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  • Denotation and Connotation - 446 Words
    Denotation and Connotation according to semiotics Unlike Wilden, who said that ‘signs are more open in their interpretation to their connotation rather than denotation’ , Roland Barthes gave priority to the denotative meaning rather than the connotative meaning, in this sense he argued that, in photography, denotation is fore grounded at the expense of connotation, however he noted that denotation is not the first meaning but it pretends to be so and that connotation produces this...
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  • Denotaiton And Connotation Presentation - 354 Words
    FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE Denotative Connotative Prepared by Amira Zulaikha binti Zahrul Nizam Nur Suhaila binti Aminudin Awra Awadah binti Azli Nur Dinah binti Mohamed Hafidz Denotation the literal meaning of a word Connotation the implied meaning A word can have positive or negative associations or connotations. Study the following chart. Word Positive Negative Connotation Connotation plain easy gawky unusual extraordinary bizarre firm determined unyielding Look at the word pairs,...
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  • how the words develop the connotations
    How words develop connotations Words often have both meanings: denotation and connotation. Denotation refers to the literal meaning of a word – the “dictionary definition”. Connotation, on the other hand, refers to the associations that are connected to a certain word or the emotional suggestions related to that word. For example, greasy is a completely innocent word: some things, like car engines, need to be greasy. But, greasy contains negative associations for most people, whether they...
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  • Negative vs Positive Connotations
    Sonali Shah Dr. Valerie Levy Honors English Composition 103 2 October 2012 Negative vs. Positive Connotations More often when we hear a word, the definition is not so clear; words in the English language have multiple meanings. For example, the word “gay.” This word is very ambiguous meaning either ecstatic or homosexual. Ecstatic obviously has a positive connotation while homosexual can be offensive. In a very similar way, Frederick Douglass’ essay “Learning to Read and Write” questions...
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  • Belonging: Connotation and 4-framed Cartoon Patriotism
    “Gaining a sense of ‘belonging’ is a universal need but an individual quest, which some achieve and some do not”. Discuss this statement in relation to your prescribed text and two other related texts. The texts “Immigrant chronicles” composed by Peter Skrzynecki, the article “Coming Home” By John Van Tiggelan and the 4-framed cartoon “Patriotism” illustrated by Cathy Wilcox, all develop an idea of how belonging is not only a common need but an individual’s mission that may or may not be...
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  • Overview of Key Image Terms: Simile, Metaphor, Personification, Dominant Impression, and Connotation
    Key Image Terms 1. simile- compares two dissimilar objects using like or as. Example #1: N. Scott Momaday describes shadows from clouds "that move upon the grain like water." Commentary: This simile shows vs. tells. It helps me to picture what the shadows looked like. They weren't stationary, they were moving very fluid over a field of grain. By comparing the shadows to water, Momaday paints a picture of something being intangible to something that is tangible. I didn't directly see the...
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  • Symbolism - 371 Words
    Symbolism Words are not limited to one single meaning. Most words have multiple meanings, which are categorized as either denotative or connotative. The denotation of a word is its explicit definition as listed in a dictionary. The expressiveness of language, however, comes from the other type of word meaning—connotation, or the association or set of associations that a word usually brings to mind. In Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” there are many examples of...
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  • sosnovskaya analytical reading - 28391 Words
    V. В. SOSNOVSKAYA ANALYTICAL READING 4И(Англ) С66 FOREWORD Пособие рецензировалось на кафедре английского языка Пятигорского педагогического института иностранных языков и профессором Ленинградского государственного педагогического института И. В. Арнольд. С 66 Сосновская В. Б. Аналитическое чтение. Учеб. пособие для ин-тов и фак. иностр. яз. М., «Высш. школа», 1974. 184 с. с рис. На тит. л. загл.: V. В. Sosnovskaya. Analytical Reading. Пособие состоит из 2-х частей:...
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  • Cultural Shock - 1025 Words
    Business communication assignment Business communication a) Explain what is meant by the term culture shock. Identify and discuss the stages of culture shock? Culture shock is the personal disorientation a person may feel when experiencing an unfamiliar way of life due to immigration or a visit to a new country, or to a move between social environments, also a simple travel to another type of lifeOne of the most common causes of culture shock involves individuals in a foreign...
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  • Alienation - 2043 Words
    According to the dictionary, the word ‘alien’ can be used as either a noun or an adjective. As a noun, it can mean a person whose native country is not the one which they are currently residing in. It can also take the form of a noun meaning anyone who has become estranged or excluded. The final form that the word ‘alien’ can take as a noun is an extraterrestrial creature. ‘Alien’ can also at to describe something as extraterrestrial through the form of an adjective. Additionally, it can be used...
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  • Barriers to Communication - 839 Words
    BARRIERS IN EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION /COMMUNICATION FALLOFF People in the world are not exactly alike. Cultures or countries are not the same. These differences, however, can cause problems in conveying your meanings. Each person’s mind is different from others. As a result, message sender’s meanings and the receiver’s response are affected by many factors, such as individual: Semantic barriers Conventions of meaning Physical Barrier Psychological barriers Emotional barriers...
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  • Hamlet's Contempt for Claudius- Quotes
    Within the passage from Hamlet, Shakespeare uses diction, Imagery and metaphors in order to gravely convey the Ghost and Hamlet’s contempt for Claudius and the Queen. Shakespeare uses vivid Imagery throughout the selected passage to illustrate his theme. While describing the death of Hamlet’s father, the lines read “And curd, like eager droppings into milk, the thin and wholesome blood.” Giving the reader a gruesome picture of the spread of poison, encompassing the king’s body, Shakespeare...
