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  • handgun vs. no handgun
    Handgun vs. No Gun Do you think it is appropriate whether people should own a handgun or not? The article “The Accessibility of Guns Protects Lives” by David M. Huntwork and “The Accessibility of Guns Lead to Gun Crime” by Alan M. Ruben both have significant perspectives regarding if it is secure or hazardous to own a firearm. There can be a debate of whether guns can protect our lives or can lead to gun crimes. There are several opinions stating that firearms are beneficial to own in one’s...
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  • Handgun Ownership - 529 Words
    Title: Handgun ownership Name: Tseung Chi Hung, Nathan (10550214) Class: Eapp1 23 On 2nd April 2012, A shooting incident that killed seven people and injured many people happened in a university in Oakland, California. There is another shooting incident in 9 days later in Los Angeles. People starts to question why it will happen and how to prevent it. Some people think that citizen should not own handgun while others deem that it is an important right of the citizens. Therefore, I would...
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  • Getting a Grip on Handgun Hype
    Diane Renner English 1180, S1618 Macomb Community College Prof. Cal Goossen 14 November 2012 “Getting a Grip on Handgun Hype” In her essay “Why Handguns Must Be Outlawed,” Nan Desuka brings for the issue whether handguns should be outlawed except to police and other service units. I disagree with Desuka’s position on banning handguns. This essay offers arguments why they should be banned without offering realistic solutions to the problems Desuka states in owning handguns. Retaining...
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  • Rogerian Argument - handguns in US
    For some time now the question of whether or not handguns should be legal to all citizens has haunted our society. Is it morally right for anyone to carry a gun and shoot it when they feel it to be necessary? Doesn't the second amendment still hold true today? These question are ones that have been thrown back and forth between pro and anti gun users for some time and will probably continue for some time longer. There are people who say handguns in the home can only cause unneeded...
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  • should handguns be kept in home
     “America has a crime problem, not a gun problem” states, Wayne Lapierre in “Crime is the Basic Problem, not Guns” in Texts and Contents. Crime is something that is always going to be around no matter what; therefore, preparing for any occasion might just save your life. Unfortunately not everyone is both mentally and physically strong enough to own and handle a gun. While some people prefer to leave crime related issues with the police, others rather not wait and protect themselves from the...
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  • Should People Be Allowed to Use Handguns
    Fedy Bruno march 29, 2013 Ms. Khavina Forensics Science Should people be allowed to own handguns Guns? Guns are very dangerous. I believe that no one should be allowed to own a handgun. The more people that are allowed to own handguns, more people will die. Only the people authorized to use guns should, such...
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  • Kip Kinkel School Shooter
    Kip Kinkel School Shooter Philip "Kip" Kinkel was born on August 30, 1982 in Springfield Oregon(TruTv). Growing up Kip had an interest in firearms from an early age(PBS). At first his father did not like the idea, but later he enrolled him into a gun safety course and bought him a .22 caliber Ruger long rifle and eventually a 9 mm Glock handgun when he was 15(PBS). During an interview with Newsweek Kip said that his psychologist told his father to "let Kip have the guns, for it will be a...
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  • Comparing Differnt Types of Guns
    Comparing Different Types of Guns When it comes to gun there are some major differences that are taken into consideration. The size, How you can conceal them and Hunting .Whichever you choose and how to do use them is up to you. When looking for a gun the size can play a big part .While a handgun or a pistol is small. It fits in your hand .Some pistol/handguns even have silencer on them .Most handguns gun barrel sixe is 2-6 inches ,where a riffle/shotgun has a barrel of 18...
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  • guns - 319 Words
     Guns are instrument that can be either helpful or useless with problems. Now guns are available almost for everyone. People shouldn’t be allowed to purchase gun especially automatic guns. One of the reasons I think people shouldn’t be allowed to buy guns is because individuals may us them to murder large group of people at ones. Accidents can occur due to lack of responsibility when caring for and storing the weapons at their homes. The number of massacres in the U.S and...
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  • A Peaceful Women - 313 Words
    Sarah Pacheco English 1101, MW 9:30 A Peaceful Women Explains… 11/04/12 Purpose and Audience 1. In paragraph one, Hasselstrom clearly states that she is “peace-loving” and due to past events she carries a pistol to be safe. She also wants to give valuable reasons on why people should carry pistols. 2. Paragraph five serves to give an example of a person who got raped after calling for help on her CB radio. The author is trying to point out that the person got raped because she did not...
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  • The Right To Bear Arms - 547 Words
    Why is the second amendment so important? The Right to Bear Arms. If you asked my father, like I had, he would tell you that, in his opinion, no matter which amendment it is, if you don’t agree with it, you should be automatically kicked out of America. Well, I believe the second amendment is important because it physically protects more than the rest. Whether it’s using a rifle for hunting, owning a handgun for self protection, or just collecting guns as a hobby, guns are extremely...
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  • Project/Portfolio Fact Pattern Handout
    Facts – Little Louie 1. Unemployed 2. Dates Wild Wanda 3. Plans to rob a bank with Billy Bad Boy and Vinnie Bagadonuts. 4. Knows a gun collector named Smith 5. Breaks into Smith’s house 6. Breaks into the gun locker and steals couple of handguns, sawed-off shotgun, and automatic weapons. 7. Robs the bank 8. In a shootout with the armed guard a bank teller and police officer is shot. 9. Runs from the police officers. 10. Breaks into Smokey’s house. Little Louie 1....
