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  • Horror - 868 Words
    Horror Fiction Horror is in many ways a unique genre. It has the ability to make us feel frightened, disgusted and fascinated at the same time. During an intense scene in a horror movie or book you often feel tempted to look away, but at the same time you’re “glued” to the screen or page – You can’t let go; you want to see what’s hiding in the dark. Another fascinating aspect of the horror genre is the fact that it remains controversial due to its extreme nature. A lot of critiques argue that...
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  • horror - 541 Words
    Good morning to all presents. Well, I would like to share a common and interesting word to you all which is ”horror”. Most of the time we just simply say that “horror thing”, “horror movie”, “horror place”, but are we really know what is the meaning of horror, or define horror in a better way? In fact, horror can be defined as anything which causes intense feeling of shock, fear, terror, disgust or something frightening. Horror may caused by something ugly, bad or disagreeable, hence causing...
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  • Horror Essay - 1328 Words
    Schlenz 1 Jarid Schlenz Professor Fahey English 1A 13 October 2011 Horror Movies Scare Us So Why Do We Watch Them? Scary, creepy, and downright disturbing images have existed in film, art, and literature as long as we have had the ability to invent them, perceive them and construct them. Not only have they simply existed, but they permeate these mediums: “horror has become a staple across contemporary art forms, popular and otherwise, spawning vampires, trolls, gremlins, zombies, werewolves,...
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  • the horror in movies - 1407 Words
     The Horror in Movies Life is full of common and expected but yet, very frightening situations, events, or circumstances such as natural disasters, wild animal attacks, been aggravated by violent individuals, strange and chronicle illness or situations that threaten the safety or people’s life. There are also other events that rarely occur in people’s lives but are even more frightening because there are mysterious and dark beings involved. Humans know very little about these entities and...
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  • Horror Movies - 818 Words
    “Horror Movies have a dirty job” Some people daydream and have deep dark secrets. There may be a time when you dream about getting even with someone or something. Horror movies do have a “dirty job to do”. The more thrilling and exciting the more it grabs your attention. I believe horror movies are to play off natural fearsome. King likes to dare your nightmares. Most of Mr. King’s movies come from childhood fear or things he has experienced himself. And other things are just his...
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  • The Paradox Of Horror - 7549 Words
    KATERINA BANTINAKI The Paradox of Horror: Fear as a Positive Emotion With its roots in the English gothic novel of the eighteenth century and a body of work that spreads across different media, the horror genre has persisted in art for more than a century, gaining gradual popularity among audiences. Its success has been particularly pronounced in cinema, where horror films like The Exorcist, Jaws, Alien, Silence of the Lambs, and numerous others rank among the major box office hits in...
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  • Horror and Thriller - 2144 Words
    smeagolp...[->0] · [->1] Best Answer - Chosen by Asker In a thriller the good guys usually win in the end, although not always. A thriller is supposed to keep you on the edge of your seat, but a horror move pushes you past that and scares the heck out of you. Horror usually has more gore, and the villain generally escapes to scare you in the sequel. Horror movies usually feature 'overkill' and are usually further outside the range of probable than movies of the Thriller genre. They're...
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  • Evolution of Horror - 1501 Words
    Joshua An 71811473 Writing 39B 18 April 2013 The Evolution of Horror For centuries, stories of monsters, demons and other unholy abominations have brought fear to the hearts of audiences in commercially convenient doses. Noel Carroll, Ph.D., in his article “The Nature of Horror”, argues that the existence of monsters and supernatural entities alone do not define a horror novel or film “for monsters inhabit all sorts of stories, such as fairy tales, myths, and odysseys, that we are not...
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  • Horror Movies - 824 Words
    Effects Of Watching Horror Movies It is a proven fact that people love to be scared by horror movies. Some of the most horrified faces are portrayed in the best horror films of Hollywood, which are much liked by people. They simply love to watch the repulsive aliens and the blood dripping down the horrifying face. Watching such scary flicks, just for entertainment, is quiet acceptable, provided you do not empathize the suations depicted in what you have watched. This is a sign of caution, as...
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  • horror conventions - 1214 Words
    The films Jeepers Creepers directed by Victor Salva and Nightmare On Elm Street directed by Samuel Bayer are both classified as being in the horror genre. Directors use specific Narrative conventions such as the soundtrack, special effects and the monster itself to create suspense and fear within the film. Horror films have progressed over time to offer more conventions to make the films more thrilling to the audience. The sound track played in the film Nightmare on Elm Street differs only...
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  • horror movies - 1669 Words
    Why Horror Films Rule the World? More and more horror seekers are willing to line up to buy tickets for a scary movie and sit in the front of the screen to watch with blood and terror, all to enjoy the intense experience of being afraid. Scary films provide a terrifying experience of fear in many moviegoers; however, not everyone is willing to take time to enjoy the feeling of being scared and such, instead viewers reject horror movies because they do not want to spend money to feel afraid,...
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  • Horror Trailer Evaluation - 625 Words
    Trailer Evaluation 1. Who did you work with during this project and what were their and your responsibilities? - footage / sequence 2. What was the name of the film you were making a trailer for? 3. What is the genre of the film? - fusion / iconography 4. Describe any other moving image texts you know that are similar to yours in any way. what are the similarities? 5. What are some of the key characteristic effects of horror that you wanted to incorporate into your trailer: Clue ......
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  • Gothic Horror Essay - 1590 Words
    How does Algernon Blackwood use the conventions of Gothic Horror to create a sense of fear and horror in “The Kit Bag”? INTRODUCTION Gothic Horror is a genre which tries to create a sense of fear and horror in the reader. Writers of gothic horror use a number of conventions to achieve this. Some of these include setting, the supernatural, isolated hero, the climax and sound. In 'The Kit Bag,' Blackwood uses a number of these conventions to create a sense of horror. PEE 1 The setting in...
