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    Semi Detailed Lesson Plan intended for third year Title: God’s Gift I.OBJECTIVES At the end of the lesson student should be able to: a. Give the meaning of unfamiliar words. b. Analyze the meaning of the poem. c. To demonstrate the message of the poem through various activities. II.SUBJECT MATTER A .Topic: God’s Gift 1. Reference: Anglo-American and Filipino Literature By Josephine B. Serrano...
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    FCE 3400: EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY ASSIGNMENT: LESSON PLAN SEMESTER 4, 2012/2013 By: For: LESSON PLAN Name : Nik Noor Shafiyka Binti Nik Mohd Azmin Subject : English Date : 25 Mac 2013 School : SMK TengkuZainab Form : Form 3 Cemerlang (Intermediate) Enrolment : 30 Time : 11:30 a.m. – 12.50 p.m. (80 minutes) Title : The River by Valerie Bloom Prior Knowledge : Students already know how to recite the poem and find the meaning of words that they do not understand in...
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    Detailed Lesson Plan I. Objectives: At the end of the lesson, the first year section one students should be able to: * Recognize key word that indicates certain mathematical operations. * Translate verbal statement into equations. * Identify the basic steps in solving word problem. * Solve age problems in at least 5 minutes. * Show the process in solving the Age problems. * Demonstrate honesty through solving and checking Age problems. II. Subject Matter: Age Problems...
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    Standard Lesson Plan Form Lesson Plan: 1 Name: Course: EDSP 360 LESSON PREPARATION [Before the lesson] Topic: Beginning Multiplication Specific Strategy: Lesson fpr 3rd grade students teaching beginning multiplication and differentiated to accommodate autistic, behavior problems, ADHD, and hearing impaired learners. Subject: Math Grade: 3 State Standard: The student will a) investigate the identity and the commutative properties for addition and multiplication; and b) identify...
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    Year Two English Language Daily Lesson Plan Subject : English Language Class : Year 2 Theme : World of Knowledge Topic : Animals LS : 4.1.1, 4.1.2 Learning Objective : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to : (i) listen to and enjoy song. (ii) Create their own mask. Activities : 1. Mime a few actions and ask pupils to name the action. 2. Put up a chart with the lyrics of the song they learnt on the first lesson. 3. Pupils sing the song. 4. Teacher shows...
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    A Detailed Lesson Plan in English (First Year—Secondary) Prepared By: Naomi Joy Cadungog I. Objectives At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to: 1. Identify statements that show cause and effect relationship. 2. Read a poem correctly and clearly with expressions. 3. Appreciate reading poems. 4. Decode words with “augh” (o) sounds...
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    Warner School of Education—University of Rochester Lesson Plan Assignment Lesson Plan Description / Guidelines Standard Lesson Plan Heading: Candidate Date Cooperating teacher Grade level Subject area Title of unit of which this lesson is a part Lesson title Duration of lesson Definitions of Standard Lesson Plan Criteria: Note: Differentiation, adaptations, accommodations, and/or modifications should be purposefully infused throughout the appropriate components of the...
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    What Is A Lesson Plan? There is some confusion about what a lesson plan* is and is not. A worksheet is not a lesson plan. A handout is not a lesson plan. A classroom game or activity is not a lesson plan. In fact, there is no need for a lesson plan to ever be seen, touched, considered or dreamed of by students, and nor does it even need to exist on paper or disk, though it usually does. A lesson plan is a teacher's plan for teaching a lesson. It can exist in the teacher's mind, on the back of an...
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    Lesson Plan About the Shapes and Space by Ana Fernandez EDU 508 Instructional and Assessment Strategies The lesson plan is an educational tool of great value and application that allows the educator correlate all the variables involved in the teaching process. With the purpose of ensuring better results in the learning of the students and to achieve the educational goals. The development of a lesson plan under the format required by the following...
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    LESSON PLAN in MATHEMATICS-6 I-OBJECTIVES At the end of the lesson, at least 75% of the pupils should be able to; a. Define the circle graph b. Identify the title, the sectors and sector labels of the circle graph c. Read and interpret circle graph II- SUBJECT MATTER Topic: “Circle Graph” Materials: charts, flash cards Reference: Mathematics for Everyday Use By: Isabel V. Castro, Ed.D. pp. 243-245 Internet III- Procedure A. Classroom...
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    A Detailed Lesson Plan in Notes in the Five Main Lines of the Treble Clef I. Objectives At the end of this learning session, the students should be able to: A. will learn to identify the names of the notes on the staff in the treble clef. B. appreciates how the notes in the treble clef are important. C. creates new idea in forming a music. II. Subject Matter A. Topic Lesson: Notes in the Five Main Lines of the Treble Clef B. Instructional Materials Flash cards C....
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    SEMI-DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN ENGLISH 1 I. OBJECTIVES; At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to; a. Define coordinating conjunctions b. Give examples of coordinating conjunctions c. Use coordinating conjunctions in a sentence II. SUBJECT MATTER Topic Coordinating conjunctions Reference Grade 7 learning Package Materials chalkboard III. PROCEDURE A. MOTIVATION I am pretty sure that you have already discussed coordinating conjunctions in your elementary days and...
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    DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN ENGLISH FOR GRADE II PUPILS I. After the 45-minute discussion, 100% of the pupils will be able to a. appreciate and respect God’s creatures; both living and nonliving, b. develop the attitude of thanking anybody for giving something, and c. use adjective to describe persons, places, animals, ideas, and events. II.SUBJECT MATTER: Using adjectives to describe persons, places, animals, ideas, and events. A.REFERENCES: English For All Times III, Language,...
