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  • Emotion and Music - 338 Words
    Sample Outline for Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Persuasive Speech Title: Life without Music Speaker: Karl Mathew Quimpo Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to realize how life without music is. Introduction: What is Music? How can music affects our lives? What is life without music? Music is the art of arranging tones in an orderly sequence so as to produce a unified and continuous composition. In reality, music does not have any one concrete meaning. Music has different meanings...
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  • what are emotions - 360 Words
    Helloo List of emotions From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is a list of emotions (feelings). Contents 1 Robert Plutchik's theory 2 Book Two of Aristotle's Rhetoric 3 The engineered language Lojban 4 Other websites Robert Plutchik's theory Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions This says that the basic eight emotions are: Fear → feeling afraid. Other words are terror (strong fear), shock, phobia Anger → feeling angry. A stronger word is rage. Sadness → feeling sad. Other...
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  • Emotion and Parents - 502 Words
    The story that I chose was “Under the Influence,” by Jeffery Rudell. In the story, Jeffery talks about when at the age of nineteen he came out to his parents as a homosexual. He then proceeds to talk about how his parents severed all communication with him, and the effect it had on his life. My immediate reaction to the story was to feel sympathy for Jeffery. I could not believe how a parent could disown their own child for being gay. The narrator talked about how when he told his parents,...
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  • .Basic Emotions - 284 Words
    Analyze a research method used for uncovering basic emotions- Category analysis of emotion words Category analysis of emotion words is theory used to describe emotions; the study explains that words have been created to describe our emotions based on emotional experiences. Certain words such as love or hate can give you a distinct feeling depending on the situation. Johnson-Laird and Oatley conducted a large analysis of 590 English words that we use to express emotion verbally and found that...
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  • Emotion and Trap Solitude - 784 Words
    Solitude Solitude is often feared or avoided because it is associated with isolation, abandonment, or loneliness. Yet for some people solitude is the occasion for the most serene, intense or exhilarating moments in life. Being alone may provide the necessary setting for spiritual search and attempt to understand life's meaning. Solitude is a time to enjoy one's sense of self. For a person to really experience solitude, it must be sought out with expectation and gratitude. Everyone is not...
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  • Touch Communicates Distinct Emotions
    Karen Sicard General Psychology Professor Michelle Garretson Touch Communicates Distinct Emotions Journal Summary November 30, 2011 Touch Communicates Distinct Emotions This article discusses touch, emotion, and communication. Past studies have focused solely on the emotional signaling of the face and voice. Through these three studies the authors investigate how different forms of touch communicate certain emotions. Our sense of touch is one of the most...
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  • The Emotions of Grendel the Monster - 516 Words
    The Emotions of Grendel the Monster Emotions are not just for humans. Animals have emotions too yet do we dub them human? No, we don’t, even though they too feel anger, sadness, and pain Grendel, thou he is a monster, has emotions. Would anyone consider him human? No, we all consider him a bloodthirsty monster. Animals, when they lose someone in their group they mourn. We feel their pain. Grendel takes away our family for food and fun. He feels joy from our pain and suffering. We...
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  • Experiencing and Expressing Emotions - 790 Words
    Aniesha Johnson February 3, 2011 Ch. 4 Experiencing and Expressing Emotions In the chapter, emotion is described as the powerful nature of an emotional experience and how we break it down. There are six primary emotions, surprise, joy, disgust, anger, fear, and sadness. They are identified through unique and consistent behavioral displays across cultures. However, every culture has different impressions of what the primary emotions in their culture are. While Americans consistently name...
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  • Attitude and Emotions a Powerful Lesson
    When someone is doing something or is about to do something, in a way we don't want it to be done and when we are not able to accept it, we become angry. However, when someone is doing something or is about to do something, in a way we don't want it to be done and we are able to accept it We remain tolerant. When someone has something which we don't have, or someone is able to produce the results which we are not able to produce and we are not able to accept it we become jealous....
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  • Unleash Your Emotions - 842 Words
    Unleash Your Emotions What are emotions? In simple words, they are feelings triggerred by certain 'happenings' in life. Emotions make us different from the average 'zombie' - it makes us human. Jokes apart, everyday we go through a myriad of emotions ranging from the subtlest to the most obvious and these emotion however good or bad make us who we are. We think we go through hundreds of emotions, little do we realise that these are just teeny tiny variations of the basic 9 emotions....
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  • Laboratory Assignment: Ability of Men and Women in distinguishing facial emotions.
    Laboratory Assignment: Ability of Men and Women in distinguishing facial emotions. The main objective of the lab experiment in class was to look at the men’s and women’s ability to distinguish various emotions with human facial faces on images. This experiment was performed in class. Both male and female students were asked to look at the images and distinguish different emotions. Introduction Distinguishing emotions of men and women presented on various images is difficult to some member...
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  • Psy220 Week 6 Positive and Negative Emotions Check Point
    Positive and Negative Emotions Check Point Positive emotions are healthy for us, both physically and mentally. Negative emotions that we may be having can be offset by positive emotions such as cheerfulness, joy and contentment. Positive emotions have effects that last longer than the effects of negative emotions. Certain positive emotions, such as joy, may lead to other positive emotions, which may lead to physical activity, creativity, and intellectual stimulation. Experiencing...
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  • How Does Fugard Creates Such Powerful Emotions In The Novel Tsotsi
    How does Fugard creates such powerful emotions in the Novel Tsotsi? Fugard uses various literary devices to originate high-energy emotions such as hate, hope and sympath. The reader feels sympathy every time when the victims of Tsotsi's gang are being described. Gumboot's and Morris's life were difficult enough, but they had the will to live on. They were men. This is set in strong contrast to Tsotsi's Gang which is still represented as children. Fugard blurs the background information of the...
