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  • Popular Culture & High Culture
    Popular Culture & High Culture Popular culture is the culture that prevails in a modern society, adopted and appealing to large masses of people, normally the middle class citizens. Culture consists of the customs and civilizations of a particular group. Popular culture means that arte facts and styles of human expression develop from the creativity of ordinary people, and circulate among people according to their interests, preferences, and tastes. Popular culture is an ever-changing...
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     Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación. Faculty of Philosophy and Education. English Department. Lecture on British Culture and Civilization. POPULAR CULTURE: A REFLECTION OF HIGH CULTURE. (By Leyla Oliveros Concha) Most of the time, those who are involved in academic contexts, try to figure out or establish which elements “deserve” being members of this essential part of the society called culture. You may think that it sounds completely normal, however, guess...
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  • Culture - 721 Words
    First it would be profitable to try to define culture; for a cultural studies researcher not only it includes traditional high culture (the culture of ruling social groups) and popular culture but according to Raymond Williams also everyday meanings and practices.As stated in Matthew Arnold´s "Culture and Anarchy" culture is “the disinterested endeavor after man's perfection”.It was James Clifford in “Collecting art and culture” that defended that what we gather for culture is not always the...
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  • Culture - 423 Words
    Culture Made Me Do It! Since the beginning of popular culture, people are following the trends. Popular culture comes to us in many ways. Some of the branches are music, and the film industry. Since the beginning of popular culture, the music and the film industries are changing in incredible speed. Throughout the decades, pop culture has become an important part of our lives. The more we try to hide from it, the more close it comes. In our society today we especially see its effects on...
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  • Culture - 1169 Words
    CULTURAL VALUES OF FILIPINOS 1. Irrationalism. This refers to a certain superstitious beliefs of Filipinos that still practiced up to now. People still believed in gods of the nature and spirits and offer them foods and placate the sprits to heal the illness and provide them a good harvest. It is rarely practiced in the urban areas but in rural areas it is a common practice. Filipinos common irrationalism is shown in fatalism or the ‘bahala na’ syndrome. We always looked upon what fortune...
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  • What was the difference between high and popular culture in the eighteenth century
    What was the difference between high and popular culture in the eighteenth century? A number of things would distinguish between high and "popular" culture. I think that "popular" as referenced here is something of a mis-nomer. Probably high and low would be more accurate characterizations. What I think distinguished high culture of this periord from those of other eras, was its extreme taste for the ornamental and superflousness. Members of the societal elite, were very fond of wigs; both...
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  • Pop Culture - 544 Words
    Position Essay Pop culture is a Plus for Students Every day a great number of good and bad events are happening such advances in technology, weather changes, wars, bad politicalchoices, economics effects, unfair treatments at work, charities, and so on which are researched and transmitted trough media. Media‘s information maybe not always be accurate or freely expressed, sometimes it can be distorted and as a result an entire nation can be guide wrong or good through a few persons’...
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  • Pop Culture - 952 Words
    Pop Culture A body is our physical structure. It is our flesh and bone. It represents our very being. We have utterly no control over which body we are born into, yet despite this fact, our body has the power to shape the people we become and even the way we perceive ourselves. Body image, as defined by Merriam Webster, is “a subjective picture of one's own physical appearance established both by self-observation and by noting the reactions of others.” In Western culture, thinness has become...
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  • Popular Culture - 364 Words
    POPULAR CULTURE By definition, popular culture is associated with the everyday, the mainstream and that which is commonly accessible: in short, culture produced for mass consumption. If there's one thing people like to consume more than almost anything else, it's popular culture. Television, music, movies. Every year it seems, the popular culture goes a little bit further, louder and faster, more action, bigger explosions. Is it good or bad? Popular culture is hard to ignore. It affects...
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  • Pop Culture - 1035 Words
    Pop Culture Popular culture is your friend. Popular culture is good for you. Today consumers are the dictators. The people have spoken and we wish to be satisfied with something more substantial than "Perfect Strangers" and The Monkees. And we have that now, for the most part. In his article "Watching TV Makes You Smarter," Steven Johnson argues that culture today is far different from that of the glory days of the 1970s. Culture today is more demanding cognitively. He introduces what he...
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  • Sabotage of Culture - 1247 Words
    Picture with me… The scene is the small town outside of Xianjiang in Northeastern China, a place seemingly transported from many decades ago. It is Sunday afternoon, time for the weekly public market as peasants sell snacks, crafts and spices on the ground. Wagons full of produces and fruits are pulled around by store owners. But in this very traditional rural farming community, something is a little out of place. In the middle of the market, stands a group of...
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  • Popular Culture - 1493 Words
     Popular Culture “Popular culture is the entirety of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, memes, images, and other phenomena that are within the mainstream of a given culture, especially western culture of the early to mid 20th century and the emerging global mainstream of the late 20th and early 21st century.”(“Popular Culture.” Def. Wikipedia ) Today, people of all ages are consumers of popular culture. Popular culture is often misunderstood as “pop culture” or “low culture.” However, I...
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  • Popular Culture - 417 Words
    Popular Culture “Say Yes to the Dress” Popular Culture has always been something that many people pay attention to. The fashion magazines are always trying to find the new trends, figuring out what is in, what is out, and the social norms of today’s society. What people are wearing, watching, and listening to is one of the most important things to some people. One TV series that is a subject of this seasons’ Popular Culture would be the show “Say Yes to the Dress”. This show gives teenage...
