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  • Jealousy - 540 Words
    Jealousy Three who come unbidden: love, jealousy and fear. -----------Carl Sandburg Jealousy that is one of the Seven Sins in Christianity is a feeling of jealous envy. For every person, despite the variety in races, environments and civilizations, jealousy is a kind of human nature. Jealousy is a negative emotional expression and will harm to our physical and mental health. In order to gain the rights, having vanity or in the peers, the jealousy will...
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  • Jealousy and Iago - 742 Words
    How does the director use the following six filmic elements to convey a sexual view of the Othello-Iago-Desdemona relationship? Oliver Parker uses a range of elements in Othello to convey a sexual view on Othello, Iago and Desdemona’s relationship in the very important armoury scene. Parker uses the positioning of characters and camera angles to show the emotions and insights of what the characters are feeling. The actor’s use of facial expressions and body language also show how the...
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  • Love and Jealousy - 1862 Words
    Love and Jealousy Love is an inexpressible and indescribable feeling. It can affect a person to the point of recklessness. Once a Soul has recognized a counterpart in another, the effects can cause One to surrender themselves completely. Love has a way of making sense out of thin air. Judgment becomes clouded and rationality no longer exists. In the end, all that remains is pure, indefinable emotion. Attempts to capture all the abilities and challenges intertwined within this ruthless...
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  • Causes of Jealousy - 513 Words
    Tyson Lee Direct Causes Jealousy. In the article they discuss the many theories that have been put out there for the reasons of why jealousy happens. Those theories have come out in the past decades, and there are strong supports for any of the theories presented. But the experiments are hard to create the actual emotion of jealousy in a lab setting. The testing of a theory of jealousy concentrating on threats to the self-system, two experiments are tested that try to put the troubles...
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  • Jealousy and Othello - 842 Words
    “Othello” is the most famous literary work by Shakespeare that focuses on the dangers of jealousy. The tragedy "Othello is a story based upon the revenge of two characters, Shakespeare’s Othello is a play with unique characters. One such character is the one for which Shakespeare names his play. Using, Othello as the main character discussed he poses some strengths and weaknesses. Othello’s strength that was seen within this play was that Othello is a masterful general and very skilled and is...
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  • Jealousy in Othello - 1048 Words
    Jealousy Shakespeare is prominent in his use of recurring themes throughout his works, particularly those of love, death, and betrayal. All these themes are present in Othello. Most paramount, however, is jealousy. Jealousy runs the characters’ lives in Othello from the beginning of the play, when Roderigo is envious of Othello because he wishes to be with Desdemona, and to the end of the play, when Othello is furious with envy because he believes Cassio and Desdemona have been engaging in an...
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  • Jealousy and Othello - 1592 Words
    Othello’s Jealousy In William Shakespeare’s play Othello, Othello is a very honorable man and he has grace with the ladies. He is one that possesses lots of military leadership qualities. His character in the play shows that he is responsible and well respected. The personality of Othello is warm and charming and it draws the individuals to Othello. He is a valuable asset and the senator’s listens when he speaks. Not only does Othello possess good leadership qualities and courage but he...
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  • Othellos Jealousy - 985 Words
    The Green-Eyed Monster In William Shakespeare’s Othello, the power of jealousy dominates the play; at first, it’s Iago who is stricken with jealousy, when Othello appoints Cassio as his new lieutenant. Iago states, “And I, of whom his eyes had seen the proof at Rhodes, at Cyprus, and on other grounds…must be beleed and calmed by debitor and creditor,”(I.i.29-32) after finding out he will be an ancient instead of a lieutenant. These words he has spoken show jealousy on his part because he...
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  • Jealousy Essay - 952 Words
    Nicole Hoard Literature 9 Mrs. Fitz March 4, 2012 Jealousy Karl Kraus once said, “Jealousy is a dogs bark, which attracts thieves.” In this quote Karl is trying to express that jealousy is a trap. Once you become jealous, it attracts all kinds of bad events or actions. Jealousy can push people to do things, which they would normally never do. The young boys in the books A Separate Peace, by John Knowles, Waiting For the Rain, by Shelia Gordon, and Lord of the Flies, by William...
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  • Othello- Jealousy - 1799 Words
    Jealousy, “the green-eyed monster” Shakespeare is consistent in his use of repeated themes throughout his works, particularly those of love, death, and betrayal. Shakespeare repeats these themes to set the mood through his works. It is important for Shakespeare to be consistent with his themes, or the plays would lose their meaning and mood. All of these themes are present in Othello, but the most dominant is the theme of jealousy, which presents itself multiple times throughout the play. We...
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  • Jealousy in Othello - 505 Words
    Jealousy in Othello "O, Beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster (3.3.195-96)..." If a monster with green eyes were coming at an individual, what would one do? The answer of course, depends on the circumstances of that particular person. Would one permit the green-eyed monster to destroy his or her own mind, and control his or her every move? In this case the green-eyed monster would indeed be jealousy. so lets use Iago for example. He was prejudice towards the African...
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  • Definition of Jealousy - 357 Words
    Definition of Jealousy Jealousy can be defined as the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something that the person values, such as a relationship, friendship, or love. Jealousy often consists of a combination of emotions such as anger, sadness, and disgust. There’s no doubt that everyone experiences some level of jealousy at some time or another. For the majority of us, these feelings pass quickly and without any real harm. However,...
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  • Jealousy in Othello - 1162 Words
     2. “Tis in ourselves that we are thus or thus”. Iago conveys that man has the ability to control his emotions. Is this what Shakespeare suggests in his play Othello? (page 63) In his classic play, Othello, Shakespeare explores the effect that human emotions have on actions and outward appearances. From the outset of the play, we see the general of the Venetian army, Othello, as a “brave”, “valiant”, eloquent and respectable man. However, once his mind is “poisoned” by the “the green-eyed...
