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  • Is There a God - 2368 Words
    LECTURETTE - IS THERE GOD ? 1. ‘O God, help us to keep ourselves physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight, that in doing our duty to Thee and our country we may keep the honour of the Services untarnished’ … is the way we started our life everyday for three very important years of our life, I am just reciting it so as to refresh your memory….and to seek out the first line….”Oh God, help us to”……GOD…who is GOD….what is GOD….is it something that justifies our existence,...
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  • Mystery of God - 1835 Words
    The mystery of God’s existence has been a crucial element of many religious studies and traditions, through the centuries. The question of who, what, and where God is has been addressed by numerous theologians, religious and philosophers through the centuries. This essay looks at the writings of one these thinkers, Julian of Norwich and outlines and discusses some of her central ideas on the mystery of God. Julian of Norwich was a medieval mystic, who lived in Norwich, England between 1342...
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  • God and Thesis - 432 Words
    I would like to dedicate this thesis to our teacher Mrs. Marave who keep on teaching us the ways on how to record data from the happenings of social life. And mostly to my family who keep on guiding me throughout my tasks just to finish my thesis. Neil Balahadia I would like to dedicate this thesis to our dearest teacher Mrs. Carina Marave who is also our vice principal who keep on guiding us as we finish our thesis. I would like to thank my family and groupmates who never left me...
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  • Question of God - 1514 Words
    Question of God The Question of God, by Armand Nicholi Jr., is a fascinating book that forced me to process, analyze, and question my current beliefs of my Divine Creator. Using the powerful Sigmund Freud and prominent C.S. Lewis as the spokesmen for both sides of the debate, Nicholi was able to present strong, influential arguments for believers and non-believers. With this approach, readers are able to evaluate and strengthen their belief without being pushed one way or the other. I, as a...
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  • God and Children - 3703 Words
    Outcomes: 1. To welcome the students for the children's training. 2. Get to know each other in a fun way 3. Get to know more about their lecturers through testimony 4. Get to know more about the origin and strategy of the training 5. Gain a clear understanding of what is expected of them during the courseAids: * Map of Ghana * Clean sheet of paper for expectation at the end of this session * Washing pegs | Presentation: 1. Welcome all students and share something of your...
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  • Goodness of God - 1127 Words
    Philosophy Essay. Explain the Biblical idea of the Goodness of God (25). This essay will explain the Biblical idea of the goodness of God. The issues that arise with this question are; whether the Bible portrays God as morally good/ perfect and whether God commands good things? Or are things good because God commands them? Firstly two key ideas emerge about God’s goodness in the bible; first that God is good, second, that God’s actions are good. Sections of the Bible; for example the...
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  • Salvation and God - 581 Words
    Salvation 1. Hughes Langston. “Salvation.” American 24-Karat Gold 3rd ed. Ed. Yvonne Collioud Sisko. NYC: John Seymour and Ted Sisko, 2009. 2. 2. Main Character: Langston is the main character he is telling his story how he was saved by god but lied about it. 3. Supporting Characters: Auntie Reed Langton’s aunt she is the supporting character for she believes that Langston was saved. 4. Setting: night in the church building. 5. Sequence: At first Langston was brought to the...
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  • Gandhi's View on God - 4338 Words
    Back Gandhi's Views On God God 1. My own experience has led me to the knowledge that the fullest life is impossible without an immovable belief in a Living Law in obedience to which the whole universe moves. A man without that faith is like a drop thrown out of the ocean bound to perish. Every drop in the ocean shares its majesty and has the honour of giving us the ozone of life.—H, 25-4-36, 84. God as Truth and Love 2. There is an indefinable mysterious power that pervades everything. I...
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  • God and John Winthrop - 1014 Words
    Wee shall be as a City upon a Hill,” 1630 - John Winthrop  Summarize the reasoning given by John Winthrop for why humankind is separated into economic and political classes.  According to Winthrop, despite class divisions (or perhaps because of them), how should humans treat each other?  What does Winthrop mean by suggesting that New England is like a “city on a hill”? What does he feel is the responsibility of all New Englanders? John Winthrop, "A Model of Christian Charity"...
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  • And Then God Created Teachers
    And Then God Created Teachers “If a doctor makes a mistake a life is in danger, if an engineer makes a mistake a bridge/building is in danger but if a teacher makes a mistake the whole society is in danger.” Anonymous When a teacher was being created the God had to work overtime. He was amazed at the kind of values and qualities which were required in the making. He sent his special envoys to find a person who has all the ingredients which were required to make a good teacher....
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  • Man Created God - 665 Words
    Man created God God is a social construct created by man. In a sense, man created his own personal god. In the early human civilization, man, to explain the things that to them are unexplainable created the concept of God. It started during the early days of human civilization, were people organized themselves as groups and lived their daily lives with activities that will enable them to survive this world like hunting, gathering, etc. Then they realized their own limitations as human...
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  • Explain the Concept of God as Creator
    God as a concept is represented through ways such as, being omniscient a knowledgeable god, omnipotent an all-powerful god, omnipresent a god who is everywhere and omnibenevolent a god who has infinite loving. The concept of God as a creator has been approached differently by philosophers and religion itself. In judeo-christianity, this religion is based on a premise of faith and a belief in the events and teachings which are written in the bible. The bible has a more non-cognitive approach and...
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  • Does God Exist - 1417 Words
    Does God exist? Does God exist? This seemingly simple question is in fact loaded with a myriad of twists and turns that scientists and theologians have debated for years without reaching an accepted conclusion. Part of the problem lies in the many definitions of God. Traditionally it is accepted that God is a supreme being, infallible, perfect, and existing outside of the material world of humanity. It is this definition that is generally used when debating God's existence. There have been...
