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  • Fair Labor Standards Act
    Fair Labor Standards Act Overview The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended is also referred to as "the Act" or "FLSA". The Act provides for minimum standards for both wages and overtime entitlement, and spells out administrative procedures by which covered work time must be compensated. FLSA also include provisions related to child labor, equal pay, and portal-to-portal activities. A general overview of FLSA is that it establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, and...
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  • Fair Labor Standards Act
    The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) affects most public and private employment. The act requires employers to pay employees, who are not otherwise exempt, at least the federal minimum wage and overtime pay for more than 40 hours worked in a given workweek. The FLSA was originally established in 1934, but has been amended several times in order to make changes to the minimum wage requirements. The issue at hand is whether the employee should be compensated for the 36 hours of overtime associated...
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  • The Fair Labor Standards Act
    The Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA requires observance with payment of minimum wage. The federal minimum wage according to the US department of Labor "for covered nonexempt employees is $5.15 per hour. The federal minimum wage provisions are contained in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Many states also have minimum wage laws. Where an employee is subject to both the state and federal minimum wage laws, the employee is entitled to the higher of the two minimum wages." (www.dol.gov) FLSA...
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  • Fair Labor Standards Act
    Today we are fortunate to have laws to protect us from being forced to work excessive hours without being fairly compensated. We have laws to protect our children from being forced to work at an early age and these laws protect us from working in unsafe and unhealthy conditions. In 1938 our 32nd president Franklin D. Roosevelt was able to have the “Fair Labor Standards Act” passed and signed into law. This piece of legislation was a land mark in our history. It banned most child labor; it set...
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  • What is The Fair Labor Standards Act?
    What is The Fair Labor Standards Act? Jacqueline Daniels ACCT 1130 Payroll Accounting Tomeika Williams February 5, 2014 Abstract “The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938 is one of the most important pieces of legislation ever enacted, giving a voice to the millions of Americans in our workforce.” (Resource FLSA Law , 2006) Keywords: workforce What is The Fair Labor Standards Act? In 1983, President Roosevelt retained the Fair Labor Standards Act, which...
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  • Fair Labor Standards Act and General Agent
    1. Jon was named to run the Clayborn General Store. He was given the power to hire and fire salespeople, buy and sell stock, supervise all operations, and make out the weekly work schedule. Name and explain the type of agent that Jon’s authority made him. Jon is a general agent. A general agent is a person who is given broad authority to act on behalf of the principle in conducting the bulk of the principal’s business activity on a daily basis. As a general agent, Jon has the authority to...
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  • Child Labor - 326 Words
    How Child Labor Has Changed During the late 1700s and early 1800s child labor was formed due to the increase of factories being built. While this not only meant an increase of jobs being formed, but this was also the start of a revolutionary thing. Today there are strict laws on the age at which children can now work, how long, and how much they get paid. While child labor still exists in the United States today it is much less common than it was all those years ago. In the past there...
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  • Child Labor - 341 Words
     Child Labor during the Industrial Revolution was brutal. Not only were children under paid, if paid at all; they were treated like animals. Plenty has changed over time since then, that has to do with child labor laws. Businesses now have so many requirements they have to meet when hiring minors. During the Industrial Revolution child labor was at an all time high. Children worked in factories very long hours for barely any money. They worked in extremely dangerous conditions. They were...
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  • Child Labor - 437 Words
    Child labor is not an easy issue to resolve. Many of these children are from very poor families and work to pay for their family and/or their education. Deprived families are lacked income which has led to some children seeking different, lower paid work, selling drugs and even prostitution in some cases. Other ways with schemes to help children would likely be needed so that this labor can be phased out. Child Labor Past: The worst took place in the 1800’s and early 1900’s when such...
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  • Labor Law and Human Capital
    Labor Law and Human Capital Management Patti L. Jolicoeur Human Resource Management in the 21st Century HRM5004 – u03a1 October 30, 2010 Theresa Pavone Abstract There are many laws and regulations affecting HR Professionals and labor in the workplace. The U.S. Department of Labor oversees these and ensures organizational compliance. The relationship of labor laws and human capital management is a balance of analyzing workforce strengths and vulnerabilities and risk management to...
