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  • Database Normalization - 1381 Words
    Normalization A logical design method which minimizes data redundancy and reduces design flaws. Consists of applying various “normal” forms to the database design. The normal forms break down large tables into smaller subsets. First Normal Form (1NF) Each attribute must be atomic • No repeating columns within a row. • No multi-valued columns. 1NF simplifies attributes • Queries become easier....
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  • Database Normalization - 777 Words
    Normalization Normalization is a method for organizing data elements in a database into tables. Normalization Avoids • Duplication of Data – The same data is listed in multiple lines of the database • Insert Anomaly – A record about an entity cannot be inserted into the table without first inserting information about another entity – Cannot enter a customer without a sales order • Delete Anomaly – A record cannot be deleted without deleting a record about a related entity....
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  • Database Normalization - 344 Words
    Although, data is separated into different and more complex tables during normalization, the process of normalizing a database can help to organize data more efficiently by minimizing redundancy and providing more accurate records. During the process, column and field names are consolidated into more specific ones to avoid repetition of data. In many cases, tables are divided into two or more tables and linked via a relationship using their Primary Keys and/or Foreign Keys. The main goal is...
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  • Database Slides on Normalization - 2087 Words
    Chapter 11 Relational Database Design Algorithms and Further Dependencies Chapter Outline        0. Designing a Set of Relations 1. Properties of Relational Decompositions 2. Algorithms for Relational Database Schema 3. Multivalued Dependencies and Fourth Normal Form 4. Join Dependencies and Fifth Normal Form 5. Inclusion Dependencies 6. Other Dependencies and Normal Forms DESIGNING A SET OF RELATIONS  Goals:  Lossless join property (a must)  Algorithm 11.1...
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  • What Is Database Normalization
    August 4, 2009 What is Database Normalization? Database Normalization is a systematic way of ensuring that a database structure is suitable for general – purpose quering and normalization is the process of efficently organizing data in a database. This process was first introduced in 1970 by E.F. Codd and has since been redefined to higher normal forms. The two goals of the normalization process are: eliminating redundant data and ensuring that data dependencies make sense. These goals...
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  • Normalization of Database Management Systems
    Normalization of Database Tables Database Tables and Normalization * Normalization is a process for assigning attributes to entities. It reduces data redundancies and helps eliminate the data anomalies. * Normalization works through a series of stages called normal forms: * First normal form (1NF) * Second normal form (2NF) * Third normal form (3NF) * Fourth normal form (4NF) * The highest level of normalization is not always desirable. * The...
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  • 01: Database Normalization and Ref
    Chapter 1: Overview of Database Concepts TRUE/FALSE 1. A database is a physical storage device for data. ANS: F PTS: 1 REF: 2 2. A field is a basic unit of data also referred to as a record. ANS: F PTS: 1 REF: 3 3. A character is a basic unit of data and can consist of a number, letter, or special symbol. ANS: T PTS: 1 REF: 3 4. A collection of fields is a file. ANS: F PTS: 1 REF: 3 5. A collection of records is a file. ANS: T PTS: 1 REF: 3 6. A field in the logical design of...
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  • Database Normalization and Hotel Reservation Website
    GRAND ASTORIA HOTEL RESERVATION WEBSITE A Project Presented to the Faculty of STI College-Zamboanga In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology by Calisang, Ellis Marc D. Caramonte, Edcel B. Lim, Jason Justin O. Abdu-Shakoor L. Ibrahim Project Adviser October 2012 ADVISER’S RECOMMENDATION SHEET This Project entitled GRAND ASTORIA...
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  • Database Normalization and Logical Process Concept Paper
    Database Normalization and Logical Process Concept paper This short paper will explain with a simple example the process and the need of normalization in the most of the business databases. Complete proposal break down (Timeline phases, Financial phases) will be submitted per management request. Overview At first any database should be designed with the end user in mind. Logical database design, also referred to as the logical model, is the process of arranging data into logical, organized...
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  • Chapter 3: Table Normalization and Windows Azure SQL Database
    Chapter 3: Table Normalization and Windows Azure SQL Database Review Questions 1. What are the conditions for a table to be a relation? Each cell in a table must contain a single value, there should be no duplicated rows, and all the cells in a column must contain the same type of data 2. How do you link a table to another table? Link tables based on a relationship connecting the entities with common column in each table 3. What is functional dependency? Give an example of functional...
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  • Normalization Process - 1486 Words
    The normalization process is used by database developers to design databases in which it is easy to organize and manage data while ensuring the accuracy of data throughout the database. The advantages and disadvantages of both normalization and denormalization of a database are discussed, as well as data integrity versus performance issues that pertain to normalization. The highlights of this hour include * What normalization is * Benefits of normalization * Advantages of...
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  • Normalization Questions - 418 Words
    NORMALIZATION TUTORIAL (EXTRA) 1. Given the dependency diagram, answer items a-c: [pic] a. Identify and discuss each of the indicated dependencies. C1 ( C2 represents a partial dependency, because C2 depends only on C1, rather than on the entire primary key composed of C1 and C3. C4 ( C5 represents a transitive dependency, because C5 depends on an attribute (C4) that is not part of a primary key. C1, C3 ( C2, C4, C5 represents a set of proper functional...
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  • Normalizaiton in Database - 1773 Words
    Normalization of Database Tables Introduction to Normalization of Database Tables Normalization of Database Tables l Introduction to Normalization of Database Tables 4 4 4 ISM 602 Dr. Hamid Nemati 4 4 4 Functional Dependency l Introduction to Normalization of Database Tables l l A Functional Dependency Is A Relationship Between Or Among Attributes Such That The Values Of One Attribute Depend On, Or Are Determined By, The Values Of The Other...
