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  • Joke - 3209 Words
    A joke is something spoken, written, or done with humorous intention.[1] Jokes may have many different forms, e.g., a single word or a gesture (considered in a particular context), a question-answer, or a whole short story. The word "joke" has a number of synonyms, including wisecrack, gag, prank, quip, jape and jest.[1] To achieve their end, jokes may employ irony, sarcasm, word play and other devices. Jokes may have a punch line, i.e., an ending to make it humorous. A practical joke or...
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  • Joke and Paul - 708 Words
    Reading through the whole story "Haircut" , it is not easy to believe that the death of Jim Kendall is really accidental. It is most likely that the incident is a murder.

    Jim Kendall is not a man who is loved by people in that small town, although some people find his jokes funny as long as they are not on them. There are many examples of those on whom Jim always makes annoying jokes such as Milt who "has got an Adams apple that looks more like a mushmelon" Julie Gregg and especially...
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  • Political Humor and the Creation of Joke Work
    READING GLORIA­GARCI JOKES: THE SEMANTIC SCRIPT THEORY OF HUMOR/GENERAL THEORY OF VERBAL HUMOR AND FILIPINO POLITICAL HUMOR Maria Rhodora G. Ancheta, PhD Department of English and Comparative Literature University of the Philippines Diliman 1.0 Political Humor and the Creation of Joke Work Who has not heard of at least one Gloria­Garci joke? Or has not laughed at [if not downloaded and made a mobile phone ring tone of] the “Hello Garci” opening of the ...
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  • Why Women Are Not as Funny as Men
    In our daily life, we all live with humor. Humor is a very essential part of our life. Nevertheless everyone doesn’t perceive humor in the same way. Man and woman have different views toward humor. That’s why some people say that humor has a connection with gender. In his article Christopher Hitchens has mentioned various reasons for women not being as funny as men. I believe Hitchers has captured most of the fundamental truths about humor and gender. Men are funnier than women because they...
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  • Cancer essay - 737 Words
    Rodriguez 1 Cristian Rodriguez Jenny Bass English A99 28 Sept. 2014 Essay #2 Definition In this day and age we are constantly changing the true meaning of certain words into our own definitions. The original meaning of these words are no longer properly used or are abused with some slang term. Even though some of these words contain double meanings, they should still be treated with respect. One specific word that stands out to me is “cancer.” Cancer is without a doubt, nothing that should...
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  • Shakespeare and Tolerance - 107666 Words
    This page intentionally left blank SHAKESPEARE AND TOLERANCE Shakespeare’s remarkable ability to detect and express important new currents and moods in his culture often led him to dramatise human interactions in terms of the presence or absence of tolerance. Differences of religion, gender, nationality, and what is now called ‘race’ are important in most of Shakespeare’s plays, and varied ways of bridging these differences by means of sympathy and understanding are often depicted. The...
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  • All in the Timing - David Ives
    All In The Timing The plays of David Ives are certainly clever and comic. There is no doubt that Ives gives us inventive scenarios that smartly use language and test our knowledge before we chuckle. But what does it all mean, anyway? What do we gain from the techniques he uses in the one-act plays of All in the Timing? Are they meaningful works, or simply highfalutin vignettes? To answer these questions, let’s consider three of his plays: “Words, Words, Words,” “Variations on the Death of...
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  • Sample Presentation Outline - 756 Words
    Billy Bohan Dr. Dunn Business 85, Monday 4/22/11 Outline For Final Project Specific Purpose Statement: I want my classmates to learn that humor is a necessary quality to have at work in order to make it through the day sanely. I also want them to understand the down sides of humor in the workplace and how it can effect your productivity. Introduction: > Attention Grabber: Make everyone laugh purposely at the same time to relieve any stresses or tensions. >Explain the benefits of...
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  • Laughter - 1203 Words
    Robert Hintze Professor Frank English 110 College Writing 01 October 2014 Laughter is the Solution The greatest of thinkers throughout history, philosophers like Aristotle have tackled this little problem, which had always seemed to allude, slip away, escape only to reappear insisting upon the greatest of philosophers. They attempt to observe, understand, the comic spirit without as Henri Bergson says "we shall not aim to imprison the comic spirit within a...
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  • My Favorite Place - 424 Words
    My favorate place has always been Grandma’s house. My grandma’s house has and always will have a very special place in my heart. I spent many summers with my grandmother when I was younger through my early teen years. Her house seemed to have something special about it that set it apart from all the rest. It is just the little things that make Grandma’s house so special to me. My grandma’s house is a place of family gatherings. On holidays it is always full of laughter and cheers. Uncle Jack...
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  • Tobias Wolff: Hunters in the Snow
    Tobias Wolff's "Hunters in the Snow" brings together three self-centered, immature men who lead themselves into a situation that cannot end happily. After Tub, Kenny, and Frank set out of an adventurous day of hunting, they soon find themselves in a position that none of them could have imagined. After a day of low life decisions, disgusting remarks, and a bad joke gone wrong. Frank and Tub find themselves taking Kenny to the hospital. Throughout "Hunters in the Snow" the narrator shows...
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  • Barbie Sentences - 741 Words
    The idea of what my future career may be often changed throughout my childhood, but I always knew one thing: I wanted to help people, and I wanted to be in the medical field. I have finally decided that I wanted to be a Registered Nurse and work in the Emergency Room of a large hospital. I have always admired my mother for her knowledge in her job. She is a RN as well, but she works in geriatrics. Working in the Emergency Room is completely different from geriatrics, but I feel that this...
