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  • Hydrogen powered vehicles - 390 Words
    The car of the future is here today. Of course, you can't buy one yet; but if you live in California you can lease one. It doesn't use gasoline and it doesn't pollute the air. In fact, it produces steam instead of exhaust. So what's the mystery fuel? Hydrogen -- the simplest and most abundant element in the universe. And some people think that in 20 to 30 years, we'll all be driving these hydrogen-powered, fuel-efficient vehicles. Although hydrogen-powered cars have a science fiction quality...
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  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles
     Hydrogen Vehicles The first hydrogen fuel cell was invented in 1839 by William Groves who conducted an experiment that proved electric current could be produced from a electrochemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. He named the invention a gas voltaic battery. For 120 years the technology layed dormant until 1959 when a modified...
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  • Hydrogen Powered Vehicles Are the Future
    Can you imagine by 2012 paying $8 a litre or more for your fuel? Can you imagine when oil runs out what will the world run on? Can you imagine running your car on the most abundant thing in the universe? Hydrogen is the answer! Now with a little bit more refining it will be. Good morning fellow students today I will be talking about hydrogen powered vehicles. Firstly, some terms need definition.Hydrogen- a colourless, odourless, flammable gas which is the lightest and simplest of all known...
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  • Hydrogen Powered Vehicles Persuasive Essay
    As you know, gas prices are going up. Nobody likes paying more money for gas and yet nobody is willing to do anything about it. Now that we are at war with the Middle East (the main gasoline providers) the gas prices are going to keep going up. Some people (like foreign ambassadors) say that trade with the Middle East is good for there economy, but I for one don't like being dependent on foreign oil. That is where hydrogen fuel cells come into the picture. Rather than depending on a foreign...
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  • Plan for Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles Entering Hong Kong Markets
    Content * Introduction * The Political, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological, Legal and Environmental dimensions * The Market Entry Mode * The Marketing Strategy of Hydrogen powered vehicle * The International Operation Management * The Hiring and Employees Management * Conclusion * References Plan for hydrogen-powered vehicles entering Hong Kong market Introduction Nowadays, the problem of global warming and greenhouse effect has...
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  • Hydrogen Research - 21237 Words
    TECHNICAL REPORT SERIES Potential for Hydrogen as a Fuel for Transport in the Long Term (2020 - 2030) - Full Background Report - EUR 21090 EN Institute for Prospective Technological Studies Potential for Hydrogen as a Fuel for Transport in the Long Term (2020 - 2030) - Full Background Report - Matthias Altmann Patrick Schmidt Reinhold Wurster Martin Zerta Dr. Werner Zittel (Edited by Hector Hernandez) March 2004 EUR 21090 EN European Commission Joint Research Centre (DG...
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  • Hydrogen Summary - 385 Words
    Hydrogen Summary * This is how hydrogen fuel cells work: 1. Gas stored in tanks 2. Atoms reach anode 3. Become hydrogen ion and a free electron 4. Ion goes through electrolyte layer 5. Hydrogen ion passes, but free electron does not 6. Free electron runs through external circuit from anode (-) to cathode (+) 7. Current of electrons creates electricity 8. Hydrogen ion enters cathode and combines with oxygen to become water which is better for the ecosystem...
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  • Hydrogen Highway - 467 Words
    Interstate Hydrogen Highway was brought up by Justin Eric Sutton. This highway mainly depends on hydrogen and water. Hydrogen is obtained in the basic process that produces electricity when sunlight striking EPV(electro photo voltaic panels).panels is then used to convert distilled water into hydrogen and oxygen .while the oxygen could be bottled and sold cheaply the hydrogen would serve as a "battery" store in compressed form in cooling tanks adjacent to the traveler system in utility centers....
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  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars
     MARKETING ASSIGNMENT HYDROGEN FUEL CELL CARS Submitted by: Group-8 Mithun mohan 141202005 Saniej Ak 141202008 Kavya Shetty...
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  • Hydrogen Fuelled Cars - 922 Words
    THE FUTURE OF THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY Our world is ever growing. Our increasing need for energy, especially fuels, is rapidly accelerating to the point where we may run out of the resource that gives us 80% of our fuels, Fossil Fuels. 99% of today’s cars run using either diesel or petrol, (both are fossil fuels). At the rate these fuels are getting used, by 2020 the international oil suppliers will not be able to keep up with this high demand. There have been many different fuel alternatives to...
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  • Hydrogen - Fuel of the Future - 1253 Words
    Do you like paying $3.78 for a gallon of gasoline? Well, as of May 16, 2008 that is the national average. You wake up knowing you need to fill the tank and the hair stands up on the back of your neck as you think of how much more the price has increased over night. It doesn’t have to be that way if you believe in the power of change. Hydrogen fuel is that change for the automobiles of the future. Hydrogen has been used for decades, but mostly for commercial use. Each year, we get closer to...
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  • The Future of Hybrid Electric Vehicles
    Introduction Honda is a well-known and reputable car manufacturer in North America. It is now 2002, and Honda is planning on launching its second Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) to the market - a hybrid version of Honda's top selling vehicle, the Civic. The company's first HEV, the two-seater Honda Insight coupe, was introduced to the U.S. in 1999. It experienced modest sales of 3,788 units in 2000 and 5,000 units in 2001 and retailed at a base price of approximately $19,100. However,...
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  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research Paper
    An arising problem in today’s world is the destruction of the ozone layer because of the emissions and harmful gases that vehicles are giving off. Forget ethanol or biodiesel. The next big thing in automotive fuel may very well be hydrogen. Automakers rapidly are closing in on making hydrogen fuel cell vehicles an everyday fact of life, with several test models set to debut over the next few years. Hydrogen fuel cells to power vehicles are desirable, experts say, because hydrogen is a renewable...