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  • Database Normalisation - 2088 Words
    Key concepts Let me start by naming a few of the most important concepts in relational database design. A basic understanding of these will be required to understand the rest of the article. * Primary Key (PK) A column with a unique value for each row. Although not all database management systems (DBMS) require you to put a PK into each table, from a design perspective a PK is a requirement. No table should be without one. * Foreign Key (FK) These define relationships between tables....
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  • Database concepts - 586 Words
    Assignments Requirements 1. Look up the definition of functional dependency. Can you find a good example? In relational database theory, a functional dependency is a constraint between two sets of attributes in a relation from a database. Cars Suppose one is designing a system to track vehicles and the capacity of their engines. Each vehicle has a unique vehicle identification number (VIN). One would write VIN → Engine Capacity because it would be inappropriate for a vehicle's engine to...
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  • Database Technology - 576 Words
    DATABASE TECHNOLOGIES CLASS T.E. ( INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) HOURS PER LECTURES : 04 WEEK TUTORIALS : -PRACTICALS : 02 HOURS EVALUATION THEORY 3 SYSTEM: PRACTICAL -ORAL -TERM WORK -- SEMESTER VI MARKS 100 -25 25 Objectives of the course: • This course aims to provide continuum to where the first course of databases left off. Design aspects of relational databases are covered. • Complex data models like OO OR parallel and distributed are introduced. • The course provides students a good...
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  • Database Notes - 652 Words
    Database: specialized structures that allow computer-based systems to store, manage, and retrieve data very quickly. Data are raw facts. Information is the result of processing raw data to reveal its meaning. To reveal meaning, information requires context. Raw data must be properly formatted for storage Data constitute the building blocks of information. Information is produced by processing data. Information is used to reveal the meaning of data. Accurate, relevant, and timely...
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  • How to Do Normalization in Dbms
    NORMALIZATION (Breaking down of a big single table into smaller ones) 1st STEP: UNF (Un-normalized Form) – A table with repeating groups of data OrderInvoice(OrderNo, OrderDate, CustNo, CustName, CustTel, CustContactPerson, {ItemCode, ItemDesc, UnitPrice, Quantity}) 2nd STEP: 1NF (First Normal Form) – Remove Repeating Groups How? By creating another table for the repeated data (the ones in curly bracket) 1. OrderInvoice(OrderNo, OrderDate, CustNo, CustName, CustTel, CustContactPerson) –...
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  • Dictionary and Normalization Guidelines - 1002 Words
    CSS/559 – Data Base Concepts II Data Dictionary and Normalization Guidelines The purpose of a data dictionary is to define the objects and data within an organization's database management system. This metadata does not contain any of the database's data, but only information about the structure, storage and use of the database's data. A data dictionary can be stored in files or documents, or can be stored within a database in the DBMS. For example, a database may contain an employee...
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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Normalization - 677 Words
    advantages and disadvantages of normalization. The process of normalization brings about organization to the database that it is applied to. Normalization makes everyone’s job easier due to the fact that it gets rid of as much useless data as possible. Repeated data is processed and simplified into single data. Repeated data, for example such as having someone named JOHN DOE in one table and the same person’s name JOHNNY M. DOE in another table. Modifying a table with as little data as possible...
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  • Database Design and Management: Assignment
     MIS5370: Database Design and Management Home work Question 1. After completing a course in database management, you have been asked to develop a preliminary ERD for a symphony orchestra. You discover the following entity types that should be included. • CONCERT SEASON: The season during which a series of concerts will be performed. Identifier is Opening_Date which includes Month, Day, and Year. • CONCERT: A given performance of one or...
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  • Database Management (Rdbms) Assignment
    Leonard A Wey CS251 – 1102B – 05 Prof. Cathy Vandercreek Phase 4 Individual Project June 13,2011. Table of Contents SECTION HEADING: Phase 1 – Gathering all necessary Information for Database Design 1. Scope of Project 2. Project Identification 3. Database Overview 4....
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  • Database Modeling And Design - 5427 Words
    Database Modeling and Design: Logical Design 4th Edition Toby Teorey, Sam Lightstone, Tom Nadeau Lecture Notes Contents I. Introduction ................................................................………...……2 Relational database life cycle 3 Characteristics of a good database design process 6 II. The Entity-Relationship (ER) Model …………...……………….7 Basic ER concepts 7 Ternary relationships 11 III. The Unified Modeling Language (UML)………...…………….13 Class diagrams 13...
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  • Database Design and Implementation Coursework
    The aim of this database design and implementation coursework is to design and develop a Quorum Party Database system that will be interacted with the system online by the party goers who are enthusiastic to go and attend parties. It means that party goers/end users will become as a member by registering the site of our on-line party service company. We also create a prototype for web front-end form that will allow end users to check and register in Quorum Party database by including some sample...
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  • Fundamentals of a Relational Database - 7444 Words
    Fundamentals of Relational Database Design By Paul Litwin This paper was part of a presentation at a Microsoft TechEd conference in the mid-1990s. It was adapted from Microsoft Access 2 Developer's Handbook, Sybex 1994, by Ken Getz, Paul Litwin and Greg Reddick. Reprinted with permission of the publisher. While the paper uses Microsoft Access (version 2) for the examples, the vast majority of the discussion applies to any database and holds up pretty well over 11 years after it was written....
