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  • Hist Question Words from Hkeaa
    A Manual of Question Words Used in History (online version) © 留 2011 Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority All Rights Reserved 2011 Online version of the Manual of Question Words Used in History Foreword A Manual of Question Words Used in History was published by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority in 2007. It discusses History-related assessment issues, namely logic, question words and level marking, the totality of which forms a set of feasible assessment...
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  • Who What Where When and Why?
    The Five Ws, Five Ws and one H, or the Six Ws are questions whose answers are considered basic in information-gathering. They are often mentioned in journalism (cf. news style), research, and police investigations.[1] They constitute a formula for getting the complete story on a subject.[2] According to the principle of the Five Ws, a report can only be considered complete if it answers these questions starting with an interrogative word:[3] Who is it about? What happened? When did it take...
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  • Latin I Final Exam Study Guide--Lingua Latina
    Latin I Final Exam Review January 2014 Nouns Nouns are modified by a_________________________. They have to match in c__________________, n________________________, and g____________________. The Cases are: Nominative: This is the case that reflects the ___________________ of the sentence. Genitive: This is the case that reflects _________________________. It is translated using either the preposition ‘of’ or with an apostrophe ‘____’. Dative: The dative case communicates the...
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  • How to Study in College - 470 Words
    How to Study in College Have you ever studied a lot for your exams and the results were not what you had expected? That is a typical situation many college students go through after High School, in which not only the amount and kind of content is clearly dissimilar but also the ways of learning. For that reason, if students want to effectively succeed at university, they should develop some basic study strategies such as selecting a reading style and making texts theirs. It is an essential...
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  • Doc 1 - 333 Words
    Question 1 I think Loewen chose the four quotes to get the reader to think about how important it is to have an understanding of the truth about our real history. Not the stories that are played out in history textbooks, but the real facts about American history. These quotes help set the stage for Lowen’s thesis by encouraging the reader to start to think about if what they were taught in school was really how it all happened. Loewen’s thesis is that history textbooks either misguide...
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  • Health and Social Care Level 3
    Unit 1- communication Reflect on my one-to-one interaction During my one-to-one interaction I played the role of a nurse working in the A&E department of a hospital, my role was to find out the cause for my patients abdominal pains, to find out the cause of my patients pains I did a series of tests that would give me possible answers to her problem, in the end as a nurse it was my duty to inform the teenager that she is pregnant, but to do so in a calm and supportive manor. At the start...
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  • Mgmt340 Week 4 - 279 Words
    Chapter 5 Problems and Exercises 3. Suppose you were asked to lead a JAD session. List 10 guidelines you would follow in playing the proper role of a JAD session leader. 1. Hold sessions at a location away from work and with limited distractions. 2. Set an agenda and keep the session on track 3. As the session leader, remain neutral on issues 4. Identify and address critical political and organizational issues early 5. Establish the executive sponsor as the tiebreaker 6. Require...
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  • Exercise 7 - 753 Words
     Level 1: Certificate in Counselling Exercise 7 For this exercise I had to interact with a friend and find out about a recent emotional experience. One that did not necessarily need counselling but one which has aroused different feelings. During this interaction I was to try and make all my responses reflections and ask no questions. The idea of this was a little daunting as through-out ones life we are taught or learn conversations with a dictated question and answer scenario. We...
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  • Spoken Lan - 904 Words
    Power and authority is an essential factor in the shaping of spoken language and the ways in which individuals interact within a conversation. This allows us to see the presence of power and authority throughout society and within the language that people use. It is employed in an array of situations, such as reality television shows, interviews and classroom conversations, and from court cases, even to conversations between children and their parents. Not only are there a plethora of spoken...
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  • Clinical Skills - 1987 Words
    Clinical Skills- Formative Assessment. Bridget McCarty. Tutor: Sharon Jones TASK ONE * D: So Stacey do you want to tell me why you came into the doctor today? P: Um, uh yesterday I sort of fell down my stairs, going to, going to work and I did something to my ankle, D: Mmhmm P: And it’s just it’s really really sore. Yeah. D: Cool, how did you fall down the stairs? I chose this segment because it is at the beginning of my consultation after initiating the session and it is very...
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  • Heidegger Lecture 2 and 3 of What Is Called Thinking
    Sarah Oliver Presentation Heidegger April 19, 2012 In Lecture I of Part II, Heidegger points out that asking the question of “What is called thinking” can be incredibly diverse and complicated because there is not just one explanation for the question, although at a glance it seems pretty simple to explain. He stresses four ways in which the question can be posed. The first way asks what is designated by the word “thinking,” the second asks what logic has to do with thought, the third...
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  • Difference Between Counselling and Mentoring
    Task 1 Counselling and Mentoring are both to do with helping people to develop. Counselling helps people to develop with the emotional concern in a safe and trusting relationship. For example, one of the staff in the Restaurant that I work in was worried about his father being ill in India. He wanted to go and see his father to see how he was progressing with medical treatment. He was also worried that his father is old at the age of 85 and that he might die. He was also worried whether...
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  • Outline And Evaluate Research Into The Effects Of Misleading Information On Eyewitness Testimony
    Outline and evaluate research into the effects of misleading information on eyewitness testimony Loftus and Palmer (1975) researched the effects of misleading information on eyewitness testimonies. They showed forty five students a short video clip of an accident between two cars. They were divided into five groups of nine students and asked “About how fast were the cars going when they … one another?”. Each group ...