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  • Social Impact Analysis (Hydrogen Fuel)
    The search for a renewable energy source has been a top priority to us a human race in the past decade. Many ideas have come in the form of wind, solar, and nuclear power, all having their own drawbacks. But, the one that will be focused upon in this analysis is hydrogen as a source of fuel, and the technology leading the way to making it a reality. This technology would affect everyone in one way or another if correctly used. So we must ask if this technology is beneficial to us, how it might...
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  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Benefits and Limitations
    What are some benefits or limitations of the alternative technology regarding economics? (What will it cost to purchase, re-fuel, launch, educate and distribute?) Benefits. No pollution: A great benefit of using Hydrogen fuel cells is that they give off no pollution, and in fact produce pure water as a byproduct. Even though currently engineers are concentrating on producing hydrogen from natural gas, it will be for a short-term. Scientists are planning to have renewable...
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  • Electric Vehicle and Fuel Cell Cars
    QUESTIONNAIRE NAME: __________________________ Email ID: ________________________ 1. Age: a. 23-32 Years b. 33-42 Years c. 43-52 Years 2. Sex: Male/ Female 3. Education: a. Graduate b. Post Graduate c. Doctorate 4. Annual Income of the family: a. < Rs. 6,00,000 b. Rs. 6,00,000 – 8,00,000 c. 8,00,000 – 10,00,000 d. 10,00,000 – 12,00,000 e. > Rs. 12,00,000 5. My usage of car is for: a. Daily Commutation b....
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  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles Feasibility Study
    Alternative Fuel Vehicles Feasibility Study As a leader in the rental vehicle industry for the past 30 years, ABC Rental Cars has continually remained a step ahead of its competition. To continue to set the pace for other rental agencies to follow, and to ensure ABC Rental Cars' dominant position in the marketplace, alternative fuel vehicles (AFV), or more specifically, hybrid vehicles, should be evaluated as to the feasibility and consumer interest of introducing these types of vehicles into...
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  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars: Worth the Investment?
    Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars: Worth the Investment? Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, but only recently have people been able to harness this resource and turn it into energy. Hydrogen fuel cell cars are one such advancement made in the effort to turn hydrogen gas into electricity. Fuel cells in the car are used to convert hydrogen into an electrical current, and thus power the vehicle. Fuel cells convert hydrogen and oxygen into water while producing electricity. Hydrogen fuel...
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  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells vs. Natural Gas
    For many years, politicians, scientists and even civilians have voiced their opinions of the United States’ high usage of oil. These legitimate concerns have raised questions surrounding what steps should be taken in an effort to minimize the country’s dependency on other countries for this resource. Scientists continue to work on more reliable solutions in relation to this dilemma. Past research has shown that hydrogen fuel cells can quite possibly replace the country’s current usage of oil...
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  • First Entry Hydrogen Gas Station Biz Plan
    [pic] “Harnessing the Sun today, for a cleaner tomorrow!” Austin Rohl Justin Pressley Bryan Register Chris Fross Craitecia Boyd Table of Contents I. Executive Summary.................................................................................................. 2 II. Industrial and Competitor Analysis...........................................................................3 III. Company and Product...
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  • Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2015-2025: Forecasts, Technologies, Markets | Researchmoz
    ResearchMoz.us include new market research report"Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2015-2025: Forecasts, Technologies, Markets " to its huge collection of research reports. This report covers stationary and mobile applications of fuel cells in addition to hydrogen infrastructure and delivery. The report addresses existing markets for fuel cells, providing current market sizes in addition to forecasts of growth for these and emerging application areas. It provides a description and analysis of the...
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  • Case #1- Toyota - 455 Words
    Toyota Revs up U.S. Sales Threats: • The Japanese market is getting more competitive and Toyota is losing sales to Nissan and Honda. • Chevrolet and Ford are selling better in the U.S. • The "Toyota takeover" is not assured. • Japanese manufactures gaining a foothold in the US market. • American companies are working to update the styling of their cars. Opportunities: • Exploiting the U.S. • Attaining more local managers in order to Americanize. • Import taxes and current...
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  • Cars Past Present and Future
    Cars: past, present & future Throughout the history of the automobile, there has been one factor that has determined its evolution. That factor, quite simply, is innovation. Every once in a while, there comes along a car that is so revolutionary, and has features so unique that the entire industry soon follows. This paper will help u understand how this process works, but to help you understand better ill take u back to when cars came from thought to reality , then I’ll show u how far we...
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  • Electric Cars: Savior, Satan, or Step in the Right Direction
    Electric Cars: Savior, Satan, or Step in the Right Direction Introduction: While it may seem that electric cars are a new fad of the twenty-first century, this is not the case. Electric cars have been around since roughly the 1890s, and in fact they were the dominant motorized vehicle in the market until about 1929 [1, p. 17]. This was due mostly to high gas prices during war and the fact that back then having a range of 18 miles was more than enough to meet the needs of most people. But...
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  • Honda Hybrid Cars - 788 Words
    Assignment 1 1-) Are hybrid electrical vehicles a radical innovation or an incremental innovation? Are they competence enhancing or competence destroying, and from whose perspective? How would you answer these questions for fuel cell vehicles? * First of all, in order to answer that question, means of radical innovation and incremental innovation should be understood clearly. Radical innovation’s mean is that producing new product which does not exist before and incremental innovation means...
