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  • Someone Help - 603 Words
    Cynthia A. Gray Enc.090 &091 Laurel Campus June 24th Someone Help! On a warm summer day, I decided to take my children out to eat, just us. We went to Long John Silvers for fish. We walked into the restaurant; I noticed how crowded it was. The children and I placed our order, got it and took it over next to the window, so we could look outside and watch the passer-byers. We said our blessings and started eating, laughing at...
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  • Help Me and Successful Student
    Writing informal letters SPM SERIES: ENGLISH By JUGDEEP KAUR LETTER writing is an important aspect of any writing course. This is because letter writing is a very important activity in our daily lives, be it for business or personal purposes. In the Malaysian secondary school system, students are taught to write two types of letters – formal letters and informal letters although the latter is a dying art in this age of e-mails and text messages. Informal letters are easier to write in...
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  • Help Me and Tactic - 673 Words
    Case summary: Ron Johnson—Department of Accounting Question #01: a) What source of power does Jean have? As Chair of the Department of Accounting, Jean has the position source power. Because of the position power is derived from top management, and it is delegated down the chain of command. b) And what type of power is she using? The type of power that jean is using falls under the legitimate power, which is based on the user’s position power, given by the organization. When using...
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  • This essay is about the elderly and what information and services are in the community to help them
    Seniors are people between the ages of 60 and 100 years of age. This makes this period in a person's life the longest. Seniors come from different cultures and different backgrounds and many have different needs. There are three different categories of seniors; the young, the old, and the very, very old. Each type of senior have different needs and wants. There is a company out there that provides free information and referrals to seniors and their family about different community and...
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  • Write about an occasion when an attempt to help led to unexpected consequences to the helper
     It was a lovely walk, with the sun rising in a pool of crimson and gold, spilling light all over the land. The scenery of the park was extremely mesmerizing and breathtaking. The water in the park glistened invitingly and the birds were chirping to my favorite song. As a way to release stress, it was a must for me to jog in the morning every weekend around the park, which was stone’s throw away from my house. The park held many memory as it was where me and my parents used to have picnic...
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  • To what extent do you think that Tom’s cash flow forecast will help to guarantee the success of his Joshua franchise?
    Analyse the benefits to Kate’s business of using a consultant. A consultant is some one who is there to offer advice to those in need of assistance. One benefit of Kate using a consultant to help with her business is that she is able to find out what steps are needed to be taken to help the business run smoothly. A consultant is able to help let Katie know what legal steps need to be taken and what is needed to be done to keep the business safe e.g. Having Insurance. According to the case...
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  • Do You Agree or Disagree with the Followingstatement? with the Help of Technology, Studentsnowadays Can Learn More Information and Learn Itmore Quickly. Use Specific Reasons and Examplesto Support Your Answer.
    In today's society when the information technology is in his golden age, more information can be accessible to students in a more rapid and convenient way than before. Some people say that with the help of new technology, students can learn more and absorb knowledge faster, while some people don't. From my point of view, I am convinced that with the assistance of advanced technology, students can learn better. To begin with, with the assistance of technology, useful information on the...
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  • Self Reflection - 382 Words
    Self-Reflection Week 2 Assignment By Julie Shelton Procrastination and typing are two challenges that concern me the most about my online learning. I sometimes important things off until last minute typically because I get busy doing other things and forget about them .I usually think about them at the last minute and try to hurry to get things done. Since I have begun my online learning I have tried to stay on top of things instead of waiting until the last minute to get it...
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  • Accounting Personal Statement - 628 Words
    David VenturaProfessor Favors English- 1302. 81202 7 Oct. 2015 During my first year attending Richland College, I was not sure what I was going to major in. I understand that if I choose a major I did not like I will be stuck doing something I might regret for a long time. I know that I wanted to do something that I can help other people in need with, especially with monetary matters, so I explored my options by taking some general education courses. By the end of my first year I realized...
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  • The Person I Admire Most
    The person i admire most is my mum... I was asked to read this last week but then i juz read it today and it's really bombastic and nice =) This is how it goes.. One of the greatest things in life is to have a selfless, understanding, devoted and loving mother. These are the words that best summarise the qualities of my mother. It is not surprising that the person whom I admire most is my mother. A quality that I admire most in my mother is her selfless devotion for us. Her own interests...
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  • human services - 348 Words
    What needs do each agency meet and what demographic does each agency serve? The department of social services caters to anyone who in in need of assistance as long as basic requirements are met. The DSS mainly caters to women and children .This resource helps with food through a program named SNAP which stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The main role of this service is to supplement the incomes of the people who are having issues providing food for their family. This is...
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  • Journal 20 - 412 Words
    Stewart Wallace Dr. Ramseur MW 9:25 11 March 2015 Journal 20 1. B. Think about one of your most challenging academic goals. Decide who you think can help you master this goal. Write a letter to this person and request assistance. ­ Dear Mr. Woodbury, I am serious about earning a 3.75 college grade point average at the University of Florida majoring in Computer Science. I have always aspired to be a lawyer ...
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  • apprentice - 872 Words
    Outline guidelines, procedures and codes of practice relevant to personal work When doing my work, there are procedures that need to be followed such as, answering the telephone, making phone calls, dealing with incoming and outgoing mail. All of these procedures, guidelines and codes of practice are in my job description which is easy for me to access. Explain the purpose of planning work, and being accountable to others for own work Planning my work is essential in making sure I complete...
