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  • Humidity Sensors - 2853 Words
    Humidity Sensors Humidity Humidity is defined as the water vapor content in air or other gases. Humidity is usually measured in terms of absolute humidity (the ratio of the mass of water vapor to the volume of air or gas), dew point (the temperature and pressure at which a gas begins to condense into a liquid), and relative humidity, or RH (the ratio of the moisture content of air compared to the saturated moisture level at the same temperature or pressure). Thermal conductivity humidity...
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  • Relative Humidity - 1746 Words
    Temperature and Humidity Lab Name__ __________________ This activity will look at two of the most fundamental and important elements of weather: temperature and humidity. Objectives: 1. The students will discover the need for measuring instruments to quantify weather observations. 2. The students will learn how to use a sling psychrometer to determine temperature and relative humidity values. 3. The students will explain and understand the difference between absolute and...
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  • Relative Humidity - 371 Words
    Relative Humidity Lab 1. Yes, our relative humidity was different for the two locations because the temperature in the building was lower than the temperature outside. 2. The psychrometer has a "sock" on the bulb of the thermometer. You get the sock wet and twirl the thermometer around for 30 seconds. If the temperature dropped then you spin it again for 15 seconds. Then you subtract the temperature of the psychrometer from the starting temperature and that is the difference. Then you must...
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  • Temperature and Humidity on Transpiration - 1256 Words
    Effect of temperature and humidity on the transpiration rateof the whole mushrooms P.V. Mahajan * , F.A.R. Oliveira, I. Macedo Department of Process and Chemical Engineering, University College Cork, Ireland Abstract Water loss or transpiration is an important physiological process that affects the main quality characteristics of fresh mushrooms,such as saleable weight, appearance and texture. A loss in weight of only 5% may cause fresh produce to lose freshness and appear wiltedand it...
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  • Atmospheric Thermodynamics and Relative Humidity Alternate
    Lab 1.06 Relative Humidity Alternate Lab Form Answer the questions. When you are finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit. (27 total point) Pre-Lab Questions (7 total points) 1. How does temperature affect the air’s capacity to hold water vapor? 2. Using the chart below, what is the relative humidity for each of these? Dry bulb Wet bulb Relative Humidity 100C 70C 24% 280C 220C 3. What four factors influence...
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  • Relative Humidity and Personal Care Homes
    Answer all the questions to the best of your ability. Please answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. 1) Name and define (in your own words) the two areas of statistics. 2) Why are samples used in statistics? (at least 2 sentences) 3) Give three examples each of nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio data. 4) Classify each variable as qualitative or quantitative. a. Marital status of nurses in the hospital b. Time...
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  • Plants Transpiration Lab - 1082 Words
    IB Biology HL Y1 15 January 2009 The Effect of Humidity on Transpiration in Plants Problem/Aim How does placing a plant in a more humid location for 50 minutes affect its rate of transpiration? Introduction Transpiration is the loss of water from a plant, mainly through the stomata of leaves. Darkness, internal water deficit, and extremes of temperature tend to close stomata and decrease transpiration; illumination, ample water supply, and optimum temperature cause stomata to open and...
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  • Science Exit Project - 716 Words
     Science Exit Project: Weather Weather itself is the state of the atmosphere at a given time. The weather seems very difficult to predict, however it is not as complicated as it seems. After looking at the variables and breaking down the pattern, a prediction can be made of the weather. The goal of this experiment is to look at the weather conditions for a given month, and then tell what shaped it, or what caused a certain variable to change. Procedure/Materials: First, I made a chart...
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  • Week 5 assignment word
    1. Explain how observed teleconnection patterns can help in the preparation of a seasonal weather forecast. Climate teleconnection is used for long rang climate prediction. Being able to forecast seasonal weather helps the US energy market. It allows the US energy market to figure out the supply and demand for the season.”Long-range climate prediction has grown in importance for the energy industry in recent years. Risk managers, economists, and engineers all require a “heads up” future view...
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  • The Wrestling Room - 642 Words
    The Heated Room of Sweat This room was my domain, my escape from reality, my room of hard work and determination. This overly heated room was one of my favorite places to be when I was in high school. I let off a lot of steam in this sweaty room. This giant room was where the best and most athletic athletes in the school came to practice and put in work to put a poster and their name of themselves on the wall next to the previous posters. As I open the door to my old high school wrestling...
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  • Woodlice Investigation - 2204 Words
    Woodlice Investigation Introduction: The ecological niche of the woodlice Porcellio scaber. The woodlouse Porcellio scaber is native to Europe but also commonly found in New Zealand. They live in cool, dark, damp microhabitats such as in rotting wood, under rocks, in caves and leaf litter. Small insectivorous rodents and birds as well as some spiders feed on woodlice. In the rotting log from which I gathered my specimens there were also millipedes, crickets, weta and spiders living. Woodlice...
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  • Evaporative Cooler - 4971 Words
    Abstract The phenomenon of evaporative cooling is a common process in nature, whose applications for cooling air are being used since the ancient years. In fact, it meets this objective with a low energy consumption, being compared to the primary energy consumption of other alternatives for cooling, as it is simply based in the phenomenon of reducing the air temperature by evaporating water on it. This process can be an interesting alternative to conventional systems in these applications where...
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  • Natural Ventilation Design for Houses in Tropical Region
     Natural Ventilation Design for Houses in Tropical Region Abstract Tropical region shares almost the same climate hot and humid throughout the year which has the advantages of the prevailing winds in assisting the flow of air. Natural ventilation has served as an effective passive cooling strategy in vernacular houses for the past decades. Unfortunately these passive cooling design elements have been mostly ignored in contemporary house designs where the effectiveness of natural...