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  • Film and Horror Movies - 729 Words
    Horror essay: A lot of people enjoy the life with thrill and excitement. However, the opportunity for enjoying something truly thrilling is not a lot. Horror movies or series may be the most convenient and easy way to experience the horror. Many of my friends love watching horror movies. One of them told me that Horror is the most typical art in the 20th century. A good horror movie brought viewer an unusual psychological experience. It filled with indescribable fear and surprises. Actually I...
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  • Research Horror Genre - 1606 Words
    Mathujan Yogarajah Research Essay Block 4 Genre: Horror Horror is a genre that has startled our psychological thoughts and frightened us for centuries. The author allows the readers to embrace themselves in another reality with a horrific twist to leave the readers trembling with fear. Like a lot of other genres, the author attempts to draw the reader in, but in horror there is an intense feeling wickedness and suspense that leaves Goosebumps on the reader. Horror is deemed like a...
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  • Horror, Fantasy, and Curiosity
    Throughout human history there have been many literary genres to come and go. Some were entertained by the general public while others may have had a critical reception by a marginally smaller audience (or minority). Though what remains the same, across the board of all genres, there is the thirst for imagination as well as the fulfillment of human curiosity. Albeit relatively new, both fantasy and horror (also respectively different) are successful and popular as genres, for they are able to...
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  • horror film trailer evalution
    Evaluative Report for Media Coursework ‘THREE’ RESEARCH My task was to create a film producing a trailer storyboard, a promotional poster and a DVD cover. The genre given was horror, and so before starting I had to research film DVD cover, film posters and film trailers, which I could then use similarly in my own. I researched many films to give myself a clear understanding of the genre of a group of adventurous teenagers and ghost and in many both were used. I decided early on that I...
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  • Horror Film and Halloween - 448 Words
    Halloween is the one time of year when it okay to dress up as anything you want to be and it’s also when you can be celebrating all things horror and dead. Halloween started out as the celebration of the dead but has now grown into a wonderful time of costumes and decoration of scary fictional creatures. Dressing up as a scary character or a character you adore is one of the many perks of Halloween. Going to costume parties with friends and celebrating Halloween together. Watching horror movies...
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  • The Animal in Horror and/or Sci Fi.
    Topic 1: The animal in horror and/or sci fi. Piranha 3D (2010) The piranha hunt in packs. The first bite draws blood, blood draws the pack. (Mr. Goodman – Piranha 3D) It is no doubt that humankind have always thought themselves to be on top of the food chain. It is all about the survival of the fittest and although the humankind may not be able to out-run, out-swim or over-power certain animals in the animal kingdom they are able to invent devices which may assist them in being on the...
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  • Horror Movie Essay - 1455 Words
    3/22/2012 English 100 The Best of Horror movies Many people would say that their favorite way to have fun is to go to a beautiful beach and build sand castles or hang out with their friends at the mall. But for me, put me in a dark theater with a murderous psychopath on the loose threatening teenagers and I am happy. I am a lover of horror movies. This is something that I don’t always tell people, because it seems kind of weird to enjoy being scared and grossed out by lots...
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  • The Effects of Watching a Horror Movie
    The Effects of Watching A Horror Movie Sherri Hutto South University Online Over the span of modern history, we have seen the film industry help mold our society in many ways. Over the past two decades, I have seen the Sci-fi horror movies take center stage to entertain us. I will explain in this essay my past experiences, feelings, responses, and fantasies while watching horror movies. My first horror movie, “Friday the 13th”, was at the very...
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  • 19th Century Horror Stories
    A Study of the Characteristics of 19th Century Horror Stories In this essay we will look at the Characteristics of 19th Century Horror Stories, commenting on: the structure of the story; the characterisation; the themes included in the story; the setting and the writer’s technique. I will be looking into two texts in detail: “The Monkey’s Paw” by William Wymark Jacobs; and “The Signalman” by Charles Dickens, whilst making references to “Captain Rogers” – also by William Wymark Jacobs,...
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  • Writing a Horror Story - 1651 Words
    HORROR WRITING WORKSHEET This worksheet will hopefully teach you the basics of writing a scary story – coming up with a frightening idea, making your characters come to life and turning their world upside down in a rollercoaster plot! But always remember the first rule of writing: Don’t get bogged down by the rules, just play around, have fun and write something that you find scary and entertaining! Part 1: Facing Your Nightmares! One of the most important things about writing a...
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  • The Lost Boys Horror Genre
    The Lost Boys by Joel Schumacher exploits some conventions of the horror genre yet also inverts others. Like in any horror film, they come with the creaking doors, intense music and desire to solve all mysteries including the unexplained and the film, The Lost Boys doesn’t fall short. This vampire filled, popcorn flick includes many of the standard features of the horror genre but also includes inverted and reversed some conventions. To start off, the most obvious aspect of the horror genre...
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  • Scarriest Horror Films - 845 Words
    Scarriest Horror Films – Editor’s picks Tuesday October 26, 2010 08:43 pm PDT By Ben Tan, Yahoo! Southeast Asia If the Halloween buzz is pushing you over the edge and you'll do whatever it takes to stay away from obnoxious groups of party-goers, then we suggest having your own horror trail with some of the scariest horror films. For those of weaker fortitude, you might want to call some friends over and leave the lights on as well. The team from Yahoo! Singapore's Fit to Post blogs...
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  • South Korean Horror - 1489 Words
    SOUTH KOREA: ACACIA (park ki-hyeong, 2003) The visual style of Acacia is atypical of conventional horror films. This film does not feature many scenes with dark lighting. In fact, Mi-sook's parents are both attacked by the acacia tree, believed to be the reincarnation of Ji-seong's mother who died on a rainy night, in broad daylight. There are also few scenes of gore, save for dreams of a bloody childbirth process experienced by Do-il. These elements seem to be intentionally kept to a...
