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  • Child Discipline - 1031 Words
    ------------------------------------------------- GOALS OF EFFECTIVE DISCIPLINE Discipline is the structure that helps the child fit into the real world happily and effectively. It is the foundation for the development of the child’s own self-discipline. Effective and positive discipline is about teaching and guiding children, not just forcing them to obey. As with all other interventions aimed at pointing out unacceptable behavior, the child should always know that the parent loves and...
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  • Child Discipline - 1148 Words
    Discipline is an important component of the growth process of children (Child Discipline). Since the beginning of time, discipline techniques used have varied with each family. However, the general importance of discipline within a household has been commonly accepted. One may ask, "What is discipline exactly?" It is human nature to challenge authority. As a natural part of development, children tend to test there boundaries. Discipline is the consequences of their misbehavior. If done in an...
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  • Child Discipline Expository Writing
    A Fine Line between Child Abuse and Discipline Child abuse is the physical injury of a child inflicted by a parent which ranges from superficial bruises, broken bones, burns, serious internal injuries and in some cases, death (Prevent Child Abuse America). Child abuse is a topic that causes rage in many discussions throughout the country because it is outrageous actions against innocent children. Many parents question whether discipline can become child abuse. Bell Hooks is an educated woman,...
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  • Discipline - 754 Words
    Discipline is extremely important in student life it’s the bridge between goals and achievements. It forms the core of virtues such as success, manners and honesty. Discipline lays the foundation for achieving better results, outshining in class and more importantly, gaining higher goals in life. Quite frankly discipline in modern day public schools is something we are clearly lacking. Back when our parents were younger discipline in schools was respected and standards of...
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  • Discipline - 635 Words
    Discipline Discipline is the process of teaching the child what type of behavior is acceptable and what type is not acceptable, it teaches a child to follow rules. Discipline may involve both punishment, such as a time out, and, more importantly, rewards. It sounds so straightforward, yet every parent becomes frustrated at one time or another with issues surrounding children and discipline. Every parent wants their children to be happy, respectful, respected by others, and able to find their...
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  • Position Paper- Child Abuse and Discipline
    PARENTAL DISCIPLINE AND ABUSE Parental discipline and child abuse are among the most controversial topics currently, and they cause serious problems for children in the United States. Child abuse essentially focuses on the child’s bad behaviors and gives the child emotional and physical harms. Forms of abuse include spanking, hitting, saying negative things and corporal punishment. In fact, parental discipline is a much more appropriate way of dealing with negative behavior than using...
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  • Discipline Effective Discipline - 6932 Words
    Discipline Subtitle: Classroom Discipline A Research work In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course EMGT 210 - Human Behavior in Organization TABLE OF CONTENTS Page TITLE PAGE ……………………………………………………………………… 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS………………………………………………………….. 2 OBJECTIVES OF THE RESEARCH WORK………………………….……….. 3 TOPIC INTRODUCTION…………………………………………………………………. 4...
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  • discipline models - 303 Words
    A Comparison of Discipline Models Wong’s Pragmatic Classroom Kagan, Kyle, and Scott’s win-win discipline Morrish’s Real Discipline Compare and Contrast • Students are given the choose to what they feel is good for them to do. • Students, teacher and parents are involved in the rule making. • Help students understand each other’s responsibilities along with what the teacher’s responsibilities are. • Discipline is something that the win-win problem doesn’t do to students. • Corrects the...
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  • Classroom Discipline - 2321 Words
    Classroom Discipline: Teaching Stability, Order, Respect and the Value of Law. Effective discipline is a challenge for all educators. “The issue of discipline, also referred to as classroom management, continues to surface as one of the most challenging problems in education today” (“The Discipline Dilemma: Problems and Promises.”). Research suggests in order to maintain a well-disciplined classroom, teachers must establish rules and expectations, enforce limits of rules, encourage and...
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  • Discipline, Not Abuse - 511 Words
    Abuse or Discipline Abuse: (n) a·buse (uh-byoos) 1. To hurt or injure by maltreatment, ill use. Some parents try to say that the abuse that their child is enduring is to teach him/her a lesson. There is a very big difference between physical abuse and discipline for your child, and, as Bell hooks states in her essay, “Justice: Childhood Love Lessons”, love cannot coexist with abuse. I agree with her in saying, parents should discipline their children without physically abusing them. There...
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  • Culture and Discipline - 404 Words
    Culture is the customs, beliefs, social, and general family behaviors of a group or groups of people. The way children are raised also has a lot to do with the type of culture that they are raised in. Although discipline and punishment may vary widely depending on the part of the world the family is from. One thing still remains the same. Good parents want what is best for the child. The main difference would be what the parents believe is best for the child such as; an American mothers tend...
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  • School Discipline - 1356 Words
    School discipline From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A Harper's Weekly cover from 1898 shows a caricature of school discipline. School discipline is the system of rules, punishments and behavioral strategies appropriate to the regulation of children and the maintenance of order in schools. Its aim is to control the students actions and behavior. An obedient student is in compliance with the school rules and codes of conduct. These rules may, for example, define the expected standards of...
