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  • Homer Hickam: A Coalwood Guy
    Azariah Koning Mr. Demko’s LEC 6th hour 3/21/12 Who is the real Homer Hickam? In the book October Sky by Homer (Sonny) Hickam, Homer Hickam Sr. is viewed by most people in Coalwood as a bad guy. People feel Homer is under qualified to run the mine and that he only cares about the mine and what goes on in it. But there are a few others who feel he is a nice guy who just has a different way of showing his kindness and appreciation. This is important because Homer is one...
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  • Coalwood - 1726 Words
    Araiza Avila Mrs. Leserman English 10 H B 4 April 2015 In Homer Hickam’s memoir, October Sky each individual holds their own opinions as to how youth must be trained in order to become productive and valuable members of society. In a small town called Coalwood located in West Virginia not very much seems too occur. The small town’s main focus ought to be mining and Big Creek High School football, other than that nothing was quite as important to the community for quite some time. Among many...
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  • Rocket Boys Book Essay
    This book is about a young man who attends a small West Virginian High School. He lives in a house that is located off of the coal mine that the town rests on. Homer’s dad is the manager of the mine. Homer doesn’t receive much appreciation from his father. Homer sees on television the launch of the satellite sputnik, and after seeing this he is driven to be a part of the space race. He convinces some of his friends to help him build a rocket. They used terrible materials, and the rocket...
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  • October Sky- Overcoming Obstacles
    October Sky Reaching for your dreams is like looking at the Sunday newspaper comics, if you look from a far, you see the big picture, but if you look close, all you see are a bunch of dots put together. October Sky is a film based on Homer Hickam’s determination to win a national science fair. He is constantly ostracized by his community and family and does not have much money to support him either. Homer clearly doesn’t have a good chance at even getting to the science fair, let alone...
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  • Character Analysis of Dorothy Plunk
    "It was my opinion that Dorothy Pluck, a native of War, was the most beautiful girl in our class or, for that matter, at Big Creek High."(29) Dorothy Plunk was Sonny's first love but she also broke his heart. In October Sky, written by Homer Hickam Jr., Dorothy is a pseudonym for a girl he knew during high school. She is known for her beauty, power, and inexperience. Dorothy was known for her beauty because of Sonny's persistence. That's why he was so attracted to her. "She had long...
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  • Glass Castle Compare/Contrast
     Compare/Contrast Essay The Glass Castle written by Jeannette Walls as well as October Sky by Homer H. Hickam, Jr. both resemble the hardships faced by children living in poverty. The Glass Castle is the story of Jeannette Walls and how her siblings have learned to take care of themselves in their dysfunctional family. Jeannette walls is a willful and independent individual who dreams of leaving her haunted past behind. October Sky tells the story of Sonny and his three school friends with...
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  • October Sky - 515 Words
    REACTION PAPER ON OCTOBER SKY October Sky is the perfect movie for inspiring young people to follow their dreams. It follows the story of Homer Hickam who dreamt of building and designing his own rocket. Inspired by the launching of the Soviet satellite Sputnik in the late 1950's, his curiosity was sparked and along with his friends, they set out to make their own rocket. They were all passionate about their work and took it very seriously. Their teacher, Miss Riley, who wanted them to have...
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  • October Sky - 655 Words
    What was my first impression of October Sky as it pertains to my entrepreneurship goals? Most people, I believe, can relate to the hero’s experience in one way or another, to one degree or another, at some point of their lives or another. In my case, Homer Hickam’s story touched on memories of my own childhood. I wasn’t nearly as courageous as Hickam, however. I tended to conform to the establishment, not questioning, not seeking my dreams, because, if everybody else followed it, it had to be...
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  • October Sky - 782 Words
    Stephanie October 22nd, 2013 Hour 3 The Perfect Rocket Actress Audrey Hepburn once said “I tried always to do better: saw always a little further. I tried to stretch myself.” In the movie October Sky, Homer Hickam is a young boy who has dreams outside of his mining town of Coalwood, West Virginia. He stretched his dreams and pushed himself until he launched his rocket to turn everyone into believers. He saw a little further and wanted opportunities outside of Coalwood .Throughout the...
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  • Oral Language Activity - 405 Words
    Oral Language Activity Jennifer Hill RDG/542CA November 19, 2012 Melinda Osentoski Oral Language Activity Science is a subject that many students have a hard time relating to. Choosing reading material and activities that make the topic more relatable to the students will create interest and buy in into the lesson. I would incorporate the book “Rocket Boys” by Homer Hickam, Jr. as part of the instruction by using the reader’s theater method. This book was adapted into a...
