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    CHAPTER 17 Payout Policy Chapter Synopsis 17.1 Distributions to Shareholders A corporation’s payout policy determines if and when it will distribute cash to its shareholders by issuing a dividend or undertaking a stock repurchase. To issue a dividend, the firm’s board of directors must authorize the amount per share that will be paid on the declaration date. The firm pays the dividend to all shareholders of record on the record date. Because it takes three business days for shares to be...
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    Deal with rational for dividend according to MM Relevance theory, Walter's Model, Gordon’s Growth Model, Graham Dodd Model Deal with rational for dividend according to MM Relevance theory, Walter's Model, Gordon’s Growth Model, Graham Dodd Model Financial Management Assignment 2 Topic: Rational for Dividends By Group 2:- 104 | Anshul Jain 105 | Bhaskar Jain 106 | Pranav Jain 154 | Parth Barot 155 | Subhashish Baruah 156 | Chaitanya Agrawal Financial Management Assignment 2 Topic:...
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    Dividend policy is concerned with financial policies regarding paying cash dividend in the present or paying an increased dividend at a later stage. Whether to issue dividends, and what amount, is determined mainly on the basis of the company's unappropriated profit (excess cash) and influenced by the company's long-term earning power. When cash surplus exists and is not needed by the firm, then management is expected to pay out some or all of those surplus earnings in the form of cash...
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    Recall from previous chapters that debt, preferred stock and common stock are examples of external sources of financing. Retained earnings represent an internal source. We saw how the capital structure decision (i.e. deciding on the optimal mix of equity and debt financing) was so-closely tied to the dividend decision. In essence, capital structure policy affects the dividend decision and vice versa. This chapter, however, focuses on the dividend decision. Realize that the decisions are...
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    TABLE OF CONTENTS List of Tables i List of Figures iv Abstract v Key Terms ix CHAPTER-1 Introduction 1.1 Introduction to Dividends 1 1.2 A Short History of Dividend Policy 6 1.3 Dividend Policy 9 1.4 Economic Rationale to Dividends 12 1.5 Dividend Policy and its Linkages with other Financial Policies 15 1.6 Pure Vs Smoothed Residual Dividend Policy 16 1.7 Dividend Declaration Process 17 1.8 Alternative Forms of Dividends 18...
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    Running Head: DIVIDENDS AND DIVIDEND POLICY: DOES DIVIDEND Dividends and Dividend Policy: Does Dividend Policy Matter Ronald Jones University of Phoenix August 21, 2011 Dividends and Dividend Policy: Does Dividend Policy Matter According to Investor Dictionary, corporate finance is the specific area of finance dealing with the financial decisions corporations make, and the tools and analysis used to make the decisions. It may be divided as a whole between long term, capital...
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    Learning Zone (Relevant to Paper II – PBE Management accounting and finance) Simon S P Lee, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Dividend Policy Bank distributed a $6.30 dividend per share in 2008. If you purchased shares in Hang Seng Bank at $87 per share, the company’s dividend yield was 7.2% ($6.30/$87) which is much higher than the bank deposit rate. Dividend payout ratio is another important indicator: Dividend payout ratio = Dividend per share ÷ Earnings per share Dividend...
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    Effects of Dividends on Stock Prices in Nepal Rabindra Joshi* Abstract This paper examines the impact of dividends on stock price in the context of Nepal. A majority of earlier studies conducted in developed countries show that dividend has a strong effect than retained earnings. The study examines whether this is consistent in the context of Nepal (or not) and the implication particularly to the banking and non-banking sector. To achieve the objective of the study, a descriptive and analytical...
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    Chapter 14. Residual Dividends Residual Dividend -2011 Net Income $15.0 Million -2012 Net Income increase by 8% -Capital structure 35% Debt, 65% Equity -2011 paid $3.0 million cash dividends -2012 invest a major capital project; capital budget for the project is $12.0 million 1. Cash dividends 2012: 3,000,000 x (1+0.08) = 3,000,000 x 1.08 = 3,240,000 payout in 2012 2. Dividend Payout ratio 2012...
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    Internship Report on Dividend Policy of Uttara Bank Limited Prepared to Md. Rizvy Ahmed Lecturer Faculty of Business Administration Eastern University Prepared by Md. Aminul IslamSarker ID: 082200122 Batch: 16th Major in Finance group Bachelor of Business Administration (Spring semester2013) Mail Address: aminulefg@yahoo.com Eastern University Acknowledgement My first and foremost gratitude goes to Mr. ShuvoMondal, my supervisor at Jatrabari Branch of...
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    Chapter 14 Questions: Topic: DIVIDENDS 1. Payments made out of a firm's earnings to its owners in the form of cash or stock are called: A) Dividends. B) Distributions. C) Share repurchases. D) Payments-in-kind. E) Stock splits. Answer: A Topic: REGULAR CASH DIVIDENDS 2. A cash payment made by a firm to its owners in the normal course of business is called a: A) Share repurchase. B) Liquidating dividend. C) Regular cash dividend. D) Special dividend....
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    An Empirical Analysis of Dividend Payout Policy Indian Corporate ABSTRACT In the present paper an attempt has been made to assess the dividend payout policies of Indian Companies. For the purpose of study BSE Sensex -30 companies have been selected as sample for the study. To study impact of profitability, liquidity and size of business on dividend payout regression analysis were carried out. An attempt has also been made to calculate estimated dividend payout based on regression...
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    Capital Markets and Corporate Finance (Stream 1): FINC5001 Dr. Reuben Segara Finance Discipline School of Business University of Sydney 1 Dividend Policy 2 This Lecture PART I – Dividend Fundamentals • • • • What is Dividend Policy? Institutional Features of Dividends Types of Dividend Policies Trends in Dividend Policies PART 2 – Is There An Optimal Dividend Policy? • Dividend Policy is Irrelevant • Dividend Policy is Relevant PART 3 – Alternatives to Dividends • Share...