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  • Assignment 2 Met - 735 Words
    1. Is a temperature inversion more likely to form on a calm or a windy night? Why? A temperature inversion is most likely to form on a calm night. Windy nights are not ideal for an inversion to occur since an inversion is considered a stable layer of atmosphere as well as due to the wind mixing the air to even out the density, remembering cold air is denser than warm air so it will flow downhill and pool in a valley. 2. What are the various methods used to protect sensitive crops from...
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  • Solid Desiccant Cooling System
    International Conference on Mechanical, Industrial and Energy Engineering 2010 23-24 December, 2010, Khulna, BANGLADESH MIE10-085 Construction and Performance Test of Solid Desiccant Cooling System Md. Hasan Ali1, A. N. M. Mizanur Rahman2,,*, N. U. I. Hossain2, K. S. Islam2 1 Department of Energy Technology, 2 Department of Mechanical Engineering Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, Khulna-9203, Bangladesh ABSTRACT Apart from the conventional cooling, there are other methods...
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  • Porcellio Scaber - 378 Words
    Porcellio Scaber Habitat: New Zealand, these types of woodlice are found in cool, humid and damp conditions. They are mainly found in spring and autumn. Mainly under shelter such as bark and boards left in shaded, moist conditions. They may also be found in deep, damp soil under the shelter of bushes or trees. Summer cause them to retreat deeper into shelter making them more difficult to locate. Winter also cause them to retreat further into shelter. Behaviour: Many of the behavioural responses...
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  • Student - 541 Words
    These rodents are fairly widespread in dry areas of North and central America. They are examples of mammals which are specialised to live in a rather inhospitable environment. It is worth pointing out certain facts about their lifestyle and biology. The animals' diet is principally seeds, gathered at night and stored in underground burrows. They have large cheek pouches like hamsters for temporarily storing this material during their brief forays to the surface at night time when the air is...
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  • Human factor - 260 Words
    Define human error, and explain the HFACS method used to classify human error and how HFACS can be both reactive and proactive. Remember, you must have a title page, 300 word body written in 3rd person, and at least two references. the temperature remains constant and moisture is added by evaporation, the absolute humidity(volume of water per volume of air) will increase, the relative humidity (percentage of saturation achieved) will also increase and the dew point temperature will also...
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  • Rainforest - 391 Words
    The rainforest has many different things to enjoy. There are many plants and animals to look at and I think that it is the best place to distract from other things and to have a little bit of peace. The rainforest has many beautiful things to offer with a lot of tall trees, some of them with long branches. The aged trees had creaking branches. Further on, as you trek through the undergrowth, you could spy a snake, searching for its prey. Look above at the canopy. You may see strangler vines,...
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  • Air Conditioning Systems - 950 Words
    Air Conditioning Systems An air conditioning, or HVAC&R, system is composed of components and equipment arranged in sequence to condition the air, to transport it to the conditioned space, and to control the indoor environmental parameters of a specific space within required limits. Most air conditioning systems perform the following functions: 1. Provide the cooling and heating energy required 2. Condition the supply air, that is, heat or cool, humidify or dehumidify, clean and purify,...
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  • Free Writing - 888 Words
    Moving Moving day, a time not many children would endure, was a period I cherished in my youth. Though a terrifying thought for many, leaving the place I call home for the new horizons and journey excited me. Although I was young in age every place I have lived in, I feel as though I lived in each place for an eternity. I have always contemplated how people could engross themselves in one place for their entire life. As a child I recognized myself as an expert mover and looked forward to...
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  • Earth Science Review - 1765 Words
    Climates and Oceans- 1. With coastal climates, the locations are on the windward side, meaning the weather patterns move from the ocean to land, giving them mild summers and cool winters. This means that there isn’t a very large temperature range for coastal climates. Inland climates are more of the land heating and cooling, because they heat to high temperatures in the day and then cool a great amount at night. Also, the weather patterns are moving from land to water, creating warmer summers...
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  • Indoor Air Pollution - 286 Words
    Associate Level Material Indoor Air Pollution Resources: Chapter 19 of Environmental Science and the EPA web site, “Introduction to Air Quality”. Retrieved from, Complete the following chart: Pollutant Sources Health effects Is Your Risk Level Acceptable? Solutions Sustainable Replacements, when appropriate Radon Natural decay of uranium found in almost all soils. Radon leaks into homes through walls, floors, and water. Lung cancer unknown Seal...
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  • Bio 150 Guide Question Exer 1a
    Exercise 1: The Organism and Its Environment GUIDE QUESTIONS 1. a. In the first part of the exercise conducted, the abiotic factors influencing the forest and the grassland community were measured. Despite the two sites being in close range of each other, they have significant differences that set them apart from each other. Table 1.1 shows the comparison between the two communities. The four factors measured were air temperature, soil temperature, light intensity, and relative...
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  • Geo Lab - 931 Words
    Name _________________________________________ Section __________________ EXERCISE 14 PROBLEMS/SOLUTIONS—PART I (S.I. Units) Assume that a parcel of air is forced to rise up and over a 4000-meter-high mountain (shown below). The initial temperature of the parcel at sea level is 30°C, and the lifting condensation level (LCL) of the parcel is 2000 meters. The DAR is 10°C/1000 m and the SAR is 6°C/1000 m. Assume that condensation begins at 100% relative humidity and that no evaporation takes...
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  • Challenges in life brings out the best in a person
    Benjamin Koh Class: 4.03 Topic: ‘Challenges in life bring out the best in a person.' Is this always true in your experience? Challenges in life are obstacles that one has to surmount, to overcome in order to progress and to do so usually requires a display of admirable qualities such as courage and perseverance. Does challenges in life always bring out the best or the worst in a person? This is debatable as challenges can either make or break a person. Some people may not be able to hold...