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  • English for Occupational purpose - 5220 Words
    English for Occupational Purpose (UB00702) UNIT 1: INTRODUCTION TO WORKPLACE COMMUNICATION 1.0 Objective The objective of the unit is to introduce students to the concept of workplace communication in English. After completing Unit 1, students should be able to:  Demonstrate their understanding of workplace communication as a type of communication which uses standard phrases and idioms common to the workplace;  Demonstrate their understanding on the different language...
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  • Using Denotative and Connotative Meanings
     Using Denotative and Connotative Meanings The Lesson Activities will help you meet these educational goals: 21st Century Skills—You will apply use critical thinking and problem solving skills, collaborate with others, and communicate effectively. Directions Please save this document before you begin working on the assignment. Type your answers directly in the document. _________________________________________________________________________ Self-Checked Activities Read the instructions...
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  • There Is No Frigate Like a Book
    In the poem “There is no Frigate like a Book”, Emily Dickinson uses words with particular connotations to give her poem a more rich and meaningful aspect. Her belief that literature is powerful enough to allow one’s mind to distance itself from reality and its immediate surroundings is enforced in the poem throughout her use of words like “frigate” “traverse” which connate a sense of journey or adventure. Dickinson compares books to means of transportation to emphasize this idea of the power...
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  • Big Brother Semiotic Analysis
    Big Brother Semiotic Analysis Introduction: This semiotic analysis will attempt to bring clarification to the persuasive symbols and messages used within the American version of the “Reality Television” game show “Big Brother”. The use of myth, metonymy, tokens, and connotation will be looked at, and will attempt to demonstrate how this communication event reflects and influences its receivers. In order to understand the terminology and examples used in such an analysis, a brief history and...
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  • Heritage Countee Cullen - 915 Words
    Kulneet Singh IB English 1 November 4, 2014 Word Count: 922 Exploring Literary Devices in Heritage “What is Africa to me?” (Cullen, Line 10). Heritage is an African American poem by Countee Cullen that was written during the Harlem Renaissance. Cullen was born in a primarily white upbringing; therefore he had no experience in African culture or heritage and was confused. His African heritage concerns him; yet, because he must adapt to the orders of a mostly white culture that is not concerned...
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  • Media Text Analysis - 1171 Words
    This essay is about to analyse certain media text by using particular semiotic codes. The semiology study in particular is based on theory developed by Saussure and Pierce and means study of the signs in the text. According to Saussure the ‘language is a system of signs that express ideas’ (Saussure 1915/1966 cited in Berger, 2012:7). When media analysis is made it is about to show the relationship between the signs in certain text. Pierce states that everything we do can be seen as sign....
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  • Compare and Contrast Poems - 689 Words
    The Underlying Truth about War War—sometimes portrayed frivolously—may be more that the human expects it to be. It is filled with gruesome and intolerable scenes that may not even be appropriate to discuss. Wilson Owen, in transforming the mainstream ideas, branches out and discusses the horrific side of war that people would not expect. In “Anthem for Doomed Youth” and “dulce et decorum est,” Wilson Owen strategically manipulates diction to illustrate the theme of the reality of war, and...
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  • By the River by Steven Herrick - 645 Words
    Steven Herrick’s work of “By the river” displays a bildungsroman novel in which harry goes on a journey through life, facing love and loss. Steven Herrick’s verse novel “By the River” is very successful in conveying the significant ideas about human nature. He uses key themes such as grief, environmental influence and coming of age to explore these ideas. To convey the themes Herrick uses multiple techniques such as imagery, repetition, personification and positive and negative influence...
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  • 新建 Microsoft Word 文档 (2).Doc
    ‘Our Love Now’ Scott Wang 10MXT Describe an interesting idea in a poem you have studied this year. Explain why you find this idea interesting. In the poem “our love now” by Martyn Lawrey, the poet presents the idea of love and breaking down through the different view of love: a positive opinion and a negative opinion. The character is interesting, because their view contrast and form a interesting structure, to help to...
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  • The Guitarist Tunes Up - 286 Words
    The Guitarist Tunes Up What I love most about “The Guitarist Tunes Up” by Frances Cornford is its denotation and connotation meanings. Denotatively, this poem suggests that in order for guitarist to produce right note, he has to tune up his guitar before play it. In the other hand, the poet also gives connotative meaning; in order for the man to make love to a woman he has to seducing her with love, politeness and care so that she will surrender herself to him. Even woman says only stupid,...
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  • The Grapes of Wrath: Analysis of Chapter 25
    Jagpal Gill September 24, 2008 How does the writer of the Tribune article portray Bigger to fulfill his rhetorical purpose? In the Tribune article, "Negro Rapist faints at Inquest", the writer arouses a sense of fear towards Bigger Thomas by attacking him. The writer's language attacks Bigger Thomas and incites a belief that Bigger must be killed. The journalist's use of diction establishes a negative connotation about Bigger. The write describes Bigger as "a brutish Negro"(31) with a...
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  • Catching the Devil - 1041 Words
    Daniel Morcombe’s Cold Blooded Killer: His Criminal Past By Rose Tommo Kate Kyriacou, David Murray, Renee Viellaris and Peter Hall wrote a 16-page feature article in The Courier Mail about Daniel Morcombe’s disappearance and Brett Cowan’s past. This commentary is focusing on Brett Cowan’s past and how he might have been ‘Born Evil’. The article creates representations of issues, people and places, particularly the issue of child abuse both sexual, physical and mental, and that past history...
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  • Literary Lexicon - 989 Words
    Literary Lexicon Allusion A reference to a literary, mythological, or historical person, place, or thing. Irony A contrast between appearance and reality – usually one in which reality is the opposite from what it seems; when one thing is expected to happen or be, and the exact opposite occurs. Symbol The use of any object, person, place, or action that both has a meaning in itself and that stands for something larger than itself, such as a quality, attitude, belief, or value....