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  • Database Design & Development - 2935 Words
    MODULE: DATABASE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT ASSIGNMENT TITLE: VETERINARY SURGERY DATABASE DEVELOPMENT Table of Content Task 1 Page 2 Task 2 Page 5 Task 3 Page 14 Task 4 Page 28 Task 5 Page 30 Reference Page 32 Bibliography Page 33 Task 1 Question: AIM: Draw an Entity Relationship Data Model that describes the content and structure of the data held by Petcare. Specify the cardinality ratio and participation constraint of each relationship type. Answer: I have prepared this...
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  • Learning Design Database - 2332 Words
    Rosina Surovi Khan et al. / (IJCSE) International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering Vol. 02, No. 08, 2010, 2616-2621 Design of a Hospital-Based Database System (A Case Study of BIRDEM) Rosina Surovi Khan Department of Computer Science and Engineering Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST) Dhaka, Bangladesh Email: Abstract— As technology advances, information in different organizations of Bangladesh can no more be maintained manually. There is a...
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  • Database Principles Assignment - 1441 Words
    1. Let us design a database for an bank, including information about customers and their accounts. Information about a customer includes their name, address, phone, and Social Security number. Accounts have numbers, types(e.g., savings, checking) and balances. We also need to record the customer(s) who own an account. Draw the E/R diagram for this database. Be sure to include arrows where appropriate, to indicate the multiplicity of a relationship. Solution: [pic] 2. For your E/R diagram of...
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  • Database Design Process - 944 Words
    Abstract Database Systems has a practical, hands-on approach that makes it uniquely suited to providing a strong foundation in good database design practice. Database design is more art than science. While it's true that a properly designed database should follow the normal forms and the relational model, you still have to come up with a design that reflects the business you are trying to model. This paper shows describes design process of database project. The importance of Completing the...
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  • Basic Database Design Concepts
    The Fundamentals of Database Design To end up with a good ‘relational database’ application, you need to ask: Do I actually need one? If so, how far do you want to take it? By this I mean, is this to be a simple database to store information about only one, or very few, related entities (i.e. a list of people who attended a certain event, and how they came to hear about the event) which are not likely to change; or a permanent and well used application with several different entities (i.e....
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  • Optimizing Database Design Questions
    "Optimizing Database Design" Please respond to the following: Many legacy systems require normalization. Identify at least two factors that should be considered in order to produce an optimal normalized set of tables when performing normalization. Include in your discussion a detailed example on how each factor would eliminate data redundancy. Optimal database design recognizes proper organization of table structures and relationships. Suggest at least two methods that can be used to...
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  • Tour Operator Agency Database
     Tour Operator Agency Database Jeremy Clark Dr. Larisa Bulysheva CIS 515 – Strategic Plan For Database Systems August 14, 2013 Tour Operator Agency Database Week 6 Assignment 5 Mike Jennings Enhanced Database Management Strategy Proposal An efficient data structure design requires a thorough analysis of both the rules a business follows and the relational business objects that allow the production of output for the organization. An efficient...
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  • The Process of Normalization to Reduce Data Redundancy
    Data Ware House Normalization it’s a process of splitting data into 2 or more entities to reduce data redundancy. Normal Forms: 1. A database table must contain no repeating groups 2. All non-key attributes of a table must rely on the entire key of the table. 3. All non-key fields must depend solely on the table’s primary key. First Business Normal Form: removes repeating groups to another entity. This entity takes its name and primary (compound) key attributes, from the original entity and...
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  • Unit 18 - Database P1, M1
    Database Database, it is a place use to store lots of data. It can be seen as a filing cabinet. And database management system (DBMS) is software that specificity designs for managing the data in database such as create, update or delete them. General is including security, retrieval and backup features. User also allows using the data to create a report or share data with multi-user. MS Access is a database management system design by Microsoft. It offers user four important objects they...
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  • MMIS 630 Database Systems Final
    MMIS 630 Database Systems – Final Exam 1. What are the issues in the normalization vs. performance trade-off? Discuss. Your essay should (1) define and describe the characteristics of normalization, (2) define and describe the characteristics of performance, and (3) define and describe what is meant by “performance trade-off”, (4) summarize your essay with recommendations and/or guidelines regarding use of normalization in database design. ANS: When we take a close look in...
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  • How Normalization Can Be Used to Check Relations
    How Normalization Can Be Used to Check Relations Data normalization is a technique used during logical data modeling to ensure that there is only one way to know a fact, by removing all structures that provide more than one way to know the same fact as represented in a database relation (table). There are six generally recognized normal forms of a relation: first normal form, second normal form, third normal form, Boyce/Codd normal form, fourth normal form, and fifth normal form, also called...
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  • Database Plan for Riordan Manufacturing Material Ordering
    Learning Team C Database Plan for Riordan Manufacturing Material Ordering Kishan Bhagan Amir Bashir Eric Berger Shawn Chandler Debra Hanzlik University of Phoenix DBM 500 October 22, 2006 Facilitator: Dr. Gary Page Table of Contents Introduction Database Plan Description Database Plan Purpose Project Plan E-R Diagrams A Description of the Normalization of the Database UML Diagrams Class Diagram Use Case Sequence Diagram Database Administration Plan...
