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  • Cycling - 35120 Words
    Making a Cycling Town: Qualitative Survey a compilation of practitioners’ experiences from the Cycling Demonstration Towns programme 2005-2009 Contents Abbreviations & Glossary Introduction Acknowledgements Chapter 1: ‘Lift Off’ for Cycling Bikeability 5 6 7 13 9 Chapter 2: Cycling Programme Delivery Best Practice Chapter 3: Cycling Demonstration Town Stories Aylesbury Brighton & Hove Darlington Derby Exeter Lancaster with Morecambe 15 27 28 34 40 46 52 58 66 72 79 86 Chapter 4: Common...
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  • Automobile and Cycling - 311 Words
    Cycling (advantages – disadvantages) Cycling is one of the oldest means of transport. Inventing bicycles was an enormous step in the history of transportation. Bicycles didn’t need horses or wains as a result transportation became much simpler and cheaper. Moreover the previously smelly and dirty towns turned into healthier and cleaner places. Nowadays, however, when there are several faster ways of travelling, is there any reason to ride a bicycle? Although in our more technologically...
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  • Cycling: Creating the New Norm
     Cycling – Creating the New Norm Martina Kahn Western Governors University WGU Student ID # 000390369 Cycling – Creating the New Norm Sitting down, whether in a vehicle, office or home, has become the principal offender in a worldwide obesity and diabetes pandemic that is damaging healthcare systems to the breaking point and increasing health risks to millions of overweight people. Administrations everywhere consider solutions that are economically feasible, easy to implement...
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  • cycling in hong kong - 904 Words
    Should bicycle be promoted as major transport in Hong Kong? In the recent years, the bicycle has become one of the popular exercises in Hong Kong and some legislative councilors advocate to promote cycling as major transport so as to sustain the low-carbon living. This promotion has given rise to many discussions in the society. While some advocates believe riding bike can enhance the citizens’ health, others concern that cycling may increase the danger of other road users. This paper...
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  • Cycling for a cleaner Los Angeles
    1 Cycling for a Cleaner LA Imagine Los Angeles with very few cars, little to no noise from engines, and most importantly cleaner air quality. In this new Los Angeles, more people ride bikes to get where they need to go and have more money in their pockets to spend on the things they love. While this version of the city is not impossible, there are forces at play that keep it from becoming a reality. The foremost reason for this is the social necessity to own a automobile that has been...
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  • Cycling Is an Ideal Mode of Transport in Busy Urban Centres. Do You Agree?
    With the improvement of living standard, the ownership of cars is increasing because of their convenience and rapid speed. However, some social experts consider that as a form of transport in urban areas, cycling is better than cars, which could combine the means of transport with public health. This essay will argue that cycling is an ideal mode of transport in crowed cities by focusing on the expenditure and environment effects. Firstly, cycling is a convenient and affordable mean of...
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  • BikesvsCars - 438 Words
     Essay #2: Compare and Contrast Felipe Alvarez English for Academic Purposes Instructor: Linda Perrier July 28, 2014 Biking or Driving? In the era of global warming, each time is more important to adopt an active change in our mentality towards environmental care. In this sense, using both cars and bicycles can play an important role decreasing the climate change. Bicycles and cars are both means of transportation and also great inventions that allow us to improve the quality of life. The...
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  • Helmet Safety - 3705 Words
    Velo-city 2007 – Proposal for Presentation Three years of Spanish compulsory helmet: Some results of an inconvenient law Author: Name, Forename Contact Details: Institution, Postal Address, E-mail Please fill in wether Merallo Grande, Juan ConBici-Spain C/ Luis Cernuda, 16, 19208 Alovera, Guadalajara x poster presentation In 2004 a reform of the General Regulation of Traffic was approved containing some improvements for cyclists. Nevertheless, it also had some...
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  • Speech11 Bicycle Helmets Outline
    Outline In the extemporaneous method of speaking, an outline is created to make sure all material is clearly developed and well-organized. For practicing and delivering the speech, the speaker does not use the outline, but instead uses brief notes that are based on the outline. Bicycle Helmets (Improved Version) Michael Maraviglia General Purpose: Specific Purpose: To inform To persuade my audience that all bicyclists should wear helmets Central Idea: To avoid death or injury, all...
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  • Student - 8265 Words
    Bicycle Industry in Australia 2011/12 A national snapshot by Bicycle Industries Australia, Cycling Promotion Fund and the Retail Cycle Traders Australia The Contents Industry Overview Key figures summary Trends in Australian Cycling Participation Sales, imports and the LVIT Taskforce and Productivity Commission Electric Bicycles Australian Standards Trade shows Industry Overview 1 2 4 4 5 6 6 7 7 The bicycle industry in Australia is a diverse and ever changing industry...
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  • Dangers of Cyclist's on the Road - 458 Words
    Have you ever witnessed a person on a bicycle blow through a stop sign or blatantly run a red light? Many bicyclists do not follow the rules of the road correctly. These infractions can be very dangerous for motorists, pedestrians and the bicyclists themselves. Despite increased awareness, new regulations, and adjustments to existing roadways, which has led to negative consequences, and, thus, the issuing of bicycle licenses should be put in place to ease the conflict. There’s no doubt...
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  • Assessment 2 - 899 Words
    “The use of bicycles as a form of public transport should be encouraged by the Hong Kong government ”. To what extent do you agree with this view? In the past decades, fuel-consuming transports such as private vehicles, buses and minibuses have been the major mode of transport in Hong Kong. However, due to the recent rise in environmental-friendly awareness, some citizens are suggesting the government to promote using bicycle as one of the means of transport. They pointed out that such kind...