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    7th Grade Literacy Lesson Plan Learning Target(s)Weekly Targets | * Students will build reading stamina and strengthen word recognition, fluency, and comprehension skills * practice active reading strategies * Students will learn the difference between “decoding” and “reading” and recognize that comprehension is an active process * Students will learn multiple reading comprehension strategies (visualizing, predictions, questions, clarifying, comments, identifying unfamiliar...
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    The Importance of Lesson Plan Ads by Google Job Vacancies Dubai jobrapido.com/job+vacancies+dubai 5 urgent open positions. Apply now! Job Vacancies Dubai Vital for elementary, high school and even college teachers and instructors... If the trademark of a doctor is the sthethoscope, the engineer is the calculator, the teacher cannot be able to teach without his or her lesson plan. Can be tedious on the part of the teachers especially when it is done for the first time, lesson plans are...
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    University of Phoenix Material Lesson Plan Components Table Locate three new lesson plans, each from a different content area, on the Internet or from a published source. For each lesson, describe its components, the learning styles addressed, the types of instructional strategies used and their purpose, and the use of technology within the lesson. Title of Lesson 1: Math War | What components are present in the lesson? | 2 children have a deck of cards. They each...
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    LESSON PLAN OUTLINE Name :____________________ Date:______________________ Grade Level:________________ Length:_______________________ Topic: I. Objective: Write a behavioral objective with conditions, the behavior, and criteria for mastery. You may also use a non-behavioral objective if it is appropriate. II. Preparation Purpose: The purpose of this lesson is the reason for teaching the lesson: to introduce, to give information, to help organize information, to demonstrate...
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    Module 3 Discussion 1-My Body Parts: PPP There are many things that I will be looking at in this discussion. I will start by giving an outline before describing how I would teach body parts using the PPP Lesson. Some of the methods/approaches that I have used in this lesson plan include: a) The Direct Method- In the form of oral drills and repetition. b) Natural Approach- To create an atmosphere that will lower the students filter effect. c) Total Physical Response- Using ice-breakers/warm...
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    Using the attached lesson plan format, create a lesson plan appropriate for the grade you intend to teach. Then write a short paper (2-3 pages) regarding the lesson you are teaching and the modifications you have made to the lesson for at least 3 different groups of diverse students. Make sure you explain how your modifications can help the different populations. Lesson Plan Format Grade level: State the grade level for this lesson Subject: State the subject that you are covering for this...
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    University of Technology, Jamaica Theory Lesson Plan School: Subject: Technical Drawing Name of Student Teacher: Damion Sterling and Anje Walker Supervising Teacher: Mr. Richard Samuels Date: March 14, 2013 Time: 10:00am Grade/Level: 10 No. of Students: 20 Duration of Lesson: 30 Minutes Unit Title: Surface Developments Topic of Lesson: Surfaced developments of right geometric solid. Teaching Strategy: Discussion, Explanation, Questioning. General...
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    SEMI-DETAILED LESSSONPLAN I-OBJECTIVES At the end of the lesson, the grade six pupils are expected to perform at least 75% of performance level: a) To define earth. b) To identify earth’s different layers. c) To familiarize the arrangement of earth’s layer. II- SUBJECT MATTER The Earth’s Surface Materials: illustration, puzzle, egg and activity sheets. Reference: Science and Health 6 pp.89 Into the future: Science 6 pp.102-104 III-PROCEDURE A) Preparatory Activities...
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    Lesson Planning A lesson plan is a daily plan usually written as an outline or detailed statement by the teacher for the purpose of teaching students, sharing with colleagues and following up the particular lesson/s in her/his classroom. SMART Lesson Plans The success of the lesson will depend to a great extent on how EFFECTIVE the lesson is planned. The teacher through using the SMART abbreviation given below can plan and write lesson plans that are effective. S = Specific: The aims...
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    Detailed Lesson Plan in English Grade 3 1. OBJECTIVE At the end of the sixty minute session each pupil learns to Use Adjectives in describing persons, places, ideas and events. 2. SUBJECT MATTER 2.1. Chapter IV: Adjectives 2.2. Lesson One: Recognizing Adjectives Lesson Two: Descriptive and Limiting Adjective 2.3. Concept: Appreciation of beautiful scenery of the Philippines 2.4. Materials 2.4.1. Video Presentation and Powerpoint Presentation...
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    A detailed lesson plan Prepared by: Mark Paul R. Raymundo First week I. objectives At the end of the lesson, the children will be able to: 1. We expect that we will become friendly among the members of the communities. 2. We expect to have appreciations and good expressions among the members of the communities. II. Subject matter To familiarize with the community. To know each other’s strength and weaknesses. To be aware of the situation To share our blessings with others. To...
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    LECTURE Lecture is an oral presentation intended to present information or teach people about a particular subject, for example by a university or collegeteacher. Lectures are used to convey critical information, history, background, theories and equations. A politician's speech, a minister's sermon, or even a businessman's sales presentation may be similar in form to a lecture. Usually the lecturer will stand at the front of the room and recite information relevant to the lecture's content....
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    Liberty University’s Standard Lesson Plan ** TEACH IT, PRACTICE IT, TEST IT! ** Lesson Plan #1: Module 2 |Teacher Candidate: A Super Smart Student |Course: Reading and Language Acquisition | |LESSON PREPARATION [before the lesson] | |Topic: Phonemic Awareness |Concept: Sound...
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  • Lesson Plan - 964 Words
    I. HEADING: April 26, 2014 Social Studies Fifth Grade – 24 students 50 minutes II. RATIONALE AND BACKGROUND: The purpose of this lesson is for the students to read alternative sources about Christopher Columbus and express their opinion about whether he should be celebrated. The students will read an article about Christopher Columbus and highlight in one color the positive influence of Columbus’s life and in another color the negative influence of Columbus’s life. Then, the class...