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  • Folk Culture vs. Pop Culture
    Luvleen Singh Period 4 11/17/10 Folk VS Pop Culture Outline Preliminary Questions 1 Some differences between pop and folk culture include fashion and clothes. For example, in pop culture, new fashions change constantly and are influenced by the media and celebrities whereas in folk culture, clothing styles are passed down by generation to generation. Another difference is the way they are diffused; Pop culture is spread by hierarchal diffusion whilst in folk culture, they hinder new...
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  • Popular Culture - 697 Words
    1 W h a t is Popular Culture? - - - aus: STOREY, John: Cultural Theory and Popular Culture. London e al. (PearsonlPrenUce Hall) 2001 t I Before we consider in detail the different ways in which popular culture has been defined and analyzed, I want to outline some of the general features of the debate which the study of popular culture has generated. It is not my intention to pre-empt the specific findings and arguments which will be presented in the following chapters. Here I...
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  • Pop Culture - 367 Words
    "Popular Culture is the new Babylon, into which so much art and intellect now flows, it is our Imperial Theater, Supreme Temple of the Western Eye. We live in the age of idols. The pagan past, never dead, flames again in our mystic hierarchies of stardom,” said Camille Paglia, who is an American author, teacher, and social critic. Pop culture affects teenagers negatively, because it changes the way they of themselves, how they associate with others, and how they express characteristics of their...
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  • Popular Culture - 1227 Words
    Popular Culture Under the concept of popular culture that is discussed in the texts of Martin & Nakayama, the populist is seen in forms of borrowing or mixing of other cultures. Popular is created and maintained not only through mass consumption, but by the active process of generating and circulating meanings and pleasures within a social group (2011, pg.202). It’s everywhere and it fills my life. Even though I was raised a certain way according to my parents culture and beliefs, but I...
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  • Pop culture - 797 Words
    Popular culture can be seen everywhere in people’s everyday life. For instance, various dressing styles on the street and kinds of human activities on Internet. Popular culture influences the society in different ways. It not only changes the world, but also leads to valuable judgment. This report will discuss about what is popular culture and should we take it seriously. Popular culture is recognized by the majority of people in the society. It is liked by many people. The products of...
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  • Pop Culture - 360 Words
    Introduction The pervasiveness of Popular Culture is undeniable. The widespread of its influences, the symbolic reference the human psyche makes and associates itself with popular culture, the trends and fads that encapsulates and drives consumerism becomes the reason why popular culture is- popular. Essentially, it provides the ideal catharsis, for human emotions to be well exploited. As such, popular culture has progressively been shaped by human desires; a development of niche tampered and...
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  • Popular Culture - 1149 Words
    What is popular (low) culture? "Popular culture is a symbolic expression allegedly aligned with the questionable tastes of the "masses," who enjoy commercial "junk" circulated by the mass media, such as soap operas, rock music, talk radio, comic books, and monster truck pulls" (Campbell, 18). When looking at the high-low hierarchy it often determines the way people view culture as a whole today, saying high culture is good taste and low culture is questionable taste. Many audiences take for...
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  • Culture and Identity - 3418 Words
    BROWNE CH 1–4 (M1203).qxp:John Q7 26/3/08 10:47 Page 29 CHAPTER 2 Culture and Identity BROWNE CH 1–4 (M1203).qxp:John Q7 26/3/08 10:47 Page 30 Contents Key issues The meaning and importance of culture Dominant culture Subculture Folk culture High culture Mass, popular or low culture The changing distinction between high culture and mass culture Global culture The concept of identity Different types of identity The socialization process Primary socialization...
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  • Pop Culture - 747 Words
    l How Pop Culture Affects Teens Popular culture is all around us and it influences many teens across the world. Teenagers are affected by pop culture in almost every aspect of life whether it is music, media, celebrities, fashion, and even literature. These kinds of things have become top priority for teenagers of today’s world. They have surrounded themselves by it and have grown to love, even worship pop culture. Our main objective is to raise awareness to the significance of popular...
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  • Pop Culture - 924 Words
    Popular Culture and Sports in American Society Introduction Communities in many parts of the world proudly associated themselves with cultural, traditional and social practices that were founded by pioneers, which was an effort to establish identity and can be identified from the rest of the communities. Popular culture, also referred to as pop culture, is one of these traditions that managed to survived the test of times to influence the various aspects of life of the twenty...
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  • popular culture - 364 Words
    The website provides resources for the critical analysis of popular culture in the US, including the impact of that culture beyond national borders. Resources include sites on various forms of popular culture, including music, film, television, advertising, sports, fashion, toys, magazines and comic books, and the medium in which this message moves, cyberculture. The site focuses on issues of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, cultural imperialism and censorship, as shaped by and...
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  • Visual Culture - 332 Words
    Visual culture HW01 1. The face of this man has been photoshopped in Fox news. This photo from Boston bombing has been photoshopped in New York post. 2. 2.1 Connotative meaning: People in the photo are the representative of Thailand who make a protest to drive out Tuksin to other country. Denotative meaning: People in this photo are protesting on the road. 2.2 Connotative meaning: South people in the...
