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  • Dehydration - 3018 Words
    Dehydration In 1994, thousands of starving people died in the Africa nation of Rwanda. It wasn’t lack of food that killed most of these people, but cholera, a bacterial infected that cripples the ability of intestinal mucosal cells to reabsorb water. The severe diarrhea that develops can kill in days, sometimes even hours. Dehydration is deadly. Dehydration is a deficiency condition that occurs when output of water exceeds intake. It is a great problem for athletes, military personnel, and...
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  • Dehydration - 431 Words
    Pathophysiology of Dehydration The negative fluid balance that causes dehydration results from decreased intake, increased output (renal, GI, or insensible losses), or fluid shift (ascites, effusions, and capillary leak states such as burns and sepsis). The decrease in total body water causes reductions in both the intracellular and extracellular fluid volumes. Clinical manifestations of dehydration are most closely related to intravascular volume depletion. As dehydration progresses,...
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  • Dehydration - 1343 Words
    Approximately 70 percent of the human body is composed of water, therefore; most of our bodies are constantly renewing liquid that are essential for its proper functioning. Our bodies require that we consume at least one liter of water each day. When we lack the necessary about of fluid, dehydration-which is when a person loses more bodily fluid than he or she takes in, occurs. Dehydration can occur quickly, gradually over a period of time. In this paper, I will discuss the various effects of...
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  • Dehydration. - 1036 Words
    Dehydration is when your body has lost too many fluids. Water is one of the most important nutrients to our body; the human body is from 55 percent to about 78 percent of water. The average person loses water consistently by doing everyday activities and sweating, breathing and eliminating waste. Water removes toxins and waste products from the body and puts nutrients into the body. Dehydration affects many people for many different reasons. Water has a HUGE effect on people when it comes to...
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  • Dehydration Paper - 660 Words
    Dehydration Paper Water is one of the most important things we need in order to live. Water is everywhere; you can find it at any store or home. If it’s not free then it’s cheap to buy. In this paper we will discuss how water affects your body and many other issues relating to water and ourselves. Your body is made of about 70% of water. That is a big percentage of your bodies’ makeup. If you don’t drink water for a few days you will die. This fact alone should tell you how important...
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  • Ors Body Dehydration - 367 Words
    Lactobacillus GG Administered in Oral Rehydration Solution to Children with Acute Diarrhea: A Multicenter European Trial Abstract Background: The probiotic Lactobacillus GG is effective in promoting a more rapid recovery of acute, watery diarrhea in children with rotavirus enteritis. Very limited information is available, however, on the potential role of such agents in nonrotaviral diarrheal episodes. Furthermore, no evidence is available concerning the efficacy of Lactobacillus GG...
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  • Dehydration Paper - 665 Words
    Dehydration Paper By: Shineka Bell July 11, 2010 Water is an essential part of our every day lives, whether we know it or not. In the body water bathes the cells of the body and lubricates and cleanses internal and external body organs. Watery tears lubricate the eyes and wash away dirt, saliva lubricates the mouth, making it easier to chew and swallow foods. Water resists compression so it cushions body compartments such as the joints and eyeballs against shock. In addition, water...
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  • The Effects of Dehydration - 1210 Words
    Dehydration james November 18, 2010 Dehydration Water is an essential part to maintaining a healthy body and weight. Without the proper intake of water, the body becomes dehydrated and it begins to pull it from other places including from your blood. “This causes the closing of some smaller vessels (capillaries), making your blood thicker, more susceptible to clotting, and harder to pump through your system. This can have serious implications in hypertension, high cholesterol, and...
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  • Dehydration process - 1989 Words
    Dehydration Dehydration is well-known for the process of losing additional quantities of water which can reduce the body of vital liquids. Dehydration is initiated by numerous factors; however, the main cause of dehydration is not drinking sufficient water or not refilling the water the body has used. The human body is made of 60 percent water and majority of it is used throughout our bodies to help perform normal functions. When this water is used during exercise as sweat, urination, vomiting,...
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  • Assignment Dehydration - 1115 Words
    Assignment | Dehydration | Miesha K. Branch | Human beings require water to survive. Individuals have to understand the importance of staying hydrated and the warning signs of dehydration in order to live long healthy lives. Water and fluids are the main element in staying hydrated and healthy Dehydration is the loss of salts and water that can cause many complications or health issues in human beings. Dehydration can occur when an individual doesn’t consume enough fluids such as water,...
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  • What Is Dehydration & What Causes It?
    Dehydration Jessica M. Hescott Lisa Morris May 11th, 2011 What is Dehydration & What causes it? Water is essential to maintaining a state of good health. Considering the adult body is comprised of...
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  • Cause and Effects of Dehydration and Hydration
    Erik Lipka Mrs. Van Mierlo English 101 05 21 February 2013 The Effects of Dehydration and Hydration Water is a necessity in our world today but especially involving the health of human beings. Water is so important to human life that we would not survive without it because people become dehydrated when an insufficient supply of fluids are consumed in a day. “Human survival is dependent on water -- water has been ranked by experts as second only to oxygen as essential for life” (“Health...
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  • Studies on Dehydration of Curry Leaves
    STUDIES ON DEHYDRATION OF CURRY LEAVES B. K. Sakhale, A.S. Nandane A.R. Tapre and R.C. Ranveer ABSTRACT The curry leaves (Murraya koenigii), one of green leafy vegetable was obtained from local vegetable market of Aurangabad city. These curry leaves were washed and blanched in hot water containing 0.1 per cent magnesium oxide. The treated leaves were then dried in different drying conditions like direct sun drying, shade drying and tray drying. The dried leaves were analyzed for their...
