley College Means to Me Jonna Stottlemyre Missouri Valley College is more than a private, four-year liberal arts college; it is a family that I am proud to be a member of. Over the last four years, I’ve been accepted as an individual, and member of my new, ever expanding family. The Valley family has helped facilitate my athletic and personal growth and intellectual achievements. It is safe for me to say that I’m a much different person than I was four years...
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  • This Is Water- David Foster Wallace
    Velasco Paola Velasco English 12 H 25 Aug 2014 Summer Reading Assignment Part I In his commencement speech to the Kenyon College class of 2005, David Foster Wallace defines the true purpose of a liberal arts education. He argues that the overall purpose of higher education is having the ability to mindfully choose how to perceive others and to appropriately think about meaning. Wallace outlines his arguments through detailed anecdotes of the average day to day routine college graduates will...
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  • Office Supply Hassle - 495 Words
    In 2002, Gordon Harrison took over as director of supply management for Iona University, a small private university in Des Moines, Iowa. Upon his arrival, he discovered that the staff was spending too much time processing requisitions for office supplies. Consequently, he wanted to develop methods of increasing the effectiveness and the efficiency of handling the acquisition of office supplies for the university. The University Iona University offers both liberal arts education and...
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  • My Topic - 531 Words
    University Curriculum Committee Proposal for Course Change |1. Is this course a Diversity or Liberal Studies |Liberal | |Diversity | |Both | | |Course? |Studies | | | | | | |...
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  • Watching a Movie on Tv vs. Viewing It in a Theatre
    If you want to write a compare and contrast essay and you know not how to write a compare and contrast essay than bear in mind that for that you need to have the ability to show the similarities & difference between the things possess. It is general way of thinking we use every day, for e.g. when we decided which dress to buy, what place to choose for the picnic or what college to enter. 3 Tips To Select Good Compare & Contrast Essay Topics Think about the things, objects, events...
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  • Ethnic Background - 1271 Words
    ENG 2025A: Ethnic American Literature Dr. Angela Elliott EUI-RIM KOO Feb. 27. 2013 Ethic Background Essay My name is Eui-Rim Koo and until this class assignment I could not thoughtfully considered what my ethic background is. I was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1988. Growing up, I was a real busy kid playing baseball and soccer with friends. My face was always tanned and my voice often became very husky from all the debates I had with my friends. As I look back at those years now, my...
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  • College Essay - 621 Words
    Randolph-Macon College I have learned a lot about this college, from my brother attending there for four year. There are many different characteristics that draw me to Randolph-Macon. Football is a plus because I know all the coaches, the characteristics are location, academic, small classes, teacher communication and small liberal arts college, and I believe they will help me succeed in my nest four years. These characteristics can be narrowed to ways that will advance my academic future....
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  • How Can Global Thinking Support You?
    How can Global Thinking support you? Inform The Global Thinking team offers fresh perspectives on learning from our long experience in diverse local and global contexts. Inspire We provide advice and training, resources and research to bring insight, challenge perceptions and enable creative thinking for 21st Century learning. Innovate We work in partnership with clients and education specialists on practical and innovative approaches for differing teaching and learning needs. Global...
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  • Critical Incidents in Group Counseling
    Critical Incidents in Group Counseling Chapter 28: The Rescuer Background: * Joe has worked as a counselor for 2 years at a liberal arts college leading a support group for freshmen dealing with college transition issues. * Joe’s new job is with a private practice counseling firm * The firm has asked Joe to lead a 10-week closed group for male clients in the process of divorce. * He will be supervised by a Licensed Professional Counselor at the firm. Figure [ 1 ]:...
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  • Case Analysis: Dave Armstrong (a)
    Organisational Behavior Case Analysis: Dave Armstrong (A) Case Summary: This case is about Dave Armstrong, a 29 year old second year MBA student of Harvard Business School. Immediately after his graduation from a small liberal arts college in Texas, he started working for Thorne Enterprises as a computer Programmer. After eighteen months in the job, he quit to go into life insurance business in Amarillo. He applied to Harvard Business school but hadn’t considered what he would do, once...
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  • Life Raft Debate - 374 Words
    The Life Raft Debate is an annual event that takes place at the University of Montevallo, a liberal arts school in Alabama. At this event the audience is made up of current students who listen to their professors all vying for the last spot on the “life raft”, which is completely theoretical. The point of this exercise is to prove to the students that what they are learning is not useless for Liberal Arts. The forum is a chance for the students to say “make us believe we need you here” (Nancy...
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  • Kenyon Commencement Speech: Analyzed
    Alexa McCombs WR 121 Ms. Andre Rhetorical Analyses of the Kenyon Commencement Speech David Foster Wallace was a novelist and essayist. He delivered a commencement speech to liberal arts graduates at the Kenyon College in May of 2005. In the speech Wallace implores listeners to hear his words from a non-biased perspective for what they are; his words are not a reprimand to the selfish, but an offer to those seeking knowledge to broaden their perspective. Wallace warns against closed...