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  • The Pros and Cons of Bicycle Commuting
    Is Bicycle Commuting Right for You? Whether you want to help make the world a greener place, or simply want the exercise, bicycle commuting is an appealing idea. Think about it: You start your day with a pleasant, leisurely bicycle ride to work. You arrive refreshed and energized. You've gotten your daily dose of exercise, your blood is circulating, and now you can start your day. For some working mothers, bicycle commuting is a great option for these reasons. However, if the mere thought of...
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  • E Bikes - 574 Words
    New Seamless Mobility Services Public Bicycles 4 Poliicy otes Policy notes ly NICHES is a Coordination Action funded by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme for R&D, Priority 6.2 Sustainable Surface Transport What is it about? Characteristics Public Bicycles: • are innovative schemes of rental or free bicycles in urban areas; • can be used for daily mobility as one-way-use is possible and they can be seen as part of the public transport...
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  • Boston Bicycle Plan - 16383 Words
    Boston Bicycle Plan City of Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino Boston Transportation Department Commissioner Andrea d’Amato May 2001 First Edition BICYCLE PLAN BOSTON BICYCLE ADVISORY COMMITTEE Erin Clarke Gorden - BBAC Chair, Seaport Transportation Management Association Allison Simmons - Bicycle Plan Subcomittee Chair, Artery Business Committee Transportation Management Association Carol Blair - South End Resident John Crisley - MassBike Lyall Croft - Boston Bike Tours Laurie...
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  • kmijijij - 1266 Words
    GCB2033 Introduction to Management September Semester 2013 Assignment 2 (CASE STUDIES) 15% INSTRUCTIONS AND GUIDELINES: - 2 – 3 students per group - Answer ALL questions - All students are expected to comply with the guidelines for academic honesty. Academic dishonesty, including plagiarism, cheating, allowing others to copy your work or copying the work of others, is strictly prohibited. Reports which are highly similar will be penalized. SUBMISSION - Submission...
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  • Bike Riding - 460 Words
    In making a video on bicycle safety I would start out the video with an example. I would show a reenacted scene of a bicyclist in a dangerous situation, and just what can happen. The example I would use would be one of a bicyclist running a red light. While I am driving I see this happen almost every day, especially in residential neighborhoods. The bicyclist looks around quickly and proceeds through the crosswalk even if the light is red. If we could reenact a similar situation to this I...
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  • REsearch Paper on Bike Safety
    Due to the lack of education in bike safety, Elementary Schools in the U.S. do not provide, children are more likely to be involved in traffic accidents, have an increased risk of death, and the rate of people riding bikes is rapidly decreasing. Outline I. Introduction A. “The loss of 630 lives in bicycle crashes in 2009, just under two people every day of the year in the U.S., is a terrible toll” ("Bicycle Crash Facts"), states the U.S. Department of...
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  • Bicycle Safety for 4th grade
     Bicycle Safety Education to 20 Children in the 4th Grade who are Attending a Local School University of Central Florida Bicycle Safety Education to 20 Children in the 4th Grade who are Attending a Local School Part I Nursing Process: Community Diagnosis Health seeking behavior: Bicycle safety education to 20 children in the 4th grade who are attending a local school r/t childhood injuries while riding bicycles and children seen riding without helmets as evidenced by...
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  • Eng 121 Why Ride a Car, Why Not a Bicycle.
    Why ride a car, why not a bicycle? ENG 121 December 13, 2010 Why ride a car, why not a bicycle? It is interesting to look back and see how people switch from riding bicycles as kids to driving cars as they grow older. Once students finish high school and move to college away from home, their parents prefer them to use cars to drive back and forth from college and also for personal use. It is true that considering the general lifestyle of the people in the U.S., the car is a...
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  • delima case - 1142 Words
    KBH TV INTERVIEW! Title: Bicycle Transformation Mek: Pengacara Anis: Pengacara Nad: Duta Farah: Traveller Wani: Audience Sya: Steven Introduction Interview the audience (Play video) Why do you need bicycle? Wani (12 yo): It would be easy for me to go to school. Wani (5 yo): I love to play with my bicycle. Wani (Employee): I cycle to work. It is a much faster and cheaper way to go to work as I earn very little. Wani (Visitor): I enjoy riding the bicycle here as it is calm and...
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  • Marketing - 853 Words
    ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS FreeRiders, Inc is a small, independently owned company founded in 1999. Of the fifteen full-time employees at the company’s headquarters, four key employees will be instrumental in carrying out this marketing plan. The key players include: Bryce Andersen III, a former American Cycling Team member, who retired from the sport in 1992 and worked as a usability and safety consultant in the cycling industry before joining FreeRiders as the National Sales Manager in 2001;...
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  • Proposal on Bicycle Lane - 566 Words
    PROPOSAL PAPER THE CONSTRUCTION OF BICYCLE LANES IN TAMAN WIRAJAYA, TUARAN DATE 10th JUNE 2012 ORGANISER COMMITTEE OF TAMAN WIRAJAYA, TUARAN 1.0 INTRODUCTION It is widely acknowledged that cycling is one of the best ways for people to achieve good health and fitness. People who cycle regularly live longer than those who do not and lead healthier lives. Indeed, cycling has been shown to be the most effective thing an individual can do to...
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  • Dirt Bike Riding - 430 Words
    English 1010 9/11/12 Forman Dirt Bike Riding Dirt bike riding is a fun sport for all ages. I have been dirt bike riding since I was twelve years old. I have been on mountain tops, seen wild-life, and had many great adventures. Riding dirt bikes has given me an opportunity to explore some of my favorite trails and off road sites. Riding can also be a great escape or a fun exercise for anyone who needs relief from their strenuous schedules. Many of these trails cannot be traveled to...