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  • October Sky vs. Rocket Boys
    October Sky Vs. Rocket Boys Have you ever read a book and later watched the movie version only to find out that they are completely different? In Homer Hickam's book, “October Sky” and the film adaptation by Joe Johnstun, the main character Sonny Hickam is portrayed differently. His physical characteristics, personal goals, motivation, and his family. There are just a few changes between the book and movie. One major contrast is Sonny and his father's relationship as it coincides with the...
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  • The Rocket Boys - 1980 Words
    “The Rocket Boys” Homer Hickam Jr. For my reading assignment, I chose “The Rocket Boys” by Homer Hickam Jr. It is an autobiography written more like a fiction novel about a high school aged boy, Homer, who lived in a coal mining town named Coalwood. His father ran the coal mine and wanted his son to follow in his footsteps but Homer did not want to become a miner. He wanted to grow up to be a rocket engineer. Homer and his father were never great friends and this built tension between them...
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  • October Sky1312 - 533 Words
    Reflection- “October Sky” Since Joe Johnston’s movie “October Sky” was released in 1999, many people have been inspired, and also emotionally affected by this movie. Many people can relate to the protagonists (Homer Hickam) situation and may have been helped by this movie. “October Sky” is biography, drama type of movie and which is based on a real life story. Long story short, “October Sky” is a movie about a boy which lives in a town called Coalwood which is in West Virginia. The future of...
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  • October Sky - 949 Words
    October Sky is a movie about how a hillbilly accomplished his dream of building rockets and got out from the falling mining hometown named Coalwood. Homer Hickam, the main character of the movie, would never succeed in his rocket dream without the extraordinary inspiration and encouragement from Miss Riley. An outstanding educator will focus on enlightening students and extending their limits instead of instructing strict rules and following rigid formats. The teacher in the movie, Miss...
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  • Theme in October Sky - 595 Words
    In the book October Sky, by Homer Hickam, a young boy named Sonny tells readers of his own challenges that help him grow up. The dawn of space exploration inspired Sonny on, which led him into his interest involving space and rockets. In the book, Homer Hickam; who also portrays the drastically dynamic main character in the book, illustrates the loss of innocence in Homer “Sonny” Hickam. Throughout the novel, Sonny reaches higher levels of maturity by taking chances, which ultimately unravels a...
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  • October Sky - 1337 Words
    Thuc Pham Professor Colleen AE 20C January 23, 2013 A Dream Come True Colin Powell once said,“ A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Even though hard work is essential for making dreams come true, hard work alone cannot guarantee success. October Sky, directed by Joe Johnston, is about a hardworking young man named Homer Hickam who grew up in Coalwood and aspired to become a miner like his father, John Hickam. Everything changes when...
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  • Analysis of October Sky - 814 Words
    Living Above Ground The inspirational true story of Homer Hickam in October Sky reminds us all to strive for our goals and never give up, even in the face of adversity. However, Homer was fighting for a great deal in his pursuit of rocketry, he was even fighting for his life. Born in a coal mining town, son of a foreman, Homer seemed destined to work the mine when he grew up. But in October Sky, Homer has to overcome what the mine represents: isolation and death. The life of a coal miner...
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  • The Definition of a Hero - 708 Words
    Definition Essay Would a hero be considered someone like Superman? Or someone like Abraham Lincoln? People have said, "It's not what you do or say, but what you are". But would anyone think of Superman as a hero if he never saved people's lives? What's so amazing is that there are many kinds of hero's, but if someone ever mentions the word 'hero', people automatically think it's from a comic book where the hero's are all built and have superpowers. A hero can be almost anyone, or maybe even...
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  • October Sky - 851 Words
    Michelle Thompson October Sky September 30, 2012 Professor Bejtlich The movie October Sky is about Homer Hickam who was inspired to build a rocket and never gave up until his dreams became a reality . Entrepreneurship is a career path that doesn't always prove to be an instant success. Entrepreneurship is a field that involves determination, passion, vision, and the power to succeed. If there were anyone who can relate to these qualities, it would be Homer Hickam. Growing up in a small...
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  • October Sky - 548 Words
    October Sky Homer Hickam Characters: Homer Hickam John Hickam Miss Riley Quentin Wilson O’Dell Warner Von Braun Setting: Coalwood, in West Virginia Climax: The most important part was when Homer Hickam finally achieved to launch his rocket sky high. Plot: Homer Hickam had problems with launching rockets at first because the rockets didn’t have the chemicals needed so the rockets can’t fly so far from he launches them. Conclusion: Homer Hickam had to use other...
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  • October Sky - 745 Words
    Rei GLC 2O October Sky and the High Five Principles The movie October Sky takes place in Coalwood West Virginia. It is about a teenage boy named Homer Hickam who doesn’t want to become a miner like his father. Homer wants to get out of the town but the only way is by scholarship. Homer is too tiny for a football scholarship and therefore in this movie is trying to attain his goal of winning...