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  • Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God
    In his strong and most famous sermon to the congregation at Enfield, Connecticut, in 1741, Pastor Jonathan Edwards is trying to awaken the "natural men" in the congregation who had not accepted Jesus as their savior. He perceives himself very religiously and is strong-willed, making him appear credible. Edwards's purpose is to move the "sinners" to want repentance, by frightening them with his use of words in portraying God. Through the use of rhetorical devices, Edwards presents himself,...
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  • Humanity: Meaning of Life and Serving God Introduction
    HELPING OTHERS IS THE BEST WAY OF SERVING GOD INTRODUCTION God created men. Some were born with silver platter, some with bronze platter. No one has ever become poor by helping. It is first instinct of a man to help other man who is in dire need.To help others is the best form of charity one can give. When a man provides a helping hand to another man, he makes an eternal bond with God. WHY SHOULD WE SERVE HUMANITY ? “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to make some difference that...
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  • How Do the Writers of the Bible Explain the Concepts of God as Creater?
    'How do the writers of the bible explain the concepts of God as creater?' In the bible there is two main creation stories; genesis one and genesis two. Each of these are very different concepts of God as creater. In genesis one the world is created by God in six days, and on the seveneth day God rests. On the first day God created light, on the second day God created day and night, on the third day God created earth, on the fourth day God created sky, on the fifth day God created sea and...
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  • How Does Rizzuto Show That as the Image of Oneself Changes so, Too, Does the One's Image of God Changes?
    God image’ is the subjective emotional experience of God. It is shaped by our experience of our parents and enables us to continue earlier learned relational patterns. The term, God Image is used to refer to one’s internal, intra-psychic, emotional representation of God. The God Image develops during childhood as the children are confronted with their limitations, and recognizes powers beyond their own work in their environment. This essay will focus on the ‘God image’ as it will be trying to...
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  • Explain the way Platos concept of The Form of Good might influence the way christians view God
    Explain the way Plato’s concept of the Form of Good might influence the way Christians understand God Plato said that the knowledge of the Good is the highest knowledge a human is capable of. A human being struggles to see past the illusion of this world because they are ruled by their senses. Only the person who investigates and questions learns the truth behind this illusion. Plato believed that most things have a Form, however some do not, such as evil. The Forms he believed that some...
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  • Review of: Why You Do the Things You Do
    | Review of:Why You Do The Things You Do Clinton, Dr. Tim & Sibcy, Dr. Gary. (2006). Why You Do the Things You Do: The Secret of Healthy Relationships. Nashville: Thomas Nelson. Summary Relationships are in our everyday life all around us, but the most intimate relationships we have include God, our parents, our children and our spouse. God implanted the desire for intimacy or relationship within us when He created Adam and Eve. God hardwired the desire for relationship in us...
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  • Postmodernism and Paulos Mar Gregorios
    Paulos Mar Gregorios (FFRRC – Theological Implications of Modernity and Postmodernity) Presented by Fr. Jomon John K ****************************************************************************** Introduction : Paulos Mar Gregorios (1922-1996) was a renowned Philosopher, Theologian, Linguist, Orator and a reputed Organiser among the World Christian circle. He was from the Malankara Orthodox Church in India. He was well versed in Eastern and Western Philosophy along with art, science,...
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  • Love is Gold - 382 Words
    Schedule of Lectures for Theology 151:Christian Commitment Requirements and Grading System 1. Class Standing ( 4-5 Quizzes) 20% 2. Two Term Papers 10% 3. Mid-term (Oral) 30% 4. Final Oral Exam 40% =100% A 93-100 master of the subject, insights from the perspective of the whole book B+ 87-92 clear answers, correct answer and some insights from the books B 83-86 right answers but mainly taken from the lectures C+ 79-82 low understanding and doubtful of their answer C 75-78...
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  • Via Negativa - 1111 Words
     Via Negativa As long as philosophers, theologians and thinkers have tried to discuss, prove and describe God there has been the problem of is what they actually say meaningful? All these words are concepted by human minds, but how can we comprehend what these terms mean in relation to God? Via Negativa (the apophatic way) is an attempt to solve this problem by attributing what God is not, for example 'God is not a fish'. However I will discuss why I feel this is an insufficient way of using...
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  • key to success in life - 2474 Words
    Key to Success in life… Sometimes life is hard to figure out… wouldn’t it have been nice to have a key that would unlock every door and make every decision to unlock. I am going to give you the master key to unlocking God’s best for your life, to make every decisions easy, to tear down every distraction, and to elevate you to a position that people look up to you and you have influence in your life…. Ready to hear it?!?! Story of when I was a kid…wanted to be a police officer, pro skater,...
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  • Explain Aristotle's understanding of the Prime Mover
    Explain Aristotle's understanding of the Prime Mover (25 marks) In Aristotle's book the Metaphysics, he calls the cause of all movement the Prime Mover (P.M). The Prime Mover to Aristotle is the first of all substances, the necessary first sources of movement which itself is unmoved. It is a being which is eternal, and in Metaphysics Aristotle also calls this being ‘God’. However, before he came to know the existence of the P.M he first started noticing the constant changes around him, which...
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  • Challenges Through Siddhartha's Path
    Challenges Through Siddhartha's Path Siddhartha is a character in which he searches to find the right way of life through many different paths, which I will be relating myself with. With his decisions, he finds a lot of experiences and varies through the way of life of others. Siddhartha's life as we know it, is very amusing to others, but not as complete as he would want it to be. Siddhartha's intelligence, pure spirit, and ability to recognize Atman, gives him a sense of security toward the...