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  • Detailed Lesson plan - 139 Words
    Example of Detailed Lesson Plan: I. Objectives: At the end of the period the Grade V pupils are expected to: 1. Discuss the different variations of Dumbbell exercise. 2. Demonstrate the different variations of Dumbbell exercise. 3. Enjoy in performing the different variations of Dumbbell exercise. II. Subject Matter: Topic: Different variations of Dumbbell exercise References: Musika, Sining Edukasyong Pampalakas page 181-188 III. Materials: Dumbbell, Music, Speaker, USB, DVD player IV....
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  • Transportation Unit Lesson Plan
    TRANSPORTATION UNIT LESSON PLAN XXXXXX National University In partial fulfillment for the requirements for TED 635 William Pine May 3, 2012 Abstract This unit plan incorporates educational standards from the history/social science, physical education, and visual and performing arts content areas. The lesson surrounds a theme on transportation in which Kindergarten students will learn about the different forms of transportation in...
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  • Kindergarten Lesson Plan - 747 Words
    Marykris A. Rivera BEED 3D [POT2] A Detailed Lesson Plan in Science (Kindergarten) I. Objectives: A. Identifies the different means of transportation. B. Classifies the different means of transportation. II. Subject Matter: “Means of Transportation” Reference: “Me and My World Textbook for Kindergarten” pp. 58-62 Materials: real objects, pictures, charts Chapter III: Me and Other Things Vocabulary: land transportation, air transportation, water transportation. Science...
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  • Multicultural Lesson Plan Analysis
    Multicultural Lesson Plan Analysis Cyndi Frawley EDU-230 Michelle Jervell December 2, 2012 Questions/Answers: 1. Are the objectives aligned with academic standards? State how the lesson objectives support the academic standards. SIOP (Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL), 2012): Yes, this 1st grade lesson plan is aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). What is a Dragonfly? Lesson Plan explains the four key standards: Reading, Speaking and Listening, Writing, and...
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  • History Lesson Plan - 1229 Words
    UNIT LESSON PLAN XXXXX National University TED 635 Abstract This paper is a reflection of a five day thematic unit plan based on a first grade classroom. It will be integrating (K-6) History, Social Science; Physical Education; and Visual Performing California framework content standards. Learner outcomes, instructional activities, assessment, a rubric that I have developed and a unit evaluation will be...
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     Detailed Lesson Plan in Home Economics 1. Objectives At the end of 40 minutes session with 85% proficiency level each student: 1.1 discusses the healthy boy-girl relationship. 1.2 shows some norms of conduct which teenagers must remember in the process of interacting with the opposite sex. 1.3 apply the values upon socializing to have a healthy boy-girl relationship. 2. Learning task: 2.1 Unit: home and family living 2.2 Topic:...
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  • Effective Lesson Plan - 553 Words
    Part # 1 What are the most elements of effective lesson design? An effective lesson design has several important elements such as: good learning objectives, anticipatory set, purpose, input, modeling, guided practice, checking for understanding, independent practice, and closure. Why are good learning objectives critical to planning effective instruction? A good learning objective is critical to planning of effective instruction because it helps students know what is expected of them....
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  • Education and Lesson Plan Format
    Lesson Plan Format |Class: 4B |Date: 02/05/13 |Time: Start: _________________________ | | | |Finish: _________________________ | |Key Learning Area: Maths...
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  • Fine Arts Lesson Plan
    Bluefield State College HUMN 333 Lesson Plan Template Concept: Dance and Poetry Age Group: 8th Grade Needed Materials: Music Player ( mp3, CD Player, Cassette Player, etc.) Poems National Standard(s): * Students should be able to communicate at a basic level in the four arts disciplines—dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts. This includes knowledge and skills in the use of the basic vocabularies, materials, tools, techniques, and intellectual methods of each...
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  • Think Aloud Lesson Plan
    Enisa Olevic EDUC 3400 05 Class to Life THINK ALOUD LESSON PLAN Standard CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.SL.1.4 Describe people, places, things, and events with relevant details, expressing ideas and feelings clearly. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.SL.1.5 Add drawings or other visual displays to descriptions when appropriate to clarify ideas, thoughts, and feelings. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.SL.1.6 Produce complete sentences when appropriate to task and situation. Learning Objective What will the students know or be able to...
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  • Celta Lesson Plan - 762 Words
     Name: TP No: Level: Pre-Intermediate Length: 50 No of students: Main Aim: To develop Ss’ skill to read and listen for gist and for detailed information Sub Aim: 1. To introduce Ss to a few new words and teach them their meaning 2. To develop Ss oral fluency by providing them a chance to speak on a subject to which they could relate to Personal Aim: To stick to the lesson plan as far as possible! Week 1 Week 2 Week...
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  • Lesson Plan Form 1
    n Daily Lesson Plan Subject: Science Class: Form 1 Al- Ghazali Date: 23 March 2010 Time: 1.20 pm – 2.30 pm (70 minutes) No. of students: 33 students Learning Area : Matter Learning Objective: Understanding that matter has mass and occupies space. Learning Outcomes: At the end of the lesson, a student is able to: A Master content knowledge a. state that things have mass and occupy space, b. explain what matter is, c. relate things and matter, d....