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  • Othello Jealousy - 1508 Words
    Shakespeare has an exceptional ability to compose plays full of deceit, trickery, murderous revenge, and jealousy. In Othello, one of his most recognized tragedies was consistently evolving around the central theme of jealousy. Jealousy in Othello is what the play was founded on. One of Shakespeare's most credible characteristics in his writing is his ability to compose a play in which has a story that originates, and strides on lies. As theses lies were unraveled the central theme of his play...
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  • A Separate Peace: the Price of Jealousy
    A Separate Peace: The Price of Jealousy On the surface, A Separate Peace, written by John Knowles in 1959, is a tale of two boys and the events that take place between them one school year during World War Two. Behind the simple storyline, however, lies a deeply woven web of symbols, themes, and lessons that are all of great significance and relevance to our lives today. Perhaps one of the most important concepts we can learn from this novel is how we, as a species, create our own enemies...
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  • Jealousy in the Open Window by Saki
    HOW BAD YOUR JEALOUSY CONTROLS YOUR SELF AS REFLECTED IN VERA’S CHARACTERISTIC IN THE OPEN WINDOW by SAKI A. INTRODUCTION “The Open Window” is the story of a deception did on an unsuspecting, and constitutionally nervous man, by a young lady whose motivations for lying remain unclear. That is Vera, the center of the case in this story. A “very self-possessed young lady of fifteen,” Described as a girl who has bad manner to other people. She doesn’t have parents and lives with her...
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  • Othello Essay - Jealousy - 794 Words
    In Shakespearean plays jealousy usually plays a considerable role in the causing the tragedy. Shakespeare shows great understanding in human nature and human tendencies. One aspect of human nature that he has a lot of insight on is jealousy. Shakespeare understands jealousy well, and is able to illustrate how jealousy can bring out the worst in people. In Othello , it is clear that in law relationships will fail because jealousy makes both parties of the relationship act evil. In addition,...
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  • Othello Speech, Jealousy - 1071 Words
    Good afternoon class and Ms Teltey, Jealousy has the power to consume oneself... Jealousy changes people in horrific ways. Othello is transformed from a normal human to a spiteful monster It destroys both Iago who is jealous of Cassio and Othello who is jealous of his wife. Iago warns Othello to be wary of jealousy as it is a potent poison that turns Othello into a green eyed monster. Iago is described as a “demi-devil” and rests confidently on the assurance that people and in particular...
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  • Speech on Jealousy in Othello - 508 Words
    The Green Eyed Monster. No other monster is as terrifying. It fangs go deeper than Dracula's. Unlike the Werewolf, its malevolent form haunts you not only at night, but every hour of the day, every second. But what makes it more terrifying, of course, is that it's real. Everyone at some stage falls victim to jealousy. Shakespeare's Othello gives us a glimpse of what 17th Century English society thought about Jealousy as a motivating force. Good afternoon students and teachers. In 17th...
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  • Jealousy and Topic Sentence - 2274 Words
    Intermediate 2 Critical Essay Plans – A View From The Bridge Question: Choose a play which deals with conflict within a family or a group of people. Describe the conflict and explain what effects the conflict has on the characters and the events of the play. Introduction: - Author and title - Summary - In this essay I am going to examine how Eddie’s inner conflict over his growing incestuous feelings for his niece Catherine cause a wider conflict within his family....
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  • Jealousy and Manipulation in Othello - 538 Words
    Jealousy and Manipulation in Othello He, who loves his wife for the lust, can run away from the situation that haunts him. But, he who loves his wife like he loves his god, loves to the death. Othello loved his wife so much, that if someone like Iago would plant seeds of lies and misjudgments into Othello, him and any other would go to the extreme as to kill her just to stop the pain. Jealousy itself it self is like a predator searching for the weak. Othello quotes,...
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  • Othello: Theme Jealousy - 1518 Words
    The Effect of Jealousy on the Othello Cast Jealous is a reoccurring theme in history and today. Jealousy can be helpful because it can prompt people to achieve greater feats, like Microsoft’s competition with Apple. Microsoft’s jealousy of the Ipad sparked their creation of the new tablet computer. In the late fifteenth century, western Europeans were jealous of the literature and technological advances of the Arabs. These jealous feelings potentially initiated the commencement of the...
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  • A Separate Peace - Jealousy - 503 Words
    One of the main reasons that Gene jounces the limb is because of his misunderstanding towards Finny. Gene misunderstands Finny a lot and misinterprets Finny’s intentions. For example, Gene believes that Finny is intentionally attempting to wreck his studies when in reality Finny means no such thing. He simply wants to be friends with Gene and always wants to have fun with him. The misunderstanding takes place on page 45 when Gene has a thought in his head saying: “Finny had deliberately set out...
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  • Othello Jealousy Paper - 787 Words
    Since William Shakespeare pioneered the term “green-eyed monster to represent jealousy, it is only fitting for his famous play, Othello, to portray why the name was coined. Shakespeare’s influential play, Othello, thrilled audiences of his time and modern time with a tale of hatred, love, and betrayal. In Othello, Shakespeare uses conflicts between Iago, Othello, and Desdemona to portray the dangers of jealousy. Beginning with the character Iago, one can see his jealousy fuel a villainous...
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  • Othello: Jealousy in Act Three
    Essay jealousy in Othello act three Jealousy is an important theme in Shakespear’s Othello, especially in act three. Jealousy can be related to two persons in this act. The jealousy of one person starts in the beginning of the play and the jealousy of the other person starts in this act. The former person is Iago. He envies Cassio, because Cassio is Othello’s lieutenant and Iago wants to be that. The latter person is Othello. At the beginning of the play, Othello is a happy man who just...