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  • 3. Do you think the strategic use and display of emotions serve to protect employees, or does covering your true emotions at work lead to more problems than it solves?
    As this chapter has shown, emotions are an inevitable part of people’s behavior at work. At the same time, it’s not entirely clear that we’ve reached a point where people feel comfortable expressing all emotions at work. The reason might be that business culture and etiquette remain poorly suited to handling overt emotional displays. The question is, can organizations become more intelligent about emotional management? Is it ever appropriate to yell, laugh, or cry at work? Some people are...
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  • It Is Better To Be Feared Than Loved
    It is better to be feared than loved Hello everyone, my name is Catarina and with Carolina and Rafael’s help, we are going to prove how and why we feel this statement is wrong. We believe that is way better to be loved than feared. Lets start with simple definitions. Fear is an unpleasant caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm. Why would you want people to feel this way about you? Do you think people will respect you more because they fear you? To be loved is to be held in deep affection,...
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  • Blanche a Streetcar Named Desire
    Sympathy for Blanche, ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’. In the play ‘A Streetcar Names Desire’, I sympathize with Blanche to a large extent, but my sympathy has a limit. Blanche comes off as rude and later as a liar, which sets the limits to my sympathy which comes from the reasons behind her actions. I pity Blanche at the times where her loneliness is strong, when she gets stood up at her birthday, and finally when her sister abandons her. Opposing to the compassion, my sympathy pendulum stops...
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  • Facial Expressions Presentation.Doc - 353 Words
    II. Main Types of Emotions and Facial Expression Presenter: ■ 1. Happiness ■ 2. Sadness ■ 3. Anger ■ 4. Disgust ■ 5. Surprise ■ 6. Fear 1. happiness ( Features - forehead relax - lightly raised eyebrows - wrinkled outer corner eyes ( eyes smile - lifted cheekbones - lips corners pull up in a smile ( Comparison - The happiness facial expression associated with feelings of...
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  • A Ideal Partner - 251 Words
    To be able to completely trust your life on a simple word from your partner is a soul quality of admiration. A man that I know is going to be there for me through all the complexities that life puts forward, pleasant and not so pleasant no matter what the consequences. Women have consistently been recognized for their desire and style of communication, for the means of expressing emotions, frustrations, and information exchange. The quality of sincerity is one that can be the foundation of a...
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  • Writer's Duty - 422 Words
    Fernando Alpízar English Language and Composition October 24, 2012 According to the writer´s duty According to the writer´s duty, the duty of an author is to transmit compassion, pity, sacrifice, pride, honor, hope, courage, and love. The three...
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  • Mother Thonge - 314 Words
    1. variation something a little different from others of the same type 2. evoke call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses) 3. wrought shaped to fit by or as if by altering the contours of a pliable mass (as by work or effort) 4. intimacy a feeling of being intimate and belonging together 5. transcribe write out from speech, notes, etc. . 6. belie represent falsely 7. wince make a face indicating disgust or dislike Notes: "Wince" also means "draw back, as with fear...
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  • The Bureau D’echange de Maux
    Personal Response Essay While I was reading, “The Bureau d’Echange de Maux”, by Lord Dunsany, two emotions vivid emotions I experienced are anger and sadness. I felt these emotions because of how humans tend to not think carefully and end up regretting the choice they made, which is the main theme of this story, and how regret relates to my life. In the first part of the story, the protagonist goes to the Bureau d’Echange de Maux several times and begins to wonder about the trade of...
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  • Outside Reading Assignment : a Separate Peace
    Outside Reading Assignment (A Separate Peace) Gene and Finny are the main characters of A Separate Peace and Gene also serves as the narrator and protagonist of this book. In the beginning of the novel Gene and Finny appear to have a perfect friendship, although Gene has many mixed emotions regarding Finny. It is clear from Gene’s praiseworthy description of Finny’s athleticism, charisma, and charm that Gene admires Finny. It is also these qualities that make Finny the competition. Although...
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  • Desperate Despair - 377 Words
    Desperate in Despair When reading this realistic article "What Is Poverty?" by Jo Goodwin Parker, who shares her disturbing experiences living in poverty throughout her entire life. This story will open people's eyes to realize to be grateful for the little things we have in life. As the author defines poverty, one can feel her intentions are to put a sense of guilt towards the less fortunate. In the beginning, Goodwin advises the reader to, "Listen without pity" by the end, the persuasive...
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  • Life Is Beautiful Response
    Response-"Life is Beautiful" The movie, "Life is Beautiful", was an innovative and realistic film. It demonstrated many serious issues and aspects of life. Prior to viewing the film, I was not looking forward to watching it. I thought it would be very boring and more of a film that adults would enjoy. As soon as the film started, it was enjoyable. It got my attention right away because of the humorous atmosphere that the characters created. The emotions that I experienced during the film...
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  • Purpose, Audience and Tone - 619 Words
    This essay offers explanation to Mahmoud Darwish’s, “A Gentle Rain in a Distant Autumn”. We will go through analysis on what he’s trying to tell us, who he is trying to talk to and how he’s delivering this message. “A Gentle Rain in a Distant Autumn” is mainly about three matters. The Poet’s feelings and emotions towards the situation in Palestine and how he relates to it, the actual situation in Palestine and his one and only desire. The poet’s purpose is to take us on an emotional journey of...