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  • Exam 1 Review - 539 Words
    EVPP 305 Study Guide Aeromicrobiology 1. What is Aeromicrobiology? a. Study of microorganisms present in the air b. Indoor and outdoor air c. Airborne transmission of environmentally relevant microorganisms i. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, and protozoans 2. Name one airborne microbial toxin? d. Eg. Toxin from Clostridium botulinum – potential biological warfare agent e. Neurotoxin f. Lethal dose – 0.3 µg by inhalation 3....
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  • High Albedo Heat Reflective Paint
    HIGH ALBEDO HEAT REFLECTIVE PAINT Sunsheetal® is based on polyurethane-acrylic blended elastomeric aqueous polymers. It is a high thermal emittance ceramic coating useful in the world of industrial and commercial buildings, as a roof coating system that has the ability to reflect the visible, infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths of the sun, thereby reducing heat transfer to the building. Sunsheetal® is defined as a cool roof coating by virtue of its ability to radiate absorbed, or non-reflected...
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  • Earthbuddy Case Study - 554 Words
    Story 1. Anton Rabie and Ronnen Harary created a product that allowed customers to express their own creativity through styling grass hair that sprouted from a small humanlike head. They called this product Earth Buddy and the popularity soon spread like wildfire. Product sales started through Toronto-area flower shops and gift stores but as demand increased they were able to start distributing Earth Buddy at K-Mart, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart and stores alike. However, the production of Earth...
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  • Sasasa - 1038 Words
    Cargo Handling Safety 1. Why cargo gear should be inspected visually before the start of cargo operation? All cargo handling gears should be inspected before the cargo operation is commenced to ensure that all gears are in good working condition in order to prevent any accident and/or damage to cargo, ship, and/or injuries and loss of human lives. 2. Why SWL of equipment should never be exceeded? Safe Working Load (SWL) is the allowable load of block, wires, ropes, derrick booms, crane jibs,...
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  • My Summer - 475 Words
    Summer Vacation I have a great summer. At first month I went to summer school for Grade 10 History, even though it was super busy but I still having a great time with my teacher and classmates. At the second month, my parents decided take me and my younger sister for a driving vacation where headed for Canada’s biggest water park. This water park is locate at Alberta, so we decided to travel through all the western Canada. After about 13 days travel in Canada, we flew to Miami with another...
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  • Abiotic Factors and Its Environment
    ABIOTIC FACTORS AND ITS ENVIRONMENT Abstract Abiotic factors in the environment can affect an individual’s conditions, habits and activities. Tropics have altering weather conditions even if there is no seasonality. It may be sunny at a certain period of time then it will be overcast all of a sudden. Testing abiotic components would help us show diversity in different kinds of environment. Three varied location were selected; A classroom, a busy street (Recto Ave.) and the university...
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  • Post Harvest Management of Fruits and Vegetables
    INTRODUCTION Worldwide postharvest fruit and vegetables losses are as high as 30 to 40% and even much higher in some developing countries. Reducing postharvest losses is very important; ensuring that sufficient food, both in quantity and in quality is available to every inhabitant in our planet. Proper postharvest processing and handling is an important part of modern agricultural production. Postharvest processes include the integrated functions of harvesting, cleaning, grading, cooling,...
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  • Urban Sprawl - 5986 Words
    Iran. J. Environ. Health. Sci. Eng., 2010, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 43-52 URBAN SPRAWL AND CLIMATIC CHANGES IN TEHRAN *1Gh. R. Roshan, 2S. Zanganeh Shahraki, 3D. Sauri, 4R. Borna 1 Faculty of Geography, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran Geography and Urban Planning Department, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran 3 Department of Geography, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Bellaterra, Spain 4 Islamic Azad University, Branch of Ahvaz, Ahvaz, Iran 2 Downloaded from on...
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  • “Urban Areas Have a Significant Impact on Climatic Characteristics.” Discuss This Statement
    “Urban areas have a significant impact on climatic characteristics.” discuss this statement (40 marks) The weather is often very different in urban areas than the surrounding rural areas, variations can occur in temperature, humidity, precipitation, visibility and air quality. The urban canopy layer is the areas just below roof level where processes take place between buildings and the urban boundary layer is the dome over an urban area which extends downwind. Temperature is one characteristic...
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  • Plant Transpiration Lab Report
    Lab 4: Plant Transpiration Project By Shelby Hyde Lab 030 Date Due: March 12, 2013 The Effect of Wind on the Rate of Transpiration Introduction: Transpiration is the process through which water is evaporated from plants. This serves many purposes, including thermoregulation and the diffusion of CO2, but most importantly creates a water potential difference which causes the mass flow of water and nutrients from the roots to the leaves of the plant. Transpiration is accomplished through...
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  • Scientific Paper - 2142 Words
    Introduction: (Total: 10 pts) 1. Transpiration is critical for plant physiology. In your own words, what is transpiration, and why is this important in plants? (2 pts) Transpiration is the evaporation or loss of water through the pores (stomata) on the underside of leaves. Transpiration is vital to plants because it not only allows the plant to cool itself, but it also changes the osmotic pressure of cells allowing for nutrient transfer between cells, and between roots and stem. 2. Plants...
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  • Air Conditioning - 11124 Words
    HVAC Systems: Air Conditioning Dr. Harjit Singh Room 116 Howell Building Fridays 09.30 – 11.30am Unless otherwise specified For students enquiries: 1 Building Services Engineering: Building Air Conditioning Module (ME5508), Brunel University Introduction to the module • Credit: 15 • Teaching materials: – Provided for the MSc students. – Undergrads: Buy them from the stores. • Assignment: to be handed two weeks before Xmas, deadline-28 Jan 2013 •...
