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    JOB SATISFACTION AMONG EMPLOYEES Study investigates the level of job satisfaction among Pakistani employees Awais Ali Laraib Shoukat Syed Asad Ali Gardezi Sadaf Manzoor JOB SATISFACTION AMONG EMPLOYEES Study investigates the level of job satisfaction among Pakistani employees Awais Ali Laraib Shoukat Syed Asad Ali Gardezi Sadaf Manzoor Dedicated to our Parents & our teachers Preface In this brief report it is investigated that the level of job satisfaction among...
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    TOPIC: FACTORS AFFECTING JOB SATISFACTION OF THE STAFF IN CAN THO UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY - VIET NAM Phan Thi Luyen, Master of Education in Educational Management Mahidol University, Thailand Introduction: Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy has been established since December 25th, 2002 based on the Decision No 184/2002/QĐ-TTg of the Prime Minister to be the first and the only medical university in the Mekong Delta, in the South West of Viet Nam. Its establishment...
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    What is Job Satisfaction? Job satisfaction has been defined as a pleasurable emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job,an affective reaction to one’s job and an attitude towards one’s job. Job satisfaction is an attitude but points out that researchers should clearly distinguish the objects of cognitive evaluation which are affect emotion,beliefs and behaviours.This definition suggests that we form attitudes towards our jobs by taking into account our feelings,...
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    Job satisfaction Job satisfaction describes how content an individual is with his or her job. The happier people are within their job, the more satisfied they are said to be. Job satisfaction is not the same as motivation, although it is clearly linked. Job design aims to enhance job satisfaction and performance, methods include job rotation, job enlargement and job enrichment. Other influences on satisfaction include the management style and culture, employee involvement, empowerment and...
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    1.0: Introduction: With the opening up of the economy of Bangladesh, a dramatic change has been observed both in manufacturing and in service sectors. This has brought higher employment opportunities, increases in income level, and changes in consumption pattern and consequently there emerges a competitive environment in the country. Specifically, the expansion of private banking business, along with customized services, has created a severe implied competition in this sector. This competition...
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    Organizational Behavior Term Paper Job Satisfaction Job Satisfaction Overview: Job Satisfaction is how content an Individual is with his or her Job. It is a positive feeling about a job resulting from an evaluation of its characteristics. Researchers have divided Job satisfaction into 2 sub Categories: Affective Job Satisfaction and Cognitive Job Satisfaction Affective Job Satisfaction: The extent of pleasurable feelings one has about his or...
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     Report on Job Satisfaction Organizational Behavior 11/27/2012 EMBA Spring, 2012 Submitted By: Mr. Raju Karki Ms. Rama Satyal Mr. Ramesh K.C Mr. Sandeep Amir Kansakar Mr. Sanjeev Shrestha Submitted To: Mr. Shanker Raj Pandey Contents Annex I: The Survey Questionnaire Case Analysis on Job Satisfaction in Nepal Telecom, Mobile Service Directorate, Sajha Office Why we choose Job Satisfaction and why? In this professional world job satisfaction is the key...
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    [pic] ════════════════════════════════════════════════ SUBMITTED BY : RUCHI KUCHERIA DIVISION : HUMAN RESOURCE BATCH : 2011-2013. A PROJECT REPORT ON “JOB SATISFACTION” Submitted by RUCHI KUCHERIA In Partial...
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    WHAT IS JOB SATSFACTION? EXPLAIN IN DETAIL? Ans. 2.2 HISTORY OF JOB SATISFACTION The term job satisfaction was brought to lime light by hoppock (1935). He revived 35 studies on job satisfaction conducted prior to 1933 and observes that Job satisfaction is combination of psychological, physiological and environmental circumstances. That causes a person to say. “I m satisfied with my job”. Such a description indicate the variety of variables that influence the satisfaction of the individual...
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    MultiCraft INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT AND SOCIAL SCIENCES International Journal of Business, Management and Social Sciences Vol. 2, No. 1, 2011, pp. 24-32 © 2011 MultiCraft Limited. All rights reserved The influence of leadership styles on employees’ job satisfaction in public sector organizations in Malaysia M.L. Voon1*, M.C. Lo2, K.S. Ngui1, N.B. Ayob2 1 School of Business and Design, Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak,...
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    Measuring job satisfaction: The definition of job satisfaction is a positive feeling about a job resulting from an evaluation of its characteristics. A job is more than just shuffling papers, writing programming code, waiting on customers. Job requires interacting with co-workers and bosses, following organizations rules and policies, meeting performance standards, and the like. The two approaches to this study are popular. The single global rating is a response to one question, such as...
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    Do people really like their jobs? Definitely, everyone knows from the news about dissatisfied workers going on strike or even acting violently toward their supervisors, directors, but overall people are quite satisfied with their jobs. A Conference Board study found that 58.6 percent of Americans were satisfied with their jobs in 1995. By the year 2000, that percentage was down to 50.7. But in Uzbekistan (the country of Central Asia where I was born), people generally aren't satisfied with...
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    Page 1 Job Satisfaction: What is it? Why is it Important? How Can you Get it? by Kevin Scheid The issue of job satisfaction, what it is and why it is important, brings with it a great deal of research and opinion accompanied by a vast store of written material. However , the topic j ob satisfaction lacks clarity and is sometimes controversial. The term “job satisfaction” is understood to mean everything from “making all aspects of a job easy for employees” to “making the job...