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  • Lesson plan Writing an article
    Name: Tunde Kepics Level: Upper-intermediate Lesson number: 5 Date: 18/12/2014 Length of lesson: 60 min Tutor: Cilla Holman-Sykes Personal TP Aim(s) (These may refer to self-evaluation, peer evaluation or tutor feedback from previous lessons.) To nominate more during whole class feedback To check that learners have understood instructions Main Lesson Aim(s) (These should reflect the main purpose of your lesson. These should be clear and achievable within the time allocated to the lesson...
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    DIRECT INSTRUCTION LESSON PLAN (Case Study 4.2 Lesson Plan) Sample 1 Subject Area: Math Specific Content: Improper fractions and equivalent mixed numbers Grade Level: 6th Grade Length of Lesson: 30 minutes Instructional Objective(s): The learner will write any improper fraction as a mixed number. State Content Standard / Benchmark / Grade Level Expectations: Math – Patterns, Relationships, and Functions Content Standard: Students describe the relationships...
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  • Aline Lesson plan - 535 Words
    Lesson plan - Cover Sheet Trainee TP Booklet Circle if you are teaching 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Materials State all the materials that you will use, from photocopies to board markers etc. You must make sure that any and all materials are copyrighted. Handout extracted from Face-2-Face Elementary Student’s book. CD player and Face-2-Face audio Aim of the lesson Write your aim in such a way so that it will focus on what the student will have done...
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  • Lesson Plan in English - 1619 Words
    Detailed Lesson Plan in English 1 I. OBJECTIVES: At the end of the class, 95% of the students should be able to: 1. Define what is topic, main idea, and supporting detail; 2. Recognize topics, main ideas, and supporting details in reading passages; 3. Identify the common location of main idea statements; 4. Improve their skills in reading comprehension. II. SUBJECT MATTER A. Topic: Identifying Topics, Main Ideas, and Supporting Details B. Reference: Study...
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  • Webliography: Lesson Plans - 429 Words
    Webliography http://atozteacherstuff.com/Lesson_Plans/ This website contains a variety of multimodal, appropriately paced, and relevant and authentic lesson plans and activities. The site includes many different subjects for many different grade levels; even has a section for special education. The site provides idea for centers of each grade level and specific songs and poems that have themes. www.first-school.ws This website contains a variety of multimodal, appropriately paced, and...
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  • Lesson Plan for English - 2027 Words
    Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region IV – A (CALABARZON) Division of Quezon PANIKIHAN NATIONALHIGH SCHOOL Gumaca, Quezon e-mail: panikihan_nhs@yahoo.com DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN ENGLISH IV I. OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to: A. relate the poem to significant human experiences, B. share values learned from the poem, C. identify some figures of speech in the poem. II. SUBJECT MATTER: A. Topic:...
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  • Puppet Lesson Plan - 1041 Words
    LESSON PLAN Name: Summer Whitney WGU Task Objective Number: 602.8 GENERAL INFORMATION 50min. | Lesson Title & Subject(s): Using Puppets to demonstrate letters and sounds. Topic or Unit of Study: Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Grade/Level: K Instructional Setting: Kindergarten classroom, 23 students will be sitting at desks for presentation of new information on Phonemic Awareness. Then students will be put into groups of three by teacher for independent...
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  • Demonstration Method Lesson Plan
    A Lesson Plan in TLE II Craft and Industries Process Teaching Demonstration Method I. Objectives: Given the demonstration, the students with 70% accuracy should be able to: 1. 1. Define crochet; 2. 2. Differentiate the different stitches in crochet; 3. 3. Show a sample demonstration from the different stitches in crochet; and 4. 4. Appreciate the beauty of crochet design II. Subject Matter: Concept: Crochet Topic: Basic...
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  • Lesson Plan in Teaching - 1124 Words
    PLANING FOR AND LEARNING QUESTION (i) Why is it important to plan as a teacher before we go to teach? (ii) A scheme of work is one of the important tools as teacher plan our work for the term. Discuss the important factors we should consider when preparing scheme of work. Suggested solution A lesson plan is a group of ideas prepared and meticulous planned in order to equip pupils with the basic subject as reading, speaking, writing and basic arithmetic. It provides the framework...
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  • A Detailed Lesson Plan - 1082 Words
    A DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN SCIENCE 1 I. Objectives At the end of the lesson the students should be able to: 1. Identify the different parts of a green plant like roots, stems, and leaves. 2. Describe how things feel and appear. 3. Draw or paint a picture inspired by green plants 4. Demonstrate how to take care of plants II. Subject Matter Subject: Science Grade Level: 1 Lesson 1: Looking at Green Plants III. Materials * A large pot plant * A number...
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  • Lesson Plan in Math - 841 Words
    DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN MATHEMATICS 1 I. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Given the necessary materials, 75% of the students should be able to: 1. identify the different shapes 2. distinguish shapes by touching real objects 3. positively respond to shapes. II. SUBJECT MATTER A. Topic: Shapes B. References: 1. Cariño, Isidro D. Ph.D. & Acuña, Adoracion M. MAT. “Elementary Mathematics”. Anvil Publishing, Araneta Avenue. Quezon City.PP.117-119 2. Castaño, Paulina and...
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  • Lesson Plan in English Writing
    The Fisher Valley College A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in English Writing for First Year High School by: EARTHA FONACIER-BETSAYDA Developmental Method ------------------------------------------------- Learning Objectives: | 1. define what a paragraph is | 2. recognize the parts and structure of a paragraph | 3. write one or more paragraphs about a certain topic | Learning Content: | 1. Title: The Hamburger Paragraph (Parts of a Paragraph) | 2....