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  • Equal Pay Act Assignment
    Equal Pay Act Assignment HRM6010 – Total Compensation Submitted by Prapatsorn Ratanasait Presented to October 28, 2014 College of Professional Studies Northeastern University Research the Equal Pay Act of 1963: why is it important to know this law when designing the internal alignment piece of your compensation program? The Equal Pay Act (EPA) means men and women receive the same amount of payment for doing the same work, which it will be illegal if employers pay women less than men...
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  • Labor Management Relations Example Paper
    Title: The effectiveness of the current labor relations system Course: Labor and Management Relations The current labor relations system has its strengths and weaknesses. It can work well within the workplace, but the system has barriers that can create issues with resolving disputes within it. Unions and management often are able to negotiate provisions peacefully in the labor agreement to allow such things as medical and dental insurance, shift differential pay, pensions, employee...
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  • Labor Relations Mock Negotiation Research Paper
    Mock Negotiation Problem Issues in the Mock Negotiation Problem: Being a member of the Local 5000 in this whole project I could point out numerous things that make the employees at Auto Products Corporation want things better. There seems to be issues at the Indianapolis plant concerning overtime, premium pay, and even subcontracting instead of using their own employees to do the work. What I have also gotten from this mock negotiation is that in the past, the union and management have...
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  • Employment Law and Labor Relations Issues in your Workplace
    Equal opportunity is a descriptive term for an approach intended to give equal access to an environment or benefits, such as education, employment, health care, or social welfare to all, often with emphasis on members of various social groups which might have at some time suffered from discrimination. This can involve the hiring of workers and other such practices. Social groupings generally emphasized in such a way are those delineated by aspects of gender, race, or religion. In my workplace...
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  • Labour Cost - 2279 Words
    Labor Cost Cutting Strategy In a sluggish economy, it is more important than ever for businesses to cut costs. Knowing how to reduce the cost of paying employees without reducing product quality, dropping employee morale or otherwise sacrificing the way you do business can be the difference between being in the red or the black at the end of the year. Stop the Overtime * Don't pay overtime unless it is absolutely necessary. Remember that you must pay non-exempt employees 1 1/2 times...
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  • Organizational Objectives and Total Compensation in Different Markets
     Organizational Objectives and Total Compensation in Different Markets Vaughn V. Van Over HRM/324 June 22, 2015 Dr. Rebekah Benson Organizational Objectives and Total Compensation in Different Markets Compensation laws designed to protect the employees of an organization. A compensation package comprises of monetary and non-monetary benefits to help an organization in retaining the highly qualified, to spark high performance, and to attract quality applicants. Those compensations will...
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  • Phase 1 Ip- the Basics of Law and the Court System
    Phase 1 IP- The Basics of Law and the Court System Colorado Technical University MGM225-1204B-02: Introduction to Business Law January 27, 2013 Wendy L. McKain Phase 1 IP- The Basics of Law and the Court System In the case of the employee who claims that she was treated dishonestly by working overtime without being paid. I believe since she was a salaried, exempt department manager in other instance she would not have a case ,but since she did jobs that did not fall...
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  • Organizational Objectives and Total Compensation
    Organizational Objectives and Total Compensation in Different Markets University of Phoenix HRM/324 Total Compensation July 25, 2011 As a human resource consultant a client has asked me to explain how certain laws and regulations affect total compensation in his organization. The compensation laws are defined in order to create non-discrimination in the compensation provided to employees in the organizations. I will help in explaining the laws and regulations. The compensation laws...
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  • Wal-Mart Ethics - 2358 Words
    Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is currently entangled in a legal battle that will decide if the company has engaged willfully in gender-based discrimination. Underlying causes, organizational culture and ethical issues will be examined in determining how the largest private employer in the United States could have fallen prey to unfair labor practices. "In 1999, women constituted 72% of Wal-Mart's hourly employees, but only 33% of its managerial employees" (Bhatnagar, 2004). This fact and many others...
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  • Case Analysis - 486 Words
    Week 4 Assignment 2 Case Analysis /Scenario Olivia Malardo South University Online Human Resource Management MGT3045 Instructor: Erin Oetken August 21, 2013 Week 4 Assignment 2 Case Analysis /Scenario The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, and recordkeeping and child labor standards for both full time and part time workers in the United States. The FLSA establishes minimum wage and state and local government rules of employment. Exempt employees are...