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  • Symbolism - 1489 Words
    Symbolism Symbolism is the use of symbols to signify ideas and qualities by giving them symbolic meanings that are different from their literal sense. Symbolism can take different forms. Generally, it is an object representing another to give it an entirely different meaning much deeper and more significant. Sometimes, however, an action, an event or a word spoken by someone may have a symbolic value. For instance, “smile” is a symbol of friendship. Similarly, the action of someone smiling at...
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  • Positive and Negative Description with Self Reflective View
    January 21, 2011 Description 1- Positive Effect In the brightly lit doctors’ office, patients hurriedly rush in the doors into a blast of heat, as warm as the summer sun, to get out of the blistering cold winter air. The warm friendly face of the receptionist with bright blonde hair and vibrant green eyes greets every patient as they step up to the clear glass window to check-in for their scheduled appointments. The pleasant receptionist...
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  • Papa Waltz - 372 Words
    “My Papa’s Waltz” is a poem that has both negative and positive meaning about it. No one on Earth is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, this is the case in the poem, “My Papa’s Waltz”. The poem tells of a father who is an alcoholic. The son is telling the poem of as the recalls his father being an alcoholic and later him understanding everything. Looking at the poem through a formalist approach help show how the positive and negative connotations reflect the young boys torn feeling towards his...
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  • Visual Culture - 332 Words
    Visual culture HW01 1. The face of this man has been photoshopped in Fox news. This photo from Boston bombing has been photoshopped in New York post. 2. 2.1 Connotative meaning: People in the photo are the representative of Thailand who make a protest to drive out Tuksin to other country. Denotative meaning: People in this photo are protesting on the road. 2.2 Connotative meaning: South people in the...
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  • London-Analysis[Blake] - 640 Words
    LONDON - WILLIAM BLAKE The poem that I have selected to comment on is “LONDON’’ by William Blake. London is a poem by William Blake published in Songs of Experience in 1794. It is one of the few poems in Songs of Experience which does not have a corresponding poem in Songs of Innocence.. This work is dedicated to the analysis of the poem and the importance of the poem in Blake’s life. PERSONAL ANALYSIS OF THE...
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  • Peter Skrzynecki - Belonging - 1740 Words
    People experience a sense of belonging in varied and complex ways. How is this explored in the text you have studied? People have different experiences of belonging, some of these are positive and others are negative. This concept will be explored through the prescribed text, the poems Immigrant Chronicle by Peter Skrzynecki, the film Looking for Alibrandi directed by Kate Woods and the novel Ten things I hate about me written by Randa Abdel El Fattah. These texts highlight the different...
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  • Connotative Power - 1247 Words
    Connotative Power The Lesson Activities will help you meet these educational goals: 21st Century Skills—You will employ online tools for research and analysis and use critical thinking. Directions Please save this document before you begin working on the assignment. Type your answers directly in the document. _________________________________________________________________________ Self-Checked Activities Read the instructions for the following activities and type in your responses....
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  • Thirty Seconds To Mars: Live Concert Review
    Essay of 30 seconds to mars This piece of text is a live concert review of the infamous rock band 30 Seconds To Mars. The bold, enlarged heading of the proper noun “ 30 Seconds To Mars” and location “Cardiff International Arena – 21sth February 2010” is typical of this type of genre as it has the proper pronoun of “. The audience for this review is commonly associated with a male fan base as 30 Seconds To Mars is a rock band, however this review seems to be targeting women more than men as...
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  • Letters from an American Farmer
    When the Virginia Company landed at the James River in 1606 no one thought they had just planted the seeds to a powerful and mighty nation. The first immigrants who landed in 'America' were a bedraggled bunch looking for a quick buck. Soon more would follow and colonies would sprout up, along with the hope of a better life. Michel ' Guillaume Jean de Cr'vecoer was a French emigrant who arrived in America in 1759 and traveled around the country for ten years. His travels gave him the inspiration...
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  • Call It Sleep: Themes and Images
    Call It Sleep: Connecting Themes and Images There are many reoccurring themes throughout the novel Call It Sleep. One theme that I became particularly interested in was the vast difference between the cellar and the fresh white snowfall seen in book one, as well as the meanings and connotations attributed to these particular events. We are first introduced to the cellar on page twenty when David walks down the stairs to go outside and play with the other neighborhood children. “A few steps...
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  • Analysis Poem 'No Coward Soul Is Mine'
    No Coward Soul Is Mine by Emily Bronte No coward soul is mine, No trembler in the worlds storm-troubled sphere: I see Heavens glories shine, And faith shines equal, arming me from fear. O God within my breast. Almighty, ever-present Deity! Life -- that in me has rest, As I -- Undying Life -- have power in Thee! Vain are the thousand creeds That move mens hearts: unutterably vain; Worthless as withered weeds, Or idlest froth amid the boundless main, To waken doubt in one Holding...
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  • The People-First Critics and the Environmentalists
    People-First Critic/Environmentalist Both passages by Edward O. Wilson satirize the People-First Critic’s and the Environmentalists’ views in order to criticize how they both were unable to address issues directly, but instead attacked each other. Through the use of perspective, Wilson explains how their arguments about environmentalism ultimately lead nowhere. Edward O. Wilson’s first passage is concentrated on displaying the People-First Critic’s arguments against environmentalists. He...
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  • Contrasting Attitudes in "Two Campers in Cloud Country" by Sylvia Plath
    Sylvia Plath’s poem “Two Campers in Cloud Country” displays tones of naturalization and of objection to society. The speaker expresses his distaste for the mundane life and his respect for nature by incorporating style with literary devices. In Sylvia Plath’s poem “Two Campers in Cloud Country” the speaker uses diction and figurative language to portray attitudes of mockery towards civilization and awe towards the freedom of nature. First, the speaker opens the poem by saying “In this country...