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    The Effects of Horror Movies on Children By Timothy Sexton, eHow Contributor The implicit, and often explicit, intention of horror movies is to scare people. The fright engendered by horror movies can have residual psychological effects for years. Two studies, "Tales from the Screen: Enduring Fright Reactions to Scary Media" and another, funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), both concluded that exposure horror movies may have long-lasting adverse effects on children. 1....
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  • 19th Century Horror Stories - Essay
    During the Victorian period, the industrial revolution was in full flow, and the gothic styles of writing used in the stories of this period were extremely popular – featuring in many magazines of the time. Horror stories became almost an obsession for many people, who were drawn in by the unique styles of the writers such as Dickens, Poe, and Wilkie Collins. They were cheap, and widely available, with many of them being published in magazines. The availability of them meant that the obsession...
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  • Why We Crave Horror Movies
    Stephen king discusses his opinions on horror movies and society in his essay “why we crave horror movies”. King simply states three reasons why we would choose to watch these types of movies. The first being that we watch them to show that we can, to prove that we are not afraid. We also go to reestablish our feelings of essential normality. The feeling we are all just normal people living in a normal society compared to those found in horror movies. The last reason King says we go see horror...
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  • Psychological Terror in “the Minister's Black Veil”
    I think that, as a general rule, humans love to categorize things. We like to organize things. We like things to fit into our neat, little organized view of reality, whether it’s a can of soup we buy, a movie we watch, or a person we meet. Everything needs to fit into some sort of category and if it doesn’t fit, we create a category for it to fit into. Categories give us certain expectations about the thing we are dealing with. Stories are no exception to this idea. For example, a romance...
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  • Why Wee Crave Horror Movie
    Why we still crave in horror movie when we are scare? In Stephen King’s Article it mention three main points. The first one is showing our courage, that we are not afraid in horror movie. It doesn’t mean that we don’t scream. In contrast, we scream when the roller coaster twists through a complete 360. Horror movie just like roller coaster, if it can’t make us scream only means the movie is not excited enough. The second one is to ensure that we are normal. To confirm that although we...
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  • Why We Crave Horror Movies
    In the essay, “Why We Crave Horror Movies” Stephen King attempts to explain why we love horror movies, and he gives a few different reasons why people go to see horror movies. People want to show that they are not scared; people want to have fun; but the main reason that he suggests is that we are insane and we need to watch horror movies to keep that insanity locked up in society. He uses a variety of argumentative strategies and literally decides to prove his thesis. On the other side, King...
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  • Stephen King Ars Poetica on Horror
    Stephen King's 'Ars Poetica' on Horror In Stephen King's non-fictional book, Danse Macabre, he views Lovecraft as a major impact in the field of dark horror fiction writing and also acknowledges the fact that King himself considered him as a major source of inspiration, which was embedded in his style of writing. When he reminisces about how he got introduced to the genre, he states that his first pick of the countless texts happened to be one of Lovecraft's short stories. King mentions, that...
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  • Why We Crave Horror Movies
    Feeding Our Gators: A Response to Stephen King’s Why We Crave Horror Movies Stephen King writes very accurately on how we, the public, desire the need “to put away our more civilized and adult penchant for analysis and to become children again” by watching a horror-themed movie. In the article Why We Crave Horror Movies, written by Stephen King and published by Playboy Press in Chicago, Illinois in 1981, King suggests that horror fiction meets an important and critical human need that...
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  • Why We Crave Horror Paper
    Essay 5: Position Paper 50 pts Description: 4-5 pages, double-spaced, plus a separate MLA-format Works Cited page Skills: Everything! Due: First Draft: Friday, 10 December (in-class discussion) Final Draft: Monday, 13 December (Submit during Final Exam time: 2:45-4:45pm) Sources: Reading Critically, Writing Well (RC) pp. 517-534, 582-595; Stephen King, “Why We Crave Horror,” “Crouch End;” Fritz Leiber, “Smoke Ghost;” Algernon Blackwood, “The Empty House;” Noël Carroll, “The Nature of...
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  • Horror in Films - Compare and Contrast Essay
    Horror in Films Alfred Hitchcock once said, “The only way to get rid of my fears is to make films about them” (Alfred Hitchcock Quotes). I do not make horror films, but I do watch them. Similar to Hitchcock, they help me face my fears. Do you associate horror films with your fears? My biggest fears are demonophobia, which is the fear of evil spirits, and taphephobia, which is the fear of being buried alive (Phobia Lists). These phobias most certainly helped in my decision to compare and...
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  • Is "Sredni Vashtar" a Horror Short Story?
    "Sredni Vashtar" Takes a close look into the life and interactions of and between Conradin; his cousin and mentor, Mrs. de Ropp and Conradin's Ferret and God: Sredni Vashtar. It can be described as a horror story because of its character's description, themes and setting. It shows the religious downfall of the protagonist, the death of the antagonist and the lack of coherence in society. Saki emphasises the horror in the main characters, including both the protagonists and antagonists....
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  • Why We Crave Horror Movies
    Roller Coaster of Horror As we analyze Stephen King’s essay “Why We Crave Horror Movies,” we come across his essential reasons as to what gives us the ambition and motivation to insist watching horror movies. In a way Stephen King is correct; one way or another we all are mentally ill to a point. No one is perfect, and we all do strange things. Some people are perfectionists when it comes to how they do things; some have a habit of talking to themselves, and others just do strange things...