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  • The Most Memorable Party - 294 Words
    The Most Memorable Party My last year birthday was the most memorable party. It was different than any other parties. I invited my family and all my friends to come over. They brought me all kind of presents for my birthday. We had really fun, played games, cooked and danced. We spent most time on playing games. We told jokes, introduced each other and joked around. There were three different group of ages on my birthday. Elders, teenagers, and children. Elders,...
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  • To grow up essay - 671 Words
    To grow up I wish I had’nt grown up so fast. It’s just too much, too sudden. I feels as if it was only yesterday that I had no worries. I could look back and have little, to no regrets. I didn’t feel as if I had to please someone, to coexist with them. Life now is full of responsibilities. Grades. Friends. Parents. Being a teenager in general. When I was little, the future was so far away. I didn’t spend very long thinking about who and what I wanted to be. I can think about that later, was...
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  • Sample Consulting Project - 2204 Words
    tWhat Is the Clients Product? 1. Humorous Promotional Products with digital links * Explain why digital versions of the promotional products are not appealing to customers. * Give survey data and general info on shelf life and added value of physical promotional products as compared to digital ones. (digital ones have no shelf life, they live only as long as the customer views it and is usually never seen again) * Give example of new product. (photoshop it) * Explain how they...
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  • Analyzing Terwilliger Bunts One
    In Annie Dillard‟s “Terwilliger Bunts One,” Dillard‟s mother is explained through small anecdotes throughout the story. Through these anecdotes, the reader can grasp how Dillard admires and feels about her mother. Beginning with her mother‟s creativeness to her mother‟s challenging playfulness, the reader can sense, through Dillard‟s writing, admiration and sometimes ambivalence for the qualities Dillard‟s mother holds. The story unfolds in the kitchen when Dillard‟s mother catches onto the...
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  • claras day - 590 Words
    See me! Penelope Lively wrote the story of “Clara’s day”. Summary: It started with the day at school for Clara Tilling, a 15 years old girl. One day when Clara comes to her school she takes off all of her clothes and walks naked around with everyone looking at her and stops when she reach the classroom where she puts a science overall at her naked body. Afterwards the Head’s have a talk to her to see if everything is ok, which Clara confirms. The Head is still worried because she find it...
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  • Interpersonal Communication - 1492 Words
    My fiancé and I normally communicate clearly to one another. We do not typically have to worry about language being that much of a barrier. On one occasion, however, our use of abstraction led to a misunderstanding that led to an argument that frustrated both of us. I was drinking red wine and was tired one night. Brett (my fiancé) told me that my eyes and teeth matched: they were both red. I became offended and thought it was rude for him to point something such as this out when I had had a...
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  • Analysis of Hop-Frog by Edgar Allen Poe
    Some time before the story begins, Hop-Frog and his friend Trippetta are captured by one of the King's generals in a far off land, they are brought back and given to the King as servants. Hop-Frog serves as jester to the King and Trippetta helps to plan and decorate for social events. She also dances for the king and his court. Both Hop-Frog and Trippetta are dwarves. Hop-Frog's body is deformed to such an extent that even walking is painful. Trippetta, on the other hand, is perfectly formed but...
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  • The Computer Nut - 1475 Words
    Title: "The Computer Nut" Author: Betsy Byars Setting: "The Computer Nut" takes place in Kate's small town. Overall, the different settings are in her house, in school, at a carwash, at Willie Lomax's house, her dad's office, a pep rally at her school's football rally, and that's basically where all the action takes place. Most of the time, the action takes place during the day. Towards the ending, however, most of the action takes place at night around 8 pm- 9pm. Major Characters: The main...
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  • Shining Houses - 658 Words
    Shining Houses, Timur Fattahov 1. Quotations that are Central Context and Significance 1. “Twelve years. My boys wanted me to sell then and go and live in rooms. But I said no. I had my hens and a nanny goat too at that time. More or less a pet. I had a pet coon too for a while, used to feed him chewing gun. Well, I said, husbands come and go, but a place you’ve lived fifty years is something else. Making a joke of it with my family. Besides, I thought, if Mr. Fullerton was to come back,...
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  • April Fool's Day - 334 Words
    Since I was a kid I loved April Fool’s Day. Everyone knows that April Fool’s Day is a day that we have some fun and play a jokes on our friends and family. Sometimes I play some heartless and cruel jokes on my friends and family and I learned my lesson. Last year, on April Fool’s Day I was so bored and nothing to do at home and decided to scare my cousin. I called her and I started crying hysterically and told her that her best friend Diana had got into a terrible car accident and she’s in...
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  • Comparative essay - 495 Words
    Comparative Essay Outline My two uncles Francisco and Eleazar I. Intro-Have you ever had favorite uncles. A. I have one was named Francisco B. The other one was named Eleazar II. Appearance A. My uncle Eleazar 1. He is short 2. His body is very bulky and muscular 3. He is 43 B. My uncle Francisco 1. His height is short 2. He is chubby 3. His skin is dark 4. He is also 43 III. Personality A. Eleazar 1. He is a very serious person 2. He never jokes around 3. But he has a...
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  • One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest : Laughter as Therapy
    Laughter is a therapeutic form. In the novel One flew over the cuckoo's nest by Ken Kesey laughter represents freedom and an escape from nurse Ratched's restrictions. Laughter also proves a vital role in helping the patients deal with their problems. Not only does it help them deal with problems but it also gave them the push toward progress on getting out of the institution. Mcmurphy was the one who started making people laughing in the ward. When he first came into the ward he was...
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  • Provebs - 763 Words
    | What Is a Riddle? A riddle is a statement, question, or phrase that has a double meaning. A riddle can also be described as a puzzle to be solved. When someone uses a riddle, it can be a thought provoking challenge to figure it out on your own, or it can be a funny comment that makes you laugh. Riddles can be great brain busters or conversation starters to get you think. A riddle is as hard or as simple as you and the person you’re telling makes it. The answer can be right in front of your...