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  • Jealousy, a Sign of Love or Insecurity?
    Alexis Glynn Eliza C. Martinez 07/21/11 Jealousy: a sign of love or insecurity? We have come across people who claim that jealousy made their relationships with their partners stronger. In addition to that, some people also claim that jealousy is healthy in a relationship. Most of us would assume that when a couple quarrels over something due to jealousy, they are just merely showing how much they love each other. Nearly all people equate jealousy with love however, opinions pointed...
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  • Othello - Iago's Causes and Effects of Jealousy
    Othello is a play about jealousy's causes and effects. Each character in the play had different reasons to be jealous and each of them chose to deal with it a certain way. All three characters Iago, Othello, and Roderigo had such cases and in the end dealt with different conflicts and outcomes. It's important to understand that their actions in dealing with their jealousies were a reflection of their characters, and persona.

    In the first scene, Iago was seen in the middle of a...
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  • Annotated Bibliography - Sex Differences in Jealousy
    The evolutionary model of jealousy implies that jealousy responses between men and women evolved to aid them with the different reproductive challenges faced by the two sexes. It states that, when it comes to infidelity, men are concerned with their female partner becoming pregnant by another man and are therefore more likely to feel jealous in response to sexual infidelity cues. Women are more concerned with their male partner diverting emotional and material resources required for raising her...
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  • Jealousy: Interpersonal Relationship and Successful Student
    Jealousy Is Fearsome A famous English philosopher named Francis Bacon said that “jealousy is the devil that always secretly and quietly destroys the good things on the earth.” By that he meant that the jealousy is a negative and we get it harmful emotion which result from shame, anger, and resentment. In the book Tuesday with Morrie, Morrie, who was a professor from Brandeis University, was told that love and forgiveness can make people engage in a strong relationship. On the other hand,...
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  • Othello- How Jealousy Destroys Relationships
    The Way One Emotion Can Destroy When first entering a relationship the greatest emotion experienced is the depth of over joy, thrill, and bliss. Who would not want to be in something that caused such a wonderful feeling? But as fast as it starts the bliss is over and the trust test begins; one infraction and the doubt spirals. No man can escape it and some may die because of it. In the story of Othello by William Shakespeare, there is a constant struggle with true love and trust in a friend....
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  • Jealousy, Adoption and Love in: the Winter's Tale and Sleeping Beauty
    Chelsea Backus March 20, 2011 First Paper/Final Draft Shakespeare Shade Gomez Jealousy, Adoption and Love in: The Winter’s Tale and Sleeping Beauty When is it okay to be jealous, to be adopted or to fall in love? Lives are damaged and people killed because of the power in jealousy, adoption or love. This is proven and displayed throughout two different sources, William Shakespeare’s play, The Winter’s Tale and Walt Disney’s movie, Sleeping Beauty. Although both are very...
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  • A Central Theme or Motif in the Play Othello, Is Jealousy
    Jealousy is the central theme in the play “Othello” by William Shakespeare. It is the most famous literary work that focuses on the dangers of jealousy. The play is a study of how jealousy can ruin lives – even with only the most circumstantial evidence of guilt. The play opens in Venice and revolves mainly around a man called Othello. It’s his actions and thoughts which makes the play interesting and suspenseful. Themes such as love, jealousy, betrayal, honesty and vengeance are all important...
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  • Facebook Increases Jealousy in Relationships (by Ben Parr)
    We already know that Facebook can be an incredible tool for building and strengthening friendships and relationships. We also know that it can be a relationship buster. And now, a recent study makes the claim that “increased Facebook use significantly predicts Facebook-related jealousy” in romantic relationships. The study, published in the CyberPsychology & Behavior Journal, analyzed the effect of Facebook use on the romantic relationships of college students. The report concludes that there...
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  • To What Extent Do You Believe Jealousy to Be the Tragic Downfall in the Play?
    Jealousy is regarded by the majority of people as the most logical and straightforward reason behind the tragic downfall of one of the play’s most prominent characters; Othello. However it has also been said that the more subtle emotions such as racial mistrust and lack of self confidence contribute the most to Othello’s tragic downfall. In my opinion, Othello has a powerful inner battle between his love for Desdemona and the “green-eyed monster which doth mock” (Act 3 Scene 3), with jealousy...
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  • “Jealousy in the play is not confined to Othello”. How far and in what ways do you agree with this statement?
    Jealousy is a theme presented in many ways throughout Shakespeare’s “Othello”. However is it solely confined to the character of Othello himself or can it be seen in other characters and other forms? This essay will explore “Jealousy” through Othello to discover whether it is confined to the main character himself of whether it’s explored in different ways. The main character of Othello is undoubtedly a true image of the effects of jealousy. His character shows the destruction that jealousy can...
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  • SEX DIFFERENCES IN JEALOUSY: EVOLUTION, PHYSIOLOGY, AND PSYCHOLOGY (Buss et al, 1992, as cited in Funder & Ozer, 1997)
    SEX DIFFERENCES IN JEALOUSY: EVOLTION, PHYSIOLOGY, AND PSYCHOLOGY (Buss et al, 1992, as cited in Funder & Ozer, 1997) The article titled, "Sex differences in jealousy: evolution, physiology, and psychology" written by Buss, Larsen, Western and Semmelroth (1992, as cited in Funder & Ozer, 1997, p. 211), discuss that evolution is rooted in reproductive success of the various species. Therefore, the core content of studying evolutionary psychology includes researching sexual differences (Buss et...
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  • Critical Study - Othello - Jealousy Essay Question: Choose a related text to Othello which contains a theme from the play and compare. Word length 300-400 words.