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    Job Satisfaction subject: Org. Behavior Do people really like their jobs? Definitely, everyone knows from the news about dissatisfied workers going on strike or even acting violently toward their supervisors, directors, but overall people are quite satisfied with their jobs. According to the surveys percentage of satisfied people averages in the US is about 85 percent. The feelings, reflecting attitudes toward one's job, are known as job satisfaction. Settings, related to the personnel...
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    Contentment (or lack of it) arising out of interplay of employee's positive and negative feelings toward his or her work. Job satisfaction has been defined as a pleasurable emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job;[1] an affective reaction to one’s job;[2] and an attitude towards one’s job.[3] Weiss (2002) has argued that job satisfaction is an attitude but points out that researchers should clearly distinguish the objects of cognitive evaluation which are affect (emotion),...
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    Attitudes and Job Satisfaction © HJ Lin in‐class Material All rights reserved. 3‐0 Attitudes  Attitude: “a learned predisposition to respond in a consistently favorable or unfavorable manner with respect to a given object” gi  Attitude object: physical objects, issues, ideas, events, people, places © HJ Lin in‐class Material All rights reserved. 3‐1 Attitudes Evaluative statements or judgments concerning objects, people, or events. Three components of an...
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    ELPIIC 2012 Kuala Lumpur Evaluation of Learning for Performance Improvement International Conference, The Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 5-6 December 2012 Job Satisfaction Levels among Academic Staff at Kolej Profesional MARA, Seri Iskandar, Perak, Malaysia Norulhuda Awang a aUniversiti Malaysia Kelantan Kuala Lumpur Campus, Bukit Jalil Malaysia Abstract The education gives specific roles to the development of the future nation. Therefore, in general the role of lecturers...
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    Contents 1. Title 1 2. Research Background 1 3. Literature Review 3 3.1 About MFM Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur 3 3.2 Job Satisfaction Definition 4 3.2 Factors influence to level of job satisfaction 5 3.2.1 Leadership Style 6 3.2.2 Compensation 8 3.2.3 Work-life Balance 9 3.3 Why job satisfaction is important? 9 3.4 Research framework 12 4. Problem statement 12 5. Research Objective 13 6. Research Methodologies 14 6.1 Research Tasks 14 6.2 Study...
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    Job Satisfaction Abstract Employee job satisfaction and retention happens to be an issue to be debated in terms of attaining an increased degree of productivity within the organization. Job satisfaction is best defined as a set of feelings and emotions employees associate with their work. Theoretically, an organization with employees that display actions of substantial absenteeism as well as turnover due to low levels of job satisfaction would generally suffer from greater recruitment and...
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    1. INTRODUCTION HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Human Resource Management is concerned with human beings who are the energetic elements of management. The success of any organization or an enterprise will depend upon the ability, strength and motivation of persons working in it. The Human Resource Management refers to the Systematic approach to the problems in any organization. It is concerned with recruitment, training and development of the personnel. Human Resource is the most...
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    Job satisfaction is a term, which refers to an individual’s general attitude towards his or her job. A person with a high level of job satisfaction holds positive attitudes towards the job, while a person who is dissatisfied with his or her job holds negative attitudes about the job. When people speak of employee attitudes, often they mean job satisfaction. Organization is a very vital place for an employee, where he or she can show their performance. Besides, the performance of every employee...
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    Volume : 1 | Issue : 11 | November 2012 ISSN - 2250-1991 Management Research Paper Job Satisfaction for IT Professionals in Bangalore City *Sathyapriya.J **Vandhana Shriram *** Sureshkumar.M.A **** K.Aparna * Assistant Professor, Advanced Management College, Department of Management Studies, Bangalore – 83. ** Assistant Professor, CMR Institute of Management Studies (Autonomous), Bangalore - 43 *** Research Scholar, Anna University, Coimbatore. **** Assistant Professor,...
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    Indus Journal of Management & Social Sciences, 5(1):1-9 (Spring 2011) Employee’s View on Job Satisfaction: A Study on Garments Industry in Bangladesh SSM Sadrul Huda1, Nargis Akhtar2 and Afsana Akhtar3 ABSTARCT This paper focuses on the job satisfaction of the employees of the ready-made garment industry in Bangladesh. Introduction: Almost every country irrespective of its stage of development is engaged in garment manufacturing and trading. This industry...
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    Job Satisfaction - Introduction The father of scientific management Taylor's (1911) approach to job satisfaction was based on a most pragmatic & essentially pessimistic philosophy that man is motivation by money alone. That the workers are essentially 'stupid & phlegmatic' & that they would be satisfied with work if they get higher economic benefit from it. But with the passage of time Taylor's solely monetary approach has been changed to a more humanistic approach. It has come a...
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    An Internship Report On “Employee Job Satisfaction of NCC Bank Ltd.: A Study on Shyamoli Branch” NCC BANK LTD Where Credit and Commerce Integrates Submitted To: Rahnuma Ahmed Lecturer of BBA Department BRAC University Submitted By: Nadia Morshed ID: 07304098 Department: BBA BRAC University Date of Submission: 12th February, 2012 LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL Rahnuma Ahmed Lecturer, BRAC Business School, BRAC University 66, Mohakhali, Dhaka. Subject: Submission of Internship Report. Madam, It is...
