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  • Fish - 343 Words
    Bingo Clues 4x4 bingo board plus 1 free space Air Bladder: This part of the fish enables it to float. Actinopterygii: This is the subphyla consists of ray-finned fish. Anal Fin: This is the fin by the anus of the fish, that keeps the fish level in the water and keeps it from rolling. Bony Fish: Osteichthyes consists of all _____. Caudal Fin: This is the fin in the back of the fish that propels the fish forward/steers. Cold-Blooded: When a fish’s body temperature can adjust to their...
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  • Fish - 1149 Words
    With well over 24,000 extant species currently known, the world's fishes comprise by far the largest and most diverse of all vertebrate groups. Occupying almost every conceivable aquatic habitat from high elevation mountain springs more than 5,000 meters above, to the ocean abyss some 7,000 meters below the surface of the sea, ichthyological variety in lifestyle, anatomy, physiology and behavior is unsurpassed among vertebrates. A diorama of a coral reef, from the American Museum of Natural...
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  • the fish - 375 Words
    In The Fish’s Eye: Essays About Angling and the Outdoors, Ian Frazier explores his lifelong passion for fishing, fish, and the aquatic world. He sees the angler’s environment all around him—in New York’s Grand Central Station, in the cement-lined pond of a city park, in a shimmering bonefish flat in the Florida Keys, in the trout streams of the Rocky Mountains. He marvels at the fishing in the turbid Ohio River by downtown Cincinnati, where a good bait for catfish is half a White Castle french...
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  • Book Fish - 801 Words
    The Fish! Philosophy No, the book Fish! written by the educator, film maker and motivational speaker Stephen Lundin will not teach you how to fish. Lundin wrote Fish! in a straightforward way which contains observations, stories and personal revelations that makes the readers engage with this magnificent parable. The book Fish! teaches how professionals that are involved in the business world can affect their...
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  • The Fish Analysis - 1531 Words
     The Fish by Elizabeth Bishop Bishop uses literary devices, especially similes, metaphors, tone, and imagery to convey her theme of admiration for survivors of life’s difficult battles, in this case the fish, although at first she failed to admire and appreciate the fish. Bishop also doesn’t realize how beautiful the fish is at first, but she eventually finds beauty in the fish. Bishop’s tone of aloofness in lines 5-10 shows that first she is disappointed in what she thought was a big...
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  • Classification of Fish - 862 Words
    Whitney East Mr. Beall Speech 1200 October 24, 2012 Outline: Topical Classifying Fish Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the different classifications of fish. Central Idea: Fish are classified by their different characteristics which sorts them into different classes like Agnatha, Chondrichthyes, and Osteichthyes. Introduction I. Classification of living things helps people to understand how living organisms may or may not be related to each other. A. The system of...
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  • Foxface Fish - 380 Words
    Foxface Rabbitfish B- Fish distribution : ( where is it found in the world ? ) * Western Pacific: western Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea, Great Barrier Reef, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Caroline Islands, Marshall Islands, Nauru and Kiribati. Recently recorded from Tonga. C- Description : * The Foxface Rabbitfish, also known as the Foxface Lo, has a very unique body color. It has a mottled yellow-brown body with a dark chest. The face is very light in color and speckled on the lower...
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  • Fish Production - 626 Words
    FISH PRODUCTION Aim: This task considers commercial fishing in a particular country in two different environments- the sea and fish farms (aquaculture). The data is taken from the UN Statistics Division Common Database. *The following table gives the total mass of fish caught in the sea, in thousands of tonnes (1 tonne = 1000 kilograms) Define suitable variables and discuss any parameters/ constraints. Using technology, plot the data points form the table on a graph. Comment on any...
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  • Life as Fish - 1009 Words
    Life as a Fish One of the most unique creatures are fish. As I am sitting here in my room, my fish are swimming about with not a care in the world. I wonder what it would feel like to be a fish. I'm swimming about and see eight other fish swim around me. The thermometer reads 72 degree Fahrenheit, but the cold water suits me just fine. There are white, black, and gray pebbles all over the bottom of the tank which collects the deserted food particles. I accidentally...
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  • Fish Locomotion - 1395 Words
    Class: Actinopterygii Order: Perciformes Family: Scombridae Scombridae is the family of the mackerels, tunas, and bonitos. Scombrids have two dorsal fins, each of which can be depressed into grooves in the back, and a series of finlets between the rear dorsal fin and anal fin and the tail. The base of the tail is slender, and the caudal fin strongly divided. Primarily swift predators of open seas; some of the smaller species strain zooplankton through their gill rakers. Example...
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  • Betta Fish - 585 Words
     Ever wonder exactly what fish you could own for a household pet that would be the best suited for you? Well you could consider getting a gold fish or a guppy but those fish are mind-numbingly boring compared to the breath taking and electrifying betta fish. Betta fish are the best fish to have as pets because of their characteristics, habitat and diet. The characteristics of a betta fish make them one of the best household pets. Betta fish only grow to 3 inches, so they do not need very much...
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  • Fish Ecology - 576 Words
    THE UNIVERSITY OF HULL Department of Biological Sciences Level Five Examination May/June 2011 Fish Ecology Monday 16th May 2011, 9.30 - 11.30 a.m. 2 hours Answer THREE questions Use diagrams where appropriate Use a separate book for each answer Where shown the % indicates the mark distribution within a question Graph paper provided Do not open or turn over this exam paper, or start to write anything until told to by the Invigilator. Starting to write before permitted to do so may be...
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  • Behavior of Fish - 1689 Words
    The Behavior of Fish Joshua Johnston Mrs. Porter General Chemistry, Period 8 06 November 2011 Fish behavior varies depending on what lures are used to catch it, the time of day, the temperature, the time of year, the environment around them, The Ph level of water, and basic instincts. Different Fish are attracted and react in varying ways to different things. One of the more abnormal reactions found in fish are found in captive and wild fish. This reaction is called tonic immobility....
