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  • Coaxial Cable - 1091 Words
    Introduction Coaxial cable: is an electrical cable consisting of a round conducting wire, surrounded by an insulating spacer, surrounded by a cylindrical conducting sheath, usually surrounded by a final insulating layer. It is used as a high-frequency transmission line to carry a high-frequency or broadband signal. Sometimes DC power (called bias) is added to the signal to supply the equipment at the other end, as in direct broadcast satellite receivers. Because the electromagnetic field...
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  • Coaxial Cable and Data Transmission Speed
     Tiffany Conder Course: IT331 Unit: 3 Kaplan Higher Education Course: IT331 Unit: 3 1) You have been asked to design a LAN with operation over a distance of about 100m. Compare and contrast twisted pair cable, coaxial cable, fiber-optics, and wireless for this application. You should create a table or flow chart which would facilitate choosing between these options depending on circumstances. The table or flow chart should be submitted as part of your document. You...
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  • QSFP Cables • QSFP+ Cables
    QSFP Cables • QSFP+ Cables QSFP/QSFP+ Active Optical Cables (AOCs) by 3M™ Interconnect Solutions Now In-Stock! Cables on Demand is pleased to now offer the latest generation of 3M™ brand 40G QSFP/QSFP+ Active Optical Cables in lengths up to 100m (330'). Enjoy throughput beyond 40.0 Gbps for the same price as our competitors' 20.0 Gbps products! Every AOC features QSFP/QSFP+ compliant connectors with 4 integrated 10.0 Gbps optical transceivers (40G+ aggregate) each; ensuring compatibility...
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  • Cable Modem - 302 Words
    cable modem: ABSTRACT Cable modems are devices that allow high-speed access to information at a distant server may it be Internet server or video on demand server, via a cable television network. While similar to the traditional (analog) dialup modems, a cable modem is significantly more powerful, capable of delivering data approximately 500 times faster. During the early to mid - 1990s, the two-way interactive communication capability of the existing cable network infrastructure was...
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  • Benefits of Twisted Pair Cable
     The Benefits of Twisted Pair Cabling Brian Pettrie Prof. Ntinglet-Davis CIS175 July 29, 2013 Benefits of Twisted Pair Cable The first change I would suggest would be to setup a client/server network in which all 20 computers are connected to the main the computer. In this case, we would add another computer to use as the main workstation and central server so we would actually have 21 computers. We could just connect them all with cat 5 cables since there are only 20...
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  • The Benefits of Twisted Pair Cable
    As far as the network goes I would first suggest switching it to a LAN or local area network. This type of network is far more beneficial than the current setup as it gives you room to expand without too much of a hassle. By upgrading to this type of network you will also save money as you will be able to share hardware such as printers through multiple stations. As far as security goes, all computers will be more secure, as they will be a client of a main host on the server which will be...
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  • The Benefits of Twisted Pair Cable
    Assignment 1: The Benefits of Twisted Pair Cable Due Week 4 and worth 100 points You are a recently hired consultant for a NCF, the Networking Consulting Firm, and your first consulting assignment is at Ocper, Inc. Upon arriving at the client, you learn from the president that there is no one dedicated to information technology or networking on the staff and there are 20 Windows peer-to-peer client computers all connected via coax cabling. The president also indicates that the company plans...
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  • Isdn vs. Cable Modems
    ISDN vs. Cable Modems 1.0 Introduction The Internet is a network of networks that interconnects computers around the world, supporting both business and residential users. In 1994, a multimedia Internet application known as the World Wide Web became popular. The higher bandwidth needs of this application have highlighted the limited Internet access speeds available to residential users. Even at 28.8 Kilobits per second (Kbps)— the fastest residential access commonly available at the time of...
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  • The Benefits of Twisted Pair Cable
    | The Benefits of Twisted Pair Cable | Tanga R. Payne | Robert WhaleIntroduction to Networking | | 4/28/2012 | | I just recently conducted an assessment at Ocper, Inc. After consulting with the president of company, it has been established that an upgrade is immensely needed for company’s current and future progress. Currently, the company has 20 Windows peer-to-peer client computers that connected by coaxial cable, in addition to projecting the company’s prospective...
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  • Cable Television Systems - 605 Words
    Welcome to Episode 1, I’m going to take you through 1997 to 2003. Netflix was founded in 1997 in Scotts Valley, California by Reed Hastings and his co-worker Marc Randolph. The idea of Netflix came to Hastings when he was forced to pay $40 in overdue fines after returning Apollo 13 well past its due date. They launched Netflix website on August 29, with only 30 employees and 925 works available for rent and brought a more traditional, online movie rental. (4$ per rental plus $2 in postage) In...
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  • Cable Industry Regulation - 1211 Words
    Cable Industry Regulation NETW 586 Telecom Law and Regulation Due Date: 25th August 2013. I. Abstract Cable industry has undergone a lot of evolution since the very first time it came into existence. First the paper will discuss cable television, telecommunication act 1934 and history of cable industry. The origin and importance of both regulation and deregulation of cable industry will be discussed. The various economic impacts;...
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  • The Benefits of Twisted Pair Cable
    The Benefits of Twisted Pair Cable By: James Hawkins Existing Office Network Environment Ocper Incorporated currently has 20 Microsoft/Windows computers connected via a ThinNet Ethernet network in a peer-to-peer client configuration. Ocper Incorporated has plans to increase 100% over the next two years requiring the network to expand as well. Ocper Incorporated currently does not have dedicated IT personnel to maintain the current network environment. Ocper has also indicated a...