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  • Schoolies Week (Language Analysis of 3 Herald Sun Articles)
    Schoolies week is becoming a major issue in Australia, with tens of thousands of kids going on holiday every year and enjoying the so-called ‘booze and drug fest’. In recent years however, students seem to be taking more care and responsibility during schoolies week, and their behaviour has generally improved. In the opinion piece “Parents who just won’t say ‘no’ to blame for schoolies scourge”, published in the Herald Sun on the 25th of September 2010, Rebecca Wilson contends in an alarming and...
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  • The Story of the Aged Mother - 1066 Words
    Synonyms Synonyms are words that are similar or have a related meaning to another word. They can be lifesavers, especially when you want to avoid repeating the same words over and over. Also, sometimes the word you have in mind might not be the most appropriate word, which is why finding the right synonym can come in handy. Luckily, we do not have to go searching the recesses of our mind to come up with a list of synonyms. Examples: Beautiful: Attractive, Pretty, Lovely, Stunning Fair: Just,...
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  • The Picture of Dorian Gray - 369 Words
    Compare and contrast the styles (including word choices, syntax, and distinctive metaphors or patterns of imagery) to two of the following texts: “The Picture of Dorian Gray” and “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”. What purposes do these different styles serve? You should ground your argument on careful analyses of at least one significant passage from each text you discuss. “The Picture of Dorian Gray”: Literal images Figurative images Symbols: The author's attempts to represent...
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  • Viewers Make Meaning - 1256 Words
    Project Proposal ng Project Proposal ng ENG 101 – COLLEGE COMPOSITION Section # E To: Bruce Lord From: Abikesh Kumar, Malika Mahsoune,Prabhjot Parmar, Neha Sharma Date: June 26/2013 Re: Project Proposal for ENG 101 The objective of this memo is to: 1. receive approval for our photograph selection for the Research paper project 2. present our team agreement identifying our team and summarizing our team roles, responsibilities, and expectations 3....
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  • Essay on Lament by Clarke - 680 Words
    Essay on “Lament” Re-read the poem “Lament” by Gillian Clarke and explore the way in which the author resorts to words and phrases to make this poem effective and memorable. “Lament” by Gillian Clarke is a memorable and effective poem due to the poet’s resorting to specific words and phrases. The poet uses lots of metaphors to achieve her objective. For example, “her pulsing burden” is a metaphor referring to the turtle’s need of a place to discharge her eggs and how she sees...
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  • Abstraction to the Semantic Parable - 1281 Words
    Abstraction to the Semantic Parable The best possible ways of communicating is by giving broad overviews as well as solid concrete statements. Hayakawa describes the Abstraction ladder to be a good way to process something from the most concrete to the most abstract. Hayakawa describes the Abstraction ladder to be one of the most effective ways of communicating. The Semantic Parable is a good example to show how Abstraction can be a simple way for individuals to realize the right or wrong in...
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  • vocab - 774 Words
    Vocabulary Lord of the Flies Chapters 1-2 Directions: Define word. Copy the sentence where word is found. Study for Vocabulary Quiz Friday. 1. Efflorescence 6 2. enmity 8 3. embossed 9 4. frill 12 5. matins 13 6. precentor 13 7. sniggers 13 8. furtive 14 9. pallidly 14 10. pallor 16 11. clouted 17 12. surmounted 18 13. bastion 21 14. waxen 22 15. ebullience 30 16. officious 32 17. trodden 40 18. vicissitudes 40 19. avidly 40 20. declivities 44 21. tacit 45 22....
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  • Analysis of “Feliks Skrzynecki” - 778 Words
    “Feliks Skrzynecki” By Peter Skrzynecki Topic sentence: the poem explores the relationship between the poet and his father and their contrasting experiences of belonging in a new land Point: the poem opens with a positive description of Peter Skrzynecki’s father and his detachment from the consumer competitiveness of his neighbours. His home is the garden Example: “gentle” “ten times around the world” Technique: positive description, hyperbole Effect: hyperbole creates a sense of...
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  • The Simple Gift - 774 Words
    Extended Response – The Simple Gift How does your core text convey the concept of belonging through a connection to place? Belonging is a complex, multi-faceted concept that highlights our inherent need to feel a connection with friends, society and places. Belonging is a choice the individual makes unless there are barriers which prevents the individual to belong. These choices and barriers help shape a person’s identity. This concept of belonging or not belonging to a place has been...
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  • Literary Analysis: The Rainy Day by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    Literary Analysis: The Rainy Day by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - Siddiqui Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s “Rainy Day” uses the themes of lost and renewed hope, youth and grief to show how much our past and future experiences affect our lives and how though we face multiple struggles in life we can overcome them. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born February 28th, 1807 and died March 24th, 1882. He was inspired to write poetry from Romanticism. Not only did he accomplish writing many pieces of...
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  • Women in the Work Forces - 787 Words
    Topister Bonyo Professor Hillary Ash English 11011: Collage Writing 1 20 October 20, 2012 Women Deserve Equal Pay for Equal Work Women deserve equal pay for equal work. It is no longer valid to justify unequal pay for equal work in the workforces by giving men the superior status of being the heads of the house hold. Clearly, gender roles have shifted and more women are now the heads of the households and the sole breadwinners in many homes. Families that depend on these women are greatly...
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  • Language Awareness Task - 630 Words
    Language Awareness Task for: Cambridge ESOL CELTA and International House Certificate –IH Certificate in TESOL/TEFL applicants ONLY Please complete this task carefully as it is one of the factors we take into consideration when making a decision about your application. You may like to refer to a grammar book – e.g ‘How English Works’ by Michael Swan, published by Oxford University Press, when preparing your answers Name: El Houssine Razzougui Date of course applied for: CELTA Training...