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  • Exempt vs Non-Exempt
    There are a number of areas in the work environment that are affected differently when looking at exempt and non-exempt status. These include: overtime, compensatory time off, incentives for non-exempt employees, training time, and travel time. Two benefits that are the same regardless are the family medical leave act (FMLA) and unemployment benefits. The regulations are the same for both groups of employees. (Barada, 2011) “Employees whose jobs are governed by the Fair Labor Standards...
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    HUMR 427 FINAL EXAM ESSAY QUESTIONS COMPENSATION ADMINISTRATION 1.) Exempt jobs are not subject to provisions of the FLSA with respect to minimum wage and overtime. Exempt employees include most executives, administrators, professionals, and outside sales representatives. Nonexempt employees are those who are subject to the provisions of the FLSA. To qualify for any of the preceding exemption categories, all of the pertaining tests must be met. Because of their duties, responsibilities,...
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  • Managing Nonmonetary Compensation - 1744 Words
    Executive Summary Background and Introduction Andrew Nelson, an accomplished respiratory therapist, works for Breathing Care Associates, and works out of the local hospital. High turnover, lack of managerial skills, and trying to lower labor costs has lead Drew to work many hours over his normal hours. He is an exempt employee and is not entitled to overtime, but he does get a dollar an hour for on-call services. Andrew has met his maximum “earned time” off and is in need of a vacation,...
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  • Case Study Write Up - 614 Words
    Alin NIRAMORN Case Study Methods Lori Ostlund 09/019/2012 Case Write-Up Summary of Case Situation In the case, Raleigh & Rosse, Simons and Mahoney (2011) report that in the beginning of year 2010, R&R is being sued by its sales associates. The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) states that R&R has continued breaking the state law by encouraging employee to work “off the clock”. R&R is a U.S. luxury good retailer run by family member. The company mission is to serve their...
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  • Exempt or Non Exempt - 852 Words
     Exempt or Nonexempt 1. Amy classified the shift leaders for exempt status because some of their job functions fall within the criteria of an exempt employee. The criteria’s she based the exemption status on were their responsibilities and duties which enabled them to have a certain amount of authority and other factors led to the consideration for the exemption status. The nature of their duties as managers allowed them the ability to delegate and assign the employee to the various work...
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  • Flsa - 1863 Words
    Fair Labor Standards Act The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is an act that was passed by Congress to help regulate minimum wage, working hours and child labor in the United States. As a requirement of the Fair Labor Standards Act, employers are also obligated to keep and maintain appropriate records of both exempt as well as non-exempt employees (www.dol.gov). In addition, for employees earning salaries that are at the lower end of the pay scale, a provision of this Federal Act has made sure...
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  • Rights and Benefits of Filipino Workers
    Social Security System (SSS), isang ahensya ng gobyerno na nangangasiwa sa mga benipisyo ng mga manggagawa at karaniwang mga Pilipino tulad ng sickness benifit, maternity benifit sa mga kababaihan, salary loan, calamity loan at marami pang iba. Maituturing itong seguridad ito ng bawat mamamayan. Ang Pag-IBIG Fund Ovearseas Program(POP) ay isang uri ng pag-iimpok at housing loan program ng Home Development Mutual Fund(HDMF), mas lalong kilala bilang Pag-IBIG Fund, na naglalayong magbigay sa...
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  • Week 6 Employment Law
     Leslie S Wakefield Employment Law of Business Mrs. Marianne Graham Week 6 Homework Determine whether the employee has a potential FLSA claim. Explain the legal basis for your conclusion. From an HR perspective list, explain and analyze five things an employer can do to insure compliance with FLSA and avoid claims. Based off the information I read and how I interpreted the information. I don’t believe that Mike Murphy has a potential claim under...
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  • Dessler11 - 4024 Words
    Chapter 11: Establishing Strategic Pay Plans Multiple Choice 1. _____ refers to all forms of pay or rewards going to employees and arising from their employment. a. Reimbursement b. Employee compensation c. Salary d. Benefits e. Remuneration (b; easy; p. 390) 2. Direct financial payments include all of the following except _____. a. wages b. insurance c. salaries d. incentives e. commissions (b; easy; p. 390) 3. Which of the following is categorized as an indirect payment portion of...