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  • pop culture - 802 Words
    What is Pop culture? Popular culture is the entirety of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, memes, images and other phenomena that are preferred by an informal consensus within the mainstream of a given culture. Heavily influenced by mass media, this collection of ideas permeates the everyday lives of the society. Although terms popular culture and pop culture are in some cases used interchangeably, and their meanings partially overlap, the term "pop", which dates from the late 1950s, belongs...
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  • asian culture - 1219 Words
    ASN301 Circulation of Asian Popular Culture Week 1 Introduction Announcements • No tutorials in Week 1. • Students should read and prepare discussion: Reading for Week 2 Tutorial: Siriyuvasak, Ubonrat and Hyunjoon Shin. “Asianizing KPop: Production, Consumption and Identification Patterns among Thai Youth” Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, 8.1 (2007): 109-36. Discussion: How does pop music, especially J-pop and K-pop, function as a form of “soft power”? What are the principal...
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  • Popular Culture - 997 Words
    The term "popular culture" was coined in the 19th century or earlier. Traditionally, the term has denoted the education and general "culturedness" of the lower classes, as opposed to the "official culture" and higher or tre education emanated by the dominant classes. The stress in the distinction from "official culture" became more pronounced towards the end of the 19th century, a usage that became established by the interbellum period. From the end of World War II, following major cultural...
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  • Pop Culture - 725 Words
    Throughout, history popular culture has been a common factor in everyday life. The identity of popular culture is seen through many elements of art. It was derived from artifacts and styles of human expressions developed from the creativity of ordinary people, and circulate among people according to their interests, preferences, and tastes. For example, music, fashion, people, stereotypes, and social rituals all play a role in the development of what is known today as pop culture society....
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  • Hooks Seeing and Making Culture
    bell hooks: “Seeing and Making Culture” Summary In the essay “Seeing and Making Culture: Representing the Poor”, hooks proposes a different perspective on issues regarding people of higher class compared to those of lower class. In doing so, she clarifies and illustrates assumptions made about the poor, how they are viewed in popular culture, and in the media. To further validate her points, she utilizes ideas that stem from her own personal experiences with poverty, as well as examples from...
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  • Popular Culture is Not the Devil
    Popular Culture Is Not The Devil Many people can agree that popular culture is invasive, but the opinions differ on how invasive it actually is and whether it is harmful or beneficial. In David Denby’s Buried Alive: Our Children and the Avalanche of Crud, he clearly states his opinion of popular culture and how it has invaded his home and the attitude of his children. The main source of popular culture according to Denby is the media, which has become “three-dimensional, inescapable,...
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  • Popular American Culture - 488 Words
    Popular American Culture SOC/105 December 05, 2012 Popular American Culture Many people do not know what popular American culture is. Popular American culture surrounds everyday life. Some popular American culture influences the way many people live his or her lives day by day. According to Petracca and Sorapure (2007), many say that popular American culture influence on society should be considered negative (p. 4-5). This conclusion is based on violence and sexual explicitness in movies...
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  • American Pop Culture Quiz
    |Question 1 of 10 | |1.0 Points | | | |Raymond Williams says this _______is one of the two or three most complicated words in the...
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  • The Essence of Pop Culture - 948 Words
    "Talk about Pop Music, Talk about Pop Music…" was one of the most catchy phrases of the 1980's. Just as in the 80's, today we see many characteristics of "pop culture" effecting our lives. But, what is "pop culture?"

    I spent some time online trying to answer my question and time after time I was led to the same direction: pop culture is what we see, hear, speak, and are otherwise exposed to on a daily basis. The infomercials we see late on television, the billboards we see on the side...
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  • American Popular Culture - 798 Words
    What is popular American culture? Popular culture is a way of life. It’s a lifestyle of a group of people. The elements of everyday life consist of popular culture. These are the artifacts, institutions, and sorts of a general knowledge of a society, the common knowledge and practices of a specific group at a specific time. Popular culture reflects and influences people’s way of life because it is related to a precise time and place. It is temporary, and new phases take over from former...
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  • Popular Culture and Communication Notes
    CMN 2180 Sept 12 2013 Business Model 1. Aggregate Audiences -> to hold them captive during advertisements Crude in the 60-70s because there were only 3 networks, and thus large audiences 2. Segmentation -> refinement in the business model Advertisers could separate groups based on the type of audience Packaging up demographic groups and selling them to advertisers Principles of the production of popular culture Contradictions embedded -> what aspects of reinforce the current system...
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  • Understanding the Popular American Culture
    As known through the modern history nationally and internationally, the popular American culture is one of those new-adapted-founded cultures that includes aspects and ways of life of everyone in society including their attitudes, habits, actions the way they act, the food they eat and the clothes they wear, the buildings they design, traditions, habits, actions, faiths, politics, arts, sports, music (Wilson & Wilson 2001). To some people, the description of the popular America culture remains...
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  • American Pop Culture Today
    American Pop Culture Michelle Lilier University of Phoenix SOC/105 Robert Legaspi 29 January 2007 American Pop Culture American pop culture today is McDonald’s, Starbucks, finding a potential significant other on online dating sites, conversations via cell phones but with the use of fingers and not voice, the highly anticipated Super Bowl games and more interest in American Idol than politics. The given examples are just a few of today’s popular culture all too common to the average...