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  • Respone to Banksy - 154 Words
     In this graphic “Red Cross” by Banksy there is many messages he is sending to us. His artwork is so powerful, and really makes the viewer think. By viewing his artwork it has opened my eyes immensely. Banksy truly captures the current events in this world. Banksy might be trying to show us what the society is doing to the poor who need medical assistance. He shows us that instead of actually helping the less fortunate we are putting it on media. Society cares more about making money off the...
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  • Honour & Shame - 1420 Words
    One Sunday morning I was driving my children back from their regular soccer game. It was a warm summer day, sun shining ever so brightly, making the uneven town picturesque. As I drove along in my Holden with rigid brown seats and the windscreen wipers that didn’t work, I looked over to my sixteen year old daughter sitting next to menodding and shaking her head rhythmically to, in her words, ‘legendary’ music band One Direction. An image of Asreen flashed through my mind… …“Kiran?” the voice...
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  • Take a Step Out! A Person Receiving Welfare
     Diversity Role Written Assignment: A Person Receiving Welfare Fundamentals of Human Communication Take a Step Out! My name is Mae Jones; I am 16 years old and the oldest child of three. My mother is a stay at home mom with only a high school diploma, and my father was the primary provider for our family until recently when he was laid-off. We are currently receiving government assistance due to my father’s unemployment. The total number of...
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  • FIN 370 Version 7 Week 3 Learning Team Weekly Reflection
    This work includes FIN 370 Version 7 Week 3 Learning Team Weekly Reflection Discuss the objectives for 5 weeks. Your discussion should include the topics you feel comfortable with, any topics you struggled with, and how the weekly topics relate to application in your field. Write a 350- to 1,050-word summary of the team’s discussion. Business - Finance FIN/571 Entire Course WEEK 1-6 ASSIGNMENTS, PRACTICE QUIZZES FINAL EXAM SCORED...
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  • Change in My Life - 980 Words
    Changes in My Life It is not easy to adapt oneself to new circumstances especially moving to a country that you have never come always brings you difficulties such as: people, language, custom and culture… The first time I came to the US, I looked like a fish out of water. Everyone looked so different from people my country. I could not understand when they talked to me... But I was very lucky. I met good friends and teachers at school. They helped me a lot not only studying at school but...
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  • Unit 201 - 1362 Words
    Unit 201 - Manage own performance in a business environmentLearning Outcomes (LO)Assessment criteriaEvidence commentary (How each LO has been satisfied)Evidence to Support commentary by referenceUnderstand how to plan work and be accountable to othersOutline guidelines, procedures codes of practice relevant to personal work Explain the purpose of planning work, and being accountable to others for own work Explain the purpose and benefits of agreeing realistic targets for work Explain how...
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  • Resignation Letter - 1235 Words
    Dear Mr. Young: I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position as Service Crew for the McDonald’s Madrigal, effective August 1. Thank you for the opportunities that you have provided me during the last two months. I have learned so much from my fellow employees and managers. I have enjoyed working for the company and appreciate the support given to me during my tenure with the company. If I can be of any assistance during this transition, please let me know. I would be glad...
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  • 3 Most Important Things in My Life
    The Most Important Things in my Life By Vasilios Politis Professor C. Simpson ENC 1101-293 17 June 2008 Politis i Outline T: The three things that are most important to me are my family, basketball, and most importantly, being remembered for something great. I. The most important thing in my life right now is my family. A. My family will always be there for me and give me the guidance and support that I need. 1. My family has helped me to get my act together and get back...
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  • Strengths and weaknesses essay - 413 Words
    Rikitha Muppala Ms. Kinzer English 9H 2/2/15 My Personal Strengths and Weaknesses Everyone has their own personal strengths and weaknesses. I believe that life is a learning experience and being able to recognize our own strengths and weaknesses can help us become better individuals. Knowing yourself and what you can do, can help you overcome your weaknesses. One of my greatest strengths that I have recognized is my ability to be a well-organized individual. Being...
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  • Why My Dad Is the Greatest
    Fatherhood Essay “Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance. “ This quote was said by Ruth E. Renkel, and I think this quote describes my dad the best. I think this quote describes him because even though we have never had a lot he teaches me how to be thankful for what I do have and to not take anything for granted. My dad teaches me a lot of values like to always have faith, love, and be thankful. He teaches me to have faith because he knows if I have faith then I...
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  • Connecting the Dots (Writing Learning Path in My Foundation Lab)
    Connecting the Dots (Writing Learning Path In My Foundation Lab) Connecting the Dots (Writing Learning Path In My Foundation Lab) What were the suggested next steps in you My Foundation Lab Learning Path? The next suggested step in My Foundation Lab Learning Path was to click onto the Learning Reading path button. When it popped up a bubble that point right, where I need to click and the screen faded out. You do not actually click on the bubble that directs you...
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  • My Life Teacher - 1209 Words
    My Life Teacher Whether it’s a person, song, book or whatever it might be everyone has some kind of influence in their lives. An influence can drive someone to better themselves, or maybe send them in the wrong direction. They really determine the way people turn out. Just like anyone else, I have had many influences in my life, some good, some bad, and they all cross my mind when I have to make a big decision. Over all the ones that do come across my mind my mom impacts my decision the...