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  • The Man Who Finds Out That His Son Has Become a Theif - Poetry Analysis
    Betrayed is what you would feel if you have been lied to by your own flesh and blood. The poem “The Man Who Finds That His Son Has Become a Thief” by Raymond Souster, depicts a father's emotions as he is told that his son is a thief. The father feels a various amount of emotions surging in him, ranging from anger, guilt and embarrassment, hurt and finally sorrow. In the beginning, the father first displays his anger. The father who believes his son to be an honest boy, he is “Coming into the...
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  • The Rain Horse - 259 Words
    Explore how Hughes gradually builds up a sense of menace in The Rain Horse. In 'The Rain Horse', Hughes reflects his emotions of disappointment, frustration and anger through imagery phrases of threat. He uses the horse as a symbolic source of his feelings and describes them in figures of speech. The return of the young man to the farm after twelve years made him a complete a stranger to the land which he didn't accept. The narrator manages to describe how this man is disillusioned,...
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  • Critical Thinking Worksheet - 616 Words
    Question 1: Did I deserve credit for the team assignment even though I didn’t do any work? Question 2: Do I tell the team it was my fault I missed the team meeting, because I didn’t mark my calendar? Question 3: Should I tell my team I’m obviously not good at time management because I had another project due on the same day as my team project? Question 4: Should I tell my friend that the skills she explained on the application she will really need them, and not just need them to get the...
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  • The Jealousy of a Woman - 729 Words
    “The Laboratory” by Robert Browning is a poem about a woman being engrossed by jealousy. Browning uses many literary techniques to show the escalating changes of the main character. Through the tone, persona, and figure of speech, Browning utilizes these three elements in order to create the envious nature of the woman in the poem. The poem begins with a tone that is filled with resentment, which also describes the speaker’s emotions that soon escalates erratically. The first sign of resent is...
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  • The Act of Compassion - 477 Words
     Kim Lake Becky Connolly English 98/99 1 November 2014 The Act of Compassion Compassion was a common theme in The Awareness by Gene Stone and Jon Doyle . To show compassion requires a desire to be sympathetic, show pity, love, and general concern for others. While in The Awareness each animal had varying ranges of emotions, such as anger, vengeance, and pity. Compassion was a common thread in each of the chapters. Compassion is...
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  • hap thomas hardly - 276 Words
     English literature Internal Assessment Acknowledgment I would first like to thank the lord for this blessing he has given so I was able to complete this IA on time; I would also like to thank my parent who has given me the right resources so I was able to have the right tools to the get the information I was needed....
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  • Fish Cheeks - 545 Words
    Fish Cheeks Acceptance in a new environment is tough whether you are from distant lands or around the corner fitting in is always desired. This is something many kids can relate to at one point or another. Amy Tan’s essay “Fish Cheeks” exposes the reader to the vulnerability she felt as a young Chinese teenager growing up in America. Fish Cheeks is a short story about a young Chinese girl in America with a crush on Robert, The son of the pastor of her church. Tan’s background inhibits the...
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  • A Separate Peace Summary 3
    A Separate Peace Dealing with enemies has been a problem since the beginning of time. "I never killed anybody," Gene had commented later in his life, "And I never developed an intense level of hatred for the enemy. Because my war ended before I ever put on a uniform, I was on active duty all my time at Devon; I killed my enemy there." In A Separate Peace, by John Knowles, the value of dealing with enemies is shown by Gene, who was dealing with few human enemies, but his emotions created...
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  • A Sad Experiences - 503 Words
    a sad experience After you have chosen your topic, make a list of at least three feelings or emotions that express how you feel. Caution: Do not confuse feelings with opinions. If you dislike a person because he makes you angry, you are expressing a feeling. If you dislike a person because you think he is rowdy, you are expressing an opinion. To say a person's rowdiness makes you angry is acceptable. Write an introduction. Name the person or experience you are writing about and state your...
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  • “What Is Anger? “ - 327 Words
    What is anger? Why is it that we go out of control? Why do we get angry at the people we love and care about? A natural reaction to pain or being hurt is anger. I believe it’s a part of human reflex, but is also voluntary. This mechanism strikes in, when the element of cause is perceived by us as a threat. As a teen, adult Authority was always an element of anger to me. Those who try to create attitudes such as Sexism, homophobia, racism, patriarchy, inequality, and oppression also make...
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  • To Kill A Mocking Bird - 438 Words
    Marigolds theme Most of the time there is a moment in life where one realizes they have lost all innocence and gained some compassion. '"'Marigolds'"' shows how one young girl transferred from a child to young adult through her life experiences. Throughout this story another young, but at the same time old in her prime, lady"'"s experiences are revealed: the author"'"s. In this short story, '"'Marigolds,'"' Eugenia Collier"'"s subconscious is unmasked through symbolism, diction, and...
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  • Amy Tan Fish Cheeks
    Amy Tan and Maya Angelou come from extremely different cultures, and trying to feel accepted in American Culture. Both authors discuss a feeling of being an outcast and how their cultural differences set them apart. However, Amy Tan effectively uses narration and description to depict her sense of isolation from the dominant American culture. Angelou’s story is set in the South during the 1930’s when racism was prominent in society and an acceptable practice. Angelou’s writing mostly...
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  • House on Mango Street: Four Skinny Trees
    The Trees of Hope and Courage In The House on Mango Street, the author Sandra Cisneros takes you into a completely different world through the eyes of a young, insecure Esperanza growing up in a poor section of Chicago. A vignette that especially stood out was “Four Skinny Trees”. In this vignette Esperanza is describing four skinny trees that are overlooked and underappreciated. Cisneros uses powerful personification techniques that not only create vivid images but trigger intense...