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  • Guns Should Be Banned
    Should there be stricter gun bans? Handguns are the cause of so many deaths amongst the people of the world today. In the past few months there have been so many awful tragedies due to the access we all have to guns. The repercussions of gun violence make up 50 percent of today’s disasters claiming lives ranging from babies to adults and even elderly. The government needs to make guns less accessible, and the law along with the law enforcement need to really enforce the laws they make....
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  • The Man Who Was Almost a Man
    MARCELO BARBOSA “Manhood, Power and Respect instead of Childhood” Dave Saunders is the main character of the story, the Theme of the Story is “Looking for Maturity, Respect and Power”. He is tired of been treated as a child, wants to spend his money to whatever he wants, because his mom holds his money, so he just wants to prove to the others that he is a Man. One day he decided to go the local store to buy a gun, which is the store of Mistah Joe, he ask Joe for a catalog, once he gets the...
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  • Cold Mountain - 602 Words
    Jose Arcay P.6 8/26/10 Cold Mountain The effect created in the passage from Cold Mountain leaves a profound effect on the reader. The author uses a multitude of connotative diction and specific word choices to describe setting, characters and moods. The mood is set off from the start and flows well into the end. Charles Frazier uses detailed imagery when describing the house, the 3-legged dog, the knapsack and the smokehouse. When describing the house, he mentions that it is slanted,...
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  • Research Proposal - 246 Words
    Brandon Martin Professor Holst ENC 1101 5 November 2014 Hoax or Naw In Today’s society there is an ongoing debate whether the Sandy Hook shooting is a conspiracy or not. Everyone has their own opinion on this unfortunate incident that happened two years ago. In my paper, I will argue that the Sandy Hook school shooting is a conspiracy, and a cover up, because the students interviewed from Sandy Hook Elementary school were asked about the gunshots, and they said it sounded like a loud thud...
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  • 29 Thousands Deaths Were Caused by Firearms in the United States.
    In 1998, about 29 thousands deaths were caused by firearms in the United States. Of that number,12,102 were murders, 17,424 were suicides, 366 were accidents, 316 had unknown reasons, and only 154 were confirmed to be in self-defense. Guns are currently being used in this society for murders, celebration, hunting and gang activity. There are about 192 million privately owned guns in the United States,65 million of which are handguns. An estimated 1 -3 million guns are illegally sold or traded,...
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  • Gun Control - 467 Words
    I believe that control on firearms will reduce crime. But I don't believe in taking away firearms from law abiding citizens is the answer to gun control. We need more regulations put into place on who, when, how and where guns can be purchased. I don't believe you should be able to go to a weekend rinky dink gun show and be able to walk out with a weapon regardless of make or caliber. I think that you should not be allowed to legally buy a firearm, or any accessory for said firearm until the age...
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  • Case Study - 1220 Words
    Case Study Country Lovers Cold cases may be unsolved, but they are never forgotten. My name is Detective Saniya Kumar, and something has recently been brought to my attention. The past case of Paulus vs. people, in which no real solution was discovered, needs to be reopened. Just recently I was at a function where I overheard a few women talking about their husbands, who were doctors. One woman described a patient that her spouse had to look at. His patient had damaged intestines, but because...
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  • Debating - 1077 Words
    Second Speaker – Debating Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is ... and as the second speaker I will be further convincing you as to why my team would repeal the second amendment. I will be covering the issues revolving gun violence. But firstly I must point out the many flaws that the negating team has presented. The first speaker of the negating team said that…. She/He also said that….. Also said that….. Also said that… Moving on, my first...
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  • Samuel Colt - 331 Words
    Samuel Colt, the son of a factory owner, was born in Hartford, Connecticut, on 19th July, 1814. After leaving school, Colt worked at his father's textile mill. He was fascinated with machinery and spent his spare time disassembling and reassembling his father's guns. In 1829 Colt became a sailor. It is claimed that it was while Colt was a sea that he got the idea of designing a pistol with a revolving cylinder containing several bullets which could be fired through a single barrel. On his...
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  • Swiss Family Robinson. How technology has made us lazy and un self-sufficient
    The SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON In the book I read, The Swiss Family Robinson, the family was ship wrecked on an island. Their boat was made of wood. Nowadays boats are made of metal and have radar or other tracking devices on board. Instead of leather masts we have giant motor propelled rudders and jets. Instead of just transportation today boats are used for pleasure, or even marriages. They have boats with big swimming pools, dining areas, tennis courts and even the movie theaters on-board. Many...
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  • Say Hi or Die - 254 Words
    Discuss the use of irony in “Say Hi Or Die” In the article “Say Hi or Die” by Josh Freed, the author uses irony to describe the frightening experience of living in Los Angeles and its security problems. He mentions that Los Angeles “is always sunny but to enjoy the weather it’s wise to stay off the street”(4). In sarcastic way, the scene shows as a dangerous situation in Los Angeles. He goes on to discuss how the Los Angeles police warns the tourists, “Do not come to Los Angeles . . . it is...
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  • Visual Rhetoric - 923 Words
    Vanessa Hernandez Ms. Nguyen English 1302 March 2, 2015 Visual Analysis This advertisement shows a gun on the left and a cell phone on the right covered in blood. There is not a lot going in this advertisement, but the few things that it has are powerful and don’t require a lot of explaining. Above the objects are two words, which say, “Russian Roulette” and on the bottom is a small paragraph of how texting and driving can kill and the consequences of doing so. This advertisement shows the...