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  • College Is a Top Priority for Me
    Yesenia Mendez Enrolling in college was one of the most important decisions I made in my life. With this decision, come a lot of difficulties and obstacles but the outcome of my journey will be rewarding. One of the ways that I show that college is a top priority for me is by attending school and being on time everyday. Being on time show respect to the instructor and to my fellow classmates, being late to class means that I will miss important announcement or material presented at the...
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  • Smart Goals and Self Leadership
    SMART Goals and Self-Leadership Goals In terms of my personal goals, the most prominent is to be consistently resilient in the way I structure my time. My current skill level in this area is framed around "capable but cautious" and this limits me somewhat from truly mastering resiliency. When I develop more confidence and faith in myself, I will grow more successful in implementing a more effective use of time. My friends’ who help me to care for my six year old son, are by far the most...
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  • The Last Lecture - 808 Words
    The Last Lecture In everyone’s life, there are people. Some of these people walk in our lives for a second, only to run right out. While others walk in and leave a mark on our hearts. Sometimes this mark only lasts for a little while and then slowly fades away, but other times, this mark lasts for a lifetime. There is one man in my life who has made a distinct mark on my heart -- a mark that was created the first time he picked me up and held me in his arms. This mark has lasted ever since...
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  • Hum 176 - 540 Words
    DISCUSSION QUESTION 1: What are three tasks Riverpoint Writer may assist you with when writing a paper? Riverpoint Writer assists me by adjusting page margins, spacing and by creating a title page. How do you think this tool may assist you as a student? As a student, Riverpoint Writer can assist me by quickly creating necessary information on my essays. The ability to “type and go” with this tool is great! Also, since it creates references and allows me to insert citations I believe it...
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  • Aed 222 Week 2 Dqs
    AED-222 Week #2 DQ#1 Post your response to the following: After reading Can You Help Me with This Student? on pp. 156-157, how could you, as Juan’s teacher, provide him emotional and instructional support? Consider the following before responding: Have you ever experienced a lack of success despite how much effort you put into succeeding? Do you think you would have benefited from receiving emotional support during the ordeal? Do you remember seeking comfort or help? ANSWER...
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  • 10 Ways to cope when bad things happen
    10 Ways to Cope When Bad Things Happen by JONATHAN It doesn’t really matter who we are or what we do, from time to time, things go wrong. We can do our best to cover our bases, but sometimes it’s just outside our control. What’s important in these situations is not so much why bad things happen, but how we respond when they do. We’ve all been there! Have you ever had one of those stretches when it’s just one thing after another? Sure you have because it happens to everyone. Well, that’s...
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  • 500 Word Short Story
    ELA Something was different about this day from the moment I woke up. I had been sick for a while and had recently been to the vet, but today was different. I was given all sorts of delicious food for breakfast, a great change from my normal bowl of kibbles, and my masters were constantly petting me. They were saying things to me too. How I wish I could understand them. Then the entire family carried me into the car and we started backing out of the driveway. I love the car; it usually leads...
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  • Og Mandino (for the Rest of My Life)
    For the Rest of My Life . . . For the rest of my life there are two days that will never again trouble me. The first day is yesterday with all its blunders and tears, its follies and defeats. Yesterday has passed forever bye my control. The other day is tomorrow with its pitfalls and threats, its dangers and mystery. Until the sun rises again, I have no stake in tomorrow, for it is still unborn. With God's help and only one day to concentrate all my effort and energy on, this day, I can...
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  • kmbr - 516 Words
    The “Test” sequel By Jasmeen Khaira Feb.15.2014 Robert Proctor was an ordinary citizen. He paid his taxes, hated the corporations and refused to indulge in reckless behavior. Yet here he was, handcuffed and seated in front the high inquisitor’s office. “Your turn son, just walk through the door and don’t try any shenanigans,” grunted one of the uniformed men beside the door. Robert stood and uncertainty walked through door. Around this point, Robert was fairly certain this whole bizarre...
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  • Charity Begins at Home - 570 Words
    CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME It is an old saying which holds good in every sphere of life, It means that a person’s first duty is to help the members of his own family. Any act of goodness can be in the right direction only if it spreads goodness all around, but a good act must be started from one’s own environment. Everybody should do good to his family members first. Charity to others at the cost of starvation at home cannot be appreciated. If a man ignores his family members and does good to...
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  • Essay of shorts - 384 Words
    Why do I have to write an essay? I just need help with my homework. It would be great if you could help me please. It's due tomorrow and this is taking to long. I hope you enjoy your pizza. Thank you. Pakhtuns Knowledge I downstairs Disown owns Die opened Isospin Keith Judo then Hallam Just by Haut so Thought so Splash poet Kite is Kebabs Loire Sound Organ Kaput Haifa Sites Heightens Roses are red Violets are blue This essay is stupid And so are you My homework...
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  • er room - 623 Words
    Juan Rodriguez Dr. Sargent ENG-115-02 5 September 2014 Speech of Introduction Job: RN Nurse Night In The ER I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: What would you do if you were involve in a car accident and your family was in the car with you? But they are not just in the car. One of your family members has been taken to the emergency room. B. Thesis Statement: Well I am here to tell you I am the person for the job to take care of your love one and I will explain you why. C. Preview:...
