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  • Lean Manufacturing - 1770 Words
    CASE STUDY IN LEAN MANUFACTURING, DELPHI PLANT 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 INTRODUCTION ...............................................................................................................3 1.1 Purpose ...............................................................................................................................3 1.2 Definitions ..........................................................................................................................3 1.3 References...
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  • Lean Manufacturing - 15965 Words
    Lean production: Successful implementation of organisational change in operations instead of short term cost reduction efforts by Thorsten Ahrens Lean Alliance® GmbH Im Schlosshof 4a • D-82229 Seefeld • Germany • Tel: +49 (08152) 7944-94• Fax: +49 (08152) 7944-93 © 2006 Lean Alliance. All Rights Reserved. This product, and any parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form or used in any manner whatsoever without direct permission from the owners of the Lean Alliance. 1 Abstract...
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  • Lean Manufacturing - 3946 Words
    1.0 Introduction Lean manufacturing is the systematic elimination of waste from all aspects of an organization’s operations, where waste is viewed as any use or loss of resources that does not lead directly to creating the product or service a customer wants when they want it. In many industrial processes, such non-value added activity can comprise more than 90 percent of a factory’s total activity Lean manufacturing or lean production are reasonably new terms that can be traced to Jim Womack,...
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  • Lean Manufacturing - 5092 Words
    The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at www.emeraldinsight.com/1741-038X.htm JMTM 17,4 Critical success factors for lean implementation within SMEs Pius Achanga, Esam Shehab, Rajkumar Roy and Geoff Nelder Department of Enterprise Integration, School of Industrial and Manufacturing Science, Centre for Decision Engineering, Cranfield University, Cranfield, UK Abstract Purpose – The aim of this research paper is to present the critical factors that constitute...
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  • lean manufacturing - 496 Words
     FINAL YEAR PROJECT Supervisor: Prof Ir Dr Hj Ahmed Jaafar Room: Dean Office Phone: 03-55435159 012-3831055 Student: Mohamad Zakuan Bin M.Jafri Phone: 013-6435742 Project Title: Islamic Principle of Lean Manufacturing in Malaysia Industry Research Project: Engineering Management Project Synopsis Lean manufacturing is focus on the elimination of waste and full optimization of all resources (manpower, machine, raw material). It will help to reduce cost and eliminating waste which...
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  • Lean Manufacturing - 9142 Words
    Introduction to Lean manufacturing: Principles of lean thinking have been broadly accepted by many manufacturing operations and have been applied successfully across many. Different authors define it distinctively. Lean manufacturing is most frequently associated with the elimination of seven important wastes to ameliorate the effects of variability in supply, processing time or demand defined it as a philosophy of manufacturing that focuses on delivering the highest quality product on time and...
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  • Lean Manufacturing - 5395 Words
    Insert your college logo here UNIVERSITI UTARA MALAYSIA REZZEN PENANG TERM PAPER: Lean Manufacturing PREPARED BY: Your Name Student ID PREPARED FOR: Lecturers Name DATE OF SUBMISSION: Date going to submit Table of Content 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Jabil Vision 1.2 Jabil Mission 2. History of lean manufacturing 1. What is lean manufacturing 2. Primary elements for lean manufacturing 3. Issues in lean...
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  • Lean Manufacturing - 7304 Words
     PROCESS IMPROVEMENT OF JET ENGINE REPAIR WORK SHOP Thusitha Rodrigo 2013/PgD.MM/38 Faculty of Graduate Studies University of Colombo Date: 21st May 2014 Table of Contents List of symbols, acronyms, and abbreviations AERMS Aeronautical Engineering Resource Management Service AFHQ Air Force Head Quarters AMU Aircraft Maintenance Unit ASD Aircraft Support Division ATAF All Tools Accounted For AWP Awaiting Parts BCM Beyond Capability of Maintenance...
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  • Lean Manufacturing - 21091 Words
    Pursuing Perfection: Case Studies Examining Lean Manufacturing Strategies, Pollution Prevention, and Environmental Regulatory Management Implications August 20, 2000 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This report was prepared for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency by Ross & Associates Environmental Consulting, Ltd. under contract to Industrial Economics, Inc. (U.S. EPA Contract # 68­ W50012). DISCLAIMER The Boeing Company has conducted a thorough review of, and submitted approval on, the...
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  • Lean Manufacturing - 5294 Words
    Original Articles Lean Manufacturing Comes to China: A Case Study of Its Impact on Workplace Health and Safety GARRETT D. BROWN, MPH, CIH, DARA O’ROURKE, PHD Lean manufacturing, which establishes small production “cells,” or teams of workers, who complete an entire product from raw material processing through final assembly and shipment, increases health and safety hazards by mixing previously separated exposures to various chemicals (with possible additive and cumulative effects) and...
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  • Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain
    1.0 INTRODUCTION: From humble beginnings, Tesco has grown to become the UK's largest supermarket chain. Over ten years ago, Tesco set its sights on becoming the Toyota of the grocery business. Since then the company has become renowned for its best practices in supply chain management (SCM), which included lean management and the use of RFID technology. The company has got an advantage over its competitors by incorporating innovation in its supply chain like point of the sale data, continued...
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  • Sustainability: Lean Manufacturing and Ge
    Global OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Increasing demand for sustainable supply chainsHow Trend is Affecting Global Company General Electrics (GE) Mentor: Professor Steef van de Velde OneMBA class 2014, Team – 6 Basant Singh, UNC Nicole Wachs, UNC Omar Castillo, UNC Jonathan Tamayo, EGADE Eduardo Palma, FGV Sven Kenis, RSM Tessa van lperen, RSM Mentor: Professor Steef van de Velde OneMBA class 2014, Team – 6 Basant Singh, UNC Nicole Wachs, UNC Omar Castillo, UNC Jonathan Tamayo, EGADE...