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  • Jackie Brown: One Worth Betting on
    Isaac Rexford ENG 1102M Spenser Simrill Jackie Brown: One Worth Betting On The film Jackie Brown begins with a predominant focus on Jackie herself, one of the film's main characters by a panning shot following Jackie in the first scene. Jackie's initial focus is very much related to the film's plot. As the plot develops, Jackie finds herself in the center of a situation where a guns sells man (Ordell) refuses to let Jackie run her mouth to the authorities, while the authorities already know all...
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  • Why One Peaceful Woman Carries a Pistol
    Amitt Permaul English 92 – Section 21G Spring 2011 - Hill Draft 3 Why One Peaceful Woman Carries a Pistol In the article “Why One Women Carries a Pistol” by Linda M. Hasselstrom, Hasselstrom is a woman on a mission. She strongly believes women should carry pistols to defend themselves from being attacked or raped. Hasselstrom learned that any female around the age of twelve can expect...
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  • how the gun industry is regulated
    How is the industry regulated? The industry is regulated at both federal and provincial levels. At the federal level the industry is regulated by the Firearm Act and Part III of the Criminal Code. The Canadian Firearms Act “sets out the requirements for licensing and the process to be followed for applications, revocations and appeals. The Act also details the considerable powers of the provincial firearms officers (and their agents) to inspect gun storage, demand compliance and seize...
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  • Global Small Arms Market
    Global Small Arms Market 2014-2018 In general, the terms 'small arms' and 'light weapons' are used for small and lightweight weapons that can be operated by one person. They usually include revolvers, pistols, rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, portable anti-aircraft guns, portable anti-tank guns, and mortars. Covered in this Report This report covers the current market scenario and growth prospects of the Global Small Arms market for the...
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  • Payroll Accounting Project 4
    April Scott ACC 150 Project 4 April 4, 2014 I visited Cabela’s on friends and family night, so I observed their internal controls. I also asked my inside source of their internal controls that are not seen on the sales floor. My source provided me with Cabela’s Business Code and Ethics which clearly states: “All Outfitters are required to; appropriately manage and safeguard Cabela’s assets, ensure their efficient use, and ensure they are used for legitimate business purposes; maintain...
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  • Of mice and men - 1245 Words
    How are guns presented to us in ‘Revolver’ By Marcus Sedgwick? Revolver is a novel from Marcus Sedgwick about guns for teenagers. Revolver is set in 1910 in a place mysteriously cold and desolate. How sig Anderson thought turn more and more towards a colt revolver, waiting to be used! Although it’s set in 1910 and 1899 it’s written in 2009 to show its still relevant today because of the mass shooting and major gun issues in the United States of America. There are numerous figurative...
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  • A brief evaluation of a website - 507 Words
    A Brief Evaluation of a Web Site Introduction My interest in gun control comes from the many experiences people have encountered in their lives. The purpose for this evaluation is to determine if it is a viable and useful resource to conduct a research paper for other college students. The criteria that was collected in this evaluation was completed with website evaluation tool by two classmates. Name of Web site The name of this website is www.bradycampaign.org. Formerly known as...
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  • Is Dance Considered an Art or a Dance
    Guns by: Sean Chong Type of Speech: Informative Specific Purpose: To inform the class about the history and the present days about guns. Thesis Statement: Guns, a deadly weapon for everybody, so here’s a way to use a gun, to defend yourself with it and how it works. Introduction: I. “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.” This is a quote from Joseph Stalin. Though ideas are powerful so are guns and guns are not...
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  • Ezio vs Big - 1195 Words
    The EZ intraosseous (EZ IO) device is a better device than the bone injection device (B.I.G.) for obtaining intraosseous access. This intraosseous access is used in life saving procedures outside the hospital , and it may occasionally be used in the hospital when a surgeon is not available. Intraosseous access is the second choice of access when intravenous access is not available. Intraosseous access can be preformed of by Emergency Medical Services on the ground, in the air and in combat...
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  • Gun Control - 560 Words
    By: Kiet E-mail: lonely99@yahoo.com Gun Control Since the days of the pioneers of the United States, firearms have been part of the American tradition as protection and a means of hunting or sport. As we near the end of the 20th century the use of guns has changed significantly. Because of fast and steady increase in crime and the fight for the right to own a hand gun, the introduction of legislation for gun control, to try to reduce the crime in the United States, has been a hotly debated...
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  • Stricter Gun Control - 741 Words
    With the recent abundance of mass shooting in the U.S., the subject of gun safety has once again been brought into the spotlight. The numbers of crimes involving guns are increasing more and more because of how easy it is to have one. Thousands of people die each year in handgun related incidents in the U.S. and daily citizens can’t manage such a powerful thing. These tragic events serve as reminders that stricter gun control policies should be enforced to ensure public safety. Gun control in...
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  • Persuasive Speech outline - 561 Words
    Name: Bernard Toth Introduction (14 points total) Attention getter (_/5): How many bullets do you think a high capacity magazine holds? …….. 11 round but they can go all the way up to 20 in hand guns and 45 in rifles Importance statement (_/2): This is important because lowering the magazine size will prevent the amount of people being shot at in a shooting since there will not be as many bullets in the magazine. Credibility statement (_/2): I researched this topic over a couple days using...