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  • Automated Greenhouse - 587 Words
    INTRODUCTION Automated Greenhouse is about a design of miniature greenhouse that is equipped with the automated monitoring system. The system will constantly monitor the natural environmental conditions in the greenhouse to ensure that the plant will achieve the maximum plant growth. There are two sensors, which operate in the real-time, that will be used - temperature sensor and a humidity sensor to monitor the conditions. The microcontroller will compare the output of the sensors with the...
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  • Meteorology Cheat Sheet - 402 Words
    -Surface and near-surface ocean currents are powered primarily by wind. -Temperature and salinity are controlling factors for deep ocean currents -Weather is determined by the conditions in the troposphere -Energy from the sun is the force behind all weather. -Mountains affect climate by causing precipitation to fall mostly on one side of the mountain -The atmosphere is primarily made out of Nitrogen (78%). -Lowest Albedo = Forest, Second Choice Grass but its Shiney. -Sunspots are cooler than...
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  • I need help - 397 Words
    Lab Report Format for Meteorology Lab Hypothesis: Using the relationships from weather data write a hypothesis about how weather may be forecasted. Remember this is your hypothesis. Make sure it is reasonable and done before you plot the weather station models and create your graphs. Weather Data - Location: Boston, Logan International Airport Date: August 7th, 2014 Weather Data - Location: Date: Time of Day Temperature (F°) Air Pressure Humidity Cloud...
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  • decriptive essay - 590 Words
    Jaden R. Barnes Page 1 What My Serenity Is 01/28/15 Descriptive Essay If you asked me "What does the word serenity first bring to mind?" I would instantaneously reply " the mountains of Kentucky". They are filled with wildlife, comfortable weather and crystal clear water. Being there surrounded by nature makes me overflow with euphoria and contentment. The location is perfect for hunting and the observation of its vivacious furry creatures, as...
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  • Air condition - 12293 Words
    Air Conditioning Psychrometrics Course No: M05-005 Credit: 5 PDH A. Bhatia Continuing Education and Development, Inc. 9 Greyridge Farm Court Stony Point, NY 10980 P: (877) 322-5800 F: (877) 322-4774 AIRCONDITIONING PSYCHROMETRICS AIR CONDITIONING PSYCHROMETRICS In air-conditioning system, the air must undergo one or several of the following processes: Psychrometrics can be used to predict changes in the environment when the amount of heat...
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  • Transpiration Lab Report - 286 Words
    LAB REPORT HYPOTHESIS 1: Plants transpire the most when the environment has light and less humidity JUSTIFICATION: Water evaporates more readily because light stimulates the opening of the stomata and photosynthesis would occur. HYPOTHESIS 2: Transpiration would occur the second most when there’s light and lots of humidity. JUSTIFICATION: The light would allow photosynthesis to occur and the stomata to open but little if any diffusion of water out the leaf would occur. HYPOTHESIS...
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  • Elcometer - 645 Words
    data sheet Elcometer 116 Whirling & Sling Hygrometer Elcometer 116 Whirling & Sling Hygrometer The Elcometer 116A Whirling Hygrometer is available in °C scale. A guide for Relative Humidity (RH) Calculation is supplied with each instrument. The dewpoint can be accurately obtained using Elcometer 114 Dewpoint Calculator. Elcometer 116 Whirling & Sling Hygrometer Can be used in accordance with: ASTM E 337-B BS 2842 The Elcometer 116C Bacharach Sling Hygrometer is a...
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  • Transpiration Lab Write Up - 1038 Words
    Transpiration Lab Write-up. Introduction Transpiration is the evaporation of water from plants. It’s not simply a hazard of plant life but it’s the engine that pulls water from the roots to cool the leaf and supply photosynthesis. The concentration of water vapor in the atmosphere is lower than that in the leaf. Because of this difference, water vapor diffuses from the spaces of the leaf, through the stomata in the epidermis. Stomata are in the lower epidermis; the lower surface receives...
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  • The Iguana V’s the Thai Water Dragon
    The Iguana or Thai Water Dragon Things to consider before purchasing. COM/155 INSTRUCTOR PATRICIA JORDAN July 29, 2012 Authored by: Kelly Robertus   The Iguana V’s the Thai Water Dragon If you are thinking of adding a new pet to your family there are many to choose from. Two interesting ones are the Iguana and a Thai Water Dragon. When making the decision, here are some things to consider. The kind of time they require to care for to have long and healthy lives. The kind...
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  • Exer 1 Results - 956 Words
    Table 1a. Biotic components of artificial ecosystem. Biotic Component Habit or Type Number Distribution pattern Physical factors affecting organism Autotrophs Plants Ixora Capsicum frutescens Ananas comosus Dracaena reflexa Basella rubra Papaya Allium cepa Bougainvillea Ocimum basilicum Allium sativum Tarragon Sweet potato Moringa oleifera Taro Pandan Anethum graveolens Cranberry Phaseolus lunatus Plectranthus scutellarioides Curcuma longa shrub herb herb shrub herb tree herb vine herb...
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  • deez nuts - 1244 Words
    Lab Report Format for Meteorology Lab Title: Meteorology Lab Introduction:You will be required to collect hourly weather data for one day. Once you have collected 24 hours' worth of weather data, you will create surface weather station models of the data. Then, you will graph some of the weather data to draw conclusions about the relationships between the data. Finally, you will write a laboratory report of your results. Objective: The objective of this lab assignment is to determine how we...