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  • The Barreleye Fish - 461 Words
    The Barreleye Fish Species Name: Opisthoproctidae Physical Attributes: The Barreleye Fish is known for its large barrel shaped eyes that are enclosed within an extremely unusual transparent fluid filled dome on its head. The rest of the body is covered in large silvery scales. They have small, toothless mouths ending in a pointed snout. The fins are wing-like, extending about half the body's length. The largest of the species is at 50 centimeters. Most are under 20cm. The two holes...
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  • pangasinan fish - 1663 Words
     I. INTRODUCTION Pangasinan Capital Town; Lingayen (Location of collection) During periods of crises, when a government is fighting for its survival, necessity sometimes demands that it moves its seal of power from place to place.To most Pangasinanses, Lingayen has always been the capital town of the province. The contrary is also true.Pangasinan, as a province, antedates the Spanish conquest, Long before Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese navigator who discovered...
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  • The Fish Story - 508 Words
    Brief – The protagonist of the story is Mary Jane, whose husband dies a sudden death. Due to it, she faces the full responsibility of bringing up her children. But she never gave up, and faced the responsibility by working hard in her job in at “First Guarantee Financial”. As a result she developed a good reputation at her work place and got promoted as manager in operations and was shifted to “Third Floor” of the office. Third floor of the office was regarded as “Toxic Energy Dump” as it was...
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  • Fish for Life - 3867 Words
    Fish cold-blooded, limbless, completely aquatic vertebrates, having gills, commonly fins, and typically elongated torpedo-shaped body mostly covered with scales. Fish are usually grouped into four classes, three living (Agnatha, Chondrichthyes, and Osteichthyes) and one extinct (Placodermi): 1. Agnatha, the primitive jawless fishes, including the cyclostomes (lampreys and hagfishes) and extinct armoured fishes known as ostracoderms, none of which has gill arches (bony frames for the...
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  • Fish Scaler - 3323 Words
    TABACO NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL TABACO CITY BATTERY-OPERATED FISH SCALING DEVICE PROPONENTS: NIÑO REY B. BORNILLA GIL C. BRUTAS JR. ERIKA C. MAE LU NESIE B. VOLANTE CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION This chapter includes the background of the study, statement of the problem, significance of the study and the scope and limitations. Background of the Study Innovation of technology is very advance nowadays. For that reason, man is now determined to generate more beneficial...
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  • A Fish with Whiskers - 288 Words
    A Fish with Whiskers Many different kinds of catfish are found all over the world. They have adapted to the regions in which they live. Three catfish that have some similarities but definite differences are the electric catfish, the burrowing catfish and the walking catfish. These three catfish have many similarities. One similarity is they all have whiskers that are made of flesh called “barbels”. Another is they all have smooth, slippery skin instead of scales. They also all have sharp,...
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  • Toothpick Fish - 539 Words
    Toothpick Fish Problem How many gene combinations of fish skin color can there be with the three different colors, the different ways of matching them? Objective The toothpicks represent three different forms of a gene with three different colors that control each one of them one fish trait: skin color Materials • 1 “gene pool” container (e.g. a petri dish) • 8 green toothpicks • 8 red toothpicks • 8 yellow toothpicks Instruments The green toothpick represented as a gene, in the...
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  • Fish Farming - 924 Words
    Fish have been a protein source throughout history. Early fishing primarily involved individuals capturing fish near their communities for consumption or trade. Ships gave fishers access to ocean-based fisheries. Commercial fishing became industrialized by the late nineteenth century, as technological innovations helped locate, catch, and process fish. In addition to fish living in natural freshwater or saltwater fisheries, fish cultivated in fish farms' ponds or tanks represented approximately...
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  • Guppy Fish - 365 Words
    Mumbai mirror The entire city has been plagued by the deadly disease of malaria. Patients are making a beeline at the doctor's dispensary and hospitals are crowded with patients being treated for malaria. But Thane is lucky, as a traditional and natural way of treating malaria has been introduced here. Guppy fish or million fish, (a species of fishes) if released in the stagnant water and other places where mosquitoes breed, helps having a control on the spread of malaria. The Guppy fishes...
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  • The Fish Essay - 755 Words
    John Aguiar Mrs. McNitt ENG-112 February 20, 2013 “The rewards for those who persevere far exceed the pain that must precede the victory”, said Ted W. Engstrom. This quote hung on my wall and spoke to me like a faint whisper all through high school. It wasn't until I was in a wrestling tournament where I was completely out classed in skill that these words rang true in my head. I like the fish in the poem, faced opposition that left me battered, scared and bleeding, but at the end of the...
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  • Psychoanalyzing “the Fish” - 1304 Words
    Psychoanalyzing “The Fish” “Meaninglessness does not come from being weary of pain. Meaninglessness comes from being weary of pleasure. When you have exhausted that last dream and you find it leaves you barren or empty” -G. K Chesterton I begin with a quote by the renowned G.K Chesterton for a few different reasons. I believe that great suffering and pain can bring forth immense joy. The following poem is not a poem of pleasure, but one of pain. My hope is that in my analysis I do not...
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  • Fish Farming - 842 Words
    Fish Farming / Aquaculture What is Aquaculture? Aquaculture is an industry that encompasses the cultivation of aquatic plants and animals in controlled systems for commercial, recreation or resource management purposes. The most widely accepted short definition of Aquaculture is the cultivation of any aquatic (freshwater and marine) species of plant or animal. Aquaculture for food production is similar to other forms of animal husbandry, the animals are cared for, protected and fed with the...