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  • Tension in Poetry - 937 Words
    Tension in Poetry By Allen Tate Seminar Presented by: Haider Jabr Mihsin Allen Tate Allen Tate (1899- )is one of the youngest New critics. He belongs to the Southern group of American critics. He is also a great poet . Tate opposes scienticism and distinguishes between scienticism and literary discourse . He gives importance to the formal qualities of a work of art . Reactionary Essays on Poetry , Ideas , and Reason in Madness are well known . collections of Essays and reviews by Tate About...
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  • Skrzynecki Belonging Essay + Related
    ‘Examine how aspects of authority and power can influence one’s ability to belong or not belong to particular environments’. A sense of belonging is conducive for the wellbeing of an individual in both a physical and psychological sense, and can be influenced by overwhelming power or action taken by figures of authority. Peter Skrzynecki’s 1975 poems “Migrant Hostel” and “St Patrick’s College”, Cunxin’s 2003 autobiography “Mao’s Last Dancer” and Peter Weir’s 1989 film “Dead Poet’s Society”...
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  • Ms Mg - 605 Words
    Appreciating ‘A Crow that Came for the Chickens’ The poem ‘A Crow that Came for the Chickens’ by John Foulcher describes a deadly encounter between a crow and a rooster. The crow, a predator, has come for the chickens but is brought to the ground and injured by the cock. Foulcher explores the brutality of nature through this reversal of the natural order and the subsequent suffering of the crow. The responder becomes engaged in the narrative tragedy of conflict and cruelty. The responder is...
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  • Current Events Paper - 868 Words
    Raymond Manfredi AP Eng Lang. Per. 1 Mrs. Hampsey 18 December 2012 New York Times Vocabulary “What Drives Suicidal Mass Killers” by Adam Lankford I. Vocabulary Aggrieved- afflicted, depressed, disturbed, grieving Brazen- audacious, barefaced, blatant, bold Martyrdom- sacrifice, torment, torture, unselfishness II. This article is shaped by three words: rampage, fame, and fantasized. Rampage, denotes a state of violent anger or excited behavior. The connotation from...
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  • Frankenstein - 1323 Words
    Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein highlights key issues that are prevalent not only in her society but others as well. One of the central flaws displayed in the book is a skewed sense of morality and guilt. Both Victor Frankenstein and his creation blame their actions and reactions on other people or higher powers, things or beings they deem to be out of their control. Also, Victor doesn’t consider what will happen after he animates his creation or whether creating life artificially with science...
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  • The Kea speaks from Dunedin Botanical Gardens
    In “The Kea speaks from Dunedin Botanical Gardens” written by Janet Frame, an idea worth learning about is how people, including the readers, will not or do not reach their full potential due to being “trapped” or restricted. By using the kea in the text, Frame is able to show the significance of the idea as the Kea compares the life of the readers to itself. Frame portrayed the importance of this idea through the use of connotative language, metaphors and contrasting language. Frame...
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  • Rhetorical Devices - 423 Words
    Have you ever written an essay and felt as though it wasn't good enough, not up to the teachers standards? or maybe there was more you could have added to make it better.. to make an essay more effective what you need are rhetorical devices. Rhetorical devices are techniques that are used to convey and persuade the reader or listener to consider a topic from another perspective. using rhetorical devices is a style of speaking or writing that trys to create a particular effect or bring out a...
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  • Short Answer Questions - 360 Words
    Explain how the poet has explored the importance of community to the sense of belonging. 2 marks The poet powerfully explores community to achieving sense of belonging. The use of a personal pronoun in “my village” provides the village context and proves a powerful sense of connection where he belongs. The power of community is highlighted through inclusive pronoun ”our” which connotes ownership and connection to the context. Poet makes clear importance of community to achieving sense of...
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  • Desert Places - 841 Words
    Desert Places by Robert Frost Snow falling and night falling fast, oh, fast In a field I looked into going past, And the ground almost covered smooth in snow, But a few weeds and stubble showing last. The woods around it have it - it is theirs. All animals are smothered in their lairs. I am too absent-spirited to count; The loneliness includes me unawares. And lonely as it is, that loneliness Will be more lonely ere it will be less - A blanker whiteness of benighted...
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  • Semiotic Analysis of an Advertisement - 621 Words
    A Semiotic Analysis of Gucci Guilty Advertisement Muhammad Daim bin Mohamad Nizam (SCSJ 0010680) In the recent years, Gucci released a new fragrance called Guilty. Stemming from their release of their fragrance for men, Gucci Guilty Pour Homme, they decided to add to the collection and release a fragrance for women. This particular advert relies solely on photographic imagery. Although this doesn’t physically represent the actual product, it basically gives us a representation of what the...
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  • War Poem - 445 Words
    Wilfred Owens’s poetry evokes the obscene horrors of war. Discuss with close reference to Mental Cases and at least one other poem studied. War is brutal and impersonal. It mocks the fantasy of individual heroism and the absurdity of utopian goals like democracy. The horrific post traumatic stresses are graphically exposed. In Mental Cases and Disabled by Wilfred Owen. They both expose a chronicle of the debilitating stages of post war traumatism; this is achieved through the employment of...
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  • simple gift - 1744 Words
    Without the support of others and the security of place, a sense of belonging cannot be achieved” Belonging is a sense of enlightenment felt when an individual gains an understanding of themselves in relation to others and the wider world. The gift of protection and security is vital for the individual to develop a sense of belonging, and help prevent alienation. ‘ The Simple Gift’ is a free verse novel written by Steven Herrick which features a protagonist, Billy, who feels a great...
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  • Review of sonnet 138 upload
    Critique of Sonnet 138 Sonnet 138 is a sonnet written by William Shakespeare in 1599. There is only record of Shakespeare writing 154 sonnets in his lifetime. Lines one through twelve are written in ABAB rhyme scheme and the rhyme scheme changes in lines thirteen and fourteen where it is GG. The whole thing is in iambic pentameter. Shakespeare uses a lot of personification and connotation to tell a hidden story within this poem. Shakespeare’s Sonnet 138 can be put in much simpler terms. In...