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  • The Value of Friendship - 269 Words
    The Value of Friendship Being gregarious by nature, men cannot live in isolation. Men therefore live in groups and build up lasting friendship, with many of their clase associates. That friendship with others makes our lives more pleasant and secure than without friends is not difficult to realise. Without friends we live in loneliness. We have little opportunity to learn from the personal experience, knowledge and wisdom of others. We also do not have the opportunity to express our...
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  • Formal Letter Tips - 352 Words
    FORMAL LETTER * To whom it may concern, (…) -.Style.- * Formal greetings and endings; * Formal language.- * Complex sentences. * Frequent use of the passive. * Advanced vocabulary. * No abbreviated forms. -.Paragraphs.- * Paragraph 1.- * Reason(s) for writing. * Paragraphs 2, 3, 4.- * Development of the subject. * Final paragraph.- * Conclusion. -.Useful language for letters of request.- To begin letters: * I am writing to.- ask if you...
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  • An Essay on Romeo and Juliet - 744 Words
    中文三 Semester one 复习 姓名:________________ 一)sentences Structures 1. 有的。。。有的。。。还有的。。。: some…some…, the others…( when giving examples ) (1) My friends have a variety of personalities. Some are outgoing, some are shy, the others are self-confident. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ (2) Mary ‘s friends are from different countries. Some are Singaporean, some are American....
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  • Statement of Purpose - 357 Words
    Statement of purpose 1. Why this college? This is an institution with highest academic, professional and ethical standards. This institution particularly provides a higher level of support and assistance, especially for international students. I am very much impressed by the good feedbacks I got about this university from the students forum. Studying at --------- will help me to keep an eye on what’s happening in the world of my career and it will also help me to look into the world...
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  • Case Management Functions - 371 Words
    1. to assess the individual's ability to meet environmental challenges 2. to assess the caring capacity of the individual's family and primary group 3. to assess resources within the formal system of care 4. to enable individuals to use their personal resources in meeting environmental changes and challenges. 5. to facilitate effective negotiation by individuals for resources from families or primary groups and formal service providers. 6. to facilitate effective interchanges...
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  • Behavioral Management Interview Questions
    Behavioral Management Interview Questions Describe the work environment or culture and its management style in which you have experienced the most success. Tell me about a time when you had a reporting employee who performed very well. The employee exceeded goals and sought more responsibility. Describe how you handled this situation day-to-day and over time. Describe three components of your philosophy of management that demonstrate what you value and add, as an individual, to an...
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  • Caring for Others - 1171 Words
    Nowadays people are more egocentric, thinking more of their own rights and benefits at the expense of others. Rude behaviors are often seen in public. To name a few, we often see some people rushing into an MTR compartment without leaving any exit space for the departing passengers, throwing garbage everywhere instead of putting it into a rubbish bin, speaking foul languages and talking to their mobile phones so loud that we are compelled to hear. All these show that they are selfish, impolite...
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  • Interview Essay - 266 Words
    Larry Wilbourn December 5, 2012 K. Shipp CSP 1013 INTERVIEW I met up with an old friend of mine and interviewed him. The answers were a little similar to what I thought the answers would be. I asked him, “What path did you take to get to this position?” He answered, “First I had to decide what I wanted to do with my life, and then I knew where I wanted to go.” I asked, “What should I major in if I hope to someday achieve a position like this? He answered, “Nursing.” I asked, “What...
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  • Why I Decided to Return to School
    Why I Decided to Return to School By Samantha Handley Ashford University ENG121 ~ Professor Hale Week 2 Assignment 2 ~ Narrative Essay Why I Decided to Return to School I have many reasons for returning to school, to prove the nay sayers in my life wrong, running my own domestic violence safe haven, earning my Bachelors or law degrees or most importantly, showing my daughter that no matter what your circumstances it’s never too late or too...
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  • The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Single Mom
    The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Single Mom Vanessa Henry Everest Online I was 19 in college majoring in criminal justice. I remember it like it was yesterday. The semester ended, and I was out of school for the summer. It was nice outside, no more snow, so it was time to party. I ended up moving about an hour and half from where I was in college with my boyfriend. What was I thinking? I ended up moving out and met my soon to be son’s father a few months later. Things were going...
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  • My Mom - 295 Words
    The person I admire most is my mom. In case you are wondering why, she is the one who gave me a life. My mom has short black hair, beautiful round brown eyes and a charming smile. She is quite short and fat but for me she is gorgeous. There are bunch of reasons why I admire her a lot. First of all, she is always there for me. Whenever I face difficulties, she will help me to overcome them. She usually helps me with my homework, especially with my literature. When I fail or get low grades in some...
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  • Why I Want a Husband
     I belong to that classification of people known as husbands. I am a husband. Not too long ago, while I was mowing the lawn, I was thinking about it and decided that I too, want a husband. Why do I want a husband? I want a husband whose whole life revolves around me. Everything he does or says should have some significance to me in one way or another. He should put me at the center of his life and I should always be first on his list. Not his friends, not his siblings, and definitely...
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  • Prince - 292 Words
    The Person Who Impacted My Life the Most The person who impacted my life the most would be my older sister. She has taught me to be patient with other people, she got me doing races, and she helps me with my problems. The first reason my sister impacted my life the most is that she taught me to be patient with other people. She is a counselor at a school and she can be super patient. I would snap at my brother and sister easily but now it takes a lot for me to snap at someone. She...