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  • Linda M. Hasselstrom Response
    In the Article, “A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun”, Linda Hasselstrom explains why she carries a handgun through normal activities, such as driving, camping, or even staying at home. Although Hasselstrom claims she is not paranoid, but the situations that she reacts to would raise concerning questions. To most people, Hasselstrom is slightly more than cautious, she’s paranoid. In one situation, a man was walking out on her field toward a pond full of ducks. When she drove down...
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  • ffffffffffffffffffffffffffff - 460 Words
    n 1836, at the age off 22, Colt obtained a U.S. patent for Colt revolver. The weapon contained a revolving cylinder that could hold six bullets, allowing the user to fire more times without reloading than any other firearm before. Earlier pistols were available with one- and two-barrel designs, but Colt’s design, which he may have conceived of while observing the workings of the capstan on a sailing ship, was the first of its kind, and earned an important place in munitions history. Shortly...
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  • Gun Control In america - 651 Words
    1/8/2014 C Block Putting Handguns in Maniacs Hands Did you know that all handguns are semi-automatic? This means that all that stands between you and death is the pull of a trigger. Limited access to handguns would decrease violence, as has been proven in the past by numerous laws. It is too easy to obtain a firearm in the current laws, and about fifty percent of crimes involving firearms, the weapons were not registered with the criminal. Mass shootings and other devastating events would...
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  • Gun Control in America - 758 Words
    Nathan 3/30/08 Gun Control in America Ever since the days of the pioneers, firearms have been an element of the American tradition as defense and a means of hunting or activity. As we progress through the 21st century the use of guns has changed significantly. The reason that the use of the gun is changing is fast and steady increase in crime and the battle for the right to have possession of a hand gun, the introduction of legislation for gun control, to try to decrease the felony in...
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  • Marketing of Inherently Dangerous Products
    There are many products sold which can be classified as inherently dangerous. If one thinks about it, almost every product sold or and marketed if used in the wrong way could be harmful to oneself. Inherently dangerous products are those that even if the buyer uses it properly it can be harmful. As we saw in the video guns are an inherently dangerous product, they are meant to kill. The sale of guns is an issue because of the fact they might get into the wrong hands but I feel what is really...
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  • A Useful Tool - 1101 Words
    A useful tool If someone gets into people’s house or wants to robbery people in some places with no one appear, which would people rather have, a handgun or telephone? If policeman cannot get there in time to save people’s life or no one can give people assistance, what would people rather do? Should they ask to god for help or willing to be a victim? It is very ridicules. Obviously, the best choice for people protect themselves is taking a handgun, because the first line of defense is people....
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  • The Ramblings of Gopnik - 654 Words
    Athena Maestas English 1101- Sec 303 Dr. Pfefferle E2 The Rambling of Gopnik In the article written by Adam Gopnik entitled “Shootings,” he speaks about troublesome shootings, gun problems, and social issues in the United States compared to other nations. He believes that gun laws should be more restrictive, and that there is no reason a private citizen in the United States should be able to own a handgun. His argument is invalid; there are many reasons that someone would and has...
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  • The Convenience Store Murder - 896 Words
    The Illinois Informer Stock broker convicted of convenience store murder Joshua Richardson is found guilty of second degree murder after trying to plea bargain for a shorter sentence. January 29, 2013| By Anthony Mancillas [pic][pic] |Eric Baron, left, Joshua Richardson, right. | In the late evening of July 16th, 2012, an armed robbery in Santa Barbara, California led to the gruesome murder of Eric Baron. Baron a cashier at a local convenience store, was shot...
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  • Gun Control - 656 Words
     Transitional Paper Assignment Once in a while, when there are firearm incidents, people bring up a gun control idea and how bad it is to own one and use it against others. First of all, did crime rate increase as people own more guns? Should people make a stronger laws and restrictions for gun control to help prevent such disasters? Essentially, can we get rid of guns? How many guns did we have in the 90’s? In Gun Control Overveiw database this quote was stated, “Institute of Justice...
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  • Special Needs Rule Criminal Evidence W
     Special Needs Rule By: Sandra Hunter Criminal Evidence Week 7 This week we were giving the following scenario and ask to decide if this incident follows in the "special needs" rule and if it justify the officer’s search of the parked car’s trunk without probable cause? In this essay I will be discussing the special needs rule and my...
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  • Gun Control - 1022 Words
     Fight Against Banning Guns Composition 1 September 21, 2013 Gun control, the effort to regulate or control sales of guns, has been an issue in American politics for a very long time. It has especially become a topic for debate with all the recent tragedies events involving children with weapons. The government is now making an effort to ban sales of guns. According to the U.S. Constitution, the second amendment in the Bill of Rights states, “[a] well-regulated militia,...
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  • Pavlo - 1263 Words
    Summary Gun Control San Diego In the Bill of Rights, the Second Amendment to the Constitution reads: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. Gun control proponents have argued and some federal courts have ruled that the Second Amendment does not apply to individual citizens of the United States but only to members of militias, which, they assert, are now the state National Guard units. In...
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  • Why gun control is worse in the US than other countries
    America has become better known for its massive amounts of firearm violence, including murder, suicide, and mass shootings. In 2011 there were 467,321 people victim to crimes committed with firearms. An average of 30,000 people are killed by guns each year, and more than 30 people per day are murdered, along with the 268 people shot per day. Half of these deaths are people ages ranging from 18 to 35, and a third are ages 20 and below; making homicide the second leading cause of death...