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  • Dehydration and David Moore Patient
    CONSULTATION Patient Name: David Moore Patient ID: 246011 Consultant: Carl M. Martin, MD, Gastroenterology Requesting Physician: Donald Burns, MD, Family Medicine Date of Consult: 03/15/---- Reason for Consultation: Please evaluate GI distress. I was asked to see this 23-year-old male in consultation because of unremitting nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness, and low-grade fever. The patient has a poor appetite but reports no weight loss. He has...
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  • Dehydration: the Importance of Water
    Dehydration: The Importance of Water Dehydration is defined as a loss or insufficient levels of water and important blood salts like potassium and sodium in your body. Important organs like the kidneys, brain, and heart can not function properly without water and salt. Dehydration is most common in underdeveloped countries, were diseases like cholera and dysentery kill millions every year. Unfortunately infants and small children are the most likely victims. Still, if the right conditions are...
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  • Dehydration - Essay 3 - 1100 Words
    Dehydration Sci/241 Abbe Breiter-Fineberg 4/1/2012 Passing out, lethargy, constipation, dry mouth and even dry eyes are very few symptoms in the long list of signs to tell us that we are dehydrated. Being dehydrated is potentially very bad and if not taken care of a person can end up in the hospital or even dying. Many things can cause dehydration including drinking too much alcohol or simply not drinking enough water. Without ample amounts of water our bodies cannot function correctly,...
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  • Dehydration in Human Factors - 1214 Words
    Running Head: DEHYDRATION IN HUMAN FACTORS Dehydration in Human Factors Allan Gorge Abstract Dehydration is an insidious disorder that plays a potentially deadly role in aviation and other aviation related specialties. We’ll take a look at the body’s composition of water, and the physiology of water loss and intake. We’ll also cover the different classifications of dehydration and there signs and symptoms. The dangers of dehydration in the role...
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  • A & P- Pediatric trauma and Dehydration
    - Following a severe spinal cord injury in the lumbar region, the voluntary muscles in the legs and the hips will be paralyzed. Describe the effects of the paralysis on the skeleton. * As I begin this it might be wordy but, if anyone has any questions please ask, this being a perspective of a Paramedic and related references. In the beginning stages of the trauma, there are many bodily processes that are affected, some are immediate, and some are a result of the insult to the surrounding...
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  • Sci241 Week 5 Paper Dehydration
    The Mechanics of Water The Science of Nutrition Perhaps you have heard the phrase “water is life”. When it comes to the human body, nothing could be more accurate. The system of fluids in the body that water affects controls everything from nerve impulse to movement; it is even part of the very structure of our bodies. The following will discuss the vital connection between different systems in the body and how they use water to maintain proper health and function. We will discuss what happens...
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  • Sci 241 Week 5 Assignment: Dehydration
    Dehydration SCI/241 October 24, 2010 Dehydration What is Dehydration? Dehydration is defined as the process of losing excess amounts of water, which depletes the body of essential fluids. Dehydration can be caused by various factors,...
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  • Central Line Case study
    The patient is a 45 year old man who had GI surgery 4 days ago. He is NPO, has a nasogastric tube, and IV fluids of D51/2saline at 100 mL/hr. The nursing physical assessment includes the following: alert and oriented; fine crackles; capillary refill within normal limits; moving all extremities, complaining of abdominal pain, muscle aches, and "cottony" mouth; dry mucous membranes, bowel sounds hypoactive, last BM four days ago; skin turgor is poor; 200 mL of dark green substance has drained...
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  • Fluid Volume Deficit - 730 Words
     Analysis Paper: Fluid Volume Deficit “Fluid volume is a term that describes the balancing of input and output of fluid in the body” (Welch 2010). This balance can be affected by many factors: inadequate intake, shock, vomiting, diarrhea, or too much output. It can also be caused by third spacing. Fluid volume balance is very important to monitor patients because it can affect every body system and can easily be altered. Fluid volume deficit is more commonly...
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  • Beer Industry Situational analysis
    Situational Analysis Molson Coors bring to you a product that offers a healthier lifestyle. A beer that gives no hangover what we call ‘Molson Light’ is an extension to our 67 calorie beer that avoids hangovers and nauseous feelings for the next day. As this generation is now leaning towards healthier options, Molson Coors does not want them to sacrifice the fun they can be having. Molson light is a beer that targets the working force as well as university/college students. Therefore, the...
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  • The Science of Fasting: Ramadan Way
    The science of fasting: Ramadan way To make the most of the intense detoxification process that takes place during fasting, it is crucial to understand what goes on in your body when you fast. With no food or water being consumed by the body for an average of 14 hours during the Ramadan fast, it is important to take precautions against dehydration and ulcers, a medical professional warns. "When we fast, our body undergoes an intense detoxification," says Dr Chandy George, an ayurvedic doctor...
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  • Urinalysis Case Studies - 583 Words
    Student Name: Aura Pierce Urinalysis Case Study 1 Patient Background: Mickey River is a 27 years old female Native American. Her chief complaint is fatigue and malaise. She states she is "tired and hungry and thirsty all of the time" no matter how much she eats or drinks. She has significantly increased her food intake, but has lost 10 pounds in the last two months. She also complains of dizziness, blurred vision, and an awkward feeling of numbness in her right foot. Her physical exam...
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  • What does Water do?
    What does Water do? Why do we as humans need water? Why can’t we just go around all of our lives and do sports or activities without needing to drink water? What does water do for our bodies, and what happens if we drink too much/too little of it? We as humans need water because Water is essential to good health—and life. Up to 60 percent of an adult’s body weight and about 74 percent of a newborn’s body weight is water, making it the largest single substance in the human body. Water helps...