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  • But it's not Funny - 1467 Words
    Title: "Painfully funny" “Oh, anu pang inaantay natin?” A fat man asked. “Ang pagpayat mo di ka ba naiinip?” Vice Ganda replied. This is just one of the lines of Vice Ganda in his movie, Praybeyt Benjamin. Jokes are sort of “in demand” these days. Many people want to hear a joke or two that’ll make them laugh once in a while. But what are jokes? Oxford English Dictionary states that jokes are something said or done to stimulate laughter or amusement which can...
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  • Case Study on Sexual Harassment at Work
    Case Study Dr. Pratik P. Surana Madhusudan, CEO of a small organization having only six employees out of which three are females in internet marketing and web solutions business in Pune could not have sound sleep last night. One email sent by Neeta, his one female employee at about 7.45PM when he was about leave the office shocked his conscience. At that time he was alone in the office. All employees had already left the office at 6.00 PM. Neeta left the office at about 11.30 AM on that day for...
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  • Hamlet, Will he ever get old?
    Hamlet! Will that play ever get old? There is much to be taken from the play Hamlet. As history shown us this play has been scrutinize a million times over and yet even today we can still find a new prospective in which to look at the play. That in part is due to the fact that the play’s complexity that has left it opened to many interpretations. Nevertheless we also tend to view other’s interpretation of the play and critique their works. Can Hamlet be compared to today’s society? A...
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  • Compare and Contrast My Two Best Friends Are Like Twins
    My Two Best Friends are like Twins Many people in the world have two best friends. Some of them are so similar that it's shocking. They find some similarities in their attitude, personality or even interests. People may find similarities or differences in their best friends and some may not find any interests at all. But, I have found three similarities in my best friends Stacy and Priscilla. Both of my best friends are smart, caring, and funny. My friend Stacy and Priscilla...
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  • life is beautiful - 593 Words
     Life is beautiful written response Aisan K In my opinion, the quotation that best describes the movie life is beautiful is: “life is beautiful conveys a message that is universal; hope and laughter can bring light into even the darkest corner.” When I read this quotation, I already knew that it was the right quotation for this movie because Guido kept on trying to tell Joshua that this is all just a game and it’s not actually them being servants. I also felt like it was a good...
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  • Problematic thinking about Racial Slur of Richie Incognito
    Suraj Mathew Period 1 11/19/13 Richie Incognito Racist Slur on Jonathan Martin Richie Incognito is an American football guard for the Miami Dolphins who is currently suspended for harassing teammate Jonathan Martin. Richie Incognito and Jonathan martin are close friends and next to each other on field because of positions they play in NFL. Richie Incognito sent a voicemail to Jonathan Martin which was racist and harassing. Richie Incognito was calling Jonathan Martin names and...
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  • What You See Is Not Always What You Get
    Mariel Carrero ENG 101 (30) Mr. Clifford 20 March 2013 What You See, Is Not Always What You Get When you hear the word janitor, obviously nothing glamorous comes to mind. All we think about is scrubbing toilets or mopping floors, basically cleaning up after other people who most of the time show no appreciation. When asked what comes to mind when you hear the word janitor, some people would say someone who is poor and not well...
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  • The Humor That Is Vice Ganda Final Paper
    Enriquez, Patrice V. MSMEDIA A53 11222557 December 9, 2012 The Humor That Is Vice Ganda Philippine comedy have become part of every Filipino’s household since John en Marsha and throughout the years, comedy directors hand in hand with the comedians of today’s generation, try to keep Philippine comedy alive both in television and in cinema for the new audiences. Along with the death of Philippine Comedy King, Dolphy, was the assumption that Philippine comedy is now really dead....
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  • mini - 824 Words
    Mini was a little girl, who was unusually fond of conversations. She had a makeshift mind that moved between various topics within her scope. Although she was young, she could start a conversation with people double or even triple her age. Eventually she became friends with Rahamat, an Afghani money lender, whom she fondly called Kabuliwala. It was a delight to watch the two banter. Rahamat, was a tall, bearded man, who carried a sack on his shoulders while Mini was a tiny little girl who...
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  • Humor Outline - 450 Words
    Krana J. Shah Informative Outline Format Introduction I. Attention Statement: (Show the cool whip family guy clip). Gandhi, Mahatma (1928). Gandhi’s lighter side. Gandhi Serve. quotes, “"If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide." Humor is a tool that makes people laugh. Humor describes the benefits of how humor helps people...
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  • Laughter the Best Medicine - 409 Words
    Laughter may seem to be a manifestation of some good joke or a humorous incident, but it, in fact is extraordinarily beneficial for both your mind and body. People practicing laughter therapy aren’t nuts. Really. Here’s a compact list of how laughter moulds your mind and body to make you healthier, and happier than before. The stress antidote Laughter is a powerful stress buster. And it doesn’t take a scientist to figure out why. Laughing releases the opposite emotions as you would have when...
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  • On Two Types of Funny - 1806 Words
     On Two Types of “Funny” Life without comedy is like a picture without color. No matter how interesting the scene may be, a certain element is lacking and excitement tends to stay confined. The same could be said for humor that is written and humor that is acted out on stage right in front of you; one is grey the other has color. It was surprising, however, that after reading Bill Bryson’s collection of newspaper columns I’m a Stranger Here Myself, and watching Seinfeld’s I’m Telling...