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  • Lean Manufacturing Principle - 13848 Words
    Lean Manufacturing Principles Guide Version 0.5 June 26, 2000 Maritech ASE Project #10 Technology Investment Agreement (TIA) 20000214 Develop and Implement a ‘World Class’ Manufacturing Model for U.S. Commercial and Naval Ship Construction Deliverable 2.2 Submitted by National Steel & Shipbuilding Co. On behalf of the Project Team Members Prepared by The University of Michigan Revised data distribution statement: 10/26/01 Category B Data - Government Purpose Rights...
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  • Lean Manufacturing and Amp - 4063 Words
    donalds BAM 3011 Contemporary Management Issues Semester 2 2012 Date: 27/04/2012 In this report, the writer will critically evaluate the use of, and how the ‘Lean’ and Just in Time (JIT) manufacturing models are applicable within the service sector, using McDonalds as a prime example. Lean principles derive its history from the manufacturing industry, with Toyota Motor Company being given credit to the development of this approach (Duclos & Lummus, 1995). Its founder ‘Kiichiro...
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    Lean Manufacturing Principles: A Comprehensive Framework for Improving Production Efficiency by Auston Marmaduke Kilpatrick B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles B.A. Philosophy, University of California, Los Angeles Submitted to the Department of Mechanical Engineering in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology February 1997 © Massachusetts...
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  • Value Stream in Lean Manufacturing
    Mapping the value stream | | |Jared Lovelle. IIE Solutions. Norcross: Feb 2001.Vol.33, Iss. 2; pg. 26, 7 pgs | Subjects: Production methods, Value added, Efficiency, Mapping Classification Codes 9190 United States, 5310 Production planning & control Locations: United States, US Author(s): Jared Lovelle Document types: Cover Story Publication title: IIE Solutions. Norcross: Feb 2001. Vol. 33, Iss. 2; pg. 26, 7 pgs Source type: Periodical ISSN/ISBN:...
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  • What Is Lean Manufacturing?
    Most all business managers agree that achieving low cost and high quality no longer guarantees a business its success. In the face of fierce global competition, companies are concentrating more than ever on reducing lead-times as a way of achieving operational flexibility. This is because as lead-times decrease, production times fall, quality improves and costs shrink. The methodology that an increasing number of companies are using to accomplish such a business strategy is the implementation...
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  • General Motors with Lean Manufacturing
    General Motors with Lean Manufacturing An Introduction of GM Global Manufacturing System Operations Management Team Project Contributed by We Make A+ (sort by number): 유형근 - 2009 050 444 오슬기 - 2010 049 712 손무화 - 2010 054 149 주시건 - 2010 059 605 김학운 - 9125 620 120 Division of Business Administration, Hanyang Univ. ERICA Ansan, December 2012 Contents Part 1.Overview of General Motors 2 1.1 Why General Motors? 2 1.2 Introduction of General Motors 3 1.3 Basic Information...
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  • Elements of Lean Manufacturing Paper
    Jessica Ehrhart September 20, 2015 Elements of Lean Manufacturing University of Phoenix ISCOM472 Daryl Pearson INTRODUCTION Eliminating waste and items that are not of value inside an organization is called Lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing will help save the company in the long run. The lean manufacturing was created by Sakichi Toyoda from the Toyota Production System. (Toyota Production System, 2015) This was made to help the company reduce inventory. It helped them...
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  • Lean Manufacturing/Jit Production
    Lean Manufacturing/JIT Production “Continuous improvement is not about the things you do well - that's work. Continuous improvement is about removing the things that get in the way of your work. The headaches, the things that slow you down, that’s what continuous improvement is all about.” ~Bruce Hamilton Continuous improvement is what makes companies profitable. Not only must they constantly innovate their product and services to satisfy the needs of their consumers, but also their...
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  • Tools and Techniques of Lean Manufacturing
    What is Lean Manufacturing? Many companies are fighting to survive in today's highly competitive global economy. Lean manufacturing offers them a proven method to reduce costs, eliminate waste, increase productivity, maintain high levels of quality and still make a profit. Implementing lean manufacturing, and proper application of its principles, can help any company survive in these difficult financial times. It is a system that can be used not only in production areas but any other area...
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  • Advantages of Lean Manufacturing - 467 Words
    Advantages of Lean Manufacturing 1. Reduce in Waste Lean manufacturing refers to the techniques, processes and strategies taken by organizations all over the world in order to reduce unproductive and useless tasks, functions and behaviors in work environment. It helps to reduce operational costs and aims to boost, reinstate and raise the competitiveness of an organization. There are seven types of waste within the work environment which lean manufacturing strives to reduce, if not remove...
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  • Lean Manufacturing and Value Stream
    Being lean is based on three simple but radical concepts Eliminate waste – anything that does not bring use to the customer Continuous improvements Respect for people Lean production was invented by Toyota (Womack and Jones) Lean provides a way to do more with less… 5 principles of lean Value Customer focus Takt time; the rate of demand from the customers; applies to all support processes Leadership Translate customer requirements into policies; extended throughout all...
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  • Elimination of Waste in a Lean Manufacturing Environment
    Elimination of Waste in a Lean Manufacturing Environment Many things can be done in a manufacturing enterprise in order to increase its performance. Special consideration should be given to the activities where the most benefit can be attained. The elimination of waste is the most important contributor to improvement in a lean manufacturing environment. The efforts for the elimination of waste begin on the manufacturing floor and include all areas of the enterprise all the way up to...