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  • Example English Analysis - 1277 Words
    In the passage from the novel The Book of Saladin by Tariq Ali, the author talks about a particular moment in the life of the former Islamic leader Saladin. The piece is written in a first person narrative view and is told through the view of Saladin. The passage talks about Saladin’s youth and how he was at first considered rather insignificant, as he was not the eldest born son in his family hence not much was expected from him. The passage then goes on to talk about how only his paternal...
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  • Julius Caesar - 638 Words
    The concept of belonging is centred around the notions of identity, relationships, acceptance, and understanding. Thus, in order for an individual to feel a sense of belonging in their community, they must feel the support of others, and a sense of worth within their society. However, despite an individual’s desire to belong, this is not always possible as shown in the poem “migrant hostel” Migrant hostel explores the emotions surrounding the migrant experience of detainment after arrival in...
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  • Analyzing 30 Little Turtles
    Nick Mathiason Coach Woodard English 1301-3 9-26-12 Analyzing Text. Thomas Friedman, an American columnist, journalist, and writer for the New York Times writes the passage, “30 Little Turtles” to inform a general audience who read the newspaper, of the impact of foreign, outsourced jobs to the people who receive them. Using clear unambiguous sources of actual people who receive these jobs, he creates a personality that he applies to all Indians who receive the call center jobs. A...
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  • Beyond Denotations: The Language in Poetry
    Beyond Denotations If used skillfully, the language in poetry can capture the essence of words. It draws power from both the writings of the poet and the intellect and imagination of the reader, storing many layers of meaning in ordinary words. A poet does this by harnessing the connotations of words, meanings associated with them. While denotations are dictionary definitions, and may not change for a long time, connotations are ever-changing and gain new meanings as time passes. For example,...
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  • Identify the language and literary techniques used by the poet (Thomas Hardy in "The Voice") and discuss why these techniques have been used.
    Thomas Hardy in his poem 'The Voice' deals with the theme of the consequences of grief and loss. He addresses this theme by means of examining his own feelings at his wife's death, his wish to relive the past, his wish to be reunited with her and his feelings of despair and hopelessness at what life has become for him without her. To convey his theme to the reader, Hardy uses a range of language and literary devices such as juxtaposition, varied line length, sound devices, imagery, connotation,...
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  • Coming Back and Tully - 850 Words
    ‘Teenagers don’t always know all the answers. Texts can offer important lessons, which may assist responders in reflecting their own values’. Ignorant, unknowledgeable nature of youth exists as a naturalistic quality amongst teenagers; characters within the texts ‘Coming Back’ by David Hill and ‘Tully’ by Paullina Simons further endorse this characteristic. The themes of guilt and recovery as well as Pain and friendship provide insight into fundamental lessons that attest the responder’s...
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  • Text Properties - 2977 Words
    Молчанова Г.Г. Английский как не родной: тест, стиль, культура, коммунакация.Учебное пособие. – М.: ОЛМА Медиа Групп, 2007. – 384 с. Key Theme: 3.7. The Main Text Properties 3.7.1. Informativity of a Text Informativity of a text is its ability to convey the information, i. e. certain meaningful contents. The value of the received information is a problem of discussion. It is known that information, being repeated or redundant, loses its value and as a result ceases to be...
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  • Formalist Criticism of the poem "One Art" by Elizabeth Bishop
    Can one ever practice losing enough to master it? Is it possible to become a master at losing such as an artist can become a master painter, writer, or sculptor? The speaker in the poem "One Art" presents this question and provides an answer. The poem is an illustration of a common human affliction--grief and regret caused by the loss of another human. Through the use of value progression and the interweaving of denotative and connotative meaning, the speaker shows that no matter how much a...
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  • To the Mercy Killers - 639 Words
    Denotation and Connotation: To the Mercy Killers Poetry is one of the hardest things to define because it has different meanings to different people. However, there is poetry where it is easy to decipher if people can figure out what type of poetry the author intended it to be such as denotative poetry or connotative poetry. “To the Mercy Killers” written by Dudley Randall in 1973 is an example of a denotative poem about euthanasia and how people should keep living no matter what the costs....
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  • Fish and Old Man - 1118 Words
    Vocabulary Activities for The Old Man and the Sea So you’ve chosen to read The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway. Good choice! This book won the Pulitzer Prize for excellence in literature in 1953. Activity #1: Word Sorts Write the words from the Word Banks on index cards or slips of paper. Mix them together and sort them into three groups: words you know well, words you know a little about, and words you have never encountered before. Spread the words out rather than...
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  • Letters from an American Farmer
    When the Virginia Company landed at the James River in 1606 no one thought they had just planted the seeds to a powerful and mighty nation. The first immigrants who landed in "America" were a bedraggled bunch looking for a quick buck. Soon more would follow and colonies would sprout up, along with the hope of a better life. Michel – Guillaume Jean de Crèvecoer was a French emigrant who arrived in America in 1759 and traveled around the country for ten years. His travels gave him the inspiration...
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  • 49183397 ENG1502 02 MARK070100
    4918-339-7 Lelani van Blerk ENG1502 Semester 2 Assignment 02 Unique Number: 865041 4918-339-7 Lelani van Blerk ENG1502 Semester 2 Assignment 02 Closing Date: 30 September 2014 Unique Number: 865041 P. O. Box 236 St. Lucia Estuary 3936 -1Open Rubric 4918-339-7 Lelani van Blerk ENG1502 Semester 2 Assignment 02 Unique Number: 865041 Index Semester 2 Assignment 2: Discourse analysis a) Collect 5 signs or posters which appear within the same environment, this could be your local church, mall,...