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  • Argumentation, Rhetoric and Topoi - 811 Words
    Argumentation: The art of substantiating your claims • Now why is argumentation important? Well it is important because in order to convince someone about a certain thing you have to be good at reasoning you have to have a good explanation. • It is not enough to tell your listeners how they should think and act. It is also very essential to be able to justify your standpoint. What is an argument? • An argument is a claim supported by a reason or an explanation For example: People...
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  • to study the petrol price hike
    SINHGAD INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (Affiliated to Mumbai University) To Study the Hike in Fuel Prices in Mumbai from Period January 2011 To September 2013, And It’s Impact On Customers Buying Behavior In Automobile/Car Sector. Guided by, Dr. Rhizu Krishna Submitted By, SwarupaMandhare-90 Tauseef Ahmmed-91 UrviGohil-92 VickyAshar-93 VijayTidole-94 Vinita Kale-95 Declaration:- To study the consumer buying behavior, our group has conducted a survey among 100 people...
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  • Chalcogel - 856 Words
    WHAT ARE CHALCOGELS? Chalcogels are a new type of aerogel that is chalcogen-based. Aerogels are a special type of material that presents a high surface area. Chalcogels are composed of metal-chalcogen moieties that are interconnected with a linking metal ion (Riley et al.,2012). Figure 1 AeroGel INTRODUCING… TM Physical and Chemical Properties Chalcogels are a new family of aerogel that is not oxide-based (Katnatzidis and Bag, 2008). Zinc chalcogenide, like many other aerogels, have...
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  • Communication Studies Ia - 3047 Words
    NAME: Vimal Maharaj SUBJECT: Communication Studies SBA SCHOOL: BATCE sixth form TEACHER: Mr. Ali TERITORY: TRINIDAD YEAR: L6 June 2013 TOPIC: Green vehicles and Trinidad and Tobago TABLE OF CONTENTS General Introduction 3 Reflective 4  Reflection 5 Analysis 7 Conclusion 8 Bibliography 9 Exposition 10 General Introduction Green vehicles and Trinidad and Tobago According to CIA World Factbook, Trinidad and Tobago has around 151 one cars per 100...
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  • Ignorance is Bliss - 1780 Words
    Rowley 1 Ignorance is Bliss Ever since the invention of automobiles, something can always be said about someone based on the type of car they drive. When someone drives a big gas guzzling SUV or truck, someone always says, “what a terrible person! Don’t they understand what they are doing to the environment?” Then someone drives by in a Toyota Prius and that same person says “Now that’s a smart person. Why can’t everyone in the world be like them?” A wise man once said “Ignorance is...
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  • UMW Corporate Social Responsibility
    Corparate Social Responsibility Background Lord Holme and Richard Watts from The World Business Council for Sustainable Development in its publication Making Good Business Sense defined Corporate Social Responsibilty as the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large (Corporate Social Responsibilty 2004). UMW’s...
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  • Innovation Type - 1897 Words
    Introduction Honda was founded in Japan in 1946 as a development in institute for motorized bicycles. Three years later the company produced its first motorcycle, and ten years onwards they had also entered the US automobile market. They are one of the biggest brands in the market today, having used a strategy of building local factories in over 30 countries, in order to adapt to local customer needs. The field of energy-efficient cars has been around for a couple of decades now. Honda has...
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  • Strategic Plan Alignment: Ford Motor Company
    Strategic Plan Alignment: Ford Motor CompanyStrategic Plan: Ford Motor Co. Executive SummaryFord Motor Company (Ford) has been a leader in the auto industry, however, over the past few decades has continued to lose market share to foreign competition. The current weak U.S. economy combined with rising fuel prices and increased political pressures regarding global warming, presents several challenges to Ford Co. and the entire auto industry as we can see in appendix "A". These current challenges...
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  • Who Killed the Electric Car Analysis
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  • NETW583 FINAL EXAM - 4005 Words
    1. (TCO A) The relationship between speed of innovation and product obsolescence is (Points : 5) direct (as innovation speed increases, products become obsolete more quickly). inverse (as innovation speed increases, products become obsolete more slowly). indirect (there is an effect, but it cannot be directly determined). nonexistent (there is no relationship at all). Question 2.2. (TCO A) Which of the following products would be considered novel? (Points : 5)...
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  • The Technology Trends - 350 Words
    Coursework Questions to Alan I. Taub, Automotive Materials: Technology Trends and Challenges in the 21st Century, MRS Bulletin, Volume 31, April 2006, 336-343 Read this article and answer the following questions on its basis: 1. What is the percentage of automotive vehicles that are powered by petroleum products? 2a. When did the area end where automobiles were a cost + margin = price business? 2b. Into what did this equation change to? 3. What is the primary challenge in improving...
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  • Opportunities and Threats of Toyota - 378 Words
    Opportunities —Fuel Efficiency focus need to keep innovating here, and they have been where they are going to be Rolling out a hydrogen fuel cell car in 2015. They are a leader in this technology as they have been with the plug in electric/gas vehicles. —Continue adapting to customer’s new needs scion – going for our generation of the generation Y, sporty but cheaper models of cars. While the Toyota is known as a family car, the scion is seen as the kids car. Going further, the lexus is...
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  • Saint Leo University Core Values and Apa Code of Conduct
    Saint Leo University Core Values and APA Code of Conduct At Saint Leo University we have a Values Statement that contains six basic core values. They are as follows; Excellence, Community, Respect, Personal Development, Responsible Stewardship, and Integrity, each with a definition of what they mean to the university. As with all core values, these are a set of standards we strive to live by. These values all have individual definitions and meanings, some of which can be subjective to...