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  • Janitor Fish - 587 Words
    Background of the Study Janitor fish used to be aquarium pets. They would parade around the fish tank and clean the moss and other dirt that would scatter around the tank. Then, someone said, “If janitor fish are so effective in cleaning fish tanks, then why don’t we put them in the Marikina River so they can clean up all of the dirt?” Unfortunately, his hypothesis didn’t work, and now, janitor fish are the most abundant fish in the Marikina River. In this case, being an abundant species isn’t...
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  • Lion Fish - 565 Words
    Invasive Lionfish The Issue Video: Lions of the DeepIn less than a decade, the Indo-Pacific lionfish (Pterois miles and P. volitans) has become widely established along the Southeast U.S. and Caribbean. Lionfish are presently invading the Gulf of Mexico and South America. Recent estimates of lionfish densities indicate that lionfish have surpassed some native species with the highest estimates reporting over 1,000 lionfish per acre in some locations. Lionfish are capable of permanently...
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  • Fish Proposal - 560 Words
    INTRODUCTION The rearing of fish and any other aquatic animal in a controlled environment is termed aquaculture. The extent of control exercised on the forces of nature is further used to classify aquaculture into extensive, semi-intensive and intensive system. Catfishes of the family Claridae comprise the most commonly cultivated fishes in Nigeria. The growth of aquaculture in Nigeria now is largely being boosted by a steady rise in catfish culture. Since the culture of Clarias gariepinus...
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  • Viper Fish - 462 Words
    The viperfish is one of the fiercest predators of the deep. It's scientific name is Chauliodus sloani. The viperfish's name comes from its fang resemblance to the Viper Snake. The viperfish, which typically grows to at least a foot long, has a very large mouth, which opens very widely but is not big enough to contain the fish's long teeth. The viperfish is also bioluminescent, with photophores light-emitting organs on its dorsal fin and along its body to lure its prey to...
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  • Fish Schooling - 707 Words
    Fish Schooling Abstract This experiment tested schooling behaviors between two species of fish. The fish used to conduct the experiment were Zebra Danio fish and minnows. The number of fish required for schooling and elapsed time was also accounted for. The results showed that mixed-species schooling may occur. The numerical quantity and time also proved to be a factor in the experimental results. Introduction A fish school is another word for a large unit of many fish which...
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  • fish terms - 611 Words
    Aquatic vertebrates fish having a boney or cartilaginous skeleton spinal column a a large brain Fin is a thin component or appendage attaches to a large body Scales the skin of fish Fresh water fish fish that spend most of their live in non salt water Round fish swim in a vertical position and have eyes on both sides of their head Flat fish has asymmetrical compressed body swim horizontal and have eyes on top of their head Mollusk are shellfish characterized by soft...
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  • The Fish poem review - 1474 Words
    Conflict is known for disagreements, fights, and wars. For most people, the greatest conflicts are the ones within themselves. This type of conflict is called internal. Internal conflict is experienced within a person and his or herself; whether it’s a struggle to make the right decision, or the need to accept change around you. Elizabeth Bishop shows this type of conflict in one of her popular poems “The Fish”. In the poem, a fisher experiences a battle between his or her victory of catching...
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  • Overfishing: Fish and Bluefin Tuna
    Are the Oceans being Overfished? Imagine a couple going out to dinner at a local restaurant: to start off they order shrimp cocktail followed by a main entree of tuna steak. As they enjoy dinner, chances are they are not contemplating the source or the environmental impact of their seafood choices. As Bill Daley, a writer for the Chicago Tribune reported in 2009, “Overfishing is threatening to wipe out entire species while fish farming can wreak environmental havoc if not done right.” In...
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  • Locomotion in an Animal with an Endoskeleton (Fish)
    Locomotion in an animal with an endoskeleton (fish) * Water has a higher relative density (800 times higher than air) and is a viscous medium to move through. * The body of a fish is of a streamlined shape to move quickly in water. * The streamlined shape of a fish: * a) is long ellipse tapering to a point (shaped like a torpedo) in the direction of the flow of water. * b) reduces the drag (a drag is water resistance caused by friction between moving water and the...
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  • Fish and Soy Sauce - 6039 Words
    ABOUT FISH Fish is a food consumed by many species, including humans. The word ‘’fish’’ refers to both the animals and to the food prepared from it. Fish has been an important source of protein for humans throughout recorded history. Fish are a paraphyletic group of organisms that consist of all gill-bearing aquatic vertebrate animals that lack limbs with digits. Most fish are cold-blooded, allowing their body temperatures to vary as ambient temperatures change, though some of the large...
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  • What Is the Best Fish to Eat?
    Bo (Sen Li) Professor Thompson RHET 110 November 15, 2012 Word count: 3938 What is the best fish to eat? Fish are the oldest vertebrates (“Fishes”). Amazingly, these ancient creatures inhabit the vast majority of Earth’s aquatic environments from fresh water lakes to rivers and even the darkest depths of the ocean. Scientists have identified about 26,000 different species of fish. (“Fishes”). Because of their long history and widespread availability, fish has...
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  • Declining Fish Stock - 919 Words
    The Problem: Seeing the video on Declining Fish Stock VLR, expose the challenges between fishermen and environmental concerns. This video shows how fishing fleets have depleted the oceans of almost 90% of its big fish; therefore, claiming the ocean is not as resilient as it once was. The majority of the largest fish have already been pulled from the oceans, leaving only 10% of its remaining fish for Commercial fishermen to make a living. Most fishing fleets today are two to three...
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  • Global Fish Crisis - 3629 Words
    “Since 1992, overfishing— the action of fishing beyond the level at which fish stocks can replenish through natural reproduction— has become one of the major natural resource con- cerns in the industrialized world, and increasingly in developing nations as well. Seventy-five percent of commercially important marine, and most inland water fish stocks are either currently overfished, or are being fished at their biological limit, putting them at risk if fishing pressure increases or the habitat...