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    SCM 460 GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGY Dr. Alex Rodrigues Logistics / Manufacturing Interface & Lean Logistics Class Topics • Topic 1: – • Describe the steps of Design For Logistics (DFL) Topic 2: – Understand the philosophy of Lean Manufacturing/Logistics Procurement Perspectives • Continuous Supply: Stockouts of raw materials or components can stop production and result in extreme cost. • Minimize Inventory Investment: One goal of modern procurement is to maintain continuous supply...
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  • Lean Manufacturing: Toyota Production System
    Lean Manufacturing and the Toyota Production System The use of the term "Lean", in a business or manufacturing environment, describes a philosophy that incorporates a collection of tools and techniques into the business processes to optimize time, human resources, assets, and productivity, while improving the quality level of products and services to their customers. Becoming "Lean" is a commitment to a process and a tremendous learning experience should you attempt to implement Lean principles...
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  • Limits of Lean Manufacturing Service Practices
    LIMITS OF LEAN MANUFACTURING & SERVICE PRACTICES Written by Hafez Shurrab ABSTRACT Lean thinking proved its excellence through its techniques and practices. Many organizations – including first lean introducers and practitioners - couldn‘t get the desired outcomes due to different external and internal concerns. This article addresses some relevant limitations and impediments arise when lean practices and techniques are considered for implementation into manufacturing and service contexts,...
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  • Lean Manufacturing and Value Stream Mapping
    LEAN PRINCIPLES AND ISSUES FACED IN ITS APPLICATION Table of Contents INTRODUCTION 11 ISSUES IN WRAP-IT 12 Communication and decision-making Materials and methods LATE DELIVERY NOT ADAPTABLE TO CHANGE UNSKILLED LABOR POOR ERP SYSTEMS VALUE STREAM MAPPING 12 OPPORTUNITIES 16 OBSTACLES 19 CONCLUSION20 INTRODUCTION Lean is a journey of changes, and a major part of this journey is internal. Implementation of lean requires...
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  • Lean - 1160 Words
     Subject : Lean Management. Identify the ten most important points which has been very instrumental in Toyota being a world leader in Manufacturing. Explain these points in detail Ten most important points which made Toyota a world leader in manufacturing are. How People work Toyota managers will ensure that all work shall be highly specialized as to content, sequence, timing and outcome. When a cars seat is installed, the bolts are always tightened in the same order, the time it takes to...
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  • lean - 3077 Words
    Lean Manufacturing, 5S and Six Sigma Page 1 of 8 We’re big fans of lean manufacturing practices, 5S and Six Sigma based on the results we’ve seen in metal casting plants as well as in other manufacturing companies. If you are not embracing and implementing these concepts, chances are your company is not moving forward. If you are not continually improving you are moving backwards relative to your competitors. LEAN MANUFACTURING Lean manufacturing is the implementation of the...
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  • Lean - 4942 Words
     1 Defect prevention is Mistake proofing Iterative testing OA Early testing Mistake proofing
    2 ______________ is the critical starting point of Lean thinking Project Value Customer Value Value Addition...
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  • 8 Simulation Model for the Design of Lean Manufacturing Systems[
    Development of a Simulation Model for the Design of Lean Manufacturing Systems – A Case Study of a Batch Manufacturing Industry Abstract Many organisations both in India and abroad are implementing ‘Lean Manufacturing (LM)’. But only a few companies have achieved a significant competitive advantage over others. One of the reasons for the same can be attributed to the lack of understanding by the managers’ regarding ‘what changes will happen in an organisation, when it gets transformed by the...
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  • Accounting for Lean Manufacturing - by Kay Carnes &Scott Hedin
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  • How Lean Manufacturing System Has Improved the Production
    HOW LEAN MANUFACTURING SYSTEM HAS IMPROVED THE PRODUCTION IN LOADSTAR PRIVATE LIMITED SRI LANKA. S.G.LEWIS-Industrial Engineering Undergraduate( AIT, Thailand) ABSTRACT The purpose of this research is to explain how a Sri Lankan tire company named Loadstar private limited implemented Lean manufacturing system and how they improved their production through Lean manufacturing principles. This also provides you with essence of Lean manufacturing system...
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  • Lean Manufacturing and Its Techniques in the Process Industry with Focus on Steel
    LEAN MANUFACTURING AND ITS TECHNIQUES IN THE PROCESS INDUSTRY WITH FOCUS ON STEEL Table of Contents Page no 1. Introduction 2 2. History 4 3. Problem statement...
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  • Selection of Lean Manufacturing Tools for Process Industry: A Review Paper
    Selection of Lean Manufacturing Tools for Process Industry: A Review Paper Supply Chain Mamagement System [N.D.Chauhan] Mechanical Engineering Department Tatva Institute Of Technological Studies, Modasa, Gujarat, India ndc5275@rediffmail.com [Dr. M.N.Qureshi] Mechanical Engineering Department M.S. University Vadodara, Gujarat, India mnqureshi@rediffmail.com Abstract: Lean manufacturing is a production strategy for organizational effectiveness focusing on waste reduction...
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  • Impact of Lean Strategy on Operational Performance: a Study of Apparel Manufacturing Companies
    1. Introduction The Apparel Industry in Sri Lanka plays a key role in shaping the country’s economy which has being plagued by a thirty year old civil war. With peace restored the country is focusing all its attention on economic and development activities to rebuild the country. The Apparel industry accounts for 15.7% of total GDP of the country (Cbsl.gov, 2011). It is also one of the main export industries of the country, with an industry growth rate of 5.2%. The Sri Lankan Economy is...