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    How accurate is the statement that “The dividend policy of a firm is irrelevant”. By Mr. George Ekegey Ekeha (MBA – Finance, MBA & BCom) (Lecturer in Corporate Finance & International Finance @ Regent University College of Science & Technology) Email: ekegey24ge@yahoo.co.uk March 2009 THIS PAPER IS PREPARED IN RESPONSE TO A RELEVANT QUESTION TO HELP STUDENTS TAKING CORPORATE FINANCE COURSE. No Part of This Thesis Is To Be Used For Any Purposes, Other Than Academic...
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     Dividend Policy: Clientele Effects and Signalling Model Literature Review Sharon Theresia 17132233 Corporate Finance 307 Singapore Campus Abstract Two of the most influential dividend policies are being reviewed and compared. in this paper, clientele effects and signalling model are two chosen policies. Findings implied that clientele is shaped by tax preferences of shareholders which in the end will determine companies’ ideal dividend policies. It is also believed that amount of paid...
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    Forms of payment Cash dividends (most common) are those paid out in currency, usually via electronic funds transfer or a printed paper check. Such dividends are a form of investment income and are usually taxable to the recipient in the year they are paid. This is the most common method of sharing corporate profits with the shareholders of the company. For each share owned, a declared amount of money is distributed. Thus, if a person owns 100 shares and the cash dividend is USD $0.50 per share,...
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    THE ROLE OF DIVIDEND POLICY IN STOCK PRICE DETERMINATION IN TELECOMMUNICATION INDUSTRY: THE CASE OF PLDT AND GLOBE FATIMA KAYE A. DE CHAVEZ, LORELLA A. ESPELETA and LESLIE JOY A. PATIO College of Business and Accountancy University of Batangas ABSTRACT The issue of how much a company should pay its stockholders, as dividend is one that has been of concern to managers for a long time. The optimal dividend policy of a firm may be defined as the best dividend payout ratio the firm can...
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    A: Description of dividend policy Dividend policy is an important issue for all top management in every year because company need to make decision about paying the dividend or not and how much of the dividend per share. It means that company may not pay the dividend because it wants to keep more capital to develop the new plans or hope company can have enough money to handle the future problems. On the other hand, company may think that it need to pay the dividend to the shareholders every...
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    CHAPTER 13 DIVIDEND POLICY L E A R N I N G LG1 LG2 LG3 Understand cash dividend payment procedures and the role of dividend reinvestment plans. Describe the residual theory of dividends and the key arguments with regard to dividend irrelevance and relevance. Discuss the key factors involved in formulating a dividend policy. G O A L S LG4 Review and evaluate the three basic types of dividend policies. LG5 Evaluate stock dividends from accounting,...
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     FM ASSIGNMENT ON DIVIDEND POLICY Submitted To: Prof. Ramana Rao By Group 1, Ganesh Behera (22074) Udaya Bhaskar (22071) Kasu Varma (22101)...
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    The dividend irrelevance theory is a concept that is based on the premise that the dividend policy of a given company should not be considered particularly important by investors. Further, the terms of that dividend policy should not have any bearing on the price of the shares of stock issued by that company. With this particular financial theory, the idea is that investors can always sell a portion of their shares if they want to generate some amount of cash flow. As with most investment...
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    REASONS FOR DIVIDENDS Dividend policy is likely to be set in the form of a goal rather than a rigid rule, even though a definite policy has the advantage of providing the investor, or potential investor, a clear basis for choice. Investors knowing the dividend policy of the alternative companies can choose the type of company that best fits their individual investment goals. This is desirable, because stockholders differ in the extent to which they prefer dividends rather than opportunities...
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    Dividend Policy Factors Affecting Dividend Policy: 1. External Factors 2. Internal Factors External Factors Affecting Dividend Policy 1. General State of Economy: * In case of uncertain economic and business conditions, the management may like to retain whole or large part of earnings to build up reserves to absorb future shocks. * In the period of depression the management may also retain a large part of its earnings to preserve the firm's liquidity position. * In periods of...
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    Dividend policy Dividend policy is concerned with taking a decision regarding paying cash dividend in the present or paying an increased dividend at a later stage. The firm could also pay in the form of stock dividends which unlike cash dividends do not provide liquidity to the investors, however, it ensures capital gains to the stockholders. The expectations of dividends by shareholders helps them determine the share value, therefore, dividend policy is a significant decision taken by the...
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    Dividend Theory 1. Discuss the factors which may impact on a firm’s dividend policy? .Industry and Company Variations Payout ratios vary amongst different industries e.g. firms within the telecoms and utilities sectors may typically payout around 60% of earnings in dividends, whilst retailers and computer software companies may typically payout around 20% of earnings in dividends Legal Constraints 1. Legal constraints can be viewed in the context of three broad...
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    Dividend Policy Dividend policy Executive summary Once a company makes a profit, they must decide on what to do with those profits. They could continue to retain the profits within the company, or they could pay out the profits to the owners of the firm in the form of dividends. Once the company decides on whether to pay dividends, they may establish a somewhat permanent dividend policy, which may in turn affect investors and perceptions of the company in the financial...
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    Stock dividend * Definition: * A corporate distribution to shareholders declared out of profits, at the discretion of the directors of the corporation, which is paid in the form of shares of stock, as opposed to money, and increases the number of shares. * A dividend paid as additional shares of stock rather than as cash. If dividends paid are in the form of cash, those dividends are taxable. When a company issues a stock dividend, rather than cash, there usually are not tax...