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  • Historical Facts - 658 Words
    Historical facts In day to day conversation, casual historical facts are often brought up. Little thought is actually given in our repetition of these historical facts as to what actually led up to their happening, and how they became so well known in the first place. In the article “What are historical facts?” by Carl L. Becker, he inquires as to what is actually meant when we talk about “facts” in history. To aid his inquiry, he asks 3 simple questions pertaining to the subject: “What is the...
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  • flag essay - 568 Words
    How does John Agard present his views on War and Conflict in the poem “Flag” Throughout time, flags have given men connotations of bravery, identity and solidarity, showing a belonging to a particular culture or set ideology. Within the poem, Agard attempts to strip back all of the cultural connotations of what a flag represents and take a more literal approach to it being “Just apiece of Cloth”. In doing this, he presents man as the cause of wars, and shows how flags have, throughout time,...
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  • Sq3R Worksheet - 347 Words
    Axia College Material Ginny L Brown Appendix G SQ3R Worksheet Selected Reading: Name your selected reading and page numbers here Studying Text Books and Course Materials pp. 155-167 Survey | How did you survey?I skimmed the pages required, the main topics, and picked up the basis of what was required reading. | Question | What questions did you ask?The question I asked myself is what information was the most important for me to retain while reading. What are the...
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  • Jeffrey Arnett's Theory of Emerging Adulthood
    Jeffery Arnett’s Theory of Emerging Adulthood Jeffrey Arnett’s theory revolves around emerging adulthood. His theory states that the age of emerging adulthood is between the ages eighteen to twenty-five. During our seminar we reviewed the different questions we had prepared for our discussion. We started off by asking what people thought emerging adulthood was and what our group knew about this theorist so far. I think the questions my partner and I prepared were pretty good since it kept...
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  • Unit 511 Section 5
    Unit 511 – Develop professional supervision practice in health and social care or children’s and young people’s settings Section 5: 5.1) Within a supervision with a member of support staff they disclosed their feelings regarding how a fellow staff member had been towards them stating they felt they were being undermined and that the staff member in question was very sarcastic towards them causing them to feel annoyed. In the supervision I asked the staff member for examples and also if...
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  • Why We Dont Complain
    Sarah Joshway Mr. Fields English Composition 101-30 21 October 2013 “Why Don’t We Complain” Analysis We don’t complain enough. Is the simply and unique argument that Buckley is presenting in his essay. The purpose of this essay is to convince Americans that it’s time to start complaining. Instead of simply pushing aside the issues that are present to us on a daily bases Buckley wants us to confront them head on and to simply speak up. Instead of dealing with hot trains, an unfocused...
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  • Case Study Interview Examples: Questions and Answers
    Case Study Interview Examples: Questions and Answers You will need to adequately prepare for an interview where case study questions will be asked. You should prepare for every job interview, but take extra time to prepare for one where these questions will be asked. Interviewers often exclude important details when asking candidates to resolve hypothetical business problems. Occasionally, interviewers provide no details to test analytical skills when adequate resources are unavailable....
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  • Question and Paper Angry Couple
    $9.0purchased BSHS 385 Week 1 Individual Paper Angry Couple Worksheet Posted: 07/22/13 06:18pm. (1 year ago) The Angry Couple Worksheet Watch the first 25 minutes of”, “The Angry Couple” video located on the student website. Read theMental Health Facilitator Module 5 “Using Questions.” Answer the following three questions in 200 to 250 words each. Include detailed responses and provide specific examples from the video. · Consider the three-stage model of interviewing as you watch the...
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  • Asking Giving Direction - 441 Words
    Asking and Giving Directions This video is talking about Andres Moreno that looked for an ATM and Pazzo’s Pizzeria Restaurant in Colorado. The first people that he met are Adam and Brandon. They said to him to go down the street, take a left after the bridge, and Pazzo’s Pizzeria would be on his left. Then they said to go down the street then cross the bridge to the right and the ATM would be there. But the directions that they gave were wrong so he asked to another people. The second...
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  • Distinguish Between Primary Data and Secondary Data
    Distinguish between primary data and secondary data? Primary data is the data that is collected first hand from the original source for the purpose of making statistical inference while secondary data is the data that is collected by the method of abstraction and is used to make statistical inference by using primary data already collected by an investigator. Primary data is collected by  Identifying population of interest  choosing sample  analyse sample information  draw inference...
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  • Foot in Door - 365 Words
    The Foot-in-the-Door Phenomenon Carol A. Scott, Jonathan L. Freedman & Scott C. Fraser People are more likely to comply with a larger favor if a smaller favor is asked first. The Foot-in-the-Door refers to an influence technique based on getting a person to do a large favor by starting out with a smaller favor and building up. The research subjects were normal randomly assigned people whom were contacted at their homes and asked to place a small sign in their windows to promote...
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  • Sample Lesson Plan - 474 Words
    Pia Elaine C. Niango 2EED-1A I. Objectives The pupils should be able to: 1. Read a playlet; 2. Use personal pronouns – I, you, he, she, it, they, we 3. Name the personal pronouns in sentences; 4. Supply the appropriate pronouns in sentences; 5. Describe pictures by using pronouns; 6. Note details by answering Who, Where, and What questions; Values: Exhibit love and care for little sister or brother in the family. II. Subject Matter The Baby Comes...