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  • Bleeding, Leading, and Converging
    Bleeding, Leading, and Converging Matt Ceccato CMGT/557 March 29, 2013 Mike Goyden Bleeding, Leading, and Converging One definition of technology convergence states that it “is the process by which existing technologies merge into new forms that bring together different types of media and applications” (Conjecture Corporation, 2013). The iPhone demonstrates technology convergence. This product takes telephony technology and incorporates both basic and complex computer...
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  • Honda Case (Chapter 3) - Strategic Management
    Managing Innovation and Technology Course Homework: The Honda Case - Chapter 3 The Honda Case 1. Are hybrid electrical vehicles a radical innovation or an incremental innovation? Are they competence enhancing or competence destroying, and from whose perspective? How would you answer these questions for fuel cell vehicles? Hybrid electrical vehicles are an incremental innovation. In the perspective of customers and some companies who support the concept of hybrid vehicles, they are...
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  • Who Killed The Electric Car Reflection Suraj Neupane
     Suraj Neupane Kathmandu, Nepal surazneupane@hotmail.com Who Killed the Electric Car? The movie “Who Killed the Electric Car” is based on the electric cars designed, developed, and manufactured by General motors, and later destroyed by the same company. I was surprised to see how a company could destroy the technology that is economical, futuristic, beneficial and pollution free. This documentary movie also deals with history of electric car in the automobile industries. This movie try to...
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  • Who Killed the Electric Car
    Memorandum To: Whom It May Concern From: Yiying “Rachel” Cao Date: 3/6/2013 Subject: Analysis of who killed the electric car Background The problem In 1990s, California was threatened by smog problem, and black cloud appeared in the sky. Air pollution problem resulted in the development of lung cancer and associated diseases in people. The gasoline car was one of the main factors that released carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, which lead to global warming. Facing the risk of...
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  • Corporate Strategy Sab Miller
    Introduction The main aim of this assignment is to critically evaluate the three vehicles which are: the hybrid-electric concept vehicle, the Toyota Prius, the hydrogen powered Honda FCX Clarity and the ‘conventional’ electric car, the Joule then contrasting their competitive strategies: in launching their particular product. Michael Porter has described a category scheme consisting of three general types of strategies :Segmentation, Differentiation and Cost. These strategies are...
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  • WHAT THE H2!? - 342 Words
    WHAT THE H2!? 09-10-13 This is journal entry #20 10:30 AM 8/10/2050: The riots are still raging in the streets and gas prices are $200 a gallon. It has been 15 days since we have been told that there is no more fossil fuels. Our civilization is at the tipping point; like I said there is violent riots in the streets the lights are not turning on and neither is the water. My mom tells me it’s like this because when she was a kid everyone abandoned the idea of “clean energy” because they were...
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  • Efe Matrix - 1658 Words
    External Audit The external audit is an effective way for Ford to locate areas that their company can improve. These areas are called opportunities and threats. In order to create an external audit, Ford will need to look at several key external forces that play an important role in the company’s future. Ford will need to look for forces that include: Economic Forces, Social, Cultural, and Demographic Forces, Political, Governmental, and Legal Forces, Technological Forces, and Competitive...
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  • Fuel Cell and World Trade Center
    Due: 4/28/14 4/30/14 Pg. 17 In a recent magazine, newspaper, or blog, find three editorials- one that makes a forensic argument, one a deliberative argument, and one a ceremonial argument. Analyze the arguments by asking these questions. Who is arguing? What purposes are the writers trying to achieve? To whom are they directing their arguments? Then decide whether the arguments purposes have been achieved and how you know. In a deliberative argument people who are trying to make their...
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  • Oil Dependency - 917 Words
    Brian Turner Turner 1 Professor Dimon English 091 November 5, 2006 "Oil Dependency: Increase Research Funds" America's dependency on foreign oil is slowly crippling the average citizen's hard-earned income with outrageous fluctuation in gas prices. The American government seriously needs to step it in gear and start taking action on possible supplemental energy sources to replace...
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  • INtroduction of managment- Honda - 1357 Words
     Introduction Who They are In October 1946, Founder Soichiro Honda develop and produce small motorbike engines. Honda Motor cooperate limited was born two years after he produce the motorbike engine. Honda now was the world largest motorcycles manufacturer and one of the leading automakers. It was well known as manufacture of motorcycles and major of automobiles. Now Honda is not more than just manufacture in automobile and motorcycle they also manufacture many other kinds of product...
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  • GM Case study report
    GM AUTOnomy Project By : Gurumurthy, Srikanth (Banner ID: @03164654) The report talks about the alternative sources of fuel to power the automobiles. Some of the alternatives to petrol included automobiles powered by diesel, natural gas, ethanol, propane, electricity powered by batteries or hydrogen fuel cells. Hydrogen is produced by the process of electrolysis or reformation in which hydrogen is extracted from a hydrocarbon. General Motors Inc was looking to build automobiles combining fuel...
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  • Study on Tractor Manuf - 1227 Words
    INTRODUCTION Tractor industries play an important role in the Indian agriculture sector it has a major contributions to the Indian agriculture. In early days tractors bought to India by the means of import from the foreign countries. The main contributions of the tractors are higher productivity and greater output. Tractor is a highly versatile piece of machinery having a multi uses, which are used in Agriculture for land reclamation and various crop cultivation. Tractors are not only used...
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  • Ford Hybrid Car Case Bass
    MARKETING ENGINEERING FOR EXCEL • CASE • VERSION 1.0.2 Case Ford Hybrid Car Case By Arvind Rangaswamy 1. Before beginning any case, students should familiarize themselves with the model being used. Marketing Engineering for Excel comes with tutorials that demonstrate the capability of each model. The tutorial can be found under each model within the ME►XL menu after starting Excel. These tutorials are designed to work with our OfficeStar examples which are located in...