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  • Reflective Journal on Proverty - 714 Words
    I was really grieved while watching this video clip. When facing a problem, I was always thinking that I was an unlucky person. Why do I need to suffer with these all the problems in my life? However, after watching this video, I’ve realized that I am one of the luckiest person in this world. Although I met many problems and obstacles, I’ve never been hungry, lack of foods and water, malnutrition or even homeless. Foods; water; medicine; house, we always think that those matters are the basis...
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  • Forrest Gump Essay - 335 Words
    Name: Allison Lipson Teacher: Lindsay Lezama Altitude Sickness And Dehydration What is Dehydration? Well, many people confuse the symptoms of dehydration with altitude sickness, but at minimally to moderately high altitudes, dehydration is responsible for more illness than oxygen insufficiency. Every day you lose water through your breath, perspiration, urine and bowel movements. For your body to function properly, you must replenish its water supply by consuming beverages and foods that...
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  • Human Nutrition 1 - Lesson 8
    ASSIGNMENT – LESSON 8 1. Explain in 2-3 sentences each, the role of water in the body for 5 different physiological processes. • Fluid intake and fluid excretion: There is usually a balance between intake and excretion of water. If the water balance becomes unbalanced, this can greatly affect various bodily functions such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels or brain function. This imbalance will also create a thirst reaction and by the time we perceive this, our body is already...
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  • Gastroenteritis - 672 Words
    Gastroenteritis Gastroenteritis (Gastro) is a very common illness in our community, most people think that people get this illness is because of the meal they ate and gave them food poisoning. It also can cause by viruses, bacteria, parasites, chemicals, drugs and food allergy that infect stomach and bowel system. (NHMRC 2005, p.58) Symptoms * Diarrhea * Abdominal cramps * Vomiting * Nausea * Fever * Headache Signs Because of the symptoms of vomiting and...
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  • Hydration in Sport - 2569 Words
    Craig Finn Foundation Degree Nutrition Assignment – Hydration Nov 2012 Boxing is a sport renowned for it’s propensity for dehydration in “making weight”. This document is written as an informative aid for boxers and coaches and discusses the impact of hydration and dehydration on physiology and performance. Although written with boxing in mind it has equal relevance to the wider sporting community. Hydration is the process by which water is ingested and absorbed into the body and the term...
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  • Essay on Diarrhea: - 667 Words
    Diarrhea is a symptom of some deeper disturbance/illness in alimentary system. It is a frequent phenomenon especially in summer, and is one of the main causes of illness in children, especially little ones.The life threatening aspect of diarrhea results from the loss of water/fluid from the body due to repeated and excessive expulsions of semi-liquid waste in the form of stools. This may lead to dehydration, and has to be guarded and monitored in the child rather carefully and closely.In case of...
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  • Pediatric Careplan - 965 Words
    Broward College Department of Nursing PATIENT CARE PLAN PATIENT INITIALS | | AGE | 14 months | SEX | | | OTHER MEDICAL DX | Gatroenteritis | ADMITTING DX | Fever, vomiting, diarrhea | DATE | 3/13 | | | | | | | | | | | | | NURSING DIAGNOSIS(in priority order) | PATIENT-CENTERED GOALS | NURSINGINTERVENTION | RATIONALE | EVALUATION | Fluid volume deficit r/t excessive gastrointestinal loss of fluids and electrolytes in stool and vomitus as evidenced by: Sub. Data:...
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  • Coconut Water - 365 Words
    Coconut Water SCI 241 5-23-12 Judy Springer Coconut Water Coconut water is said to be like a “superfood” because it supplies a great deal of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, and growth factors (Fife, 2010). Because of these valuable nutrients coconut water can help the body with dehydration, vision problems, gives the body energy, fatigue, and constipation. I would say coconut water could be classified as a major mineral because of the importance it serves to maintain our...
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  • Hot water And Cold Water Advantages and Disadvantages
     Hot water And Cold Water Advantages and Disadvantages The main purpose of drinking any liquid, water in particular, is to hydrate our body. Either hot or cold water will serve this purpose. Obviously, cold water sounds more tempting than hot water. There is some evidence to suggest you can benefit from some extra calories being burned by drinking cold water. The body has to regulate its temperature to around 98.6 degrees. Drinking cold water forces the body to work a little harder to bring the...
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  • The Human Body and Water - 871 Words
    The Human Body and Water XXXXXXX University of Phoenix/ Axia College SCI 241 July 1, 2009 The Human Body and Water The Most Important Nutrient Of all vitamins and minerals in the human body water is the most important. It is the one essential nutrient that the human body cannot survive without. The adult human body is comprised of approximately 60% water, the body of a small child, infants for example is comprised of approximately 70% water. Water is found throughout the...
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  • life is like a chocolate box
    Top 11 Benefits of Drinking Water Introduction Functions of Water in The Body Harmful Health Effects and Symptoms of Dehydration Top 11 Benefits of Drinking Water – You’ll Never Look at Water the Same Way Drinking a healthy amount of water is vital to your health. You can never imagine just by drinking a healthy amount of water, you gain tremendous health benefits, and sometimes you can even throw away your migraine medicine or pain killer. Before we can appreciate the benefits of...
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  • Fluid and Electrolyte Study Guide
    Unit 2 – Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalance A. Homeostasis a. State of equilibrium in the body b. Naturally maintained by adaptive responses c. Body fluids and electrolytes are maintained within narrow limits B. Water content of the body i. Varies with age, gender, body mass 1. Men have more muscle mass → increased water, fat cells have less water content b. 50-60% of the weight in an adult c. 45-55% in older adults d. 70-80% in infants C. Body Fluid Components a. ICF b. ECF i....