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  • Lean Operations - 763 Words
    Over the past several years, increasingly, there has been a trend within business and manufacturing community to associate JIT with Lean operations. According to “Reference for Business” Lean methodology is Westernized version of Japanese Just-In-Time system, where both of these systems share mostly the same characteristics and goals, and often used interchangeably. Whereas there are similarities between these two methodologies, there are also principal differences between them. It should be...
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  • Lean Accounting - 6505 Words
    LEAN ACCOUNTING: BEST PRACTICES FOR SUSTAINABLE INTEGRATION "Costs do not exist to be calculated. Costs exist to be reduced.” – Taiichi Ohno, father of the Toyota Production System Lean Accounting-It is simply the application of lean principles to the accounting and associated functions within the enterprise. The idea is simple, but the application is not obvious within the framework of traditional accounting systems. Lean Accounting was born in the early 90’s through the...
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  • Lean Accounting - 1441 Words
    Q1: Do the traditional accounting practices that the Topeka plant adopted in 1979 to support its mass production process have value in a lean environment? Explain the specific reasons that support your answer. In general, we do not think that traditional accounting practices that Topeka plant adopted in 1979 to support its mass production would fit into the lean accounting environment. The differences between the two accounting methods make the traditional accounting hard to work for the lean...
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  • lean safety - 5085 Words
     The Influence of Implementation Lean Tools on Safety in Construction Projects in Gaza Strip. Mohammed Abu Zaiter Civil engineer , IUG, Gaza , PALESTINE E - mail : abu_alaihab@hotmail.com Abstract: lean construction approach is a new set of tools to improve project performance (e.g., productivity, quality and safety) by increasing the profit and minimizing waste. This paper aims to investigate the implementation of lean tools in construction project and its impact...
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  • Lean Production - 6958 Words
    1 CHAPTER I 1. INTRODUCTION Sociologists searching for a model form of work organisation which claims to improve organizational performance and gain competitive advantage, whilst improving workers‟ experience of the employment relationship, have encountered a difficult challenge. The high performance model is seen by a number of practitioners and researchers as the latest attempt to construct an alternative to Taylorism and lean production. Advocates of the high performance...
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  • Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Tools in Garment Manufacturing Process Focusing Sewing Section of Men’s Shirt
    Naresh Paneru Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Tools in Garment Manufacturing Process Focusing Sewing Section of Men’s Shirt Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Tools in Garment Manufacturing Process Focusing Sewing Section of Men’s Shirt Naresh Paneru Master’s thesis Autumn 2011 Degree Programme in Industrial Management Oulu University of Applied Sciences Author: Title of Thesis: Naresh Paneru Implementation of lean manufacturing tools in garment manufacturing process...
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  • Lean Thinking - 1501 Words
    1. ABSTRACT: Lean thinking is considered a new way to manage construction. This method was born for manufacturing processes & its goals demand a new way to coordinate action, which can be applied to industries which are not relating to manufacturing. Implementation requires actions which can be produced by in depth understanding of the goals and techniques. This review explains the implications of the goals and key production principles which taken together they result in a different way to...
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  • lean production - 4963 Words
     ABSTRACT All manufacturing activities necessarily generate some form of waste. The manufacturing process does not consist of hundred percent of conversion of material and energy inputs into usable final products; some portion of the material and energy inputs inevitably ends up wastes. When the waste generated exceeds the maximum assimilative capacity of the environment it becomes pollution. This seminar focuses on LEAN productions, which aims at elimination of wastes there by reducing the...
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  • Lean Management - 3514 Words
    Managing operations in the supply chain context 14 June 2012. Word Count 2588 Table of contents Section 1: Introduction of Starcomms Plc 3 1.1 Products and Services 3 1.2 Order Qualifiers and Winners 3 1.2.1 The order qualifiers for Starcomms 3 1.2.2 The order winners for Starcomms 4 Section 2: 5 2.1 Operations Problem 5 2.2 Evidence to support the claims 5 Section 3: Potential Harm to Starcomms 5 Section 4: Literature Review...
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  • Lean Accounting - 1514 Words
    Essay Question 1 What are the main benefits and challenges of implementing a lean accounting system in a lean manufacturing environment? Do you anticipate interest in lean accounting will grow, the methods will change, or the concepts will fade out and be replaced with another ‘flavor of the month’? How do you perceive lean principles affecting your career? Justify your answers. I. Lean Accounting Lean accounting often refers to more simplified accounting practices that focuses...
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  • Lean Construction - 681 Words
    INSTITUTE FOR LEAN CONSTRUCTION EXCELLENCE (ILCE) 901/902, The Avenue, Naupada,International Airport Road, Nr. Leela Hotel, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400059, India, Tel :: +91 22 28313883 / 28313884, Mob : 0091-98201-49756 Email :: psampath@ilce.in www.ilce.in EDUCATIVE NEWSLETTER NO.9 LEAN CONSTRUCTION Today’s Jargon ‐ Tomorrow common place terms Value Adding and Non Value adding activities Value adding activities refers to those which are basically required for the ...
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  • Lean Managment - 631 Words
    Lean Management When managing the operation in a skilled industry, the business leaders must understand two main goals in creating a successful business - to increase profit and minimize or maintain the costs involved. Targeting these two goals has been a mystery for the entrepreneurs, especially with the increasing level of competition. The lean operation offers new perspectives on operation and it will achieve a balanced, smooth flow of operations. With lean operation and Just-in-time...
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  • Lean Accounting - 2288 Words
    The lean accounting method was first developed and introduced by Toyota and other Japanese companies. Toyota executives claim that the famed Toyota Production System was inspired by what they learned during visits to the Ford Motor Company in the 1920s and developed by Toyota leaders such as Taiichi Ohno and consultant Shigeo Shingo after World War II. As pioneer American and European companies embraced lean manufacturing methods in the late 1980s, they discovered that lean thinking must be...
