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  • Indonesia - 1231 Words
    Assignment: Case 1 Action Items 1. Read the case at the end of Chapter 2 in International Business. 2. Write a 4 -page case analysis. Include section headers in your case analysis. Cite resources as appropriate to support your findings. 3. Submit your paper to Your professor will supply the course ID and password for the course. The case should analysis is to contain the following sections: Section 1: "Provide a general description........" Hopefully this is...
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  • Indonesia - 678 Words
    The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of Indonesia is 17000 islands, beaches, good food and people with beautiful smiles on their faces. I have visited Indonesia a couple of times before and that is exactly what I found except for the over population part. I visited Indonesia as a tourist before and what I experienced there made me fall in love with Indonesia. This is one major reason why I want to go back there and work. My summer holidays will start at the end of June and I...
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  • Indonesia - 1665 Words
     INDONESIA Indonesia is a beautiful country from its amazing views to its unique culture; there is no place like it so it is very special. It has a very distinctive history as well as having a variety in religion even though a specific belief is the majority. This country is made up of clusters of islands in the ocean which gives them a beautiful perspective due to the ocean being really close to the population. Although Indonesia is a wonderful place, there are also...
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  • Globalization in Indonesia - 936 Words
    The 1997-1998 globalization effects in Indonesia “In 1998 20% of the Indonesian population were below the poverty line. In 1999, 28% of the population was below the poverty line. Then in 2000, 22% of the population was below the poverty line” (Rukmana). The International Monetary Fund (IMF) claims to help countries in poverty achieve macroeconomic stability to reduce poverty. Macroeconomic stability is the balance of healthy rates of: GDP, unemployment, and price indices (Gupya)....
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  • Corruption in Indonesia - 77495 Words
    Combating Corruption in Indonesia Enhancing Accountability for Development World Bank East Asia Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit October 20, 2003 Acknowledgements This draft discussion report is the product of a core team consisting of Sarwar Lateef (task team leader), Chris Bennett, Bert Hofman, David Hawes, Merly Khouw (consultant), Anne-Lise Klausen, Debbie Palmer (Partnership for Governance Reform in Indonesia), Naseer Rana and Rajiv Sondhi. Peter van Tuijl...
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  • Gillette in Indonesia - 1506 Words
     GILLETTE INDONESIAN Given the information and the projections for 1996 behavior of the Indonesian market, Should Chester Allan implement his strategy based on increase only sales, instead of focusing efforts on market development (marketing, promotion, supply chain) aside of sales, just as Rigoberto Effio suggests? BACKGROUND GILLETE Since its creation in 1901, Gillette has established a solid worldwide leadership as a producer of razors and blades, as well as other consumer...
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  • Music of Indonesia - 432 Words
    Indonesia is an archipelago or group of islands in Southeast Asia and Oceania and is home to over two hundred thirty eight million people. So as one can imagine the overall culture of the area already differs island by island. The thousands of islands result in hundreds of forms of music. The islands of Java, Sumatra, Bali and Flores have been documented and recorded in respect to music, because of the regions huge size scholars are still studying other islands. The largest ethnic group is the...
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  • Indonesia Republic - 3281 Words
    | History, Economy, Politics, Social and Cultural Activities of | Republic of Indonesia | | Shalini Abigail Priyanka C | | | History of Indonesia: The History of Indonesia was shaped by its geographic position, its natural resources, the series of human migrations, contacts, economy and trade, conquests and politics. Indonesia is an archipelagic country of 17,508 islands (6,000 inhabited) stretching along the equator in South East Asia. The country's strategic sea-lane...
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  • Inflation and Indonesia - 3624 Words
    PESTEL analysis of Indonesia | October 3 2009 | SUBMITTED TO: MR. SUNDERASAN SUBMITTED BY: Hitesh GoyalNirupan ChakravarthiSainath.V MBA 12 and PGPRM-9 | | Introduction: Indonesia is one of the largest countries in South-east Asia, between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean which contain mainly mountainous and covered with rain forests, swamps and consists over 13000 islands. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. Indonesia declared its independence on 17th August 1945 from Japan...
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  • Music of Indonesia - 3179 Words
    ------------------------------------------------- Music of Indonesia The music of Indonesia demonstrates its cultural diversity, the local musical creativity, as well as subsequent foreign musical influences that shaped contemporary music scenes of Indonesia. Nearly thousands of Indonesian islands having its own cultural and artistic history and character.[1] This results in hundreds of different forms of music, which often accompanies dance and theater. The musics...
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  • Englih in Indonesia - 566 Words
    ENGLISH EDUCATION IN INDONESIA Topic : Education 1. Introduction General Statements : Education quality in Indonesia has been increasing every year. Supporting Ideas (SI) : Government Policy, which use to help increasing quality of education in Indonesia. Thesis Statement : The three of advantages of using english education are about the efficiently, the skill that are caused by english education, and the cultural awareness. 2. Body * Topic : Student can learn English faster...
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  • Gillette Indonesia - 492 Words
    Decision & Background: Chester Allan, Gillette's country manager in Indonesia, projected a 19% increase in blade sales, while Rigoberto Effio, business director of Asia- Pacific, believed that sales could be increased 25-30% in that same period. Allan must now create a marketing plan to meet to meet these growth expectations. The dynamic Republic of Indonesia has incredible opportunities for growth with its rapidly growing economy and population. More than 2 million Indonesians were entering...
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  • Gilete Indonesia - 1258 Words
    Gillette Indonesia Case Study Introduction Gillette has been the world’s leader in blades and razors for more than one hundred years. Chester Allan, country manager in Indonesia, predicts the 1996 sales and growth of the company in his marketing plan. He expects growth of 19 % in the blade sales-from 115 million in 1995 to 136 million in 1996. However, Rigoberto Effio, Gillette Business Director Asia-Pacific, sees more potential in Indonesian market. He knows the growth rates in the other...