    Jealousy is explored in the song Jealousy by 702 in numerous ways. The two obvious ways are, one the title and the repetition of jealousy in the chorus and in the verses. Jealousy is defined by the Macquarie Dictionary as - resentment against a successful rival or the possessor of any coveted advantage. In this song the jealousy stems from women who envy the singer of her success in finding a partner. The singer believes the women want to be her as is continually repeated in the chorus -...
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  • Othello Analysis - 1052 Words
    Act I Quote Analysis “O, sir, content you; I follow him to serve my turn upon him … I am not what I am.” Iago, Act I, Pg 24-25 During Iago and Roderigo’s discourse, Iago says, “ O, sir, content you; I follow him to serve my turn upon him…I am not what I am”. Iago declares himself to be fallacious. He reveals his future betrayal to his “friend”, Othello. Iago is very wise with his plot, he is not who Othello thinks he is. Iago’s ability to be a clever two faced...
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  • A Separate Peace: the Incident at the Tree
    Nicole Tu Mr. Lavato English 2A, Period 1 10 September, 2012 The Incident at the Tree In the novel, A Separate Peace by John Knowles, Gene Forrester and Phineas, also known as Finny, are best friends who have a very deep friendship. However, as the story progresses, Gene began to develop feelings of jealousy for Finny when he saw how perfect Finny’s character is. Finny has always been able to talk his way out of...
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  • 5 Themes in Othello - 633 Words
    Drama Unit: Othello Major Topics Archetype of the Villain In the tradition of the Vice character from morality plays, Iago prizes his own self-interest above all else, destroying the lives of others with apparent relish. While he does not appear to possess a conscience, he exhibits exceptional intelligence and profound insight into human nature. Although Othello is the central figure of the play, it is Iago who controls the action throughout. There is a significant focus on Iago's...
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  • Othello: the Human Tragedy
    Othello: The Human Tragedy Shakespeare’s, Othello, met his tragic demise as a result of the combination of fate, forces beyond his control, and his own fatal flaws. From a Classical Greek standpoint, Othello was a victim of destiny and of forces for which he could not control, which is the premise of a tragedy. For example, Greek Classicist, Aristotle wrote, “All the elements of an Epic poem are found in Tragedy, but the elements of a Tragedy are not all found in the Epic poem.” It was...
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  • A Separate Peace 8 - 488 Words
    One of the most asked questions for A Separate Peace is: who exactly is the protagonist and antagonist? Most would agree that Gene is the protagonist, however is it Gene or Phineas that is the enemy? I believe that the real ‘bad guy’ in this book is Gene. He envied Phineas from the very beginning but didn’t admit it until a little later on. Whether it was getting away from trouble, having a natural athletic ability, or simply being modest and humble about things, Phineas seemed to have been...
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  • Significance of Act III in Othello
    Significance of Act 3 in Othello Act 3 is often called the “temptation scene” as Othello’s trust in Desdemona is seduced away by Iago. It is a pivotal act which builds on previous events and foreshadows future events. The audience can clearly see the development of the character Othello from a calm, noble man to one’s whose jealousy is so strong he pledges to kill his wife. There is also a clear development in the themes that were hinted previously in the play such as jealousy and revenge....
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  • Endeavors of Envy- A Separate Peace
    Endeavors of Envy William Penn’s quote that “the jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves” illustrates the deleterious effects of suppressing jealousy. Envy, when suppressed, corrupts an individual’s perspective, creating the alternative. It can trigger a corroding of the mind, causing impulsive actions. John Knowles’ A Separate Peace analyzes Gene Forrester’s inability to prevent himself from harboring jealousy within, thus resulting in a thin line between hallucination...
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  • Othello - Themes and Examples - 950 Words
    Revenge and jealousy Iago - He has been passed over for promotion, so he dislikes Othello and is jealous of Cassio. He thinks Othello might also have slept with his wife. Because of his jealousy and his will for revenge Iago- he manages to get Cassio dismissed but Pretends to not be interested in his job, in order to cause more issues and to remain the ‘honest Iago’ "I confess, it is my nature's plague To spy into abuses, and oft my jealousy Shapes faults that are not" When speaking to...
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  • The Three Relationship Killers - 338 Words
    Pena 2 Alan Pena Nicole Freim English 60B November 20, 2014 The Three Relationship Killers Every relationship has its problems, but there are three lethal causes that can destroy something that was once wonderful. Jealousy in a relationship causes envy and doubt, which can gradually cause the relationship to slowly bleed to its death. Jealousy is a sickening emotion that can overtake someone's mind into a combination of envious ...
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  • She's the Man - 641 Words
    She’s the Man~ Essay~ Jealousy can ruin a social relationship. This is proven in Andy Fickman’s film, ‘She’s the man’, a film which follows a girl who portrays her brother at his new school in order to play soccer. The ideas that a sudden disconnection for those who witness one involved romantically with the person they like can damage their relationship due to envy, dark feelings would arise for those who become jealous in a social relationship, and envy influences one to lie to themselves,...
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  • Social Media and self perception
    Micah Dew-Treadway Kinnear Writing and Rhetoric 11 February 2015 We all grow up trying to find who we are. For the first couple of years of our lives our parents shape us because we cannot do it on our own financially. Buying us clothes, shoes, taking us to amusement parks and most of the time teaching us how to find ourselves in the process. Often times there are people on Television who a child may see and start to admire. My little brother Caleb saw the swift moves and vocals of Michael...
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  • Frank Sargeson:New Zealand writer
    A Great Day by Frank Sargeson. The theme of Mateship and how comradeship between blokes can be important to Kiwi men ewen Mcdonald and Boe) mateship leads to crime real life The theme of the fatal consequences of resentment and jealously. A.G D’ explores the relationships between Ken and Fred, two ‘friends ‘ on a fishing trip together. Initially their relationship appears to be fine but the reader soon realizes that there is a lot of poor communication and jealously in their relationship....