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  • Electric Car - 990 Words
    One of the alternatives is to use the electric motor instead of gasoline one. An electric car is a car that powered by an electric motor rather than a regular gasoline engine. There are several major differences between gasoline and electric cars. First of all, “the electric motor will replace the gasoline engine” (“How Electric”, 2004). Secondly, “the electric motor is powered by a controller” (“How Electric”, 2004). Thirdly, “the controller gets power from the rechargeable batteries”...
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  • Who Killed the Electric Car
     “Who Killed the Electric Car? 2006 Documentary Written and directed by Chris Paine and produced by Jessie Deeter. 1. Summarize the content of this movie. Keep it to the space below, please. Electric car was around in 1960s. During the energy crisis in 1970s and 1980s electric cars started disappearing. In 1990s first electric car EV1 from a company named General Motors became popular in California simply because it was more environmental-friendly while it was affordable. A...
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  • Pest Analysis of Hong Kong
    Political: In the next few years, China is saying that they are going to be investing billions of dollars into Hybrid technology. Honda is a automobile company who is well known for developing ad researching hybrid technology. They have been on the forefront of this new technology and for this reason they will be a top choice for this new hybrid technology. They will need to show the Chinese government that their technology is worth investing in. If they manage to do this, they will be bale...
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  • Megacities - 2104 Words
    352425-733425Atmospheric Destruction 00Atmospheric Destruction Megacities these are cities in the world known to have a large amount of people and pollution who would imagine a city full of air, land, water and noise pollution due to the people around it and if we don’t stop this God knows how long we have in this Earth before we’re all fried by the sun due to global warming. One of the major causes of global warming is air pollution and in this essay we are going to find out the...
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  • How Modern Transport Fuels Effect Our Environment
    How Modern Transport Fuels Effect our Environment Why is looking at alternate fuels important? There are several reasons, but the most important reason is that air pollution kills in the neighborhood of 3 million people every year and air pollution affects more than 1 billion people in a negative way. That's over 1/6 of the earths population being harmed by air pollution, that's a trend that cannot continue without extreme repercussions to everyone on the planet. Granted, air...
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  • Car Technologies and Green Energy: General Motors Go Green
    Oz Wasserman Dr. Leach COM 1101 3 December 2012 Car Technologies and Green Energy: General Motors Go Green Most of the people in the world still support the perception about cars being one of the main air pollutants on the planet. General Motors promoted their Fuel Cell technology under the Chevrolet division with the “Chevy Equinox” car on the Smithsonian magazine in September 2008, when posting an advertisement that presented their newest technology for environment friendly cars, the...
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  • The Latest Technology in Transportation - 281 Words
    THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY IN TRANSPORTATION Trains of the Future This new state-of-the-art train is operated by magnetic levitation technology. The train is similar to a Disney World monorail with one big difference: it can travel at speeds approaching 300 miles per hour and makes almost no sound. Instead of traveling along rails, this train sits atop a magnetic field, thereby eliminating the effects of friction and making higher speeds possible. At these speeds, the magnetic levitation train...
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  • Maybank - 15407 Words
    William & Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review Volume 30 | Issue 1 Article 7 Government Regulatory Initiatives Encouraging the Development and Sale of Gas/Electric Hybrid Vehicles: Transforming Hybrids from a Curiosity to an Industry Standard Daniel Ramish Repository Citation Daniel Ramish, Government Regulatory Initiatives Encouraging the Development and Sale of Gas/ Electric Hybrid Vehicles: Transforming Hybrids from a Curiosity to an Industry Standard, 30 Wm. & Mary Envtl. L. &...
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  • America’s Foreign Oil Dependency
    America’s Foreign Oil Dependency: What are the options to stop this crisis? For Professor Sharon Mitchener From August 11, 2006 BUS 531 Research Proposal Abstract The topic of this paper is America’s foreign oil dependency. The purpose of this paper is to suggest how might America completely destroy or at least greatly mitigate its dependency on crude oil to fuel Americans’ cars, especially foreign crude oil. Library literature, newspaper articles, encyclopedias, and the...
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  • Ford Motor Company - 2891 Words
    Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company is the third largest automobile manufacturer in the world based on automobiles sold. Ford manufactures and distributes automobiles in 200 markets across six continents (Datamonitor 4). Ford's brands include Ford, Jaguar, Lincoln, Mercury, Volvo, Land Rover, Aston Martin, and Mazda. Ford's key products include passenger cars, trucks, busses and vans, sport utility vehicles, vehicle accessories, after-sales vehicle parts and products and extended repair...
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  • Alternative Uses to Gasoline - 513 Words
    Keesha Frederic Informative Speech COM103 1:40p.m.- 2:55p.m. Introduction I. Are there substitutes to using gasoline? II. There are several alternatives gasoline uses especially in vehicles. III. Today I will be briefly discussing the different alternatives to utilizing gasoline. A. The first alternative is natural gas. B. The second alternative is electricity. C. The third alternative is fuel cells. D. The fourth alternative is biodiesel. Body I. First, the first...
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  • The Future Fuel for Transportation - 956 Words
    Fuel is one of the important resources in our society. We use the fuels to support our living, produce electricity, heat homes, and operate machinery. Since the fuel is a limited resource, the fuel scarcity will be a big issue in the future. The price of the gasoline is currently on the rise. NASCAR cut the volume of fuel cell from twenty gallons to thirteen gallons each car. There is a high demand for a new energy. After the issue of fuel crisis was brought up, the society started to be...