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  • Independence of Indonesia - 1037 Words
    Decolonization in Indonesia Reynaldi Gunawan Grade 12 Indonesia started their decolonization process at 1820. It took them about 130 years to successfully decolonized themselves from the Dutch, which happened in 1950. They Dutch already colonized Indonesia even way before 1820, but Indonesia started the struggle in the year 1820. Even though Indonesia gained independence in 1945, they haven’t get rid of the Dutch until 1950, so the process of decolonization ended at 1950 instead of 1945....
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  • Indonesia Tradition - 1035 Words
    DEATH CEREMONY RITUALS IN SULAWESI SELATAN WRITTEN BY: ADINDA RIZKI NIRMALA 2012/338097/SV/02553 PROGRAM STUDI BAHASA INGGRIS SEKOLAH VOKASI UNIVERSITAS GADJAH MADA YOGYAKARTA 2012 INTRODUCTION South Sulawesi divided into 20 regencies. One of them is called Tana Toraja, which is located on plateau in the north of capital city of South Sulawesi, Makassar. South Sulawesi known with their various ethnic groups such as: Suku Bugis, Suku Makassar, and Suku Toraja. The latest...
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  • Oligarchy in Indonesia - 1579 Words
    Oligarchy in Indonesia INTRODUCTION The word oligarchy originated from the Greek word oligarkhia, oligoi ‘few’ and arkhein ‘to rule’ which as a system refers to the politics of wealth defense by materially endowed actors. While oligarchs are actors who command and control massive concentrations of material resources that can be deployed to defend or enhance their personal wealth or exclusive social position. Oligarchs pose a problem as they are composed by extremely wealthy individuals, only...
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  • Bandung, Indonesia - 2080 Words
    Bandung, Indonesia Place to place and city to city. There is plenty much to see in this world. From Bandung to Melbourne—London—New York. What is really matter, though, it is not where you at. What matters most is, well, YOURSELF. Bandung (pronounced [bənˈduŋ]) Indonesian, Kota Bandung is the capital of West Java province in Indonesia, and the country's third largest city, and 2nd largest metropolitan area in Indonesia. Located 768 m (2,520 ft) above sea level, approximately 140 km southeast of...
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  • Economy of Indonesia - 1926 Words
    Economy of Indonesia Indonesia, an archipelago country comprises 13,466 islands and 33 provinces. During the 7th century, Indonesian archipelago played an important trade region, trading with China and India. Due to trade influence, the country slowly adapts foreign cultural, religious and political models from their trading partners. During early centuries, religion especially Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms was well received and developed. Indonesian has vase natural resources thus foreign...
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  • Exporting to Indonesia - 3584 Words
     Contents Page ABOUT OS SOLUTIONS OS Solutions is an Australian company with its headquarters based in Brisbane, Queensland. As an international company, OS Solutions prides itself by helping its clients build healthy business partnerships and relationships. Services provided by the company always contain accurate information that will help benefit companies business dealings and reputation. OS Solutions specializes in researching countries for our clients and making...
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  • culture of indonesia - 1046 Words
    Culture of Indonesia The present day culture of Indonesia is an outcome of the interplay of age-old- traditions from the time of early migrants and the Western thought brought by Portuguese traders and Dutch colonists. The basic principles, which guide life include the concepts of mutual assistance and consultations to arrive at a consensus. Derived from rural life, this system is still very much in use in community life across the country. Indigenous has been instrumental in securing gender...
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  • Ikea in Indonesia - 1604 Words
    IKEA in Indonesia Background IKEA Company was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad. The name of IKEA is originally formed from the first letter of the founder’s name and the names of the property and the village where he grew up. At the beginning, IKEA produced and sold simple things (such as pens, wallets, table, pictures frame, watches and jewellery) in the base of low price. The production of furniture in IKEA began during 1947 and in 1955 IKEA Company started to design its own furniture....
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  • Uniqlo in Indonesia - 954 Words
    Q1.An overall strategy :what products or services should FAST RETAILING sell in Indonesia,to which custoers(market segments)? Demographic segmentation: Indonesia,with a population of over 248 million is also the fourth most populated country in the world. Indonesia is a very young country,the average age in this country is 28.5 years old.Indonesia society is fragmented in over 300 tribes, there are more than 100 ethnic groups with Javanese(40.6%) being the majority ethnic...
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  • Development Study on Indonesia - 13779 Words
    Development Experience of Indonesia DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE FACULTY OF BUSINESS STUDIES UNIVERSITY OF DHAKA Course Name: Finance and Development Course Code: F-402 Prepared For: Dr. M. Masud Rahman Professor & Chairman Ms. Shakila Halim Lecturer Department of Finance University of Dhaka Prepared By: Group No. 10 | Name | ID No. | Mohammad Junaid Shawon | 16-017 | Md. Zahidul Islam | 16-051 | Md. Rashed Karim | 16-125 | Rashid Muntasir | 16-165 | Md....
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  • Japanese Influence Towards Indonesia
    Japanese Influence There have been countless studies of the Japanese influence towards Indonesia population. Japan invaded indonesia in 1942 and surrendered in 1945 and yet Japanese wanted to be allies with Indonesia and helped with their independence (Lambert). The main reason of Japanese coming to Indonesia was actually because “in 1942, Soekarno and Hatta agreed to cooperate with the Japanese, as this seemed to be the best opportunity to secure independence”(Struggle). Japanese came in the...
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  • Economic and Social Change in Indonesia
    Topic 1: European economic and political expansion in Southeast Asia in the last quarter of the 20th century resulted in the greater integration of the region into the international economy. Six ‘new’ states emerged – Indonesia, Malaya, Burma, the Philippines, Indochina and Thailand. Discuss economic and social change in the region with reference to ONE Southeast Asian state. Economic and social change within Indonesia Introduction After over a quarter century of sustained...