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  • Tricia Brock - 712 Words
    Tricia Brock is lead singer of the popular contemporary Christian band, Superchic[k]. She grew up wanting to be a nurse. She even wanted to go to nursing school after high school, and do some missionary work. But God led her in another direction. She began to notice an opportunity to use her amazing singing voice to lead the world to Christ. She wasn’t sure how to go about it, so she took the famous “Leap of Faith”. She had never imagined being the lead singer of a punk/ rock Christian band, or...
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  • hello - 864 Words
    Exam 3 Study Guide Boundaries, Ch. 1-6 Chapter 1 (pp. 15-28) Things that characterize ownership and responsibility - 1. Taking responsibility for certain tasks. 2. Knowing what our job is and what isn’t. 3. Confusion of responsibility and ownership in our lives is a problem of boundaries Chapter 2 (pp. 29-50) Definition of boundaries - Helps us define what is ours and what is not ours and what we are responsible for and what we aren't. Shows me where I end and someone else begins, leads...
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  • Best Day of My Life
    The best day of my life was when I found out that I was not god. This might of course need some explanation on my part, but once you understand what I mean, you would get my drift. I grew up as a child with a lot of self-confidence. I was alone most of the time as I was living away from my parents with my grandfather. Even from my young age, I grew up to be self-reliant in many things. I hardly went to others seeking for any kind of help. I tried to manage everything on my own. This was good in...
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  • Pied Beauty - 4630 Words
    18. 11. 2013 Pied Beauty: Maybe he wants to say that things aren't always perfect and most of them have flaws (spots) but that doesn't mean that they're not beautiful and he refers to God's creations to prove his point. - Bhoomika TITLE OF THE POEM: Alright,,,students... Take ur SCHOOL notebook...with a heading "Critical Comments" ...n then our 1st sub-heading: THE TITLE [ NO COMMENTS NOW UNTIL YOU ARE ASKED...] OK... Keep ur books the 10 to 11 lines provided by Hopkins, n...
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  • The Color Purple - 302 Words
    The role and mode of “God” The role and mode of God changes throughout the book The Color Purple as Celie develops as a result of different experiences. From her conversation with Shug her whole view of God changes and so do her feelings about what she can do. From a young age Celie has written to God and she believes that he has been listening. Celie confesses to both Shug and Nettie that she has stopped writing to God. She says “Anyhow, I say, the God I been praying and writing to is a man....
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  • Letourneau - 831 Words
    R.G. LeTourneau-“God’s Business Man” R.G. LeTourneau-“God’s Business Man” A successful Christian business man may sound like an oxymoron, but that was R.G LeTourneau. He built big, powerful machinery that could do things that no other machine could do before, but he also believes that a Christian business man owes as much to God as a preacher does (LeTourneau, 1967). Mr. LeTourneau states, “God needs businessmen as partners as well as preachers” (1967). Imagine a man becoming a very...
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  • The Analysis of an Extract of “the Fisherman and His Soul” by Oscar Wilde
    The Analysis of an Extract of “The Fisherman and His Soul” by Oscar Wilde “The Fisherman and His Soul” is a fairytale written by Oscar Wilde and published in 1888. Written in Biblical dictation it tells a story of a Fisherman who falls in love in a Mermaid, but he is given a choice: soul or his love. The Fisherman chooses the latter. As a proper fairytale, it joins two worlds together: real and fantasy world and conveys the massage of overpowering and ever-sacrificing love. Oscar Wilde shows...
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  • what jesus means to me
    What Jesus means to me Jesus has transformed the lives of many, including me. To some people, he is a story, just a legend. But to me, he is a King, a Savior, but most of all, he's my best friend. I've heard people talk about Jesus like he's some kind of made up story, or even a joke. Also, a name to say when they slam their thumb in the door. They don't seem to realize that he's as real as the person sitting right next to you. I can talk to him, explain my day, and you know what's great?...
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  • Beowulf Essay - 952 Words
    Beowulf’s Internal Consumption Beowulf claims God like properties and traits classic of an epic hero, however alike may epic heroes Beowulf is limited by his morality and is subject to a tragic downfall. Beowulf is constantly caught up in efforts to rid the world from evil through his benevolent deeds to humanity. Though many may label Beowulf as a Utilitarian due to his great accomplishments in the name of God, his acts towards the betterment of humanity were by products if his own selfish...
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  • Sant Nirankari Mission - 32318 Words
    A GREAT MASTER Baba Gurbachan Singh was born on December 10, 1930 in Peshawar, now in Pakistan. He received boundless love and affection from his parents. Baba Avtar Singh and Jagat Mata Budhwanti as also from the True Master, Baba Buta Singh, then residing with the family. Right from his infancy, the child Gurbachan manifested rare and remarkable qualities. These qualities comprised sensitiveness to human sorrow and suffering, sympathy for the afflicted, avoidance of all disputes and discords...
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  • Names of Jesus Christ - 1551 Words
    This is a listing of the many Names of God as found in His Word the Bible. The list is quite extensive as we have such an Awesome God! | . | THE NAMES OF GOD OLD TESTAMENT NAMES FOR GOD ELOHIM......Genesis 1:1, Psalm 19:1 "God", a reference to God's power & might. ADONAI......Malachi 1:6 meaning "Lord", a reference to the Lordship of God. JEHOVAH--YAHWEH.....Genesis 2:4 a reference to God's divine salvation. JEHOVAH-MACCADDESHEM...Exodus 31:13 meaning "The Lord thy...
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  • The Legend Of Brgy Alibagu - 847 Words
    Once upon a time when this barangay now called ALIBAGU was still a part of Sitio Baligatan in the municipality of Ilagan, Isabela, the people who inhabited the village mostly farmers who lived simple lives. For some time they lived peacefully, thriving on their harvest of rice, corn and sweet potatoes, their staple crops and vegetables that they themselves raised and on fish that then abounded in the mighty Cagayan River. However, there came a time when food seemed never enough for every family...