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  • Big Mouth and Ugly Girl
    The book is about High school junior Matt Donaghy or "Big Mouth" and School renegade Ursula Riggs, or "Ugly Girl" and they go to rocky river high school. Ursula Riggs, who takes after her father who is way over six feet tall. Ursula has made her peace with being anything but a cute, petite charmer like her mother and her little sister. Ursula, who is a top student, decides to become Ugly Girl, big, roughly dressed and definitely defiant. No one messes with big Ursula because she doesn't care...
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  • Laughter Is The Best Medicine
    Laughter Is The Best Medicine “Laughter is the best medicine”. No one can attest to the fact better than my grandfather. At the ripe old age of 92, Grandpa is a picture of health. Even though Grandpa’s life was a string of misfortunes, he never lost his zest for life. Having lost both his parents at a tender age of five, Grandpa was brought up in an orphanage. Despite this, Grandpa was always in high spirits. He started working at the young age of 16. He started work as a labourer...
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  • Tossed on Wedding Speech - 377 Words
    Best-man’s speech--- Hi, good morning everybody. For those of you who don't know me, I am ____, brother and best-man of the groom ____. I want to start off by saying, there is a point of life when you experience the miracle of love. He experienced this love 25 years ago when he saw me for the first time (joke laugh for 5 sec. or, more) Jokes aside, I've been lucky enough to watch ____& ____'s relationship grow from the beginning. ___ has always been an amazing person but he is even more...
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  • Laugh it up! - A Speech on the Medical Benefits of Laughter
    Our five senses are not enough for ideal living. We need to use our sixth sense: our sense of humor. Humor is not merely telling jokes; it is the way we view the world. We can be sincere about life without taking it so seriously. We can laugh about our mistakes and pain. Louis Kornenberger explains: Humor simultaneously wounds and heals, indicts and pardons, diminishes and enlarges; it constitutes inner growth at the expense of outer gain.Yet, we humans laugh an average of only 17 times a day....
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  • Essay English - 955 Words
    Opinion column in the glamour magazine – Stereotypical jokes on intelligence – For years and years I’ve been subjected to blonde jokes. You hear blonde jokes at elementary schools, you hear them around the water cooler at work and you hear them on morning drive-time radio. Ever heard of this one before? “Q. How do you get a blonde to laugh at a joke on Saturday? A. Tell it to her on Tuesday.” Are those jokes about blondes or intelligence of a certain ethnical group really considered as funny?...
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  • Character Analysis of Homer Twtwb
    Character development of Homer Yannos Throughout ‘Tomorrow when the war began. Homer Yannos is best friends with Ellie, who is the protagonist in ‘Tomorrow when the war began.’ Written by John Marsden. The novel was published in 1993 and the genre is young adult action. Seven teenagers decide to go camping during the school holidays, determined to be more independent. Suddenly when their homeland is invaded, Homer is forced to grow up a little earlier that intended. Leaving the irresponsible...
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  • Thesis Paper What You Pawn I Will Redeem
    Humor acts as as a remedy for Jackson Jackson and other characters, as they find relief during situations of negativity. In the short story, What You Pawn I will Redeem, the author, Sherman Alexie, uses humor often when talking about Indian stereotypes and in ironical situations. Alexie uses humor ironically through his characters to show how they can get passed through harsh moments with laughter. An example when Alexie’s character, Jackson Jackson used humor in this story was when he...
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  • Humor theories - 989 Words
    Humor Theories There are three leading theories of humor that serve as the intellectual foundation for what is considered funny. These three theories are the superiority, relief, and incongruity theories. The superiority theory focuses on the dark side of comedy, asserting that we laugh in response to our perceived supremacy over other’s unfortunate situations or social rank. The relief theory claims that humor is a form of releasing excessive energy. Lastly the incongruity theory says that...
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  • What Makes Me Laugh
    Laughter is a positive emotion that is triggered by a joke, being tickled, seeing funny appearances or physical actions, hearing funny voices and seeing various facial expressions .Laughter gets rid of all your stress hormones. Furthermore humour can be developed over time. When I was younger, I found many various things funny. Sponge bob, in particular was one of the many shows that made me chortle. The physical actions, appearances and the verbal communication made me laugh my head off, as...
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  • How Laughter Works - 1249 Words
    How Laughter Works Claudia Carnessali Selby-College Comp The essay that I chose from the book was the one by Marshall Brain “How Laughter Works”. I chose to write about this essay because this one is more in depth of where laughter actually comes from how its more than just jokes that people laugh at every day. Start off with a dash of sarcasm and a dash of vulgarity. At least that’s what my friends and I do. Laughter is a form of enjoyment towards one another. Means we are remotely...
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  • MacIntyre spoken language study
    Spoken language study: Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow Michael McIntyre is a modern day stand-up comedian, with a wide fan base spreading through various age groups. He’s released three comedy DVDs - Live and Laughing, Hello Wembley and Showtime - as well as judging Britain’s Got Talent, appearing in various episodes of Live at The Apollo and hosting his own TV show on BBC One: Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow. In his comedy roadshow Michael is recognised for his use of comedic and...
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  • An essay on Sherman Alexie's use of humor in his short story, "The approximate size of my favorite tumor."
    Can You Laugh at Death? What would you do if you found out you were dying of cancer? Would you able to make jokes and laugh it off as though it were nothing? Would your humor be a way of denying the truth? People use humor in different ways. In "The Approximate Size of My Favorite Tumor", Sherman Alexie tells how one man tries to use humor to deny the reality of his terminal disease. He shows how humor can be taken too far. This story demonstrates how humor can destroy one part of your life as...