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  • Lean Accounting - 389 Words
    Lean Accounting Summary As companies grow, they continuously look for ways to save on costs, be more productive, and overall be more efficient. Many companies are starting to implement lean accounting. The traditional accounting method focuses mainly on reducing costs and creating increased shareholder value, whereas lean accounting is mainly focused on increasing capacity, creating more customer value, and reducing the amount of waste. Successfully changing the accounting system within a...
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  • Lean Production - 5526 Words
     Lean Production System- JIT Prepared by: Harikrishnan Haripal Roll No: EMBA 13034 Date: Oct-7-2014 Contents 1. Lean production------------------------------------------------------------------ 3 2. JIT(just-in-time) ------------------------------------------------------------------ 3 3. History & development of JIT system ---------------------------------------- 4 4. Concept of JIT...
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  • Lean in Services - 1807 Words
    Introduction The need to survive and excel on markets facing increasing competition and highly demanding customers represents the catalyst for the attempt of many companies to improve their business processes and find new ways of becoming more efficient. Lean production principles, pioneered by Toyota in the last half of the 20th century (Womack et al, 1990), proved consistent results for the manufacturing companies that understood mass production strategy had become obsolete, after almost a...
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  • why lean - 485 Words
    why lean Lean Manufacturing is not especially new. It is derived from the Toyota Production System or Just in Time Production, Henry Ford and other predecessors. The lineage of Lean manufacturing and Just In Time (JIT) Production goes back to Eli Whitney and the concept of interchangeable part in the 1850’s. It was finally when Taichii Ohno and Shigeo Shingo introduced Toyota Production System which in true sense talked about lean manufacturing. Todd(2000) defines lean production as...
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  • Lean Leadership - 890 Words
    I. Briefly describe the answers to the following questions about the readings: a. What simple, inexpensive tool is used by UNC Health Care to communicate to patients? What are the doctors required to do to use this tool? Why did the tool work so well? UNC Health Care initiative included a written care plan and a whiteboard in every room with daily goals to help keep the patient focused on his or her discharge date. So there was a focus on communication with patients. They had...
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  • lean system - 360 Words
    Introduction Chen and Taylor (2009) state that the concept of lean resource management was developed in the 1950s by the car manufacturing company Toyota. There are several aspects of lean resource management including the JIT or just in time system. Under such system, the inventory or raw materials that the company needs are ordered just in time to be used to the production process. According to Teresko (2007), Toyota’s Production System is one that emphasizes the concept of lean manufacturing...
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  • Lean Production - 684 Words
    'Lean' Manufacturing Takes Root in U.S. Keller Graduate School of Management Managerial Accounting Acct 505 November 21, 2012 'Lean' Manufacturing Takes Root in U.S. Henry Ford was the first person to truly integrate an entire production process. (Lean Production, 2012) Ford was able to produce the Model T but was limited by his inability to provide a variety. Shortly after World War II, Kiichiro Toyoda and Taiichi Ohno examined the moving assembly line and flow process of Ford and...
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  • lean reflection - 1101 Words
    Briana McLaughlin Operations Management May 25th, 2014 Lean Reflection Throughout our operations management class we have practiced many simulations and experienced several observations on lean manufacturing. Although there are many components of lean manufacturing, I have highlighted some of the key points I have absorbed from the class thus far. Lean manufacturing concepts I have learned the most from include the three M’s, the five S’s, flexible resources, total quality management,...
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  • lean at wipro - 8160 Words
    9-607-032 OCTOBER 16, 2006 DAVID M. UPTON BRADLEY R. STAATS Lean at Wipro Technologies “We want to bring the next generation of lean thinking into our processes and weave it into our system so it will lead to a sustainable competitive advantage.” — Azim Premji, Wipro Chairman Sambuddha Deb (“Deb”), Wipro Technologies Chief Quality Officer and Head of Operational Excellence, and Alexis Samuel, General Manager Process, Tools and Productivity, each thanked the other attendees at the...
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  • Lean Management - 4346 Words
    The Impact of Lean Implementation on Operational Performance: A Study of Composite Manufacturing Companies in Malaysia 1.0 BACKGROUND INFORMATION In 2012, the Asia-Pacific region accounted for 36 per cent of the worldwide market in value for composite production and 41 per cent in volume, according to Frederique Mutel, president and chief executive officer of the JEC Group, which is the world‟s largest composite industry organization, representing, promoting and expanding the...
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  • lean thinking - 989 Words
    From the eighteen-sixties, the industrial revolution, with its main characteristic of development of manufacturing management, swept across the world. Before the transition of production methods to new manufacturing processes, organisations faced problems relating to their effectiveness, speed of reaction, and flexibility, and these had formed a bottleneck restricting the development of enterprises. It was in 1950 that Toyota Motor Corporation first proposed Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing...
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  • Lean Management - 959 Words
     Questions and Answers 1. What are the similarities and differences between lean and agile supply chain strategies? Similarities in Lean and Agile Supply Chain Strategies: In both approaches, lean practice has transformed the downstream stages of the supply chain scheduling, according to demand pull, and increasing agility mean that ultimately converting to agile as today’s requirement. Excessive stock in the supply chain and the practice of increasing batch...
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  • Lean Production - 300 Words
    Submitted to Submitted by INTRODUCTION Lean manufacturing, lean enterprise, or lean production, often simply, "Lean", is a production practice that considers the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for the end customer to be wasteful, and thus a target for elimination. Working from the perspective of the customer who consumes a product or service, "value" is defined as any action or process that a customer would be willing to pay for....