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    Stability of dividend policy. There may be three types of dividend policy (1) Strict or Conservative dividend Policy which envisages the retention of profits on the cost of dividend pay-out. It helps in strengthening the financial position of the company; (2) Lenient Dividend Policy which views the payment of dividend at the maximum rate possible taking in view the current earing of the company. Under such policy company retains the minimum possible earnings; (3) Stable Dividend Policy...
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    DIVIDEND DECISION  The dividend decision is one of the 3 basic decisions which a financial manager maybe required to take, the other two being the investment decisions and the financing decisions. In each period any earnings that remain after satisfying obligations to the creditors, the government and the preference sh.hol can either be retained or paid out as dividends or bifurcated between retained earnings and dividends. The retained earnings can be invested in assets which will help...
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    App13A_SW_Brigham_778322_R2 12/24/02 5:14 AM Page 13A-1 13A ILLUSTRATION OF THE THREE DIVIDEND POLICY THEORIES Figure 13A-1 illustrates the three alternative dividend policy theories: (1) Miller and Modigliani’s dividend irrelevance theory, (2) Gordon and Lintner’s bird-in-thehand theory, and (3) the tax preference theory. To understand the three theories, consider the case of Hardin Electronics, which has from its inception plowed all earnings back into the business and thus has never...
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    january 2011 Dividends: The 2011 guide to dividend policy trends and best practices Published by Corporate Finance Advisory For questions or further information, please contact: Marc Zenner marc.p.zenner@jpmorgan.com (212) 834-4330 Tomer Berkovitz tomer.x.berkovitz@jpmorgan.com (212) 834-2465 John Clark john.hs.clark@jpmorgan.com (212) 834-2156 Evan Junek evan.a.junek@jpmorgan.com (212) 834-5110 DiviDEnDs: ThE 2011 GuiDE To DiviDEnD poliCy TrEnDs anD BEsT praCTiCEs | 1 1....
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    ABSTRACT The dividend Decision is one of the core elements of modern corporate financial management. A reasonable dividend Decision will help the company in the capital markets and establish a good corporate image for the company's long-term development and create favorable conditions for the listed company's financial decision-making, dividend Decision has a positive significance. Appropriate dividend distribution Decision can not only set a good corporate image, but also to build the...
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    THE EFFECT OF DIVIDEND POLICY ON THE MARKET PRICE OF SHARES IN NIGERIA: CASE STUDY OF FIFTEEN QUOTED COMPANIES By Dr. J. J. Adefila Department of Accountancy, University of Maiduguri, Dr. J. A. Oladipo and J.O Adeoti, Both of the Department of Business Administration, University of Ilorin ABSTRACT The issue of how much a company should pay its stockholders, as dividend is one that has been of concern to managers for a long time. The optimal dividend policy of a firm may be defined as the...
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    BY: WAFAA OMAI ADVANCED FINANCAIL MANAGEMENT The purpose of this paper is to help management must decide on the form of the dividend distribution, generally as cash dividends or via a share buyback. Various factors may be taken into consideration: where shareholders must pay tax on dividends, firms may elect to retain earnings or to perform a stock buyback, in both cases increasing the value of shares outstanding. Alternatively, some companies will pay "dividends" from stock rather than in...
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    DIVIDEND POLICY * Under dividend policy you should be ale to explain the following: * Dividend and types of dividend * Dividend policies and factors that affect dividend policy * Theories of dividend policy * It is a proportion of annual accounting profit or accumulated profit paid out to shareholders either in the form of cash or shares. * Dividend is recommended by the Board of directors for the approval of shareholders at Annual General Meeting (AGM). Shareholders...
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    Question 1 If we take a look at the company’s compounded annual growth rate in EPS we can see that Georgia Atlantic’s growth rate is really low compared to the industry average. Furthermore we can see from the first table that Georgia Atlantic’s P/E ratio is also lower in all the years as compared to the industry and the M/B ratio is also relatively low compared to the industry. Due to the fact that Georgia Atlantic is operating in a relatively mature market, there is a very low possibility...
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  • Dividend Decision - 2110 Words
    Financial Management Unit 15 Unit 15 Structure 15.1 Introduction 15.2 Traditional Approach 15.3 Dividend Relevance Model 15.3.1 15.3.2 Walter Model Gordon’s Dividend Capitalization Model Dividend Decision 15.4 Dividend Irrelevance Theory: Miller and Modigliani Model 15.5 Stability of Dividends 15.6 Forms of Dividends 15.7 Stock Split 15.8 Summary Terminal Questions Answers to SAQs and TQs 15.1 Introduction ...
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  • Corporate Dividend Practice - 519 Words
    CORPORATE DIVIDEND PRACTICE One consideration is the desire to have a relatively stable dividend; the second is the desire to pay out, in the long run, a given fraction of earnings. This fraction is usually referred to as the payout target. These objectives may be conflicting. Earnings tend to fluctuate substantially from year to year. If a corporation routinely paid out a given fraction of those earnings as dividends, then the dividend itself would tend to fluctuate drastically from year to...
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  • Dividend Irrevance Theory - 7017 Words
    CHAPTER ONE 1 INTRODUCTION The term dividend refers to that part of profits of a company which is distributed by the company among its shareholders. It is the reward of the shareholders for investments made by them in the shares of the company. The investors are interested in earning the maximum return on their investments and to maximize their wealth. A company, on the other hand, needs to provide funds to finance its long-term growth. If a company pays out as dividend most of what it...
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  • Finance and Dividend Payout Policy
    Questions for Case 26 1. What are the problems here, and what do you recommend? 2. What happens to Gainesboro’s financing need and unused debt capacity if: a. no dividends are paid? b. a 20% payout is pursued? c. a 40% payout is pursued? d. a residual payout policy is pursued? Note that case Exhibit 8 presents an estimate of the amount of borrowing needed. Assume that maximum debt capacity is, as a matter of policy, 40% of the book value of equity. In addition, please...