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  • cheat sheet - 1430 Words
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  • Functional Dependency - 447 Words
    Functional Dependency Functional Dependency is the starting point for the process of normalization. Functional dependency exists when a relationship between two attributes allows you to uniquely determine the corresponding attribute’s value. If ‘X’ is known, and as a result you are able to uniquely identify ‘Y’, there is functional dependency. Combined with keys, normal forms are defined for relations. Examples Bear Number determines Student Name: BearNum ---> StuName Department...
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  • IT Solutions - 2079 Words
    1. Identify suitable business data, data elements, data types, and resources, based on the following interview between a database analyst and a lecturer from Sutherland University: Business Data Data Elements Data Types Resources Course Course code Course name Course start date Course end date Integer Character Date Date Admin Classes Class name Start date End date Time Location Class capacity Integer Date Date Date time Integer Variable Admin Students Student...
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  • Procurement Management System - 3037 Words
    INFORMATION SYSTEM FOR MANAGERS Report Procurement Management System Submitted by: Ishita Anand Rashima Sharma Punya Priyanka Malhotra Prinsu Panda Abhishek Shah Rahul Gupta Anurag Singh Acknowledgment We would like to sincerely thank Mr. Venkateswara Rao for introducing us to a novel concept as well as giving us the much awaited opportunity to make this project. It was an interesting project, and also enabled us to appreciate the various theoretical concepts of DBMS. We...
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  • team work - 680 Words
    CS304 Database System Concepts Assignment 3 Due: April 16, 2013 (Please submit hard copies to class or to Zheng on due date.) Name: Matric No: Q1. (10 points) Consider the E-R diagram in Figure 1, which models an online bookstore. a. List the entity sets and their primary keys b. Suppose the bookstore adds music cassettes and compact disks to its collection. The same music item may be present in cassette or compact disk format, with differing prices. Extend the...
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  • Answers to Premiere Products Exercises
    Chapter 5 Partial Solutions Answers to Premiere Products Exercises PP 5-1 1. PartNum ( Description, OnHand, Class, Warehouse, Price OrderNum ( OrderDate, CustomerNum CustomerNum ( CustomerName, RepNum RepNum ( FirstName, LastName PartNum, OrderNum ( NumOrdered, QuotedPrice Part (PartNum, Description, OnHand, Class, Warehouse, Price) Orders (OrderNum, OrderDate, CustomerNum) Customer (CustomerNum, CustomerName, RepNum) Rep (RepNum, FirstName, LastName)...
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  • Flyer Envelope - 1145 Words
    ONLINE COURSES LIBRARY STUDYROOM FLASHCARDS NEW Like 7.3k Search Database LogIn Like C o r e J a v a 452 1.6K Database Concept Overview of DBMS Database Architecture Database Model Codd's rule RDBMS Concept Database key Normalization E-R Diagrams Generalization and Specialization SQL Concept SQL Introduction DDL Command Create query Alter query Truncate, Drop and Rename query DML Command All DML command TCL Command All TCL Command DCL...
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  • dbs201 - 1494 Words
     DBS201 Assignment 2 Due Friday, April 04th by midnight 10% of final mark Your group must consist of 2 or 3 people You will develop a logical database design for the following description shown later (Page 3 etc). Submissions done by a single person will receive a 20% penalty. Required for submission: One: (60 marks) Printed 3NF solution for each user view in this assignment...
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  • Service Request Dba/380 Huffman Trucking
    Service Request SR-ht-003 Documentation DBA 380 April 30, 2012 Kurt Jost Service Request SR-ht-003 Documentation Huffman Trucking Background Huffman trucking is a national transportation company with 1,400 employees working in various logistical hubs located in Los Angeles, California, St. Louis, Missouri, and Bayonne, New Jersey. The central maintenance facility located in Cleveland, Ohio has an immediate requirement for a Fleet Truck Maintenance database to ensure the prompt and...
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  • Ddm/380 Normaliziation - 699 Words
    ERD Normalization Name DBM 380 April 19, 2010 Instructor Introduction Normalization means to organize data and break-down the data into smaller tables, which makes data management an easier process. To avert redundant data, normalization of a database occurs thus making sure data dependencies make sense. Database normalization aids in the identification of...
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     Noradin Secondary School Submitted for the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Degree in Information Communication and Technology Under the Guidance of Mr.Ahmed Nassir July,2011...
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  • Team A Service Request WK4 V2
     Service Request SR-ht-003 DBM/380 Principle and Importance of Normalization The database normalization is a technique that is used to organize the contents in the tables for transactional databases and also data warehouses. The normalization is a portion of designing the database with success, without this the database systems may be inaccurate, inefficient, slow, and they may not create the data that is expected. Following a SQL Server installation that is successful a database...
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  • Exam Mis - 1048 Words
    NORMALIZATION The process of normalization begins with a user view of some kind (Report, Table, Screen display, Document, etc...). This view should be about some kind of important data (Invoice, Purchase order, Project details, Registration form, etc....). Example: Consider the following Project Management Report Project Management Report Project Code: PC010 Project Manager: M. Philips Project Title: Database System Project budget: 240.000$ Employee No. Emp. Name...
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  • Er Diagram Credit Card Sales
    CREDIT CARD SALES SYSTEM The main entities of a Credit Card Sales System are: 1. Customer 2. Orders 3. Order Details 4. Bank 5. Retailer The main relationships among entities of a credit card sales System are: 1. Customer places an order. 2. Order contains order details. 3. An Order detail has a product. 4. Bank completes the payment. The main assumptions in a Credit Card Sale System are: 1. The Customer and the Retailer have an account in the...