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  • Argumentative discipline - 817 Words
     ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY HAS DISCIPLINE HAD AN EFFECT ON THE CHANGE OF TODAYS GENERATION? In a society where good morals and principles almost seem extinct, it brings to the fore front of the conscious mind the role that discipline or lack thereof has played in the deteriorating state of the criminal element. Statistics show that just over ten (10) years ago in 2003 the number of murders recorded for that year was fifty (50) according to The National crime report. However in this present time it...
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  • A Comparison of Discipline Models Win-Win Discipline And Real Discipline
    A Comparison of Discipline Models Wong’s Pragmatic Classroom Kagan, Kyle, and Scott’s win-win discipline Morrish’s Real Discipline Compare and Contrast • Students are given the choose to what they feel is good for them to do. • Students, teacher and parents are involved in the rule making. • Help students understand each other’s responsibilities along with what the teacher’s responsibilities are. • Discipline is something that the win-win problem doesn’t do to students. • Corrects the...
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  • Child Disipline - 2510 Words
    THESIS Most all primary care givers discipline there children on some type of level. Caregivers that work full time jobs and need care provided for their child before proper school going ages opt for daycare centers. Most parents are anxious about leaving their children only because honestly they would like to stay home with their children. Most caregivers main concern is the discipline that will be adminisiterd to their child. Most daycer centers do not dipsipline the same way the primary...
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  • Child Rearing - 1493 Words
    “Corporal punishment is the use of physical force causing pain, but not wounds, as a means of discipline.” Definition of Corporal Punishment by Unicef- Educate! Don’t Punish! Awareness Campaign Physical punishment was very common. In the past corporal punishment was by not only applied to children. It was used on adults as well. In England from the Middle Ages whipping was a common punishment for minor crimes. In the 18th century whipping or flogging was a common punishment in the British army...
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  • Developing Self Discipline - 2054 Words
     Developing Self Discipline From Childhood to Adulthood Everyday people are faced with desires and temptation. People tend to become impulsive because they cannot control their actions. Being able to have the ability to have self-control is extremely important to be self-disciplined. Self-discipline is the process of teaching yourself to do what is in your best interest to reach your goals, without becoming sidetracked by negative influences. Bear...
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  • Respect, Responsibility, and Discipline
    Respect Reflecting on respect the first thing that comes to mind is treating others the way you want to be treated. I believe people deserve only as much respect as they give, although there are many very disrespectful people, on the other side there are also many very respectful people. The definition of respect is a feeling of admiration for someone because of their qualities or achievements. This definition was taken from a dictionary. I do not agree with this definition because we should...
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  • Discipline: Effective School Practices
    Discipline: Effective School Practices BY GEORGE BEAR, PHD, NCSP, University of Delaware, Newark Traditionally, with respect to school discipline, American educators ha ve had two distinct aims: (a) to help create and maintain a safe, orderly, and positive learning environment, w hich often requires the use of discipline to correct misbehavior; and (b) to teach or develop self-disci pline. Both aims are equally important and should always be included in the development and evaluation...
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  • Discipline in School and at Home - 1453 Words
    Discipline in school and at home In its original sense, discipline is systematic instruction given to disciples to train them as students in a craft or trade, or any other activity which they are supposed to perform, or to follow a particular code of conduct or "order". Often, the phrase "to discipline" carries a negative connotation. This is because enforcement of order – that is, ensuring instructions are carried out – is often regulated through punishment. Discipline is the assertion of...
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  • The Mental and Physical Discipline of Dance
    The lights dimmed and the girl entered the stage with grace. She took her initial position and when the music echoed throughout the auditorium, she began to dance. For the past hour, the girl had been dancing, and yet she still didn’t seem tired. This was her final dance, yet she performed as if it was her opening act. Every step was neat, in sync to the music, and was graceful. She twirled around elegantly and finished her debut with a stunning pose. After taking a deep bow, the girl talked...
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  • Punishment and Discipline in Children - 965 Words
    Punishment and Discipline in children Summary: Punishment and discipline differ in a couple of ways. First of all punishment is something parents impose on children rather than discipline which is something that is usually known by the child. A disciplined child will not do something bad because they know it is wrong because their parents have set a good example. Punishment allows the discharge of parental anger, while discipline takes more thought to carry out and in turn can be much more...
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  • Mother and Different Discipline Styles
    DISCIPLINE “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” This is a famous saying, almost a principle that parents use to discipline their child when they have gone wayward. What it means is when the child has done something wrong, parents spare the rod. Sparing the rod means, to not punish the child. This way, the child would develop the thinking that mummy and daddy would let me off after a earful of scolding. This would lead the child to start thinking that he would be let off with a scolding being...
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  • Discipline and Technically Advanced Countries
    Discipline is the hallmark of progress. But I, sometimes, wonder why? Then I recall the words of old - "Discipline your children while they are young enough to learn. If you don't, you are helping them to ruin themselves." So what is so majestic about discipline that following it would prevent the ruin of my life? Have you ever paused to observe that the word discipline almost completely has the word 'disciple' within it? Discipline, in its original sense, probably meant nothing but focused...
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  • Effective Discipline Without Physical Punishment
    Effective Discipline without Physical Punishment Jennifer Bailey Westerns Governors University Effective Discipline without Physical Punishment Contrary to what generations of parents have experienced in their own childhood, physical punishment is not an effective method to use when rearing children. Parents should become educated in other strategies that are non-physical and more effective in curbing misbehavior in children. Positive effective methods would include using timeouts,...