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  • Why We Crave Horror Movies
    In Stephen King’s essay “Why We Crave Horror Movies” he suggested that we are all mentally ill, demonstrated by those who talk to themselves on occasion, make grimacing faces or have hysterical fears of snakes, the dark, or tight places. King also stated that he believed that a horror movie appealed to all that is worst in us, allowing us to experience morbidity, basic instincts and fantasies in the darkness of the theater. We all know someone who talks to himself on occasion or...
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  • The Effect of Horror Movie on Teen and Children
    Anxiety 1. The NIMH study reveals direct evidence that in children 5 and younger, especially toddlers, scary movies can produce acute cases of anxiety. The symptoms of this anxiety include sleeping disorders, aggressiveness and self-endangerment. Avoidance 2. Both studies indicated that children exposed to horror films avoided real life situations shown in a fictional manner on screen. The subjects exhibited dread of facing those situations. Some children not only avoided real life...
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  • "Why We Crave Horror Movies" A Summary
    “Why We Crave Horror Movies” – A Summary In “Why We Crave Horror Movies”, Stephen King theorizes that everyone is mentally ill to some degree - some people just hide it better than others. King’ tongue in cheek observation is offered with a touch of humour to alleviate the discomfort which the reader might feel if at any time there was the thought that this actually might be true. Horror movies, like scary stories and thrilling amusement park rides, allow us to challenge our fears,...
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  • Why Do We Like Horror Stories
    Melissa Perez SNC 1101 Summary/Response Sat 8:30 Feeding the beast In the essay, "Why We Crave Horror Movies" by the author Stephen king; He tries to explain how a two-hour horror film may be one's way of stepping out of life's boundaries and all the expectations on what is right and wrong. He states that it's a relief of ones inner violence, a fix of adrenaline and fun and it dares the nightmare. You get to face your biggest fear from the comfort of your own home, and that's not to...
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  • The Presence of Horror and Fear in ‘the Monkey’s Paw’ Story
    The Presence of Horror and Fear in ‘The Monkey’s Paw’ Story This essay is an analysis of ‘The Monkey’s Paw’, a horror short story by William Wymark Jacobs. This story is about a talisman that shapes like monkey’s paw which has magical powers. It grants three wishes to its owner. It’s given to one family, husband, wife, and their son. They wish for some money, and that wish also become true, they get the money, the exact amount they wished for. But actually that money was the compensation for...
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  • Essay on Kings Why We Crave Horror Movies
    In Stephen Kings essay "Why We Crave Horror Movies" he claims that we are all mentally ill. According to King, people’s quirks are proof of this. The antidote to our mental illness, king says, is that we watch horror movies to "re-establish our feelings of essential normality". King also says that we watch them to satisfy the bad in us. We all do crazy things in our lives. Once in awhile we all want to thrash out on someone, to prove a point, or just to hurt them for the sake of hurting them. We...
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  • Stephen King’s “Why We Crave Horror Movies”
    It was the summer of 1983; I was reading my first Horror novel by Jay Anson “The Amityville Horror”, it was the scariest thing I had ever picked up. Despite the late hours I continued to read into the early morning hours until my eyes burned for relief. Whenever I got up to use the rest room I would stand on the end of my bed lean over and open the door and jump so not to be grabbed by monsters that might be laying in wait under my bed. This started a long love affair for horror stories. For...
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  • American Horror Story: the Affects of Sex and Violence in Media
    Media Analysis: American Horror Story American Horror Story is an FX horror-drama television show, as well as an anthology series; each season of the show has a different cast and storyline. The show was created by Ryan Murphy (creator of the FOX show Glee) and Brad Falchuk (producer of Nip/Tuck), and premiered on October 5, 2011. The first season of the show follows the Harmon family as they settle into their new home in Los Angeles. They are unaware, however, that the mansion is haunted by...
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  • Why We Crave Horror Stories Reader Response
    Reader Response of “Why We Crave Horror Movies” I thought Stephen King’s opening paragraph in the short story “Why We Crave Horror Movies” was great. I believe it leaves the audience on the edge of the seat wondering what his statements will be. I also like his opening paragraph because I am able to relate to his examples of fears. An opening like King’s leaves the audience curious, and sets the tone for the rest of the paper. My beliefs of the dominant mood, what I have learned from this...
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  • Compare how the women in black and the awakening use conventions of gothic horror
    “Compare how the women in black and the awakening use conventions of the gothic horror” This essay will entail a comparison of the conventions of gothic horror apparent in the films Women in Black and The Awakening, both films have created a gothic horror by using the conventions in similar and different ways. Firstly the characters have been portrayed in a certain way in both films to fit gothic horror, the characters are extremely vulnerable which is often present in gothic horrors, this is...
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  • The Analysis of the Essay by Stephen King: Why We Crave Horror Movies
    Stephen King is a renowned writer who is internationally well known for his best-selling horror novels, such as Carie, The Shining and Dream catchers to mention a few. In this essay, Why We Crave Horror Movies Mr. King has established some causes that may be responsible for our craving for horror movies. The causes that he speculated are, our desire to prove that we do not have fear for anything, we also feel that it is essential for us to re-establish a sense of normality in our lives by...
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  • Which Is the Most Successful Gothic Horror Short Story? Comparing the Red Room and the Monkey's Paw
    Which is the most successful Gothic Horror short story? Comparing the Red Room and the Monkey’s paw Gothic horror (Gothic Fiction) is a genre of literature that combines elements of both horror and romance. As a genre, it is generally believed to have been invented by the English author Horace Walpole, with his 1764 novel The Castle of Otranto. The effect of Gothic fiction feeds on a pleasing sort of terror, to thrill and scare the reader. The Red Room, by H.G Wells and The Monkey’s Paw by...