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  • A Modest Proposal (Gun Safety Argument Essay)
    Supply the Students with Safety Introduction ● Exordium: What began as a normal school day on December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, quickly became a nightmare for the hundreds of Sandy Hook elementary students and teachers as the worst American elementary school shooting unfolded. Its aftermath: two injured, twenty­seven killed, and countless more scarred for life. These children ­­ the youngest kindergarteners ...
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  • Technological Development - 580 Words
    Running Head: TECNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT Yehuwdah Yodhhewawhe G00099693 Laura Kerr SO251 Technology and Society TECNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT August 20, 2014 Technological Developments In this Assignment I will be providing an overview of four technological developments from prehistoric times. The Gas Mask: The primary purpose of a gas mask is to prevent deadly gases or poisonous material from accessing the lungs and attacking the person. It does not...
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  • Why Guns Should Be Banned
    1. Banning guns works, which is why New York, DC, & Chicago cops need guns. 2. Washington DC’s low murder rate of 69 per 100,000 is due to strict gun control, and Indianapolis’ high murder rate of 9 per 100,000 is due to the lack of gun control. 3. Statistics showing high murder rates justify gun control but statistics showing increasing murder rates after gun control are “just statistics.” 4. The Brady Bill and the Assault Weapons Ban, both of which went into effect in 1994 are...
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  • Gun Ban Law - 1032 Words
    TO BAN OR NOT TO BAN There is a debated topic in USA recently, especially after the terrible armed attack to a school in December 2012. The topic is whether having gun should be completely banned or not. In USA, acquiring a gun is so simple that anyone wanting to have a gun can get it within one or two days. Add to the easiness of acquiring a gun in legal ways, there are easier ways to get a gun which are called private-party sales and, of course, black market. A great number of the crimes...
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  • Gun Control Outline - 293 Words
    Gun Control Outline I. Introduction A. American Dream, means different things to people (needs to be fought for) B To many people, freedom is owning a gun C. Gun control is strict enough. The United States government puts down laws strict enough to deal with firearms. II. Body A. Who Can Own A Firearm? 1. Why officials can use firearms a. Military and authorities use firearms to protect, not to attack b. These people have been trained and know how to handle firearms 2. Why do...
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  • Persuasive Eassy - 825 Words
    Persuasive Easy Tyrell Largo COMM/215 January 14, 2013 Whitney Bell Persuasive Easy Gun Control seems to be on the top of today’s subject. After the recent tragedies that occur at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, we are all concern for the victims. Many people are calling for stricter laws on gun control. No matter if you are for or against, something needs to be done about the regulation of gun control. In the past couple of years the United States has have its fair share...
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  • khuj - 694 Words
    Maggie Cole Mrs. Schuette 12 February 2014 English 9B TITLE In 2008, sixty seven percent of murders were committed in the United States with guns, sixty seven percent is 10,886 out of 16,272 crimes that involved guns. (Agresti, James D) More gun control could decrease that number significantly. Gun constrictions will not hinder Americans hunting or hobbies, it will help stop the shooter from getting guns. Even though people think that guns are not a problem, there needs to be more...
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  • A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun
    In the article “A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun,” the author, Linda M. Hasselstrom, has a credible argument for carrying a gun. Hasselstrom has a solid ethical appeal and her argument had logic based on her many dangerous personal experiences. Although her argument is credible, she uses many fallacies to make it seem that if women have a gun they can protect themselves from men. Ms. Hasselstrom has ethical appeal because she used credible personal situations to support her...
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  • Youth Gun Violence - 714 Words
    Nikita Youth Gun Violence Every time I look around someone is dying. Its so crazy how close this topic is to me. I chose this topic on a Tuesday and on the very next day (Wednesday) a close friend of mine was shot and killed. So as I write his Essay I can't help but to think about him, his name was Alex Bland 21yr old. From the years of 2002-2006, 687 Chicago youth were killed by guns, and firearms are used in 10 out of 14 murder-suicide in Illinois. In 2005 71% (435) of the homicides and...
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  • Pro Gun Control - 346 Words
    The topic of gun control has always been a volatile topic often discussed in politics. Gun control may be defined as any law, practice or policy proposed to restrict or limit the possession, use or production of guns by citizens of our country. The topic of gun control increased in popularity in the 1960’s when national crime rates dramatically increased. “With more than 20,000 laws on the books at the local, state and federal levels, firearms are in fact one of the most regulated products in...
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  • The gun with a bang - 335 Words
    In the story The Gun Without a Bang by Robert Sheckly, a man named Dixon is testing a new super pistol. I think that the theme of this story is that it isn’t the power of a weapon to the effect of visual pain it has on others. On page thirty five, Dixon is going on about how great of a weapon it is. His only complaints were that the gun was heavy and unbalanced. He said one of the greatest features was that it didn’t need to be reloaded. The gun was so great in his eyes that he said it was the...
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  • People Kill People - 1680 Words
    Gun control has been a serious issue over the past several decades, and remains a controversial topic in today’s world. As defined in Wikipedia, gun control “is any law, policy, practice, or proposal designed to restrict or limit the possession, production, importation, shipment, sale, and/or use of guns or other firearms by private citizens” (“Gun control,” 2012). To clarify its definition, gun control is a process to limit the ready availability of firearms to the citizens of their country....