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  • Authentic Assessment Product And Performance
    University of San Jose-Recoletos College of Education Basak Campus S.Y. 2014-2015 Name: Klent C. Tero Date: March 3, 2015 PRODUCT ASSESSMENT DESIGN Area: Science Level: Grade III Topic: Parts of the Body Competencies: a. identify the different parts of the body and describe each functions; b. express their own ideas if one body part is missing; c. appreciate the importance of each part of the body; d. come up with their very own unique and creative drawing. Intended Product...
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  • Character Analysis: Scout - 531 Words
    Character Analysis: Scout Scout is brave and curious; upon the story she finds ways to keep on going and to not give up. Although throughout the story she is hurt and offended, she was most conflicted at school. For the first time Scout went to school, she faced the real world. She found how the real world acts and works. So later on she becomes more curious and decides to find answers to all of her questions. The first day of school, Scout finds the hardship of the real world. First, her...
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  • Question and Fellow Girl Scouts
    The characters in Z.Z. Packer's story "Brownies," are all distinct and unique in their very own way. Though some of the characters are round, others seem to have more flat characteristics that make them blend into the natural atmosphere in which the story takes place. For example, the narrator in the story, "Snot," tries to blend in while she is at the camp site. She states, "I wanted nothing more than to be through with it all: the bus ride, the troop, school-all of it" (Packer 358). With...
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  • First Time Going to the Principals Office
    First Time Going To The Principals Office Your first time going to the principals office can be kinda scary because sometimes you never know what your being called down there for.The first time i went to the principals office is a day i will never forget.It was when i was in the 5th grade Feburary 12th i was sitting in class doing my work when my teacher called me up to his desk and told me to grab my things im going down to the principals office. I was so nervous/scared and didnt know why i...
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  • A Consumers Report - 600 Words
    A CONSUMER'S REPORT 1. Who is being addressed? What pronoun is being used? Is this appropriate? The ‘manufacturer' (i.e. God, Allah) but not parents. You is the pronoun, second person. It takes a lot for granted to be addressing God in such a manner. 2. Who is the narrator? What pronoun is being used? What is the effect? The symbolic everyman or woman. First person singular is used. The effect is to ask genuine questions and make personalized statements, yet with ironic humour given...
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  • Top Ten questions of Life adjustment
    Especially question 3 and 4. The questions clearly ASKED for information systems, communication methods, and decision-making ability with culture within an organization and the influence on culture in the workplace within the organization and nothing of that nature was mention. Again the name of the organization was never mention even though it clearly said either CAMBRIDGE CARE CENTER OR BERKLEY MANOR CARE CENTER ALL IN COLORADO NON WAS STATED IN THE PAPER. I DO NOT KNOW WHICH...
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  • Assignment 1: Logic Application
    Assignment 1: Logic Application Andy, Belle, Carol, and I are playing the game Guess Your Card. In the game, each person draws three cards without looking from a stack of cards containing contain multiple cards ranging in denomination from one to nine. Each person then places the cards on his or her forehead so that all of the other players can see the others’ cards, but cannot see their own. There is also a stack of questions that each person draws from in turn. These questions help the...
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  • Chinese Revision Lessons 1 - 14 Beginners
    巴克; 阿布力米提.巴克;; Samuel Alexander Building W309, 0161 275 3177 January January 2012 revision evision, New General revision, Book 1, New Practical Chinese Reader (Chapters 1-14) Part Notions Part I Language Notions Numerals Numeral Numerals 一、二(两) 、三、四、五、六、七、八、九、十、十一、十二、 十三、十四、十五、十六、十七、十八、十九、二十、三十、四十、 五十、六十、七十、八十、九十、九十一、九十二、九十三、 九十四、九十五、九十六、九十七、九十八、九十九、一百、 二/两百、三百、四百、五百、六百、七百、八百、九百、 四百二十五、六百七十三、八百四十九、九百九十九 101 414 203 515 405 616...
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  • English Grammar: Usage of Tenses
    The Present Perfect Continuous By Hazel Fallas (HF) and Adrian Sanchez (AS) USE 1 Duration from the Past Until Now • We use the Present Perfect Continuous to show that something started in the past and has continued up until now. • "For five minutes," "for two weeks," and "since Tuesday" are all durations which can be used with the Present Perfect Continuous. Example Use 1 • It began raining two hours ago. • It is STILL raining now. It has been raining for two hours. • This...
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  • Rent a Car Case Study
    Analyze enterprise’s service quality survey. What information is it trying to gather? What are its research objectives? The company is trying to gather the following information Level of Customer satisfaction, customer friendly process information, employee efficiency, customer expectation, information to decide the product mix, market segmentation and targeting, customer loyalty and demand forecast The research objective of the company is to know its customer expectation and market...
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  • Legal Issues in Interviewing - 514 Words
     Legal Issues in Interviewing By: Rebecca Hart 1. Workplace Bundle: I would never try to pronounce the name the way Lance did. I would simply ask how to pronounce the candidate’s name. I would then ask the candidate to tell me a little about themselves. This is the part the usually will disclose where they are from, if they have children, married or not, where they went to school, and their interests. 2. Incarceration Insult: If I felt that the...
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  • The Book: a Message to Garcia
    A Message To Garcia The book, A Message To Garcia, was written by Elbert Hubbard in 1899. It is a story about a lieutenant in the army, during the Spanish-American war, that was given a difficult task. When given this task, the lieutenant, did not question it, but too the information that was given to him and completed it. The book then goes on to talk about how in society now, if a worker was given a task, it would be highly unlikely that the worker would not complete it without questions. In...