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  • Fluids and Hydration - 1001 Words
    How important are fluids? Fluid replacement is probably the most important nutritional concern for athletes. Approximately 60% of your body weight is water. As you exercise, fluid is lost through your skin as sweat and through your lungs when you breathe. If this fluid is not replaced at regular intervals during exercise, you can become dehydrated. When you are dehydrated, you have a smaller volume of blood circulating through your body. Consequently, the amount of blood your heart...
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  • Importance of Water - 1367 Words
    Ex tension SP553 WATER: Betty Greer,Ph.D., R.D. Professor Family and Consumer Sciences Important for Life W ater makes up approximately twothirds of the body’s weight and approximately 75 percent of the brain’s weight. Nearly 4 percent of the water in the body is lost through the skin, lungs and through urine and stools each day. This water loss must be replaced continually by beverage and food consumption. Sweating causes greater water loss and increases the need to...
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  • Benefits from Water - 516 Words
    BENEFITS OF DRINKING WATER The human body, which is made up of between 55 and 75 percent water (lean people have more water in their bodies because muscle holds more water than fat), is in need of constant water replenishment. Your lungs expel between two and four cups of water each day through normal breathing - even more on a cold day. If your feet sweat, there goes another cup of water. If you make half a dozen trips to the bathroom during the day,...
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  • Nursing Care Plan - 1414 Words
    Assessment | Nursing Diagnosis | Goals & Expected outcomes | Nursing Interventions | Rationales | Methods of Evaluation | Name of client: Mrs. Tam Age: 65 Sex: Female Student ID:1155016494 Assessment date: 29/11/12 Medical Diagnosis: 1. Lower limbs edema 2. Low albumin level 3. hypokalemia and hypocalcaemia 4. Anemia Nursing Diagnosis: Imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements related to vomiting after eating as evidenced by food intake less than the recommended...
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  • Acute Gastroenteritis - 1842 Words
    ACUTE GASTROENTERITIS Gastroenteritis is inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, involving both the stomach and the small intestine and resulting in acute diarrhea. It can be transferred by contact with contaminated food and water. The inflammation is caused most often by an infection from certain viruses or less often by bacteria, their toxins, parasites, or an adverse reaction to something in the diet or medication. ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY The GIT is composed of two general parts, the...
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  • Unit 4 Case Study 1 First Aid
    Unit 4 Case Study 1 Overcoming the Perils of Canoe Lake First Aid for Dehydration Dehydration happens when you lose more fluid then you take in and your body doesn’t have enough fluids to carry out its normal functions. Whenever fluids are lost due to sweating, diarrhea, vomiting, etc, you must replace them or dehydration will occur. Mild to moderate dehydration can be reversed my simply increasing your fluid intake. Severe dehydration however can result in serious health issues which...
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  • Sci/241 Mineral and Water Function
    Mineral and Water Function Essay Hailee Merkel SCI/241 January 20, 2013 Tiffany Edgar You may not realize exactly how important minerals are to us, but they actually play a huge role in our bodies. Not only do they take part in the structure of our body, but also help with regulation of the processes that maintains life. In reality there are 20 minerals that play a way bigger role than I ever knew in how healthy your body is and stays. Some minerals have a specific role it plays,...
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  • Energy Drinks and There Effects
    Energy Drinks and there effects on the human body. Have you ever wondered what the side effects were after drinking an energy drink? People buy these types of drinks all the time and they are very popular with the younger groups. They give you a boost of energy but they can also make you sick. There are many different brands of energy drinks on the market the most popular are Red Bull and Monster. People are now mixing these with alcohol which has a serious side effect. There...
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  • Pyloric Stenosis - 656 Words
     Pyloric Stenosis is a rare condition that develops in newborns. About one in every 250 babies is affected. Patients with pyloric stenosis present with projectile vomiting in which they are still hungry afterwards. The infant will start showing signs of weight loss, dehydration and malnutrition. When my son had pyloric stenosis, he had some opposite symptoms that are unusual for infants. He had projectile vomiting, weight gain, dehydration and mild malnutrition. He was 12 weeks...
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  • Enrichment Unit 1 - 417 Words
    Enrichment Questions Instructions: This is an honors level course. Answer all questions fully using complete sentences. If you want full credit, please provide plenty of details. 1. How is the concept of homeostasis related to aging and disease? Provide examples to support your thinking. -The lack of homeostasis (called homeostatic imbalance) can cause several different types of diseases and disorders. Homeostasis will make sure of the efficiency in control functions of the body....
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  • Top 10 First Aid Treatment
    FIRST AID Animal Bites Treatment 1. Stop Bleeding * Apply direct pressure until bleeding stops. 2. Clean and Protect For a wound or superficial scratch from an animal bite: * Gently clean with soap and warm water. Rinse for several minutes after cleaning. * Apply antibiotic cream to reduce risk of infection, and cover with a sterile bandage. 3. Get Help * Get medical help immediately for any animal bite that is more than a superficial scratch or if the animal was a wild...
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  • My Study - 1935 Words
    How is gastroenteritis diagnosed and does my child need any tests? Most parents recognise gastroenteritis in their children because of their typical symptoms. The symptoms will often be quite mild and commonly get better within a few days without any treatment, other than drinking plenty of fluids. You will often not need to take your child to see a doctor or seek medical advice. However, in some circumstances, you may need to seek medical advice for your child (see below). If this is the...
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  • Importance of Hydrating - 658 Words
    Good evening I am SrA Timothy Clemens; and I am here to talk to you about hydration. Are you currently thirsty? If so then you could already be in the first stage of dehydration. That’s right; according to the first symptom of dehydration is thirst or being thirsty. Have you ever heard of the rule; drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day? Well there is no more rule about how many glasses of water you should drink throughout the day though it is suggested that you drink...