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  • Disappointment and Haters - 280 Words
    Disappointment, it’s the word that hurts me the most more than yelling and screaming ever will. It’s when someone I respect, love, or/and care for comes up to me and tells me in a frustrated and sad voice, that they’re not mad, they are disappointed. And it boy does it hurt. I’ve always strived to be a people’s pleaser. I have always tried to bend over backwards for people just to make them like me. Or I would try my hardest keep words and comments to myself, and for me it’s terribly...
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  • Hemingway's "The Old Man and The Sea" .
    In Hemingway's novel "The Old Man and the Sea" there is a common relationship between Santiago and the fish that dealt with respect but the desire to conquer. Within this relationship Hemingway describes Santiago's feelings and attitudes toward the fish and how these feelings change. At first, Santiago was glad he hooked the fish, then he felt sorry for the fish, and finally he felt guilty for going out so far. He describes Santiago's views by using many different stylistic elements such as...
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  • Experience Through Language - 667 Words
    Experience through Language. Different stories, plays, poems and films, told in different ways and at different times, can all provide insights into our contemporary society. This is the power through language and also one of Ted Hughes’s two main themes along with “the war between vitality and death”. Many of Ted Hughes’s poems show this “war” and “elements of shock and violence and aggressive imagery”. This is experience through language. Good morning year 11 and Miss Marsh. Today I’m going to...
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  • Investigatory Project - 414 Words
    Worry is thoughts, images and emotions of a negative nature in which mental attempts are made[vague] to avoid anticipated potential threats.[1] As an emotion it is experienced as anxiety or concern about a real or imagined issue, usually personal issues such as health or finances or broader ones such as environmental pollution and social or technological change. Most people experience short-lived periods of worry in their lives without incident; indeed, a moderate amount of worrying may even...
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  • A World Without Conflict - 273 Words
    A world without conflict No conflict no growth. The world without conflict people would lose their human nature; the society would have no development. Humans created with emotion, such as happiness, sadness, anger, jealousy, ect. Those emotions cause people to hate, suffer and love. If we without it, we would all be the same, no disagreement, no better idea, no own opinion. Even though there is no surefire way to tell what is the world looks like, or really accident prone due to lack of...
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  • Essay - 6720 Words
    basement, showing perhaps somewhat resentment and shame as well. Stored in his garage is a Ford Gran Torino vehicle in which was a reminder of his happier times in the past working at the Ford manufacturing plant. The Gran Torino, which is perfectly kept and preserved, parallels to Walt himself. Hidden, isolated, and untouched, the car represents Walt’s mentality, values, and his reluctance to accept the present and adapt to change. His desire to preserve the past, the American way, is shown...
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  • Greatest Salesman in the World - 270 Words
    1) TODAY I BEGIN A NEW LIFE. I will form good habits and become their slave. I will be the greatest salesman the world has ever known. 2) I WILL GREET THIS DAY WITH LOVE IN MY HEART. 3) I WILL PERSIST UNTIL I SUCCEED. 4) I AM NATURE’S GREATEST MIRACLE. 5) I WILL LIVE THIS DAY AS IF IT IS MY LAST. And, if is not, I shall fall to my knees and give thanks. 6) TODAY I WILL BE MASTER OF MY EMOTIONS. If I become overconfident I will recall my failures. If I...
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  • Birthday Party - 422 Words
    The purpose of this short story is to make the reader feel indignant and angry with the husband and compassion and sympathy for the wife. Brush uses diction and imagery to invoke these emotions in the reader. The author's diction is significant in the short story in achieving the author's purpose for the work. Brush uses adjectives such as "shy" and "little" and verbs like "beamed" and "crying" to describe the woman. The reader is immediately drawn to the wife's meekness and modesty. She is...
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  • write a letter to the principal of your school asking him/her to grant you leave for a family event
    24 September 2013 The Principal XYZ School New Delhi Subject: Application for one day leave Sir This is to bring to your kind notice that I am ABC studying in class VI of your school. I wanted to inform you that I will not be able to come to school on Friday 27th September 2013 because of an important family function wherein my presence cannot be avoided. I would be highly grateful to you if you'll grant me leave for one day. I assure you that I will definitely join back on the next...
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  • Love and Poem - 863 Words
    Carol Ann Duffy’s poem ‘Havisham’ is a poem in which there is an element of ambivalence. Havisham is spoken by ‘Miss Havisham’, a character from Charles Dickens ‘Great Expectations’. She was jilted at the alter by her fiancé and continues to wear her wedding dress and sit amongst the remains of her wedding breakfast for the rest of her life, while she plots revenge on all men. Duffy’s use of imagery and widely explored techniques effectively shows this element. Within the first line of the...
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  • Hiding Behind the Mask - 275 Words
    27 January 2011 Hiding behind the Mask As a non-traditional student attending college, I sometimes ponder on how I have secluded myself. I am taking both online and face-to-face classes, and seem to hide my fears one time or another. Like Paul Laurence Dunbar in his poem, “We Wear the Mask” I can tell that different types of people do hide behind the mask rather than being honest with themselves, because I seem to do that also, whether it is to save ourselves or the feelings of another....
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  • Sales Startegy - 2981 Words
    Formal Word for Email A request for further particulars will not involve any obligation A telegram is enclosed for your use, as this matter is urgent Accept our thanks for your recent remittance Acknowledging the receipt of your recent inquiry After examination we can confidently say After very carefully considering Again thanking you for the inquiry Agreeable to our conversation An addressed envelope is enclosed for your convenience An early reply will greatly oblige Answering your recent...
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  • Consumer's Post Purchase Evaluation
    1. Explain the consumer's post purchase evaluation process. After using a product or service the consumer compares the level of performance with expectations. Satisfaction occurs when the consumer’s expectations are either met or exceeded, while dissatisfaction results when performance is below expectations. Another possible outcome of purchase is cognitive dissonance which refers to a feeling of psychological tension or post-purchase doubt a consumer may experience after making a difficult...