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  • In the book of Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity
    In the book of Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity: An Introduction to Worldview Issues, Philosophical Foundations, and Models of Integration, by David N. Entwistle focus on the aspect of integrating Christian faith with psychology .The importance of the book is a gain a “more complete view of humans nature and weaving together perspectives from with either perspective alone” ( Entwistle, 2010, p. 3). His purpose raised questions on whether psychology and Christianity are...
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  • Izzy Paper - 296 Words
    Jonathon Edwards delivered a powerfully fear enhancing sermon to the people of Enfield, Connecticut during the time of the Great Awakening. His diction choices helped him in conveying his Puritan idea of an angry God. The words are harsh, dark, and intimidating with the intention for the people to be frightened by His higher power. In order to achieve such a strong message he uses words such as “fiery…wrath…fury…damned…abominable…and venomous serpent” to do so. When comparing all those words...
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  • Faith, Love, Time, and Dr. Lazaro Summarry by: Carlo
    In this story, Brillantes confronts the most important questions of our lives as Christians: Does God exist? If so, what is the nature of God? I remember Tim telling me that Brillantes succeeds in telling a compelling story because he never preaches or subverts. That he allows the reader to experience, rather than solve, the problem of God’s presence or absence. The story is deceptively simple: An aging medical doctor and his young son are called in the middle of the night to minister to a poor...
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  • Birthday Fallacy - 403 Words
    -Taras Svyshchuk Question #1 The Birthday Fallacy can be described as the mistaken idea that the second proposition of the [What argument? Any argument? Hardly. You need to be more specific and detailed.] argument follows from the first proposition. It [what means this?] means that the way the argument is composed is not logically correct [How? What is the fallacy/}. The reason why the Birthday Fallacy is actually a fallacy is because it’s a mistaken belief based on the unsound argument. [NO!...
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  • Theology Assignment: Personal Guidelines
    Outline of My Theology Paper My theology is being shaped by my reflection of my experiences in encountering the mystery that is God and about the relationship with the Mystery in whom we live and move and have our being. I am guided by L. William Countryman in my understanding of my encounter with the transcendent God who is the Hidden Reality yet profoundly connected in our lives in every moment of our human experience. I am appropriating Countryman's use of the metaphor of "the human...
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  • CSEC Religious Education - 32219 Words
    CARIBBEAN EXAMINATIONS COUNCIL Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate CSEC® RELIGIOUS EDUCATION SYLLABUS Effective for examinations from May/June 2012 CXC 28/G/SYLL 09 Published by the Caribbean Examinations Council © 2010, Caribbean Examinations Council All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by any means electronic, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior permission of the author or...
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  • analysis for 5 parables - 2014 Words
    Mt.18:21-35 the unmerciful servant 1. Analysis of the literal story A king canceled the debts of one of his servants, because the servant did beg him and promise to pay him back. But the servant did not cancel the debts of his fellow servant as the king did to him, and did not show any mercy to the man. In the end, he was thrown into prison by the king. The king promised to cancel the debts of this servant, but later he changed his mind and put the servant into prison. Although the servant...
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  • Patrick Henery vs. Johnathan Edwards
    Henry vs. Edwards Patrick Henry changed America. Jonathan Edwards established the Puritan faith. Both of these powerful men have influenced the outcome of America, one way or another. Mr. Henry strived to convince his fellow congressmen to step out of their comfort zone, accept reality and fight for the American values. Mr. Edwards on the other hand shook the listeners with vivid descriptions and gruesome details of the punishments of the nonbelievers. Though they talked in different time...
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  • Cool Hand Luke Expose
    Cool Hand Luke Exposé The movie Cool Hand Luke presents several different and interrelated existentialist themes on aspects of faith and belief. Luke is portrayed as a "good ol' boy" that is fun-loving and hard working. He seems bored and restless with life; he always seems to searching for something more and when he doesn't find it; he looks for ways to fill the void and the monotony of living: ". . . it's somethin' to do, ain't it?" This attitude well sets the tone for the aspect of faith as...
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  • Tagore's Gitanjali - 1081 Words
    From my LP class days, I have heard of Tagore. The loud speaker from the local church used to play songs took from this great book in the early morning. I used to tell the story of ‘golden grain of corn’. Recently, I was reading Kahlil Gibran and saw that his books are ‘inspired’ by Tagore. I thought, ‘enough is enough…here I am determined to read ‘Gitanjali’ first, before reading its further ‘inspirations’. And the travel was beautiful! Tagore was born in a very Rich family but he was a...
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  • A Comparison of Prayer Before Birth, the Tyger and Half-Past Two
    English Literature Coursework Prayer Before Birth, The Tyger, and Half-past Two are poems which explore encounters between the speaker, or a character, and a force that is greater than he is. How do the three poets develop and contemplate this experience? Prayer before Birth, The Tyger and Half-past Two are three poems which explore an encounter between the character and a force much greater than he is. The first, by Louis MacNeice, uses imagery of religion and innocence to present God as...
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  • CHMN 201 Study guide 4
    Introduction to Church Ministries Exam 4 STUDY GUIDE Be familiar with the following content from Chapters 11 20 of Earley Gutierrez (2010) Ministry IsHow to Serve Jesus with Passion and Confidence (Nashville Broadman Holman). Taken from Chapter 11 Saying Here Am I, Send Me Earley Gutierrez (2010) Ministry IsHow to Serve Jesus with Passion and Confidence (Nashville Broadman Holman). According to Ministry Is, chapter 11, The beings that are closest to God are a special type of angels...