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  • Government, Regulations and Business Ethics
    Learning Activities Project Government Regulations Businesses Must Know Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced (Team) Time Line: 4 hours Description: The students will be assigned to a team to research the government regulations businesses need to know and follow. The team will be given the topics listed below to research. Students should locate at least two different sources for each topic. The team will then need to meet and collaborate to create a presentation to be given to...
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  • What Drives Organizational Change
    What Drives Organizational Change Paper What Drives Organizational Change? When a business first enters into the market the organization develops goals and missions that they have set forth to achieve. However, during the lifetime of the company there are many internal and external factors that can affect the company from reaching their goals and achieving their set forth mission. As a result a company may have to enforce organizational changes to help the company...
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  • Staffing Organization PTI - 993 Words
    STAFFING ORGANIZATION PT 1 Danielle Bates Milton Lawler BUS335 11/10/2013 Employment Relationship The type of labor relation I would establish between the Coffee Shop and its employees would have to be in accordance with the Department of Labor, Employment Standards Administration. It is essential to create this relationship by informing the employees that the coffee shop works in accordance with the laws and regulations given by the Department...
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  • Jake - 858 Words
    1. Explain whether Jake’s actions are in or out of “his scope of employment.” Jake’s actions are considered in his scope of employment for his specific role as a mechanic for his employment at the auto dealership. Jake notes to his employer, Herman that he has been working overtime for two days during the free oil change deal at the auto dealership. Jake tells Herman that he believes if he is doing the extra work for the car dealership’s special, he should be fairly compensated. In...
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  • Applied Business Law - 299 Words
    Applied Business Law – 27 Individual Work 1 Jessica Gaskins You are an employee at a nice paper mill and want to impress the boss by burning the midnight oil (but not too close to the wood pulp). For four consecutive weeks, you work forty-five, forty-two, thirty-nine, and thirty-one hours. If you are a nonexempt employee covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act, how many hours of overtime pay, if any, would you be entitled to? What would be the rate? The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 is...
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  • Recruitment And Selection Strategies Recommendations
     Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations Marina Zuluaga HRM/531 March 1, 2015 Anita Orozco Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations Recruitment and selection of candidates is one of the final stages in opening a new location. Clapton Commercial Construction will be a new company in Arizona and since it is looking at increasing their current staff; Clapton will have to define their strategic goals, specify their workforce need and define a candidate...
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  • Compensation Term Paper - 2908 Words
    1. Choose a specific job and then describe the types direct and indirect compensation that might be important by referring to Chapter 2 of your textbook and your course syllabus and knowing that you should provide a number of examples. Title of position: Director of Operations Direct Compensation Indirect Compensation Base Pay Employee Benefits...
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  • MGT 330 Week 3 Discussion Questions 1
    This work MGT 330 Week 3 Discussion Questions 1 shows solution on this task: "Present your organization's structure as it exists today and as you would improve upon it. Explain your changes. Comment on the presentations of your peers." Business - Management Legal Aspects of Staffing. Select one of the laws listed below and explain how it has changed the staffing process. Also select one governmental activity from the second list and explain how it influences staffing. Respond...
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  • Law and Senior Regional Staff
    Scenario Three: Briefing the Cost Club Senior Regional Staff Background This is a continuation of the facts presented in Scenarios One and Two. If necessary, review Scenarios One and Two before beginning Scenario Three. In Scenario One, you assumed the role of assistant manager of Human Resources (HR) for a regional office of Cost Club. Your first assignment was to handle some important issues that were presented in five messages that your boss, Pat (whose last name is the same as your...
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  • MGT 330 Week 2 Discussion Questions 2
    This paperwork MGT 330 Week 2 Discussion Questions 2 shows solution on this problem: "What are the different types of plans that organizations can use? What types of plans does your organization use and why?" Business - Management Legal Aspects of Staffing. Select one of the laws listed below and explain how it has changed the staffing process. Also select one governmental activity from the second list and explain how it influences staffing. Respond substantively to two other...