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  • Food and Beverage in Indonesia - 3895 Words
    Exporter Guide FOOD AND BEVERAGE IN INDONESIA Market Profile February 2012 This document is one of a series of free information tools for exporters produced by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. New Zealand Trade and Enterprise provides a wide range of standard services and sophisticated solutions that assist businesses through every stage of the export process. For information or advice, phone New Zealand Trade and Enterprise on 0800 555 888, visit, or contact your New...
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  • History of Indonesia: Quiz - 7848 Words
    Nomor Buku Soal: 2 1 Hitamkan lingkaran dalam kotak yang sesuai Nama: .............................................. UJIAN MASUK PROGRAM PASCASARJANA MATERI UJIAN: BAHASA INGGRIS WAKTU: 90 MENIT J a n g an d i b u k a d u l u . Tu n ggu p etu n ju k . PENDIDIKAN PASCASARJANA UNIVERSITAS INDONESIA -2.1- -2.1- SECTION 1 STRUCTURE AND WRITTEN EXPRESSION This section is designed to measure your ability to recognize language that is appropriate for standard...
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  • Business Culture of Indonesia - 428 Words
    Indonesia and its Business Culture Religion and culture: -Most Indonesian businessmen are Chinese and mostly non-Muslim. -Many are Christians but because Indonesia is dominated by Muslims, it could be offensive and impolite to eat during the fasting hours of Ramadan. -Superstitions: There are many superstitions in Indonesia due to the folklores and belief in Black Magic. One such superstition is to avoid making payments at night as it is believed that it may lead to bankruptcy of business...
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  • Poltical Timeline in Indonesia - 399 Words
    1803 - First phase of Padri War * Began in 1803 prior to Dutch Intervention and lasted until 1825 * also called the Minangkabau War * a conflict that had broken out in Minangkabau state between the so called adat and padri religious factions. The Adats were Minangkabau traditionalists who wanted to continue to include indigenous pre-Islamic religious practices and social traditions in local custom (Islam Abangan). The Padris, like contemporaneous jihadists in the Sokoto Caliphate of...
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  • Doing a Business in Indonesia - 1198 Words
    Abstract This paper explores the ways on how U.S. organization should communicate with the Indonesians and what they should look into before approaching a foreign business. There are a few important factors discussed in this paper and they are the cultures, ethnicity, language, business etiquettes such as clothing, gestures, age, and date format. These factors should be looked at closely in order to have a successful business in Indonesia. To start a business in a foreign country, it is...
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  • Unity and Diversity of Indonesia - 2160 Words
    Abstract From "Sabang ‘till Merauke" is the name of a song dedicated to Indonesia’s many islands and its diversity. It’s numerous chain of islands contained in the thirty-two thousand miles dividing two oceans, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Sabang is a small island just off the coast of Sumatra; Merauke is a small village near the border of Papua New Guinea. Indonesia’s 13,677 islands inhabited by 350 different ethnic groups, and more than 200 different languages. Consequently this...
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  • Indonesia economic analysis - 3810 Words
    Executive Summary The following report details our research and results regarding the economic climate of the Republic of Indonesia. Following our recent cultural analysis, we followed the similar practice of finding several sources, extracting the most vital information, and summarizing our findings into a coherent analysis. Ultimately, we feel that this analysis will provide a comprehensive look into Indonesia’s current economic condition, as well as provide insight in the future and...
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  • Dictatorship to Democracy Overnight in Indonesia
    Dictatorship to Democracy Overnight Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia that was under a military dictatorship for 32 years. The dictatorship era started after the failure of communist coup d’état by Indonesia’s Communist Party in 1966. General Suharto, the one who had the biggest role in failing the coup d’état, ousted the first president and established an autocratic anti-communist regime known as the New Order, which attracted political and economic support from Western governments...
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  • The Development of Public Relations in Indonesia
    The Development of Public Relations in Indonesia Introduction The Republic of Indonesia comprises five major islands: Java, Kalimantan, Sumatera, Sulawesi, and Papua. Some other islands are Maluku, Nusa Tenggara, and Bali. There are approximately 17,000 small islands comprise the Indonesian archipelago that stretches along the Equator extending more than 4,800 km. With more than 220 million people, Indonesia’s population ranks fourth in the world. Although Indonesians live in more than...
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  • Prejudice and Discrimination of the Chinese in Indonesia
    Prejudice and Discrimination of the Chinese in Indonesia Indonesia is made up of many different smaller ethnic groups. Most of these smaller groups are indigenous people of the Indonesian islands, “Javanese 40.6%, Sundanese 15%, Madurese 3.3%, Minangkabau 2.7%, Betawi 2.4%, Bugis 2.4%, Banten 2%, Banjar 1.7%, other or unspecified 29.9%.” (2000 census) Chinese people born in China and Chinese people born in Indonesia make up 2-3 percent of Indonesia’s total population. Although some Chinese...
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  • Indonesia Tourism in the Eyes of - 10006 Words
    CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1. The Background of the Study Visit Indonesia campaign as an effort to make Indonesia as world’s priority holiday destination has been done since 2008 now its called Wonderful Indonesia. Prior to that campaign, government has tried many stategies in promoting Indonesia to the eyes of international. Still, Indonesia has not been able to be on the top ten of world’s choice holiday destination. This fact is the base of why a research on indonesia’s tourism is done....
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  • Deviance in Bali, Indonesia - 2818 Words
    Leticia King Gender, Deviance, and Economics: the Balinese Cockfight Abstract Clifford Geertz theorizes that, cockfighting in Bali, Indonesia is a focal point of culture and kinship relationships. However, women are not allowed to participate or watch the matches. Therefore, does the exclusion of women from the activity also have symbolic meaning? The Indonesian government banned the cockfight, and constituted it as gambling in the 80s. This study will prove that Balinese women have...