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  • Discipline: Psychology and Conducive Learning Environment
    Discipline is one of the basic requirements of a civilized life. Every society has to set certain norms for people to follow. Everything in this world is governed by a definite set of laws. If everything goes on in a definite routine and the discipline is maintained then there would not be any chaos anywhere. Discipline is the backbone of the national unity. Citizens of disciplined nations can work more smoothly and are filled with the spirit of unity, brotherhood and co-operation. However,...
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  • Spare the Rod or Spoil the Child?
    English 1123.106 15 November, 2010 Spare the Rod or Spoil the Child? In a world where children are raised in a non-traditional fashion, physical discipline is a mere distant memory. Corporal punishment has been one of the oldest methods of disciplining children, through the infliction of spanking, or smacking – an attempt to discourage a child from acting a certain way. Children grow and learn from their mistakes, but how do they...
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  • What Is the Difference Between Discipline and Punishment?
    Discipline teaches a child how to act. Discipline should make sense to a child. It should have something to do with what he has done wrong. Discipline helps a child feel good about himself. It gives him the chance to correct his mistakes. It puts him in charge of his actions. Punishment only tells a child that she is bad. It does not tell a child what she should do instead. So punishment may not make sense to the child. Punishment usually has nothing to do with what the child did wrong....
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  • Should Parents Physically Discipline Their Children?
    Jamie Dukes Dr. Early English 104 April 13, 2009 Should Parents Physically Discipline Their Children? Should parents physically discipline their child for doing something wrong? I say yes! I think physically discipline one’s child will correct behavior problems, improve grades, and help them to become well mannered; but I am going to let the Bible’s point of view answer this question. The history of the Bible says, “Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child, but the rod of...
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  • Punishment in Child Rearing Practice
    Should punishment have a role in 21st Century child rearing practice? Word count: 1100 Abstract According to Burton, Westen and Kowalski (2009), punishment can be described as an environmental consequence that has the ability to modify behaviour through operant conditioning. This paper examines three different studies that explore the effects of corporal punishment on adolescence, the effects of punishment on children of different ages, and the effects of punishment on children of...
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  • To What Extent Is Discipline Required to Live a Good Life?
    The most important form of discipline in society is self-discipline. Self-discipline means that every individual is not only healthy and happy, but that they ensure those around them are healthy and happy as well. However, due to human nature, self-discipline cannot work effectively all the time. Where self-discipline fails we need a support system of authoritative discipline to step in and fill its place. Both Socrates and Aristotle believe in self-discipline first and foremost, however...
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  • Ways to Discipline, Educate, and Spend Quality Time with Your Ways to Discipline, Educate, and Spend Quality Time with Your Children
    There are many simple ways that parents can help encourage their child’s development from an early age. Learning how to effectively discipline your child is an important skill that all parents need to learn. “To get what we want in life, we have to do what we have never done.” (Derrick 25). Whether the parent is traditional, a stay home parent, or a fulltime worker, the most precious thing a parent can give his or her kids is their time. Here are some ways to discipline, educate, and...
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  • Show How Discipline and Obedience Are Linked to the Development of the Will from a Montessori Perspective
    In order to explain the relationship between discipline and obedience from a Montessori perspective, it would be useful define and compare the more common explanations of these terms with the interpretations of Maria Montessori. The development of the child within the Montessori setting and in particular the maturational development of discipline, obedience and the will shall then be discussed. In so doing, a very close and almost symbiotic relationship between all three will become apparent....
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  • P1 Explain The Need For And Role Of Discipline In The Uniformed Public Services
    P1 Explain the need for and role of discipline in the uniformed public services The Uniformed public services includes Police, Fire & Rescue Services, Paramedics and Royal Armed Forces, they are regularly called upon to operate in extremely hazardous conditions. The effectiveness of any public service is directly related to, and affected by, the efficiency of the people who work in that service. Discipline plays a major role in the uniformed public services and the degree of self-discipline...
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  • Is Child Behavior Better or Worse Than It Was Years Ago?
    Is child behavior better or worse than it was years ago? My stand in this question is YES; child behavior has worsened over the years. Many devices today cause poor behavior. We see many children with violent actions in many places, such as restaurants, grocery markets, shopping malls, and many other public areas. In an opinion poll, it showed that about seventy percent of responders believe that child behavior has worsened over the years. Observe a public area, and you’ll find out....
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  • Why you should not spank, and why spanking can be bad for the child and the parent.
    Spanking does nothing to teach a child to develop inner discipline. A child's focus is on the spanking itself, not on a review of the behavior that led to it. After a spanking, a child does not sit in his room and think, "Gee, I sure goofed. But I really learned something. Next time I'll behave." Instead a child is typically thinking, "It's not fair! She doesn't understand! I hate her." Another problem with spanking is that spanking is seen as punishment for a crime, payment for a debt. In other...