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  • Jeolousy - 5652 Words
    Jealousy and Control By Peppermint 2003-2006 Unpublished Manuscript Please send any comments to: Jealousy presents an intractable problem for relationships, both monogamous and nonmonogamous. It is often a point of strife within relationships. It is also a frequent cause for breakups. It provides a convenient excuse for abusive partners. There is a persistent association of jealousy with violence. The stress, strain, and violence surrounding jealousy...
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  • Othello - 1002 Words
    Othello Syndrome Vs. Othello Play The tragedy of Othello portrayed different social dysfunctions in each character. The main character Othello represented a psychiatric disorder known as delusional jealousy or called Othello syndrome after the Shakespeare’s play; and this social dysfunction interfere in his relationship with wife Desdemona. Although, this play refers long time ago, morbid jealousy is present today in males than women. Therefore, Othello syndrome obstructed Desdemona and...
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  • The Lady or the Tiger - 541 Words
    Shelby Simmons Mrs. Coleman English III 20 August 2013 “The Lady or the Tiger” The Lady or the Tiger is about a princess and her lover. The princess and her lover were madly in love with each other. The princess’s father wasn’t very happy when he found out that his daughter had a common man has her lover. When the King found out about the princess having a common man has her lover he sent him to the arena. The tiger is behind the door the young man opens because the princess is jealous, the...
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  • Othello Speech - 748 Words
    theAll love must eventually end in loss. The greater the love, the greater the torment of losing it. Othello loved Desdemona and the very thought of losing her and her love would dry up his fountain of life and his desire to live. “Where I have garnered up my heart, where either I must live or bear no life, the fountain from the which my currant runs or else dries up” With this perception and fear in Othello it caused him to go along the path of his own self destruction. F.R Leavis critical...
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  • Definition Paper - 512 Words
    Layla Morin Hill English 1301- Section 4 1 October 2012 Jealousy Rough Draft The word jealousy stems from both the French word jalousie and the Greek word zelos. The French term of jealousy carried a negative feeling while the Greek term carried more of a positive sense. Jealousy’s definition stands as an emotion that typically comes from insecurity, fear, and anxiety over a predictable loss of something that a person values. Through characteristics, concrete examples, and results jealousy...
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  • Othello Essay - 1031 Words
    OTHELLO ESSAY “O, beware, my lord, of jealousy! / It is the green-eyed monster, which doth mock/ The meat it feeds on” (Shakespeare III. iii. 195-197). Everyone has the capacity for jealousy. It can change how people think as well as how they act. In the play Othello by William Shakespeare, jealousy is nurtured within the minds of multiple characters, and this jealousy is what ignites the want to make multiple misconceptions arise in order to create havoc and inflict suffering upon others...
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  • A Sepate Peace Themes - 1043 Words
    In many known literary works, the theme of betrayal appears and breaks apart friendships. In A Separate Peace, by John Knowles, Gene Forrester betrays his best friend, Phineas, in-between his feelings of envy and guilt towards “Finny”. While this applies to their friendship in the book, it also applies to a world-wide controversy regarding jealousy and shame from guilt. Since they began their friendship, Gene has always been secretly jealous of Phineas. Since he is the star athlete and can...
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  • Facebook Effects on the World Today
    Millions of people use Facebook every day. Some people use it to see what is going on with their friends or family. There are also others that will just go on to see what their old classmates are up to. There are dangers of Facebook though. Facebook could bring out the jealousy in some, Muise, A., Christofides, E., & Desmarais, S. (2009). Facebook on the other hand could raise self-esteem, Gonzales, A. L., & Hancock, J. T. (2011). Muise, A., Christofides, E., & Desmarais, S. (2009) has said...
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  • Miss - 532 Words
    How does Shakespeare present Othello’s disturbed mind in Act 3, Scene 3? At the beginning of the play, Othello is a respected noble figure, he clearly shows his love for Desdemona and takes his job seriously. “Keep up your bright swords...” this quote shows how Othello started off as a strong and calm character. Throughout act one, two and most of three, Othello is the same calm, strong character who is in love with his wife. In Act 3, Scene 3 is where everything changes, Othello...
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  • A Seperate Peace Mock Trial Prosecuting Statement
    Mystique Ortiz Ortiz 1 Ms. Freitas Pre-AP Sophomore English Period 3 26 February 2013 Mock Trial Opening Statement-Prosecution Your honor and people of the jury, this is an indictment of attempted premeditated murder. The indictment sets forth that ‘Mr. Gene Forrester, one summer night, on the limb of a tree located at Devon School, purposely jostled the tree...
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  • English romulus - 608 Words
    Judas, Julius Caesar and Julia Gillard are figures in different ages of society relating to deception and envy. This poses the question, has society changed? Has society always been so deceptive and envious? Has society always been willing to tear down others to get what they want? Shakespeare’s play “Othello” and Tim Blake Nelson’s appropriation “O”, explore how the values of society have been reshaped throughout time. Societal values are reflected in Act 4 Scene 1 of Othello. The...
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  • The Necklace - 660 Words
    In Guy de Maupassant's, "The Necklace", Madame Loisel's ungrateful, materialistic, and jealous behavior completely shapes her entire life. Her admiration of the glitz and glam of the rich led to her greatest downfall. Because of her desires she is unable to appreciate the life she had and unable to live the full life of a woman which she had always desired Throughout the entire story Madame Loisel's ungrateful behavior is well displayed. During dinner, while her husband was well...
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  • How Does Miller Dramatise the Downfall of Eddie Carbone?
    Author: Sadeer Nasser  How does Miller dramatise the downfall of Eddie Carbone? Eddie Carbone is the protagonist of the play. He is forceful, hard working and possessive of Catherine. However, he does show generosity and warmth especially when Marco and Rodolpho come into the country. Eddie is a simple man who has little interests outside of work and family; he is too protective of Catherine always laying down laws for her and expecting her to obey him. As the play develops Eddie is...