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  • Bilingual Education in Indonesia - 371 Words
    Education quality in Indonesia has been increasing by year. It is because the government was set several regulations to increase education quality such as minimum quantity of passed students, higher minimum qualification value and so on. Some schools which are in towns or cities, the government set them to be National Standard Schools (Sekolah Standar Nasional) even International Standard Schools (Sekolah Standar Internasional). Nowadays, some national or international standard schools are...
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  • Adidas - Market Entry in Indonesia
    08 Fall Student Project in the subject Cultural Management Adidas - Market Entry in Indonesia I. Table of Contents II. List of Abbreviations 3 1. Scope of the topic 4 2. Indonesia as the Lead Economy in Southeast Asia 5 2.1 The Competitive Advantage of Labor 6 2.2 Unity through Diversity? 6 3. Cross-Cultural Dimensions 7 3.1 Culture at national and organizational levels in Indonesia 8 3.2 The German culture at national and organizational levels 9 3.3 A Cross-cultural...
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  • Ben & Jerry's Expansion to Indonesia
    The report critically researches the market entry of the ice cream producer Ben & Jerry’s into the Indonesian market. The report critically researches the market entry of the ice cream producer Ben & Jerry’s into the Indonesian market. The International Expansion of Ben & Jerry’s to Indonesia The International Expansion of Ben & Jerry’s to Indonesia Ben & Jerry’s (Ben & Jerry’s, 2012a) Ben & Jerry’s (Ben & Jerry’s, 2012a)...
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  • Indonesia Economic Overview - 3804 Words
    Executive Summary Executive Summary This paper examines the economic environment of doing business in Indonesia. It takes into account several dimensions such as political, legal, economics, social and technology factors. However, economics and political factors are covered in depth as they have a greater impact on establishing advantages and challenges when a firm might decide to set up a business in Indonesia. The results show that not only legal origins have an impact on corporate...
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  • Indonesia - the Troubled Giant
    Indonesia - The Troubled Giant Indonesia is a vast country. Its 220 million people are spread out over some 17,000 islands that span an arc 3,200 miles long from Sumatra in the west to Irian Jaya in the east. It is the world’s most populous Muslim nation - some 85 percent of the population count themselves as Muslims -but also one of the most ethnically diverse. More than 500 languages are spoken in the country, and separatists are active in a number of provinces. For 30 years this sprawling...
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  • Hidden Beauty of Indonesia - 435 Words
    HIDDEN BEAUTY OF INDONESIA Located off the northwest tip of Bird's Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea, Raja Ampat, or the Four Kings, is an archipelago comprising over 1,500 small islands, cays and shoals surrounding the 4 main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo. It is a part of the newly named West Papua province of Indonesia which was formerly Irian Jaya. Raja Ampat scuba diving is the bees knees in the world of scuba. According to theConservation International Rapid...
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  • Illiteracy in Indonesia (2010) - 1351 Words
    | | |Illiteracy in Indonesia | | | |[pic]...
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  • Cultural Coercion in Indonesia - 2412 Words
    Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Webster University Vienna Fall 2011 RESEARCH PAPER: CULTURAL COERCION IN INDONESIA Literature review of Murray Li, Tania (1999): "Compromising Power: Developement, Culture, and Rule in Indonesia". In: Cultural Anthropology 14(3), pp. 295-322 Vienna, 11.12.2011 Gregor Čorokalo Introduction The age of globalization that we currently live in has certainly brought many changes to both our environment and the ways in which we live our lives. The...
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  • Indonesia And East Timor Conflict
    Brandie Torres Von Behren International Politics 14 October 2013 Indonesia and East Timor Conflict History on Indonesia: The first three hundred years of key events began whilst Indonesia was being ruled by Dutch colonials, Indonesia then was known as the Dutch East Indies. The Portuguese attempted to take over what was Indonesia entirely although failed because they did not have enough forces to colonize the entire country so the Dutch did. During World War II, the Japanese invaded Indonesia...
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  • Indonesia Pest Analysis for Cosmetics
    2.1. Political Environment The Indonesian government plays a significant active role in business. Since May 1998, after Suharto resigned, the country has transformed itself from a controlling system into a democratic one (Indonesia Country Brief, 2008). Australia also has legal and political stability. Therefore, Jurlique will face no difficulty in establishing its business into Indonesia since both countries political parties seek to promote growth and encourage investment and trade, including...
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  • The Importance of Mastering English in Indonesia
    The Importance of Mastering English in Indonesia Today, it is highly essential to know the language for communication. In general, the most popular language is English. In this computer age, English is the only language that anyone can understand. As international language English is a dominant language in this world. It is used in commerce and science because dealing with many languages is too complex and costly. It does not really matter what language it is, but if we decide ideologically...
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  • Tata Nano Expands to Indonesia
    Why Indonesia? a. Market summary It is well known that with the global crisis and down-play in economics, the Indonesia automobile industry still remains a vigorous expansion rate. Indonesia has become a new emerging prosperous car market in the world. According to The Economist (2012), Indonesia's market is even increasing more rapidly than Chinese and its sales boosted approximate 900, 000 new vehicles from 2010 to 2011, by 17%. What is more, the sales volume of Indonesians automobile...
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  • Freedom of information indonesia - 1483 Words
     LEGAL PROPOSITION ON THE PUBLIC FREEDOM OF INFORMATION OF INDONESIA By: Adistra Kusuma Waligalit, Faculty of Law of Gadjah Mada University This study identified several Legal defects regarding the Act on Public Freedom of Information of Indonesia. These legal defects will be explained along with the reccomendations of remedy as below. INTRODUCTION After experiencing a difficult time in New Order era (1966-1998), when the civil rights to freely obtain information had been abused by the...