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  • Who killed the electric car
    1. The seven suspects who may have contributed to the failure of GM’s EV1 program are: a. Customers (guilty) a.i. Consumers wanted a three hundred mile range and eighty-five mile per hour speed on their electric cars but this was not plausible when running off of a battery. a.ii. When customers compare cars they don’t care much about the environmental risks they only care about the price, the miles per gallon, and the mileage range. Customers had a difficult time seeing the difference...
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  • FUTURE CAR - 878 Words
    Kim, Patrick P.2/ Earth Science/1­15 Essay Future Car Imagine a world without pollution. A world where the oceans are blue. A green world with beautiful skies. Have you wondered why pollution is such a huge problem in the world? Fossil fuels, an energy resource formed from organisms that lived a long time ago. Fossil fuels are used to power our cars and create electricity. The down side to fossil fuels is that they create a lot of pollution. Why do ...
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  • The Global Oil Crisis - 1963 Words
    January 16, 2009 Global Oil Crisis – Word Count: 1,823 Global Oil Crisis: The depleting oil supply and the need for alternatives Oil is the single most important energy source that drives our economy and makes civilized life as we know it today possible. It is so vital to our life that if the earth’s oil supply were to run out within the next 20 years, it would completely cripple the United States and its economy. We use oil and other fossil fuels for transportation (of goods,...
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  • Who Killed the Electric Car
    Who Killed the Electric Car? Video Discussion Questions Summary: It begins with a solemn funeral�for a car. By the end of Chris Paine's lively and informative documentary, the idea doesn't seem quite so strange. As narrator Martin Sheen notes, "They were quiet and fast, produced no exhaust and ran without gasoline." Paine proceeds to show how this unique vehicle came into being and why General Motors ended up reclaiming its once-prized creation less than a decade later. He begins 100 years ago...
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  • Solar Industry - 581 Words
    5/29/13 Alternative Fuels Data Center: Hydrogen Basics U.S. Department of Energy ­ Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center Hydrogen Basics Hydrogen (H2 ) is a potentially emissions­free alternative fuel that can be produced from domestic resources. Although not widely used today as a transportation fuel, government and industry research and development are...
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  • Compare and Contrast - 569 Words
    COMPARE AND CONTRAST Russell St.John Ashford University English Composition I 121 Dr. Pamela Klem November 25, 2011 Hybrid/Electric Cars vs. Gas Powered Cars There are many makes and models of vehicles on the market that claim to be both environmental friendly and cost effective. The American automotive industry along with their foreign counterparts has provided the consumers with affordable vehicles. It is estimated that alternative vehicles will make up less than 10...
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  • Fuel Cell Cars - 871 Words
    FUEL CELL CARS Fuel Cell cars are a major part of the fleet of Zero-Emission Vehicles. The fuel cells are fueled with pure hydrogen and hence they are considered to be zero emission vehicles. Fuel cells have been used on spacecraft for many years to power electric equipment. These are fueled with liquid hydrogen from the spacecraft's rocket fuel tanks. Basic Mechanics Fuel cell vehicles turn hydrogen fuel and oxygen into electricity. The electricity then powers an electric motor, just like...
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  • Zongshen - 1662 Words
    A. Describe the significant role the value chain played in the growth and development of the Zongshen Group: * Identify two elements from Porter’s Five Forces Model, determinants of buyer power and suppler power, to illustrate the problems the group entered with suppliers during the early years of China’s privatization policy. In early history of Zongshen group, the state-owned enterprises (SOEs) played a critical role as dominant suppliers in the motorcycle industries. The SOEs have...
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  • Future Car - 742 Words
    Case Analysis: The Car of the Future Strategic Issues and Problems: The global shortage of oil and its effect on the environment has brought substantial public attention to the renewable and alternative power sources. The technology of using alternative fuel for cars besides gasoline has been advancing rapidly over the years. In light of this, car manufacturers have introduced hybrid cars which combine two or more sources of energy as fuel. However, many argue that most of...
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  • swor - 920 Words
    This is the Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) AG SWOT analysis for 2013. For more information on how to do SWOT analysis please refer to our article. Company background Name Bayerische Motoren Werke AG Industries served Automotive Geographic areas served Worldwide Headquarters Germany Current CEO Norbert Reithofer Revenue € 76.848 billion (2012) Profit € 5.122 billion (2012) Employees 105,876 (2012) Main Competitors Chrysler Group LLC, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Co., General Motors...
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  • Fuel Cell Cars - 587 Words
    In this report we are going to talk about the fuel cell cars and the issues with burning gasoline and its causing global warming. Iwill cover how we have alturnatives in transportation and the pros and cons of each of them. Global warming is a serious problem that the world is facing. Did you know that global warming increases the average tempature of the earths surface? This is due to the burning of fossil fules like coal, natural gases, and oil. These fossil fuels are what we burn...
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  • Birmingham Case Study - 6817 Words
    Transportation Research Part A 46 (2012) 1318–1327 Contents lists available at SciVerse ScienceDirect Transportation Research Part A journal homepage: www.elsevier.com/locate/tra Identifying the early adopters of alternative fuel vehicles: A case study of Birmingham, United Kingdom Amy R. Campbell a,⇑, Tim Ryley a,1, Rob Thring b,2 a b Transport Studies Group, School of Civil and Building Engineering, Loughborough University, Leicestershire LE11 3TU, United Kingdom Department of Aeronautical...