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  • Cable and United States Department
    Unit 3 Exercise 1 Running head: SPECIFICATIONS - DEFINITIONS Specifications - Definitions Sam Smith EN1420 Specifications - Definitions Define the following terms: Application (in terms of cabling infrastructure) : It refers to the intended use of the cabling system being installed. Unshielded Twisted – Pair: It’s a type of cable that consists of several conducting cores twisted together in pairs with no surrounding shield. Shielded Twisted- pair:...
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  • Cable Television in the United States
    CableLabs® Cable Television in the United States - An Overview by Walter S. Ciciora, Ph.D. Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. 400 Centennial Parkway Louisville, Colorado 80027 Phone: 303/661-9100 FAX: 303/991-9199 DISCLAIMER This document is published by Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. ("CableLabs") to inform the industry. CableLabs reserves the right to revise this document for any reason including, but not limited to, changes in laws, regulations, or standards promulgated by...
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  • NT1210 unit4 lab copper cable
    NT1210 Lab 4.1 : Copper Cabling Exercise 4.1.1 Stability, consistency, and minimization of packet errors. Exercise 4.1.2 The power requirements to send data is much lower than the requirements to transfer electricity. Exercise 4.1.3 Protection from power frequency, radio frequency interference, reducing errors generated. Exercise 4.1.4 Category Maximum Speed Application 1 1Mbps VOICE ONLY( TELEPHONE WIRES) 2 4Mbps LOCAL TALK & TELEPHONE 3 16Mbps 10 BASE T ETHERNET 4...
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  • Marketing Plan: Time Warner Cable
    Running head: Marketing Plan – Time Warner Cable Marketing Plan – Cable – Time Warner Cable Bonnie Bagby BUS 620 – Managerial Marketing Dr. Uchenna Nwabueze August 30, 2010 Abstract The marketing plan for Time Warner Cable reviews the market conditions, including emerging technologies and competitors and provides a marketing plan with focus on maintaining current customers and adding new commercial customers by focusing on cloud offerings, teleconferencing and telemedicine....
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  • Attenuation Effects on Data Transmitted Through Cable
    Attenuation Effects on Data Transmitted through Cable Abstract Attenuation refers to any reduction in the strength of a signal. Attenuation occurs with digital or analog signals. Attenuation is the end result of signals being transmitted extended distances. Attenuation is usually expressed in units called decibels (dBs). The cable type will determine at what point along the length of the cable signal degradation occurs. Repeaters can be inserted along the length of the cable to...
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  • How to hook up a TV to a cable box
    Cable box: Cable box is a electronic device that gets connected with the TV for watching broadcast channels. Parts: Coax Cables, Yellow composite cable, Cable box, Audio cables Operation: Cable box have ability to get or convert any channels from cable company to an analog RF signal to a channel. Instructions: 1. To begin with, first step in setting up cable connection is to connect coax cable from the wall to the cable in port on the cable box. 2. Connect one end of the yellow...
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  • Cable Modems vs. Digital Subscriber Lines
    Cable Modems vs. Digital Subscriber Lines Bob Fager Econ 235ഊThe Internet has grabbed on to the world and it isn't letting go. Nearly 36 million U.S. homes currently have PCs and everyone is dying to jump on the information superhighway. The Internet, which started as a group of government agencies and universities, has grown to include almost anyone, from home users to large companies and everyone in between. It makes sense then that providing Internet service is big business....
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  • Unit 7 Lab 7.1
     Exercise 7.1.1 Why is it impractical for an organization to own the entirety of a WAN? There are no limitations on WANs so they can be custom built for the size of the organization. Why is it favorable for an organization to maintain ownership of the entirety of the LAN? For the purpose of organizational expansion. Exercise 7.1.2 What effect will increasing the required transmission distance have on transmitting the signal clearly? The longer the distance the more chances...
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  • IT220 Lab 7 - 303 Words
     Frantzy Senat IT220 Lab 7 Lab 7.1 Exercise 7.1.1 Its impractical for whole organization to own a whole WAN because it could be great distances or overseas or across the country. It would be better to own the LAN to be able to control the cost of the set up Exercise 7.1.2...
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  • NT1210 Lab 7 - 346 Words
    Chapter 7 Lab 7.1.1 Why is it impractical for an organization to own the entirety of a WAN? There are no limitations on WANs so they can be custom built for the size of the organization. Why is it favorable for an organization to maintain ownership of the entirety of the LAN? Because the purpose of organizational expansion. Table 7-1 WAN Physical Media Media Infrastructure Summary UTP Phone lines The quality of UTP may vary from telephone-grade wire to extremely high-speed cable. The...
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  • Chapter 7 Case Project 7 1
    Project 7-1 I calculated the mileage between the offices and here are the results: Baton Rouge, LA - Seattle, WA (2600mi); Baton Rouge, LA - Phoenix, AZ (1400mi); Baton Rouge, LA - Boston, MA (1500mi). I will start with WAN topoly: In this case I will choose the tiered topology WAN, where the sites connected in star or ring formations are interconnected at different levels, with the interconnection points being organized into layers to form hierarchical groupings. Variations on this topology...
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  • Telecommunications Law and Regulations - 794 Words
    Steve Gelin Telecommunications Law & Regulation NETW-584 Natural Monopoly What is Natural Monopoly? A Natural Monopoly transpires where the largest supplier of the production of a product (i.e. goods or a service) in a business regularly becomes the first provider in a marketplace and has a tremendous cost advantage over other actual and prospective competitors. Natural Monopolies are companies that provide a service to an area. It increases the setup costs, it lays all the...
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  • Chapter 4 Transmitting Bits
    Exercise 4.1.1 Because those same standards define how communication between different hardware and software involved, will take place. 4.1.2 The difference is between signal circuits and power circuits. Signal circuits operate at extremely low current levels and use digital logic voltage levels. Power circuits on the other hand require larger amounts of current to operate electrical devices such as motors, heating units 4.1.3 A very common application is the health care field. Shielded...