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  • The Elevator (Short Story Book Report)
    The Elevator The Elevator was a fiction horror/suspense short story, third-person point of view. It was written by William Sleator. William’s works were often suspenseful and chilling, just like The Elevator. I really wished it was a novel, not a short story because it was really interesting and hooky at the end. I liked the book because William really described the characters and setting, so I clearly visualized it. Twelve year-old Martin moved to an old apartment building with his father....
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  • Competitive Balance - 649 Words
    Why Do People Enjoy Getting Scared? Everyone knows what it is like to feel fear inside them. We feel a pounding heartbeat, faster breathing, and butterflies in our stomach. In reality there are two types of fear. One is real fear, the fear we are not so comfortable with, like being diagnosed with a deadly disease, losing a loved one, or getting in a deadly accident. The other fear is a fear that a certain number of us get an enjoyment out of it, like watching a horror movie, riding a...
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  • Wilfred Owen - 303 Words
    My body shivered. I started to sweat and bite my nails. I hugged my pillow as close to my body as the water pounded furiously outside. The wind made weird, frightening noises outside while the house inside creaked. I payed close attention to all these noises as I unblinkingly watched the T.V. monitor. “Maybe this was a bad idea”, I said to myself as I dug my nails into my thighs. Maybe it was a bad idea to stay home alone in the middle of the night, as it rained furiously outside while...
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  • The Legend I Am - 1499 Words
    The Legend I Am Dystopian genres characterize upon the concept of a dehumanized and frightening world. Quintessential ideals that associate with this genre demonstrate themes such as fear, totalitarianism, loss of history, and the individual (Explore-Science-Fiction-Movies). It is the general aspect of what molds and shapes someone, or something to continue throughout their course of action. These characteristics capitalize upon another genre, horror fiction, in which Richard Matheson employs...
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  • cold blood - 1149 Words
    Diction: · “This hitherto peaceful congregation of neighbors and old friends had suddenly to endure the unique experience of distrusting each other; understandably, they believed that the murderer was among themselves”(88). After the murder occurred, the citizens of Holcomb held a congregation. The words peaceful congregation juxtaposes the word murderer. Opposites occur throughout this sentence. For example the words understandably and distrusting, peaceful and murderer juxtapose...
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  • Cause and Effect Analysis - 626 Words
    Eng H101 Dr. RenzScared Healthy Ever since I was little girl, horror movies have always been my favorite. Horror movies have always caught my full attention; there is just something about the adrenaline rush you get that makes you crave more and more. Enough though every now and then I would get too scared to even sleep, I would keep watching horror movies. My parents always told me that horror movies were good life lessons. The films teach you to deal with and embrace real life fears and...
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  • The Landlady - 408 Words
    The Landlady Horror stories are intended to scare, unsettle or horrify the reader. This year I have read a story written by Roal Dahl called “The Landlady”. In my opinion, this story is a great example of a horror fiction. “The Landlady” is a short story about a young insurance salesman called Billy Weaver, who travels to Bath on a business trip. He arrives to Bath in the evening and looks for accommodation. While walking to the Bell and Dragon, a hotel recommended by the porter of the...
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  • How to Overcome a Fear - 704 Words
    It is natural for everyone, even the most courageous people, to have fears, which are the body’s bad emotional reactions to something frightened. However, when fears limit people’s everyday routine and keep them from living their life normally, it is time to take control, which is not an easy work. Most people want to overcome their fears, but are not sure how. Here are 4 steps which will be helpful to overcome fears. The first step is analyzing the fear. The more clearly you understand...
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  • City of Omelas - 856 Words
    Justin Campbell Professor J. Eastman English 102, Tues and Thur 5:00 Essay 3 11 March 2010 The Wonderful World of Omelas The city of Omelas is a city compared to heaven, but in reality, it is more like hell. The Festival of Summer paints a perfect picture of a city of happiness with an air of excitement, characterized by boisterous running children, prancing horses and flag-adorned boats. The mere reason all the people in the small town are so happy is because this one adolescent child...
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  • Stage Fright by Louise Abejero
    ABEJERO, Louise Camille Y. “STAGE FRIGHT - Telltale Signs of a Horror Story Gone Right “ Your heart is racing, your palms are sweating, your throat feels raw, you can’t breathe, and worst of all, you feel like you’re about to throw up (physiological, psychological, and behavioral symptoms). Reading the first sentence, one might that he’s reading a horror story. Well, that’s partially right. This IS a horror story, not the “a monster is going to kill me, I’m gonna pee...
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  • The Scary Night (Creative Writing)
    My body shivered. I started to sweat and bite my nails. I hugged my pillow as close to my body as the water pounded furiously outside. The wind made weird, frightening noises outside while the house inside creaked. I payed close attention to all these noises as I unblinkingly watched the T.V. monitor. "Maybe this was a bad idea", I said to myself as I dug my nails into my thighs. Maybe it was a bad idea to stay home alone in the middle of the night, as it rained furiously outside while thunder...
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  • Stephen King - 455 Words
    Stephen King, born in 1947 Portland, is a novelist who writes many horror novels, Man of his well known novels were made into popular movies. In his essay, "Why We Crave Horror movies," the author explains why humans crave to be frightened. King believes that humans need an healthy outlit to repress our emotions in a harmless manner. Inmate depravity makes humans inherently evil because of adam and eve. Stephen king states that we watch horror movies to relase our inmate depravity which...
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  • Thrilling Experience WIth Him
    Rowena G. Dela Cruz Thrilling Experience My most thrilling experience in my current life is when Norman, my boyfriend and I are celebrating our 3rd Anniversary. These days, relationship and commitment like this is very rare. Rare because in some teenagers doesn’t last long. For some, it takes one day to get the girl and the next day broke their heart into pieces. We definitely make this special to us. In our anniversary day, lots of things happen. Well, that day we have a class in...