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  • Summary of the Books of the Old Testament Books
    Sharon E. Jackson L24694858 201230 Summer 2012 BIBL 104-B77 LUO June 20, 2012 Summary of the books of the Old Testament Books Leviticus The book of Leviticus is principally written law material. Specific key themes and events include starting with God calling Moses to tell the Israelites to brings their burnt offerings (livestock) a male from the herd without blemish and bring them to the door of the Tent of meeting that he may be accepted before the Lord. This starts the...
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  • Postmodern Worldview - 410 Words
    A Postmodern worldview is the idea that everyone can believe what they want to believe. There is no such thing as absolute truth. In this worldview, reality does not exist. The answers to lives questions are always changing. The title of the video was “True and Not-True.” This ties to postmodernism because, it carries the idea that what is true for one person might not be true for the next. Everyone has their own opinion of what is right for them. If you think you will reincarnate when you die,...
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  • Theory Critique Paper Paco 507
    Theory Critique Paper Wilson By Jenny L. Owings Presented to Dr. Rev. Mario Garcia In partial fulfillment of the requirements of Theology of Spirituality PACO 507 Liberty Baptist Theology Seminary Lynchburg, Virginia February 12, 2012 Summary In this paper I will be examining the Wilson’s four laws of relationships which is hurt people hurt people. In her book Wilson examines the fact that most of a person’s problems in adult hood have to do with childhood problems and...
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  • Dulles Church of Models - 1436 Words
    Church as Institution and Church as Mystical Communion In 1974 Dulles published Models of the Church to address questions concerning ecclesiology-the study of the church. Many people believe that they know the meaning of the church, which is a place to become closer to God. However, there is more than what meets the eye when it comes to the Church, since it is a very complex organization. Dulles' book identifies and describes the different functions the Church possesses which Jesus Christ...
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  • Why Am I an Atheist by Bhagat Singh
    Bhagat Singh 1931 Why I am an Atheist Written: October 5–6, 1930 Source/Translated: Converted from the original Gurmukhi (Punjabi) to Urdu/Persian script by Maqsood Saqib; translated from Urdu to English by Hasan for, 2006; HTML/Proofread: Andy Blunden and Mike Bessler; CopyLeft: Creative Common (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2006. It is a matter of debate whether my lack of belief in the existence of an Omnipresent, Omniscient God is due to my arrogant pride and...
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  • Martin Luther King Search for Meaning
    King’s interpretation of the scriptures was not a literal one, in The Humanity and Divinity of Jesus, he clearly explains how he interpreted Jesus: “the orthodox attempt to explain the divinity of Jesus in terms of an inherent metaphysical substance within him to me seems inadequate… In an attempt to expand his understanding of God, and apply it to his life, King searched for the deeper significance of the history and context of the Bible, suggesting, “we should delve into deeper meaning… and...
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  • Depression in the Scriptures - 9567 Words
    Knox Theological Seminary DEPRESSION IN THE SCRIPTURES by Steve Doan Submitted to Dr. Robert Evans of Knox Theological Seminary in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the course in Pastoral Counseling April 11, 2001 TABLE OF CONTENTS Pages I. Examples of Depression Among Christians...
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  • in my self so1 - 3604 Words
    In Myself A fulfilment in my study, I will share some changes that affects myself during the Liceo Mission, Vision, and Core values study. It changes a lot in my behaviour and also my attitude. Once discipline is concern, there is no escape. But i like the way it is. It is just simply affects myself in order to change the adaption of the aptitude surroundings in me. I was so very, very thankful and well-being of having a Social Orientation subject that orients us to the way and leads us to...
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  • IDIS: Western Worldview and Biblical Worldview and Their Impact on University Education
     IDIS: Western Worldview and Biblical Worldview and Their Impact on University Education By Heesu Shu ID 348999 Trinity Western University Instructor: Michael Goheen IDIS 102 March 17, 2011 Introduction A worldview is how we view the world. A worldview is all-encompassing so if we have one worldview and this will affect every part of lives. Worldview is like roots of a tree, the unseen part of a tree, but it is very important because it is the source of all thoughts, beliefs and...
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  • In Memoriam: Reinvention of Faith for the Scientific Age?
    In Memoriam is an elegy to Tennyson's friend Arthur Hallam, but bears the hallmark of its mid nineteenth century context – "the locus classicus of the science-and-religion debate." Upon reflection, Hallam's tragic death has proved to be an event that provoked Tennyson's embarkation upon a much more ambitious poetic project than conventional Miltonian elegy, involving meditation upon the profoundest questions faced by mankind. Scientific advancements, most notably in the...
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  • Robert Frost: Design - 1385 Words
    Written by Robert Frost, “Design” is a deeply philosophical poem that understands something too big to be understood by taking a small piece and understanding it and linking it to the universe at large, answers many of the largest questions that surround the universe while recognizing those questions may potentially be unanswerable, addresses the Argument from Design and the belief in a creator, describes the two concepts of Design, which can be metaphorically categorized both as an...
    1,385 Words | 4 Pages
  • Principles and Methods of Counseling - 2691 Words
    Reflective Essay #1 – “Becoming a God-pleasing Counselor” Course: Principles and Methods of Counseling February 21, 2008 In the middle of Jesus’ direct teachings, he said, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” (Matthew 7:12, New International Version) Often to us this is a most powerful reminder of the kind of high standard that we hold anyone—but ourselves—against in our daily living and in our...
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  • The Book of Job: Righteous Suffering
    The Book of Job: Righteous Suffering At first glance, it would appear that the Book of Job simply asks the question, ‘Why do bad things happen to good people?’ Why would God, in all of his omnipotence and righteousness, cast evil upon those who devote every aspect of their life to adhering to the word of the divine? After a just and humble Job has everything he ever valued in life stripped away from him, he is left begging for an answer to this question. Within Job’s struggle...