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  • The Future of International Business for Indonesia
    THE FUTURE OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS FOR INDONESIA In the current era of globalization every country definitely needs other countries to meet the needs in the country. In terms of meeting their needs, a state called transact international business. International business is a business activity conducted by a State or a company to another country. almost all companies, large or small, will be affected by global events and competition because most sell out and / or secure suppliers from...
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  • Indonesia: the Troubled Giant
    Indonesia: The Troubled Giant Question 1: What political factors explain Indonesia's poor economic performance? What economic factors? Are these two related? The impeachment of the Indonesian dictator Suharto is widely considered one of the most exciting political happenings of recent years. Indonesia is the world's fourth biggest country, with a population of 202 million people; Suharto had ruled the country with an iron fist for about 32 years. The fact that his...
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  • Indonesia Case Study - 2739 Words
    [INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CASE STUDY] QUESTION 1: What political factors explain Indonesia’s poor economic performance? What economic factors? Are the two related? The impeachment of the Indonesian dictator Suharto is widely considered one of the most exciting political happenings of recent years. After dealing with inflation and a bad economic depression during the final year of President Sukarno in the early 1960s, Indonesia experienced rapid and lasting economic growth for three...
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  • Pestel Analysis of Indonesia - 4931 Words
    INDONESIA Introduction: The Republic of Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world comprising 17,504 large and small tropical islands fringed with white sandy beaches, many still uninhabited and a number even still unnamed. Straddling the equator, situated between the continents of Asia and Australia and between the Pacific and the Indian Oceans, it is as wide as the United States from San Francisco to New York, equalling the distance between London and Moscow. Indonesia has a total...
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  • Indonesia Telecommunication Outlook - 1143 Words
    The Indonesian Telecommunication Industry “Mobile Monday” Jan 25, 2011 January 2011 Developed by ICT Consulting Practice Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific 1 Needs to be connected… 2 Industry Updates- 2010 • Indonesia is the 3rd largest wireless market in Asia, behind China and India in terms of number of subscribers that by end of 2010 Indonesia had an estimated 235.8 Mn wireless subscribers • SIM Penetration of approx. 96.9% (58% unique subs) compared to 103.6 Mn and a penetration...
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  • Indonesia Corrugated Industry 2007
    Indonesian 2007 Corrugated industry Though at present the corrugated box requirement is growing steady in Indonesia, but the the corrugated box manufacturing has to be more efficient on their production. The ones not efficient enough with the production has to give up the business. 4 Corrugating companies has been closed or sold the last 3 years. Market The market is growth about 6% last year and estimated will growth about 8% this year. Therefore the last 3 years quite some new investment...
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  • Ikea enters Indonesia - 989 Words
     2013-12-06 IKEA enters Indonesia The Asian marketing perspective 1. Introduction of IKEA IKEA, a Swedish company, is known globally for its low prices and innovatively designed furniture. It was started by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943 and currently has 338 stores in 40 countries, mainly in the developed countries in Europe, America and the Asia Pacific. 1 2. IKEA’s Expansion in Asia and Indonesia With the unstable market conditions in Europe and the Americas,...
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  • E-Commerce Di Indonesia
    Manajemen E-Commerce dan Penerapannya di Indonesia Oleh: Taufik Akhsan Pranoto Daftar Isi : |Pendahuluan |Hal | |Apakah E-Commerce itu ? |Hal | |Tahapan penyelidikan sebelum memutuskan untuk terjun ke market on-line ? |Hal | |Bentuk...
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  • Majapahit Influence in Indonesia - 594 Words
    Majapahit Influence The kingdom of Majapahit was an expansive kingdom that existed from about 1293 to the 1500s. The Majapahit empire was based on the island of what is now Java. During the years 1350 to 1389 under the reign of Hayam Wuruk, Majapahit experienced its golden years. Along with the kingdom of Sriwijaya, Majapahit is one of the last and largest kingdoms that ever existed in the regions of Indonesia and Southeast Asia. With its vastness and power comes great influence, and this...
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  • Steeple Analysis for Playboy Indonesia
    STEEPLE ANALYSIS (Playboy Indonesia) Social and cultural • Language In Betawi language, Playboy means “a person who depraves women and children”[1]. It makes the head of FPI, Habib Alwi Usman, demands that Playboy shouldn’t be issued. • Media views The Media lifted up Playboy’s popularity. It helps Indonesian citizens to know when Playboy Indonesia was going to be released. • Brand Image In United States of America, where Playboy was first issued, Playboy image is so...
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  • Indonesia case study - 659 Words
    Indonesia Case Discussion Questions: 1. What political factors explain Indonesia’s poor economic performance? What economic factors? Are these two related? The major political factor affecting Indonesia’s poor economic performance is corruption. Indonesia was run by President Suharto for 30 years. Under his dictatorial rule corruption was rampant at all levels of government. While the country today is democratically run, the culture of corruption still pervades. Excessive bureaucracy coupled...
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  • Ethnic Marketing in Indonesia - 419 Words
    Indonesia’s national slogan « Bhinneka ika tungat. » that means unity and diversity, is a strong local motto that celebrates differences, specially the demographic one. This slogan was adopted at independence in 1945. This can indicate in a first approach a strongly united population, a country where people are allowed to practice and conserve their ethnic Identity. But this never was the general case in Indonesia. There is this insidious ordinary racism in the country that takes place in their...
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  • Martial Arts Influence in Indonesia
    Compare & Contrast Essay: Indonesian Martial Arts Martial arts in Indonesia all started when the Chinese raced Indonesians brought the Chinese martial arts to Indonesia allowing Indonesian martial arts to develop. The martial arts depicted in Kho Ping Hoo and the movie ‘Merantau’ both have similarities and differences. Kho Ping Hoo was a famous Indonesian martial art author with Chinese ethnicity who wrote stories about martial art. Kho Ping Hoo was inspired from Hongkong and Taiwanese...