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  • MGT 330 Week 4 Discussion Questions 1
    The file MGT 330 Week 4 Discussion Questions 1 has solution on this task: "Tell us about the leader in your organization that you have identified. How well does this leader fit in the organizational structure you have identified. Comment on the posts of your peers." Business - Management Legal Aspects of Staffing. Select one of the laws listed below and explain how it has changed the staffing process. Also select one governmental activity from the second list and explain how it...
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  • BUS 409 Assignment 1
     Assignment 1: Compensation Practice BUS 409- Strategic Compensation October 28, 2014 Yahoo’s compensation strategy is guided by the need to increase performance. Its best compensation practice and compensated-related challenges are in retaining key employees and attracting new talent while keeping costs under control. Its compensation practices can have a positive or negative impact on the company and its stakeholders. On the other hand, laws, unions and market factors impact the...
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  • How Laws Affect My Life
    Laws Affect My Life If someone were to ask me, "What has the government done for you today?" I would most likely say nothing, but as I researched I have looked back on my past and my present. I have realized realized that through the years I have really noticed that laws do hold a foundation on my everyday life as well as others. Laws are principles and regulations that are established under the authority of the state and/or the nation. They help to form the foundation for a country that...
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  • MGT 330 Week 3 Discussion Questions 2
    This file MGT 330 Week 3 Discussion Questions 2 shows solution on this task: "What are the different types of organizational structures? Which type of structure do you feel is the most effective? Why? How can organizations determine if they are structured in the most effective and efficient manner?" Business - Management Legal Aspects of Staffing. Select one of the laws listed below and explain how it has changed the staffing process. Also select one governmental activity from the...
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  • Human Resources Management - 1159 Words
    NAME _________________________ DATE________________ This exam has two (2) parts – multiple choice and short answer essay. Circle the correct answers (2 points each). 1) The methods used to give new or present employees the skills they need to perform their jobs are called ________. A) orientation B) training C) development D) appraisal 2) The first step in a training program is to ________. A) assess the program's successes or failures B) design...
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  • Human Resources Management Class Notes
    Critical Incident Method Critical incident An unusual event that denotes superior or inferior emplyee performance in some part of the job The manager keeps a log or diary for each employee throughout the appraisal period and notes speciic critical incidents related to how well they perorm. Behaviroal Checklist Method The rater checks statemnets on a list that the rater believes are characteristic of the employee’s performance or behavior. Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale...
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  • Omega 3 Dietary suppliments
    Exam 412715RR Compensating Human Resources 1. Organizations being squeezed between labor and product markets need to A. couple pay policies with creative HR, production, and marketing management to make workers' contributions more valuable and products more profitable. B. change their strategic mission and direction, moving to more attractive industries. C. move from job-based pay structures to skill-based pay systems, where employees are empowered and jobs are more enriched. D. move their...
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  • Compensation and Benefits Strategies Recommendations
     Compensation and Benefits Strategies Recommendations Compensation and Benefits – Landslide Limousines As a team of consultants at Atwood Allen and consulting, we have received a request to develop a compensation and benefits plan to support Bradley Stonefield as he opens up his limousine business in Austin, Texas. In Bradley’s initial request, he requested that his package be similar/comparable to other limousine company’s in the area. Mr. Stonefield still maintains that he...
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  • Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements Paper
    Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements Paper HCS 341 Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements Paper The workplace is a delicate environment filled with different personalities types. These differing needs of feeling safe and comfortable create many challenges in the workplace. The creation of the Human Resource Department has helped create a safety net for all employees to fall under and create a stable environment for employees to feel safe and secure. Regulations such as Equal...
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  • Changes That Affect Managers
    Two main groups of changes affect managers’ jobs and are significant to an organization: external forces and internal forces. With external forces, the need for change comes from various sources outside the organization: marketplace, governmental laws and regulations, technology, labor markets, and economic changes. Internal forces originate from the internal operations of the organization or from the impact of external changes. They include redefining an organization’s strategy, workforce, new...
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  • Prohibition Dbq - 412 Words
    Reform movements started in the 19th century and early 20th century to address specific problems. The women’s rights movement, the temperance movement and the movement to end child labor would be a part of it. All of these movements became successful by hard work. The women’s rights movement is when women fought for their rights and entitlements. The temperance movement is a social movement that prohibited the use of alcoholic beverages. The movement to end child labor was made to end child...