    1,264 Words | 3 Pages
  • Paradise Lost-Christian Theology
    For early modern Christian theologians, the nature of god was more or less a settled question. There were, it is true, disputes along the margins. The synod of dort, convened in 1618 and 1619 to resolve debates between Calvinists and the arminian remonstrants, crystallized ongoing skirmishes over the proper understanding of divine foreknowledge and will. decades later, arminianism was just one of John Milton’s unorthodoxies, and one of his less eccentric ones; more unusual was his rejection, in...
    11,598 Words | 30 Pages
  • Disciplined Essay Christ Church Cul
    Chris Noble May 5, 2014 Christ Church & Culture Disciplined Essay - Materialism & Consumerism "Christ alone can free man from what enslaves him to evil and selfishness: from the frantic search for material possessions, from the thirst for power and control over others and over things, from the illusion of easy success, from the frenzy of consumerism and hedonism which ultimately destroy the human being." This quote was from a homily delivered by Pope John Paul II which dealt with the topic of...
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  • Hurt People Hurt People by Dr. Sandra Wilson
     Comparison Paper: Hurt People Hurt People: Hope and Healing for Yourself and Your Relationship By: Sandra Wilson James E. Hulsey Liberty University PACO 507-B02: Theology and Spirituality in Counseling Professor: Dr. Jaeduk Kim Submission Date: 8-22-13 TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction………………………………………………………………………………...01 II. Summary…………………………………………………………………………………...04 III. Practical...
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  • Fire in the Minds of Men - 1270 Words
    Book Report: ‘Fire in the Minds of Men’ In his second inaugural address, President Bush described the power of “freedom” as “a fire in the minds of men.” His diction is in fact is the title of a book by James H. Billington, published 25 years ago by the name of ‘Fire in the Minds of Men’. I imagine President Bush was unaware of quoting a book title in this phrase, though we should be careful not to “misunderestimate” him. However, we cannot imagine that his speechwriter did not knowingly use...
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  • theology paper - 907 Words
    Kaelin Davis 10/17/14 Theology paper Professor Doyle It is fair for Elie Wiesel to question God’s goodness because the horrible events during the Holocaust led many Jews to understandably question God and their doubt faith in him. Elie Wiesel, one of those many Jews expressed his doubt in God in his work Night. Wiesel does an amazing job of describing the horrendous incidents that took place during the Holocaust. Elie goes from being very religious to being very angry and doubtful because of...
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  • Political Dynasty, Is It Acceptable or Not?
    University of Perpetual Help System DALTA FCL 6 Jerome B. Rustia BS-AE 1.) Political Dynasty, is it acceptable or not? * Political Dynasty is not acceptable for me because it is not fair to other people who deserve in such...
    372 Words | 2 Pages
  • Hebrew Worldview - 1032 Words
    Hebrew Worldview The entire Hebrew worldview is centered on their faith in God, who is the author of creation and the source of all that is good and righteous. In fact, it would be truly impossible to analyze any aspect of Hebrew culture without first considering their beliefs on God. They gained their purpose, morality, indeed, their sense of identity, from their Creator and Sustainer, a fact that make them unique from other historical cultures. Their views on God also affected how they viewed...
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  • The Story of Noah vs. The Story of Gilgamesh
    Growing up in a Christian home, it was mandatory to go to church every Wednesday and Sunday. Since my mother always attended “big church” with the other adults, she felt like I needed to grow up through a youth group. In youth group, we learned many things about God and the bible. We would learn about David and Goliath, Samson and Delilah, Joseph and Mary, and many more stories. However, one story that seems to be the most significant is the story of Noah and the Ark. Noah is one of the...
    866 Words | 3 Pages
  • Literary Analysis of “The Creation”
    When I’m lonely, I watch TV; when God is lonely, he makes a world. Or at least this is how James Walden Johnson depicts God in his poem “The Creation.” God is so powerful that making the Earth is as simple for him as watching TV is for me. He creates the elements of the world with simple actions. Johnson also depicts God as a king in order to accentuate the fact that God is all-powerful. One way that this poem depicts God as all-powerful is by demonstrating that making a world is easy for...
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  • Dr. King rhetoric essay
     Gabrielle James Advanced Composition 4th Period Dr. Lacey October 14th, 2014 Dr. King was a well-known civil rights activist, he left behind many examples within his speeches of how he believed we as a community could change the world for the better. He worked diligently to end segregation and reduce the amount of hatred. Even today we still experience discrimination in our everyday lives but not to the extent during his time. Change is hard for people to accept no matter how small or...
    750 Words | 2 Pages
  • Microcontroller Based Prepaid Cellular Phone Loader Machine with Call and Text Features
    MICROCONTROLLER BASED PREPAID CELLULAR PHONE LOADER MACHINE WITH CALL AND TEXT FEATURES _____________________________________ A Thesis Proposal Presented to The Faculty of the College of Engineering St. Paul University Surigao Surigao City _____________________________________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER ENGINEERING _______________________________________ by JUVELOU O. BENIROS IVEE DREA M. CANOY NIKKO L....
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  • Equiano's Travels - 1516 Words
    Equiano’s Religious Journey Olaudah Equiano undertook an incredible journey during his lifetime. Facing many trials and tribulations he was pressed to the verge of death, but, as he would tell you “.. Through God’s Mercy” (Equiano and Edwards, Pg.122) he was able to survive and earn his freedom. Equiano was baptized in February 1769 by his present name Gustavus Vasa at St. Margaret's Church in Westminster, England. Yet, whichever name one may refer to him as, one thing remains unquestionable,...