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  • English persuasive essay poverty
    Josini Anne P.Pacamalan ENGLISH September 17, 2014 9 – Campion Sir Don Juanito Oliveria Poverty Aristotle once said “Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.” Yes, I believe she is the root. Yes, she is the mother. Poverty goes rampant along the streets with her wandering fleets who may have been once lavish elites. Oh! How she loves to wreak havoc. She usually starts when one has insufficient necessities then, goes for the emotion and the sad thing is that people can...
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  • The Tale of Two Women - 581 Words
    Sondra Callaway Professor Keneda Mod Essay # 5 English Comp II 26 February 2013 The Tale of Two Women In Jane Martin’s play “Beauty”, the author creates two characters who examine the human failing of wanting things they perceive they do not possess. One woman desires beauty while other lady desires intelligence. Also, the stage direction illustrates the irony of the characters’ interactions. By the play’s conclusion, Martin changes the characters’ outward appearances while keeping...
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  • Roman Fever Critique - 432 Words
    Various Authors Comp II Ms. Colvin 9 April 2013 Roman Fever Critique Edith Wharton writes a brilliant story in “Roman Fever” that does the job of entertaining the reader in such a short amount of time. Published in 1934, Wharton chooses a setting that takes place in Rome in the 1920s. In short, “Roman Fever” tells the tale of two women, Grace Ansley and Alida Slade, who have been acquaintances for many years. After not seeing each other for a number of years, the two meet up on a...
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  • A&P by John Updike - 1122 Words
    James Mangan AP English Mr. Chesbro 12 February 2014 Supermarket Sorrows: Lessons Learned from “A&P” We are jealous people. That’s just a part of our human nature: we want what we can’t have. Men always want better cars, better clothes, better women, you name it. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as they perceive it as being better than what they already have. People (chiefly teenage boys, it seems) will watch movies like The Wolf of Wall Street, seeing the obvious negative effects of a...
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  • A Separate Peace Literary Criticism
    Competition in A Separate Peace In John Knowles’s novel A Separate Peace, Knowles describes a life-changing sequence of events, as seen by Gene Forrester, which takes place at Devon Boarding School. Gene constantly finds himself struggling to find the truth about his relationship with Finny. Peter Wolfe states that the novel, “cries to be read in the context of original sin,” and Novels for Students references that, “the real struggle is fought in the hearts of the characters, not on...
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  • Othello Essay - 867 Words
    ‘A tragedy of racial bigotry, pride and prejudice.’ Is this a fair judgement of Othello? Discuss with close reference to the play. The play Othello is a tragedy of racial bigotry, pride and prejudice, however, those are only three aspects to a diverse range of themes that combine to create a twisted tragedy fuelled by jealousy and race. William Shakespeare wrote Othello during the 17th century. Set in Venice, the tragedy focuses on an outsider who is respected for his position in society but...
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  • Analysis of Plot in Roman Fever
    Edith Wharton’s Roman Fever develops plot in an interesting way. We see the present situation unfold through the internal dialogue of Alida Slade and Grace Ansley, and the tension that mounts between them. But Wharton also weaves in the past actions of the two friends, showing the years of insecurity, jealousy, and secrecy that lead to their revelations. Alida and Grace spend the entire story sitting on a restaurant terrace overlooking the hills of a Roman village. It has been years since...
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  • Over Population - 455 Words
    Overpopulation People are everywhere. Whenever and wherever you go, there are crowded streets which are full of crying babies, walking people, homeless, and so forth. Everything has a limit, so even lands that we live on has a capacity which is limited. In some countries, the population is getting boundless; therefore, if you look at these countries, you will see legible problems such as economic problems, environmental problems, social problems, and criminal problems, and these are just...
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  • The Giver Essay - 917 Words
    The Community that Lois Lowry creates in The Giver appears to be a utopia, but is in fact a dystopia. To get rid of the extremes, such as pain and hunger, you have to get rid of things like true friendship and happiness. Jonas is constructed to convey ideas about society by his speech, thoughts, actions, appearance, interaction with others and his name. We first see this when his sister, Lily says to him, “He has funny eyes just like you Jonas!” Most people in the community have dark eyes...
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  • Imagery in Othello - 1792 Words
    The function of imagery in the mid-sixteenth century play Othello by William Shakespeare is to aid characterisation and define meaning in the play. The antagonist Iago is defined through many different images, Some being the use of poison and soporifics, sleeping agents, to show his true evil and sadistic nature. Othello's character is also shaped by much imagery such as the animalistic, black and white, and horse images which indicates his lustful, sexual nature. Characterisation of women is...
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  • The Blue Eyes 11 Sentence Paragraph
    Meghan Taner Mrs. Elms English 9, Block B 12 September 2014 Blinded From Jealousy The wife from the fable “The Blue Eyes”, by Isak Dinesen, is a lady that is caught up in her jealousy and greed that she is blind to the obvious. For example, the wife in the story is constantly jealous of the figurehead on her husband’s boat, “You think more of the figure-head than of me”, she said to him. “No”, he answered, “I think so highly of her because she is like you, yes, because she is you yourself....
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  • Othello - 1118 Words
    ‘Some texts survive because they explore values, attitudes and ideas that remain constant throughout history.’ It is an undeniable fact that is imprinted into human nature that values and ethics will constantly be passed down throughout generations. A prime example would be the play Othello written by Shakespeare and Tim Blake Nelson’s contemporary appropriated film ‘O’. From the Elizabethan era to the 21st century it is evident that both generations fall victim to the universal values,...