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  • Bike Lane Proposal - 1595 Words
    Araceli Jeng 1234 Vista Dr San Diego, CA 92042 November 15, 2009 Councilmember Marti Emerald City Administration Bldg. 202 C Street, MS #10A San Diego, CA 92101 Attn. Marti Emerald: The city of San Diego is a safe neighborhood filled with young families, a high concentration of senior citizens, and people of all ages in between; however, when it comes to riding bicycles San Diego is completely the opposite. Riding a bicycle in areas that have no bike lanes can be a nightmare. As...
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  • Bike Lanes in Dallas - 977 Words
    Bill Cantrell Professor Fred Murtz ENGL-1302-84823 22 June 2012 Bicycle Lanes are Overdue in Dallas Bicycles have been a major part of our transportation system for over a hundred years. There are more than a billion bicycles in the world and they outnumber the automobile 2:1. Yet in Dallas, we have been very slow to take steps that would make them an integral part of our transportation system. Bike lanes and the lack of them are an excellent example. Texans have always prided...
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  • Bicycle Sharing System In Wuhan China
    Evaluating performance of bicycle sharing system in Wuhan, China Zhang, Ying March, 2011 SUPERVISORS: 1st supervisor: Ir. M.J.G. Brussel 2nd supervisor: Prof. Dr. Huang Zhengdong Evaluating performance of bicycle sharing system in Wuhan, China Zhang, Ying Enshcede, The Netherlands, March, 2011 Thesis submitted to the Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation of University of Twente in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in...
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  • Problems Faced by Cyclists and Pedestrian
    Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning A Guide to Best Practices 26 August, 2010 by Todd Litman, Robin Blair, Bill Demopoulos, Nils Eddy, Anne Fritzel, Danelle Laidlaw, Heath Maddox, Katherine Forster Abstract This guide covers all aspects of pedestrian and bicycle planning. It is intended for policy makers, planners and advocates who want the best current information on ways to make their communities better places for walking and cycling. It provides basic information on various...
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  • A Comparative Study of in Campus Bicycle Use in Philippines and Taiwan
    A Comparative Study of In-Campus Bicycle Use of University Students in Philippines and Taiwan Ching Yang* Fortunato de la Peña Jr.** *Professor, Department. of Industrial Design Graduate Institute of NYUST, Yunlin, Taiwan, R.O.C **Graduate student, Department. of Industrial Design Graduate Institute of NYUST, Yunlin, Taiwan, R.O.C The study investigates the campus lifestyle and bicycle use among university students in Philippines and Taiwan. This is carried out mainly through case studies...
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  • Bicycle - 1211 Words
    Electric bikes develop into a global industry By J David Goodman India had no sales of electric bikes until two years ago, but its market could eclipse Europe in one year Jiang Ruming, a marketing manager, owns a van, but for many errands, he hops on a futuristic-looking contraption that lets him weave rapidly through Shanghai’s messy traffic. He rides an electric bicycle. Half a world away, in San Francisco, the president of that city’s board of supervisors, David Chiu, uses an electric...
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  • Travel Modes - 639 Words
    Essay 1 Travel Modes Travelling is the necessity and the curiosity of moving from some places to others to unlock secret destinations, in this sense, modes of transport play an important role. Due to technological development, there is a great variety of forms of transport. People choose one or another form taking into consideration distance, cost, convenience and why not the aim of travelling. Hence, form of transport, comprising the most significant part of travelling, is...
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  • Triathlon Training - 29299 Words
    tri-newbies online training program 11 week sprint distance beginner level 2 © 1999-2005 The Kent Group and Tri-Newbies Online. All rights reserved. Training Program: Table of Contents 11 Week Sprint Distance Program – Beginner 11 Week Training Calendar ………………………………………… 5 Detailed Training Guide …………………………………………….. 7 Program Guide Introduction …………………………………………………… 19 Heart Rate Training ………………………………………….. 21 Swimming ……………………………………………………... 25 Cycling...
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  • Electric Bikes Report - 17253 Words
    TP 13732E ELECTRIC BIKE 2000 PROJECT Prepared for Transportation Development Centre Safety and Security Transport Canada By Centre for Electric Vehicle Experimentation in Quebec (CEVEQ) April 2001 TP 13732E ELECTRIC BIKE 2000 PROJECT By Véronique Lamy Centre for Electric Vehicle Experimentation in Quebec (CEVEQ) April 2001 The views and opinions expressed in this report are those of the contractor and do not necessarily reflect those of the Transportation...
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  • Panda Bikes Local Shop
    Emily local essay Basic Comp 10/10/2012 How many different ways can you get around in your community? Well in Fort Collins there are many different ways to can get around here in town. Some examples are car, bus, motorcycle, train, walking, and more. One of the most popular transportation is bicycling; this is great for keeping the air from getting polluted and staying in shape. There are many stores you can go to buy bikes. If you like originality in your bikes and are willing to...
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  • Wearing Bicycle Helmets for Our Security
    Wearing bicycle helmets for our security Introduction Our organization called Student Volunteers for China’s Future (SVCF). We adopts projects such as promoting education in undeveloped areas of China, campaigns to stop genocide, stop the use of land mines and stop the manufacturing of “bombies”. Now, our group has initiated is to encourage the children of China to wear bicycle helmets. Helmet is to protect our brain if we fall down. It will cause brain damage and even death without...
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  • Towards a Sustainable Future: How Bicycles Are Building America Faster Than Cars
    Chris Lutz Professor Roydhouse The Urban Experience Research Skills Project Towards a Sustainable Future: How bicycles are building America faster than cars A majority of people can recollect the day of having the training wheels taken off of their bikes as children. Once those extra means of safety were gone, some people took their time making sure to stay upright while others decided to speed off as if their shackles had just been removed. Unfortunately, the United States...