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  • Fear: Common Human Emotion
    What is fear? Fear is an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by expectation or awareness of danger. Although fear is a common human emotion, our response to it varies. Some cry, freeze and unable to think, and others just run away until they feel safe. People fear many things, even the smallest things that we may think they’re ridiculous. Personally, my fear is one that is feared by many Americans and other countries as well. My fear is another terrorist attack in New York City, mainly an...
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  • Example Creative Project Analysis as Film Studies
    Creative Project Analysis In my storyboard I started with normal diegetic sound to create the normal, realistic atmosphere of sounds such as gates creaking and the wind blowing. This is so the audience is aware of the surroundings, considering no establishing shot was used prior to this to show the setting also generates a dark and mysterious atmosphere to begin with, leaving it to the audience’s imagination to guess what is going to happen as no hints to the genre have even been made yet....
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  • Poop - 648 Words
    Dear Mrs. Jaster, My name is Kaitlyn Hutchinson. I have one older sister named Krislin, and a dog named Mei_Li. I’m currently living with my mom, my parents are divorced and I see my dad about once every other week. I only have one genuine real best friend and she is as important to me as the rest of my family. So that’s just a little about me and my family. I have the hobbies of an average pre-teen 8th grader, as expected. I play LOTS and lots of video games (my favorite game is...
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  • Analysis of the Poem "The Story"
    Life is like a journey, and we are like sailors that voyage to an unknown and brand-new territory everyday. There are things that we are willing to do, but, at the same time, we are all a little nervous that those things may backfire and hurt us. It’s a fear that comes naturally because we all know that we are too trivial to gain control over the world. In the poem “The Story”, Karen Conelly examined the confrontation between insignificance and vastness and conveyed the idea that human’s...
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  • Textual Analysis - Donnie Darko
    Film Textual Analysis The target audience for the film Donnie Darko would be the male gender from the ages of 16 – 24 and in the socio-economic grading boundary A – C1, this would be due to the fact that it requires a lot of thought to comprehend the complex narrative and structure and people in the higher grading may have a better education, therefore they may have a better understanding of the complexity of the plot, similarly, the fact that they have targeted a younger audience as they...
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  • Nang Nak Film Response
    Is Nang Nak ultimately a ghost story or a story about the efficacy of Thai Buddhism? Nonzee Nimibutr’s Nang Nak (1999) tells a compelling story of Nak, a ghost whose strong longing desires kept her within the human realm. Desperately trying to live a normal life with Mak, her husband, Nak kills any characters that try to inform the unsuspecting Mak of her death. Eventually Nak goes on a rampage when Mak finally realizes the truth. With the central plot being based mainly on the ghost of Nak...
    1,205 Words | 3 Pages
  • R.L Stine Bibliography - 587 Words
    Brittany Bryant March 8, 2012 3rd hour RL.STINE Children across America have been getting Goosebumps by just reading and watching Rl.Stines horror tales. Rl.Stine is one of America’s most prolific authors and has introduced millions of American kids to the horror genre. Rl.Stines name is Robert Lawrence Stine. He was born in Columbus, Ohio on October 8th, 1943. His parents are Jewish their names are Anne and Lewis Stine. His mother was a...
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  • classification essay - 769 Words
    Hayden Stanfield Professor Feddersen English 1113.1924 15 October 2013 What Makes Movies Great? Movies have been around since humans discovered film cameras. They began as silent films which are movies without speech and a few subtitles. These films then integrated sound and became extremely popular within modern society. In modern times, movies are categorized by a variety of techniques. The most important technique is the effect they have on the audience. From anxiety to suspense, each...
    769 Words | 3 Pages
  • Norman Catherine - 544 Words
    History and horror, crime and conflict, sci-fi and sexual transgression. Thus begins the attempt to define the art of Norman Catherine. The lexicon broadens: comic, violent, whimsical, playful, sly, satirical, brutish, anxious, at times even idealistic. And so it continues: vivid, brilliant, psychologically disconcerting, emotionally unforgiving, visually unforgettable. Yet the words themselves provide an incomplete collage of the thematic variIt is within the moral desolation of a jagged...
    544 Words | 2 Pages
  • Lit Review on Pinedo's Intro and Ch 2
    LITERATURE REVIEW #1 - Pinedo’s Introduction & Chapter 2: “The Pleasure of Seeing/Not-Seeing the Spectacle of the Wet Death” (1997) MLA Citation: Pinedo, Isabel Cristina. Introduction. "Chapter 2: “The Pleasure of Seeing/Not-Seeing the Spectacle of the Wet Death”." Recreational Terror: Women and the Pleasures of Horror Film Viewing. Albany, NY: State University of New York, 1997. N. pag. Print. Reading Summary: Pinedo’s work exemplifies the effects on behavior and feelings of a person...
    1,234 Words | 4 Pages
  • Media Trailer Anaylsis - 3743 Words
    Within this presentation I will be researching and analysing two horror movie trailers which will help me understand the codes and conventions that should be included when producing my own project. These two trailers will be of the recent films ‘The Possession’ (show film poster) and ‘House at the End of The Street’ (show film poster). I will also be analysing the trailer for ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ (show film poster) showing the contrasting genre, comedy. The 6.4 star rated...
    3,743 Words | 9 Pages
  • Incognitum Hactenus - 13269 Words
    INCOGNITUM HACTENUS art philosophy horror vol.1 Real HorrorContents Editorial Caryn Coleman and Tom Trevatt.....................................3 Martin Carl Neville........................................................................5 Terror! Ben Rivers........................................................................10 Knowing Horror Amanda Beech.................................................................12 A Nature to Pulp the Stoutest Philosopher: Towards a...