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  • What is active listening
    What is active listening? When is it appropriate to use an active listening style? Active listening is when you’re able to signal that you understand and support someone. By active listening you put together the speaker’s message through their nonverbal and verbal content and feelings. Three techniques of active listening are paraphrasing the speakers meaning, asking questions, and expressing understanding of the speaker’s feelings. By stating what you think the speaker meant shows your...
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  • Shoeless Joe Question Session
    In today’s water cooler report about the novel Shoeless Joe, a lot of interesting questions were asked. One of the questions that was asked was how has baseball changed since Shoeless Joe’s day? Do you like the changes? As the discussion started, Jay said “there are more drugs in baseball now days than in Shoeless Joe’s time.” Everyone agreed with Jay. Dhiren said that the player’s salary is a lot more, “like in the millions”. Pravena said that the baseball games were in the night. However, I...
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  • Static Image Essay - 265 Words
    Static Image Essay My Cd cover is based on the text ‘The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time’. My target audiences are teenagers and people with mental disabilities. Visual feature 1: The question and exclamation marks. This is relevant because it relates to both people with and without mental disabilities. The line dividing the two marks is a representation of how in modern society people with mental disabilities and with out is usually divided in to two groups, which...
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  • market research - 1719 Words
    Market Research Assignment 2 Part A What is a questionnaire? A questionnaire is a formalised means of collecting data from respondents. The questions may be either open-ended, where respondents are required to answer in their own words, or multiple-choice, where respondents are required to select one or more answers from those provided. The respondents may also be provided with checklists or rating scales all of which was used effectively in this Assignment. The questions may also be...
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  • To Autumn - Poem - 596 Words
    Comparing and contrasting Text A and B In the poem To Autumn, it celebrates the rebounding nature. The symbolic aspects of life, in preparation for death; Keats was devoted to poetry due to personal problems. In contrast of the extract, it’s about celebrating and sharing with people about the markets in Italy about the exotic vegetables; he’s excited and wants to communicate with the reader. Both texts are describing what they see like e.g. plumps, hazel shells, vegetables, and a sense of...
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  • Practice Essay - 650 Words
    Practice Essay In class I have studied two speculative fiction short stories. Speculative fiction is a story genre that puts ordinary people in extraordinary situations, asking the question “what if?” It also opens up disturbing questions about humanity and society. “Visiting the Millionaire” by George Anthony and “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury are both examples of spec-fiction because they both raise questions about humanity and society and the way that we treat other people. Another...
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  • Least Favourite Character - 371 Words
    My Least Favourite Character My least favourite character in the novel ‘Stargirl’ is Hilary. I don’t particularly have a strong distaste for her. I simply think that throughout the story there were many opportunities for Hilary to become more open-minded and to mature, but whenever these opportunities came, she would bluntly reject them. She let her pride and fear of the unknown interfere with her life, and due to this she ended up hurting those who were around her, including herself....
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  • A playbook for Strategy, Summary - 558 Words
    A playbook for strategy 11/14/2013 The article discusses the five essential questions at the heart of any winning strategy. The author believes that answering these five questions can define and create a successful strategy of an organization, no matter what type, size or context it is. The first question asks after the winning aspiration. Most companies have a general or abstract mission, state or vision that makes no reference to competitions, customers or...
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  • The Sandra Bullock Trade - David Brooks
    David Brooks The Sandra Bullock Trade David Brooks effectively engages the reader in the text quickly by asking the reader a direct question already in the third line. “Would you take that as a deal? Would you exchange a tremendous professional triumph for a severe personal blow?” By doing so, he makes the reader fell like he is talking directly to him/or she, and that way fell more engaged and curious about David Brooks opinion. Almost right after, in line 10 he answers the question by...
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  • Marketing Communications Memo - 314 Words
     Current Events in Business Research RES/351 December 16, 2013 Saba Tahmassebi In my current position I work at our local cable company in the Quality Department. My team not only reviews calls on call center employees but we also work with Corporate Escalations. Our process for all escalation starts out with researching the complaint; make contact with the customer and finalize a resolution that hopefully satisfies the customer. When researching the...
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  • To what extent is our memory reliable?
    To What Extent Is Our Memory Reliable? Position Statement Memory is an essential cognitive function that processes the implementation and retrieval of information that is processes. It is a function that is relied on in many instances, such as the legal system’s use of eyewitness testimony. Recently, research has demonstrated that memory may not be as reliable as we think, as it may be influenced by other factors than what was originally recorded, due to the reconstructive nature of memory,...
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  • Using Extended Hypnotic Language Patterns
    Using Extended Hypnotic Language Patterns “Yes, price is an important thing to focus on and in your position I would be focusing on it too and I have a question for you. As you are focusing on the price of something, getting a feeling about price and listening to your inner advisor, what really is the most important thing about the price you pay? Is it the value you get for your money? Feeling like you were working with a true professional that held your interest as important? Not feeling that...
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  • Analytical Thinking - 797 Words
    A Study on Extramission Beliefs (Assignment 1) Carizza Rivera Abstract A visual misconception where light rays emanate from the eyes during visual perception is known as the extramission theory and was investigated in first, third and fifth graders and college students to examine whether they held this belief. A set of verbal “yes” or “no” response based questions was conducted asking participants questions regarding their perception on the process of vision which resulted in greater...
