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  • Kinesthetic Learning - 431 Words
    Kinesthetic Learning There are four types of learning styles which is visual, auditory, kinesthetic and reading and writing learners. Kinesthetic learning is also referred to as tactile learning, this learning style consists of the person carrying out actual physical activity in order to learn, instead of listening to a verbal lecture or watching a demonstration. The best learning style, according to the questionnaire and personal experience is the one that suits me the best. This style...
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  • Kinesthetic Learning - 1191 Words
     Kinesthetic Learning There are different styles a student can use to study and learn. Although most have used the procrastination style, which was not covered on the VARK questionnaire, consisting of all day and night cramming before the test. Everybody knows that the procrastination style is one of the worst ways to study and comes with the stress and anxiety. After taking the VARK questionnaire the style that best fit my study habits was kinesthetic. Kinesthetic learning...
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  • Vark: Learning and Kinesthetic Learners
    Running head: VARK Analysis Paper VARK Analysis Paper Grand Canyon University VARK Analysis Paper People learn in different ways. In this paper, the VARK learning analysis quiz and learning styles will be discussed as well as the advantages and implications of understanding the different learning styles. VARK stands for visual, aural, read/write, and kinesthetic. Neil Fleming and Colleen Mills designed a questionnaire for to help them identify their individual learning style. The...
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  • Kinesthetic Learner - 851 Words
     Kinesthetic Learning Style Taylor R. Ashley Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V February 22, 2015 Learning is something that we all do each and every day. It is important to be aware of the type of learning that suits you the best so that you can retain the most information possible. Learning and education have always been a big piece of becoming an adult. As a child you must go to school full time and make decent grades in order to finish school. Learning hasn’t always been...
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  • As A Kinesthetic Learner - 834 Words
    Faith Onyilimba Learning Style and Strategy As a kinesthetic learner, learning is based on physical activities instead of sitting and listening to lectures. Hands on method of learning are more efficient for a kinesthetic learner; they prefer to use their body and sense of touch in tackling a problem instead of reading through the instructions (Vark, 2014). Kinesthetic learners are also known as doers. They rather start doing an activity instead of thinking about initiating an action. They are...
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  • Learning Styles - 712 Words
    My Personal Learning Style Learning has been going on since the beginning of human kind and is still going on in today’s world. While in the beginning they did not study how they learned they still accomplished many things. Now we study how we learn so that we can hopefully learn more efficiently to accomplish things beyond our wildest dreams. Today I took to learning style quizzes in hopes of learning more about my personal learning styles so that I may improve myself. Today in this essay we...
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  • What is learning - 2043 Words
    What is learning? From born to dead, we non-stop to learning, how to sound, walk, study knowledge, even working skill. We learn in our whole life. But what is learning? Why we need to learn? Is it to follow other success person so we need to learn? Gagné(1965) describe learning as four factors, Drive, Stimulus, Response and Reinforcement. For every learning process before it start there are also have a reason to basic on, whatever we are learning a knowledge or a skill. And this is the factor...
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  • Learning Styles - 467 Words
    Learning Styles When it comes to learning styles, the only one that does not suit me well is Auditory. Both Kinesthetic & Visual learning are effective styles for me. I have traits of both learning styles. Some of my Visual Learner attributes are: I like fashion & colors, I’m an excellent speller, & I can understand charts well. Some of my Kinesthetic Leaner attributes are: I’m good at sports, I study with loud music, I...
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  • Learning Preferences - 263 Words
    Learning Preferences GEN 105 Describe your strongest dimension on the personality spectrum. My strongest dimension on the personality spectrum was kinesthetic. I think that the results of this test best describes the way that I learn best. Kinesthetic learning style refers to a way of acquiring knowledge in which the learner uses sense of movement to gain information about the world. This learning style is sometimes referred to as kinesthetic-tactile. Kinesthetic learners tend to loose...
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  • Learning Styles - 981 Words
    Learning Styles Everyone has a specific way in which they learn and understand information. The specific ways of learning are called learning styles which include, visual, auditory, read/write, and kinesthetic. The VARK analysis questionnaire reveals the scores related to each learning style visual, aural, read/write and kinesthetic. After taking the VARK analysis questionnaire I discovered that I have a multimodal learning preference. Multimodal learning means an individual learns...
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  • Learning Style - 1247 Words
    Component 1 My learning environment is in a quiet and spacious room. With a comfortable chair. My desk is always ready all the tools needed to study without any problem; I have always easy on the eyes pencil, calculator, calendar, notebook etc. To concentrate on my classes I have to be alone and without any noise around me. When I have to study for a test I wait till the night before of my test to study so I can get my mind fresher on the test day. What I first do is I pick a place where...
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  • Learning Style - 775 Words
    People have different learning style. The V.A.R.K learning style consists of four different types of learning. The visual, aural, read-write, kinesthetic and the combination of the different study strategies called the multimodal strategies. In order for a person to know what their learning strategy is, he should take the V.A.R.K questionnaire. A visual learner is a person who learns best by using books with pictures, slides, posters, diagrams, flow charts, graphs, using different colors and...