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  • Cruelty - 1721 Words
     Title : Horror Movie Terrified? Hell No! Joslyn Abstract Horror movies are not that scary as people think it is. The positive reasons of watching horror movies actually has quite a few. In theory, watching horror movies could let yourself feel positive and negative emotions simultaneously which is fascinating how a brain could do that. Horror movies are also being watched just to feel happy to be unhappy. Horror movies also could boost the viewers adrenaline which is good for...
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  • A Speech to Entertain - "The Other Side"
    Speaking in public is said to be the second greatest fear that most people have. The greatest fear of all - is death. Each time we face up to our fears and deal with them, we grow. At least that is what my Dad told me, as he tried to convince me to ride the Water Log Ride at Busch Gardens when I was 5 years old. Oh, it looked wonderful, and they all came back laughing. Slightly wet, but everyone laughed. They were having a glorious time. "Come on Michael," coaxes my Dad, "Think of it as a...
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  • Film Analysis - 669 Words
     Code and convention of horror film: A horror film follows certain code and convection to achieve its purpose of scaring and alarming the audience. The following are some of them: Setting/location: The location used for this genre of a film is isolated and lonely area that has been abandoned or an area where the victim will feel vulnerable. For example small communities, dark streets, narrow alleyways, roads, woods, haunted places, farms, country sides and cities etc… sometimes places with...
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  • An Analysis of Waking the Dead by Yvette Tan
    Out of the Ordinary: On What Makes Yvette Tan’s Horror in “Waking the Dead and Other Horror Stories” Different from the Usual Since the dawn of time, horror has already been thriving on the Philippine mainstream (A. Paman, 2010). Men and women, old and young, alike, have been fond of being scared by the characters of the child-imitating tiyanak, the tree demon kapre, the vampire-like aswang, the horse-headed-human-bodied tikbalang, and the violent spirits, among others. When a typical...
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  • Why do we like scary movies?
    Why Do We Watch Scary Movies? When reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, one aspect of the early story really bothered me. Why do Jem and Scout, even though they are deathly scared of the Radley house dare each other to mess with the house? Evidently, the two children are fascinated by the fear, but what really causes us to bring ourselves to fear? While pondering this question, something else that I simply can’t wrap my head around popped up in my mind. What is with scary movies?...
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  • Seminar Paper - 3635 Words
    Seminar paper Cognitive Theories and Human Emotion Cognitive Theories: Cognitivism in Film and the Appeal of Horror Shireen Jamooji Cognitive Theories: Cognitivism in Film and the Appeal of Horror What is Cognition? Throughout every waking hour and often while they are asleep, a person is thinking. It is an involuntary practice of mentally processing information. The cognitive rearrangement or manipulation of both information from the environment and symbols stored in long term memory...
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  • The Cove Reflection - 377 Words
    The Cove Reflection The Cove is an Academy Award-winning documentary about the horrifying and merciless slaughter of dolphins in Japan. I watched the film in absolute horror... Sometimes with my hand covering my eyes, and saw something horrible, something bloodier and more brutal than any fictional horror movie could ever do to my mind. I’d seen the previews of the bright red water in the cove where dolphins were killed. I just never realized that what I would learn in the documentary...
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  • Abreakfast Tale Massacre - 760 Words
    A Breakfast Tale Massacre Eggs awaiting their death; a deadly mixer, and an almighty hand that controls the eggs’ lives are all thought-provoking elements of “An Egg Horror Poem”. Although many poems are fascinating to read, “An Egg Horror Poem” was engaging through the aforementioned elements, a realistic theme, light-hearted mood, and vivid imagery. By using all three of the great literary ‘musts’; namely, theme, mood, and imagery, the author, Laurel Winter, has written poem that will stand...
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  • Pony Trap - 548 Words
    How is the sense of fear created and developed in’ The Sound of the Pony trap’ Susan Hill the creator of the woman in black , successfully creates fear through out her novel. It comes in ebbs and flows by using different techniques throughout to build up the tension. This book is a gothic horror which is a new genre but using the traditional horror aspects, one of the first books in the categories is’ The castle of Otranto’ published in 1767. They are typified by their dark, lachrymose...
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  • It the Clown - 568 Words
    Three reasons why the clown called it is my favorite movie. The first reason why the clown called it is my favorite movie is because it is a horror movie. Second reason why is because it has a clown in it (even though I hate clowns). And finally is because it is gruesome. Three reasons why this movie is scary to me. The first reason why the movie The Clown Called It is scary is because of the clown It. The second reason why is because its makeup is very uncomfortable. And Last but not...
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  • Pit and the Pendulum by Poe - 725 Words
    In Poe’s story the “The Pit and the Pendulum” he distinctively uses symbolism, repetition, mood and diction to tell a tale of hope over circumstance to make this story come to life for the reader. Unlike the hypersensitive characters from other stories, such as the narrator in “The Tell-Tale Heart,” this narrator claims to lose the capacity of sensation during the swoon upon receiving his death sentence that opens the story. This story is different from Poe’s other works such as this narrator...
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  • The Adventure of a Lifetime - 673 Words
    The Adventure of a Lifetime As we walked down the long, narrow corridor, we thought for sure none of us were going to make it out alive. Every step that was taken involved us looking over our shoulders. Frightened out of our minds, we could think of nothing better than to run. This adventure of visiting a haunted house turned out to become a horror film. This was never supposed to happen. We were only kids looking for a little scare. We never thought we would be running for our lives. Our...
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  • english assignment - 267 Words
     Year 9 English assignment The reason why I designed this movie poster as my presentation of the horror genre study is that I think this poster has included a lot of information about the plot of the movie that will be explained later. The idea of making this poster the way it looks is that after I studied at the movie poster of The Conjuring, and got an idea of making a man ‘dies’ inside the mirror, but still dwells in the real world in the movie poster (which is sort of like the...