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  • Physiological Adaption Fish - 779 Words
    Physiological Adaptation of Fish to Its Environment BIO101 March 11,2013 Physiological Adaptation of Fish to Its Environment All organisms around the world are sparsely distributed depending on the environment that best suited to their modes of survival. Organisms undergo adaptation – an evolutionary process where they became well-suited to a...
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  • Fish and Old Man - 1118 Words
    Vocabulary Activities for The Old Man and the Sea So you’ve chosen to read The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway. Good choice! This book won the Pulitzer Prize for excellence in literature in 1953. Activity #1: Word Sorts Write the words from the Word Banks on index cards or slips of paper. Mix them together and sort them into three groups: words you know well, words you know a little about, and words you have never encountered before. Spread the words out rather than...
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  • Analysis of the Fish, Elizabeth Bishop
    The Fish, Elizabeth Olsen Finding Mortality In Elizabeth Olsen’s work titled The Fish, a seemingly ordinary fishing experience reveals much more than expected. In the sea on a rented old boat, what was found was not what was intentionally searched for. In looking for sustenance or to fill an internal void with confidence, the speaker finds themself humbled in a moment of catharsis by the understanding of mortality and the possibilities within it. When first engaging with a caught fish,...
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  • Fish Farm Feasibility Study
    Preparatory Investigation: The Water Resource, Land and and Buildings, Market and Prices The Entrepeneurs A young couple in Iceland, Johann and Rosa, have taken over Johann's parents' farm. Traditional husbandry of cattle and sheep for production of meat and dairy products has gone through a rough time so they have been looking for new opportunities in their farming. Johann believes that arctic charr might suit them well. Before making up their mind they inspect their water resources, the...
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  • The Fangtooth and the Blob Fish - 619 Words
    The Fangtooth VS the Blob Fish; the dreaded Fangtooth The Blob Fish, believe it or not, has the potential to swim up rivers and ooze from your shower head. The bloated bottom dweller, which can grow up to 12 inches, lives at depths of up to 2,700 feet, is now in danger of being wiped out. Although incredibly frightening, is this actually more horrifying than the dreadful Fangtooth? The Fangtooth looks like it could devour the average person’s dog, and probably could if there were dogs in its...
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  • Overfishing: Fish and N.d. Web.
    At first thought, overfishing may not seem harmful to people, but in reality its damage is often underestimated. Overfishing is when too many fish are being caught than reproduction can replace. We can never really say that it is going to stop but we can try our best to reduce overfishing as much as possible. The world may think that the food in the sea is never-ending but that is not so. “Gathering as many fish as possible may seem like a profitable practice, but overfishing has serious...
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  • Fish and Pitch Black Jonah
    JONAH (running in-trying to hide from God) God- Jonah! Get up and travel to Ninivah for the people there are doing wicked thing and you need to bring them hope. Jonah- flees to Trashish pays far for boat and falls asleep 3 men- shaking Jonah(looking scared for there lives) (storm/lights/fan) 3 men- who are you? Where are you from? Jonah- i knew i shouldn't have run from God. Storm increases (lights/fan/mist) 3men- what should we do? Jonah- pick me up and throw me...
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  • Fish Market Report - 4428 Words
    FOOD TECHNOLOGY HSC COURSE AUSTRALIAN FOOD INDUSTRY Sydney Fish Market Joanne Pan 12FT Sydney Fish Market Sydney Fish Market (SFM) is Australia’s premier seafood centre of excellence and authentic fishermen’s market. It is the largest fish market in the southern hemisphere and the second largest in the world for range of species. It was established by the NSW government in 1945. The selling of seafood was regulated by the government from 1945 to 1999 and the seafood that was...
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  • Fish Pond Management - 1487 Words
    Tips for Fish Pond Management Managing a backyard pond can be considered a tougher task as compared to managing a pond without aquatic life. This is because fishes are prone to several diseases and require a well maintained ecosystem to stay healthy. Given below are a few important tips for managing your fish pond effectively. Filter Your Pond Adequately Fish produce biological wastes and hence adequate filtration is extremely important in a fish pond. Filters also help in aerating the...
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  • Preserving Fish Specimen - 303 Words
    PRESERVING FISH SPECIMENS Specimens from any field collection should be deposited in a reference collection in an institutional for the long-term maintenance and access for the future. The animals should therefore be preserved in the best possible condition and where possible, ensure that the natural colour is retained, their external appendages (e.g. fins) are erected and stomach contents intact. Care should be taken to ensure that specimens are undamaged. Features important in the...
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  • Pet Gold Fish - 431 Words
    The story that I have chosen relates to having a fish for a pet. The importance of having any pet is knowing how to take care of them and feeding them when they need to be fed. It may be difficult to look after an animal all day but they should be treated as any living thing. It takes heart to care for someone, its goes the same for taking caring care of a pet and making sure they are okay. Owning a pet should be a privilege because these animals depend on you and that is like a gift to own....
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  • Gold Fish Lab Report
    BIOL 152-35 Professor Weller 14 February 2012 Effects of Temperature on Goldfish Respiration Introduction This experiment was designed to identify the effect of cold-water temperatures on the respiration rate of goldfish. The respiration rates helped to identify the goldfish as being ectotherms or endotherms. Organisms exchange gases with their environment through a process called respiration or breathing. Aerobic respiration, also known as aerobic metabolism, occurs when oxygen is...
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  • The Janitor Fish Basic Data
    A Hypostomus plecostomus could grow up to one foot or 50cm long though it is sold in aquarium shops mostly when it is still small. Its body is enclosed with bony or horny external plates. But its lower head and abdomen is naked. Breeding a Janitor Fish in a home aquarium would be difficult. The janitor fish have high fecundity and it lays 472 to 1238 mature male/female eggs. Its eggs are usually generated in stony areas or in dug holes in nearby banks and. The male Janitor Fishes that takes...