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  • Sssasasaaa - 1228 Words
    What are maintenance roles? What are the examples of these maintenance roles? Maintenance roles actually help the team grow and strengthen. Example for these maintenance roles are encourager, gatekeeper, standard setter, consensus tester, mediator, tension reliever, listener and volunteer. What are they and what do they do? Encourager, they actually are friendly and open. They are easily to communicate with all people and people also feel easy to talk to them. They are sincere and like to...
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  • Stage Fright - 410 Words
    Miguel Barvosa-Martinez ENGL 1301-192 Mooney Essay # 2 Final 2/22/13 Stage Fright I know, first hand, that being onstage about to perform in front of a big audience is not as many expect. I started doing stand-up comedy over two years ago. The first time ever being on stage, I felt nervous. I felt jittery my fingers were shaking, but it wasn't as bad as having my body paralyzed from nervosity. Fear can bring your body some unexpected responses. I had those butterflies in my stomach,...
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  • The Importance of Laughter - 732 Words
    Good morning judges, fellow students, and staff. The late Erma Bombeck once wrote, "If I could live my life over, I would have laughed more." Bombeck was one of America's funniest columnists and author of many theses on humor of life. She KNEW the importance of laughing. For one, people who laugh is pleasant to be around; try pulling a long face all day, and pretty soon you will notice others avoiding you. The power of laughter can never be underestimated. It is a part of life. Laughter is a...
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  • Laughter is best medicine
    ‘‘Laughter is best medicine’’ A day without laughter is a day wasted CHAELE CHAPLIN Good morning ladies and gentleman, today I am going to share about positive impacts of laughter. If you have a question please ask me at the end of presentation. My contents is make up by history of laughter, short term impacts of laughter And long term impacts of laughter. Let’s move on to history part. firstly, I want to share about origin word of laughter Laughter came from greek ‘‘hele’’ and hele indicates...
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  • dont be so serious
    Let’s get serious here for a second; a lot of us are way too serious. People think that to get anywhere in life you have to have determination. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary the word “Determination” means: the quality that makes you continue trying to do or achieve something that is difficult. We are told are whole lives that if you want to make it in life you have to be willing to make great sacrifices, work long nights, pretty much are a boring stick in the mud. I say, just...
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  • My Mother - 422 Words
    My mother is an affectionate and pious lady. She loves me very much. I love her, too. She takes care of all of us. She gets up early in the morning, makes our breakfast, lunch and dinner with her own hands. She looks after the cleanliness of the house and furniture, and also our clothes and health. When I fall sick, my mother passes sleepless nights by the side of my sick bed. Her anxiety and her fear disappear after my recovery from illness. In my eyes, she is really an ideal mother. My...
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  • On Being a Deviant for a Day - 726 Words
    On Being a Deviant for a Day: 162- Psychology October 5, 2012 To understand deviant behavior you must first understand the definition. Deviant behavior is one that differs from a norm, especially from a person whose behavior and attitudes differ from accepted social standards; the behavior that differs from a norm or from the accepted standards of a society. The deviant behavior that I performed was...
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  • What Doesn't Kill You Make You Stronger
    Survival is a word that has a pretty basic meaning, “To continue existence” I the name from Microsoft Office, there is really nothing to argue about. As I remember Living at 528 N. Bayard Ave; the only way you could live is if you had thick skin. Our definition of thick skin was being able to takes joke and being bullied without crying or running and telling Aunt Sabrina what happened. My cousin Darnell and I would play as much jokes on my sister Desiree and cousin Ruby. Every since I was...
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  • three main theories of humour
    “Dissecting a joke is like dissecting a frog, few people are interested and the frog dies.” E.B White. Despite this, looking at humour and what we find amusing raises some interesting questions. Why do we find some jokes humorous and not others? What can we define as amusing? And what philosophical value does ‘humour’ have in our lives. This essay will be exploring the three main theories of humour and the important of humour in Nietzsche’s philosophy and life. The first of the main theories...
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  • The Role of Humorists - 316 Words
    James Mack English Block 2 The Role of Humorists Cartoonists, stand-up comics, and hosts for television programs promote a diverse sense of humor to the public. According to Alain de Boton, “The chief aim of humorists is not merely to entertain but convey with impunity messages that might be dangerous or impossible to state directly.” I agree with his assertion that humorists can speak about topics that may be very rash or considered a “grey area” because it is expected rather than an...
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  • Laughter is a best medicine
    Laughter is the best medicine 'Laughter is the best medicine'. No one can attest to the fact better than my grandfather. At the ripe old age of 92, Grandpa is a picture of health. Even though Grandpa's life was often filled with misfortune, he never lost his zest for life. Having lost both his parents at the tender age of five, Grandpa was brought up in an orphanage. Despite this, Grandpa was always in high spirits. He started working at the young age of 16. He started work as a laborer...
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  • Breaking a Folkway - 1010 Words
    Marcx Frügrëgris Breaking a Folkway On Saturday, a friend and I went into the Great Mall in Olathe to break a few folkways (even thoght I was told not to do it with strangers, I did it anyway). When we first got there, we talked about what we should do and how to do it. The first thing we planned to do was to go to the GameStop store, and wait for people to look at games. I had planned to approach someone who was looking at a new release and proceed to tell him the ending of it, whether...
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  • Worst Lie of My Life…
    Worst lie of my life… The worst lie of my life was funny but it got me grounded. It all started from a phone call I made to my cousin and how I said the lie and forgot about it. If I would not have forgotten about it, everything would have been normal that day. It surprised my parents after I told them about what happened and then they decided to ground me for the next day. It all started with the phone call I made to my cousin Afsheen. The phone call was for just a...