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  • Outline and evaluate the effect of misleading information on eyewitness testimony PLAN
    Outline and evaluate the effect of misleading information on eyewitness testimony. (8 Marks) Plan Eyewitness testimony is the evidence given in court or in police investigations by someone who has witnessed a crime or an accident. A leading question is a question phrased in such a way as to prompt a particular kind of answer. Talk about Loftus and Palmer; Aim; to find out if changing the wording of a question could distort someone’s ability to recall memory of an event. Method; Showed...
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  • culture barriers reflection - 634 Words
    In this reflection I shall be writing about a new birth visit which was done on a Muslim family. It was decided prior to the visit that I would be leading the assessment, under the supervision of a fully qualified health visitor. Before entering the house of the family consent was gained from the father. The father had taken us upstairs into a bedroom where the mother who was staying, as they shared the house with other members of the father’s family. In the bedroom there was no obvious place...
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  • Life After Graduation - 308 Words
    Life after graduation can be an emotional rollercoaster for an aspiring careerist. The joy of getting the interview and the agony of receiving a rejection letter shortly after. One company in particular preys on college graduates. However, with out customer service experience the chances of getting hired are slim to none. The interviewing process for this cellular phone service provider is tedious to say the least. The method used is referred to as the STAR Method which stands for Situation,...
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  • My Finial Project Reflection
    DRAFT COPY Reflective Essay, Group Project & Discussion Question Guidelines for Effective Writing Peace Studies 1050, Introduction to Peace Studies Spring, 2009 FOR ALL ASSIGNMENTS: Be sure to have your name AND lab section (A,B,C,D,E, or F) at the top of the assignment! One reflective essay (four to six pages), one Group Project, one final essay and fourteen discussion questions ( ½ to ¾ page each—may be longer) will be assigned at various times throughout the term...
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  • Active Listening Case Study
    Jackie Abraham has been preparing for an important presentation to a new client that if done well, it could start an excellent relationship. She has done a lot of research on the project along with Ed Rollins. The morning of the presentation, Jackie’s son becomes ill and she won’t be able to make the presentation. She gives Ed a call and tells him that he will need to make the presentation without her. While Jackie is explaining where the latest version of the presentation is, Ed starts...
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  • Apollo Shoes Fraud - 213 Words
    To: Henry Merrell From: Nathan Trapp Subject: Concern about Apollo Audit Mrs. Diaz: While looking over the planning material for Apollo Shoes, I came across a situation I would like to bring to your attention regarding a potential risk factor. I identified the risk in the recorded minutes for the meeting held on June 30, 2011, found on page 33 of the planning materials. It explains that Apollo will advance Mr. Lancaster’s secretary a personal loan in the amount of one million dollar. He...
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  • Golf-Course: Teeing Up a New Strategic Direction
    MBA506- FINAL EXAM GOLF-COURSE: TEEING UP A NEW STRATEGIC DIRECTION ANNA GIVEN THE RESEARCH QUESTIONS INFERRED FROM THE ABOVE (SEE BELOW), HOW APPROPRIATE WERE THOSE MEASUREMENT QUESTIONS? In, My opinion Questions are not as appropriate as it should be. Since the first priority of every golf-club is to provide better Golf service. However MGCC service was not meeting the expectations of members for golf-club and also dining services. Questions were very general and can't make any profitable...
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  • Unit 305 Case Study 1
    You are a senior care worker and have been asked to mentor a colleague who is finding it difficult to understand the importance of obtaining consent from individuals receiving a service. Everyone receiving care is an individual and should be treated as such. Not everyone has two sugars in their tea or likes liver and onions for supper. Things that differ between individuals other than their preferences is the way in which they communicate, not all people receiving care can tell you verbally...
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  • CELTA Assignment 1 - 646 Words
    CELTA – Language Related Tasks 1. a vandal - (intermediate) a) ‘A vandal’ can be defined as ‘someone who destroys or damages buildings’. b) One way of eliciting ‘a vandal’ can be to show different pictures that focus on an individual damaging and breaking property. Ask the class the following question to draw the answer out of them: What do you call the man who is doing this? (while pointing at the person in the picture) c) The following concept check questions can be asked:...
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  • A Message to Garcia. story Review
    A Message to Garcia The story of A Message to Garcia first starts when a war broke out between Spain and the United States. While the war broke out Garcia was somewhere in the mountains of Cuba, no one had any whereabouts. There was no way to reach Garcia and the President had a mission on mind, he needed Garcia and he was set on finding him. A name was mentioned to the President of a man named Rowan, it was said he could find Garcia for him. Rowan had been assigned to deliver a letter...
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  • qnt351 - 384 Words
    • “Question A” asks “In which division you work?” stats show that the food and housekeeping employees fairly represented the survey; however, stats show that only 12% maintenance department represented the survey. The management team must keep in mind that the survey produced only a 17.3% response from employees, therefore it is most reasonable to believe that the maintenance department had the largest non-response rate. • Question B asks “How long have you worked for BIMS?” the data provided...
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  • Individual Presentation Analysis - 485 Words
    Individual Presentation Analysis Monique Dean ENG/135 April 21, 2013 Kim Holloway Individual Presentation Analysis Conducting face-to-face presentations are different from conducting online presentations. When in front of a group of people or face-to-face, there should be a plan to involve the audience in the discussion. For example, taking a short break to have a questions segment about something that was discussed would be ideal. While in an...