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  • Smith, Smith, Smith, and Smith
    Networking Concept and Application Assignment : Mini Case, Chapter 4 Smith, Smith, Smith, and Smith Smith, Smith, Smith, and Smith is a regional accounting firm that is putting up a new headquarters building. The building will have a backbone network that connects eight LANs (two on each floor). The company is very concerned with network errors. What advice would you give regarding the design of the building and network cable planning that would help reduce network errors? To best...
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  • Nt1210 lab 7 - 296 Words
     Anthony Jones NT1210 Lab 7.1-7.2 2/1/2015 7.1.1There are no limitations on WANs so they can be custom built for the size of the organization. For the purpose of organizational expansion. Exercise 7.1. The longer the distance the more chances that you have for signal loss and lack of signal strength. Exercise 7.1.3 Media Infrastructure SummaryUTP Phone Lines Used in telephone cables and computer networkingCoaxial Television Cable Include feedlines connecting radio transmitters and...
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  • Paper Bag - 1476 Words
    Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Advantages Faster Communication The foremost target of Internet has always been speedy communication and it has excelled way beyond the expectations. Newer innovations are only going to make it faster and more reliable. Now, you can communicate in a fraction of second with a person who is sitting in the other part of the world. For more personal and interactive communication, you can avail the facilities of chat services, video conferencing and so...
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  • Data Communications - 469 Words
    Introduction Data communications (Datacom) is the engineering discipline concerned with communication between the computers. It is defined as a subset of telecommunication involving the transmission of data to and from computers and components of computer systems. More specifically data communication is transmitted via mediums such as wires, coaxial cables, fiber optics, or radiated electromagnetic waves such as broadcast radio, infrared light, microwaves, and satellites. Data Communications...
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  • Mid term - 234 Words
    NT 1310 Mid-term Hint : most of questions are NOT) 1. Twisted-pair, Fiber and Coaxial Cable are all common cables used…. Answer : NOT PLENUM 2. DECIBEL – is a tenfold logarithmic ratio of power OUTPUT to power INPUT Answer : Statement 3. An INCREASE in frequency DOES NOT contribute to ATENUATION. Answer : Statement 4. MUTUAL CROSSWALK is not a type of CROSSTALK Answer : Statement 5. The FCC is part of the US Government Answer : FCC (Federal Communications Commission) – regulates interstate and...
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  • Information Delivery/Transport and E-Commerce Application
    Information Delivery/Transport and E-Commerce Application Transport provides are principally telecommunications, cable and wireless industries; computer network including commercial networks such as CompuServe or America Online and public networks such as the Internet. The transport system does not function as a monolithic system, in the sense that there is no single Interstate 80 that connects the digital equivalent of New York’s George Washington Bridge to San Francisco’s Bay Bridge....
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  • Sms Online Grade Inquiry
    Twisted Pair Wire Physical Specification Twisted Pair Wire is a type of wiring in which two conductors of a single circuit are twisted together for the purposes of canceling out electromagnetic interference (EMI) from external sources; for instance, electromagnetic radiation from unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables, and crosstalk between neighboring pairs. It was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. Advantages 1. Cheaper and far easier to splice 2. Less susceptible to electrical...
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  • Thesis - 1341 Words
    "Coax" redirects here. For the act of coaxing, see Persuasion. RG-59 flexible coaxial cable composed of: 1. Outer plastic sheath 2. Woven copper shield 3. Inner dielectric insulator 4. Copper core Coaxial cable, or coax (pronounced 'ko.æks), is a type of cable that has an inner conductor surrounded by a tubular insulating layer, surrounded by a tubular conducting shield. Many coaxial cables also have an insulating outer sheath or jacket. The term coaxial comes from the inner...
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     INSTALLING A FOUR NODE BUS NETWORK WESLEY CURRY SEPTEMBER 30, 2013 Wesley Curry Professor Pelosi Introduction to Data Communication September 30, 2013 Installing a network can be very complicated. There are many different types and ways you can wire a network. The network I’m going to describe is fairly simple and easy to install. This network is called a bus network, and will be used on a service counter, like you see at Verizon or somewhere similar. First, you need three 10Base-2...
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  • Unit 10 Task 6
    Task 6 P6: A coaxial cable is a type of wire that contains a centre wire surrounded by insulation and a grounded shield of braided wire. The shield helps to minimize electrical and radio frequencies interference, a coaxial cable is used for television industry. Advantages: 1. Cheap to manufacture 2. Cheap and easy to install 3. Easy to modify 4. Good bandwidth 5. Good channel capacity 6. Noise immunity due to low error rate. Disadvantages: 1. More expensive...
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  • Cabling - 2318 Words
    CABLING 1. Describe the three most common types of cabling media used in LANs. Coaxial Cable. Coaxial cable comes in two versions: Thinnet and Thicknet. Thinnet looks like regular TV cable.* It is about 1/4 inch in diameter and is very flexible and easy to work with. In contrast, Thicknet is about 1/2 inch in diameter and not very flexible. Thicknet is older and not very common anymore except as a backbone within and between buildings. Coax transmits at 10 Mbps.. Twisted Pair. Twisted pair...
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  • Cis 175 - 708 Words
    Assignment 1: Frederick J. Lewis CIS 175 Professor Jones 7/24/2012 Describe what changes you would suggest in terms of the current network type / structure and how you would lay out the benefits of the changes you recommend. Answer: First change would be to move away from the decentralized network architecture to one that is centrally controlled. Peer to Peer networks though offer great advantages can be a real hazard for businesses. Decentralized networks introduce new...