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  • Popular Culture and Hot Topic
    1. What makes Hot Topic so successful as a retailer? What makes them so popular with their employees? How can they keep their success going? -Hot Topic is a successful retailer because they know the demographic they are catering too, which are young people. Hot Topic focuses on music and pop culture areas that are very important to kids today. There will always be a market for young people and plus size women and having products specifically designed for them as opposed to just being an...
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  • Effects of American Popular Culture
    Effects of American Popular Culture To many, the United States is first and foremost a superpower. Some see it as exerting its might in the interest of world peace and stability, and as a guarantor of the freedom and even survival of other nations. To others, it looks more like a bully imposing its will upon the entire planet by brute force. I believe that McCaffery's statement that "...virtually every corner of the globe is being successfully colonized by for example,...
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    I agree with this statement which is the films, Broadway shows, and bestselling novels of American popular culture have been equally focused on depicting faults in the American character as on celebrating its virtues. The United State has produced lots of great novels, films, and shows, and also they are so well known in all over the World. When you think about the place well known as movie and shows, you definitely come up with New York and Hollywood located in the United State. Then now you...
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  • Defining Popular American Culture
    Defining Popular American Culture The study of culture is very important to our society, as we have been studying our past and identities for as long as we can recall. Studying our cultures allows us to understand each other as a people, so we can comprehend what we have done, and possibly, what we may do. As we study American popular culture, we see something that began as almost nothing, to a group of patterns that has captured the minds of not only the American people themselves, but the...
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  • Definition of Popular Culture - 495 Words
    Popular Culture Before talking about popular culture I would like to talk about the word culture. It is probably one of the most complex words of the English language, having many different meanings defined by different people. One of many possible definitions of popular culture is that it is “a general process of intellectual, spiritual and aesthetic development”. The development of great artists, great poets and great philosophers is an embodiment of this definition. Another possible and much...
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  • Popular Culture and it's Art
     Popular culture and Popular art. Contextual Studies 19 August 2013 “An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have.” - Andy Warhol But is it art? The popularised adage to the interrogation of much of today’s conceptual art seems most appropriate in assessing the body of art that Andy Warhol is most famous for. In a sense, the perpetual question was born out of a similar dissatisfaction that...
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  • Popular Culture in Today's Society
    Reflections of Pop Culture on Society Popular culture, commonly referred to as "pop culture", is constantly changing and heavily influencing people worldwide; one can hardly tell the history of the human race without some mention of pop culture. Pop culture molds and defines the beliefs and values, as well as, influences the actions of society. Social media, as well as the natural ache we all carry to fit in, pushes people to embrace and succumb to pop culture. Pop culture...
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  • Pop Culture and Protein - 2054 Words
    Lashaw Salta Professor Peroutka Making Sense of Pop Culture 6 March 2013 The Pop Culture of Protein Protein is part of a new era of popular culture. Imagine, walking around gold’s gym in Venice, California back in the early 1960’s and casually striking up a conversation with the Austrian Oak himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The two of you start to talk about weight lifting and his bodybuilding career. He’s a seven time Mr. Olympian (an international bodybuilding competition which...
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  • Popular American Culture Paper
    Popular American Culture Paper Adrian Clegg SOC/105 Febuary 17, 22011 Dr. V. Nita Evans Popular American Culture Paper According to Merriam-Webster culture is “the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group” (2011). Popular culture is “the opposite of high cultural art forms, such as the opera, historic art, classical music, traditional theater or literature; popular culture includes many forms of cultural communication including...
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  • Popular American Culture - 779 Words
    America is the most diverse place in the world, on the contrary Americans insist on following the “what is in” trend. Too many factors that influence the decisions made. This paper will include a personal documentation on interactions on popular culture. In addition, this paper will cover what culture and popular culture are; three major trends in popular American culture and how does popular American culture affect personal decision making. Culture and popular culture Merriam-Webster...
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  • American Pop Culture - 296 Words
    Culture is the learned behavior of our society. This may include knowledge, beliefs, values, customs, art, entertainment, and the way we act, feel or think about our surroundings. Popular culture is a shared knowledge and behaviors of a society at a specific time. It is widespread and generally accepted by most people. Three major trends in American pop culture are music, television, and fashion. The music listened to at a specific time is the voice of that generation expressing...
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  • Popular American Culture Paper
    Running head: Popular American Culture Popular American Culture Paper University of Phoenix Introduction to Popular American Culture Timothy Manzke January 25, 2010 According to Dictionary.com, pop culture is defined as is identified as contemporary behaviors of and things that are popular, and generally deemed as acceptable, sometimes due to its popularity (Dictionary.com, 2010). I will define and identify the examples from my list how they are tied into Popular Culture. Most...
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  • Mass culture Lion King
    Mass culture theory can be interpreted as seeing the audience as a passive, vulnerable, manipulable, exploitable and sentimental mass. It is resistant to intellectual challenge and stimulation but easy prey to consumerism and advertising and the dreams and fantasies they have to sell. It has little awareness of good taste and is devoted to the repetitive formulas of mass culture. (Strinati, 2004, p.42) This can be seen in the blockbuster animated film The Lion King (1994) produced by Disney who...