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  • My Awesome New Ride
    Bill Watts Email: August 13, 2012 My Awesome New Ride I have a bicycle that turns heads. Just today, as I was looking for a particular bottle of beer in a shop, with my bike parked outside, a clerk came up to me and said, “That’s an awesome ride, man!” And that happens a lot. I don’t mean to boast, but my bicycle is even more awesome than most people realize. The things that draw immediate attention to my bicycle are the light blue and yellow colors and the...
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  • Comparison of Uk and China’s Bicycle Markets
    Comparison of UK and China’s Bicycle markets 1. Introduction: With the advent of the improvisation of technology in the transport, communication and information transfer like internet, the providence of the small businesses and large scale businesses as well was greatly changed in the last five decades. The pursuit for the expansion of market place is no longer limited to a place or country but it has become a global competition. Besides, it was reported that the world trade expansion has...
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  • Encourage Children to Participate in Sports
    WHY EVERY PARENT, TEACHER AND COACH SHOULD ENCOURAGE CHILDREN TO PARTICIPATE IN SPORTS 1. Sports are fun. 2. Participation in sports gives a child a higher level of self-esteem and a more positive outlook on life. 3. Children who participate in sports experience lower levels of depression. 4. Children who participate in sports have more positive body image and experience higher states of psychological well-being than those who do not play sports. 5. It teaches child...
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  • Holiday on Mackinaw Island - 966 Words
    Audience: Vacation Takers, Recommended for Over 20 Years Old

    Although Mackinaw Island is very small, it is very beautiful and has lots of exciting activities, such as bicycling, horseback riding, buggy riding, and fudge shopping. Mackinaw Island is located in the upper part of Michigan between Lake Huron, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. It makes a perfect place for a quick getaway. The tourist season runs from mid-May to mid-October. The Island, being only 8.2 miles around, looks...
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  • Using Bicycles as an Alternative to Automobiles
    Using Bicycles As An Alternative To Automobiles October 21, 1996 Ecology & Design University of Colorado Abstract: This paper basically shows the reasons to use the bicycle as an alternative mode of transportation. It will points out the benefits of the use of a bicycle. It will also show what is being done to get rid of the negative aspects of using a bicycle for transportation. Bicycling is one of the fastest growing forms of recreation. People are drawn to it for many reasons,...
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  • Taxi Driver - 622 Words
    Chris Stewart Dr. Fertig English 101 1 March 2013 On The Go Transportation comes in many forms nowadays, car, bike, bus, train, flying, etc. Everyone is different in their opinion on which form of transportation is their favorite. All of the different kinds of transportation provide a whole different experience than the others. Coming to Montgomery County Community College, I have used three different forms of transportation to come to school. All three vary in many ways, but at the end...
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  • Polluted Travelling - 684 Words
    During the Martial Law years in the Philippines (1970s to early 1980s), there was a story widely shared (discreetly) about a popular TV variety show host who was made to ride the bicycle all day in a military camp. According to accounts, he apparently displeased the rulers at the time for making a quip about the government's running slogan that goes, "sa ika-uunlad ng bayan, disiplina ang kailangan."Loosely translated, it means, "for the country to progress, discipline is what is needed."...
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  • english needed in daily life
     DATA INTERPRETING Exercise Reasons for choosing Reasons for not choosing Yoga Benefits both mind and body; improve breathing Walking Has no age limit; no machines requited Cycling Requires a bicycle Swimming Provides exercise to the whole body Need to be close to a swimming pool Of late, people have become more health-conscious. They are talking exercising more seriously and are exercising regularly. The most popular form of exercise is yoga and walking. It is too...
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  • One-Word Essay: Memories
    Memories “Kang, over here!” Dylan, my best friend, called me when I was looking for my friends after my mother had sent me to the railway station and left with her “5-years old” car. Aware of the sound, my eyes immediately darted to him and then the other chums. Suddenly, a grin of happiness flitted across my face. We had already planned to have a cycling activity at the Taman Botani Negara a few days ago as soon as the previous examination ended. And finally the day had come. Using the...
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  • Why Helmets Should Be Compulsory?
    Falling off a bicycle can cause sober and sometimes serious head injuries. Wearing a helmet helps to protect our vital organs - the brain. We should wear helmets every time we are cycling, as well as kids. Even if a child thinks this is uncool and he looks funny, you should tell him that, it looks way less cool to have face all scarred up from sliding on the concrete or dirt. Research shows that half of the injuries received by cyclists are to the face and head and about 75% of all bicyclist...
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  • Compare and Contrast the Various Modes of Transport That Can Be Used World Wide.
    Transport or transportation is the movement of people, animals and goods from one location to another Transport modes are the means by which people and freight achieve mobility, that is moving from one point to another for various reasons. Transport is important since it enables trade between peoples, which in turn establishes civilizations. Mode of transport (or means of transport or transport mode or transport modality or form of transport) is a term used to distinguish substantially...
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  • The Truth About Compulsory Bike Helmet Laws Reducing Injuries
    The Truth About Compulsory Bike Helmet Laws Reducing Injuries Tute Task 1 Scientific Thinking and Research Skills CORE 11-113 Sarah Anderson ID: 13137519 Tutorial class: Tuesday 1-3pm Word Count: 1099 The Truth About Compulsory Bike Helmet Laws Reducing Injuries WRITTEN REPORT As a child growing up in Australia one of the first birthday presents we may receive after we have learnt to walk, is a bicycle. Our parents would always guarantee that we would wear a helmet when we went...
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  • Ergonomics Bicycle Saddle - 1152 Words
    Objective The objective of the project of redesigning the bicycle saddle is to lessen the uncomfortable sitting on the bicycle saddle, giving cyclist the maximum pleasure of riding of the bicycle. This is because the current bicycle saddle causes pain to the soft perineal tissue, the major part of the human’s tissue that has direct contact to the saddle. The pain that comes from the saddle is because all the pressure from the cyclists’ weight is directed onto the soft perineal tissue....