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  • Descipline at School - 320 Words
    Discipline at school School discipline is the system of rules, punishments and behavioural strategies appropriate to the regulation of students and the maintenance of order in schools. Its aim is to create a safe and conducive learning environment in the classroom. A disciplined student is in compliance with the school rules and codes of conduct. These rules may, for example, define the expected standards of clothing, timekeeping, social behaviour and work ethic. The term discipline is also...
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  • Qualities of a Good Parent - 548 Words
    Love and Discipline Raising children can be extremely difficult at times. While there are numerous qualities required to be a good parent, there are two basic qualities that every parent should consist of while raising their children. By a parent obtaining love and discipline in the raising of their children will result in good parenting. A good parent must make his or her child feel cherished at times; however, a parent must also discipline children when necessary. Love is extremely...
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  • 04.06 Review and Critical Thinking
    Review Questions 1.What is positive parenting? 2.What is discipline? How does it differ from punishment? 3.What is active listening? Why is it used by parents? 4.What is guidance? Provide an example of a parent providing guidance to a child? 5.Where can families and parents find support and resources? Review Answers: 1) Positive parenting is an approach that seeks to encourage good behavior in children through clear guidelines and rules. Good communication, rewarding and modeling good...
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  • Corporal Punishment Should Be Banned
    A controversial topic has been in the headlines recently; whether corporal punishment should be banned or not. Corporal punishment is a form of physical discipline that inflicts deliberate pain to discipline a child. Doctors have been saying they want a ban on it because of the many long term effects that it can cause. Corporal punishment was popular in the 1950’s, with 99% of parents smacking their children. These days, only 69% of families in Australia do. Smacking children can cause...
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  • Research Paper of Eng 102 105 awl highlighted
    Fear and Child Rearing Erkal-1 Fatih Erkal Sibel Evliyagil Eng 102 – 105 22.04.2015 “Are fear-oriented or love-oriented child rearing techniques more effective in order to make children behave in desired manner regarding their healthy cognitive and emotional development?” Fear and Child Rearing: A Review on Disciplinary Techniques in Child Rearing This paper examines the disciplinary and influence techniques in child rearing by dividing them into two categories as fear-oriented and...
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  • How to Make a Questionnaire - 352 Words
    Appendix The following survey contains questions about “Situation of teenager’s freedom in Bangladesh”. The findings gathered from this survey will be incorporated into a research paper. I would appreciate your honest answer to the following questions. General subject Information Gender: Male Female Age: _______ Occupation: __________________ Survey Questions (Circle all the letters that apply) Q1. Do you think teenagers need more freedom? a) Yes b) Maybe c) to...
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  • PARENTING SKILLS - 359 Words
    1) What is positive parenting? Positive parenting is when you encourage good behavior, good communication, and help your children maintain high self-esteem. 2) What is discipline? How does it differ from punishment? Discipline is to teach your child from their mistake and it’s different from punishment because punishment is when your child doesn’t abide by the rules nor does something they were told not to do. 3) What is active listening? Why is it used by parents? Active listening is when...
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  • Module Four Text Questions
    Module Four: Text Questions Review Questions 1. What is positive parenting? ​ Positive parenting is when you teach your child values such as, good behavior, making clear guidelines and rules, and good communication. 2. What is discipline? How does it differ from punishment?​ Discipline is teaching,meaning teaching your child there wrongdoings. punishing is hurting them for what they did and not explaining what he or she did wrong. 3....
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    Should parents smack their children? In this essay I am going to outline and assess the effects of smacking children and what the consequences are in later life. I will use evidence and statistics and evaluate the outcome of them. Do you want your child to grow up with violence, theft, drugs and bulling? Dr Phill Jones argues that children who were smacked as a child are more likely to bully, use drugs and get involved in violent crime. Children may not always feel safe out in the...
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  • Module one q's - 471 Words
    Review Questions 1. What is positive parenting? 2. What is discipline? How does it differ from punishment? 3. What is active listening? Why is it used by parents? 4. What is guidance? Provide an example of a parent providing guidance to a child? 5. Where can families and parents find support and resources? Critical Thinking Questions 1. Why are consequences an important part of positive parenting? 2. Why is it important that parents establish a positive relationship and positive...
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  • Misbehavior - 737 Words
    Children Misbehavior Everyone makes mistakes once in a while, but there are many children that cannot tell the difference between right and wrong. They grow up in a world with no rules and subsequently realize that they have made many wrong decisions that led them to undesirable moments in life. They have not only underestimated their parents but also ruined their lives by not listening to parents and not following the rules while they were young. Therefore parents should be allowed to hit...
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  • Essay - 9610 Words
    Discipline Is Not Punishment Where Is this Much-Taught Discipline? A week doesn't go by without a telephone call from some stranger wanting to speak to someone I never heard of. Why so many wrong numbers? Is the simple discipline of finding the correct number and pushing the phone buttons accurately too much for grown people to handle? After their having called the wrong party, they rarely apologize. More often, it is an angry demand, "Who's this?!" They are affronted by my answering the...
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  • The Effects of Undiscipline from the School Regulation
    The Effect of Indiscipline From the School Regulation School discipline is the system of rules, punishments, and behavioral strategies appropriate to the regulation of children in schools. Its aim is to control the students' actions and behavior. Many students, exactly in SMAN 3 Jakarta doesn’t follow the rules. Examples, not wearing proper uniform, men with long hair, etc. What Is The Effect of Indiscipline From the School Regulation? Every school there must be rules and regulation...