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  • Harm the Environment of Air Pollution
    HARM THE ENVIRONMENT OF AIR POLLUTION 1. Harm to human health and animal life on earth: Air pollution on the human body and animals primarily via the respiratory tract as well as direct effects on the eyes and skin of the body. They cause diseases such as suffocation, acute pulmonary edema, a number of irritating contaminants for coughs, asthma, tuberculosis, lung cancer, causing bitter tears, cause allergies, itching on skin, urticaria, stone dust and asbestos dust causes lung...
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  • Geology - 1858 Words
    FEDERAL CAPITAL ABUJA PHYSICAL SETTING PEOPLE, POPULATION AND SETTLEMENT SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE PROSPECT FOR THE FUTURE NATURAL RESOURCES AND DEVELOPMENT PHYSICAL SETTING Geology: The FCT is almost predominantly underlain by high grade metamorphic and igneous rocks of precambrian age. | National Assembly Complex | Generally trending NNESSW, these rocks consist of gneiss, migmatites and granites. A schist belt outcrops along the eastern margin of the area. The belt broadens...
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  • Compare and Contrast - 973 Words
    Whitney 1 Candace M. Whitney Professor Lynn McClelland English 101 22 February 2013 Living in Arizona vs. Living in Hawaii I was born and raised in Hawaii on the tiny island of Kauai where the misty rains fall daily, the grass is green all year around and the culture is rich in the spirit of aloha. Although living a life in Hawaii may seem wonderful and made in paradise, many locals make the tough decision to move away and Arizona has become the popular place to go. Arizona, with all its...
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  • Biology Investigation: Woodlice - 1925 Words
    * Biology Investigation 3.1 Porcellio Scaber (Slater, Woodlouse) Task 1 The crustacean Porcellio Scaber, or more commonly known as the woodlouse, is a species usually found in leaf litter or in fallen trees and bark. It feeds on detritus like many other isopods of its type, and is generally predated on by small mammals, lizards and some insects. The woodlouse habitat reflects its need to avoid warm and dry areas. The woodlouse is prone to desiccation (drying out) due to its body’s large...
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  • heat stress risk assessment
     1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Temperature Working outdoors, work place directly affected by the outdoor environment, excessive of temperature above 35*C, hot air in work place. Humidity Directly affected humid outdoor conditions, excessive of humidity above 80%, steam or heat...
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  • Education Today - 491 Words
     It requires a lot of hit energy to transform a given quantity of water in to vapor. This energy is called enthalpy of vaporization. While water evaporates the temperature around it drops. We see this phenomenon in action in leaving things, they use sweat to low their temperature and also in many manmade tools. What is evaporation cooling? Evaporation cooling is a device that cools air by combining the natural process of water evaporation with an air moving system. Evaporative cooling is...
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  • Climate Of Bangladesh - 2805 Words
    Climate of Bangladesh Climate is the average weather of 30-year time period for a particular region. Climate is not the same as weather, but rather, it is the average pattern of weather for a particular region. Weather describes the short-term state of atmosphere. The Tropic of Cancer passes through the center of Bangladesh and the country's climate can be described as tropical monsoon type - warm and humid in the summer, dry and cool in the winter. The dominant climatic factor for Bangladesh...
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  • IA Activity - 798 Words
     Title: Rate of transpiration I found interesting to know how different environmental factors affect the rate of transpiration. There are different environmental factors, such as light intensity, humidity, wind and temperature that affect the rate of transpiration. Transpiration is a topic 9 in our Biology higher level book. I have read all the information through this chapter and researched some extra information. Based on this information that I had known I decided to take experiment of...
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  • Large Cities Have Their Own Climatic Conditions
    Large cities have their own climatic conditions. To what extent is this true? (40 marks) Large cities have their own climatic conditions and can be referred to as having a micro-climate. Micro-climates are small scale variations in temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind speed and evaporation that occur in an environment. This would therefore suggest that the statement is in fact true. Large cities create their own climate and weather which is known as the ‘urban climate dome’ within which...
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  • essay on a good teacher - 485 Words
    “Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.” Parker J. Palmer Topic: Spending holiday in seaside or mountains… Prepared by: Tahere Imani Always, it is a hard decision to choose the most enjoyable places for vocation, especially when different traveler has their own idea; but obviously all of them want a luxury place which end up their decisions to the most beautiful places, such as: mountain and seaside. Actually it depends on their...
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  • Explain How Urban Heat Islands Develop? to What Extent Uhi Influence
    The term ‘urban heat island’ refers to the localized increase in temperature associated with an urban area. The UHI is an example of unintentional climate modification when urbanization changes the characteristics of the earth’s surface and atmosphere. It was observed that the UHI effect might result in minimum urban temperatures being 5-6° greater than the surrounding countryside. In the case of London, mean annual temperature was 11°C, while the surrounding countryside was 9.6°C and the...
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  • Carrier Corporation - 354 Words
    Literature Review 2.1 History of the air-conditioner Air-conditioner was invented based on invention of refrigerator. The history was told that the Chinese were the first to store natural ice and snow to cool wine and other delicacies. Evidence has been found that ice cellars were used as early as 1000 B.C. in China. Early Greeks and Romans also used underground pits to store ice. Ancient people of Egypt and India cooled liquids in porous earthen jars. Ice was produced due to...
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  • Some Ways the Enviornment Affects Human Health
    Some Ways That The Environment Affects Human Health? Air Pollution Air pollution is one obvious environmental health threat in OECD countries, contributing to a number of illnesses, such as asthma and in some cases leading to premature death. Of particular concern is the fact that children are more vulnerable to air pollution than adults, and increased rates of infant mortality have been recorded in highly polluted areas. Concerns about the impact of air pollution on health and the...