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  • Master Thesis - 39860 Words
    UNIVERSITY OF NORTH-CAROLINA-WILLMINGTON. HOCHSCHULE BREMEN Development of Inland Waterway Transport: Necessary Considerations When Converting Navigable Rivers into Inland Waterways in Northeast Ecuador Regions Master Thesis- International MBA Lauren Guidry 08/02/2013 Inland waterways are becoming a more important mode of transportation, as countries are trying to reduce emissions of fuel and energy, while building their economies. As Ecuador continues to develop their economy the use...
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  • Why You Should Exercise
    Why People Should Exercise Eric Buckley Exercise is beneficial to your health and well-being. Although exercise is not very much fun usually, it is essential in a healthy life style. Sports and or a work out partner can spice up any dull activity. These activities can be integrated...
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  • 3 Ways to Spend Free Time
    There are many ways I would like to spend my free time during the week. I like to exercise, watch TV, and play with my child. Those are some things I like to do on my free time. First of all, I like to exercise. Lifting weights helps keep my body tuned and built. Exercising is one of the main reasons that helps keep my muscles tuned and not weak. Running around the track helps with my cardio. Cardio helps keep my heart pumping smoothly. Exercising helps everyone body as a whole. It also helps...
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  • Reaction Zumba - 273 Words
     Jurado, Radiance A. 2013-32372 Reaction Paper for Zumba Party Last September 27, 2013, the Zumba Party was held at the CHK (College ofHuman Kinetics) Gym. During the said event, the people participated in dancing. It wasa tiring, but truly fun event. When we arrived, the ‘party’ has already started and almost everyone was dancing. I was with a classmate and we were late because of our classes, but nonetheless we joined the ‘party’. Initially, I thought that the event was just a party where...
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  • Love and Soccer - 519 Words
    I don't know what people think when they hear the word sport. As for me, whenever I hear the word "sport", a picture of me playing soccer always come to my mind. Ever since I was six, I had always loved to play soccer. Soccer is a very popular sport in my country, Vietnam. To me soccer means more than just a sport. It's a way of me showing people that there are many benefits one can get through playing just any sport. Playing soccer has provided me an opportunity to develop physical abilities,...
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  • Argumentative Speech Outline Finish
    Argumentative Speech Outline Title: Bike Sharing Writer/Speaker: Briones, Louis Joshua Introductory Paragraph A. Introductory Statement: What is bike sharing? Bike sharing is an innovative transportation program, Ideal for short distance point to point trips providing users ability to pick up bicycle. B. Thesis Statement: The Spiegel magazine reports that a new record has been reached, with 100 European cities supporting some type of bike-sharing program. Why are so far behind with this...
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  • Marketing Implementation Plan - 1763 Words
     Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt Marketing Plan for AA Bike Klagenfurt International Expansion Plan November 28, 2014 Executive Summary Bike rental services in Europe have high demand and popularity. Due to the high amount of travellers across Europe, bike rentals have become one of the most environmentally friendly businesses that attract many tourists and locals who do not have access to vehicles, or who simply enjoy nature, outdoor activities, and are...
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  • Culture Globalization and Its Impact on Recreation Culture
    summary the world had occupied through the latest twenty century until that day by globalization theory, its concept and future impacts . the scientists opinions had varied about globalization repercussions at rising countries including the Arab and Islamic countries . cultural globalization is one of globalization fields which correlated by cultural side , all life fields impacted by globalization , the sport field is one of fields which impact by social phenomenon what appear on...
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  • Bicycles - 349 Words
    Bicycles are a world known vehicles; they are known by all ages and are known for the amazing cardio exercise that many do on a daily basis. Bikes are so well known that there are about one hundred and seven bicycle riders in the state of Florida, alone. Banning this fun activity from parks is a horrible idea. This activity should most likely be banned from the streets where bigger motor vehicles are around. Bicycles should be banned from roads because; the research that has been done shows...
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  • Playing Sports - 1594 Words
    Playing Sports Beneficial to Overall Health Ever since I started playing tennis, I noticed that I have been less aggravated and also a feeling of “calm” after each game. Whatever was bothering me that day becomes a faint memory. Have you been looking for a way to relieve stress, get some exercise, and make some new friends? Then try playing a sport. It does not matter if you are a child or an adult. Becoming involved in sports is an excellent way to stay fit and relieve stress. You can get out...
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  • Competing with Wal-mart
    Competing with Wal-Mart The discounting giant, Wal-Mart, ranks high in worldwide retail sales which often makes it difficult for small retailers to compete. Wal-Mart’s everyday low prices, efficient IT infrastructure, and distribution efficiencies give the retail giant an edge over other retailers. However, other businesses can still be successful with the proper strategies. As a smaller retailer of bicycles and bicycle repairs, Atlanta Cycling, can have leg up on Wal-Mart by offering...
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  • Cardiovascular and Aerobic Exercise - 268 Words
    Cardiovascular and Aerobic Exercise Cardiovascular exercises are one of three main types of exercise that include strength and flexibility exercises. This type of activity requires continuous motion of large muscles, such as your legs or arms. The exercises that are performed for aerobics are called cardiovascular because they work out your heart and your lungs. This means training the most important parts of your body to work more efficiently and become healthier. One thing that is...
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  • History And Origin Of Aerobics Doc
    Amber Lee January 21, 2015 Beginning Aerobic Dance/W 10:00-10:50 Michael Snapp The History and Origin of Aerobic Dance Aerobics is composed of a system of exercises to prevent sickness that was first developed by Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, a physician in San Antonio air force hospital in Texas. After Dr. Cooper wrote and published his book on aerobics in 1968, Jackie Sorenson developed dance exercises known as aerobic dance. This dance would improve the overall cardiovascular fitness. Because...