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  • Chief Complaint 5 - 502 Words
    Student Name: Adolfo Acevedo Mendez Student Number: 21928769 PENN FOSTER MEDICAL CENTER Emergency Department Note SUMMERS, JENNIFER July 01, 2014 CHIEF COMPLAINT Congestion and poor feeding HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS This is a 3-month-old little girl who comes in with her mother. Her mom says that she works overnight and the baby stays with the grandmother. Last night, apparently, the baby starting around 9 o'clock was not interested in feeding. Seems very congested, had a cough, and...
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  • Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention
    Necessity is the Mother of Invention It was a hot summer day.A crow felt thirsty and he flew off in search of water.He flew all around but cold not not find any water.He felt thirstier and was tired as well. Suddenly,he saw a pitcher in a garden.He flew down to it but was saddened to see very little water in it.He tried to drink it but his beak could not reach it.He looked around and saw some pebbles scattered here and there.He hit upon a great idea.He started picking he pebbles and dropped...
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  • Benefits of Hydration - 472 Words
    Benefits of Hydration The body is made up of around 75% water. Keeping the body adequately hydrated is a must to ensure good health especially in athletes. Sometimes proper hydration is difficult for people if they do not prefer the taste of water. This can lead to serious problems with their health. Determining your hydration can be simply done in two ways. One way to determine your hydration is to examine your urine. If you are properly hydrated it will appear pale yellow or sometimes...
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  • Gatorade - 1791 Words
     Since the creation of Gatorade in 1987 sports drinks have become a staple of American athletics. Every major sports league, including the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL and NASCAR, are sponsored by and use of Gatorade Thirst Quencher. All Sport and Powerade, two other smaller market sports drinks, have limited sponsorships of smaller sports leagues including the NCAA. The question is, how effective is Gatorade and other sports drinks in doing what it they're advertised to do? One has to wonder if the...
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  • Ncp Risk for Fluid Volume Deficit Phototherapy
    Nursing Care Plan Assessment | Nursing Diagnosis | Rationale | Objective/s | Nursing Interventions | Rationale | Evaluation | OBJECTIVE:Clinical jaundice evident within 24 hour of birth | Risk for fluid volume deficit related to phototherapy | Phototherapy enhances the excretion of unconjugated bilirubin through the bowel. | The infant will exhibit no signs of dehydration, clear amber urine output of 1-3 mL/kg/hr, and will display appropriate weight gain. | 6. Initiate early feedings and...
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  • Hunger and Clean Water Needs in the U.S. and Overseas
    Hunger and Clean Water Needs in the U.S. and Overseas Action Against Hunger provides lifesaving assistance and restores self-sufficiency to millions of people in over 40 countries. According to, "Almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean drinking water. A third of the world’s population lives without basic sanitation infrastructure like a toilet. Every day 4,000 children die from illnesses like diarrhea, dysentery, and cholera...
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  • The Antipasmodic Activity of Molave Tree (Vitex Parviflora) Bark Extract in Albino Mice
    The Antipasmodic Activity of Molave Tree (Vitex parviflora) Bark Extract in Albino Mice A Research Paper Presented to Mrs. Ferrera Oira In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement in Research II Georgette Mae P. Dineros Jone Zelita C. Orlina Anna Dominique G. Humbe IV- Analysts Andromeda Ramon Teves Pastor Memorial Dumaguete Science High School SY 2012-2013 ABSTRACT Diarrhea is a common condition that affects people of any age and of any gender. It is...
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  • Parasite notes - 478 Words
    Vibrio Cholerae Vibrio Cholerae is a bacterium in the family of Vibrionaceae. This Gram-negative, facultative anaerobic, non-spore forming curved rod bacterium causes an acute diarrheal infection due to water or food ingested contaminated with bacterium Vibrio Cholerae. Cholera infects an estimated 3-5 million persons every year and causes about 100,000-120,000 deaths. There is a short incubation period of two hours to five days, which greatly enhances the potential of cholera’s dangerous...
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  • Definition Essay - 804 Words
    Definition Essay 1 Praiseworthiness can raise an individuals’ confidence. They won’t be afraid to do things they thought they never could do. How can praiseworthiness be defined? According to Google, the term “praiseworthy” can be defined as “deserving approval and admiration.” The ability to have determination, bravery and being hardworking are three important characteristics of praiseworthiness. One important characteristic of praiseworthiness is having determination. Having...
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  • Minerals and Water Function Essay
    Minerals and Water Function Essay Kimberly Carter July 7, 2012 Karen Paling SCI/241 There are only two main functions of minerals in the body, to build body structures, and help in bodily functions. Some minerals are need in large amounts and are called macroelements, others are needed in much smaller doses, and these are called microelements. Some minerals such as calcium are used to build strong teeth and bones, but also to help in blood clotting and nerve function. The best sources of...
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  • Postoperative Care - 1182 Words
     Postoperative Care NUR 120 January 20, 2014 Postoperative care For nurses, there is a very wide range of duties and tasks that must be performed in caring for the postoperative patient. A systematic assessment is necessary when caring for postoperative patients, however this does not mean that the nursing process must become ritualized to the point that patient care is not individualized. Among the most important duties of the nurse is to reduce the risk of...
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  • Mineral Function - 286 Words
    Mineral and Water Function Minerals are a vital part of the body in many aspects. The functions of minerals vary by the mineral. Some minerals help in developing bone structures such as calcium, other assist in energy regulation, and some even assist with genetics. The amount of these minerals that the body needs also varies depending on the mineral. There are two types of minerals, major minerals and trace elements. We find the minerals that our bodies need from animals and plants, the amount...