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  • US pamphlet - 630 Words
    US Government Service Learning Project Part A Investigate List at least five issues in your community. Indicate the two that interest you most. 1. Trash 2. Street lights 3. Poverty 4. Bullying 5. Respect or tolerance for the LGBTQ Issue #1 Issue #2 What is your issue? respect or tolerance for the LGBTQ Street lights Who … a. Whom does the issue or problem affect? How does it affect them? b. Are others already working on the issue? c. Who else cares about it...
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  • Gems Essay - 569 Words
    GEMS Work Preference Indicator Through the GEMS survey, I discovered my Grand Type to be Results Oriented Team Player – Team Captain. I agree this type suits me well because I possess many of the traits that were described within my assessment. I am very ambitious and it is important to me to be effective and excel as an employee. It was very interesting to see how many of the traits described in my assessment that I possess. One trait which stuck out is when it stated when I am assigned...
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  • 11 Describe The Duties Of Your
    1.1 Describe the duties of your own work own work role. In my work role my duties are as follow; Punctuality To turn up to work on time wearing correct uniform , hair tied up, minimal make up, and no jewellery. Safe Guarding To make sure all safe guarding policies are been followed for example the safe door policy. Keeping children safe Ensure all children are safe and happy within the setting. Keeping walk ways, fire exits and doorways clear. Doing regular risk assessment checks...
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  • role of students - 679 Words
    students are actually a big power. if they can co-ordinate themselves, with PT assistance they can do a lot .They can organize groups to help orphans,give classes to poor .make awareness among people against drugs, personal abuse,bribery.they can promote natural ways of farming to avoid poisons...there are many issues .net is a good source of knowledge make forums,groups and bodies for different issues.they can write organize shows.unlimited opportunities for real ,bold students.Imagination and...
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  • Practice Assignment - 428 Words
    Jessica Cummings FON 104 Practice Assignment 1. The Communication Policy states that each student is issued a student email account and that we are responsible to check it every day. We are able to contact our professor via Canvas or our student email address. In the event that we encounter any technical issues we are to contact Information Commons and not the professor. 2. Group work activities and projects support student learning by having us learn with our peers as an additional option...
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  • Pirate Treasure - 499 Words
    The lazily setting sun began to obscure Oscar Wilde’s words and the sand, ever diving its fingers beneath the ocean’s waves, itched my back and legs. I stood to brush the granules away and was struck by the seemingly sudden appearance of a ship. Surly it had been making its way towards me for hours, but only now, as it neared the shore, did I see it. The ship rocked in the water a good distance from me and my abandoned beach. A small boat began to lower from the ship; a single figure perched...
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  • Personal Governing Values - 1504 Words
    My personal governing values and personal ethics code are based on what I truly believe to be right and true. With commitment and strength of mind, I propose solid values that will help drive my goals and activities through the road of success. Physical Health: * Value: * I will remain fit both mentally and physically year long. * I will maintain a constant balance-diet to sustain a healthy appearance. * I will continue to exercise to keep increasing confidence and self...
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  • guidance philosophy - 826 Words
     MY GUIDANCE PHILOSOPHY Guidance plays a vital role in the life of an individual. For sure, every person needs guidance because no one is ever sure that he/she can make best decision in an instant. Basically, Guidance is given to those with delinquency, with problems, with struggles, victims of abuse, with difficulties and many others so to speak. But for me, Guidance is needed not just in crisis situations but should also be available to normal youngsters coping with normal...
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  • finding - 272 Words
    Apart from my curriculum, I have a very good leadership and organization skills. I am also a good team player. I had been the House captain of my school and also the organizing committee of my Department in the college and organized National level Symposiums. I also play Tabla and have qualified three grades conducted by Bhatkhande Sangit Vidyapith, Lucknow, India. I believe that I have all the qualities of a good researcher. I learnt many things from both my victories and failures. Being the...
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  • Assignment 1 - 1156 Words
    University of Phoenix Material Academic Success Answer each question below in at least 75 words per question, reflecting on your current abilities, and identify resources to strengthen your skills. Refer to the videos, readings, and other weekly assignments to help you compose your answers. Question Your reflection How would you define academic readiness? I would define Academic Readiness as a student’s ability to handle school when they enter into a program. Specifically, how well can a...
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  • Journals - 507 Words
    LINDA OYEWOPO JOURNAL 27 (1) The list of ten probing questions I could that I could ask my friends to help me find the “truth” and make a wise choice about whether or not to take Dr. Skinner’s class are as follows (1)Does Doctor Skinner allow time for questions? (2) Is the lecturer approachable? Can the lecturer be approached if I need help? (3) Is the class lecture based? (4) His he prejudiced? (5) What sort of assignment would I have? (6) Is he flexible...
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  • Self reflection - 499 Words
    My overalls grade was the Summative was an 85! Which is a B, and there are many reason I received that's grade, and one of them is not being responsible enough to take the time out to actually do my homework, and then cram it all in when it comes to the last second. So that's me not being responsible. A growth mindset involves grasping new topics and imbibing them into your field of study. For our unit 2 test, the subject was angles, having done some stuff with angles in the past I felt this...
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  • k101 tma01 - 826 Words
    Throughout this essay I will share the reasons I have found for there being difficulties and also rewards of being a carer for a family member. ‘A carer is someone of any age who provides unpaid support to care for family or friends who could not manage without this help. This could be caring for a relative, partner or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or substance misuse problems.’ (Carers Trust) I will attempt to use my course materials to draw on the experiences of Ann...