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  • Traffic Congestion in America and Its Solution
    Americans are faced with several problems on a daily basis. Traffic is atrocious. Anywhere you go, be it work, school or just to visit a friend or realative, you are surrounded by traffic. The average American commuter spends 50 hours per year in traffic (1). If you live to be 70 years old that is 3500 hours in traffic, that is almost 5 months of your life stuck in traffic. Imagine what you could do with 5 months of your life back, spend time with your family or simply extra time to relax,...
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  • Bicycle is the best kinds of transportation
    BICYCLES ARE THE BEST KINDS OF TRANSPORTATION When transportations are more and more modernized, people gradually forget bicycles and benefits of it. If you want to have a good health and a happy life, you shouldn’t hesistate to buy a bicycle for yourself and start riding it to go to school or work. In my opinion, bicycles are the best kinds of transportations because of many reasons. Firstly, riding bicycle every morning is a simple but perfect way to improve our health. Bicycles will help...
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  • bmx persuasive essay - 478 Words
    Eddie Delgado 2-29-12 Period g let us BMX! Writing How would you feel if you were not allowed to ride your bike in the skate park? Skate parks have ramps, bowls and other obstacles that are just perfect for biking, yet many skateboarders do not want to allow bikers into the...
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  • Keep Fit - 260 Words
    How to keep fit and get healthy lifestyle ? 1. Doing aerobic exercise regularly helps to keep fit and help to get healthy lifestyle. 2. Think daily or meditate this an important way and good way to get healthy lifestyle. 3. Physical activity is essential to healthy living. 4. The body was meant to move, and when it doesn't, it can become unhappy and ill. Physical activity stimulates the body's natural maintenance and repair system that keep it going. Activity improve circulation...
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  • Zumba Fitness - 318 Words
    Zumba is a fitness program inspired by Latin dance. It was founded by Miami-based dancer and choreographer Alberto 'Beto' Perez, who teamed up with two local entrepreneurs: Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion. Zumba combines Latin rhythms with cardiovascular exercise to create an aerobic routine that is fun and easy to follow. The name Zumba is derived from a Colombian word meaning to move fast and have fun. Zumba sells DVDs/videos through its website and via infomercials. More than 3 million...
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  • bikes and cars - 473 Words
     Bikes vs. Cars Lots of people find it hard to differ a bike from a car. They normally choose the car and ignore the bike. Today in our country people are too lazy to see their similarities and just choose the one that’s easier to drive. Although they are similar by giving you transportation, they definitely have a large amount of differences too. Bikes are made and bought in a lot of different styles, sizes, and colors. Bikes have two wheels and are powered by physical labor from the...
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  • Public Transport and Car Travelling
    Journal of Bangladesh Institute of Planners Vol. 2, December 2009, pp. 71-77, © Bangladesh Institute of Planners ISSN 2075-9363 Paradox between Public Transport and Private Car as a Modal Choice in Policy Formulation A. H. M. Mehbub Anwar* Abstract This paper presents the stance towards modal choice behavior between public transport and private car. To find out the probable solutions, this paper investigated the latent attitudes of the trip makers concerning modal choice between private...
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  • All Seasons Sales Proposal
    ------------------------------------------------- All Seasons ------------------------------------------------- Health Club Let us help you reach your fitness goals! GROUP FITNESS CLASSES Group fitness classes are one hour long, which includes ten minutes for stretching and ten minutes for cooling down. Fitness rooms have exercise mats, air conditioning, and sound systems. All instructors are trained professionals, certified in CPR. Group fitness classes are included in an Exercise...
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  • Case Control Study - 461 Words
    CASE CONTROL STUDY A case control study is a method extensively used by the medical profession, as an easy and quick way of comparing treatments, or investigating the causes of disease. Longitudinal studies are the preferred method, but are often expensive, time consuming and difficult. Whilst this method does suffer from some weaknesses, it is quick, and delivers results quickly. The case control study uses groups of patients stricken with a disease, and compares them with a control group...
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  • Sustainability Challenge - 2279 Words
    Sustainability challenge * Introduction The world’s cities are growing quickly in terms of urbanisation, and they will be even more densely populated in the next few decades. The growth of population in cities brings sustainability problems, including environmental, social and economic problems. This report will focus specifically on the Parramatta City Council’s efforts to encourage ‘active travel’ in Parramatta, a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales (NSW). Although the literature on...
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  • How Many Chances for Small Independent Bicycle Retailers?
    HOW MANY CHANCES FOR SMALL INDEPENDENT BICYCLE RETAILERS? Executive summary The purpose of this report is to provide key findings of New Zealand’s current external business environment of small independent bicycle retailers. This was achieved through analyses of articles and reports about existing bike retailers industry. The report established New Zealand’s demand for bikes is currently high due to several benefits of cycling and the Government’s encourage. Findings also highlighted that...
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  • Personal Fitness and Activities Improves Quality of Life
    Personal Fitness & Activities Self Reflection Physical activity plays an important role in well-being and health in a life of a person , people who are physically active live longer , healthier and they are more productive. What I learned about fitness is that it starts by gradually increasing the time that you are physical and decrease the time you are inactive it is important to start slowly with smaller goals and take advantage of simple activities and tasks ....
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  • Fact Claim Obesity - 1781 Words
    Brizuela 1 Javier Brizuela Professor Abad English 1B 14 June 2015 America is Obese by its Own Hand Food is a necessity for the lives of everyone on the planet. Some love food more than others, but no matter the case everyone needs to eat in order to survive. Many people have taken advantage of food and consume products they do not need and they especially eat more than they need to. The United States has become impacted with a preventable ...