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  • A Detailed Lesson Plan In Science And
    A Detailed Lesson Plan in Science and Technology 8 for Grade – 8 Saint Lucy I – OBJECTIVES: With the aid of picture/illustrations and diagrams, the learners should be able to do the following skills at the end of 60 minute period with 75% level of proficiency. 1. identify the structures and functions of the Digestive System 2. label the parts or organs that involved in the diagram of digestive system 3. realize the importance of the digestive process in our body II – SUBJECT MATTER: Topic :...
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  • Teacher and Lesson Plan - 1408 Words
    Write a Lesson Plan Guide How to Develop a Lesson Plan We have received several questions regarding how to write a good lesson plan. We went ahead and asked our experts, did some research, and have included some tips and guidelines below. To begin, ask yourself three basic questions: Where are your students going? How are they going to get there? How will you know when they've arrived? Then begin to think about each of the following categories which form the organization of the...
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  • Lesson Plan on Listening - 259 Words
    Lesson Plan. Level: Intermediate Topic: Famous women Learning objectives: by the end of the lesson students will be able to identify main and specific information from the listening text ; use new vocabulary. Language systems: vocabulary. Language skills: listening, speaking. Technique: individual work, whole group. Procedure: Activity 1: Lead-in. Students look at photos and say if they know who the women are in the photos and why they are famous. (3 mins) Activity 2: Pre-teaching...
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  • Kssr Lesson Plan Format
    |Subject |English Language | |Date |21 March 2013 | |Time |5.05 p.m. – 5.35 p.m. (30 minutes) | |Class |2J...
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  • Math Lesson Plan - 563 Words
     Kindergarten, ELA Workshop Model Lesson Plan Standards Addressed: K.CC.A.1- Count to 100 by ones and by tens. 1.NBT.A.1 -Count to 120, starting at any number less than 120. In this range, read and write numerals and represent a number of objects with a written numeral. 2.OA.C.3- Determine whether a group of objects (up to 20) has an odd or even number of members, e.g., by pairing objects or counting them by 2s; write an equation to express an even number as a sum of two equal...
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  • Happy Birthday Lesson Plan
    LESSON PLAN Subject : English 4 Theme : Birthday Party Integrated skills : Reading Functions : to enable the students to reordering jumbled sentences based on the pictures. Vocabulary : preparing, making, remember, praying, present, ribbon, clown, birthday party, candle Media : flashcards and pictures No Teaching Phase Teacher’s Instruction Student Activities Teaching Aids 1 Pre-Teaching  Greet the students: “Hello good morning students. How are you?...
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  • English Lesson Plan - 1442 Words
    Teaching Adjectives to Grade VI pupils (through poem) A DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN ENGLISH FOR GRADE VI PUPILS (FOR 4th GRADING PERIOD) By: ESMAELA DIANN B. MASCARDO I. OBJECTIVES: At the end of the discussion, pupils will be able to:  Build vocabulary through pictures presented.  Practice proper way of reciting a poem.  Interpret meaning of a poem through pictures.  Identify adjectives used in the poem.  Use adjectives in describing their hometown. II. SUBJECT MATTER:...
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  • detailed lesson plan - 669 Words
     Detailed Lesson Plan Nouns (Grade II) I. Objectives At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to: A. Define and list down the different nouns in the given sentences. B. Classify the words according to the types of nouns then identify whether Proper nouns or Common nouns. C. Construct their own words that are properly classified according to the types of nouns. II. Content A. Subject-Matter: Nouns B. Materials: Pictures, cartolinas, manila papers, and crayons C....
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  • Reaction to Lesson Plan - 522 Words
    JLP4 Reaction: Catriona Kazuno First off, I have a query as to your lesson plan topic.....the syllabus outcomes are all concerning area of a circle (MS4.1) however, the specifications for JLP4 is to find volumes of right pyramids, cones and spheres. (MS5.2.2). Forgive me if I have misinterpreted that but it seems as though you may have designed a lesson for a different topic? This lesson has some great problem solving for the students to get their hands on. I like the way the initial...
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  • Lesson Plan Evaluation - 4098 Words
    Running head: LESSON PLAN EVALUATION Lesson Plan Evaluation Team Purple Tracy Walsh, Laquesha Wilkins, Tameka Yancey Grand Canyon University EED 503N- Curriculum & Methods: Mathematics November 24, 2010 Lesson Plan Evaluation Many schools require their teachers to follow a specific curriculum and pacing guide as they teach mathematics. The mathematics expectations, or standards, vary from state to state in the specific concepts addressed,...
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  • Lesson Plan: Present Continuous
    LESSON PLAN High-school: Date: Group: Number of students: Cooperating Teacher: Didactics teacher: Student Teacher: Time allotted: 45 minutes Objectives: At the end of the lesson sts will be able to write a simple email using Present continuous and to describe pictures using this tense. Assumptions: the previous lessons sts have done a review of the Present Continuous. Anticipated...
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  • Importance of Lesson Plan - 413 Words
    Lesson plan prepares a lot of importance and benefit to the teachers and learners. Hence, here there are following importance that included in lesson plan. First, lesson plan shows the importance in teacher parts. Mostly, teachers use the lesson plan as their guide to teach the same subject or topic for a presentation. As a result, it keeps them on track to accomplish the objectives. For instance, teachers must do arrangement the contents in logically order to make lesson go in sequence. In...
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  • Critique on a Lesson Plan - 894 Words
    Diana Montano LS 421: Deborah Meadows May 25th, 2010 Lesson Plan Critique Overall the author of this art visual lesson did a great job. He followed the curriculum and standards/goals were set. His objected for this lesson was to educate the students on Ancient Egypt, and the properties/techniques of earth clay construction. His lesson plan goes into great detail. He starts by stated around how long this lesson will take. Two days approximately, he gives for each day extensive detail...