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  • Employment Law Compliance Plan
    Employment Law Compliance Plan Kyle Stewart HRM/531 Dec. 20/2014 Dr. Kristine Pak MEMORANDUM TO: Traci Goldman FROM: Kyle Stewart DATE: 12/20/14 Subject: Employment Laws In response to your request I was able to create an employment law compliance plan for a Mr. Bradley Stonefield. Mr. Stonefield is planning to open a limousine service in Austin, Texas. The first year plan is for 25 employees. This memo will examine the employment laws and how they are applied. In addition, the...
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  • Rgis Lawsuit - 544 Words
    The company in my state that was involved in a lawsuit is RGIS. Some of the factors related to this case is not being paid for transportation to and from inventory sites, time spent waiting to start inventory, and not given itemized wage statements. RGIS is an inventory chain who is guided by a set of core values that helped them grow from a small, regional operation to a global leader serving many of the largest companies on the planet. It was founded by Thomas Nicholson in 1958 and I...
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  • Employer and Employee Relations - 1156 Words
    Running head: EMPLOYER AND EMPLOYEE REGULATIONS Employer and Employee Relations Jeffrey Cox, Alicia Hill, Theresa Kirkwood, Lisa Layne, Christopher Mead, & Matthew Sanders University of Phoenix Online MGT/434 Jennifer Schneider March 15, 2010 Employer and Employee Relations Employers face many challenges within the workplace but federal laws and regulatory agencies exist to ensure that employers’ are correctly...
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  • Minimum Wage at a Rise - 578 Words
    In 1938 the federal government established the Fair Labor Standards Act. This law marked the first time that employers were legally required to pay their employees overtime for certain jobs. When the law was first passed the country’s minimum wage was $0.25 per hour. The federal minimum wage applies to every state under Washington’s Constitutional authority to regulate “interstate commerce,” but several states have passed their own laws to raise the minimum wage above the federal $7.25 level....
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  • MGT 330 Week 5 Discussion Questions 2
    In this file MGT 330 Week 5 Discussion Questions 2 there is a solution on this problem: "What are the different types of control systems? What are some advantages and disadvantages of the various control mechanisms? How does your organization use the steps of the control process?" Business - Management Legal Aspects of Staffing. Select one of the laws listed below and explain how it has changed the staffing process. Also select one governmental activity from the second list and...
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  • Plastec Strategic Comp - 1561 Words
     Strategic Compensation Plan for Machine Operators: Plastec Company Case Study Webster University Strategic Compensation Plan for Machine Operators: Plastec Company Case Study Over the last 18 months, Paul, Director of HR, has faced many challenges within Plastec Company regarding high turnover rates, discrimination and much needed training, along with other various human resource concerns. The organizational culture has thus improved. In effort to keep that...
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  • Maintaining Job Descriptions - 1245 Words
    MAINTAINING JOB DESCRIPTIONS 2 Summary of Situation Include a brief summary of the situation As per text book, Staffing Organizations, a brief description is as follows: Because the InAndOut, Inc. Company is expanding and changing at a swift pace, adjustments in the company have to be made. This includes hiring new employees. The manager realizes there have not been any new job descriptions since eight years ago, and there has even been a job created since that time, the...
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  • Hr week 2 - 511 Words
    Besides having a good idea for a upstart business, and or having the financial resources to support this idea being knowledgeable about the employment laws in your state/area can and will be the start, and the end, for all business. Making sure a business is in compliances with rules and regulation can vary from state to state, and sometimes city to city. After conducting a throe research for applicable laws in the area, in which you’re planning to expand your business, there are several...
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  • Employment Law Scenario - 549 Words
     Employment Law Scenario Amy Giordano LAW/575 January 26, 2015 David Weischadle, II Employment Law Scenario When starting a new business, it is important to make sure that you will be following all of the proper regulations and compliances. There are many that a new business needs to think about. As Barbara’s Bakery LLC is almost ready to open their doors, they have called me in as a consultant to make sure that they are within compliance for the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA),...