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  • Minicase Dividend Policy - 1734 Words
    Dividend Policy DEANNA PEREZ FASHIONS, INC. Directed As a young adult in her mid-twenties, Deanna Perez emigrated from Spain with her family to New York City in the early 1950s. Deanna was artistically inclined and loved women’s fashions. Even as a young girl, Deanna had spent hours drawing, designing, and sewing outfits for her dolls; consequently, it was no surprise to her family when she took a job in the fashion industry. It was Deanna’s dream to someday be successful, wealthy, and...
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  • Analysis of Dividend Policy - 2523 Words
    Xavier institute of social service,Ranchi ANALYSIS OF DIVIDEND POLICY OF HERO MOTO CORP & TVS MOTOR . By Anand Shankar Prity sagar Geeta shree pingua Hero Motocorp Ltd., formerly Hero Honda, is an Indian motorcycle and scooter...
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  • The Setting of Dividend Policy - 509 Words
    THE SETTING OF DIVIDEND POLICY Dividend policy is likely to be set in the form of a goal rather than a rigid rule, even though a definite policy has the advantage of providing the investor, or potential investor, a clear basis for choice. Investors knowing the dividend policy of the alternative companies can choose the type of company that best fits their individual investment goals. This is desirable, because stockholders differ in the extent to which they prefer dividends rather than...
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  • Dividend Irrelevance Theory - 5931 Words
    Dividend irrelevance theoryRelevance or irrelevance of retention for dividend policy irrelevance Carlo Alberto Magni Department of Economics, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia viale Berengario 51, 41100 Modena, Italy Email: magni@unimo.it Abstract. In an interesting recent paper, DeAngelo and DeAngelo (2006) highlight that Miller and Modigliani’s (1961) proof of dividend irrelevance is based on the assumption that the amount of dividends distributed to shareholders is equal or greater...
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  • Paper Presentation on Dividend Policy
    Paper Presentation on Dividend Theory (a theoretical review) 9 Presented by: |ABDULMUMIN, Biliqees Ayoola |UIL/PG2012/105873 | |ADEJARE, Rukayat Bukola |UIL/PG2012/104601 | |AMUJO, Emmanuel Temitope |UIL/PG2012/103958...
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  • Signaling Approach on dividend policy
    Signaling Approach on dividend policy Introductory Paragraph The title of the article that I have chosen is “The Information Content of Dividends- A Signaling Approach” which was written by Sasson Bar-Yosef and Lucy Huffman. It is a journal of Financial And Quantitative Analysis, Volume 21 Number. 1. The date of publication was on 1 March 1986. Summary of the Article The purpose of this article is to do the investigation and analysis to see how a corporation makes the decisions of dividend...
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  • Stability of Dividends in India - 10549 Words
    NSE Research Initiative, Project Report no. 229 / 2009 Determinants and the Stability of Dividends in India: Application of Dynamic Partial Adjustment Equation using Extended Instrumental Variable Approach Dr. Manoj Subhash Kamat Dr. Manasvi Manoj Kamat Summary This paper improves on earlier research on stability and determinants of dividend policies by using a more advanced estimation methodology, a larger and more representative sample of panel data (PD), and different proxies for a...
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  • Case For Exam Dividend Policy
    Dividend Policy FPL Group Inc Financial Management - I Group 11 Kinnari 20121026 | Krutika P 20121028 | Tushar 20121058 | Vijay 20121062 Agenda  Case Background  Decision Rationale  Financial Analysis Reflection and conclusion Financial Management – I | Dividend Policy at FPL Group Inc. Case Backgound Synopsis Current Situation Case Description Recommendation Competitive Position Financial Management – I | Dividend Policy at FPL Group Inc. Background behind FPL’s decision in...
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  • Dividend Theories and Their Arguments
    International Bulletin of Business Administration ISSN: 1451-243X Issue 9 (2010) © EuroJournals, Inc. 2010 http://www.eurojournals.com Dividend Policy: A Review of Theories and Empirical Evidence Husam-Aldin Nizar Al-Malkawi Corresponding Author, Faculty of Business, ALHOSN University P.O. Box 38772 - Abu Dhabi, UAE E-mail: h.almalkawi@alhosnu.ae Michael Rafferty Senior Research Analyst, WRC, University of Sydney, Australia E-mail: m.rafferty@econ.usyd.edu.au Rekha Pillai Faculty of...
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  • Dividend Analysis of Banking Industry
    Leading Determinants of Dividend Policy: A Case Study of Indian Banking Industry ABSTRACT: Dividend policy is a critical decision area in the field of finance. The subject of corporate dividend policy has captivated finance scholars for a long time, resulting in intensive theoretical modeling and empirical investigation. But several questions related to dividend decisions remain perplexing because of diverse and conflicting theories and evermore due to diverse empirical results. This paper...
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  • Dividend Policy and Share Prices
    Introduction In this paper the impact of dividend policy of the companies on the firm’s share prices is analysed and different views in the context of the semi-strong form of the efficient market hypothesis are contrasted. The overview of the traditional and most recent empirical investigations of the stock market reaction to the dividend announcements is provided and different findings are discussed and compared. Three companies have been selected from the FTSE All share price index....
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  • Dividend Policy Determinants - 1747 Words
    Past related study This part of the article review contains a brief review of dividend theories along with the major empirical evidence for and against the dividend theories, a brief summary of the results of empirical analysis of determinants of dividend policy by country. Theoretical and empirical backgrounds of the article cover the last fifty years research outcomes on firm value and dividend policy of the firm. Summarizing all these works, there are three dominating views. The first,...