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  • Stronghold Kingdoms - 260 Words
    *Please use these formats when asking or sending goods to someone. Will help our faction stay organized and reduce confusion.* -When asking for goods: V: (Village name here) (Good you need): (How much of it) *Use one of these formats for each village* --Example: V: Supp. Base 1.0 Stone: 5k or 5000 Bows: 50 V: Supp. Base 1.1 Wood: 10k Pikes: 30 Armour: 30 -When sending goods that someone asked for: V: (Village name here)-(Sent) (Good sent): (How much of it you sent)...
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  • Theorist Interview - 339 Words
     Theorist: Nola Pender Interview Maryville University We, as group 3, have chosen Nola Pender to Interview. She is a very busy women but has surprisingly made time for us. She has agreed to sit down with us and allow us to ask her a few questions, which we are sure she has answered many times before. When she arrived we were impressed, and felt a little underdressed, when she walked in in her blue business suite and hair obviously just fixed from the...
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  • Question To A Famous Person - 339 Words
    If I was to meet a famous person and get the privilege of asking them one question, it would depend on many different factors. These factors would influence the kind of question I would ask as they would determine the kind of information I would extract from the famous personality. Factors such as the famous individual’s occupation, the place of meeting the acquaintance to the famous personality, would influence the kind of question I would ask. “What did you do and how did you do it to get to...
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  • Using The SIOP Instrument Paper
     Using the SIOP® Instrument Paper Serena Hampton Dr. Kopczynki SEI 503 February 2, 2015 SIOP Scoring The teacher had an overall great lesson on writing to the editor. Her objectives were not clearly stated on the board or reviewed with the students. She did however in each segment explained what was forthcoming in the assignment. The teacher used a primary source on the letter to an editor from a newspaper. This was highly effective because...
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  • Providing High Quality Services
    HIGH QUALITY SERVICES I am the type of person that wants to provide high quality services in whatever I do. I pay attention to the customers needs and I think that making a great sale depends on how satisfied the customer is, not only by measuring how much money the company got. During the time I’ve learnt that the customer is the most important person from the company. Even if I met nice people coming in our Travel agency, I had once a customer that came which was really rude. He was...
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  • Ahhhh - 1228 Words
    Exam Name___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Choose the odd one out. 1) _______ A) Internet B) Postal C) Telephone D) In-Depth 2) It is sensible to use hyperlinks to help your respondent with ________. 2) _______ A) Delivery and collection questionnaires B) Telephone questionnaires C) On-line...
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  • Literary Analysis Popular Mechanics
    Katie Shamblin Mr. Standridge ENG 102-031 28 September 2010 Questions Unanswered Life is often presented with unanswered questions. Unanswered questions in literature cause the reader to wonder. However, there are also questions the author purposefully wants the reader to ask at the beginning of a work in order to leave the reader hanging. In Raymond Carver’s “Popular Mechanics,” he causes the reader to wonder. Carver uses ambiguity throughout his work in several different ways causing the...
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  • Bartleby Reflection - 336 Words
    AVS 101 Allante Castle Bartleby Reading Reflection Assignment 10/9/2012 I met this kid named Josh in my Calculus class the first week of school. Josh is tall, has jet black shaggy hair, very pale skin, and really big ears that stick out through his hair. But what mostly distinguish Josh from others are his very blue eyes. Josh never speaks in class, even when the teacher asks him for and answers. One day in class, I needed something to write with and he was willing to give me...
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  • Role of Pornography in Society - 742 Words
    Prior to researching this topic, I made it a point to write down my opinion on pornography in which I stated, “I am completely indifferent about the status of pornography in today’s society, I feel as if it is neither detrimental nor necessary”. Therefore, I started this research with an empty opinion on pornography however, it was altered as soon as I read the first article. A few minutes later, my opinion was completely flipped again after reading an opposing article. In other words, the fact...
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  • Cypwf - 766 Words
    CACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Children’s and young people’s workforce Worksheet CYP Core 3.2 Assessment criteria 2.3 1) Explain what a person-centred approach is, and why it is important? (Include at least one referenced quotation from your research) ‘An important part of this theory is that in a particular psychological environment, the fulfilment of personal potentials includes sociability, the need to be with other human beings and a desire to know and be known by other people. It...
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  • Teaching plan example - 2273 Words
    LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE Name: Date: March 28, 2013 Class: Primary 2 – 2A Time: 12:25pm – 1:05pm (40 minutes) Class profile: Class 2A is considered as the “elite” class in our primary school. The class size has significantly increased since a lot of students were promoted to 2A, at the start of this school year. These students have very good reading and writing skills, but when it comes to speaking, they can be quite soft spoken when speaking in front of class...
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  • stakeholder - 3130 Words
    An Integrated Distance Learning System Capable of Supporting Interactions for Asynchronous Distance Learning Shimon Sakai, Tsunenobu Narahara, Naoaki Mashita, Hiroshi Shigeno, Ken-ichi Okada School of Science for OPEN and Environmental Systems, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University 3-14-1 Hiyoshi, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, 223-8522 Japan Yutaka Matsushita Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan Banzai-Biru, 2-31-19, Shiba, Kohoku-ku,...
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  • Essay Plan - 18675 Words
     Essay-style Answers to Exam Questions Your essay should have three main parts: introduction, body and conclusion. Make a Plan (outline the points you intend to cover). Remember to write in the 3rd person Passive Voice (do not use “I”). Use academic English with no slang or colloquialisms. Introduction: Paraphrase the Question. Give a Definition. Signpost: list all the areas you intend to cover when addressing the topic You will need approximately 3 - 5 points for a good...