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    International Journal of Human Resource Studies ISSN 2162-3058 2012, Vol. 2, No. 3 The Structural Equation Model of Factors Influencing the Hotel Staff in Thailand’s Intention to Quit Pakorn Limyothin Faculty of Management Sciences, Princes of Songkla University, Thailand E-mail: Charlee Trichun Faculty of Management Sciences, Princes of Songkla University, Thailand E-mail: Accepted: June 08, 2012 Doi:10.5296/ijhrs.v2i3.2078...
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     Job Satisfaction Definition Confucius said: “Choose a job you love and you will never had to work a day in your life.” In fact, this quote is a synthesis for job satisfaction. Job satisfaction refers to positive feelings, hopes, and expectations from employees’ toward their work. Job Satisfaction Analysis Job satisfaction promotes partnership between managers and employees. In particular, employees become more effective, productive, and efficient while contribute to the company mission....
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  • Job Satisfaction and Job Performance
    INTRODUCTION A teacher, who is happy with his job, plays a pivotal role in the upliftment of society. Well adjusted and satisfied teacher can contribute a lot to the well being of his/her pupils. A dissatisfied teacher can become irritable and may create tensions which can have negative influence on the students’ learning process and it consequently affects their academic growth. Job satisfaction implies the overall adjustment to work situation. Attitude is readiness to react towards or...
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    Job Satisfaction SubjectiveWell-Being at Work TIMOTHY A. JUDGE and RYAN KLINGER Work is central to most people's identities. When asked a general question, "What do you do"?, most people respond with their job title. Moreover, across many languages, a significant number of people's surnan1esare based on occupations (e.g., in English, just to name a few: abbot,archer,baker, barber,barker, brewer, carpenter, carter, clark, collier, cook, cooper, farmer, fisher, fowler, goldsmith,...
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    Critically analyse one concept of Organisational Behaviour and its various aspects in the context of individual behaviour. That concept may be attitudes, job satisfaction, personality, values, perceptions, emotions and moods, or motivation. Recently, there is a widely debate on whether a happy employee is a productive employee, which indicates that people pay an increasing attention on individual’s feelings or satisfaction on their job. The key issues are that what are the causes of job...
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    LITERATURE REVIEW Job satisfaction is simply defined as the affective orientation that an employee has towards his or her work (Price, 2001). In other words, it is an affective reaction to a job that results from the comparison of perceived outcomes with those that are desired (Kam, 1998). Shortly, job satisfaction describes the feelings, attitudes or preferences of individuals regarding work (Chen, 2008). Furthermore, it is the degree to which employees enjoy their jobs (McCloskey and...
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    CHAPTER 01 INTRODUCTION Job satisfaction refers to an employees general affective evaluation of his or her job. Spector defines the concept more simply as “how people feel about their jobs and different aspects of their jobs” (1997, 2). He also considers it as a “related constellation of attitudes about various aspects or facets of the job” (Spector 1997, 2). The organizations should be concerned about their employees level of job satisfaction? Employee satisfaction increases employee...
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    INTRODUCTION Human resource is considered to be the most valuable asset in any organization. It is the sum-total of inherent abilities, acquired knowledge and skills represented by the talents and aptitudes of the employed persons who comprise executives, supervisors and the rank and file employees. It may be noted here that human resource should be utilized to the maximum possible extent, in order to achieve individual and organizational goals. It is thus the employee’s performance, which...
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    116 CHAPTER- IV SECTION-I JOB SATISFACTION 4.1 INTRODUCTION Human Resource Management is considered to be the most valuable asset in any organization. It is the sum-total of inherent abilities, acquired knowledge and skills represented by the talents and aptitudes of the employed persons who comprise of executives, supervisors, and the rank and file employees. It may be noted here that human resources should be utilized to the maximum possible extent, in order to achieve...
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  • Job Characteristics and Job Satisfaction:
    Morris & Venkatesh/The Role of ERP System Implementation RESEARCH ARTICLE JOB CHARACTERISTICS AND JOB SATISFACTION: UNDERSTANDING THE ROLE OF ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION1 By: Michael G. Morris McIntire School of Commerce University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA 22904 U.S.A. Viswanath Venkatesh Walton College of Business University of Arkansas Fayetteville, AR 72701 U.S.A. Keywords: ERP systems, job characteristics,...
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  • Reflection: Job Satisfaction and Job Analysis
    Team B’s Weekly Reflection Andrew Crotty, Duane Parks, Tiffany Humes, Zenaida Junes HRM/531 July 3rd, 2011 Cathy McCullough Learning Team B’s Weekly Reflection The podcast identified the string of attachment between job analysis, to job descriptions, and last to a job specification; they are intertwined with each other to the point that the latter cannot exist without the other two. A Job analysis is important because it helps to clarify what functions, specifications, and requirements...
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  • Determination of Job Satisfaction Factors
    Executive Summary In today’s competitive world an employee satisfaction is very important for companies as a satisfied employee would produce more which in turn would give better benefits to the company. Job satisfaction is closely related to motivation level of the employees which depends on many factors such as monetary and non monetary benefits, working environment, co-workers, nature of the job etc., when all these factors are kept in proper levels the employee satisfaction level increases...
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  • Attitudes and Job Satisfaction - 926 Words
    Session Objectives • To understand attitudes, their components and how they affect our behaviours • Compare and contrast the major job attitudes. • Define job satisfaction and show how it can be measured. • Summarize the main causes of job satisfaction. Attitudes are evaluative statements- either favourable or unfavourable- about objects, people or events. Jung's definition of attitude is a "readiness of the psyche to act or react in a certain way" (Jung, [1921] Most attitudes are the...