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  • Dividend Policy Trends - 23401 Words
    Dividend Policy of Indian Corporate Firms: An Analysis of Trends and Determinants Dr. Y. Subba Reddy1 The present study examines the dividend behavior of Indian corporate firms over the period 1990 – 2001 and attempts to explain the observed behavior with the help of trade-off theory, and signaling hypothesis. Analysis of dividend trends for a large sample of stocks traded on the NSE and BSE indicate that the percentage of companies paying dividends has declined from 60.5 percent in 1990 to...
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  • Dividend Policy at Fpl - 820 Words
    DIVIDEND POLICY AT FPL GROUP, INC. (Case report) Subject: Dividend Policy at FPL Group, Inc. Problem: Should Kate Stark revise her current investment recommendation of “hold” on FPL’s stock to her clients? Options: 1) To change her “hold” recommendation to a “buy” recommendation 2) To change her “hold” recommendation to a “sell” recommendation 3) Remain unchanged; continue with the “hold” recommendation Recommendation: Table of Contents Overview 3 Analysis 4 Overview In...
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  • Dividend Policy Theories - 703 Words
    Question 1: There are a number of theories regarding the relevance of dividend policy-discuss these theories. In what situations might management decide to increase dividends? Dividend Irrelevance Theory Much like their work on the capital-structure irrelevance proposition, Modigliani and Miller also theorized that, with no taxes or bankruptcy costs, dividend policy is also irrelevant. This is known as the dividend-irrelevance theory, indicating that there is no effect from dividends on a...
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  • Dividend Policy & Capital Structure
    “Comparative Analysis of Dividend Policy & Capital Structure” Prepared For: Lutfur Rahman Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, East West University. Course Code: FIN-435 Course Title: Managerial Finance Prepared By: Md. Habibur Rahman Utpal Kumar Ghosh ID: 2006-2-10-175 ID: 2006-2-10-179 Date of Submission: August 11, 2009 East West University 43, Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka-1212 Introduction   Origin of the Report: Mr. Lutfur Rahman, Senior Lecturer, East West...
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  • Fpl's Dividend Decision - 597 Words
    Major issues of FPL in 1994: - Negotiation between FPL and FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) to settle the lawsuit against FPL for changing excessive rates and denying fair access to its transmission system. - Lower investment rate due to the fact that FPL probably does not raise dividends as discussed - Suggestion of dividend cuts by FPL’s managers - FPL’s stock price has fallen by 19.6% while the S&P index has decreased by 22.1% - Rising interest rate and increasing...
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  • Factors of Bank Dividend Policy
    The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at www.emeraldinsight.com/0307-4358.htm Explanatory factors of bank dividend policy: revisited John Theis and Amitabh S. Dutta D. Abbott Turner College of Business, Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia, USA Abstract Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine the Dickens et al. model of bank holding company dividend policy. They identified five explanatory factors in a sample of bank holding companies...
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  • Stock and Dividend Payout - 461 Words
    ABMF5345 CASE STUDY IN FINANCE & INVESTMENT CASE STUDY 3 (15%) Case 3: Gainsboro Machine Tools Corp (GMTC) Read the following about GMTC (GMTC). The questions posed to you are: - 1. In theory, to fund an increased dividend payout or a stock buyback, a firm might invest less, borrow more, or issue more stock. Which of those three elements is Gainesboro’s management willing to vary, and which elements remain fixed as a matter of the company’s policy? 2. What happens to Gainesboro’s...
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  • Avon's Dividend Policy - 1699 Words
    TABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTION3PERFORMANCE OF AVON'S STOCK FROM 1978-19883EVALUATION OF AVON' S FINANCIAL CONDITION IN MID-19885PURPOSE OF THE EXCHANGE OFFER6EVALUATION OF THE TRADE-OFF7REFERENCES10INTRODUCTIONA firm's decisions about dividends are often mixed up with other financing and investment decisions. Some firms pay low dividends because management is optimistic about the firm's future and wishes to retain earnings for expansion. Other firms might finance capital expenditures largely by...
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  • Dividend Practices Of Commercial Banks
    DIVIDEND PRACTICES OF COMMERCIAL BANKS AND ITS IMPACT ON STOCK PRICE By MAHIM BHATTARAI Shanker Dev Campus T.U. Regd. No. : 7-1-48-1494-2000 Campus Roll No. : 1889/062 A Thesis Submitted to: Office of the Dean Faculty of Management Tribhuvan University In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of Master of Business Studies (M.B.S) Kathmandu, Nepal July, 2009 RECOMMENDATION This is to certify that the Thesis Submitted by: MAHIM BHATTARAI Entitled: DIVIDEND...
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  • Does a dividend policy matter?
    INTRODUCTION That report is a detailed review of dividend policy and whether or not could affect the market value of the company. When companies make profits, managers have to decide either to reinvest those profits for the good of company or either they could pay out the owners (shareholders) of the firm in dividends. Once they decide to pay dividends they may possibly establish a permanent dividend policy, which is the set of guidelines a company uses in order to decide how much of its...
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  • Dividend Policy at Fpl - 1497 Words
    1) Miller and Modigliani, the middle-of-the-roaders, opined that dividend policy has no effect on a firm’s value in a perfect and efficient capital market. The rightist believed that dividend payout increases the value of a firm; the leftist said that if taxes on dividend are higher than capital gains then companies should pay the lowest dividend policy and concentrate on capital appreciation; also that companies should use instead those monies to invest for growth and development that...
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  • Effect of Dividend Policies - 1970 Words
    Introduction The optimal dividend policy of a firm depends on investor’s desire for capital gains as opposed to income, their willingness to forgo dividend now for future returns, and their perception of the risk associated with postponement of returns. However any normative approach to dividend policy intended to be operative under real world conditions should consider the firms investment opportunities, any preferences that investors have for dividends as opposed to capital gains and...