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  • Learning Styles - 864 Words
    There are many different kinds of people in our society today and everyone has a different style of learning. Aural, visual and kinesthetic are the three main types of learning styles. Aural learners are people who learn by hearing people talk. Visual learners are people who learn by watching something that is done and explained. Lastly, are kinesthetic learners they learn best by doing the things by hand. Each learning style has some strengths and weaknesses in certain classes. My learning...
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  • Learning Plan - 1264 Words
    Being able to understand Carpers four fundamental ways of knowing makes it possible for nurses to increase their knowledge (Heath, 1998). To be able to gain knowledge learning must be done. Gardner introduced multiple intelligences that are used today for learning and teaching (Zander). For nurses to be able to practice, they need knowledge, which is gained by learning (Berragan, 1998). In 1978, Carper introduced four ways of knowing, which have since been used to structure nursing...
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  • Auditory Learning - 272 Words
    Doing the personal evaluation was harder than I expected it to be. Out of the fourteen statements I was unable to pick just A, B, or C. Eight of the statements have a dual answer. The most effective way for me to learn information is the Auditory Learning Style and Kinesthetic Learning Style. As I read the tendencies for both the Auditory and Kinesthetic learning styles I checked each tendency that I do a daily basis and realized that it’s split down the middle. As I was...
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  • My learning - 789 Words
     "My Learning Style" Grand Canyon University NRS 429V November 26, 2013 "My Learning Style" Learning style? Why would one need to know a learning style? There is a way for you to find out what type of learning style you have. The VARK learning style assessment tool, developed by Neil Fleming, is an assessment that can be taken to discover ones learning style. There are several learning styles; kinesthetic style; those who learn from hands on experience, auditory learners; a...
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  • Learning Styles - 668 Words
    Web Assignment #3- Learning Styles (RESUBMISSION) Antoinette Gentile 260537380 EDPI 341: Instruction in Inclusive Schools Professor G. Scott Conrod McGill University Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 Nowadays, in the field of education, it is pretty well established that all students learn differently. While some may be visual learners, others can be auditory learner or kinesthetic learners…etc. The list...
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  • Learning Styles - 636 Words
    Learning Styles EDU382 Barbara Henry 6-3-13 Grade: 1st Topic: Healthy food choices/food pyramid Goal of the lesson: The goal for this lesson is that students will learn how to pick healthy foods and why it is important to eat healthy. Assessments: Formative- Squaring off Formative- Draw it! Formative- Pin the food on the pyramid Summative- Written test Squaring off is a formative assessment that can be great for students of several learning styles. To complete this exercise I...
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  • Learning Styles - 1106 Words
     Why do some patients understand things the nurse or doctor tell them better than others? Is the information presented being taught the same? For some patients, that is the problem. Some patients learn differently than others. That does not mean it is only the patients responsibility to adapt and learn the information in a way that is easier for them to understand. It means that the healthcare professional, especially the nurse giving discharge information, needs to be able to recognize what...
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  • Learning styles - 832 Words
    The most important concept to understand when in a position to teach is that those in a position to learn may have different styles of learning. Not everyone learns the same way. The next most important concepts a person in a position to teach needs to understand are the different learning styles. In 1987, Neil Fleming developed a model and self-test to help learners understand more about their learning styles. Fleming enables learners to understand how they learn best by asking a set of...
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  • Learning Styles - 508 Words
     Veronica Kimble 6 November 2013 INFT 101 Learning Styles I never really understood what type of learner I was exactly until now! I have always heard the saying “you learn something new every day” and I most certainly did. Everybody learn in different ways there is no doubt about that. There are 3 different types of learners which include a visual, auditory, and a kinesthetic leaner which I had never heard of until fully understanding the meaning of each type of learning...
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  • Learning Style - 534 Words
    The Key to Success Imagine having a family with two children living a decent comfortable life. This is a great thought which is obtainable. Being able to support a family of this size can be difficult at times when money is an issue. The thought of not being able to give your family everything in their life they need to survive and thrive can be heartbreaking. A comfortable lifestyle is obtainable if one plays their cards right. This is the main reason I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree. Going...
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  • Learning Style - 853 Words
    Running head: LEARNING Kinesthetic Learners This paper will discuss mainly the author’s learning style as determined by the VARK questionnaire ( It will discuss the other learning styles and will compare the author’s preferred learning strategies with the recommended VARK strategies. Lastly it will discuss the author’s preferred learning style in relation to bedside nursing. The author’s determined learning style is strong kinesthetic (
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  • Learning and Teaching - 4815 Words
    TASK 1 A critical analysis of an individual child’s observed learning behaviour during a teaching session and analysis of the implications for their further learning and their support needs (i.e. the TA’s possible role in supporting and developing further learning) (1500 words) INTRODUCTION This essay is about how I, as a teaching assistant (TA), develop my understanding of how my learners learn and develop. I will rename the teacher as Ms K and the students as student M throughout the...
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  • Learning sytle - 579 Words
     My Personal Learning style Zamirah Parramore Morgan State University August 28 2014 “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin once stated. The quote displays Benjamin Franklin’s learning style. The learning process is different for everyone; some are: hands on, visual, kinesthetic, aural, or multimodal. The way of learning come in different ways it may be hard for an individual to learn visually but on the other...