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  • labar turnover and job satisfaction
    Background to the research The field of software firms has faced a revolution in past decades and has opened new areas of success and opportunities for entrepreneur globally. However, this has also become a distressed situation when it comes to retain skilled employees. Labor turnover has become a trend in IT and is increasing exponentially. (Mudassir Shahabuddin-2008) Job Satisfaction Job satisfaction may be change according to employee attitude. It usually depends on the mind of...
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  • Nepotism: Employment and Job Satisfaction
    SOCIAL BEHAVIOR AND PERSONALITY, 2008, 36(9), 1237-1250 © Society for Personality Research (Inc.) Nepotism, Favoritism aNd CroNyism: a study oF their eFFeCts oN job stress aNd job satisFaCtioN iN the baNkiNg iNdustry oF North Cyprus Huseyin ArAsli And MustAfA tuMer Eastern Mediterranean University, Gazimagusa, North Cyprus Nepotism, cronyism and favoritism are unprofessional practices giving preferential treatment to relatives and friends in employment. For this study a survey was carried...
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  • Job Satisfaction Summary - 4560 Words
    Modern Applied Science; Vol. 6, No. 7; 2012 ISSN 1913-1844 E-ISSN 1913-1852 Published by Canadian Center of Science and Education Job Satisfaction of Faculty Members of Universities in Pakistan: A Case Study of University of Sindh-Jamshoro Anwar Ali Shah G. Syed1, Nadeem Bhatti2, Sabir Michael3, Faiz M. Shaikh4 & Hina Shah5 1 2 3 4 5 Business Administration & Pro-Vice Chancellor, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan Head of Faculty, North American College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada...
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  • Job Satisfaction and Succession Planning
    Running Head: JOB SATISFACTION WITHIN SUCCESSION PLANNING Job Satisfaction Within Succession Planning 2 Few things are more important to an organization’s success and operations than its ability to continue a steady stream of having the best people in the right positions. Yet, many organizations fail to implement the correct type of plan that will develop, satisfy, and retain their employees. Many are using old systems when attempting to refine individuals into future...
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  • Attitudes & Job Satisfaction - 6754 Words
    International Journal of Business and Social Science Vol. 3 No. 7; April 2012 Comparative International Differences in Intrinsic and Extrinsic Job Quality Characteristics and Worker Satisfaction, 1989-2005 Jonathan H. Westover, Ph.D. Director of Academic Service Learning Assistant Professor of Management Woodbury School of Business Utah Valley University 800 W. University Parkway, MS-119 Orem, UT 84058-5999, USA. Abstract In this research, I apply and extend Handel’s (2005) model...
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  • Job Satisfaction Amoung Academic
    JOB SATISFACTION AMONG ACADEMICS Mrs. Smita Mishra* Mrs. Deepali Choudhary** * Mrs. Smita Mishra is Lecturer, Vindhya Institute of Technology and Science,Indore. Ph: 09770226770. e-mail: ** Mrs. Deepali Choudhary is Senior Lecturer, Vindhya Institute of Technology and Science,Indore. Ph: 09826445013. e-mail: JOB SATISFACTION AS A CORELATE FOR JOB PERFORMANCE IN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES ABSTRACT This paper focuses on...
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  • The Review of Job Satisfaction - 2526 Words
    The Review Of Job Satisfaction Deepakkumar N. Parmar Librarian at Lokniketan Institute, Ratanpur Abstract Job satisfaction represents one of the most complex areas facing today’s managers when it comes to managing their employees. Many studies have demonstrated an unusually large impact on the job satisfaction on the motivation of workers, while the level of motivation has an impact on productivity, and hence also on performance of business organizations. Unfortunately, in...
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  • Job Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction - 3696 Words
    JOB SATISFACTION AND DISSATISFACTION By Bambang Fahruddin, S.Pd Posted: May 29th, 2008 INTRODUCTION The discussion of job satisfaction and dissatisfaction is largely generated from the theories proposed by Maslow which is known with the so call “the needs theory” and Herzberg’s theory that is called “two-factor theory” or “hygiene theory”. Both job satisfaction and dissatisfaction are assumed critical for the organizations to manage since they absolutely affect the productivity as well...
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  • Attitudes and Job Satisfaction - 857 Words
    Chapter 3: General attitudes predict general behavior 3. Accessibility Attitudes and Job Satisfaction Attitudes: Evaluative Statements (fav. or unfav) about objects, people or events “I like my job” – Attitude about my job Components of Attitude: 1. Cognitive I am overloaded A description of or belief in the way things are Opinion / belief segment 2. Affective I hate this job More critical part of attitude Emotional or feeling segment of the attitude 3. Behavioral I am looking for another...
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  • A Study on Job Satisfaction of Employee
    A STUDY ON JOB SATISFACTION OF EMPLOYEES CONTENTS |Sl. No. |Title |Page No. | |1. |Introduction |1 - 5 | | | |Statement of the Problem...
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  • The Importance of Job Satisfaction - 3094 Words
    Job satisfaction is a key factor that leads to success in the world of corporations. Job satisfaction is defined as, “the extent to which people like or dislike their jobs”. It can influence a company at the individual level, the group level and even to the point of impacting a corporation as a whole. Employee contentment can also affect a company on the economic level. Job satisfaction influences nearly every aspect of a corporation. Therefore, understanding job satisfaction is important...