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  • Hotel Assignment - 732 Words
    School of Arts & Sciences Department of Computers & Technology COMP 420 – Database Systems Assignment 3 Holiday Hotel has a database system that records data on the hotel rooms, and the guests that use the rooms. A portion of the database schema is given below. Guest personal data are recorded in the Guest table. The room is registered in the name of one guest, even if there are multiple persons sharing the room. Rooms are of various types (double bed, suite, etc.). The cost of...
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  • c1 sols - 1005 Words
    Chapter 1 Solutions Review Questions 1. What is the purpose of an E-R Model? To identify the entities about which the database should store data, and the relationship among those entities. 2. What is an entity? An entity is any person, place, or thing having attributes, or characteristics, of interest to the organization. 3. Give an example of three entities that might exist in a database for a medical office and some of the attributes that would be stored in a table for each entity....
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  • AIS CHAPTERS - 371 Words
    Chapter 3 Data Modeling 3-23. Swan’s Supplies (Normalizing Data) The raw data is as follows: Purchase Order Number 12345 12346 Customer Customer Customer Phone Item Item Date Number Name Number Number Description Charles 01/03/12 123-8209 Dresser, (752) 433-8733 X32655 Baseballs Inc. X34598 Footballs Basketball Z34523 Hoops Patrice 01/03/12 123-6733 Schmidt's (673) 784-4451 X98673 Softballs Sports X34598 Footballs SoccerX67453 balls Unit Cost...
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  • Logical Design Pt. 2
    Logical Design Part 2 CIS 111 August 30, 2013 Hello sirs, my name is , it has come to my attention that there are some misconceptions about the value in normalizing your database. I wanted to write this correspondence to address any concerns that you may have about flexibility while entering your data into the system. This letter is to assure you and the other members of your executive board that you will have some flexibility within your E-R Model. I would like to introduce you to...
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  • System Analysis - 2483 Words
    1 . Answer any five of the questions below. What do your understand by normalization. And also explain advantages and disadvantages of normalizations. 2 . What is meant by "Feasibility Study”? Discuss its importance in system development 3 . Define the term "Data Dictionary". What is the need for a Data Dictionary? 4 . What are various types of maintenance? 5 . Write a short note on any three of the following. a) Data Flow Diagram b) Transaction...
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    NCC REQUIREMENT Statement and Confirmation of Own Work Programmer /Qualification name: All NCC Education assessed assignments submitted by students must have this statement as the cover page or it will not be accepted for marking. Please ensure that this statement is either firmly attached to the cover of the assignment or electronically inserted into the front of the assignment. Student declaration I have read and understood NCC Education’s Policy on Academic Dishonesty...
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  • DOCUMENTATION V2 - 697 Words
    CAB VEHICLE MAINTENANCE MONITORING FOR HUELAR-PALERMO TRANSPORT SERVICE A Case Study Presented to The Faculty of STI Global City In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Theory of Database By: Danizon Montallana Miyelcen Malou Dabu Ely Ynson Mr. Michael Pinero & Ms. Kristine Kay Dalere Project Advisers October 21, 2014 Phase 1 – Project proposal 1.1 Background of the study In 2004, Christian Palermo started a taxi company in Ecoville, Ayala. A...
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  • IT3400 Chapter 5 Assignment
    1. Define each of the following Terms a) File Organization: A technique for physically arranging the record of a file on secondary storage devices. b) Sequential File Organization: The storage of records in a file in sequences according to primary key value. c) Indexed File Organization: The storage of records either sequentially or consequentially with an index that allows software to locate individual records. d) Hashed File Organization: A storage system in which the address for each...
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  • Sample Review of Related Lit
    2.0 Review of Related Literature and Studies 2.1 Introduction This chapter discussed the related literature and studies to assess and evaluate the existing system to see the need for the proposed system. 2.2 Review of Literature 2.2.1 Local Literature Regulating the establishment and operation of pawnshops As stated in the Presidential Decree No. 114 series 1973 Regulating the establishment and operating of PAWNSHOPS, It is hereby declared the policy of the State to regulate the...
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  • PT2520 Unit4 Assignment1 Homework
    Unit 4 True/False Questions Indicate whether the following statements are true or false on the student answer sheet. 1 T | Normalization is the process of removing anomalies from database design. 2 T | Not being able to insert data because other data is required is an example of an insertion anomaly. 3 F | An insertion anomaly occurs when you enter data inaccurately. 4 T | An update anomaly occurs when you have to update the same data in multiple places. 5 F | A deletion anomaly occurs when...
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  • System Analysis and Design - 415 Words
    Normalization is the process of efficiently organizing data in a database. There are two goals of the normalization process: eliminating redundant data (for example, storing the same data in more than one table) and ensuring data dependencies make sense (only storing related data in a table). Both of these are worthy goals as they reduce the amount of space a database consumes and ensure that data is logically stored. The Normal Forms The database community has developed a series of...
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  • Patient Information system - 2172 Words
    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION The proponents will discuss the summary on how the proponents came up with the ideas of making a Patient Information for Dr. Postres Dental Clinic using Java as a programming medium. We will state the problems that are considered in making this project and how we plan to solve it as an Information Technology Students of STI College – Global City. This chapter also states our objectives, scope and limitations of the proposed project. This...
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  • Disadvantages of File Processing System
    DATA: A collection of known facts and figures. May contain text, numbers, images, sounds or videos etc. It doesn’t convey useful information METADATA: Data about data (describes prop and char of other data) INFORMATION: 1. Processed form of data is called Information 2. Processed data to increase knowledge of user e.g Name, Ages Older than 30 * Bit: Smallest unit of data; binary digit (0,1) * Byte: Group of bits that represents a single character * Field: Group of...