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  • Learning Styles - 576 Words
    Learning Styles Essay Everyone has a different way of learning in which they learn the best; some people are even a mixture of the different types. The three most common ways of learning are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (hands on). I just so happen to be a visual learner. Visual learners are those who learn best through seeing things rather than hearing or having hands on experience. With each learning style there are positive points but there are also drawbacks. First, there are many...
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  • Perceptual Learning - 378 Words
    Perceptual Learning There are three different types of learning styles. The three are: The visual learner, the auditory learner, and the kinesthetic learner. The visual learner learns by seeing, the auditory learner learns by listening and the kinesthetic learner learns by doing. At my shoe boutique titled De’Jenae the majority of my employees are either auditory or visual learners. I have designed a program that best fits the auditory and visual learners and have been assigned a new employee...
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  • Learning Styles - 778 Words
    Learning Styles Susan Varghese Grand Canyon University NRS 429V-Family Concepts May 05, 2013 Learning is a challenging and dynamic concept to develop by the human brain. It allows us to challenge ourselves and our capacity to accomplish our goals. There is a variety of styles that can be used to retain and learn information. The Vark Test was created to help an individual in their learning styles and adopt new ways that can help improve as well. The scores received after taking the Vark...
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  • learning styles - 5460 Words
    International Journal of Academic Research in Progressive Education and Development January 2014, Vol. 3, No. 1 ISSN: 2226-6348 Learning Styles and Factors Affecting the Learning of General Engineering Students Mark Enrick R. Abante, Benjie C. Almendral, Jay-ren E. Manansala, Jovielyn Mañibo Lyceum of the Philippines University, Batangas City, 4200 Philippines Email: DOI: 10.6007/IJARPED/v3-i1/500 URL:
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  • Learning Style - 414 Words
    Running head: MY LEARNING STYLE 1 My Learning Style COE 101 Bethel University JaJuan Mccurry MY LEARNING STYLE 2 My Learning Style Three fundamental ways of learning are, Kinesthetic, Visual, and Auditory. He or she may be one single learner or a combination of all three. Using these...
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  • Learning Preferences - 320 Words
    Learning Preferences 1. Describe your strongest dimension on the personality spectrum. My strongest dimension on the personality spectrum is a giver (32). Every word on the list of giver describes me. My honesty is probably one my strongest. As I get older and being the mother of two terrific boys, I just feel at this exact moment in my life there is no need to lie. Honesty is the key, but sometimes I feel I am a little too honest and may hurt someone’s feelings, but not...
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  • Learning Styles - 1460 Words
    CHAPTER I BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Rationale Every person has its own uniqueness making everyone different from each other which means that in everything people do, they vary from each other. For the students, they learn in different ways as well as their capability to acquire knowledge. This situation refers to as “learning styles” which is defined as “the concept that individuals differ in regard to what mode of instruction or study is most effective for them” (Pashler,,...
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  • Understanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning
    City and Guilds 6302 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector Unit 002 Understanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning Assessment Task 1 By Robert A J Gue Submission Date 3 May 2012 I have been asked by the Scout Association to give guidance on how to incorporate inclusive learning an teaching in to their training scheme to meet the needs of the leaders who come from diverse backgrounds. The Scout...
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  • Understanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning
    Unit 4 – Understanding inclusive learning and teaching in lifelong learning 1. Evaluate a range of learning and teaching strategies in lifelong learning. Within your answer you must cover the following giving examples: * An analysis of a range of learning and teaching strategies (minimum of 3) used in own specialism * An evaluation of the effectiveness of learning and teaching approaches in own specialist area in meeting needs of learners * An evaluation of inclusive learning...
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  • Explore the different learning theories and learning styles
    Trident University Explore the different learning theories and learning styles TUX101- The Trident University Experience 17 February 2013 Introduction For this case study assignment, I will be writing about what Visual, Aural, Read/write, and Kinesthetic (VARK) learning style or styles I have and how it relates to two different learning theories. I will also be discussing how my identified VARK learning style or styles will affect my online educational pursuit....
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  • Multiple Learning Styles: Interdependence in a Progressive Learning Environment
    Multiple Learning Styles Interdependence in a Progressive Learning Environment Ari S. Rejtman Broward College Multiple Learning Styles Interdependence in a Progressive Learning Environment More than one student in Kindergarten through College has complained of boring courses and tedious homework that had no discernible connection to their immediate environment. Many students describe their courses as lectures that force them to sit and listen to a professor for one to three hours,...
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  • diferent type of learning style
    Different students have multiple ways of memorizing information. Either if it is through rehearsing information constantly or writing it down in an organized way in order to remember it. They still have certain learning styles to help adapt new information their professors provide them with. Based off these adaptations, they are certain factors that influence effective learning through three different learning styles. One of the effective learning styles that certain students...
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  • understanding VAK Learning Style
    1. Understanding Your Learning Styles CHAPTER 2 WWW.GETWORKSHEETS.COM 2. Learning Styles Everyone is unique with different ways of doing things, including different learning styles. A specific style of learning indicates how your brain gathers and processes information Understanding what your own style is will help you to choose studey methods that are best suited for you. This helps optimal learning and easier recall so that you can excel in the classroom. 3. Three Basic Learning Styles...