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  • Helen - 363 Words
    A Leader Bold, brave, strong, and proud A leader isn’t afraid to speak out loud. They are honest, understanding, friendly, and kind And make good decisions using their mind. A leader is also relatable and fun And they never stop working until the job is done. A leader promotes good to all And help catch people when they fall. A leader helps guide people when the task is tough They are responsible and won’t give up when times are rough. Positive, creative and humble Confident...
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  • Assignment 202 Dimploma Level 2
    Assignment 202 – Principles of Personal Development Task A Ai) Principles of the data protection act and GSCC code of practice. Aii) Equality Acts codes of practice and CQC essential standards. Aiii) Health and safety regulation, COSHH and RIDDOR and CQC essential standards. Aiv) GSCC cod of practice and CQC essential standards. Av) Safeguarding Adults 2005 and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adult Groups Act 2006. Avi) A PDP is just another name for a plan of action, only this...
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  • career goal setting worksheet
    University of Phoenix Material Career Goal-Setting Worksheet Respond to the following in 50 to 100 words each: 1. Adjust your professional or career goal you created in Week Two based on the Career Plan Building Activities results from the My Career Plan assignment. How did the results of the Career Interest Profiler and Career Plan Building Activity on Competencies contribute to your professional goal development? My career goal has not changed after I did the activity. The...
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  • Buying Your First Home
    Looking at buying a home for the first time will help me to find the reasons to do so, decide when it makes the most sense to me, be able on my own to look at loan options and to help me to decide at what would be my perfect loan. The reasons for buying my first home could include pride; it will be mine to keep. I know that when I have my home I can decorate as I wish and be more free to actually the I would if I were to get a aptarment.This will be my home and no one else’s . I will be able to...
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  • University of Phoenix - 379 Words
    University of Phoenix Material Writing Resources Part I Complete the following table with at least three writing resources found in the Center for Writing Excellence. Note what the resource is in the first column, where it is found in the second, and how you will use it in the third column. Writing resource Location How will you use it? Plagiarism Checker Library Tab-Center for Writing Excellence- Plagiarism Checker This tool is used for us students to submit a paper you...
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  • Cultural Competence in Counseling - 720 Words
    Cultural Competence in Counseling In today’s society there is a multitude of culturally diverse individuals. As a mental health counselor it is not only in my best interest to make sure that I am aware of my own cultural heritage, but it is also my responsibility to insure that I am aware of my client’s cultural heritage. The purpose of this paper is to discuss how culturally different I am from a client in the following case study Jia is a young Asian woman...
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  • Unit 2 Assignment CM206
     SMarkham-CM206-Unit2- Self Concept 1. Define one change you would like to make to your self-perception (how you think about yourself). It might be a behavior, a self-fulfilling prophecy, or anything about yourself you would like to alter related to how you think about the person you are. One change I would like to make about myself would be the way I feel about myself. I feel that no matter how hard I try and how much I work I will never be good enough to pass...
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  • Professional and Common Objectives - 1021 Words
    2.1 explain own role and responsibilities in working with colleagues ⭐️supervise what everyone does within the setting ⭐️set tasks for members of staff ⭐️talk to parents ⭐️collect money ⭐️mark children in ⭐️at all times I maintain a professional approach towards my colleagues ⭐️raise concerns with colleagues to help improve our standards within our setting 2.2 develop and agree common objectives when working with colleagues When working with my colleagues the common...
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  • Letter of Complaint - 299 Words
    To the Store Manager of Office Shop: I am writing to express my concerns about a recent incident I experienced at your store. I would like to bring to your attention the fact that I received extremely poor customer service during my last shopping trip at Office Shop, which took place on January 28, 2054 at approximately 6:12 p.m. While shopping, I asked an associate for assistance getting a large box of office paper from a top shelf, as it was too high for me to reach without help. The...
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  • my school - 1369 Words
    Student Success Plan This personalized Student Success Plan will help you reflect on past positive accomplishments you have made as a student and obstacles you have faced and overcome in previous terms. Once you identify your current status, you will analyze what you want to accomplish and how you will get there. You will also see that you are not alone on your educational journey. Your instructor is committed to helping you succeed in addition to the many resources provided by Everest. By...
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  • Talk Radio and Home - 2002 Words
    Thump. Thump-thump. Thump. Thump-thump. That is the sound I listen to every day since I can remember, the same sound over and over again with the rare echo of something else thumping along, slightly off beat. My home is very comfortable; it is always warm and soft. It once was very spacious but I feel like the walls are getting smaller. Either that or I am getting bigger, I do not know which. All I know is that it is getting harder and harder...
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  • Creature of Habit - 1050 Words
    Our habits make us who we are. Scientists tell us that no two people are the same in terms of their personality, their interests and their habits. Some people end up becoming more successful and effective than others. This is due in large part to their attitude and their habits – the things they do that define them. There are some habits that promote effectiveness better than others, and some are rather obvious while others are not so obvious. However, the way one implements their habits also...
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  • Gen 105 Survival Guide
    SURVIVAL GUIDE Deciding to attend college online was a challenge by itself, so I am writing this survival guide to help me stay focused and remind myself that attending the University of Phoenix was the best decision that I ever made. This survival guide will allow me to look back on all the things that I have learned and how to apply them to my future classes. When you are taking courses online, there are many things that are different than being in an actual traditional school and...