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  • 500 Word Illustration Essay
    A sense of humor can make a hard time easier to bear. It does not matter what type, from sarcasm to the everyday “knock-knock” joke, humor has always been a way that I have expressed emotion. Bad days are always going to be around, there is no way to change that, but Humor is always a way to make the saddest of people crack a smile. Laughter is a powerful path into peoples mind, and can relieve pain by forgetting and living in the moment. Pain can be caused by basically anything, death, bad...
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  • The language of humour - 5174 Words
    THE LANGUAGE OF HUMOUR – THE HUMOUR OF LANGUAGE IRONY AND HUMOUR IN INTERPERSONAL VERBAL ENCOUNTERS Zsuzsanna Ajtony Abstract: In this paper the problem of verbal humour and irony is approached from a sociolinguistic perspective, starting from the Semantic Script Theory of Humour (Raskin 1985), which establishes that all humour involves a semantic-pragmatic process. Humour should be understood and appreciated shared sociocultural knowledge; a common code should exist between speaker and...
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  • Beneath Hill 60 - 609 Words
    Year Eleven English 2B Write an essay discussing the representation of any one of the following in an Australian film you have studied this term, cultural identity. “Beneath hill 60” Sacrifice, larrikinism and mate ship are traits possessed by Australians, which have helped shape who we are as a nation. The movie “Beneath Hill 60”, explores the notion of cultural identities through the use of media conventions, which prompts the viewer to respond with agreement and respect. Positions the...
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  • all in the family script - 884 Words
    "Archie's brief encounter" Theme (Sung by Zooey Deschanel) "Boy the way Mac Miller rapped, Songs that made us say 'oh snap', guys like dat we got it made, these are the days. And you know who you are now girls are girls and men are pigs Yeah we got a man Barack for president again. We don't need no welfare state Everybody's overweight Gee my, escalade looks great These are the days" beginning Denise: Would you like some more agave sweetener, sweetheart? Archie:...
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  • Casuse - 603 Words
    Bryan Flores Ms. Riney 10/18/11 Movie Types There are lots of types of movie’s but do you know which one people like the most? There are three types of movie that are most popular among the general public: action, comedy and science fiction movies. All three movie types of have amazing movies they all have blockbuster hits. People always enjoy movies but there are 3 that people enjoy the most. When people go to a theater they always prefer a specific movie type over another....
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  • The Hiking Trip - 381 Words
    In the short story “The Hiking Trip” by Unknown, the author shows many sides of Jeff’s personality and how his personality changes throughout the story. Jeff is a kid with different personalities; he is stubborn, scared, loving, and humorous person. The author describes Jeff as a stubborn because he refused to hike, he tells his father that he never wanted to hike with them, “I never wanted to come on this stupid old hiking trip anyway!” ¶1. He tells his father that the hiking trip was stupid...
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  • Comedy Bar - 464 Words
    Total entertainment was given to us Mapuans last January 23.The show was generally non-stop on laughter. The performers were so funny that the Gymnasium was full of laughter until the end. All the viewers were cheering and laughing at the same time during and even after the show. The crowd even scream and wave their hands wildly to cheer for the performers when they attempt to kiss a spectator. All we did was to observed and enjoy the show. The show was started by three comedians- Atak,...
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  • Future Schlock by Neil Postman
    Kamaria Hill 10/2/12 “Future Schlock” Essay The year is 2012 and the technologically advancement now compared to previous centuries is remarkable; however, with that increase of technological advancement came a decrease of society’s intelligence. Neil Postman, author of “Future Schlock,” points out how mediocre American human intelligence is due to all the technology around us. According to Postman, America was once called “the empire of reason” because it was founded by intellectuals; Henry...
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  • Two Friends - 402 Words
    People of the world all have different personalities, but some are similar in nature. Not only do your actions reveal a lot about you, but your friends reveal just as much. I know that different aspects of my personality are more dominant with certain people. Two of my best friends, Amanda and Tim, are very different from each other, although both have sparkling personalities. Steve and I have been friends since we were nine years old. We have always shared our most enjoyable and our most...
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  • Classification and Division Essay " Roommates"
    Essay: Classification or Division. Class: Eng 110. Instructor: Mrs. Anna Forbes. ------------------------------------------------- “Roommates” Reza Hossaini How different we are! We deal with different people. These people can be our neighbors, class fellows, our friends or they can be our roommates. If I speak about my roommates, first I will categorize them into different groups. However roommates include people or students who come from different places, provinces or even from different...
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  • Bootstrap Marketing - 341 Words
    ISoapWorks has doubled its revenues each year since its launch, but, as is typical at growing companies, Antonetti and husband Karp, who serves as chief financial officer, are grappling with chronic cash-flow problems. Moreover, with every advance Antonetti makBootstrap marketing Amilya Antonetti is making her own mark in the soap business, one customer at a time When Amilya Antonetti began to talk seriously about breaking into the $4.7-billion U.S. laundry-detergent market, in 1994, industry...
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  • An Embarrassing Moment of My Life
    The small embarrassing moments in life that make us laugh and cry. I have done countless embarrassing things in my life and when I look back I laugh about it, because most of them are extremely foolish acts by me that back fired on me. Every break in school, my friends and I walked through that same corridor, where the science labs were, that lead to the field. That day, however, was different. It still plays in my memory like a video. My friends and I were joking and laughing...
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  • Cafeteria Story - 720 Words
    This is a story of when I fell down in the school cafeteria. This event was very embarrassing at first and I kind of felt sad. After a while, I started laughing with the kids that were laughing at me, so that I wouldn’t feel bad the rest of the day and so that I could get over it. This is my most embarrassing day, but it also one of the funniest days. I learned a very important lesson that day, which is how to turn an embarrassing situation into a bearable situation. It all started on Tuesday...