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  • Teaching and Learning Styles - 1109 Words
    TEACHING AND LEARNING STYLES TEACHING STYLE – individual teachers’ distinctive or characteristic manner of teaching. LEARNING STYLE - are simply different approaches on ways of learning. 4 TYPES OF TEACHER Authoritarian Teacher Permissive Teacher Detached Teacher Authoritative Teacher 4 TYPES OF TEACHING STYLES Authoritarian Teaching Style Permissive Teaching Style Detached Teaching Style Authoritative Teaching Style Teaching Styles 1. Authoritarian Teaching Style -...
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  • Personal Essay Learning Style
    Running head: PERSONAL ESSAY Personal Essay of Marie Moore Marie Moore COLL100 B020 American Public University PERSONAL ESSAY Personal Essay of Marie Moore The following is a personal essay about various topics about my college education and my learning styles. This personal essay will include thoughts or reasons for seeking a college degree. As well as my own personal learning styles, which are based upon inventories that have been taken. This...
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  • A Review of Multmodal Learning Styles
    A Review of Multimodal Learning Style and Strategies The multimodal learning style is highly adaptive and is the most common type of learning style. It can encompass a strong preference two or more of the styles, or an equal preference for all of the 4 learning styles: aural, visual, read/write and kinesthetic. According to Fleming, students who prefer the multimodal learning style tend to fall into two categories: the context specific approach and the whole-sense approach. (Fleming, 2011,...
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  • Learning Styles: Recognition and Accommodation
    The recognition and accommodation of the diverse learning styles exhibited by team members can lead to improved interaction and greater synergy online or face-to-face. The most commonly recognized learning styles are derived from the main sense used for sensory input. Commonly, the three most pertinent and all-encompassing learning styles are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. If the learning styles can be properly identified and accommodated in both the face-to-face and online environments,...
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  • Describe Your Learning Style
    Running head: How Do I Learn Best How Do I Learn Best Kelli Powell Grand Canyon University: NRS 429V September 30, 2012 What is a learning style? Well a learning style is the way a person tends to learn best. It involves your preferred method of taking in, organizing, and making sense of information, Lake Washington Institute of Technology (2012). Some people prefer to learn by doing and touching, others prefer to learn by seeing, or by hearing the information. Still others learn...
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  • Preferred Learning Style - 854 Words
     Preferred Learning Style: Multimodal Grand Canyon University NRS-429V August 22, 2013 Today more adults are returning to school for continuing education. It can be very difficult to juggle a full time job, school work, and still find time to spend with the family. Time management is of the utmost importance in order to be successful in furthering education. A student knowing his or her learning style could be an important first step in being...
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  • Vark Learning Styles - 899 Words
    VARK Analysis Every one has a mix of learning styles; some people may find that they have a dominant style of learning, with far less use of other styles in different circumstances. There is neither right or wrong style nor your style is fixed, you can develop your less dominant style and make improvement in your dominant ones. Your learning styles have more influence on your learning than you know it, they guide the way you learn. They also change the way you retain information and perceive...
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  • Vak Learning Styles - 784 Words
    Learners use all three to receive information. However, one or more of these receiving styles is normally dominant. This dominant style defines the best way for a person to learn new information by filtering what is to be learned. This style may not always to be the same for some tasks. The learner may prefer one style of learning for one task, and a combination of others for another task. Classically, our learning style is forced upon us through life like this: In grades kindergarten to...
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  • Personal Learning Style - 950 Words
    Hussam Ali October 16th, 2009 Personal Learning Styles Studying learning styles helps us to find the differences in our thinking and how people see the world differently. Learning styles are different between one person and another depending on their personalities. “ There are several different types of learning styles including visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. In fact, these are the three main ways of learning styles. Students should understand their own personal styles of...
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  • Three Different Learning Styles
    Running head: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic The Three Different Learning StylesChad BruceCOLL100APU Amy Peterson Three different learning styles There are 7 different learning styles but I am just going to focus on 3 of them, visual, auditory & kinesthetic. Everyone has a different mix of learning styles. Some may find that they have a dominant learning style. Other people may find they use different learning styles depending on the circumstances. There is no right mixture and your...
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  • Personal Learning Style - 539 Words
    Learning Style Essay As a result of completing this unit on learning styles, I have determined that my style of learning is “Kinesthetic/tactile learner“(Kolb, 1984).This is based on completion of the Multiple Intelligence Survey (McKenzie, 1999) and Learning style Assessment (Kolb, 1984). This means that learning comes easily for me by touching, feeling, and applying what has been learned to something physical rather than sitting in a lecture hall or just reading a book. Distractions and...
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  • Learning as a Way of Life - 1663 Words
    What I Learned “We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.” People go through their whole lives trying to figure out who they are, look for a sense of purpose or belonging, or attempt to discover the right path for them-self. The lucky ones have somehow found what ever it is they were looking for throughout their journey. They try to teach the people who are still looking how to find their way but often fail...