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  • Home: Personal Life - 1615 Words
    Home is the place where people feel relaxed and comfortable. Different people have different concepts of home. Some people may think home is like a root. It not only has a person’s memory, but also is a place where people relax with their family. However, people use the global technology to communicate with their family. Meanwhile, they think home is everywhere. “ Home is Every Place” by Pico Iyer tells about himself have several home in different places, so when he goes home, he have to flying...
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  • Changes in American Television - 3275 Words
    David Miller Creative Fundraising Think Piece – Changes in the Television Industry Introduction Television has been around long enough that it has undergone many radical changes, but as with many other prominent industries, it had its humble beginnings. While the actual physical set was invented decades before, the industry itself did not really begin until the 1950’s. This is when the television set first became a commercial product that anyone could own, just like the radio, and when...
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  • NTC 415 Week 2 Individual Network Conne
    NTC 415 Week 2 Individual Network Connections Paper To Buy this Class Copy & paste below link in your Brower Or Visit Our Website Visit : Email Us : NTC 415 Week 2 Individual Network Connections Paper Connectivity for users is a main concern for the network administrator; providing the best architecture is fundamental. Providing this architecture is part...
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  • Transmission Lines - 2589 Words
    TRANSMISSION LINES Introductory Lecture Engr. Duwi E. Iscala SoE/APC What are transmission lines? • Transmission lines are pieces of wire or cable used to carry telephone signals, computer data in LANs, TV signals in cable TV systems, and signals from a transmitter to an antenna, or vice versa. Transmission Line • Definition: – Any means of conveying signal or power from one point to another What are the different types of transmission lines? • Parallel-wire lines What are...
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  • Chapter 3 Review - 316 Words
    Chapter 3 Review Questions 1. What is different about the method used to boost a digital signal’s strength, compared with the method of boosting an analog signal’s strength? (D) A digital signal requires a repeater, which retransmits the signal in its original form, and an analog signal requires an amplifier, which increases the strength of both the signal and the noise it has accumulated. 4. What is the origin of the word “modem?” (B) Modulator/ demodulator 5. With everything else...
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  • NT1210 Lab 7 - 178 Words
    Jonathan Beck NT 1210 Williams CHAPTER 7 LAB 1.3 AND 2.4 1. 7.1.3 Media Infrastructure Summary UTP Phone Lines Used in telephone and computer networking Coaxial Television Cable Includes feedlines connecting radio transmitter and receivers with their antennas, computer network (Internet) connections, and distributing cable television signals. Fiber – optic Can be used in optical illumination; computer networking Uses a customized infrastructure to run dedicated connections; this is a costly...
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  • Tv vs. Internet - 1026 Words
    Will TV Succumb to the Internet? Case Study 1 John Doe 01/01/2010 Submitted in Partial Requirement for CIS-511-110 Managing Information Systems Important Case Facts Widespread use and ease of access to high-speed internet connections, powerful computers, and portable software devices have changed the way people obtain songs, videos, TV shows, and books. File-sharing and DVR service have increased the ease at which TV shows and music can be uploaded to the...
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  • NT1310 Unit 3 Exercise 1
    Unit 3 Exercise 1: Specifications – Definitions Define the following terms: Application (in terms of cabling infrastructure) – systems supported by telecommunications cabling; includes Ethernet, Token ring, Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI), and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Unshielded Twisted-Pair (UTP) – a type of cabling containing pairs of copper wires that are twisted together with plastic casing but without an electromagnetically shielded jacket; typically used in Ethernet...
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  • Thesis - 2123 Words
    APPROVAL SHEET In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, this thesis entitled “COMPUTERIZATION OF SOUTHERN SAMAR CABLE TELEVISION INVENTORY SYSTEM”, has been prepared and submitted by Rodilou O. Tablason, Roseann M. Abrian, Concepcion H. Deñado, Romnick P. Ecle and Maria Fe S. Odonel; who are recommended for Oral Examination. MISS HERSHEY R. ALBURO -------------------------------------------------...
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  • The Pangasinan - 640 Words
    SECURI-TECH DEPOT, CO. Your Safest Choice for all security Products #58 Jacinto plaza Building, Amang Rodriguez Bgy. Santolan, Pasig City TEL.No .(02)8614332 CELL.Nos.09285082409 / 09266999028 -------------------------------------- TO : World Citi Aviation Company Binalonan, Pangasinan. c/o Capt. Julius Bustamante Subject : 32 Channels CCTV QUOTATION AND INSTALLATION Dear Sir, We are pleased to submit to...
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  • NT1310 Unit 3 Exercise 1
     Cabling – Definitions 1. Application- A program running on a computer. 2. Unshielded Twisted-Pair- A pair of copper wires twisted together with no shielding. 3. Fiber-Optic Cable- Cable with one or more glass fibers that uses light to transfer data. 4. Dark Fiber- A fiber that is not carrying light. Used when extra fiber capacity is installed. 5. Coaxial Cable- Twisted-Pair cabling. It’s called coaxial because it has a single conductor surrounded by insulation and then a layer of shielding....
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  • TiVo Case Study - 639 Words
    1. Analyze the situation from the consumer’s standpoint. What is TiVo? What factors facilitate its adoption? What factors make adoption difficult? Who is TiVo best suited for? TiVo is a form of television recording technology used to record shows based on the users preferences. It can store a vast amount of recorded shows and play them back with out the interruption of commercials. It has added features such as pause and fast-forward, which can enhance and improve the television viewing...
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  • Self Introduction - 3028 Words
    A MIM/Coaxial Stub-Line CRLH Zeroth-Order Series-Mode Resonator used as an RF Coil Element for 7-Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging Andreas Rennings1 , Jan Taro Svejda1 , Simon Otto2 , Klaus Solbach2 , and Daniel Erni1 General and Theoretical Electrical Engineering (ATE), 2 High Frequency Engineering (HFT), Faculty of Engineering, University of Duisburg-Essen, and 1 CENIDE – Center for Nanointegration Duisburg Essen, D-47048 Duisburg, Germany 1 Abstract—A novel MIM/coaxial-stub composite...