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  • Aerobic Activities - 280 Words
    Aerobic Activities Aerobic Activities are “activities using large muscle groups at moderate intensities that permit the body to supply energy and to maintain a steady state for more than a few minutes” according to TheFitConnection. Basically, aerobic activities are exercises that generally utilize oxygen in order to fuel the body for physical activity. They get your heart rate up and make you breathe harder. Common examples of aerobic activities include running, cycling, and skiing over...
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  • Parable of Aerobic Excercise in the 1980s
    Tim Pennino Aerobic exercise became a widespread trend and gained its popularity in the 1980s. Aerobic exercise is described as a physical exercise consisting of low intensity activities but consumes high amounts of energy. The exercise is achieved over an extensive period of time and strengthens and improves many aspects of the body resulting in a better lifestyle. Aerobic exercise is especially popular amongst young women and middle-aged women who desire being thin and maintaining a healthy...
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  • BICYCLES AND CARS 1 - 283 Words
    BICYCLES AND CARS Cars and bicycles are increasingly playing important role in modern society. It is impossible to imagine human life without such means of transportation as cars and bicycles which help people to have a better life. There are several key similarities and three main differences between cars and bicycles in terms of convenience, price and effects to environment. It is clearly seen that a key similarity is that both cars and bicycles are the popular vehicles which are useful in...
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  • Benefits of Playing Sports - 430 Words
    Benefits of Playing Sports Sports serve as an excellent physical exercise. Those who play sports have a more positive body image than those who do not. Playing sports often involves physical activities like running, jumping and stretching and moreover a constructive expenditure of energy. Playing sports since an early age strengthens the bones and muscles and tones one’s body. Thus sports provide the body with a complete exercise. Playing sports improves the Math skills in...
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  • Why People Should Ride a Bicycle
    Why People Should Ride a Bicycle for Short Distance Trips A bicycle is a mechanism that has transported man for many decades. Nowadays, bicycling is a great way to move from one place to another in short distances. In my opinion, everyone should use a bicycle for short distant trips, rather than the convenience of a car. The use of a bicycle has many great advantages over a car. If you choose to ride your bicycle to drive a short distant trip, you will can decrease gasoline consumption,...
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  • Baldwin Bicycle Company - 603 Words
    BALDWIN BICYCLE COMPANY In May 1983, Suzanne Leister, marketing director of Baldwin Bicycle Company, was mulling over the discussion she had had the previous day with Karl Knott, a buyer from Hi-Valu Stores. Hi-Valu operated a chain of discount department stores in the North West. Hi-Valu's sales volume had grown to the extent that it was beginning to add its "own-brand" (also called "private-label") merchandise to the product lines of several of its departments. Mr. Knott, Hi-Valu's buyer...
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  • Preventive Health Care - 356 Words
    Preventative Health Care Plan If I was to create a preventative health care plan the activities choices that I would advise people to follow would be start a thirty minutes exercise program. The program should be done at least 3-4 times per week. I would tell them to start at a slow pace if they are not used to exercise. I would also suggest that they get a physical for health purpose. I would also suggest that they try to exercise at the same time each day so that they can have a...
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  • Debate - 5680 Words
    Home How2Buy Helmets Children Promotions Pamphlets Statistics Laws Standards Quick New Briefs Services Press Links Sitemap Search Translate Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute Our Response to Some Negative Views on Helmets Summary: Here are responses to some arguments about helmets often posted and reposted on blogs. Please do not quote this page out of context. Provide the URL and let the reader decide. Disclaimer: you may not consider this a balanced view! We are...
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  • Bike, Don't Drive - 849 Words
    Once again Dad and I were stuck in a traffic jam. The trip from our house to the library usually takes five minutes, but this time we found ourselves sitting in the midst of a river of cars that crawled ahead a few feet at a time. Up ahead, we saw that three lanes were merging into one. Two cars had collided in a fender-bender, and not only that, but they had done so in a work zone where one lane was already closed. As I watched pedestrians on the sidewalk leave us behind, I complained, “I could...
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  • Gautrain Management Agency - 3027 Words
    Gautrain Management Agency Gautrain is Africa's first world-class, modern mass rapid transit rail and bus service for Gauteng, a province regarded as the economic heartland of South Africa, which links Johannesburg, Pretoria, and OR Tambo International Airport. It was built to relieve the traffic congestion in the Johannesburg–Pretoria traffic corridor and offer commuters a viable alternative to road transport, as Johannesburg has limited public transport infrastructure. The project was...
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  • Chapter 4 Microsoft Word
    GROUP FITNESS CLASSES Group fitness classes are one hour long, which includes ten minutes for stretching and ten minutes for cooling down. Fitness rooms have exercise mats, air conditioning, and sound systems. All instructors are trained professionals, certified in CPR. Group fitness classes are included in an Exercise Membership. Classes are first-come, first-served (please do not hold spots for friends). Each class accommodates up to 25 attendees, who must be at least 16 years old. Please...
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  • Change in Transportation over Time
    2010 COURSE NAME: CHY4U TEACHER: MR KING NAME: FAITH JOHN PRAISE SUBMISSION DATE: OCTOBER 19TH 2010 HISTORY ISU- TRANSPORTATION OVER TIME Transportation can be defined as the movement of goods or people from one place to another , transportation has been in existence for more than thousands of years , the change in transportation over these years is a fact that cannot be overlooked neither can it be overemphasized, every detail in the creation or...