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  • week 5 - 267 Words
    1. Explain how observed teleconnection patterns can help in the preparation of a seasonal weather forecast. Climate teleconnection is used for range climate predictions. Forecasters can use this to determine weather patterns out a few days to several years. 2. If the temperature is dropping and the dew point is holding steady, what is your forecast for the relative humidity? If the temperature drops and dew point is holding steady the humidity will go up. As air cools down it can’t hold much...
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  • Comparison & Contrast Between Alaska and Hawaii
    Comparison & Contrast Between Alaska and Hawaii Alaska and Hawaii are known as popular tourist destinations during summer holiday. Both Alaska and Hawaii offer their tourists a pleasure experience during their stay there. However, there are several similarities and differences between Hawaii and Alaska. The first similarity is about the environment in both countries. In Alaska, the ocean and rivers are unpolluted. Similarly, the ocean surrounding Hawaii is clean and even the rivers there are...
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  • Obsidian Hydration - 677 Words
    OBSIDIAN HYDRATION There are two ways of Obsidian Hydration. One is to determine if the artifact is older or younger as the other is a calendar date of AD/BC being used. The decision of which one to use is relative or absolute dating depends on the environment's condition. The dating of Obsidian Hydration artifacts, which is based on the fact that a freshly made surface of obsidian will absorb water from it's surroundings to form a measurable hydration layer. For example, cracking of the...
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  • Camping Vs. Resort - 825 Words
    Camping in the Wilderness vs. Vacationing at a Resort Every year millions of families take a family vacation to get away from reality and be able to relax. Some families like to go camping out in the wilderness, while others go to a fancy five-star resort. Both camping and vacationing at a resort can be fun and relaxing, but there are many differences of the two, such as, the amount of effort to set up and get prepared, the comfort level, and the surroundings. When camping in the...
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  • Irrigation System - 342 Words
    1.7 Conceptual Framework Existing Theories & Factors That Affects Irrigation Systems Humidity, Moisture & Climate Change Automated Irrigation System Microcontroller Using Soil Moisture and Soil Moisture Sensor Humidity Sensor Humidity Sensor Development Tools Existing Studies Design Improve Production CHAPTER 2...
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  • Tropical Design - 330 Words
    INTRODUCTION Philippines is a tropical country composed of islands that is beside pacific ocean and because of this scientific research says that mostly low pressure areas formulate in the oceans and the tendency is our country would be the first one to be hit by the typhoons. Climate has a major effect on building performance and energy consumption and it is very alarming today that our current country suffers from different kind of natural phenomenon which they say is beyond normal....
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  • Environmental Science Ev20001 - 290 Words
    ~ INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, KHARAGPUR Date: (FN/AN) No. of Students: 163 Subject No: EV20001 2"d Year B. Tech.: AG, BT, MT Time: 2 hrs. Full Mark~: 60 Autumn Mid Semester Examination, 2012-2013 Subject Name: Environmental Science Section 4 Answer all questions l. a) Show that the gain for the climate system can be expressed as, GF = ___!}___. 1- f Where, G and fare the transfer function and the feedback of the climate system respectively. Write down the above expression for several...
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  • Fats and Oils Lab Report
    Title : The Physical Properties of Water Aim : 1. To comprehend and learn about the factors that affects the boiling rate and the boiling point of water. 2. To evaluate the moisture content of foods. 3. To observe the relationship of different relative humidities of the surroundings towards the sensory properties of foods. Results Table 1: Part a(i) – Heating 200ml of Water Time (s) | Temperature (⁰C) | 0 | 23 | 30 | 24 | 60 | 27 | 90 | 30.5 | 120 | 35 | 150 | 37.5...
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  • environment control system - 2070 Words
    The Environmental Control System of an airliner provides air supply, thermal control and cabin pressurization for the passengers and crew. Avionics cooling, smoke detection, and fire suppression are also commonly considered part of the Environmental Control System. Contents [hide] 1 Overview 2 Air supply 3 Cold Air Unit (CAU) 4 Ram Air System 5 Air distribution 6 Pressurization 7 Humidity 8 Health concerns 9 Myths and misconceptions 9.1 Turning off packs to save fuel 9.2 Reducing...
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  • Features and Drying Principle of Industrial Dryer
    The traditional dryer always heats air surrounding, and transports the hot air to roller around. The humid air resulted in this procedure will be excluded out, leaving dry air to keep drying . The traditional design does not recover the heat, and is therefore very inefficient. However, the traditional design is simple, reliable, reasonable-priced . Features and drying principle of industrial dryer Industrial dryer (industrial dryer) Features: 1, automatic control device to regulate the...
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  • Air Conditioning - 2043 Words
    Chemical Engineering Laboratory Ш SEGi University Experiment: Air Conditioning Module Candidate’s Name: Yeap Swee Sean Student ID: SCM-025695 Lecturer: Ms. Chan Yi Shee Date of Submission: 28th November 2013 1. ­­­­­­Abstract The main purposes of this experiment are to allow students to get familiarized with air conditioning system and also to obtain experimental data so that the state point can be plotted on a psychrometric chart. The apparatus used in this experiment are SOLTEQ...
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  • Water Transport in Plants - 804 Words
    Water Transport in Plants Introduction In this lab experiment, we set out to examine the different transpiration rates of a plant system in certain environments. Water is transported in a plant by the process of transpiration, which is the loss of water through evaporation from the surface of leaves. The stomata in leaves are responsible for the diffusion of water vapor. Transpiration brings water upward through the xylem in the plant. There are certain factors that can affect...