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  • Dividend Policy at Linear Technology
    Dividend Policy at Linear Technology Of the 16 companies on the SOX index, six paid dividends and Linear Technology is one of them started at the second quarter in 1993 which is 5.3 million in total. However, in the case, according to Coghlan, “The quarterly dividend was initially set at $0.05 per share. This amounted to $8.3 million, or 15% of FY 1994 earnings.” And their most recent dividend in 2002(cause in the exhibit2, there’s only threes quarter’s data in 2003, so that’s why I choose 2002...
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  • The Determinants of Corporate Dividend Policy
    The Determinants of Corporate Dividend Policy A dividend decision of a firm is an outcome of various considerations. These considerations differ across time and industry. The present study re-examines various factors that have a bearing on the dividend decision of a firm by using a two-step multivariate procedure. First factor analysis is performed on the data to extract prominent factors from various variables and then multiple regression is conducted on such factors. Results of factor...
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  • Chapter 14- corporations, dividends
    CHAPTER 14 Corporations: Dividends, Retained Earnings, and Income Reporting ASSIGNMENT CLASSIFICATION TABLE Exercises A Problems B Problems 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A 1B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 4, 5 6, 8, 9 2A, 3A, 4A 2B, 3B, 4B Prepare and analyze a comprehensive stockholders’ equity section. 14, 15 6, 7 5, 6, 10, 11, 13, 15, 16 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A 1B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B 4. Describe the form...
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  • Dividend Policy at Fpl Group
    Dividend Policy at FPL Group FPL Group Overview: The FPL Group was Florida’s largest electric utility group and the fourth largest in America. The FPL Group had annual revenues of exceeding $5 billion. Florida Power & Light Company, the main subsidiary of the FPL Group had 3.9 million customer accounts and covered a service area that included six of America’s ten fastest growing metropolitan areas. a. Summarize the key elements of FPL’s financial policy and compare it with other...
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  • Coca-Cola Dividend Policy
    Coca-Cola Dividend Policy The definition of dividend is as follows: A dividend is the distribution or sharing of parts of profits to a company's shareholders. Now the question is why do companies pay dividends to it s shareholders? Because it’s the shareholders that are the real owners of the corporation and one would not own a piece of anything unless it would make money for them. So in turn a company wants to pay dividends to keep the shareholders happy and show that they are being...
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  • An Example of Dividend Policy Irrelevance
    AN EXAMPLE OF DIVIDEND POLICY IRRELEVANCE An example provides insight into the dividend irrelevance proposition. Suppose that now is time 0, and one year from now is time 1. Carter Company just paid its time 0 dividend (assume dividends are paid once per year), and plans to publicly announce its dividend policy for the next year. It is considering the following two policies (all dollar amounts in $millions). Policy I: At time 1, dividends = $110, new share sales = 0, treasury stock...
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  • Dividend Policy of Porsche - 1410 Words
    Paying out dividends belongs to the easiest way to communicate financial well-being and shareholder value, since they are sending out a powerful message about future prospects and performances. The willingness, and also the ability of companies to pay out steady dividends and maybe even to increase them, provides the shareholder with valuable information about the company's fundamentals. Wherever you are looking for information regarding dividends, you will find statements about their...
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  • Corporate dividend payout policy
    Journal of Banking & Finance 27 (2003) 1297–1321 www.elsevier.com/locate/econbase Corporate governance, dividend payout policy, and the interrelation between dividends, R&D, and capital investment Klaus Gugler * Department of Economics, University of Vienna, WP No. 9803, Br€nnerstrasse 72, 1210 Vienna, Austria u Received 12 October 2000; accepted 5 November 2001 Abstract This paper investigates the relationship between dividends and the ownership and control structure of the...
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  • Determinates of Dividend Policy Apple
     Contents Introduction 2 Theories and Determinants of Dividend Policy (Section 1) 2 Tax and Clienteles Theory 2 Free cash flow and the Agency Theory 3 Growth and The Lifecycle theory 4 Firm size 5 Information Asymmetry and Signaling theory 5 Risk and the Bird in hand theory 7 Profitability 8 Conclusion 9 Analysis of Apple and Dell Dividend Policy (Section 2) 9 Apple Inc. 9 Dell Inc. 11 Conclusion 13 Reference 14 Introduction In a private firm, after a period of business activity the owner of...
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  • Trend of Dividends Policy in Nigeria
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  • Dividend Policy of Telus - 940 Words
    Current Dividends Policy Assessment “Having a clear dividend growth model targeting two dividend increases per year to 2013 of circa 10% annually subject to the TELUS Board’s assessment and determination” (Telus) Telus’s current dividend policy is to continue with its forward-looking dividend growth plan until at least the year of 2013. The plan is aimed to achieve two dividend increases per year with an annual growth rate of 10%. Of the two companies, Telus has a higher-than-industry...
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     MBA PROGRAMME MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Graduate School of Business Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia GROUP PRESENTATION CLASS: Corporate Finance LECTURER: Prof. Dr Fauzias Mat Nor DIVIDEND POLICY AND STOCK REPURCHASES TEAM MEMBERS: NO. NAME I.C. NO. STUDENT NO. 1. Mohd Hatta Ahmad 641225-05-5601 ZP00664 2. Azizul Azrin Mahmor 761117-04-5189 ZP00580 3. Hazri Zan Abu Kassim ZP00398 4. Fazriman Fazli Othman ZP00665 Date: 10.10.11 INTRODUCTION Dividends and stock repurchases are...
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  • Summary of Literature Review on Dividends
    Assignment 1 Examined topic or field of the literature review article The article is called Dividend policy: A review of Theories and Empirical Evidence. In this article, the main theories on dividend policy are described and their credibility is evaluated. Connection between the reviewed paper and my research proposal According to my research proposal, the master thesis topic will be “Comparative analysis of companies’ dividend policy: international perspective”. Therefore, the...