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  • Elizabeth Bishop – the Fish
    Elizabeth Bishop – The Fish Elizabeth Bishop's "The Fish" deals with the contact of a fisher with his just caught victim. It's about the feeling of private triumph and moreover the pity and respect for others. The poem which is told the reader by a first person narrator starts with the fact that the fisher just caught the fish without having to struggle. It wasn't hard for him to catch the fish because he didn't make an effort to escape. The fish which he is holding beside the...
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  • Overfishing: Fish and Marine Ecosystem
    Rose Smoot Kirstein Honors World Geography 11 January 2013 Catching A Little Too Many? Do you ever go out to eat some seafood and see the fish that is served? Have you ever thought about the abundance; how much fish there is? And have you ever thought about there being a shortage a fish; seems impossible, right? Because when we think of fish, we think of the millions or even billions of little or big swimming creatures in the huge ocean; how could there be a shortage? Overfishing is the...
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  • Biology Fish Lab - 263 Words
    Biology 102 Lab Report: Ventilation and Oxygen Consumption in Fish Methods: The lab consists of two experiments repeated over a period one hour with fifteen minutes interval, in order to determine the effect of weight and temperature on ventilation and oxygen consumption of Carassius auratus, commonly known as goldfish. Each experiment was carried out by five groups. Measurement of ventilation was determined by recording operculum movement of the fish. Oxygen consumption was measured using...
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  • Pelagic Fish and Swordfish - 1098 Words
    Tina Valler Period 5/6 The swordfish was first described in 1758 by Linnaeus. It was given the name Xiphias gladius which is still used in present day. The Family of this fish is Xiphiidae, Order is Perciformes, and the Class is Actinopterygii. When it is translated into English, the Latin term gladius means "sword", referring to the long sword-like bill the fish possesses. Some of the English common names include broadbill, broadbill swordfish, and many others. The swordfish is named for...
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  • M3A1 Aqua Fish - 493 Words
    Module 3 – Assignment 1 Practice Case Examination Backgrounder The background information relating to the Case Examination (Backgrounder) is provided to candidates in advance of the examination date. The Backgrounder contains information about both the company and the industry involved in the case. Candidates are expected to familiarize themselves with this information in preparation for the analysis that will be required during the Case Examination. Candidates should...
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  • Taxonomy and Classification of Fish - 3574 Words
    Station 1. Fish Diversity Classification of the Major Taxa of Fish ! Phylum Chordata ! Subphylum Vertebrata ! Supraclass Agnatha ! Order Osteostraci ! Order Anaspida ! Order Heterostraci ! Order Coelolepida ! Order Cyclostomata ! Class Myxinoidea ! Class Petromyzontida ! Class Placodermi ! Order Arthrodiriformes ! Order Antiarchiformes ! Supraclass Gnathostomata ! Class Chondrichthyes ! Subclass Elasmobranchii ! Order Cladoselachiformes ! Order Xenacanthiformes ! Order Selachii ! Order...
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  • Fish and West Coast Tuna
    Jodie Thompson 8/20/2013 AICE Marine Bio Period 1 Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Power Facility is leaking into the Pacific Ocean constantly. This leak was caused by a powerful earthquake in 2011. Any sort of chemical leak is terrible; however, the location of the Fukushima facility makes it significantly worse. Because this body of water does not remove or clean itself well, the chemical pollution is just increasing and taking over the ocean. Marine life is being severely affected by this....
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  • Literature review Fish Disease
    Literature review An in-depth view into fish disease Kimberley 12/1/2010   Contents 1 Introduction 3 1.1 What is Fish Disease 3 2 Viral diseases present 3 2.1 Freshwater species only 3 2.1.1 Herpesvirus salmonis 3 2.1.2 Channel catfish virus 4 2.1.3 Epithelioma papillosum 4 2.1.4 Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis 5 2.1.5 Koi Herpes virus 5 2.1.6 Spring Viraemia of Carp and Swim Bladder Infection Virus 6 2.2 Both Freshwater and Marine species 6 2.2.1 Viral...
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  • Fish Diseases and Their Control
    FISH DISEASES AND THEIR CONTROL Lecture Prepared by: Prof. G.N.O. Ezeri Aquaculture and Fisheries Management University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, NIGERIA. ADVANCES IN FISH DISEASES FIS 710 (3 Units) Core Course Outline • Types of fish diseases, (parasitic, bacterial, fungal, nutritional etc.) • Laboratory methods for fish disease diagnosis, • Prevention, control and therapy of fish disease Introduction • Higher stocking densities call for the introduction of large...
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  • Marine Biology- Angel Fish.
    The mystery of the deep blue sea. Such a marvelous place, with incredible species, and ones yet to be discovered. It’s like a puzzle waiting to be solved, trying to uncover what’s hidden beneath the deep unknown waters. So many fish, and species in the ocean, its so hard not to be fascinated by this wonderful place. However, there’s this once fish that always seems to catch my eye, and attention. The Coral Beauty, but may also go by the Two Spined Angel fish, the Dusky Angelfish, or simply the...
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  • Declining Fish Stock - 932 Words
    Declining Fish Stock Whitney Deisher August 29, 2010 Michael Hammond-Todd SCI/275 The video Declining Fish Stock VLR is about the declining numbers of fish stock that is available in the oceans. There is a debate between the commercial fisheries and the Scripps Institute of Oceanography about the numbers of big fish in the ocean. A commercial fisherman Pete Dupuis feels that the ocean is big and we will never run out of big fish, Jeremy Jackson of Scripps of Institute of...