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  • Group Project Lesson Plan
    Group Project: Lesson Plan Topic: Product Prepared by: Nadiah, Jolyn, Zurinah, Farhana, Eva Details Objectives Specify what your fellow classmates should know at the end of your lesson. 1. Define product 2. Describe the facilitating-supporting factors of the core product 3. Describe the life cycle (behavior) of the product 4. Suggest ways on how to improve the core product Information State briefly the information you will give to your fellow classmates per objective. Objective 1:...
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  • Lesson Plan in Science and Health
    REEP Lesson Plan TEACHER’S NAME: Karen valdez LEVEL: 200 LIFESKILLS UNIT: Health LESSON OBJECTIVE: Identify healthy food and lifestyle choices. TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION: n/a LANGUAGE SKILLS TO BE PRACTICED AND ASSESSED IN THIS LESSON: Speaking Listening Writing Reading EFF NON-LANGUAGE SKILLS PRACTICED IN THIS LESSON: Communication Skills: Read With Understanding, Speak So Others Can Understand, Listen Actively, Convey Ideas in Writing...
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  • Lesson Plan and Narrative Text
    Lesson Plan for Narrative Text Authors : Harini Ambarwati, Bernadeta Elmiatra and Christinelly Marshelene Lotulung | School and Grade: SMA XXI (Semester 1) | Duration: 2 x 45 minutes | Subject : English Unit : Narative Text | Language focus : Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading. | Competency Standard : Understand the meaning and able to create both of written and oral narrative...
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  • Creating a Lesson Plan - 4800 Words
    In this section I am going to be creating two lesson plans for the two topics I have chosen – learning to add and subtract and learning about the human body. My lesson plans will explain exactly what is going to happen within the lesson. My numeracy lesson on adding and subtracting will be on the morning at 9am and the science lesson on the human body will be at 2pm – the afternoon lesson. Learning to add and subtract Aim This lesson plan aims to teach children aged 6-8 years old to add and...
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  • Lesson Plan in English - 323 Words
    A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan In Kindergarten II.Objectives: At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to: 1.identify the one’s trunk 2.locate and move one’s trunk 3.tell the importance of one’s trunk II.Subject/Topic: Science – Body Parts (Trunk) III.Materials big book of the story “Brian Learns His Lesson” art materials for small group activities IV.Learning Activities A.Introductory Activities • Meeting Time • Prayer Song • Weather Song • Checking of...
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  • Lesson Plan for Preschoolers - 345 Words
    Name__________________________________________ Total Score_____________ Lesson Plan for Preschool Theme (Focus): Weekly ______________________ Daily ________________________ Circle Time: (19 points) A. Title of your Greeting Song ______________________________________________________________________________ B. Title of your Songs/ Fingerplays ______________________________________________________________________________ C. Theme (Focus):...
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  • Rational for Lesson Plans in Teaching
    Rationale I wanted to format my two lessons plans in a similar fashion even though one focused on reading and the other focused on writing. I broke the lessons up into three parts each. By having a “pre” section before the students began working on the main focus of the lesson, the students would be prepared for the task they needed to complete. The “pre” section focuses on the key vocabulary for the day and the teacher would also outline both the language and content objectives for the day so...
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  • Story List and Lesson Plan
    Susan Kennedy Theresa Belcher Shari McLaughlin EED-465 Blue Group CLC Project Social Studies Book List and Lesson Plan Professor Simmons 7-07-2013 1. Whoever You Are by Mem Fox (2006). This is a great book for social studies that explains how people are different but yet the same all over the world. This book tells students that there are other children from other parts of the world that have the same similarities/emotions (laugh, cry, play, learn, and eat) as you do inside although...
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  • Lesson Plan Detailed - 457 Words
    English Detailed Lesson Plan for First Year I. OBJECTIVES At the end of the class hour, at least 95% of the students should be able to: 1. Define Noun and identify its two main kinds; 2. Differentiate the Proper Noun and Common Noun; 3. Give some examples of Proper Noun and Common Noun. II. SUBJECT MATTER Topic: Noun with its main two kinds Reference: Josephine B. Serrano, 1994, Communication Arts and Skills P. 75 III. INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS...
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  • Parts of the Lesson Plan - 1205 Words
    PARTS OF LESSON PLAN (Health, Art, Music) I. Learning Objectives: At the end of the lesson the students should be able to: 1. Cognitive 2. Psychomotor 3. Affective II. Learning Content: A. Subject Matter: B. Concept: C. Materials: D. Reference: III. Learning Procedures: A. Preliminary Activities 1. Cleaning the room 2. Prayer 3. Checking of Attendance 4. Review B. Lesson Proper 1. Priming 2. Activities 3. Analysis 4. Abstraction...
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  • Lesson Plan Template - 424 Words
    LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE Teacher Candidate: Course: Reading & Social Development LESSON PREPARATION [before the lesson] Topic: Menu Preparation · Concept: Students will make a lunch menu Subject: English Grade: K-3 Primary Objective: Students will make a lunch menu. Students will list and label foods that are important to them and then explain to others why or why not they think the others should try these foods. Students will use English to communicate in social settings....
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  • Teacher's Day Lesson Plan
    ENGLISH LESSON PLAN FOR 2 IKHLAS CLASS : 2 Ikhlas SUBJECT : English DAY/DATE : Wednesday/15 May 2013 TIME : 10.10 – 11.30 THEME/TOPIC: People : Happy Teacher’s Day LEARNING OUTCOMES: 1.1 (b) Taking part in discussions. 2.2 (e) using dictionaries (f) getting meaning of unfamiliar words by using word attack skills. 3.2 (c) composing simple cards for Teacher’s Day. BEHAVIOURAL OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson, students should be able to: i) Express orally three qualities about their...