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  • Lean Operations - 2769 Words
    Tasks and answers Task 1: To what extent could or should Deane expect to apply the philosophies and techniques of JIT/Lean to the running of a staircase cell? Staircases Production Company (SPC) is a small, successful, privately owned timber and building materials company based in a small city in the UK. The company offers a wide variety of timber products, from regular doors, windows and staircases to special products such as non-standard sections or special profiles (i.e. old designs of...
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  • Journey to Lean - 1070 Words
    Lean implementation The lean implementation described in the book “Journey to lean”, written by Drew, McCallum Roggenhoffer describes lean, the set of principles, practices, tools and techniques to address the root causes of the operational under performance. Lean is a systematic approach of eliminating the sources of loss from entire value stream in order to gap between actual performance and the requirement of stakeholders. They authors describes the three kinds of losses as variability,...
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  • Lean & TQM - 3299 Words
    Tables of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2. Introduction 3. Total Quality Management and Lean in MPA’s Service Quality 4. Total Quality Management and Lean in MPA’s Reliability 5. Total Quality Management and Lean in MPA’s Competitiveness 6. Total Quality Management and Lean in MPA’s Efficiency 7. Benefits & Limitations of Lean & TQM in MPA 8. Implementing Lean and TQM in environment sustainability 9. Conclusion 10. References Executive Summary TQM (Total Quality...
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  • Lean tools - 866 Words
    Lean Glossary The following are key concepts associated with lean manufacturing. Click on a link to jump directly to the related definition. 5S Andon Bottleneck Analysis Continuous Flow Gemba (The Real Place) Heijunka (Level Scheduling) Hoshin Kanri (Policy Deployment) Jidoka (Autonomation) Just-In-Time (JIT) Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) Kanban (Pull System) KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Muda (Waste) Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act)...
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  • lean system - 1249 Words
    Lean Operations Lean is a philosophy of manufacturing that emphasizes the minimization of the amount of all resources (including time) used in operations of the company. Operations processes are considered to be Lean when they are very efficient and have few wasted resources. The elimination of WASTE is actually the defining principle of Lean. By eliminating waste of all sorts in the system, the lean approach lowers labour, materials, and energy costs of production. Lean also emphasizes...
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  • Manufacturing Cell - 748 Words
    Why might it be difficult to develop a manufacturing cell? Support your answer with examples. Cellular manufacturing is a manufacturing process that produces families of parts within a single line or cell of machines operated by machinists who work only within the line or cell. A cell is a small scale, clearly-stated production unit within a larger factory. This unit has full responsibility for producing a family of like parts or a product. All necessary machines and manpower are enclosed...
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  • Lean Management - 2474 Words
    LEAN IN PRODUCTION AND SERVICE The word term ‘’LEAN’’ was put together to describe and personalize Toyota’s business activity during the 1980’s by a research team headed by one Jim Womack, Ph.D., at MIT’s international Motor vehicle programme. According to them, the concept of ‘LEAN’ was fathered by Taiichi Ohno of Toyota. Ohno developed a contrasting approach to the mass production methods of US car firms through necessity. Later, in 1996, Jim Womack’s team espoused the five lean...
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  • Jit Manufacturing - 3568 Words
    INTRODUCTION In today’s competitive global business environment, the goal of all manufacturing systems is long-term survival. A manufacturing company’s survival in an increasingly competitive market closely depends upon its ability to produce highest quality product at lowest possible cost and in a timely manner with shortest possible lead time. In addition, these goals should be achieved by paying utmost respect to the humanity of the employees who make the system work....
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    AGILE MANUFACTURIN G Tuğçe İŞSEVER 524413007 Marmara University Institute of Pure and Applied Science History of Agile Manufacturing In 1991, an industry-led study, sponsored by the United States Navy Mantech Program, and supported by the Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University in the United States, was conducted in order to originate a new paradigm for successful manufacturing enterprises.  The report of that study, entitled “21st Century Manufacturing Enterprise Strategy”, coined the term...
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  • Riordan Manufacturing - 3611 Words
    OPS/571 February 13, 2012 Riordan Manufacturing Learning Team C has completed the analysis of Riordan Manufacturing’s electric fan design process and has developed a proposal outlining the changes that need to be implemented. The team is proposing to focus on total quality management (TQM); this will allow Riordan to remain focused and efficient in areas of opportunity, and to excel in all aspects of the electric fans that are important to customers. The team’s recommendation is to use...
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  • agile manufacturing - 5265 Words
     Dasmariñas City, Cavite GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Masters in Business Administration Production and Operations Management AGILE MANUFACTURING Submitted By: Flores, Patricia Joy A. Mojica, Krisha May S. Submitted to: Dr. Mario S. Mecate January 2015 DEFINITION Agile is defined as to be able to move quickly. Manufacturing is the making of goods or wares by manual labor or by machinery, especially on a large scale, from...
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  • Global Manufacturing - 3549 Words
    Week #1 Manufacturing Characteristic 1. Subtractive * Material removed from a solid block until the desired shape is reached 2. Formative * Mechanical forces applied to material to form it into the desired shape (includes bending, moulding and casting) 3. Additive * Material manipulated so that successive pieces of it combine to gradually 'GROW' the part What is manufacturing? 1. The transformation of raw materials into finished products. 2. The sourcing of...
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  • JIT Manufacturing - 5306 Words
    Does Manufacturing Need a JIT Revolution? by Paul H. Zipkin Japanese companies are very, very good at manufacturing. A decade ago this was new and disturbing to Western managers. The Japanese had captured a substantial share of the U.S. automobile market, offering features, fits, and finishes at prices domestic producers were unable to match. Similar trends appeared in machine tools, copiers, and numerous other industries. Around then people began to ask: What is it the Japanese are doing...