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  • NEBOSH IGC2 - 2184 Words
    Element 1: Workplace Hazards and Risk Control  Excavation – Hazards and Control Measures: Hazards associated with work may include: · Unexpected collapse of the trench wall /cave in: Sudden collapse of the excavation walls normally happens due to the condition of soil, presence of water, vibrations due to activities in the vicinity, lack of support etc. Severe crush injuries can result from even relatively small collapse as soil is very heavy · Falling of persons / workers into the...
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  • Advanced Thermal Comfort Studies
    THERMAL DAIRY By Carlos Val Background 2 In order to achieve a better understanding of the concept of Adaptive Thermal comfort I have recorded my thermal sensation by an hour intervals during a week. At this time, the relative humidity and temperature of my surrounding environment was been recorded by a sensor carried by me at all the time, every 900seconds. Background 3 A further thermal study of my living space was developed at the same time but carried out for a longer...
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  • vocab - 296 Words
    Vocabulary: Climate-the composite or generally prevailing weather conditions of a region, as temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, and winds, throughout the year, averaged over a series of years. ( Climate Ratio-The climate ratio is used to describe how moist a climate is. It compares the precipitation (P) with the potential evapotranspiration (Ep) for a region.( Climograph-a graphic representation of the...
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  • Exam 2 study guide
    Physical Geography Exam 2 (ch 6,7,8,9,17) 1. The hydrologic cycle refers to the ________. A) flow of rivers B) groundwater flow to the surface C) unending circulation of Earth's water supply D) latent heat of vaporization E) totality of forms of precipitation 2. Air containing all of the water vapor it can hold is ________. A) saturated B) adiabatic C) dew point D) convective E) unstable 3. The release of latent heat along from water...
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  • My Favorite Place - 1179 Words
    My Familiar Escape In the story “The Way to Rainy Mountain,” by N. Scott Momaday, Momaday relates to his special place which is Rainy Mountain. It holds the harshest weather on earth, but is still spectacularly beautiful to him. There is a place I love as well, and find myself looking forward to every year. I count the days until I hop on the plane to reach my destination. I have nearly memorized every detail of my exquisite paradise and feel my “home away from home” is equally as excited to...
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  • Ecology: Water and Aquatic Habitats
    ECOLOGY Ecology is concerned with the study of organisms and their habitats. This includes the interdependence of various populations, their impact on each other and their surroundings, the effect of the surroundings on their behaviour, as well as the ways in which the organisms and the environment change in response to each other. A pond and its inhabitants provide a good example of these interrelationships. A pond contains: a. soil consisting of rock, minerals and dead remains of organisms...
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  • adiabatic proceses - 251 Words
    Lab Instructions: EX: 21-22 Adiabatic Processes: Humidity- the amount of water vapor present in the air. Absolute Humidity- The amount of water vapor present in a unit volume of air. Relative Humidity-the ration of the amount of water vapor actually present in the air to the greatest amount possible at the same temperature. R. H = Actual Water Vapor content/ Water Vapor Capacity (Maximum Capacity that the air can hold) Saturation Mixing Ratio- The water vapor capacity of air at given...
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  • Anacharis and Rate of Transpiration - 295 Words
    a. From 23 degrees to 28 degrees the slope of the line increases and shows a slight curve. The rate of evaporation increases with temperature since transpiration is a cooling mechanism to release heat. More stomata open as temperature increases as this allows a faster transpiration rate. Although, at much higher temperatures, plants close stomata to prevent excess water loss. b. The increasing humidity causes reduced transpiration rates. This is because atmosphere is saturated with water...
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  • Batch Drying - 305 Words
    Ch.E. 421 Problem Set (Batch Drying) 4 Ch.E.a/b 13-15 November 2012 The solution of the problems are to be submitted as a team report at the end of the period. Please include honor code and the individual contribution of each team member. 1. A wet solid is dried from 36% to 8% moisture in 5 hours under constant drying conditions. The critical moisture is 14% and the equilibrium moisture is 4%. Calculate the time needed: a) To dry from 8 to 5.5% moisture b) To dry from 30% to 15% moisture...
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  • There has been debate over the present-day characteristics of the biome of tropical regions
    There has been debate over the present-day characteristics of the biome of tropical regions. For some they are viewed as a natural response to the climate of the area. Whereas for others they are regarded as a product of human interferences. Discuss this statement in the context of the biome you have studied. The Amazon rainforest is affected by both human interference such as deforestation as well as the climate contributing to global warming and causing both harm and extinction towards the...
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  • Climate Notes - 1627 Words
    9/9/13 Check whether we were approved Adaptation and Control Overview of Key themes Traditional Climate-adapted Architecture Large climate screens (From a historical perspective) How to read a psychometric chart Traditional Climate-adapted Architecture Vernacular adapted architecture In contrast to the resource-oriented architecture of the 21st century Should be the 1st thing we attempt to do to adapt the building to the climate Then look at high-tech approaches to skinning the...
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  • Determination of Moisture Content - 578 Words
    Experiment no. 1 Determination of moisture content (standard method - oven drying method) 1.0 Introduction Every type of soil has its own percentage of moisture content. The void in soil content water and air. The moisture content may varies for each types of soil. Different type of soil has different moisture content. Moisture content of soil also may be affected by the climate where the high humidity country tend to have higher moisture content in soil. Size or structure of...
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  • Cool - 438 Words
    English 2 Angelique Carter Argumentative Essay 3/22/13 The Coolest Invention Are you tired of being hot? Well, air conditioners are your friend. In 1902, the first modern electrical air condition was invented by Willis Haviland Carrier. The reason for it was to solve some problems a printer was having with papers in the summer (“Title” 1). Air conditioners and refrigerators worked the same way. Instead of cooling just the small, insulated space inside of a refrigerator, an...