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  • MOD 4 Critical Ques
    Review Questions 1. What is positive parenting? Positive parenting is when you encourage good behavior in your children by setting a clear set of rules, rewarding good behavior, good communication, and pushing healthy self-esteem within your child. This teaches them what’s right from wrong without being too harsh since they don’t know any better. 2. What is discipline? How does it differ from punishment? Discipline is when you are teaching your child based upon their mistakes. Punishment is...
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  • htt p mod 4 review
    Module Four: Text Questions Review Questions What is positive parenting? is an way to encourage your childs good behavior with good guidlines,rules, and good communication. by rewarding them with toys going plpaces ect. What is discipline? How does it differ from punishment? Discipline requires thought, planning and patience. and punishmet is usually hitting or spanking.Discipline is guidance. What is active listening? why is it used by parents?Active listening is a way of listening and...
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  • Parents Bribing Kids - 795 Words
    Research Paper Do you think parents should bribe there kids because of discipline or just to get their children to like them? Do you know someone who as bribed their children, just to satisfy a them? There are plenty of parents that take it to that level. The problem is, there is also a limit on that kind of situation. Bad parenting exist in today’s society, and that has to change. Parents that overly bribe their children will make their child spoiled, unappreciative, and disrespectful....
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  • Spoiled, but Not a Brat
    Diquan Lamar Hubbard Introduction to College Writing Professor Sophie Bradford October 19, 2012 Spoiled, but not a Brat The ideal spoiled child does not come to mind easily. I observed people around campus, but I think one of the perfect examples of a spoiled child is Angelica Pickles from the popular Nickelodeon show Rugrats. Angelica showed characteristics that made her stand out as an antagonist. She would refer to the other characters as “dumb babies.” Angelica would show how selfish...
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  • Parents Should Not Apply Punishment on Children
    TASK: Parents should not apply corporal punishment on their children. I strongly recommend that parents should not apply corporal punishment on their children for the following reasons. First and foremost, the parents ‘s corporal punishment is harmful to children ‘s health because it can cause bruises and injuries to them. For example, when the parents hit their children on their ears much, they can even be deaf. Second, corporal punishment results in children ’s emotional issues. Almost all...
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  • Bettina DuganWR 122Kathleen BustamanteAssignment 2April 28
    Bettina Dugan WR 122 Kathleen Bustamante Assignment # 2 April 28, 2014 Discipline vs. Punishment Child discipline is something that we have all experienced personally in different forms, seen used on others, and is also to some degree what many of us will go on to practice later in life with our own children. Each person has their own opinion on what discipline is and how it should be used on children. The Webster dictionary defines discipline as “training to ensure proper behavior: the...
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  • 4 - 581 Words
    Review Questions What is positive parenting? Positive parenting is when you raise your child in a positive manner. Teaching him/her good behavior, making clear guidelines and rules. Having good communication with your child is one of the most important things parents should do. What is discipline? How does it differ from punishment? Punishment is a penalty that is given for a perceived or real fault. Discipline is another word for teach. Discipline in parenting means to help teach children from...
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  • Advantages and Disadva - 1120 Words
    Abstract This essay is about disciplining children. It will focus on the various disadvantages and advantages of disciplining children. To begin with will it will firstly present the disadvantage of disciplining children which includes firstly it leads to rebellious behavior of children secondly it contributes to emotional fallout in children and finally it will focus on the psychological effects on children. Thereafter it will focus on the advantages of disciplining children. The advantages...
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  • Permissive vs. Strict Parenting
    Leave me alone or I'll scream! I'm calling the authorities and tell them you are abusive. These are threats we hear today from our youth. Very little respect is shown to those in authority. Parenting guidelines have diminished over the last fifty years leaving us with a compromised future. Single parenting and busy schedules are only the beginning of the problems we face with effectively raising the adults of tomorrow. These concerns and others have placed a part in removing the much...
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  • Parental Corporal Punishment - 1357 Words
    Parental Corporal Punishment In different households across the nation many parents spank, whip, swat, or paddle children in order to punish them for doing wrong or to act as a buffer against unacceptable behavior. These types of actions are acts of corporal punishment. Researchers Abraham Andero and Allen Stewart of Alabama State University define corporal punishment as “a discipline method in which a supervising adult deliberately inflicts pain upon a child in response to a child’s...
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  • Corporal Punishhment - 14807 Words
    TO PUNISH OR DISCIPLINE? TEACHERS’ ATTITUDES TOWARDS THE ABOLITION OF CORPORAL PUNISHMENT Loretta Cicognani A research report submitted to the School of Human and Community Development, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Education (Educational Psychology). Johannesburg 2004 I ABSTRACT In the last decade, corporal punishment in South African schools was banned. This is in keeping with...
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  • Positive Guidance - 988 Words
    Positive Guidance and Discipline In Classrooms There is a difference in guidance and discipline. Discipline involves teaching and learning. It also comes from the root word “disciple” which means a pupil, a follower, or a learner. Guidance is an attempt to change behavior by leading, directing, teaching, and advising. But the two have a connection. The main goal for guidance is self-discipline. Once a child achieves self- discipline, it will increase his or her ability to learn new social...