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  • Lab 7 Wide Area Networks
    Lab 7 Wide Area Networks 7.1 Distance Consideration 7.1.1 A WAN is a wide area network that is often used by large businesses or corporations. It is impractical for an organization to own an entirety of a WAN because a WAN is decentralized It’s l for an organization to own an entire LAN, or local area network, for business expansion purposes. This is control over a dedicated section of the local network that other businesses will want to buy into. 7.1.2 Increasing the required transmission...
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  • Ethernet and Data Transmission Shares
    find Andrews, Jean (2013-01-01). A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC (Page 811). Cengage Leafind 5. When using DSL to connect to the Internet, the data transmission shares the cabling with what other technology? 6. When using cable Internet, the data transmission shares the cabling with what other t echnology? 7. What is the name of the port used by an Ethernet cable? What is the name of the port used by a dial-up modem? 8. If you want to upgrade your 100BaseT Ethernet...
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  • The Role of Youth in Realising Dreams of Abdulkalam
    A computer network is a telecommunications network that allows computers to exchange data. The physical connection between networked computing devices is established using either cable media or wireless media. The best-known computer network is the Internet. Network devices that originate, route and terminate the data are called network nodes.[1] Nodes can include hostssuch as servers and personal computers, as well as networking hardware. Two devices are said to be networked when a process in...
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  • The Age of Television - 587 Words
    It’s an apt metaphor. When it comes to the traditional screen that families gather around, live television is competing against a growing array of self-selected content. Given the amount of high-quality shows idling in my DVR and on-demand queue, channel surfing for live television seems very last century. And our television is Web-enabled, so a vast treasure of other goodies awaits from Netflix, Hulu Plus and Apple TV. (Our house is part of a rapidly growing trend: online viewing is up...
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  • Cogeco Porters 5 forces
    Criteria – Threat of New Entrants Yes (+) No (-) Comment 1. Do large firms have a cost or performance advantage in your segment of the industry? Yes There is a fierce price and performance competition in the telecommunication industry. All the big players aim to provide services at cheaper costs and make high performance promises in order to develop an integrative relationship with the customer. 2. Are there any proprietary product differences in your industry? No The products are not...
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  • Starhub 2007 Details - 295 Words
    Monopoly of starhub: A lump-sum bid would resolve asymmetry of information between EPL and cable TV operators. StarHub won the rights after a bidding war with SingTel and ESPN STARSports (ESS). They realised that it’s a monopoly where consumers are left with no choice, simply because StarHub is the only cable TV provider. Them packaging all their services together in a bundle was a very smart move, by doing so, they could increase their market share. The increase for the sports package was...
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  • NT1330 Week 3 exercise
    Specifications – Definitions 1. Application – A system of transmission method of which is supported by telecommunications cabling such as 100base-Tx Ethernet or digital voice over IP. 2. Unshielded twisted pair – Twisted pair cabling is a type of wiring in which two conductors are twisted. 3. Shielded twisted pair – Twisted pair cabling is a type of wiring in which two conductors are twisted 4. Fiber optic cable – a cable made of optical fibers that can transmit large amounts of...
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  • Videocon D2H - 6983 Words
    A PROJECT REPORT ON “MARKET RESEARCH FOR VIDEOCON d2h+” FOR “VIDEOCON DTH+” SUBMITTED TO PUNE INSTITUE OF BUSINESS MANAGENT (PIBM) In partial fulfillment of Post Graduate Program in Business Management (PGPBM) BY DHEERAJ KUMAR MAURYA ROLL NO:-521/08 BATCH:-2008-10 IAEER’S PUNE INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Survey No. - 499, Near Manas Resort, Bhugaon, Tal-Mulshi, Paud, Pune-411042(Maharashtra), India DECLARATION I, Mr. Dheeraj Kumar Maurya...
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  • NT1310 PPT wk2 - 1730 Words
    3/25/2014 Course Objectives Covered by this Unit • Contrast telecommunications services. Unit 2 Key Concept 1: Telecommunication Services System terminals Photo courtesy of Corning Cable Systems Copyright 2012, ITT ESI 1 Copyright 2012, ITT ESI Unit Learning Outcomes Keywords • Describe cable TV systems. Use the following keywords or keyword phrases to search for additional materials to support your work: • Compare various service provider types. • Broadcast TV • Identify different...
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  • Economics AT&T Research Paper
     Research Paper 2 –Trends & Future Conditions – AT&T Trends & Future Conditions - AT&T The telecommunication industry that AT&T essentially created has undergone radical advancements, particularly within the last decade. According to the IBM Institute for Business Value, approximately 15% of the world’s population had access to a telephone in 1999 but by 2009, 70% of the world’s population had mobile phone subscriptions (Nelson & van den Dam, 2010). Given the extraordinary...
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  • NT1210 Midterm study guide
    NT1210 Mid-Term Exam Study Sheet Chapter 1 1.Kilobye (KB), Megabyte(MB),Gigabyte(GB), Terabyte (TB) –Approx. number of bytes in each 2.Capacitor charge to represent 0 or1 3. Convert binary to decimal 4.Hexadecimal 5.Disk drive – platters, tracks, sectors Chapter 2 6.Digital voice calls 7.Video compression 8.Web address – identify protocol, server, web page 9.Internet core 10.Device drivers 11.Network topologies Chapter 3 12.Networking standards 13.De Facto standard...