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  • Learning and Personality Styles - 849 Words
    Running head: LEARNING AND PERSONALITY STYLES Learning and Personality Styles LEARNING AND PERSONALITY STYLES Abstract All over the world there are many different learning styles and personality types. Everyone has their own way of learning and their own personality. A persons learning style is how they learn best and there personality type is how they act in everyday living. In this paper I will...
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  • Kolb Learning Methods - 481 Words
    Based on the descriptions in the text, where do you see yourself on the Kolb Inventory? I see myself on the Kolb Inventory as reflective observation. Reflective observation is the abilities which help learners to reflect on their experiences from many perspectives. After reading about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, determine which personality is most like you (e.g. ENTJ). After reading about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I have determined that The Thinking verses...
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  • Vark Learning Style - 989 Words
    The learning style most people have developed over time will allow them to certain way. However someone’s learning style can change over time with discipline and practice, there is no one style that is better than another one. The best learners know their style and what works best for them. There are many websites that offer services to help a person identify their learning preference. The website student used to indicate her learning style was VARK Learning Style self-assessment questionnaire....
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  • Personal Learning Style - 894 Words
    PERSONAL LEARNING STYLE I recently researched the four main learning styles, which helped me to determine which of the four I thought I was best matched with. These four learning styles are: visual learning, auditory or linguistic learning, reading/writing-preference learning, and kinesthetic. Visual learners like to see what they are being taught, such as looking at an over-head projection. Auditory learners like listening to...
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  • 3 Different Learning Styles
    Three Different Learning Styles If you scored mostly a's you may have a visual learning style. You learn by seeing and looking. |Visual Learners | • take numerous detailed notes • tend to sit in the front • are usually neat and clean • often close their eyes to visualize or remember something • find something to watch if...
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  • Learning Teaching Assessment in Nursing
    Assignment 1: Teach a new staff on arterial line care Introduction The writer is working in a medical intensive care unit (MICU) in a structured hospital. Every year, there is a group of fresh graduated polytechnic students coming to her unit as new staff. As a senior staff nurse, she was assigned to be a student’s preceptor, to guide the new staff during the probation period. In this assignment, the writer is going to use the E skill teaching model framework (Studdy et al, 1994), to create...
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  • Learning Styles Essay - 566 Words
     The process of educating one’s self can be a difficult process. That is if you don’t understand your habits and the way you learn and absorb information. Luckily in these times educators are becoming more understanding to their students learning habits and are able to adapt to a students learning styles to better educate them. Some may not know in what category of learning style that they are, there are online surveys one can take to find out there learning style strengths. I myself have just...
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  • Multimodial Learning Style - 665 Words
    This paper will compare the different learning styles of the VARK questionnaire. It will differentiate the results of the questionnaire and one’s preferred learning style. There are three different learning styles in the VARK questionnaire and a combination of four scores are used to determine one’s learning style. The VARK questionnaire provides a combination of four scores. The four scores the VARK questionnaire analyses are visual, aural, read/write, and kinesthetic. A VARK profile is a...
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  • Vark Learning Styles - 1053 Words
    ARK: MEASURMENT OF LEANING STYLES VARK: Measurement of Leaning Styles Grand Canyon University Family Centered Health Promotion NRS 429V Vicki Denson September 23, 2012 Visual, Aural, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic are key elements of individual learning styles. Learning styles is a term used to refer to the methods of gathering, processing, interpreting, organizing, and thinking about information. How people best learn and communicate can be measured by using a simple...
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  • My Learning Style - 1189 Words
    My Learning Style Stacey B. Droogan Managerial Comminication/515 December 11, 2009 Ray DePuy Abstract The purpose of this paper will be to help me understand my learning style and give me a chance to analyze it and develop strategies to improve it. Before I was able to understand what my learning style are I had to understand the different learning styles. Learning styles have to do with how our brain process information and what the best ways...
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  • Vark Learning Styles - 807 Words
    Learning strategies and VARK analysis defines a student as “a person formally engaged in learning” (Student, 2012). Students of any age know that comprehending and retaining information is essential to educational success. Just as every student had unique physical attributes, they also have unique learning styles in which they best retain new and important information. The VARK (Visual, Aural, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic) is a questionnaire that is given to help individual...
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  • Learning Style Essay - 509 Words
     Learning Styles and Achieving My Goal Each person has their own preferred method of learning. For some people, it may be easier to read something from a book as opposed to hearing someone talk about it or seeing something done. It is important for each individual learner to know which style of learning that they respond to the best. I respond to visual and kinesthetic teaching styles better than auditory styles. By identifying the styles that I respond to the best, I will be able use...
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  • Learning Styles of Science Students
    Republic of the PhilippinesSORSOGON STATE COLLEGESchool of Graduate StudiesBulan, Sorsogon “ATTITUDES OF PEOPLEOF BRGY. SUA, MATNOG, SORSOGONON K12 ADVOCACY” A term paper for the subjectAdvance Course in Curriculum Development By:MICHAEL G. OSEO May 2011 ABSTRACTTitleAuthors: Jessie l. Figueras Michael G. OseoType of Document: Unpublished Undergraduate ThesesHost Institution: Bicol University Gubat Extension Program Summary The study was conducted to determine...