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  • Immigration and Popular Culture - 1126 Words
    Immigration and American Popular Culture All of the different ethnic groups that migrated from their homeland to the United States left some kind of mark on American popular culture. The European immigrants during the 1930s created a very large splash in the public eye through the use of cinema. In addition, the Jamaican immigrants in South Bronx during the 1970s made a name for themselves by introducing a form of music called rap. In this paper, I will be analyzing and comparing the...
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  • American Popular Culture and Advertisement
    American Popular Culture-Advertisement Lucille Overton Soc105 January 25 2010 Douglas Petrik American Popular Culture-Advertisement In this essay I will describe the impact that popular American culture has had on my personal decision making, by briefly describing popular American culture; identifying patterns in my list of popular culture artifacts from my inventory, describing which items are more common than others, identify which themes are prevalent, and describing some of the...
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  • Sociology of Popular Culture - 313 Words
    The “American Idol” show has been aired for the past ten years and has gained audiences from various countries. Analyse the “Idol” phenomenon using the political economy approach in popular culture. You would need to explain the political economy approach and your understanding of the theories in addition to applying it to the case study. The American Idol show – a form of popular culture - drew more than 30 million audiences an episode, and although over the years, overall viewership...
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  • Pop Culture and Society - 1334 Words
    Pop culture and society Przemysław Dworzyński Pop culture, or popular culture is by dictionary defined as “cultural activities or commercial products reflecting, suited to, or aimed at the tastes of the general masses of people”. The term “popular culture” came into existence in the 19th century or earlier. Traditionally, the term has meant the education and general cultural awareness of the lower classes, as opposed to the "official culture". The stress in the distinction...
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  • popular american culture paper
     Popular American Culture Paper SOC/105 December-09-2013 Dr. Narketta Sparkman, HS_BCP In this paper it will take a look at what is culture. Then we will look at what is popular culture. Then take a look at the three trends of American popular culture. Then a look at why American popular culture has such an effect on our personal decision making. What is culture? Culture is described as the values, beliefs, and traditions of a certain group of people. In...
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  • Teaching and Culture Essay - 1786 Words
    Cumulative cultural texts give a foreground and a context into what to expect for that particular culture. In fact there is a criteria in which any text may be classed as this. Intergenerational, Intertextual, Multidimensional. In short these words mean that the texts within this accumulation relate to each other, they refer to each other within themselves or insinuate links or they apply to the masses and are regarded of any particular text type. In this essay I will be exploring different...
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  • Youth Culture in Japan - 8345 Words
    Youth culture in Japan. http://www.thefreelibrary.com/_/print/PrintArticle.aspx?id=16654720 Title Annotation: Japan Enters the 21st Century Author: Kawasaki, Ken'ichi Date: Jun 22, 1994 Words: 7827 Publication: Social Justice ISSN: 1043-1578 1. The History of Youth Culture in Japan In order to understand youth culture in Japan, it is necessary to examine its history in comparison with youth in the United States and the United Kingdom. This article analyzes the main generational...
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  • Media in Society and Culture - 1061 Words
    What is the role and influence of the media in modern society? How does it contribute to, create, direct or represent that society's 'culture'? Consideration of the role, influence and development of the Media in Society and Culture involves addressing fundamental questions about Culture and Society themselves. The insight of various thinkers into the social and cultural role of the media has been underwritten by presuppositions which are, in turn, informed by points of view on what constitutes...
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  • Sex and Violence in Popular Culture
    Note: Watch for spelling and grammar errors. Sex and violence can be seen in many different ways in popular culture. It is not limited to the actions seen in everyday life. It can be seen in many different places. However, although sex and violence in popular culture is simply a manifestation of the populous' evolution, it can still be seen to many as a problem for children because it forces them to grow up too soon. Public broadcast on television portrays a great amount of sex and violence on...
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  • Pop Culture Analysis - 1220 Words
    Pop culture is becoming an ever-growing ever-addicting way of life for our nation. I address it as a way of life because if you were to sit down and think about your day-to-day activities I could guess that some of those things include pop culture in some way. Personally, I am an admitted addict to everything celebrity and current. The majority of my life would have pop culture references in the mix. Now not only am I in this boat but most of America is. We see this based on how pop culture...
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  • Arts and Culture Sector Report
    Arts & Culture Sector Introduction to Leisure International Leisure Management Stenden University Nina Seepers 213365 Declaration 1. This work has been composed by me, Nina Seepers. 2. This work has not been accepted in any previous application for a degree or diploma by me or anyone else. 3. This work of which this is a record is done wholly by me, Nina Seepers 4. All verbatim extracts have been distinguished by quotation marks and the sources of our information have been...
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  • Popular Culture and Feature Films
    Popular culture is often characterised by feature films and television serials which target a broad audience in an effort to systematically convey social commentary through inviting the perception of the viewer to interpret representations of everyday roles. This concept is central to 'Reel to real: Popular culture and teacher identity', in which Mitchell and Weber (1999) encourage their audience to challenge the status quo of the teacher role as commonly perceived by society. Particularly, the...
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  • Popular and Academic Culture - 3805 Words
    Popular and Academic Culture Research Report Background and introduction Since we have been in the era of information, we are exposed to and absorb many various information resources. The ubiquity of information has made people feel it is hard to see the differences between popular and academic culture. Hence, the accuracy of the definitions of the two cultures has been hard to distinguish. This study is going to talk about two issues—popular and academic culture. The purpose of this...