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  • Common Sense Control, Not Gun Control
    Common Sense Control, Not Gun Control It's late at night, and you're home all alone. You double checked to make sure all of the doors were locked and made sure all of the windows were closed. It's been a quiet night, but for some odd reason you cannot sleep. During your restless night, you hear a bump in the kitchen. At first you dismiss it as the wind. But there it is again, and it's louder this time. You're scared, your pulse is racing and you cannot think of what to do. You don't...
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  • Guns in America - 1393 Words
    ------------------------------------------------- The Laws in this country need to be changed due to the misunderstanding of the U.S. Constitution, the easy access of obtaining a gun and the rise of violent crimes. The U.S. Constitution, Amendment 2, states that an individual has “the right to bear arms and set up a militia.” The Constitution guarantees the rights of individuals to own and use guns, and allows the people to keep and bear arms, and the citizens shall not be infringed upon and...
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  • Evaluating Truth And Validity Exercise
     Evaluating Truth and Validity Exercise You’re Name PHL458 Instructor Evaluating Truth and Validity Exercise The argument “a mature person is self-directing, so parents who make all their children’s for them are doing their offspring a disservice” has allot of validity to it, and in more ways than one is true. A child whose parents or guardians make all of his or her decisions for them, are in a way hindering the child because the child does not have the opportunity to think for himself....
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  • Business Ethics- Gun Manufactures and Responsibili
    Gun Manufacturers and Responsibility 1. Are Bull’s Eye and Bushmaster morally responsible for the Washington, D.C. victims’ death? Why or why not? Qouting from Manuel Velasquez’s statement, "a person or an agent or a party is morally responsible for an injury if 1) they caused it, 2) they knew what they were doing, and 3) they could have prevented it." Therefore, besides the two assassinator , I believe both Bull’s Eye and Bushmaster are morally responsible for the Washington, D.C victims’...
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  • A Man Who Was Almost a Man
    The short story “ A Man Who Was Almost A Man” by Richard Wright is about a young man named Dave who struggles with being able to grow up and become a man. Dave has a hard time growing up and becoming a man because of his mother and his father. His mother realizes that he is not fully prepared to take on the task that a man would have to perform so she keeps him sheltered. Dave believes that if he gets a gun that the will be recognized as a man. Dave has the concept of being a man misconstrued....
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  • Gun Control Essay - 1044 Words
    Guns Under Fire A robber comes into a bank one day, loaded with sub machine guns, and fully intends to intimidate the civilians into giving him their money. Before he can gain complete control over the area, an old man pulls out a gun, and starts firing close to the robber, and eventually scares him off. Police only arrived 20 minutes later, but imagine the harm that could have been done within that time frame. This is a true story that happened not too long ago. Gun control seems to be an...
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  • Gun Control Essay - 1312 Words
    No to Gun Control; Yes to the Second Amendment The second amendment of the constitution states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” (cornell.edu). The purpose of our founding fathers making this was to ensure the protection of the individual person. Banning semi-automatic weapons will have several negative effects on the well being of this country. The government cannot protect every...
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  • Kaymito Leaves - 922 Words
    Republic of the Philippines National Police Commission Philippine National Police ORANI MUNICIPAL POLICE STATION Orani 2112 Bataan MEMORANDUM FOR : The Chief of Police SUBJECT : Progress Report re-Illegal Possession of Firearms ( RA 1866 ) ------------------------------------------------- DATE : MAY 03 2013 ------------------------------------------------- 1. Reference: a. Spot Report submitted on May 02, 2013 b. Initial Investigation Report dated May 01, 2013...
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  • Guns on College Campus - 523 Words
    Guns on College Campuses Imagine a student or instructor being allowed to bring a gun to campus. Imagine what would happen if that student or instructor were having a bad day or had a major disagreement with someone. The possibility that something disastrous could happen is quite real. Measures should be enacted that address such a situation. By banning guns on campuses, tragedies can be prevented. Guns should not be allowed on college campuses because they will increase violence, raise the...
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  • Culture Evaluation - 473 Words
    Cultural Evaluation In doing this debate paper our learning team was asked to take the debate topic and apply it to another country. Our team is to examine how the arguments or presentation of the arguments would need to be changed. The team had its choice between three countries; India, China or Japan. Learning team C chose Japan. There is a major cultural shift when it comes to how Japanese citizens and American citizens value even the ownership of a gun. In American our right to own a...
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  • Stricter Gun Laws - 729 Words
    James February 23, 2013 Persuasive Essay Spring 2013 James English 16 February 2013 Stricter Gun Laws Stricter Gun Laws Aren’t the solution We as people of America should not surrender our liberties out of fear. Indeed, it was right to pass stricter gun laws to prevent violence and death. However, by having these laws, there will be more crimes, broken laws, and it won’t stop violence from happening. Anything could be used as a weapon to hurt or kill someone. Criminals could...
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  • Gun Accidents Among Children
    “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” This is a phrase that has been used carelessly over the years. Gun accidents are continuously increasing, and innocent children are the ones who are suffering from this carelessness. What happens when those guns lie in the hands of our children? Parents lose children, grandparents lose grandchildren, and siblings lose a brother or a sister. Every nine hours a child, under the age of fifteen, dies from a firearm accident. What could be done to...