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  • informative water - 280 Words
    Bottled Water Visual aid: waterX2 & powerpoint Intro: attn. getter 2/3 of body weight Brain =73% Heart= 73% Lungs= 83% Skin= 31%. Body weight= 70% water 16 sec Point 1: Why we need water Convince that Water is essential Water used by every single cell in the body. Contrary; Whether eating or drinking, you’re consuming water Indirectly- animals or plants consuming it Directly- putting water into mouth Non active person: 2 Quarts Active: 3-4 quarts Depending on insensitivity...
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  • Lucozade isotonic - 435 Words
    Lucozade is not isotonic as it is low in mineral content such as salt and high in sugar. ‘Real’ sports drinks should be high in sodium and low in sugar. Sugar does the trick for getting energy quickly for a while but it ultimately leads to an energy crash. Also, sugar is well-known for causing obesity and the high people get form sugar only lasts for a little. Blood sugar levels in the body regulate energy and as soon as the sugar from the your Lucozade is out of someone’s system, their...
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  • Post Sigmoid Coletomy Care
    This paper will critically examine the care needs and management of Mr Braun. An appropriate framework will be used, namely the ABCDE. Alternative treatment will be analysed using the 5 WHs critical decision making too (Jasper, 2006)l. His care will be based upon the nursing process ensuring that patient outcomes are agreed, implemented and evaluated. The assessment framework to be used is this assessment is the ABCDE assessment framework. The ABCDE framework looks at Airway, Breathing,...
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  • An Experience I will never forget!
    I lay still sprawled on my back on the carpet floor, barely breathing or moving. NO! I wasn't trying to commit suicide by asphyxiating. In the middle of my abdomen was a spasm that had contracted so much that the pain was almost unbearable. It was a good agonizing seven minutes before it finally subsided, leaving my abdominal muscles sore as never before. Outside the mercury rose in the sweltering Vietnamese heat as midday approached. I was in Vietnam participating in a Junior Ranking Tennis...
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  • Case Study - 303 Words
    Signalment- 8 week old unaltered male domestic short hair feline Pertinent Medical History Tested for feline virals (feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus) at 6 weeks of age-negative/negative 1 FVRCP (Intervet’s modified live continuum feline rhinotracheitis-calici-panleukopenia vaccine) done at 6 weeks of age. Pet came as a rescue from the shelter. Presented for lethargy, inappetance, vomiting, diarrhea, and hanging head over water bowl with no consumption of water...
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  • Life Without Gravity - 737 Words
    In a world without gravity, one would be weightless, but always nauseous. Because of this, it would be very difficult to complete a lot of your daily activities without throwing up. If you tried to eat something while you and your food are floating around, you will probably have a lot of trouble trying to hold your food down. In 0-g, life would be very hard. Roller coasters are a perfect example of this. I do not do well on roller coasters. I get sick when I encounter zero gravity for that split...
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  • Case study 2 Lost in the desert
    1. First, Henry should put clothing on Mark. Although Mark may feel very hot, his skin has already been exposed to the intense UV sunrays for a long time. Continuing to stay in the sun will worsen Mark’s sunburns. Henry should also start administering Mark on diluted fluids that contain essential electrolytes. This will help restore hydration to Mark’s body without running the risk of his plasma becoming hypotonic. Mark has lost a lot of water through sweat and this combined with the intense...
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  • Gatorade Evaluation - 614 Words
    Spring 2013 Evaluation Essay Gatorade—It’s A Way of Life During the summer of 1965, a University of Florida assistant football coach set up a meeting with the university physicians. Most of his players were playing poorly as a result of the heat. Coach wanted them to try and figure out why so many of his players were being affected by heat and heat related illnesses and in result were suffering from dehydration. The doctors soon realized that two key factors were to blame for...
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  • Burbank1 - 275 Words
    Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance: Water Homeostasis 1. Below are listed the four examples of disturbances in water homeostasis. Indicate if there is an increase (↑), decrease (↓), or no change (↔) in volume and osmolarity. Give an example of each. Disturbance Volume Osmolarity Example Hypervolemia Hypovolemia Overhydration Dehydration 2. What are the four primary mechanisms to regulate fluid homeostasis? a. b. c. d. 3. Answer the following questions on antidiuretic...
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  • How is the cardiovascular system involved in water regulation
    How is the cardiovascular system involved in water regulation? Things we’ll be talking about: Why is water regulation important? Water regulation is important as it helps to maintain all the systems within the human and makes sure they are functioning properly. A person loses and gains water every day, this is fine as long as the water balance within the body stays at a constant level. If a person gains more water than they lose then this is called a positive water balance. But if a person...
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  • Heat Cramps - 495 Words
    Heat Cramps: Heat cramps are painful, brief muscle cramps. Muscles may spasm or jerk involuntarily. Heat cramps can occur during exercise or work in a hot environment or begin a few hours later. Heat cramps usually involve muscles that are fatigued by heavy work such as calves, thighs, and shoulders. • You are most at risk if you are doing work or activities in a hot environment -- usually during the first few days of an activity you're not used to. • You are also at risk if you...
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  • Hypermesis - 492 Words
    Hyperemesis Gravidarum My patient in the 5th week of her pregnancy and she was diagnosed with Hyperemisis Gravidarum. Hyperemesis Gravidarum is a condition that is constantly overseen because is constantly perceived as the typical pregnancy “morning sickness”. This disease on the other hand is considered a rare complication, in which the patient continuously vomits and expresses a drastic change in metabolic state, weight loss, and severed fluid electrolyte imbalance. Morning sickness...