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  • Mass Media and Popular Culture
    Mass Media and Popular Culture March, 2009 Let us face the facts, mass media and popular culture need each other to coexist. Furthermore, in today's society the mass media serves the interest of popular culture. Moreover, it is the vehicle of free speech in a diverse, multicultural society. In addition, mass media refers to communication via radio, televisions, movie theaters, television, newspapers, magazines, and, etc; thereby, reaching out to the larger audience. On the contrary,...
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  • Popular American Culture - 436 Words
    Popular American Culture What is culture? Zimmerman (2012), “culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts” (para. 1). We currently live in a society filled with many different nationalities therefore, creating many different cultural influences. There are many types of cultures that exist from Latin culture and American culture to popular culture. Prior to current research, I was...
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  • Value of Popular Culture - 1207 Words
    Function of Popular Culture Although many people believe that popular culture is negatively effecting our and our children's lives, because it is saturated with meaningless information and dumbing us down to drones which sit in front of televisions or computers, it is actually a very important aspect of our lives which allows our society to function more smoothly and easily. Before we get into this we should first define popular culture. Popular is defined as “of, pertaining to,...
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  • Nutrition & Food in Popular Culture
    The Nature of Food in Popular Culture Since the dawn of the television and movie era, the act and consequences of eating has been portrayed inaccurately. After reviewing nearly a hundred years of motion picture and television archives even the most thorough investigator would be hard-pressed to find a realistic depiction of food. These industries are known for responding to social change in other capacities such as the role of women in society and ever-changing social norms; but when it...
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  • Pop Culture Paper - 547 Words
    Essay #1 October 24, 2011 Pop culture is defined by what the most recent trends in fashion, movies, music and overall entertainment items are. Popular culture usually has a deeper impact than a trend. It is anything that has an appeal to the masses. The list of what is required in popular culture is nearly endless. It is, however, something that can exist for a greater period of time than a trend can. What are pop culture’s main outlets though? Popular culture travels throughout television,...
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  • Mtv's Influence on Popular Culture
    Meghan Balmer 10/20/10 Popular Culture Critical Survey Project It would be hard for one to dispute the fact that MTV has influenced every pop culture trend since its birth in 1981. One could even say that MTV is pop culture. No other media network holds in the palm of its hand the power to control popular cultural evolution the way MTV does. What other media network has influenced and help shape public opinion, filmmaking, newsgathering techniques, presidential politics, and world politics...
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  • Pop Cultures: Disturbing Effects
    Pop culture has existed in our society since the early days of man. From the wearing of white wigs by the upperclassmen of the 18th century to the backward jersey wearing of today's youth, there are few aspects that are totally devoid of pop culture influence. With the introduction of the moving picture machine, the entertainment industry has even more greatly spread popular culture. With popular culture so widely spread, it has undoubtedly had a great effect on our society. Unfortunately, there...
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  • Describing American Pop Culture
    Running head: American Popular Culture American Popular Culture Sandi Morse Soc/105 December 13, 2010 Clylinda Nixon American Pop Culture Describing American pop culture can entail many facets. According to Wilson, J.R., and Wilson, S. R., (2001), the term “popular culture” replaced the term, “folk...
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  • Pop Culture and Us - 1049 Words
    Today, America is seemingly defined by its popular culture which has become a major export to the whole wide world. The pop culture refers to all things that people usually do and talk about, manners and beliefs that make a society grow. The culture that is well accepted and followed by everybody in the society. For every place, there is always different style of culture that all people who lives there are subject to follow in able to fit in to that given place. America is one of the major...
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  • Feminism and Pop Culture - 1361 Words
    Feminism and Pop culture By: Brittany Stevers In the recent history, feminism and pop culture have become more closely entwined than ever before. This can be partially because of the growing interest in culture studies as an academic discipline, but it can also be explained by the fact that, there’s a whole lot more popular culture to watch. Pop culture has become our common language, a universal way of uniting the world. Pop culture is also a key route to making...
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  • Introduction to Popular American Culture
    Popular American Culture University of Phoenix Soc/105 Introduction to Popular American Culture MU10ELC07 Ernest Hernandez Ph.D. August 3, 2010 Popular American Culture American pop culture is an every day part of life. Society dictates how people need to be to be accepted by others. American pop culture dictates who we are, it is our attitudes habits and actions; it is generations of handed down customs and practices (Wilson, 2001). Popular Culture Inventory The mass circulation of...
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  • Pop Culture Speech - 1126 Words
    Pop Culture Speech Most of us have heard of the concept “imperialism,” defined as the practice of one country extending its powers over the territory, political system or economic life of another country. Yet, we would never imagine that imperialism could affect us in this lucky country, especially in the form of popular culture. Never would we even conjecture the overall harmful motives of the dominating superpower, after all it assumedly is the ‘protector of democracy and human rights.’ But...
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  • Popular American Culture - 1446 Words
    Popular American culture is defined as modern-day ways of life and things that are well known and commonly accepted or have cultural patterns that are prevalent in a populace. Popular culture is often referred to as pop culture. The writer of this paper will compile an inventory of artifacts of popular culture that he has come into contact with and attempt to give them perspective. The influence of popular American culture on the author’s personal decision making will be discussed. The values,...