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  • Lit Review Job Satisfaction
     The Effects of Work-Life Balance, Workplace Bullying, Pay Satisfaction and Reward on Job Satisfaction - A Literature Review 1.Introduction Factors which influence job satisfaction is a topic commonly investigated in organisational research, presumably for its intrinsic association with vast amount of key employee behaviours, including intention to quit, absenteeism, motivation and job performance (Hofmans et al. 2013). Job satisfaction is defined as a...
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  • Job Satisfaction and Motivation - 2820 Words
    A PRELUDE TO JOB SATISFACTION Employee job satisfaction and retention has always been an issue to debate with regards to achieving a high level of productivity within an organization. Job satisfaction is best defined as a set of feelings and emotions employees associate with their work. It is an attitude which is inversely related to behaviors such as absenteeism and staff turnover. In theory, an organization with employees that display behaviors of high absenteeism and turnover as a result...
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  • Job Satisfaction, Stress, and Motivation:
    Job Satisfaction, Stress, and Motivation: Impacting your Performance and Commitment in the Workplace An analysis of a current work situation Lamorea N. Stanton AMBA 620 – Managing People and Groups in the Global Workplace Professor Patricia McKenna October 21, 2010 Abstract Job satisfaction, stress, and motivation are factors which can have a significant impact in the workplace as they all can impact your performance and commitment on your job. Job satisfaction, which is...
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  • Job Satisfaction in Hospitality Industry
    International Journal of Hospitality Management 29 (2010) 609–619 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect International Journal of Hospitality Management journal homepage: Antecedents and consequences of job satisfaction in the hotel industry Jen-Te Yang * Department of Hotel Management, National Kaohsiung Hospitality College, P.O. Box 608, Kaohsiung City (800), Taiwan, ROC A R T I C L E I N F O A B S T R A C T Keywords: Job satisfaction...
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  • factors influencing job satisfaction
     INTRODUCTION "This is new and it is also very old. We have come from the tyranny of enormous, awesome, discordant machine back to a realization that the beginning and the end are man- that it is man who accounts for growth, not just dollars of factories. Above all it is man who is the object of all our efforts." - Pablo Casals The importance of human factor in any type of endeavor cannot be overemphasized. It's a matter of common knowledge that every business organization depends for...
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  • Marital Status and Job Satisfaction
    !"#$$%&'()*'+,''-)./(#+/$)01/$#+2)/-3)4%*)!/+#56/7+#%-8)9%-:; maritalsatisfaction Marital satisfaction job satisfaction --X2 CFI RMSEA Maritaldiscord Model 1 Job satisfaction --4 maritaldiscord 1983 Job satisfaction -4 maritaldiscord 1988 Job satisfaction - maritaldiscord 1992 Maritaldiscord -- job satisfaction 1983 Maritaldiscord job satisfaction 1988 -4 Maritaldiscord -- job satisfaction 1992 x2 (df) CFI RMSEA Model 2 Job satisfaction -> maritaldiscord Maritaldiscord -4 job satisfaction X2(df)...
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  • Factors Leading to Job Satisfaction
    Job satisfaction Job satisfaction is a multifaceted construct with a variety of definitions and related concepts, which has been studied in a variety of disciplines for many years to now. Many theories and articles of interest to managers, social psychologist, and scholars, focus on job satisfaction because most people spend their life-time for work, and understanding of the factors that increase satisfaction is important to improve the well-being of individuals in this facet of the living...
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  • Values, Attitudes, and Job Satisfaction
    CHAPTER 3 VALUES, ATTITUDES, AND JOB SATISFACTION "Regardless of which studies you choose to look at, when American workers are asked if they are satisfied with their jobs, the results tend to be very similar: Between 70 and 80 percent report they're satisfied with their jobs" (p. 61). 1 "How does one explain these findings? … Because people are likely to seek jobs that provide a good person-job fit, reports of high satisfaction shouldn't be totally surprising. Second, based on our...
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  • Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions
    Applied H.R.M. Research, 2010, Volume 12, Number 1, pages 17-39 An Investigation of Country Differences in the Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions Lap Luu California State University, Long Beach Keith Hattrup San Diego State University The relationship between job satisfaction and turnover is important due to the extensive costs of turnover in most organizations. Unfortunately, little is known about how cultural differences at the national level, such as...
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  • job satisfaction project report
    TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 1 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ............................................................................................................... 1 1.1 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM ........................................................................................................3 1.2 SCOPE OF THE STUDY.........................................................................................................................4 1.3 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY...
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  • Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction
    1.0 Introduction In today’s competitive environment organizations thrive and survive on their human resources. Values, attitudes, perceptions and behavior, which form these resources, influence employee performance. It is a key factor in realizing organizational and individual goals that in turn greatly depends on individual’s self-motivation and job satisfaction. 1.1 What is job satisfaction? Job satisfaction is one’s attitude towards his job (positive or...
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  • Job Satisfaction in the Workplace - 2422 Words
    Job Satisfaction in The Work Place In today's job market, faithfulness to any organization depends on an individual's attitude towards his/her company or employer as it pertains to job satisfaction. According to Locke, job satisfaction by definition is "[ a] pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one's job or job experience". Locke then goes on to define the definition by saying job satisfaction stems from " feeling and cognition" (Locke 1976). What we...