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  • Vark Learning Preference Tool
    VARK Learning Preference Tool Family Centered Health Promotion/NSR-429V April, 2013 The VARK learning preference tool was developed in 1987 by Fleming as an “inventory designed to help students learn more about their individual learning preferences” ( This questionnaire was designed to help provide an individual insight on how they give and receive information. The quiz is 16 questions that break down one’s learning style into four categories. These four categories...
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  • My Learning Style - 632 Words
    My Learning Style My Learning Style Everyone has different styles in which they learn. Some are auditory, some visual and some require hands on or kinesthetic. In taking the Learning Style Inventories, my results concluded that I am an auditory learner. According to The Center for New Discoveries in Learning, 2012 “If your highest preference is auditory, you prefer to learn by listening and often recall the words you've heard in your mind. If you are taking a written test, this tends...
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  • Vak Learning Styles - 452 Words
    Bill Fisher Preparing to teach in the lifelong sector Learning Styles- V A K VAK theory is widely recognised by teachers - particularly those who recommend accelerated learning techniques - but the idea that we receive information via different modes has been around considerably longer than that and can be traced back to the work of Grace Fernald ("Remedial Techniques in Basic School Subjects") who promoted kinaesthetic learning techniques; Samuel Orton’s work on dyslexia; Anna Gillingham’s...
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  • What's your style of learning?
    Running head: WHAT IS YOUR STYLE 1 What is your style of learning? WHAT IS YOUR STYLE 2 What is your style of learning? It is difficult for some to sit and listen to a lecture for hours. You’ll find yourself bored, uninterested and often day dreaming. Students find themselves disinterested, not because they don’t understand it is because they are thought the wrong way....
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  • Customized Learning Theory - 2559 Words
    Customized Learning Theory Paper Dawn Kandris EDUC 500 April 28, 2013 Dr. Kimball Customized Learning Theory Paper Educational techniques have been around for many centuries. Through the centuries, teaching techniques have not changed. However, many methods have emerged which has been defined as educational theory. Students have many different learning styles that help them learn. Teachers must learn how to teach to include each of the learning styles so each student learns what...
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  • Learning Styles in the Educational Environment
    Learning Styles in the Educational Environment Many people learn in different ways. Learning Styles are various approaches or ways of learning. There are three types of Learning Styles. People receive, process, and retain information by using visual, auditory, or kinesthetic methods. Visual Learners learn by using their eyes, often focus on the eyes, and body language, gestures and facial expression of their instructors. It is also common for visual learners to remain clearly focused on the...
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  • 7 learning styles - 1563 Words
     Ms. Beth Reynolds ENGL 250: English Composition 11 25 February 2014 Word Count: 1564 Kinesthetic vs Musical Intelligence What are you? In today’s world people learn in many ways rather it is through visual learning or through use of the body, people all over are unique in the methods they use to grasp an idea. The uniqueness in learning styles varies from person to person however there has been a push that there are only seven ways of learning. Often time’s individuals find themselves...
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  • The Principles of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
    During this assignment I will be looking at a range of theories relating to how learning takes place. I will consider how different theorist’s suggestions are put into practice in our setting focusing on the Foundation Stage. I will be looking at a range of teaching and learning models and considering how they relate to different styles of learning e.g. visual learners, an auditory learner or a kinesthetic learner (VAK). These teaching and learning models will be related to professional practice...
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  • Planning and Enabling Learning Dtlls
    DTLLS Unit 002 Planning and Enabling Learning Assignment 2.1 Theory John Smith Contents Page Methodology of Research and Introduction 3 Findings for points A to D 4 Précis of findings for points A to D 12 Bibliography 14 Methodology of research This report will look at the following points: A. Negotiating with learners, e.g. initial assessment, agreeing goals and actions. B. Inclusive learning, e.g. the use of different...
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  • My Learning Experience - 966 Words
    Kevon Johnson 4/30/13 A Learning Experience English 1101 How is it precisely, that people learn things? As you know, when being taught something it is presented through our five senses. Studies indicate that when it comes to the succession of entirely grasping the concept of something, how that information is presented is a governing factor. Furthermore, when you apply this concept to everyday life it is apparent that college educators should present information in a way that...
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  • Learning Styles and Modalities - 651 Words
    Know the difference between learning styles and learning modalities.[1] Learning styles: what do we know?[2] What are learning styles?[3] Learning styles are simply the way a child learns best.[4] Learning styles theory says that there are different learning modalities and that individuals have a preferred modality.[5] A consequence of this theory is that effective teaching should present a variety of teaching methods which cover all three learning modalities so that different students have...
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  • Analysis of Vark Learning Styles
    VARK Analysis Julie Havens Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V February 9, 2013 VARK Analysis Everyone has their own preferred way how to learn, when to learn and what is learned. It has been noted there are four main ways, or styles of learning, visual, auditory, read/write and kinesthetic. These styles are represented by the title VARK. VARK is actually the questionnaire which people can use to determine which learning method they prefer. Whether a person’s style of...
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  • Different Style of Learning - 612 Words
    Different Styles of Learning By Jason D. Himel COLL100 DO41 WIN 13 American Military University Maureen Horowitz As individuals I found we all learn in many different ways. You have from people learning on-line while other attends a class room environment. Some people are hands on learners while others can read an assignment and retain the information very well. When I first started this exercise I thought to myself how I learn the material I am trying to obtain. After taking all four...