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  • American Popular Culture - 1500 Words
    Running Head: Popular American Culture Paper 1 Popular American Culture Paper SOC/105 Introduction To Popular American Culture June 11, 2013 Professor: Popular American Culture Paper 2 Analysis Culture is what defines a group of people, normally by: ethnicity, religion, beliefs, food, music, art, clothing, entertainment, and sometimes-generalized...
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  • Pop Culture - The Effects of Popular Culture on Modern American Society
    Popular Culture � PAGE �1� � The Affects of Popular Culture on Modern American Society Introduction to Popular American Culture Word Count: 817 The Affects of Popular Culture on Modern American Society The American way of life revolves around popular culture. The artifacts surrounding them shape the lives and personalities of individuals. The choices people make regarding the things they buy come from commercials they have seen on TV, ads in the newspaper, or something they have seen...
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  • Pop Culture An Overview Reading Compr
    Faculty of English Adam Mickiewicz University Pop Culture: An Overview ― reading comprehension What are the ingredients of popular culture? According to the author, what is the definition of popular culture? What social function does popular culture have? Discuss sports and television as the elements of popular culture. How is folk culture different from popular culture? How is high culture different from popular culture? Describe the process that contributed to the formation of popular...
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  • Star Studies and the Mass Culture Debates
    Star Studies and the Mass Culture Debates Since the dawn of time, society has always had its own stars that multitudes of people look up to as idols. Today, most of the stars that people flock to are famous people within the entertainment business, most notably actors and actresses. Movie stars have been consumed by the public's eye ever since the film industry took off in the early 1900s. There are certain movie stars that transcend time, and lately, people do whatever they can to find...
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  • Culture and Creative Industry Week 1
    Week 2 2. Critical Theory and the Critique of the 'Culture Industry' This lecture considers how the Critical Theorists of the Frankfurt School sought to understand the relationship of culture and society in an age of advanced capitalism and mass media. It explores their analyses of popular culture, and poses the question of whether the term 'culture industry' has now lost its original, critical meaning. Key thinkers: Marx, Gramsci, Adorno, Horkheimer, Benjamin Seminar questions 1.Has the...
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  • pop culture tourism as travel motivator
     POP CULTURE TOURISM AS A TRAVEL MOTIVATOR A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management Lyceum of the Philippines University Cavite In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of the Degree Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management ABEGAIL D. BEDREJO RENALYN T. DRECE AGATHA FERNANDEZ JANICA R. JANSUY DIANNE SUZANNE F. LAMIS January 2014 CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Background of...
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  • The influence of mass culture on the sociocultural environment
    The influence of mass culture on the sociocultural environment Introduction Good morning. I’m delighted that so many of you could make it today. Let me introduce myself. I’m Vita Evtushenko, second year student at philosophy department, of Cultural Studies. What I’d like to present to you today is The influence of mass culture on the sociocultural environment. I’ve divided my presentation into 4 parts: Introduction; Mass culture: direction, the main features; Mass culture and the problem of...
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  • Gangnam Style Is a Part of Pop Culture
    In the baby boomer generation, That Thing You Do, a single released by The Wonders, fascinated people for a long time. Today, majority of people are interested in Harlem Shake, the very short clips that were uploaded on YouTube by some undefined performers. Last year, 2012 was the year of excitement and entertainment. In every part of the world, Gangnan Style, a single released by a Korean singer called PSY, has turned people to share the common interest in the funny dance moves with the catchy...
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  • The Effects of American Stereotypes on Foreign Cultures.
    ! The Effects of American Stereotypes on Foreign Cultures. America is a nation known for its stereotypes. These stereotypes can have both positive and negative effects on other regions in the world. Stereotypes Stereotypes can help sell a product or make people believe in a cause. But they also have a broader purpose; they can change cultures, ruin the reputation of a country, and ruin peoples lives. Fiji is a prime example of this idea. Fijian women were once admired for being obese....
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  • Soc 105 Wk 1 Popular Culture Essay
    Popular Culture Essay Although there are some parts of popular culture that make it into high culture, popular culture is transient; it describes the way of life, attitudes, and passions of mostly younger people. These views usually change as they age and gain real life experience. This essay will cover culture, popular culture, three major trends in popular American culture and how popular American culture affects personal decision making. Culture is the united design of social...
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  • American Popular Culture -Dustin C. Nelson
    Popular American Culture Dustin C. Nelson SOC/105 May 1, 2011 Laura Cobb Popular American Culture The purpose of this assignment is to discuss what Popular America Culture is and how it affects my life. The first topic will cover what culture is and more specifically what popular culture is. Next the three major trends in Popular America culture will be covered and the influences of each of these major trends. Finally the last topic that this paper will cover how Popular American...
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  • How Pop Culture Shapes Us and the Environment
    November 2010 how popular culture shapes us and the environment The term popular culture, or pop culture, often refers to the ideas, values and goods that arise from mass media. This mass media includes books, magazines, movies, and television. In American popular culture two themes are prevalent: a materialistic one and a simplistic one. The materialistic one, that is popular in times of prosperity, stresses that happiness comes out of material goods, while the simplistic one says that...