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  • Job Satisfaction Questionnaire - 689 Words
    DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY HEALTH, UNIVERSITY OF BENIN, BENINN- CITY QUESTIONNAIRE ON JOB SATISFACTION, PERCEIVED STRESS AND PSYCHOLOGICAL WELL-BEING OF BANK EMPLOYEES WORKING IN BENIN-CITY. This research wants to know about your work environment and how it affects you. Your answer to these question is needed. PLEASE DONOT PUT YOUR NAME. The answers provided will remain anonymous and confidentiality will be maintained. NAME OF BANK…………………………………………………………………………………………………………… QUESTIONNAIRE...
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  • Barry: Sales and Job Satisfaction
    Organizational Behaviour Exercise Deepak Kumar Singh Section 1 MBA (F & B) Barry Niland, the supervisor of a small sales department noticed one of his sales representatives Henry Hunter’s sales performance have gone down drastically in the past six months .The following symptoms were noticed had below mentioned problems: * Hunter’s performance in sales had declined in the past six months * Other sales representatives were overachieving their...
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  • Questionnaire for Ethics and Job Satisfaction
    QUESTIONNAIRE Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire, which should only take a few minutes to fill in. The information you give here will be treated strictly for research purpose. The objective of this questionnaire is to establish a relationship between Company Ethics, Employee Job Satisfaction and Employee Performance. Kindly fill in the blank spaces given next to the questions. Encircle the most suitable option where required. NAME: AGE: __________ GENDER:...
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  • project report on job satisfaction
    INTRODUCTION Human resource management is a comparatively new and rapidly growing profession in India. It deals with the management of people and is based upon very old and well-established disciplines such as economics, psychology, anthropology, sociology, political science, etc. Most decisions made in health-service institutions involve people and therefore, human resource management plays a very important role in achieving the primary aim of hospitals of rendering the highest quality of...
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  • Assignment on Exploration of Job Satisfaction
    Assignment on Exploration of Job Satisfaction: A Gender Prospective of Private University Faculty Members Submitted By Aunonno Chowdhury (I.D. # 2008-3-70-043) Md. Arafat Siddiqui (I.D. # 2009-1-70-014) Md. Abu Kawsar Sarker (I.D. # 2010-3-70-017) Md. Fahmidur Rahman (I.D. # 2008-3-70-039) [Group – VII] Submitted To Asheek Mohammad Shimul Adjunct Faculty Department of Social Sciences East West University Submission Date 19/12/2012 Exploration of Job Satisfaction: A...
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  • Job Satisfaction of Employees - 5263 Words
    PROJECT REPORT ON “JOB SATISFACTION OF EMPLOYEES WORKING IN ADIDAS” 01 METHODOLOGY There are two types of data collection method use in my project report.– 1. Primary data 2. Secondary data. In primary data the employees were approached directly to know their interest in the job and the satisfaction level being derived by them. Secondary data collection method was used by referring to various websites, books, magazines, journals and daily newspapers for collecting information...
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  • Analysis: Job Satisfaction - 676 Words
    Job satisfaction Introduction The integral part of any management process is to manage people at work. A well Managed organization sees workers as the main source of quality and productivity. An Effective organization tends to promote a sense of commitment and satisfaction in its Employees. This paper identifies the relationship between the affective commitment and Today’s competitive world, the biggest challenge which the organizations are facing Is to retain talented employees. Job...
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  • A Study on Employee Job Satisfaction
    CHAPTER-I INTRODUCTION OF RESEARCH DESIGN 1.1 INTRODUCTION Job satisfaction in regards to one’s feeling or state of mind regarding nature of their work. Job can be influenced by variety of factors like quality of one’s relationship with their supervisor, quality of physical environment in which they work, degree of fulfillment in their work, etc. Positive attitude towards job are equivalent to job satisfaction where as negative attitude towards job has been defined variously from time to...
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  • Job Satisfaction, Human Resources
    British University in Egypt British University in Egypt Mohab Emad Abo Ghodaia This paper discusses job satisfaction tools and its application on Personnel Job satisfaction and job performance in Sudanese construction firm. Adding recommendation for other factors that affect job satisfaction and can increase the personnel satisfaction and motivation. Mohab Emad Abo Ghodaia This paper discusses job satisfaction tools and its application on Personnel Job satisfaction and job performance in...
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  • The causes and effects of job satisfaction
    MGN412 Organisational Behaviour Assessment 2 Literature Review Student name: Tongtong ZHU Student No.: n8912386 Word count: 1787 (without reference) Due time: Thursday, 01/05/2014 From the perspective of research and practice, job satisfaction has received significant attention from the fields of management, social psychology, and practical operations in recent years. Formally defined, job satisfaction is a psychological disposition...
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    An Analysis of the Correlation between Employees’ Job Satisfaction and Demographic Variables Over the last decades, job satisfaction has been identified as the major research traditions in organizational psychology. Job satisfaction can significantly influence the company as job satisfaction can positively affect employee commitment and working performance, which will determine the overall success and development of the company (Feinstein, 2000). Empirical research has shown that there are...
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  • Job Satisfaction at Birla Ltd.
     PROJECT REPORT ON ‘JOB SATISFACTION IN BIRLA LIMITED’ Submitted in partial fulfillment of requirement of Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) General BBA VI Semester (B)(Morning) Batch 2011-2014 Submitted to: Submitted by: JAGANNATH INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT SCHOOL KALKAJI, NEW DELHI EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Job satisfaction in regards to one’s feeling or state of mind regarding nature of their work. Job can be influences...