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  • VARK Learning Style Assessment
     VARK Learning Style Assessment Nicole M. Doherty Grand Canyon University Family Centered Health Promotion Dr. Rhonda Johnston August 3, 2013 The VARK Questionnaire Results Your scores were: Visual: 0 Aural: 2 Read/Write: 12 Kinesthetic: 9 You can find more information about your learning preferences in our downloadable book: How Do I Learn Best? a student's guide to improved learning More Information... You have a mild Read/Write learning preference. Use the following helpsheets...
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  • Vark Learning Styles - 957 Words
    Students' Learning StylesLearning is a complex process of acquiring knowledge or skills involving a learner's biological characteristics/senses (physiological dimension); personality characteristics such as attention, emotion, motivation, and curiosity (affective dimension); information processing styles such as logical analysis or gut feelings (cognitive dimension); and psychological/individual differences (psychological dimension) (Dunn, Beaudry, & Klavas, 1989). Due to the multiples...
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  • Vak Learning Styles Test
    VAK learning styles test (vak - visual, auditory, kinesthetic) Contents: 0. About VAK test 1. Testing - I will consolidate 30 question model using Method 3 - Re-structure the matrix into a multiple choice-style questionnaire - takes longer, but is more likely to avoid 'leading' or influencing the person being assessed because the format is less transparent. Each of the 30 questions would be structured as per this example, and could either ask for a single selection or to score...
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  • Vark Learning Assessment - 1031 Words
    Running head: VARK VARK Personal Learning Preferences Analysis Grand Canyon University NRS 429v Family Centered Health Promotion 03-11-2012 America’s university population is both culturally and generationally diverse. Each student has his or her own unique approach and style of learning. These differences may not always mesh with the conventional educational methods practiced at the collegiate level. As the demographics of the collegiate population continue to...
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  • Vark Learning Style - 1052 Words
     Running Head: VARK LEARNING STYLE PAPER VARK Learning Style Paper Presented to Professor By Grand Canyon University: NRS-429-0102 Family Centered Health Promotion December 2, 2012 VARK Learning Style Paper Being able to communicate with each other in this global diverse world, we all need to understand our preferred learning styles to contribute to our learning abilities and society. We all have unique learning styles established from childhood...
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  • Effect of Learning Style on Gpa Score
    The Effect of Learning Style on GPA Scores Background Statement In this mathematical project, I will be investigating the learning style of a student and its effect on the student's GPA. I think that learning style has a big effect on GPA. Every student has a different learning style. Some students are visual learners where they have to see diagrams or pictures to understand ideas and concepts. Some students are “hands on” or kinesthetic learners where they have to actually be doing an...
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  • Learning Styles Invetory Test Analysis
    From the first website about investigating learning styles I found that I learn best with visuals and interactive experience. After I took the DVC Learning Styles Inventory test, my results concluded that I am a visual/nonverbal, auditory, and kinesthetic learner. My visual/nonverbal learning results suggest that I write down a summary after a lecture. I will retain information much better by writing down notes rather than memorizing the lecture. As an auditory learner, I should read out...
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  • Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning
    Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning Within your role and responsibility as a member of teaching staff you will be expected to follow what is referred to as a Code of Professional Practice (2008). This outlines the key aspects of teaching legislation and the regulatory requirements. It is your duty to maintain professional integrity and uphold the reputation of the professional institute. Identifying the needs of both the institute and of the learners is...
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  • Grasping Learning Concepts in Different Ways
    Grasping Learning Concepts in Different Ways When students reach college, or higher education schools, the professor’s desire to accommodate students starts to decline, especially with caring about the way that their students learn differently. The inability of higher education to accommodate students with different learning styles is an unavoidable issue. Every student learns differently, but you can group the learning styles into four main categories: visual learning (learn by seeing),...
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  • Vark: Educational Psychology and Learning Styles
    VARK Analysis Grand Canyon University VARK Analysis VARK refers to a specific style of learning, visual, auditory, reading and writing and kinesthetic leaners. (Fleming & Mills, 1992) VARK assessment questions alert people to the variety of different approaches to learning.(VARK: A Guide to Learning Styles, 2011) For those struggling with learning the VARK analysis can develop a new learning approach or enhance your current learning style by identifying your learning style to more...
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  • Learning Style Essay Rough Draft
    The benefits of gaining knowledge about Learning Styles, and how to apply strategies that will enhance learning in many different capacities: Jaclyn K. Kaina INFT 101-B14 5/18/2013 While teaching a Father’s Day hula to ten women and three children, I noticed that each produced greater results when taught in a specific manner or learning style appropriate to them as individuals. The little ones...
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  • Differentiate Between Different Learning Styles
    What is learning style:- The various preferences and methods employed by learners in the process of learning. Every individual have different style and techniques of learning. Some people may find that they have a dominant style of learning, with far less use of the other styles. Others may find that they use different styles in different circumstances. There is no right mix. Nor are your styles fixed. You can develop ability in less dominant styles, as well as further develop styles that you...