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  • To Kill a Mocking Bird Notes
    TKAM notes Chapter 17-26 (pg 166-237) * Mr. Tate describes the event of Maya being raped and how he was the first one called By Mr.Ewell * He speaks about the bruises on her right eye and on the rest of her body * Atticus asked why they didn’t first call a doctor to attend Maya but no response came and he kept making sure that it was her right eye that was damaged * Scout describes how The Ewells’s are one of the most wretched people in the county and how dirty and filthy they...
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  • ba245 - 1404 Words
     Heather Walker Bryant Adam. “Hannah Paramore, on keeping Strengths from Running Amok “The New York Time Business Day Bryant starts the article by introducing Hannah Paramore , which is the present of Paramore , the digital Agency .The article then goes in to a series of question asked by Bryant to Paramore, the first question asked was where you in leadership roles when you were younger .Paramore answered the question by saying that if you asked her mother or teacher...
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  • Coaching Skills Workshop - Journal 5
    COACHING SKILLS WORKSHOPCRS-2211/1.5- 001 | Journal Five | J. Lynn Bowles | | Student # 3009352 | 10/2/2012 | This is the final or fifth of five journal responses to a Coaching Skills Workshop held on Sept. 14 to Sept. 16 | I find that a lot of the questions asked in this final tidbit “aftermath” are questions I never really get to talk to people about. In the conflict between Dave and Tiff I would try and ask how things were going, but beyond a simple “fine” they...
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  • Abortion: Human Rights and Health Concerns
    Abortion is a controversial issue that opens allows for a large field of topics. These can run the gamut from moral to legal. Below are just a few examples that could assist in narrowing the scope of abortion. Note that there are many more areas that could narrow this subject and give you a better idea on the kinds of questions to ask. Legal Moral Women Rights Health Concerns to Women This is also a good idea for any other issue or subject you encounter in your academic writing career....
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  • Free Trial Membership Thing
    Originally, when I started this, the direction I wanted to take the essay in is on a level that that dealt with individual people and not society as a whole. However, the more I look into this question, the more I see the necessity in speaking about everything The term ignorance is a term used to describe those who have not been fortunate enough to gain an education worthy of an American. However, one of the main things that have made Americans Society boom is the American ever lasting...
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  • The Impact of Event Scale to Map Symptoms into Two Categories: Intrusion and Avoidance
    The participants of this study were students of Jokela High School, the school which experienced the shooting, and a control group of students from Pirkkala High school, which had not experienced a shooting. Jokela High School, at the time, had 474 students enrolled. All 474 of these students were asked to partake in the study. Participation in this study was voluntary and of the 474 students, 231 accepted the invitation to participate in the study, 180 students declined, 34 students could not...
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  • I Stand Here Ironing
    "I Stand Here Ironing", is the story about a mother telling moments of her daughter life to social worker, or someone important. The story starts off with someone asking the question of why the mother is not too involved in her daughter life. Ms. Olsen the author of this story does not do the best job of explaining just what is going on in the daughter, "Susan's" life. A lot of the story seems to shift so frequently that it is often hard to tell what is going on. Or seems to present the...
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  • Death of a Salesman What Questions Has the Play Raised so Far? Does the Audience Have Any Answers?
    Death of a Salesman What questions has the play raised so far? Does the audience have any answers? From reading three quarters of ‘Death of a salesman’ many questions have surfaced from the play. I think that the main question that has been raised so far from the play is the American Dream. The American Dream is the dream people have for themselves and their family; good job, good home, good life and to be treated fairly. In Willy loman case anyone who worked hard and was “well liked” in...
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  • Example Lab Experiment - 335 Words
    I’ve examined the existing research and have noted three suggestive treatments for alleviating jet lag: 1) doses of Vitamin B complex; 2) 10 minutes of meditation; and 3) 15 minutes of aerobic exercise. Each suggestive treatment is complete with a reasonable physiological rationale. I have come up with an experiment to test the 3 variables to figure out what treatments if any will work the best. My hypothesis is that all 3 of the suggestive treatments when done before flying on an...
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  • Argument Essay - 755 Words
    Romikeo Duzant Mrs. Kaufman 14th November 2013 Word Count: 754 Argument Essay Some individuals would agree that torture would be necessary if terrorist/criminals that were captured possessed information that could potentially harm millions of people or families. Now torture has taken on a whole new meaning. Torture is the action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone as a punishment or to force them to do or say something, or for the pleasure of the person inflicting the pain....
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  • Unit 1 P5,P6,M3,D2
    Unit 1 P5, P6, M3, D2 I am on placement in an eye hospital and I carried out one to one communication with a patient, it was whiteness by my placement supervisor. I used argyles communication theory to help me to successfully achieve affective communication. This one to one took place on the 20th of November 2012. In stage one I started deciding that I was going to carry out a one to one with a patient. I decided to talk to them and begun to think about what I was going to ask the patient....
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  • Lifeskills Research Paper - 717 Words
    Life Skills Research Paper (Research Question) Why do most of the people question God and asks “why?“ after a disaster or tragedy strikes? I chose this as my research question, because until now, many people are still questioning God about these natural disasters, terrorist attacks and tragic accidents that are happening. And i‘m still curious about it. For example, when a loved one dies, people asks “why?“. “Why?“. It is heartbreaking to see how much sorrow and pain can be packed into this...
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  • Case Assignment 1 - 899 Words
     JaQuayla Cameron BUSI 600 November 8, 2014 Liberty University The scenario in this case study illustrates Penton Media, a publisher of business magazines such as Industry Week, Machine Design, and Restaurant Hospitality, as having a decline in their use of publication reader service cards. While there was exponential progress of reader card responses within a period of five years from 1992 to 1997, the numbers began to drop in later years. Because of the decline, Penton Media...