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  • Erd Explanation - 260 Words
    ERD Explanation DBM/380 January 23, 2012 ERD Explanation There are several levels of normalization such as 1NF, 2NF, and 3NF. The Huffman Driver database was brought to the normalization level of 3NF by following a series of guidelines from the lowest form of normalization, 1NF. The first normalization form level (1NF) consists of the basic rules for an organized database. These are: • Eliminate duplicative columns from the same table. • Create separate tables for each...
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  • Business Intelligence - 1635 Words
    Data mining and OLAP are the most common Business Intelligence technologies. The term Business Intelligence refers to computer based methods to identify and extract useful information from business data. Online Analytical Processing commonly known as OLAP provides summary data and generates rich calculations. OLAP is a class of systems that provide answers to multidimensional queries. OLAP is typically used in business reporting for sales, marketing and various such domains. OLAP enables the...
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  • The Normal Forms 3NF And BCNF
    The Normal Forms 3NF and BCNF Yunliang Jiang Housekeeping • HW2 due tonight – Upload a single PDF/DOC file to Compass • Stage 3 due tonight • Midterm tomorrow – During class time. Preview • • • • • • Normalization Solution: Normal Forms Introducing 3NF and BCNF 3NF Examples BCNF Normalization • Normalization is the process of efficiently organizing data in a database with two goals in mind • First goal: eliminate redundant data – for example, storing the same data in more than one table...
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  • Entity-Relationship Diagrams - 8631 Words
    Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERD) Data models are tools used in analysis to describe the data requirements and assumptions in the system from a top-down perspective. They also set the stage for the design of databases later on in the SDLC. There are three basic elements in ER models: Entities are the "things" about which we seek information. Attributes are the data we collect about the entities. Relationships provide the structure needed to draw information from multiple entities....
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  • Rural Banking in Nigeria, Issues and Challenges (a Case Study of Wema Bank of Nigeria Plc
    Chapter one 1.0 Introduction Database system developed because of the need to store large amount of data and retrieve that data quickly and accurately for example, a University abrary stores details about the books held and loans taken out by student. Not very long ago this information about the books and loads might have been stored in a box card index, nowadays, only a few decades later, student are able to view their loans online and see if a book is available and reserve it. The...
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  • Ongoing Thesis for Computerized Library System
    CHAPTER I I. INTRODUCTION Without us noticing it, our world has been change by technology in all possible ways Our daily works is now more convenient through the use of high-end devices that are newly developed and some have been updated even before it has been introduced to the public, and much more. These developments aim to better utilize the existing resources and maximize their uses to be able to bring out new or better products or outputs. Computerization is synonymous to the word...
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  • Dbms - 1630 Words
    DBMS CONCEPTS 1. Database A database is a logically coherent collection of data with some inherent meaning, representing some aspect of real world and which is designed, built and populated with data for a specific purpose 2. DBMS It is a collection of programs that enables user to create and maintain a database. In other words it is general-purpose software that provides the users with the processes of defining, constructing and manipulating the database for various applications. 3....
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  • dbms - 19259 Words
    AC14/AT11 Database Management Systems TYPICAL QUESTIONS & ANSWERS PART -I OBJECTIVE TYPE QUESTIONS Each Question carries 2 marks. Choosethe correct or the best alternative in the following: Q.1 Which of the following relational algebra operations do not require the participating tables to be union-compatible? (A) Union (B) Intersection (C) Difference (D) Join Ans: (D) Q.2 Which of the following is not a property of transactions? (A) Atomicity (B) Concurrency (C)...
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  • Assignment 1 - 1280 Words
    Prof. Li-Yan Yuan CMPUT 391: Database Management Systems Solutions to Assignment 1 Due: 18:00, Feb. 10, 2014, at the 391 Drop Box 1. Present a real-life example (Not using ABCD, etc) to show differences between BCNF and 4NF. Solution: Consider the following table real_estate(realtor_id,listing_property,customer_name) used to store the information for a real estate company with one MVD constraint → realtor id → listing property | customer name. It is not difficult to see that real...
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  • Cis510 Chapter 13 Rmo
    Rethinking Rocky Mountain Outfitters Chapter 13 Questions Update the RMO relational database design in Figure 13-9 based on the changes that you made to the ERD. Be sure that all your database tables are in 3NF. Write ODL schema specifications for all new classes and relationships that you added to the class diagram. Verify that the new classes and relationships are accurately represented in the updated relational database design that you developed for question 1. Answers Professor, I...
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  • PT2520 Week 3 Forum
     Does the diagram meet all three levels of normalization? Explain your answer. Normalization is a process for evaluating and correcting table structures to minimize data redundancies and by helping to eliminate data anomalies. It helps evaluate table structures and produce good tables. Normalization is a very important database design that you should not assume that the highest level of normalization is always the most desirable. The higher the normal form is the more joins are required to...
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  • Computer Forurm - 10092 Words
    Chapter 5 Normalization of Database Tables Discussion Focus Why are some table structures considered to be bad and others good and how do you recognize the difference between good and bad structures? From an information management point of view, possibly the most vexing and destructive problems are created through uncontrolled data redundancies. Such redundancies produce update and delete anomalies that create data integrity problems. The loss of data integrity can destroy the...