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  • Ethical Lens - 750 Words
    Personal Ethical Statement Susana Trejo Gen 200 August 17, 2013 Catherine Ward Before I started this assignment I had no idea what the ethical lens inventory meant, I was confused. I just followed the directions and started working on the assignment. As I was answering the questions, I had a couple of questions that repeated and in my mind seemed similar and I thought, “I just answered this question,” but at the end I understood why the questions, were like...
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  • SPES 2015 - 435 Words
     What can I say about my experience in SPES this year? I got shocked when I knew that I was assigned in Mayor’s Office because I wasn’t expecting but it has something to do with my course. I already expected that when we say Mayor’s office the first thing that was expected was this is the busiest office in the whole office of the Government of Malabon because it is the center of all the transactions in the City of Malabon concerning the welfare of our co-Malabonian. Mayor’s Office staffs were...
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  • Information: Writing and Harvard Business School
     Signature Assignment: My Northcentral University Success Guide BTM7101-8-8 Mary F. Stokes Dr. Michael Voris Northcentral University . (2013). Library . Retrieved from NCU Library : The library is one of my most precious resources. It’s a valuable assets especially when it comes to writing dissertation and essay. I will be using it very offer to research information for my future course. It have a tutorial that’s very...
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  • Scenerios - 660 Words
    1. Judy is an older student who recently lost her job. She is attending college for the first time and is very nervous. She’s not sure if she made the right decision to attend but feels that it’s the only reasonable option she has. She is currently enrolled in a math course; she hasn’t had math for years. She is convinced that she’s not going to pass the course. She just wants someone to discuss some of her concerns regarding math, but doesn’t want to meet with the instructor. Write a referral...
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  • My Future Education - 1595 Words
    My Future Education My life is different right now than when I was a high school student because now I’m preparing to study so I can get a degree and before I was just studying so that I could graduate from high school. My work in college is really important because it decides how my future is going to be. As a college student, I’m more responsible than I was before because now I take my work more seriously and that depends if I graduate or not. Like many people, I have educational goals in...
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  • Short Story - 1532 Words
    Unwelcome Passenger The man looked familiar, and immediately I felt my pulse quicken. He wore oil-stained jeans and a torn leather vest, but no shirt. Straight black hair hung nearly to his waist. A snake tattoo circled his forearm. Mid-thirties, I guessed. I didn't realize I was staring so hard until he scowled and muttered, "Do I know you, bud?" I quickly averted my eyes, not wishing for an exchange of words and maybe more. The man picked up the newspaper and the pack of cigarettes he'd...
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  • Technology in the Classroom - 1956 Words
    Time after time we hear everywhere comments from grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters saying that ‘things were so much different when we were in school at your age, and now a days kids are just staring at screens and pushing buttons and now family time includes having your phone with you at all times and checking on your ‘tweets’’. After learning more about some of the ways the school system plans on incorporating technology in the classroom, I am starting to sound a little bit like those...
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  • Greatest Salesman in the World - 270 Words
    1) TODAY I BEGIN A NEW LIFE. I will form good habits and become their slave. I will be the greatest salesman the world has ever known. 2) I WILL GREET THIS DAY WITH LOVE IN MY HEART. 3) I WILL PERSIST UNTIL I SUCCEED. 4) I AM NATURE’S GREATEST MIRACLE. 5) I WILL LIVE THIS DAY AS IF IT IS MY LAST. And, if is not, I shall fall to my knees and give thanks. 6) TODAY I WILL BE MASTER OF MY EMOTIONS. If I become overconfident I will recall my failures. If I...
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  • Explain how the range of early year’s settings reflects the scope and purpose of the sector
    Unit 15 EYMP 4 Professionals Practise in Early Years Settings Explain how the range of early year’s settings reflects the scope and purpose of the sector There are many different services and settings for children and their families in United Kingdom and these can be divided and are such as : Sure start- is a government programme and was launched in the late 1990’s. It is for families who have children from birth to 4 years so that can start to learn from before they start nursery .It helps...
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  • Good Neighbor - 616 Words
    Bekele Gebretsadik Professor Aaron Carlson ESL 41, Assignment Final Draft Date Mar, 09, 2013 Definition Essay A good neighbor is someone who respects other people and helps them if necessary. In my opinion, good neighbors are rare and some people do not even know who their neighbors are. First of all, a good neighbor is not noisy and they do not ask you personal questions. In addition, they do not make a lot of noise when you want to...
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  • Personal Development Planning - 364 Words
    1. Write and complete the following sentence stems: 1. An outer obstacle that stands between me and my success in college is the time and energy that I spend worrying about things that do not matter. 2. Someone besides me, who could help me overcome this outer obstacle is my friends and family. 3. How this person could help is by listening to me, and offering a different point of view. 4. An inner obstacle that stands between me and my success in college is living on the verge...
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  • PEC02 DROP - 110 Words
     MEMO TO : Encik Zokrie Othman, Admin Department FROM : Azizul Bin Jamaluddin School of Hospitality and Creative Arts (SHCA) SUBJECT : DROP SUBJECT DATE :15th December 2014 ______________________________________________________________________________ With reference to the subject above, I would like to request your kind assistance to help the student below to drop the following subjects :- 1. PEC02 – COMMUNICATION SKILLS The details of the student are as follows. No Name ID...