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  • Transmission Media - 5816 Words
    PROJECT ON TRANSMISSION MEDIA Transmission Media On any network, the various entities must communicate through some form of media. Just as humans can communicate through telephone wires or sound waves in the air, computers can communicate through cables, light, and radio waves. Transmission media enable computers to send and receive messages but do not guarantee that the messages will be understood. Transmission Media Types The most common type...
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  • Dth Industry - 1432 Words
    Chapter 1 – Overview of the Project 1.1 TITLE OF THE PROJECT: To study the consumer behavior and to identify the reasons that trigger a consumer to shift from Cable TV to Direct- To- Home services. 1.2 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY:- * Determining the consumer preference for the form of TV channel viewing they prefer. * Determining the effectiveness of the promotional campaigns adopted by India’s two largest private players in this segment. * Determining the causes of satisfaction...
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  • Transmission Media - 3411 Words
    Introduction of Transmission Medium From the observation of “Network+ Guide to the Network” (pg75) transmission medium is a material medium that can transfer energy waves. Examples, sound use air and liquids particle as a transmission to travels. In ancient time, people transmitted information across distance by using animal, smoke, fire etc. These days, transmission medium allows the data travels through a network. With a single click, you can send the data to your destination in a short...
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  • Transmitting Bits - 2211 Words
    Dennis Thrane NT 1210 Unit 4 Lab 10/12/2014 Exercise 4.1.1 Why are standards so important for NICs, connectors, and media? Use your textbook and Internet research to justify your answer. The physical level determines how the 0 and 1 bits are identified. So both ends need to know the voltage range for a 1 and for a 0. If they used different values then the data would be lost, or the voltage at the destination may be so high that the current delivered to the destination could destroy the...
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  • History of ESPN - 1257 Words
    ESPN Biography “If you’re a fan, if you’re a fan, what you will see in the next few minutes, hours, and days to follow may convince you that you’ve gone to sports heaven,” were the first words ever said on ESPN and they were said by George Grande on September 7th, 1979 when ESPN went live at 7 p.m. (Smith 11). Entertainment Sports Programming Network or more commonly known as ESPN is a pioneer among basic cable television networks because it was the first network to devote its entire...
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  • Project 4 - 344 Words
    Scenario -3 The city of Mapleland, Oregon, which owns and operates its own power utility, built a fiber-optic network to monitor power meters at residents’ homes. The network is called Mapleland Fiber Network (MFN). Because MFN had more capacity than was needed to monitor meters, the city expanded its services to offer access to the network for citybusinesses. The businesses use the network to communicate with each other and to access the Internet. At the MFN headend, which is located with the...
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  • glossary - 33664 Words
    31 Segovia, San Clemente, CA 92672 (949) 369-3867 • This file can be found on the TEC website at Telecommunications Glossary from "A Technical Guide to Teleconferencing and Distance Learning," 3rd edition A B C D E F G H I J K L M 2 7 13 22 28 31 36 38 42 46 48 49 52 Telecommunications Glossary/1 N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 59 62 64 70 71 74 83 88 90 93 95 95...
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  • Qwertyuiop - 3911 Words
    PARAGRAPH DEVELOPMENT Exemplification Use exemplification paragraphs to provide instances that clarify your topic statement. In the following paragraph, the topic sentence is supported in examples that illustrate, support, and clarify the main point. Example: Vitamins and minerals can be added to enrich (replace nutrients lost in processing) or fortify (add nutrients not normally present) foods to improve their nutritional quality. Breads and cereals are usually enriched with some B...
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  • Wired Communication Media - 2279 Words
    Abstract Tons of data is transmitted on day to day basis from one point to another. Data comes in all various forms, physical and virtual. All different application comes with different requirements for data transfer. There is lots of data sitting at one place that needs to transmitted for various different purposes So, there is a definite need of transmitting data. Author in this paper is attempting to address all the possible available wires and cables in the wired communication media for...
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  • Transmission Lines - 2952 Words
    Transmission Lines Definition A transmission line is the conductive connection between system elements that carry signal power This “conductor” may at first appear to be a short circuit, but in fact will react differently when high frequencies are propagated along the line. Types of Transmission Lines Two-wire open line Twisted pair Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) Shielded Pair Coaxial Lines Balanced/Unbalanced lines Two Wire Open Line Two Wire Open Also called twin lead or two...
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  • Flexi Power - 3923 Words
    Module 2 Flexi EDGE BTS Installation Planning Confidential – IPR applies 1 © Nokia Siemens Networks Module 2 - Installation Planning / MNa / 2007-05-08 Module 2 - Flexi EDGE BTS installation planning After completing this module, the participant will be able to: Theory: • Describe the site requirements for Flexi EDGE BTS • Describe installation options for Flexi EDGE BTS • Describe the DC Power options for Flexi EDGE BTS • Describe transmission options for Flexi EDGE BTS • Describe...
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  • It320 Unit 1 - 298 Words
    Homework 5.1 Pg 205 "Master it" 1. What are the three basic tools required to install a plug for a UTP wire? A. Wire Stripper B. Wire Cutter C. Cable crimper 2. What type of fiber-optic tester should you purchase to make sure the cable was installed without any fault and that enough light is being transmitted through the fiber, and what three things should you know before buying a cable? Attenuation tester, the tester should include capability for the correct...
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  • NT1310 Unit 6 Exercise 1
    Silaba Mpasu Physical Networking Unit 6 Exercise 1 Connector Installations Twisted-pair cable On a TWISTED PAIR CABLE I chose to install an RJ-45. This is the standard Ethernet connector for most systems used today. I would first measure out the length of cable that I would need. I would then use a wire cutter to cut the length that I need, leaving enough room for corrections and to open the wire. I would then use wire strippers to remove a small piece of the outer most jacket. I would then...