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  • Is popular culture the strongest influence on a young person's identity?
    Is popular culture the strongest influence on a young person’s identity? First of all, what do you think is the essence of popular culture? Popular culture is the accumulated store of cultural products such as music, art, literature, fashion, and others that are consumed primarily by non-elite groups such as the working, lower, and middle class people. And that means YES; pop culture is strongly influential to a young person by cause of its fancy and alluring looks or other reasons. Why do you...
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  • Close Reading: Culture Is Ordinary by Raymond Williams
    Close Reading: Culture is Ordinary by Raymond Williams The article by Raymond Williams is an attempt to describe and analyse the changing dynamics of culture through its constant shifts in meaning. He begins his essay with a brief account of a visit to his childhood home in Wales, in a few words describing his own personal history. From his anecdote, Williams delves into his main argument, that Culture is ordinary, breaking this idea into two parts, “the known meanings and directions, which...
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  • The Use and Abuse of Visual Culture in Adult Cartoons
     The Use and Abuse of Visual Culture in Adult Cartoons The Oxford dictionary defines visual as “A9 picture, piece of film, or display used to illustrate or accompany something” and culture as “The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively”. However there isn’t a definition for visual culture in the oxford dictionary. This is because Visual culture is limitless and ever changing which makes it difficult to define. An attempt to define visual...
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  • Role of Mass Media in Japanese Popular Culture Reception in Southeast Asia
    PAPER SELECTION FOR JAPAN – ASEAN STUDENT CONFERENCE 2009 Role of Mass Media on Japanese Popular Culture Reception in Southeast Asia Countries Case study: Indonesia Written by Mirah Mahaswari Department of Communication Studies Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Gadjah Mada University Indonesia Tuesday, September 8, 2009 Role of Mass Media on Japanese Popular Culture Reception in Southeast Asia Countries Case study: Indonesia Abstract The study of popular culture can be...
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  • Rock 'N' Hip, Hop 'N' Roll, and the Integration of Music in Popular Culture
    Anne Toronto Trend Analysis Final Copy Ms. Johnson CIS English Hour 5 Rock ‘n’ Hip, Hop ‘n‘ Roll, and the Integration of Music in Popular Culture Prelude From bell bottoms to Barbies, every generation has its own distinct trends. While various fads have cropped up in each era, music has always been a key element of culture. Starting in the 1950’s, music became integrated within the American culture as the favored form of expression. The popular types of music found on the Top 100 lists...
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  • A Case for Incorporating Pop Culture Into Hong Kong English Curriculum
    A Case for Incorporating Pop Culture into Hong Kong English Curriculum Introduction: “Education is identified with schooling, while popular culture is identified with the world of leisure and entertainment” (Benson & Patkin, 2010). In recent decades, people both inside and outside of academy have been debating over whether popular culture should be taught in schools. The argument between what should be taught and what is not appropriate for education has never come to an end. Many people...
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  • A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots
    A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. – Marcus Garvey According to science, out of all of the parts of a tree, roots are quite an important feature. It has several purposes, adsorbing water and vital nutrients from the ground and into the rest of the tree, supporting the whole tree, from the bark, to the leaves to the fruit/flowers it produces. It also helps stabilize the tree so it wouldn’t fall down easily when the weather...
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  • “the Ruling Ideas of the Age Are Ever the Ideas of the Ruling Class.” – Marx & Engles
    “The ruling ideas of the age are ever the ideas of the ruling class.” – Marx & Engles High culture is characterised by timeless artefacts that shape and reflect the taste of those of the ‘high class’. In the past, before the introduction of popular culture, it was the ‘ruling classes’, the people with the money, power and status that defined what was considered to be of a high quality hence a part of ‘high society’. It was these people who outlined what was ‘good’ and what was ‘bad’, what was...
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  • wise children literary analysis
     The Author: Angela Carter English short story writer, novelist, journalist, dramatist and critic. Angela Carter was a notable exponent of magic realism, adding into it Gothic themes, postmodernist eclecticism, violence, and eroticism. Throughout her career, Carter utilized the language and characteristic motifs of the fantasy genre. "A good writer can make you believe time stands still," she once said. Carter completed nine novels. Carter's novels and stories stand almost without parallel...
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  • Buddhist - 2256 Words
    RLG101H Introduction to the Study of Religion Prof. Ken Derry TA: Ryan Culture: Surface of Religion By: Zain Malik 999738020 Friday, February 15th, 2013 Word Count: 1498 words Zain Malik: Culture Fo Guanh Shan Temple of Toronto Naima Nadeem: Power 6525 Millcreek Drive Manny Kular: Gender February 11th, 2013 – 1:00pm Figure 1: Picture Taken by Zain Malik - Entrance Figure [ 1 ]: Picture Taken by Zain Malik - Entrance For my field...
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  • The Cultural Economy of Fandom: A review on the Article by John Fiske
    This essay examines the situation of fandom in society, and its' effect; both ethnically and frugally. I really enjoyed reading and interpreting what the author had to say, which I thought he portrayed well through his use of language. The author proposes a discussion on the characteristics of fandom under the following headings; Discrimination and Distinction, Productivity and Participation, and Capital Accumulation. He applies these three attributes liberally, as a general application to...
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