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  • Country Risk Report - Indonesia
     Country Risk Management CEMS MIM Fall 2013(Term 1) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- High Speed Rail Project In Indonesia Country Evaluation Note Background I am the Corporate Risk Manager at a large European Engineering & Construction firm (say Siemens), which is planning to submit its bid for the 35 KM elevated high speed rail project in Indonesia connecting the Jakarta Airport to the Central...
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  • Doing Business in Indonesia - 1779 Words
    13/3/22 Doing Business in Indonesia - Company establishment and for eig n dir ect investment in Indonesia Hom e » Doing Busine ss in Indone sia » Translate this Page 請選取語言 ​ ▼ Search This page is generously sponsored by Okusi Associates. Indo nesia is asserting itself as a prime destinatio n fo r internatio nal business and investment. The co untry's natural reso urces, large po pulatio n (including its rapidly gro wing middle class), macro eco no mic stability, generally o...
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  • Indonesia Paper Industry - 2990 Words
    New round of pulp and paper expansion in Indonesia: What do we know and what do we need to know? Prepared by Krystof Obidzinski and Ahmad Dermawan Introduction Since the late 1980s, Indonesia’s pulp and paper industries have expanded rapidly to push the country into the ranks of the world’s top 10 producers. Indonesia’s pulp production capacity grew from 606,000 to 7.9 million metric tons per year between 1988 and 2010, while the paper industry’s processing capacity rose from 1.2 million to...
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  • Case Study: Gillette Indonesia
    SQ2012 28-02-78 Gillette Indonesia Marketing Plan Table of Contents 1. Executive summary 3 2. Situation analysis 4 2.1. Market summary 4 2.2. Market demographics 4 2.3. Market needs 5 2.4. Market trends 5 2.5. Market growth 5 2.5.1. Competition 6 2.6. SWOT analysis 6 3. Marketing strategy 8 3.1. Marketing objectives 8 3.2. Target markets 8 3.3. Positioning 8 3.4. Marketing mix 9 3.4.1. Product 9 3.4.2. Place 9 3.4.3. Promotion 11 4....
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  • Effect of Indonesia Belief for Its Economy
    ASIAN STUDIES GROUP ASSIGNMENT [pic] “What Is Indonesia?” [pic] Edwin Sucipto Koeswono 34405019 Indriani Puspitasari 34405024 Herman Soerjadi 34405038 Go Devi Lona 34405042 Gilang Prasetiyo 3440504 Introduction Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world. Indonesia is also considered as largest archipelago which consists of 17,508 islands. For the reason that Indonesia is an archipelago,...
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  • Indonesia: Chinese Prejudice and Discrimination
    Indonesia: Chinese Prejudice and Discrimination Introduction Indonesia is a string of islands stretching from the Indian to the Pacific Ocean. Indonesia has a wide variety of ethnic groups which include Javanese, Sundanese, Madurese, and others. These groups are different in the way they look, their religious beliefs, the clothes they wear, their styles of houses and boats, their methods of agriculture, what they eat, and how they organize their society. They speak different languages, too...
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  • The Problem of Agriculture in Indonesia - 526 Words
    Assalamu `alaikum wrwb Good morning every body. First, i would like to say thanks for Alloh SWT that has blessed us, so we are here to join a speech contest. To my honorable the jury, the honorable organizer committee, and ll my beloed friends. My name is Rimma Mutiara Putri, I`m from SMA 1 Ciampea. This time, i`m going to talk about the problem of agricultural in rice import. Ladies and Gentlemen, To discuss about this, first, we should see the problem of agriculture in Indonesia. We...
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  • Relationship of China and Indonesia - 433 Words
    Relationship of China and Indonesia 1. Antiquity The relationship between the monarchy in ancient China and Indonesia since the 7th century , and perhaps earlier has begun. Indonesia is part of the Maritime Silk Road connecting China and India and the Arab world. A large number of Chinese ceramics are found throughout Indonesia suggested link between the two ancient trade . National Museum of Indonesia has one of the best Chinese ceramics and found outside China , Chinese and Japanese the...
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  • Indonesia: a Potential Market for Shoe Manufacturing
    Indonesia: a potential market for shoe manufacturing The purpose of this analysis is to determine the feasibility of manufacturing and marketing shoes in Indonesia. By analyzing both internal and external business environment, this analysis provides a possible market prospect of shoe manufacturing in Indonesia. The company focused on children shoe manufacturing in United States. Based on the CEO’s mandate, the target market that could both support good working condition and maintain...
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  • Personal Protective Equipment Market in Indonesia
    INTRODUCTION In the lines of work where serious injuries are everyday threats and employees are exposed to hazardous environment, companies are taking precaution measures in order to make sure that their employees are protected from harms and injuries. These lines of work include workers in the oil field, offshore, mining location and construction site. The best safeguard for the workers are by wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) depending on the requirement. Personal protective...
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  • Market Analysis of Chicken Consumption in Indonesia
    Chicken Consumption in Indonesia Indonesia is a multicultural country where people live together within the five different religions inside the nation. There are Islam, Protestant, Catholic, Hindu, and Buddhist. Indonesia is categorized as the biggest Islamic nation in the world, with Moslem forming about 90% of the population. So, some of the regulation has made based on the Islamic value. However, the cultural behavior that were born naturally from the society can be seen as a religious...
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  • The Use pf Slang Language in Indonesia
     THE USE OF SLANG LANGUAGE BY INDONESIAN TEENAGERS I. INTRODUCTION 1.1 The Background It is stated in Kompasiana (2011) that “Social networking is a medium that is widely used by speakers of the language to communicate with each other remotely via the internet. They have interaction by using slang language. Social networks are much in demand by the public, namely facebook and twitter. In facebook and twitter, the user can write down what he was thinking in the "status" and are able...