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  • Say Hi or Die - 650 Words
    Say Hi or Die Before Reading 1. After living 23 years in my country, Feeling some of the worst fears a human being can take. In a nation that is ranked as one of the worst places to live, I have had a happy childhood; perhaps I did not pay attention to what was around me. All the problems began when I grew up, so my family and I (my beautiful wife and six month old son) decided to go to USA. We arrived to Florida, since that, I can tell our lives have changed masses. The...
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  • This is a response essay to Linda M. Hasselstrom' essay, "Why One Peaceful Woman Carries a Pistol."
    Linda M. Hasselstrom made a very convincing argument in her essay, "Why One Peaceful Woman Carries a Pistol". She says that criminal activity has become a growing concern for most people. According to the Department of Justice, several hundreds of people will be robbed, assaulted, kidnapped or murdered this year alone. While handgun possession is a highly controversial issue in today's society, it should not be quickly dismissed as a means to self-defense. Because of the vulnerability of women,...
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  • Sitting Down to Take a Stand
    ********** 2/13/13 ********** 1960: Sitting Down to Take A Stand We need to change American life as we speak to make it better. There are to many problems happening around America and we need to do something about it. I would change gun control, child obesity, and animal cruelty. Once we change most of these problems I think America would go a little more better then it already is. The history of firearms has changed dramatically since the late 1700s. Should automatic rifles and...
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  • Is It Too Easy to Get a Gun in America?
    Is It Too Easy to Get a Gun in America? The Constitution protects the right "to keep and bear arms." But some say the availability of guns contributes to gun violence in the U.S. YES Every day, eight American children and teenagers die from gun violence. More than 29,000 people are killed by guns in the U.S. each year. One major reason for these deaths is easy access to guns. There are an astounding 200 million privately owned firearms in our nation today, including 65 million handguns....
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  • Gun Laws in Foreign Countries
    Due to recent events occurring in America, people have been seeking out reforms in our nation’s gun laws so that they may feel safer inside their homes and inside the nation’s schools. Unlike some countries, America cannot be considered “harsh” with its gun laws, nor can it be considered weak when compared to still other countries. When looking to reform our gun laws, our nation should revise and remodel our laws after countries with stronger guns laws, such as Switzerland and Canada. With...
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  • BPSLIDESLESSONI040809 - 1151 Words
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  • Gun Control - 615 Words
    In “Just Take Away Their Guns,” by James Q. Wilson, Collins Professor of Management and Public Policy at the University of California at Los Angeles, the author shows what is wrong with each side of the argument. In the first paragraph, he says, “The president wants still tougher gun control legislation and thinks it will work” (Barnet and Bedau 124). But, he continues on to say how this will not affect the illegal use of guns. About 200 million privately own a gun and one-third of that...
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  • How to Refill a Bsa R-10 Mk2
    Using the Quick-Fill • Before filling, always ensure the rifle is unloaded and the safety catch is on. • If the buddy bottle is empty, cock the rifle before filling. • Insert the filling adaptor into the filling port, and push it home. • Make sure the bleed screw on the charging unit is closed, and then open the air bottle valve slowly. • Slowly fill the rifle to the maximum recommended charge pressure, and close the valve. Allow a few minutes for the pressure to settle. If...
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    GUN SAFETY AND GUN LAWS KEY TOPICS GUN SAFETY RULES STATE GUN LAWS WAITING PERIOD/ REGISTRATION CONCEILED LAWS RECIPROCITY GUN SAFETY RULES At home, in the field, at the range, or anywhere, the first concern of every firearm owner should be safety. Before handling any firearm, understand its operation and familiarize yourself with its mechanical features. To help ensure safe practices at home and on the range, make these gun handling principles your own, and they will become...
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  • Should Guns Be Banned?
    Persuasive Instructor Essay Will You Be Safer If Guns Are Banned? Violence is out of control, and guns are a major cause. This is a belief many Americans now share. This belief is fueling a nationwide movement that could result in a total prohibition on private-gun ownership in the near future. Just imagine if every handgun owner was made to dispose of their gun, how much more peaceful the U.S. or rather the world would be? Ownership of private guns is being banned one step at a time. The...
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  • Gun Control Persuasive - 758 Words
    Bear Arms I believe that guns should not be banned in the US. “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” I am sure most of us have heard this saying at some point in our lives. Surely, it is a statement of the obvious, but the logic behind it rings true. It may seem rational to ban guns entirely to prevent people from killing, but it is not the guns themselves that are the problem. That is just a simple solution to a complex problem. The criminals who kill others are willing to break the...
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  • Exploratory Essay - 1435 Words
    Caroline Mattox Draft #4 Exploratory Essay 9/26/14 Should it be a right of every citizen to bear arms? The public, politicians, and many organizations have pursued this question, which in return has transformed this issue into a widespread topic. The various shootings across the United States have led me to the debate of the government controlling firearms. In the beginning of our country’s creation, the Founding Fathers constructed the Constitution to define the United States’ government....
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  • Classification Paper on Guns - 670 Words
    How to choose a firearm Are you looking for a new hobby? Maybe you’re worried about your safety. Chances are you want to buy your first firearm, then. With so many choices, how do you choose which one is best for you? First, you have to decide why you are buying a firearm. People choose to buy a firearm for many reasons. Some of these are: hunting, sport shooting, and home defense. In this paper, you will learn which of the three major classifications of firearms are for you. The first...