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  • Jane Yolen - 1400 Words
    An Analysis of Jane Yolen’s “Fat is Not a Fairytale” In the free verse poem, Fat Is Not a Fairy Tale, the poet opens with the idea of a fairy tale in which the princess is overweight. She opens each of the three stanzas with, “I am thinking of a fairy tale” (1, 8, 15) in order to portray to the reader that her fairy tale exists only in her thoughts, rather than in reality. She continually repeats a series of clever title manipulations such as: “Sleeping Tubby, Cinder Elephant, and Snow...
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  • Philip Larkin "Trees" Poetry Analysis
    Philip Larkin – The Trees Commentary by Merve Hilal Taş The Trees by Philip Larkin is a 3 stanza poem observing the rebirth of trees. The trees are used as a metaphor for life in general symbolizing our hopes that we try to achieve to be reborn before eventually dying. There’s also a message within the poem implying that even though we as humans observe the trees to be reborn, they actually grow older. This poem shows that growing old and changing is inevitable. It also has a rhyming scheme...
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  • The Sick Rose - 296 Words
    The sick rThe sick roseose The sick rose is a poem by William Blake which has specific characteristics in terms of its form and content. Firstly, we can deduce that it is composed of 3 sentences, from which 2 occupy more than 1 line, and that is called enjambment. In total, the poem has 9 lines organized in two quatrains. Moreover, in terms of sound devices, we can say that this lyrical poem contains alliteration, onomatopoeia and has an organized rhyme scheme. Alliteration can be noticed in...
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  • This is a presentation on Diction and Syntax for Charles Dickens's "Great Expectations". Chapters 1-8
    Chapter 1 Infant tongue Denotation- Infant means newborn, or new, while tongue means the organ the human body uses when it speaks. Connotations- What Dickens could try to mean in this small passage is that he doesn't have the mastery that he should have over his tongue because he is very young and doesn't know much about the world. Simple Sentence Declarative Sentence It relates to the theme of social class, because Pip is a poor young boy at the time. Being a from the poor class, he...
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  • Time For The Very Last Puff
    Time for the very last puff The Editorial from The Daily messenger, in their opinion piece entitled “Time for the Very Last Puff” responds to the issue of smoking being a “serious, costly, health hazard”. It is clear that The Editorial feel as though smoking is a serious danger to the community and it is up to society to put and end to it. The Editorial approaches the issue with a sarcastic tone, which dismisses the opposing views in a passive aggressive manner. This sways the reader by having...
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  • Personification in Their Eyes Were Watching God
    Personification in this chapter is shown in this chapter when the narrator says what she is doing on the porch. “So she sat on the porch and watched the moon rise. Soon its amber fluid was drenching the earth, and quenching the thirst of the day.” (ch.10, pg. 95) Here Janie is deciding whether or not she should be wary of Tea Cake; their shared love seems too perfect. This tension is also evident in Tea Cake’s name—his proper name, Vergible Woods, reminds readers of Janie’s past relationships...
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  • Crossing the Swamp - 524 Words
    Crossing the Swamp Throughout "Crossing the Swamp," a poem by Mary Oliver, many poetic devices and figurative languages are depicted. By using these devices, Mary Oliver is able to develop the relationship between the speaker and the swamp. The entirety of the poem is a metaphor of a man's crisis in life. The first part of the poem, or until "into the black, slack," is dark. This portion depicts the darkness's of life, such as death and the hard ships. The third stanza mentions "…here/ is...
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  • To Be of Use by Marge Piercy
    Marge Piercy's poem "To Be of Use" expresses an opposing connotation about the idea of work. Most people believe the words "hard work" carry a negative connotation. What these words imply is not something that is generally received with enthusiasm but is often accepted either by force or obligation. The poem’s central theme is that satisfaction and self-fulfillment can be attained by using one's skills to serve a specific function in life, for it is the opinion of the speaker that an...
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  • Different Generations Speak Different “Languages”
    Write a short essay of 300 - 500 words on the topic: Different generations speak different “languages” . Include What Words Can and Cannot Do as one of the references. Different connotation Different abbreviation Different definition, or not include in the dictionary Different generations in the same country speak different "languages"? Sounds impossible, but it is indeed the case. Consider situations in which your mother does not understand what you say to your classmates,...
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  • War Is Kind Analysis
    Irony in Stephen Crane’s War Is Kind Most poets use their unique gift of writing poetry to relieve stress or just to document their emotions towards a given subject. Others use it as a key to bring about social change and voice their opinion on modern events. This is the case in Stephen Crane’s War Is Kind. The speaker in the poem uses irony as a strategy to convince the reader of the harsh reality of war. In the first few lines of the poem, the reader can already receive a feel of the irony...
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  • Isak Dinesen "The Ring" elements of his style
    Dinesen's Special Recipe In writing, authors use elements to enhance and give the reader a clearer understanding of the literature. Many times authors use more than one element such as imagery and positive/negative connotation to mix up their style. Isak Dinesen mixes those elements to help give the reader a vivid understanding of the story in "The Ring." Imagery is defined as the use of details that appeal to the reader's senses of sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. The introduction and...
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  • But these things also - Edward Thomas
    But These Things Also ‘But these things also’ brings “to the centre of attention what has previously overlooked”, as Judy Kendall writes. Thomas explores his fascination with the unimportant in this poem and looks at the connection and merging together of Spring and Winter. Much like his other poetry, here, Thomas struggles to put his finger on precisely what he means. This is shown by his inability to separate and distinguish between the two seasons. The poem begins with the first two...
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  • Barn Burning Theme Essay
    Fire in the Third Degree Warmth, heat, anger, destruction, rage, devastation, death, cleanser, survival, passion, desire, power, energy, colorful, beautiful, magical, quick-movement, flamboyant, bright. These thoughts or connotations and many others have crept into the minds of many whilst they were gazing at the lively bursts of the fire as it dances. Many feel a sense of safety from the warmth given off by the fire; others only see it as wild and uncontrollable. Although, all of these...