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  • More Roles from Indonesia to the World
    MORE ROLES FROM INDONESIA TO THE WORLD Indonesia is a big country from its size. But Indonesia isn’t a big country in prosperity. I love my country but I’m disappointed with miss managements of it. It’s so sad to see our generations are the ones that mostly say “this country isn’t good, someday I’ll runaway and live abroad, not here”. We as the generation are supposed to make a brighter future for Indonesia. I promise myself to create a brighter future for Indonesia and for the world, as...
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  • Globalization in the Fast Food Industry in Indonesia
    For this essay, I have chosen the fast food industry as the industry I will look at and Indonesia as the country. Indonesia has a population of 232 million people, with the capital city Jakarta alone has 10 million people, more than twice the population of the whole of New Zealand. So Indonesia represents a huge market for industries to delve into, in 2011 Indonesia recorded US $18 billion in Foreign Domestic Investments and ranked 18th for biggest FDI inflow. (, 2013) And on a...
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  • Japanese Occupation Affect Nationalism in Indonesia
    4. Assess the impact of the Japanese Occupation on nationalism in Indonesia “Nationalism” is generally defined as the increasing desire in people to determine their identity, existence and destiny for themselves. For the Netherland Indies, nationalism movement can be traced back to around 1900, which finally led and gave rise to a new nation, Indonesia. Nonetheless, it is important to acknowledge that nationalism movement existed prior to the Japanese occupation and therefore should not be...
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  • Business Ethics and Studio Habitat Indonesia
    STUDIO HABITAT CASE How to help low income houses clients while followed the architecture business ethics in Indonesia Everyone deserves a comfort, save, and beautifully well-designed house to live in. Unfortunately, there hardly ever an architect who is willing to get involved in a low budget house design project whereas in fact, an architect support is extremely needed in one. People need a particular architecture solution for their lack of budget, space, material, and opportunity in...
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  • The Prospect of Life Insurance Industry in Indonesia
    THE PROSPECT OF LIFE INSURANCE INDUSTRY IN INDONESIA In the last few years, life insurance compared to other types of insurance depicts a significant growth. Up to September 2007, The Indonesia Life Insurance Association (AAJI) records that the total revenue of gross premiums reached Rp. 32.4 trillion, raised by 71% compare with the same period in 2006. This number could shortly change considering that this figure just only now covers 39 out of 46 of total life insurance company operating in...
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  • Dissertation : an Overview of Political Advertising in Indonesia
    An overview of political advertising in Indonesia: Measuring the effectiveness of printed advertisement in political campaign in general election 2009. By Isnanda Sofman Johara 108020380 Bachelor of professional communication, majoring in Advertising 1 Table of Contents Declaration Abstract Acknowledgement List of figures List of tables List of abbreviations 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Chapter 1 1.1 Introduction 1.1.1 A brief history of political campaign in Indonesia 2009. 1.1.2 Political...
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  • Marketing Evaluate of Online Gambling in Indonesia
    Business research of Market evaluate Market Value of online gambling in Indonesia Yim.tiger April 11, 2011 Introduction Developing our company business of online gambling enter to new market –Indonesia due to more and more competitors share market of China now, otherwise, the Chinese government crackdown illegal online gambling website from end of 2009 to now,...
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  • The Role of Student Protest in Indonesia in 1998
    The Role of Student Protest in Indonesia in 1998 In 1998 was an unforgettable year in the history of Indonesia. The beginning of reform and social-political change. In 1998 Indonesia experienced economic and political crisis affecting the people of Indonesia marked by rising the poverty rate. With Indonesia's situation has worsened, Students as young intellectuals take steps on be half of the destiny of Indonesia. The role of students in protest againstt he ruling government at that time very...
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  • The Linguistic Situation of Indonesia: Development, Features and Current Issues
    The Linguistic Situation of Indonesia: Development, Features and Current Issues In this essay I analyze the extremely complex linguistic situation of Indonesia. After a brief summary of the characteristics of Bahasa Indonesia and of the historical dynamics that led to the creation and use of this language, the phenomenon of diglossia will be treated. Finally, I analyze the issue of state influence in the language policies, particularly in regards to the current campaign of Pusat Indonesia...
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  • Doing Business in Australia and New Zealand Compared to Indonesia
    ralIndonesia is the largest economy in South East Asia and its growth is improving by the day, it appears to be in the top grouping of emerging markets. Many countries found Indonesia to be the country to invest in and/or being an ideal business partner and good market for their businesses / goods. However, countries from different cultures have vast differences from the Indonesian culture, where it is important to recognize that people from different cultures have are different in a variety...
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  • Impact of Regionalism on Contemporary Issues: a Case Study of Indonesia
    Impact of Regionalism on contemporary issues: A case study of Indonesia Regionalism can be defined as, “the principle or system of dividing a city [or] state… into separate administrative regions” (, 2011, pg.1). Suharto favoured the practice of a central system of administration over regionalism, as he would have total control over the social, economic, and political factors within Indonesia. To achieve this, he used his military power to take over East Timor in 1975, and...
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  • Summary of Market Demand and Capacity Indonesia Telco
    Summary of Market Demand And Capacity 1. SUMMARY The paper on Palapa Ring Project is the best reference to give an overall picture of business opportunity over fiber optic backbone especially on the demand side of fiber optic backbone in Indonesia. Section 4 of this paper briefly describes the PowerTel project and its capacity, while section 5 addresses the supply side of fiber optic backbone in Indonesia, especially in Java island where the PowerTel fiber optic backbone project resides....
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  • Analysis of Political, Economic, Legal and Technological Risks in Indonesia
    Analysis of Political, Economic, Legal and Technological Risks in Indonesia By Yohanes Randy Anggoro Student ID: 1004536 Instructor : Mr. Bala Subramaniam N. Module Name : International Trade and Management Module Code : ERCBA-209 Word Counts : 2106 Due Date : 7 November 2012 Content Page Introduction………………………………………………………………………………………………2 Brief Introduction to Indonesia……………………………………………………………………….3 Political Risk……………………………………………………………………………………………..3 Economic...