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  • Humor - 380 Words
    How could you possibly think having a sense of humor is unnecessary? Having a sense of humor helps people connect, helps people cope with their stress, also having a sense of humor can lighten up your mood. Just think about it, having a sense of humor helps people connect. I say that because when people are with friends they usually have fun, talk with each other and get along. Isn’t it nice to spend a day with your friends having fun, enjoying each other’s company and seeing them...
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  • how to - 1314 Words
    Cliche as it might sound, laughter really is the best medicine -- and I can certainly vouch for that because I've had some experience with this recently. During a pretty stressful week in my life, I was lucky enough to receive quite a few doses of laughter. Last week was a hard week. One of the hardest I've had in awhile. There was stress. There was change. But you know what else was there? Laughter. As I was struggling to get through the week, one of the few things that pushed me through and...
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  • Laughing and Sense of Humor - 874 Words
    Laughing and Sense of Humor "What is it that differentiates human beings most revealingly? Some say it is their varying degrees of compassion; others say it is amounts of prudence; still others, people's differing appreciations of beauty, or whatever makes them angry. And there are other possibilities worth considering. But in truth nothing is so revealing as a person's sense of humor." It is not very hard to notice the many differences between people. There are thousands of things that...
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  • Importance of Humor - 620 Words
    rThe Importance of Humor in our life’s. We are such a different species. We are also a species with a sense of humor. I think the two are connected. Current research has indicated that humor, specifically to laugh, is the opposite of the stress situation on the body and immune system, so, it’s obvious to me that a sense of humor would calm the stress of new situations. We were given a sense of humor, the capacity to laugh, for a purpose. It helps us adapt, learn, grow and survive....
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  • Why We Laugh - 524 Words
    LAUGHTERᄃ This article is from the WebMD Feature Archiveᄃ Why We Laugh WebMD Feature by R. Morgan Griffinᄃ Whether it's the giggling of your child or the enthusiastic hollers of a talk show's studio audience, we hear laughter every day. Nothing could be more common. But just because it's common doesn't make laughter any less strange. Why Do We laugh? The answer may seem obvious: We laugh when we perceive something funny. But the obvious answer is not correct, at least most of the time. "Most...
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  • Term Paper Fitness Um Davao City
    The Amazing World of Laughter & it Super Healing Power A Book Review Presented to PROFESSOR ESPIE CHINEL APARIS Managing Director UM Fitness & Wellness Centre In Partial Fulfilments Of the Requirements in PE 2, 7089, 2012-2013 Exam permit number… By: ELLORIMO, JUMEL BENCER B. Date of Submission… INTRODUCTION A lot of people could have been cured had they learned to laugh. More life losses could have been prevented had they laughed their problems off. After...
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  • Discussion 1.1 - 391 Words
     When discussing the topic of teasing, there are a lot of things to consider in respect to when it is considered appropriate or inappropriate. So much of what is considered appropriate is usually between people who have a mutual understanding or a friendship. Most of the time teasing is used in good humor to make each other laugh, or to jab at someone in a friendly manner. When friends or people who are close tease one another, usually there are areas that are considered off limits or things...
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  • Mind and Community Involvements - 306 Words
    1. What are your biases in going to the community and how were these corrected? Before, I tend to believe that it is better to sleep and stay at home than to attend the community involvement in NSTP. I thought that it by just simply attending the class for attendance I can already careless of what is happening and rely on the donations that my absent group mates on the next meeting. But then as time pass by, I felt that my heart was already attached with them, especially when a “nanay” even...
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  • film analysis - 759 Words
     When Harry Met Sally SzuHan Jen Sociology 1 Professor Randolph Pratt Section 42207 May 24, 2014 When Harry met Sally When Harry met Sally is a romantic comedy which look into different point of view from men and women. The film starts with Harry and Sally traveling to New York together from Chicago 19777. They talks about how men and women can ever just be “friend”, and Harry and Sally had totally different thoughts about it. Harry thinks men and women can never be just...
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  • Children Day Speech - 981 Words
    Speech on Childrens day I am to give a five minute speech on Children's day in a school. This is what I want to say to them: Happy Children's day, all of you. And I mean, all of you, all of us. I find children's day very very special. Do you know why? Because the child in me also celebrates. All of us, including grown ups, have the child within us. Childhood is common to all of us. We are still our parents children, and to God, all of us are his children, aren't we? From the youngest...
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  • Finding Humor in Grendel - 717 Words
    The book Grendel by John Gardner is about a lonely, nihilistic beast that spends the story suffering through life and feeding its blood lust. Yes it is hilarious. If you don't think my first two sentences go together, then you didn't read Grendel. Despite the obvious drama and suffering that he story's main character, Grendel, goes through John Gardner finds a way to put comedy into his work. Gardner, however, very rarely uses this comedy as a form of comic relief to lighten the story, if...
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  • Laughter Is the Best Medicine
    Everyone has experienced some kind of pain. A personal injury or the loss of a loved one can be devastating. Perhaps finding some humor in the situation could ease this pain. This is something that I depend on in my times of need, and it works every time. So whether my pain is physical or emotional, I believe that laughter makes all of life’s mishaps better. Laughter can be very private thing – an inward smile you keep to yourself, a tender smile to a baby or an animal. Laughter can be too...
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  • A Day is Lost if One Has Not Laughed
    A Day Is Lost If One Has Not Laughed Noticing someone smile, laugh at a joke, or a little giggle just to show some teeth can brighten or uplift anyones day. When a friend or family member is feeling down, usually you see the person helping them through it by trying to crack a joke to put a smile on their face. I know from experience, laughing at someone or laughing with someone, can force me to see a different outlook on life situations and put me in a more preferred mood. An average...