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  • Lesson Plan Rationale - 2119 Words
    As proposed by Dymoke and Harrison, good lesson planning is essential to successful teaching in so far as stating, `It is often the case that poor teaching, classroom management and behaviour stem from lack of explicit planning` (2008, p.122) It is suggested then, that thorough planning is fundamental to the successful learning of pupils in many ways. Whilst allowing the teacher to follow a process of thinking, providing a mental practice session if you like, the act of planning therefore...
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  • Ppl Lesson Plan - 619 Words
    LESSON PLAN School : SMAN 1 TALAGA RAYA Class : XI IPA Semester : IV Subject : English Day/Time : Thursday/07.15 – 08.45 am Competency standard : Express the meaning in writing functional text and the simple Short essay which form procedure to interact with environment Basic competency : Express the meaning and rhetorical step in short simple essay with using...
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  • What Is a Lesson Plan?
    What Is a Lesson Plan? by Melissa Kelly Definition: A detailed description of the individual lessons that a teacher plans to teach on a given day. A lesson plan is developed by a teacher to guide instruction throughout the day. It is a method of planning and preparation. A lesson plan traditionally includes the name of the lesson, the date of the lesson, the objective the lesson focuses on, the materials that will be used, and a summary of all the activities that will be used. Lesson plans...
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  • Lesson Plan in Math - 308 Words
    A Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics (First Year) I. Objectives Content : To know the condition(s) for lines to be perpendicular : To determine whether two given lines are perpendicular Process : To find the equation of the line that passes through a point (x,y) and is perpendicular to the given line whose equation is y=mx+b II. Subject Matter Topic: Linear Function Sub-Topic: Perpendicular Lines...
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  • Lesson Plan in Math - 1158 Words
    A Detailed Lesson Plan in Math for Kindergarten Submitted by: Clarisse Anne M. Sabusap III-1 BECEd Submitted to: Prof. Jaimmy Griffin I. Objectives At the end of the lesson, the pupils are expected to: 1. Identify the basic Skip Counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s 2. Appreciate the basic Skip Counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s 3. Arrange and Act the different Skip Counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s II. Subject Matter * Reading: Skip Counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s * Reference :...
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  • Lesson Plan Based on Nlp
    Lesson Plan 1. Teacher name : Min, Seung-hyun(Austin) 2. Date & Time : May 28, 2013 1:20~1:40 P.M. 3. Text & Unit : Lesson 6 Life Without Sight (Jihak Publishing Middle School English ) 4. Target Students : Middle School 8th graders Target Level | Beginning to Advanced | Number of Students | 34 (Male :24 Female : 10) | Teaching objectives | 1. Students will be able to learn new words that are vital for understanding the context. 2. Students will be able to make...
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  • Detailed Lesson Plan in English
    A Detailed Lesson Plan in English (Grade 2) Prepared By: Yvonne T. Bautista I. Objectives At the end of a 30-minute period, the Grade II pupils will be able to: 1. Identify the use of the Three Degree of Comparison of Adjectives. 2. Describe persons, animals, places or things using The Three Degree of Comparison. 3. Appreciate the differences of every individual or thing in their daily lives. II. Subject Matter Three Degree of Comparison of Adjectives Reference/s: Teacher...
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  • Lesson Plan in Mathematics - 270 Words
    Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics (Transformations) Level: First Year High School Subjects: Mathematics, Geometry, Transformations I. Objectives: A. To recognize Euclidean transformations. B. To recognize reflections, translations, and rotations. C. To prove theorems related to transformations. D. To solve problems involving transformations. E. To apply transformations to real-world situations. F. To create designs using transformations. II. Materials: papers,...
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  • Movement lesson plan - 487 Words
     LESSON PLAN Grade: 7 Subject: Arts and Culture (Movement) Duration: 30 minutes Sub-Topic of this lesson: Exploring elements of movement using Laban’s concept. What is the purpose of the lesson? The purpose of this lesson is to introduce learners to different elements of movement and exploring space using level, shape, dimension and so forth 1. Summarise the most important content knowledge that pupils should know and...
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  • Writing A Lesson Plan - 389 Words
    Preschool Lab  Block Plan   Overall view of the curriculum Could be weekly, monthly, semester, yearly  Lesson Plan  A detailed plan that outlines specific actions and activities that will be used to meet specific goals and objectives  Usually written as a daily plan       Title Developmental goal(s) Learning objective(s) Materials needed Motivation/Intro Procedures  Give your lesson a title  Could be simple phrasing or “catchy”  Examples:   What to Wear...
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  • Lesson Plan for Pe - 467 Words
    Teo Kar Hung PET 100033 PDET1105 Kumpulan 01 ASAS PENDIDIKAN JASMANI,KESIHATAN DAN KO-KURIKULUM Lesson Plan Subject: Physical Education Date: 19 September 2010 Time and duration: 8.00 a.m. to 9.20 a.m. (1hour 20 minutes) Class: Form 4 Ehsan Level: Intermediate Topic: Dodge ball Previous Knowledge: Students have learnt how to throw and catch a ball in previous years. Learning outcomes: Student will be able to:- a) Learn techniques on how to dodge a ball b) Learn the correct...
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  • Individual Lesson Plan - 619 Words
    Individual lesson plan. Form: Form 4 English language Duration: 40 minutes Student’s level: Intermediate Topic: LIE - Short story Sub-topic: Qwertyuiop (by Vivian Alcock) Curriculum specification: 3.0 Language for Aesthetic Use 3.1 Listen to, read, view and respond to literary works by: b. Recognizing elements in a story such as characters and setting. Specification Skills: 3.1. Level 2 – vi. Talking about characters in a story and writing a simple paragraph on one or two...