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  • Court Decisions - 417 Words
     Court Decisions Sandra Shemick HSM 240 February 15, 2015 Erin Akins Court Decisions I chose Drug testing programs for welfare applicants. The reason I chose this is because I happen to agree with doing so. I disagree with the junction that the judge put in saying that it is “likely unconstitutional”. I feel this because I am a strong supporter in helping those who are in need, not those that are abusing the help. As a mother of two, and have been on state assistance for help, I often...
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  • P5: participate in a one-to-one interaction in a health and social care context
    Unit 1- Developing Effective Communication in Health & Social Care P5: participate in a one-to-one interaction in a health and social care context My conversation will be between a mother of a pupil and me, a teacher working in the school which the pupil attends. Mrs Morris who is the mother of the pupil called Ryan Morris who is in year 11. Over the last four years, Ryan has been respectful and caring towards staff and pupil and was on target in all subjects. Since Ryan has been in year 11...
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  • Unit 2 5 P3 M1 WORKSHEET 1
    FEEDBACK SHEET BTEC Level 3 National Diploma Business Physical and Technological Resources Consider your café and complete the following table. You will need to provide examples of each category of resource listed. Physical Resources Examples (P3) List below some examples of each in your café. How will these be USED in your café? (P3) How it’s going to help you out. How will these be MANAGED in your café? Who is responsible/ how will we know it’s been done? How does this improve...
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  • Home work - 529 Words
    Student Name      Erica Nichole Smith Course and Section Number Program of Study      CCJ1020       Criminal Justice Investigation Introduction to Criminal Justice CCJ 1020 Week 1 Individual Work Student Success Plan Assignment Instructions This personalized Student Success Plan will help you focus on what it takes to be successful in this course and as a college student. To complete this assignment: 1. Answer all of the questions below. They help you think...
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  • Nursing - 875 Words
    Caring for someone can be challenging, both emotionally and physically. It can also be a rewarding experience. However, from time to time carers may need some extra help and support. This could include counselling or advocacy for you as a carer, or respite services for the person you care for – which would allow you to take a break. Respite care can also give the person you care for variety and extra social opportunities. You might not think of yourself as a carer. In truth many carers see...
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  • the interview process - 999 Words
     The Interview Process BSHS/395 I have client, a native of India and her name is Vibhuti. She came here to the United States to find work so that she can help her family out financially and give them a better life. Vibhuti is not able to speak English very well, nor is she familiar with the traditions that we have as Americans. She has two children, ages 5 and 2, and with her broken English, she is having a hard time finding a job. She came to our Organization to seek...
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  • coll 148 - 391 Words
     January 6,2015 Coll-148 -21796 Professor : Stephanie Davis Using and evaluation your guiding statement :journal assignment HOW WILL YOUR GUIDING STATEMENT HELP… My family is the most important thing to me and I promise my self and my family that I will go through life doing what I feel is right while being the most trusting, supportive, honest, loving and friendly person I can be. 1.If you have a disagreement with your supervisor at work. If I had a...
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  • QNT 351 Week 2 DQ 3
    This paperwork of QNT 351 Week 2 Discussion Question 3 includes: Select an article from a news magazine or research journal where data is displayed in a graph. Describe the data displayed in the graph and what conclusion you could draw. Be sure to include a reference to the article that you used. Deadline: ( ), Business - General Business I need tutorials from week 1-5 with all assignments!!! Please help me Limit the distractions in your workspace. This does not...
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  • Letter - 245 Words
     5000e Marine Parade Road, Laguna Park #17-20 Singapore 449288 University of London, Royal Holloway Ogham Hill, Ogham, Surrey TW20 0EX, United Kingdom Dear Sir/Madam, I have applied for admission to your esteemed university for the academic year 2014-2015. The course I have applied for is BSc (Hons) Management with Accounting (Part Time), due to begin in November over at the Kaplan campus in Singapore. DBS Singapore has offered me an internship opportunity of 6 months, this is to help me...
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  • James F Melton Scholarship
    James F. Melton Scholarship Application Essay Why Do I Deserve this Scholarship? Why do I deserve this scholarship? That is a sizable question, one that at first appears easy to answer, but slowly turns into a question that could leave you doubting yourself. When I first decided to apply for this scholarship, I thought to myself “No big deal, you can talk about how you are a good and deserving person and you’ll be good to go.” Well, as I sat down to write my outline, a thought skirted across...
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  • Autism Involvement in Society - 414 Words
    My cousin is my age, he is a freshman in high school to be exact. He loves to plays video games, He hates homework. He is a great student, gets all A's in his classes and hangs out with friends. He is very good at playing the bass (stringed instrument), although he cant keep his concentration very long. You see my cousin has autism. He shows great courage in the face of adversity. Vijay Barona was diagnosed with autism when he was three years old. And he hasn’t haven't had the easiest time...
    414 Words | 2 Pages
  • Crooked Smile - 507 Words
    She is amazing and probably the most important person I have she is my best friend. She has been my best friend for the last 4 years. I have known her since I entered high school and since that day we have become the most inseparable friends in the world. I have much affection toward her, we have lived many things together, through thick and thin, she always been there for me when I needed her. She is a little taller than me and always makes those few inches a big deal. In her eyes I’m supposed...
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