    1,516 Words | 4 Pages
  • Before I Was Born (God's Design for Sex) by Carolyn Nystrom
    Before I Was Born (God's Design for Sex) By Carolyn Nystrom Before I Was Born (God's Design for Sex) Details: Carolyn Nystrom • Illustrated by Sandra Speidel Before I ... THE GOD’S DESIGN FOR SEX SERIES Sample from Before I Was Born / ISBN 9781600060144 Copyright © 2008 NavPress Publishing. All rights reserved. ... God’s Design for Sex is a series of books you can read with your children at ages three to five, five to eight, RESOURCE LIST: SEX EDUCATION - Focus on the Family: Helping ......
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  • Affects of Christian Music - 3038 Words
    Christian Music 1. Oceans ~ Hillsong United Verse 1: You call me out upon the waters The great unknown, where feet may fail And there I find You in the mystery In oceans deep, my faith will stand Chorus: And I will call upon Your name And keep my eyes above the waves When oceans rise My soul will rest in Your embrace For I am Yours, and You are mine Verse 2: Your grace abounds in deepest waters Your sovereign hand will be my guide Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me...
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  • Book Report: Road Trip
    Book Report Torres, Christian Jurmhel B. I. Basic information Title: Road Trip Author: Ru Dela Torre Place of Publication: 776 Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong city, Metro Manila Publisher: OMF Literature Inc. Number of Pages: 120 pages ISBN: 978-971-009-003-7 II. Theme The book is basically all about having God in your life. The book determines how great is our God, what would our life be with God on our side, what would happen if we let God control our life, what is christian life, how...
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  • Self Reflection Paper - 1123 Words
    PSYCH 100 “SELF REFLECTION” As a human who exist in this world I also feel what are my greatest strengths and where it comes from. My greatest strength is my willingness to learn and practice new things every day, so that I can keep my confidence and be better at the things that I face and do. I think of positive points when I try to do something new, rather than thinking about the negatives, and...
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  • Moral Responsibility and Divine Freedom
    Moral Responsibility and Divine Freedom Classical theism contains a conception of one single God, a being of great power, wisdom, and goodness. This God is not just a great being or even the greatest being of all beings that have existed or will exist, but the greatest possible being. This means that God is a being which no greater being can exist or even be conceived to exist. Naturally then, God is taken to be a being whose goodness, power, and knowledge are such that it is logically...
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  • Correlation of Doctrine of Creation to Person of Christ
    How do you correlate your doctrine of creation and your doctrine of the person and work of Christ? How does this correlation inform and shape the character of relationships and leadership? In communicating the correlation of individual doctrine, work of Jesus Christ, character of relationships and leadership several factors are required: summarizing the individual understanding of the doctrines of creation and person; describing an overview of personal perspective on the work of Christ;...
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  • I Have a Dream Speech
    I Have a Dream… Everyone dreamt as a child. We dreamt to become astronauts, cowboys, and princesses, but as we got older, we realized those dreams were childish. We began to mature and set our dreams to plan more for our future. Our dreams evolved into becoming successful in the business world, to go to college and succeed, to have a relationship with a spouse, dreams we were able to achieve. I have a dream to stay strong in my relationship with God, and continuing to grow in my faith as a...
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  • This Is It - 15616 Words
    I. INTRODUCTION Philippine Mythology Philippine mythology include a collection of tales and superstitions about magical creatures and entities. Some Filipinos, even though heavily westernized and Christianized, still believe in these tales. The prevalence of belief in the figures of Philippines mythology is strong in the provinces. Because the country has many islands and is inhabited by different ethnic groups, Philippine mythology and superstitions are very diverse. However, certain...
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  • Analysis of the Spiral Staircase - 11132 Words
    This assignment will deal with The Spiral Staircase as a spiritual autobiography. It will not be in the form of one composite essay, but will rather address each question separately, as has been laid out in the original question. 1. The first step of the course you came to a deeper understanding of the basic structure of spiritual accompaniment (see page 7-24 of the reader). Read the autobiography carefully. Describe the main forms of spiritual direction present in the chosen...
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  • God's Foreknowledge and the Problem of Evil: a Proposal
    God’s Foreknowledge and the Problem of Evil: A proposal RG Heather (MA PT, 24689726) Introduction In his essay[1] on the possibility of God’s having middle knowledge of the actions of free agents and the relationship of that knowledge, if it exists, to the problem of evil,[2] RM Adams discusses two questions: firstly, whether middle knowledge is possible, even for God, and secondly, whether God could have made free creatures who would always freely do right. These questions highlight...
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  • John B. Cobb & David Ray Griffin "Process Theology, an Introductory Exposition"
    Christians strive to emulate the ‘perfect' life of Jesus, though they know that they will never truly achieve their goals. The idea of God is almost always boiled down to the "aspiration to participate in or be in harmony with perfection.1" But how does this perfection shape our conception of God? The nature of perfection is defined in theistic circles as love. There are two schools of thought addressed in the selection; traditional theism & process theism. Cobb & Griffin discuss the conflict...
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  • house hold leaders training manual 2012
    CFC youth for christ TRAINING TRACKS FOR YOUTH HEADS Household Leaders’ Training Manual 2012 Revised Edition Manila, Philippines Foreword HOUSEHOLD LEADERS’ TRAINING MANUAL Youth for Christ invests greatly in sustaining, pastoring, and enriching the lives of the young through the household. Households create a supplementary environment where members are able to establish a genuine, Christ-centred friendship with their brothers and sisters, as well as a renewed and...