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  • Australia And New Zealand Doing Business In Indonesia 2
    Australia and New Zealand: Doing business with Indonesia SECTION 1 Cultural Differences: Many Australian and New Zealand organizations are seeking business opportunities in Asian countries as these Asian countries are in developing phase and they offer vast business opportunities to already developed nations. Here, we are going to analyze the business expansion of Australian and New Zealand organizations in Indonesia. During Global expansion of a business, it is very important to understand...
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  • Ec Air Travel Ban and Its Impact on Indonesia
    European Commission’s Air Travel Ban and Its Impact on Indonesia European Commission issued a list of all aircraft companies that prohibited entering EU and it contains all 51 Indonesian aircraft companies, including the nation’s flag carrier Garuda Indonesia. Although neither of these aircrafts have regular flight to Europe, the restriction is also serves as a warning to EU citizens not to use these airlines anywhere in the world (BBC, 28/06/07). This ban was issued following several...
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  • What Should Be the Future of Indonesia-Japan Relation
    What should be the future of Indonesia-Japan relation and what contribution will you be willing to make in order to strengthen and deepen the relationship The diplomatic relation between Indonesia and Japan has been excellent since the Peace Agreement between the Republic of Indonesia and Japan, which was signed in January 1958. Indonesia considers Japan as one of its crucial partners in achieving its national development goals and with regard to its participation in maintaining the world...
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  • Malaysia PROTON Holdings Berhad and Indonesia PT
    Malaysia PROTON Holdings Berhad and Indonesia PT. Adiperkasa Citra Lestari (PT ACL) has signed Memorandum of Understanding to establish collaboration ties between both parties in relation to develop and manufacture of Indonesia National Car. (Tan, 2015) However there are business forces that affect collaboration of companies. One of the key forces is Social and Cultural in Environmental Forces, is defines as influencing mechanisms which exist within a population that guide business practices or...
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  • Women in Islamizing Javanese Society and Modern Indonesia
    Religion, Society and Politics in Southeast Asia “Women in Islamizing Javanese Society and Modern Indonesia” Okky Wicaksono Among major world religions, many scholars believe Islam is a religion that is not very friendly towards women position. It is so pointed out as evidently Islam is more patriarchal where male extensively dominates its social hierarchy. Based on the holy Quran as one of the most fundamental source of the religion and aside from Hadith and...
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  • Rise of E-Tailing in Indonesia: an External Analysis
    Rise of E-tailing In Indonesia: An External Analysis Suryo Ariyanto Nugroho Middlesex University Business School Rise of E-­‐tailing in Indonesia: An External Analysis Table of Content Executive Summary .................................................................................2 Introduction ..............................................................................................3 Industry...
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  • The History and Legal Position of Confucianism in Post-Independence Indonesia
    The History and Legal Position of Confucianism in Post-independence Indonesia (By: Heriyanto Yang) Pre-independence historical background The Chinese are believed to have landed on Indonesian soil, the then Nusantara archipelago, as early as the third century BC. As is the case with almost all groups of immigrants in the world, they brought along with them, in the course of the centuries, their culture, beliefs, values, and a sense of affinity with the motherland. The idea that...
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  • Indonesia Cocoa Bean Value Chain Case Study
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Indonesia is the third largest producer of cocoa in the world after Ghana and the Ivory Coast, and the most significant cocoa bean supplier in East Asia. Indonesia’s biggest competitive advantages include its low cost, high production capacity (availability of supply), efficient infrastructure and open trading/marketing system (business environment). Although the cocoa value chain in Indonesia has experienced phenomenal growth over the past few decades, its continued...
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  • Case 1 Analysis: Indonesia – Asia’s Stumbling Giant
    Case 1 Analysis: Indonesia – Asia’s Stumbling Giant Case 1 Analysis: Indonesia – Asia’s Stumbling Giant Indonesia as a Country Indonesia is a country within Asia populated with nearly 220 million people. It has a strategic location astride major sea lanes and is an archipelago of 17,508 islands (globalEDGE, 2013). It is also deemed the world’s most Muslim nation where nearly 85% of the population consider themselves Muslim; while still remaining one of the most ethnically diverse...
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  • The True Face of Islam: Essays on Islam and Modernity in Indonesia
    llectual life is rich and vibrant, it is little known elsewhere, primarily because most Indonesian scholars write in the Indonesian language and not in English. Among the most well-known Indonesian writers on Islam is Nurcholish Madjid, rector of the Paramadina University, Jakarta. This collection of essays is the first major English translation of Madjid’s writings. The essays cover a diverse range of issues but are shaped by a common concern for an understanding of Islam that takes into...
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  • Compare and Contrast Essay Deforestation in Brazil and Indonesia
    Deforestation in Indonesia and Brazil Deforestation is normally referred to activities that all trees in forest are taken away through either the purpose is to get timber or to replace the area for alternative uses can cause environmental degradation, and pollution emission. There are similarities and differences of deforestation causes in Brazil and Indonesia. The objective of this essay is to compare and contrast the similarities and differences of...
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  • Presidential Election in Indonesia is more democratic than Presidential Election in USA
    Nabila Wulandari M.A Malik (20110510180) Comparative Politics Presidential Election in Indonesia and U.S.A CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION I. BACKGROUND In Reform Era (1999-2009) the electoral system of Indonesia based on Law: 1) Regulation Number 2 year 1999 about Political Party. 2) Regulation Number 3 year 1999 about General Election. 3) Regulation Number 1999 about position and structure of MPR, DPR and DPRD.1 Which the electoral system is indirectly but at 2004 the electoral system in...
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