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  • Analyzing the Benefits of Lean Manufacturing and Value Stream Mapping Via Simulation: a Process Sector Case Study
    ARTICLE IN PRESS Int. J. Production Economics 107 (2007) 223–236 www.elsevier.com/locate/ijpe Analyzing the benefits of lean manufacturing and value stream mapping via simulation: A process sector case study Fawaz A. Abdulmaleka, Jayant Rajgopalb,Ã b Industrial and Management Systems Engineering Department, Kuwait University, Kuwait Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15261, USA Received 1 November 2005; accepted 1 September 2006 Available...
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  • Lean Six Sigma - 5456 Words
    Coventry University Postgraduate Program IFSM101EC - Lean and Six Sigma Analysis Tools and Techniques - 1112B MBA in Engineering Management Declaration: The assignment submitted is a result of my own investigation and independent work. All sections of the text and results, which been obtained from other sources, are fully referenced. No confidential information of Infosys is included in this assignment. I understand that cheating and plagiarism...
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  • Lean Six Sigma - 2001 Words
    Lean Six Sigma processes are used by many businesses without it being realized. Many companies today are adopting the Lean Six Sigma processes to aid in cost reduction and waste management. The Six Sigma program aids in eliminating the negative effects caused by variations within the supply chain. The Lean process is all about the speed, flow and elimination of waste concerning inventory. Although Lean and Six Sigma are separate programs, they complement each other. Together these two...
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  • A Closer Look at Lean - 3241 Words
     A Closer Look at the Lean Experience Jessica M. Dillman December 07, 2014 Florida Institute of Technology Abstract “Lean management is an applied philosophy that many manufacturing, service and government organizations have adopted to acquire the flexibility needed to meet new competitive challenges - eliminating waste, enhancing production speed and pushing innovation” (Demers, 2002). The purpose of this paper is to present the history of lean and how it is implemented in companies. The...
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  • A Conceptual Framework in Lean - 7797 Words
    National Conference on Design for Product Life Cycle, Feb 17-18, 2006, BITS Pilani A Conceptual Framework for Lean New Product Development G. Anand Rambabu Kodali* Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering Group, Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, Rajasthan 333 031, India, anandg@bits-pilani.ac.in *Professor and Group Leader, Mechanical Engineering Group and Engineering Technology Group, Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, Rajasthan 333 031, India,...
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  • Akshi Upvan Lean - 846 Words
    Lean Manufacturing An effort by :Akshi Tamta Upvan Yadav BFT(VII) Departments Merchandis ing Sampling SCM Central Planning & PPC Warehouse Cutting & CAD Sewing Finishing Packaging HR OEMS PCA Lab & testing IE Maintenanc e Project: Value Stream Mapping  Value stream mapping (VSM) is a powerful tool used to analyze the information and material flows through an organization – the process involves mapping both flows and producing a diagram to show the results pictorially. ...
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  • Lean Supply Chain - 4482 Words
    ABBREVIATION LIST AUTONOMATION: Technological innovation that enables machines to work harmoniously with their operators by giving them the 'human touch.' Called jidoka in Japanese, it employs automatic and semi-automatic processes to reduce physical and mental load on the workers. CELL TEAM WORK PLAN: A workplace strategy aimed at helping to solve problems and boost employee drive and focus. A work plan in business is commonly implemented for six to twelve months; however there generally...
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     Introduction Lean thinking is a strategy that completely eliminates waste while doing more with less efforts, equipment and time (Wormack & Jones, 2003). Its implementation is somehow difficult as many organizations believe they have achieved lean why they are not. Implementation of lean should critically analyze the following ; elimination of waste, production strategy, quality control, quality improvement, management and employee commitment, vendor and supplier participation. (Marodin &...
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  • The Lean Start Up - 2395 Words
    Atlantis University. Master in Business Administration. MBA 671 Information Technology Systems based Management. Professor: Richard Chance Week 4 Essay: The Lean Startup methodology. Miguel Beatrice. Abstract. "Lean Startup" is a methodology for developing businesses and products first proposed in 2011 by Eric Ries. Based on his previous experience working in several US startups, Ries claims that startups can shorten their product...
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  • Lean Supply Chain Management
    Int. J. Production Economics 85 (2003) 183–198 The strategic integration of agile and lean supply R. Strattona,*, R.D.H. Warburtonb a School of Engineering, Nottingham Trent University, Burton St., Nottingham NG1 4BU, UK b Griffin Manufacturing, Fall River, MA, USA Abstract Lean supply is closely associated with enabling flow and the elimination of wasteful variation within the supply chain. However, lean operations depend on level scheduling and the growing need to accommodate variety...
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  • Lean Management in a Salon - 2931 Words
    1.0. About the organization Yellow Nails Salon is a privately run business which specializes in nail care and started off as a nail-bar 5 years ago. It is a small setup with 10 service staff, one main work floor, 2 treatment rooms, a storeroom, a pantry and a restroom. The owner visits the salon every day for a couple of hours to keep an eye on the over-all running of the salon and to ensure work is being done up to the standard. The salon services about 20 customers on weekdays and up to 40...
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  • Lean Production in Banks - 1976 Words
    “An investigation of the extent to which the transferability of lean manufacturing is successful in the UK banking industry and the bench marks it is capable of setting” Introduction Toyota were able to enter the US market with their production of cars through the successful implementation and development of lean manufacturing, a startling achievement that has continued to be successful with their rivals GM Motors and Ford struggling to maintain any critical success factors. Lean...