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  • Unit 3 Exercise 1
    1. Application (in terms of cabling infrastructure) – A system the transmission method of which is supported by telecommunications cabling, such as a 100base-TX Ethernet, or digital voice. 2. Unshielded Twisted-Pair – (UTP) a pair of copper wires twisted together with no electromagnetic shielding around them. Each wire pair is twisted many times per foot to cancel out electrical signal. 3. Shielded Twisted-Pair – A type of twisted pair cable in which the pairs are enclosed in an outer...
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  • Data Communication - 758 Words
    02. Compare and contrast between the bus and star topology.  A network architecture in which a set of clients are connected by a shared communications line, called as a bus.  A network consists of one central switch, hub or computer which acts as a conduit to transmit messages, called as a star.  Bus networks are the simplest way to connect multiple clients, but often have problems when two clients want to transmit at the same time on the same bus.  The star topology is a...
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  • Timeline: Three Hundred Years of American Mass Media.
    Mass media has played a crucial role in the American politics. TV commercials have influenced the outcome of elections. One Timeline theme is the effect of technological advances on the development of the media. Like how the invention of the printing press made the mass production of newspapers possible, the invention of high-speed Internet access has led to an increase in the diversity and specialization of news to individual audiences. A second Timeline theme is the shift in the economic...
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  • NT 1210 Lab 4
    NT1210 Chapter 4 Lab 4.1.1 Why are standards so important for NICs, connectors, and media? Use your textbook and Internet research to justify your answer. Standards are put in place to make everything work together error free. Because Stability, Consistency, Minimization of packet errors. 4.1.2 The voltage for registering a bit of 1 on Ethernet can be as low as 2.5 volts or even 1 volt. Why is this so low when the capacity for transmitting electricity on the copper wire is so high? Use...
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  • Broadcast Media in Indian Context
    Broad Cast Media: Electronic instrumentation of radio and television, including local radio and television stations, radio and television networks and cable television systems. Because of their ability to reach vast numbers of people, broadcast media play a very important role in any advertising campaign that needs to reach a broad market base. The broadcast media wield a very pervasive influence in most Indians’ lives. Various Types of Broadcast media: • Television • Radio • Internet...
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  • Access Control Policy - 1119 Words
    IT-255 unit 3 assignment 1 1.0 Purpose The purpose of this policy is to define standards for connecting to 's network from any host. These standards are designed to minimize the potential exposure to from damages which may result from unauthorized use of resources. Damages include the loss of sensitive or company confidential data, intellectual property, damage to public image, damage to critical internal systems, etc. 2.0 Scope This policy applies to all employees, contractors, vendors...
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  • Telecommunications Law - 777 Words
    Telecom Law and Regulation Professor: David Olson September 14, 2012 Week 2 Case Study What is the natural monopoly ? Natural Monopoly is a monopoly that exists because the cost of producing the product (i.e., a good or a service) is lower due to economies of scale if there is just a single producer than if there are several...
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  • NTC 415 Week 2 Individual Network Connections Paper
    NTC 415 Week 2 Individual Network Connections Paper To Purchase this Tutorial Copy And Paste Below Link In Your Browser For Any Information or Any Class Which you Did not find on Our Website , Just Hit US Email On below address Email Address: Visit Our Website : NTC 415 Week 2 Individual Network Connections Paper Connectivity for users is a main...
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  • Net Neutrality Paper - 2025 Words
    Kent State University Net Neutrality Capitalism vs Socialism Stark Campus Daniel Skiba Margaret Black College Writing II 11/8/2010 Economic models continually sweep the globe with debate. Today’s society is far more technologically advanced then our ancestors, but we can learn a great deal from the past. The past shows how capitalism shaped the cable companies and our country. Basic economic rules will show the prosperity of private ownership rather than federal regulation. Whether the...
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  • NT1310 Unit 3 Exercise 1
    Eric Scantlebury NT1310 Physical Networking Unit 3 Assignment 1: Specifications - Definitions 4/10/14 Application Describes cables, fire ratings and shielding Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Types of Ethernet and phone cables twisted around each other to decrease interference from EMI. Has no shielding. Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) Same as the UTP cables except it is shielded in a metal sheath around it to stop external interference. Fiber-Optic Cable A cable that uses glass to transmit data...
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  • Financial Planning and Forecasting - 1804 Words
    University of Pangasinan PHINMA Education Network Dagupan City SCHOOL OF GRADUATE STUDIES AND PROFESSIONAL STUDIES Master in Business Administration CASE STUDY ON FINANCIAL PLANNING AND FORECASTING Submitted by: NARVI M. MONTANO MBA Student Submitted to: PELILIA C. VELOSO, CPA, LLB, DBA Professor First Semester Academic Year 2010-2011 Financial Planning and Forecasting Case Study ________________________________________ ENTREPRENEURIAL DECISION MAKING: CONNECT...
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  • Yhft - 4494 Words
    Name: Jeremiah Edison D. Pascua Course & Year: BSIT-3 Date Submitted: June 24, 2013 1. Twisted Pair Wire Physical Specification: -Twisted pair wire is a type of wiring in which two conductors of a single circuit are twisted together for the purposes of canceling outelectromagnetic interference (EMI) from external sources; for instance, electromagnetic radiation from unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables, and crosstalk between...
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  • Nt 1310 Midterm Exam Review
    1. Plenum and coaxial cable are not common cables used today. 2. A decibel is the unit of measurement that is a tenfold logarithmic ratio of power output to power input. 3. Frequency increases does not contribute to attenuation. 4. Mutual crosstalk is not a type of crosstalk. 5. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is part of the US government. 6. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is responsible for the development and publication of the National Electric Code....