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  • Synopsis - 5898 Words
    International Journal of Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering IJMME-IJENS Vol:13 No:01 60 Application of Evaporative Air Coolers Coupled With Solar Water Heater for Dehumidification of Indoor Air A S Alosaimy Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Taif University, KSA Abstract -- In the present work, novel configuration of solar powered desiccant dehumidification system is investigated. The proposed system comprises two evaporative air coolers....
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  • A Study of the Badu Mangrove Community at Sydney Olympic Park
    A Study of the Badu Mangrove Community at Sydney Olympic Park Abstract A investigation took place at a large mangrove community called the 'Badu Mangroves'. The interactions of organisms and the Badu Mangrove ecosystem were observed. While experiments were carried out to determine the abiotic ( e.g. temperature, humidity, soil pH ) and biotic ( e.g. number of seedlings distributed throughout a certain area, adaptations of animals ) features in the Badu Mangrove community. Aim The aim of this...
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  • Female Forticide - 1735 Words
    Humidity & Relative Humidity Humidity is defined as the amount of moisture in the air. Air contains a certain amount of water vapor. The amount of water vapor any mass of air can contain depends on the temperature of that air. The warmer the air is, the more water it can hold. A low relative humidity means that the air is dry and could hold a lot more moisture at that temperature. For example, at 20 degrees C (68 degrees F), a cubic meter of air can hold a maximum of 18 grams of water. At...
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  • Asign 7 - 735 Words
    Assume that you have 100 years of continuous temperature records from your local weather service office. Discuss some of the difficulties you might have trying to determine whether average temperatures have increased during this period. Our book indicated that one of the difficulties is that reporting systems have changed so much over time. Other things to consider are things such as time of observation adjustments, adjustments for changing equipment, and adjustments for changing site...
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  • Automated greenhouse monitoring system
    Automated Greenhouse Monitoring System Our team selected this project for our Senior Design as we believe such a product will have great marketability in the near future. At this point in time, the world’s pollution problem has led to unpredictable weather conditions all over the world. With these ever changing weather conditions, it is expected that the number of greenhouses will significantly increase in the near future, thus leading to a great demand for automated greenhouse monitoring...
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  • Woodlice Investigation - 1546 Words
    nvestigation into the Factor of Light and Dark Affecting Woodlice Predictions It was expected that a woodlice would prefer a damp, dark, but moderately warm surrounding. Normally one would expect to find slaters under logs or concrete slabs in one's garden. Under these large objects, the sun cannot reach directly; therefore it is darker, damper and colder than the surroundings. Nevertheless, in winter we do not see woodlice crawling around very often, and, also at night, it...
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  • Effects of Climatic Elements on Livestock Production
    EFFECTS OF CLIMATIC ELEMENTS ON LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION SALAMI, Saheed Ayodeji University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria. INTRODUCTION Climatic elements have direct effect on the system of animal production, body physiology and animal behaviour, feed supply and quality, proliferation of pests and parasites as well as preservation of animal products (Samson et al., 2011) A number of climatic elements such as temperature, rainfall,...
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  • What Are Heat Waves?
    Heat Waves What is heat wave? A heat wave is a prolonged period of excessively hot weather, which may be accompanied by high humidity. While definitions vary, a heat wave is measured relative to the usual weather in the area and relative to normal temperatures for the season. Temperatures that people from a hotter climate consider normal can be termed a heat wave in a cooler area if they are outside the normal climate pattern for that area. What are the symptoms of heat strokes and...
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  • To what extent do urban areas modify their climate?
    Amelia Scotney ‘To what extent do urban areas modify their climate?’ – 40 marks. Cities create their own microclimates and their sites are almost always warmer, compared to a nearby rural location, than if the city were not there. The differences in urban climates are due to a number of different factors. The Urban Heat Island effect is known as the zone of hot air that develops over the urban areas and consequently higher temperatures than the surrounding rural area. Temperatures...
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  • MEPS 530 Project Study 1 Heated-air Hopping Layered dryer
    CHAPTER 1 Introduction Some farmers who don’t have irrigation system, plant rice during rainy season so, they have the difficulty of drying their grains after harvest. Aside from these, drying the grains under sunlight takes longer time, more effort in handling to the drying site, scraping or ricking, guarding from animals, collecting after drying, and another is that the possibility of the grains to be mixed with stones, leaves of tree, and dust in road drying and field drying. There are...
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  • Alaska and Hawaii - 477 Words
    Alaska and Hawaii The vacation is a free time which people usually spend with family or friends in exotic country. However, before the tourists choose destination, they pay attention to several aspects, such as accomodations, environment, transportation, climate as well as natural beauty. A lot of people are considering vacation in Hawaii, other people prefer spending their free time in Alaska. Therefore, I want to present a comparison of vacation in Alaska and Hawaii, which will reveal...
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  • Peasant Farming - 716 Words
    Ventilation The air around us is warmed up by everyday activities such as breathings, washing and drying clothes, cooking food, running electric motors and using electric lights. The composition of the air around us can also be changed by: chemical pollutants, pollen, dust, tobacco smoke and odors. These changes will make the air stale if it stays in a confined space. This may make us feel hot and sticky and can make us less efficient at work. To stop the air around us from being stale we...
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  • Lab Nine: Home Meterology
     Lab 9 Home Meteorology Lab Introduction to Physics I Laboratory 1. Introduction Lab nine, the home meteorology lab, is a hands-on experiment that will allow me to use real world items to experience and observe condensation in my own home. There will be a graph that will include the information regarding the experiment such as 1) the room temperature of standing water 2) the dew point temperature of the standing water, and 3) the result of relative...
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