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  • Alternative Fuels Essay 6
    Name Teacher Class Date Alternative Fuels Today’s environment is polluted with many carbon and other pollutions harmful to humans and the environment. Many of these pollutions are mostly from transportation vehicles. More dangers are rising, causing global warming and health risks to be increased at a higher probability of it occurring. With gasoline becoming scarce and an abundant amount of pollution in the environment, transportation companies need to enforce and search for better ways...
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  • Marketing - Hybrid Cars - 4441 Words
    Introduction Team A presents our comprehensive assignment, this paper encompasses a variety of factors related to ECO-Specialties, a leasing firm that specializes in hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles We will examine the following area in this paper: a. Identify product/service b. Market research c. Market SWOTT analysis d. Marketing mix (4 P's) e. Implementation of the marketing plan f. Monitor marketing plan g. Control and adjust h....
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  • Swot Analysis - 1018 Words
    SWOT analysis of Honda This is Honda Motor Company SWOT analysis for 2013. For more information on how to do SWOT analysis,please refer to our article. Company background Name Honda Motor Company, Ltd. Industries served Automotive, Aviation, Telematics Geographic areas served Worldwide Headquarters Japan Current CEO Takanobu Ito Revenue ¥7.948 trillion (2012) Profit ¥211.48 billion (2012) Employees 179,060 (2012) Main Competitors Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Company,...
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  • Evaluation Essay - 920 Words
    Elan Brannan Evaluation Essay October 26, 2012 Toyota Camry vs. Honda Accord All across America millions of people search for a vehicle to keep them safe while driving. But that isn’t all car consumers look for, car buyers want style, comfort, and most importantly a smooth calming ride. For many years consumers have been comparing two top rated cars, the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. Both cars excellent in ratings all across the board however, the Toyota Camry is the number one best...
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  • acadeaua - 863 Words
    Water-Powered Cars All of us know that cars pollute. This pollution harms the environment. In order to prevent it we either shouldn’t use cars at all or try to reduce the amount of fuel by the creation of water cars. There are four things that need to be discussed about water cars: the first water car, how they work, how they help, and the pros and cons. The first water-powered car was a Ford Escort used by Denny Klein in 1994. “You just drive it like a regular car. The...
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  • Pros and Cons of Alternative Fuel
    The quest for a feasible alternatively fueled vehicle that could be used by the general public has been going on for some time now. Both the possibility of freeing ourselves from an expensive foreign oil dependence and being able to use a more environmentally friendly fuel are major incentives for finding an alternative to gasoline powered vehicles. However, many people believe that these new technologies are too risky and costly to try and transition away from the conventional internal...
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  • Zongshen Group - 2198 Words
    ------------------------------------------------- Case Introduction and Challenges ------------------------------------------------- Chongqing, a city in central southwestern China, had a heritage in heavy manufacturing, as it was one of the centers of the Chinese defense industry, especially for vehicles. In 1980s, when the Cold War slowed, the central government wanted to reduce defense expenditure and asked some of the state owned enterprises (SOEs) to begin manufacturing civilian...
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  • Eco Automotive World: Hybrid Car
    Louis Nanio Professor Bryan ENC-1102 June 5, 2012 Green is the New Black Green is the color of the future. Most companies’ main focus is to release a product that is eco friendly. Take the auto industry for example; just about every car company has a “green” car out. I absolutely adore the idea of mass producing cars with low emissions, and exceptional gas mileage, but some car manufacturers are going about making eco friendly cars in the wrong ways. In 1997, the first hybrid car was...
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  • Mobile Communication - 1932 Words
    KONGU ENGINEERING COLLEGE DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE & HUMANITIES POLYGON-09 RECENT TRENDS IN POWER GENERATION-TECHNICAL APPROACH Presented by, R.Mohammed Zahir-08ITR048 G.K.Palani Selvam-08ITR052 B.TECH-IT ABSTRACT: All over the world, electricity remains to be a vital component of national development. Electrical energy is easy to transport and convert to other forms of energy, and available at the flick of a switch, it has kept its place as the main source of energy in...
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  • Case Study - 1154 Words
    CASE STUDY TOPICS You can use one of the Case Study Templates (see folder) to complete your work. Or use one of the suggestions below. A. Would human cloning be of benefit to our species? You need to consider at least these points: How cell division occurs naturally The role of DNA in cell division How cloning occurs naturally in simple organisms How animal cells can be cloned How a whole organism is cloned (Dolly the sheep ...) How cloning has so far been used on animals How stem cells may be...
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  • Save the Ailing Earth from Vehicular Pollution
    Save the ailing Earth from vehicular pollution Environmental pollution is one of the most serious problems facing humanity and other life forms on our planet today. Since the rise of the advancement of awkward prepositional phrasing technology, pollution had already started its harm as well; awkward phrasing from the dropping of the first atomic bomb, which results to land, water, and air pollution, to the industrialized world that pollutes the entire earth. People had been attempting to...
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  • Countermeasures to Automobile-Exhaust Pollution
    Countermeasures to Automobile-Exhaust Pollution The world motor vehicle population exceeds 1 billion units at the moment. These vehicles are used for transportation of people and products across various places around the world. As a result, they emit many pollutants. This is attributable to the action of their engines burning fuel to release energy, which is an inefficient process. Firstly, they release particulate matter consisting of both organic and inorganic substances into the atmosphere,...
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  • SWOT Proton - 502 Words
    SWOT STRENGTH Proton is a Malaysian national automobile manufacturer. Proton is a Malaysian car manufacturer which first started out in 1983. At first, parts and technology came from Mitsubishi but later on, as experience accumulated, Proton became independent even if most of the cars were still based on Mitsubishi models. Their first model was launched in 1985 which is Proton Saga. Export to other country: such as Taxi in Korea use Impian (Waja) More than 14000 of Protons cars were exported...