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  • Job Satisfaction in Uniglobe - 4015 Words
    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This project report has been prepared the requirement for the course Human Resource Management of the third trimester Masters in Business Administration (Finance) awarded by Pokhara University. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and indebtedness to our beloved sir, Mr. Yum, whose unreserved guidance, invaluable assistance and constructive comments encouraged us to timely and successfully carry out our project. We greatly benefited from his quick response, expertise...
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  • job satisfaction and turnover - 643 Words
    LITERATURE REVIEW Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention This study was conducted to measure the level of job satisfaction and its impact on turnover intention. Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS) questionnaire containing nine facets of job satisfaction and a questionnaire containing three items for measuring job satisfaction and turnover intention respectively were used for data collection from private sector. Job satisfaction is defined as a person’s evaluation of his or Her job and work...
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  • Job Enrichment and Growth Satisfaction
    Abstract The study being presented is a Group Project by MS students of Management Sciences. The aim of the project is to study relationship between Job Enrichment and the Growth Satisfaction. The study is based on the Job Characteristic theory and the main characteristics used as independent variables of the Job Enrichment are; Task Significance, Task Identity and the Skill Variety, whereas, Task Meaningfulness has been used as the Intervening Variable. As the study under discussion...
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  • Understanding Job Satisfaction - 617 Words
    CASE ANALYSIS S T Preeti LONG HOURS, HUNDREDS OF E-MAILS, AND NO SLEEP: DOES THIS SOUND LIKE A SATISFYING JOB? The definition of job satisfaction can be broadly stated as the positive feeling about a job resulting from an evaluation of its characteristics. In this case, we have seen three different people, in different kinds of job, who are truly satisfied with their job. 1. Do you think only certain individuals are attracted to these type of jobs or is it the characteristics of...
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  • Factors of Job Satisfaction - 1610 Words
    Unit 2- What Factors Are Most Important to Your Job Satisfaction? Kaplan University School of Business and Management MT302 Organizational Behavior Author: Kedner Poux Professor: Sapham Perez Date: October 27, 2012 Everyone has their own way to express their satisfaction about their employee, however, job Satisfaction, according to Williams J., is defined as "the extent to which people like (satisfaction) or dislike (dissatisfaction) their jobs" (Spector, 1997, p. 2). This definition...
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  • Autonomy and Job Satisfaction - 904 Words
    Porter(1963) slightly adapted Maslows(1954) hierarchy of needs and placed autnomy as the second most important. Furthermore it has been found that the degree of autonomy is part of the construct of job satisfaction. (Blanter,1964), (Armstrong,1977). As prescribed in Karaseks demand model, the characteristics of of the job design can determine strain levels. The industry and design of the job can affect the perception of autonomy.(Kreis,2001). Previous studies assumed that the term of...
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     DETERMINANTS OF JOB SATISFACTION AMONG SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS IN MALAYSIA GURPREET PAL SINGH MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMNISTRATION FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY APRIL 2011 DECLARATION I hereby declare that this BMP 6164 Research Project is my original work except for quotations, statements, explanations and summaries, which I have ready mentioned their sources. No portion of this Research Project has...
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  • IMPACT OF EMPLOYEE JOB SATISFACTION INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY RESEARCH IN BUSINESS FEBRUARY 2012 VOL 3, NO 10 The Impact of Employee Job Satisfaction on the Organizational Commitment: A Study of Faculty Members of Public Sector Universities of Pakistan *Dr. Syed Munir Ahmed Shah Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur **Mrs Samina Isran Assistant Professor Department of Economics Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur ***Mohammad...
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  • Link Between Job Satisfaction and Job Performance
    Acknowledgement This research project would not have been possible without the support of some people. I would like to acknowledge and thank my supervisor Dr. Michela Betta for her constant guidance and insightful comments and taking my tangential discussions in the most sporting and supporting manner. Besides, I would also like to thank Mr Parikshat Verma for his insights and the valuable discussions I had with him in regards to the topic. Finally, I would like to thank my wife for her...
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  • Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Job Performance and Absenteeism
    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Conceptual Background This paper will discuss about job satisfaction and its relation with job performance and absenteeism. Job satisfaction has been defined as a pleasurable emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job. Stephen P. Robbins based in his book (Organizational Behavior, 12th edition) described job satisfaction as a positive feeling about one’s job resulting from an evaluation of its characteristics. Job satisfaction is one of dependent...
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  • Job Satisfaction and How Faith Provides Satisfaction
    Fall Semester 2013 Productions & Operations Management BUM 4013 (01) Research Paper November 4, 2013 Job Satisfaction in Management And How Faith Provides Satisfaction Content Abstract _______________________________________­­_____________ 1 Pay _______________________________________________________ 2 Promotions _________________________________________________ 4 Supervision...
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  • Job Satisfaction in Banking Industry in Malaysia
    literature review By Richard Nordquist, Guide Definition: The process of reading, analyzing, evaluating, and summarizing scholarly materials about a specific topic. The results of a literature review may be compiled in a report or they may serve as part of a research article, thesis, or grant proposal. • "Research literature reviews can be contrasted with more subjective examinations of recorded information. When doing a research review, you systematically examine all...