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  • journal critque on dividend policy
    Universiti Teknologi Mara Cawangan Sarawak Individual Assignment Journal Critique on Dividend Policy Executive Master in Business Administration 2014 Prepared by: MOHAMAD NOR BIN ANNUAR (2013467872) The first report entitled “Dividend Policy Decisions” by Dr. Gurdeep Chawla is a report based on past research that seeks to describe dividend theories, dividend policies and the factors that managers consider important in formulating those policies. While the second report is entitled...
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  • Determinants of Dividend Payout Ratio
    Determinants of Dividend Payout-Ratio: A Study of Philippine Stock Exchange-Listed Banks, 2007-2011 Introduction Dividend policy is one of the most controversial subjects in finance literature and still `management always ponders about the dividend payment and also why investors need to pay attention on dividend. It is also a corporate profit that is paid out or considered as an income by the corporation to be distributed to its shareholders as a reward for investing. It is also considered...
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  • dividend policy on share holders..
    National conference on “Emerging Strategies for Sustainable Growth & Competence “ The Impact of Dividend Policy on Shareholders’ Wealth-A study of Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) in Sri Lanka Elangkumaran Periyathamby Department of Accountancy Advanced Technological Institute Trincomalee vpelango@yahoo.com Jenitta Jesuthas Navaratnaseelan Department of Accountancy Advanced Technological Institute Trincomalee jenyseelan@gmail.com The impact of firm’s dividend policy on shareholders’...
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  • Dividend Policy and Its Impact on Stock Price
    Effect Of Dividends On Stock Prices 1 EFFECT OF DIVIDENDS ON STOCK PRICES Effect of Dividends on Stock Prices– A Case of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry of Pakistan Kanwal Iqbal Khan University of Central Punjab, Lahore Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Business Management (ISBN: 978-969-9368-06-6) Effect Of Dividends On Stock Prices 2 Abstract In Pakistan corporate sector is adversely facing competition due to economic downturn in the world and making...
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  • Is the company worth nothing when no dividends?
     AFIN253 Financial management Is the company worth nothing when no dividends? Student name: Student number: Word count: 706 The dividend discount model is the way of valuing a firm according to the theory that a stock is value the discount sum of all of its future dividends payments. It is a equation for using the discounting them back to present value and predicted dividends to calculate the value of stock. This equation can not working...
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  • Distributions to Shareholders Dividends and Share Repurchases
    CHAPTER 14: DISTRIBUTIONS TO SHAREHOLDERS: DIVIDENDS AND SHARE REPURCHASES 1. The optimal distribution policy strikes that balance between current dividends and capital gains that maximizes the firm's stock price. a. True b. False ANSWER: True 2. Other things held constant, the higher a firm's target payout ratio, the higher its expected growth rate should be. a. True b. False ANSWER: False RATIONALE: The higher the payout ratio, the less of its earnings the firm reinvests in the...
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  • Dividend Policy at Fpl Group, Inc.
    FPL – An Overview FPL Group, Inc. is Florida's largest electric utility company. In 1925, through the consolidation of numerous electric and gas companies, they formed Florida Power & Light Company (FP&L). FP&L grew steadily over the next 50 years until rising fuel costs, operating issues, and construction costs began to decrease profitability. In the mid-1980s, FPL diversified with four major acquisitions - Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company, Telesat Cablevision, Inc., CBR Information...
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  • Dividend Policy of Confidence Cement Ltd.
    Dividend policy of Confidence Cement Limited Report On Dividend Policy of Confidence Cement Limited Submitted to: Dr. Mahmood Osman Imam Chairman Department of Finance University of Dhaka...
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  • Capital Structure and Dividend Policy Analysis
    An Appraisal of Dividend Policy and Capital Structure of Apex Tanneries Limited 1. Company Profile Apex tanneries has been setting standard in Bangladesh leather export industry since 1976.equiped with the state of the art Italian modern machinery and maintaining high quality strictness. Through the years its production has been progressively entailing a constant expansion of building and machinery .Annual production exceeds 23 million square meters and company sales turnover amount to...
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  • 4 Dividends Share Repurchase 1
    DIVIDENDS & STOCK REPURCHASE - I Dr. Kulbir Singh ACF Term III 2013-14 IMT Nagpur • Shareholders love it. • Bondholders hate it. • Managers consider it obvious. • Financial economists find it puzzling. • What is it? • Dividends; what else?! INTRODUCTION Dividend has been defined u.s. Sec 2 (14A) of the Companies Act, 1956 Dividend payment by Indian Companies are regulated by Sec 205 of Companies Act, 1956 Dividend is distribution of divisible or distributable profits of a company among the...
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  • Impact of Dividend Policy on Capital Structure
    Dissertation AN EMPIRICAL STUDY ON IMPACT OF DIVIDEND POLICY ON CAPITAL STRUCTURE (A report submitted towards the partial fulfillment of the requirement of the two years full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Management.) DECLARATION I, student of Post Graduate Diploma in Management from hereby declare that I have completed dissertation on “IMPACT OF DIVIDEND POLICY ON CAPITAL STRUCTURE ” a part of the course requirement. I further declare that the information presented in this...
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  • Impact of Dividend Policy on Capital Structure
    Methodology: SOURCE OF DATA: Database Dividend payment pattern of all IT companies that are listed for trading on one of the two major exchanges namely National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) during the period 2004-2008 (I refer each year henceforth with the end year i.e., for 2004-2005 to 2005) are employed for analysis. The data has been sourced from Prowess database of the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE). For the purpose of this study,only final dividend...