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  • Porcupine Puffer Fish - 602 Words
    Porcupine Puffer Fish Scientific name: Diodon hystrix “Biologists believe that puffer fish, also known as blowfish, developed their characteristic “inflatability” due to their slow, somewhat clumsy swimming style which makes them vulnerable to predators.” (National Geographic 1996-2011) Porcupine puffer fish have a shape much like that of a baseball bat, with large eyes to see their surroundings, a hard beak-like jaw to crush crunchy crustaceans and scales which are modified into...
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  • How to Catch a Fish - 540 Words
    What you’ll need. Here is a list of essential items for fishing. 1. A fishing rod and reel. You can get this already put together and strung with line at a department store, sporting goods department or at the bait and tackle shop. Make sure the line is 8 or 16 pound test line or at least tested for well above the weight of any fish you plan to catch. 2. A lure and/or bait such as fishing worms. These can be bought at a bait and tackle shop or you can catch some worms yourself...
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  • Fish and Management Case Study
    FITTskills: Global Supply Chain Management Case Study #5: Global Supply Chain Management and Shipping Case Study #5: Global Supply Chain Management and Shipping Catch of the day Kalastaa Inc. have been in the local Finnish aquaculture industry for nearly fourteen years. They raise salmon and trout for local markets, and have recently negotiated a deal with a small fish processing plant that distributes under a major product label in Finland. Although they run a rather small...
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  • Effect of Lion Fish on Reefs
    The Invasion of Lionfish Did you know that almost eighty percent of the fish living on a reef could be killed by a single fish that is only about the size of a human hand? This fish happens to be called the lionfish and is mostly known for its beautiful features and deadly poison. Lionfish are indigenous to the Pacific Ocean; however, they have recently invaded the Atlantic Ocean and are growing in population at an uncontrollable rate. Marine biologists and even everyday snorkelers fear the...
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  • Honey Flavored Smoked Fish
    CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTINGS In a “money-market” economy, people used to buy high quality products at low prices. The lower the price, the greater the quantity to be purchased, but not taking for granted the quality of the goods. This can be more apt to the basic necessities like meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, and the like for they are always needed in a household. As essentially given the largest part of the budget for instance in a family, food must be fully utilized. So,...
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  • Fish and Grant the Swordfish - 292 Words
    Swordfish By: Alicia Grant The swordfish (Xiphias gladius Linnaeus 1758), also called the broadbill, is the only member of the family Xiphiidae. As its name implies, this magnificent fish is characterized by an upper jaw that extends to form a flat, sharp-edged "sword." The swordfish is a beautiful streamlined with the upper jaw carried forward into its sword fish beak, flattened from top to bottom and oval in section. The front dorsal fin is high, short at the base, and curves backwards....
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  • Fish and Fin Bream - 1141 Words
    1,141 Words | 6 Pages
  • The Fish that Got away
    Shark Bait It was one of those long hot southern summers and I had been waiting for this trip for more than a week. I was going to go deep-sea fishing with my dad and Father Uncle Mike. We were going to go off the coast of Mississippi near the barrier islands in the Gulf of Mexico. This outing took place a little while after the BP Macondo oil spill, and many of the trees on the islands were still stripped of their branches and leafs from hurricane Katrina. Yet the natural beauty of...
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  • Different kinds of Fish. - 1151 Words
    Fish  Red cardinal fish: The average size of most Cardinal fish in captivity is two inches. Many hide among urchins or rocks during most of their juvenile lives. They are preyed upon by many predatory fish. Most cardinal fishes conceal themselves by day to avoid predation. Those that do feed by day usually form large shoals for protection.  Amberjack: The Greater amberjack is found in the Mediterranean Sea, living usually between 20 and 70 m of depth It is the largest genus in the...
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  • The Fish By: Elizabeth Bishop - 1094 Words
    ELIZABETH BISHOP'S "THE FISH" Elizabeth Bishop is a poet that is often admired for her vivid descriptive poetry. Her interest in reading and writing came early in life as she suffered from several illnesses that caused her to spend many hours alone. (Gale) Many critics admire Bishop's objectivity "because she was interested in viewing details spontaneously, without imposed rationalizations, in the manner of a naturalist" (Gale). Bishop is also known for writing poems about ordinary experiences...
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  • Overfishing: Fish Stocks - 1294 Words
    Overfishing Most of the problems associated with overfishing have been caused in the last 50 years by the rapid advances in fishing technology. There used to be hundreds of trawlers and fishing boats based at ports like Peterhead, Grimsby and Great Yarmouth, but these have now been replaced by huge factory ships which are able to stay out at sea for weeks at a time. These factory boats have all the equipment necessary either to freeze or tin fish caught by their hunting ships, so that they...
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  • How Fish and Locusts Breathe
    How fish breathe The water surrounding a fish contains a small percentage of dissolved oxygen. In the surface waters there can be about 5 ml. of oxygen per litre of water. This is much less than the 210 ml. of oxygen per litre of air that we breath, so the fish must use a special system for concentrating the oxygen in the water to meet their physiological needs. Here it comes again, a counter current exchange system, similar to the one we found in the fish's swim bladder and in the tuna's...
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  • Fish Study Guide - 268 Words
    Chordate and Fish Study Guide 1. What are 4 characteristics shared by all chordates? 2. Label the generalized structure of a chordate below: 3. What are the only two groups of non-vertebrate chordates? 4. How are larval and adult tunicates similar? Different? 5. When does a tunicate have all the characteristics of a chordate? 6. Describe the adult form of a lancelet. 7. What are the four unique characteristics of water? 8. How are lancelets and tunicates...