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  • A Study on Self-Esteem and Job Satisfaction
    A Study on Self-Esteem and Job Satisfaction of Soldiers in Camp Evangelista, Cagayan de Oro City Xavier University –Ateneo de Cagayan Hidlao, Gina Luz P. Tagarda, Aiza Elisea C. Turno, April Grace G. Mr. Rogelio A. Lee, Jr. M.A. Research Adviser Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION In any industrial organizations, there is a highlight on the importance of the well-being of its workforce aside from having a concrete structure...
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  • The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Turnover Intension
     The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Turnover Intension (With special reference to Nurses of General Hospital in Ratnapura) A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) At University of Ruhuna By L.A. SanjeewaWickramasinghe (MF/2008/1997) Department of Management and Entrepreneurship Faculty of Management and Finance Recommendation of the supervisor I...
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  • Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction (by the Employees)
    A Study on Organizational Culture and Its Relationship with Job Satisfaction in Manufacturing and Information Technology Sectors Dr. Koteswara Rao, Dr. P.T.Srinivasan and S.George Dr.P.K.Kotewara Rao is a senior executive in Southern Railway Dr.P.T.Srinivasan, professor, Department of Management Studies, University of Madras S.George, doctoral research scholar in Management, university of Madras ABSTRACT Organizational culture has a significant effect on how...
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  • Job Satisfaction in the Garments Industry in Bangladesh
    JOB SATISFACTION IN THE GARMENTS INDUSTRY IN BANGLADESH [pic] London School of Commerce Submitted to Mr. Malcom Bennison Submitted by Syed Shafiqur Rahman ID: l0680baba0210 25 December 2012 Letter of Transmittal 31 December 2012 Mr. Malcom Bennison Faculty of Business Studies London School of Commerce Sub: A dissertation on Job Satisfaction in the Garments...
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  • Job Satisfaction of Bank employees in Bangladesh
    Job Satisfaction of Bank Employees in Bangladesh. By Md. Shamim Hossain Abstract This study attempts to evaluate job satisfaction of bank employees in Bangladesh. It focuses on the relative importance of job satisfaction factors and their impacts on the overall job satisfaction of employees. In this study the targeted population is employees of Bank. The Banks include private and public Bank. The data was collected and administered by means of a structured questionnaire. The study...
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  • To Study the Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction at a Mcdonald Restaurant.
    Chapter 1. 1. Executive Summary The purpose of this study is to understand the job satisfaction on customer satisfaction in McDonald’s restaurants and the factors that affect the employee’s level of job satisfaction in McDonald’s restaurants Navi Mumbai. Employee satisfaction is a prerequisite for the customer satisfaction. Enhanced employee satisfaction leads to higher level of employee retention. There is a definite link between employee attitudes and customer satisfaction. If employees...
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  • Organisational Behavior: Job Satisfaction & Organizational Politics
    Question 1: Job satisfaction is a desirable outcome for both the individual and organisation. Elucidate. Also explain the factors that lead to Job satisfaction. Answer 1: Managers have forever been faced with the perplexing question that how does satisfaction of an individual employee impact the productivity at the individual level and finally on the organisation as a whole. The goal of every manager is to ensure the optimum utilization of organisational resources to achieve the desired goal...
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  • A Study of the Relationship Between Absenteeism and Job Satisfaction
    A STUDY OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ABSENTEEISM AND JOB SATISFACTION ABSTRACT Absenteeism - employees not showing up for work when scheduled is a major problem for organizations. Absenteeism is a habitual pattern of absence from a duty or obligation. Traditionally, absenteeism has been viewed as an indicator of poor individual performance, as well as a breach of an implicit contract between employee and employer As competitiveness of companies increases and fierce cost reduction applied...
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  • The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Employee Turnover Rate
    The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Employee Turnover Rate Introduction Adelphoi Village is a private, non- profit company that provide community based services to children and adolescents in the Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia area. Adelphoi Village provides programs and services that strive to guide each youth on a path that will provide meaning, purpose and value in his/her life. Founded in 1971, Adelphoi Village has expanded to serve over 800 youth in 60...
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  • Emotional Intelligence, Job Satisfaction, and Job Tenure Among Hotel Managers
    This article was downloaded by: [Krissel Vila] On: 20 June 2013, At: 08:30 Publisher: Routledge Informa Ltd Registered in England and Wales Registered Number: 1072954 Registered office: Mortimer House, 37-41 Mortimer Street, London W1T 3JH, UK Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality & Tourism Publication details, including instructions for authors and subscription information: Emotional Intelligence, Job Satisfaction, and Job Tenure among Hotel...
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  • The Effect of Age and Marital Status on Job Satisfaction
    THE EFFECT OF AGE AND MARITAL STATUS ON THE JOB SATISFACTION OF UNIVERSITY TEACHERS [pic] Submitted By: Solomon Fernando Gomez Muhammad Imran Malik Ph.D. Scholar. Submitted To: Dr. Nadeem Safwan Foundation University Institute of Management and Computer Sciences Rawalpindi. The Effect of Age and Marital Status on the Job Satisfaction of University Teachers Abstract This study has been conducted with a view to see the level of job satisfaction among the married and...
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  • Job Satisfaction at British American Tobacco Bangladesh
    Job Satisfaction at British American Tobacco Bangladesh PART 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Topic Job Satisfaction at British American Tobacco Bangladesh 1.2 Background British American Tobacco is the world’s most international tobacco group, successfully pursuing a consistent strategy that is building long term shareholder value. Their goals are to grow their brands and the value of their business, to improve productivity and to embed the principles of corporate social...
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