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  • preparing and designing learning and development activities
    Preparing and designing Learning and Development Activities In this assignment I will address factors which influence learning and development activities, focusing on adult learning, organisational factors and key legislation which must be adhered to. I will describe different learning methods and learning resources and highlight both the advantages and disadvantages of each. I will also plan and prepare a full training session including development activities for a Team Manager with the...
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  • Students' Perception on Separating Class Based on Learning Style
    Students’ Perception on Separating Classes based on their Learning Styles A Research Based Paper Submitted to fulfill the task of English for Foreign Language study By: Rahmi Safitri 1201323 SCHOOL OF POSTGRADUATE STUDIES INDONESIA UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION 2012 1. Introduction a. Context There are many studies about learning style but most of them focus on the effective method to be applied in multi learning style classroom. Only few studies have been done to analyze the...
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  • Vak Learning Styles Self-Assessment Questionnaire
    VAK Learning Styles Self-Assessment Questionnaire* Tick the answer that most represents how you generally behave. Complete and bring to the next session. |When I operate new equipment I generally: | |a) read the instructions first | | |b) listen to an...
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  • Why its important to know your learners learning styles
    Understanding Your Student's Learning Style: The Theory of Multiple Share on email Share on favorites More Sharing ServicesMore All children have unique learning styles. Students gain strong benefits when their teachers and Learning Coaches recognize their strengths and weaknesses as learners. Howard Gardner, a psychologist and professor of neuroscience at Harvard, developed one theory in 1983. Gardner defines “intelligence” not as an IQ but, rather, as the skills that enable anyone to...
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  • The Importance of Identifying Learning Styles to the Auditory Learner
    According to the VAK theory of learning styles, there are three main styles of learning; Visual, Auditory and Tactile / Kinesthetic or VAK. (Fleming, 2001) Visual learners are those that learn by seeing. Auditory learners are those that learn best by hearing the material. Tactile / Kinesthetic learners are those who learn best by moving, touching and doing. These three basic styles make up this theory of learning that has helped countless students and others. It is important for any individual...
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  • VARK Analysis: Determining Preferred Learning Styles
    VARK Analysis Every student has their own unique style of learning, with today’s technology; students can easily go on the internet to identify their preferred learning style if desired. By doing so, this would assist the learner to identify their preferred method of learning which can assist the leaner to become more successful in their learning process. As an assignment, the participant answered two different questionnaires the “VARK” (Visual, Aural, Read/Write, Kinesthetic) (Fleming,...
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  • M3: Explain how an awareness of learning style, can improve personal development
    M3: Explain how an awareness of learning style, can improve personal development By recognising which group of learning style you belong to can benefit your personal development in many ways. I found out that I am auditory learner, rather than a visual or kinaesthetic learner. This means that I prefer and will work more efficiently through instructions and orders by my teachers or peers. It also means that I am quite able to remain focussed and attentive whilst I am being told what to do....
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  • The Influence of an Individual’s Preferred Sensory Modality During Learning on the McGurk Effect
    The Influence of an Individual’s Preferred Sensory Modality During Learning on the McGurk Effect Valerie Winarso University of New South Wales ABSTRACT The aim of this experiment was to investigate whether susceptibility to the McGurk effect varies from visual learners and auditory learners. Participants (N = 650) were sat down at a computer terminal and shown a series of video clips of actors uttering a range of syllables in succession and instructed to identify the syllables they...
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  • Learning Styles Classification Essay 800-1000 words, properly cited.
    While some people can read a book and then ace a test on it the next day, others may not be able to do the same without hearing a lecture on the subject. Individuals perceive and process information in different ways; while some people are visual learners, others may retain information better through auditory or tactile means. And a large percentage are a combination of one or more of the aforementioned categories. Those who learn best by seeing are more visual learners. Visual learners like to...
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  • Understanding and Using Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches in Education and Training
    Understanding and Using Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches in Education and Training 1.1. Inclusive learning is about recognising that all your students have the right to be treated equally and fairly, have the same access to all products, services and have the opportunity to be involved and included. As a teacher you need to be aware that all students are not the same as they all do not learn in the same way, the ways in which a teacher can overcome this is using the Teaching and...
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  • Learning Styles of Engineering Students of the Mariano Marcos State University
    LEARNING STYLES OF ENGINEERING STUDENTS OF THE MARIANO MARCOS STATE UNIVERSITY A Research Paper Presented to ROMMEL V. TABULA, MAT In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course Writing in the Discipline DANAERIKA B. IBON NEMIE B. SALINAS MARY LOUISE B. SUAGAO MARCH 2013 APPROVAL SHEET This research paper entitled, Learning Styles of Engineering Students of the Mariano Marcos State University conducted and presented by Dana Erika B. Ibon, Nemie B....
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  • VARK Questionare - 810 Words
    VARK Analysis Report VARK is a questionnaire that enables the user to have a general profile of their learning preferences. The learning preferences are the ways in which the user wants take in and give out information during the learning process(Flemming, 2013). VARK can give the learner better insight into how they learn and how they process the world around them. The VARK questionnaire also helps nurses who are counseling, training, or educating their clients or their families to better...
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