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  • who moved my cheese book review
    WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? SPENCER JOHNSON The book deals with the inevitable “Change” that we all face in our walks of life and ways to deal with it. It all starts with a social gathering of several schoolmates discussing the various changes they all had faced and their incompetence to deal with it. That’s when Michael narrated them this inspiring story “WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?” It’s a story about two mice “Sniff and Scurry” and two little men “Hem and Haw” who are in constant search of...
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  • Aquianted with the Night - 487 Words
    Acquainted with the Night The first time I read the poem, I saw a murderer of a sort. Somewhere in the huge amount of time that I've spent reading stories, watching movies, and playing video games, “Acquainted” with the “Night” meant vampires. I can imagine something like an old man warning a younger gentleman, “Beware young man; In the darkest part of the night, those that are “acquainted with the night,” own the forest and it's roots. For it is there that they roam the free.” Something in the...
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  • letter home nurse ww1
    My dearest Mother, I am missing you dearly and I hope everything is well. I am getting very home sick, life here is different than over there. I can hear sounds of the battlefield and it’s very frightening. We also get very little sleep and it is so cold here. The food is so plain; we rarely eat meat. We eat mostly beans, potatoes and soup. I’m getting so tired of it. Many of the things I see are very disturbing but it feels good to help these men. Some of them have talked to me about their...
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  • Macbeth Soliloquy Analysis - 479 Words
    Angela So Mr. Pan ENG2D0 September 26, 2013 Lady Macbeth’s Unsex Me Soliloquy Analysis In 1.5. 36-53 of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Lady Macbeth delivers a sullen soliloquy which expresses her ambitious yet murderous thoughts, invoking dark spirits to, first, change and destroy her feminine nature, second, to let her feel no fear or guilt upon doing wicked acts such as murder, and then, third, to cover all of her vile and vicious crimes. By doing so, Lady Macbeth vividly reveals to the audience...
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  • Analysis of the Metaphor in the “Fisherman” Poem by Kurt Brown
    13 November, 2011 Analysis of the Metaphor in the “Fisherman” poem by Kurt Brown Life is a fishing ocean. This reveals the activities of man on a daily basis, where man has to go in search of his daily bread and the obstacles that he encounters. Brown’s poem, “Fisherman,” illustrates the sad condition of man and life’s struggles through the metaphor of a fisherman. Reading the poem makes me observe how life is in this period of recession, where man’s ego is far seen but his contentment is...
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  • Amy Tan's "Two Kinds".
    In Amy Tan's short story "Two Kinds" we see the strained relationship between a Chinese immigrant mother and a first-generation American daughter. Throughout the text, Jing-mei's mother continually pushes her to become a prodigy. She is so obsessive of her daughter's excellence, that she does not see the emotional damage she creates. Jing-mei reacts negatively to the pressure. She becomes indifferent, angry, excited and hopeful; her emotions fluctuate, because she is in a perpetual struggle...
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  • Scarlet Letter Book Review Sheet
    Meredith Franco BOOK REVIEW SHEET Title: The Scarlet Letter Author: Nathaniel Hawthrone Main Characters:​ Hester Prynne, Pearl, Roger Chillingworth, Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale Three scenes most important for developing main character(s): 1. ​ The first scaffold scene, which occurs in Chapters 1­3, focuses on Hester and the scarlet letter. She stands on the scaffold with quiet defiance, holding her baby in her arms. Meanwhile, a crowd of townspeople has gathered ...
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  • CS Lewis On Pride 1
    Today I come to that part of Christian morals where they differ most sharply from all other morals. There is one vice of which no man in the world is free; which everyone loathes when he sees it in someone else; and of which hardly any people, except Christians, ever imagine that they are guilty themselves. I do not think I have ever heard anyone who was not a Christian accuse himself of this vice. There is no fault that makes a man more unpopular, and no fault which we are more...
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  • "The First Day" Analysis
    “The First Day” by Edward P. Jones It’s only natural to keep vivid memories of certain monumental moments in life, such as the first day of school, for a long time. “The First Day” by Edward P. Jones tells the story of a mother and daughter on the daughter’s first day of school. In the beginning of the story, the mother goes to great lengths to prepare her daughter for this important occasion. After the preparation is over, she takes her daughter to a particular school before being told that...
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  • resign - 390 Words
    4 NOV 2013 Dear Sir/ Madam, I regret to inform you that I decided to resign from my present position as Advertisement Clerk with effective from 4 DEC,2013. Thank you for giving me a chance to learn and to gain the valuable experience in Oriental Press Group Ltd. I hope my resignation would not cause you much inconvenience. Thank you for your kind attention and would appreciate if you could let me have a reference letter before I leave. Yours sincerely, ______________________...
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  • Emotional Adjustment of the Physically Handicapped Child
    EMOTIONAL ADJUSTMENT OF THE PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED CHILD Sometimes babies are not born healthy or normal. Some parents will have a baby who has a birth defect, who is developmentally delayed or a baby who is born with special needs. Before your baby is born, you may or may not know that your baby will have special needs. When parents learn that their child has a disability, they begin a journey that takes them into a life that is often filled with strong emotions and difficult choices, and...
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  • Oranges and Fair Trade - 720 Words
    In both poems “Oranges” and “Fair Trade” by Gary Soto, the author explores the recurring theme of compassion and pride. Both poems have several ways to show the theme. The poem “Oranges” is about young love and knowing how it once felt. At the beginning of the poem, I get the sense that the boy is a little apprehensive in meeting his girl as he states, “Cold and weighted down / with two oranges in my jacket.” Certainly two oranges aren’t going to weigh anyone down, therefore the image described...