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  • Fishing: Fish and Live Bait
    How to fish Fishing really is not as simple as it may seem, however just about every child has been fishing once in their childhood. There are many different kinds of fish just as there are many different kinds of techniques. You can use artificial bait, as well as live bait, aswell as many different everyday household items. But before you can pick any of that you need to pick a location, location and weather is the key! When it comes to being successful at fishing, location is everything....
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  • The effectiveness of fish scales and gills flakes as an alternative fish feeds for milkfishes
    THE EFFECTIVENESS OF FISH SCALES AND GILLS AS AN ALTERNATIVE FISH FEED TO THE GROWTH OF TILAPIA (Oreochromis niloticus) A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of Science and Technology Department Carmona National High School Carmona, Cavite In partial fulfillment of the requirements for Special Science Curriculum of Secondary Education Program LOVETE, ARCHIE S. SANTISIDAD, PATRICK JOHN G. MARCH 2015 CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND The goal of this research is to determine...
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  • Overfishing the World Big Fish Population
    Over Fishing the World Big Fish Population Insert your Name Here SCI275 Axia College of University of Phoenix The overfishing of our world’s oceans is causing a depletion of some prize fish, such as tuna and swordfish, to the point that some scientists believe that 90% of these big fish populations have been fished out. Jeremy Jackson of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography published a study in 2001 in which he asserts that overfishing is more destructive than toxic pollution...
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  • The Decrease in Population of the Bluefin Tuna Fish
    During the early 1900’s the fishing of bluefin tuna became an international sport with increasing popularity. From the 1930’s through to the 1960’s, the Sharp Cup in Nova Scotia was held which was a popular international bluefin tournament, the largest catch being 1,760 recorded in 1949. Many other tournaments were also held throughout the Northeast United States until the mid- 1960’s, when bluefin tuna’s population appeared to have declined. A detailed study of the reason for this decline was...
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  • Overfishing: Fish and Academic Search Premier
    Topic: Overfishing Sources: Fishonline- Fish to Avoid. Marin Conservation Society, n.d. Web. 29 Mar. 2010. . Over Fishing - A Global Disaster. N.p., 2007. Web. 29 Mar. 2010. . Saeina, Carl, and Sarah Chasis. "Saving the Oceans." Science & Technology (2004). Academic Search Premier. Web. 23 May 2010. Safina, Carl. "Fishing off the deep End --- and Back." Multinational Monitor 24.9 (2003): 8-10. Academic Search Premier. Web. 5 Apr. 2010. Safina, Carl. "Where have all the fishes gone?" Issues...
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  • An Anyalsis of the poem 'The Fish' by Elizabeth Bishop
    The poem 'The Fish' by Elizabeth Bishop is a narrative poem told in first person about the capture of a fish by an amateur fisher and the progression of the understanding for the beauty of nature. As the poem progresses the speaker moves from a sympathetic pitiful view to a respected and admiring view of the fish. The internal confrontation of the speaker is aided with vivid imagery and similes. The speaker convinces the reader alternatively of both the fish's beauty and its repulsiveness. She...
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  • Small-Scale Fish Farming in Bangladesh
    Small-scale fish farming in Bangladesh Introduction For many people in Bangladesh small-scale fish farming is an important opportunity to generate income and is a significant nutritional source providing protein-rich food all year round. It comprises of a range of options that can be adapted to suit the needs and capacity of people living in rural Bangladesh. The two approaches commonly implemented on a small scale are: • Local pond fish farming • Open water fish farming in...
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  • Analysis of Elizabeth Bishop's poem "The Fish"
    "The Fish" by: Elizabeth Bishop * The Theme of 'True' Beauty or 'Inner' Beauty: Neither her battered boat nor the "venerable" old fish is beautiful in conventional terms. Their beauty lies in having survived, & when the speaker realizes this, "victory filled up / the little rented boat" & she understands that "everything / was rainbow, rainbow, rainbow!" That is when she lets the fish return to his home in the water. The fish helps Bishop to notice true beauty: "The fish is only ugly or...
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  • Aqua Fish Canada Inc Ai
    Page 1 (8 pages) Practice Case Examination Aqua Fish Canada Inc. (AFC) Additional Information May 2007 to April 2009 Update Over the past two years, AFC has faced more intense competition, particularly from aquaculturists in Chile. In addition, Chilean output has increased the supply of salmon and the Canadian dollar has strengthened in relation to the U.S. dollar. As a result, AFC has been unable to meet its budgeted revenue targets. Stocks of unsold harvestable fish have increased,...
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  • SCI 275 Declining Fish Stock
    Declining Fish Stock One major problem we are facing as a country is the rapid decline in several different species of fish in the ocean. Some specialist have actually looked into this to determine the cause for the decline in fish in the ocean. One of the major causes is that some species of fish are being fished more than others. It is even stated that more fish than the species are being able to actually reproduce. This alone could eventually lead some of the species into extinction. This...
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  • Fish Feel Pain Fact or Fiction
    Research shows that fish respond to painful stimuli in a manner that is not just a simple reflex. In the article “Hooked on a Myth” by Victoria Braithwaite, biologists say “We shouldn’t be so quick to believe that fish don’t feel pain.” The Standing Committee of the European Convention for the Protection of Animals Kept for Farming Purposes explains, "The skin of the fish is the first line of defence against disease and provides protection from the environment. It contains sensory receptors for...
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  • Fish, Shoaling Behavior, and the Role of Pheromones
    Introduction Shoaling is a widely important mechanism used by fish in freshwater and marine environments. Although used rather loosely in conjunction with the term “schooling,” the two words differ in definition by nature of organization. Where shoaling refers to a congregation of conspecific fish that stay together, schooling indicates that those fish are swimming in a coordinated fashion. Shoaling is not a learned behavior, but one in which a species is born to participate. This conduct...