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  • Manipulation of Tension in Act III Scene ii of the Winter's Tale
    How does Shakespeare manipulate dramatic tension in Act III Scene ii of The Winter’s Tale? Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale”, a prime example of the playwright’s late ‘tragicomedies’, is set between Sicilia and Bohemia, which follows the initially tyrannous king of Sicilia as he wrongly accuses his wife of adultery, and the consequences which become of his mistake. Act III scene ii, also known as “the trial scene”, acts as a turning point in the play, as it moves from tragedy to comedy...
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  • Themes in Othello - 1059 Words
    What are the major themes in “Othello” and how are they explored The play “Othello” written by English playwright William Shakespeare is a timeless tale that vividly portrays the downfall of the noble Moore, Othello. The play itself is tragic in nature because it vividly portrays Othello “falling from Grace” through the exploitation and deceit that is orchestrated by the Machiavellian villain, Iago. The key themes that encompass the play are that of deception, manipulation and jealousy. Each...
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  • Humans Are Naturally Evil
     People Are Naturally Evil Jumana Satti People are generally evil. When humans are children, they want all the attention and affection without having to share it. When they see their mother carrying another child, whether that child is a sibling or a complete stranger, most children will stop what they're doing and run over and start crying until they are lifted up and shown the...
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  • A view from the bridge essay
     (Miller 67)Throughout a view from the bridge by Arthur Miller, Eddie Carbone is a self rich us controlling character that pushed away the people that loved him; he did this by changing throughout the play from a family man to a raging lunatic. His emotions and actions slowly changed from a father figure to a young woman named Catherine (after her mother died), to a jealous emotional train wreck of a human being. His downfall is attributed to the arrival of Rodolpho, and Eddies own...
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  • Essay Othello Comparison - 1065 Words
    Deception creates an illusion that sways an individual away from the truth and propels them towards a deceptive reality in which knowledge and truth show signs of opposition. The Count of Monte Cristo, directed by Kevin Reynolds, and Othello, written by William Shakespeare contain similarities showing capability between both stories. Appearance vs. Reality is unmistakably a common theme within both works that is evidently a result of deception, jealousy and revenge. Both works use...
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  • The Envious Role in “Roman Fever”
    The fine line between the fear of the unknown and what is known can sometimes become blurred. In the short story “Roman Fever”, Edith Wharton does just that by telling the story of two ladies who were ‘childhood friends’. Both are recently widowed, and encounter each other in Rome by coincidence while traveling abroad with their daughters Jenny and Barbara. One of the ladies, Alida Slade, has long suspected that her intimate friend, Grace Ansley was involved with her fiancé many years ago and...
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    Compare and contrast how the theme of obsession in presented in Othello by William Shakespeare (1603), The Duchess of Malfi by John Webster (1614) and A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams (1947) Obsession is defined in the Collins dictionary as 'a persistent emotion or desire that cannot be got rid of by reasoning', with psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud suggesting in 1925 that the actions of one obsessed are 'supported by a kind of energy which probably has no counterpart in normal mental...
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  • a separate piece - 660 Words
    Jealousy is one of the strongest emotions in the book A Separate Peace by John Knowles. What makes this feeling so dangerous is that it’s mixed in with admiration, respect, and love. Those are all the ingredients for the very confusing friendship between the protagonist Gene, and his best friend/enemy Phineas. Despite their friendship, jealousy drives Gene to unthinkable and unimaginable actions, which are least understood by Gene himself. Three of the most effective examples that explain the...
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  • Othello Essay - 1443 Words
    EMMA UNWIN - Essay on Othello. Question: "The faults in Othello's character reduce him, and hence the play, to less than tragic stature. To what extent do you agree/ disagree with this statement? The Shakespearean play highlights the tragic hero Othello’s faults that do in fact reduce him, however they do not the lessen the credibility of the play’s tragic structure. It is through the influence of the characters in the play that the Othello’s fault are revealed and thus lead to...
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  • The Possibility of Evil Essay - 513 Words
    Must contradictory personalities get the best of us? “The Possibility of Evil”, a short story by Shirley Jackson focused on the odd behavior of Miss Strangeworth. Though Miss Strangeworth do not change throughout the story, people just don’t know how awful she is. Miss Strangeworth has written small anonyms notes filled with cruel comments about toward her towns folks throughout the story. Miss Strangeworth enjoyed writing harsh letters to her neighbors, showing her jealous personality...
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  • Othello- Human Nature - 666 Words
    Shakespeare’s famous tragedy Othello has significantly helped me shape my view of human nature, and understanding of what drives people to sometimes immoral action. The main idea I have taken from my reading of Othello is that jealousy is a great motivating influence, compelling individuals to carry out corrupt actions, and ruin previously treasured relationships, in order to get what they desire. As with any valued literary text, Shakespeare’s complex and intriguing characters are an integral...
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  • Color Struck a Psychoanalytical Perspective
    Running Head: EMMA FROM A PSYCHOANALYTICAL PERSPECTIVE 1 Color Struck Running Head: EMMA FROM A PSYCHOANALYTICAL PERSPECTIVE 2 When considering a piece of literature from a psychoanalytical critical perspective, the concealed motives of a character are uncovered by analyzing their actions. The play, Color Struck, acts out a series of events from a train ride, to a cake walk contest, to a heartbreaking loss on both the physical and emotional levels....
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  • Character Sketch on Piggy from Lord of the Flies
    In the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Piggy can be classified as both envious and persistent. The reader can first see his envious side when Piggy first meets Ralph. Their airplane had just crashed on the hot and sticky island and Ralph takes his clothes off. He wiped his glasses and adjusted them on his button nose. The frame had made a deep, pink "V" on the bridge. He looked critically at Ralph's golded body and then down at his own clothes (Golding 11). Even though it doesn't...