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  • Descriptive Essay - 484 Words
    New England Frozen Lemonade While growing up on Smith Hill in Providence, Rhode Island, I had a lot to look forward to by the standards of a young elementary school boy. I followed my older cousins where ever they went through the neighborhood, usually the park. Around the corner from the street I lived on was Camden Park where my cousins and I spent hours during the summer and after school. Up the street from this park was a stand called New England Frozen Lemonade. Making the trip...
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  • the fox and the grapes - 418 Words
    It was a very hot and sunny afternoon. A fox, which had been hunting the whole day, was very thirsty. "How I wish there was some water," the fox thought to himself. Just then, he saw bunches of fat and juicy grapes hanging from a vine above his head. The grapes looked ripe and ready to burst with juice. "Oh, my! Oh, my!" the fox said as his mouth began to water. "Sweet grape juice, quench my thirst!" The fox stood on tiptoe and stretched as high as he could, but the grapes were...
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  • Powerade - 384 Words
    Powerade ION4 Advanced Electrolyte System BENEFITS 1. Replenish fluid losses 2. It helps in sustaining mental and physical performance PROMISE “complete sports drinks” REASON TO BELIEVE 1. It has 15 g of Carbohydrates which is the body's main source of energy. It is also primary fuel source for muscles which are working at a moderate to high intensity and prolonged endurance. 2. It has sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium which replenish the electrolytes commonly lost through...
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  • Health Teaching Plan - 307 Words
    SHEIKA ELAINE I. KAMLIAN BSN 3-E HEALTH TEACHING PLAN Subject Matter: Loose Bowel Movement (LBM) Time allotment: 25 mins. General objective: At the end of 15 mins health teaching, my client with be able to: * Understand what is Loose Bowel Movement (LBM) * Learn the cause and prevention of LBM Objective | Content | Time Allotment | Teaching strategy & Tool | Resources | Evaluation | After 25 mins of health teaching, my client will be able to:Define Loose Bowel MovementIdentify...
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  • Ergogenic Aids - 507 Words
    Ergogenic Aids Gatorade is one of the most popular sports drinks of our time. It can be seen at almost every major sporting event around the world and is consumed by athletes and non-athletes of all ages. Gatorade is a nutritional ergogenic aid that has sprung its way into the lead of all sports drinks. Purpose: Gatorade is used to replace electrolytes in your body that were used during physical activity. Experience: Growing up, my parents would buy me Gatorade to drink during and after...
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  • Unit 6 Pp Lab Report Urine
    LABORATORY REPORT Activity: Influence of Fluid Intake on Urine Formation Name: Miriam Rivera Instructor: Renee Faulcon Date: 09.09.2014 Predictions Urine output will be highest during water loading Urine osmolarity will be highest during water loading Plasma osmolarity increases with dehydration Materials and Methods Dependent Variable urine and plasma values Independent Variable fluid intake Controlled Variables room temperature, age, gender, and weight 4. Subjects were asked to...
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  • Tufting Enteropathy - 367 Words
    Tufting Enteropathy AKA: intestinal epithelial dysplasia (IED) Tufting enteropathy is a congenital disease that causes the villi in the gut to atrophy and deteriorate causing chronic diarrhea within the first few days of birth. Signs and symptoms: -Persistent diarrhea, despite any bowel rest – bowel actions usually range from 8-10 times per day – can be confused for looking like urine -Electrolyte imbalances and dehydration -Failure to thrive -Vomiting -An endoscopy/biopsy can...
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  • project work - 926 Words
    New formulation of Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) with reduced osmolarityFebruary 2004 1 “New ORS” Q&A 1. Why has a “New” Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) formula been developed? Two decades ago, diarrhoea was responsible for about 5 million deaths annually. Through programs that distribute and promote ORS and home treatments for dehydration as well as preventive interventions, deaths have decreased to about 2 million. In spite of this success, there remains criticism from health workers and...
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  • 2000 METER ROW - 1158 Words
    Roxann Milbourn March 15, 2015 The 2000 Meter Row... A case in Homeostasis At the start: 1. What is responsible for raising Jim's heart and respiratory rate and stimulating sweat just before the race? Homeostasis is the cause. Jim is nervous but he is making his body be calm so he doesn’t psych himself out. His nervous system sends signals to his heart. His respiratory rate increases. Since his heart is beating faster and respiratory rate increased this caused him to breathe more rapidly and...
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  • Vomiting - 332 Words
    Your body has a few main ways to respond to an ever-changing, wide variety of invaders and irritants. Sneezing ejects the intruders from the nose, coughing from the lungs and throat, diarrhea from the intestines, and vomiting from the stomach. Vomiting is a forceful action accomplished by a fierce, downward contraction of the diaphragm muscle. At the same time, the abdominal muscles tighten against a relaxed stomach with an open gastroesophageal sphincter. The contents of the stomach are...
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  • 3.09 Honors Chem Online
     3.09 Honors: Here is sample data and how you would do the calculations. Of course, you will need to use your data, but you can follow along step-by-step. In the lab, you must record the following measurements: mass of your empty crucible mass of your crucible and the hydrate (the original chemical) mass of the crucible and chemical after heating(which is the dehydrate) The other two in the data table are calculated (mass of hydrate and mass of dehydrate) SAMPLE DATA – YOU MUST...
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  • Hyponatremia - 2372 Words
    INTRODUCTION — In almost all cases, hyponatremia results from the intake (either oral or intravenous) and subsequent retention of water [1]. A water load will, in normal subjects, be rapidly excreted as the dilutional fall in plasma osmolality suppresses the release of antidiuretic hormone (ADH), thereby allowing the excretion of a dilute urine. The maximum rate of water excretion on a regular diet is over 10 liters per day, thereby providing an enormous range of protection against the...