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  • Essay Writing Skills - 71016 Words
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  • Gsm Based Water Pump Controller
    CHAPTER 4 TRANSMISSION MEDIA 4.1 Guided Transmission Media Twisted Pair Coaxial Cable Optical Fiber 4.2 Wireless Transmission Antennas Terrestrial Microwave Satellite Microwave Broadcast Radio Infrared 4.3 Wireless Propagation Ground Wave Propagation Sky Wave Propagation Line-of-Sight Propagation 4.4 Line-of-Sight Transmission Free Space Loss Atmospheric Absorption Multipath Refraction 4.5 4.6 Recommended Reading and Web Sites Key Terms, Review Questions, and Problems Key Terms Review...
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  • business research - 1964 Words
    Research problem and purpose One of the main purposes for Time Warner Cable is the ability to bring in as many new clients while being able to maintain the satisfaction of the existing clients. A reason why clients are canceling or unsatisfied with the service from Time Warner Cable stems from customers paying for something they expect and may not be getting. The other issues would be how to be able to bring in new clients, what types of services can Time Warner Cable offer to the new...
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  • Step-by-Step Guide on How to Browse the Internet Free with Any Decoder Satellite Internet Connection with a Decoder
    STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE ON HOW TO BROWSE THE INTERNET FREE WITH ANY DECODER SATELLITE INTERNET CONNECTION WITH A DECODER This step by step Manual will give you detailed guideline on how to connect to the internet with your decoders, either HITV,DSTV,MYTV etc. you must take note that all relevant equipments for this setup must be available before doing the configuration. Introduction Communication between computers is a major part of the PC computing Industry. Thanks to the World Wide Web (www),...
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  • Data Communications Notes - 1931 Words
    Transmission Media • Transmission medium – Physical path between transmitter and receiver – May be guided (wired) or unguided (wireless) – Communication achieved by using em waves • Characteristics and quality of data transmission – Dependent on characteristics of medium and signal – Guided medium ∗ Medium is more important in setting transmission parameters – Unguided medium ∗ Bandwidth of the signal produced by transmitting antenna is important in setting transmission parameters ∗ Signal...
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  • Uncontrollable Environmental Factors - 250 Words
    College Marketing- Sisk Uncontrollable Environmental Factors 9/20/12 The head of a major TV network would be plagued with uncontrollable factors. External environmental factors affect marketing decisions all the time. The public becoming more concerned with sex and violence on the television are part of the social factor. The social factor is involved with demographics, culture, and values. Another external factor would be regulatory forces. The government may regulate businesses with regard...
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  • Baldeo PersaudNT 1210Lab 4Exercise 411Why Are
    Baldeo Persaud NT 1210 Lab 4 Exercise 4.1.1 Why are standards so important for NICs, connectors, and media? Use your textbook and Internet research to justify your answer. So that NIC’s on different service providers can communicate with each other. Exercise 4.1.2 The voltage for registering a bit of 1 on Ethernet can be as low as 2.5 volts or even 1 volt. Why is this so low when the capacity for transmitting electricity on the copper wire is so high? Use your textbook and Internet research to...
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  • Media Industry in Korea - 816 Words
    The Korean Media Landscape Changes in the Korean Media Landscape Current Changes in Korean Media 1. 1948~1960: Seung Man Lee’s government  Outlawed leftist newspapers  Closed moderate newspapers  Arrested reporters and publishers 2. 1964~1972: Chung Hee Park’s government  Dictatorship  Closed all but fifteen of Seoul's 64 daily newspapers  Using its own radio and news agencies to promote its official line  The Press Ethics Commission Law 3. 1980~1988: Doo Hwan Chun’s...
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  • nt1210 lab 7.1-3
    1. It’s impractical for an organization to own the entirety of a WAN because it would be to maintain the entirety, it’s to maintain the entirety of a LAN because it’s easier to maintain and 2. Attenuation 1. The quality of UTP cables can vary from telephone-grade wire to extremely high-speed cable. They more prevalent in school networks. Coaxial can support great cable lengths between network devices. Coaxial cable has been popular in school networks, especially linear bus...
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  • lab 4 - 527 Words
     NT1210 Chapter 4 Lab 4.1.1 Standards are put in place to make everything work together error free. Because Stability, Consistency, Minimization of packet errors. 4.1.2 Because the voltage used to transmit data needs only be high enough for the receiver to detect it. Making the voltage higher would make the receiver electronics more difficult. 4.1.3 Hospitals, security systems, PA & recording studios. The drawback of STP cables is that they will increase the total...
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  • Will Tv Succumb to the Internet
    1.) The internet is the main competitive force that has challenged the television industry. Consumers can access YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and many other sites to view shows and movies online or even on their smart phones. The cable companies fear that if this continues, the number of people cancelling their service will increase drastically. 2.) There is a steady impact from disruptive technology on the companies from this case. The cable companies themselves are embracing the internet as...
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  • Twisted Pair and Stripe Green Stripe
    Exercise 4.1.1 The NIC works at the physical and Data Link Layer only and does not use TCP or IP those are programs that are on your computer. Exercise 4.1.2 Because one is trying to transmit information and the other is transmitting power. Two completely different things. Exercise 4.1.3 Applicators can steel reinforced concrete in a building, elevators, high capacity radio transmitters, and more expensive cables lessen the changes of interference. Exercise 4.1.4 Table 4-1 UTP...
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  • swag - 621 Words
    Dom ------------------------------------------------------ Jan.19 1. What is a computer network? A computer network consits of a number of computers linked together using special ha`rdware and software to enable them to share computing resources. 2. List four main hardware and three software components on a network. 1. Hardware -Personal computers, mainframes, printers, and navigational control systems. 2. Software - Application software, desktop software, and networking...
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