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  • Recognition Across Malay and Japanese Spoken Languages
    平成21年度 特別実験報告書概要 |課程,学籍番号,氏名 |課程:情報工学課程, 学籍番号:083447,氏名:LIYANA SAFRA BINTI ZAABAR | |工学分野名:情報処理工学分野 |指導教員名:青野雅樹 | |題 目 和   マレー語と日本語における音声からの感情認識 | |(英 Emotion Recognition across Malay and Japanese Spoken Languages)...
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  • Hope: Inferiority Complex and Separate Ingredients
    Dunton 1 Melissa Dunton Ms. Janette Williams Eng. 101 11 October. 2012 Hope I've always found that misconceptions can affect attitude. Sometimes we get too wrapped up in life's details. The separate ingredients of culture and lifestyle captivate us so throughly that we lose our perspective on life itself. We scurry like mice through a hedge maze--the real beauty of life lies just beyond the bushes, and what is that beauty? Simplicity is what it is. As T. Allen Culpepper, the...
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  • Values and Decisions - 9814 Words
    “The values instilled in us by our parents when we are children help to shape who we are and what we do. Describe how the values your parents instilled in you influence the choices you make.“The values instilled in us by our parents when we are children help to shape who we are and what we do. Describe how the values your parents instilled in you influence the choices you make.”“The values instilled in us by our parents when we are children help to shape who we are and what we do. Describe how...
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  • Girl in the Window - 456 Words
    1. My initial reaction to this piece was a mix of sadness, disgust and confusion. I didn’t think it was possible for a mother to neglect their child to such extremes. To me it seems outlandish for a child to never be held or given the basic forms of human contact. Then for her brothers to not have an instinct to protect her, surprised me as well. I have five brothers; four are half brothers and two I’ve never met. If I found out any one of them was in trouble, there is no doubt in my mind I...
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  • Poetry Analysis A Poison Tree
    A Poison Tree By William Blake I was angry with my friend: I told my wrath, my wrath did end. I was angry with my foe: I told it not, my wrath did grow. And I waterd it in fears Night & morning with my tears; And I sunned it with smiles, And with soft deceitful wiles. And it grew both day and night, Till it bore an apple bright. And my foe beheld it shine, And he knew that it was mine, And into my garden stole, When the night had veiled the pole; In the morning glad I see My foe outstretchd...
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  • How I Met Your Husband
    Morrison “How I Met My Husband” Response Q4 1 October 2013 At a young age, women have a tendency to be naïve and innocent. With that, the two factors create a vulnerable persona in a girl, and it compels a person to feel sympathy towards them. “How I Met My Husband” consists of a protagonist, Edie, who is also naïve and innocent as well as humble and simple. These traits convince me to believe her to be a sympathetic character in the story. As a young, naïve, gullible girl, I feel nothing...
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  • Definition of Jealousy - 357 Words
    Definition of Jealousy Jealousy can be defined as the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something that the person values, such as a relationship, friendship, or love. Jealousy often consists of a combination of emotions such as anger, sadness, and disgust. There’s no doubt that everyone experiences some level of jealousy at some time or another. For the majority of us, these feelings pass quickly and without any real harm. However,...
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  • yumm - 1216 Words
    dgdg okok pko m mj j If the story is the one I think it is, it's by Eugenia Collier. In it, an old woman in a poor neighborhood plants marigolds in her front yard, only to have the neighborhood brats destroy them. The children act out of their fear and resentment of Miss Lottie: "For some perverse reason, we children hated those marigolds. They interfered with the perfect ugliness of the place . . . ." Only the narrator, "Lizabeth," fells shame afterwards. Then that night she overhears her...
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  • Personal Essay On The Ballad of the Sad Cafe
    Personal Essay On The Ballad of the Sad Café Reading The Ballad of the Sad Café was a very enlightening experience for me. I was completely absorbed into the dark and isolated town of Cheehaw and the events that played out in it. Various characters in the novella repulsed me, such as Cousin Lymon, who was utterly callous and manipulative, and the small-minded townsfolk. Elements such as Miss Amelia’s heartbreak and loneliness, the complete isolation and joylessness in the town also saddened me...
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  • Motivations - 1093 Words
    Sometimes, trying to practice positive thinking and stay happy, even when things don’t go our way can prove impossible. We’ve been advised countless times to set goals, follow our dreams, and attain success. But no one told us how hard it was going to be. Funny thing is that we were told to expect failures on the way, but we didn’t know what it truly meant until we failed the first time and felt like giving up. It’s at this point that we then try to look for faster roads to success that...
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  • Functional Altruism and Kindness - 385 Words
    " I don't believe that one is born compassionate. Compassion is not character trait like a sunny disposition" - Barbara Ascher Aschen is saying that compassion is not something granted like a disposition. Indeed, compassion must be learned. Learned in response to the world surrounding us. It is obvious that a kid's perception of the people and things around him will be altered if it's parents don't show respect to the homeless or the orphan. Education plays an important part. Such as a...
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  • of mice and men notes on crooks and power
    10th October 2013 York notes "crooks is an illustration of the way in which loneliness can corrupt and destroy and man" crooks: no one gets into heaven and no one gets their dreams takes a very sinister view on life and likes to worry people about the negatives doesn't believe that dreams can come true crooks and loneliness page 77- five quotes about crooks past, five on isolation and five on being a twisted human being past "I was born right here in California" "my old...