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  • Data Anomalies - 337 Words
    Data Anomalies Normalization is the process of splitting relations into well-structured relations that allow users to inset, delete, and update tuples without introducing database inconsistencies. Without normalization many problems can occur when trying to load an integrated conceptual model into the DBMS. These problems arise from relations that are generated directly from user views are called anomalies. There are three types of anomalies: update, deletion and insertion anomalies. An update...
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  • System Analysis and Design - 2504 Words
    Sales Report and Inventory System by Computer Science Students of San Sebastian College Recoletos Manila, 2nd Semester School Year 2010-2011 An Undergraduate Thesis Paper Presented to the School of Computer Studies San Sebastian College Recoletos Manila In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Science Major in Computer Science Dizon, Athea C. Miranda, John Paul G. Villanueva, Rochelle D. RECOMMENDATION FOR ORAL EXAMINATION This Case Study proposal,...
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  • Design & Implementation - 304 Words
    Introduction I began by analysing the data requirements document and selecting key information provided for Larry’s Leisure Centre. I carefully reviewed the documents, picking out concise data and carrying out a non-technical summary of what items will be stored in the database, and relations between various data items, which allowed me to think of how I will be preparing my designs. After determining the requirements of the clients, analysing the information I had gathered, and identifying...
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  • poop - 796 Words
    CIS 331 – Database Management Using SQL Week 2 Homework - Due: Week 3 Name ­­­__Scott Merryfield__________________ 1. Review Questions - pages 57-58 (A Guide to MySQL – Chapter 2) Questions 1 – 15 (type out the answers) 2. Review Questions - page 87 (A Guide to MySQL – Chapter 3) Questions 1 – 13 (type out the answers) 3. Premier Products - pages 87-88 (A Guide to MySQL – Chapter 3)...
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  • Workshop 8 Questions - 1220 Words
    300585 - Systems Analysis & Design Workshop 8 Workshops will run to cover the practical aspects of the topic each week with two workshop case studies that runs across the whole semester and some other examples time to time. The workshop runs in two parts   Workshop slides Workshop questions o This document contains two parts o Part A contains two case studies and questions that are to be done in workshop with the help of tutor (to be done in Group of 2 students). Task 1 of this part would...
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  • List of Most Important Topics to Review for Exam
    AIS 424A- Winter 2013 List of Most Important Topics to Review for Exam I Chapters 1&2: - The three basic objectives of AIS 1. To effectively collect and store data about a company’s activities, transactions, and resources - Capture transaction data on source documents. - Record transaction data in journals, which present a chronological record of what occurred. - Post data from journals to ledgers, which sort data by account type. 2. To transform data into information useful to...
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  • Multidimensional Data Model - 1086 Words
    A MULTIDIMENSIONAL DATA MODEL Data warehouses and OLAP tools are based on a multidimensional data model. This model views data in the form of a data cube. FROM TABLES TO DATA CUBES What is a data cube? A data cube allows data to be modeled and viewed in multiple dimensions. It is defined by dimensions and facts. In general terms, dimensions are the perspectives or entities with respect to which an organization wants to keep records. Each dimension may have a table associated with it, called...
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  • Business System Analysis Cheat Sheet
    Chap 1: A system is a set of steps (process) put together to accomplish a task. An information system (IS) is an arrangement of people, data, processes, and information technology that interact to collect, process, store, and provide as output the information needed to support an organization.Types of IS : A transaction processing system (TPS): captures and processes data about business transactions. A management information system (MIS): provides for management-oriented reporting based on other...
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  • Question Bank - 556 Words
    Subject Code: 2620003 Subject: Database Management System MCA Question List Mid-Semester - I Examination UNIT - 1 1. Explain advantages of database over file system 2. Describe Three Level Architecture. 3. Explain Data Independence with its Types and Examples. 4. Definition : 1) Assertion 2) Authorization 5. Explain Object-Oriented Data Model 6. Explain Semi-Structured Data Model. 7. Explain Database System Architecture. 8. Explain Duties of Database Administrator. UNIT - 2 9. What are...
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  • Online Bus, Flight Reservation
    Bus Reservation 1 SUBMITED BY MAHAJAN MADHURI VIKAS ADVANCE DEPLOMA IN SOFTWERE TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT IN THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2004-2005 Bus Reservation 2 CERTIFICATE This is to certify that project entitled “Travel Reservation System” has satisfactory completed in academic year 2004-2005 by towards partial fulfillment of ADSTM Guide Anupama chaudhari Head Of Department Of Computer Software I.M.R.College, Jalgaon. Bus Reservation 3 Examiner Examiner...
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  • Entities and Attributes for Fleet Truck Maintenance
    At the request of the Huffman Trucking Maintenance Department, Smith Consulting developed entities and attributes for their Fleet Trucking Maintenance database. Unfortunately, the creator of the database was not available and the development of the database system was not able to be completed. D Team realizes that the development of a reliable database system is needed to provide for the tracking of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for their fleet. Therefore, a database along with forms,...
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  • Case Study - 422 Words
    1. In this questions associated with the BEC case at the end of Chapter 9, you were asked to modify the entity-relationships diagram drawn by the Stillwater student team to include any other entities and entities and attributes you identified form the BEC cases. Review your answers to these questions and modify the relations in BEC figure 10-2. To include your changes? 2. Study your answer to Question 1. Verify that the relations you say represent the MyBroadway database are in third normal...
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  • Case Study - 925 Words
    1.0 Overview of the case study Background of the Study Sweeney Tours is a holiday tour operator offering package holidays to a number of resorts in the Mediterranean. The holidays fly from a number of airports in the UK and have a fairly complicated pricing Structure. There is a great deal of information in the brochures that Sweeney Tours produce along with an Accompanying price guide. Some of the information is on computer but this is somewhat cumbersome as it is in separate systems that are...