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  • My Cultural Background - 1444 Words
    My Cultural Background Alta Burwell Saint Leo University Abstract Being adopted, I will focus on my family that raised me. My adopted mother was very unique in the fact; she was in her sixties when she “obtained” me. Nothing about my adoption was legal. My whole childhood was rare and why I began questioning it around age 12. I was blessed and I was miserable while I worked through my childhood, family issues, school, and...
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  • Corporal Punishment and Children - 1935 Words
    Is corporal punishment needed to discipline children? This is a very controversial question that is often debated. Even with as many arguments as there are against corporal punishment, there are also arguments for such punishment for children. This is something that tends to happen in both home and school settings. This type of punishment is very hurtful to the child and can have lasting effects on the child throughout their life. It can cause damage to relationships. It can also cause many...
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  • Compare and Contrast Parenthood in Equus and Spies
    Compare and contrast the presentation of parenthood in Spies and Equus Spies which is written by Michael Frayn presents parenthood in various ways. The book is set during the Second World War in which Stephen a small, weedy and easily-bullied boy, along with Keith, a private school member whose family was socially superior to their neighbours, believe they have found a German spy. However, this apparent spy is the mother of Keith, Mrs Hayward. The boys often misbehave during their...
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  • Corporal Punishment in the Home and Spanking Varies
    Spanking imposed on a child can have a harmful or helpful effect on a child’s upbringing ABSTRACT Spanking a child is one of the most controversial and talked about disciplinary method in today’s society. Rules and laws have changed to govern the way we discipline our children in our homes, schools and public places. Research has shown a mild correlation between spanking and long term physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse on a child, while other research displays no long term...
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  • Is Corporal Punishment Needed
    “Is Corporal Punishment Needed to Discipline Children?” Tammy Dukes PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology Instructor: Maura Pilotti April 29, 2013 Introduction: As adults, it’s our job to nurture children and help them develop mentally and prepare them for the future. Along with this preparation, behavior is also included whether it’s positive or negative. Parents play a huge role in the way their children behave and they decide the...
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  • Pampered kids - 3138 Words Pushover parents, pampered children By JUDITH WOODS Last updated at 16:09 30 June 2007 A combination of indulgent parents and ever more demanding children is producing a generation of ill-mannered brats. And we are storing up major problems for the future if we don't change our approach to parenting They kit themselves out daily in clothes and accessories worth £700. Their mobile phones are...
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  • Psy/ 101 Final Paper
    Corporal Punishment LaShawnda White PSY/101 March 10, 2012 Donna Rail-Baker Corporal Punishment Corporal punishment is used as a discipline method for children. One of the most commonly used discipline methods in America is corporal punishment [ (Gershoff & Larzelere, 2002) ]. Is corporal punishment considered to be an effective form of discipline for children? Many parents’ opinions are different on how to properly discipline a misbehaving child. It has been proven children...
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  • Boy by Taika Waitit - 1014 Words
    Practice Common Assessment Task – ‘BOY’ Essay In order to prepare for the Common Assessment Task which is coming up we need to do the following preparation. In the following table list all the positive and all the negative parenting skills that Alamein exhibits. Positive Parenting | Negative parenting | * Drove them to the beach | * Swears in front of his kids | * Reflected on his wife’s death | * Encouraged Boy to bring him weed and smoked in front of him | * Apologised...
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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Disciplining Children
    Abstract This essay will provide a discussion on the advantages and the disadvantages of disciplining children. The first part of the essay begins by elaborating on the disadvantages of disciplining children. These disadvantages include establishment of anxiety and fear, emotional fallout and rebellious behavior. The second part of the essay provides arguments on the advantages of disciplining children. Justification includes the advantages of, development of a child’s character, learning from...
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  • Lab Questions - 531 Words
    Lab Questions How is positive parenting different from negative parenting? Which do you think is more effective? Why? Do you think positive parenting should have more rules or fewer rules in the home? Why? How would you deal with a situation of biting? Do you think your approach would fit into a “positive parenting” framework? Why or why not? Why do new parents feel pressure? What are some of the biggest sources of worry for new parents? Why do you think have become so caught up in the...
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  • explain why parents are sometimes strict
    Outline Topic: Explain why parents are sometimes strict. Thesis Statement: Parents are sometimes strict to discipline their children, to set out strict rules to get the best from their children and to put responsibilities on their shoulders Introductory Paragraph: The ABCD Parenting Young Adolescents (2009 – 2014) stated, “Parents are sometimes strict to discipline their children so the they can earn respect from the, parents also wants them to think more positively, above all, to gain a...
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  • Single Parenthood: Oratorical Piece
    HORTIZANO, MARY JANE C. TH:5:30-8:30P BSSW-2 “Single parenthood separation” Oratorical piece Who is the "Average" Single Parent?When you think of the phrase "single parent," what comes to mind? Do you picture someone like yourself? Feel guilty because your children’s dad/mom isn’t involved? Feel guilty because your kids aren’t being raised in a “traditional” family..?. How do you face the challenge of bringing up your children alone? Or how do you learn to live apart from...