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  • Life of Pi - 1257 Words
    How does Pi assert himself throughout his ordeal and how does this help him survive? Reflecting a belief that in all things there is “a trace of the divine”, in Life of Pi author Yann Martel considers the basic animal instincts of humanity when faced with the most adverse of conditions, and ultimately, the all-encompassing, limitless nature of faith. Pi’s “unbelievable” survival, shipwrecked in the Pacific Ocean following the sinking of the Tsimstum and loss of his family, can at least be...
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  • Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death
    No man thinks more highly than I do of the patriotism, as well as abilities, of the very worthy gentlemen who have just addressed the house. But different men often see the same subject in different lights; and, therefore, I hope it will not be thought disrespectful to those gentlemen if, entertaining as I do opinions of a character very opposite to theirs, I shall speak forth my sentiments freely and without reserve. This is no time for ceremony. The question before the house is one of awful...
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  • The Minds of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle
    The minds of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle SOCRATES, one of those who sought to develop a more consistent and purer concept of god, but he paid the price of a pioneer in that the masses misunderstood him. He was considered as the destroyer of the gods of the Greeks. He maintained that the centrality of the real essence of man and individual is not only its acceptance of the different gods but the real understanding of one’s relationship with others in a rational manner. This implies a...
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  • William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience
     Trace how Blake’s thought develops from his poem ‘The Lamb’ and ‘The Tyger’ together- “I have no name: I am but two days old.” What shall I call thee? “I happy am, Joy is my name.” Sweet Joy befall thee!” ’ The good character as well as the bad abstractions such as virtues and vices is framed up in symbols to elaborate their suggestiveness and implications. Blake’s symbology is too large and complex to be given in brief. His symbols help to...
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  • Does Ethics Depend on Religion?
    Blackburn argues the death of God is not a threat to ethics, even though on the surface it appears to be that way. He considers the death of God to be far from a threat, instead acting as a catalyst for a new beginning in the field of ethics. Blackburn looks at the death of God as a good event for ethics, stating “Plato tells us that the ethical laws cannot be arbitrary whims of personalized Gods. Maybe instead we can make our own laws” (Blackburn 19). In this quote, he is suggesting we’d be...
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  • Kierkegaard - 1549 Words
    Kelly Yom May 15, 2013 Philosophy 266 Prompt: What does Kierkegaard mean by an absolute relation to the absolute? What does such a relation involve? What does it rule out? How do I know if I have one? How do I know whether someone else does? What problems does such a relation create? What would Kierkegaard say about such problems? What can we learn from this? One would be hard-pressed to find a man who would willingly hike up a mountain for three days just to sacrifice his son...
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  • The State of Muisc Ministry in Fountain of Peace Baptist Church
    INTRODUCTION Martin Luther recognized the power of music saying... "Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise. The gift of language combined with the gift of song was given to man that he should proclaim the Word of God through Music." We need to cherish this precious gift of music and use it to praise and glorify our God the Creator, Savior, and Sanctifier. It is evidence that “For many years, the music in the church has been debated a lot. First, the heart must be...
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  • "An Investigation of the Role of Divine Providence in the Life of a Christian: Theology of Karl Barth"
    Table of Contents Introduction 2 The Character of God 3 The Sovereignty of God 5 The Revelation of God 7 Conclusion 10 Bibliography 13 Introduction 2 Chronicles 16 in the Bible states that “the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth.”1 Regardless of personal conviction, awareness, understanding, theological leanings, or beliefs, God sees. He sees everything. In Genesis 16, Hagar declares to God “You are the God who sees...
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  • Thomas Hardy - 1382 Words
     Rasheed Juan SJCJC January 27th, 2014 Literature in English: American Poetry Hardy’s Poetry Presents the World as Terrible According to one of the Thomas Hardy’s autobiography, he presents a picture of himself as a sensitive young man who attended church regularly and believed in a personal God who ruled the universe. Then when Hardy went to London in his early twenties and discovered such intellectual ferment as caused by Charles Darwin’s...
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  • Correlates of Sports Participation Among University of Ibadan Students
    905 Words | 3 Pages
  • Self-Discovery: Who Am I?
    In human existence, a question commonly asked is, "Who am I?" This question is the heart of the quest for the Self. This is a quest which may take a lifetime, sometimes longer, to fulfill. One path, of self-discovery, is when people turn to their surroundings in their search. In turning to their surroundings, people are able to see their Selves by the things around them. In observing the surroundings, people may, not only, find their Selves, but establish their Selves. This path, however, is not...
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  • lesson plan - 283 Words
    Semi Detailed Lesson Plan intended for third year Title: God’s Gift I.OBJECTIVES At the end of the lesson student should be able to: a. Give the meaning of unfamiliar words. b. Analyze the meaning of the poem. c. To demonstrate the message of the poem through various activities. II.SUBJECT MATTER A .Topic: God’s Gift 1. Reference: Anglo-American and Filipino Literature By Josephine B. Serrano...
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  • Apparently with No Surprise
    Poetry Analysis of Emily Dickinson's "Apparently with no Surprise" In “Apparently with no Surprise” Emily Dickinson writes about the cold, unfeeling attitude of nature. In the first stanza of the poem Dickinson writes of a “happy flower” that is beheaded by the frost “at its play in accidental power.” The choice of diction in the first stanza is especially effective in portraying the unfeeling randomness of nature. Using the word “happy” to describe the flower connotes a sense of innocence...
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  • Blessed with a Gift to Share
    Have you ever wondered our purpose living here? Have you ever thought of why you were born? Each of us is brought here for a purpose, but the question is, what is that purpose? A discovery, we will soon find out as we journey along our life. Each of us is created in a special way. Each of us has unique talents, gifts and abilities made especially for us. God has given us these gifts and talents that will best enable us to serve His kingdom and become the person He knows we can be. We have our...
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