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  • Comparison of Toc vs Lean
    Assignment #5: Comparison of Theory of Constraints (TOC) versus Lean Manufacturing MBA 571 November 22, 2011 In today’s business world, competition is fierce and manufacturers are struggling to squeeze out operational costs reductions. To stay in competition, more and more organizations are trying to determine what improvement method will work best and fit best with their culture. Each improvement methodology appears to be driving toward common tools and concepts. However, different...
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  • Operation Management Lean Production
    Operations Management Research Analysis Assignment # 3 Research Topic: Lean production in Jaguar Student Name: Madonna Yasser Student ID: 5411058 Submission Date: 1. Introduction: This article is talking about the lean production application in Jaguar. It will end up with recommendations and outcomes . 2. Problem or subject description: Jaguar is part of the Ford Group. Ford has for a number of years been improving its production methods, particularly by introducing...
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  • Lean Processes Case Study
    0102-810 Week 1 Assignment 1.2 1. What perspectives of organizational effectiveness best describe the application of lean management practices? Describe how specific elements of that perspective relate to the interventions described in the case study. The case study in question shows many benefits of hospitals around the world adapting to lean management practices. Essentially they are looking to cut waste, and provide the most efficient care possible. The first perspective of...
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  • Lean Six Sigma in Xerox
    LEAN Lean Six Sigma Leads Xerox SINCE 2003, XEROX HAS FOCUSED ON INTEGRATING LEAN SIX SIGMA CORPORATEWIDE. T By Arthur Fornari, Xerox Lean Six Sigma, and George Maszle, Xerox Lean Six Sigma and Business Support he origin of Xerox Corp.’s lean Six Sigma program can be traced back to the company’s initial “leadership through quality” initiative in the early ’80s. Improvement processes, tools and techniques were deployed across the corporation and centered on improving business...
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  • Lean Operations and JIT - 2002 Words
    LEAN OPERATIONS & JIT Lean Operations – moving towards the elimination of all waste in order to develop an operation that is faster more dependable, produces higher quality products and services and operates at a low cost. In general, Lean can be viewed as a philosophy of operations management, i.e. it gives a clear view which can be used to uide the way operations are managed in many different contexts. Several techniques are used to support this philosophy. (JIT techniques) The Lean...
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  • JIT and Lean Operations - 2189 Words
    16 C H A P T E R JIT and Lean Operations D ISC USSI ON Q U ESTI O NS 1. JIT is a philosophy of continuous and forced problem solving. It is a continuous program that replaces a series of “fad” programs. 2. A lean producer is a company that adopts a philosophy of minimizing waste, striving for perfection through continuous learning, creativity, and teamwork. 3. The Toyota Production System (TPS) has three core components: continuous improvement, respect for people, and standard...
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  • Applicability of Lean Management in Nursing
    APPLICABILITY OF LEAN MANAGEMENT IN NURSING: A COMPARATIVE STUDY Eric Rahim Detuyatu Philippine Women’s University Student Name : Eric Rahim D. Detuyatu Student No : 20132722 Subject Title : Administrative Process in Nursing Professor : Prof.Manuel T. Alzate, MD, MAN Requirement Type : Term Paper Date of Submission : July 18, 2014 Table of Contents Abstract 3 Introduction and Background...
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  • Lean Environment Simulator - 1266 Words
    Lean Environment Simulation: Jackson College Introduction to Lean Lean Manufacturing system pursues optimum streamlining throughout the entire system by the elimination of waste (non-value added/ waste) and aims to build quality into the process while recognizing the importance of cost reduction. The word lean was coined by Womack, Jones and Roos in their book, "The machine that changed the world". This book provides insight into the history of Lean Manufacturing. Objectives of Lean are...
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  • lean and six sigma - 3987 Words
    Contents Lean and Six Sigma Current State Map Future State Map Implementation of Lean and Six Sigma A3 report References Lean and Six Sigma Lean Six Sigma is a modern day concept linkingtwo industrial best practices Lean and Six Sigma. By combining the two, Lean Six Sigma organizations are operating more efficiently. Looking at the recent developments Lean Six Sigma is emerging as the most prevalent business performance practice in the history of corporate improvement.But in...
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  • MGMT 339 Lean Ops
    MGMT 339 TH 7-9PM Mike deVries Christian Lepore Lean Manufacturing: Classic Cable Connections The ability for a company to practice lean manufacturing is very important with respect to the businesses ability to be flexible in regards to internal operations. It allows a company to increase productivity and product quality, while simultaneously decreasing costs and cycle times. Lean manufacturing creates a ceaseless flow that optimizes supply to customer demand. With regards to Classic Cable...
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  • Lean Six Sigma - 3749 Words
    Lean Six Sigma: Advantages and Disadvantages. This essay examines the advantages and disadvantages of implement Lean and Six Sigma to improvement in manufacturing and service operations. The level of Quality Management adoption and the correct use of the Improvement Approaches are hypothesized to be the factors that determine the result of implementing Lean Six Sigma. Literature review on implementing Lean and Six Sigma shows that low level of Quality Management adoption has a negative impact...
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  • Applying Lean Management - 1969 Words
     Applying Lean Management J. Galt Lock Ltd 8/2/2013 Ujjwal Dhakal S1238629 Operations and Service Management [M3N212833] Individual Report (50%) - Front Cover & Feedback Sheet Student Name: Ujjwal Dhakal Matriculation No: S1238629 Programme of Study: BA Management Technology and Enterprise Student Signature: Ujjwal Date: 02.08.13 Marking Criteria Mark Level of understanding and critical evaluation of case...
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