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  • Answer Case 342 - 403 Words
    342 Case Questions 1. In the questions associated with the BEC case at the end of chapter 9. you were asked to modify the entity-relationship diagram drawn by the Stillwater student team to incluse any other entities and the attributes you identified from the BEC cases review your answers to these questions and modify the relations in BEC figure 10-2 to include your changes. 2. Study your answer to question 1. Verify that the relations you say represent the My roadway database are...
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  • Project 2- Applying and Managing Information Technology Components and Data Resources
     Project 2- Applying and Managing Information Technology Components and Data Resources Wyndle Collinsworth II IT-560- Managing Technology in a Business Environment Professor: Michael McGivern Answer the following questions about the case – I-3 The VoIP Adoption at Butler University 1. What were the primary reasons for changing the current system? At Butler University there were many causes for change. Of these included improving the student’s ability to...
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  • Primary Key - 438 Words
    AutoParts Warehouse 1. Draw an ERD for AutoParts Warehouse indicating the types of relationships between the entities. 2. Owns CUSTOMER 1 VEHICLE M M ORDERS N N PARTS INVENTORIES 1 STORE M REQUEST M TRANSFER 2. For each of the entities identified, design tables and identify the possible candidate keys, the primary key, a probable foreign key, and potential secondary keys. a. PARTS (PART_NUMBER, STORE_NUMBER, PART_DESCRIPTION, QTY_ON_HAND, COST,...
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  • Chapter 9 Part II Group Assignment
    SAD – Chapter 9 Part I Group Assignment Answer the following questions and then submit through Blackboard Vista: 1. Consider the following functional dependencies: Applicant_ID  Applicant_Name Applicant_ID  Applicant_Address Position_ID  Position_Title Position_ID  Date_Position_Opens Position_ID  Department Applicant_ID + Position_ID  Date_Applied Application_ID + Position_ID +Date_Interviewed  Interview_Duration a. Represent these attributes with 3NF relations. Provide meaningful...
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  • hello - 397 Words
    ECE 4784/6784, Wireless Communications, Assignment 1 1. (15) A half-wave dipole is situated at the top of a cellular tower, oriented vertically on the tower. The current into the dipole is a sinusoidal current at frequency 870 MHz, with peak value I = 0.1 ampere. Consider a mobile receiver at a distance of d kilometers along the horizon. Remember the dipole pattern gives field strength E(d, θ, φ) = 60I cos( π cos(θ)) 2 aθ v/m d sin(θ) (1) a. Assume free-space propagation laws....
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  • Huffman Trucking Change Request 3
    Service Request SR-ht-003 University of Phoenix Team A DBM/380 January 9, 2013 Ms. Sabella Falls Service Request SR-ht-003 Change Request 3 Huffman Trucking is a large company and has been around since the early 1900’s. When the company started there was one tractor trailer and now the corporation has seen quite an extensive progression throughout the years. With several types of trailers and large employee base the company has spread out and has facilities located all across the...
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  • Dental Management System - 1588 Words
    CHAPTER I Background of the Study Nieto Dental Clinic is a private dental clinic with a primary mission to help create a beautiful smile, and to provide a complete quality dental care for all the patients. Nieto Dental Clinic aims to provide the patients with a premium level of service and to raise the standard of Dental care in the Philippines. Nieto Dental Clinic is passionate about ensuring that the patients are experiencing a relaxing and satisfying service as...
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  • Pt2520 Final Answers 1/3
    reduancy refers to what database condition? The same data is recorded in more than one place in the same database. which best defines the function of a primary key uniquely identify the record what best describes the function of a foreign key. the primary key repeated in another table to show relation a database entity can be best described as: something that the something the database is concerned for, and can be added into the database which best defines the term database requirement?...
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  • Ddi Assignment - 1279 Words
    University of Greenwich BSc (Hons) in Computing COMP1302 Database Design and Implementation Coursework Name: Student ID: Date: 1 Assumption (Ref. D1) Enterprise Rules: • • • Rule 1 Rule 2 Rule 3 The company will continue to run the business The hardware can support the company to run the business The software can support the company to run the business Business Rules: • • • • • • • Rule 1 Rule 2 Rule 3 Rule 4 Rule 5 Rule 6 Rule 7 Each Order can only hire one equipment Each...
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  • CSC424 Exam 1 - 856 Words
    CSC 424 Introduction to Database March 27, 2012 Prof Emile C. Chi 1st Exam NAME______ 1) (30 points) Let R (A, B, C, D, E) be a relations with attributes A, B, C, D, E. Let F be the set of functional dependencies: A -> B,C C,D -> E B -> D E -> A a) Compute the closure F+ of F. Give a reason for each dependency in F+ Closure for F+: A+= (A,B,C,D,E) BC+ = (A,B,C,D,E) CD+ = (A,B,C,D,E) E+ = (A,B,C,D,E) b) Draw an E-R diagram for R. c) Is R in BCNF? Give...
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  • os research paper 2013
    Journal of Computing and Information Technology - CIT 10, 2002, 2, 69–84 69 A Procedure of Conversion of Relational into Multidimensional Database Schema Mladen Varga Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb, Croatia It is universally recognized that operational information systems lean on the relational model and data warehouses on the multidimensional model. The phrase On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) means summarizing, consolidating, viewing, and synthesizing data...
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