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  • Effects of Vices to a Student in (Name a Particular School)
    Effects of vices to students in (name a particular school) By: Fadri, Mherinel Metila, Bean Tanguin, Marielle Effects of vices to students in (name a particular school) General Problem: This research aims to study the effects of vices to students in HCJM and the diseases that they could contract because of this. Particularly, the study aims to answer the following questions: * Among these vices, which one/s do students use? * What are the effects of vices to the students of HCJM...
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  • Public Speaking Critical Thinking
    Everyone Is Closely Connected As we all know, the relationship between the people to people is always closely. When we born in this world as a person, the first crowd that we have is our family, include the lovely parents and grandparents. They will very carefully take care of us and patiently teach us. The second crowd that we have is our friends and classmates in the school. They will enthusiastic help us and not boring to listen to our troubles. The third crowd that we have is our colleagues...
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  • Personal Space - 1428 Words
    Breaking the Regular Personal space is an invisible boundary separating one from others to be normally content. When violated, one may feel discomfort, anxiety, or even anger. As humans, we set rules in our minds called customs. Many of these vary from culture to culture but some are universal. One of those universal rules is the idea of personal space. In America, we have a strong sense of personal space, especially when it comes to strangers invading that space. From what I have experienced...
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  • Kenworth - 302 Words
    Overview of the Case: The OD consultant receives a telephone call from Robert Denton, plant manager of Kenworth Motors who was referred by a sailing friend who was a colleague of the consultant. Denton has held his job for eight months and believes things are generally going well, but has a sense things could be better. He invites the consultant to visit him and discuss his situation. The consultant does a little research about the company prior to the meeting but was thoughtful about...
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  • Steven Pinker Summary - 279 Words
    ____________________________________________________________ _______________ Name: Ishan Bajoria, Date: 8th September, 2010 ____________________________________________________________ _______________ Pinker opens with a list of propositional questions well chosen to delineate some, but not all. They were just examples of many scholarly questions that have elicited intemperate, emotional, moralistic or illiberal responses. They may sound reasonable enough upon first pass, but is...
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  • Hunting for a job - 582 Words
    Stylistic analysis of the text “Hunting for a job” by Mc Clure Samuel Sidney McClure (1857-1949) created the first literary syndicate and developed "muckraking," which established him as one of America's notable editors. He was born in County Antrim, Ireland, and emigrated with his widowed mother to Indiana when he was nine years old. He grew up nearly impoverished on a farm and graduated from Valparaiso High School in 1875. He worked his way through Knox College, where he co-founded its...
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  • Noun Clauses - 633 Words
    Noun Clauses A NOUN CLAUSE is a group of words with a subject and a verb WHO WHEN WHOM You can recognize a noun clause by one of the relative pronouns or adverbs that begin the clause A noun clause consists of three components:  A relative pronoun or adverb  A subject  A verb Noun clauses function like Uses of Noun Clauses  After some verbs and adjectives  To include a question in a statement (embedded questions)  To report what someone has said or asked Noun...
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  • Interpersonal Conflict in Film - 629 Words
    Interpersonal Conflict in Film Marcia Ray COM 200 Prof. Selena Smith Interpersonal Conflict in Film Interpersonal conflict in film is the same as in life. There are times when things are said that are taken out of context and you wish they could be retracted. There were many instances of conflict in the film I chose. After watching this film, I learned to be careful of what is said and how it is said to avoid escalating any incident you may have in an active...
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  • Theory of recollection from Plato's writings about Socrates
    The theory of recollection, according to Socrates, means that before we are born we possess all knowledge. We are never taught anything new, but instead reminded of things we already know. Socrates deduces this from the argument that the soul is immortal, "as the soul is immortal, has been born often and has seen all things here and in the underworld, there is nothing which it has not learned; so it is in no way surprising that it can recollect things it knew before...". This makes sense if we...
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  • Asking the Right Questions as a Project Manager
    Asking the right questions is the cornerstone of ensuring project success. If the right questions aren’t asked, then it is unlikely to get the information you need to make good decisions. Questions need to be asked throughout the project, not just at the beginning when outlining the project. There are many questions that come to mind to guarantee achievement on a project. At the inception of a project crucial questions are asked for various reasons. Executives, managers and team members...
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  • Pr Meeting Agenda - 352 Words
    EB2501 Advanced English for Business Communication 2 Minutes of the 3rd Meeting of the Advanced English for Business Communication 2 group project team was held on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 in Lecture Room 304 on UG3 /F, China Chem Plaza, Tsim Sha Shui East, Hong Kong Present: Ms. Kazaf Chung (Chairperson) Ms. Mandy Wong (Secretary) Mr. Louis Ching (Member) 1. Apologies for Absence No apologies for absence were received. 2. Minutes from the Last Meeting The minutes of the last...
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  • Ihs Jasper Chase - 1086 Words
    Crystal Robinson 6/25/2011 ENGL 1003 Final Essay Jasper Chase is a young successful Author who is a resident of a small close nit college town named Raymond. Jasper has one successful book and is said to be working on a new novel. He also attended the First Church of Raymond where he accepted from the Rev Henry Maxwell to pledge himself, earnestly and honestly, for an entire year, not to do anything without first asking the question, ‘What would Jesus do?’ and after asking that question...
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