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  • Sustainable Transport and Soft Measures
    ISSUES PAPER Soft measures and transport behaviour Prepared for a workshop entitled "Communicating Environmentally Sustainable Transport—The role of soft measures in achieving EST” Berlin, Germany, 5-6 December, 2002 Enquiries about this paper should be addressed to Richard Gilbert at Enquiries about the workshop should be addressed to Peter Wiederkehr at or to Hedwig Verron at Umwelt Bundes Amt SOFT MEASURES AND...
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  • Varying Activity - 901 Words
    1.08 Varying Activity Preferences Essay I have found that a person’s culture has an impact on which physical activities individuals participate in to stay healthy. Surprisingly enough, the public I interviewed all had a distinct approach to exercise and with these 3 completely different people, I additionally realized that the older one gets, the less energy one needs to achieve the exercise of their choice. All in all, these folks do have one thing in common aside from their varying ways...
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  • Eco bike - 314 Words
    Eco bike Global warming is a hot topic right now. With the increasing temperature of the earth, many environments are changing. When this happens, the planet is at risk. In order to counteract the effects of this global phenomenon, though, many people are looking to & go green and create more eco-friendly approaches to their everyday lives. in todays world people are more concerned about the health. With rising fuel cost, fitness problem with middle aged people, global warming, people are...
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  • Mr. Cheung - 4004 Words
    11/26/2012 Presented by, Alvin Lee (1155004095) Carlson Man (1009606213) Kit Cheung (1155004099) Macy Law (1155003775) | | Bicycle Rental Service Bicycle Rental Service ELTU 3110 M | CAMPUS IMPROVEMENT FUND PROPOSAL | ELTU 3110 M | CAMPUS IMPROVEMENT FUND PROPOSAL | Executive summary This year, the 334 curriculum has started. Together with the AL entrants, the total number of CUHK students has dramatically increased. This causes the...
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  • How To Do a Tail Whip
    How to Do a Tail Whip I have been riding BMX bikes for eight years and out of all the tricks I had learned, the tail whip proved to be the most challenging one. If you are an inexperienced BMX rider and want to learn this trick, you must come prepared. The tail whip shouldn’t be the first trick you want to learn when you are an inexperience rider. Even before getting started, you must be wearing protective gear such as a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and ankle braces. First, you will need...
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  • Vvnbvnbv - 305 Words
    Nowadays we have many different means of transportation. For instance, on land, we can use bicycles, motorcycles, cars, train, and horses. On the water we have ship, hydroplanes, submarines. In the air we have airplanes and for a few fortunate astronauts, spacecrafts. It is rather difficult for me to tell what means of transportation is the most rewarding because I haven't had opportunity to try all them. Then, too.I think much depend on what kind of trips we make- short trips or distant ones....
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  • Special transportation structures - 38107 Words
    TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF IASI FACULTY OF CIVIL ENGINEERING Profile: CONSTRUCTIONS Master Speciality: STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING • Subject SPECIAL TRANSPORTATION STRUCTURES (STS) Part One ( Course) Part Two ( Course) Part Three ( Appendix 1. Written Test on STS;/ Notes for Guidance on STS: ngl1.ppt...ngl11 ppt) Radu ANDREI, PhD, P.E., Professor of Transportation Engineering Iasi 2005/2006 1 CONTENTS ( draft) : Preface Chapter No. Title Number of hours...
    38,107 Words | 156 Pages
  • Bike Versus Car - 273 Words
    English Comp Larry Raiken Jennifer Allen 01/9/13 A Bike Versus A Car There are many differences and similarities that bikes and cars share. Even though cars are more advanced and comfortable then bikes are, many people use them. Most people choose a car for transportation. Cars have many accessories that bikes do not have. For example; cars these days have anything from radios, cd players, and even navigational systems, which bikes don’t. It is impossible for a bike to have all...
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  • Cars and Bikes - 534 Words
    Compare and Contrast Essay Cars and Bikes Bikes and cars are two of the many ways of transportation. Both can be used to drive people to places they want to go to without walking. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. And each has its own type and standard of people as well as its different uses and forms. Not all the people could afford buying a car. A car could be very expensive to some...
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  • Zippo Bicycles Swot - 559 Words
    SWOT Analysis Strengths Bicycle was once seen as a convenient mode of transportation. In today’s world, people usually owns a bicycle for the purpose of exercise and for recreation as well. Therefore, Zippo could have a large target market segment. Other than that, with the brilliant relations with customer and understanding the importance of keeping in with the shop owner through personal service and good prices, Zippo may be able to gain more sales with their bicycle. A good marketing...
    559 Words | 2 Pages
  • Op Case May 2015 Pre Seen For Tutors Amended 19 March
    Operational case study exam – May 2015 Pre-seen materials – Advance copy for tutors Contents Reference Material 1 Reference Material 2 Reference Material 3 Reference Material 4 Reference Material 5 Reference Material 6 Reference Material 7 General information about Batton Bicycles 6 pages Management structure 1 page Batton Bicycles production process 1 page Financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2014 4 pages Costing schedules for the year ended 31 December 2015 4 pages...
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  • Aerobic Exercise - 439 Words
    SPEECH : Health and Exercise . How will this lead to a healthy lifestyle? A sedentary (inactive) lifestyle is one of the top risk factors for heart disease. Fortunately, it's a risk factor that you can do something about. Regular exercise, especially aerobic exercise, has many benefits. It can: * Strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system * Improve your circulation and help your body use oxygen better * Improve your heart failure symptoms * Increase energy levels so you...
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  • Exercise and Memory Experiment Intro
    It is no secret that exercise is important to an individual's physical and mental health. Physical exercise has been attributed to improved circulation and blood flow to the brain which results in improved overall health. The effect of aerobic exercise on one’s mental health is not as well understood. The increased cognitive benefits of aerobic exercise can be used to promote healthy lifestyles in all individuals young and old. We seek to find a correlation between physical activity,...
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