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  • Parenting Skills - 329 Words
    3:10 Lab questions 1.How is positive parenting different from negative parenting? Which do you think is more effective? Why? Positive parents give their kids choices within reason to help the child feel they have some say in their lives. 2.Do you think children should have more rules or fewer rules in the home? Why? Children should be taught at a young age about responsibility and independence. By the time they're teenagers, they should be given less restrictive rules and more room to be...
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  • Evaluation on Spare the Rod Spoil the Parenting
    In this article “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Parenting”, written by Leonard Pitts, Jr. is based upon what is considered corporal punishment; what’s right and what’s gone too far. Leonard expresses the idea that without punishment towards children, they can develop into untamable brats. Using his humorous sarcasm and entertaining message he gets the point across that child rearing is ok and not abuse. Showing uniformed parents/adults that rearing does keep the little ones in line making them learn...
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  • Disciplinary Procedure in Public Organisations: Case Study of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency[Ndlea]
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  • Anti Smacking - 500 Words
    Smacking, should it be allowed or against the law? The issue of smacking has been an ongoing debate for many years now. About 10% of parents smack their child and see nothing wrong with it. 20% of parents never smack their children and 70% of parents smack their children but wish they didn’t. So why do we smack our kids? Supposedly smacking is meant to discipline children and give them a better behavioural structure. If this is so, then why are many adults who were smacked as kids committing...
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  • Parenting Skills 4 - 391 Words
    Review Questions 1. What is positive parenting? 2. What is discipline? How does it differ from punishment? 3. What is active listening? Why is it used by parents? 4. What is guidance? Provide an example of a parent providing guidance to a child? 5. Where can families and parents find support and resources? Critical Thinking Questions 1. Why are consequences an important part of positive parenting? 2. Why is it important that parents establish a positive relationship and positive communication...
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  • Corporal Punishment - 873 Words
    Corporal punishment ethics are well recognized to have altered over time. Their alternations are in blame for a worldwide controversy amongst individuals as they oppose different sides. Numerous caretakers argue that corporal punishment should not be abolished as rebellious behaviors have increased amongst generations. They feel that corporal punishment should be enforced in the school system as help improve rebellious behavior. At the same time, other caretakers argue that corporal punishment...
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  • Everyday Use Analysis - 392 Words
    Through its eye opening events, Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use” suggest everyone can reach a breaking point and stand up. Honesty and integrity pitted against posturing and artificiality can result in positive change. Mama showed how things can happen in life, and can change your whole perspective on many things. In “Everyday Use” Dee was mamas daughter that was never satisfied. She had always been favored by everyone based on her looks and her whit’s compared to her sister Maggie. Dee felt like...
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  • A Good Parent - 628 Words
    Alexis M. Welker Eng 111 June 24, 2013 A Good Parent Parents have many characteristics, when they are being defined. Being a good parent overrules them all. A child’s behavior is determined by their home training. Some parents fail to take responsibility for their child and their actions, unlike good parents. Good parents bond with their children, to let the child know they care and are there for them at any time. Good parents show affection and love their child unconditionally. A...
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  • socail media - 608 Words
    Milestone 3 lesson 10 Module Three: Lab Questions Your first lab link can be found at What is Positive Parenting? A written transcript is also available for this lab. 1. How is positive parenting different from negative parenting? Which do you think is more effective? Why? ~Positive parents differ from negative parents by the fact that positive parents give their child choices within a reasonable consideration of leeway so that a child feels that they have a say so in their life choices....
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  • Corporal Punishment - 847 Words
    Parent Raising Children Eve Krzeczkowski Philosophy of Ethics Dr. Koepke February 24, 2013 Parent Raising Children In raising children, parents want to raise their children to be responsible for their actions and prepare them for the world. However, sometimes children do not follow their parent’s rules and end up endangering themselves, even when parents try to keep them safe from society. Opposing position for parents would provide them with tools on teaching...
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  • Go Get the Belt - 2797 Words
    * * Go Get The Belt Go Get the Belt: A Look Into the Use of Corporal Punishment to Discipline America’s Children English 215 Abstract Currently, the use of corporal punishment as a form of discipline at home is legal in the United States. This paper will look at the use of corporal punishment on American children and recognize alternative discipline techniques. As it has become a topic of heated social and political debates in recent years, spanking children is thought to...
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  • Corporal Punishment. - 451 Words
    They say that the school is a child’s second home and the teachers are our second parents. Even if that is the case, would students let these teachers discipline them? Students expect good quality education and not a good smack in the face. Corporal Punishment is a popular act in schools which serves as punishment for students that misbehave and cause trouble to the teacher. I believe that Corporal punishment is a practice that should not be used on children whether it is for discipline or...
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  • The Role of Computers and the Internet in Modern Life
    Before having children, most people may picture a family with two parents. However, for many people, the reality is that they are the only parent. There are different reasons why a person becomes a single parent. They may choose this lifestyle, they may have been in a relationship which they left, or perhaps their partner has died or left them. Although raising a child as a single parent can be challenging, it can also be rewarding The life of a single parent can be very busy. In addition to...