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  • The Far and the Near by Thomas Wolfe is a very eye opening story
    The Far and the Near by Thomas Wolfe is a very eye opening story. There is so many themes put into such a short story. The more you read into the story you think it would get happier but there is a total plot twist. Also the way the title is put into work in this story is awesome. This story really hit me hard for multiple reasons including the theme of disappointment and expectations. Because I usually have such high expectations when I get a new pet and then I get let down by my mom and dad...
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  • childcare CACHE Level 2
    The expected stage of social development for a child age four is being able to eat with a fork and spoon, despite not being able to use a knife yet the child should be able to skilfully use a fork and spoon on their own. They should also be able to dress and undress themselves, but not yet expected to be able to tie laces, or back buttons. They should also be able to do more hygiene essentials such as washing and drying their hands without any support/ help, and brush their teeth. They should...
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  • Poem for Taxedo - 106 Words
    A Poison Tree by William Blake I was angry with my friend; I told my wrath, my wrath did end. I was angry with my foe: I told it not, my wrath did grow. And I waterd it in fears, Night & morning with my tears: And I sunned it with smiles, And with soft deceitful wiles. And it grew both day and night, Till it bore an apple bright. And my foe beheld it shine, And he knew that it was mine. And into my garden stole. When the night had veiled the pole; ...
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  • The Ministers Black Veil - 420 Words
    A) How would you have reacted to the veil if you had been a member of Mr. Hooper’s congregation or another Puritan clergyman? I would have reacted as a threat because at that time sin and threat came hand in hand. Since the environment was very superstitious the Puritan clergymen would have felt threated by what Mr. Hopper did 2. (a) Recall: How did his congregation regard Mr. Hooper before he began wearing the veil? Before wearing the veil congregation had a lot of respect for him....
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  • Jealous Husband Returns in Form of Parrot
    Thomas Connell Jealous Bird Man In Robert Olen Butler's, "Jealous Husband Returns in Form of Parrot", the narrator finds himself unable to trust or communicate with his wife because of his own vulnerability and fears of losing her. Tragically it was his fear that killed him in the end; while trying to spy on his wife and the new guy from the shipping department in his bedroom, the narrator falls from a tree dying instantly and ironically is reincarnated as a handsome Yellow-nape Amazon...
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  • Ghismonda - 589 Words
    Alejandro De Renzis HUM1020 Professor Krista Miranda Review 1 Ghismonda With The Heart Of Guiscardo The “Ghismonda with the Heart of Guiscardo” was painted by Francesco Ubertini Bacchiacca in the 1520’s, and it is an oil on wood painting that hangs at the Lowe Museum at the University of Miami. The painting displays Ghismonda holding a chalice with the heart of her lover, in the center of the room on a bed. A few women surround her, and a man sits in what appears to be distress...
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  • Envy in Shakespeare's Othello - 339 Words
    Othello Motif Paragraphs 1) Envy In his play , Shakespeare implies that envy, one of the main motif exist throughout the play, is the root of all demonic actions. At the very beginning of the play, envy displays himself when, the antagonist, Iago expresses his dissatisfaction to Roderigo regarding Cassio “steals” his promotion. He believes “preferment goes by letter and affection, and not by old graduation.”(Act I, Sci. I, 37-38) Through this demonstration of envy, Iago tells the...
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  • Book Report: The Obsidian Blade
    I picked this book because it had the coolest cover of all the books on the list. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I have found that books that do not have cool covers are often quite boring. Like one of the other books just had writing on the cover which guarantees extreme boringness in my opinion. This book is about round circles in the air called diskos that people go through and end up in weird places like on top of a pyramid with priests that stab you in the heart or...
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  • Journal Assignmnet 1 - 309 Words
    Gouzal Nazary English 111 Dr. Olson Journal Assignment 1 In the narrative “Chop Suey” the author, Ira Sukrungruang, describes a short part of his childhood growing up in the USA. This short story depicts how even though the differences between Thai and American cultures were hard for his mother to get accustomed to, she was always there for him being his mother. The narrative focuses on a short scene that takes place in a bowling alley where his mother had brought him to bowl. He wants to...
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  • The unfair Killing of the SCarlet Ibis
    "The Scarlet Ibis", a short story by James Hurst, demonstrates how selfishness and greed can be used for the betterment of others. As shown in this short story, Doodle's brother's perseverance comes only from selfishness, greed and pride. In the end guilt takes over, bringing out the brother's love for Doodle, even though Doodle was the exact opposite of what his brother had wished for. "The Scarlet Ibis" is a short story about a boy and his malformed brother, named Doodle. Doodle's brother...
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  • The Power of Touch - 271 Words
    The Power of Touch Every human has eight distinct emotions -- anger, fear, disgust, love, gratitude, sympathy, happiness, and sadness. All these emotions are displayed and given if various ways. Most often they are verbally communicated from person to person. This article talks about how these emotions are communicated non-verbally through touch. The article starts out with a story from a subway train. It talks about a child being comforted by his mother through a simple squeeze of the hand...
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  • The Achievement of Desire - 351 Words
    Richard Rodriguez’s “The Achievement of Desire” A middle class Spanish boy from Sacramento, who calls himself the “scholarship boy”, overcame a whirlwind of emotions, decision and regrets in trying to become an educated man. He looked to his teachers as his parent figures, mimicking and idolizing them. To him education was imitation. He became very puzzling to his family because he wanted to change who he was by trying to cover all trace of his Spanish heritage and soon even lost his accent....
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  • Greek Gods and Human Connectio
    The Greek gods and goddess carry many attributes, most human. They are very much like humans in the way that they have weaknesses and strengths. Even though the gods display their characteristics much more drastically than humans do, the similarities are obvious. In Rosenberg and Baker’s book, the Greek gods have many human characteristics such as vengeance, jealously, and love. An example of a human trait is that the Greek gods and goddess displayed excessive vengeance. Whenever anyone...