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  • Leather Made of Janitor Fish Skin
    Leather Made of Janitor Fish Skin In ancient times, animal skin has been used by our ancestors as their reliable clothing for cold climates. The time is evolving; many ideas came out for where to get other sources of leather since the usage of animal fur and skins is against the animal welfare law for some countries, especially if the animal is an endangered species. Many manufacturers are seeking for other alternatives that can be used as Leather. On the other hand, Janitor fish is...
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  • How do Flying Fish Fly?
    How do Flying Fish fly? Contrary to popular belief, flying fish don't technically fly, but they can glide through the air, using winglike fins and a powerful tail. When pursued e by a predator, a flying fish heads straight for the water's surface at a rapid speed, with its fins tucked in close to its body. As it breaks the surface of the water, it spreads its "wings" and uses its flapping tail, still underwater, to give it an extra boost. Flying fish don't 'fly' very high-usually just...
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  • Cod: a Biography of the Fish That Changed the World
    One would think that eating cod would be more enjoyable than reading about them. This is not the case in Mark Kurlansky's book entitled Cod: A biography of the Fish That Changed the World. Before reading this book I was wondering to myself how an author like Kurlansky could make a book about cod so fascinating and very hard to put down. In my opinion, Kurlansky portrays one of the most mundane items and transforms it into an engaging and informing text that is truly easy to read. To give a brief...
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  • A Sensory Eveluation of Fishball Using Freshwater Fish
    CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction: Fishballs are common snack item or cocktail in our community. It is the favorite food among many people particularly the children and teenagers. This food item is very easy to make and it only needs a few ingredients. Further, this product could be stored for a long time and just fried before consumption. However, it is best when consumed as freshly fried because it may cause rancidity. Fish balls in the Philippines are sold by street...
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  • Fish Value Chain Aaron Henderson Group
    Aaron Henderson Ryan Gase Brandon Smith Chris Duncan Jon Kleinschmit Michaela Gebauer Tanner Powers MGMT 370 Section J Priyanka Jayashankar 12/10/14 Fish Value Chain Management and Challenges in Service Provision Value Addition and Cottage Industry Development in Africa, VACID Africa, is a social organization that offers services to large and small agricultural operations, specializing in value chain addition (“Who We Are.”). The VACID Africa fish value chain case study is very interesting in a...
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  • Notes: Fish Production (I - Fishing Boats)
    Production Lesson 1: Fishing Boats Fish Fishing It is the process of catching fish; it had existed even before the rise of man. Different types of animals can fish; many birds have beaks or talons made for fishing. Osprey Kingfisher Puffin • Early human settlements/civilization were close to lakes or rivers because of their abundance in resources. • Primitive fishing gear were made of materials such as wood, bone, or metal. During the latter part of the...
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  • How to clean a fish tank the right way
    Exercise On Writing The Process Essay How to clean a fish tank the right way By Moises Maya Every weekend, normally saturday I used to clean mi fish tank (back when I had one), the process is a easy one, but easy doesn't mean fast or not careful, first of all you have to make sure you have all the right equipment for this process. First of all you're gonna need a large bucket already full of water, not the same as the tank itself but one that your fish can be comfortable in, this is where...
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  • Behavior of Fish in an Egyptian Tea Garden Commentry
    Behavior of Fish in an Egyptian Tea Garden ‘Behavior of Fish in an Egyptian Tea Garden’ is a narrative poem by Keith Douglas observing the actions of a seductress and a variety of men dining in an Egyptian Tea Garden. Douglas effectively employs a profusion of techniques including metaphors, similes, extended metaphor, and imagery to show the animalistic nature of men when beguiled by a ‘white stone’. The poem’s subtext is the ugliness of physical attraction that has been warped by lust for...
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  • Declining Fish Stock: over-Fishing the World's Oceans
    The world’s oceanic large fish populations are disappearing at an alarming rate and extinction is a growing concern. An estimated 90% are already gone and the situation will continue to get worse if drastic measures are not taken (University of Phoenix, 2007). Even though the fishing industry will suffer, conservation methods should be developed and enforced soon because large fish populations are endangered and their habitats are being destroyed. Various netting techniques not only deplete fish...
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  • How Does Temperature Affect Respiration Rates of Fish?
    Name: ____________________ /35 How Does Temperature Affect Respiration Rates of Fish? Google the web site and in the upper left corner search for “goldfish lab”. Select the fish temperature lab. Use the simulator to gather data. Contact 4 classmates and get their data. (or run the simulation 5 times yourself) Complete the table. Complete a graph using the average respiration rate vs time. Answer the questions. ** no additional report is needed**...
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  • Water Resource Plan: Declining Fish Stock Paper
    In the video declining Fish Stock VLR its about the declining numbers of fish stock that is in the oceans. There is a disagreement between commercial fisheries and the Scripps Institute of Oceanography about what the right thing would be to do in order to help the fish population. Its clear to me that there is a huge problem with fishing and as it stated in the video over fishing has become more toxic to the ocean than toxic pollution and it is reversible but there would have to be a totally...
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  • Wk 6 Assignment - Paper on Declining Fish Stock
    One of the water source problems is the big fishing fleets have wiped out the ocean of 90% of big fish. There was a 10 year study that showed that there are plenty of the fish in the sea. However, the biggest fish have been pulled from the ocean; leaving around 10% of big fish still in the ocean. This is a challenge that is bringing competition amongst fishermen like never before. A scientist by the name of Jackson states the ocean is not equipped to have continued hunting and gathering at...
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  • Water Resource Plan Declining Fish Stock
    Water Resources Plan Declining Fish Stock Phaedra M. Jackson SCI/275 May 12, 2013 Natasha Henry-White Water Resources Plan |Action Items |Action Steps |Timeline | |(in order) | | | |Research and identify the decrease in the |Research local fishermen and...
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