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  • Role of Punishment - 2342 Words
    What is the role of punishment in inculcating discipline in children today? Well, to begin with, it is perhaps a good idea to spend some time pondering the differences in the meaning and implication of each of these terms. Although punishment and discipline are often used interchangeably, in reality they are two very different concepts. As Meera Marathe, a retired school teacher and now a guest faculty at IIIT, Hyderabad, puts it, “Discipline isn’t related to punishment except in the common...
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  • Good Parents - 418 Words
    . I am so grateful to have such an honour standing here to deliver my speech entitled “What does it take to be good parents?”. What Does It Take to be Good Parents? Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I am Chong Cia Ling, the founder of BrainyMontessori. I am so grateful to have such an honour standing here to deliver my speechentitled “What does it take to be good parents?”. I am sure all the parents here will agreewith me that being parents is tough. Bringing up children...
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     Positive Effects of Corporal Punishment Positive Effects of Corporal Punishment Corporal punishment in regards to spanking has been used for hundreds of years in educational systems and in house holds and is still legal in all fifty states for parents to use in there household because it is an effective way to punish a child for wrong behavior. Even though in the last couple of decades this topic has been very controversial, many countries and educational systems have...
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  • Parenting Expectations and the Reality - 1093 Words
    Dorothy Williams Professor Swanson English Composition I (1010-80) October 12, 2010 PARENTING EXPECTATIONS AND THE REALITY While there is nothing in the world more rewarding than becoming a parent, there is no way to completely prepare for actually being a parent. Financial planning, researching how to be a parent, and planning on how life will change give future parents some expectations about what it is like to be a parent. It is a good idea for soon-to-be parents to have a plan, but...
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  • Module 3 Lab Questions
    Module Three: Lab Questions Your first lab link can be found at What is Positive Parenting? A written transcript is also available for this lab. How is positive parenting different from negative parenting? Which do you think is more effective? Why? it's easy to distinguish negative from positive parenting because parents that use negative parenting skills are usually shouting and yelling and saying a few if you do that again you will get whatever, I think positive parenting is more...
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  • 3 - 419 Words
    What is Positive Parenting? 1. How is positive parenting different from negative parenting? Which do you think is more effective? Why? Negative parenting is when you yell all the time and never give them praise when they do something right while positive parenting is when you don't always look at the bad and you're able to admit when you did something wrong.I believe that positive parenting is more effective than negative because kids learn from their parents so if there parents ...
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  • Character of Belinda - 1589 Words
    The character of belinda There are several aspects of the personality of Belinda as portrayed by Pope in The Rape of the Lock. It will be wrong to regard her purely as a goddess, or as a pretty spoiled child, or as a flirt. She is a combination of all three, and yet much more than such a combination. We see her in many different lights. We see her as a coquette, an injured innocent, a sweet charmer, a society belle, a rival of the sun, and a murderer of millions. She has, indeed, a...
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  • Is Disciplinary Spanking Harmful or Effective?
    Jordyn Marquardt Jill Stukenburg 4-12-13 Is Disciplinary Spanking Harmful Or Effective? There are many different beliefs on the right way to rear your children. Some people are very opinionated on the subject and feel it is their duty to instill upon others the correct way to go about the 18 or longer year process. Others tend to keep to themselves and feel everyone else is entitled to raise their children as they wish. “Within the wide range of way to raise your child lie...
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  • corporal punishment - 370 Words
    Smacking Is a Useful Way of Teaching Smacking, which is a common method used by parents or teachers to deal with naughty child, is believed a kind of corporal punishment that some people don’t believe it a good way to educate child. Really, smacking as a corporal punishment will make some pains to child, but it did not lead to the damage of child. Obviously, smacking is not a serious measure to educate child who can tolerant it. So I believe that smacking is really an acceptable way to...
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  • Assignment 3 - 1082 Words
     The presence of pampered children is a family business or a social concern? McIntosh (1989) addressed a new term “spoiled child syndrome”. The syndromes include destructive behavior, emotional, refusal to comply with even the simple demands of daily living, physical aggression, manipulation, demands for having one's own way, obstructiveness, and an inability to handle the delay of gratification. The presence of pampered children is an intriguing question that has sparked furious debate. Every...
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  • Research Paper CCOU 302
     Child Discipline and Child Abuse: The Thin Line Between the Two Hollie Thomas Liberty University Abstract The topic of this paper is child discipline and child abuse. There is a fine line between child discipline and child abuse. Parents need to learn where that line is and not to cross it. More factors come into play in child abuse than just the parents; there are other elements as well. Depending on the age of the child should depend on what discipline style the parent should use....
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  • Tough love - 2055 Words
    TOUGH LOVEChild delinquency cases have escalated all over the world today. Surprisingly, some high-profile cases recently involve children already capable of committing violent crimes. Based on some studies regarding the prevalence and frequency of children involvement, family factors definitely have an influence on offending.This paper aims to understand the gravity of proper parental discipline especially on issues of what is called “Tough Love”. Does parental tough love really work?I....
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  • Explaining Concepts Essay - 961 Words
    Why would a parent choose to handicap their child, hinder and obstruct their well- being, or diminish their future quality of life by spoiling their special child? To spoil means to do harm the character nature or attitude of something or someone by over solitude, over indulgence, or special praise. So why do so many parents spoil their children? Most parents will argue that they spoil their children out of love and to avoid hurting their feelings. Some parents give their children what they want...
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