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  • shpory - 5636 Words
    27. Kinds of epithet. Structural typesof epithets. EPITHET – an stylistic device emphasizing some quality of a person, thing\idea. Function – characterization, very subjective and evaluative. Shouldn’t be confused with logical attributes. (wooden table, wooden face, grey sky – steel sky.) Epithets are said to create an image, there is a certain mood attributed, while logical attribute give characteristic properties of an object or a theme. Fixed epithet(stable) – they become fixed through...
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  • art and visual - 318 Words
    1. "Abbott": Firstly, this picture is showed with a very strong contrast in color - balck and white, which literally let people feel serious. Also, there were almost horizontal and vertical straight lines, which outline as well as divide the background bulidings, meanwhile, these straight lines seem to communicate an solemn emotion. Third, a flag of United State takes quater scale in picture, and it is the only moving object that allows to add jumpy rhythm in picture, in short, the flag seems...
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  • Use of Development of Foil Characters to Disprove Stereotypes
    | Use of Development of Foil Characters to Disprove Stereotypes | Cindy HerIB Language A: Literature HLClemens26 February 2013Word Count:1,303 | | Cindy Her Clemens IB Language A: Literature HL 26 February 2013 Use of Development of Foil Characters to Disprove Stereotypes When Arabic men are mentioned, they are often labeled with the same characteristics and get classified as men who have no respect for women. They are repeatedly known to be men who do not have any tolerance for...
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  • Belonging by Jeannie Baker - 616 Words
    Belonging – Jeannie Baker Belonging is a collage picture book, written by Jeannie Baker in 2004. The audience’s perspective is viewed through a window showing the gradual change and growth of a community, as years pass and the main character, Tracey, grows older. Jeannie Baker wanted to put into perspective the idea that the individual belongs to the land, rather than the land belonging to the individual. In the first page, the audience is introduced to the protagonist, Tracy, as a tiny...
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  • Denotation - 1019 Words
    Trainee | | Summary: | Media Development in Africa (MEDEVA) TV and Radio Production Course Every year, Media Development in Africa (MEDEVA) – East Africa’s leading independent production house - runs a TV and Radio production course that is free and open to the public. After 4 weeks of intensive training, selected trainees may be employed to work full time/ part time on the next MEDEVA production. | Description: | | Requirements: | Training:• Send your CV (Maximum 3 pages) with an...
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  • My Son My Executioner: Poetry Explication
    Kelsey Renoe Kathy kvinge ENG 1102 20703 September 17, 2014 "My Son, My Executioner" by Donald Hall "My Son, My Executioner" My son, my executioner I take you in my arms Quiet and small and just astir and whom my body warms Sweet death, small son, our instrument of immortality, your cries and hunger document our bodily decay. We twenty two and twenty five, who seemed to live forever, observe enduring life in you and start to die together. In "My Son, My...
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  • Essay About Inherit the Wind
    It is common knowledge that winners write history. In Inherit the wind, by Lawrence and Lee, this is obvious by how they portray religion and sciences. Theology, the side that lost the case, is shown as a deleterious force, smothering all ideas that disagree with it without reason. The religious town of Hillsboro causes the setting to put a negative connotation on religion. When it is described as being a “sleepy, obscure country town” (Lawrence 3) it implies that this is what happens to...
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  • Belonging Essay - 1359 Words
    Belonging Essay Belonging can come in very many forms. Belonging can come from people, places, groups, communities and the larger world. Through this nourishment of belonging a sense of understanding arises and when the choice is made to prevent belonging a sense of not belonging is established. This is illustrated by Peter Skrzynecki’s poetry from the Immigrant Chronicles, Neighbours by Tim Winton. The poem Postcard can be seen in context with the Immigrant Chronicles in addressing...
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  • Benefit Types - 365 Words
    Benefit Types The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) provides cash benefits, material goods and commodities, expert services, positive discrimination, and credits/vouchers. Cash benefits are paid to “customer as a vendor” clients to reimburse them for expenses that would have otherwise been directly paid for by OVR, such as transportation to and from a training site. Material goods and commodities are provided to clients in the form of rehabilitation tools and tools needed in order...
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  • Behavior of Fish in an Egyptian Tea Garden Commentry
    Behavior of Fish in an Egyptian Tea Garden ‘Behavior of Fish in an Egyptian Tea Garden’ is a narrative poem by Keith Douglas observing the actions of a seductress and a variety of men dining in an Egyptian Tea Garden. Douglas effectively employs a profusion of techniques including metaphors, similes, extended metaphor, and imagery to show the animalistic nature of men when beguiled by a ‘white stone’. The poem’s subtext is the ugliness of physical attraction that has been warped by lust for...
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  • death of a salesman (role of women)
    Victoria Mornhineway May 1, 2011 How Women are portrayed in Death of a Salesman Linda Lowman is a woman who seemed to be taken for granted in the Lowman household but that did not mean she was powerless. "The Great Depression reinforced female domesticity", which was clearly shown in Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller through Linda (Koenig 1). In the time period that this play took place women did not know any other life than to stay at home and tend to their families. This being the case,...
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  • Connections Between Larkin and Abse
    tWhat connections have you found between the ways in which Larkin and Abse write about places in their poems? In your response you must include detailed critical discussion of at least two of Larkin’s poem. In the poem Here Larkin describes the city as ‘rich industrial shadows’ this suggests Larkin sees it as dirtily rich with corruption lurking in the ‘shadows’. ‘Shadow’ suggests misery, a lack of hope and spiritual enlightenment. ‘Shadows’ suggests blindness, perhaps to clarity which Larkin...
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