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  • Comprehension Lesson Plan - 472 Words
    Running Head: Comprehension Lesson Plan 1 Comprehension Lesson Plan Katina Joyce Grand Canyon University EED-544 Shanna Birkholz-Vasquez SIOP Lesson Plan Date: | 5-27-2013 | Grade/Class/Subject: | 4th-Reading-Comprehension | Unit/Theme: | Comprehension –Invent a Secret Code | | Content Standard(s): | R4.A.1.2: Identify and apply word recognition skills. |...
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  • LESSON PLAN treasure hunt
    LESSON PLAN Subject/Title: OUTDOOR ACTIVITY – Treasure hunt Materials: Small envelopes (24 of them); in each envelop is question from different curriculum area appropriate to children’s age Treasure map Treasure (chocolate coins) Objectives/Learning Goals: Direct objectives Hunting for treasures in the garden by answering on questions from envelops and by following the map ; Indirect objectives Using and exploring concrete materials from different curriculum area by answering on questions...
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  • Sample of Lesson Plan - 866 Words
    SAMPLE OF FORM 2 LESSON PLAN Date: 10th November 2009 Time/Duration: 9.00-10.20am (1 hour 20 minutes) Class: Form 2B Number of Students: 30 Proficiency Level: Intermediate Theme: Science and Technology Topic: Recycle Background Knowledge: Students have been exposed to basic knowledge of the importance of recycle. Language skill focus: Writing (70%) (This determines that this lesson is a WRITING LESSON) Integrated...
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  • Culturally Responsive Lesson Plans
    Global Lesson Plan Letty Gutiérrez TESOL/507 School, Community, and Family Culture 2 February 2013 Michelle Barker Introduction In this paper, there are two lessons that show the importance of cultural sensitivity. Students will learn the importance of character education and Social Studies in a local and global setting so they may be better people now and in the future. Learning these lessons early on in a safe school community will better prepare them for their journey into the...
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  • Lesson Plan and Poem - 1352 Words
    DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN ENGLISH – III PREPARED BY: RANIE P. OTADOY I. Objectives: At the end of the lesson the student will be able to: A. point out how attitudes in literature influence one’s behavior; B. respond to ideas, issues and concerns presented in reading in creative form; C. appreciate the values underscore by the writer. II. Subject Matter: Topic: The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost Reference: English Expressway III by: Eugenia R. Gargon Virginia F....
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  • Lesson Plan Grammar - 473 Words
    LESSON PLAN Preliminaries Form: 2 Bestari Date: Saturday, June 23, 2012 Time: 9.00 am -9.30am Level: Advanced level. Theme: Chapter 13 [Waste Not, Want Not] Topic: Teach sentence construction using teaching material Language skills: For Informational Use – Construct sentence in Simple Future Tense General Objective: Students will be...
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  • Detailed Lesson Plan - 2277 Words
    I. OBJECTIVES At the end of a 45-minute period, the grade four pupils will be able to: 1. Add and subtract fractions with the same denominators, 2. Add and subtract fractions with dissimilar denominators, 3. Add and subtract mixed numbers with similar denominators, and 4. Add and subtract mixed numbers with dissimilar denominators with 75% proficiency level. II. SUBJECT MATTER ADDING AND SUBTRACTING OF FRACTIONS A. References Liking...
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  • Lesson Plan and Skirt - 309 Words
    Detailed Lesson Plan in T.L.E III I. OBJECTIVES At the end of the session, the students are expected to: 1. Identify the different types of skirts. 2. Draft foundation pattern for skirts. 3. Value the significance of gaining knowledge and skills about drafting foundation pattern for skirt. II. SUBJECT MATTER TOPIC: The Skirt Pattern REFERENCES: T.L.E. III( Dressmaking I) by Epifania V.Tabbada et.,al. pp.77-80, internet INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS: Power point presentation, visual...
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  • Sample Lesson Plan - 1383 Words
    Sample Lesson Plan for English Subject LESSON PLAN School : Senior High School........ Subject : English Grade/ Semester : X/ II Session : 1 st Time Allotment : 2 x 45 Minutes Competence Standard : 8. Listening To respond the meaning of monologue in the of narrative text in the daily life context. I. Basic Competence : 8.2. To respond the meaning of simple of monologue using oral language accurately, fluency, and acceptably in daily life context in the form of narrative text. II....
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  • Integrated Lesson Plan in English
    Lesson plan in English First Year I. Objectives At the end of forty minutes, the learners would be able to: A. Recite a poem with a proper phrasing B. Interpret a poem and connect it to their experiences C. Identify adjective D. Distinguish the kinds of adjective E. To analyze pictures F. Create a meaningful essay with the use of adjective II. Subject Matter Topic: The four kinds of Adjective Poem: Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden III. Lesson Proper A....
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  • listening and speaking lesson plan
    PPG TESL COHORT II FEBRUARY 2012 SEMESTER 5 (2014) KSSR LISTENING AND SPEAKING LESSON PLAN Prepared by : Puan Anita bt Ahmad Class : Year 3 Elit Level: Intermediate/Average Enrolment: 25 pupils Date : 4th March 2014 Time : 11.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m. (60 minutes) Theme : World of Knowledge Topic : Having Fun Title : Routines Focused Skill: Listening and Speaking Integrated Skill: Writing Learning Standard: 1.2.1 Able to participate in daily conversations: (e) talk about oneself...
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