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  • Disruptive Innovation - 4626 Words
    1 Introduction This assignment provides the study on Disruptive Innovation using Clayton Christensen’s framework. Apart from this, this assignment also tells how the companies should react to the upcoming technologies and what should be the course of action for the same. 1.1 Innovation There is no specific definition for innovation as such. But, according to me, innovation is creating something new or changing the old to achieve the competitive advantage and meet the increasing customer...
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  • General Motors External - 9353 Words
    Executive Summary The United States has been experiencing a weak economy, which has dramatically affected sales within the automotive industry. The industry as a whole has been struggling, but the U.S. companies have had the worst results. Also, the desired product mix has recently changed to more fuel efficient vehicles instead of large SUV’s and trucks (S&P, 2008, p.1). The following analysis will discuss in detail the external environment of the auto industry and then transition to...
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  • Case Analysis - 859 Words
    Case Analysis – Toyota Prius Toyota Prius Situation Analysis : This case focuses on how Toyota as a vehicle manufacturer is looking to get more people to migrate from gas powered vehicles to environment friendly hybrid car variety. The case looks at the automobile market and specifically the hybrid and fuel cell category market in great detail. The automobile industry in general is highly dependent on government regulations and legislatures. There were a lot of pro hybrid and pro Fuel cell...
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  • General Motors 10k - 5071 Words
    10-K Analysis Project For General Motors Company Daniel Caicedo Thursday 12:00 P.M. – 1:20 P.M. MAN 4720-0022 General Motors Company Regina Taylor The AAA’s Team 8 September 29, 2011 1. Political Statement: “Any increases in the price of oil in the U.S. or in our other markets or any sustained shortage of oil, including as a result of political instability in the Middle East and African nations, could weaken the demand...
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  • Fuel Efficient Cars - 1303 Words
    The development of fuel-efficient cars was primarily in response to the OPEC oil crisis of the nineteen-seventies and the dramatic rise in gasoline prices for American motorists. Up until the Yom Kippur War of 1973, Americans drove high-powered, gas guzzling cars. Gasoline was cheap and consumers were not interested in purchasing fuel-efficient cars. As a result, the Detroit automakers did not design or produce fuel-efficient cars. Within a few years, the market demand changed with skyrocketing...
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  • Major Acroenvironmental Effects That Affect Toyota Prius
    Outline the major macroenvironmental factors-demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, and cultural- that affected the introduction and relaunch of the Toyota Prius. How well has Toyota dealt with each of these factors? - Demographic factor: Due to the rapid growth of population, the demand for automobile had grown swiftly and the consumers are likely to compare the differences and improvements in various automobile before they made their choice. Therefore from the beginning,...
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  • Honda Swot - 751 Words
    Strength 1. Diversified product portfolio. Honda unlike many other automotive companies does not focus only on selling vehicles. It is the largest producer of the engines and motorcycles as well. Therefore, the company is not as susceptible as its competitors are to market cycles or technology disruptions. 2. Huge investments in R&D. Honda’s investments in R&D reach as much as 5% of revenue. The business relies on these investments to achieve competitive advantage through various...
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  • greenhouse - 1524 Words
     Greenhouse effects and global warming are an uprising environmental issue. The greenhouse effect is the process by which absorption and emission of infrared radiation by gases are released in the atmosphere. The major greenhouse gases are water vapor (36 -70%), carbon dioxide CO2 (9-26%), methane CH4 (4-9%), and ozone O3 (3-7%). Since the industrial revolution, human activity has increased the amount of greenhouse gases, leading to increased levels of CO2, methane and troposphere ozone. Fossil...
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  • Ecar - General Motors' Ev1
    2012 Bánhegyi László Gábor Corvinus University of Budapest The e-car Case study of General Motors’ EV1 Contents Contents 1 Prologue 2 A brief history 3 Consumers 6 Batteries 7 Oil companies 8 Car companies 8 Government 9 California Air Resources Board 9 Hydrogen Fuel Cell 10 Conclusion 11 Bibliography 12 Prologue In my childhood I always was a fan of everything which had wheels. Naturally the sports cars were my favorite. At that time, I did not care too...
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  • 1920s Cars - 359 Words
    More People Own Cars In 1918, only 1 in 13 families owned a car. By 1929, 4 out of 5 families had one. In the same time period, the number of cars on the road increased from 8 million to 23 million. In fact, the industry grew so fast; by 1925 over 10% of all people in the workforce had something to do with production, sales, service, or fueling of automobiles. Buying on Credit At first, a buyer had to have cash to purchase a car. Banks were unwilling to lend money for something that was...
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  • Hybrid Cars - 721 Words
    MGMT425 - Spring 2013 – Haisu Zhang Marketing Research: Green Marketing Are Hybrid Cars Worth The Money? By Josh Nottingham Tyler Alberson Lei Ye James Chimitt Introduction: Over the course of the past few decades, Hybrid cars have slowly been multiplying on the road. General Motors sold 11,000 Chevrolet Volts in 2010 and are expecting that number to rise to 70,000 by next year (J.D. Power and Associates, 2012). The total percentage of Hybrid cars that cruise the road only makes...
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  • Pest Toyota - 1341 Words
    Political. Governments have implicated the car industry in to a socio-politic-economic corner. This company is strongly linked to policies of governments by the earnings of banks. Therefore countries try to develop this industry to rise profits and in develop countries is a gigantic pressure to maintain it. Likewise Toyota is a company that dominates more than a handful of firms. “The company’s approach to dealing with political institutions has not always been brilliant. It tends to be good...
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