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  • Touching Spirit Bear - 854 Words
    Windy Morgan Touching Spirit Bear Cole Matthews is not an uncommon young man that one would find in today’s society. Cole has not had a life I would call “easy” or “fair.” He had parents that as Cole stated, “all my parents do is drink.” (p27) His father beat him profusely. This is evidenced in the Circle Justice meetings when Cole said, “Or you’ll what?” “Beat me?” …..” “You’re still lying!” he shouted. “You’re usually too drunk to know your own name!” Cole knew these words...
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  • Disappointment and Half Sleep Manner
    “Travelling is a sort of educations among the younger people”, said Bacon. Perhaps, he had a disappointing journey in his mind. For it gives more experience and enables to develop more courage. Hazlitt, in one of his essays, says that a journey becomes enjoyable if one hopes to get a good meal and a good rest after a tiring journey, and adds that traveling hopefully gives the maximum happiness perhaps he had no experience of a disappointing journey which is more instructive. It was a day...
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  • Award and Graduation - 343 Words
    My Most Embarrassing Experience People have feelings, happy, sad, shy, nervous, or embarrassing. I’m sure everyone has had an experience before or even now! Everyone feels. Have you ever had a feeling similar to the above? If you were happy, you must have been laughing or enjoying what you were doing! If you were angry, you had a specific reason. If you were shy, like me today, scared to present. But my point is, have you felt embarrassed? Have you felt so embarrassed before...
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  • The Company Man Essay - 342 Words
     In her article “The Company Man,” Ellen Goodman uses stereotypes about an average man to convey her attitude towards Phil. Phil is a character who works himself to death in his corporate job. Goodman reveals in her article that in order to be a “company man,” Phil sacrifices his everyday life. Ellen Goodman uses diction, syntax, and characterization to create a piteous tone in her essay “The Company Man.” Ellen Goodman uses diction to appeal to the readers’ emotion to create a piteous...
    342 Words | 1 Page
  • Ying to the Yang - 1506 Words
    Benjamin Franklin once said “Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.” meaning at the time, an act of anger might seem justified, but in the end you will only bring shame to yourself or your loved one. In the short stories “Two kinds” by Amy Tan and “Jealous husband returns in form of parrot” by Robert Olen Butler, Relationship Conflict is the main theme. Conflicts always start with anger from both ends; in “Two kinds” Jing-mei is angry at her mother and the mother is equally angry, and...
    1,506 Words | 4 Pages
  • What About Bob - 545 Words
    After watching the movie What about Bob, I chose to write about the Character of Dr Marvin, the psychiatrist who goes on a vacation with his family and finds Bob, one of his multi-phobic patients, following him everywhere because of being attached to him. Dr Marvin chooses to act negatively to what Bob is doing and shows three different ways or mechanisms to deal with his anger. These mechanisms are denial, projection and displacement. As a result of being provoked and followed all the time by...
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  • The Things They Carried Passage Analysis
    “Spin” Passage: The Things They Carried The function of the passage from the episode “Spin” is to introduce a different interpretation of the concept of “boredom,” one that pertains to the war and the soldiers specifically and not often experienced by civilians. The type of boredom described by the narrator in the passage is tenser, and encompasses many more emotions that the Alpha Company comes across. Throughout the passage, the reader gets the idea that the soldiers are not bored in the...
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  • Greatest Fear - 262 Words
    Greatest Fear The fear I have in my life is my fear of syringes and blood. As far back as I can remember, getting a small shot or having blood taken out for testing has resulted in my passing out or, throwing up in public. I cant remember a time that i have gotten a flu shot or had blood taken, that I haven't gotten sick. I dislike the feeling of having any form of needle pinch my skin, and the feeling of liquid leaving your veins. Even a slight pinch, a needle from a flu shot...
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  • Fear: Psychology and Fears - 286 Words
    Everyone has fears; fears are a natural part of life. My greatest fear is to fail to reach my goals, lose hope, and finally that everybody might think I am a loser. Sometimes I dream of success. Yet failing in life can’t be replaced with dreams. So if I put a lot of effort and work into something and I fail, I’d feel very bad about myself and my lack of ability. This is one of my greatest fears. Being a failure would cause me to lose hope. First of all, I would lose my self-confidence and...
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  • Disappointing Time in My Life
    Does disappointment really make one stronger? Personally, I think that disappointments help one to be stronger. Everyone has felt disappointed at least once in their lives. When someone disappoints you, you will feel sad as the person has not tried his best in that particular area. My first disappointment in my life was when my parents had to travel overseas most of the time while I was preparing for my Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). They travelled because of work and when I needed...
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  • Transcendentalism Quotes - 380 Words
    Transcendentalism Quotes Interpretation It looks poorest when you are richest. I: People who have enthusiasm in material possession usually can not suppress their endless desire of chasing wealth and fame, however, it shows the extreme poor inside of their spirit. They only pay attention on external possessions but never realize that the depth of thoughts and independence of lives reflect the real rich. The suitable simplicity is spirituality. Do not trouble yourself much to get new...
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  • Rotten Apples in Your Life
    An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Is this still true today when cancer, diabetes, ADHD, strokes and AIDs can be found in most families? The answer is No. An apple a day, or, for that matter, eating healthy, is not enough to prevent us from becoming sick today. I am not going to discuss the current nutritional value of food. I am going to tell you about a topic that I find very interesting which is; The spiritual roots in diseases or as I see them – the rotten apples that...
    723 Words | 3 Pages

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