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  • Deffinition of humor - 1372 Words
    Extended Definition of Humor Why is humor often known as being important? I was asked the same question and i believe that humor is needed for everyday life. Everywhere you go you hear examples of humor and what people have to say when it comes to it. Humor is used by everyone of all ages, all around the world. It is key to ones life to be filled with laughter and smiling. It is simply enjoyment and a happiness maker for the people in this world. Here are some examples of why...
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  • Humor in Cantebury Tlaes - 395 Words
    Drake Landry Professor Harshbarger C and E Fall Humanities December 6, 2012 Superiority Theory of Humor in The Selected Canterbury Tales Many times when people joke, the joke is making fun of another person. It many times gives a certain person a feeling of superiority over another. There are some people that argue that our laughter is much of the time based on the fact that we are feeling as though we are better than other people. Morreal describes this phenomenon as the...
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  • Merchant Of Venice Analysis! - 591 Words
    Once the word comedy comes to mind, the first thing to think of is laughter. In the play, there are many situations that make the audience laugh through parody, irony, misidentification and slapstick. Regarding the scène of Launcelot Gobbo Shylock's servant who decides to mock his father's blindness, we find a good deal of comedy. Launcelot plays the role of a clown; he raises laughter from his frequent misuse of words and exaggerated movements which is considered slapstick. In addition, we...
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  • Rodolfo Vera Quizon - 500 Words
    Rodolfo Vera Quizon, Sr., (July 25, 1928 – July 10, 2012), known by his screen names Dolphy and Pidol was a Filipinocomedian-actor. He is widely regarded as the country's "King of Comedy" for his comedic talent embodied by his long roster of works on stage, radio, television and movies. It's been said that he who laughs last, laughs the loudest. Dolphy has had not just a colorful career but also have a colorful life. He taught a concept that has been inherent to his life and work, humility and...
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  • Why Marijuana Is Bad
    Mary Jane Smells Bad In today’s urban culture we see, hear, or talk about drugs almost every day. To most, America’s war on drugs is a joke, something to laugh at, and something to poke fun at. However, the war on drugs is a serious business that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Perhaps one of the biggest threats on the streets is the commonly abused gateway drug, Marijuana. Marijuana, weed, pot, Mary Jane, whichever you want to call it, is a disgusting drug that should never be legalized like...
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  • Integrity - 336 Words
    Integrity is a quality we all should have, but often many people lack. It can be defined as being honest and having strong moral principles. It’s a difficult trait to possess, for it means to do the right thing, regardless of others and their thoughts and actions. It means to be honest, to be truthful. It means to be loyal to yourself and your beliefs, and not compromise your loyalty of either for another person. Your integrity grows as you mature and come to a realization on the rights and...
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  • Conan O'Brien Commencement Speech Analysis
    ENGL101 Final May 15, 2012 Invention Conan O’Brien gave his commencement speech at Dartmouth in 2011, congratulating the graduating class and imparting a few words of wisdom.During his speech, he appealed mostly to pathos and ethos, being as this was a commencement speech, there wasn’t very much need to appeal to logos using stats or facts. He used pathos to appeal to the graduating students by telling about his falling out with NBC and how he came back to fame with his talk show on...
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  • Scariest Night of My Life
    It was a Friday night. The full moon was shining through the bare branches making scary shadows on our path as we walked. A cool light wind was blowing sending leaves dancing noisily in the forest floor. I remember thinking to myself that the night, was the scariest night ever, and I wanted to ask Scott to go back and take the long way through the road, but I was afraid that he would laugh at me and make jokes about me for being scared of the dark. The path we walked on would take us past the...
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  • Maya Angelou's What's So Funny: An Eye Opener
    In Maya Angelou’s excerpt, “What’s So Funny?” she pointed out that vulgarity and crudeness happens to be the direction in which comedians, entertainers, and people take their jokes. She explains that behind the obscene profanities, are people who are just as vulgar as their jokes. By us laughing with them, we are not only stooping down to their level, we are also taking part in the humiliation. I agree with Maya Angelou’s point. For example, laughing when someone makes a joke towards someone...
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  • Laughter and Best Medicine - 545 Words
    LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE Laughter, they say is the best medicine, When the mood is right you can laugh at anything. When you make up jokes, you laugh out loud, But, when you look at clowns you laugh amidst the crowd. When you laugh at home, you scream and shout, And if you do, you sure won't pout. It'll wake you up from sorrow and fear, And it will definitely give you a wonderful cheer. Laughing can cure you from any type of sickness, Don't ever take it as a weakness....
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  • Character Sketch of Don Pedro
    Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon Of all the main characters in Much Ado About Nothing, Don Pedro seems the most elusive. He is the noblest character in the social hierarchy of the play, and his friends Benedick and Claudio, though equals in wit, must always defer to him because their positions depend upon his favor. Don Pedro has power, and he is well aware of it; whether or not he abuses this power is open to question. Unlike his bastard brother, the villain Don John, Don Pedro most often uses his...
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  • Be Able to Contribute to Planning Learning Activities
    Dear Mr H.Redknapp Hello Harry I met you at the Hyatt Hotel in Birmingham and I spoke to your assistant manager about my trip to Malawi. I Hope you are ok! Below is a picture of me and you at villa part in 2010! WOW! I had the most amazing opportunity to volunteer in Ghana for 6 weeks in July, its quiet unbelievable to be given another opportunity to help make people happy again!! BUT!! Every volunteer MUST raise £800. ALL Money raised goes to projects whilst we are out there etc. I shall...
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