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  • Distributions to Shareholders: Dividends and Share Repurchases
    CHAPTER 14 DISTRIBUTIONS TO SHAREHOLDERS: DIVIDENDS AND SHARE REPURCHASES (Difficulty: E = Easy, M = Medium, and T = Tough) Multiple Choice: Conceptual Easy: Dividends versus capital gains Answer: d Diff: E [i]. Myron Gordon and John Lintner believe that the required return on equity increases as the dividend payout ratio is decreased. Their argument is based on the assumption that a. Investors are indifferent between dividends and capital gains. b....
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  • Impact of Dividend Policy on Shareholders Wealth
    IMPACT OF DIVIDEND POLICY ON THE MAXIMIZATION OF SHAREHOLDERS WEALTH. BY LASISI TIRIMISIYU KUNLE REG NO: U08AC1128 Being A Research Project Submitted To The Department Of Accounting, Faculty Of Administration, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of Bachelor Of Science (B.Sc) In Accounting DEPARTMENT OF ACCOUNTING FACULTY OF ADMINISTRATION AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY, ZARIA JULY, 2012 TABLE OF CONTENT CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION 1.1...
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  • Determinants of dividend policy the case of Vietnam
    International Journal of Business, Economics and Law, Vol. 1 ISSN 2289-1552 2012 DETERMINANTS OF DIVIDEND POLICY: THE CASE OF VIETNAM Nguyen Thi Xuan Trang Accounting Department Da Nang University of Economics 71 Ngu Hanh Son Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City, Vietnam Email: trangatax@gmail.com , Tel: (+84) 0 914 745 649 ABSTRACT There were several researchers who investigated dividend policy in developed countries like the USA (Chang and Rhee, 1990), the UK (Al-Najjar...
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  • Dividend Payout Ration - Case Study
    International Research Journal of Finance and Economics ISSN 1450-2887 Issue 15 (2008) © EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. 2008 http://www.eurojournals.com/finance.htm Determinants of Dividend Payout Ratios-A Study of Indian Information Technology Sector Kanwal Anil Jaypee Business School, Noida, India Sujata Kapoor Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad, India Abstract Profitability has always been considered as a primary indicator of dividend payout ratio. There are numerous other factors...
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  • Why Do Firms Pay Dividends? International Evidence on the Determinants of Dividend Policy*
    Why Do Firms Pay Dividends? International Evidence on the Determinants of Dividend Policy* DAVID J. DENIS** Krannert School of Management Purdue University West Lafayette, IN 47907 djdenis@purdue.edu IGOR OSOBOV Georgia State University Department of Finance Atlanta, GA 30303 iosobov@gsu.edu May, 2007 We thank Yakov Amihud, Harry DeAngelo, Linda DeAngelo, Diane Denis, Jim Hsieh, Omesh Kini, Erik Lie, John McConnell, Lalitha Naveen, Raghu Rau, Steve Smith, Jeff Wurgler, an anonymous...
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  • Dividend Payout Policy_ Individual Assignment
    AF4320 Corporate Finance Semester 1, 2013-2014 Individual Written Assignment This essay will trace the dividend payouts of three public companies in the last consecutive fifteen years and find the key factors which affect a company’s payout policy. The three public companies, namely Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL), CLP Holdings Limited (CLP), and The Bank of East Asia (BEA), are all the constituent stocks of the Hang Seng Index. HWL  Dividend Payout History over Last Fifteen Years...
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  • Impact of Dividend Policy on Companies’ Performance
    IMPACT OF DIVIDEND POLICY ON COMPANIES’ PERFORMANCE: EVIDENCE FROM PUBLIC LISTED COMPANIES IN MALAYSIA 1.0 INTRODUCTION Dividend policy is the regulations and guidelines that a company uses to decide to make dividend payments to shareholders. Dividends are payments made to stockholders from a firm's earnings, whether those earnings were generated in the current period or in previous periods. When a company makes a profit, they must decide on what to do with those profits. They could...
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  • Dividend Policy at Fpl Group, Inc.
    Problem Kate Stark, the electric utilities analyst at First Equity Securities Corporation was faced with a decision involving FPL Group on May 5, 1994. Three weeks earlier, she had valued FPL with a “hold” recommendation due to the belief that FPL would either keep its dividend payout at $2.48 or increase it slightly. Today however, she saw a report from Merrill Lynch stating that they were downgrading FPL stock due to management’s concern that the dividend payout was too high given the...
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  • Agency Problems and Dividend Policies Around the World
    American Finance Association Agency Problems and Dividend Policies around the World Author(s): Rafael La Porta, Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes, Andrei Shleifer, Robert W. Vishny Source: The Journal of Finance, Vol. 55, No. 1 (Feb., 2000), pp. 1-33 Published by: Blackwell Publishing for the American Finance Association Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/222549 Accessed: 16/12/2009 21:34 Your use of the JSTOR archive indicates your acceptance of JSTOR's Terms and Conditions of Use, available...
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  • Dividend Policy Link Bewteen Theory & Practice
    Abstract: The study also examines the influence of liquidity, leverage, profitability, growth, and ownership structure, and market capitalization on the dividend rate. The study reveals that as per dividend irrelevance theory dividend policy has no influence on value of the firm for the reason of homemade dividend according to dividend relevance theory, value of the firm is influenced by dividend policy because of certainty, information content and clientele effect; liquidity, availability of...
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  • Dividend Policy of Large Publicly-Traded Company: Tesco
    Assignment Title: Dividend Policy of Large Publicly-Traded Company: TESCO Kristina Danielyan Student ID: I075807 CONTENT 1. Introduction……………………………………………………………………Page 2 2. DIVIDEND POLICY………………………………………………………….Page 2 2.1. Dividend Policies: advantages and Disadvantages …………………………Page 3 2.1.1. Fixed Percentage pay-out ratio Policy……………………………………..Page 3 2.1.2. ZERO Dividend Payment Policy...
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