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  • Gun Control Essay - 558 Words
    Gun Control Essay The issue of gun control continues to remain a controversy. A large number of citizens believe that if gun acts are strictly enforced, that violence and the threat of crime will reduce within neighborhoods. On the other hand, a large amount of society feels that they deserve to bear arms, whether used for hunting, or as self-defense tools. If guns become strictly enforced than those whom like hunting are penalized for wanting to take part in a sport. Everyone should have the...
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  • The Power of a Man and His Gun
    The Power of a Man and His Gun An Inside look at Robert Wright’s Dave Saunders and America’s Love of Guns New England College of Business and Finance “The Man Who was Almost a Man” written by Robert Wright, is a fictional story in which we focus on the main character Dave Saunders. Dave is a seventeen year old African American living in a time of racial oppression. When we meet Dave, we learn of his struggles with some fellow field workers and desires more...
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  • Australian vs American gun laws
    Australia has had severe gun laws since the year 1997 after the fatal massacre shooting in Port Arthur, executed by Martin Bryant, which resulted in the death of 35 people while injuring 23. There have always been low levels of violent crimes associated with firearms, particularly in the 20th century, yet because of their low priority; public concern levels remained very low. In the last 2 decades, the government has put in place strict gun laws following several high profile mass murders and a...
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  • Congressional - 3722 Words
    Gun Control Overview Prevalence of Gun Use and the Regulatory Response T hrough the years, legislative proposals to restrict the availability of firearms to the public have raised the following questions: What restrictions on firearms are permissible under the Constitution? Does gun control constitute crime control? Can the Nation’s rates of homicide, robbery, and assault be reduced by the stricter regulation of firearms commerce or ownership? Would restrictions stop attacks on...
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  • Gun Control - 2321 Words
    Abstract The purpose of this research paper is to prove or disprove the hypothesis of the less gun control we have will result in a decrease in murder rates. After analyzing the findings, the majority of the articles advocated that the correlation between gun control and murder rates is that the less gun control equals less murder rates. This is due to the fact that countries in the past have tried banning handguns but ended up with higher murder rates. An even more gun control ended up...
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  • discrimnation - 935 Words
    Austin Larsen Business Ethics 26 April 2013 Critical Thinking Essay Gun Control in America - I know we were supposed to pick an article that we read, but I really wanted to write on the issue of gun control because of all the recent events. I think it is as relevant as any topic we read and relates to many ethical and social issues, and I will incorporate a look at both sides and my opinion as well. Hope that is OK. The term gun control as it is used in the United States refers to...
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  • Gun Control - 2931 Words
    Gun Control April 25, 2012 Recently, there have been many debates going on in the news that are focusing on firearms, and firearm control. These debates have led to many American citizens questioning the laws revolving around gun control, and the amendment to the constitution allowing the right to bear arms. Since many people are unsure of how exactly laws pertaining to firearms work, it is crucially important that gun control is discussed. This paper will focus on gun control, the history...
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  • Gun Laws - 2847 Words
     “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear Arms should not be infringed”(Nisbet 12). This simple sentence of the Second Amendment has brought many different ideas into America about firearm laws. Our founding fathers wrote this in the Bill of Rights under the Constitution. This Second Amendment allows for citizens of the United States to bear, obtain, or own, firearms such as handguns and/or long guns, at least that is...
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  • Gun Control and Gun Violence Among Children
    NAME: Clara Lawson COURSE:PHI 105 Critical Thinking & Problem Solving DATE: January 12, 2012 INSTRUCTOR: DR. Scott Hovater GUN CONTROL & GUN VIOLENCE in CHILDREN To start my essay off, I have an unusual story that is true. My mom knew a girl when she was little. The girl was around the age of 2-4 years old. She got a hold of the gun her family had in the home and shot her older sibling. Then when she was in the eighth grade, her little brother got a hold...
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  • annotated bibliography - 1181 Words
    Ethan Greer Professor Joe Mitchell ENGL 1020-083 April 21, 2014 Do regulations on gun control make the United States safer? This bibliography was created by researching different aspects of gun control to determine if such regulations correlated with crime rates and other factors hindering the safety of United States citizens. While researching, more emphasis was on the opponent side of gun control. All annotations describe the academic journal or other type of source to provide...
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  • ENG 1102 Take Away Their Guns
    Dorian M. Allen Professor Neville Wilson Eng 1102 10 February 2015 A Take on Wilson’s View James Q. Wilson’s “Just Take Away Their Guns”, is a short essay asserting that, in order to help prevent violence and crime due to guns, the federal government is lobbying to make tougher gun control legislation - thinking it will work, and the public which supports more gun control laws, believes that they would not work (para. 1). Wilson sides with the public, arguing that stricter gun control...
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  • Rhetorical Analysis - 566 Words
    In light of the recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, people across the country—especially politicians—have been pushing for immediate action towards gun policies. Some believe that the government should allow for guns in schools, others think that there needs to be more gun regulations and less firearms in the hands of citizens. Nicholas D. Kristof, a columnist for The New York Times, has a firm belief in the latter. In his essay, “Do We Have the Courage to...
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  • Guns in Today's Society - 3014 Words
    Guns in Today's Society In the United States today, gun control has become a very big issue in the lives of its citizens. People arguing with each other over whether it is our constitutional right to be able to obtain and bear any kind of arms that we choose or that it only belongs to the militia. Many arguments come up over whether or not just average people can show up at a gun show and sell a gun to any person without giving them a background check first. Not only do they want back ground...
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  • Blind Parents - 1268 Words

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