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  • How to Make Your Dream Come True
    Essay1 Draft3 “No person has the right to rain on your dreams,” said Martin Luther King Jr. People love to laugh at those dreamers who have creative thoughts. They will be called a “weirdo” or “freak.” It happens a lot in high schools. Some of them will give up their dream because they do not want to make others laugh at them. However there are some determined people who never stop dreaming and believe their dreams will come true no matter what others say. In the movie October Sky, Homer Hickam...
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  • October Sky Response - 885 Words
    5.3 Critical Response (Final Draft) The story told in Joe Johnson's film October Sky (1999) is a beautiful one and a true one. I was really enthusiastic to watch this movie, because I love to watch movies based on true stories. I find they teach us many lesson through their experiences. The four teenage boys Homer Hickam, Quentin Wilson, Roy Lee Cooke, and Sherman O'Dell are very devoted to fulfill their dream of rocketry. The boys are first inspired by the Sputnik 1, the first satellite...
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  • October Sky the movie: "October Sky explores universal themes that are relevant in any decade. Discuss."
    The movie October Sky deals with a lot of themes that still exist in societies all over the world today. One of the main themes and perhaps the most obvious is the inspiring idea of chasing one's dream and never giving up until success is found. In the movie, we find Homer Hickam, an average small-town boy, intrigued by the launch of Soviet satellite Sputnik and infatuated with the idea of joining the space race and making his own rockets. Homer becomes inspired to better himself. He wants to...
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  • Having a Dream Becomes Reality
    Having a dream becomes reality Obstacles always hinder people when they are trying to reach their goals, and those are just ordeals to test their perseverance. In reality, nothing can be obtained or achieved smoothly without going through any difficulties, but once people overcome the obstacles they will achieve the desired goal. In the movie October Sky, directed by Johnston, is about a young man named Homer Hickam who grows up in Coalwood and aspires to become a miner like every male in...
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  • october sky - 637 Words
     October Sky Based on a true story, the film “October Sky” (1999) set in west Virginia in 1957 is about a young boy by the name Homer who seeks to find a way out of what seems to be his “assigned fate” as a coal miner like all the others through winning a renowned science fair. He and his friends find an interest for rockets after Soviet Union's launch of sputnik 1. Despite the whole town putting him down for his unusual hobby, he begins to design rockets with his friends to prove them...
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  • Achieving your Dream - 863 Words
    Achieving Your Dream Striving for greatness comes with overcoming obstacles on the journey. Many people believe that in order to be accepted in society, you have to continuously be striving to be a better person. Nobody accepts who they really are and are constantly needing the approval of the people around them. In the movie October Sky, Homer Hickam is constantly trying to be accepted in his society and to his parents. From the experience in my life, having the approval of someone makes life...
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  • Summary of October Sky - 374 Words
    Peter Travis creates a brand new look on the Movie, October Sky directed by Joe Johnston by reviewing the movie for Rolling stones in february 1999 . He discovers the movie to be very unique and refreshing from the movies directed at that period of time. He considers October sky's optimistic look on life to be way more necessary for common people than those Cynical outlooks of other movies. Traver states that the movie is based on the autobiography “The Rocket boys : A memoir “ written by Homer...
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  • October Sky Socratic Seminar 2 Question
    Aakriti Neopaney 11-15-14 Period 8, Honors English 9 October Sky Socratic Seminar 2 Questions 1. Homer doesn’t support Sonny’s plan to become a rocket engineer, because he wants his son to follow his own footsteps. He wants Sonny to work in the mine like himself. Many older people such as parents, relatives, and teachers have a very hard time supporting teenagers’ career plans, because teenagers nowadays make career choices that are much different than those of teenagers in the 1900’s....
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  • October Sky - 1343 Words
    October Sky Introduction Having confidence in yourself versus listening to others can be beneficial in your dreams. Homer Hickam, a 17 year old young man from Coalwood, West Virginia, struggles with his wants and everyone else’s wants. Homer is looking to achieve his personal goals of freedom, determination, and in search of confidence. Homer is looking for a better life outside of Coalwood, with the opportunity of freedom from the mining town. Homer has a hard time keeping his morals...
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  • October Sky Paper - 546 Words
    October Sky Questions 1. When I first entered my careers class, an impression was made upon me that has changed my whole outlook on life. When my teacher explained to us that we should pursue a career/job that we actually want to do. I realized then, that I should think about a career that I would actually enjoy doing. This made me have a great respect for my teacher, however, I do not dream about this experience. 2. Homer’s father had a difficult time supporting Homer’s interest...
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