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  • Academic Strategies - 969 Words
    Academic Strategies Assignment This assignment is designed to expose you to effective study strategies related to textbook reading and note taking. You likely already have some study strategies that are working for you. The intent behind this assignment is to give you additional ideas and resources to complement your existing skills. As you complete this assignment, you will practice annotating a text, listen to a lecture and practice taking notes, and then take a sample quiz to see how...
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  • Cronon Only Connect - 3338 Words
    “Only Connect…” The Goals of a Liberal Education William Cronon What does it mean to be a liberally educated person? It seems such a simple question, especially given the frequency with which colleges and universities genuflect toward this wellworn phrase as the central icon of their institutional missions. Mantra-like, the words are endlessly repeated, starting in the glossy admissions brochures that high school students receive by the hundreds in their mailboxes and continuing right down to...
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  • EOC ROTC 2014 - 548 Words
    Iris Zepeda NJROTC Lieutenant Commander Terrie Lohmeyer December 3rd, 2014 End of Course Exam Writing Prompt The Navy Junior Reserve Training Corps is a leadership program designed to teach students self-discipline, self-confidence, and leadership skills in order for them to successfully meet life’s challenges along the road. People who are successful in life, who succeed in business, industry, and education, have developed strong self-discipline and the ability to lead and motivate others....
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  • Essay - 1723 Words
    General Education Check______ No Office of Academic Advisement 1A-101 718-982-2280 04/2012 Advisement Worksheet for the AAS degree in COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY & the BS degree in COMPUTER SCIENCE Computer Science Department - 1N-215 - 718-982-2850 Last: __________________________ First: ___________________ Yondah Jeremiah Social Security No. XXX – XX - 9302 . For AAS degree: Entered Curriculum in ______________ semester. 2011 Fall Semester: ____________...
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  • Returning to College - 562 Words
    2 At the beginning of 2013 I had a discussion with my co worker about returning back to school, and the I was indecisive on what I wanted to major in. So she suggested that I do online courses, and major in Organizational Management since I wanted to become a manager within the company I am currently employed. She referred me to Ashford University, and I must say that I am very happy that she referred me to this university because it works perfectly with my work schedule....
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  • educational autobiography - 504 Words
     Why I decided to go back to school Most people go back to school because they need a degree to obtain a higher paying job or for the thrill of lifelong learning. It's hard to gain proper employment without it these days. Employers prefer someone with a Liberal Arts degree lacking experience over someone with years of experience and no degree. My neices' struggles and constant encouragement from my supervisor were some factors that lead to my decison to...
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  • Choosing a College Major That Fits Your Career Goals
    Though, as of this point in my life, I do not yet know what career I would like to pursue, or even what general field I would like to study or work in. I do have certain goals that I know I shall work to attain. These goals are fairly common among most people. Such as the goal of financial security, and financial ability to support a family; the goal of continuous intellectual and physical competitiveness; as well as a goal of general well being, and happiness. In America, many people with...
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  • Connective Writing About Empathy
    Kristen Albers 1/30/13 Connective Writing #1 Perspectives of Empathy In the first couple of days of class, perspectives of empathy from a liberal arts view and a neuroscientific view were examined. Although only two forms of empathy were discussed, there are many other ways to be empathetic towards someone or something. Learning about the liberal arts perspective on empathy was interesting because I have friends who do not “know how to think”. As a student at a liberal arts college, I...
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  • SQUASH - 471 Words
    #2 (Required for all applicants. 500 words maximum) Describe the unique qualities that attract you to the specific undergraduate College or School (including preferred admission and dual degree programs) to which you are applying at the University of Michigan. How would that curriculum support your interests? I want to join the College of Literature, Arts and Sciences, which will give me a comprehensive liberal arts education in the heart of a major research university. I plan to major...
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  • Shallow - 2425 Words
    SYLLABUS The Future of Everything LAS340 SUMMER II 2014 Instructor: J. Brent Friesen Office: 326 Parmer Hall Phone: (708) 524-6972 Email: Course Webpage on Canvas Summer Session II: June 30 to August 8 Class Format: The course is offered online through the Canvas LAS340 course Each week of the 6 week course will have a similar format: (Day 1 = Tuesday) Days 1, 2, & 3: Reading, media, and research assignments are posted....
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  • Academic Disciplines and Occupation - 1554 Words
    Jamileth Powell Career Interest Review Research Paper February 18, 2012. Academic Disciplines & Occupations Abstract This paper will clearly define, Academic Disciplines, Communications, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Psychology, Social science, and Technology. The paper will identify and list the areas of interest branches and their sub branches to show their inter-relatedness then go on to identify two occupations related to the area of interest. The paper closes with my...
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