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  • Analysis Essay: Othello - 1282 Words
    Othello’s Downfall Every tragic hero has a promising outlook before some fatal flaw destructs their future. Othello is introduced as a genuine character who is determined to prove his worth as a husband and noble soldier. As the general of Venice, he starts out in the play as honorable. He received the position of general by his outstanding excellence in the field of war. His courage, intelligence, and skill of command earned him the respect of his troops as well as his wife, Desdemona’s,...
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  • Forgiveness: the Kite Runner
    Forgiveness is a necessary part of human existence, although it is rarely easy to give, and sometimes hardest to give to ourselves. The Kite Runner illustrates humanity's tendency, and even willingness, to dwell on past mistakes. The opening sentence sets this theme with "I became what I am today at the age of twelve," as Amir unapologetically relates how he believes one action at that young age defined his entire life. However, as the novel progresses, the reader comes to the conclusion that it...
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  • Jealous vs Envy - 1977 Words
    Envious vs. Jealous At first glance the average person might think that the words envious and jealous can be used interchangeably, because they are synonyms, but if you stop and analyze these two words you will find that they are not all that interchangeable. When it comes to deciding what words are kept in a language and what words are eventually replaced by more efficient words, a linguist knows that a language can only stand to keep words that communicate something and that are...
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  • Finny and Gene Comparison in A Separate Peace
    Imagine a town. This town’s buildings were all the same and they looked identical to each other. The people living there all had perfect friendships and even acted the same way. Each person had the same morals and strived to be the same thing. The cars were the same and so on. Nothing would be different, would it? It is okay to have certain attributes alike with other people or things, but after a while someone will want to search for something- anything- that would make them stand out from the...
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  • Parkers Representation of Othello - 855 Words
    Parker’s film version of Othello delves into the notions of a sexual reading focusing on the masculinity of Othello. Also, Parker demonstrates a racial side to the play employed to centralize the theme of jealousy which is the catalyst the ultimate tragedy in Othello. With the omission of parts of the play, Parker employs different characterization relating it to the modern social ladder. My reading focuses on Othello, the character. Othello was a foolish man who trusted the advice of a...
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  • Othello comparison - 864 Words
    “Our engagement in the similarities between Othello and O is further developed by a reflection of their significant differences in textual form”. The texts “Othello” by William Shakespeare and “O” by Tim Blake Nelson develop our engagements in the contextual similarities of the texts by a reflection of the significant differences in a textual form. Our insight and interaction with the similarities and differences in the texts is clear because of the skilful use of a variety of techniques and...
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  • A Comparative Study of Othello and O
    A comparative study of Othello and O ‘O! Beware, my lord, of jealousy; it is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on’ Jealousy is one of the main universal themes explored in both ‘Othello’ – a classical play wriitten four centuries ago, and ‘O’ – a modern film adaptation of the play made in 2000. Despite the differences in contexts between the two texts, the composers were able to present universal themes such as race and gender through the use of literary techniques...
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  • A Separate Piece; Guilty or Not
    Bertrand Russell said, “Envy is one of the most potent causes of unhappiness. It is a universal and most unfortunate aspect of human nature because not only is the envious person rendered unhappy by his envy, but also wishes to inflict misfortune on others.” This is displayed perfectly in A Separate Piece by John Knowles, where green with envy, Gene jounces the limb in hopes to hurt Phineas. He is jealous of Phineas’ charisma, upset that Phineas keeps putting him into situations he doesn’t want...
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  • competition and happiness essay 2
    Dao Hoang Colin Innes English 4 Section 21 Competition and Happiness In Theodore Isaac Rubin’s essay, Competition and Happiness, from his book Reconciliation: Inner peace in an Age of Anxiety, he believes that people’s ability to lead happy and satisfying lives is limited by competition. Rubin believes competition brings out the worst in people. Competition encourages emotions such as jealousy, envy, and paranoia. These negative emotions indicate that competition creates a negative and...
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  • A Separate Peace: Character Overview: Gene
    Gene Forrester is the narrator of A Separate Peace, as well as the Protagonist. He tells the story as a flashback, looking back on his student days at the Devon School. Throughout the book, Gene is just like any other high school student who suffers from many typical teenage issues such as self- consciousness, jealousy, self- doubt, and not knowing who he really wants to be in life. When the story first begins, Gene is in his early thirties, visiting the Devon School for the first time in...
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  • Othello's Tragic Flaw - 1040 Words
    Othello’s Tragic Flaw For every Shakespearean tragedy there is a grossly unfortunate sequence of events that eventually leads to a bloodbath. The reason for this bloodbath is the tragic flaw. The tragic flaw is the small character defect in the protagonist that, in most circumstances, wouldn’t have been a big problem if not for said events. People frequently mistake Othello’s tragic flaw. They jump to the seemingly obvious choice of jealousy or naivety. The actually tragic flaw will be...
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  • The Characters That We Involved in the Death of Hedda Gabler
    How do each of the characters react to the others in the last act of the play. How does this contribute to Hedda’s last action? Hedda’s last act in the play was her ‘beautifully done’ suicide. He suicide was caused by a variety of reasons, which shall be discussed in the following paragraphs. All the characters can be seen as directly contributing to Hedda’s suicide. When one scrutinizes Brack in the last screen, the evidence reveals that he had a major role to play in the suicide. In the...
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  • Analyis of the "The Son In The Afternoon," by John A. Williams
    "The Son In The Afternoon," by John A. Williams is a story about a black man's jealously of a white boy. In the story Wendell is a black man. He has a job as a scripted writer. After work he goes to pick up his mother, who is watching a young white boy, named Ronnie. Wendell turns to be very jealous of the boy, because he believes that his mother gives the boy more attention than she gave himself. In spite of this, Wendell hugs the boy's mother in front of the boy. This ultimately turns that...
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