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  • Hydrate Lab Report for Chemistry Lab
    9-19-13 Dehydrating and Rehydrating a Hydrate Introduction The mass percent of water was determined using the mass of water and dividing it by the total mass of the hydrate and then multiplying that answer by 100%. The number of moles of water in a hydrate was determined by taking the mass of the water released and dividing it by the molar mass of water. The number of moles of water and the number of moles of the hydrate was used to calculate the ratio of moles of water to moles of the...
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  • Compare and Contrast (Cancer and Colera)
    I am a healthy human being. These words are said daily by people with confidence; although they may not truly be positive of their health status. We would all like to believe that we are immune to all types of diseases. We are ignorant that our bodies are extremely vulnerable, and at any moment our health can change for the worse. As a result, many programs are established to inform people of communicable diseases such as cancer and cholera. Although some ways of displaying their support or...
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  • Cyclohexanol - 558 Words
    Dehydrating Cyclohexanol Purpose: To carry out the dehydration of 2-methylcyclohexanol and study the orientation of C=C in the final alkene products. Saytzev°s rule will be tested. Introduction: Alcohols can be dehydrated by using an acid such as sulfuric or phosphoric acid. Water will be eliminated from the molecule and a C=C double bond will be formed. If the alcohol is not symmetric, then a mixture of products containing alkene isomers is possible. Russian chemist Saytzev predicted...
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  • Egypt Case Study on Global Health
    Kristine Kim CPSP119F 11 February 2013 This case study focused on the millions of deaths caused by diarrheal disease in Egypt. It was recorded that in 1977, was found that in Egypt this disease was the cause of half of all infant deaths. Diarrheal disease results in dehydration which greatly contributes to those high mortality rates. The National Control of Diarrheal Disease Project of Egypt was created to promote the usage of oral rehydration salts which can reverse dehydration. This...
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  • Emergency Department Essay - 827 Words
     Emergency Department Northeastern Intermediate Clinical Practice 04/23/2013 Emergency Department Experience I started my day in the emergency department (ED) by meeting the staff. One charge registered nurse (RN), five staff RN’s, four paramedics, one patient care technician, and one doctor. Jennifer Thomas was also in the ED today and informed me that to get the best experience I should invite myself into the rooms as the patients arrive. Most Common Medical Diagnosis The...
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  • Identification of a Hydrate Based on the Percentage of Water
    Identification of a Hydrate Based on Percent Water Varun Wadhwa 11/19/12 Introduction The identity of an unknown hydrate was determined by massing the hydrate before and after heating and calculating the percentage of water. Procedure First, we cleaned, dried and heated an evaporating dish for five minutes on an iron ring with the Bunsen burner and massed it. Then, we added 2 grams of an unknown hydrate and calculated the mass of that. Next, we used gradually increasing heat...
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  • Nursing Care Plan - 519 Words
    Nursing Process Planner DATA | ANALYSIS | NURSING DIAGNOSIS | PLANNING | Group significant data according to needs, patient concerns. | Compare with normal standards, knowledge, and interpret the meaning of the data and knowledge. | State problem or concern according to needs with reasons and related factors. | Outcomes/ Objectives. A goal with more detailed objectives. | | Reference | | | Ms. C.M62 years oldDiagnosis:RT lung CancerSx:RLL&RML wedge, RLLwedge+mediastinal...
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  • Water and Mineral Function Essay
    Water and Mineral Function Darlene D. Baker SCI-241 April 21, 2013 Sharon Lewis Water and Mineral Function Minerals are important to our bodies to put on and keep our body weight, keep our bodies functioning normally, give us energy, and allow cells to repair themselves. Minerals work together in our bodies and keep our bodies regulated. Different minerals have their own process and some do more than one thing for our bodies. There are two types of minerals: major minerals and trace...
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  • ECCE Child Health and Well Being PR1 Section 2
    Introduction Kinder Crescent’s Guide To There is a fine line between recognising when a child is seriously ill in need of medical attention, versus a mild illness that can be treated at home. This leaflet outlines a number of different illnesses that may affect your child. It is designed to give you, the parent, a better understanding of your child's illness. It should also help you identity different symptoms your child may have and the duration of the infection, as well as how long your...
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  • Mineral and Water Function Essay
    Minerals are needed nutrients that are necessary for our bodies. Without these important nutrients in our bodies, we will suffer from a risk of deficiency in our diets. The functions of nutrients help our bodies to maintain its daily functions. Iron, for an example is a very important mineral. This particular mineral is needed in the body because this would put us at risk of having anemia. Other minerals sources are calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, which are needed for the bones. There are...
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  • Sample Informative Speech Plan
    INFORMATIVE SPEECH PLAN Title: Natural Remedies for Colds Specific Speech Purpose: To inform my audience of the different ways to treat colds using natural remedies. Statement: People should learn the alternative ways in treating common ailments such as colds since medicine, nowadays, are bought at a high price. INTRODUCTION I. Attention Step: It was a lovely day at school. I was walking to the canteen with my...
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  • Infection Control - 659 Words
    Infection control is covered under Regulation 12 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008(Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010. It states that: (1) The registered person must, so far as reasonably practicable, ensure that— (a) service users; (b) persons employed for the purpose of the carrying on of the regulated activity; and (c) others who may be at risk of exposure to a health care associated infection arising from the carrying on of the regulated activity, are protected against...
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  • Fluid Imbalance in Adult Patients
    Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalance Paper Julia Peterson University of Akron Introduction Homeostasis of fluid and electrolyte balance is important for the body to be able to function. The nursing student will cover the risk, pathology, and signs and symptoms for both fluid deficit and hypokalemia. The nursing student will also apply these findings to the patient specific information from the clinical day February 8, 2011. This will give her the ability to formulate four different nursing...
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