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  • how boy become vicoious
    Pick any of the great saints or moral leaders of Western civilization – Jesus, St. Francis, Mother Teresa – and the characteristic that stands out is their simplicity. If it is true, as it seems to be, that there is a simplicity about human goodness, then it is just as true that there is a corresponding complexity about human evil. Hitler, Stalin and Idi Amin – to name just a few in the 20th century catalog of evil – were far from being simple men. At times they were childish, at...
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  • Fear Essay - 1295 Words
    Azmoudeh 1 Sara Azmoudeh 5 March 2015 English 1a Freddie Flintoff, and I both The concept of fear is one which is hard to grasp. Fear is a emotion, and parallel to other emotions, fear is non physical. However, the perplex aspect of fear is although it is non physical it is triggered by mental and physical things. Other emotions such as love,happiness, sadness and anger are usually triggered by other people and are taken away by other people. Fear on the other ...
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  • Salem Witch Trials Red Scare
    Chris Gilroy English III Mr. Pultz 10 October 2014 The Panic Have you ever been in a panic? In 1689 and in the 1940’s-50’s there was chaos with the Salem Trails, and the Red Scare. In 1689 with the Salem Trails people were accusing others of being a witch. During the 40’s and 50’s though people were accusing others of being a communist. The two events are similar because in each event, people were accusing people of something. In Salem, there were people accusing others of witchcraft and the...
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  • Seize the Moment - 419 Words
    Have you ever imagined that one day you will sit in front of your children talking about the happiness in your young age or a precious experience you have with your friends? Have you ever thought that you will look at a series of pictures that remind you of many sweet memories? Or have you ever wondered that you will talk about how you pursue your dreams when you are old? These are the questions that remind me of being brave to seize the moment in my lifetime. In my young age, I am a...
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  • Eng 225 Film - 1014 Words
     When producing a horror movie we tend to think of an indivual going around killing or chopping people up into small peices. Some horror movies might have a big scary monster that goes around and terrorize people in there neighborhood. This is the norm for most horror movies to give the storyline that scarey factor. The movie "I am Legend" was a horror movie that took a different aprroach from your normal horror movies. It was still scarey but only had that horror effect when the time was...
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  • Of Mice and Men - 369 Words
    Of Mice and Men PEEL Paragraph This paragraph will be about the disgust and horror which is conveyed during chapter 3 of, Of Mice and Men during a fight between Lennie and Curley. Towards the end of the novel the fight begins where Curley ‘slashed at Lennie with his left, and then smashed down his nose with his right’, already this quote shows the power of Curley in this fight and the sheer harshness and magnitude of the whole situation. The word ’smashed’ used is onomatopoeia, meaning it’s...
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  • evil dead - 1339 Words
    Evil Dead 2013: A Film with Big Shoes to Fill Since the 1981 release of the original Evil dead you will not find many horror films as near and dear to horror film fanatics’ hearts as this classic. Although it is now out-dated and known as a low budget film; these qualities are what made it such a great horror classic. Lacking the luxury of relying on a gigantic Hollywood budget and fancy effects the director used ingenuity to captivate people’s minds. Needless to say, it worked. Fast forward...
    1,339 Words | 4 Pages
  • True Isolation- Frankenstein - 515 Words
    True Isolation The definition of isolation is –being without company. We will learn that isolation is a very bad thing. How it can lead to misfortune and tragedy. When people think Frankenstein they think horror and terror. Really it is neither of those. The real terror is a monster that is abandoned by his creator and society and left in a world of loneliness and rejection. Mary Shelley is not your typical horror story author, but the events in her life lead her to bring...
    515 Words | 3 Pages
  • Fear and Middle East - 691 Words
    Plan Things that go bump in the night. I mean, a lot of things go bump in the night as its dark and you really can’t see. Well, if you can see… you are not normal. End of story. So, where was I? Oh. I’m not going to lie, I was a cry baby. Like the biggest cry baby ever. Unbelievable. I was scared of everything. Literally everything. Even going to the toilet on my own. To the toilet. Oh my. But mostly, I was scared of my nightmares, the dark, insects and dogs. Oh, please don’t get me...
    691 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Redeemer - 596 Words
    Sean Stix 1E-1 The Redeemer Siegfried Sassoon’s “The Redeemer” portrays a realistically believable encounter with the figure of Christ as an English soldier amidst the horror of the front line. “The Redeemer” opens up describing what it is like on the front line. Sassoon uses words such as “Darkness” “sluiced” and “mire” (1) to show the horrible conditions on the “mid-winter night” that is associated with sadness and melancholy. The first stanza tells us that the spirits of these men were...
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  • The thematic representation of the innocence of children in 'The Exorcist' and 'Insidious'
    The thematic representation of the innocence of children in ‘The Exorcist’ (1973 dir. William Friedkin) and ‘Insidious’ (2012 dir. James Wang). The aim of this project research is to compare the representation of children in horror films in the films The Exorcist (1973) and Insidious (2012). Although both texts are of the horror/thriller genre with psychological horror subplots, they convey the representations of a disturbed child, which surround a central protagonist with a deep, emotional...
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  • Essay Analysis King And Sanders
    Steven Li Mrs. Mattner AP English 30 December 2014 Essay Analysis: King and Sanders Why We Crave Horror Movies​ by Stephen King What does the author mean by his last line (and paragraph): “As long as you keep the gator fed”? How does this line account for his central argument for why we crave horror movies? What other metaphor(s) does he use that mean the same thing as “gator feeding”? In the essay, ​ Why We Crave Horror Movies​ by Stephen King, the author ends his story by ...
    3,140 Words | 2 Pages

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