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  • Teen Jobs in the United States
    Jobs in the United States are very limited. The number of jobs has significantly dropped since President Bush has been in office. "The president was handed a 5.6 trillion dollar surplus ladies and gentlemen, that is where he was when he came into office. Now we have a 2.6 dollar trillion dollar deficit. This is the biggest turn around in the history of the country. He is the first president in 72 years to loose jobs" Kerry said during the presidential debates. And the job market isn't looking...
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  • Hrm 510 Assignment 1
    Gabrielle Bryant Judie Bucholz HRM 510 Business Employment Law 04/26/2015 Outline one (1) job interview process, and document the methods that you must use to select the right person for available positions. Determine two (2) employment laws that you must consider in the process in question, and examine the key ramifications of the organization’s lack of enforcement of said laws. The job interview process I selected is deciding where and how to find qualified applicants. When...
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  • Diversity in the Workplace and Implications for Human Resource Development Paper
     Diversity in the Workplace: Implication for Human Resource Development - Paper Week 3 Homer Bolden BSHS/425 March 30th, 2015 Dr. Patricia Mc Donald Diversity in the Workplace: Implication for Human Resource Development - Paper Week 3 A brief description of the event and the work environment the discrimination occurred (Omit identifying demographic information and use fictitious names as needed). True event: When I was a younger man back in 1973 or 74, I was out in (Royal Oak) near the...
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  • US History Study guide
    Who were the progressives? A way to describe a broad, loosely defined political movement of individuals and groups who hoped to bring about significant change in American social and political life. Progressives included forward looking businessmen who realized that workers must be accorded a voice in economic decision making, and labor activists bent on empowering industrial workers. Other major contributors to progressivism were members of female reform organizations who hoped to protect women...
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  • How to open a restaurant - 1317 Words
    Memorandum A restaurant is a type of business that I would like to own after my graduation. My entire childhood was based on family restaurant, because my parents owned one. I liked the busy life style, and a place full of different people. I also liked challenges associated with it, and new ways of making the place better and more competitive. When I came to USA, I understood that this is what I want to do here, and I know that with some of my unique ideas I am able to create a...
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  • Employment Law Compliance Paper Glenda Ortega W2
     Employment Law Compliance Plan Glenda E. Ortega HRM/531 April 27, 2015 Prof. Yelena Paykina Employment Law Compliance Plan MEMO To: Bradley Stonefield From: Glenda Ortega on behalf of Atwood and Allen Consulting Group Date: April 28, 2015 RE: Employment Law Compliance Plan Law Compliance Purpose In order for Landslide Limousines Service to start operating in Austin, TX, we have decided to make an extensive research in all laws your company must comply in order to start your business. We...
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  • Employee Relations - 1715 Words
    Employer-Employee Relations Paper Employer-Employee Relations Paper There are many different relationships Charles Schwab keeps with its workforce. Schwab uses every type of employee: temporary, contractor, and permanent (or "regular"). Within these types of employees exists different methods of payment, both exempt and non-exempt. This paper will examine the definition of each type of employee and pay then examine how Schwab handles the relationship with each. Charles Schwab is also an...
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  • stronger candidate - 319 Words
    The key concepts and topics that have made me a stronger candidate to enter the business world is knowing what the rules and regulations are for federal, state, and local laws before opening a business is very important. Each State and local laws differ between states and cities, where the Federal laws and regulations are the same across the United States. Some of the Federal laws would be; • FLSA – Fair Labor standards Act which covers the wages and hours of the employees. • OSHA –...
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  • FMLA of 1993 - 1288 Words
    Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 has been a helpful law in aiding families to fair medical or family leave. This law helps make clear cut rules of how an employer can deal with an employee’s medical or family leave. This also lays out a clear way for employees to know what their rights are under the Family and Medical Leave Act. It defines the protections for all employees at a workplace with at least fifty employees who commute within seventy-five...
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  • Landslide Limo - 365 Words
    Compensation and Benefits strategy The key to success in the long run for your limousine company is to be at or above the national average for small business when it comes to benefits and compensation. Through research we have found that on average 54% of companies with less than 100 employees offer medical coverage for full time employees. This is the first key to acquiring topnotch experienced workers and keeping them with the company for an extended period of time. Average salary for an...
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